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Free Assange

Free Assange,
because the world is growing darker
as the bastards flick the lights off
one by one.

Free Assange,
because the sky is filling with death machines
as mothers weep over small tattered bodies
and the news man talks about rude tweets.

Free Assange,
because they are taking everything from us
and we are becoming voiceless, mindless gear turners
who can only argue about who to bomb next.

Free Assange,
because if perception management gets any worse
they’ll soon be confiscating our ears and eyeballs
in wheelbarrows labeled “NSA”.

Free Assange,
because the missiles are rolling out
and the planet is on fire
and soon there’ll be nothing we can do but cry.

Free Assange,
because if we let them stomp out that bright light
we may as well smooth the pillow on a dying world
and wait for the bastards to choke the life out of us.

Free Assange,
because if we can’t stop them from taking him
we can’t stop them from taking everything else,
and we won’t survive, and we won’t deserve to.

Free Assange,
because we are deciding right now
what our species is made of,
what it will be, if it will be.

Free Assange,
because this is it,
our last chance,
our final window to stop them.

Free Assange,
because we are so much more than they tell us.

Free Assange,
because we have a right to know.

Free Assange,
because it’s now or never.

Free Assange,
because he’d do the same for us.

Free Assange,
because fuck ’em, that’s why.

Free Assange,
because we’re still in this fight.

Free Assange,
because we can win.

Free Assange,
because we can.

Free Assange.

Free Assange.

Free Assange.







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Latest comments

  • It is time… with full pardon.

  • F*** Assange!
    Those eyes disconnected from light.
    There you see can the darkness of his ego his disconnect with spirit while his hands fiddle kids, gives his friend Netanyahu the glad hand with one while doing Illuminati symbols with the other.

  • Let’s do a clean swap. Trade Prince Andrew for Julian Assange. Put the child rapist in jail and let the whistle blower go free.

    • CIA agent Assange was hanging out with child rapists how do you know hes not one of them?
      Everyone knew before CIA’s wikileaks that Washington tortures people ( funny Mossad does too and 911.. hes silent on that).
      This is a distraction from the real freedom losses the criminal cabal he works for has ” carried out “on humanity.
      I’m hoping Caitlin was joking and not that naive.

  • The internet said 300 000 protested in Michigan but no one counted them and video evidence showed perhaps around 10 000. The internet does not represent popular opinions and behaviors. 99% of people know nearly nothing about 5G. Even opinion polls are usually biased and often fake. The fact that 50% of people still vote in elections shows how brainwashed they are and 40% of those who don’t vote think the government is doing great.

  • Excellent sarcasm !
    It was just like reading a mainstream narrative.
    But it would have been funnier if you had a real photo of the cia agent Assange doing one of his illuminati hand gestures and looking as evil as he really is.
    What a Media celeb hero, its very funny stuff.

  • For those who want to understand the mentality of the capitalist west, watch the old Hollywood blockbuster movie “Jaws”. Watch the Mayor, demanding that the beaches be open so the town’s capitalists can make their profits from the tourists. The Mayor wants to hear nothing, nothing at all, about even the possibility of the danger of a killer shark that will eat the tourists.

    The 2020 remake stars the CoronaVirus as the Killer Shark, and the entire leadership of the western capitalist world as the Mayor. It will be an old and experienced Chinese infectious disease expert that leads the expedition to kill the shark, uh virus.

    The modern version is updated to reflect that in the quaint, old 1970’s America, the Mayor did not have the power to arrest any evil journalists who dared to report on the presence of a killer shark offshore. In the 2020 version, the leadership of the western capitalist world arrests all truthtellers like Assange who might dare to interfere with their fleecing of the tourists.

  • Assange did not hurt anyone that I know of at all. He did not blow up any buildings, bomb any hospitals, murder any doctors or journalists or campaign workers, poison any water supplies, poison any breathable sections of the atmosphere, wage any unlawful wars, commit any genocides, war crimes, or crimes against humanity, commit any multitude of financial crimes or frauds, or anything of the sort. He told the truth about a large, wealthy, and powerful group of international criminals. The actual ‘act’ they are trying to punish him for is telling the truth. That’s fucking bullshit. He should be freed.

    • Compared to how many people have Donald Trump and Boris Johnson killed with their deadly response to this virus. At every step along the way, they’ve taken the action needed to cause more deaths. Between complete denial early on, then declaring it all to be a hoax, pushing quack medical cures, and pushing for a fast reopening, at every step along the way they’ve taken the actions needed to kill ensure that this virus kills more people.
      They should call the mass graves in New York City “Trump Town”. Although, I suspect the homeless camps that are springing up across the nation have a better claim to the name as the modern version of the Hoovervilles.
      The western capitalist world failed to detect and contain this deadly virus, and the leaders of that western capitalist world have hundreds of thousands of dead souls on them. And yet, it is Julian Assange who is locked up with Britain’s worst terrorists?

    • CIA’s Agent Assange has never spoken the truth ( esp about 911) he is a media made fake lefty hero, which is great for idolizing.

  • Sarcasm and irony eh? good one.
    Like the Fox news poem.
    Agent Assange celeb media, what a hero.

  • It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to connect the circle of dots from the US to Sweden to Ecuador to the UK, and back to the US. I’ve always maintained that the empire would much prefer to carry out Assange’s extra-judicial death sentence prior to his extradition. The flimsy bogus narrative used to justify his imprisonment could never stand as evidence under the light of an open court proceeding, much less convict him, without demonstrating total disregard for international and constitutional law. His death effectively sends the intended message without the messy, embarrassing, and frankly unnecessary introduction of facts that would attend any semblance of due process. Assange’s real offense is letting us know how badly we are being fucked by the powers that be and exposing the psychopaths who are responsible. His trial and the attention it would inevitably draw would further expose the mainstream mass of mindless walking meat that approves of it, i.e., those of us who choose ignorant obedience over informed consent.

    • After the mostly crackpot confabulations so far, finally a comment worth reading. Regardless of its dire message, you speak the truth.

      Assange life has been in danger from the very day he decided to bring WikiLeaks. to the world,. Not many of us would have the guts to follow in his footsteps.

      • And that is the point of the exercise. To make sure all of the slaves learn that lesson.

    • The poem is sarcasm as Agent Assange works for the wealthy, and powerful group of international criminals. I would imagine that some here only know what the astro turf left blogs tell them about him and do not bother finding out the truth.
      Cia’s Assange exposed nothing they didn’t want him to, doesn’t speak the truth about 911 and his media celeb hero status speaks for itself. Any real enemies would be easily assassinated.

  • 99% of people believe the propaganda that Julian Assuage is a Russian spy and traitor. 99% of people are happy to be controlled by the government and keep their heads in the sand. No one can free people like that

    • I can see why you’re no longer active as a revolutionary. Although there are many who fit your profile, the 99% estimate is 99% BS.

      • I expect 2% to 3% will wake up and object in another year or so when the New World Order throttles the money, liberty and life out of the 99%. Then hopefully 2% to 3% will become active. We can only eliminate all psychopaths, their agents and their mindless slaves when 1% of world’s wide awake, committed and most courageous people rise to the occasion and become active revolutionaries. Then 2 or 3 more will join the campaign. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

      • The last election showed that 50% of the people believe the media/propaganda. Before the election, the media/propaganda was 100% united in the Hillary must Win message. Believe Women! Believe Hillary! And yet, they lost.
        Journalists have been one of the least respected professions in America since I started seeing the question asked by pollsters in the 70’s. Used-car salesmen, door-to-door salesmen, politicians and lawyers always make up the crowd at the bottom of the poll keeping the journalists company.
        We’ve just seen that a huge part of the population won’t believe the government even in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century. At least on the internet, a sizeable people think that vaccines are a conspiracy to kill them. That 5G wireless is something between dangerous death rays that will kill everyone to some liberal mind-control device. If you think 99% believes the propaganda, you’re dreaming.

        • The internet said 300 000 protested in Michigan but no one counted them and video evidence showed perhaps around 10 000. The internet does not represent popular opinions and behaviors. 99% of people know nearly nothing about 5G. Even opinion polls are usually biased and often fake. The fact that 50% of people still vote in elections shows how brainwashed they are and 40% of those who don’t vote think the government is doing great.

  • where are the comments?

  • Take your meds!

  • Is Bill Gates, and his cohorts, killing people? Maybe, and maybe not. This article is here:
    A New Pandemic? Two Trailblazing COVID-19 Researchers Dead in a Month by Robert Bridge!

    • Obvious bot.
      Can’t tell if its a dastardly Russian bot or not, but definitely a bot.

  • Hahaha thanks I needed a laugh good one, what cutting sarcasm.
    Mainstream says free media celeb(cia agent Assange) that the UN said was tortured.
    Its a CNN poem.
    Mocking the mockery that is a so called ” free world wide web” internet .

  • So old man, today’s vision of truth and reality displays the cunning behind the curtain that played your government over and over! You can read this very revealing article right here:
    The “Clean Break” Doctrine: A Modern-Day Sykes-Picot Waging War and Havoc in the Middle East by Cynthia Chung!

  • To free Assange – or anybody else for that matter – is a hard sell in a world where most of this planet’s inhabitants have willingly put on chains and forfeited their freedom due to a hyped virus and for other reasons. Before one can free anybody, they have to free themselves first.

    But how can you be free if everyone around you loves to put on chains? Or at least is so willing to tolerate them?

    And how frustrating for someone like Assange to see him put his life on the line and then witness this kind of behavior from the people of the world? The world is drowning in a sea of shame.

  • If you want nice and inoffensive—that ain’t us. If you want incremental and `politically possible’—that ain’t us. If you want perfect, pretty, clean—that ain’t us. But, if you want to make sure the illegitimate and immoral United States government can’t hurt Assange? Well, we’re your best option. But Assange is not the only one.

    Our lives and our movements today are as shaped by the political prisoners who still sit behind concrete walls as the prisons themselves invisibly shape the landscape of the world we seek to make more just. Many have had their lives either ended by the state or have been tried, convicted, and jailed for nothing more than the crime of loving their people enough to attempt a revolution in the United States.

    They remain behind walls, often isolated, and at times tortured for their political beliefs. To accept this fact is to ask what ideas can be so dangerous that those who hold it in their heads must be hidden from us? To understand that these people and their circumstance do indeed exist is a necessary first step for a country whose cloak of democracy keeps us in denial. Americans believe political prisoners are a fact in countries like China, Iran, and Cuba but live the lie of the US government’s denial of the existence of US political prisoners within its borders.

    “If you live in a country doing illegal acts, you have to take
    steps, or you’re complicit. And if you break a law doing that,
    you become a political prisoner.”

    Regardless of which side of the law their actions fell on, however, America’s political prisoners participated in movements presenting revolutionary Left challenges to the capitalist state; for many, these politics emerged out of an explicit commitment to fighting white supremacy, and, for some, patriarchy. These politics necessitated direct, confrontational responses to the violence of US imperialism and corporate hegemony—from war overseas to murderous attacks on people of color in the United States, from environmental destruction to the stark repression of incarceration itself. Political prisoners emerged from movements seeking to stop, to overturn, to develop alternatives to state and extralegal violence of the system. All of America’s political internees did something; some resisted with force, some put their bodies on the line, and others used words and propagated ideas the state deemed too powerful to let slide as just so much free speech. The issue of political prisoners is less one of “innocence” than of defending people’s ability and capacity to resist.

    Of those incarcerated for engaging in illegal, often clandestine actions, most followed a similar path: several years of legal activism led to a determined belief in the need to raise the stakes. Their backgrounds are varied; prior to being activists, they were good-hearted progressives or class-conscious workers, apolitical moderates, or “red diaper babies.” They spent years protesting, petitioning, organizing, and engaging in civil disobedience. But, time after time, frustration at the limited possibilities of available (i.e., legal) remedies to such entrenched injustice led many activists to seek—and many more to support—alternative options of resistance.

    This search for alternatives emerged from a desperation, it is true, but also from a palpable belief in the possibility of a more successful revolutionary politics. Building a movement, many have argued, requires an infrastructure hidden from the eyes and ears of the state—especially as repression becomes more intense. Although it often meant a turn to armed struggle, the search for new mechanisms of engaging in political action did not necessarily lead to violence. What it did mean, across the board, was a belief in raising the stakes of resistance. Upping the ante through militant, often clandestine, tactics was not intended to stand in for organizing a mass movement—although sectarianism and different strategic priorities have often yielded this in effect if not in intent. Rather, militancy meant an ongoing commitment to develop a revolutionary movement that looked to create opportunities for expanded resistance in the context of concrete conditions.

    While the United States denies the existence of political prisoners, it pursues a vengeful policy of lengthy, even lifelong, incarceration. To acknowledge the political basis of their incarceration would further expose the depths of social problems that these militants have committed their lives to fighting. The veneer of US democracy and tolerance requires that dissidents be branded as criminals or terrorists, and denial of the humanity of anyone so labeled.

    Working to free political prisoners goes hand in hand with exposing the façade that the United States is a country where injustice is minimal and solved through electoral politics—one point necessitates the other. The fact that so many political prisoners have been charged with treason or sedition demonstrates that the government fears this precise point; resistance is criminalized, deemed a threat to “the American way of life.”

    The ubiquity of state repression affords an opportunity to forge solidarity among multiple revolutionary movements. Seizing this opportunity does not mean ignoring contradictions (e.g. the difference between pacifism and armed struggle, anarchism and Marxism-Leninism, secularism and faith-based organizing, or the struggles within particular movements over racism and patriarchy). Instead, it offers a chance for people committed to radical social change to work with one another, addressing differences in ways that build alliances and strengthen the potential for revolutionary possibilities. The fact that most political prisoners have continued their political work in prison— through writing, mentoring younger activists, conducting peer education with other prisoners, and fighting AIDS, misogyny, and homophobia—provides a worthy example to follow.

    A wall is just a wall, and nothing more at all. It can be broken down. So let us be crystal clear: Free and Pardon All Political Prisoners.

    Spread it, mock it, preach it, shame it:

    November 2024.

    We are coming. Expect us.

    • Really hope you’re serious, much more serious than we were back in the late 60s/early 70s when we said much the same things. The only “revolutionary” challenges to the exceptional nation that I have been able to see–then, since, and now–were either rhetorical exercises (like this incisive blog) or fell into the category of sporadic/symbolic gestures. I will certainly welcome you, even consider joining you in my dotage, but I can’t quite bring myself to expect you, though perhaps the Covid pandemic/panic will reset the stage for a new play. Until then, the best I can do is to echo the father of the boy with convulsions who reportedly asked Jesus to heal his son. “Do you believe I can heal him? Jesus asked, to which the father responded: “I believe. Help my unbelief.”

      • Some will see behind this ambition either senile nostalgia or the mindless elation of youth. But let them take comfort, as much as they can: We are sure of being the most realistic by far.

        You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
        And get pats on the back as you pass,
        But your final reward will be heartaches and tears
        If you’ve cheated the guy in the glass.

  • Peace Love and power to the people

  • Thanks!

  • Who? Oh! Him. Yea, that guy is a urban myth. Never existed. Some say he actually exists in a secret cell somewhere. Just wishful thinking. Show me one picture of him on the internet. None exist. No they did not delete him. He never existed. Like I said just and urban myth.

    • Sarcasm?

      • Of course. Also an implication that a police state and internet censorship can make you cease to exist for future generations.

        • So true. It’s been happening since the beginning of our existence. Keep fighting back.

  • Thank you for reminding people about the plight of Julian Assange in such strong and inspiring words.

    Assange is one of the most important and remarkable men ever to be born in Australia, yet he’s been ignored and abandoned by a succession of gutless governments who rather genuflect to their imperial US masters, than saving the lives of their own citizens.

    We are the only nation on earth who can free Julian by simply demanding his immediate release from prison and bringing him home. It’s as simple as that.

    • The Mainstream mantra.
      “Free (agent) Assange”.
      How about learning and not just repeating the msms….
      Media celeb hero Julian Assange is CIA.

      • Take your meds!

      • Yeah its rally weird to see the left narrative the same narrative as the right..NWO media celeb poster boy for justice while having nothing to do with it painted as a victim.
        A lot of naive people and believers out there.
        On the daily medication of mainstream media the drug of choice for their conditioned minds.

  • Frustration can lead to desperation, which can lead to failure. Patience leads to wisdom, which works more slowly, but more surely.

    • Meanwhile, this wise man is slowly dying in prison.

      • Always easy to be patient with somebody else’s suffering. Didn’t MLK write a letter about that while sitting in the Birmingham jail?

      • Prove it. MSM is a vile spreader of false lies.
        He is a media celeb (cia agent) hes been partying and making babies in an embassy.Poor widle victim, and you shout save the satanic .
        Free yourself.

        • Take your meds!

        • Agree Jane its a msm meme poor little justice hero agent Assange . Hes done nothing good, works for cia , done nothing for humanity and yet he is worshiped as a hero on a mainstream media narrative.
          I find it really odd the amount of believers of mainstream media propaganda.

          • Caitlin,

            in my opinion, Freedom of Speech does not require posting comments by Idiots.
            Just block them.
            Free Julian Assange Now!!!

            • What and miss out on your opinion to censor Nylene??
              Free CIA agent Assange now?Ha
              But not us as we can have draconian new restrictions and can be locked up at home.
              Under a psyop Covid19.
              What irony, a classic msm distraction .

  • HOW CAN I HELP ? I searched online and the best I could do was add my signature to the petition on change.org demanding he not be extradited to the US. Aside from that, which is almost too easy, if anyone knows of concrete action I can take to help free Julian Assange, please post it. Thank you.

  • Oh God, yes!!! And because it’s a fucking tragedy already! And gross injustice and and and.

  • Freeing Assange though politics I think is impossible. Military might? Too maney people die. Something sly, tricky, riskey daring? Maybe but probably a few lives might happen to need sacrificing. Good , bad and ugly. If Assange was freed, could he after a healing recooperation be of some fine service with his programing skills? Can a secret plan be hatched to scope out the Mission Possible? What if he and Snowden could work on a project together? Maybe a .buld a ..using the new Linux pine phones? That would make the risk of lives worth freeing Assange. Calls for ending the Vietnam War the millions marching in cities did not end the Vietnam war. Calls for freeing Assange probably won’t But maybe… those heros living in the vicinity of the jail might hatch a plan ; perhaps the visitors of the prisoners there if they were asked? Who can pull it together? It might only take the right spark the right way and you might find how easy it could be to secretly free Assange. Sneaky buisness. And where to hide him untill he heals up well enough tobe of any use. Hiding as a fugitive can be a hellish or a fun life for Julain. Has any one asked him if he is willing to be rengade-rougge nation freed? I don’t know. Nothing I can do here but plant my seeds.

    • I mean, ask if Julian is okey with being freed illegally. Q#2: Is he willing to be freed at the risk of other people’s lives if the plan gets pushed to ugly? I pray for sOmeONe else to be inspired to the safest sneakiest even funny silliest-who’d-a-thought? creative way to free Julian Assange. But you know… one slip and a few prisoners and guards may have to die or the heros rescuers die, So patience. So go scope the situation and see what can be done by the intent of will put to action; action Julian would approve of. How do we communicate about such ideas in total incognito with A I and coward betrayers all over. I bleive it can and should be done. Caitliyne…. destroy this message in five seconds……..

    • I bethca there’s a guard or two who wouldn’t mind a bump on the head to prove he had no control over Assange getting rescued. Maybe engineer to have the whole prison escape. This text shall self destruct in 5…4…3…2…Q…wwg1.

      • Okey.. Who of the Chinneeze comunity living outside China can get Caitlyne’s pleadings translated and smuggled into the village around that jail? The plan must be hatched from those whispering rebels inside and near the jail. The best we can do from outside of China, I think is to get the calls to free Assange (and the arguments of why and the empowering encouragment to popularize the shutzpa will to contemplate the ideas. ) translated to Chinneeze and passed about. The little red hen Caitlynne can’t bake this bread all by herself. The comunist government is arrogantly not bothering to spying on us to the heating water-pot of ideas how to do this break out. So let’s turn up the heat on the water pot and brain storm how to inspire the people of China to see that them freeing Assange and others some sneaky way only a china woman can thingk of and passing him through a grapevine saftly out is a magor victory step in the FREEDOM FOR CHINA. Let’s get some translators and international travelers on board here….5; 4; 3; Q2; wwg 1 let’s bake some china- bread. Who will….

        • ya, know, that Q plan is probly allready happinin. Now. The red hen Caitlyne is just turnin up the heat on the water pot. But Q says, you-too. Pitch in and pass around the wheat here, eh. Make it more of a known popularist idea in the Chinneeze culture around that jail. Like, “The Emporer has a pee- wee- imp-pee-er !” a child called out at the Emperer’s parade. And when everyone laughed at once the hyptnotic spell was broken ; that they saw they outnumbered the imperers’s forces 1000 to one.l So the guards slaughtered an innocent child who laughed. And the water pot boiled in outrage. Freedom reined the next day.

    • If you’re looking for sparks, we have this box of road flares. We’ve been intermittently chucking them into this fireworks factory over here. So far no chain reactions, but statistically speaking it’s just a matter of time.

      It’s all metaphorical of course….

      …until it suddenly isn’t.

    • M

  • Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin Johnstone speaks the blessed truth to us again and again!

    • its a crazy cult of believers that believe in and worship msms media justice hero like cabal agents Assange and Obuma .

  • This world is so messed up!Where Bush and Obama and(to some)Trump are heros and Assange is portrayed as the criminal! A link below to a good article about the subtrafuge connected with this covid virusl

    • Yip Assange a cia agent is a media celeb hero in mainstream media and in fakey lefty sites with lefty narratives .
      What a messed up world.

  • “First they came

  • Very Good Poem.
    Or Song.

    Julian Assange is us, We the People.

    I always say-Ironically-

    Julian Assange is a Great American.

    • The Cia thinks so and so does mainstream media .
      Media celeb hero.
      A cia agent for ” freedom” its pure irony .

  • Beautiful

  • What bothers me about the Assange case is the inhumanity- as if what happens to a person doesn’t matter. The New York Times did pretty much the same thing as Assange, but nobody is even thinking of punishing them.

  • If he is released I’m sure that it will because of the efforts of the whirling dervishes all over the world.

  • Hear, hear.

  • http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/05/answers.html
    The first signs that something terrible had gone wrong with the security at the Fort Detrick bio-defence facility fifty miles north-west of Washington DC were when cases of a previously unknown and serious respiratory illness appeared at a retirement village on the western outskirts of the capital in July 2019. The first cases were noted on June 30th amongst the 260 residents of the Greenspring Assisted Living unit, with the infectious disease later affecting 19 staff and taking the lives of some older residents…
    ​ ​I propose that the scheme devised in desperation last summer for this “diversionary tactic”, was to send the Fort Detrick Virus with the soldiers set to compete at the Wuhan games in three months’ time, while trying to keep a lid on the domestic epidemic until the new year, and a lock on the inquisitive media. Rehearsing for the subsequent global pandemic called for “Event 201” to prepare participants for what they might have to face, and bring their organizational and media responses into line…
    ​ ​Whether this theory is the correct one may not yet be proven, but it does provide an explanation to the conundrum of the genie that was accidentally released from the bottle but intentionally released from Wuhan. And we must all now suffer the consequences of that US “culpable manslaughter” as we learn to live with their engineered Genie.

    • So it was already here in July of last year? Wouldn’t there be an obvious pattern of spread from there with a clear epicenter on the map of the USA? I don’t think the facts support your theory. Unless you are suggesting that the area where the accidental release occurred was “cleansed” and every trace of the virus and those exposed to it removed so that it would take a second release elsewhere to start the global pandemic. How reasonable does that seem? Like most things, simpler explanations account for the facts far more easily and with far fewer contortions. Which leads me to wonder what motivates you to circulate such a half-baked theory that’s so weak I can debunk it in 30 seconds.

      • All one has to do to realize that any “conspiracy theory” is just as likely as the “official” explanation is to consider the source of the official explanation. Who decides what “obvious pattern” is available to you? Have you directly collected sufficient data to determine such yourself, or are you getting it from the very officials that wish you to believe the “official” explanation? How is it that you can be certain corona flu even exists? Because the Psychopaths In Charge told you so? Have you personally seen piles of bodies in NYC? Who created the dispersal pattern you see? You can debunk nothing without relying on “official” data.

    • ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ is a frame the CIA promoted to its media assets in 1967 when New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was investigating suspects in the JFK assassination case with deep connections to the CIA.

      Most conspiracy theories are based on detecting patterns in events that, when viewed with the theory in mind, seem to help us understand why they happened. In essence, conspiracy theories infer cause from coincidence. The more you believe the theory, the more likely you are to fall prey to the illusion of cause.

      A conspiracy theory is simply a conspiracy that never happened, it is ‘the nonexistent version of a conspiracy.’ A better definition of a conspiracy theory might be ‘the attribution of deliberate agency to something that is more likely to be accidental or unintended.’

      The term ‘conspiracy theory’ has an irrevocable public relations problem. Technically, it’s just an expository description for a certain class of unproven scenario. But the problem is that it can’t be self-applied without immediately obliterating whatever it’s allegedly describing. You can say, ‘I suspect a conspiracy,’ and you can say, ‘I have a theory.’ But you can’t say, ‘I have a conspiracy theory.’ Because if you do, it will be assumed that even you don’t entirely believe the conspiracy you’re theorizing about. There’s also a growing belief that conspiracy theories aren’t merely goofy; some would argue they’re politically detrimental. A smart person is supposed to recognize that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ has only one conversational utility: It’s a way to marginalize undesirable possibilities as inherently illogical, along with the people who propose them.

      Some key factors in all this definitely seem to include things like:
      —Media dislike of Trump
      —Failure of impeachment
      —Repeated attempts pre-Trump by media and medical `experts’ to create a big deal out of relatively benign (especially in the West) disease outbreaks
      —Hollywood propaganda
      —For-profit media
      —The fact that the top 10-20% are obsessed with those who have credentials
      —Groupthink & Cowards-as-Leaders
      —Billionaire `philanthropy’

      And it would be easy to simply stop there—but probably unwise.

      You want to know if Fort Detrick is responsible?

      November 2024.

      We are coming. Expect us.

      And we’ll declassify this shit and you can try to find out.

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