The world’s worst Putin puppet is escalating tensions with Russia even further, with the Trump administration looking at withdrawal from more nuclear treaties in the near future.

In addition to planning on withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty and knocking back Moscow’s attempts to renew the soon-to-expire New START Treaty, Trump is also contemplating breaking the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban treaty by conducting the first US nuclear test explosion since 1992, reportedly as an attempt to bring China to the table for joining New START.

Moon of Alabama has already published a solid breakdown of all this, outlining the absence of evidence for the Trump administration’s justifications of its treaty withdrawals and explaining why China has nothing whatsoever to gain by signing on to a trilateral New START Treaty. I have nothing to add to this, other than to ask a simple question.

The question I want to ask is, do you consent to this?

Do you consent to steadily mounting cold war escalations against not one but two nuclear-armed nations?

Do you consent to having a bunch of unseen military personnel rolling the dice every day on the gamble that we won’t wipe ourselves off the face of this earth in the confusion and chaos of rising hostilities due to miscommunication or technical malfunction, as nearly happened many times during the last cold war?

Do you consent to a slow-motion third world war where an oligarch-led alliance of powerful nations works tirelessly to absorb new nations into its imperial blob by any means necessary?

Do you consent to a world where weapons of armageddon are brandished about by imbeciles with inadequacy issues?

Do you consent to a world ruled by people who are so sociopathic that they are willing to inflict endless mass military slaughter and risk a nuclear holocaust just to have more control over the world population?

Do you consent to a world where we risk literally everything because a few overeducated, under-mothered think tankers were able to market an idea called “unipolarity” at key points of interest after the fall of the Soviet Union?

Do you consent to a world where powerful governments team up like a bunch of bitchy mean girls against weaker nations that aren’t in their clique?

Do you consent to governments spending lives, resources and treasure on bloodbaths around the globe and treating terrestrial life itself like some trivial plaything instead of ensuring the thriving of their own populations?

Does this seem like health to you?

Does this seem like sanity to you?

Is any of this something you want? Something you consent to?

Of course not. These questions are all redundant. Nobody with a healthy mind and a clear picture of what’s going on would consent to this madness, no matter what nation they live in.

This whole insane model was rolled out without your consent. You were never asked if you consented, because the answer would have been no.

Nobody gives their conscious and informed consent to this. The new cold war is as consensual as sex after a Rohypnol-spiked drink, and the illusion of consent is just as nefariously and artificially manufactured. People are roofied into sedation by mass media propaganda and endless diversion from reality, and then power has its way with us.

If people were actually given informed consent about what is done in their name, none of this would be happening. Weapons of war would have been destroyed long ago and we’d all be working together in healthy collaboration with each other and with our ecosystem to ensure a healthy, happy world for our children and our grandchildren.

There is no reason we cannot have such a world. We are the many, they are the few. They manufacture our consent because they absolutely require that consent. A population which will not be propagandized is a population which cannot be ruled.

All we have to do is inform each other about what’s really going on. Then informed consent can exist. And be withdrawn.


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87 responses to “Do You Consent To The New Cold War?”

  1. Nuclear weapons are a hoax. National sovereignty is a fabrication. Fearmongering, deception, and scarcity indoctrination have long dominated our world across all fronts. Solution? Simple. Turn off TV, ignore MSM, and work on yourself.

  2. Of course I don’t accept CW2 (Cold War II). In fact, I view CW I as the possibly the greatest political swindle of all time, the one that marked the triumph of the propaganda invented by the UK in 1918 to justify fulfilling its treaty obligations to France under the Entente Cordiale and improvedby the US as it entered WW1 to protect Wall Street’s financing of the Allies, under the fallacious pretense that German U-boats sank American passenger ship such as the Lusitania (which, incidentally, carried a hefty load of munitions, i.e. war contraband, which gave Germany a valid claim in justifying the sinking). The propaganda, aka narrative manipulation process, was then perfected by the Nazis under Goebbels’ leadership.

    Most Europeans, who knew both the Russians and the “godless communists,” did not bite. They knew that Stalin was a bandit, probably insane: they also knew that both France and Italy subscribed earnestly to capitalism or variants thereof despite 1/4 to 1/3 of elected national and local politicians being members of the Communist Party. Finally, they knew that the risk of a communist landslide at any election in the forties and fifties was highly unlikely. In fact, they knew that the Russians were satisfied with the status quo of the Eastern European glacis between thew and the Iron Curtain. German, Polish and Hungarian unrest in the 1950s was quickly and efficiently quashed, to a chorus of indignant protest from the “Free World” — but no action. This Russian attitude of prudence was amply confirmed at the time of the Cuban missile crisis and the Prague Spring.

    There were undercurrents of anti-americanism in Europe at the time (personally, I remember vividly the Hungarian crisis in 1956), but on the whole, with the exception of de Gaulle, who pulled France out of the integrated military command of NATO, the relationship between the US and Western Europe remained good. I believe the American side was happy that the Cold War was alive and well and living in Washington, D.C.. if not in Paris.

    In the meanwhile, the European calculus continued to view NATO as proof that the US understood that they had to abandon their long-held policy of isolationism and take seriously their guarantee that they would come to the help of Europe should Russia, against expectations, should actually attack.

    So for Pete’s sake, let’s not get back to the days of active principled antagonism between East and West, of periodic border crises and barely disguised propaganda for ethnic cleansings and counter-cleansings, and of costly arms races that would be replaced with authentic benefits for actual people (and I don’t count those who already have accumulated enough).

    And don’t do foolish stuff such as teaching the pig to sing: it just annoys the pig. Dismantle the Star Wars stuff in Poland, aimed at hypothetical Muslim terrorists in the Middle East but which the Russians think is aimed at them. Don’t offer Ukraine–a land-locked country–membership in the North Atlantic Treaty. And realize that Turkey and Greece, sworn enemies for the past century or perhaps ever since 1453, do not Belong in the same alliance. Use your brains for a minute. If Turkey attacks Greece or the reverse, mutatis mutandis, all of NATO, INCLUDING TURKEY ITSELF is supposed to come to the aid of Greece. Huh?

  3. Do you consent to a world where weapons of armageddon are brandished about by imbeciles with inadequacy issues?

    Yup, that’s it exactly, as a former prostitute and pimp, I know first hand that, that it is it exactly, it’s about time that we start offering free penis transplants, but of course where those transplants would come from would probably be another hornet’s nest.

  4. Better question would be..
    Do you have inner peace?
    Have you made peace with the world or are you having outer conflicts in relationships etc?
    As long as people are unconscious (and so can be manipulated by ignorance, fear, greed and anger )in the Bank of England’s Crown ecosocialnomic system ( banksterism) there will be the external wars.

    Find inner peace and make peace with the world.
    That is the consent for peace to be.

  5. As the world continues its draconian slide through the plandemic psyop, our country has divided itself firmly into two misguided camps. As has been the case since the election of Donald Trump, that division is centered around his impossibly cartoonish personality.
    Virtually all Americans view this virus through the prism of Donald Trumps personality. They are committed to love him or hate him.
    If only they would recall the advice of the greatest champion the poor and working class ever had, Huey Long, who said, “They have got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen.” You can real this fine article here:
    Trump Derangement vs. Trump Enablement by Donald Jeffries!

    1. Seems to me to be planting a suggestion, a mainstream meme to the neocold war .

      Trump, Biden, China, Russia repeat the msm cycle.
      Result you still have a dirty mind .

    2. LOL. What’s it like on your street?

  6. Caitlin and Tim, The People are going to give consent to every one of your questions in their perhaps five minutes of TRUE, ULTIMATE POWER in November. The Oligarchs are spending billions to make absolutely sure they do.
    In theory it does not have to be this way. In harsh reality, however, it does. In short, billions of printed-out-of-thin-air dollars, handed to the Oligarchs by the Fed, will continue to buy the Oligarchs whatever they want. The question is: what do they want? Do even They know what they want, beyond SOMEHOW remaining oligrachs? And what’s that SOMEHOW, that “whatever it takes” going to be? Is it going to be, as Colonel Kong said in Dr. Strangelove, “nuclear war, toe to toe with the Ruskies”? If history is a guide to what’s coming, yes, it is.

    1. I hear tell that there’s a real thrill out of killing people making a dollar, a pound or a shekel while doing so just adds to the thrill. So, isn’t interesting that these people claim to not be humans?

  7. The point I am trying to make here is a simple and obvious one, or would be in a society not burdened with a two-pronged ideology of extreme militarism and extreme individualism. It is this: In feeding the military-industrial complex so richly at this time, we are starving ourselves of many vital things and weakening ourselves as a society, perhaps to the point of suicide. We are in effect sacrificing our future on the altar of American imperialism, which like some dark god of the past, is ever hungry and can be assuaged only by human life. You can read this relevant article here:
    Aiming Missiles at Viruses: a Plea for Sanity in a Time of Plague by Hugh Iglarsh!

  8. Problem is, Caitlin, most people do consent to most of this. Mass killing does not bother the conscience of many and they are well enough informed to know there is mass killing going on. In many cases they may favor more of it. There are few people who object to this and they are powerless. In the very exceptional cases where they may be a threat to the rulers (e.g. Julian Assange) they are imprisoned, drugged and tortured.

    1. I agree. In this case, I believe Trump is playing to his base. It is said that many of them are dissatisfied with his pandemic performance, and a nice war or even the threat of war will take their minds off it and restore his heroic tough-guy image. People need to wise up a little, and resignedly confine their love of war to video games, chess, go, football, and maybe a little gladiatorial combat. Or die.

      ‘Formerly, man could not do as he desired. Now he can do as he desires, and he must change his desires, or perish.’

      1. Hi Anarcissie. Roger Nowosielski is looking for you. Find him on facebook. He is starting a new online forum. Many of the old BC folks are showing interest. He hopes you would like to participate. Cheers, Tolstoyscat.

      2. I forgot to check the box to get an email if you respond. Done now.

  9. ________________________

    1. What this above post says un-reveling the legaleeze is, to sum it: May God Forbid the newclear reactions. Are you people locked into the limited idea that the Source of all the life that grants us free will has the abitlity to change the laws of physics so that go ‘poof’ poping out of gun barrels and the the time is takes for the gun powder to burn has changed because a magority of the golden ratio of humans 63+% has consented and asked for God to grant that? That God may forbid this maddness of poisoning the air the water, and letting mad men loose elemental forces against us? Is there no one elsewho can decree that we do not give consent to these bastards. It only takes a grain of willing to believe . Just ask. Whosowill?

    2. The Benevolent High Galactic Command has received and begun to process your request to alter the galactic kindling flashpoint.

      Unfortunately due to limited staff numbers at our administrative centre and a recent increase in the volume of requests to change the laws of physics this may take some time to process.

      Currently we estimate processing times as follows:

      Spacetime continuum interventions: 1.5 MW Galactic years*

      Changes to Laws of Physics: .25 MW Galactic years

      Cross-species Consciousness upgrades: .01 MW Galactic years

      Preliminary reading indicates you may wish to change your request to a ‘Cross Species Consciousness Upgrade’ as processing times are currently shorter and your desired results can still be achieved.

      We thank you for your continued patience and understanding and we are doing our very best to serve you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

      Glork Spedulricleezius

      *Processing times are written in your local galactic time, MilkyWay Galactic Years. To convert to Gaia Terrestrial years multiply by 245 Million.

    3. I hope that you have an ‘in’ with God if there is such a thing, because although death in the real sense is an impossibly, things like these things that do all sorts of evil things never lived and therefore can never die, as they themselves often brag, so they have no fear of the consequences of their actions. As it is the US, UK and many others have no legitimate authority to rule over anything.

  10. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    The problem is that, no matter how hard I try to share the truth with people, most seem to be either trolls or lemmings, meaning that they are slightly psychopathic and get their jollies by making trouble, or they are those (primarily in the U.S., who are used to having) who simply won’t let themselves be informed, preferring to go along to get along until it is too late. By then, they’ve lost so much, all that they will pay attention to is whatever they think may help them retain what little thy have left – in terms of possessions, savings and freedoms.
    The proof of this is that, while activists like to think we can change things, even the most combined attempts at change will ultimately fail – because we are still, at most, 1% of the U.S. population. Millions of us pressured the government until it was forced to save net neutrality. That lasted until the next president simply changed the head of the FCC. Poof, it’s now gone. So, today, the average person may bitch a little, when he or she finds something not working as before on the internet, but that’s as far as it goes, because they didn’t know about, or think important, the efforts to save net neutrality. That mindset prevails across the population – with the possible exception of the children who, if magically, they can resist the lies inherent in and masked by the propaganda, may be the primary hope for the future.
    Does that mean that we give p trying. Hell, no. But we must realize that, if we are but 1% of the U.S. population, the odds are 99% against us. All we can hope for is that, in speaking with 100 People, we can change one mind and that that person can change one or more minds, by meeting one on one with others. Given how the system is so rigged, worldwide, by psychopaths with money and power, it is faint hope, but it is the only hope we can have, for they are the enemy – the wealthy, the powerful and the people who just don’t care until it is too late.

  11. Most Americans consent to the unspeakable out of indifference, cowardice, or futility. All three are impervious to education. It will take much stronger stuff to wake us up or buck us up. And maybe, just maybe, that stronger stuff is beginning to happen.

    1. “The low-wage worker who wants to use his mind isn’t going to waste his
      time on international affairs, because that’s useless; he can’t do anything
      about it anyhow, and he might learn unpleasant things and even get into
      trouble. So he might as well do it where it’s fun, and not threatening—
      professional football or basketball or something like that.”

      We’re trying to change that.

      “. . . if Infinite Jest and Ready Player One and The Bible and The Com-
      munist Manifesto and The Unabomber thing and so many more had an
      orgy. . . this book would be the cum-stained sheet. . . ”
      —Seth Rogen

  12. “There was a girl. She fell in love with witches as a child. Her room was decorated with witches; on Halloween she would always be the same, a witch; if there was a school play with a witch part, she’d always go for it, no matter how minor; in her twenties she would make annual trips to WitchCon and many local festivals.

    Then she got married. And then came the kids—too young for the scary witches of course, but there are good witches too. Then the job demanded more and more, the husband grew more distant, the kids simply grew up. And so there was less witches, and thus less magic in her life.

    Eventually she had saved enough to retire comfortably—the kids moved out, the husband divorced by this point. And so, with her little dog in the passenger seat of the used camper van she had bought, one late summer day she began her trek to Salem.

    Finally! The time and the chance to take part in such a prestigious witch event. That first day, her makeup took three times as long as usual—she was flawlessly hideous. And then she spent her day with large, red-faced men, often in sports jerseys, attempting to get her to break character; or trying to scare her; or simply acting tough and threatening to impress their little band. And so it was, nearly every day.

    Later that year, she drove out to her sister’s—Mom and Dad’s little surprise (or mistake, depending on how you look at it). A nice day spent watching her nieces frolick in the yard with the dog, followed by a nice home-cooked meal. The girls begged to let the dog sleep with them that night—he only too happy to oblige given the attention he was receiving. And of course he could.

    Her sister insisted she sleep on the pull-out couch, it’s really no problem to get it set up. But no, she said she had gotten used to the bed in the van after these months on the road. Good nights said, she went out to the van, placed an extra-large garbage bag onto the little bed in the back, crawled inside, and pulled the trigger.”
    Life is a fine thing—so above and beyond everything, we have to defend life. We shouldn’t sacrifice a generation in the name of such dreams. You can be shaped, or you can be broken. There is not much in between.

    A weed is a strong plant thriving where those in power do not want it. A witch is a strong person thriving where those in power do not want them.

    The ideas contained within are seeds thrown to the wind, perhaps none will find a purchase, a place, a home, but even if one finds the darkest crevice, it can grow, and spawn its own seeds, thrown to the wind yet again.

    Is it ambitious? Of course. Likely to fail? Of course. But then so were so many other things, until they happened.

    To those dark crevices, those rotting pits, you are still fertile ground. You can still grow beautiful things despite the darkness. And we need you now more than ever.

    And, if it becomes too much, if you are going to leap over that ledge, at least try to take some of the bastards out with you.

    1. To give away the thing that is difficult to part with,
      Is the best offering amongst the alms.
      Let this impure and sinful body,
      Turn into something like a diamond.

      1. Infinite Onion: The body cannot sin, only MIND that directs it // study ghost-/astral-/spirit-/soul-related phenomena // study occult systems // find and study reports on Orbitally Rearranged Mono-Atomic Elements // find and study Sir Laurence Gardner’s writings, particularly about “Starfire” (( search Nexus magazine’s archive )) // find and study Robert A. Monroe’s “Journeys Out of the Body” and Dr. George Ritchie’s “Return from Tomorrow” (( his experience and subsequent report began the West’s study of NDEs )) // find and study the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” // find and study Blavatsky’s volumes, “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled” and “Cosmogenesis” // find and study the Hindu Vedas (( study Michael Cremo’s many books about same )) //find and study Seer Edgar Cayce’s “readings” (( Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, VA )) // find and study the Dead Sea Scrolls reference to “Watchers” of light and of dark, possibly directing – for good / for bad – from the beginning. // Here’s the bottom-line Goal/Message of legitimate occult systems: GOAL: Learn that you are far more than a physical body. MESSAGE: There is no death, only T R A N S I T I O N—think of a butterfly’s stages of transition. // And answer my questions in here:


        1. Our Infinitely-long reading list thanks you for your continued contributions to the cause.

    2. Words as though from the mouth of Jesus himself, these things that killed him are still filled with hatred towards anything good and decent.

  13. Caitlin concludes: “All we have to do is inform each other about what’s really going on.” I beg to differ. We will never live in peace, with true justice, wisdom, prosperity and good health for all citizens and our environment until dissidents start effective, radical but peaceful revolutionary action Revolutionary leaders must put aside their own ideas and tactics to change the world. It is one thing to know what we do not want for our world but a completely different thing to know what we do want and exactly how to get from here to there. Some revolutionary leaders have a vision to share and a few vague ideas but not a successful, clearly defined plan of action for achieving that goal.
    I am convinced that people who work for change must share the Great Liberator’s Vision and Mission and this must become a grass-roots, social, spiritual, tactical movement, networking around the world. The revolutionary Liberator I refer to is Yeshua, a Hebrew name which means LIBERATOR. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here:

    1. The world is far too selfish and self centered to live in peace. The few instances of peace is imposed peace. Thus peaceful yugoslavia under iron rule and genocide in bosnia under supposed freedom.

      1. Yes The world is far too selfish and self centered. This is why the world must be radically rearranged. Yeshua’s revolutionary strategy and tactics will do that when highly intelligent and well-educated people eventually come to grasp what Yeshua, the Great Liberator, said and meant. Read more of this here:

      2. Yugoslavia didn’t have iron rule, cops were hard to find and nobody was afraid to complain about the government.

        1. Implied force is enough in most instances.

          1. Khatika, so much truth in so few words! -Rick

          2. It’s not enough to stop you guys from lying though.

    2. So I read your link and found no reference in it to a “Yeshua”. Are you Yeshua?

      1. I am not Yeshua which is the proper Hebrew name for Jesus, the Greek version of His name. He was crucified for inspiring, promoting and directing His followers in His anti-establishment strategies and tactics, which were and are subversive of religious and political authorities. His Hebrew name and title “Mashiah Yeshua” means “The Chosen Liberator.” In my article I only explained some of Yeshua’s insights, predictions, strategies and tactics in our modern situation, which is much the same as the situation when Yeshua started His movement.

    3. The end doesn’t justify the means. Anyone who was ever a fan of Dr. Who knows that. Your statement is clearly a falsehood because no matter how great the wisdom of the God it still has to be interpreted by the limited assets of the human mind, so I’m sorry but that so-called God that you describe is nothing more than an excuse to be a ravenous rabid animal, a murderous beast.

  14. The key to peace on this beautiful blue planet we live on is an expanded awareness /consciousnesses but
    how to cultivate this .Many are very comfortable being told what is good for them . How do you politely tell someone that he/she is ignorant to believe what he/she is being told are often lies in order for them to achieve what is only good for them but not for you and I . It is a dilemma that has existed since time immemorial . The answer is in each and every one of us and not outside of us . The answer is not our brain .

  15. Patricia Fahy Avatar
    Patricia Fahy

    It is my opinion most Americans don’t give a damn about US imperialism and its dirty wars. We are easily manipulated. The lock down and masks are a good example of who we are and the insanity we buy into so why wouldn’t everyone believe what is being said about Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran to name a few. Our consent is already evident. Just go to your local store and see your neighbors with masks and making sure they don’t get to near. How about all those heart signs in front of houses.? I have no hope for mass dissent.

    1. Agreed. Prople are only interested in their own well being, thus masks. No hope.

      1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
        Mary Wildfire

        How in the hell do you get that wearing masks = “only being interested in your own well-being”?! I wear a mask when I go into public spaces mostly to avoid infecting others on the slim chance I could be infected.

        1. Infect them with madness or ignorance?

          If you did not wear eye protection and a containment suit all you were doing is spreading the fear and social distancing reinforcement the govts Hoax parade.Lucky for you there was no deadly ” virus” or you would’ve been both getting and giving it.

          1. People are gullible and ignorant and easily influenced. I can now identify them easily. They are wearing a mask

    2. Your opinion is absolutely correct from my vantage point. I reside in Northern California and from someone who has been here for over 68 years there is complacency and lack of understanding of what’s happening beyond belief. Mass dissent is near impossible here. Very sad indeed.

    3. Yes, it’s us; isn’t it that in the US and probably the UK as well that when a schizophrenic has a hallucination it is almost always a horrible ugly event. But in many nations of Africa, that same schizophrenic will have beautiful lovely hallucinations? It’s us, our minds have been poisoned by something that exists here, but mostly not in most of Africa.

  16. Every time you vote, you are granting your consent. Choosing which gang of psychopathic monsters is going to enslave you. Government, from Greek for “mind control”, is NOT a solution. Its the problem. Its the perfect environment for psychopaths, and so becomes saturated with them.

    1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      I don’t believe anarchy is the answer, and neither is not voting, which only makes it easier for the worst of two evils to get more power. This is not to say that voting is much use; I don’t think there is any chance we will get the change we need through the ballot box, The gang of psychopathic monsters (I’m not sure there are really two separate gangs) has it all too well controlled. But sometimes you can at least make a difference locally. And NOT voting does not equate to taking action.

      1. Anarchy is anything the state didn’t order. As for voting, it’s highly problematical, but it might be possible to work out some kind of consensus mechanism. _Might_ be.

        1. Baaaaa.
          You are all obediently thinking and spreading their way of thinking no dissent here.

      2. We can govern ourselves or be governed by monsters. You can “not believe” not voting is the answer all you wish. Until you can discover or create a viable alternative, you remain part of the problem. Since all the national candidates, and most of the local, work for the same bank cartel that’s currently in the process of destroying private business so as to confiscate their assets, there is no “lesser of two evils”. If the percentage of the public that votes is reduced to an insignificant number from what source would they gain any authority? Since when is not participating in evil not taking action? There is a widely spread fear of anarchy that is just another aspect of the constant barrage of propaganda we are subject to. The vast majority of us are successful keeping our dark side in check. Why would we put in charge those who have no intention of doing so?

      3. Mary Wildfire: Not wishing to waste my $1000+plus collection of anti-spy equipment, I had an occasion to take one device to a voting precinct—to find out whether or not electronic-voting machines had programming glitches – to explain misrepresentation of some voters’ actual intention – or were being remotely accessed—to predetermine the outcome. // I had intuited, after his second election to office, that he had been Chosen/Groomed/Installed by Deep State actors, which had been pretty much confirmed after I listened to a radio interview with his paternal grandmother – out of Kenya – and which interviewer was stunned to hear of her joy at being present at his birth in . . . Kenya!!! // But it was my spy-detection test that had confirmed my fear that voting machines were remotely accessed and retabulated to give Obama his wins. // So, to reference an essay I had penned about VOTING: “Why Vote? -Rick

  17. “All we have to do is inform each other about what’s really going on.”

    But the entire reason things are the way they are is that so few of us know what’s really going on. It’s supremely difficult even for really smart people to discover. I always say: there is only one problem in the world: Ignorance. And only one solution: Education. And since the establishment doesn’t really have an interest in an educated public, it is up to radicals to point the way towards enlightenment, and it’s really quite straightforward: Educate yourself. Embrace science. The most basic thing you need in order to understand the world is a detailed scientific worldview. The more we all are scientists, the better a world we will have, because the more we will all understand and embrace and take charge of constant CHANGE. Until we live in a world where science is really the foundation of everything we know, everything we do and everything we plan for the future, we will be ruled by conservatives who have no interest in change; whose only objective is to stay in power by letting everything stay the same. There is nothing more radical than to understand science, and nothing that will give you a better chance of, and a better qualification for, changing things. Knowing and promoting science is more important than being a political activist, because understanding human nature scientifically will make you understand true human morals, like altruism and the benefits of social behavior and cooperation. Far left ideologies were originally based on such a scientific worldview, and they must continue to be so. The more you know about science, the more the leftist morals will also make sense to you. Just as, conversely, the less you know about science, the more you will be a deadbeat rightwing Trump-voting, bible-thumping, science-denying, climate-denying and mask-denying sociopath. The more you know about science, the more you know about the dangers of climate change, and the danger of nuclear weapons, and the more you can come up with good alternative and sustainable ways of living. It’s all about knowledge. All about science. Educate yourself. By improving yourself, you improve the world.

    1. Too bad the world of “science” is managed by psychopaths just as much as the world of politics is. lest you forget, science gave us bloodletting as a sound medical procedure a couple of hundred years ago. Practically all science is now governed by propagandists of various sorts. One simply need look at the “science” surrounding the current corona flu to see such. Not to mention that there is no such thing as “settled” science. Science is by definition the constant and ongoing questioning of everything. Including that which is perceived as true. Quantum theory has put forth the proposition that its possible our consciousness creates reality. So much for science.

      1. no such thing as “settled” science. But half perhaps more of valuable scientific discoveries have been hidden by people with vested interests in maintaining an ignorant slave population.

      2. Mary Wildfire Avatar
        Mary Wildfire

        It just isn’t true that the “world of science” is managed by sociopaths just as much as the world of politics (or economics, more to the point). There may be a little of that, but nothing like the degree in those other realms–for the simple reason that sociopaths are attracted to wealth and power and thus infest corporate boardroom and state and national capitals–not universities and labs. Not to say there aren’t any, but nothing like in politics or business.

        1. Scientists can be easily bought too. Examples: the “experts” at the FDA, CDC, EPA and countless others.

      3. John Kable, you are super-wrong and super-ignorant. Science is a method by which we investigate the world, and it is the ONLY way to find out how everything in the world works. There is no other way whatsoever. If you don’t believe in science, you have no way of judging what is real. Good luck with that.

    2. I was going to comment but decided it woukd be a waste of time.

    3. Mike McDonnell Avatar
      Mike McDonnell

      I’m glad to see that there is a reasonable person here (besides Cait, of course). I am a retired scientist and wholly agree with what you say. Without a minimal knowledge of science and the scientific method, we don’t stand a chance against the propagandists who, ironically, use the science of psychology to control people by appealing to emotion and not to reason. The attitude of science does not require a knowledge of mathematics or arcane facts, but only a willingness to investigate things and then act in accordance with your findings, which must be provable. Since we can’t investigate everything ourselves, we must rely on experts, so be careful what experts you rely on, but don’t ridicule science and expertise.

      1. Thank you, Mike. Yeah, and science is not so much what you hear about in the newsmedia; it’s more something you study in books. Preferably with historical context. When you are well-versed in science, then you also know enough to judge which items in the news are trustworthy and true and which aren’t. It’s so tragic that so many Americans are so clueless and have drunk so much anti-democratic Kool-Aid. Anyone who’s against proper government (with big business removed) is also against democracy, and that’s how the corporate elite wants us to feel. Dumb useful idiots for the continued tyrannical hegemony of international capitalism. There is only one path to a better world: go left. Vote left. Create new left parties. Reform the electoral system. And all of these require the same thing: education. Knowledge. Reason. Scientific thinking.

  18. Annette Jordan Avatar
    Annette Jordan

    Its next to impossible to inform the willfully ignorant who only want to stand with with the herd. Don’t bother them with the horrifying truth they work so hard to distract themselves from. They will bite your head off and avoid further contact. And that is what I am mostly surrounded by. Good luck with surviving the coming holocaust. Those of us with our eyes opened are like Cassandra’s. Forced to watch helplessly.

    1. You are so right. We live under Vesuvius and seem quite happy with it.

  19. Ms Johnstone, the “owners and the masters” have bunkers and caves already prepared for them to escape World War III. In their very narrow minds there will always be enough “peons” left around to serve them.

    1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      Have you read that interesting essay by Doug Rushkoff, Survival of the Richest, in which he is consulted by five villionaires anxious about how they will control their minions once money is meaningless? Oh, typo but I think I’ll leave it, hybridize billionaires with villains.

      1. Thanks Mary, that article was worth reading.

  20. Could be because the Cake Walk Crusaders aren’t doing too well in their war with a supernatural being. If your bloated military; Financial system; Education System; and every Federalist Institution is permeated with corruption, and filth? What else can a greedy hog do but throw a tantrum and rattle nukes. The beauty on the Trump Administration is their constituents are exactly like them.

    1. As opposed to the Democrats putting forth a senile old man who has trouble forming a coherent sentence, and often forgets where he is, to be in charge of nuclear weapons? Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants. By disparaging one club of psychopaths, Republicans, in favor of another club of psychopaths, Democrats, you participate in such division.

  21. The world does not need my consent to rush towards destruction. Not by nuclear wespons but destruction of a fragile hollow network. More of us will die from starvation and disease in the next generation than bombs. Collapse is messy and destructive.

  22. In addition to Murder Hornets, China is about to unleash 1.5 millon, 17 year old Cicadas on the USA. More WMD.

  23. The warmongers do not need your consent. You will rush off to war when exposed to a suitable amount propaganda. My grandfather rushed off to WW1 with all his buddies just as the young men in Germany did. A war about bullshit, like all wars. Churchill, Stalin, FDR and Hitler never wanted to stop WW2, their entire focus was winning the war. Of course that never happened as everyone lost. Too bad most people never figured that out!!

    1. Mostly right. Hitler actually sued for peace covertly to Churchill but was soundly rebuffed.

  24. I have asked this question many times over the last ten years, and to this day, have never received an adequate answer.
    The question is : What is the point of signing any agreement with any U.S. Authority, when such agreements can be used for toilet paper whenever the U.S. stands to gain by doing so ?
    I’m pretty sure by now, the rest of the World knows this as well, so there’s no point whatever in even discussing such possibilities.

  25. I don’t have to consent.
    If the masters want my opinion, they will give me one.
    Usually they just want my blood. I’m type O+.
    It’s very good blood, and you don’t get as sick with the coronavirus if you have it.
    My blood is good for them. I’m glad they like it, but of course, I’m still expendable.
    I know my place.
    I’m growing some vegetables and fruit trees at our little homestead in the country that we are fixing up.
    Best thing might be if the masters get focused on other things, and sort of forget about me.
    Every time anybody fights for something, it turns out they were just doing the fighting of one group of masters against another group of masters.
    What’s the point in that?

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      got that right. that’s what wars have been throughout history, one group of masters against another group. the peasants just want to be let alone for the most part.

      1. More to the point – International banksters finance both sides of the war and make huge profits from arms sales and then from rebuilding the damage.

        1. Bankers have financed wars even in medieval times. They decided if kings could wage war.

    2. Some economists argue that no one wins from wars. But wars enable governments to take massive, urgent loans from international banks for weaponry and soldier’s salaries. The banks make long term profits from interest charged. Then both sides of the war must take more urgent loans from international banks to rebuild war damage. This guarantees the bankers huge long term profits which derive from taxing the public to repay loans with interest. How can that not be profitable for these banksters? Some economists must be paid liars.

      1. Right. Thus government bailout banks. Very neat system.

  26. thanks you are totally right on of course: a world of pure beauty already exists and we destory it as much as we can without massacring our own selves.
    i want to suggest a possible reason for this soon becoming. i suspect Xi, PUtin, and Trumpet are in collusion a bit on this….during the last cold war, the thang kinda assured popular cooperation to say the least…and huge investments in the defense dept. it helped to keep the establishment of each natin in power, it wasonly USSR and US back then.
    others play ancillary roles. irritating asit was no one believed they would push da button.
    Tramp would have to call Hilary to get it explained to him. “Yeah but which one will do it all by myself?”
    Thisis plot of vast immensity a conspoiracy to inflame ad enrich the heathen monsters, the Dr. No’s and Goldfingers we always saw going down to defeat by James Bond.
    well, get real. it too is a scam. a racket as DT is so apt to tell us. and fear is their final joke on us….they know in such a war they would be poisoned also. so in a way it is fake. but dangerous for sure. and a waste of energy money and resources. it shows the hell these types of leaders come from and bring with them.
    how does Russia and China release them selves from their monsters even if we can by getting Biden in the White House which is not only gonna be close but. also more of the same if he wins anyway, i’m afraid.
    the problem is not what is. we all know that, but what to do about it. boomers failed because they had babies and moved to the Burbs. how ill our failures do appear.
    i don’t care who invented the Covid. if god and nature, then fine i get the message. we all do. except the greedy ones we have to kill probably to get rid of oil. and global warming. or if it was the CIA playing it’s dangerous new weird order games. well, like JFK, i wish we could break the Cia into a 1,000 pieces and let it blow away. like he said, just before they killed him.

  27. From a jaded point of view this is bluster to Garner a few votes & justify more $ for the PIMMPS.
    The Russian minister of defense recently announced they had a nuclear powered cruise missile that can stay aloft indefinitely & can strike anywhere. It is called the “Revenge”. It’s stated purpose is to deter any psychopaths from starting a nuclear war & seeking refuge “On the Beach”. There are numerous unknown havens in the South created by the .00001% for such occurrences. Even theBush family has 300,000 acres in Paraguay. That is bigger than NYC. They are counting on the slow mix of air & water from North to South. That is why I moved to Ecuador. Future Fukushimas are a certainty. Nuclear wars are less probable. Stay Down Under Caitlin.

  28. There are too many actions carried out by the rulers to which the ruled have not consented.

  29. Nope. We do not consent to more war against ourselves. I call the Rossia, the Russ, the Russians kin. I say so because they are, in fact, our kin. That is a plain fact, and I say so now.

  30. Most USAns as most people did not &- do not consent to the new Cold War or the old Cold War. Yes we have all been propagandized endlessly, but still there have been millions in the streets protesting Vietnam, Desert Storm & other insanity. The people do not consent because they are not asked. Our reps are chosen by a legalized system of bribery funded by the PIMMPS, political industrial monetary military power structure.. As Franklin said there is no good war or bad peace.
    We must encourage brave people to run for Congress. A brave Congress could exert it’s Constitutional power against this insanity so of by & for the people will not perish.

  31. Growing up as a kid, the threat of nuclear war was deep and pervasive. It was my greatest and never-ending fear. I can’t comprehend in any way why anyone would want to revisit that threat. I’m completely dumbstruck. The other part that’s mind boggling to me is why aren’t the masses rioting in the streets at the thought of it.

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