Hi my name’s Snooty McCentrist. I reject the extremism of the far left and far right in favor of moderate, middle-of-the-road values: endless war, military expansionism, ecocide, plutocracy, crushing austerity, income and wealth inequality, police militarization, Orwellian surveillance, and steadily mounting authoritarianism.


Mainstream media pundits keep babbling about a strange cryptozoological organism known as “moderate Democrats”, despite the fact that there is less evidence for the existence of such creatures than for leprechauns and the Loch Ness Monster.

There is no such thing as a moderate mainstream centrist. There is nothing moderate about an ideology of endless mass military slaughter abroad and ever-tightening authoritarianism and economic exploitation at home. These people are violent extremists. They’re ISIS with nukes.

So-called “centrism” is called that not because it’s the moderate position between two extremes, but because it’s been forcibly made into the mainstream norm by propaganda. There’s nothing moderate about it. If we could see it with fresh, healthy eyes, we’d scream in horror.

“Moderate Democrats” are moderate in the same way the “moderate rebels” in Syria are moderate.


In a sane world we’d regard people who promote endless war with the same revulsion as child rapists and serial killers.


You may be certain that there are US liberals who sincerely hate Trump, but who subconsciously don’t want him to lose because they’ve got a lot invested in his presidency now; drama addiction, social media following, etc. This may explain some of the support for weak candidates.

We’ve all known people who court drama in their lives. They do this because drama is addictive; it causes the brain to secrete endorphins and dopamine. The socially sanctioned drama of US Trump-centric political environment would provide ample fodder for this.

Egotism can create identity structures out of pretty much anything; there would be people by now who simply don’t know who they are without Trump, because anti-Trumpism has become such a part of their identity. The idea of losing Trump would look like a kind of death to them.

So as much as they hate Trump, they don’t really want him to lose, deep down. They’re comfortable in this post-2016 environment where they get to wake up and scream about Trump’s latest tweet or whatever. They secretly enjoy it. There’d be whole online communities of such people.

These people would gravitate toward candidates like Buttigieg and Bloomberg, who if they’re honest they know can’t beat Trump. They’d cheer for them every step of the way, they’d revel in the drama, and when they lose they’d revel in that too. And a significant part of themselves would enjoy it.

A large part of what passes for social media activism is really just egoic bullshit, and this would be especially true of the “Resistance”. Whole social media networks have been built basically around people diddling each other’s egos about Trump. Many wouldn’t want to lose that.


“A socialist can’t beat Trump. We need a right-winger to compete.”
Biden joins race
“He’ll need lots of funding to win though. We need a billionaire right-winger like Trump.”
Steyer joins race 
“He’s not racist enough.”
Bloomberg joins race 
“Okay but he’ll need a spray tan.”


Someone on my site said they’re a fan of mine and of Mike Bloomberg. How is that even possible? All I ever do is bash billionaires, MSM propagandists, oligarchs, authoritarians, establishment guardians and neocon war whores… and Bloomberg is all of these things.


Bloomberg vs Trump would mean we’d lost and signal the start of centuries of locked-down dystopia where leadership is handed from billionaire to trillionaire as ceremonially as any monarchy and the rest of us are shipped off to giant rotating Amazon warehouses to work in space.


Bloomberg and Trump are so personally and ideologically similar that the only thing for them to argue about is height and bitchy remarks made behind their backs by other plutocrats.


Just a thought but if you have exactly one (1) Democratic candidate whose extensive history of right-wing authoritarianism has even fairly mainstream Democrats sincerely debating whether he’d be better than Trump, maybe that one candidate isn’t the guy to support at the very beginning of a primary race.


Focus not just on Bloomberg, but on what his campaign says about the entire US political system. It’s always been this easy to buy up endorsements and narrative control, and plutocrats have always been doing that this entire time. They just normally stay hidden in the background. If the populist hive mind dug into the connections and manipulations of other plutocrats like they’re digging into Bloomberg’s, they’d find just as much dirt.


Anyone who cheers for any billionaire to win anything is a pathetic bootlicking loser.

Billionaires are worthless, parasitical, untalented, unnecessary middlemen.

“Philanthropy” is just another billionaire narrative control tool, same as buying media outlets and funding think tanks. Build a library named after yourself and you’ve got this “philanthropist” label that pundits use so that people call you that instead of “parasitic sociopath”.

If wealth had anything to do with hard work, single moms would be the billionaires.


This primary race should have been an argument over who gets to breathe on the unpopular reality TV star president to knock him down, not this stressful shit show of uncertainty over who can stop the Trump juggernaut. Awful Democratic leadership since 2016 is to blame for this.


Every time Sanders makes stupid hawkish comments about Russia, Venezuela, Iran etc, he loses votes to Tulsi Gabbard. Maybe instead of demanding that Gabbard to drop out, Sanders supporters should demand that he stop making these comments.


They keep trying to spin Sanders as this freaky radical fringe madman, but he’s basically just campaigning as the real version of Barack Obama. The version of Obama that actually intends to govern as he campaigned.


So far the best anti-Sanders smears they’ve been able to come up with are:
– He’s unelectable (abandoned after polls proved otherwise)
– He refuses to release medical information he’s already released
– He’s secretly a communist
– A Bernie Bro said a bad word on the internet


Pete Buttigieg’s whole schtick is “I’m inclusive because I support policies that work for everyone: ordinary people AND the plutocracy!” Anyone who tells you this is lying, and anyone who tells you you don’t have to choose between revolution and the status quo is telling you to choose the status quo.


Things that are more real than Pete Buttigieg:
– Milli Vanilli
– aspartame
– astroturf
– boobs in LA
– smiles at a Martha’s Vineyard cocktail party
– the Gulf of Tonkin incident
– Brian Williams’ helicopter crash
– Hillary landing under sniper fire
– Joy Reid’s time travelling hackers
– Trump’s tan
– Epstein’s suicide


My American husband has been here in Australia for years, and he still to this day keeps marvelling at how much better our very normal healthcare system is. The only thing keeping Americans from supporting universal healthcare is their never having experienced a real healthcare system.


The problem with threatening the DNC with a Trump re-election if they install a right-wing candidate is that Democratic Party elites don’t care if Trump gets re-elected; he supports all their favorite agendas and they keep their jobs regardless. It’s not a real threat to them. Doesn’t mean you should kiss the ring and do as you’re told; it just means you need better threats.


It’s been cute watching Trump supporters try to hate Sanders. You can tell they want to, but their heart’s not in it, probably because they know he pisses off a lot of the same people they hate. So they just mumble some easily refuted gibberish involving Sanders being a commie. It’s like the exact opposite of a guy trying to get an erection for a woman he thinks he should be attracted to, but just can’t get into it.


Trump supporters are completely unequipped for a Sanders vs Trump election. All their anti-Bernie stuff right now is hammers and sickles and gulags and cartoonish red baiting schtick. They’d get hardcore out-memed by Berners in the general; they really have no idea what they’re looking at, and, more importantly, they’re completely humorless about it. Who wins a meme war? The energized revolutionaries joking and having fun, or the stuffy finger-waggers regurgitating 1950s HUAC talking points?


Hi my name’s Snooty McCentrist. I’m sorry to inform Bernie supporters that because you didn’t ask us to stop sabotaging his campaign with sufficient politeness, his election has been permanently cancelled.


Establishment narrative managers aren’t crying about Bernie’s online supporters because they’re mean, but because they’re effective. It’s the same reason they cry about RT and indie media; they know narrative control is power, and Berners can collectively influence narratives.


Narrative managers have settled on “Bernie’s online brown shirts” as the US version of the “Labour antisemitism crisis”, at least for now. Clintonite propagandist David Brock actually got the ball rolling on this more than a year ago. They like this one because, like the Corbyn antisemitism smear campaign, it’s a self-reinforcing narrative. Just as denying the existence of a Labour antisemitism epidemic made you an antisemite, objections to the “angry Bernie Bros” smear can be spun as proof that it’s true.


The blue-checkmarked crybully commentariat are so insanely authoritarian that they openly and unabashedly claim that a presidential candidate ought to have iron-fisted control over the social media comments of every single one of his supporters.


Saying “Twitter isn’t real life” is like saying “Cable news isn’t real life”–of course both statements are true, but both forms of media help shape the narratives which affect real life. The difference is that grassroots populist movements can shape those narratives via Twitter.


centrists: you are wrong and we are right
progressives: no, you are wrong and we are right


These Clintonite candidates keep babbling about “unity” as though Sanders has been out there all “Yeeehaw! Fuck everyone to the right of Ajamu Baraka, nobody needs you bitches!” Obviously all Democratic candidates want Dems to unify; the debate is which direction to head when they do.


I haven’t written about your pet issue because there are only so many hours in a day and writing essays takes up lots of them. I focus my energy on what I see as the weakest gaps in the empire’s armor where I think I can do the most damage. I make those assessments myself. If there’s something you want written, then write it. I don’t have any tools you don’t have; I’ve got a WordPress, a Twitter and Facebook, and a Medium account. I have no platform. I have no connections. I just write things my intuition tells me will float on the zeitgeist.


We’re looking at a life-or-death existential struggle here, both for the establishment and for the people. The difference is establishment lackeys stand to lose status and cocktail party invites, while the people stand to lose their lives. Who do you reckon has more to fight for?


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65 responses to “The Myth Of The Moderate Democrat: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Laugh or cry?
    Sanders condemns Russian interference in 2020 elections
    It is so alienating. Don’t you sometimes feel like you are IN the movie “The Body Snatchers”? Not just in the movie, but towards the end of the movie where everyone else around you has been snatched.
    What happened to people? How can they fall for this McCarthyism?
    “Yeah, sure, I am going to happily vote for Bernie Sanders.” Sure. Right. Ok.
    I will voluntarily be assimilated by the Body Snatchers.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      If I was an American I would be begging for Russia or any other country to interfere in the morbid farce that is being staged as an election. I’d go a step further: I would plead for an alien blob to descend onto Earth, enter Congress and vacuum up the vapid corruption. The chances of America having a good president and the chances of that blob coming are about equal in my estimation.

  2. “If wealth had anything to do with hard work, single moms would be the billionaires”

    Thank you Caitlin Johnstone for saying that. It’s amazing how luminous you are !

    My mom was not single but she had 12 children. A not uncommon catholic family in Quebec.

    If wealth had anything to do with hard work, my mom would have been a trillionaire.

    1. You are right Normand,

      Dans le Québec d’autrefois, c’était des familles nombreuses. There was a time in Quebec, families have many children. And the French-Canadian mothers had a lot of work to do without working outside of the house.

      It is not the case anymore… families with many children are the exception now in Québec.

  3. Syria is a case study of how Western news media – despite pretensions of ethics and journalism – serve as propaganda tools.
    And more than propaganda tools, they are complicit in the war crimes perpetrated against Syria because they have knowingly distorted the truth to cover up for their criminal governments.
    Please read this revealing article here:

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Thanks Ron for all the URL’s that you post. I don’t have time to read most of them but that strategic culture website is very interesting. I hope internet censorship never reaches the stage where such sites are deleted although without references from people like yourself they will become more and more difficult to find. I pay for my YouTube subscription because I cannot stand the advertisements. Until very recently I was receiving recommendations for the kind of social/political videos that I watch. Then a couple of weeks ago that stopped. Now I just receive recommendations for videos that have no political content.

      1. Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark is my recommendation. And I’m not suggesting that that will fix everything.

        I use Bitchute for vids, but I really wonder why its creator is missing in action. Bitchute is malfunctioning reguarly and Ray Vahey is nowhere to be seen. Is something being done to him? (Something beyong his getting stabbled in the back by Go Fund Me or whatever it’s called.) Generally, I fear for those who try to produce alternatives to Surveillance Valley platforms. Then again, realistically, we lost the internet in 1995 when, without consulting the public or really letting it know what was happening, the internet was handed over to the private sector. They left us alone for some time. But they now clearly feel that they can’t do that anymore. ‘We’ can’t fight this darkness.

        1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          Thanks Arby for the suggestion to bookmark. I would love to abandon YouTube and I am grateful to the creators of DTube, Vimeo, Bitchute and others. They are very small compared to YouTube so are not really useful when conducting general research or surfing subjects of interest.
          Fortunately there are a plethora of channels or websites such as Brasscheck, Forbidden Knowledge, The Corbett Report, The Real Food Channel for video. As for the non-video websites, bookmarking is definitely the way to go.

          1. zero corbett is a crackpot 1/2 the time

          2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
            Step O’Rafferty

            James Corbett is the one I mean. If he is a crackpot half the time that makes me a crackpot 90% of the time! Crackpots can be useful!

        2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          Interesting side note, All my life I have loved indigenous music and for some time I have been fascinated with Circassian music and dance. After years of watching YouTube clips of this particular type of performance I decided to do a general search on their culture. It was only then that I realized that there had been a genocide committed on the Circassian people. That information was presented on Wikipedia.

  4. Wow! Well said.

  5. But despite Orwellian surveillance, Western governments seem to have trouble dealing with some groups as it is the case currently in Canada because of the rail blockade by the Mohawks in Belleville Ontario in support of the protests by a British Columbia First nation against a gas project.


    And the Great Sachems do not even want to meet with PM Trudeau.

    PM Trudeau keeps a difficult balance between his ecological stand and economic development.

    It is more and more difficult for the Western ruling elites now because they have to say one thing to the people and do another thing instead.

    I pray the Rosary for the soon return of Jesus because I have seen enough…

  6. Through a rusted hole in the West’s Matrix Curtain
    some daylight shines.
    “I love it when US officials accidentally tell the truth.”

    Colonel Myles Caggins says the #Idlib province is a “magnet” for terrorist groups who are a “nuisance, a menace and a threat” to the hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria, who are just “trying to make it through the winter.”


    The UK’s Sky News interviewed US coalition spokesman Col. Myles Caggins as part of its coverage focusing on Syrian and Russian forces “indiscriminately” attacking civilians and “bombing hospitals” — however, the Army colonel gave a counter angle, instead focusing on the jihadist groups ruling Idlib as the fundamental cause to civilian suffering there.

  7. “I reject the extremism of the far left and far right in favor of moderate, middle-of-the-road values: endless war, military expansionism, ecocide, plutocracy, crushing austerity, income and wealth inequality, police militarization, Orwellian surveillance, and steadily mounting authoritarianism.”

    And I reject extremism to protect my social status, money, assets, power and to make sure other people won’t get the same privileges I have.

    We are truly in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bullshit!

  8. I’m continually amazed by the plethora of argument about which sociopath should be in charge of government, which has as its sole authority the concept of holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do, or not do, whatever the sociopath believes you should, or should not do. Its an old saw, which doesn’t mean its not true, government is the problem, not the solution. Who in their right mind believes that their “solution” to any particular problem gives them authority to hold a gun to everyone’s head and force them to do, or not do, anything? Who in their right mind would willingly accept such authority? There is no such thing as good government, never has been, never will be. We can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters.

    1. Simple-minded bullshit thinking. You equate government with tyranny. So next time you want to drive to the nearest library or hospital, ask yourself what route you would take, if there were no government funded roads. BTW, please explain what “we can govern ourselves” actually means. It’s an peppy sounding platitude but way short on details.

      1. If I want my life to be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short, I do not need any help. Wait, the average distance between places where food is produced and consume is not small, so in use sudden collapse of the state could kill the majority.

        1. These’s the inevitable decentralization which goes with regenerative agriculture, localization, etc. The present system resulting from over-urbanization is unsustainable and exacerbating daily. But the shift will only come after tragic collapse.

    2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I actually agree with JWK, Rob, Piotr and Dale in this thread, although we should be respectful to each other, with no alienating retorts. Without central government the social structure would change. If we localized our economies and traded at local markets life would be much simpler. Natural law would be the pervading discipline. Roads, energy and water would be locally maintained so the highways and the vehicles that drive on them would fall into disrepair. The nation state would dissolve and along with it the resource hungry military. I think Europe, Asia and Africa were like this in the distant past. The cities around the world are by their very nature unsustainable, so for the world to survive ecologically the cities must go. Everyone should have the right to own 5 or 10 acres of land to do with as they see fit. Tradespeople who do not wish to farm the land would live in villages, making the things that people need.
      The only major problem that I am not sure how to deal with is what to do with the 5% of the population who are psychopathic. These people would naturally be inclined to become warlords, kings, queens, caliphs, emperors, land owners etc., taking delight in causing disruption and mayhem. Any healthy society would need to have a way to divert the attention and the energy of the psychopaths into something constructive, conducive and useful for the benefit of everyone otherwise any new and fair society may end up going the way of this one.

  9. Thank You!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    I was greatly enjoying this until I got to the part about things that are more real that Mayor Petey. Then I lost it. Completely, absolutely, rolling on the floor slapping my sides, couldn’t laugh harder if I had two pretty girls tickling me with feathers, lost it!
    Thank You!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    There’s the famous Jimmy Valvano quote about what makes a full day. I can definitely tick the box for “laugh”. And pretty much “cry” as well, since there were tears in my eyes. And, the great think about Miss Caitlin (and Tim of course) is that they always make me “think.”
    Its been a full day. 🙂
    “When people say to me how do you get through life or each day, it’s the same thing. To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. Number three is you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” — Jimmy Valvano
    (If you haven’t seen this speech, search youtube for Jimmy Valvano ESPY speech. Its very popular, for good reason)

    1. “Don’t Give Up. Don’t Ever Give Up!”
      “Don’t Give Up. Don’t Ever Give Up!”
      “Don’t Give Up. Don’t Ever Give Up!”

  10. Tom Styer was not running just because he had money.He was the one who cared most about the climate crisis. As did Jay Inslee.

    1. Ah, the “now that I’ve gotten rich from the system that’s created the climate crisis, then I can care about it” stance.
      Here’s a hint, the people who really cared about the climate crisis and who’ve been environmental activists fighting and working on the problem didn’t become billionaires. The people who became billionaires didn’t have time for anything besides becoming a billionaire. The climate crisis didn’t just suddenly appear. Its been building for the entire lifetime of a billionaire.

  11. Thanks, for all that you do, Ms Johnstone; you are helping me to retain my sanity in this screwed up world!

  12. Guess what, Russiagate is back! They’re saying that Putin is helping Trump get reelected; surely they have tons of secret evidence, but we can’t see it because then it wouldn’t be a secret.

    1. Actually, there are usually a few links in the comments here leading to Russia supported websites which usually have a message on some variation of a theme that the Democrats are going to lose to the invincible Trump.

  13. “Bloomberg and Trump are so personally and ideologically similar that the only thing for them to argue about is height and bitchy remarks made behind their backs by other plutocrats.”

    Well … they might argue over which has the bigger hands. No speculating or analyzing here, that’s physically measurable.

  14. Hi Dale, The Australian medical system is remarkably normal. Our oldest son had to be hospitalized when we were visiting friends there for Christmas 2005, a few days of IV and rest mainly. He did not need another surgery, but the surgeon saw him daily to evaluate, and the ER doc saw him at first, and he had his own room, and they brought a meal for my wife, Jenny, with a Christmas beer (tradition). At the end, people were reluctant to break the bad news to us, were very apologetic, said there was nothing they could do. We had to be given the full bill, $1200 Australian, which was a little under $1000 US.
    We could not begin to tell them what it is like here, not at all . We were just very grateful.

    1. So I saw you over at the Saker, no? and you are a doc in Austin? I am in Wimberley;


    2. What’s an “ER doc”? I know what an ER Physician’s Assistant (PA) is, cause that’s who I usually see in the local emergency room. And I know what an ER Nurse Practitioner (NP) is, because that’s the other title of people who care for me in the local emergency room. But ER Doc seems to refer to an ER MD, and those I never see. Should I believe something exists when I never see one?
      Hmmm, maybe I’ve seen one in movies of a certain age. Not the really old ones, because in those doctors come to your house when you call for help. And usually all they had to do was to send a child running to the doctor’s house to get him because not only did they come to see you but they lived in the same neighborhood as you. That was back we had such progress to this modern world where people have to ask what an ER doc is because they don’t experience such a thing.
      And yes, I’m an American, living the American Dream in the Land of the Free.
      “You know why they call it the American Dream, don’t ya? Because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin.

      1. You don’t know what an ER doc is because you live in the US – the wealthiest nation in the world yet it can’t afford (apparently, but that could be a lie) an equitable and effective health care system. The post you’re responding to is referring to an experience in Australia, where you do see a doctor in ER. Even Syria has free universal health care, as did Libya. Is that one of the reasons your elites want to destroy these places? Are they making the US look bad?

        Not referring to you as you evidently know better, but why aren’t more of you people bone-achingly embarrassed about the soul-suckers and dumb-fucks in charge of your nation? Except that it’s so scary it’s utterly fucking ridiculous.

  15. I got home from work this evening and checked the mailbox. There was a nice letter, addressed to Jenny and John Day, from …sucking-in-air-in-amazement-sound… Mike Bloomberg.
    Mike Bloomberg knows Jenny and I are married, and where we live, and that Texas primary voting is approaching, and he cares enough to write us a LETTER.
    I haven’t opened it yet, and I don’t know how I’ll answer Mike, since I already early-voted for Tulsi Gabbard yesterday, and Jenny’s going to, also. Mike didn’t see our “Tulsi 2020” bumper stickers, I guess.
    Sorry Mike. Tulsi is a lot better, and honest, and knows what happens in wars, and seems to be ready to die for the truth.
    She’s no “dog faced lesbian”, either,.
    Right, Bro’?

  16. I am not so sure the DNC/Clinton Dems will be very comfortable with a Trump victory; they should understand they have a legitimacy problem. Can they really be so dim not to realize this? If he is re-elected I doubt they can spend four more years trying to blame Russiagate/Putin for what happened. How will they explain the re-election? This isn’t to say they aren’t capable of going with Trump, but it isn’t a simple decision for them.

    What gets on my nerves about the “twitter meanies” complaint is that the people saying this are the war enthusiasts. Killing people is the ultimate in bad manners.

    The debate yesterday began with a grotesque lie; the moderator claimed all candidates were in the debate which ignored Gabbard. I wish one of the candidates had corrected him.

  17. We live in Narnia and most people are cheerleaders for evil. So few understand life on earth is horror.

  18. Trump and Putin are alike in at least one respect, each has a tiger by the tail. All this speculation as to Democrats this year pretty well defines moot.

    1. Trump is the most unpopular President in history. Record low numbers for Disapproval numbers in polls. The only reason he won last time is that Hillary was also a record setter for negative reactions from people taking polls. The reason everyone is fighting for the Dem nomination is that whoever gets it is pretty much a shoo-in to beat Trump.
      Personally, I think Trump is deliberately trying to lose. I’m not sure as to the motive, but he’s definitely trying to lose. Just last week, he announced major cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Surely he’s got to understand that those racist working class votes he needs to win have a lot of grandmothers on Social Security. That one action just pared away a good number of votes from his working class support which was abandoned by the Wall St Dems and voted for him last time. Now they’ve just been told that if Trump gets his way their grandmother is going to move in with them and eat off their food budget because that’s the only way she’ll be able to live after the Trump cuts.
      I can’t speculate as to the reason, but everything Trump does screams that he wants to set a record for the biggest landslide defeat in the history of pro wrestling at the Trump Casino.

  19. “Rice*A*Romney….that must have Zombie Treat” > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com
    A satire based on a century of UNIPARTY POTUS puppet shows, written in 2012 as plutocrat Willard the Bain Bandit had Ron Paul delegates locked out of the RNC Coronation. Sadly, there is no Ron Paul on the horizon today.

    1. Strangely, Hedge Fund Romney morphed into the solitary Republican Senator with respect for the constitution and willing to stand by his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Romney was the sole Republican vote in favor of impeachment.

  20. “Things that are more real than Pete Buttigieg:
    – Milli Vanilli
    – aspartame
    – astroturf
    – boobs in LA
    – smiles at a Martha’s Vineyard cocktail party
    – the Gulf of Tonkin incident
    – Brian Williams’ helicopter crash”…

    Now hold on a cotton-pickin’ second, darlin’…are you implying that Brian William’s chopper
    crash was NOT REAL?!?!

    OF COURSE IT WAS REAL – I saw it with my own eyes on the mainstream media…so there!!!

  21. The public’s reaction to the end of Trump, all spelled out:

  22. First Caitlin thanks for all you do.

    Dylan Thomas’ wife was Caitlin.

    Yes the dim gatekeepers are worse than nazis. Their allegiance to the corporate state makes that clear.
    Sometimes I contemplate that it would be better for all if chump did keep his position so conditions will become so egregious that a real polarization and revolt gets on with it.You probably look in on Chris Hedges in your “spare time”.

    This morning I had an appt. at 10:15 to get my knees injected about 30 miles away.. We all know you will sit there reading last years’ Texas Monthly for 30 minutes. It was raining and very foggy so I called and stated that I wouldn’t drive fast, ETA 10:40.. “No problem” she said.. I got there at 10:45 and was told to reschedule: “you’re late.” My co-pay is $90; so the cost for $20 worth of cortisone and 15 minutes of the doc’s time is $4500. As a proletariat my time is worthless. His is worth about $4k an hour.
    It’s called racketeering: AMA-Pharmanazi-racketeering. The US healthcare system in a nutshell.
    Is it this outrageous in Kanga-land?

    Bernie, basically a labour-centrist in average europe, will be murdered if necessary to be stopped.
    Thanks for being here,
    D t Hood

    1. Yeah I was named after Caitlin Thomas.

      1. Nice.
        Through throats where many rivers meet, the curlew cries
        and tonight I walk in the white giant’s thigh
        Where the women grieve for the unconceived
        though the rain washed their names from the stones long ago
        (that’s close)
        it has always made me shudder.

    2. Hi Dale, The Australian medical system is remarkably normal. Our oldest son had to be hospitalized when we were visiting friends there for Christmas 2005, a few days of IV and rest mainly. He did not need another surgery, but the surgeon saw him daily to evaluate, and the ER doc saw him at first, and he had his own room, and they brought a meal for my wife, Jenny, with a Christmas beer (tradition). At the end, people were reluctant to break the bad news to us, were very apologetic, said there was nothing they could do. We had to be given the full bill, $1200 Australian, which was a little under $1000 US.
      We could not begin to tell them what it is like here, not at all . We were just very grateful.

      1. Thanks John; at least the Aussies have something right.

  23. This is precisely the reason why Bernie Sanders should throw his support over to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren before #SuperTuesday in order to prevent the DNC from installing a status quo establishment nominee at the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION! I’m ready to cast the deciding vote to put Liz Warren over the top in California!
    Liz Warren: Revolutionary Progressive Democrat #RPM
    Bernie Sanders: Democratic Socialist
    Joe Biden: Establishment Democrat
    Pete Buttigieg: Moderate Democrat
    Amy Klobuchar: Moderate Democrat
    Mike Bloomberg: Billionaire
    #CheckMate #MatchPoint #GameOver

    Online Voter Registration | California Secretary of State
    California Online Voter Registration website. Register to vote online, save…

    1. You forgot: “Tulsi Gabbard” The Real Deal.

      1. well they saw Tulsi as inimical and apostate quick and to the curb she went. crooked bastards.

    2. “Liz Warren: Revolutionary Progressive Democrat #RPM”

      Are you trolling?

      Anyone here who seriously believes that got here by accident and hasn’t yet learnt anything from the opportune event. Or is here to blow smoke.

      1. I ain’t forgot that Warren stabbed Bernie in the back last time and supported Hillary. I know who’s real and who is not.
        Think about it. For any real progressive, it was obvious that Bernie had the best chance to be elected this time around, better than any American leftie since FDR. So, why is Warren in the race? She could easily have gotten herself the VP or any other job by joining forces with Bernie early on. And then be the popular successor after a 72 year old with heart problems.
        Why is Warren in the race? I come up with two possible answers. One is she went for a naked, greedy grab for power trying to see if she could steal Bernie’s chance with a well-timed move. The other is that she’s there to force the convention to a 2nd ballot where the AntiDemocracy “Super” delegates can throw the convention to a pro-war, pro-Wall St, anti-people “moderate”.
        Neither motive makes Warren look very attractive to me.

    3. Elizabeth Warren, unlike Sanders, has no chance of beating Trump. And she’s no revolutionary, barely progressive.

  24. I don’t see a life-or-death existential struggle going on. Even dissidents are relatively complacent with their circumstances and inadvertently (usually indirectly) support the status quo which they constantly criticize. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  25. Even if Bernie somehow, some way – gets the Dem nomination,
    just go back to 1972 when George McGovern, the anti-war, WW-II combat veteran
    and far left Democratic Presidential candidate took on the rulers of the system.
    The establishment made sure he only got ONE STATE in the electoral college,
    even though he got 38% of the popular vote.
    After that, the Dem elites implemented the Super-Delegate system
    to prevent any more McGoverns, and lambasted the left-wing
    for inflicting a candidate on the Dem Party, that COULD NOT WIN.
    The U.S. system is securely rigged. It cannot be reformed.

    1. Perhaps not, but its can be made to increasingly reveal its intransigent violence, iniquity and stupidity. Openly and broadly mocking it is a significant step toward bringing it down.

      1. Like I said, if they murder Bernie like they did Seth Rich (who leaked the killery stuff) that’s starting to look pretty strange.

        1. Wouldn’t be the first. Read about Sen. Paul Wellstone’s plane crash that investigators could never explain.

  26. Hi Caitlin,

    Another very insightful article. I am keen as you suggest to write, to inform people of the dangers we are all sleep walking towards. However it is so difficult to get a platform when MSM media only report the official narrative. How can we change that? Its not just Trump that is the problem, it is Pence, Pompeo, all of them that want to actually bring about Rapture. It is all the people who are making money ignoring the effect on the world of their planet ending decisions. I feel like we are all frogs in water that is slowly heating. How is the message going to get out that we are all going to boil to death when the narrative is controlled by the vested interests?

    1. Inject appropriately relevant advice on this situation into as many interchanges, written and verbal, as you can. Be clear, relevant to the topic under discussion or the particular comment you are addressing, and be succinct. But be prolific. And encourage others to do the same. You don’t need your own column. That is far too demanding a task for most of us. Caitlin is to be praised for her success in such a difficult endeavour.

      Start right now on this Facebook comments thread posted by Oz shock jock Alan Jones about Julian Assange: https://www.facebook.com/alanjonesaustralia/posts/576641442928802?
      It was initially a poll but that seems to have been prematurely taken down (by Facebook?), perhaps due to its overwhelming support for Assange.

      Get in wherever you can and highlight the fundamentals beneath the symptoms being discussed. The more people that do this, and the more often, the less marginal such views will then seem and, ipso facto, the more normally recognised and less ignorable such fundamentals will become.

      1. facebook(and google) is CIA. get away from it.

        1. There is a crucial difference between using these ‘tools’ and being used by them. Probably nearly everything in our ‘Western World’ is CIA. Use their tools to attack them. The alternative, unfortunately, is effective exile from social discourse. Mindfulness of purpose and action is necessary to stay dry in the sewer. Never believe the medium is either clean or real. You are engaging it only to offer opportunity to the damaged minds trapped within.

  27. Bon vayage and fair winds on the zeitgeist, Caitlin, but beware these stories that the whole world is round. They’re waiting for you to fall off into a gallery of Bloomberg media kraken and squbbling screedy alien sandcrabs, I swear.

  28. On fire. Fantastic. Thank you.

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