So my daughter has a fever and a sore throat now. According to the Victoria guidelines she doesn’t qualify for testing, but her symptoms match those listed for COVID-19 and I’m pretty sure she’s got it.

She’s doing alright but of course I’m stressing anyway, since that’s my baby. From the data and anecdotes I’ve been combing through the last few weeks I know in my head that she’ll be fine, and I know that my husband and I will probably be fine, but I can’t be too certain of the latter.

Which is of course not a new situation. There’s never been any guarantee that I or my husband will wake back up on any given morning; we’re these weird fleshlump creatures whose physiology science doesn’t fully understand, and our physical cohesion on this planet is always tenuous at best. All that’s changed is there’s now one more item on a virtually infinite list of things which can technically go wrong with our bodies at any moment.

I write a lot about cognitive biases, the glitches in the way humans process information which give us a distorted view of what’s really going on. One such cognitive bias is called the illusion of control, the tendency we have to greatly overestimate the degree of control we have over uncontrollable events. It plays a large role in superstition and gambling addiction, giving people the mistaken impression that they can somehow influence a roll of dice or the spin of a roulette wheel, or deter unlucky events by avoiding black cats.

In reality we’re all spinning through black space in a universe which we neither understand nor control. Our brains process just a tiny fraction of the data taken in by our sensory organs and our sensory organs process just a tiny segment of the light and sound and other information which surrounds us. We can’t even predict what our next thought will be. The narrative of a separate individual moving through spacetime exerting full control over his or her fate is an illusion in multiple ways and on multiple levels, and the surest and least stressful place to stand is in full comfort with that reality.

Everyone’s stressed right now, and if you ask them why they’re stressed they’ll tell you it’s because of the virus. But that’s not the full story for most of us. Most of us are not actually suffering from the virus here and now, and most of those who are are doing pretty okay. What people are actually stressing about is uncertainty about the future. Uncertainty about bills, uncertainty about the safety and security of their loved ones, uncertainty if their government will do the right thing, uncertainty that things won’t get really, really bad for everyone in many unpredictable ways in the coming months. The primary driver of the stress is not the virus itself, but uncertainty about its future effects.

The most reliable way to deal with this kind of stress is the same it’s always been: figure out what we can control, and relinquish attempts to control everything else. Right now we’re seeing grassroots coalitions building of the renter class refusing to pay rent until this pandemic is over, for example, and much talk in the US of a general strike if the government tries to force people back to work. These are things people can control right now. What we cannot control is the virus itself and exactly how the entirety of humanity responds to it on a mass scale.

Last week the US conducted an unusual live-fire missile drill in the Philippine Sea in an aggressive posturing display against China, the latest in what appears to be a rapidly escalating cold war between the two nuclear-armed nations.

The illusion of control is also at play in the psychological dance the public does with these climbing escalations against both China and Russia. If people had a sane attitude toward mounting aggressions between nuclear powers the whole planet would be screaming at them to cease and de-escalate immediately, but because we got lucky in the last cold war between the US and the Soviet Union people assume the whole thing is perfectly well controlled and there’s no real danger like there is in a hot war.

But that’s all that saved us from nuclear armageddon during that world-threatening period: sheer, dumb luck. No one was ever in control. Not once.

A lot of people think Mutually Assured Destruction saved us before and will save us again because nobody’s crazy enough to try to win a nuclear war, but that equation assumes everything working perfectly in a world that is fully under control. We came within a hair’s breadth of total annihilation not once, not twice, but many times during the last cold war due to miscommunications and technical malfunctions. We have no reason to believe similar malfunctions and miscommunications can’t happen again with this new multiple-front cold war. And we have no reason to believe we’ll get lucky again.

Playing the cold war game again so soon after surviving the last one is like surviving a game of Russian roulette, breathing a deep sigh of relief, then picking the gun up again and saying “Double or nothing?”

In hot war you pay a few lives here, a few lives there, sometimes a whole lot of lives. Cold war between nuclear powers is an all-or-nothing gamble that you roll the dice on every single day, and with every new escalation the threshold on the number you need to beat gets higher. And just like with regular gamblers, the people rolling these dice in an ever intensifying nuclear standoff believe they have far greater control over the outcome than they do. We’ve no reason to believe this standoff ends any more happily than the end scene of Reservoir Dogs.

John Ivison: Climate change showdown in the House of Commons ...

And as ordinary people we only have so much control over this. But we can at least use what platforms we have available to us to scream at them to cease and de-escalate.

We shouldn’t be doing this. We should be relaxing at home assured of our financial and medical stability while war profiteers, bankers and debt collectors worry about their futures. But we’re where we’re at, and there are only so many steps we can take here and now to address the issues we’re dealing with. Beyond that all we can do is lean back and trust in our ability to respond with agility to whatever the future brings.


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70 responses to “Cold War, Coronavirus, And The Illusion Of Control”

  1. I wish you and your daughter well.
    The illusion of control (power?) is interesting. Tossed about in a random universe, defeated by the simple microbe, we allow ourselves to be deluded. But the pattern of history shows an ordered universe. Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict of the past – no exception. It is the underlying motivation for war. Other cultural factors might change, but not power. Interest cuts across all apparently unifying principles: family, kin, nation, religion, ideology, politics – everything. We unite with the enemies of our principles, because that is what serves our interest. It is the one thing we will destroy ourselves for, as well as everyone else. When core interests are threatened and existential threat looms nations go to war. There can be no compromise on these. As a result every nation/civilization eventually gets the war it is trying to avoid: utter defeat. Unless this reality is accepted the illusion cannot be shattered and the world changed.

  2. This flu now joins the over 100 known ones that routinely infect people. They generally carry away the least healthy people, those who cannot mount enough of a response because they are comprised in some way. The best flu countermeasure is not to have one of the main risk factors such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. These are lifestyle diseases that can be put in remission if you have developed them.Pharma just mask symptoms and are not the answer. Fix your health and stop worrying.

  3. There is some good news. We’ll soon have an antibody test that will let one know if one has immunity. Data from China, Italy and UK is indicating that 70-80% infected are either 1) asymptomatic 2) lightly affected or 3) get mild illness. The current science thinking is that immunity could last for a long time since the novel virus which causes Covid-19 sickness is a slow mutator.

  4. Keep saying and thinking positive thoughts of health and strength, Caitlin and all who read this: Exercise and massage are known anxiety reduction strategies. It’s not clear why massage boosts the immune system, but studies have shown that it appears to be effective.

  5. To Caitlin and all who read this: Exercise and massage are known anxiety reduction strategies. It’s not clear why massage boosts the immune system, but studies have shown that it appears to be effective.

  6. Most people who are infected with this coronavirus suffer symptoms and recover much like they do from the seasonal flu. But old people who are vulnerable and others with compromised immune systems, suffer severe lung damage and could die. Many old folks are lonely, financially insecure, troubled with chronic health problems, worried and tired of life. This virus could speed their journey to the place of rest which they really deserve right now.

    1. WTF? Speed their journey to a painful death? That’s not a good thing!

  7. As expected the United States population has been ” shafted again ” by our corrpt politicians. Please read this article here:
    ‘Looting of America by Big Corporations’: Progressives Appalled as Senate Unanimously Passes Largest Bailout Bill in US History
    “A transfer of wealth and power to the super rich from the rest of us, with the support of both political parties—a damning statement about the condition of American democracy.”
    by Jake Johnson

    1. I recommend Michael Hudson’s work.

      Visit his webpage for recent work.

      See especially

  8. Caitlin, Tim, all of you and all the ones you love, , I wish you health, and safety, and strength, and wisdom. This is the craziest shit we’ve been through in our lifetime and I want to greet all of you on the other side.
    The fact that no one is in control is the one thing that makes me sleep at night.
    Now here’s a comforting thought. All of us are here because every single one of our ancestors, all the way back to the monocellulars, survived to have offspring. It may take dumb luck for us to pull through, but without dumb luck we wouldn’t be here in the first place. We’ll pull through.

    1. Ha, that is exactly the thought that I was going to leave.
      Sometimes there was only one child who survived to adulthood in an entire family, but that’s the one that passed on his or her genes to us.
      We are meant to take on viruses and win.

  9. Peter in Seattle Avatar
    Peter in Seattle

    What people are actually stressing about is … uncertainty if their government will do the right thing ….

    Not a problem in the USA! The little people up here know almost to a certainty it won’t! (I really wish that were hyperbole, but the Dubya/Obama response to the 2007 financial crisis gave us a foretaste of what to expect, and if you follow what’s coming out of Congress, you’ll see it’s already shaping up to happen again, albeit with a few more crumbs for us proles. When you’re dealing with the Spanish Flu Pandemic plus the Great Depression, you need to throw in at least some window dressing. Defense Production Act manufacturing of personal protective gear? Repatriation of pharmaceutical manufacturing? Medicare for All? Universal paid sick and family leave? Suspension of interest and a national moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and debt collections? Even just a temporary non-means-tested UBI? Dream on, suckas!)

    I have some choice words for commenters who downplay the threat of the virus, but in case this is a “family blog,” I’ll excuse them as people who have carelessly forgotten that we that don’t yet have a vaccine or effective treatment; that older people and people with certain medical conditions are much more vulnerable than they (the commenters) apparently are; and that during regular flu outbreaks, ICUs aren’t forced to triage ventilator candidates. I’m recovering from nearly three weeks with what is almost certainly COVID-19 — like Caitlin’s family and Greta Thunberg’s dad, I don’t qualify for testing* — and I personally know someone who died from it. I’m lucky; he wasn’t.

    Finally, and most importantly … I sure do miss Calvin & Hobbes!

    *I’m thinking our biggest obstacle to getting tested is that we’re not Tom Hanks… 😉

  10. Try to obtain hand sanitizer, and use it often. Avoid crowds and keep your distance from all humans. Learn to be alone. Read some good books. Refuse to be depressed. This will all pass and morph into the next disasters as we run the gauntlet of our ripening karma.
    Through it all maintain unconditional love in all circumstances. I love you all.

  11. We lack good enough information to have certainty in decisions which we must make, as the sands of time fly through the hourglass.
    Here is about what we have got today on coronavirus treatments. (Do take your vitamin-D 5000 to 10,000 units per day, eat fresh vegetables. Zinc isn’t bad and might be good.)

    1. Take vitamin D3 10,000 units every day for the duration of the virus epidemic. Zinc 50 mg per day. Eat only plant foods for the duration. Your immune system will love you for this.

  12. We are stranded in Argentina. In a classic Catch 22, the government urged Australians to come home by COMMERCIAL means. QANTAS response was a COMMERCIAL one, Shut down all international flights until June!

    Other airlines are being restricted from flying citizens home, sometimes by their own governments. In the end the Aus government will be forced to stop passing the buck and arrange humanitarian flights home.

    I dont expect a free flight home. I paid QANTAS and got a useless voucher in return.

    Australians stuck overseas are not a priority yet. We could be carrying a virus and we are likely a government expense because commercial airlines cant or wont fly in these conditions.

    But as Caitlin said, we have little control over these events. We are probably in the greatest social disruption since WW2 as borders shut everywhere.

  13. “Beyond that all we can do is lean back and trust in our ability to respond with agility to whatever the future brings.”
    The above is, to put it as nicely as possible, naive to the extreme.
    If you are interested in reality-land, here’s the first among many obvious questions you should answer. Just exactly WHO wrote the words that appear on the roughly 800-page “legislation” that is going to be, or already has, been signed into law?
    Let me start off with how Trump and the Fed intend to keep the Too-Big-To-Drop stock market from dropping, even during a “depression”.
    The most facinating thing I’ve seen over the past 30 years (the post-Soviet-collapse era of US history) is the desperate behavior of the US federal government to literally invent enemies for the US’s vitally necessary MIC to fight, along with the desperate behavior of the congress and Fed to fund them; then, since 2008, while desperately trying to keep the perpetual wars going, the increasingly desperate behavior of the Fed in very careful coordination/concert with other central banks and “financial authorities”, doing “whatever it takes”, to try to meet the mandatory, IMO INHERENTLY-IMPOSSILBE goals of section 2, the “Purposes” of the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP):
    The purposes of this Act are—
    (1) ………
    (2) to ensure that such authority and such facilities are
    used in a manner that—

    IMO 2A and B of the above REQUIRE that the “treasury” PREVENT private “home values” (presumably, prices) and the “value” (prices) of shares in the private stock market from falling, as well as, presumably, preventing the “value” of “life savings” in banks and “retirement accounts” (whatever that means).
    We can now see with 20/20 hindsight that, as a direct result of the actions of the Fed and other central banks over the past 12 years, that, indeed, those 2A and B goals have been (up until the covid crash (CC) a few days ago) marvelously fullfiled. Great accomplishment, right? (Now, just exactly WHERE does “inflation” fit into this well-thought-out plan/mandate to maintain “value”? IMO, we’re about to find out.)
    I can’t help but think of Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, the FOMC and the Congress (of morons) as Wicked Men of La Mancha. They dreamed-up the impossible dream and they and their successors have desperately tried to make it reality, but it simply ain’t work’n. Think of Richard Nixon as the original “plate spinner”; the petro-dollar as the sticks and the post-TARP central banks around the world as other plate spinners — all trying, increasingly desperately, to keep more and more debt-plates spinning while dropping none (preventing loss on investments, homes, savings, etc.). Here they are and what’s happening right now:
    Yes, folks, “push” is finally coming to “shove” in the land of the (sorta) free and the home of the (kinda) brave. For just one example among many, an extremely-civil war II in the US has been ongoing for the last 3+ years. But, unlike the Civil War of the 1800s, the Elite warriors in today’s war are impeccably-coiffed and richly-dressed in custom-tailored suits and dresses. THESE warriors are “educated” in the “finest” schools. Never in history has so much been spent by so few on personal appearance and dental hygiene.
    Not only are many VIP careers at stake in this war, but so too is the future of the USA’s “place” in the so-called “international community”.
    For another example, the US’s vitally-necessary war-making industry has got to somehow, by “whatever it takes”, start generating much more profit, so the US has to decide in the near future whether it’s going to escalate its attacks on Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and whether or not to attack the DPRK. However, the latter two potential conflicts could lead to all-out nuclear war with Russia and China, so the Elite’s tried-and-true, normally-straightforward, profit-based decision-making process is getting a bit bogged down on the issue of survival of the human species. No doubt saving face and protecting the reputations and “legacies” of very old, astronomically-wealthy people and their TBTF banks will finally decide those matters.
    And speaking of TBTF banks, there have been several fatal errors in US history, but IMO the second-most egregious was the recent de facto creation of, or at least the official recognition of, the so-called too-big-to-fail (AKA “systemically important”) banks. Carefully ponder how dangerous that single act/acknowledgment truly was/is to humanity’s future. Start off by answering the simple question “What happens after a TBTF bank repeatedly, irresponsibly makes bad decisions and repeatedly loses a lot of money?” The Only Answer Allowed: The US government, purportedly on behalf of US taxpayers, will do “whatever it takes” to keep any TBTF bank “in business”.
    AFAIK, the ONLY things in the world that the US government considers to be TBTF are itself and those banks. Human beings, and even the planet itself, can suffer and die, but that government and, by extension, its banks (of herd-control) must be rescued, no matter what. Therefore, they, not us, will be the last men standing.
    The most fatal error on the part of “western” central banks is believing that they can continue to print a literally infinite supply of “money” out of thin air and, literally two seconds later, buy literally any thing or any body on Mother Earth, REGARLESS OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES with that “money”.
    If the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “system” is to survive, the latter fatal error will / MUST cause WW3.
    Ever since the beginning of the ONGOING great financial crisis over a decade ago, so-called TBTF banks have been ruling the waves. TBTF bank CEOs are TBTJail. The military-industrial complex has been TBTF ever since the end of WWII. The US’s perpetual wars are, if history is a guide, TBTF, because their failure would cause the US’s war-based economy to fail, and the US’s economy is, a priori, TBTF. The US stock market is now TBTDrop (the Fed proves this literally every single day).
    It is prefectly obvious that all of the above TBTF are literally holding the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “economic system” hostage. The Fed is paying them ransom (“profit”) in order to maintain/sustain the present economic system — the “living end” of centuries-old “arrangement” in which a microscopic percentage of the human population owns or controls the vast majority of LARGE SCALE capital equipment, land and wealth (upon which the vast majority of humanity vitally depends), for their own astronomical profit.
    What does the future look like? When, not if, the Fed outright starts buying shares in TBTF US corporations (instead of doing so by using foreign central bank proxies), you’ll know either that the end of the present arrangement is near (with a resulting sudden, dramatic lowering of “western” standard of living), or that WW3 must begin very soon to maintain USD hegemony.

    1. Breaking News!! US oil corporations desperately need Venezuela’s oil in order to make a profit!
      The cold war is about to get a lot hotter:—senator-rubio/

  14. Being born in 1954, I have lived most of my life inside the effect of MAD in the former cold war. The disturbing issue in that regard now is that the Sociopaths In Charge, especially those of the US, have become ever more insane. There are a number of them that actually believe nuclear war is survivable, and unfortunately, that is probably true for a handful of said sociopaths who have prepared means to do so. Being sociopaths, they of course are not concerned in the least about the survival of the rest of us. In fact, I’m sure many believe their life would improve if we did not survive. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it seems the whole world is in a panic, desperately pleading with the Sociopaths In Charge to save them from C-virus, regardless of how much their precious lives are are impacted. They prefer being caged alive than risk illness that may or may not be fatal. A risk impossible to evaluate, since the Sociopaths In Charge along with the Mockingbird Media are pathological liars. Life is a terminal disease. “Give me liberty, or give me death.” I prefer dying on my feet to living on my knees.

    1. It’s true, with sociopaths in charge, there will never be a legitimate solution to all the problems that these psychological monsters are deliberately foisting upon us. It’s pretty clear, if you look for the deception, that there is no real pandemic. The numbers they feed us don’t distinguish between COVID-19 effects and all the other viruses that are making the rounds. This is surely how it worked in China from the start of the panic, as the Chinese Sociopaths in Charge are surely cooperating with the western Sociopaths in Charge to their mutual benefit of consolidating power and control over all the normal people on the planet. We keep focusing on the myriad of problems they masterfully create for us, rather than focusing on the one true problem humanity has from which all other problems flow, and that is the existence of Sociopaths in Charge. They should be tested and identified, and then prevented from ever being in charge of anything important. Until we implement such a program, we really don’t have a desirable future in front of us.

      1. Exactly! I’m glad to see at least a couple of people that see through this charade. I’m disappointed that Caitlin believes in this bullshit and has jumped on the hysteria bandwagon with the rest of the sheeple. If she read some of Jon Rappaport’s articles she wouldn’t be so convinced her daughter has the virus. It’s just insane that people are taking the word of corrupt governments and their paid health propagandists. She just lost this subscriber!

  15. Please let us know how your whole family is doing and I know we all hope each of you come through this brilliantly. Cheers and love, M

  16. Since a quite significant number of folks are taking Hydoxycloroquine for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, my self included, seems to me there is a ready source of information regarding its effectiveness. How are such people, many of which are elderly, reacting to the C-virus? Of course such is outside the paradigm of the Sociopaths In Charge, them being insane after all.

  17. Caitlin, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Nothing is more stressful than watching your child deal with scary medical issues.

    Some of the other posters have given some decent insights on what to do, but the most important thing is to focus on the love that is exchanged between your family members, and remain calm. Not an easy thing to do when every politician and media outlet is spreading fear and doom. The way this virus is being handled is very odd, so know that a lot of this is probably designed to get us to submit to authoritarianism, control, and surveillance. Don’t fall for it. The statistics are not nearly as bleak as the media would have you believe.

    Yes, the virus is real; we know at least eight people who’ve had it, mostly through my DH’s work, but also our daughter’s classmate and another friend, and all have come out of it just fine, even those who are our age.

    Vitamins C, D, zinc, plus plenty of water and electrolytes. Try some tonic water, too.

    As I’m sure you know, this treatment has had an exceptionally good success rate so far.


    “Twenty cases were treated in this study and showed a significant reduction of the viral carriage at D6-post inclusion compared to controls, and much lower average carrying duration than reported of untreated patients in the literature. Azithromycin added to hydroxychloroquine was significantly more efficient for virus elimination.”

    1. Clarifying that the treatment referred to was the hydroxychloroquine treatment.

      1. Since a quite significant number of folks are taking this drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, my self included, seems to me there is a ready source of information regarding its effectiveness. How are such people, many of which are elderly, reacting to the C-virus? Of course such is outside the paradigm of the Sociopaths In Charge, them being insane after all.

  18. Caitlin, lots of love to you and your family . And thank you for making life so much richer for us all with your wisdom, courage and bright personality.

  19. Hi Caitlin.

    Hope the family gets well soon.

    There are lots of possible variables at work. Maybe the banks are one of the factors?

  20. Dear Caitlin, I had pneumonia, after flu symptoms back in November. I’m 64, with weak lungs, so right in the most at risk category. We used zinc, large doses of vitamin C, lots of fluids, and vitamin D3 (sitting in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day. When it went into my lungs, I breathed steam with oregano oil.
    Don’t worry, just do sensible home remedies and support your immune systems. It is actually a weak virus, with a lot of hype. Fear is the mindkiller, always replace it with love. My best wishes and prayers for the health and well being of you and your family.
    Thank you for being such a light in dark times.

    1. Exactly right, Robin. This protocol is what many have done successfully. I’m glad you’re doing well, and wish you a very happy today and tomorrow. 🙂

  21. Best wishes to you and your family and some a suggestion. HIgh doses of vitamin C for everyone. This is what Shanghai, China has been using and the mainstream media has been hiding :

  22. Christine Smith Avatar
    Christine Smith

    Hope your daughter is better soon x

  23. We nearly all get flu… our kids get flu.. don’t believe the hype… your daughter will be fine… squeeze a half of fresh lemon in a glass of room temperature pure living rain water from the sky, down the roof, into the tank… and never forget the value of fasting for a day or two… much love

  24. Every other day I blend a whole peeled lemon in with my hot Pu-Erh tea. If I feel a cold or the flu coming on I will add a package of Thera-flu to that. This does not keep me from getting sick; but it helps me to get the germs out of my body quickly without too much damage. We go through life in a world chock full of germs; there is absolutely no way to avoid all of them. All that you can do is to do your best to keep as much waste out of your body as possible so that the bad germs have nothing to feed upon.

  25. I’m so sorry that you’ve got that worry – may everything turn out well for your daughter and all of you.

  26. I’m a grandparent raising my granddaughter, she needs me to live…I have respiratory issues as well as high blood pressure, so yeah, living on the edge, doing my best to disassociate from fear while never leaving my home… Pretty much this:

  27. Gabor Maté (Aaron’s dad), always worth listening to, on Russell Brand’s show a few days ago:
    Pandemics & Infodemics – Wisdom In The Time Of Covid-19
    At one point in this 23 min. clip, Dr. Maté cites a Buddhist concept, “Relax. Everything is out of control.”

  28. It’s really a bummer to have to worry about whether you’re going to live or die, but such thoughts are totally foolish because we all know that the odds of us living for all eternity are slim. However, what we do have to worry about is our quality of life while we are here, and to be quite frank and honest, civilization for the most part hasn’t been very kind to any of us or our ancestors. Although, mother nature can have its dues the primary reason why life sucks for most people is because of people. I remember during the Vietnam Holocaust that many Buddhist monks set themselves on fire in protest to the killings, obviously these men had not been scammed into believing that what our senses told us about the world was in fact all that there was to life, and since it won’t last forever; then what is the loss if we do die early? It is our own selfishness to remain alive that is the cause of our misery. Scientists and Prophets have told us many times that this world is only an illusion and yet, far too many of us refuse to believe that there is anything in the world but ourselves and so we get things like giant viruses with minds, arms and legs that are incapable of conceiving of any other thought than to create tiny viruses to kill everyone else.

  29. I find it fascinating to watch the patterns in the internet. Back at the beginning of March, the message that was being blasted out was “Please Do Not Vote.” “Voting is useless.” and so forth.
    Now its just shifted to trying to get people to be stupid and kill themselves. That’s what the oligarch’s are selling today. I see major networks downplaying this and claiming its only the flu. And the internet is now full of voices that try to convince people to go forth and not only get sick themselves but to infect as many others as possible. Death is what the Oligarch’s are pushing today.

  30. I sneezed the yesterday, had a runny nose today. Its amazing how such natural acts can send a bolt of fear through you. From what I’ve heard, I’m at high risk to this stuff. Officially, this thing is not where I live. Its two counties over. But, this is America with the world’s worst testing for this, so I don’t trust the official pronouncements. I’d been out doing some topping up on my shopping, so that when it does get here, I’m set to stay home for awhile.
    But it was quite fascinating how much fear and worry could come from a natural act like sneezing.
    One part of this that makes everyone realize that there is no control is that this is invisible. Its like radiation. You can be walking into your death, and have no idea. Someone sneezed in that aisle of the grocery 10 minutes before you got there. You have no way of knowing that you just killed yourself by breathing in that space. Nobody’s even got a geiger counter to chatter away when there is danger.
    Take care down there. Best wishes for you and your family.

  31. The actual solution to this Covid-19/Coldwar BS is right THERE in the very TITLE of this article…The ILLUSION of Control.
    Because that is all this BS is all about…They have created a FAKE “Pandemic” (The Common Cold) to SEE how MANY “Foolish People” will respond to it and HOW they would.
    ITS ALL AN ILLUSION Folks…Illusions ONLY work if one BELIEVES it is REAL…Understand anyone???
    Yet I get a good Laugh when out in public when I SEE the Dumber folks among US that ware those Ridiculous MASK!!! Then MOST places of businesses adopting eve MORE Ridiculous procedures catering to this BS FEAR campaign!!! (Laugh!!!)
    It can ONLY work IF the SHEEPLE BELIEVE in it.
    That “Stay Home” BS MUST Be ignored Folks, because its a TRAP to get YOU to SURRENDER YOUR SOVEREIGNTY…TO THEIR SYSTEM OF CONTROL…GET-THAT???
    I have already SEEN What these Avatar’s have planned in their so-called “Financial Stimulus
    REMEMBER the definition of the word FEAR = False-Evidence-Appearing-Real…ILLUSION???

    1. Amazing.
      Everyone please stay home. Don’t let some dude on the internet get you sick. Its really amazing that some would try to do that.
      But lets get together and get this guy a plane ticket to say New York City or Milan. I wonder if he believes this so much that he’ll think he’s scored a free trip to a fun city? Or if he’d chicken out and not take the risk?

    2. Dude, do you mind if I ask you how you decide which words to put in capitals?

      1. Its known as Emphasis, to highlight and stress a point being made…Understand?

        1. Thanks! It’s very obnoxious and makes your posts unreadable. Carry on …

          1. TRUTH, will Always be Obnoxious to the Avatar’s living among US.

    3. You are so right but voices of reason are being drowned out. The common flu kills far more oeople every year than covid. Doesnt matter, no one will listen. Much more prestigious scientific voices than yours are being ignored as well. Most people react instead of thinking thus they are easy to control.

  32. I’m very sorry to hear that! I hope you can all get tested and find some relief.

    Lots of love to your family!!

  33. Being human is what we do here. You are in my prayers, which id different from asking God to help you out.
    Your daughter is at low risk of getting badly sick. You and your husband are at higher risk, with a variable delay. The best treatment for early symptomatic illness, when fever starts, but not pneumonia, has been approved in China, and is used for influenza, plain old flu, in jJapan.
    “Fujifilm Toyama Chemical’s (Tokyo, Japan) flu drug Favilavir, which is currently being promoted with the label, Avigan, has become the first-ever antiviral medicine to be approved for use as a treatment for COVID-19 in China”
    Best thing is it has such low toxicity, which is whatwe are used to. Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine looks promising, but there has been a war going on, fights for life, not calm studies that take years. Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can be fatal at twice the therapeutic dose. That’s a narrow treatment window. If you have long-QT conduction defect in your heart, you might get a fatal arrhythmia at standard dose. Not everybody should take chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine for malaria prophylaxis, by any means. This is a tough and risky situation.
    This is like the old days used to be.
    Keep being human, Girl.
    Love, John

  34. BlueSubmarine99 Avatar

    I received a letter from a

    1. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
      Charles Andrew Robinson

      If you want to watch the video without the chin cut off. go to, bbrebozo.

  35. The very best way not to stress is to realize you cannot control nothing. When you accept that you will cease to worry and stress then just do the best you can.

  36. MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction was only viable when the weapons were megaton weapons wiping out entire cities with each escalating exchange. Micro-nukes changed that equation with 15 kiloton artillery shells and later one kiloton bazookas. The Twin Towers were vaporized by half kiloton mininukes, placed in elevator basements.
    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VeteransToday(.)com
    The unpunished 9/11 terrorists had now deployed their bioweapons, but less than intended effect, hence provoke WW Three in the Hiroshima style. The happy news is that the CORONA COMA is over.

    1. Congratulations on the funniest thing I’ve read in a few days. Mini-nukes in the Twin Towers? Ha! Absolutely hilarious. That of course would have been easily detectable, most of New England would have been in the fallout pattern. 15kt is only a little smaller than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Oh, wait a minute, these were magic mini-nukes that don’t leave radiation. Hilarious. Who writes this stuff? Whoever it is is a comic genius.

      1. Well, there are neutron bombs.. no?

      2. Enjoy the laugh, Joe, but you have no clue what you are talking about. Your understanding of nuclear weapons development is shamefully weak, but then that is understandable because nearly all NWD is classified and has been since WW2. But yes, ignorance can be an amusing state and provide lots of belly laughs.

  37. Sending love, light and best wishes to you and your family. Grateful for your strength and wisdom.

  38. Are you kidding me? We are already at war with China, or rather, China has been waging war against the United States for decades. Do you think it’s just an unlucky coincidence that China manufacturers most of the worlds pharmaceuticals and medical supplies? You have obviously never been there, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking as if the leadership of China share ANY of our values which make us a great nation.

    1. Mason, those of us not in the USA don’t believe this propaganda. We see the USA as the aggressor waging war on any country that doesn’t a) share your values, and b) respond to your bullying.
      You have no idea of how disliked your country is around the world. Why do you think most terrorism is directed at the USA?

  39. Yes. All the best for you and yours. Use lots of deep breathing. Lots of water, and rest, of course. Sending strength.

  40. martin flaxman Avatar
    martin flaxman

    Good, that’s good (I think that’s from Hamlet, Polonius)

  41. The Deceived Renegade Avatar
    The Deceived Renegade

    Stress? That’s the idea. It’s by design. The virus is a convenient enemy based on the old Pasteur-based germ warfare which was brilliantly demolished by Dr. Bigelsen in his book, The Holographic Blood. The virus is not the enemy. Fear of it, is.

    Coronavirus is a mind game engineered by the powers-that-shouldnt-be. This unnatural social distancing among other “standard” protocols would signal the death of societal cohesion. Public perception will instead be ruled by the Hive Mind, that is, AI. So resist the vaccines and microchipping. The powers-that-shouldnt-be are “Mickey Mousing” around the human psyche. It’s not going to end well for humanity.

    I go out to stroll with my dog. I see people are fearful. Most are aloof. So far i haven’t encountered or seen outright hostilities (yet). That’s what I meant by breakdown of societal cohesion. All due to the standard protocols plastered everywhere. Those standard protocols are fear frequencies. That’s why I take the stairs to avoid seeing those messages. We should never be reminded of these fears.

    The human psyche is easily manipulated through fear.

    Example: the human psyche is so deeply entrained in that frequency vibration that public perception about the standard protocols hammered o6ut and reminded 24/7 is considered normal.

    So ditch those stupid, fearful protocols. Hug your children, and granddaughters as that could well become illegal in the upcoming brave new world.

    1. Agree with you. This is a dark moment in history. To stop the world because of the flu is the most insane thing ever dreamed up. The fact that folks have complied with it is the scary thing.

      This ‘global pandemic’ is being used as a smoke screen for the transfer of wealth to the 1%, as a gambit to introduce digital currency and to take even more control of the people of the world. Civil liberties and personal freedoms are at risk as a result of this huge lie.

      Drop the fear. Go out and hug your friends and family. What’s beyond fear? Nothing. It’s just an illusion. A trick. Playing on the ultimate fear of death to fool people into submission is the greatest con-trick of all time. People die everyday. Of many things. This is no different. WAKE UP!

  42. Oh, Caitlin, I am so sorry your daughter is sick with what could be COVID-19. It’s very concerning, and I offer heartfelt compassion to you and your family.

    (I understand a little, as we are 11 days into isolating at home with our daughter, after her college roommate was exposed to a kid with COVID-19. She’s 20, I’m sure older than your baby, yet has felt so separate from us, her parents, as we struggle to maintain 6’ of distance so that we can stay healthy, as I’m 60. The other day she dissolved in tears, crying that no one had hugged her for a week. It is heartbreaking.)

    I remember reading your tale of how you came to blogging — that you didn’t want your children to live in fear, and so by your actions, you could give them the message, “No worries – I’ve got this!” Since then, your incredible writing and insights have lifted up thousands of us, your devoted readers. I wouldn’t understand half as much of this planet without you. And, I have to believe that your profoundly deep understanding and your fierce love give your daughter reserves of strength (and maybe playfulness and sauciness, too) that will help get you all through this. If I can speak for other readers, we need you desperately, and so every wish in my heart is health for you, for your daughter, for your family.

  43. S**T! At this moment in time! I could say “Good luck!” but that supposes my wishing it for you has an excellent “chance” of working – when you have just done your best to argue against such a thing. All I can say is that “fellow-feeling” on the lower Hunter coast of NSW is with you and your family. Your presence, your lives, play a huge significant part in our daily lives. Long May You Live! “Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!” (An impossible but genuine wish that you live 10,000 years!)

  44. Sending you lots of love and hope that your daughter feels better soon and that you and your husband stay healthy.

    1. I wish the same for your daughter, your family, and you, Caitlin. Love you.

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