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We Should All Be Seriously Re-Prioritizing Our Lives And Our Thinking Right Now

Imagine if you looked out your window tomorrow morning and saw a mushroom cloud growing on the horizon.

What do you imagine your first thoughts would be?

Do you imagine you’d think to yourself, “Man I wish I’d spent more time arguing with Tulsi Gabbard supporters on the internet”? Or “I wish I’d devoted more of my mental energy to what a dickhead Dale from accounting is”? Or “Maybe I can call my sister and get in one last passive-aggressive jab at her for thinking she’s better than me all these years”?

Now, this pandemic is of course not the same as a nuclear holocaust. It will not kill all of us, or even most of us. But it does appear likely that, for better or for worse, it’s going to change the world in some pretty significant ways.

Which means that we are taking a giant leap into the unknown, which can feel like a kind of death. And, since we are all taking that leap together, it can feel like we’re all about to die.

When you’re standing on the brink of a history-shaping global paradigm shift, if you’re really consciously experiencing the reality of your situation instead of dissociating and compartmentalizing away from it, you will necessarily have to re-evaluate your priorities. Your priorities in life. Your priorities in thinking about your world. What really matters when you’re about to take the plunge into the Big Unknown.

If we are bravely confronting the reality that we may emerge on the other side of this thing to a world that is in some ways unrecognizable to us, some things we previously didn’t pay as much attention to will become more important to us, and other things will become less important.

Our personal relationships will become more precious to us. My elderly parents are isolating now so I’m video-chatting with them every day, and I spent some time yesterday overwhelmed with grief when I realized I won’t get to hug them for months, at best. This is happening all around the world right now, with all of us.

For those of us who are political, it will also change our areas of emphasis. As near as I can tell the four most crucial and attention-worthy things in the world right now are (A) the virus itself, (B) the certainty that powerful people will try to use the virus to advance longstanding authoritarian agendas which they have no intention of reversing, (C) the acceleration toward cold war escalations between the US and China, and (D) the possibility of an opportunity to create something good for all of us coming out of all the increasing amount of shifts and changes we are experiencing. And not necessarily in that order.

It will also de-emphasise a lot of things we’d previously been placing immense importance on. The US presidential race is the first thing that comes to mind. It consumed so much of our attention over the past year, but now it’s a fairly safe bet that this virus and its consequences are going to affect our lives and the world far, far more than they would be affected if the White House changed hands or stayed under the current administration. Doesn’t mean this doesn’t matter at all, just that it’s less significant now.

There are many other areas people have been placing emphasis on that they will necessarily de-emphasise when they get real with themselves about what’s going on which will vary from person to person. Maybe you see the things we should prioritise differently than I do. Maybe you see the things we should de-emphasise differently as well. It doesn’t really matter; all that matters is that we be very courageously honest with ourselves and the reality of our situation, and that we rearrange our priorities in a way that we feel best reflects this.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this for now. Let’s keep watching the shifting tides together.


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  • If you doubt The LORD JESUS CHRIST, read MATTHEW 24, which is a shorter version of the BOOK OF REVELATION, Jesus describes events rapidly gathering at the end of time, he said it would be worse than it has ever been in history or will be again because it will be the beginning of the just rule of God, at the beginning of the Judgement God says, I will destroy those who destroy the earth, how could all these things be known 2,000 years ago, wars and rumors of war, plagues such as the world HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE, famines SUCH AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE, the Mark of the Beast in the hand or forehead or else you cannot buy or sell and much more. Whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord in sincerety will be saved, repent and give God the glory, read the Book of Revelation and Matthew 24 before mocking. KingJamesonline is the best translation.

  • We’re probably al going to catch at least one of the versions of weaponized coronavirus. China found L strain and S strain. Italy has something different, and highly fatal. Iran’s is different and even worse.
    I read an account from a doctor in Italy that the worst part from his point of view was all the people dying alone, with nobody else allowed to be with them by the hospital.
    I’ve been a doctor for 34 years. I get it. I’m not afraid of dying. I have not ever been. Born that way. I’ve met death. We had a talk. We met again a few times. I ‘ ready yet. One of these times I will be. I’d like to give my friends and family a gift as I die, a gift with no fear. http://www.johndayblog.com/
    Medical treatment for those whose time has also not yet arrived is here:

  • I just wanted to say that I pray the Pronged Spaghetti Server to hasten the return of the Stainless-Steel Colander, because the Pasta is getting seriously overcooked. Flying Spaghetti Monster for the win! Way better than that ridiculous Invisible Pink Unicorn! Orders of magnitude better than Bertrand Russell’s orbiting teapot! (Damn. Now I’m hungry for spaghetti. And I could use a nice cup of tea…)

  • Good on you Caitlin. Love your work. I like when you write things other than about the never ending US election circus. Although it does seem to bring out a lot of tin foil hats and religious nuts in the comments section.

  • I have a feeling all of this was planned long before (similar to 9/11).

    And it will have the same effect i.e. advancing police state measures. It is sad to say that since 9/11, everything is suspect.

    Truly we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I am fed up with all the bullshit.

  • Ms Johnstone is right. Whenever I venture out into the world the ” situation ” has change for the worst. Soon the public transit bus drivers may refuse to work. The police and firepeople may refuse to help people. All those fast food places and dining establishments are going to go belly up. Theaters, night clubs, bars, arenas, etc. act. will also go belly up. Amazon’s size will double every month. No schooling, no teaching, even perhaps no government at all. Yep the shit is hitting the fan here big time.

  • I am in New Orleans. We are in the top 5 for U.S. cases. We’re seeing deaths of people in their 40s and one reported today of a healthy 39 y.o. woman tested last week, symptoms not grave, but found dead yesterday in her kitchen. Her test results were delayed and are still not available.

    While locked down and terrified, what is the best use of our time in making sure that corporate/authoritarian crisis-as-opportunity does not become an even graver threat to humanity?

  • Just like in 2008 the ” general public ” is going to get Shafted Again by our ” corrupt government “.
    Virtually all of the bailouts left whole the fraudsters who had enormously increased their personal wealth by deceiving investors and home-purchasers. Virtually all of the damage they did to their victims remained uncompensated, and received from those fraudsters zero in the way of restitution to their victims.
    In other words: virtually all governments were actually fascist. They were aristocratic, not democratic. They favored the top-level fraudsters, not the public. This is fascism. Please read this great article here:

  • Music to Die by……
    “That Would be Something”
    written by the Beatles, performed by the Grateful Dead.
    I heard that they are dancing online in Argentina during the lockdown.
    So, remember, free your ass and your mind will follow.

  • If I saw a mushroom cloud on the horizon, my thought would probably be “Oh no the American Drone has sent one tweet too far”.

  • We know that Names shape the Narrative.
    Trump, the sociopathiic racist, refers to this as the “Chinese Virus”. The typical fascist response to a problem, to blame it on some designated enemy.
    As of today, I am now referring to this virus as the “Republican Virus”.
    Yes, I know that science (that stuff Trump hates) does not show that the virus began in the animal species known as Republicans before transmitting to actual thinking, feeling human beings.
    But, the effect of the virus fully justifies this name of “Republican Virus”.
    — It was Republicans who have been attacking the concept of people being able to access Health Care. This predates Trump. The Republicans of course opposed that corporate hand-out known as ObamaCare would actually let people get health care. This goes all the way back to very long-standing Republican traditions such as opposing Medicaid and Medicare. Republicans have a long tradition of believing that we should not be able to see a doctor without booking a visit to Bankruptcy court.
    — It was Trump specifically who shut down the government offices dedicated to identifying and warning of pandemics.
    — It has been Republicans who have consistenly downplayed the threat of this deadly Republican virus, calling it a “Hoax” and scorning and opposing anyone who said we needed to get ready.
    — It has been Republicans who failed the test of using the months the brave Chinese people bought us to get ready. Getting test ready and available and starting emergency production of key medical supplies started were all tasks that should have been done in January.
    So, the many funerals that people are going to be holding over the coming months are all due to the “Republican Virus”. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the name ‘funeral’ was soon replaced in common usage by “Republican Rally”. Example of future usage. “My Aunt died the other night, so today I must wear black and attend the Republican Rally.”

    • If you think it’s only Republicans who are responsible for all this madness, you are naive at best. A better name for this malady would be the Capitalist Virus. Profits matter more than people.

      • Just rechecked,
        Nope, I never said that. I just proposed a name.
        Or, I guess I could be quiet, and let the Republicans name it the “Chinese Virus” without objection. Wonder who would want me to do that?

    • @Dolores:

      It was the Democratic Party (including the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus en bloc!) who gave Americans the Patient Protection Racket and Unaffordable Care Act of 2010 — the act that has left 30 million Americans (including 4 million children) completely uninsured and somewhere between 50 million and 80 million Americans functionally uninsured. Costs haven’t gone down, diabetics are dying because they can’t afford insulin (priced ten times higher than in Canada), Big Health profits have gone up, the “medical bankruptcy” rate is still at over 500,000 million filings a year — even though filing no longer buys you a “fresh start,” thanks to Joe Biden’s Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 — and the number of uninsured is where it was when the Clintons declared it a national crisis back in the early 90s. And it was Hillary Clinton who blew off Bernie Sanders, David Himmelstein, and Steffie Woolhandler when they briefed her on the overwhelming superiority of “Medicare for All” in 1993 — because it would make the for-profit health sector unhappy. (When Himmelstein suggested using presidential leadership to overcome Big Health opposition, Hillary’s response was “Tell me something real.” The Clintons, like virtually every Democratic and Republican politician today, always knew who their real constituents were — and it wasn’t the electorate.)

      Long story short, congratulations: by blaming only one wing of the corporatist uniparty, you have been divided and conquered and Big Health prevails!

      • Peter we do need an editing tool. I’m sure the word million after 500,000 is not supposed to be there!

        • Yup. It’s half a million, or 500,000. I’m actually recovering from what is almost certainly a non-fatal case of COVID-19 — SPOILER ALERT: it sucks — and my proofreading and editing are even worse than they normally are, which is really saying something. But what the hell. Wasn’t it Joe Biden who said that 150 million Americans have been killed by guns since 2007? Is saying that 500 billion Americans a year are tipped into for bankruptcy by medical bills really such an egregious overstatement in that context? 😉

          • Probably 500 billion per century would be correct! Who knows, soon just going to the supermarket could cause us to file for bankruptcy.

  • I’ve noticed that the US government is now increasing economic sanctions on people they don’t like, causing more deaths in places like Iran and Venezuela. This is effectively using an epidemic as a weapon, a weapon that will probably be used against us in America some day. Victims remember stuff like that.

  • There seems to be nothing that can change people. We see advertisings about how to become rich in time of pandemic and things like that.

    As much as I desire a society based on the needs of the people, similar to the society described by Sir Thomas More in his book “Utopia”, as much others want a society based on money and profits which leaves a lot of people in poverty.

    Truly, these are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bs.

  • Imagine if you looked out your window tomorrow morning and saw a mushroom cloud growing on the horizon.
    What do you imagine your first thoughts would be?

    “Oh great, I’ve got about 30 seconds left to live.”

    • In my younger days, I used to keep a couple of hits of acid in the freezer for just such an occasion.

  • Things just do not add up. What is the real agenda???


  • When this paradigm shift is compketed as the wotld moves to a police state many will wish for the days earlier which they so ardently complained. This should be viewed as part of a generational process and not a single incident. What emerges from collapse will be far worse than what went before.

    • I do love the way the police state assumes that a stronger police state will be the result.
      As usual, they never see the tidal wave known as Revolution before it hits them.

    • Not necessarily. Not in the long run. Without this kind of violent crashing of the status quo, there is and has been no way to break the hold on power of the sociopaths leading us to, at best, a severely impoverished natural world where the survivors fight over resources, or a global police state. If this thing breaks enough to actually create change, the likely result will be local leadership, which will vary from warlord-run gangs worse than anything we see today, to little utopias. Women will do everything they can to move their families to the utopias, where their children can be relatively safe.

      • I’m afraid I also see that kind of situation arising Mary. I would love to see a world without leaders and government but I don’t think it’s possible until all the warrior types die, as a natural progression of human development. While the warlords are rampaging how do the small Utopias protect themselves?
        The Amazon forest is being destroyed to grow meat or stock feed. The only way to stop this is for everyone to become vegan. That will also free up a lot of land everywhere to be distributed amongst landless people so they can grow their own food. Dead meat floating around inside people’s bodies also causes them to think like warriors.

  • Can anyone verify that 80% of the 0.001 percent are infected with Corona?
    Didn’t think so. Oh well, more fakery.
    Shucks …

    • Even if they do, they of course have their own private concierge health care. Probably already have hoarded all the ventilators to make sure they survive. Even if they catch this, they know they’ll survive it.
      And, in Colorado, the big epicenter of the outbreak is in the playground of the 1% known as the Vail ski resorts. Vail and Aspen are two of the hardest hit places in the state. Of course, its the bartenders and sex workers who will die, not the 1%.

      • Having good healthcare and ventilators doesn’t guarantee survival, not if you’re an old vampire which many of these people are. But we heard that AIPAC had cases, and other gatherings of the ultrapowerful, and I have not heard of any deaths. Maybe there is a vaccine, distributed in secret…and given to Trump without his knowledge as he can’t be trusted not to blab.

    • Those people are already spiritually dead. They are just keeping their bodies alive as long as possible.

  • 1st) Family and Pets
    2nd) Friends and neighbors
    3rd) Paying Bills
    4th) Change of everyday life

    Concerned enough to fight to continue
    to be active for humanity issues and the world.
    Intellectually I know changes will be made
    Not knowing what the changes will be,
    possible catastrophe
    is upsetting.

  • This is a long planned bioweapon terrorism by the Davos, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove cabal satanists and their Clandestine Frankenscience Laboratories. Use Truth to free humanity from these parasites.
    “Corona Virus Bioweapon, Hecatomb Italy” at VeteransToday(.)com

  • The upcoming United States of American elections are just around the corner and everyone is wondering if the new president will be named Trump, Biden, Sanders or none of the above. This is an eye opening article to say the least:
    Why Assume There Will Be a 2020 election? General Butler and the “Wall Street Putsch” Revisited by Matthew Ehret!

    • Where I live, there would be zero public health need to cancel the election. Almost everyone already votes by mail. It could be easily expanded such that 100% vote by mail.
      Of course, a Russian propaganda site would run articles by writers you’ve never heard of saying that this was a way to rig the election. But that is as misleading as the notion that by fixing voting machines you can fix the system when of course the real rigging of the election occurs after the votes are cast and everyone goes home and watches the corporate news tell you what numbers the state computers created as election results.

      • After ” the revolt ” the mechanical voting machines will be brought back and an accurate vote total can be re-instituted throughout this country.

  • Perspective, comrades. These are are figure for the US alone:

    “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, there were 60.8 million cases, 274,000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths (0.02% case fatality rate) in the United States due to the virus.[117]”


    • Propoganda. My daughter is an ER nurse at a major hospital in a large city. They have had one case hospitalized.

      • Propaganda.
        Yeah, there was a point in Italy where an ER nurse would have said the same thing. That didn’t do them much good because with their right-wing fake-populist government, they got clobbered soon after. America is going to get hit even harder, and the Republican propaganda that this isn’t serious is a big reason why.
        Then again, I suppose I should be nice to you. After all, your daughter is going to die because the bandanna she will be wearing over her face won’t protect her. She won’t have had to die. If the right-wing, fake populist government had done its job and ordered emergency wartime protection of medical masks back when the brave Chinese were buying them time, she wouldn’t have to rely on the same government’s advice that she should keep working only wearing a bandanna for protection. But, they were too busy telling people it was all a hoax to give them time to sell their stocks.

        • Just because her daughter is a nurse in an ER doesn’t mean she’s going to die. She has a much higher likelihood of infection but may have only a mild flu.

    • Khatika Bobby is writing about the corona situation in 2009/2010, not the current situation. The flu and common cold are both forms of corona.

  • Those of the REAL “First-Born” of creation have NOTHING to worry about or even Change, because once OUR creators return, they will “Re-connect” to Us and Removed ALL the Avatar’s Forever.
    That is WHY those who lived by “Knowledge” instead of “Blind-Faith” never fall into FEAR of ANYTHING the Avatars have made.
    Knowledgeable “Beings” ALWAYS Knew Why the evens have taken place on this planet since OUR creation took place…They were “Written-In-Stone” by OUR creators in a VERY Ancient city located in Southeast Asia (Angkor)
    Any student of the False prophecies written in the so-called Holy Books can readily SEE Where those books are based off…I was one for over 48 years as a so-called “Christian minister”.
    Wait till you do research on the “Historical Origins of Christianity” and SEE for yourself!…Yikes!
    There fore WE already KNOW what the Future will be like…”The Return to Paradise” for ALL “Indigenous Humanity”.

    • What are you going on about?

      • Obviously You need to Re-Read the post, or you are among those of the Avatars race.
        Its written in English.

        • He just needs to put on his tin foil hat. The mysterious seeming language becomes clear as soon as you put on your magical tin foil hat. And as an extra bonus, the tin foil hat will also protect you from this new virus. I’d be happy to sell anyone their own tin foil hat for just $99 at my website. Click Here.

        • That’s not English you are writing in Kennyboy. It’s a word salad, kind of like a bad translation from another language.

          • My apologies if your mother tongue is a creole or West African English.

  • Ms. Johnstone, Lovely title! I agree!
    Now, “(B) the certainty that powerful people will try to use the virus to advance longstanding authoritarian agendas which they have no intention of reversing” is tensed wrong. It’s happening.
    Governments are in the process of killing people now with the scary measures they are enacting to, as they claim, “war” with the virus. At least we will have a state to compare results against, as Sweden has only taken steps to isolate seniors, a much more practical, and indeed sensible course of action to recommend.
    It is impossible to compare apples to apples, but since Vitamin C in high-enough doses neutralizes all viruses, (watch Dr. Andrew Saul on youtube, or read Dr. Thomas Levy, Curing the Incurable, referencing Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Robert Cathcart, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, and Dr. Frederick Klenner), it seems silly to fear at all. Except government action. THAT is to ALWAYS be feared.
    People will die, and some of them will have their deaths attributed to a coronavirus. Meanwhile, the deaths and stress-related illnesses that government statements and actions are causing will be innumerable. It is sad, but at least my loved ones and I have escaped the matrix. Yet again. I encourage everyone out there to give escaping the matrix a valiant effort; it could save your life!

    • To claim that the Swedish approach is much more “practical and sensible” is probably true. What is also true is that most Swedes don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else but themselves in times of crisis. We are a thoroughly selfish nation and the “pandemic” has certainly brought out the worst in us. Hordes of enterprising customers have cleaned out the shelves in almost every food-store or pharmacy. You see elderly pensioners walking around with an empty shopping-basket staring at the empty shelves in quiet desperation. We are told to wash our hands with soap an water – problem is, there is no soap – anywhere.
      My sister watched a woman swipe every single bottle of hand-gel from a shelf in one fell swoop and proceeded to the cashier, who simply checked them out, all 28 of them. Painkillers? Forget it, there are none of them either, all gone in a couple of days. Old people are meant to die in pain. Not very long ago, Swedes used to push their old an sick over a cliff-edge, called an “ättestupa”. It’s true.

      48 % of all Swedish food is imported, that goes for most medicine as well. So if you manage to survive the virus, chances are you die from starvation or lack of life-saving drugs , My son, who is a diabetic cannot get the insulin he needs or the needles to inject it with, instead what you get from the pharmacist is an apologetic shrug. Sorry, no can do.

      If you think this is still the perfect egalitarian, democratic nation it once were, think again. This is the only country in the world that tax pensioners more that wage-earners. Why, you may ask, well, because they don’t work. Swedes do not like people who get money for “doing nothing”. And, on the whole, they do not like old, sick and otherwise handicapped people, because they’re seen as a burden on the economy.

      So, please, save the accolades for those who really deserves them – like the Chinese who fought so hard to save the rest of a the rest of us from this devastating virus. And for Cuba’s doctors, who know no barriers when it comes to healing the world.

      • Excuse the stutter, it should be – save the rest of us from this devastating virus. Sometime I wish this site had a an editing tool.

        • Got a few months worth of insulin – so very relieved. Life goes on…

      • The social programs of Scandinavian countries are often admired by people in other countries who are struggling with social inequity. I have watched a few Swedish movies and if they are true to form it is obvious Sweden has the same kind of social problems and prejudices as any other country on the planet. We all struggle with selfishness, as individuals and as nations.

      • @Lili-Ann Berg:
        I’ve read that changed attitudes in Swedish society might be the result of dramatic changes in Sweden’s media landscape — specifically, conglomerate acquisitions and consolidation of news outlets. Does this strike you as a plausible hypothesis? It’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed in France, explaining the rise in support for neoliberalism. (Of course, US news media have been outsourced PR mills for the Fortune 500 since the 1980s.)
        Also, you wrote “Not very long ago, Swedes used to push their old an[d] sick over a cliff-edge, called an ‘ättestupa’.” I’m not saying I necessarily approve of this practice, but given how many old people are serving in Congress, I’m open to a pilot revival project there… 😉
        I’m glad your son was able to get his hands on insulin and needles. Over here, insulin is priced ten times higher than in other developed countries, and diabetics who can’t afford it are SOL (shit outta luck).

  • Getting our priorities straight is why we just left the US for a month in Japan visiting our granddaughter who is 4. We are both over 70 but are willing to risk it to be here with her. Actually things here are fairly normal and we can even more self-isolate as we can walk where we need to and stay away from crowds. Biggest thing for us here is the kids are still going out to work and might bring it in. But we are in good health and willing to risk it.

  • There was a brutal pandemic about 100 years ago. The world that emerged from that was soon reconstituted as the same world as pre pandemic. I suspect a rerun of that will transpire.

    • The powers that be will do their best to make sure it returns to a state in which they can benefit more – of that you can be certain.
      However, what does remain to be seen is the pressure from the public to change things. I suspect that far fewer people will want to just go back to their previous apathy and general indifference to government activity that they (mistakenly) thought didn’t affect them.
      This will open many eyes and force lots of people to accept the bitter truth about the corruption & failures of our governments, and their general willingness to help the corporations more than the people.

    • 100 years ago things were a lot simpler. Most of what is now the US federal government did not exist: CIA, FBI, various cabinet positions, etc. 100 years ago, the central bank cartels were far less in control of economy. 100 years ago Social Justice Warriors were not a thing. 100 years ago the Sociopaths In Charge did not have near the power they now do. 100 years ago the Sociopaths In Charge did not lock down entire populations and impose effectual marshal law. They will not give up this power, nor will they reduce it. They have effectively destroyed the economy and will replace it with one they prefer. Which will expand their enslavement of the population. They have no desire whatsoever to return to the previous paradigm, preferring one of their own making. Government action in response to C-virus is orders of magnitude more dangerous than the virus itself.

      • 100 years ago Lenin and the Bolshevics were firmly in the saddle.
        Dig it …

    • Wow…. actually, the world of Victorian Age Europe completely disappeared.
      England was one of the few nations to emerge with its government intact, and even then there were major changes in English society. I suppose since most of the western world just echos the English royal family’s point of view, it seems as though the was the same. Maybe it looked like it was from the windows of the royal castle.
      But, the families of the Kaiser, or of the Romanov’s, or the Hapsburg’s would have a slightly different point of view. And of course, workers who got even a slight glimpse of freedom and dignity had a different point of view. Even a hundred years later, the elites haven’t beaten down all of the changes that occurred.


    • Oh no, not you as well………….

    • I’m sorry but the image of diadems being thrown like ninja stars at right wing people has made my day!

    • If you are a “Believer” You are in for a RUDE Awakening and I suggest you look up a video (Dvd format) entitled “Caesar’s Messiah” to learn there was NEVER a man born named Jesus Christ.
      Research the ORIGINS of so-called “Christianity” by a historian PHD named Dr. Walter Williams…a book entitled “The Historical Origins of Christianity”
      There is where you will “Absolute Proof” Where that “Astrological Con-Struct” was created and by Whom.

      • Thanks for the info Kenny. I will watch it on YouTube. As far as I am aware the words Jesus Christ are Greek words that describe a type of person. Jesus is Greek for iesu, which means a man without passion, without sexual desire. The meaning of christ was universal knowledge so the words jesus christ mean a passionless man who knew a lot about the universe!. That term would describe most of the prophets throughout history.

        • Funny you mentioning the so-called meaning of Jesus Christ as being a Greek name, because the name Christ simply means “Anointed” in reference to Being Anointed as a “Direct Creation” of those that make up the “Prime Source Creators” of the entire Universe.
          Those “Divine Beings” are pure “Melanin”.
          With regard to Where the name Jesus came from I strongly suggest you buy a copy of that book I posted here (Historical Origins of Christianity) by Walter Williams.
          There is where you will find the ancient Greeks INVENTED the the character called Jesus from Alexander the greek (NEVER Great!)
          One of his sons name SERAPIS (Savior)…manipulated the Coptic Egyptians into accepting his son as an Equal to the god OSIRIS (A Fatal Mistake!)
          That was created by the Greeks…That is one of the reasons HOW the “Astrological Con-Struct” came about (Jesus Christ)
          Do Research on the subject and it will become VERY Clear the man-made character Never existed!
          Future research will expose the so-called “Holy books are also Man-Made…Loaded with material written Very Ancient people who existed millions of years BEFORE the Avatars arrived (5500 years ago!).
          Remember THOSE civilizations were conferred with the TRUE Original Language and writing the Greeks Stole then modified to suit their own goals…Now known as RELIGION.
          The VATICAN was the REAL creators of ALL Religion…And “The Mother of ALL Corporate businesss /Government…The rest controlled by THEM too.

      • I watched the excellent documentary Kennyboy. I knew Constantine had something to do with the new testament but that documentary explains that it was the Flavian dynasty as a whole that put the story together. I guess that’s why it was called ‘The Holy Roman Empire”

        • Good for You!…If you are searching for REAL Truth and Knowledge one MUST do research as I have (16 yrs)
          I used to be ranking member of the JW’s (48 yrs)sect only to find out They are “Incorporated” to the Vatican.
          When I researched ALL Religion’s origins I was stunned How “Similar” they all are..witch lead to finding out EVERY ONE of them drew their teaching based off Ancient African culture and Astrological material.
          That is when I “Got-out-of-the-box” about everything supposedly taught by Most so-called “HIS-Storians”…and learned about the REAL-Story/OUR-Story.

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