HomeArticleDESPICABLE : Joe Biden Promotes Trumpian Conspiracy Theory That Joe Biden Has Dementia

DESPICABLE : Joe Biden Promotes Trumpian Conspiracy Theory That Joe Biden Has Dementia

During a “virtual town hall” staged to avoid public gatherings amid COVID-19 fears, former vice president Joe Biden advanced a disgusting, ageist, ableist conspiracy theory about the Democratic Party’s presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden.

Throughout the appearance, Biden repeatedly spoke in a befuddled, incoherent way, severely confusing the amount of time between March and November, even beginning to walk off-camera in the middle of a babbling screed. The derisive implication of this cruel performance being, of course, that Joe Biden is not in possession of his mental faculties because he is suffering from some form of dementia.

Utterly reprehensible.

At one point Biden erroneously stated that there are two years between March and November, then erroneously corrected himself to say that there is actually one year between March and November, then erroneously corrected himself again saying that there is in fact one year between March and January.

“We need a public option providing for the additional funding that would provide for no hidden bills etcetera,” Biden said. “And I can get it done and I can get it done quickly and people will be covered. But even I can’t do that for another two year… another year, between now and November. Or actually, January. But to be covered.”

All to promote the Trumpian talking point that Joe Biden is too confused to understand how years work. What’s next, Joe Biden? Saying Joe Biden would fail at the simple task of drawing a clock?

“In the Delaware legislation we just set up the coastal zone legislation which means that they can’t build any factories or any, any, anything within one mile of the estuary of the Delaware river and the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake,” Biden said with one eye closed before meandering offscreen, in mocking imitation of a former vice president who is suffering from some sort of severe neurological disorder.

“And so the whole point of this is that we can do a lot to deal with endangered species,” Biden continued, speaking to the wall. “And one of the things I would like to raise is that we have to deal with on an international basis as well, because right now for example we have a thing, you know, Brazil has, the Amazon is burning because they’re trying to clear the Amazon in order to make money in agriculture.”

His livestream video feed was at this point replaced with an “Illinois for Biden” sign, presumably to shield viewers from Russian propaganda.


This is not the first time Joe Biden has promoted the right-wing, Alex Jonesian, Kremlin troll conspiracy theory that Joe Biden has dementia. In fact these outrageously Trumpian neurological episodes have been becoming more and more common as time goes on, in a way that could almost be described as degenerative.

Biden’s active facilitation of this alarmingly Putin-friendly narrative is suspicious, to say the very least. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was actively conspiring to get Donald Trump re-elected. It gives me no joy to say this about such a respected lifelong public servant, but at this point we’d be foolish not to look closely into Joe Biden’s connections to Moscow.

Do not believe your lying eyes, dear reader: Joe Biden does not have dementia. Anyone who says otherwise is advancing Russian, Trumpian, empirical talking points. Nobody says Joe Biden has dementia but Trump trolls, Russian bots, your lying eyes, your lying ears, and Joe Biden.


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Latest comments

  • Maybe eight years of kissing that “clean articulate” (Biden’s words) Obama butt have done old Joe’s brain in. With his attitudes, playing second fiddle to a black man must have been especially galling.

    If the unlikely happens and Biden wins, want to take bets on how long it will be before he faces impeachment by the Republican Congress (say goodbye to the House after last year’s disgusting performance) for his Ukraine malfeasance, among many other questionable dealings.

    Worst of the bad news for Sanders in the past couple of weeks is the betrayal of their people by what this writer calls “the black misleadership class” who encouraged black people to vote against their best interests once again: https://www.blackagendareport.com/biden-racks-delegates-crisis-among-black-folks-and-democrat-party-deepens

  • The recent polls that favor Biden are another indication that most Americans are dumb. The rest of the world jokes about it constantly. But it’s no joke when the dumbest people of the world pose the greatest threat to the world, in terms of peace, climate change, and growing wealth inequality. Bernie Sanders has worked hard to reveal that politicians like Joe Biden represent corporate interests, banks, and the weapons industry, even with dementia aside. Americans can’t seem to get that the political elite class includes the media mouthpieces that glorify them. It’s no coincidence that CNN commentator Chris Cuomo is the son of former NY governor Mario Cuomo, and the brother of current NY governor Andrew Cuomo. This ruling class, or oligarchy, has lied, murdered, cheated, and stolen from the people. Bernie reveals this to the masses and offers sensible solutions, and what do the people do? They mock him and vote for the oligarchy that doesn’t give a shit about them. Go, America!

  • The Democrat Party leadership has elected to avoid this “elephant in the room”? Symbols being what they are, however, perhaps “jackass in the room” would seem to work better. Outwardly it appears that Mr. Biden is cruising towards the status of “Head Jackass” as presumptive leader of his party, but can this be true? Say it ain’t so! Who is actually in charge here and when will He/She/It make a “nick of time” hero’s entrance to save the day from the world’s impending Harmageddon at the hands of the juggernaut Trump machine? Speculations? The puppet media’s talking heads as well as most of mainstream media’s entertainment figures historically portray all Democrat Presidents as glorious beloved geniuses and that 98% of the public is simply incapable of understanding their universally benevolent methods. Conversely, all Republican Presidents are reportedly hateful drooling moronic trolls who serve only the special interests of their truly evil big-business overlords (excepting of course the media), themselves and their likewise hateful drooling moronic minions. Yet in spite of these longstanding biases having been continually forced upon the public, it now appears that a “horrible, terrible man of a President” (Republican of course!), will in all probability cruse to a massive slaughter of a re-election win this November in spite of all the world-wide economic and health hysteria the apparent opposition can generate to focus against him. This assumes of course that such a definitive election is not indefinitely postponed due to “Corona Virus” (which it will be, trust me). Conclusion: The old ways are dead and a wave of reality is about to slap across the face of the Earth to demonstrate that “corona” in fact means “crown” and that the NWO’s Royalty class has become officially crowned and declared exempt from such quaint notions as the rule of law and equal justice for all. Annuit cœptis, Ordo Seclorum, E pluribus unum

  • This is all being carefully orchestrated. Dont kid yourself. Hillary Clinton will be the democratic candidate not Joe Biden.

  • I am not even sure if voting is of any value at this point, however simply the fact this is the best candidate they can seem to put on stage to compete, suggests there is no intent to have an actual person in the office, but don’t need more than a stupid looking face, and even more foolish acting “talking head”, to fill the office.
    This well suggests there will be no power allowed in the office, if he were to be elected. This is open evidence, they will continue to rule the country with no regard for “citizens”, our desires, nor demands, but are only pretending to be a “democracy”, which of course, “The Republic” was never intended to be.
    We have had no “liberty to choose our governing” since Monroe was elected, the Judiciary, accepted as “arbiter of understanding the Constitution”, given it is written in “the plain meaning of the words used, at the time of their writing, to be understood by anyone, with a dictionary at hand”. Suggesting it needs be “interpreted” is allowing others to apply their own meaning to a formal document, specific in its purpose, meaning, and meant to be read, understood, and applied, by “The People at Large”.
    We weren’t a “Nation” thirty years, before the effort to restore the power of oligarchs was well begun being implemented. We went under “Martial Law” with the war of “Northern Aggression”, and never came out of it.
    Were this an actual “political system”, Mr. Trump would have done his thing, and the Democrat party would have largely ignored him, and worked to actually find a qualified, electable candidate, with a real plan, an articulated, rational plan to operate differently, for a “different outcome”. We, Americans, haven’t heard such except for Mr. Trump’s plans, in decades, and Mr. Trump has not been allowed to run with his intentions, but has altered them to survive a no holds barred, effort to run him out, no slightest effort to hide this detestable act of open treason.
    I didn’t vote for “A Trump puppet”, but for the only non-politician, available. I would have voted for “Bozo the Clown” were he candidate, running against the D’s and the R’s.
    While I’m not happy with Mr. Trump’s failures, I’m happy it wasn’t HRC, perhaps the only politician, more despicable than Billy Bob, her husband, who was well supported by “deep state”, seeing as how he was “hand in glove” with the CIA since his inception in Arkansas politics.
    I don’t see any point in voting, given the choices, and if 70% didn’t vote, it might be a sign to the “State” we don’t buy their line of shit, anymore. We would have to make such a statement, before we could simply have a “tax withholding uprising”, refusing to fund their endless wars and other rank idiocy. I expect our government will collapse, before any possibility of it “straightening out”. Russia is no longer playing “hand-ball, but hard-ball, and I expect China will retaliate, if they find the evidence linking the corona virus to U.S. bio-warfare, as it appears to be, at this point.
    This is reminiscent of watching HRC tripping, stumbling, wearing weird glasses, to avoid looking like she isn’t in her right mind, and this is after numerous similar idiotic affairs of the same sort, by the democrats, almost as if they wanted to lose. We are only supposed to believe we control our elections, not really have any power at all.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    Vanceboro, NC, USA

  • Biden is a basket case, but then again, take a long hard look at the leadership of both parties. Are they really the best we can do? Doesn’t say much in favor of the current excuse for benevolent government. Of course there is no such thing, never has been, never will be. The US Sociopaths In Charge of gang rape, democracy in action.

  • Reagan also used to get confused, very much needing the teleprompter but the people loved him for it, it made him seem “grandfatherly” to them.
    During the Bush Gore debates Gore defeated Bush again and again on nearly every point, but after the debate was over nearly every pundit on every channel said that Bush had won the debate because the people identified with his “down home charm”, feeling sympathy for him for getting trounced so roundly. The pundits seemed united in disliking Gore for the ” cold arrogance” of having trounced Bush. The message seems to be that the people prefer LOSERS who are WEAK like they are, tending to adore befuddled authoritarians because so many of the people are befuddled authoritarians themselves, having known what it feels like to maintain positions they can not defend or even explain.
    That Biden seems unable to articulate anything makes him in with the in crowd who also can not articulate anything, it suggests he may win the nomination and if he is even less articulate than Trump he may also win the presidency

    • That’s just a ridiculously coherent analysis. You’re obviously a cold arrogant technocratic Ivory Tower elitist. Why would anyone listen to you? Pshaw!

  • We need a public option providing for a couple or four extra months in a year.

    That title, though… *chef’s kiss*

  • He only has to make it to the convention.
    Not even to the convention – he only has to keep Sanders below 50% by the time of the convention. After that, no problem, let him drool, DNC can swap him out any time for whoever they want. (Expect an early VP pick.)
    Or not. Maybe they’ll stick with Dopey Gropey Joe. They don’t really have anybody better to put up against Trump anyway. (Except Sanders and Gabbard, but.) Maybe their best play is to let Biden take the loss, and let Bernie take the blame.
    “The Resistance.”

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    • He only needs to make it to the nomination so he can select Hillary as his running mate. Then, if the economy crashes and he gets elected, he can resign for “health” reasons. Then, **poof””, Madame President. Might seem far fetched, but far fetched doesn’t mean impossible.

      • It is not far-fetched. I think that is their actual plan. Either that or just replace Biden with Hillary at the convention.

  • I have it from a very ‘smart’ Canadian that these videos are fake. Apparently amongst the doctor class, it’s Biden that’s the victim of deep fakery. I’ll never know why Biden’s people keep posting these fake videos but I’m sure it’s complicated.

    Ps. The adults in the room, know that Medicare For All is just impossible in the US. Any one pursuing that is disingenuous.

    Icing my forehead!

  • Ms Johnstone I just read this New York Post story about Mr. Biden’s town hall fiasco; and they paint it as an amateur goof up.

  • Must be part of his campaign against the “other Biden,” whom he did, one might recall, invite us to vote for should we find him lacking. Personally, I give thumbs down to both Bidens and to as many more that he might try to confabulate.

  • Maybe it is time to verify by asking Mr Biden if he clearly saw airplanes wreckages in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11 in 2001.

    Days of Noah all over again… I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus to put an end to this world of lies.

  • When I saw the title of this article my first thought is why would anyone need to ponder this question? This article can be read here:
    Why Iraqis Hate the United States Troops Who Occupy Their Country by Eric Zuesse!

    • Ron the brainwashing has been so thorough that many Americans still believe that they were helping Iraq.
      In Australia we have war memorials that commemorate this blind allegiance to the billionaires. To this day people still believe that our young men sacrificed their lives for Australia’s freedom. It is indeed true that the men were heroic when they were trying to save each other on the battlefield. Yet when volunteering to go to war, very few looked deep enough into the situation and realized that they were sacrificing themselves so some disgustingly wealthy people could steal the wealth of other disgustingly wealthy people and become even wealthier.
      Those low-life families are still the wealthiest in the world.

  • Cancellation of sporting events & public gatherings plus increasing voluntary social isolation will undoubtedly increase the audience for Sunday night’s debate. The best thing we can do for Bernie at this point, especially in states with upcoming primaries, is to encourage everyone we know to view the evidence for themselves and cast an informed ballot. It might just be our last best chance to revive a democratic process that is even more disfunctional than Joe.

  • Hard to take this seriously, but is a self-professed push-up athlete. Therefore, I think that First-Talking-Vegetable Joe should be given a roadside sobriety (dementia) test:

    • I must be developing dementia. That first sentence should have been split into two as follows.
      Hard to take this seriously. Biden is a self-professed push-up athlete.

  • LOL. I actually saw something like this on an old Star Track episode where the leader was drugged and tied to a chair and they only brought him out when the real people running the world needed to make a public announcement. Funny as hell, and who really minds being raped, beaten, robbed or murdered? No one! Because it’s all fun and games.

    • That is Star Trek TOS Episode No. 53 in production order, “Patterns of Force” (1968). Season 2 Episode 21. Often referred to as the Nazi’s in space episode.

      IMDB summary here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0708442/reference

      You and me, both. I suppose the hope is that Biden would appoint competent bureaucrats to run the departments and agencies.

      • “Competent bureaucrats” is an oxymoron. The US government actively discourages competence. Competent people (at least those with morals and conscience, which is necessary for competence in my opinion) will notice just how corrupt and screwed up everything is and blow the whistle. We all know what happens to whistleblowers in the US government.

        • Aren’t we a ray of sunshine today.

          Well, there have been competent people from top to bottom running government agencies over the years. Might not have agreed with their implementation procedures, but many bureaucrats from top to bottom on the organizational chart have delivered the public services they were tasked to deliver.

  • At 75 I know first hand that people like to ” humor me ” instead of listening to anything that I have say. After all I do not carry a smart phone or have any tattoos or have any piercings; I am not a hipster! Sometimes people ask me why I write everything down to hand to people. I just say that it is easier. The truth is I write stuff down so that the people that I have to deal with give me what I want and do not give me what they think that I should have. I realize that Mr. Joe Biden ” is out of it ” and should not drive a car never mind being our POTUS. Bernie Sanders only has to show that he is much more together than Joe Biden during the next TV debates to expose Mr. Biden, the DNC, and the MSM lackeys that are presenting him as a viable alternative to Donald Trump.

  • With respect, Ms Johnstone, I didn’t understand the article nor, I guess, Biden’s attempt at satire? Self-trolling? I’ve actually taken care of an elderly senior, for years, when my mother-in-law moved in with us till she died at almost 102. The doctor, I kid you not, made her take the clock test sometime after her 100th birthday; she wrote 1-12 on one side of the circle, and the doctor labelled her demented and told us about various services, blah, blah offered to help us cope. She was over 100; I thought she had earned the right to be a little confused but more importantly, I didn’t think she was. The woman had indicated the daylight side of the clock; she knew breakfast was at 9, lunch at 12, dinner at 6 when asked (she was right those were the times I fed her) and was’t confused at all about stuff she cared about–spot on about birthdays, couldn’t care less about the name of the Prime Minister.

    I kind of think that is the problem with Joe Biden. I have no idea about the differences between dementia and senility, but Biden gets confused, period. Sometimes when he’s under stress, sometimes when it is just inconvenient, but, more importantly, he doesn’t demonstrate clarity at times when he is doing stuff he cares about. I thought he was known to be good with people but clearly, he’s had some off moments. It’s okay to lose faculties as one ages, it happens to all of us, but to aspire to increased responsibility? I don’t know if Biden thinks all citizens are blind or if Putin would waste his time pointing out the obvious or if Sanders just looks so much more functional in contrast to the obviously aging, and somewhat confused, Trump and the senile Biden, but really? Trolls would be the first to point this out? That actually says a lot more about the electorate, and probably, the legitimacy of the election itself.
    In an election among geriatrics, good health, good sense, good ideas are all up for debate…

  • Mr Alastair Crooke considers there is a wild card in the Democratic Party race:

    “As America ineluctably moves up the exponential virus curve, the appeal of the Bernie Saunders approach of ‘healthcare available for all’ may become unstoppable. This alone may upend US politics.”


    It is probably a sign… but they won’t see it that way.

    Days of Noah all over again and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough bs.

  • Here’s novel conspiracy theory.
    This is a deleliberate campaign tactic.
    Here’s the classic connect the dots for this novel conpiracy theory.
    Joe Biden has run for President twice before. Each time, he had levels of support that were barely, if at all, above the polling margin of error. One big problem was that for years he had promoted crushing bankruptcy ‘reforms’ proposed by the banks, hurt people of color. People of color know the death penalty is aimed at them, and Joe Biden supported crime bills that brought the death penalty by to federal crimes. And did so speaking of young, black, super-predators, just like Hillary.
    So, obviously, only a crazy person would do the same thing that had so spectacularly failed twice before.
    I got this idea from reading Miss Caitlin. She pointed out that Dementia Joe is a lot more likeable that Death Penalty Joe and The Banks Demand Your Possessions Joe. Dementia Joe is actually a bit likeable, and not so threatening. You tend to forget through all of his mental ramblings and excursion trips that he is still the same old bankers tool that whose policy is that his banker friends can hold you up by the ankles and shake every last penny from your pockets.
    Its a deliberate campaign tactic. Friendly, non-Threatening Dementia Joe for President.
    There is also the known fact that most American voters are themselves Brain-Damaged. Years of alcohol, cocaine and opium abuse has finished the task begun by high levels of pollution the mother encountered while current Americans were still in the womb. How better to campaign to a brain-damaged electorate, than to try to connect to them with a Brain-Damaged candidate. In the past, Joe Biden couldn’t connect to voters with a USB cable. Now he’s connecting every day, and is far more popular than Death-Penalty Joe ever was.
    Its a deliberate campaign tactic to present Dementia Joe as a more friendly version of Joe Biden, and its a sure way to connect with a population that is brain-damaged by opioids and pollution.

    • My state went for Biden by 60% in Tuesdays Primary. I worked the polls . It wasn’t hard to figure out who was voting for who. If this is Joe Biden acting, he deserves a Best Supporting Trophy. The older voters are relating to him , they have been brainwashed by the media into thinking Bernie and Tulsi are communist sympathizers and any mention of socialism is bad. They do not fully understand that this man would be the President and not somebody sitting down at lunch having a tuna fish sandwich with them. I’m sure Biden will profit handsomely by just being part of the election ( similar to Hillary) no matter who wins.

  • Biden burned Bernie > Burisma burns Biden > corona cancels DNC convention >
    Reptillary & Moochie Obombie get corona coronation >
    DNC gets race/gender dream ticket

  • More the better for the Deep State, all they want is a nodding concierge, anyway.
    Besides being compliant the perfect concierge has strings that can be pulled. With all the Biden family dirt Biden is a consummate puppet. (Always wondered what they had on Obama that made him a trustworthy concierge.)
    If Biden does something before November that is beyond the pale the DNC will chose his replacement. Yes, that is how it works. The replacement need not be Biden’s VP running mate.
    It could be Hillary.
    Biden would have to be convinced to cooperate and allow himself to be declared incapacitated.
    There is enough dirt out there on Ol’ Joe that the-powers-that-be would simply let him know that he no longer enjoys protected status, so long as he cooperates.
    Dementia-Joe must at all costs avoid debating Trump perhaps COVID-19 has a silver lining…for Joe.

    • They didn’t have to have anything on Obama. The conversation will have gone something like this.
      “So, Barry, how’d you like to be the First Black President?”
      “Sure. We can make it happen.”
      “Okay. So what do I have to do?”
      “Just work with us. When, not often, we tell you to do something, you do it. When we tell you not to do something, you don’t do it. All the rest is up to you. And, oh yeah, we’ll make you rich. Very, very rich. Deal?”

  • I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused when you say, ‘It gives me no joy to say this about such a respected lifelong public servant, . .’ — on this one, is your tongue in cheek or up his ass? So, are you saying Joe is pretending to have brain farts, because he is colluding with Putin to get Trump re-elected? Really!?

    The old corn dog is being publicly-suicided by the [soros] clan to maneuver [HC], or other, into position. Trump figures, they’re luring themselves into the ‘Light’, why interfere, right, for this is where she and each evil domino will fall . . and the world will be a much better place, cheers

  • Politicians are actors, showmen.

    The bottom line of this show is the following, clearly expressed by Mr Chris Hedges:

    “Only one thing matters to the oligarchs. It is not democracy. It is not truth. It is not the consent of the governed. It is not income inequality. It is not the surveillance state. It is not endless war. It is not jobs. It is not the climate. It is the primacy of corporate power — which has extinguished our democracy and left most of the working class in misery — and the continued increase and consolidation of their wealth”


    And in our days, which are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, it is just more so. And I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

    • Disagree with Hedges on one point: They DO care about inequality. They are driven to make themselves more and more unequal (at the top, obviously) to prove their worth – or, as Veblen put it, their “pecuniary reputability.”

      “So far as concerns the present question, the end sought by accumulation is to rank high in comparison with the rest of the community in point of pecuniary strength. So long as the comparison is distinctly unfavourable to himself, the normal, average individual will live in chronic dissatisfaction with his present lot; and when he has reached what may be called the normal pecuniary standard of the community, or of his class in the community, this chronic dissatisfaction will give place to a restless straining to place a wider and ever-widening pecuniary interval between himself and this average standard. The invidious comparison can never become so favourable to the individual making it that he would not gladly rate himself still higher relatively to his competitors in the struggle for pecuniary reputability.” Thorstein Veblen, The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899).

      Available here: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/833/833-h/833-h.htm

  • And this is the guy (Biden) who some people think should have control over U.S. nuclear weapons. At least Frank Drebbin of “Police Squad” when he acted like this in the movies was funny. This is just sad beyond words.

  • It makes you wonder how confident his handlers are feeling at this point. Can they shield him from the public just enough, and long enough, to bluff their way through the convention? Can they shield him from himself? It has already been mentioned in several places the increasing possibility of $hrillary being invited to inject herself into the race should the Biden campaign totally collapse and release it’s delegates to her. Another possibility is the Biden campaign announcing sometime in the near future of $hrillary joining in the VP slot, long before the process has been officially completed. This might give false hope to any doubters of Biden’s mental faculties that she could step in his at a moment’s notice.

    Aside from all that…. could this possibly open the door wider for Sanders? Perhaps. But it’s pretty difficult to imagine the DNC doing whatever it took to derail him (again).

  • So if Joe goes comatose just before the convention, will Bernie get the nomination?

    • Of course not. Bernie is only there to get donations from the plebes who otherwise would never donate whorish democrat party.

  • I am Defiance Demon and I approve this message.

  • Elder abuse. Would anyone here put their old Dad or Grandfather up to make public appearances if he presented the way Joe does. It’s reprehensible. What are his family thinking!

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