Children arrive in this world unthinking and empty-headed, like idiots. We have to teach them how to be smart and knowledgeable thinkers like us.

A small child can run around and play happily with a stick or a leaf, because children are stupid and they don’t yet know how to stare at their phones tensely waiting for a stranger on social media to respond to your clever comment telling them why their opinion is wrong.

Children are too naive to know anything about opinions and ideas. They need us to teach them how to move their interest and attention away from the things that are happening around them and focus instead upon the thoughts in their heads, until the outer world loses its color and they can live without distraction in the inner world of mental noise.

Grown-ups are much better and smarter than children, because we know all the different words for things, and we also know the opposites of those words, and we also know how to make the words and their opposites fight with each other in our heads while we push salty starchfat into our mouths and watch talk shows.

Children don’t even know anything about politics. They are too small and simplistic to understand that we live in a country that is run by a Good Party and a Bad Party, and the Bad Party does bad things and the Good Party also does bad things but only because the Bad Party made them do it.

We have to teach children about the Good Party and the Bad Party, and teach them how to hate the Bad Party because they don’t yet know that there are different kinds of people and that you’re supposed to hate some of them. Children don’t even know how to hate until we teach them, that’s how stupid they are.

When you try to teach children about war they always cry like little bitches. Like pansies. They act like sending large groups of people in our country to go kill other groups of people in another country is crazy and disordered, when obviously it is they who are crazy and disordered. We need to teach children how to be sane and normal by any means necessary, including hitting them.

One time my child wanted some food and I told him we don’t have enough money for food, and he said we should just go to the “money making machine” and get some money. He was talking about an ATM, the imbecile. I laughed in his face. I laughed and laughed and laughed because he didn’t understand how money works. I tried to teach him how people don’t get to eat unless they have the right kind of numbers in their bank accounts, but he kept looking at me like I was saying something strange. Then we just laid around thinking about how hungry we were until we fell asleep.

It’s hard work being a parent. You get this weird little baby critter who doesn’t know how to do anything, and then you have to spend years of your life teaching them how to think, how to want, how to hate, how to fight, how to take, and how to stop sitting around all blissed out like a dumbass stoner all the time. You have to teach them and shape them so that they can take part in this wonderful society that we grown-ups built for them, and they don’t even understand what a gift you’re giving them, they just cry about it like ungrateful little jerks.

In the end though it’s just what you’ve got to do in order to mold children into smart and sensible grown-ups, like us.




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82 responses to “Grown-Ups Like Us”

  1. The fortunate thing about humanity is that it cannot escape life-as-progress. People say that this new generation is more progressive than ever, well EVERY generation is more progressive than the previous one. Our sensory perception will continue to augment… “extra” sensory perception like telepathy and remote viewing, etc., will soon be as common as hearing. “Manifesting” will take less time. In fact, all of this talk about transhumanism might actually be an attempt to stifle our natural emotional evolution. This new era of gene-editing, synthetic DNA and nanotech vaccines aren’t exactly borne from a reliable track record of health improvements.

  2. Dolph Flipperr Avatar
    Dolph Flipperr

    I think Caitlin has lost it. I believe that she needs a vacation. But to where? And at this point I don’t even think that will help, no matter where she would go. Yes, I am serious. And why now an article or two a day. Are you getting some help? Some unwanted help? Yeah, and unwanted stress can bring out the worst in people. Well, at minimum, it does illuminate a problem. And I’m seeing a problem. But who am I? Yeah, ask yourself that too. Like wow.

    1. Dolph Flipperr Avatar
      Dolph Flipperr

      Alright, I’m up too late, but I’m going to try and explain myself just a little bit.
      It has been said that the more intelligent an animal is, the longer it takes to mature. So if you think that everyone should start thinking like immature children, I think that there is problem in that thinking. Yeah, wouldn’t be great to stay in preschool your whole life. But even there you are learning how to get along with others, mostly without adult supervision. Yep, life is one long (or short) journey trying to get along with others. Some not so intelligent either. Such is life. Maybe with the right education you could become good at this and pass that education on.
      This might be a little off topic, but I remember watching one of those nature shows where they were showing these mice in Australia, where when they are born and haven’t even have had their eyes opeedn yet, they are being impregnated. Is that what life should be about? Just reproducing with no other purpose? Be as primitive as you can be? And I do understand that some things don’t make much sense at any level. So maybe educate yourself on how to change them. And the way that I see it, arresting your own development won’t help.

    2. This article is just a mirror of a common adult mind, as it truly is.

      1. Dolph Flipperr Avatar
        Dolph Flipperr


        I have to disagree with you, the article is about immature children having more sense than adults. It may seem that way sometimes, but now we have to define ‘adults’ and separate them from people who have serious mental issues. Lately I believe that most ‘adults’ are autistic. They live in their own programmed (by themselves) worlds and shun any outside interference. They are very good at pretending that they are normal too. But what they really are comes out under stress. Yeah, the stress of waking up to the real world. And that’s why that I see so many people that don’t want to wake up as they say. The thing is, staying in that world won’t help nor save anyone, but it’s safe there for them. And when talking to them about anything outside that world will either bring on their autistic wrath, or them backing up further into it. You know, they refuse to talk at all. And now onto the controllers…….
        Ok, I don’t have time for this right now, it’s complicated. LOL

        1. Dolph Flipperr Avatar
          Dolph Flipperr

          Oh yeah, and autistics seem to have the overlapping character traits of sociopaths. No really, it’s true, it’s true. It’s all about them. Ask me how I know. And no I’m not.

      2. Dolph Flipperr wrote:
        > but now we have to define ‘adults’ and separate them from people who have serious mental issues.
        Well then, according to that, most powerful people in Washington, D.C. have serious mental issues.

  3. How many more indicators should be required, then, in order to present a credible case that today’s United States of America can reasonably be considered to be the world’s most totalitarian country? You can read this great article here:
    Which Is the Most Totalitarian Country? by Eric Zuesse

    1. Here’s more frosting for your cake, impossible for decent Americans to digest, and thus they choose to remain in ignorance and denial.

      1. Amazing. Both republicans and democrats are prowar. No press coverage for Trump trying to deescalate war which people want. This is why they are so desperate to get him out of thexWhite House.

  4. Caitlin wrote:
    > Children don’t even know how to hate until we teach them, that’s how stupid they are.
    > When you try to teach children about war they always cry like little bitches. Like pansies. They act like sending large groups of people in our country to go kill other groups of people in another country is crazy and disordered . . .
    Exactly, that’s how brainwashed we grown-ups often are. A few beautiful exceptions:

    Bertrand Russell (from “Dear Bertrand Russell: A Selection of His Correspondence with the General Public, 1950-1968”):
    “I believe that the main object of education should be to encourage the young to question and to doubt those things which have been taken for granted. What is important is independence of mind. What is bad in education is the unwillingness to permit students to challenge those views which are accepted and those people who are in power. It is necessary for new ideas to emerge, that young people have every encouragement to fundamentally disagree with the stupidities of their day. Most people who are respectable, and most ideas which are considered to be fundamental are barriers to human achievement.”

    And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said,
    Speak to us of Children.
    And he said:
    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
    which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them,
    but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
    You are the bows from which your children
    as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
    and He bends you with His might
    that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
    so He loves also the bow that is stable.
    — Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet

    On the seashore of endless worlds children meet.
    The infinite sky is motionless overhead and the restless water is boisterous. On the seashore of endless worlds the children meet with shouts and dances.
    They build their houses with sand, and they play with empty shells. With withered leaves they weave their boats and smilingly float them on the vast deep. Children have their play on the seashore of worlds.
    They know not how to swim, they know not how to cast nets. Pearl-fishers dive for pearls, merchants sail in their ships, while children gather pebbles and scatter them again. They seek not for hidden treasures, they know not how to cast nets.
    The sea surges up with laughter, and pale gleams the smile of the sea-beach. Death-dealing waves sing meaningless ballads to the children, even like a mother while rocking her baby’s cradle. The sea plays with children, and pale gleams the smile of the sea-beach.
    On the seashore of endless worlds children meet. Tempest roams in the pathless sky, ships are wrecked in the trackless water, death is abroad and children play. On the seashore of endless worlds is the great meeting of children.
    — Rabindranath Tagore: The Crescent Moon

    1. That probably best sums it up and leave out the part of why, because that’s the part that nearly everyone forgets or lies about.

  5. Wow. That’s not what you need to teach children at all. I get that you’re being provocative, however, I know what it’s like being a child … I used to be one. Many people forget, but perhaps as one ages and examines one;s life, it’s great to recall those days of wonder.
    Innocence and days free from the pressures of everyday life are precious jewels.
    Those jewels are being stolen from our children by manipulating thieves.
    These thieves lurk in plain sight … they pretend to teach in schools and universities, they foul innocence pretending to be coaches in sporting venues, or youth leaders.
    The best lesson one can teach a child is critical thinking … not to take anything anyone says at face value … check and double check and look for motive.
    And until you have lived a few years on this earth, don’t imagine you can tell anyone else how to live.
    A lot of adults still need to learn that lesson …

    1. @HelenB Jeez. I should stop posting. At least I know I don’t do it to hear myself think.
      I said (in case u forgot) –>

      The best lesson one can teach a child is critical thinking … not to take anything anyone says at face value … check and double check and look for motive.

      Critical thinking huh? Like you do, right.

      Here’s a wild IDEA.

      While there are so many other factors to consider the first and most important item would be to make sure no Vaccines get injected into this new body you bore.

      You then need to verify if she has the thoughts machine running. You know the thing you use to post here and respond as well.

      In India, one of the things they did when a parent wanted to send their child to school was to ask some basic questions. The primary question was who are you and tell us about yourself.

      If the child was not aware that she was part of the Cosmos. IE part of consciousness then teaching such a human anything was considered too risky for the greater good.

      The bottom line is materialism has made being human extremely difficult and instead of growing up children are managed to “keep them safe”. They are taught nothing. What they get is confusion.

      Why is that? Well the parent believe they are the body they are in. They are not aware of what has happened which is exactly why they cannot possibly teach their child.

      If they somehow are able to teach something it would be to trust your intuition. To always lead with your heartspace. Your soul, your gut these reflect what we are IE Spiritual Beings.

      Knowing yourself must happen before you can teach a child. Even then if those poisoning your child is around they will take care of everything. As Boris Johnson, I think the name of the Prime Minister of the UK has stated very clearly that everyone must be vaccinated. He stated that we will enable our cities to become smart cities and the Nanotechnology we will introduce into everyone will make it impossible to hide as we will even know your thoughts.

      Funny thing though he did not mention which is they cannot monitor your HeartSpace or the Love you are able to project.

      I hope I wrote this intuitively so the concept is available to anyone that reads it. I tried my best which is all any of us can do.

      Love Thy Neighbor.

      1. Dolph Flipperr Avatar
        Dolph Flipperr


        If I can picture you with your head shaven, I can make more sense of what you have to say. And then I would say to myself, “Not now Harry, I’m busy”.

      2. In case I forgot? Harry, I didn’t know you were even there.
        Maybe because it’s not your blog …
        But clearly I missed some gems.
        Peace and love to all, and especially to the children.

    2. Alas, sarcasm is a blunt instrument.

      1. Mike McDonnell Avatar
        Mike McDonnell

        At least some of us get Cait, but the sheer number of strange postings in this blog is mystifying to me. Especially since Cait herself is so sensible and caring in what she writes.

  6. The Soviets, Mr. DanRather confided portentously, had put a bounty on his head “of many thousands of dollars.” He went on, “It was the best compliment they could have given me. And having a price put on my head was a small price to pay for the truths we told about Afghanistan.”
    Every one of these observations turned out to be entirely false. This great article can be read here:
    “I Could Live With That”: How the CIA Made Afghanistan Safe for the Opium Trade by Jeffrey St. Clair

  7. The thematic apperception test is a projective test designed to reveal a person’s social drives or needs by their interpretation of a series of pictures of emotionally ambiguous situations. Your little tale Catlin operates on your commenters to reveal their personal world views. To put it differently, you touched a nerve with this one. Bravo! Keep on tickling our depths and probing our blind spots.

    1. I will not tire of your challenging me Caitlin, because I know you are dedicated to the authentic search for truth — the same path I am striving to pursue myself.

  8. Oh if only we had time machines that we could use and go back in time and ask our parents, relatives, and teachers ” What the hell were you thinking when you …….?” For many, many years as a youngster I wondered who am I and why am I here? Adults are much too busy earning a living and coping with our society to properly raise children anymore. Instead of serious thoughts and knowledge, today’s children are glued to their electronic gadgets and puffing on marijuana and eating junk food from day to day. Enjoying their blissful ignorance and never worrying about tomorrow or their futures.

    1. So right. Until the parental tit dries up and they have to fend for themselves.

    2. I agree Ron. Yet there was a time when one wage was sufficient to buy everything a family needed, and then some. Kids were raised mostly with love and caring in a neighbourhood which also loved and cared. With exceptions of course.
      That was before the greedy pig banksters with their debt traps took over, and globalisation became the cry of the unwary.
      Now we have lots of stuff, but little that matters.

  9. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Children arrive in this world unthinking and empty-headed, like idiots. We have to teach them how to be smart and knowledgeable thinkers like us.”
    Most people on the face of the Earth are in love with themselves. Oh, they may fixate on some bodily imperfections here and there. But when you go deep down into their souls, they are deeply in love with themselves and think that they are the Greatest Human Being Ever Born In All Eternity.
    So, when the time comes to have “little ones”… it’s only natural that you would want those little copies of yourself to think and believe and feel and react as you do because everything you think and believe and feel is right and you can’t ever be wrong about anything. Plus, you crave that someone be there to carry on for you after you meet your ultimate appointment to go through the This Way To Earthly Extinction doorway.
    So, because we are basically heavily mentally and spiritually deluded, we have to share all the crappy ideas and attitudes in our heads because we believe them to be true and we must implant them in the mushy spongy brains of helpless youths so insure they are as happy and deluded and dysfunctional as we are.
    Not fair! you say. I don’t think I’m so great. I know I have flaws. Well, what are you doing about them? You’ve probably had decades of time already to work on yourself. Have you made any improvements? What have you done to prepare yourself for being a good influence on another human being? What gives you the right to share ANYTHING with another human being? Is it just because you mixed some genetic material with another confused person at some point and that merger created a new, helpless, needy creature desperate for sanity and some good influences to properly mold their character?
    Naw, that all sounds like too much work. Let me continue to love myself as I am, go on sharing genetic material with whomever I please and as often as I can, and just hope for the best. That’s how most life plans go, isn’t it?

    1. Most people want their kids to grow up as individuals and forge their own way, and be happy doing it; to find love and laughter and make the world a better place.
      I’ve never met anyone who wanted a carbon copy of themselves … but it looks like they’re out there …

  10. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    My only comment – great column. Spot on.

  11. brings to mind a classic bit of music, from three guys who told their parents to “Fuck Off” and went to San Francisco to join a revolution.

    1. Harry S Nydick Avatar
      Harry S Nydick

      Always have loved this song. Hope you found yur way back home.

      1. Well, made myself one that seems quite suitable. 🙂
        I wonder if the KKK still burns crosses back home? Probably.
        Maybe that’s why talk of “Tradition” rolls off me like water off a duck. Because if I’d followed heredity and the traditions of where I was raised, I’d have gone to a KKK cross burning before they convinced me to volunteer to go kill gooks in Vietnam.
        It doesn’t hurt to fly away from home. Often, leaving all that garbage behind is the best thing to do.
        So, my wish to everyone else is simply Happy Landings! 🙂

  12. Teach and encourage Empathy.
    Its the opposite of being a psychopath, and its the Kryptonite that the psychopaths can neither understand nor defeat. They work hard to destroy empathy, to destroy any feeling of similarity and solidarity between people, because the psychopaths know that it is Empathy that they cannot defeat where it exists.
    Teach and encourage Empathy.
    If anyone around you shows Empathy, and it is rather rare in this modern world, reward them. What you want is an entire world like them. That is the root of the religious message that the crazy right despises …. Do Unto Others What You Would Have Done To You. The oligarchs and their minions work hard to get you thinking that you don’t care what happens to Others because they are a {Fill-in-Blank-with-Label}.
    Teach and encourage Empathy!

    1. Agree completely. Its hard to be empathetic to the losers when everyone is cheering the winners. Competition and capitalism teach just the opposite. Thats why Jesus told us to love God and your neighbor as yourself is rejected by the world. The poor embrace the message because all they have is each other. Poor people are far more generous with their time and possesions. Was at a soup kitchen in the inner city long ago. Saw a woman who looked and acted like a hooker go over and give a little old street lady $20 then walk away. Neither said a word. That little act of kindness has always stayed with me.

      1. Yes, it’s usually the little things that are the big things when seen from a perspective beyond profiting in this world. A well-known Christian theologian has gotten into a lot of trouble–good trouble–by writing along these lines.

  13. Primary education( your example politics) is through govts indoctrination in schools, media and from peers.
    You have spirit, so you can’t blame your parents/world for conditioning ignorance, bubbling self hate and negativity .
    Even if you were being sarcastic(?) saying to people “teach by any means necessary, including hitting them” is not cool.That is not even teaching that is ignorance a passed on ” sins of the father”. Do we need that promotion of violence with a hidden anti american meme.

  14. Interesting interplay here between Russell and Caitlin on the subject of this particular post and others:

    1. Interesting. Very intelligent and articulate. Enjoyed listening to him. Interesting take on politics especially how he explains very easily why all governments are statist and why all politicians are insane.

  15. The undisputed champion for Biggest Liar In The World is today accusing ‘doctors’ and the CDC of lying. This adds to a list which includes China, WHO, Iran, Venezuela, Democrats, ‘the Fake News’ and pretty much anyone else who dares to utter a harsh word or fail to properly bow and scrape before The Biggest Liar In The World.
    If today recreated a version of the ancient myth of the young child and the Emperor Who Wore No Clothes, today’s World Emperor would turn and scream “Liar!, Liar!, Liar!” at the child, and then as soon as he got to a pocket with his phone in it, would send out a series of derogatory tweets about the young child, probably accusing the child of being an illegal immigrant, which of course makes them a rapist, thieve and murderer.

  16. to Caitlin:
    yeah. i know sarcasm when i breathe it. i’m from Chicago. we must be more into it than NYC. we’re always second.
    da cubs…..
    our Nuns are worse than your Nuns.

  17. It all starts with the economy. Which buries the families of the poor is terminal abysses they cannot climb out of. but you’re still part right. Eco- means home or hearth in Greek [oikos–it’s a yogurt brand].
    The family, which we honor in political personal propaganda only, is forced into indentured servitude without 100%. healthcare or totally free education and for much of my lifetime either drafting the boys or using economik poverty drafting to get young men to partake in our world of constant wars.
    True, the income tax rules give us a $600 a year deduction –from income– for each child, but the System does not take into consideration the basic Rule of Life for very mammal on Earth: from each according to their ability; and to each according to their needs.
    So if we want better children we might quit rewarding bullies via our Econ 101….duh.

  18. Nicely written and many good points given and taken. There is a perspective, however, which totally erases the often fuzzy line between what is considered a child as opposed to an adult. There are definitively different levels of childhood through which a child can grow and at least try to better understand the universe around it utilizing and building upon its own cognitive ability while experiencing countless inputs from its collective senses. I suggest once this “growing” process curtails somewhat while passing into a defined adulthood, and that is the point at which humans begin to die as opposed to grow. That said, it would seem best to gather no such moss as would naturally attach itself to the shady side of anything which continues to sit still for very long. Therefore always be moving, BE the child to the extent you can remember your sense of discovery and wonder… hold to that magic you know exists just beyond the horizon. Some such human traits are actually genetic as opposed to learned and one’s “sticky genetics” can be very difficult or even impossible to change. In realization of our ever continuing childhood, “Cleave ever to the sunnier side of doubt, And cling to Faith beyond the forms of Faith! – The Ancient Sage by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  19. Edward Hirsch Avatar
    Edward Hirsch

    Hello Ms. Caitlin, I’m a three-year-old girl, and I’m very smart. And I love my mummy very, very much. My mummy works very hard to raise me, and I can tell that you are making fun of my mummy! I think you are a very bad person, you probably belong to that bad political party my mummy tells me about that causes all our trouble! Shame on you, you bad person!

  20. Above all, children must be taught that gang of psychopaths “A” is good, and gang of psychopaths “B” is bad. That “A” is saintly and concerns itself with your welfare, while “B” is evil and wants to see you dead. Oh, yes, and that all other potential gangs of psychopaths are irrelevant and not worthy of your attention. Having a gang of Psychopaths In Charge is necessary. Just be sure you have the “right” one.

  21. Micheal Feeney Avatar
    Micheal Feeney

    I didn´t like your article because of the way you talked about children.You came across as saying that they are stupid, etc..We have a hell of a responsibility to form chiidren to build a different future where they can live in peace and treat people as brothers and sisters.In Englland these days we have young people making racist remarks about footbballers etc.Help them to open their eyes to see what the US is doing to the rest of the wo rld is our responsibility.
    Micheal Feeney.

    1. Michael, you totally missed the gist of the article, the voice. It wasn’t Caitlin talking personally about children. It was our insanely “mature” society talking about them (and the world in general) through Caitlin. What has the internet done to us to make us so oblivious to the meaning and nuance of words, to make us able only to hear them and take them literally?

      1. Pre-internet, Orwell wrote of how we become oblivious to the meanings of words, because they are often redefined with contradictory meanings.
        We become oblivious to words, when for example, we learn a word like “liberal”, but then we are told that a Goldwater Girl like Hillary is a Liberal, as well as the millionaire, ivy-league Obama, neither of whom ever met a war they didn’t love and who were thrilled that they rose to powerful positions where they could hold meetings on who they wanted to kill every week. Meanwhile the crazy right is earning corporate dollars by screaming that the “damn liberals” want to hurt corporate profits with their labor unions and good schools and health care.
        Neither description of course matches up with the group who believed in human progress and the ability to learn and grow as human beings, that all people were deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that was the original definition of liberal. Neither description matches the people who loved their country so much that in both France and America they were willing to rise up, risk their lives, fortunes and honor, to overthrow undeserving tyrants who wanted a nasty, evil world.

  22. Don’t forget to teach your children that they live in a society where the thoughts and beliefs of the entire population are formed and directed by a small number of wealthy elites from an ancient tribe, and that their singular goal is to deceive and manipulate everyone into happily going along with their own enslavement – or kill them off.

    When the child gets a litttle older and asks “why?’”, we can tell them that this protected class rules over us with total impunity because they belong to the most racist, supremacist tribe the world has ever known, and that after WW2 this tribe claimed the eternal victimhood status of persecuted minority that no one is ever allowed to criticise, because of a conspiracy theory about their alleged mass extermination in gas chambers for which there is no hard evience but which can never be questioned either.

    And so the child can only become a fully grown adult and fully enter their social world by accepting that the one thing they MUST talk about to understand what’s really going on in the world is also the one thing they are NOT allowed to talk about, and by accepting that we are all slaves of this system, that “democracy” is a fraud, that “rights” and “freedoms” are arbitrary privileges that can be removed in an instant, and that our only potential friends and allies are ones fellow prisoners.

    That’s why we are all Palestinians living in a global open-air prison today, as we sacrifice our core values of “freedom of speech” and “tolerance of others” in the name of the imaginary suffering of our oppressors – who we dare not even name…

    1. Wexter Weinstein Avatar
      Wexter Weinstein

      Fellow Jewish people: In Israel 52% of us agree that African migrants are a cancer. Our state funded religious leader publicly calls black people monkeys and sub-humans, and we treat them like dogs in Israel. We are the only group allowed to be racist to blacks.

      Facebook removes 95% of criticism of Israel and YouTube removes 80%. Our leaders are allowed to promote raping non Jewish women, beheading Arabs, and murdering women and children. We are the one group that you cannot criticize.

      We’re allowed to teach our kids that we are God’s chosen people and that non Jews are meant to be our slaves. We’re allowed to teach our 3yr olds that all non Jews are evil. And in Sweden, we’re the only religious school allowed to operate!

      In the United States 424-1 members of the House voted to condemn White nationalism. Meanwhile 424-0 voted to support Jewish nationalism. The US Congress (who we fund) supports a racist ethnostate for us, but not for White people. This is not White privilege it’s Jewish Privilege.

      In Israel we can burn toddlers alive and only spend 10 months in detention. In the U.S. (our colony) we can force children to perform oral sex on us, and we’ll only get 60 days in jail. It’s a fact most of the district attorneys work for us.

      In the Jewish state we ban intermarriage and we ban interracial romance novels between Jews and Arabs. Meanwhile we promote this for Whites and Blacks in Western countries. We can strengthen our race but if they try the same they are demonized.

      And we created Communism, then enslaved and murdered tens of millions of Europeans. Yet the Mainstream media, Hollywood, and Marxist universities NEVER criticize us. They only demonize White people for their history.

      It’s time we apologize for our Jewish Privilege and stop scapegoating White people. Jewish Privilege is:
      Using the messianic delusion of ones Divinely Chosen supremacist status as a Get Out Of Jail Free card from acts of unspeakable depravity, evil and misanthropy, for thousands of years.
      Being hated and persecuted all over the world since the beginning of time for no reason whatsoever…
      All the hard work your people did to take over the world being dismissed as an anti-semitic conspiracy theory.
      Caiming your neighbours want to “Wipe you off the map”… while you wipe them off the map
      Being able to destroy the lives of those who dare to claim that Jews control the media, when even the Times of Israel brags that it is the truth.
      Using this control over the media and government to enact laws restricting our ability to discuss your control over media and government.
      When everything that people say about me and my people, even if true, is dismissed as “hate” and a “canard”.
      When you despise the country you reside in, long for your ‘homeland’, and call dual loyalty accusations an ‘anti-semitic trope’.
      Never engaging with critics of Jewish behaviour by engaging with the evidence but by immediately resorting to insults, censorship, and attempted destruction.
      Being born into a group that believes its members to have “pure and holy” souls, and to accuse everyone else of racism while believing that all others have impure and evil souls … or, no soul at all, depending on the sage.
      Being born into a world where your ancestors have “progressive”-ly transformed an entire civilisation into a Jewish ‘utopia’ by inverting its formerly Christian values into their exact opposites.
      Successfully posing as a “holy people”, Chosen by God to “heal the world”, while actively “normalising” your sages’ obsession with ‘clever’ legal distinctions permitting anal sex with unwilling victims – wives, servants, babies, etc.
      Having a historical tradition of brazen double standards – legal permission to lie, cheat, rob, defraud, rape, and murder outsiders but not your own – and simultaneously claiming that your divinely Chosen people have the sole right to teach “universal values”.
      When numerous esteemed members of your tribe openly proclaim your tribe’s goal of destroying everyone else “because we need a world of our own”,and this is not viewed as a dire threat to the human species … who your tribe has declared a sub-human species.

      1. Caitlin, a while back you said that you drew the line on your blog at only one especially painful point: blatant antisemitism. No question that Israel has become in many ways, especially to the Palestinians, a pernicious rogue state; no question that the Israeli lobby has perverse control over large portions of the U.S. government; no question but that the work of incisive Israeli critics like Norman Finkelstein should be applauded and promoted. But I think your line has been crossed here and urge you to respond as you deem appropriate. Your blog is far too good, both in quality and in values, to serve as a passive vehicle for the kinds of things coming from Frank and Wexter.

        1. Respectfully Newton, WWII and the mythology surrounding “the Nazis and the Holocaust” is central to justifying censorship, oppression, and the implementation of the tyrannical Neo-Liberal Covid World Order. But the unspeakable truth of WW II is that three Jewish controlled countries – Britain, the USSR and the USA – conspired to eliminate the last viable challenger to Jewish financial control of the world, which was the German economic miracle devised and deployed by Adolf Hitler. But history is written by the victors and no one ever asks them if they told the truth, which is why the people demonized since the 1940s are ‘the Nazis’. But today its all the people’s of European descent, and tomorrow it will be you. That’s why its important to defend this truth now before they start sending people to gulags for it.

          1. Now we’re praising Hitler and the Nazis on Caitlin’s blog?

            1. Not demonizing X does not mean praising X. Things are never that simple in reality

          2. First time in my life that I’ve heard Adolf Hitler referred to as a mircleworker.
            I’m 64 YO.

      2. IDid you just invent ‘Jewtopia’ or did I do it? My mother was of course, Jewish but I found I just couldn’t breathe in Israel. The other place like that was Northern Ireland during the end of the ‘Troubles.’

    2. How is that different from any other minority. Too many people play the victimhood card. It carries over to everyone. Woe is me. I am a victim. We are all victims of this cruel world, some more than others. Quit whining and do something about it.

      1. I just did. They control victims with fear. What happens when you are no longer afraid of shut-up words that end conversations by labeling people things they are not?

    3. When your tyrants can’t even be identified, much less found, no uprising or revolution is possible. That’s why the corporate totalitarian ruling class of the West is the ruler of a world turned upside down. The more powerful the class – and its reach is now global, the more it claims not to exist… and as a result all social life becomes insane. The social organization of our current state of total falsehood stems from this fundamental contradiction, and its the MSM propaganda machine that’s driving the collective psychosis. Who controls the media? You’re not allowed to say. And that tells you everything you need to know.

  23. With the anniversary of the cold-blooded murder of the Romanov family and attendants coming up on 17 July, I thought you might find this passage as profound as I did.

    I particular see the very last bullet point.


    Alexander III is speaking to his son Nicholas II as Alexander lay on his death bed.

    He is referring to the tragic day when his own father Alexander II was assassinated by the Jewish-led terrorist group Narodnaya Volya (“Peoples’ Will’). (paragraphing is mine ..)

    • “On that tragic day the question stood before me: which path was I to follow? Was it the one towards which I was being urged by the so-called progressive society, infected with the liberal ideas of the West, or was it the one recommended by my own convictions, by my highest, sacred duty as sovereign, by my own conscience? I chose my path. The liberals call it reactionary.

    • I was interested only in the good of my people and the greatness of Russia. I strove to give it internal and external peace, that the state might freely and calmly develop, becoming strong, rich and prosperous in an orderly way. Autocracy has created Russia’s historical individuality. If autocracy fails, God forbid, Russia will collapse with it. The fall of the time-honoured Russian government will inaugurate an era of civil strife and bloody internecine wars.

    • I adjure you to love everything that serves the good, the honour and the dignity of Russia. Guard autocracy, remembering at the same time that you bear the responsibility for the fate of your subjects before the throne of the Most High. May faith in God and in the sanctity of your royal duty be the foundation of your life.

    • Be firm and courageous and never show any weakness. Listen to everyone – there is no shame in that – but hearken only to yourself and to your own conscience.

    • In foreign policy preserve and independent position. Remember – Russia has no friends. They fear our vastness. Avoid war.

    • In domestic policy, first and foremost protect the Church. She has often saved Russia in times of misfortune.

    • **Strengthen the family, for it is the foundation of any state.**”

    Source: “The Romanov Royal Martyrs: What Silence Could Not Conceal” – authored by Saint John The Forerunner Monastery of Meso Potamos, Cyprus (various contributors)

    Nicholas and Alexandra went on to raise the perfect family – which is why the gremlins from the bowels of hell had to murder then and why we are all Palestinians today.

    1. That is called personal integrity and patriotism for country. Family, church, country, the three legs of stability and peace. America has destroyed all three, family unit shattered, church marginalized and patriotism ridiculed. Thus chaos.

    2. And all they did was run a torture network and keep the peasants in slavery, known as serfdom in Europe, killing and torturing to anyone who dared to object to fools who let an idiot like Rasputin run the Empire into the ground. Including a disastrous war which was killing hundreds of thousands and ruining the nation. Yeah, such great people.
      If the Romanovs were what we get from Family, God and Country, then getting rid of that and them was one of the best ideas in history.
      “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, once well said by Dr. Samuel Johnson. He neglected to mention that Family and God were the last two fall-back positions before that final refuge was reached. “Trust me, I’m a man of God”, and “I mus rule you because of who my daddy was” were both confidence tricks before they came up with “Go Die For Your Country while I stay at home in my mansion and count my profits from the war.”

      1. They were the last of the monarchy and the era of thinking that went with it worldwide. I am sure many monarchs were as good as they could be just as some were ruthless. Kings and royal families were just as locked into the system of rule as the peasants. Just as we seem to be locked into our form of government until the next collapse or revolution.

      2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        You poor, poor thing. You either don’t read at all, are too proud and stubborn to learn or you are a gatekeeper. I gave you references.

        1. To clarify the comments in this thread were in general on the monarchy system of government and not on the romanovs. Monarchs like us were good, compassionate, cruel. ruthless, power hungry, benevolent etc. They were a product of their times. All monarchs were overthrown eventually. But in perspective was the heir to the Romanovs, Stalin, better or worse.

    3. Hi Julias. Do you know when the anniversary of the cold-blooded murder of Louis XVI and his consort is? There are probably some “bons mots” we can mine there, eh?

      1. Thank you Victor – a couple of things come to mind.

        Re 21 January 1793 and other cold blooded murders, the story of the famous diamond necklace comes to mind. A good account is given in Capt. A H M Ramsay’s “The Nameless War” (a copy can be found on

        But what led me down that rabbit hole was General George [“We defeated the wrong enemy”] Patton’s warning

        I am not endorsing the following site or agreeing with some of his editorial comments but he does (reluctantly) cite some interesting quotes.

        Hitler Was a Socialist … by Chris Talgo – July 6, 2020

        In relation to David’s comment above, there are plenty of resources that describe the economic ‘miracle’ that occurred in Germany under Hitler in the five or six years following 1933.

  24. Ok. There are alot of excuses why the world is so screwed up. However, it all starts with the family. Children are not taught discipline, hard work and self control. Instead they are coddled, pampered and spoiled into the useless snowflakes of today who whine about everything. The government has continued this pampering and coddling with their policies. Spare thev rod and spoil the child has been taken to epidemic proportions. Because of this family shift the world is unraveling. It is also no coincidence that we are a society of counseling and psychiatry run amok. A.erica stands at the forefront of this madness towing the rest of the western world behind.

    1. One of the best thing about being around Hippies was the Hippie kids. There were of course a lot of them around, since these were the people who believed in Free Love. And the kids were always wonderful to be around. They were happy. They were inquisitive. They were quite open and loving and smart and brave.. They were joyful.
      This was the result of being raised in a home where they were never beaten and were always treated with love, kindness and respect. Oh, and they were also obedient when their parents did have to raise their voice to them. That always got their attention because it happen so very rarely.
      Having all of these happy, joyful children around was always fantastic, before going back to Babylon and the mean, hateful, spiteful children who cowed just like the family dog did every time Daddy raised his hand. They didn’t pay much attention to Daddy when he yelled, because that was just normal. But when he reached for his belt they’d find a place to hide. They were little devils when Daddy wasn’t around, which combined with the fact that every child must eventually leave home accounts for much of the sin and misery in this world. These beaten or verbally abused children act insane for their first few years out from their parents wings, in ways that you didn’t see from children who grew up in a house of Peace and Love.

      1. Nice utopia there. I guess if we could stay stoned all the time we would be full of peace and love. Too bad the world is not one big commune. What if. Oh wait, they tried that already. How did it work out.

        1. And how is that world abetted by beating your children working out khatika?

          1. Thats the problem. You cannot differentiate between beating and discipline. It is all one or the other. We all need the right mixture of love, incentive and discipline to grow up a balanced human being. Spare the rod spoil the child.

  25. “Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all.”

    Thomas Szasz, author, professor of psychiatry (1920-2012)

    1. Also because of IQ and how they are taught and raised. Anothrr false truism by a psychiatrist. Give them an excuse not to learn. Instead incentivize them from home and school to learn. If the parents dont care why should the kid. That quote sounds like you cannot be wealthy and industrious. Thus all movies star kids grow up ignorant. Yes if they are spoiled only. Buts lets not give them an excuse not to learn because it is their ego preventing it. It falls on the parents to discipline them. If not we get adults who say do away with prisons and abolish the police or are ripe for brainwashing when they enter college.

    2. The first step towards learning was always to say “I don’t know.” As long as you think you know something, you are incapable of learning.
      One fascinating about the American world of hierarchies and work is that saying “I don’t know.” is always frowned upon. “Fake it until you make it” is the American way, and saying “I don’t know” is always regarded as a statement of failure and weakness. Every American child is taught this before adulthood. The ones who don’t accept this then have it beaten into them until they submit.
      All of this is the reason why the Americans are world famous for their ability to run full-speed into a stone wall. They think it is far more important to show decisiveness, energy, and conviction than to say that they don’t know if they can run in a straight line from here because there appears to be a stone wall in the way. Only a defeatist would utter those deadly word “I don’t know” and they must be shot at dawn.
      And yet, until one says “I don’t know”, they’ll never learn anything.

      1. A caveat to that is asking for help is a sign of weakness. I saw this in college and the workplace. I always asked for help when needed and stopped to help if asked. I was one of the very few in my workplace that did this. Thus I was often asked for help since I did the same with others. It was not common practice.

      2. And to add to your thoughts, someone who cared once impressed upon me as a young man that learning and the acquisition of “knowledge” should always lead one to realize how much more there is to know. Put another way: The more one knows, the more one knows how much she/he doesn’t know.

  26. Or alternatively:
    We are all born 90% Love and 10% curious and are then buried under the ignorance of the world.
    It’s up to each of us to diminish our ignorance.

    1. I think I will be at odds with everyone today. Watch toddlers play. Some are full of love and some are little bullies from a young age. Some sit and cry when they are hit by another kid as their toy is ripped from their hands. Some fight back and make the little bully cry. Human nature playing out at 18 months. We are hard wired more than many will admit. Heredity vs. environment. Age old debate.

      1. I am from a more rebellious and independent era, when it was extraordinarily common for children to decide to be complete different from their parents and who rejected everything their parents had tried to teach them.
        That was before the mind-washing began early with incessant corporate cartoons before the children went to their militarized pre-school run by a former Marine Lieutenant. As you can tell, the system has tried to correct this small problem with independence and children refusing to be a copy of their parents.
        All of my best friends in this life had completely rejected everything that heredity tried to impose upon them. We’ve all agreed that we were much better for it. And it of course makes a great deal of sense that a path, life and behaviors that one chose for themselves are more likely to be successful than a random set imposed by the answer to the question “Who’s Your Daddy?”

      2. Its more likely that you have an early glimpse into which parents beat their children. Those are a combination of the ‘bullies’ and the crying ‘submissives’ that you are seeing. Two different reactions to the same thing.
        The ones that are full of love are the ones who are not regularly beaten or psychologically abused and screamed at.

        1. So you belief it is environment I guess. It is heredity too. Just like some dog breeds are more agressive then others. Put a wolf in among sheep from birth, the wolf will one day eat the sheep regardless of your best efforts.

    1. Mike McDonnell Avatar
      Mike McDonnell

      Go, Pack!

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