So as of right now it’s Trump versus Biden. An incompetent plutocrat president selling himself as an anti-establishment people’s champion while simultaneously advancing garden variety Republican sociopathy, versus a warmongering authoritarian who is too demented to string a coherent sentence together and who is looking more and more credibly to be a rapist.

Needless to say, this is absolute bullshit.

How did we get here? How did we get to the point where the electoral contest to run the most powerful government on the planet is between a racist demented right-wing authoritarian warmongering rapist and another racist demented right-wing authoritarian warmongering rapist? How in the hell did this bullshit happen?

There are a number of factors, including anonymous and unsubstantiated “leaks” from the US intelligence community regarding Russian support for the Bernie Sanders campaign and a shockingly coordinated maneuver by Democratic Party leadership (including former president Obama) to sabotage Sanders in the late hours before Super Tuesday.

But the primary factor by far was domestic mass media propaganda. Propaganda during the primary season of course, with the billionaire press showing a very clear and undeniable bias against Bernie Sanders from the very beginning of the race. Had the Sanders campaign received a normal quality and quantity of mass media coverage for a candidate of his stature, he would doubtless have received far more support than he did. To deny that biased media messaging has an effect would be the same as denying that advertising, a trillion-dollar industry, has an effect.

But it goes so very much deeper than that. The influence of mass media propaganda upon the Democratic primary race was not limited to the propaganda that was employed during the actual contest; it’s been setting the foundation for it since long before that.

Without having been raised in a media environment that is saturated with establishment propaganda, it would never occur to anyone in a million years to describe a violent authoritarian extremist like Joe Biden as a “moderate”. It would never occur to anyone to think of this crazy wingnut as “electable”. It would certainly never occur to anyone that he should be running on the platform of what passes for America’s political left wing.

Joe Biden has been a horrible, evil politician since long before his rape allegations went mainstream and his brain started turning to porridge. If people could gaze with fresh, unmanipulated eyes upon someone who’s dedicated his entire political career to neoliberal exploitation at home and neoconservative mass murder abroad, someone who openly boasts about authoring the foundational documents of the USA PATRIOT Act, someone who promises rich donors that “nothing fundamentally will change” if he’s elected and who they know from experience can be taken at his word, it would never occur to them that this is someone who should be running for any elected office anywhere, let along within spitting distance of the most powerful one in the world.

It is only by the ability of the mass media to manufacture the illusion of normality that this bullshit has been made possible. The way the plutocratic class controls the mass media has given them the ability to persuade people to believe that freakish extremism is normal and healthy objections to oligarchic malfeasance is freakish extremism.

This is the case not just with this bullshit US presidential race, but with all bullshit everywhere. A world where powerful governments attack, destroy, starve and undermine weaker governments which refuse to bow to their interests, a world where the wealthy continue to steal more and more wealth from an increasingly impoverished working class and use the leverage that wealth gets them to steal more, a world where governments demand more and more opacity for themselves and more and more transparency from ordinary people, a world where police are becoming increasingly militarized and speech is becoming increasingly restricted, a world where the response to a global pandemic is not to rally together and overcome but to advance pre-existing authoritarian agendas and manufacture support for new cold war escalations against China.

None of this bullshit would have been possible without all of us having been raised in an atmosphere of mass-scale obfuscation and manipulation. None of us would ever accept such a world without having been manipulated into it, which is why they have done exactly that.

We will not collectively use the power of our numbers to force a change to this oppressive status quo until we can find some way to break free of our psychic bondage to the establishment propaganda machine, and we will not find a way to do that until we change something deep within ourselves about our relationship as a species to mental narrative. But as things get increasingly weird and unpredictable, gaps will open up in our preexisting patterns. When patterns degrade to the point of unpredictability, anything becomes possible.

We are at an adapt-or-die point as a species, and we’ll need to break free of the bullshit to make the jump. Hell, we just might make it.


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80 responses to “This Absolute Bullshit Would Not Be Possible Without Propaganda”

  1. First it’s called freedom of speech is why they can publish this. Secondly demented is only an opinion . Thirdly rapist should’ve been aledged the best you could have evidence for is possible perversion . Fourthly Right wing ,authoritarian, warmongering and racist is provable. Actions speak louder than words! Both these men meet the profile of those last four or at least very strong evidence to substantiate them!

  2. “…until we change something deep within ourselves about our relationship as a species to mental narrative.”
    As an individual, all it took was the realization and confirmation that the ruling sociopaths control the narrative, and all I had to do was always question their narrative. In other words, I had to stop believing them. And it was the easiest thing in the world to do once I researched the extent and magnitude of the lies they have already sold us, like the absurdity of Hitler gassing 6 million Jews (Hitler gassed no one), or Muslim hijackers bringing down three skyscrapers with two planes (pre-wired explosives brought down all three skyscrapers).

  3. A lot of good info in this article except for the following.

    How did we get to the point where anyone can publish a statement claiming that another person is racist, demented, right-wing, authoritarian, warmongering, and a rapist without evidence or proof? Some of these terms are easier to argue than others, but racist, demented, and rapist? Come on.

    How would you like it if this was said about you, with no proof? This is known as libel, when someone publishes defamatory statement(s) that damage the reputation of another.

    Shame on you. At least have the decency to use the term “alleged”. Fake news.

    1. Hmmm

      Actually your claim is incorrect. It is only “libel” if the statements have been proven in a court of law to be inaccurate. And the person has to have suffered injury or damage to their charactor. And then there is the matter of intent. In the case of well known people, particularly political figures, generally speaking name calling doesn’t meet that threshold.

      Not to mention the fact that in many cases, particularly with the rich, famous, and powerful there is enough “truth” in the claims to make going to court problematic at best. However, even when it is cut and dried, the rich, famous and powerful historically have been reluctant to go to trial for a variety of reasons.

      The bottom line is “libel” is not as cut and dried as it appears at first blush. Though I agree it doesn’t seem fair. And of course there is the ever present (though currently not fully protected) 1St Amendment which sometimes gets in the way as well.

      1. You are correct, libel would have to be proven, and few would ever go to that trouble. Name calling like this shows up everywhere, from protest signs to web-sites, to you name it. It hurts all of us. I am 100% behind the first amendment. But this verbiage only serves to detract from other valid points being made.

    2. Caitlin linked to Nathan J. Robinson’s excellent piece on Current Affairs,, which substantiates all charges. Might be a good idea to click on embedded links in the articles you read.

    3. First it’s called freedom of speech is why they can publish this. Secondly demented is only an opinion . Thirdly rapist should’ve been aledged the best you could have evidence for is possible perversion . Fourthly Right wing ,authoritarian, warmongering and racist is provable. Actions speak louder than words! Both these men meet the profile of those last four or at least very strong evidence to substantiate them!

  4. A fascinating rant. I especially like after a bit of both-sideism in the third paragraph Caitlin nevertheless directs most of her vitriol at Biden, whilst Trump gets off as typical Republican. It seems that are none more angry than a scorned Sandernista! Especially those who can’t even vote in the US for some reason, but let’s not get into that…

    1. I agree with everything that Caitlin wrote. And I’m not a supporter of Sanders, scorned or otherwise. In fact, I’ve been quite critical of Sanders. But that doesn’t stop me from being even more critical of the far greater evil that rules both parties.

  5. I wish to say what is really on my mind. This is WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE, our ruling warriors are feeling quiet insecure at the moment, and this is, the reason for the Lock-down, my own personal opinion of course, is that ordering the use of a mask & gloves as mandory, would have been suffient, as to shut down the WHOLE financial system, ordering people to remain home, was a DELIBERATE MALICIOUS ACT, as part of the Deeps State Plan, in producing the Cardiac Arest, needed to assist in the demolishment of the current financial & Social system, to bring in the new system of “Modern Monatary Theory”, along with the NWO and digital currency, the rest is greed, and they INTEND to squeeze every asset and dollar out of our pockets, and move it to thiers! That is the truth of the matter!
    But beware folk, their aim is to bust up the mum & pop small businesses in this country, as well as elswhere, so the Corporate Giants can move in for the kill, buying up mum & pop businesses for cents in the dollar, when the collapse gains momentum! This is about fattening the FRAUDULANT US Health Care System, via Mr Gates and the mob that support him. It is a mob, no different to the Mafia, but bigger and more equiped, they are Global Facisist Thugs, and have hijacked the Financial Markets & Social Systems, across much of the Globe.
    There be a abundence of evidence currently available to support the above notes, especially apparent is this throughout our history, in regard to “Sound Money”. Of note is that, the quality of people, is directly related to the quality of the Monatary System, when currency is manipulated by debasement such as today. So you can expect things to become un-glued, as people start to wake up, to the consequences of the loss of financial income, being locked-up at home, food getting scarcer and scarcer, raitioning already starting to take place!

    I appeal to all, please, go and ring your local MP and give him a blast! They have made us a SLAVE in our own homes, in our own country, in our own state, the food rationing is here, NOW! Get to it quickly, lest we all shall starve to death, yes, this was the lucky country, but you can thank Mr Rudd in particular for selling Australians out to the Liberal World Order, UN, UNHCR, WHO, HRW, OPCW, IMF, all filthy criminal deceitful sacks of dog shit, that they are, Vampires literally sucking the money away from the middle-class, you can even hear the sucking sound, and GIVING it to their friends, and, the WAR MACHINE!

  6. The US stopped being “The Good Guys” A LOOOONG time ago.

    America has BIGGER problems than Covid19 – which is admittedly a huge problem.

    Israel did 9-11.

    Israel Murdered 2900 American Gentiles on 9-11.

    Another Act of Ritual Human Sacrifice by the Jews.

    “Blood Passover” is what it’s called. One of the reasons
    Jews have been expelled from 109 countries.

    Israel did 9-11, with help from Saudi Arabia and Israel supporters in the US government.

    Why is the US now pre-occupied in the Mid-East, fighting all of Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s enemies ?

    That tells you who runs the US government.

    The US is simply a Puppet for Israel. The Trump Biden match-up being one example.

    It’s No Longer the United States of America –
    it’s now the United States of Israel.

    USA 1776-2001, Not Resting in Peace.

  7. “Exclusive: US Army Brought COVID-19 to China with Fake ‘Military Games’ Team (March 12 story)”

  8. Caitlin, you wrote “we just might make it” sounds optimistic but hope without action doesn’t achieve much. We need to start an effective, below-the-radar, aggressive but non-violent revolution. We must organize local groups of wise, alert, resourceful, generous, peace-loving, eco-friendly dissident who network with neighbouring local groups and start breaking free from mainstream media, from government support, from electronic surveillance and control and effectively from the medical-industrial-military complex. We also need local groups to choose leaders who will network with other leaders. This is what Yeshua trained His Ambassadors to teach and practice and the hidden powers ruling the world today will have no strategy to prevent the growing revolution from sucking the power out of their medical-industrial-military complex. I recommend that dissidents should study, understand and collectively put into practice the revolutionary strategy and tactics which Yeshua trained His Ambassadors to teach and practice. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here:

  9. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    Propaganda. Psychic bondage.

    One of the earliest things we learn as a child is to lie: Did you do that? NO! NOT ME! NOT ME!
    Knowing all the while that we are guilty as sin.

    We lie by pretending to listen to our parents and teachers and preachers.

    We lie when we tell someone we can barely tolerate that of course we love them and can’t live without them.

    We lie to our boss when we assure them we’re working as hard as we can. And yes, they’re SUCH a great boss.

    We lie to ourselves about who and what we are. We think we are prettier and smarter than we really are. We lie when we tell ourselves that we are so much better than everybody else around us. We lie when we believe that we cannot improve or be a better person or that we just can’t be any other way than what we are today.

    We lie when we say we are just an animal at heart instead of recognizing our divinity within so we quash that divinity out of laziness and our desire to lay on our backs instead of walking up a steeper hill toward the mountaintop.

    Corporations lie to us every minute of every day. Lies are the heart and soul of their advertising budget.

    There is nothing of this world that is not lying to us. And if they say they aren’t lying to us, they’re lying.

    There are few consequences for lying. There are almost no consequences for the powerful who tell BIG lies. The bigger they are, the bigger the lie. And the bigger the benefit for them.

    Look behind most famous historical events in this world and you will find a cascade of lies. Event the little events, too.

    Lies will continue to be the true currency of our world until and unless the success rate and profit margins of those lies is removed. And at present, there is little to no chance of that because there is no mechanism to do so.

    For any of this to ever get better, we have to stop lying to ourselves. Then, just maybe Truth will begin to reclaim some value in our personal, civic, economic, and spiritual lives. And that’s no lie.

  10. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Everything I see tells me it is the end of the world.

    Remember the prophecy of the popes by Saint Malachy of Ireland telling us Francis is the last pope.

    And Jesus said it would be similar to the days of Noah in the last days.

    Keeping my Rosary in end!

  11. Breaking News!
    Sanders endorses Mr. Potato-Head for President!!:

  12. The primary may have been stolen. I don’t trust the people running these elections and electronic voting makes tampering possible. Sometimes the propaganda backfired; I am more suspicious of the voting process.

  13. One of the world’s better writers on the novel coronavirus…..
    ” Whatever it is, coronavirus has made the mighty kneel and brought the world to a halt like nothing else could. Our minds are still racing back and forth, longing for a return to “normality”, trying to stitch our future to our past and refusing to acknowledge the rupture. But the rupture exists. And in the midst of this terrible despair, it offers us a chance to rethink the doomsday machine we have built for ourselves. Nothing could be worse than a return to normality.

    Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.

    We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world. And ready to fight for it.”
    –Arundhati Roy

    1. Here is a great article on possible origins of CORONA (probably the best and the most disturbing article on the subject I have read so far – and it makes a lot of sense):

    2. Well, if the question is ‘What are we going to do now?’ the answer is probably as vague as Ms Roy’s: imagine another world and fight for it. Since all of us are likely to imagine very different worlds, it will be quite a mêlée, with the scenery provided by the plague. However, if the question was, as it seemed to me to be, ‘How did we get the point where we have two such awful people as sole candidates for the presidency?’ I think the answer is at least partly that the ruling class is in sad decline, and instead of picking competent people to do its bidding, it has picked up people like Trump and Biden by chance. Really, while they are awful, they are not especially awful; most of us have relatives and neighbors who are like them, or worse. It is a time of Walt Kelly’s immortal ‘We have met the enemy, and they are us.’ Yes, the politicians and the media lie, but most people want them to lie. If they wanted something different, they could have it this afternoon. But the time for that hasn’t arrived yet.

      1. “Yes, the politicians and the media lie, but most people want them to lie. If they wanted something different, they could have it this afternoon.” This is the terrible truth that the left has always refused to face. In the late 19th Century, Edward Bellamy put it this way: “It used to be commonly said, and it often seemed true, that the social reformer who tried to better the condition of the people found a more discouraging obstacle in the hopelessness of the masses he would raise than in the active resistance of the few, whose superiority was threatened. …(A)nd the poor, you must remember, although so much more pitiable, were not morally any better than the rich.”

  14. Ms Johnstone, I am not a CPA or an economist but the ” big question ” in my mind is ” how long can this lockdown last before the big banks go ” belly up”? Families that live ” paycheck to paycheck ” are going belly up; small businesses that have been closed still have bills to pay that are due every month. Virus or no Virus the USA has to go back to work and soon. If not there may not be an election in November at all.

    1. One of the huge differences between the efficient Chinese system which successfully limited the virus’ spread (at least inside China where they have control) compared to the failed capitalist states is that the Chinese were willing to close the factories. They did it relatively early, especially when compared to the failed capitalist states which kept the factories open for as long as possible and now is screaming that Profits matter more than People thus all the wage-slaves must get back to work and do it now …. even if it kills them. They know they can always get more wage-slaves to die for them.
      The Chinese are far more capitalist than they admit, but they are not the same sort of capitalists as the western capitalists who insist that the wage-slaves must work till they drop and die and then be replaced my more wage-slaves who get worked to death.
      Which matters more to you … Whether you die, or whether a bank dies? The western capitalist press is hard at work trying to convince everyone that their own life matters far, far less than the life of a bank. That’s usually one of those things that causes revolutions.
      “We must open the country to save the banks” will go down in history right nest to “Let them eat cake.” With very similar results in the short term.

      1. I just read this relevant article:
        An Alchemist Explains to Joe Sixpack: “COVID-19 Alters Americas Hidden “War” Forever” by Alastair Crooke!

    2. how long can this lockdown last before the big banks go ” belly up”?
      I assume the idea can apply just as well to big banks.
      Who Cares? Let ‘Em Get Wiped Out”: Stunning CNBC Anchor, Venture Capitalist Says Let Hedge Funds Fail and Save Main Street

  15. Why? How? These are questions that can be debated and then verified ad nauseam. But to truly understand the dark depths from which the world’s dilemma has manifested, everyone must be woke to things such as the following:

    They thrive on your fear. What is courage? Action in the face of fear.

    1. Dead Men Explaining Political Courage:

  16. One of the few comments I’ve read so far that gets what Caitlin said rather well.

    1. This was meant to be in response to Casper’s comment below that begins: “Step One. Turn them off!” When you get to it, you’ll see what I mean.

  17. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    This is the showdown they wanted: Trump vs Biden. It has been clear for a long time.

    But you do not have to go cast a vote; now that you have acquired the good habit of being confined.

    And look at this article:

    “Sadly, there are no signs that our society is going to change course.

    This pandemic should have been a wake up call, but instead it just seems to be making those that are taking America the wrong direction even more defiant.”

    Another example showing the origin of this sanitary crisis is much suspicious because it seems that the elites want to use it to reinforce the statu quo of the “System”.

    We are living in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bullshit.

  18. If and when Donald Trump is re-elected POTUS everyone can expect him, and his administration, to seek retribution from all of his perceived enemies. Right now he is playing politics with peoples lives.
    Trump is playing a disgusting political game with our lives By The Denver Post Editorial Board

    1. My, my, how self-righteous of you to share this with us. Denver Post editorial, huh. Well, well. No bias or preconceived opinion from that public fodder machine now is there.

  19. Aardvark-Gnosis Avatar

    Once we see our ultimate conditioned state… we then find ourselves battling the latter on every level of our subconscious mind. The older we are, the harder it is! For those that have such trouble are the lucky ones. We realize the abstract concept of mythos, imagination, Illusion, confusion and the desperate focus of our impersonal matrix of self awareness… The intelligentsia equation is the fulcrum of science, mythos and the natural cosmos of natures wonder and beauty. Catlin describes the current of our modern dilemma as well as I have ever heard… Be sure of one thing, the truth is in what is left out when ideas are spread to keep others from finding it! Propaganda is the art of modern advertising and the mentality of the merchant usury group… making us believe there is something backing nothing and living off the back of others… when we should be all trying to be as self sufficient as we can… Barter has lost its worth in the natural working of human interaction and value for value based on plain hard work!

    1. My god you’re full of utter shit Aardvark. What unintelligible verbose waffle

  20. You’ve gone off the deep end Caitlin. In what way is it of the least importance which sociopath gets “elected” to pretend to be the leader of the US Sociopaths In Charge, which are controlled by their bank cartel masters anyway. We are being subjected to the highest order of tyranny in history world wide, supposedly in response to a virus which is responsible for only 0.00625% of world wide total deaths this year. And that’s using the wildly exaggerated numbers from the WHO. Its all cover for the current and inevitable failure of the fiat currency debt based economy we’ve been living under for a long time. 219 CEOs of major corporations resigned and cashed out in January. Only a moron would believe that’s a coincidence. By the way, one of those CEOs is the eugenicist megalomaniac Bill Gates. You will not be able to neither buy nor sell without the number of the beast, Bill Gates.

    1. Correction:
      You will be able to neither buy nor sell without the number of the beast, Bill Gates.

  21. Hmmm

    You failed to mention perhaps the most important similarity between Biden and Trump. Both men owe their fealty to NutenYahoo and their allegiance to Israel; first, last and always. They both have a sordid history of using their office of sacrificing America and the American people for Israel time and time again.

    After all Biden is the Vice President who loudly and very publicly proclaimed on more than one occassion “I AM A ZIONIST” Trump is the President has allowed his illegally employed dual citizen israeli son in law to take charge again and again. And again and again Jared Kushner acted in the best interests of israel. As the man in charge of the entire national stock pile of virus related supplies and equipment what was the first major action by Kushner? Was it to send vital supplies to the American people to help fight the Virus? NOPE. Instead the first think this israeli traitor did was to send 1 Million of “OUR” masks to Tel Aviv.

    The one thing that every member of Congress and the White House, not to mention the main stream media have in common is their willingness to serve israel and the jewish/zionist/israeli lobbies that dictate just about everything these days in Washington and key state capitals across the country. Those that refuse are eventually run, not just out of office or their job, but often out of town…..

    Bullshit? No people it is called TREASON……..

  22. It does not matter anymore who is President. Both parties are the same. They just have a different rap. The government is to far gone now for anybody to make a difference anymore.

    I do find it interesting why you care? Your not from here, do not live here so why does it matter to you ? Trump, Biden what’s the difference?
    Sanders is a joke. Socialism does not and will not ever work.
    Trump will win in a landslide, because it simply does not matter who wins. It will be business as usual.

    1. Which is exactly what your country deserves.

    2. if socialism didn’t work, the u.s. wouldn’t spend billions on overthrowing socialist governments in central and south america.

      the u.s., a state in the process of failing, still has the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet, and you ask why anybody cares? smh.

      1. Exactly right. US capitalist/imperialists have been trying to destroy, for lack of a better expression, alternative, competitive ways of life, for ever since Teddy Roosevelt went on a world-wide imperial rampage:

        For example, how many AmeriKKKans are aware that US military forces, in other words, “the United States of America”, literally invaded the USSR in 1918? Why would the US do that?

        1. The US was built on the destruction of alternative ways of life since before there was a US. The land that is now known as the US was fully populated with many different cultures. They were either completely wiped out (read genocide), enslaved, and/or decimated with the remnants forced out of their homes onto reservations and/or assimilated, often forcibly by methods like stealing their children and putting them in “boarding schools” where they were not permitted to speak their native languages or express any aspects of their cultures. The roots of this go way back before Teddy Roosevelt. The entire European colonization of every other continent on earth was the result of a worldwide imperial rampage. The US is just the latest center of it.

    3. Well Tim, I think you’re wrong as it does matter who becomes president, as we are all impacted by this around the world, but I also don’t believe you when you say it doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter then why are you on this forum talking rubbish?

  23. Hear, hear. I’ve been calling this whole thing Operation Bullshit.

    The NY Times was calling Biden and Kamala Harris the democratic candidates long before campaigning got moving.

  24. Sorry Caitlin, but I have to say hell, we almost surely will not “make it” if that means a decent world for all. Giving up false hope and illusory consolations is an essential step in entering our spiritual maturity. To work for the impossible dream while fully recognizing that it is truly impossible is unconditional love’s finger in the face of love that is simply based on the ego’s demands for what it wants. Purity of heart is to pursue the one thing needful — Love — no matter what!

  25. “One of the overarching narratives of the Trump administration is the total handover of the levers of government to corporations, and particularly the empowering of corporate representatives to oversee the very companies they worked for,” says Robert Weissman, the president of Public Citizen, the venerable and still-toothy ethics watchdog. “That is the defining story of this administration, and it’s been badly underreported and underappreciated due to the whole Trump circus. It’s more extreme than anything we’ve seen. It’s all-pervasive. It includes a lot of examples that look like parodies.” This mind boggling article can be read here:
    Mapping Corruption: Donald Trump’s Executive Branch By Jim Lardner

  26. You’re right about the species, but which species is that specifically? Some people say that though they may look human, they in fact aren’t, because they are so much more superior than mere humans spiritually and in all other ways, they are in fact a totally different species, it also just happens to be that this far superior species is the species that is most aggressively pushing for the New World Order, and since the spokes persons for this superior species claim that the role of humankind is to serve as prey for them, both figuratively and literally, if you’re a human and can’t figure out that you are what’s up for dinner, then LOL, that must be what makes you so inferiorly human.

  27. To be honest Sanders had his moment in 2016, he is passed now. He should have run as an independent in 2016.

    In a Biden/Trump clash Biden will lose handsomely. He has too many skeletons that Trump will ruthlessly exploit. Nothing sticks to Trump because he has been accused of everything by now….women vote for him despite his “grab her by the pussy” comment.

    Every one I knew at work was Republican and they were outraged at the Monica Lewinsky thing. They simply could not understand why the public were not outraged, and it was because Clinton never claimed to be a saint and own the moral high ground. People dislike hypocrisy when they are being lectured too…..I suspect Biden of gross hypocrisy….if he is the candidate, I will not vote, exactly as I would not vote for Hillary.

  28. Come on **CJ** you know better.
    Bernie is a sheep-dog:
    once for Hateful Hillary,
    and now for Sleepy Joe.
    Barack Obama manipulated the other candidates
    to get Sleepy Joe the nomination before Super-Tuesday.
    When, pray tell, in human history,
    have the power-elites been defeated by the people.
    The Paris Commune you say?
    Well, how long did that last,
    and what group of power-elites replaced it?
    The Spanish Revolution?, ditto. / etc, etc, etc.
    Speak truth, not false-platitudes.

    1. if sanders was a sheepdog obama wouldn’t have had to manipulate the other candidates, and the dnc wouldn’t have had to resort to such blatant cheating. sanders was not the ideal candidate because he wouldn’t attack his opponents, but he was by far the best candidate and the only halfway realistic shot at breaking the duopoly. tell us how the french revolution worked out for the french aristocracy, while you’re at it. after all it’s all hopeless, right?

      1. Got any proof besides rumors from the press that Obomber actually did this ? Do you think the DNC wouldn’t protect itself from a possible Trump like accident ? You’ll note Sanders is still in the senate and still needs political cover in order to effectively sucker folks back into the lesser evil BS con job. We all know the DNC sure isn’t governing since it does nothing but rubber stamp everything Trump wants.

        1. obama is the most influential voice in the party and the dnc, the dnc does nothing counter to his wishes. this kind of marionette show, with the puppets all falling over themselves to abort their own campaign, has never been see before. this isn’t a criminal court, it’s obvious the strongest voice in the party spoke, and the lapdogs rolled over. the blatant election fraud is another indication.

  29. There is always the fantastic Jacob Hornberger!
    He needs everyone’s support ASAP.

  30. Population of Virginia = 8.4 million
    Number of Registered Voters in Virginia = 5.7 million
    Dollar Amount of Defense Contracts Awarded to Contractors in Virginia from 2000 to 2018 = $734 billion
    Number of Defense Contracts Awarded to Contractors in Virginia from 2000 to 2018 = 936,040
    Number of Defense Contractors in Virginia = 17,538
    What is the likelihood that the voters of Virginia are going to vote for a peacenik for POTUS? Zero. Is the reason that voters in Virginia select warmongers for POTUS election after election after election that they are brainwashed or because they vitally depend upon that yearly DoD injection of over $40 billion dollars, forever?
    The awful truth is that Virginians know excatly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. As far as they’re concerned, Mr. Vegetable or the Tangerine Jackass are both exceptable, and they won’t vote for a peacenik during the next thousand years. Virginia is a microcosm of the USA. AmeriKKKans say they want peace, but they really want perpetual war …………… until the bombs drop on Main Street, USA, anyway.
    Say what you may about the Tangerine Jackass, Syria still exists as a sovereign state 3+ years after the last “election”. Do you think the same would be true if Hitlery had been elected POTUS? I doubt it.
    Remember what all those Deep State Department “witnesses” who testified at the impeachment hearings had to say? Here’s the most important question for the upcoming election. Who do you think will resist the Deep State Department and CIA’s desire/obsession/advice/orders to attack Russia, China, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, etc. — Mr. Vegetable or the ever-more-disgusting-by-the-day Tangerine Jackass? (Not that those two morons are the only remaining candidates, but as far as the bewildered herd is concerned, they might as well be.)

    1. “acceptable”, not exeptable. Losing it.

  31. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Unlike this naive and fatalistic paean to the mythical and ‘overwhelming’ power of bourgeois ‘propaganda’, other more prosaic factors were at play in elevating Biden to the (current) Democratic party nomination.

    First, the primaries were there for Sanders to lose, and he did just that. At every opportunity to take down his opponents he folded. Early on, it was Tulsi Gabbard who backed him with counter-arguments and smack downs, etc, but when she left the race (not before being rebuffed by Sanders) he had neither the will nor the courage to go on the attack against his opponents. In the last Democratic primary debate, the demented Biden held his own against Sanders. So what’s behind this? (i) Sanders’ campaign has been populated by corporate Democrats from the Center for American Progress, no doubt as part of the terms for him running under the aegis of the Democratic party; and (ii) as part of this ‘deal’ it appears he was never allowed to criticise his opponents openly for their corporatist platforms, let alone say in whose donor pockets they were the lint.

    To compare this to Obama’s criticising Clinton and her donor links in the 2008 primaries, is revealing: Obama looked positively ‘bolshie’ compared to the Sanders wet blanket. If Sanders had simply pointed out (‘my good friend Joe’) Biden’s record on live debate telecasts (that couldn’t easily be censored), it quite likely would have electrified many Democrat primary voters (and terrified the DNC), and all the bourgeois propaganda in the world wouldn’t have been able to erase that.

    Sanders going on to vote for the recent massive ‘bail out’ heist (along with the goddamned ‘squad’), completed his monumental self-destruction. But with a bit of luck he’s also failed to sheepdog most of otherwise uncommitted or pissed-off voters into voting for the bourgeois Democrats.

    Second, it’s now abundantly clear that there was widespread vote rigging in the primaries, especially from ‘super’ Tuesday on. Almost all subsequent exit polls showed Sanders to be 10-15 percentage points ahead of Biden and the clear outright winner, yet the primary votes somehow always went in favour of Biden. In no other circumstances have exit polls been so far off, and always in the same direction. When they’re off by 5% or more, that’s deemed evidence of electoral fraud. And no-one’s saying a thing, least of all the mainstream media, nor a lot of the alternative media.

    While bourgeois propaganda under normal circumstances as a rule is very effective, no amount of it will be able to reverse the change in consciousness of ordinary people who very soon will face stark choices of survival, especially when they’ve also been left in no doubt that ‘their’ state and government is there not to protect them but the rulers from them.

    1. As usual, RIGHT ON, Stephen! I agree with you 100%.
      I would add only that, IMO, there is the distinct possibility that the MIC told Bernie that if he did not quit the race, certain DoD-paid-for industries in Vermont might be re-located to a state other than Vermont, and that would mean Vermont would lose thousands of jobs and tax revenue, etc.; in other words, an economic disaster for Vermont residents/voters.
      From the above:
      “During a 2016 campaign debate in which F35 supporters cited the local Air Guard’s efforts after the 911 attack, Burlington Mayor Milo Weinberger, another politically elite F35 supporter responded that “They flew over an area already devastated by a terrorist action. I don’t believe they stopped a single thing from happening.” Without meaning to, his comments raise a valid question about why the Pentagon funds local Air National Guard unit other than as a glorified jobs program.
      In justifying his support in 2016, Sanders said it was not the plane but the jobs and economic advantage of the F35 that he supports. “In the real world, if the plane is built … and if the choice is if that goes to Vermont … South Carolina or Florida. What is your choice as a United States Senator?” he asked. “And that’s what the Vermont National Guard wants, and that means hundreds of jobs in my city. That’s it.”
      Sanders claim that the project will add 1,100 new jobs to the Airport is fraudulent, according to Greco who says that with departure of the F16s’, there will be a one for one swap with the previous F16 employees being trained on the F35s.”

      And, earlier in the article:
      “Not just known for its foliage, cheese and maple syrup, Vermont is also host to an active aerospace industry which already supplies 2,000 jobs. The jet’s bay door and GAU-22 gun system will both be produced in Vermont. With the Air Force spending $84 million per jet from Lockheed Martin, the DOD will spend $100 Million for infrastructure improvement and a new training center at Burlington where they will share one runway with commercial air traffic.
      Basing more than a dozen F35’s in Burlington will bring a totally new generation of aircraft to Vermont as new high tech jets, not yet fully mature with all of its kinks and safety issues worked out, normally experience more accidents and ‘incidents’ in a shake down – and the F35 has had more than its share.”

      1. Stephen Morrell Avatar
        Stephen Morrell

        I think you might like this:

        It shows conclusively that propaganda alone simply isn’t enough…

  32. As a US citizen I am hoping for a decent Democrat Veep nominee, and am supporting Democrats in Senate and House races in the hope that Democrats gain control of both houses regardless of which bad option wins the WH.

    1. Jamie Aliperti Avatar
      Jamie Aliperti

      Why, exactly? The Democrats are every bit as corrupt, as self-serving, and as in the thrall of their corporate donors as the Republicans. If this primary season has shown us anything, it is that we are no longer a democracy, and no longer have “government by consent of the governed.” The Democrats voted for the supposedly $2.2 trillion (actually $5 trillion plus) stimulus bill that gave only crumbs to ordinary people and a massive, historically unprecedented transfer of wealth to Wall Street, the banks and the one per cent. There is really only one party now and it belongs to them. Government has operated only for their benefit for some time and we have reached the point that it is no longer necessary for them to even try to hide the fact. Our elections are now just a sterile circus of manufactured feuds, faux debates and dog-whistling to distract us from the fact that we actually have no choice in how the country is run. Those decisions are now made by the elite George Carlin correctly identified as “the owners of this country.” If you want to get rid of the oligarchy (and frankly, I am afraid it is almost too late for that) you’ve first got to stop voting the oligarchy’s carefully pre-vetted candidates, Republocan AND Democrat.

  33. “Groping Joe” Biden is an increasingly moldy place-holder for whoever the DNC patricians decide to put up against Citizen Donald in July. Cuomo is looking like he might get anointed, but July is a lot of news-cycles away, still. Donald-the-unpredictable will then appoint Bernard Sanders to Labor Secretary, while negotiating with Tulsi Gabbard for various positions up to and including National Security Advisor. By then, the coronavirus will be in it’s second wave of re-escalation, and all the rich people will have left New York for the duration. The Fed, managed by Blackrock, will own everything in the world, but the US military will be simply too sick to go repossess it, though still able to nuke it.
    November elections will be by mail-in ballot, counted by acolytes of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, while employed by…

  34. A sharp and pleasingly brief synopsis of where we are as a pathetic compliant group think society, unwilling to challenge the mobs views lest we be bullied, labelled and verbally lacerated by the mob. The wish to fit in and be popular is amongst our greatest weaknesses.

  35. Step One: Turn them off!
    The more we can convince people to do that, the less power their propaganda has upon the citizenry. Plus, as an extra special bonus offer, it costs them money. It costs them money because they sell access to your brain. One of their primary sources of income is advertising. They get money everytime your eyeballs watch their screens. Everytime you click on one of their web pages. Everytime you follow a link to their webpages. So, when you deny them your attention, it costs them money.
    But, best of all, when you turn them off you get to sit and wonder at watching the lemmings suddenly buy into the idea that Joe Biden is the champion of black people. Yep, that’s why he passed those crime bills spouting the same super-predator rhetoric that has dogged Hillary. The fact that the lemmings were programmed to believe that Joe Biden was the champion of black people and that they then voted for Biden was a pure illustration of the power of propaganda.
    And that is the best argument about why we all need to turn them off and get them out of our brains. Then we need to encourage everyone else to turn them off. When enough people do that, then they lose. Because when their propaganda can not infect enough of the masses, then their whole system collapses and we can start constructing the re-education camps.

    1. PS … if its close, I’m voting for Biden. There is bad, then there is truly awful. Bad sucks, but bad is still better than awful. At least the Democrats show some minimal signs of competence, and they seem to keep most of the corruption below the surface. The last two Republican regimes of Bush and now Trump reek of incompetence and corruption on a massive scale. I’ll take a somewhat functioning government that is only mostly corrupt over an incompetent mess that kills people and where the corruption is overwhelming. But I don’t think it will matter. By election day, Americans will be burying millions of dead and will be seriously pissed off and, as the American saying goes, Trump couldn’t be elected dog-catcher.

      1. Biden will not be the candidate. Biden will be protected as place-holder. Biden is unelectable to the third power, approaching completely-implausible.

        1. they can just prop him up like the republicans propped up reagan, trump is toast unless the economy turns around. i agree they want somebody else, obama? clinton? we’ll find out in due course.

        2. As with Caitlin’s rant, your prediction that Biden’s fifteen minutes of fame shall soon become a total non-event is probably true – but never underestimate the madness of the US electorate. I don’t know which was more disgusting in 2016, the numerical “blue clots” largely single issue voters majority clustered within the urban centers who actually voted for the truly deplorable (as coined by…) Hillary Clinton, or the hopeful but largely clueless “red spread” electoral majority spread all across the heartlands of the nation which overwhelmingly elected Donald Trump, an apparently all too capable (IMHO) and in realistic terms, very scary guy (IMHO). But let us not kid ourselves, the cosmic overlords have already decreed that Trump shall wear their crown.

  36. Amen ! It would appear that day draws nearer at a rapid rate . My Biggest concern is will the younger generation move in the right direction after all the years of brainwashing by there so called educators.

  37. Ms Johnstone ” the owners and the masters ” have been setting up the United States public this way for many generations. The ” people ” are to be manipulated, looted, lied to, spoon fed, and kept in the dark about everything. Donald Trump has turned the United States government into an arm of the ” corporations ” that Mr. Hitler and company would be very proud of. There are human beings that are aware of this ” bullshit ” and see trough it but the average person ” obeys ” the propaganda ” from their TV without ever questioning any of it. Our species is mostly made up of followers that do not want to ” think for themselves ” they want to be led around by their ” wet-nurses ” the government and media shills. There will be no ” regime change ” in the United States as long as the billionaires continue to run everything here.

  38. Caitlin: Why rapist.? Why that descriptive choice? I found it offensive, unless you have evidence of perverted behavior. If you used it for some kind of rage release, I guess that was your need. You are most often capable of voicing your convictions in concise, and appropriate language. tom golden

    1. That linked twitter feed is classic conspiracy theory BS. It would make Joe McCarthy seem like an honest straight shooter. Its pure spinning of hype and unproven BS and innuendo into a smear job. And it uses several of classic con-job BS techniques.

      1. there’s a lot more than a twitter feed supporting this woman’s story. what I find interesting is people springing to biden’s defense, and the way so many #metoo stalwarts turned on a dime to attack the woman.

    2. because that woman’s story is credible and she has been telling it for years. you can quibble over whether getting finger f…ed is rap or some other kind of brutal sexual assault, but why would you want to do that?

    3. You find use of the word “rape” offensive, but not the fact of someone being raped?

  39. I enjoy your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Very well done, Caitlin. The recent documentary “Out of the Shadows” ( might be one way into the fissure within the accepted order of things, exposing CIA mind control through film in Hollywood. One doesn’t have to agree with every point made to get
    the main point of “question the narrative,” and question if those who control the narrative
    have our best interests in mind (let alone heart).

  41. Great. You are getting better every mintue. If i wasnt 80 I’d “make the jump” with you.

  42. BRAVO!!! OMG, this was so fantastic. One of your best by far. Thank you, thank you, for
    speaking the truth. This needs to be circulated far and wide.

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