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Hi. I’m Caitlin.

I was all set to sit down, write a poem and make some art when a reader drew my attention to a Facebook comment in which someone I don’t know claimed that there are many Australians who want to physically assault me and send me to the hospital if they ever see me out in public.

So my animal body’s having a bit of a fear response, and I can never make art when I feel like this. I try to write every day, so on the rare occasion where I’m put in a position where I have to write while upset I usually just write from where I’m at and publish whatever comes up.

“She can’t even show her face publicly at political events in Australia as everyone, from Marxists to anarchists to Greenies, would put her in hospital,” some guy I don’t know said in a public Facebook group a few hours ago, explaining that this is because “She’s one of the most active nazbols (people on the far right who pretend to be left) anywhere.”

This job is so weird. My general disinclination to find out what people are saying about me combined with the dynamic of private chat groups and discussion forums means I’m usually the last to know when there’s some new narrative being circulated about me in dissident circles, and this one was uniquely shocking. People have been circulating the utterly false claim that I’m some kind of Nazi or right winger for years, but I’ve never previously seen anyone saying I should be physically assaulted for it, much less that many people agree that this would be a fine thing to do.

Maybe people say this sort of thing about me all the time, I don’t know. I’m inclined to think not, because I have done many public appearances at Australian pro-Assange rallies organized by lefty groups, and I’ve never felt threatened. To be honest it’s never seriously occurred to me that someone might try to assault me at any such an event. I think maybe this person made that claim in an attempt to look cool, because in some cliques saying you’ll hospitalize someone for their political beliefs is how one makes oneself look cool.

Either that or they’re trying to normalize the idea that hospitalizing me via physical assault would be a perfectly reasonable thing for Marxists, anarchists or Greens to do if they ever see me in public. I don’t know. We’re all on lockdown so it doesn’t really matter either way right now. I just feel threatened in my guts.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Fear and frozenness, and the familiar shame response that sometimes comes up for me when people shout about the unskillful arguments I made at the beginning of my career.

All I can really do is sit and feel my feelings. Feel my feet on the floor. Let it all wash over me.

Hi. I’m Caitlin. I was born in 1974 and experienced a long, confusing ordeal with lots of pain, abuse, transcendence and transformation, and now I write weird blog things for a living. Some people like it. A lot of people don’t. I do my best. I haven’t always done it perfectly but I’ve always done my best.

I show up here day after day trying to contribute something helpful to the world, because I promised my kids I’d take care of things and make sure they have a healthy planet to live on. I don’t have any platform. I don’t have connections. I have a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a Medium account and a WordPress account. The only reason anyone reads my stuff is because some people enjoy it and share it with others. I don’t have any reach other than what’s given to me by the crowd on any given day.

I don’t really know what this adventure I’m on is or where it’s going. I just know that by and large I am loving the hell out of it and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, and I’m so grateful for every one of my patrons and everyone who makes it possible for me to keep showing up here even when I’m scared and sloppy and babbling like a doofball.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined me on this ride. Thank you to everyone who joined me for a while and decided it wasn’t for them and went their own way. Thank you to everyone whose acquaintance I’ve yet to have the pleasure of making on this journey. I deeply appreciate each and everyone who has been or will be a part of this thing with me.

There. Okay. I feel better.


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  • Hello Caitlin , Yeoman’s work on Jibberish Joe .Sadest thing Ive seen ,an old man with no friends being devoured alive by politics
    It is clear you are tending to your accounts and I’ll assume it is alright to ask a few questions The first being, have you had the advantages of traveling much in the last 30 ,15 ,10, 3 or more recently visiting the same places on more than one occasion ?
    Anyway look forward to your response appolgese for my grammar & spelling.
    Old but not forgotten .

  • Dear Caitlin,

    No matter how you choose to describe yourself, in the eyes of friends and enemies, you’re a revolutionary journalist. Because of that aforementioned fact, the enemy wants you dead…or just gone. If you quit, you’ll make some powerful people joyous. On many levels, it means you’re doing a great job exposing the depraved workings of this system. If you stick around, you’ll be a highly esteemed agent of the people.

    You know full well how journalists (the ones doing their jobs) are under attack from governments around the world. Your work on Julian Assange proves this point. You’re rattling some cages. To us, you’re a hero. Your work is invaluable. It should continue to spread wide and deep.

    You are needed, you are loved, and you are invaluable to humanity. You’re impacting the world most positively.
    It’s your call to stay or go, but your work is critical to the well being of people who want a better world.

    Thank you for all of your hard work.

    Respectfully yours,

    Yusef Endure

  • Hi Caitlin,
    I just happened to come across your name when the German „Rubikon“ wanted your latest piece translated within hours. Looking around your site leaves me deeply impressed – I love truely independent minds who are not affiliated with anybody for reasons of power, recognition or otherwise. You speak your own mind and nothing else – and presumably this affords you a fair amount of shit from those entrenched into any fixed system of thought and loyalities. Nowhere is there so much mutual hatred, they say, as among leftists and progressives, while conservatives have a way of sticking together. The most talented and reasonable German protagonist of the left, Sarah Wagenknecht, was mobbed out of her leading party position, and she was also accused of supporting rightist positions. Or look at the progressive „Rubikon“ – if you don’t share their position that the corona virus is a „Fake“ and a „Hoax“, they won’t print you – one of its former founding members, Florian Kirner, has recently had to make that experience.

  • Hi Assange is CIA , obviously as no enemy of Washington just lollygags( he was not
    assassinated which is weird right?) around an embassy making babies and
    partying with other celebs.
    And that wikileaks was developed by CIA to catch whistle blowers before
    they leaked.
    Hello it was the UN that told people he was being tortured and if you
    believe the UN well…theres no hope .
    Some people don’t have reasoning minds and don’t know who is a NWO shill
    and who isn’t.

  • I adore your work. You are my big sister full of brilliant light. You are my vulnerable, hurting little sister full of potent rhythm and nuance. Your truths bring me new life. Every single time I read your work. Letting fools rush in rent free will only let us know we do not need them now. You, Caitlin, are creating the path for us, anew. It is beauty, presence, an obligation to be here with all of it. Coming into your sacred word shere is a joy. You Are. Us. Loving US.

    Fools: Wipe.Your feet off. Your ass off. Your dis-grace off. And sit down. Fools: Be silent now. (You’ve had your turn). Get thee, behind. Or be gone.

  • You’re not alone Caitlin, the same thing happened to me last week. My immediate sense was that was some kind of ASIO/government operative trying to spook me into avoiding public gatherings – at a time when mass public gatherings are what the social engineers running this global lockdown fear most of all. And even though you hate me, I’d be very surprised if any random member of the public disliked you so much that they wished physical harm upon you. It’s probably just a cowardly attempt at intimidation by a paid off intel agent. Please don’t be intimidated by such thuggary – that’s why an organized crime mob runs the world.

  • Don’t be discouraged by the madness. You are not alone. If we had a hundred of you all our problems would go away.

  • Dear Caitlin,

    We love you so much. You are precious to us like a jewel. You’re our human treasure. Bless you and all those you love, always.


  • Never stop, Daughter of the Sun – your hope is contagious


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  • In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. We definitely live in times of universal deceit, and you Caitlin tell the truth as best you can. Many people do not recognize the deceit or the truth, so they will inevitably be misguided, some to the point of wanting to hurt others. And of course, there are sociopaths in the world who create the deceit, hate being exposed by the truth, and don’t mind hurting others at all. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s what we have to work with, and that’s the ugly truth.

  • Caitlin, one of the things I appreciate about you is that you don’t have a “side” or position to defend–you call out hypocrisy and lies, no matter what their origin. I have looked long & hard to find someone who has no personal agenda other than truth. You don’t have to be “perfect”–just, please, keep calling them as you see them. You are a breath of fresh air–kind and fair (and brilliant)! You are a gift to this planet.

  • Wow!!! 141 comments, nothing I can add to that!!! Yeah, some people, it takes all types, maybe if you were MSM, but then these are same folks who go around talking about stiffer sentences for child abusers as they go around as so many of the Mafia religious type do, beheading hundreds of children at a time, and then calling it in to the Daily Beast so that all g-d’s prescious children will know that the new world order is alive and well, at least for the few.

  • You punch at a heavy weight. We need you in the fight.

  • Howdy Caitlin, I subscribe to your blog and look forward to your articles on a daily basis. For me, it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you live; that is the part that makes you, you. And for as much as the United States likes to talk about rugged individualism and independence, I have seen a ‘slow drip’ erosion of freedom that has diminished what Democracy and what our writers of the Constitution achieved.

    Here in America, it is all to often that those most outspoken end up getting the raw end of the stick as you often correctly report on. A person you may or may not of heard of goes by the handle of Dutchsinse. He used to study and create videos on his findings regarding chemtrails and other such phenomena. He now has videos on earthquake predictions and agarners some unwanted attention from time to time. Unfortunately, when you are as good as you are at offering valuable and meaningful perspectives that can help most; you’ll get a few crackers coming out of the woodworks.

    For what it is worth, I truly appreciate your work.

  • You are lovely, inside and out. You are not afraid to be a truth-teller and that is what sets you apart from so many people. I have always been a truth-teller too and it hasn’t always been well-received. But that’s part of the territory and as long as it’s coupled with genuine love for humanity, then nothing can really hurt you. Not ultimately. You are a lover of humanity and all other creatures. You are fine. A million thanks, Caitlin.

  • “Nazbol” is a word I’ve never heard before. Aren’t they the ghouls from Lord of the Rings who can see you if you are wearing the One Ring, and suck out your will to live if you don’t eat enough chocolate? You should probably eat more chocolate. 😉

  • Caitlin, there’s no real need to respond to trolls and other hard line idiots. In fact, there’s better than a 50% chance that you are empowering them to continue, because your responses support their insults which, in turn, are one of the few ways that they can get their jollies off.

  • It’s time for the good minds out there to turn their attention to this very problem. Electronic communication has enabled an explosion of smear campaigns against individuals, and by now it should be obvious that smear campaigns are, at the intentional level, homicidal. People’s lives have been ruined by them. There must be a way to curb this social cancer. It is monstrous.

    • It’s been going on since at least the 1500’s, they had special name for it back then, some Rabbi who would later become famous a sort of founder of what the Rothschild’s would become all about was going to complain about it to King Phillip, but then it turned out he had his own problems, and pretty much that’s why the world is in the mess that it’s in.

  • Well, I’m an old lady in Atlanta, in the American South on the other side of the world. Your work is wonderful and your son is a lucky kid to have a mom like you. So sorry you have been threatened but, for what it is worth, your work means the world to someone like me living in a corner of the world full of ignorance and despair.

  • Paying spindoctors, troll-farms etc. some 50 000 dollars or so, to discredit you would be peanuts for for example a thinktank working for the military industrial complex, compared to the opinion-forming threat you pose, given your number of followers and sharp establishment-criticizing analyses. I would be very surprised if not at least a few spindoctors are engaged to specifically figure out how to discredit you and limit the opinion forming impact your articles and tweets have.
    Presuming that; what would be the most efficient way to discredit you? Well, since you are peace-, left- and green-based, strategies to alienate that particular audience from you would be a smart move. And the easiest way to do that would be to use the left/right-narrative and spread the word that you are anti-left. Next move would be to hire a troll-farm to spread that message.
    What could more be done to try to limit your impact? Well, why not try to intimidate you. It’s tough to be a normal single person, not hiding your identity, with no organization to back you up. And they know it. Smear campaigns, online bullying and scare tactics on social media are too often used by organized powerful interests to try to sabotage the motivation of influential single individuals from criticizing their interests. I know too many examples. My bet is this is not a real lunatic, but part of a strategy by commercial interests to bully you on social media, in hope of demoralizing you from doing your work.
    Having said that, you must off course take it seriously and report the threat to the police, but please don’t let it intimidate you from doing your important work and invaluable contribution to a better world! We need you!

    Please everybody; Stand up for Caitlin on social media, counter-attack smear-campaigns and potential corporate trolls (and regular assholes). Don’t let their comments remain unchallenged. We can not compete with the sum of money they spent on troll-farms, but we can compete with the sum of us.
    The number of paid trolls/accounts will never exceed the number of real people striving for a better world. As long as we don’t keep silent.

  • Hello!
    Do not loose your energy, nor your clear thoughts, nor your incommodating morality, nor the directness and sincerity you project and I pick up.
    Take, please, the strength that my recognition may give to you. Thanks

  • Hi Caitlin! I disagree with you on most things and certainly on the most fundamental things, but I enjoy your commentary and especially your outsider’s perspective on American politics. More Americans need to be aware of what people from other countries think of the US. It’s my hunch that most people who want you dead (and I’ve had the occasional death threat myself) are sincere but cowardly. They want someone else to do the job. So they post something on-line and hope that some disturbed fanatic will do what they want. It’s a risk for you but part of the cost of freedom, as I’m sure you realize.

  • They are jealous of the attention you receive, wishing they could get some while espousing insanity. I strongly suspect you are the only one influenced to a significant degree by their drivel.

  • “You’re a treasure to the human race because you think and feel and express, with deep insight and in total honesty.”
    Think about the fact that you help people confront their fears with great humanity. You help us rally and encourage us to stand up for ourselves. Such a gift! It’s going to get some flak for sure. The price of admission. It means you are being effective. They are actually doing you a service by letting you know how deeply you are permeating the structures of power. Keep being true to yourself.

  • Caitlin, Bless your heart. You are dealing with the same stuff I faced (along with my family and friends) starting back in 2001. It’s too long a history to recount, but the first threat was our physical address published on a private forum with the suggestion that someone should “take care” of us. Not long after, our dog was poisoned, a dead cat was left on our doorstep, that sort of thing. Then, after I published my first piece drawing comparisons between then current politicians and psychopaths, we actually received written death threats. The legal route was no help at all. We were simply told to “stop doing what you are doing that pisses people off.” We ended up moving to Europe from USA. At one point after the move, when we published material about pedophile rings, I found I was being followed and photographed in an open air market. Not long after, lug nuts on the wheel of my car were loosened and our fence was cut one night.

    The defamation, smears, threats, were relentless until about 2014. We ended up being interrogated by police, audited by the FISC, a lawsuit figures in there (which we won, by the way) and on and on and on. Hell’s bells, I felt like I had PTSD. But we continued and continue until today.

    If you are interested, check this article on my site:

    If you want survival tips, you can contact me from there.

    Best wishes,

    • Yup,Yup, so very, very long, but I read it all though it back was very obvious after just a few paragraphs why you were/are having such a big problem. These damn things that want to be Gods. Why we’re still using carbon based fuel when clean nuclear energy that can essentially burn ordinary dirt without radiation is not being used. It’s based upon an old theological argument. But, besides that there is the very real reality, that each and every single one of us has the innate ability to bring the dead back to life, to cure epilepsy with a touch, to be in more than one place at the same time and to recreate life out of thin air and so much more. With a little bit of concerted effort we can create entire cities out of nothing more than thought alone. So, why doesn’t it work? Those other beings, the possible Gods that use us as sort of chess pieces? The physical realities aside we always knew by the very nature of physics that the more we knew the more that reality would conform to our perception of it. So, who are all these ugly beasts that stand in the way of our own heavenly creation? This universe is a playground created within a mind incapable of knowing with absolute certainty that any or all this actually exists the apparent evil of the world is the creator’s doubt that it can exit without constant input, that is; are we real or just some mind’s random thought, evil is the result of this uncertainty, if as one man stated the problem he had but s grain of faith he could move a mountain. The problem is that we must collectively believe that if we can create by the mind alone, then the mind that creates the image of the universe will know that the creation is in fact real and not just a hallucination. In very simple terms it is up to us to create the universe, the so-called big bang has not happened yet, and that is why there are so many that are trying to cheat the world by creating it in their image and not God’s image. So, yeah, very easy to see the difficulties and of course two working time machines have already been built so of course then the primitive UFOs because human kind now has the means of building and powering them. The lights from the UFOs aren’t for decoration, they are the very means of cooling the nuclear reactors contained within them, and the means of their propulsion is the same as that which heats the sun’s atmosphere far beyond the temperature of the sun’s surface. These people trying to rob us kill us probably on a photon level gained illegal access to the past for their own (group) personal benefit. Hence we suffer though they can never gain individually personally, because of the many universe problem. Anyway, that’s the problem, why it exists is the same reason it’s possible to be in more than one place at one time, sort of a space-time entanglement. But, yes of course people are going to try to stop you. I will try to find the time to read your book.

  • Their inability to assign you to any of the common narrative boxes thoughtfully provided by the Corporate Fascist Internationale is what causes the cogg-diss which then fuels the free floating hatred that commonly gets directed your way.
    Its too painful and difficult to challenge the comfy paradigm and easy assumptions, much easier to attack the messenger.
    So keep bringin’ it dear lady, keep bringin’ it !

  • I’ll add a few words here, too. I love your writing. You are brave and truthful and I know how it hurts to be maligned by unknown comments on the internet. I’m ‘stuck’ in Australia at the moment, and I can attest to the general redneck blokey-ness of many men. They barely know how to express their feelings, except the rage they express when under the influence of alcohol. Yeah, some real mature guys here. Not to put out a blanket statement….cuz there are also many wonderful people here. Please keep on with your creative, political and spiritual expressions. Your work resonates and it is VITAL.

  • Dear Caitlin,
    I’ve been faithfully reading your stuff since 6.01.2019. I am astounded at the quantity and quality of your output. Well done!
    I hope that my following words may be of some help to cope with online threats. Despite the horrendously despicable acts by many of our so-called leaders as you have pointed out so eloquently in your writings, it is important that you attack their ideas and foul actions, but not the human beings who hold such ideas and commit these crimes. This will leave you less open to threats. To lessen the impact of such threats on your feelings remember to take nothing these people say personal. You already know that you are much stronger than you or I can imagine.
    Love, Theo

  • Well I would like to give you a very respectful kiss on the cheek for being so insightful and intelligent.
    Unfortunately at the moment that might be considered to be an assault but as the opportunity for this to happen is more than remote you need not worry about it too much.
    As for the less affectionate proposals of assault I suggest that karma generally sorts things out for people like that.
    If not then hopefully they will be consumed by their own stomach acids and have a quite horrible life.

  • Caitlin, you probably know by now, I’m a dedicated supporter of the stuff you do and write. But it would seem, you need to toughen up some. Don’t take that the wrong way either. I was born in Germany, 1950. In 1953 my parents decided to immigrate to Australia. When I started school, I was immediately exposed to racism and bullying, both from the teachers and the students, purely on the basis of my birthplace. At the time, Australia was virulent British and blindly followed the crap flowing out from Britain, (just as we are doing today with the Americans) it did not matter, whether any of it was true or not, the thing that really got to me, was the adults, who supported the behaviour of the kids 100%. Well those kids are today’s parents and have kids of their own. So it does not surprise me in the least, that they’d behave in exactly the same way as their parents did. I learnt the only positive way to deal with these issues, was to develop a very thick skin, most times that worked just fine, but on occassion, more direct measures were required. I discovered, quiet by accident, physical rejection was an excellent method of defence. Many times I had to defend myself physicaly from violence on the way home from school. Such events soon became common knowledge within the school, and I was left alone. The last time I was abused in this manner, was by an Adult Australian 20 years ago, I asked him then, what has he done for Australia, he replied nothing. I countered with, ” I volunteered my life for the benefit of this country and fought a war for allegedly, it’s defense, that’s bloody sight more than you have ever done with your life, for this country”. He shut up like a clam. Never spoke to me again.
    I’ve learnt, bullies only understand the same language they put out, thus anyone attacking you, you must respond twice as strong to put these people in their place. Stay strong, and don’t let them undermine you or make you fearful, they are pussies in real life.

  • Dear Caitlin, I follow your writing as i find it extremely thought-provoking, intelligent, and sometimes funny. I also live in Australia and do not easily fit into categories such as right or left which are demeaning at best. For those with lively minds there are far more than two sides to an issue. The insidious thing about the communication tools we currently use is that there is no way to tell who is writing dreadful things about you and probably the best strategy is to read as little as possible. Because it will get under your skin. Unless you are not a human. Best wishes with your writing and i appreciate it deeply. If i see you in public i will go up and
    say g’day. now that i know what you look like!

  • Well, Caitlin, if I saw you in my small Aussie country town I’d air-hug you. Don’t worry about the yobs. They are coming from ignorant fear. Do what David Icke does. Remind yourself that you are infinite consciousness having a brief human experience on Earth. Embrace the fear and wrap it in love. 🙂

  • So many yobbos and buff heads here in Aus. and overseas. They live amongst us and breed.

  • Hi Caitlin. I’m Joshua, a.k.a. Josh, a.k.a. ‘some dude’, a.k.a. Me, . I love your work, it’s pretty awesome.

  • If you would ever say anything negative about Trump, which means telling the truth about him, you would cut your naysayers by more than half. How in hell do you ignore his ignorance and the fact that he endangers the entire planet with his diatribes and his mental illness, not to mention his psycopathy.

  • It would appear that the person to which you refer is trying to incite hated and is threatening physical harm. This is illegal so I would recommend referring this threat to the Australian Federal Police. They do not take kindly to this type of behaviour.
    PS Love your work and admire your courage. God bless you and your family.

  • The Internet is full of empty threats, so the odds are much in your favor. I don’t think I’ve seen any threats that are particular to you or to the idiocy of mistaking you for a white supremacist. I’m a Green, and probably a Marxist and anarchist as well. I’m seven years older than you, and female, from Oregon.
    I started reading your articles regularly about a year before the Counterpunch incident. I was reading Counterpunch regularly for two years before the incident, and had donated money to them. I don’t read them regularly anymore, though there are a number of writers there I really like. The editors really shamed themselves when they went after you. At first I was concerned, thinking two people I like are probably both half wrong about something. But I read every word of the articles on it from both you and them, and I was surprised to find you were 100% right and they were 0% right. Things are rarely so easy for me to figure out. I’m sure you can always improve your writing skill to minimize the number of people who will misunderstand, but jeezus, how obtuse do you have to be, even with your earlier stuff, to get nazi out of that. My budget for supporting Counterpunch was redirected to you.

    • Rising had a related clip yesterday. Apparently Matt Stoller and Saagar Enjeti got called Nazis too.

      “Saagar Enjeti: The woke left FREAKS at my suggestion of Populist left-right alliance”

      • Rats, the link got converted to the first clip in the group. It is the 3rd clip I wanted. I think this will go directly to it:

  • This is the burden of the truth-teller. So many cannot stand to hear the truth because it conflicts with the opinions they are emotionally invested in, that their ego is wrapped up in. Horrible comment for someone to make. Stay strong, and don’t let them intimidate you. There are many who love you and listen to what you have to say!

  • I don’t always agree with you but I appreciate what you say and hope you just keep doing what you are doing. It is generally what we need to hear and think about. As hard as it is sometimes, for your own sake and health, try to lighten up just a little. Not a lot. Just a little. And if others get upset over what you write- f’-em.

  • “Keep Scribbling”

  • Well I think you are wonderful.

  • Enchantée, beautiful human. To paraphrase Salman Rushdie, how do you defeat fear? Don’t be afraid. Post a photo instead, for all to see and recognize who you are. The light of truth shines in your work and your eyes. Namaste.

  • I guess I accidentally signed up for notifications on this thread.

  • Great contribution to knowledge and hopefully one day to liberty and justice as well. I follow your work and support you on Patreon. Caitlin, I still want to hear who you recommend as revolutionary leaders who are outside the political arena?

    • Mr John Adams is an Australian Economist, I would suggest Mr Adams WOULD be a suitable candidate for the Australian Prime Ministership. In MY opinion! You may follow Mr Adams work here: https://www.adamseconomics.com/

  • they say they like diversity, they hammer us each day
    don’t you down a lesbian and don’t you diss a gay
    don’t discuss immigration and don’t discuss the foreign mass
    and don’t discuss most everything, as all your views are crass

    they have the correct agenda, their story is the one
    dare you not from it a wander, they’ll bring an end to all your fun
    and when they have you in their sights, they’ll savage with words our minds
    Don’t heed their words and threats because, they’re just from their behinds

  • I’m a long time reader and I find it odd that anyone could think you’re a fascist (most fascists pretending to be leftists pretend to be their stereotypes of leftists and are usually pretty easy to uncover) I searched the original link (from 2 years ago) and it seems to go back to your article in 2017 about an anti-establishment alliance between left and right.

    The idea that marxists, anarchists or greens wish you harm seems to have been made up by the poster. I am a leftist as well, but I will admit that the Left really can be the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea.

    It makes me think of what Angie Speaks went through, so beware the Vampire Castle.

  • Hi
    Well thats terrible people are so unconscious.
    Assange is CIA , obviously as no enemy of Washington just lollygags( not assassinated which is weird right?) around an embassy making babies and partying with other celebs.
    And that wikileaks was developed by CIA to catch whistle blowers before they leaked.
    Hello it was the UN that told people he was being tortured and if you believe the UN well…theres no hope .
    Some people don’t have reasoning minds and don’t know who is a NWO shill and who isn’t.
    Here is something to cheer you up.

    • You have some weird beliefs could post a few links to fast69@fastmail.com so that I can ascertain if you know your stuff or are just a nut job?

  • Just keep on keeping on, Caitlin. We’ve got your back. Hugs

  • I had a daughter who was born in 1974, April 24th to be exact. She died when she was three days old, but if she had grown up to be like you, I would be extremely proud of her. And, if the occasion arose, I would happily step between you and any fists, truncheons. rocks, or bullets that were headed your way. You give me hope for the future. Thank you for all that you do.

  • If you let those with sadistically sick minds unnerve you, then they, in their own sad, pathetic way, have won. Take reasonable precautions and then go forth with confidence, purpose, and joy. Love life even more, write even better, take pleasure and gratitude in every small thing. There are many thousands, perhaps millions, of people who are grateful for what your unique insights and beautiful words and images have brought to our lives. Thank you so much, Caitlin. May you be both protected and free as you move through your days. All good to you.

  • Hey Caitlin,
    Sorry this is so hurtful and worrying for you right now. I could make a hundred arguments as to why this dude is wrong an why threats of violence are just a response of someone with no counter to your logic. But I know what it’s like when someone finds that soft spot in my shell. I don’t want to be fearful, but I don’t want to lose those soft spots either.

    I am sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you

    Sending much love to your huge heart from Australia

  • Hi Caitlin, I have been following you for the last two years. Even when disagreeing sometimes with you, it has been a delight to read your ideas, comments and poetry.
    Thanks for writing every day.

  • “They are unanimous in their hatred of me, and I welcome their hatred.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Welcome their hatred, Caitlin. Own it. Wear it as a badge of honor. I chose the monicker I use for a reason.

  • “…there are many Australians who want to physically assault me and send me to the hospital if they ever see me out in public.”

    The worst thing for a writer is for readers to react with indifference. Strong reactions, positive and negative, means a writer’s message is getting through.

    “I… experienced a long, confusing ordeal with lots of pain, abuse, transcendence and transformation…”

    This is the life story of most of the human race… at least up to the “abuse” part. Getting to the next step is being able to cross a great raging river to a bright new land.

    “…and now I write weird blog things for a living. Some people like it. A lot of people don’t. I do my best. I haven’t always done it perfectly but I’ve always done my best.”

    Many people choose to safely keep their heads down buried within the prairie grass. Others have the courage to lift up their heads above the hiding places. Both kinds of people – those who hide and those who lift heads up – have to ask themselves why they are really choosing to do what they do. And then, ask if they’re OK with that reason.

  • “Hi. I’m Caitlin. I was born in 1974 and experienced a long, confusing ordeal with lots of pain, abuse, transcendence and transformation, and now I write weird blog things for a living. A lot of people like it. Some don’t. I do my best. I haven’t always done it perfectly but I’ve always done my best. ”

    There you go Caitlin I fixed your post. there are many many many of us who adore and respect you and look forward to your art and articles. As an aside here is a nice video of a guy on a bike who also has a positive message we all need to hear. Hope you enjoy the ride!

  • Bon courage Caitlin. I love what you are doing and feel your work is very important. I definitely hope you can keep it up and stay strong. All the best to you and yours from Luxembourg.

  • The self-defence teacher Geoff Thompson was once informed that a certain person was going to ‘sort him out’ with physical violence. Geoff found himself getting quite wound up and planning where and how he was going to deal with the threat. Then he decided to write an article about the experience and sold it to a magazine for 400 UK pounds.
    Seems like your tormentor saved you the trouble of having to think about what to write today. Write the poem another day.
    I read your posts every time. We have ideological differences. I would not put you on a pedestal for the reason you outlined a couple of days back. You are making a difference, I really don’t know what it would take to wake up everyone to a higher level of consciousness, but one starfish at a time is still good work.

  • Last verse of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen:
    I did my best, it wasn’t much
    I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch.
    I told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you.
    And even though it all went wrong
    I’ll stand before the lord of song
    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah!

  • Ah the courage you show – it’s amazing. Keep writing. keep writing, keep writing.

  • You’re one of my favs, Caity. We started our a few years ago when I sent you a FB friend request but you were already maxed out. After some messaging, you made room for me. You took me in, Caity.

    I read everything of yours that I run across. I share quite a few of your posts. Aside from insights and really good information, your writing is entertaining. You’re a clever girl. More than that, your heart is bigger than the Australian outback.
    Nazi? LOL That seems to be mainstream media worshiping leftist’s favorite epithet for anyone who expresses thoughts that diverge from the official narrative. It’s what ignorant ideologues do.

    From what I’ve seen, you are surrounded by love. Let it lift you up. Know that you are on the right path and that you are making a difference.

  • Here’s ‘ ‘ Pissed Off Vic’ ‘ to help you feel better:

  • As Margaret Atwood wrote in The Handmaid’s Tale (borrowing the masthead quote of an old Canadian miner’s paper) “Nolite te bastardem, carobundorem” – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. It is a made up modern Latin adage, but a damned good one.

    Given your piece today I think it important to take an opportunity to express to you my heartfelt thanks for you astute, insightful articles, which resonate very well with me politically as a Canadian anarcho-syndicalist – pretty left by most people’s standards. Let me also say your writing is also beautifully composed, and not infrequently gives me pause to smile, or laugh; and sometimes, in your more metaphysical wanderings, to spend a moment contemplating the human condition from your perspective. You will be all right Caitlin – and I feel certain that there are MANY who appreciate you greatly.

  • Give me love
    Give me love
    Give me peace on earth
    Give me light
    Give me life
    Keep me free from birth
    Give me hope
    Help me cope, with this heavy load
    Trying to, touch and reach you with
    Heart and soul
    — George Harrison

    • I find it interesting that I was led to this video, then had the notion of posting it here, and did so, before going back and reading what was written. When I scrolled up to begin to read this post, well, I found that I find that very interesting. 🙂
      Ahhh, the things that you can find when you let your mind go a wandering. 🙂
      All who wander are not lost! 😉

  • Just keep in mind that it is easy to threaten someone while sitting at the keyboard in mother’s basement than it is to formulate a counter argument and post it publicly. Doubtful that any of these people (or bots) will ever be anywhere that you are to carry out those attention seeking threats.

  • I’m so sorry that you get attacked like that. But it isn’t surprising since anyone who stands up and tells people what’s really going on in the world is going to be attacked. I for one love your writing, poetry, artwork, and feel that you are someone who can educate the people and put it in a style that I find totally wonderful. I tell people about you whenever I get the opportunity. Stay strong and keep fighting; we love you!

  • Ms Caitlin Johnstone born in 1974. From January 23, 1974 until February 10, 1975 was a year of the Tiger. Females born that year are number seven ( youngest daugter ) in the cosmic family according to Nine Star Ki astrology. It really is a crying shame that so many human beings are so full of hatred that they desire to harm others. They do not even really have or need a valid reason; they just want to hurt others. These people are very sick and they are way beyond any ” help “. They belong in prison or in mental institutions. Ms Johnstone for every idiot that dislikes you, or your writing. there are many thousands of us out here that positively adore you. May the Heavens always love and protect you!

  • Pray for those who hate you, they are truly sick.

  • Caitlin, what you do is Great! What you do is so Worthwhile! What you do really Matters! Yes, that’s right!
    There will probably (sadly) be more of this cowardly and hostile online abuse aimed at you, but it doesn’t change the importance of what you do, in fact in some weird way it actually reaffirms this. You keep on doing what you do, because it’s more important now than ever.
    Love you’re work!
    If I saw you at a rally I would feel a strong desire to hug you, but only if you consented of course!
    Virtual hugs

  • I read pretty much everything I know you write. Thanx.

  • Stay strong. You have the Light on your side. Thank you for doing what you do . I pray that everyone can find your strength and change the world for the better and bring the truth to light.

  • Stay strong. People of discernment and a functioning brain love your stuff, or at least if they have a different opinion, they have the upbringing and self-restraint and self-control to just disagree and then go away and get on with other things. BTW, how’s the weather in Burleigh? wish I were there!

  • Please keep on keeping on.
    In my book you have done pretty well in the last year or so. Thank you.
    Jasper Tomlinson, London …90 years old last July.

  • Intimidation is a big part of their game, just look at the antics of the U.S. President. Bully in chief. Keep writing, but please be careful.

  • I consider you writings to be an art form. PLEASE don’t let anyone discourage you.

  • I’m glad you feel better, Caitlin. Or, as in the old saying on a button I once had–don’t let the bastards grind you down. And speaking of people who can’t tell left from right, they are the kind of people who think the Clintonite-Obama axis (including the demented one) is on the left. I am writing from America (the United States of, not the main America), and my picture of Australia I get is from Peter Temple novels. Maybe a bit skewed, but I like to read them. Keep up the work!

  • Dear Caitlin:

    Hi. I’m Manelle. I’m a twice laid off former public high school English teacher from Los Angeles now preparing to hopefully qualify for nursing school after having taken care of my third-grade teacher older sister, who died of brain cancer, and my activist Legal Aid Executive Director lawyer mother, who died of Alzheimer’s dementia.

    I have also studied Near Eastern Studies (my father is Lebanese, and my mother was mostly German-American). I am one year your junior.

    I have observed a pattern since before we were born: activist groups infiltrated, sabotaged, and destroyed by the FBI or CIA and their ‘assets’. Remember The Black Panthers?

    This slander of you by a supposed leftist who’s identified as an expert interlocutor from numerous leftist groups does not appear accidental.

    This aggressive slander of you is like a target; a bullseye, since terroristic threats of potential violence, if not assassination, were also implied- if you continue to call out and speak truth to power.

    PLEASE start wearing a kevlar vest in public. It will not protect your head, but it is better than nothing.

    I apologize for raising the alarm bells. But goddammit, someone has to.

    I apologize not knowing what legal recourse you have, if any, re: the man on Facebook who is slandering and encouraging violence against you.

    I have been following your writings since 2016- and I’m sorry, Caitlin, but despite always having agreed with your critical analyses of capitalist Pax Americana’s (and her client-states/allies) ecocidal and genocidal domestic/foreign policies, I’ve increasingly wondered when the political/banker/military class will assassinate you for being an outspoken truth teller.

    Please try to be as safe as possible. Again, I’m sorry to be so alarmist, but I sincerely appreciate you, and hope to keep reading your important critical analyses of our fucked up and unfair capitalist psychopathic world forever.

    Forever your sincere admirer,

  • Hey Caitlin, don’t let those small people get you down. Maybe it was someone in a basement cell at the NSA taking out his frustrations. I would imagine you aren’t to popular with Pompeo groupies (what an awful thought, could such a thing exist????) There are lot’s of us out here that are grateful for your presence. I don’t need to agree with you 100% of the time, that is impossible between any two humans anyhow. The important thing is you really try to understand, and when you share your thoughts with us, it isn’t trying to bullshit us to think one thing or another. And yes, sometimes you are funny, which can be helpful even during the darkest times.

    So thanks, and keep on writing!

  • How is your daughter doing, dear Caitlin?

    • I don’t understand this question.

      • Diane F. is threatening Caitlin’s daughter. This Bolton type creep (remember Bustani) should be banned from civilization.

        • Oh, dear, no. Caitlin told us a few days ago that her daughter was sick. I am sincerely concerned about her daughter’s health. I never thought my comment could be misconstrued. I can see where you’re coming from, Alan, and agree if what you say was my motivation that indeed I should be banned from civilization. Please see https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/03/26/cold-war-coronavirus-and-the-illusion-of-control/ where Caitlin writes: “So my daughter has a fever and a sore throat now. According to the Victoria guidelines she doesn’t qualify for testing, but her symptoms match those listed for COVID-19 and I’m pretty sure she’s got it.”

            • Oh, Caitlin, that’s wonderful news. I’ve been worried about her. I think about both you and her every day.

      • Caitlin recently expressed worry for her daughter’s health. I hope she’s fully recovered.

        • Ah, thanks. Given the topic of this thread, it seemed a bit worrisome, but I see there was no need to worry. This subject can makes us all a little paranoid. Good to know all is well.

  • Fear not.They are more than enough angry people out there who are going to get a lot worse when their money and food runs out so they won’t have the time luxury of aiming it at you.Surrender to the Great Life Force who knows everything about this test to bring humans back to a proper way to live✊.Love your work.

  • Don’t worry. The terrible person who said that is a “nazbol” himself, and clearly lying. You know these spooks are everywhere, bought and paid for by the awfullest far-righters (the same people, or their friends, who manufacture fake news for the benefit of the Trump re-election campaign).

  • thank you, caitlin. we love you. 🙂

  • The comments here indicate your support. The guy who threatened you is afraid. He might have been bullied at an early age so stays in his room afraid of letting himself see himself. Now I know I cannot know this for sure. That is what is so scary until my family and friends reach out and remind me I am loved.

  • Although I make no comparison, the world is full of vilified and then venerated individuals, some beatified and some canonized, with statues and memorials for recognized deeds well done. I would venture to say Joan of Arc could resurrect today and she would, again, be burnt at the stake. My comment of society, for today, is: ‘we have not yet exhausted the potential of our stupidity. But give us some time.’ ”Write” on young lady.

  • You are loved and appreciated. Keep sharing your insight.

  • Please continue to speak truth and be a beacon of hope a sovereign human with strengths and human frailties, I tell my daughter that you are a truth teller, a cultural marxist/NWO/fascist deflater and hopefully she will see you as a role model (that will make me a proud dad) The Alt Left echo chamber is loud and furious, please don’t let them silence you.

  • Blessigs upon you Caitlin! My eyes tear up with appreciation for a real human being! I have forwarded your blog to at least 50 people and none of them have sent back any negative feedback.And a few have sent positive.comments.Unfortunately its easy for someone to sow weeds of fear,that easily take root.and usually sown by a coward! I personally find the best defense is to send them light and prayers for their well being as well as oneself,thereby displaceing fear with love. Keep up the good work!

  • Hello Caitlin Johnstone,
    I read your writings every day. They are useful, they bring hope and light and joy.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  • It’s hard, these days, for me to draw the distinction between an individual’s corrupted cynicism and systemic cultural engineering. The person who labels the likes of Caitlin Johnstone to a wingnut posting as a progressive (to use the Yank terms) is a case in point.

    It it their own transference that forces them to attribute to everyone else their own pathology, or is it an organized troll farm somewhere foisting a more diliberate version of the same self loathing attack? Or maybe, as Caitlin often observes herself, they are one in the same? Oh that the gestalt would work as well for us.

  • When your opponent refuses reason, resort to ridicule. Selected satire at FauxScienceSlayer(.)com

    “Piñata Planet Syndrome”
    “New! Amazing! Wrongco Procy Crock”
    “New Think Progress and the Ozzard of Wiz”

  • Abusive comments are typical of online cowards as it inflates their sense of self-worth and social impact. These threats have the same relation to violence as masturbation has to love. They substitute for human contact, and allow vicarious thrills. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have an impact as cheerleading pushes unstable creeps over the edge. For that reason I usually don’t respond to my comment replies as it just thrills these pathetic losers. I’m thinking of the anti-lockdown yahoos the MSM are puffing up. The initial ‘protests’ were small, but brought into close focus to make them look energetic and important. Now they grow somewhat larger.
    Unfortunately, as a public figure Ms. Johnstone must respond to some. I suggest a creep list emailed to local, national and international police. They might find it useful to identify those who violently hate women as they are usually those most likely to engage in mass murder.
    Recently, my son sent me several abusive posts regarding Greta Thunberg with disgusting hateful comments about his mother, my second ex-wife, and other women featuring preparations for violence. I emailed the message string to Homeland Security, Interpol, and CSIS. The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service sent an agent to interview me. So now he is a seed in an intelligence string.
    So don’t be afraid to employ police resources. Send photos, names, addresses, email contacts, phone numbers, employment and schooling history along with all message strings. These people may not attack yourself, but will attack those in their neighbourhood, just as that creep has done in Nova Scotia. Remember we are many, we love, we trust and cooperate: they are stupid, isolated, and relatively powerless.

  • Don’t worry gal,many people have got your back.You speak the unvarnished truth and that upsets the weak and foolish who want everyone to think as they do,if you can call it thinking.Stay the course.

  • I know from reading a book by another Johnstone, Diana (“Circle of Darkness,” highly recommended), that Caitlin has encountered this kind of abuse before, though I assume it did not include implied physical threats. What Diana Johnstone told me was that Caitlin was first attacked on, then essentially banished from, a popular leftist website because of this same asinine allegation–that she was somehow sympathetic to or in league with the far right. Anyone who reads this blog knows why I use the word “asinine” to describe this allegation, so rather than defend someone like Caitlin who needs no defending, let me simply comment on those so-called leftists who would resort to this level of promiscuous slander, apparently out of some perverse idea that they are furthering the leftist or socialist cause. The dangerous, self-destructive tendency on the right is to slip into fascism and plutocracy; the correlative tendency on the left is to slip into authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Those on the right and those on the left who allow character and principle to prevent such slippage can and SHOULD talk about finding a bit of common ground on which to stand and fight against neoliberalism, ever-tightening its stranglehold around our throats and those of all other living things.

    • I don’t know which “left” you are talking about who harbor the idea that Caitlin is somehow “in league with the far right”, but it is undoubtedly some pseudo-left tendency. I support the Socialist Equality Party, publishers of the World Socialist Web Site, and nobody in our movement would think or say such a thing. Your “correlative tendency” argument regarding the “left” is just not true of our movement and we are the only legitimate heirs of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Yours is a typical erroneous generalization propounded by make-believe “progressives”. I had to respond to set the record straight.

      • I fear that your claim that your movement is THE ONLY LEGITIMATE HEIRS OF MARX belies your attempt to set the record straight. How long will certain segments of the left (and I’m a leftist, likely to the left of you) find perverse enjoyment in eating its own.

    • Well said Newton. A group that is growing around the idea of “common ground” in an attempt to bring more sanity and less polorization to politics is Braver Angels.org

  • Your kindness and open heart are an easy target for unloved individuals such as this.

  • Sorry that you are going through this!

  • Hi Caitlin. I’m older than you, and worse, too, born into a military family in 1958. I’m even a detested “baby-Boomer”, but I’m also a “heroic doctor” these days, though I did a lot more “heroic” stuff when I was younger. Still in public health…
    Defend yourself with vegetables, water, fuel, home and your people! And “Natural Intelligence”…

  • I truly consider you one of the few beacons of light and reason in this decaying world. I can’t count the times you’ve lifted my spirits by the power of your insights, humor and artistry wielding the power of the pen over the sword. Anyone who threatens you, threatens me. Good luck w that. I sort of suspect, and it has that whiff,
    that some intelligence goon might be trying to silence your well crafted vituperations. Hang in there,, this too shall pass.

  • Dear Caitlin,

    I used to think Aussies were Brits with an extra dose of testosterone, though given the generally tepid response to the ongoing brutalizing of countryman Julian Assange, I’m not so sure any more–further confirmed by the Facebook threat you alluded to.

    People who throw rocks from behind the wall of anonymity are, in two words, cowardly chickenshit. Kinda like spitting at a pedestrian from the safety of a moving vehicle. I say you know who I am; if you have any balls tell me who YOU are!

    Always consider the source. Don’t let the cowardly chickenshit of this world throw you off your game!


    S.A. Hogan (horror/thriller author & humanitarian)

  • Though it’s been said already here many times, there are numerous bullying pricks swarming around on the internet, most of whom are scared of their own shadow and get off by threatening anyone they don’t agree with. Lots of them fancy themselves as “leftists” who are notorious for self-immolating infighting and rendering themselves irrelevant, which is why the left has been and remains so embarrassingly marginal while the far right and the phony liberals carry on unimpeded, both of them advocating for one form or another of environmental and species annihilation.

    That asshole won’t be coming after you, he just wants to scare you because he thinks it will shut you up.

    • Once again, a slander against true leftists, i.e., Marxists. I am here to defend true Marxism and am very tired of this idea that people on the left support totalitarianism of any kind. It reminds of of McCarthyism. I and my fellow socialists support Caitlin’s work.

      • There are far too many “leftists” who are advocating for violence and the silencing of anyone who disagrees with them. They use name-calling and labeling to try to falsely ascribe beliefs and traits to groups who have different perspectives and opinions. Antifa is not helping the cause, and I question who is controlling them.

        I’m a long-time leftist, but even I have been less willing to wear that label over the past few years because the “left,” having gained some power since Bernie’s 2016 campaign, has started to show its ugly underbelly — that many of them are no better than the “alt-right” when it comes to having a tyrannical disposition, and a significant number are even more dangerous in their ideology. All the calls for censorship and violence (outside of the state) have been coming from the self-proclaimed “left.”

        As Marianne Williamson observed, the “left” can be more intolerant and more destructive than the average conservative. This is my experience as a very left-leaning participant on many blogs and forums over the years — the conservatives with whom I’ve disagreed tended to be more open-minded and willing to debate on the isues (as opposed to making ad hominem attacks) than the far-left.

        I think we would all be better off if we left the labels and name-calling behind and just debated the issues with facts and logic, instead. Realize that people who have different experiences and knowledge will have different opinions — and that this is healthy and should be encouraged. Share expeirences and personal stories instead of attacking those who do not agree 100% with you. Politely agree to disagree when agreement isn’t on the table. The vicious personal attacks and division need to end right now.

        Caitlin, you should definitely take screenshots and record all threatening incidents and report them to Facebook, Twitter, etc., and also report them to every law enforcement agency that would have jurisdiction. If you don’t get any meaningful help from law enforcement, escalate it through higher LE agencies and politicians or other officeholders. As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  • I travel solo, quiet, and stay in hostels. In foreign countries, I try to act as that country’s Guest. Also have a low social IQ. But when violence starts, I have an automatic button
    that goes off — against the aggressor. One time broke up an Englishman shoving an
    Australian man around in.Kagoolie years ago. Or 2 men beating up another at
    midnight against a car. This is very, very rare, as stay in background.

    But if I saw someone beating up anyone, especially Caitlin — it would trigger my
    American temper or rage and set off 100 decibel yelling.

  • There are always a few people crazy enough who feel that respecting someone as good as you makes them less and could even say things like that moron did. In the meantime, while so many, many of us do not comment on your columns we respect and care for you very much, and anyone who even might want to hurt you would find there are many people who would stand in their way. I cannot imagine any of us letting you get hurt in any rare instance where such thing might look like it could even happen. I think I am expressing the feelings of many, many people who you have had such a profound good effect on.

    • Let’s be realistic. However much support Caitlin has among readers, few if any of us live near enough to be on hand if someone did try to attack her. This is not of any value in helping her feel safe. However, I question whether she should take this bullshit so seriously–I see no reason to think it’s anything but one asshole spouting off. IS there any reason to see it as more than that? The person claims lots of leftists want to attack Caitlin–is there any evidence in fact that ANY do?

      • I was thinking of leftist rallies, and of history where other people have been of use. And quite clearly the spouting did upset Ms. Johnstone, and to just completely sweep it under the rug is no answer. I am very much of the left and know of no one who would hurt Caitlin Johnstone. In the meantime, prominent people should always be careful.

  • As I always say, because we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, there are a lot of people of bad faith around. They will say you are wrong because they fear for their social status, their money and assets which depend of the survival of the “System” and they are afraid that you could harm their cherished “System” in some way.

    The truth is never popular. Truth like Mr Chuck Baldwin wrote in this article:

    “Anyone who has bought into the hype that all of these government lockdowns, a ruined economy, suppression of our liberties and a total disruption of our way of life are for the purpose of saving lives has drunk some serious kool aid. We are supposed to believe that the same people who are enthusiastically promoting the killing of over 60 million unborn babies without so much as a modicum of conscience are somehow crying crocodile tears of compassion because people (including babies) MIGHT die from a flu-like virus? What poppycock!”


    So, people of bad faith will endorse any lie to protect the “System”.

    I pray the Rosary for Jesus to return soon because I do have seen enough of all the bs.

  • Caitlin, I am an aged Cheesehead from the Peoples Republic of USA. Your email is most often the first one I read each day. I sometimes agree, and sometimes disagree with you, but am always glad I found you. I envy your talent, am thankful for your insight and love your heart. Don’t let the cowardly bastards get you down. You Rock!

  • Ironic that someone wanting peace, compassion, fairness, equanimity, expansion of heart and mind is met with hatred and violence. That extreme unsettled, anxiety place where you have to consciously work on being in your body is horrible! You don’t deserve it. Yours are singlehandedly the written words responsible for me to feel validation and solidarity. Your writing regularly makes me feel like all is not lost in the world. Your words let me know there are sane people in this insane backwards violent world.

    Not that it makes a difference who would have so much hate as to be violent just because of someones beliefs and words, I strongly believe it’s not Marxists, anarchists, greens or lefties of any type.

  • I love your writing and your artwork. I love freedom of speech and expression. I love to agree to disagree with folks all the time. I wish more people could just live and let live.
    Violence is NEVER the answer for anything and for any reason.

  • Hello Caitlin I love your writing and your courage and your truth telling. That truth telling leads to threats is something that I hate but I know it happens to so many. Reading what you wrote I wanted to stretch out from my energy a shield of dazzling light to encircle you – to reflect those darts back at those who send them out. Your words really touched me. Strength and courage and know that we are around you giving support.

  • Love you, Caitlin! Shine on you crazy diamond!

  • Caitlin – ‘Some people like you’, and some LOVE you. Thank you for your bravery, courage and passion to speak the truth. (That scares the hell out of some, and that’s why they make those idiotic comments)

  • if you write and offend nobody you have nothing important to say.

    Love your work – it is important to many people.

    Stay safe.

    • Yep. Receiving death threats is a testament to a writer’s effectiveness. I’ve never received one, must try harder.

  • One provocative, largely fearless, “right-wing” counterpart to Caitlin is Ann Coulter. The two columnists probably don’t agree on much, but both generate strong reactions. Without a doubt, Coulter has experienced many more threats than Caitlin. She HAS been assaulted and intimidated at speaking events and now routinely has security when she speaks in public. It’s clear that Coulter IS afraid when she speaks in public. It’s also clear that the people who want to intimidate her and shut her up are on the left. FWIW, I’ve always found “free speech” supporting leftists to be the most likely supporters of a Big Brother world.

    • Good point Bill. Ironically, I like both Caitlin and Ann. Both speak their mind plainly and are very articulate. I repost a lot of content from both women on a political site here in the US. My experience is similar to yours in that I have encountered many more on the left who are narrow minded and intolerant of a different point of view from their own. How anyone on the left could call her a “nazbol” (I learned a new word today) is beyond me.

      Stay safe Caitlin and keep up the good writing. I really enjoy your content.

    • Just left a similar comment above. I, too, like to hear from a wide variety of perspectives, and the idea that only one ideology should be allowed to be voiced is beyond frightening. As you note, the loudest calls for censorship have come from the left (and I say this as someone who has always leaned left — as in workers over capital, etc.). I support *everyone’s* right to free speech, and know that those who seek to silence others (often threatening them with violence) are the ones who cannot make rational, fact-based arguments in support of their own beliefs.

  • I just want to say that I almost always like what you have to say, and it is ALWAYS thought provoking. If there’s anything I need to do (and I believe it’s true for everybody?), it’s actually look at the world with eyes as fresh as I can get them and try my best to think my own thoughts. And you really help me to do that. Thank you, Caitlin, for your commitment to the truth. Stay safe and well!

  • Yeah, I read all your stuff, agree with some of it, disagree with some of it, almost invariably find it refreshing and well written. I’m old enough to have more or less lost hope that the many will ever overthrow the few, or that they would behave any better if they did (my origins on my mother’s side lie in Poland, which has more or less reverted to the Catholic fascist state my mother recalled when growing up there almost a century ago, so I have an idea that societies have some kind of default state to which they spontaneously return when left to themselves). I guess that means I think you’re a little naïve in your beliefs about how the world could be different.

    Anyway, regardless of all that, we live in a very polarised and tribal world, so it is almost impossible to hold and express a phenomenological perspective on life without being firmly placed in one or other camp… The next step is demonisation. And in the end, potentially, violence. Bon courage.

  • Caitlin, you have a world of supporters on your side. The dark trolls cannot defeat the light you emanate to the world. And also, Tim will protect you! Perhaps ask Suzie Dawson for advice. See Suzie’s Diary of a Person of Interest. https://www.endarken.co.nz/diary-of-a-person-of-interest/

  • I always read your writings and I first found them on LRC. In a world where the average person chooses validation over information, preferring to address the cultivated insecurity they harbor with a hug (of sorts), rather than a greater understanding of the culture and it’s institutions, the ugliness of the human condition is overt and undeniable. Keep the faith, truth-tellers…

  • Thank you for all your impassioned creative work Caitlin. i have only one suggestion: if you haven’t seen it yet, watch Michael Moore’s new documentary, free on Wrong Kind of Green: ‘Planet of the Humans’. If anyone does not exit this society of insanity or bring it down after watching and absorbing this film, nor does not cry uncontrollably by the finale, i cannot help them. rogue composer

    • I just watched that and must put up a red flag–there is at least some misinformation in that film. Like. solar panels usually last at least 25 to 30 years, not ten, and provide much more energy than it takes to produce them. And McKibben stopped supporting biofuels years ago. I think it makes an important point, and this is a good time for people to be talking about all this…and I didn’t cry at the end but the imagery with the orangutans knocked me over…kept thinking “wow. Jesusgod.” It sure was effective symbolically–and affective. But then the very end–the part where real solutions are offered and discussed–as with Inconvenient Truth, was missing.

  • Thank you for your courage. People who have no fear are not courageous, they’re nuts. Overcoming fear is the sign of real courage. Speaking truth to power is always dangerous, especially in person, and when you begin to have real influence challenging the Empire’s narrative managers. Do your best to stay safe, but never give up and never give in.

  • “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

    ― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

  • Dearest Caitlin: Whoever has made these threats is clearly unbalanced and speaks only for himself. But I get that even knowing that does NOT immediately turn off your fear receptors. I remember once a strange character in one of my adult education groups in Japan who in some kind of sinister fashion in the class – and they were an advanced group of English-speakers – we were studying the history of the English Language – he began accusing me of being a Marxist (what I understand he meant was some kind of unholy far-left ideologue). By the time I had finished my History Major at at UoSydney I was just exiting the narrow fundamentalist Protestant sect in which I had been raised. I was a secondary School teacher – History and English and a range of other subjects I was directed to teach. His claims were hysterical – and I felt a modicum of fear. The extreme right in Japan at that time – early 2000s were claiming that foreigners teaching in Japan were Marxists! (Many I knew and knew of were actually a kind of wealth-chasing Baha’i “mafia” – but that’s another story.) a year or two thereafter that same man became involved in making serious threats against a Chinese mate and his family when Japan was engaged in one of its China-bashing outbreaks and he was only cowed into desisting when a mutual senior surgeon/academic of the prefecture’s national university’s medical School intervened and told him that the next step would be the involvement of the police. And desist he did – like most bullies – also a coward. Caitlin – if you can track this monster down – and charge him – please do so! I am Australian and I have never heard a bad word said against you. Jim

  • People writing online threats are nothing but cowards and really, either have no lives themsleves or have a mental illness.

    It is just so stupid to me. Cowards hide behind computer screens, which is easy to do now, in this day and age.
    I personally find it hard to believe anybody can take it to a level like that. We live in a fallen world where the end game is all the same for us all.
    It’s not that important.

    I disagree with some things you write but I know in the overall scheme of life it is really not relavant. It is not going to change anything.
    If it was going to, it would have already. If you make money at this, then good for you.

    Don’t take that seriously. I wouldn’t. There are millions of unbalanced people out there and it isn’t going to get better.
    Just look at some of the comments half the crackpots on here make. Look no further.

  • Hi, I’m Bruce, from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. …I’m also a writer, published many times in a variety of venues in print and online and I’m active on social media… and you shouldn’t worry about the assholes. They’re everywhere.

  • Thank you for your dedication to speak your mind each day. There are lots of us (usually) silent readers who cherish your contributions to our world.

    As you write about consistently, there are powerful forces attempting to forcibly manage the narrative. Your courage is allowing for more and more light to make it through the darkness.

    It’s a hackneyed phrase but accurate: “Taking flack means you’re over the target”

  • You are the best. Thank you for having the courage to take a stand on all these issues you write about. You are an inspiration. Keep on keeping on.

  • It’s truly unfortunate that so many people have lost the ability or inclination to simply ‘agree to disagree’ when perspectives/values differ. It does not bode well for the world that so much (everything?) becomes politicised and devolves to name-calling and threats.

  • Hi Caitlin.
    Long-time follower writing from Covid-stricken Italy just to let you know that we love you. Don’t let these loonies upset you. They are the true nazis out there!
    Best of luck, and keep up with your excellent work. We need your daily dose of wisdom.

  • You’re a treasure to the human race because you think and feel and express, with deep insight and in total honesty.

  • Solidarity from Maine. I am currently undergoing persecution for being active on social media and my EMT ability to practice on my island has been suspended. Once the authorities identify you, and target you as dangerous in any way, even if you are just advocating for heightened safety measures, the fear maddened crowd goes beserk on your ass. I have been warned to stay off social media or my suspension will become permanent and my island will not have an EMT full time year round on the island any more. We have to fight wherever we are. Listen to Tara Reades friend! On Katie Halper. May your divine helpers be on active duty!

  • Thank you for your service, Caitlin. You likely don’t need me to tell you this, but, the guy who suggested that you were a nazbol and hated by the far left was most assuredly a Deep State narrative manager, and was trying to get that idea circulating in the faux left, and hopefully incite some unstable wannabe leftist Brownshirt into punching you. You know that’s how the Deep State silences dissent. They never do it themselves…they incite the weak-minded to do their dirty work. Be safe.

    • Agreed. Especially the be safe part.

  • Thank you, Ms. Johnstone, for “putting yourself out there” day in and day out!

  • Hi Caitlin,

    Your words! Sometimes they make me laugh out loud, sometimes they make me think, sometimes they piss me off. But I always, always appreciate them as fully-expressed.

    I truly admire that. I’m inspired by that. Thank you for that. Really.

  • You’re welcome.

  • Be strong and have courage in your heart! And remember that you’ll be you all the days of your life. No one can ever take that away from you.

    • Well, I like you. At least your writing, as I don’t know you in person. Keep up the good work.

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