The Grayzone‘s Aaron Maté has published some explosive new leaks from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the organisation, and the narrative managers associated with it, have been lying about the investigation into an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria two years ago.

In May of last year an Engineering Assessment signed by South African OPCW inspector Ian Henderson was leaked to the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media, saying in direct contradiction of the OPCW’s official findings that the chlorine cylinders allegedly dropped upon the scene via aircraft were in fact “manually placed” there. Since Douma was then occupied by the Al Qaeda-linked and Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam group, who were fighting against the Syrian government, this would mean the Syrian government was not responsible for whatever killed dozens of civilians. And it would have the very serious implication that the US, UK and France launched airstrikes against the Syrian government on false grounds.

From the moment Henderson’s leaked document first emerged, both the OPCW and the establishment spinmeisters responsible for managing the imperial narrative on Syria have been dismissing Henderson’s Engineering Assessment on the grounds that he was not a part of the OPCW’s Fact-Finding Mission (FFM), the team which went to Douma to investigate the incident. Since that time mountains of evidence have surfaced both corroborating Henderson’s assessment and revealing that attempts to portray him as not a part of the FFM are disingenuous pedantic manipulations at best, but these new leaks by The Grayzone are the first hard proof we’ve seen that this spin job was actually an outright, bald-faced lie.

The leaked documents include an OPCW security-planning memo labeled “MISSION PERSONNEL” which plain as day lists Henderson as a member of the FFM. The documents also include a letter from the office of then-OPCW Director General Ahmet Üzümcü explicitly asking that Henderson take leadership of inspections in crucial locations, in direct contradiction of the assertion by current Director General Fernando Arias that Henderson only played “a minor supporting role in the investigation of the Douma incident.”

He lied. The Director General of the OPCW lied to the world about the Douma investigation. These new leaked documents show clearly and unequivocally that Henderson was a part of the FFM and played a major role in the investigation, and that we were lied to about both of these things by OPCW officials.

“Let me first turn to the findings of the investigation with respect to Inspector A,” Arias said in a statement this past February, with ‘Inspector A’ referring to Henderson. “Inspector A first worked for the OPCW from June 1997 to December 2005, eventually being promoted to Team Leader. He was rehired at a lower level in June 2016 and worked at the OPCW until May 2019. Inspector A was not a member of the FFM.”

“Inspector A was not a member of the FFM, and his name is not included in the mandates issued for FFM deployments,” reads a February note by the OPCW Technical Secretariat. “He provided support to the FFM team investigating the Douma incident since he was at the command post in Damascus at the relevant time. It is customary for the inspector serving at the command post to provide assistance to the FFM. Inspector A played a minor supporting role in the FFM investigation.”

These were lies, and they were smears. They’ve been repeated and reiterated in various ways since the OPCW scandal first emerged, and have been uncritically repeated as fact by news agencies like AFP and Reuters, as well as establishment narrative managers like Bellingcat, Idrees Ahmad, Nick Waters, Brian Whitaker, and Eliot Higgins.

They have been thoroughly discredited, and Maté reports that more is on the way, writing that a “part two of this article” will soon address the smears which have been leveled at the second OPCW whistleblower.

It has been revealed over the course of the OPCW scandal that US officials have attempted to interfere in the investigation and cajole OPCW inspectors into coming to conclusions which implicate the Syrian government. This would not be the first time the US government threw its weight around to make the OPCW fall in line with its regime change agendas, with threats to cut organisation funding and John Bolton reportedly even threatening a Director General’s children in order to help manufacture the case for the invasion of Iraq. Bolton, for the record, was Trump’s National Security Advisor throughout the entirety of the Douma investigation.

We were lied to about Douma, and we’re being lied to about the coverup. The US has a lot invested in its ability to launch military strikes based on scant or nonexistent evidence without international backlash, so there’s a lot at stake for the corrupt mass murderers in charge of the most powerful military force in the history of civilization. It makes perfect sense that they are doing everything they can to hide the truth.


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46 responses to “New OPCW Leaks Prove They Are Lying To Us About Syria”

  1. Of course it was BS. It was just too convenient. What was important was who was saying it. If you knew who, you knew they were lying. They lie all of the time. They even lie when they don’t have to just to keep in practice.

  2. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    The $64,000 question is this:

    What pressure have regimes like America, the United Kingdom, and France applied to the OPCW first to manufacture the reports framing Syria for the April 2018 Douma attacks and now to silence whistle-blowers who have exposed this original OPCW crime?

    It is highly unlikely that OPCW would do commit all of these crimes of their own volition.

    That would make no sense, as the OPCW would be sticking its institutional neck out and committing major outrages for what benefit?

    It only makes sense that powerful forces like America (and fellow sponsors of the moderate terrorists in Syria like Britain and France) are the puppet masters behind these OPCW crimes.

  3. Calamity Jane Avatar
    Calamity Jane

    We are also lying to ourselves.
    Believing what our ego (and the ” authorities ” / collective unconscious)tell us and then spreading these untruths.
    Isn’t denying your power to co create this world( and ignoring responsibility to bring love into it ) wrong thinking too?
    Isn’t blaming the banking cabal’s media(+ govt ) that mind controls and makes you anxious and fearful a bit lame too?

  4. It doesnt matter [COVID 19] what you say in the [COVID 19] near future because [COVID 19] the news is being dominated by far [COVID 19] greater matters than if we are being lied to [COVID 19] by the government and MSM. Ignore the old lies and believe the new truth [COVID 19].

    1. Calamity Jane Avatar
      Calamity Jane

      There is no “new deadly disease” called COVID19 that is a lie.
      Like the 9/11 lie.
      Like the WMD lie
      Like the democracy lie.


      Its the big f show. It doesn’t exist.
      Their PM is bloody pissed at the f show our PM plays alone and so sucks.

      1. Plays along.Like a good puppet.

  5. Government officials perpetrate all kinds of evil under the cloak of security classification of information, and acting on behalf of psychopaths who rule the world. Jim Lardner’s excellent summary of relevant investigations exposes the extent of corruption, greed, dishonesty and oppression of ordinary people in the USA, Land of hopeful financial slaves and blind voters.
    The same can be said of Russian, European and Chinese versions of government. The world needs need an effective, below-the-radar, aggressive but non-violent revolution.
    In a just world, specific evidence from Government information classified as secret should be made available to an independent commission of inquiry whenever someone discovers that secrecy was the cover for doing evil. Obviously it is difficult finding trusted independent candidates for a commission of inquiry, but the Keys of Knowledge constitute an irrefutable statistical procedure for checking and either confirming that the inquiry was indeed honest, thorough and trustworthy or for showing that the findings were biased, prejudiced, or rigged by hidden agendas.

  6. Peter in Seattle Avatar
    Peter in Seattle

    I’m grateful to the OPCW whistleblowers for their leaks, to Aaron Maté for his reporting, and to Caitlin for her perspective and propagation … but I assumed from day one that the Douma attack was a false flag on the basis of cui bono alone, and everything I’d learned about how the terrorist insurrection in Syria was instigated, funded, and “advised” reinforced that assumption.

  7. Despite the ridiculous amount of money that has been poured into the beast-man, otherwise known as the military industrial complex, the west is increasingly finding itself growing weaker and weaker against its said “enemy”.
    So what are the “good guys” doing wrong?
    Ironically, while the west has been obsessively fantasising over all the things they relish doing to Russia and China when they have finally won this war, Russia and China have decided to actually focus on cooperation and the improvement of their nation states.
    The Art of War in the 21st Century by Cynthia Chung!

  8. While they may be lying about chemical attacks, we promise you our ideological attacks are very real.

    You wanted an idea bomb; we built The Mother of All Idea Bombs (or maybe it’s an Idea Bomb Factory (or maybe both? (you decide))).

  9. To all who claim there is no difference between Trump and the Democrats, they should take close notice of Syria. The difference is not good and evil. The difference is not between the policies of Ghandi and the policies of Pompeo. But, there is a discernible difference.
    During the Democrat reign of Obama, the Sec of State, the US refrained from launching a missile and bombing attack after fake chemical allegations. Again, the difference is not one of a moral position not to attack at all. But, the result was still that there was no attack. Obama’s civilian government delayed, said it needed Congressional authorization under the Constitution. During this time, the UK parliament voted against the attack. And there was time for evidence to begin to emerge that the whole thing was fake. This of course was not in the state media nor was it the government line. But, since Obama didn’t move to immediately attack on the allegations, there was time for this to occur. Since I am the rare person on the internet who is not a proficient mind-reader, I can not say whether Obama was pleased or disappointed that the delay scuttled the attack. If Trump had the authority to attack immediately without congressional action, the Obama had the same authority. There was a clear choice by Obama to at least delay in using it, while Trump jumped on the chance.
    Also, remember that under Obama, Sec of State Kerry was negotiating a cease-fire in Syria. Not only was he trying to obtain a cease-fire, but he was successful in obtaining one. It is of course unimaginable that Sec of State Pompeo would ever follow this course in Syria, nor would the man trying to bring on Armageddon ever choose peace and stopping the fighting anywhere on earth.
    Yes, the cease-fire was broken by the US military’s air-strike that directly killed Syrian soldiers and which ISIS at least took advantage of the carnage. But, the US military is not under the Sec of State’s direct command. And in these modern times, it is highly questionable whether they follow the orders of the people elected by America’s semi-functioning democracy. That is a much bigger struggle for the people, to try to bring the military and intelligence power centers under the control of the people. But, it does still make a difference in the world if the civilian powers are trying to do things like negotiating ceasefires or whether the civilian powers are trying to bring on Armageddon.
    The same can be seen in Venezuela, with the most recent events. Under Republican rule, people like Elliot Abrams and John Bolton have power. We saw the coup against Chavez during the Bush regime, and now under Trump we see the constant attacks on a people’s government. Yes, Obama also opposed the Venezuelan government. One of the earliest signals that Obama was not the progressive he pretended to be was when he rhetorically attacked Chavez and the other Latin American leftists who were trying to free their countries from Yankee rule. But, if you look at the level of actions taken against the Venezuelan people, they were much worse during Bush’s reign and during the reign of Trump than they were when the Democrats had power.
    This election does matter. This election is important. Regardless of what you think of Americans, understand that people in Venezuelan or Iran or Syria will either live or die based on the outcome of this election. The difference is not between Good and Evil. But, there is a difference. For the good of the world, Trump must go. It would be better if Trump would go now, today. But, Trump and Pompeo and Bolton and Abrams need to leave power next January if we can possibly make it do so.

    1. The bosses of the Democratic party have not done or said anything against Trump’s aggressions against Syria, Iran or Venezuela. I haven’t heard a nominee of either party say “bring the troops home”. If they want my vote, they’ll need to provide a lot more than promises.

      1. Or silence. Regarding Syria Obama may not have been as perceptibly belligerent (but then there is the reality that the so-called rebels – as the BBC World Service has continued to call them – are, and were under Obama, part of, affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham a Sunni terrorist group (usually simply called “militant”), which the offshoot of Al Qaeda, al Nusra and other terrorist leaning ISIS leaning groups; and the US has been supporting and training these groups over the years) – but Libya? And what of Yemen? Yes, yes “we” don’t admit to being involved, but we are via the usual MIC profiteering AND with military support for the Saudi armed forces. Then there were those weekly drone killing lists that Obama chose to decide upon…Did it give him the jollies???

        1. “Regarding Syria Obama may not have been as perceptibly belligerent” – that was his style. Democrats are, after all, wed to hypocrisy.
          The argument between these vomitous contenders is nothing more than aesthetic. Politics has nothing to do with it.

    2. You have obviously been thoroughly brainwashed if you think there is any difference between the right and left. They have convinced you and others that there is good and bad government. Democrats YAY, republicans BOO. Has it ever occurred to you that all the restraint you cited was nothing more than how it played out in the long term planned cycle.

      Stop thinking of two brains but simply different lobes of the same brain.

    3. Gary Weglarz Avatar
      Gary Weglarz

      Obama and Hillary “the rot” Clinton destroyed Libya, the nation with the highest standard of living in Africa and turned it into an open slave market full of our jihadist buddies. I can still remember Hillary going MSM to tell everyone about Gaddafi’s “viagra fueled rape camps” (which of course were a complete fabrication and didn’t exist – rather similar to the “Assad gasses his own people for fun” narrative to come later. The corruption of both political parties is absolute, complete, total.

    4. You seem to be unaware that U.S. foreign policy is ongoing, regardless of who is president. They always have a finger in every pie, always “meddling” even if it’s not front-page news. It’s sad that you expect anything different if Trump leaves office. You will be sorely disappointed if you are paying attention. If you just want Obama-like BS I guess you will be happy enough.

  10. For centuries, the statement that defined the callous indifference and incompetence of a ruler towards the people’s suffering has been …….
    “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”
    For centuries to come, it shall be …..
    “Trump tweeted while the virus spread.”

    1. oh please. What pray tell would you have done different during this ,,Fake Fear Pandemic.

  11. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    Aside from it making no sense that Assad (i’m not saying that he’s a good guy) would weaken himself further by using chemical weapons on his own people, it was clear from the very beginning that the Douma incident was fraudulent, Not only was it a rebel site, at a chemical manufacturing plant, but the dead were shown, in photographs, to be partying and laughing shortly after death. That’s truly a good trick if you can manage it. If nothing else proved that it was staged, that was all that was needed.

  12. If you vote Dem or Rep you are an accessory to murder.

    1. Aye. They used to ostracize those with no honour. Now they crown them.

    2. Yes, everyone must abstain from voting to make certain that Emperor Trump is re-elected and the pro-death Republicans can continue to attack Iran, Venezuela and China.

      1. Ummm – where were the Demrat voices against the Strumpet’s CONTINUANCE of previous admin policies against Iran, Venezuela and China?

        As far as I am aware Obama was the one who decided that China was becoming too “big for its (US designated) boots” and thus the “pivot toward Asia, i.e. China.

        Regarding Venezuela – Obama regarded (!!) Venezuela as a “national security threat” to the US (it would be laughable, totally risible were not so many people to suffer from such US assessments of their “weakness” when poorer countries refuse to bow and scrape), so he instituted sanctions against members of the Venezuelan govt/military.

        As for Iran – yes, the JCPOA under Obama’s admin; but it was hardly a get out of jail card for Iran. Nor did Obama insist that Occupied Palestine give up its really existing nuclear weapons.

        Interesting that you leave Libya (and Ukraine) off this list. Destruction of the former (Gaddafi was too “independent minded and intentioned,” too determined to bring the rest of Africa together under a no $$$ economic set up – oh dear, NO) and coup of the latter.

        Obama and previous Demrat (blue face of the Janus party) prezzies have been equally as destructive, bombing eager (other peoples – not paleskinned), occupy intentional, bring to heel and exploitation determined as any red face admin.

        1. Thanks for making that clear to “Caligula” (ahem).

  13. Robert Edwards Avatar
    Robert Edwards

    Just as a reminder to all: I just wrote another comment (good on too). And when I clicked to post, it said I put in the wrong CAPTCHA which is impossible as its only a check mark, my post had been deleted. So, before you post always copy to save so it can be retrieved.

    1. Or, often the Back button works as well…….

  14. Robert Edwards Avatar
    Robert Edwards

    The Coronavirus is real but the resulting restriction are a scam – these virus are with us on a daily basis and never before have we been subjected to this horrendous lockdown – there is obviously a number of agendas taking place here. Primarily, mandatory vaccines, more control on the populous, total totalitarianism, a rehearsal for worse things to come, and much more – this has become a NWO wetdream. My only advice is stay free until you are dead, and in the mean time stay health with a strong immune system. Drink distilled water and take my concoction three time a week. If I get enough request for it I’ll post it!

    1. Get out there and die for capitalism. It is your duty.

  15. Robert Edwards Avatar
    Robert Edwards

    Yes, Caitlin, many thanks for your continued crusade to keep the truth out there – and yes, it is getting more and more difficult to express our disdain for these covert operations. Please don’t give up and keep the flag of truth flying – I, along with Kent, and friends are moving over to VK my only problem with VK is that they don’t accept two with the same cell phone # and trying to get through to them to explain we only have the one mobile is a nightmare. Take care and always be FREE….

  16. Some good news out of Oz is that the lovely thick book about “downshifting into the future”, Retrosuburbia, is now available online for “whatever you feel like paying”. I paid US$100 or so when the hard copy came out, and I’m glad I did.
    More in keeping with this story, about the very ugly, lying, murdering wars in the oil-countries is this bit about Turkey paying mercenaries leaving syria to keep the war in Libya going.
    I’m keeping up with coronavirus (Take 5000 units/day vitamin-D, eat vegetables, test early, treat early) at

  17. We always need to keep things like this in mind as Trump and Pompeo and virtually all the media try to lie us into war with China over the corona virus, indeed anytime anyone tries to talk you into killing or condoning the killing of others.

    1. The press hate Trump and Pompeo so how are they lying together against us.

      1. Lyin” Cheatin’ Stealin’ Mikey

  18. R Zwarich ('Caliban') Avatar
    R Zwarich (‘Caliban’)

    In the case of the Douma incident, there were several ‘on the scene’ reports, with video, from several journalists, immediately after the incident, that were conclusive, including video of the planted ‘cannisters’, (which were whole and undamaged), and interviews with the people, some of them children, who were ‘treated’ in the faked video. Wasn’t John Pilger one of those journalists? (Not sure about that).

    We should realize that this kind of ‘new information’, posted in a venue like this, has only very limited value. For a few people it might provide confirmation of what they already believed but were unsure of, but for most who have been ‘paying attention’, it’s pretty much a case of “I already knew that”.

    The people who were taken in by the propaganda reports, the people whose consciousness most needs to be expanded, do not likely read blogs like this, or any of the alt-news sites this ‘new report’ will appear on, and if this ‘new information’ were presented to them they would not likely believe it now anyway. The whole Douma incident is filed away in their minds, (if it exists there at all), lumped together with all the other junk propaganda that they have believed.

    I’m not meaning to be discouraging here, just for its own sake, but I believe that we have to ground ourselves in hard realities, and one of those realities is that reports like this, so long after the fact, (and especially when we already had conclusive ‘on the scene’ reports), are of very limited value.

    The ‘information war’, (as some call it), is a matter of ‘hearts and minds’, but the power of then human to deceive itself knows no bounds. Desire rules over Reason, except in a relatively rare few who can discipline themselves to scientific objectivity.

    People believe what they WANT to believe, and thus to access their minds, their hearts must first be won. The hardest most conclusive ‘proof’ will not register in their minds if their hearts want to believe otherwise.

    Thus our struggle is ‘spiritual’, before it is ‘political’. That’s the point I’m trying to make here. We must win people’s hearts before we can access their minds.

    1. Unusually perceptive comments. First, your assessment of the import of the facts Caitlin writes about is entirely accurate: “The people who were taken in by the propaganda reports, the people whose consciousness most needs to be expanded, do not likely read blogs like this, or any of the alt-news sites this ‘new report’ will appear on, and if this ‘new information’ were presented to them they would not likely believe it now anyway. The whole Douma incident is filed away in their minds, (if it exists there at all), lumped together with all the other junk propaganda that they have believed.” Second, your diagnosis of the underlying cause of this distortion of public perception is right down the pipe. “People believe what they WANT to believe, and thus to access their minds, their hearts must first be won. …Thus our struggle is ‘spiritual’, before it is ‘political’.” Far too little attention is paid by those on the left to the necessary grappling with this foundational spiritual issue. One of the things that makes Caitlin’s blog attractive is that she does grapple with this issue on a regular basis. But we’re still left with your observation that she’s essentially preaching to the choir. Matt Taibbi has an illuminating book on this subject called “Hate, Inc.” Though written before the pandemic, it provides a clear lens through which to see how a pressing health issue, the resolution of which should be guided objectively by developing science, has been so quickly polarized emotionally and thereby exploited politically by both sides.

      1. R Zwarich ('Caliban') Avatar
        R Zwarich (‘Caliban’)

        Thank you for these comments, Mr. Finn. I most certainly and enthusiastically agree hat Ms. Johnstone’s forte is her brilliant ability to frame issues in a ‘new light’ that can have the potential power to get people to ‘see’ things in a way they never have before.

        That, of course, amounts to the ability to expand other people’s consciousness.

        She is among the most effective ‘visionary’ communicators I have encountered.

        Thank you again, sir

  19. The government of the United States of America is proof positive that Satan exists and has many followers spreading evil upon this planet.

  20. Michael Detrick Avatar
    Michael Detrick

    Since the beginning of humanity, lies and deceit are the only way to convince the majority of any society to be willing to go to war, support a war, or condone a war. False flag operations are nothing new to America or our modern world. Very sad, but very true. Thank you, Caitlin, for standing up for the best version of the truth you can get your hands on!

    I do not always agree with every conclusion you come to, but I admire your courage, tenacity, and energy in seeking the truth regardless of the consequences. You are a refreshing breath of fresh air!!!

    1. Hey, the main US bioweapons lab is named after you. They had to close for a “breach” last summer, but reopened in November. Work to do…

  21. Gary Weglarz Avatar
    Gary Weglarz

    I very much appreciate you covering this topic as the virus crazy has rendered just about all other important information irrelevant in MSM circles. Having now been blocked with no explanation from posting comments on Disqus, Medium (I can’t even access my account with the help of Medium IT assistance) and now Youtube, I’m glad I can thank you here at your site for your work Caitlin. I used to post regular supportive comments on your Medium page until I mysteriously lost my access.

    1. Yeah, this is just about the only place left where I can post and even then I often have difficulty.

      1. Robert Edwards Avatar
        Robert Edwards

        On VK you will not be censored….

  22. I think it was William Blum, one of the good guys, who said, “No matter what evil you think your government may be doing, the reality is undoubtedly worse.”

    This is just another good example, as if that was needed.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Hear, hear.

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