2020 is the year of Julian Assange’s extradition trials, the Kafkaesque proceedings by which the US government is attempting to imprison the WikiLeaks founder for the rest of his life as punishment for exposing US war crimes. Assange started an innovative leak publishing outlet on the premise that corrupt power can be fought with truth, and corrupt power responded by silencing and jailing him. They’ve proved him right about everything, right in front of everyone.

2020 is the year people began protesting police brutality, and police responded with ferocious and widespread acts of brutality. The massive deluge of video footage from these brutal police responses went viral all over the world. The argument about police brutality culture in the US police state was won clearly and decisively, right in front of everyone.

2020 is the year the most powerful government on earth responded to a pandemic virus with the largest upward transfer of wealth in history, leaving massive global corporations with record-high stocks while killing small businesses and throwing the rank-and-file public to the wolves after handing some of them a paltry $1200, all while failing spectacularly to address the threat of the virus itself. This financial abuse is happening right out in the open, right in front of everyone.

2020 is the year this same government’s electoral process is being exposed in front of everyone for the sham it has always been, as two corrupt racist right-wing warmongering dementia patients who’ve both been accused of rape are placed head-to-head in what will inevitably be the single dumbest presidential race in the nation’s history. Neither of these two men are capable of forming a coherent sentence, and their presidential debates will make them a laughing stock of the whole world, right in front of everybody.

2020 is the year the aforementioned pandemic virus brought more and more awareness to how insane it is that the most powerful nation on earth lacks a normal healthcare system and the basic social safety nets that are afforded to everyone else in every other major country on earth.

2020 is the year increased public consciousness was brought to racism and race relations, as the cultural inertia against actualizing an insight humanity experienced decades ago finally begins to truly fall away. The gaping racial wounds caused by centuries of white supremacism are finally being dragged into the light of consciousness before the people who’ve resisted looking at them because they have benefitted from white supremacism. The ugly things our society has kept hidden from itself are getting brought into the light in front of all of us.

2020 is the year of the raging debate about “cancel culture” as a critical mass of people begin to shove hard against injustices and perceived injustices in the world. Some factions shove hard against things they find objectionable, other factions shove back hard against their shoving, and in the back-and-forth movement long-stuck objects are becoming unstuck as all the commotion shoves more and more previously unconscious dynamics into public awareness.

Everywhere you look, the common thread across all plots and subplots of the story of 2020 is revelation. The movement from the unseen to the seen, from the unconscious to the conscious.

Even the coronavirus itself seems to be doing this to people on an individual level. Over and over again I’m seeing anecdotes from people who’ve been badly stricken with the virus repeating the same thing: that it has made them seriously reevaluate their lives and where they choose to put their energy and attention during their time in this world. People are forced by the way Covid-19 punishes needless movement to sit still with themselves and reflect on just what they’re doing here on this planet.

It reminds me of the “ordeal medicines” or “ordeal poisonings” in shamanic traditions around the world that didn’t have psychoactive plants. In ordeal poisonings you receive a toxic but non-deadly substance that puts you through a terrible existential ordeal which causes you to re-evaluate your life, from which you emerge with a newfound appreciation for life and a brand new perspective on things. This same sort of phenomenon is arguably happening around the world on a mass scale right now. Many have long had the thought that the world would be improved if a critical mass of people experienced psychedelics; 2020 may be the year where humanity received something ultimately even better.

What I’m getting at with all of this is, maybe try and relax a little bit. I know everyone’s really scared and stressed out and some are in danger of losing their homes or their loved ones, so obviously this suggestion can only go so far and apply to such an extent. But, to the best of your ability, perhaps try and relax. This might just be what it looks like when a thinking animal suddenly finds itself being hurled into expanded consciousness by forces it doesn’t understand and cannot control.

Anyone who’s done serious inner work knows that it is seldom pretty when things we’ve kept hidden in our subconscious begin moving into consciousness. But it’s also the only way things can heal, since you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s always awkward and uncomfortable to uncover things you’ve kept unconscious; that’s why you kept them there in the first place. But it’s also the only way forward.

This may be all we’re seeing, but on a mass scale. It ain’t pretty, but it’s what’s needed for healing to take place.

So, maybe just try and relax. Maybe invest less energy in stressing and bickering about masks and cancel culture and the US election and if the left or the right are going to get us all killed, and see if you can enter into a state of deep listening. The world is undergoing a transformation, and it’s taking us in a direction that none of us can predict, because we can only see what we can see. Maybe relax as much as you can and try to enjoy this weird and exhilarating tumble from the unseen into the seen, from unconsciousness into consciousness.

May all be revealed. This is the authentic human being’s foremost desire. May all be revealed, from our own innermost subconscious dynamics to power structures which affect the whole world. Let it all come out into the light.


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59 responses to “2020 Is The Year The Unseen Becomes Seen”

  1. QUOTE: *It’s always awkward and uncomfortable to uncover things you’ve kept unconscious; that’s why you kept them there in the first place. But it’s also the only way forward… It ain’t pretty, but it’s what’s needed for healing to take place.*

    I fear it’s going to be much more than just awkward and uncomfortable, if only because there are many who DON’T WANT all those things that have been kept in the dark so far to be brought into the light, and who will fight with tooth and claw to keep them in the dark.

    As a Chinese saying goes, “The medicine which heals can also be a most bitter brew.”

    QUOTE: *May all be revealed… Let it all come out into the light.*


  2. I’m working with a group of indigenous people of turtle island. To get Independent presidential candidate Mark Charles into the white house. His first 100 day plan is to update the Constitution of the u.s.a. The update will remove the rascism, sexism, and slavery written into the foundation documents.

    Mark Charles is Navajo. He belongs to the lands.

  3. Relax, and let the UN agenda 2030 do it’s thing. NOT! Hells, NO!
    Tax slavery, and interest payments on fiat debt currency needs to be the next thing to be revealed, and CANCELLED!

  4. What VIRUS did they not protect us from.
    Are you now Insane.

    Start reading Jon Rappaport Caitlin. nomorefakenews.com


    Satori Populism

    NO Question Awakening and NEW EARTH but 99% are staying here and will pay as you run away to your YOUR awakening.

    We need Anarcho-Capitalists. Libertarians. Freedom fighters against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.

    THEN we can all awaken not just the .01% You are doing exactly what they are doing.

    JEEZ even you now. I thought I saw it all.

  5. “A normal healthcare system and the basic social safety nets “.
    You mean a “normal” healthcare system that abides by the edicts of the WHO, one of the most corrupt international organizations in the world? There is one fundamental problem with US healthcare that is the basis for most of its abusiveness. That is the power exerted over it by Pharma. Such causes the dismissal of any and all holistic/natural treatments, and promotes treatment rather than cure. Once again, the bank cartel in league with corporations.
    You mean “basic social safety nets” like those that have intentionally destroyed the black family, paying mothers to keep fathers completely out of their children’s lives? The very thing responsible for the poor circumstances too many blacks find themselves in? The ” basic social safety net” is a public fund hog. The finances extracted from private sources to cover their wasteful distribution eliminates the ability of charity to fill that role. Charity, one of the fundamentals of humanity, is transferred to the State, at gun point. Stealing one’s resources to hand them to another is not charity. It only makes one beholden to the State for subsistence.

  6. Great through the last “2020 is the year of …”
    Giving advice on what to do is claiming clairvoyance of the future. Since we don’t know advice may be the worst thing. Be an observer of what is transpiring in the now. That’s what journalists can do, observe on a larger scale that everyday life. Allow people, us as owners of the world, to create our actions organically for better or worse.

  7. Aye , Captain Assange. Better to sail into the abyss than live one one more day on hog sow Island.

  8. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/07/cat-out-of-bag.html
    NYPD limits retirement applications amid 400 percent surge this week
    “You have to be crazy to stay on a job where you are losing money, abused by the people you are trying to protect and not appreciated by the politicians,” the source said.

    Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Plan To Move US To “100% Clean Energy” By 2035
    ​This need not actually be a process of massive rebuilding and restructuring.
    What will naturally happen is the continued loss of fossil fuel energy​, SUBTRACTION​.
    Fracking won’t even be around by the 2024 elections, if they happen.
    “Collapse now; Beat the rush”, as they say.​ Biden leads the way…​

  9. It is certainly becoming seen.
    “Covid-19 Tyranny and Economic Carnage in New Zealand”
    “A leaked email reveals Minister Jacinda Adern’s office instructing ministers to not explain anything to the media as the public was on board and things had gone well.”

  10. What about listed companies which used massive amounts of fiat money, produced out of thin air, to buy their own shares and mislead investors into thinking their company was making profits. What about gullible middle class citizens who also used massive amounts of fiat money, intended to help the poor during COVID-19 lock-downs, but in fact used to buy stock market shares in the hope of getting rich.

    1. DAVID DONNELLY Avatar

      Why don’t you stop giving a shit about what the desperate poor do to keep afloat, and look at the massive legalized looting by the nation-states around the world? Geesus, pick your battles with the right foe.

  11. 2020 is another year, like previous years of trouble, debt-slavery, oppression, wars, growing incidence of chronic diseases and drug use, depression and alcohol dependency. But the majority of voters and apathetic public still believe their governments will solve their problems. Ha Ha Ha! I’ve got news for them. I don’t like to sound pessimistic but things must get much worse before a crisis erupts and the wise among us wake up, take note and realize that most politicians are corrupt, self-serving psychopaths and that the time has come for a whole new world.

  12. What a great article. But after reading the comments I wonder why allow them? Few add any real value.


      The whole DAMN fight is about FREEDOM Thats why I can call you a fuckhole still

    2. The comments are generally idiotic and unenlightened but I suspect Caitlin opposes censorship.

  13. “2020 is the year the most powerful government on earth responded to a pandemic virus with the largest upward transfer of wealth in history, leaving massive global corporations with record-high stocks while killing small businesses and throwing the rank-and-file public to the wolves after handing some of them a paltry $1200, all while failing spectacularly to address the threat of the virus itself.” At the same time, 2020 is the year that the truth of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), long derided by neoliberal economists, was demonstrated before the eyes of the world, as the American government and other currency-sovereign governments used massive amounts of fiat money, produced out of thin air, to shore up the rich and powerful (in America) and also to substantially assist average citizens (in other parts of the developed world), all without the slightest risk of inflation. Our imaginations were stirred by thoughts of what such fiat money could do were it similarly invested to meet other pressing human needs like secure and decent jobs and the uplifting of the poor, and also to meet daunting environmental challenges like climate change and mass species extinction.

    1. A real shame that so much of this money will end up being used by the gobblers to eat up existing assets rather than investment in new productive capacities.

      1. A terrible shame, but one that can be corrected if enough people grasped the way our money system has operated since the elimination of the gold standard. The rich and powerful have understood this and milked it for all it’s worth, at the expense of the rest of us. That must change. One of the best and most entertaining intros to MMT is Stephanie Kelton’s “Angry Birds” video on YouTube.

        1. I’ll check it out. William Engdahl (“Gods of Money”) and Ellen Brown have helped bring some things into a little better focus for me.

    2. What about listed companies which used massive amounts of fiat money, produced out of thin air, to buy their own shares and mislead investors into thinking their company was making profits? What about gullible middle class citizens who also used massive amounts of fiat money, intended to help the poor during COVID-19 lock-downs, but in fact used to buy stock market shares in the hope of getting rich?

      1. MMT is but a lens through which to see how fiat money operates. The rich and powerful see through that lens and use what it shows to their immense and perverse profit at the expense of the rest of us and the planet. Average citizens continue to see federal spending through the distorted lens of the household, which is not a currency issuer but merely a currency user, and is able, at best, to access money only through private banks and always linked to debt. IMHO, this is one of the most important books out there right now, co-authored by a founder of MMT who is also an eco-socialist.


    3. Money can be printed. Wealth cannot. Printing money is an exceptionally effective means of transferring wealth to the bank cartel and corporations. It is otherwise worse than useless, as it punishes saving, while rewarding indebtedness. Encouraging the very things you oppose. More wasteful spending on materialism, more wealth for corporations and less for the private citizen. One could write a book, and many have.

  14. I do not consider 2020 to be the great revealing but instead the beginning of the great unraveling. As with most unravelings, the speed axcelerates the further along we get in the process. As governments lose their grip on power look for draconian measures to be taken to attempt control. However when we descend to the first rung of priorities for food, shelter etc. It will all collapse.
    Past societies had family to lessen this impact but the Western cultures shattered that years ago asking you to rely on the state instead. When it fails, the results will be catastrophic. Time is growing short. Prepare the best you can.

  15. A brilliant article expounding a profound insight. it is disheartening that there is such a flood of idiotic smears about Assange being a CIA asset washing onto the comments blog. Openness has it’s price….

  16. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “2020 is the year the most powerful government on earth responded to a pandemic virus with the largest upward transfer of wealth in history…”
    This is also the response to any and all time periods in history: Transfer of wealth to the top players of the world is always the result. No surprise there, as they control the flow of whatever stands in for money and they gets theirs well before anybody else can get a sniff of any crumbs left over. Sort of like some seriously obese people gorging down on all the copious food on the table and then clamoring for more so they go across the tracks and steal crackers and stale cookies from the tables of nearby poor people. Greed that is never satisfied. A hunger that never dies. Lives, lived, as if they could take all that pillaged wealth with them when it’s their time to board The Eternity Express. They’ll be surprised when they learn that they can take nothing with them, which is exactly what they contributed to the betterment of the world.
    “Everywhere you look, the common thread across all plots and subplots of the story of 2020 is revelation. The movement from the unseen to the seen, from the unconscious to the conscious… “May all be revealed.”
    All is always revealed for those who wish to see. But for others, no amount of revelation will break through the thorough job of self-delusion they have fully drowned themselves in. Thanks to the web and the worldwide plague of social media and multinational media companies, people are able to wash each other’s backs and faces in the slim and sludge of their toxic pseudo-beliefs so that they are fully inoculated against truth. Sort of like a baptism in reverse. Maybe more like a perverted communion sharing. No wonder people are addicted to the little box in their hands. They are junkies needing a constant flow of toxicity to feed their cravings.

    1. Few people are aware of the condolidation of wealth thst occurred during The Great Depression a hundred years ago. Farms and other property flowed back to the banks as people could not afford payments or even taxes. No taxes paid, state seizes property then sold it to banks for a pittance. Entire corporations were taken over by the elites. Happening again, no different.

  17. Steve Rauworth Avatar
    Steve Rauworth

    Amen, sister.

  18. You are so right John, it can not be said enough that “Poor Lives Matter”. They will do their best to try to keep us divided, we need to stick together, it is we the people against the oligarchy.

  19. Another thoughtful essay about the weaknesses in our system becoming more obvious in times of crises, followed by dozens of comments about Jew/virus/BLM conspiracies. Never a dull moment on this site.

    1. Just realized that most of them were from one Nazi guy who I’ve had blocked on all platforms for years, posting from different email addresses. Just IP banned him, hopefully that works.

      1. Good for you!

      2. It will not work. The IPs can be changed very easily by any successful hacker.

        was it 192.168.X.X or 172.16.

        Or 10.X.X.X

        Any of those are internal

  20. The threat of CV19 is an illusion. A lie. This must be seen. Priority 1.

    1. What is not being said is that “Poor Lives Matter”

    2. Correct. Covid 19 is real and people are dying. However the threat is indeed being overblown. Lives destroyed for an agenda of reallocation of wealth and resources.

        1. It has long been obvious that the cure is worse than the disease. By driving private businesses out, eliminating their competition with corporate business, poverty is inflicted. Which is by far the worst plague, as it magnifies all other maladies. Deaths resulting from poverty are quite likely to exceed those from corona flu.

          1. Absolutely. The “testing” is suspect, full of false positives or positives for the range of coronaviruses, or even positives for those who had flu shots. Number of deaths are being manipulated. Evidence for this whole shitshow being a “plandemic” can’t be ignored.

      1. DAVID DONNELLY Avatar

        Is it? Is it really? Is there any sound scientific evidence that this is indeed a novel virus? Or if it exists, and that its unique symptoms are found in all who have been classified as COVID-19 deaths? You know, something satisfying Koch’s postulates, or even1000+ electron microscopic photographs from different victims around the world that consistently evidence the SARS CoV-2 virus itself.

        There is something, and it’s called a corona-virus causing colds and flu-like symptoms. And like with all colds and flus, some people die. This year, it looks to be about the same as other years — some years worse, some years better.

  21. “Transfer of wealth” is a nice way of saying, ‘the single greatest theft in U.S. history.’
    One other correction, I’m neither scared nor stressed out. I learned long ago to deal with things as they are, not as I want them to be. there are others like me, but the vast majority wastes a lot of time concerning themselves with what ‘should’ be the case, instead of properly dealing with what IS the case. the are like people standing in the street, with a bus bearing down on them at high speed. That they think it is a flower, not a bus, won’t matter when the bus hits them. They’ll be just as dead as if the recognized that it was a bus. Besides, who ever heard of a homicidal flower?

  22. what kind of stupid idiot wrote this article. everything is the reverse of what it is actually. people like this should be cancelled.

    1. What kind of stupid idiot criticizes a writer who has great insight and, in doing so, doesn’t, himself (or herself) understand the proper use of capitalization, grammar , or punctuation? You must live in a very large glass house.

      1. Steve Rauworth Avatar
        Steve Rauworth

        Hi Harry, re:ILO, it probably isn’t worth the effort to argue with fools, or the mentally ill.

  23. Dear Caitlin,

    It’s high time your readers–not to mention the world in general–knew the truth about George Floyd’s so-called murder, an unfortunate truth that would have spared society a WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE had the MSM only been more forthright about it: that Floyd died NOT because his airway was being obstructed by an arresting officer but because he had THREE TIMES the lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system. Far from killing him, Officer Chauvin was merely trying to stabilize an agitated man who was already in the grips of cardiac arrest (including turning him face-down in case of vomiting)–both of which are symptoms of a Fentanyl OD. The official coroner’s report says NOTHING about airway obstruction being the official cause of death, yet this is the lie the MSM has led the public to believe, a lie too many people are ready to buy into, resulting in CATASTROPHIC damage both to race relations and public property.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberta has been ALL OVER this. It’s time your readers–and the brainwashed public in general–knew the truth!


    S.A. Hogan, horror/thriller author

    1. Truth. The first casualty of propaganda.

      1. Amen! That should be Dr. Paul Craig RobertS, BTW. Unable to edit or delete. SAH

  24. Ummm…’what virus is that, Caitlin? I give you:

  25. Yes, the Assange case backfired.

    Yes, the planted pan-hysteria revealed much,
    still to backfire, aggravated with threats from
    a master-fake and his Hates foundation.

    There are so much more, either from today
    as from the last 50 years. As the murder of
    a NATO ally, and the Defense minister, both
    from an European country, just to hide what
    would be known as Iran-Contras scandal.
    (only smaller scandal, due the delay).

    Most crimes are unknown. Not what matters.
    What matters is the system, and the acceptance.
    … Not a world to Live in, not that way.

    Now, a global genocide is being prepared.
    Wake now, or fall with the world.
    Who is marked to be next?

    Everything must be known, looked, seen!

  26. Caitlin,

    I would like to know if you are aware of the corrupt FISA process in the US that is putting innocent Americans into a fraudulent watch list. Those of us in it consider the Corona Virus a small thing. We are tortured with military grade energy weapons most of which are microwave weapons. In the US it is estimated there is now close to two million people on this list. They are tortured and every aspect of their lives are ripped apart. I personally have almost died twice. We are all waiting patently for Fusion centers to shut down. Gang stalkers (usually neighbors) to be arrested for possession and use of these weapons on humans and animals in addition to destroying homes. This form of slavery has spread all over the world. It is a Nazi Germany original idea and agenda spread by CIA and military. FBI, NSA, law enforcement are all apart. I encourage a look at targetedjustice.com. The home page itself is loaded with the truth. Anyone is a candidate, I don’t care who you are and it is spreading.

    When will the light of truth shine on this? It was ruled two years ago by Anthony J. Trenga as Unconstitutional. The UN has recently stated to the world it is Crimes Against Humanity. President Trump has it listed on Executive Order 13818 that was produced in December 2017. Still it is Americas biggest dirty little secret.

    Vicki Kabanov

  27. LOL. Maybe. I think disqus requires that I say more, personally I don’t think that the folks who have been wronged deserve any sort of salvation, oligarchs can only have power via others; so whatever happened to all the religion? But, it’s not my call, so there, that should satisfy disqus

    1. very much so

  28. Ms Johnstone you are without equal when it comes to describing the satanic Mr. Pompeo; so I reflexibly think of you whenever I see an article and picture of this vile man.
    Commenting on the protests, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo declared that “We have the rule of law; China does not. We have free speech and embrace peaceful protest. They don’t.”
    On May 26, massive demonstrations began in the United States, following the death of a black man, George Floyd, who had been detained and treated appallingly by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the BBC noted, “Mr Floyd’s death came shortly after the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. Mr Arbery, 25, was shot on 23 February while jogging in Georgia, after residents said he resembled a burglary suspect. Breonna Taylor, 26, was a health worker who was shot eight times when police entered her flat in Kentucky.” This article can be read here:
    Secretary of State Pompeo Says He Wants to Defend Human Dignity. But He Is Selective by Brian Cloughley!

  29. I can’t relax. My mom & brother shared a nursing home room. . Brother died a few weeks ago. Mom is locked alone in her room to mourn with no visitors allowed. She sees zero faces of compassion, as all the staff has masks and face shields on. The masks and no visitors rule is torturing those who live in nursing homes. Is this what they want? Seniors to die of mental torture and loneliness?

    1. Apart from the plutocrats and warmongers, who always want the same things, I don’t think that the rest of “they” have any idea of what they want or how to get there. Nor do “we” have any of this yet figured out, which is Caitlin’s point. During this chaotic interregnum, full of peril and promise, may you and your remaining family members–indeed, may all of us–somehow be given the peace that passes understanding and the hope for things not seen by reason alone.

    2. So sorry. It is indeed cruel to sentence our precious elders to live their last days alone. The ruling class is becoming more diabolical by the day.

  30. This is a very good summary of the big picture and the closeup, the collective and the individual. Blessed are those who do not give up the effort to see clearly.

  31. Dear Caitlin Johnstone:

    I admire your continuing willingness to get past your ego and see how much good is going on in the world, including very much in this column. It strengthens the best thing in all of us.

    You will be heartened to know, if you do not know it yet, that one of, if not, the greatest thinker who ever lived said in 1970 that the force of ethics, the mightiest of forces, had its greatest triumph and that an economic system based on ill will, the profit system, was on its way out, was dying. Even those who had seen countless times that his understanding of the world was unusually accurate had trouble seeing that he was right. and that after hundreds of years of this economic disease was coming to an end. In the last 50 years the evidence has been mounting that he was right, especially when the profit system nearly failed entirely in 2008.

    In your last article you said:

    “…we also know how to make the words and their opposites fight with each other in our heads…”

    Perhaps, you know the work of this man, whose keenness and kindness were unparalleled. If you don’t know of him, I think you would be also be greatly heartened to know that he also said that the most important thing for the human mind is to see that opposites do not have to fight. After forty years of studying his thought, I think that In one of, or, the most important thing ever said is that “All beauty is a making one of opposites.” The importance of this cannot be overestimated.

    1. Give me a break. This is the best. We are fucked if the best you all can do is this. I know I am a worthless shit. You all think you are the good guys

      We are all so broken and so lost. Live in square boxes that are stacked on top of each other 1200 feet in the air.

      The pigeons are all gone by me. Guess why. It sucked around here. They moved out.

      I am guilty of staying in the US. I need to get my ass outta here. I know where I can go and I am not suggesting it here. Keep meditating. Let the 99.9% suffer while you ASCEND CAITLIN.

      Block an IP address finally WOO HOO she showed her face and talked. Lets all kiss her butt. I am truly sorry as I have supported you before and maybe I will again, lets see. In the meantime Awakening is for those that Fight EVIL.

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