Today’s Caitlin Johnstone essay has been replaced by this breaking report by the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey.

Following shocking reports from The New York Times and The Washington Post that Moscow is simultaneously working to both re-elect Donald Trump and ensure the nomination of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary race, NNC has obtained further information confirming that nearly all candidates currently running for president are in fact covert agents of the Russian government.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the lone candidate not literally conducting espionage on behalf of the Russian government is Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

“Intelligence has revealed that Mr. Buttigieg is at this time the only candidate who we can count on not to place our nation’s interests square in the hands of Vladimir Putin,” an anonymous source in the Central Intelligence Agency told NNC on Saturday.

“In fact Mr. Buttigieg is the only candidate running with the skill, the experience and the multilingual relatability needed to bridge our nation’s deep divisions and bring Americans together in this time of uncontrolled hostility,” the CIA source continued.

“Because in truth, the unity of our togetherness is in the freedom of our democracy,” added the source. “The long and winding road to the American flag was built upon the steps of our founding fathers. You don’t have to be a big shot Washington insider to see that the problems our nation faces are tearing us apart at our own peril with radical divisive rhetoric saying you need to burn down the establishment and voice a concrete foreign policy position. And that’s why I for one believe we don’t have to choose between revolution and the status quo: we can come together and find solutions that help the working class and billionaires.”

Experts say these new revelations on Russian election interference should consume one hundred percent of all news coverage for the entirety of 2020, and that Democrats should definitely spend all their time from now until November focusing solely on President Trump’s suspicious ties to the Russian government.

“I can’t think of a single thing that could possibly go wrong if Democrats focused exclusively on the possibility that the president conspired with Vladimir Putin in the lead-up to the election in November,” said Les Overton of the influential think tank Americans for an American America. “If Democrats want to prevent another four years of Trump they should hit him where they know it hurts: nonstop 24/7 Russia conspiracy theories. That’s what Americans really care about.”

Asked if it’s possible that undue emphasis on Russian collusion could prove a fruitless endeavor given Trump’s soaring approval rating after impeachment resulted in his acquittal and the Mueller report failed to indict a single American for conspiring with the Russian government, Overton disagreed and said this time will be “like, totally different.”

“Democrats should definitely invest all of their mental and emotional energy in this Trump-Russia scandal, because this time it’s a sure thing,” Overton said. “Put all your eggs in this basket and get your hopes up very, very high. The big BOOM is coming any minute now, I promise.”

Overton then departed with an envelope full of cash which he said was his life savings, reportedly to invest in lottery tickets.


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96 responses to “Intelligence Sources: All Candidates Are Russian Agents But Pete Buttigieg”

  1. You had me from the word “obey”.

    Just kidding.

  2. Well!…Lets see NOW…So-called America is ruled by WHITE raced “Creatures” (Avatars), as most of the planet is FOR NOW!
    The so-called RUSSIAN Federation is ruled by WHITE race “Creatures” (Avatars too)
    Kinda makes this BS Redundant RIGHT???….Catch my “Drift”…White supremacy still following their about to become EXTINCT game???

  3. Pete is so obviously the CIA Deep State’s candidate of the future, it couldn’t be more obvious. His time as a language trainer for the intelligence and military community, in various posts near where countries (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) were getting the “Full Monty” treatment shows the strong connection. All that’s missing is the fawning “Mockingbird” style press coverage… oh wait, we already have that. Nothing against the guy as a human being, but caveat emptor as a voter. If sending another inexperienced cipher with a pedigree like unto our other recent “progeny of USAID and ??? family” (wink wink) President is your goal, then maybe Pete’s your guy. At least he isn’t a full blown kingpin of the deep state, like GHWB. But you can have a pretty solid idea who is pulling the strings.

  4. Does anyone remember Robert Redford in the 1970 movie, “The Candidate?” That is Butigieg, only straight.

  5. Peace is salaam or shalom Avatar
    Peace is salaam or shalom

    “Control of the Narrative explained almost as well as Caitlin does:

    1. Peace is salaam or shalom Avatar
      Peace is salaam or shalom

      -by Jonathan Cook

    2. Narrative control is a tool of power and the capacity to control it is a function of power. However, as Cook explains in his essay, these things are not the actual entity of power. He goes on, by his own admission, to try to illuminate the very nature of power itself. As he acknowledges, this is an elusive goal. Like knowing the wind by seeing the things it moves and how it moves them, as distinct from actually knowing the wind.

  6. Peace is Salaam or shalom Avatar
    Peace is Salaam or shalom

    Control of the Narrative explained almost as well as Caitlin does:

  7. Here’s brilliant Bernie responding to a NYT article that states, with no supporting evidence, that his campaign is somehow being supported by Russia.
    The article is short enough so that I’m going to present most of it below between two strings of asterisks (with my emphasis added in bold). FWIW, I must say that my belief that, should Bernie miraculously attain the office of POTUS, he would shortly thereafter morph into a white O’bomb’em (who was a black Dubya — a man-child whose large head had even fewer brain cells than Mr. Cigar’s small head) has been reinforced ten fold after reading how he is reported to have responded to this latest NYT insanity.

    Federal officials have told 2020 Democratic frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) that Russia is trying to help his presidential campaign in an effort to meddle in the Democratic presidential primary, The Washington Post reports. President Trump and lawmakers have been informed, though it’s unclear what kind of assistance Russia has attempted to provide. The Wall Street Journal reported there was specific intelligence “compelling enough” that Sanders needed to be alerted, through the information didn’t reach the scale of what was found during Russia’s efforts to interfere in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

    “I don’t care, frankly, who Putin wants to be president. My message to Putin is clear: Stay out of American elections, and as president I will make sure that you do,” Sanders said in a statement. “In 2016, Russia used Internet propaganda to sow division in our country, and my understanding is that they are doing it again in 2020.” Sanders later confirmed to reporters that his campaign had been informed of Moscow’s attempted interference about a month ago. “It was not clear what role they’re going to play. We were told that Russia, maybe other countries, are going to get involved in this campaign, and look, here’s the message to Russia: stay out of American elections,” he said.

    It comes after Trump and lawmakers were told that Russia was attempting to assist Trump in the 2020 election too. While Sanders has previously stated that some of his fervent online supporters, or “Bernie Bros,” could be Russian bots, there appears to be no evidence to back up the claim.
    If the report of what Bernie said is accurate, it is quite apparent that he cannot be made to believe that “the intelligence community” is completely corrupt and, when it comes to matters of war and peace, mostly unbelievable, in spite of all the recent historic proof their blatant lies — WMDs in Iraq being the most infamous example.
    “……………my understanding is that they are doing it again in 2020.”?!?! What the fuck is wrong with your old brain, Bernie? Did your recent heat attack deprive your brain of oxygen for a long enough period of time that a few trillion brain cells stopped functioning?

    1. I think you mis-remember the history of W lying us into an invasion of Iraq. Please recall that Bush & Cheney who kept up the lies about WMD’s in Iraq contrary to public reports of what the intelligence apparatus was saying.

  8. I liked the subtle humor of the Buttygieg CIA endorsement. He has been their boy all along. However, I do think the intel on Russia is legit. By supporting Sanders they sour some people like me who do not trust the DNC Clinton elites to put the country before their pockebooks (Seen the Obama Estate on the Vinyard?). Thus, such a move has the potential to supress Democrat voter turnout. Then on the Trump side, they can reassure the NRA, KKK, MAGA boys, etc. that the Dems are running a communist which should increase GOP voter turnout. Russia beat us to space even though we let Hitler decimate their country. They are clever.

    All America really needs is a president with a functioning moral compass. Bernies works. Not sure about the others.

    1. “However, I do think the intel on Russia is legit”.
      That’s why the accusations are always anonymous and there is never any real evidence shown.
      One could credit the last three years of BS to a wicked sense of humor of the CIA and their analysts. But from talking to friends in or with relatives in the Company, these people are sadistic bastards with no sense of humor, and they are not above making up “intelligence” or creating their own reality if you prefer.
      Surely the Russians, Israelis, Brits, French, Canadians, Australians and, yes, even the Americans hack as est they can into other governments’ computers to follow what their competitors (or “enemies” in the US) are doing. But most are content to keep their access secret and gather information rather than lose access by playing/ exposing trivial corruption. The obvious exception is the US and the CIA and NSA with Vault 7 tools where they (or others) can pretend to be RUSSIANS!!! (See New Knowledge, Crowdstrike/ Area-1, and other Robbie Mook “protecting our elections” in Iowa and Nevada.
      The world was a better place before the “modernization” (ie, abolition) of anti-propaganda law (Smith Mundt) in 2013. The CIA should never have been allowed to interfere in US domestic politics.

      1. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
        Joe Van Steenbergen

        Thank you; you took the words out of my mouth. It also is true the Pete is a spook and the favorite of the CIA, as well. Why that does not get more attention shows how thoroughly the CIA control the media.

    2. Hmmm

      “Russia” is now and has been for decades nothing more than a red herring to deflect and distract the American people so that they won’t notice that israel has throught their army of jewish/zionist/israeli lobbiests, Mossad blackmailing/extortion ops run by the likes of Epstein and the end dual citizen traitors that swarm around Washington like flies on sh*t have literally been choosing the candidates for our national elections for decades now……

      Russia…. in a pigs eye. Israel has been since the Wall came down, and remains to this day the number one national security threat to America.

  9. Now the fascinating witches
    Who put the scintillating stitches in the britches
    Of the boys who put the powder
    On the noses on the faces
    Of the ladies of the harem
    Of the court of King Caractacus
    Were just passing by

    Yes.. we need to build more walls to keep us safe.

  10. Language is made up of words. Universal agreement on the “definitions’ of these words is critical — especially important words.
    Nowadays, the words “terrorism”, “terrorist”, “meddling” and “interfered” have taken on extreme importance, yet, ironically, these words are almost never defined in a clear-to-everyone manner. This lack of clarity and agreement on what important words mean makes very important questions literally impossible to answer.
    For example, in order to answer the question “is Iran the greatest sponsor of terror in the world?”, we should, first of all, agree on the precise meaning of the word “terror”. What is the BEHAVIOR that is “terror”? “The intelligence community” isn’t telling us their definition of the word “terror”. This is because the US of A will certainly fit ANY description that they could come up with.
    “Did the Russian government meddle in the 2016 US election?” What is the precise meaning of the word “meddle”? In other words, precisely WHAT behavior constitutes “meddling” — for example, does the mere fact that RT and Sputnik News are available to Americans qualify as “meddling”? If a drunken person who has a Russian last name stands up in a DC bar and says that “the US doesn’t really have a democracy”, does that constitute Russian meddling in the US? “The intelligence community” isn’t saying.
    What is an “unwtting Russian asset” or a “Russian stooge” — anybody who does not hate Russian and say lots of ant-Russian things? Do we all agree on this definition?
    The list goes on and on, and as long as these words and phrases remain completely undefined, we’ll “meddle” along for the rest of time name-calling each other with words that mean absolutely nothing.

    1. Damn! Mike Bloomberg is working for Putin, too!
      Moon Of Alabama has the story:
      Here are Bloomberg’s behind the scene machinations which are sowing division and uncertainty about the validity of American elections. This is exactly what Russia wants.

      Bloomberg quietly plotting brokered convention strategy – Politico, February 20, 2020

      Mike Bloomberg is privately lobbying Democratic Party officials and donors allied with his moderate opponents to flip their allegiance to him — and block Bernie Sanders — in the event of a brokered national convention.

      It’s a presumptuous play for a candidate who hasn’t yet won a delegate or even appeared on a ballot. And it could also bring havoc to the convention, raising the prospect of party insiders delivering the nomination to a billionaire over a progressive populist.
      Lock him up!

      1. Bloomberg is also working for the Communist Chinese. RMBIs, rubles, petro dollars– doesn’t matter. Do you think Bloomberg gained his $60 billion by following laws?

    2. Vladimir Putin doesn’t want a war between Russia and the US. I don’t want a war between Russia and the US. I guess that means I’m a Russian Asset.

    3. All just a part of implementing “Newspeak” throughout IngSoc. You come close to thoughtcrime for saying these things. Double plus bad on you. Our troops fighting in East Asia and Eurasia need your support. Now go take a two minute hate!

  11. Russia, Russia once more? On the one hand, the only major U.S. political figures we know who have actually cashed Russian checks are the Clintons. Substantial amounts have been paid to Bill Clinton independently for his rock star speaking engagements and the Clinton Foundation – apparently because Russian Oligarchs are so naturally charitable in nature. On the same hand it seems that many other U.S. political figures (or their sons) have cashed Ukrainian checks and some may still be doing so. Is this because the progeny of major U.S. political figures are such geniuses across the board? But this also occurs across much of the planet involving many diverse cultures from Saudi Arabia to China… apparently happening anywhere large amounts of money and/or special interests and/or political favors from the U.S. tend to accumulate. A quick examination might show this always seems to be at the ultimate expense of the United States Treasury and the citizens of the United States. One could call this graft, bribery, extortion or any number of things, but a plain language explanation of such a process whereby political officials sell political favors to foreign entities for personal gain would be to call it treason. This herd of cats is now out of the bag, so who benefits? More importantly as to the concept of justice, does anyone pay?

    On the other hand, the net result of “the machine” having been caught illegally spying upon, lying about and continually legally attacking the current POTUS with all things “Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine” in the broadly apparent absence to date of any proven merit for same other than it being totally political has been to inoculate this one man against any and all such “sins” in the eyes of his many, now cult-like followers. It is they who will definitely show up on election day to keep their guy in office no matter what surfaces next.

    On the third hand, Pete whatshisname… Openly gay, CIA experienced, Oligarch backed, young, pretty and politically fresh. This guy has a bright future, IMHO, maybe even with a third party run. Regardless, there’s definitely an Oscar equivalent due for all parties involved with this mega-production. No puns intended (but probably applicable).

    1. Putin is NOT in tight with the Clintons. Have you ever seen Putin in any photos with Jeffrey Epstein or Guiselle Maxwell? If Putin were associated with the Clintons wouldn’t he have been found dead by now of suicide with two bullets in the back of his head?

    2. Hate to spoil the paranoia party for some of you – this little bit of writing is s-a-t-I-r-e (you can Google it if need be…..)

  12. Unnamed sources. Blah blah blah. Unnamed sources.

    Come on. This is crap journalism, as much as I may want it to be true.

    If you’re going to first swap out Caitlin for “NNC” (whoever the hell that is) and post an article citing “anonymous sources” at the CIA then go f*** yourself you’re as bad as the NYT.

    Did the same anonymous sources tell you that aliens landed in Roswell?

    This is crap. Honestly. It should be removed from this site if you want to keep your credibility.

    1. Wake up. This article was pure farce ……………but with points that apparently flew right over your head.

  13. Strawman Courage Avatar
    Strawman Courage

    ABC News (American not Australian) definitely go the memo. Since I saw the result last night, I knew who won, so I was just looking for the headline. Its not there.
    On the ABCnews webpage, the headline “Sanders Wins Nevada” does not appear. Fair would be a least that much. I didn’t expect the more accurate “Popular Socialist Crushes Wall Street Dems in Nevada”, but at least a “Sanders Wins” headline was a minimum that fairness would expect. The headline “Plastic Bag Bans go into effect with Unintended Consequences” is what the Mickey Mouse news operation has as their lead story.
    Then, just below the headline, Mickey went with “Nominating A Socialist Could be a ‘real burden for Democrats”. Fascinating how they can’t report on a Socialist winning the election, but Mickey can cry Oligarch Tears over the prospect of people having health care and a fair shake at life.

  14. Mike Bloomberg has done no real campaigning, but has purchased ads in such a saturated manner, that his name recognition is top-trending.
    Is this sufficient for a campaign?
    What happened to Mike Bloomberg in Nevada is unlike anything seen in the recent history of these events. Typically, a candidate would be advised to come off as receptive to criticism and avoid certain body language and gestures.
    Moving forward, they would have an agenda of their own to focus on and drive attention back towards. Mike Bloomberg is apparently immune to coaching on body language and public speaking.
    Herein lies Mike Bloombergs real problem – he has no agenda.
    With only the structure of a campaign, he has gone through the formal process of building a campaign staff without any particular loyalty to his missing message. I really enjoyed reading this thought out article; you can read it here:

  15. One thing is certain. Caitlin Johnstone is an agent of Bernie Sanders. That’s about all we can get out of this essay.

    1. I do not perceive her that way.

      I perceive her as a neutral observer of politics and social matters.

      And she is very good at describing our society which is similar to the society in the days of Noah.

      It means the return of Jesus is very near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bullshit.

    2. Strawman Courage Avatar
      Strawman Courage

      What I take from this comment. Even granting the assumption that Caitlin has a preference in this race

      I love the way that any Sanders supporter is told that they must be ashamed to support Sanders and that they are committing a mortal sin and must repent.

      The internet minions of the oligarchs have nothing left but name calling. All they can do is snarl “Sanders Supporter” at someone. I suppose that’s an effect of both a declining and underfunded education system as well as nearly four years of Russiagate and snarling “Putin Agent” or “Assad Supporter” at anyone who dares to disagree with the Oligarchs.

  16. Great article! (”Breaking News…”) At once *on-the-nose* AND *tongue-in-cheek*.
    Thanks a million (a billion??) for doing what you do. Bringing clarity to our world.

    If we can see… we can act. If we can act… we can change. If we can change… perhaps we can make our shared world a better place.

  17. Hmmm

    The Media prattles on and on about “the Russians” beyond the point of reason and straight into the realm of pure unadulterated Israeli propaganda. They do so to deflect attention away from the fact that every single candidate to date (save one) who has received a measurable percentage of the vote is a hardcore died in the wool Zionist who are allowing Israel to interfere with our elections. Zionists who through their actions and rhetoric leave no doubt that ultimately, they owe their fealty to NutenYahoo and Alliance to the state of Israel. Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate left who refuses (at least publicly) to put israel ahead of America and Americans.

    Consider that currently a very larger percentage of our actively duty Combat Troops and assets remain fully committed to israeli empire building and are thus in bogged down in and around the Middle East. The events unfolding around the world right now illustrate why “our” governments refusal to secure our own borders in order to continue prosecuting wars for israeli empire thousands of miles away isn’t just folly, it has now become tantamount to treason. So why is the media demanding we focus on a fictitious ‘Russian threat”?

    With literally thousands of illegal border crossings EVERY DAY the odds that some of these people will turn out to be infected with the virus are virtually 100%…… Instead of debating real issues like why is our military still fighting in the Middle East and why are our borders still WIDE OPEN, the jewish/zionist/israeli controlled media focused everyone’s attention on “impeachment” and literally the second that was over it was the “election” and when that began to wane it is now again the “The Russians”.

    If we had spent even a fraction of the 10+ Trillion we wasted on Israeli empire building our borders would have been secured 18 years ago and we would be able to protect America and the American people from this latest threat. We should not be spending nearly a Trillion dollars a year “defense” only to find out that we when we really need it turns out it is too busy waging offensive war for israel. We need our Troops home and patrolling our boarders and keeping our cities and towns safe instead of building a bigger empire for israel if we are going to have any chance of stopping Coronavirus COVID-19. The last time I looked that is the reason we maintain a standing Federal Army; to protect America and Americans. They can’t do that if most of our forces and military assets are fully committed in and around Israel. (Assuming it is in fact a real unconstrained threat and not just another bio-weapon exercise) Bring our troops home, secure OUR borders, protect our citizens.

    So, why would such central and all import issue like securing our borders and bringing our troops home to serve and protect America and Americans while saving 3/4 of a Trillion dollars in wasted israeli related defense spending be an after-thought with the media, not to mention the Candidates themselves? Because securing our borders and bringing the troops home are the responsibility and under the control of the Executive branch and hence the President. And the jewish/zionist/israeli lobbies don’t want any Candidate going on record as wavering from the current israel first last and always position of both the Congress and the White House….No matter what the cost to America and Americans…………..

    1. Ok. Here is a post off subject but attacking another group. Feel free to show your outrage. Oh wait this subject is on the allowed list of groups to attack. Nevermind. Free speech allowed here.

      1. As with the previous comment that you levelled this same premise at, you might notice that the groups he ‘attacks’, and the fundamental point he is making, is acutely relevant to the initial post which premises, satirically but meaningfully, a hidden power behind the superficial circus being performed.

        I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask again: WTF does homosexuality have to do with the machinations behind the curtain? Maybe you could stop grinding your little axe for a short moment and answer that?

  18. “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinion, their lives a mimicry, their passion a quote…” Oops!

  19. Outstanding Caitlin. The US Sociopaths In Charge have become so delusional, I sometimes hope Russia IS interfering in our elections.

    1. This is a completely logical thought. If what they are saying is true the trillion dollar pantagon and intelligence agencies were bested by Russian intelligence agencies on a shoe string budget. CNN and MSNBC with 24 hour news coverage. Twitter and Facebook US controlled platforms highlighting establishment and main stream narratives as much as possible have been bested by low budget RT and some Russian trolling. If the Russians are really this influential and efficient we should put them in charge! Think of the cost savings! It would be wonderful to have such competent successful people actually running things.

      1. Strawman Courage Avatar
        Strawman Courage

        And think about the money they’ve wasted in places like Syria. We are told by the people that we are told that we must trust that 1)Russia spent a small amount of money, at most a few million, and by doing so has completely controlled American politics. The same people tell us that 2) America just had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year trying to control Syrian politics.
        If both statements are true, the the American taxpayer has been ripped off for billions of dollars because obviously any smart power could just post a few facebook ads and deploy a few bots and overthrow Assad because its just that easy.

      2. The CIA, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan backed the headchopper Mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan, destroying the Afghan’s secular government, but at least the Soviets quit after “only” 14 years.
        If the Russians were running things, probably the bottom 80-90% would be essentially in the same spot, but Kissinger, Hillary, John Bolton and Porky Pompeo et al would be swinging from lamp-posts. Sad, but to quote Madeline Albright on our slaughtering 500,000 innocents: “we think the price is worth it”.

    2. I do not think the Russians are that crazy.

      Any attempt to bring a bit of sanity to the current US election scene could only make things worse. The Law of Unintended Consequences and Murphy’s Law keep them away.

      1. Strawman Courage Avatar
        Strawman Courage

        Putin projects an image of intelligence. So, at this point, one would have to assume that any proposal presented to Putin to interfere in American politics would be met with the question of “Can this come back against us and hurt us”?
        At this point, if the Russians got caught interfering in American politics in a way that the McCarthy-ites could actually provide some real looking proof, it would then be used to confirm every evidence-free allegation that’s been made by Hillary and the Democrats over the last few years.
        Given the demonization of Russia and the constant hate generated against Russia over the last decade, there would certainly be very loud calls for war by Americans demanding that Russia be punished for interfering with elections. In this atmosphere, Putin would have to take into account that ….
        1) There is no civilian control of the military in the USA.
        2) The calls for war would also be very strong within both the ranks of the military, as well as the junior officer corps.
        3) The control of nuclear weapons by the American high command has always been greatly over-stated. It was always very possible for a commander to do a Colonel Jack D. Ripper from Dr. Strangelove move and launch a nuclear attack on their own. That movie was quite correct in giving the militarists point of view that for deterrence to be credible, the authority to launch had to be distributed down the chain of command so they could not be hit with a decapitation attack. The whole bit of the President being followed around by the nuclear codes was always a bit of a farce.
        By this time, the notion of Putin interfering in any serious way in an American election ranks right up there with the “Assad Gassed his own people win he was winning the war” sort of theory that tests believability. Putin and Russia might try a few little things on the edges, like websites that put out pro-Trump propaganda disguised as various alternative views that all say Trump is winning and the Democrats are making huge mistakes. But, no, I don’t believe or an incident that Putin would be willing to risk war at this point by interfering in American elections in the way that the Americans have interfered with Russian elections.

  20. Here is an image I think could help this article:

    The faces of the candidates could be pasted over Corbyn’s face.

  21. The press consider it to be election tampering if a single phishing email goes out from Russia or a single ad is shown on Facebook. That is not tampering. The press are making themselves into a nuisance.

  22. Todays Caitlin Johnstone essay has been replaced by this breaking report by the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey. Thank You NNC, I will always obey!

  23. The fact is, it came to me through thin air, the Russians are running the whole world, they infiltrated every single organisation connected to every single government on our planet, even their own, but, please don’t tell anyone (this is so absolutely top secret!), they don’t even know it themselves. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it!

  24. I strongly suspect the entire CIA, FBI, corporate dem and corporate media, Russiagate 2.0 election interference psyop will massively backfire. When the public completely ignores the whole fabricated narrative and votes at ever higher rates for the other Russian puppet with perfect hair, just like they were supposedly fooled into doing for Trump in 2016, media credibility will actually die and be worn like an albatross-shaped facial tattoo.

  25. I think it’s time I dug up an old post of mine that appeared at Off-Guardian under the headline “Russia halts search for intelligent life in Washington” just before the US election that gifted the world Trump in 2016.

  26. “”In fact Mr. Buttigieg is the only candidate running with the skill, the experience and the multilingual relatability needed to bridge our nation’s deep divisions and bring Americans together in this time of uncontrolled hostility,” the CIA source continued.”
    I would be shocked to find that the miilitary intelligence-connected, Rhodes scholar, holder of nominal “executive” political office, Pete Booty-edge-edge is not the product of 15 years’ Cee Eye Ay grooming.

  27. Even if there was any proof of Russian influence, the hypocricy of the outrage is thick. What does anyone think the CIA is for in the first place? Russia has as much right to influence American elections as America has to appoint a Venezuelan president.

  28. The Democrats, including Bernie Sanders and irrespective of his impressive win in Nevada, have gone completely round the bend when it comes to Putin and Russia. They can’t possibly believe what they say and still claim to live in this reality. So, Bernie wins big tonight and the Donkey Party commentariat, especially those imbeciles working out of the MSNBC fun house, go absolutely batshit bonkers about it. James Carville calls “Vladimir Putin the real winner today!” Tweety-bird Matthews likens the election results to the “Fall of France to the Nazis in 1940!” This after he had expressed his fears several days before of being frogmarched onto the Capital Mall and executed by a firing squad of Bernie’s Bolseviks! Others amongst the talking heads ascribed the victory to the votes of racists and sexists! (Trying to one up Hitlery and her “deplorables?”) There is so much center-right Donkey hair on fire in the halls of the corporate media in Washington and New York that I can smell it wafting through the Everglades and right past Mar-a-Lago here in SoFla. Does NOT smell like victory!//////////

    The now conspicuously right-wing “leftists” of Donkey Land would clearly rather have Trump re-elected than to fill the White House with the “ravings” of a genuine New Deal Democrat (never mind that he foolishly calls himself a “socialist”), probably the first since FDR himself. Other than Bernie the Dems have no one even as remotely “liberal” or “progressive” as Jimmy Carter or even Richard Nixon. The rank and file of the party love liberals (that’s why the largest number have voted for Bernie this time and last), the aristocracy running the DNC, LLC clearly hate them.///////////

    And it’s not as if Bernie is going to get any of that “commie” agenda of his enacted, even if he serves two full terms. The Republicans in Congress and those controlling the Supreme Court alone will block it every step of the way. But the fascinating thing is so will the party that calls itself “Democratic” and claims to represent the common working man. It’s totally bogus when they tear into him because, they claim, he is “unelectable.” They don’t WANT him elected. If they can’t get one of their pathetic flunkies still in the primaries (ranging from Biden to Buttplug to Daddy Warbucks Bloomberg) installed in the White House (which is totally remote because they are all so incompetent, inarticulate, disingenuous and unlikable), they clearly much prefer four more years of Trump-bashing to even a didactic presentation of liberal/progressive philosophy by a man who is old enough to have seen its successes many decades ago… before the corporate monster methodically consumed absolutely everything of value in this country.////////////

    Now the bipartisan corporatists, who run this place, are focused on absolute world domination and don’t want anyone to stop them, even (sad to say) a dithering wimp on foreign policy like Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, Bernie has no intention of ending the cold war against Russia that Obomber rekindled, probably on orders from his Deep State handlers. Bernie seems afraid to get off the Democratic Russophobic bandwagon (maybe he foolishly perceives it as the Zeitgeist of this country when it’s really just operant conditioning through unrelenting propaganda) and would rather issue vacuous warnings to Putin rather than reach a rational accommodation with him to end the threats, the dangers and the monumental waste. Bernie also seems afraid to stand up to the Neocon Zionists, so he basically avoids talking about Israel. So, the Dems have him in their hip pocket on all these counts, yet they will prefer Trump because, truth be told, they are phony Democrats. The term and the philosophy to them is just some Madison Avenue bullshit they are happy to dispense every four years, then forget about. How can you respect, let alone support, anyone like that?////////////

  29. It would be quite interesting to have some sort of dictionary defining all the various positions of all these damned reds, whites, blues etc, – it is Salutary to consider that the Neo Liberals, particularly the billionaires, are definable as Stirnerite Anarchists, – if you read about Max Stirner, and his philosophy that if everybody just does exactly what they damnwell like, they will eventually learn that co-operation gives them the best return,
    you may realise we are dealing in the wrong card game.
    Tolstoyan Anarcho Syndicalism was the other ‘branch’ at that time, and indeed some green groups today embrace a version of that, so it might be time to just give up on pretending one is some sort of Socialist, whatever the thousands of Tinge/rouge, and start facing the fact that we are in the period of individuation in human history, and how do you see yourself in the here and now, – particularly, for your own benefit, if you are not a multibillionaire, nor ever want to be. – Please read up on those two branches of anarchism, the first thing the Russian Communists did when they took Russia was to kill the Anarchists on the Battleship Potempkin, like- wise everybody, – inc many western governments attacked the Anarchists in the Spanish revolution om behalf of Franco.
    It is normal to contrast Capitalism and Socialism, whereas the world has moved on, – now the real battle is between the Stirnerite and Tolstoyan, – or developments of, Tolstoyan Anarchism, and the Stirnerites are in Number One place, – 701 Billionaires own the factories, the Governments, most of the media except Caitlin and a few others, and the Narrative.
    We can never beat the Narrative of the Stirnerite Anarchists if we persevere with the now lost in the past failures of socialism, as it can not engage with modern humanity, – Hey, – just let it go, everyone, read up on Anarchism, it is not Bomb throwing, any ism can throw bombs, that is just a cliche, it is about understanding, and design – and therefore hopefully caring, about yourself and all others and the results of that caring, – and I can only suggest a lecture by Bill McDonough. where he asks “How can you Love all the Children of/for all Species for all Time”
    This should be our morning meditation, – whatever, – here is a you tube link, Bill does not talk about anarchism.

  30. But second place in Nevada actually wins the caucus just like in Iowa. Right?

  31. Martin Van Buran Avatar
    Martin Van Buran

    Be careful!
    I remember when Frank Zappa and his daughter wrote a song making fun of southern California Valley Girls …. and it zoomed to the top of the charts because the Valley Girls loved the song and had no idea that the joke was on them. So, please be careful or the wrong people, who always lack a sense of humour, might see this piece and love it and not realize the joke is on them so instead they offer you a million bucks a year to be a columnist on CNN.

  32. Giving The Onion a Run for its Money. Hilarious, Caitlin!

  33. To quote Blazing Saddles (1974): “God darnit, Mr. [Buttigieg], you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore:”

    “Because in truth, the unity of our togetherness is in the freedom of our democracy,” added the source. “The long and winding road to the American flag was built upon the steps of our founding fathers. You don’t have to be a big shot Washington insider to see that the problems our nation faces are tearing us apart at our own peril with radical divisive rhetoric saying you need to burn down the establishment and voice a concrete foreign policy position. And that’s why I for one believe we don’t have to choose between revolution and the status quo: we can come together and find solutions that help the working class and billionaires.”

  34. Very entertaining editorial, Ms. Johnstone. Thank you always.
    The thing is this.
    All people around the world, in all elections around the world, should always root for the candidates who are most aware of the governments from around the world infringing upon our natural rights, our god-given rights, our (never to be granted by governments) rights, period. All people around the world should always be rooting for peoples and their freedoms, and against governments, as governments are simply the tool the elites use to oppress us. Because they can.
    All of the talk of bots and agents and so on can only even potentially be valid only if people’s constitutions can be manipulated to believe that governments around the world have the interests of their people at heart. (Unnecessary sidebar: They don’t. Never have, never will.)
    By nature, the interests of governments (to exist and thrive and flourish) and the interests of people (to live without coercive government) are at odds.
    A “Russian agent” is being defined as someone with the interest of the Russian government at heart, not Russian people. See the difference?
    Caution is required when discussing “Russia”, “Iran”, “North Korea”, etcetera. All peoples all around the world can get along today! If only their terrifying terrible tyrannical governments would GTFO of the way.
    Of course, I may be wrong, and you may seek to educate me.
    Well, have at it then.

  35. Buttigieg cannot be a Russian agent because Russia has not descended to a psychically ill state that believes, stupidly and very harmfully, the homosexuals are “normal” rather than the character neurotics that they are. Buttigieg is dangerous not only because he is a deep-state/neocon/neoliberal stooge but also, and MORE, because he is homosexual.

    Oh, I suppose I need to state that I am an atheist and contemn, utterly, all religion of any kind (even private, superego-spawned, psychically endogenous morals-systems). I do not hold homosexuality a “sin.” I KNOW that homosexuality is a psychic illness — a serious symptom of anal retentive or narcissistic character-defects.

    Contrary to homosexual propaganda and the homosexual community’s extortionate acquisition of a scientifically illegitimate DSM amendment stating that homosexuality is not a psychic ill, homosexuality is curable by proper characteranalytic or orgonomic treatment (NOT aversion “therapy”). And no contrary conclusion can obtain from the assertion that homosexuals do not believe they are sick m— quite for the reason that no psychopaths and few if any psychotics believe they are ill.

    1. Just as you are a sick person yourself. Stop giving Atheists a bad name.

      1. TO: CAROLYN ZAREMBA / FEBRUARY 23, 2020

        You know NOTHING of me. Hence, you lack basis of asserting am “sick.” Your presumptuous conduct suggests that YOU suffer intellectual weakness or psychic ill.

        1. Correction of my reply responding to CAROLYN ZAREMBA / FEBRUARY 23, 2020:

          You know NOTHING of me. Hence, you lack basis of asserting that I am “sick.” Your presumptuous conduct suggests that YOU suffer intellectual weakness or psychic ill.

          1. Hi Loup,
            You can comment on my site. All I get is junky ‘bot comments with ads. Homosexuality gets more in a gene pool as you go up the frontal lobe mass in social animals. More in bonoboe and chimps than even dogs. It seems like you only need all of the critters reproducing SOMETIMES, like right after WW-2, and other times it’s better if a lot of them don’t, like now, so they have to find other ways to satisfy their natural drives. Gettin’ pretty creative these days, but it’s ok. It’s just a stage the species is going through. Things will be back like you like ’em after the next huge die off, er “selection event”.

            1. Not enough room here. I shall reply in a larger box, where I shall reference your post.

    2. What has homosexuality to do with Russian conspiracy theories? Or does it, in your mind, have everything to do with everything? I fear such obsession might perhaps be a serious symptom of anal retentive or narcissistic character-defects.

      1. Martin Van Buran Avatar
        Martin Van Buran

        Almost always it seems that the people who rant hatred against homosexuals are themselves closet homosexuals who hate themselves, or they are frightened that they might be homosexuals because their heterosexual sex sucks, (or doesn’t!) so they obsess and wonder if they are gay and this upsets them so much that they feel they have to punch any homosexuals or possible homosexuals that they might encounter.

        1. Bullshit, like the Zionist argument that if a Jew opposes Zionist Israel’s genocidal treatment of Palestinians, he is an anti-Semite.

          The DSM de-pathologized homosexuality for political, not scientific, reason. Its false premises were: (a) that psychiatrists cannot cure it, so it must not be a disease; (b) homosexuals do not think they are sick, therefore they are not ill.

          Premise (a) is false: both before & after the DSM de-pathologized homosexuality, competent psychoanalysts, character-analysts, and orgonomists cured homosexuality by curing underlying character-neuroses. Premise (a) is absurdly illogical, since it implies that multiple sclerosis is not a disease because allopathy cannot cure it.

          Premise (b) is absurd, since it implies that most schizophrenics are not sick because they deny or do not recognize they are ill.

          About 12 years after he championed the DSM’s empirically false and logically absurd de-pathologizing of homosexuality, Dr. Spitzer, an eminent psychiatrist, admitted publically that he & the APA were wrong: homosexuality IS a psychic disorder & CAN be cured.

          1. You are the one here with a serious psychic disorder (“psychic ill” in your parlance), and you really should seek psychiatric help ASAP. You exhibit the mentality around the subject of homosexuality that was current in the deep south (US), as well as most of the rest of the country, c. 1950. Have you been asleep for 70 years?

    3. Oh, fuck off. Stay the fuck off my site with this bullshit.

      1. Dear author (Ms Johnstone):

        What a very scholarly reply.

        Good day.

        1. The missus told you to fuck off. Now fuck off.

      2. Straight to the point, impossible to misunderstand!

        1. Ah, but quite inconsistent with her purported advocacy of free speech, honest debate, and truth.

          1. Not at all. She didn’t take your bullshit down, she simply characterised it and gave you some advice.

      3. Caitlin, I really respect your insight but true free speech means allowing such posts. However as my aunt used to say, it doesnt mean I have to like it.

        1. How about I come to your house, shit on your kitchen table and call your mother a senescent old whore? How far does free speech and freedom of expression go? I suggest that slaveringly ignorant, disrespectful and latently aggressive raving goes beyond the limit.

          Nonetheless isn’t Caitlin exercising her freedom of speech in telling the guy to fuck off? She is not telling him to stop saying it. She’s just saying go say it somewhere else as the aggressively ignorant resonance of it makes her feel ill.

          1. You should have your opinion too without being attacked. If speech comes with attack it is not free but comes at a price.

        2. You’re willfulling overlooking two points:
          1. She left this post up.
          2. This is not a public venue. It’s her joint.

          1. Hmmm

            The point about free speech on forums open to “public” commentary (within the very broad bounds of propriety and decency) particularly political forums where the owner (and I am not singling out Caitlin here) rhetorically claims to stand firm on the principles enumerated in the Bill of Rights but is not supported by their actions in regard to the real world application of those principles is without question a legitimate RED FLAG.

            The fact that the “interment” is no only devoid of freedom of expression, but is being actively used contrary to the best interests and welfare of America and the American people begs the question: why the hell did Obama hand over control to private interests? Is there one easy cut and dried answer? No, of course not. But that said, the inherent dangers for abuse in the present system are undeniable at this point.

            Website owners who believe they can side-step this painfully obvious hypocrisy and all the inherent dangers it implies by simply issuing a statement to the effect that its “my website and I will do what want” are only fooling themselves with this intellectually dishonest clap trap.

            1. Some of you Don Quixotes’ need to put down your lances for a moment every now and then and see where the windmills actually are and aren’t. If you can see a Red Flag here in this instance then you need your cone cells checked for standard function. As clearly mentioned, Caitlin did not take the posts in question down, nor did she ban the poster, as evidenced by his continued posting of the same myopically obsessive drivel. She did tell him to “fuck off, and stay off with this bullshit”. She had made it crystal clear where she stands on the matter. And that is ALL she has said or done on the matter. Anyone who cares to think about the situation can understand a number of sound reasons for that response. Are you saying she is not to be afforded the freedom of speech to make her views simply and explicitly known on the matter? Isn’t that the very principle you are holding sacrosanct?

    4. You went and did it. You attacked the third rail.

      1. Did he? Really. Or did he leap almost instantaneously from a topic of common interest into a vortex of his own personal and miserably understood obsession? Please tell me, WTF does the innate merit of homosexuality and concomitant programs of gay conversion therapy have to do with Russian electoral influence? He attacked the foundations of basic lucidity and consciousness, not to mention good grace and common decency.

        1. He has a right to his views without attack. The point is there has never been true free speech because pen rational discussion on some subjects is not allowed. Today unfortunately the list is getting longer and longer.

          1. He has a right to his views without ad hominem attack. But the viewpoints, in and of themselves, are open for debate. Otherwise “free speech” is pointless.

    5. Stop encouraging LOUP-BOUC, folks. He/she has nothing to say.

      1. “He/she has nothing to say”?

        You need not stoop to the language-grotesquerie of political correctness, though perhaps you crave the metaphysical exercise, to remain “woke” (which state is a cute kind of stupor of the life of intellect, honor, courage, truth, and integrity).

        “He” (not “He/she”) is correct.

        En français, la plus belle langue, “loup” signifie “male wolf” et “bouc” signifie “male goat.”

        Comparez “louve,” qui singifie “female wolf,” et chevre qui signifie “female goat.”

        1. Typing-error correction: “signifie” NOT “singifie.” Sorry.

    6. TO: JOHN DAY, re: his 23 February 2020 reply-comment responding (I deduce) to my main comment (of very early 23 February 2020)

      This comment-setting does not fit scholarly argument. But I shall offer one example of fallacious “zoological” argument that homosexuality is “natural.”

      A few putatively science-based phony-“science” propaganda articles have asserted that Chimpanzees engage in homosexual sexual conduct. The “proofs” were contemnably false (and I mean contemnably, NOT contemptibly).

      Occasionally, but rather seldom, male chimps do sodomize other male chimps. But the conduct is not sexual, as its full context makes clear.

      A male-chimp-group descends upon another, lone male chimp that the group want to brutalize (for some reason researchers do not yet adequately understand). They beat the victim chimp horrendously, until it has become helpless. Then the attacking-group chimps sodomize the victim — seriatim. When all have finished sodomizing the victim, they drive the victim away from the “community” battering the victim as he attempts to leave alive. Often the victim dies.

      Sometimes, a “foreign” female chimp will visit a chimp community that is not her “tribe.” Often, the visited community’s females will greet the visitor with a welcoming ceremony that involves, among else, each welcoming local female chimp’s rubbing her genital area, very BRIEFLY, against that of the visitor female chimp. The ritual is a welcoming gesture, not a sexual act.

      Both such chimp behaviors have been put as proofs that chimps practice homosexuality. Clearly those behaviors prove bizarre acts of cruel domination (in the case of the male chimps’ victimizing a hapless lone male chimp) and an act of welcoming reassurance (in the case of the female chimps’ greeting the visiting foreign female chimp).

  36. Sigh…
    All the gamblers and strippers in Nevada failed to get the memo and 54% of them voted for Bernie in the caucus, with Jokin’ Joe Biden coming in second with 18% and Pocahontas Warren in third place with 10%.
    Man it’s bad with Bernie sucking up more than 50% and just making all those other fine politicians look humiliated. I wonder if he’ll commit suicide when he realizes how wrong he’s been.
    Oh, what a relief! They have updated it and Bernie is taking under 50%, and Mayor Pete moved up to third place with 13%. I’m glad somebody is fixing this tonight.
    It’ll probably fine by tomorrow morning.

    1. Martin Van Buran Avatar
      Martin Van Buran

      Under the anti-Democratic rules of the Democratic Party, they keep small candidates in their place with no convention delegates by saying that any candidate that doesn’t get at least 15% gets zero delegates.
      So, 13% is a big loss for Mayor Beavis’ best friend. Might see the numbers suddenly jump to 15.01% at the end of the night when the computers issue whatever they’ve made up as the final count.

  37. Get your tongue out of your cheek!

  38. The Onion should add this article to their website.

    1. Martin Van Buran Avatar
      Martin Van Buran

      The Intercept is one of the sometimes-lefty websites that has been very, very big on promoting Pocahontas. The Intercept and the Guardian make every story they make up about the election be either pro-Pocahontas or against someone who threatens her.

      1. Martin Van Buran Avatar
        Martin Van Buran

        BTW, Pocahontas should now drop out of the race and tell all her supporters to back Bernie. The phony lefty has obviously folded in the face of the real thing.

        1. You’re using a racist slur tha was coined by Donald Trump in the first place. I don’t think you should.

    2. Ah that article is from 2017. And the Intercept’s headline may be a bit off. Vitali Shkliarov, a Soviet-born citizen of Belarus.

      And Having spent the 1990s working with various German music industry startups,

      Duh, yah a real Russian.

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