Today the US president moved from tacit endorsement and evading questions on the toxic QAnon psyop to directly endorsing and supporting it, telling reporters “I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate,” and saying they’re just people who love their country and don’t like seeing what’s happening in places like Portland, Chicago and New York City.

Asked about the driving theory behind QAnon that Trump is waging a covert war against a satanic pedopheliac baby-eating deep state, Trump endorsed the idea but reframed it by saying that he’s leading a fight against “a radical left philosophy”.

“If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there,” Trump said in response to the query. “And we are actually. We’re saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country, and when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.”

Of course Trump did not claim to be fighting any satanic pedovores, because he is doing nothing of the sort. Nor is he fighting the deep state; despite all the virulent narrative spin he’s been a fairly conventional Republican president in terms of policy and behavior in all the usual depraved and disgusting ways, and has done nothing of note to stand against the unelected power establishment known as the deep state. He absolutely has been brutalizing protesters in places like Portland and attacking socialism in places like Venezuela and Bolivia, though, so he can indeed safely admit to that.

The disingenuous nature of Trump’s endorsement hasn’t done anything to dampen the excitement and enthusiasm of QAnoners online, though.

I write against QAnon periodically for the exact same reason I write against the plutocratic media: it’s an obvious propaganda construct designed to manufacture support for the status quo among people who otherwise would not support it. It presents itself as an exciting movement where the little guy is finally rising up and throwing off the chains of the tyrannical forces which have been exploiting and oppressing us, yet in reality all it’s doing is telling a discontented sector of the population to relax and “trust the plan” and put all their faith in the leader of the US government.

And that’s exactly what makes QAnon so uniquely toxic. It’s not just that it gets people believing false things which confuse and alienate them, it’s that it’s a fake, decoy imitation of what a healthy revolutionary impulse would look like. It sells people on important truths that they already intuitively know on some level, like the untrustworthiness of the mass media, that the official elected US government aren’t really the ones calling the shots, and that we need a great awakening. It takes those vital, truthful, healthy revolutionary impulses, then twists them around into support for the United States president and the agendas of the Republican Party.

And now literally any time I speak out against Trump doing something self-evidently horrible like orchestrating the extradition of Julian Assange or assassinating Iran’s top military official, I get QAnon adherents in the comments section telling me to “relax” and “trust the plan” because this is actually a brilliant strategic maneuver against the deep state. Any argument against any longstanding evil Fox News Republican agenda that Trump advances has a widely promulgated explanation for why it’s actually good and beneficial among the QAnon crowd.

A healthy impulse to fight the power is twisted into support for the most unconscionable aspects of the ruling power establishment. You see healthy impulses twisted and corrupted like this all the time, all across the political spectrum. The healthy impulse to fight racism and bigotry is twisted into support for the warmongering, oppressive and exploitative Democratic Party which is nothing but destructive toward the populations it pretends to protect. The healthy impulse to defend the helpless and fight tyranny is railroaded into support for acts of regime change “humanitarian” interventionism.

The fact that people need to be deceived by their healthy impulses in this way is a good sign; it means we’re generally good people with a generally healthy sense of which way to push. If we were intrinsically wicked and unwise their propaganda wouldn’t hook us by telling us to fight tyranny, defend children and tell the truth–it would hook us using our cowardice, our hatred, our greed, our sadism. People are basically good, and propagandists use that goodness to trick us.

But good will and good intentions aren’t enough, unfortunately. Even intelligence, by itself, isn’t enough to save us from being propagandized; some fairly intelligent people have fallen for propaganda operations like QAnon and Russiagate. If you want to have a clear perspective on what’s really going on in the world you’ve got to have an unwavering devotion to knowing what’s true that goes right down into your guts.

Most people don’t have this. Most people do not have truth as a foremost priority. They probably think they do, but they don’t. When it comes right down to it, most people are more invested in finding ways to defend their preexisting biases than in learning what’s objectively true. If they’ve got a special hatred for Democrats, the confirmation biases that will give them leave them susceptible to the QAnon psyop. If they’ve got a special hatred for Trump, they’re susceptible to believing he’s controlled by some kind of Russian government conspiracy. There are any number of other directions such biases can carry someone.

Only by a humble devotion to truth that is willing to sacrifice any worldview or ideology to the uncompromising fire of objective reality can skilfully navigate through a world that is saturated with disinformation and propaganda. Sincerely put truth first in all things while doing your best to find out what’s actually going on in our world, and eventually you’re guaranteed to free yourself from any perceptual distortion.


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141 responses to “QAnon Is A Fake, Decoy Imitation Of A Healthy Revolutionary Impulse”

  1. Enough real-life power elite abusers from Weinstein to Epstein , rumoured pedos like Bill Clinton and even Prince Andrew, and the BBC Savile and Catholic Church pedo scandals, easily fuels support for QAnon.

    Whatever the name, that pedo rings must exist is difficult to deny. Many people apparently have been victims of abuse and many likely live in fear powerful people in their local communities to come out.

    QAnon may be a false hope that something is being done, but prove that before condemning QAnon. Real-life victims of abuse are not fake decoys.

    The Clinton-era anti-pedo laws that caught on worldwide, made it impossible for internet vigilantes to investigate pedo rings. The very nature of the evidence was illegal to possess or search for.

    Pedo investigations became a closed police specialty. Consider that. Carefully.

  2. QAnon functions like a fundamentalist religious cult offering hope & salvation through special knowledge and insight into esoteric mysteries (the Q posts & 4D chess) and the intervention of a savior Donald Trump. It is the classic salvation religion formula.

  3. Trump is an Impotent Outsider who has been trashed from his inauguration by the Establishment as an “invalid” President. The Republican/ Democrat split is largely what you would expect after 8 years of a Democrat who was essentially an extension of 16 years of Clinton/ Bush. The Establishment is decidedly anti-Trump at all levels of the MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank, from Ray McGovern.) The US became a banana republic with the rejection of the 2016 election results by these people. Trump, a long-time Democrat, has now embraced the GOP as his people. The anti-left slant is their trademark (Communism is bad, except for China until recently). Of course, the Democrats may have surpassed the Republicans as anti-leftists both at home (they obliterated Bernie Sanders’ movement to give us demented Biden) and abroad (forever wars will soon get going again under Biden/ Harris. As Katie Hill, “progressive” Democrat from California gushed in an interview a few days ago with Katie Halper and Matt Taibbi, our military is the biggest and only real jobs program in the US. Where would these people go?
    QAnon is a normal reaction to people disillusioned with the MSM/CIA narratives spewed 24/7 since the abolition of Smith Mundt, our anti-propaganda law, in 2013. At least QAnon and Alex Jones are more entertaining and make more sense than our Intelligence Service Narratives delivered by MSM. Besides, as Bertrand Russell said repeatedly (as with SCOTUS’ hate speech IS free speech): “In a democracy it is necessary that people should learn to endure having their sentiments outraged”

  4. If everything is BS, lies or propaganda where is the secret place where we find the truth? If we believe the opposite of what we read and hear is the truth how can it be proved?

    1. The Keys of Knowledge can be used to measure knowledge and point to the truth. Here is more from

  5. Dear Americans,
    Now is the time to check your voter registration before the election.
    Oligarchs like the Koch Brothers, and their anti-democracy friends in the Republican Party, run “Voter Purge” operations to take voters off the voter registration roles.
    Depending on your state, they may have taken hundreds of thousands of voters off the roles.
    This is the Oligarch idea of democracy.
    But, it is easy to combat.
    Check your voter registration soon.
    In my state, it can be done online.
    If for some reason you have been removed from the voter rolls by the anti-democracy forces, it is very easy to correct. Simply register to vote again.
    However, most states have a cutoff date after which your ability to register (re-register) will be gone.
    That makes right now the perfect time to check your voter registration.
    The disappearing of the voters has been completed, and there is still time to do the simple task of registering to vote if you need to make yourself reappear to fight tyranny.
    Pass this along to your friends and family. Lets not have be denied their right to vote by the Oligarchs. At this time, it is very easy to both check that you are registered and to correct any problems.

    1. The law says to removr people who havent voted in the last two elections. Also the voting rolls must be updated periodically per law. So following the law is your idea of tyrranical. i personally could csre lesscabout this voting circus by the democrats and republicans.

  6. I use my Q T-Shirt to wipe my car.. Yes like a lot of people I was fooled. Trump, like it or not, talks out of both sides of his mouth. Bottom line I do think he has gone after pedophiles, but no, he has not touched any of the top dogs. I believe he is closely tied to Q and knows whenever a post is made.

    Personally I don’t think he’s the President anymore. He even said so back in April, “It has been an honor to be your President”…. Past tense. He has done nothing to stop the election from becoming a joke. It may be his way of leaving gracefully. Look at his cabinet and I don’t see a winner there. Mnuchin and Ross were placed there by the Ruling class to make sure they took their fair share of the spoils. Durham and Barr are just running out the clock. Wray should be someone’s boy toy behind bars .. but he still head of the FBI crime family.

    1. Talking out of both sides of your mouth is required for politicians.

    2. Trump knows exactly what the Media hacks are doing when they troll him with the QAnon nonsense; and he trolls them right back.

  7. Sometimes I am in awe of people that are willing to risk their lives for moral and/or ethical principles. To do so in ” the deep south of the U.S. ” is very rare indeed. This judge has placed a target on his back and the backs of his family. You can read this article here:
    U.S. Judge Urges Supreme Court to End U.S. Police State It Imposes by Eric Zuesse!

  8. One thing to note about Martin Geddis is that he was almost instantly deplatformed for writing on the Q phenomenon on not just one, but multiple platforms (Medium and Mailchimp are the ones I remember being mentioned) As they say “you know you over the target..”

    Has Caitlin been de-platformed or otherwise censored for expressing her views on Q? No, well then maybe she is far away from the target.

    Geddis for those that don’t know, is the English computer scientist and telecoms expert who has written a series of influential essays on the Q phenomenon.

    1. Listen to Kevin Shipp ex-CIA whistle blower telling us how Q-Anon is fake at around 28 minutes into this interview

  9. Katelinne Joanstown, (i allways spell your name wronge ) Thanks so much for your daily writing. Your the best. I patreon a miminmum $3.33. But please don’t steal my delusions of hope that Q is right that Trump only pretends to be a demon so he can infiltrate the Satanic networks and bring it down draining the swamp. It’s just tooooo scary if it turns out you are right that Q is a mind-poison propaganda psye op cause that means Trump is the death of us all !! Please don’t be right about that Caitlynne. Could you just let us children pretend we are safe from devils so we can sleep? Let us keep our delusions so we can cope with the madness. *laughs weakly through head in the sand** sOmethingk else**

  10. Cui bono?

    Engaging mass narratives of any sort is absurd because it relies upon the assumption of trust. False flags fly right and left. False flags spill into news feed from trusted information sources like an oil spill from a pipeline. It’s completely predictable, never if, but when. As do completely made up stories, deep fakes, etc. Rule of thumb, if you’re talking about people you don’t know, then its all pretty much wild speculation. But I bet everyone reading this may know a few actual people.

    Point of it all, is stop trying to organize a mass narrative, a mass movement, or political parties if you actually give a shit about what’s real and the actual people you know. In fact minimize exposure on social media completely. Otherwise you will end up wasting all your time(opportunity costs are real) inadvertantly countering obviously fake shit. Then there’s the fake shit you love, which you are wrong about (honest mistake) and the ludicrous fake shit people you don’t like post(sociopathic and sadistic murder cult evil). Makes my blood boil just remembering how upset I used to be about all the fake bullshit.

    Instead, consider doing the dirty unglamorous work of building local networks that can actually provide for some fraction of the needs you and these other people actually have. Maybe spend a reasonable fraction of the day instead of being on the black mirror doing important stuff like self care, growing something you can eat, or fixing something that’s broken instead of glory pandering on social media. Use the black mirror to learn a simple fact or how to tutorial for pretty much anything you are willing to do in these areas. That’s an appropriate substitution because it grows your concrete knowledge base instead of feeding your adrenaline habit.
    Just a thought

  11. Greetings Caitlin,
    I made this comment on RT after reading and supporting your article, but they said it may be breaching their guidelines, but I can’t see where, what do you think?

    Your insight and perception into the human psychic is very very good Caitlin, well done. But I think you have forgotten something, as is evident in comments below. In the main people love their captivity and support their captors, no matter which side of the political etc spectrum they fit, as you have well indicated and why. Therefore humanity is inherently lost in a submerged chaotic mindless abyss from which they cannot escape, except if they are dragged screaming and crying from their captivity by a more powerful unseen hand from someplace high above the human physical construct. Continue your insightful work, but always looking behind you.

    1. Man is flesh and spirit. The flesh is corrupt and dies. Feed the spirit instead which lives on beyond desth.

  12. There’s a sickness that comes with the certainty of those who view the world in so black and white, so good and bad, so us versus them terms, that killing is often a morally defensible act. More so, such killing often goes beyond just simple self defense, to a level of retributive necessity, a preventive act that makes the act of killing practically an act of altruism. “If I hadn’t killed the bad guy, the bad guy would have killed other people” so the reasoning goes. The myth of redemptive violence, is clearly espoused and expressed in our explanations of American history: we had to kill the British to be free; in America’s majority Christian religion: Jesus had to die in the most painful way possible, on the cross, for mankind to be saved; and in the United State’s greatest popular culture: Luke had to destroy the Death Star to save the galaxy… This article can be read here:
    Lights! Camera! Kill! Hollywood, the Pentagon and Imperial Ambitions.
    by Matthew Hoh

  13. BaronAsh (@BaronAsh1) Avatar
    BaronAsh (@BaronAsh1)

    Caitlin is a fine writer, but also what used to be called a cynic, despite providing nice inner mandala insights into all and everything. In this case, like so many, she is entirely blind about the level of attack this Presidency has been under by the IC and more since even before his taking the oath of office. His DOJ was hijacked by the Mueller operation until a little more than a year ago. She ignores its existence and its effects, namely that PDT has been on the back foot since Day One. He is also working against an over 90% negative press headwind. Also unprecedented.

    She should watch the documentary recommended in this article by PCR, who is no big Trump fan by any stretch, and also has far more experience in the belly of the beast than Caitlin, as insightful a writer as she is.
    About the almost instantly banned from Youtube ShadowGate documentary whose maker was almost instantly jailed.
    Unable to post because it said it went through… trying again….

    1. Caitlin is perceptive and realistic. Lame duck Donald Trump is part of the grand show we call political theatre to entertain and fool the masses. The Deep State will only get rid of Trump if he no longer plays along as their controlled opposition. Tune in to journalists and analysts like Edward Griffin, Jake Morphonios, Brandon Smith, Gerald Celente who have done excellent factual research and exposed Trump as a two-faced, self-serving, psychopathic, secret collaborator of the Deep State.

      1. Even someone who naively has a couple good ideas does not stand a chance as president. Everyone criticizes them for doing nothing, rolling over too easy or just being evil. It is not an enviable job. As if anyone could do better. You either play along or they get rid of you.

      2. The Deep State no longer pays any attention to Donald Trump.
        No one in government follows Trump’s orders. Not even his thugs in ICE and Dept of Homeland Security.
        We saw that quite clearly on the streets of Portland.
        The Governor announced a de-escalation agreement between the Federal Goons and the state, that said the Federal Goons would pull back. Trump denounced it, and threatened the pro-democracy demonstrators in Portland with more violence. Trump even said he’d send in the military.
        But, the DHS did de-escalate, the Federal Goons did pull back, and the Pentagon has not send any troops, regular or national guard, to Portland.
        Nobody pays any attention to Trump.
        Everyone is just waiting for him to be gone.
        Which he will be.
        If he tries to give orders that he’ll stay in the White House, then those will be yet more orders that everyone in the government will ignore.
        The Trump name will live on …. as the most incompetent President ever. Perhaps as the most incompetent leader ever. Although the Romans, that the fascists inside the beltway worship, did give history both Caligula and Nero. Now Donald Trump will add his name to the debates about who was the worst ever.
        Any children with the misfortune to be named Donald will hear laughter at the name on the first day of every school year. They’ll get used to telling the teacher reading the computer printout that they prefer to go my their middle name.

  14. BaronAsh (@BaronAsh1) Avatar
    BaronAsh (@BaronAsh1)

    Caitlin is a fine writer, but also what used to be called a cynic, despite providing nice inner mandala insights into all and everything. In this case, like so many, she is entirely blind about the level of attack this Presidency has been under by the IC and more since even before his taking the oath of office. His DOJ was hijacked by the Mueller operation until a little more than a year ago. She ignores its existence and its effects, namely that PDT has been on the back foot since Day One. He is also working against an over 90% negative press headwind. Also unprecedented.

    She should watch the documentary recommended in this article by PCR, who is no big Trump fan by any stretch, and also has far more experience in the belly of the beast than Caitlin, as insightful a writer as she is.
    About the almost instantly banned from Youtube ShadowGate documentary whose maker was almost instantly jailed.

    1. 250,000 Dead Americans by Nov 1st.
      Trump Must Go!
      Lock Him Up!

  15. I just came across this interview with Jimmy Dore on Katie Halper’s show from a few days ago. I think fans of Caitlin would be particularly interested, because they talk about stuff like making the unconscious conscious. I’m a fan of Caitlin and Jimmy Dore, and I don’t really get the inner work stuff. Or maybe I do… sometimes I think if I could make myself more patient with idiots, I could be more effective. But I am curious about it. I didn’t know Jimmy Dore was so into it, he mentioned Eckhart Tolle, and he talked at length about his personal journey and current strategies. Caitlin said somethings like one eye inward and one eye outward, and Jimmy said something like one foot in the world and the other foot… I forgot where.
    The part with Jimmy Dore starts at 26:12 and goes for about 40 minutes. This video cuts off abruptly at the end, not sure why:

  16. Like the QAnon phenomenon, almost everything is a psy-op designed to deceive and manipulate the public. Even the sacred cows we are not allowed to question are psy-ops, and very important psy-ops at that, which is why we are so strongly brainwashed not to question them. When you realize that a private club of cooperating sociopaths runs this planet, you quickly understand why everything would be a psy-op. This is precisely how sociopaths would attain and maintain power and control.

    1. Anything widespread on the internet has money behind it.
      If you don’t believe, try it yourself. Try to start something all by yourself with nobody rich or powerful backing you. It goes nowhere. For people who have made it without some oligarch pushing their image and their content, then you can clearly see the trail of the decades of hard work to make it happen. It doesn’t happen overnite. But it can be bought with enough oligarch money.
      Anything widespread on the internet has lots of money behind it.

  17. One correction. The protestors (violent extremists, rioters) that are destroying property and looting should be shot on sight. I agree with your statements on U.S. military shenanigans around the world.

    1. I don’t know what the answer to civil unrest that morphs into crimes against property should be, but I do know that it is NOT your second sentence.

      1. I would agree that they should not be shot on sight. But as far as shooting them in the act goes, such could be justified. There are those that acquired their property by theft, but most acquire it by giving up their time and effort, part of their life. So when someone decides they want to destroy it, they are in effect stealing part of your life. Killing you in a fractional way. Taking away that part of your life you sacrificed to acquire said property. Which is why once upon a time horse and cattle theft were capital crimes, because they deprived you of the ability to feed yourself, and erased that part of your life you spent acquiring them.

    2. If all property owners had guns and the government encouraged deadly force to protect your property, I wonder how much looting would occur. Sort of like Duerte in the Phillipines encouraging people to kill drug dealers.

    3. “The protestors (violent extremists, rioters) that are destroying property and looting should be shot on sight.”
      I love it when they come right out and just say that they hate Freedom and they hate Democracy.
      The above is a direct statement of Totalitarian government. Hannah Arrendt defined a Totalitarian government as being different from an Authoritarian government because of the widespread application of death against those who differ from the government. Authoritarian governments use force and coercion, but its the governments of people like Hitler and Stalin which use the direct fear that if you oppose the state you will be shot. It was a Totalitarian system because that power to kill went down to the lowest levels in the State Police. Just like this person is describing, when he says he wants every police officer to have the power to kill anyone who protests.

  18. “When it comes right down to it, most people are more invested in finding ways to defend their preexisting biases than in learning what’s objectively true.” That’s true of those who pay any attention at all. Too much of the vast middle class is simply oblivious to it all. They go about their lives without a single thought to the grander-scale truths and, when it is time to vote, they pull the levers that they are instructed to pull. Somehow, the majority must become more invested in the outcomes. Otherwise, it will wake up one day to find that a blend of Orwell’s’ 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World has become their reality,

    1. I worked in an American call center before the 2012 election. Hundreds of employees, rapid turnover. And during all those months of being around hundreds of the sort of people who take a lousy $10 an hour job because they need the money, I never heard anyone mention the election. There was no political discussion at all. When I tried to start some, it went nowhere. You could hear constant talk of the latest reality tv show, or MMA fighting, but never anything about politics or the election.

  19. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “A healthy impulse to fight the power is twisted into support for the most unconscionable aspects of the ruling power establishment. You see healthy impulses twisted and corrupted like this all the time, all across the political spectrum.”
    If They can’t rid humans of our stubborn insistence on being good and decent people, then They have to figure out a way to turn that inner goodness against us. And that’s what they have done and will continue to do. Diabolically brilliant strategy.
    “Most people do not have truth as a foremost priority. They probably think they do, but they don’t. When it comes right down to it, most people are more invested in finding ways to defend their preexisting biases than in learning what’s objectively true.”
    Why do we insist on defending our biases and ignoring truth? Why are so many of us so weak? Why are we so afraid of being “wrong” about something and admitting that to our self? What’s so wrong about being “wrong” that we fear that as much as death itself? Our minds have been twisted into thinking if we are “wrong” about something that we are defective. No, if we are not defective… we are HUMAN. We are supposed to be wrong about a lot of things. That’s how we learn and grow. We should not fear the truth or about being wrong. When we accept that we’ve been wrong about something we then have the opportunity to change and grow and be better than we were before. There’s nothing wrong about being wrong… other than the desire to STAY that way and defend that to the end instead of evolving. Truth doesn’t change itself to conform with what we want to be true. We have to change our view to conform to truth. Being wrong about something and humbly accepting that we are wrong is the pathway to aligning oneself with Truth. Doubling-down on our being wrong and placing more bets on our biases and missing our window to change is our pathway to perpetual ignorance. And these days, that pathway is a fully jammed expressway backed up bumper-to-bumper with traffic.

    1. Another genuinely shamanic comment fit for a blog that moves effortlessly between the political and the spiritual.

    2. One of the most empowering messages that most people can hear is “you are allowed to make mistakes”. If you are not making mistakes then you are not learning, you are staying in your comfy space. Of course, if you continue to make the same mistakes, this is also a sign that you’re not learning. Wisdom is when you discover that you are wrong most of the time.

    3. “That’s how we learn and grow. We should not fear the truth or about being wrong. When we accept that we’ve been wrong about something we then have the opportunity to change and grow and be better than we were before. There’s nothing wrong about being wrong… other than the desire to STAY that way and defend that to the end instead of evolving.”

      Absolutely. Not only is there nothing wrong with being wrong. Being wrong is quite valuable when searching for solutions to problems. It shows us what doesn’t work and greatly helps in leading us to what does work. I have to think any legit scientist would tell you that.
      When we don’t admit mistakes in our lives, it makes fixing things that much harder. Unfortunately, it seems the more status people have, the more of a professional position they have, the harder it is for them to admit a mistake because, in this backwards world, it would discredit them. They have all this education and reputation and are not supposed to make mistakes. Big part of the problem, I think. It saturates our society. People are almost not allowed to admit mistakes. More conditioning.

      1. More and more it seems the media has the final say on what, and who, is right and what, and who, is wrong. Who makes mistakes and who doesn’t. Who’s innocent and who’s guilty.

  20. One blaring fact,…John F. Kennedy would in no way condone the actions Trumpalina has taken against the American people. No,…way,…whatsoever.

    Nor would John F. Kennedy Jr. have been friends with Trumpalina.

    The entire QAnon movement is as fake as Trumpalina is.

    They weave together information that supports their purpose (to pump up Trumpalina as a savior, ROTFLAMO) while conveniently leaving out many other facts that they could have included IF they were being a fair and balanced.

    TOTAL QULLSHIT,..all of it.

    Wake the F you dumbarse Trumpalina koolaid drinking imbeciles !

    1. Love the way you weave Kennedy and Trump into the same paragraph of nonsense.

  21. I clicked on Caitlin’s link to examples of how Qanon alienates, and what I read made me weep. People are struggling to maintain a relationship with a longtime loved one who has come to see them as their enemy. You can’t just keep quiet, they demand you respond to their interrogation the right way. This is much like my experience, only with Russiagaters. Someone who has generally shared my values for 50 years told me we don’t have the same values. I think we still do have the same values, only a difference of opinion on the best strategy to support those values. Last time I tried to respond, they got mad and told me they were sad we couldn’t have an adult conversation on the topic. I said I was also sad about that. I fear the next time I respond, it could be the end of a lifelong relationship.

    1. Might end your marriage too. You were speaking about your wife weren’t you?

  22. “If we were intrinsically wicked and unwise their propaganda wouldn’t hook us by telling us to fight tyranny, defend children and tell the truth–it would hook us using our cowardice, our hatred, our greed, our sadism. People are basically good, and propagandists use that goodness to trick us.”
    That’s a good argument that I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else make. It sure gets discouraging when you see people do evil things all the time. I think Caitlin’s right though. I suspect I’m seeing a lot of people acting against their better nature due to propaganda-induced fear. Or the most shocking behavior seems more prevalent than it is, because it gets more views. I’m going to try harder to keep that in mind.

    1. Next thing you hear will be the Boy Scouts was formed to teach us toblearn to obey and become soldiers when we became adults.

  23. I encourage skeptics of the Q phenomenon to listen to this set of interviews with Martin Geddis because they definitely changed my thinking on Q. (Links below) Geddis is an Oxford educated British computer scientist who has analysed the Q phenomenon in great depth and wrote a series of essays which will one day be published as a book. Geddis has prove himself to be adept at pulling apart belief systems and finding where they are deficient. This started with a childhood that involved one parent in a religious cult. In his professional role as a telecoms expert, he has worked on paradigm change in both technical and policy spaces.

    Martin has a degree in Mathematics and Computation from the University of Oxford. According to Geddis logical thinking is important, but insufficient to understand what’s happening in the world, because in a maze of deception, you also need to be able to unlearn, and recognise you have been fooled. This is an emotional skill, as it means dealing with a hurt ego and the loss of the “feeling of knowing”.

    The interviewer, Robert David Steele, is an ex CIA operative turned whistle-blower, who has presided over common law tribunals to investigate child trafficking and crimes against humanity. I encourage you to watch the other videos on his channel.

    Part I

    Part II

    1. Hi Finnian, thanks so much for these links. QAnon has never been on my radar, but these videos have caught my attention. Some really solid critical thought going on.

      1. Hi Finnian, an update. I have just watched both videos, and I am most grateful to you.
        According to Martin Geddes, the QAnon strategy addresses one of the glaring holes in Caitlin’s vision of the Great Awakening, which is once the population wakes up to the fact that it’s been brainwashed, where is the guarantee that it results in a return to sanity? Caitlin’s assessment of QAnon seems to me to be shallow and reactive. She is stuck in a place that doesn’t recognise ANY authority as legitimate, and that NOONE in a position of power is other than evil. Martin and Robert David Steele both have an analysis which is simultaneously more nuanced, more reality-based, and more hopeful. It is interesting that part of Martin’s thesis explains why the current violent protests haven’t resulted in an explosion of violence from the right (there are other explanations). But I guess Caitlin doesn’t believes the protests are violent, just the cops.
        In this essay, Caitlin criticises QAnon because she thinks it tricks people into continuing the status quo. Robert specifically asks Martin about this, and his response was that people have a definite pro-active role to play. He mentions healing of interpersonal relationships, and influencing the culture, values and aesthetics of the emerging new world.
        Martin’s various essays analysing the QAnon phenomenon are available from, or

    2. Martin is right about corrupt institutions and politicians deceiving the masses, but lame duck Donald Trump and his Q-Anon secret agency are not going to save the USA from the Deep State. Donald is merely another two-faced, self-serving, psychopathic politician.

  24. Like Caitlin, other excellent journalists and researchers including Edward Griffin, Jake Morphonios, Brandon Smith and Gerald Celente have done excellent research and exposed lame duck Donald Trump as a two-faced, self-serving, lying, secret collaborator of the Deep State. They report credible evidence of Trump’s money-laundering business operations, his rescue from bankruptcy by the Rothschild Banking elite and his collaboration with Saudi Arabian arms dealers, Russian gang leaders and other money-launderers.

  25. Funny, kind of like talking about the personal lives of mosquitoes, would make a great soap opera no doubt.

  26. Stephen O'Neale Avatar
    Stephen O’Neale

    Hello Caitlin,
    a) Does Trump elucidate on the particulars of the “leftist philosophy”? No, just noises.
    b) Does Trump understand tge meaning of “radical”? Again no. It is a small essential rootlet for plants, etc. Essential for health growth. It has become accepted as the formation of political movements from the People.
    What’s his problem?..


  27. The deep state has a flaw. Most Americans are not aware and cannot conceive of our American STAZI which has been actively suppressing dissent for decades. It is rare for someone to transgress in a way that our Homeland Security Stazi brings out the hammer and smashes the nail which stands up down.

    Hence the flaw. When they harass a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, you get a fast and furious education about how the whole thing works. A later field agent is not then prepared for your forged in fire sophistication. It is like someone meeting a wolf when they expected a dog. Or a goat when they expected a sheep to go baaaaaaaaahhh.

    The field agent made a mistake and gave himself away. I was able to tell that he had been waiting for me at the same place that I was stopping for coffee every morning. Not waiting long for sure. My phone locator told him where I would be.

    He told me about Q and gave me the ‘card’. And the card is the dead giveaway.

    Among the 500 or so conspiracies for you to shop from on the Q-Anon web page I was directed to is the Satanic Child Sacrificing Network at the CERN labs in Europe. I said to myself that is pretty fucking obscure. Then I froze. I have a web page (if someone has a page here in Catlins’ comments their name on top is likely a link to it.) and I know how much work it takes to put a web page together. No way in hell was the Q-Anon web page made by a small number of people. It was too much complexity for 1 individual or even a few individuals in a small group to put together in less than say five years.

    Q-Anon is intended as a one stop shopping network for the conspiracy inclined. You pick a conspiracy and your choice is noted so you can be placed on the appropriate FBI list. Then everybody in the system can get paid. The true reason for American Surveillance is to get paid. The justification is to distract and derail so the progressive or radical nut job, which to the FBI are the same, is properly distracted so seed is spilled on the ground.

    Genisis 38:9 “But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother.” And that is all I want to know. It sounds twisted but I quote it because the point of ‘Q’ is distraction and impotence. So empire can do its thing without being bothered by the people.

    If you don’t want to become an CERN sacrificer you can choose another pointless ‘Q’ distraction and give the State your info that way. Plenty to choose from. Adrenochrome, the drug of the elite is there.

    They already have my info but once you get nominated as a Targeted Individual you are in the club for life. People have to get paid is why. Billions of dollars of deep state budget is at stake. Their hubric flaw is real. It is a consequence of the disdain and low regard that the American People is held in by our intelligence community who must consider themselves superior or lose their minds to do what they do.

    1. You quit taking your medication, didn’t you. You know what happens when you do that.

  28. I knew something major was happening when the New York City U.S. Attorney was fired recently and now I know. I wonder what else is being investigated?
    President Donald Trumps former chief strategist was arrested with three others for scamming hundreds of thousands of donors in connection to an online crowdfunding campaign, ”We Build the Wall.”
    The scheme orchestrated by Stephen Bannon, Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato and Timothy Shea raised more than $25 million to build a wall along the southern border, according to charges contained in an indictment unsealed in Manhattan Federal Court.
    “As alleged, the defendants defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors, capitalizing on their interest in funding a border wall to raise millions of dollars, under the false pretense that all of that money would be spent on construction,” Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said in a statement.
    “(The) defendants secretly schemed to pass hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kolfage, which he used to fund his lavish lifestyle. We thank the USPIS for their partnership in investigating this case, and we remain dedicated to rooting out and prosecuting fraud wherever we find it.”
    The quartet created sham invoices and accounts to launder donations and cover up their crimes in scheming to hide the misappropriation of funds, according to Inspector-in-Charge Philip Bartlett. This story is everywhere.
    Ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon charged in border wall scheme: US Attorney SDNY

    1. Lock Him Up!
      Lock Him Up!
      Lock Him Up!

  29. In Germany, back in the 1930’s, there would have been voices telling everyone that the Social Democrats were all evil and that they were just as bad and that there was no difference between the big parties. Thus, some people would have been fooled into either wasting their vote on a meaningless candidate, or not voting at all, thus leading to the National Socialists coming to power.
    How’d that work out? Were they really all the same?

    1. trump isn’t hitler, and this pretense that he is helps nobody.

  30. “The fact that people need to be deceived by their healthy impulses in this way is a good sign; it means we’re generally good people with a generally healthy sense of which way to push. If we were intrinsically wicked and unwise their propaganda wouldn’t hook us by telling us to fight tyranny, defend children and tell the truth–it would hook us using our cowardice, our hatred, our greed, our sadism. People are basically good, and propagandists use that goodness to trick us”
    It’s crazy thinking about the resources they’ve wasted trying to condition us.
    “People are basically good, and propagandists use that goodness to trick us”
    That’s how the flim flam works isn’t it? The con. The really, really, really . . . big con game. Protect yourself from the con. Figure out how it works and who’s most responsible for doing it and warn people.

    1. “It’s crazy thinking about the resources they’ve wasted trying to condition us.”
      I find that it gives me great hope.
      For two reasons.
      The first is that it tells me that they are very, very afraid of us. They spread a myth of invincibility, but the fear they show says otherwise. The obscenely rich worship money, and they would not waste it in such a way unless they were very, very afraid.
      The second is that even though they have spent literally trillions of dollars on this, it obviously has not worked. This was their answer to the revolt of the 60’s. And it has plainly fallen short of its planned goal and is today collapsing before our eyes.

      1. Good point. Let’s all make sure it is well and truly wasted.

  31. Ms Johnstone this article explains why I believe Donald Trump will be re-elected!
    What does appear in the papers, online and on television and radio, no matter what the political orientation, is a product that is engineered to send a certain message. That message is itself disinformation, not substantially different than what takes place in the controlled media put out by so-called totalitarian regimes. In fact, news sources like Russia Today are likely to be much more reliable than CNN or FOX on many issues.
    Opinion polls suggest that the American public has largely figured things out and reveal that few trust the media to do its job in an objective fashion. In that light, articles like the recent Politico piece have appeared that have questioned how it can be that the Donald Trump White House is optimistic over the prospects for the November election when opinion polls suggest a large margin of victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
    If journalists were doing their jobs and were actually getting out on the streets and talking to people, they would discover that people are really worried about the future of the country and what it all will mean for their children and grandchildren.
    And many of them blame the unrest on the Democratic Party coddling of radical groups that are actively fomenting ethnic and racial divisions for political gain, not on the Republicans. Donald Trump is playing on those fears might well have a great impact when it comes time to vote.
    Someone who responded to an opinion poll the week before saying he or she would vote for a safe choice Joe Biden might well go into the voters’ booth and instead pull the lever for Donald Trump. This timely article can be read here:
    It Is Not Happening: The Mainstream Media Is the Enabler of American Dysfunction by Philip Giraldi!

    1. Its fascinating that its only Russia and the extreme fascists and racists that still support Trump.
      The Russian propaganda had for awhile been trying both extremes, left and right. But after Hillary the Fool lost the 2016 election, they doubled-down on the far, far right. One doesn’t need to follow a conspiracy theory to know this. Only an occupational visit to RT and its never-ending support for Trump and Bolosnaro shows it quite plainly.
      In doing so, they backed a losing horse’s ass.
      And now the whole charade is collapsing in front of them like all the other propaganda bs scheme’s do over time.
      Trump’s brand is now in the toilet. And he’s dragged the Republican brand into the sewer with him. And now everyone in the world is very aware of the very nasty smell.
      Of all people, you’d have thunk the Russians would have known that nasty, far-right fascism has its limits.
      Instead, they apparently believe their own propaganda. They don’t realize just how hated Donald Trump is in America today. His poll numbers never move above 40%, because 60% of the country has firmly decided that therealdonaldtrump is an asshole.
      Thanks to Donald Trump, his friends Netanyahoo and MBS, and the support of Russia, America will soon have a Democrat President, a Democrat Senate, and a Democrat House with a growing socialist minority.

      1. Russia! Drink!

      2. Thank you for the information. Guess I dont have to vote.

  32. Ms Johnstone,this QAnon nonsense fascinates me; I’m against killing, hurting, starving people and watch what distracts or enables countries to so. I just want the stuff to stop.

    I don’t know what QAnon is–a league against pedophiles supported by Trump who is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, a known pedophile…strikes me, an obvious distraction from the horrors in Yemen, the brutalities in The Ukraine and the list goes on….

    Go figure. This is how people waste their time…

    1. QAnon is more right-wing propganda. Since a lot of right-wing propaganda is backed by Charles Koch, he’d be a likely suspect. Of course, it could be any of many other combination of right-wing money trying to use propaganda on social media to try to bs and confuse people.
      The oligarchs have lots of money. It takes very little money to pay people to write stuff on the internet. You could hire Americans for $10/hour, and its probably a lot cheaper if you outsource it overseas. Most of the internet these days is fake.
      250,000 dead Americans by Nov 1st is real.
      Pay attention to what is real.
      “The enemy is anyone who’s trying to kill you” –Catch-22

      1. Sort of like the left use facebook, google and the MSM tonpromote their agenda.

  33. Noticed the compassionate note about the brutalized protesters in US cities. My regret is the thousand or more who escaped without the beatings they so desperately needed. Anyway, have always enjoyed your column ; MSN in the US is almost useless

    1. Eric Ingram thinks himself entitled to contemptuos violence towards those who dare complain about the homicidal cruelty that attracts psychopaths into every police force.
      Of course, no civilised society needs a police force ; only contemptible barbarians like Eric Ingram create the need for armed enforcers.

      1. Hey Peter, Who do you admire and learn from? Any heroes or teachers you respect and trust? Or do you feel you are a source of wisdom and insight of your own making? I ask in earnest and respect.

        1. My own perspective appears to be unique, rather than derivative, but i have been stimulated by many of our predecessors.
          I admire unreservedly Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill, and Forrest Carter.
          Other authors i enjoy and learn from include Thomas Szasz . Catherine Nixey . Bernard Shaw . Wilf Burchett . Robert Anton Wilson . Neil Woods . Ben Macintyre . Mark Twain . William Stevenson . Tom Wainwright . Miranda Carter . George Orwell . Lee Child . Stuart Littlemore . Bernard Cornwall . Patrick O Brian
          How Happy is he born and taught
          that serveth not another’s will.
          Whose armour is his honest thought,
          and simple truth his utmost skill.
          This man is free from servile bands
          Of hope to rise, or fear to fall ;
          Lord of himself, though not of lands ;
          And having nothing, he hath all.
          William Shakespeare

          1. modern intellectuals and philosophers insist that all opinions, beliefs, stated convictions, assumptions and concepts are relatively true and none are absolutely true. But they are wrong. More of this here:

            1. Hi mikam,
              The dissatisfaction i have with modern philosophers is that they lack the imperative to verify their ideas against empirical experiment. This allows them to speculate absurdities, an argumentative pastime which is a waste of human talent in a time of global crisis.
              Partly for this reason, i am inventing a new scientific discipline, which i term AppliedOntology.
              I think it is important to use self-explanatory terminology, so outsiders can assimilate our discoveries more easily. Hence i place emphasis on the acccurate use of language, and the sequencing of logical elements in sentences to eliminate ambiguity.
              When exploring the unKnown, precision is as essential to navigation as for any other explorer ; we need to establish known verifiable points of view and milestones in unpacking our dormant faculties.
              Looking at the article to which you refer, i find “There is no such thing as absolute truth”.
              This is a pet hate of mine, a trivialising restatement of the Materialist nihilism that insists that the aetheric realm doesn’t exist, and if it does then it must be sterile of sentient lifeforms.
              Materialists cling to this logical obscenity despite the fact that astrophysicists have measured dark matter as comprising 95% of the mass of spaceTime ! How can they be so stupid ? as to dogmatically deny the obvious correlation.
              Truth about reality is out there waiting to be discovered, as distinct from being something to argue about.

              What we need is experimental methods which give us the ability to interact with the 95% majority of spacetime. Meanwhile corporatised science has blinded itself with ideological assumptions that a child can debunk without learning mathematics.
              Our ancestors in every fucking culture agree upon having evil spirits interfering in the affairs of men, and they were generally better observers of the natural world because their livelihood depended on discipline and perceptiveness, skills which industrialised peasants and TV addicts don’t need to develop in order to be accepted as human beings.
              For all of academe and science to declare the weight of testimony merely delusional . . . is an aberration so bizarre, it can scarcely be explained as sabotage by an antiEvolutionary agenda. Of antiEvolutionaries we are burdened with an unhealthy abundance, from Jehovah’s priests to venal politics to academic fraudsters.
              A further look at the article reveals the kind of straining at gnats that gives intellectuals a bad image in the mind of sensible and uneducated individuals alike. So silly to burn up attention on something as futile as the takeaway from that tedious 2500 word essay.
              What we need to care about is meaning as it relates to ending unhappiness and building self-respect, to becoming competent in the arts that inspire and fulfil our aspirations. If you want to avoid the muddled concepts of metaphysics and religion, then Bertrand Russell’s The Conquest of Happiness has yet to be outclassed for getting one’s priorities into workable order.
              Does this satisfy your question mikam ?

      2. Now now, lets not get personal. Everyone has an opinion even you.

  34. The fundamental flaw those of us who are sane have is that we simply cannot comprehend how evil the Psychopaths In Charge are. We cannot fathom someone willingly killing thousands, millions, even billions of people to satisfy their insanity. Hell, we can’t fathom killing one. Never mind how likely any particular “conspiracy theory” is true or not. Please understand that there is no act so evil that the Psychopaths In Charge would not do it if they determine it’s in their interest and they think they can get away with it. Which to me is more damning than whether they did or not. The phenomenon is not peculiar to any nation or political party. The difference being what they think they can get away with. So which psychopath are you going to vote for, and therefore give credence to?

    1. Sanity is not a crippled faculty, as JWK preaches ; it is not difficult to fathom killing billions when one understands the purpose of the perpetrator.
      Not knowing the reason for megaDeath is ignorance, as distinct from a lack of sanity.
      Armageddon is the harvesting of mankind by the creatures that call themselves God, the nonHumans who call for ritual blood sacrifice like Baal, Jehovah, Allah, and the deceivers who tricked the Aztecs into believing the sun would not rise without human sacrifice.
      It is easy to understand that these deceitful ghouls feed on war and blood sacrifice, and that they milk human beings of our life energy, while promising us heavenly rewards for obedience to their disgusting ‘holy books’.

      1. If you can fathom it, I would question your sanity. There are far more nefarious motives at play than religion, although it indeed has been used as a weapon on numerous occasions. I suspect that those who used it as such were psychotic. What motive would drive one to mass murder is incomprehensible to me. It is not part of my consciousness. I cannot imagine it.

        1. The first refuge of a cynical armchair expert is to accuse their target of insanity.
          Anonymous JWK continues to display utmost contempt for those whose mind is not crippled like JWK’s incompetent imagination.
          This vicious attack on my self respect is classic mudShadow fake-reasoning,
          mimicking Trump : zero facts, 100% malicious innuendo.

          1. I question, I suspect, you proclaim your determination as fact. You proclaim any alternative to your determination as flawed. You proclaim any who display such “flaw” as mentally crippled.

            1. You misRepresent. Deliberately. Destructively. Unconscionablly.

            2. Wasting your time. Give him the last word. That is what he wants. Makes my head hurt trying to decipher his logic.

              1. Khatika’s duplicity continues in suggesting that i allow her fellow exemplar of mudShadow syndrome . . . to misrepresent my life’s research work as nonsense.
                No Thanks, Khatika, more Confusion is the last thing we need.

    2. I read an article a few years ago that said there was a study showing about 1% of humans are born clinically psychopathic, without the ability to feel compassion. They don’t necessarily enjoy inflicting suffering, but they are at least indifferent to it. I’m not sure what the evolutionary advantage of that would be, if it’s even true. However, our society is structured to reward soulless indifference to suffering with money and power. I’m not saying the 1% who rule us are the same 1% born psychos, but it stands to reason there would be a large overlap.

      1. In fact 5% humans are born with genetic constitutions which usually produce psychopaths

        1. I believe the latest evidence puts sociopathy/psychopathy on a spectrum similar to autism. I can imagine many situations in which a lack of empathy is a strong evolutionary benefit, even if it’s not necessarily beneficial for the individual. Many genetic traits and epigenetic responses are focused toward group survival rather than individual, which makes sense as humans are a highly social species.

      2. Who would be our politicians and leaders if they did not exist.

  35. I dont think Trump is brutalizing ‘protesters’ in Portland. The rioters and looters and arsonists in Portland are partisan activists (anarchists) deliberately provoking the authorities. The local Democratic authorities and Congress Democrats are standing back and tolerating it because they believe they can use the riots against Trump. Their media outlets are seeing to that. The whole mess there is being cynically used as a psyop against Trump and the US population.

    1. We observe two disparate forces at work in Portland, outside the realm of normal politics (‘the local Democratic authorities, etc.) One group, the people in the streets, ‘anarchists’ (although they may not actually be anarchists) who are confronted with a situation in which war, imperialism, racism, plutocracy, police-statism, predatory capitalism, debt peonage, and so on, cannot be opposed in a legitimated manner. Both major parties have adhered to the same general policies since at least the middle of the 20th century at the behest of their donors and very imporant people. The policies now include a progression toward economic and maybe literal feudalism. On the other side — that of the Federal intervention — we observe some light experimentation with fascist methods, which might be sold to the ruling and administrative classes as a solution to the ongoing deterioration of the civil society, the inevitable outcome of blocking opposition to war, imperialism, racism, plutocracy, police-statism, and so on, which would otherwise be politically rather popular. If these two experiments continue on their present paths, the ‘anarchists’ will probably move on to a general strike, and the quasi-fascists to some kind of permanent lockdown or occupation of areas where street dissidence has taken hold, for example Portland. Both experiments are outside the realm of hitherto-normal American politics.

      1. Actually, a “General Strike” is a proud American political tradition. 100 years ago there were large General Strikes in America.
        But I’m sure the Oligarchs didn’t teach you that in school, and their hollywood movies don’t cover it either.
        General Strikes, like Barn-raisings and other examples of collective action in American history have been systematically erased from the official oligarch histories. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen and that there isn’t really a long history and tradition of such actions in America.
        Most of the internet is fake, but you can find enough mentions of the Seattle General Strike of 1919 to know that it really happened. You might even find an honest account of it, but that is much harder to do.

      2. I think overall your reply is sound….except about fascist methods being applied by authorities in the US. In fact the US authorities have used deadly force against protesting US citizens on may occasions in the past. US authorities applying fascist methods and killing US citizens on the streets is not at all outside the realm of hitherto-normal American politics. I wont list the occasions – but there are many.

    2. David’s extremely cynical analysis proposes extreme cynicism in the protesters and the Democrats,
      as if Black Lives don’t matter to David, and he says the Democrats are as unconscionably cynical as Trump.
      Perhaps David does not understand that cynicism is a self-flattering form of stupidity,
      a mental laziness that carelessly dismisses evidence without thinking through the ramifications.
      We are taught cynicism by treacherous liars like Trump, the worst of teachers ; which is why the best civilisations enforce the traditional law “Death for the First Proven Lie”.

      1. What type koolaid are you drinking. I want to be sure to avoid it.

        1. What type koolaid are you drinking. I want to be sure to avoid it.
          {compare with}
          A person who has to resort to personal attacks is one who is unable to support their views with facts.

          Thanks to Khatika for definitively revealing that she does not live to the standards she pretends to hold.
          This is classic evidence of a human being under the control of a mindParasite which feeds on wounded feelings.
          Attacking self-respect is a potent method of wounding a person’s spirit.
          The favourite refuge of a vicious armchair expert is to accuse their target of insanity, a direct attack on both credibility and self-respect.
          Khatika can hardly complain when i reply in her chosen language . . . of contempt.
          Elsewhere in this commentary, anonymous Khatika insults another victim by saying they are off their meds.
          As for Khatika’s prognosis, my culture has a Law : Death for the first Proven Lie.
          This is a social hygeine which purges traitorous mudShadow puppets from our tribe.
          Human beings can live well without deceit, but parasites cannot.
          The underlying meaning of this pivotal law is . . . there is no known cure for embracing the sentient implant which Khatika has mistaken for herself.
          These noxious specimens of appliedStupidity can be neither repaired noR healed.
          She is spiritually dead, a modern zombie.
          Meanwhile, salvation by repenting to Jesus is merely bait in a cargoCult religion, specifically designed by the mudShadows to rob infantile humans of their sovereignty.
          I kid you not.
          Signed, Peter Mann

          1. You are unable to recognize sarcasm I see.

            1. You are unable to recognize sarcasm I see.
              A deficiency in sarcasm detection is not your escape clause, Khatari.
              Sarcasm is lousy humour, but there is zero humour in denigrating others with allegations of intoxication and mental incompetence.
              Sarcasm is truthful, which makes the ugly seem funny, but there is no truth in your smears and disinformation.
              You don’t have what it takes to be funny or truthful, so leave sarcasm to the grownups.

      2. You really are deluded Peter. That Trump derangement syndrome has gotten to you.

  36. Thank you Caitlin for another important column. If only Trump’s endorsement of QAnon would put the stake through its heart. It is interesting how much we are becoming a right-wing dictatorship under the Republicans with the Democrats weakly opposing it. You have to ask how much are propaganda outlets such as QAnon responsible for this sad state of affairs.

    1. You have got to be kidding me. The republicans are no more toxic or oppressive than the Democrats. As long as you hold that view you will never see the truth. I bet you believe in Russiagate as well. It is one system of oppression not two.

      1. The primary tools of all tyrants are division and fear. We’re getting a lethal dose of both. From ALL the Psychopaths In Charge.

        1. JWK left out deceit, a primary tool of tyrants ; only the deceived are divided or fearful . . . of pretenders to superiority.

      2. I do not believe in Russiagate, Chinagate etc. In essence it is one system of oppression – both parties support the profit system – a diseased dying economic system that is strangling us and making for millions of deaths for many years all over the world. In sending federal officers into an American city, and threatening to do so elsewhere – against everyone protesting peaceful or not, is a military action against the civilian population of this country. Trump is testing how much he can get away with and almost all Republicans and some Democrats are for him becoming a dictator.

        Joe Biden, Mr. MBNA, is a demented rapist warmonger who tried to damage Social Security and lead the charge into Iraq with sham hearings, but I am voting for him only in order to stop Trump and his evil supporters. I used to make comments like this about Biden on the NY Times website during the primaries and, in effect, they banned me – they will not publish any comments I write even if I praised them for doing a sliver of good now and then. Voting for Joe Biden disgusts me no end.

        Please do two things – check out what Cornel West is saying and take a close look at what happened in Germany before Hitler – the profit boys supported Adolf because, like Trump, he had a sizable base. I am not calling Trump Hitler, (yet) but he has been trampling on the US Constitution and is now trying to turn us into another right-wing dictatorship and must be stopped.

        Please do not just find some mistake or little thing you disagree with and pick on that to satisfy your ego . Being a purist may make you feel clean but it will allow the suffering of an awful lot of other people.

      3. No more toxic, and no less.

      4. Khatika scolds like an angry priest, but there is no substance to the refutation.
        Without identifying the alleged error, and by proposing no correction,
        the intent of Khatika’s mind is revealed as malice ;
        a random patronising attack on the self-respect of Alan Ross.

        1. Can you not see that believing the left is superior to the right is the same as the right feeling their superiority. Stop bashing or elevating one group or individual over another. They are all the same. Comparing Hitler to Communists is like comparing one type of poison to another. Until you realize this, you will be right where they want you.

          1. As usual, Khatika’s furious indignation bears no plausible connection to what i have said.

            1. A person who has to resort to personal attacks is one who is unable to support their views with facts.

              1. A person who has to resort to personal attacks is one who is unable to support their views with facts.
                Thank you for an elegant truth, but this i already take into account.
                I employ personal attack to reciprocate what has already been declared,
                which is an entirely different matter.
                It seems to me that you do not follow your own advice as well as you might.
                Yours Truthfully,
                Peter Mann

  37. This is the second analysis in the last three days that I have read criticizing Q Anon. They are in essential agreement that while Q Anon may expose occasional nasty truths about the deep state rulers, its real purpose is to rally support behind Trump, who is a faithful tool of those very rulers. An additional benefit of this to the deep state is that Trump opponents may be inclined to dismiss any Q allegation. Thus both pro and anti-Trumpers are kept faithful to the real rulers. Keep up the good work, Caitlin, and thanks for not being fooled.

    1. if it really attacked the deep state it would be squashed and neutralized like wikileaks.

      1. A good point. However, QAnon may not yet be effective enough to merit attention by the Deep State. It looks to me like they are a continuation of the nihilistic impulse exhibited by many Trump fans in 2016, the idea that the ‘System’ is totally corrupt and the only thing to do is break it completely. This is indeed a revolutionary impulse, but obviously it may not work out well for all concerned, as witness similar breakings and smashings of states in the 18th through the 21st centuries.

  38. Oh what a tangled web we weave….. To work our way out of the mass delusions of our culture requires persistent dedicated efforts by the individual and organized help from others engaged in the search for truth. May all of us choosing to engage in this universal adventure of the quest for truth find our way in spite of all the obstacles and distractions arrayed against us!

  39. Mariah Carey’s sister just initiated a lawsuit against her own mother alleging she was forced to attend satanic rituals as a child, widely reported in MSM. Carey’s other two siblings have confirmed this to be true.

    Mel Gibson is on record as saying ‘Everything in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children.’ He gave a series of interviews on this subject back in 2008/9 you can easily find.

  40. Mariah Carey’s sister just initiated a lawsuit against her own mother alleging she was forced to attend satanic rituals as a child, widely reported in MSM. Carey’s other two siblings have confirmed this to be true.
    Mel Gibson is on record as saying ‘Everything in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children.’ He gave a series of interviews on this subject back in 2008/9 you can easily find.

  41. It seems that with those Humans brain-pollution has short-circuited their thinking abilities. If one will not speak truth to power within ones own self, then one does not know or understand the value of self, and will not speak truth to power represented by systems lords who establish the status quo.

  42. Then there’s the very much touted Messiah in the form of the allegedly not actually dead JFK Jr. They have even identified someone, and also a woman, at MAGA rallies, as JFK Jr and his wife. (There are photos floating about online..) They are saying that he faked his death.. There is a belief that he will reveal himself at the right moment and save the country, bringing both sides together under the beloved Kennedy banner, and returning the country to it’s supposed former persona as the new Camelot. A LOT of folks believe this, some of them quite well educated and prominent. And they also point out various cryptic hints being dropped by Trump, for those in the know, to support this whole idea of him draining the swamp of child anusers. It is certainly a very interesting time right now…

    1. Yea, it is true. I saw them the other day with Elvis in Walmart.

    2. Yes! Some of them also think JFK Jr. is still alive and biding his time till the right moment to emerge and join forces with Trump so they can ‘fight evil together,’ like the Wonder Twins or something. I know they were seen at sporting events together when he was alive, but come on. Q-people are so misguided about Trump, it’s unbelievable. I imagine it’s some kind of intelligence community psyop.

  43. On TheOrangeMenace AKA Trump, he lacks one thing that no other politico I can think of has: a net, or expressed in more political terms, TheState. He crashed in 90s, overextended himself in numerous short-sighted business ventures; he did not have a party to promote him or a government apparatus to protect him. As a result, his bullshit is better crafted and more apparent to him-it has to be or he wouldn’t know when to dump subsidiaries and avoid a financial loss. That’s not something the average politico has; their respective bullshit is insulated by party and bureaucracy.

    Because he has to be aware of his own bullshit to survive, he will be more aware of bullshit from someone else. I don’t know as he has had much opportunity so far to deal with the liars, cheats & thieves spinning us all into the abyss, but if he wins in November (which is likely with GropeyJoe looking more like a doddering empty suit everyday and StKamala being a good speaker with a shitty record of progressive action who will almost certainly be the face of the ticket going forward), I think we might see a lot of shit happen we didn’t think possible. If he loses, we will see a lot of shit happen very fast before he’s run off the farm, ala his beginning cabinet appointments.

    What I have read about QAnon, absent the AlexJones style hysterical nutter parade nonsense, has some value in this regard. Honestly, a used matchstick and four inch piece of wet string might represent more value than what we’ve been getting.

    1. I like the way Jim LLoyd thinks. His method is sound, and his conclusions correspond with mine 🙂
      As for the elusive-seeming nature of truth, Bertrand Russell remarked
      “I believe that love of truth is the basis of all real virtue”.
      Bertie gave us this beautiful definition : Truth is a shining goddess, always veiled, always distant, never wholly approachable, but worthy of all the devotion of which the human spirit is capable.”
      These quotes prove false the degrading propaganda that Bertie was merely a materialist philosopher.

  44. Another outstanding essay from Caitlin.
    Might i add that i borrowed the seminal QAnon book from the library, and from it gained the impression that the author was not even trying to win recruits by reasoning . . . it was all designed to trigger hot buttons, just like today’s quote from Trump.
    This led to the thought that the QAnon book and the movement is funded and directed by Trump (or a senior minion) to bolster his supporters and recruit fools who have no political intelligence. Plausible that it originated with the Koch brothers’ think tanks (as documented by Jane Meyer in Dark Money), but this has Trump’s signature audacity and his uninhibited deceitfulness.
    If i am correct in this surmise, it demonstrates a degree of strategic sophistication that i do not see in Trump’s previous activities. So Trump appears to have more than the mafia working in the background (see David Cay Johnstone’s “The Making of Trump”) to maintain his dominance of USA foreign policy and armageddon weapons, with Joe Biden groomed as his backup, rather than the people’s choice, Bernie Sanders.
    As with so many of my lines of deduction, this points to an empty space in our realityMap ; a space which is neatly filled by the mudShadows.
    Not proof of mindParasites influencing mankind’s leadership, yet cumulative evidence gradually builds a picture which makes sense of the rotten management and stupefying prohibitions of the recent century, a fiasco which no other explanation satisfies.

    1. Hi Peter, can you point to something specific in Caitlin’s work that addresses that empty space (in our realityMap) in a practical way? Isn’t it true that the the mudShadows aren’t aligned left or right, but will seep into any approach on offer. Given the degree of strategic sophistication you mention, is it possible that there are layers of power involved, and the mudShadows you have encountered are just convenient tools, as are we? Once we get into the realm of mindParasites, we need to acknowledge that the thoughts we hold are not our own, but just part of a collective medium of free-floating thought to which we become attached. If we both agree to speak from that reality view, how does an individual determine the correct way to think, and what does that even mean?

      1. Hi Glen, Have you heard of the Keys or Knowledge? Three universal principles which we can apply to distinguish truth from fallacies and measure degrees of knowledge about any topic we can rightly call “KNOWLEDGE.”

        1. Hi TANLAR, I haven’t heard of it, and a DuckDuckGo search didn’t turn up anything that sounded like what you describe. Do you have a link?

        2. Actually, my reply to Peter was more about the relationship between conceptual thought, will and consciousness, not a relationship between fact and fallacy. You will notice that I prefaced my question to Peter with an agreement to speak from a particular reality-view.
          Although I value the correct use of thought as a tool, and as an outward expression of one’s relationship to truth-seeking, I see thought and its product, knowledge, as inherently limited and deceptive with respect to Truth.

      2. can you point to something specific in Caitlin’s work that addresses that empty space (in our realityMap) in a practical way?
        Hi Glen,
        Thank you for your questions. I am emphasising the blindspots in our reality map here because this is missing from Caitlin’s otherwise-comprehensive perspective. These blanks are a really tough subject to think about, and i classify this topic as forbiddenKnowledge because it entails a characteristic pattern of cognitive discontinuities which include unwillingness to engage with the idea, and a primitive body of knowledge on strategic topics.
        Forbidden knowledge is made explicit and remorselessly punished in the story of Agam eating the entheogenic apple in the paradise from which all his descendants remain excluded. Paradise in this context means the second attention, awakening the faculty which engages the spirit mind with the human body to access the aetheric realms into which shamans venture in search of knowledge and adventure.
        Thanks to a virulent minority of Christians, that mudShadow prohibition is imposed worldwide, on all cultures, by the USA’s deceitful, cruel, and unconscionable ‘war on drugs’.
        Isn’t it true that the the mudShadows aren’t aligned left or right, but will seep into any approach on offer.
        Broadly correct, in that they utilise a myriad of different tactics for stripping us of our freedom of intent, except that the mudShadows actively engineer these approaches and disseminate them as cognitive software.
        A well-known example is Constantine’s Bible, which defines mankind as defective and desperately in need of divine salvation. This appears to be largely predicated on the writings of Saul of Tarsus, who began his Trumplike career by persecuting Hebrew heretics.
        It is no accident that Saul had an encounter with an apparition which claimed to be Jesus. Mohammed had a parallel role in seeding an equally noxious realityMap likewise contrived by the mudShadows, but his informant claimed to be archAngel Gabriel, who then dictated the verses of the Koran.
        Both Christianity and Islam are engineered to recruit all of mankind to the only true religion .:. a mutually exclusive agenda which acts as a precursor to mankind self-harvesting in a religious war, as prophesied in both religions under the term Armagedon, a cleansing of Earth of wicked mankind. Consisten with this agenda, zealots of both sides yearn for Armageddon as a cure to their discomfort as slaves of Allah or sheep of Jesus . . . none of whom are permitted freedom of thought, under mortal threat of apostasy or blasphemy.
        The result of believing these mind-damaging realityMaps constitutes a defended psychosis, defined by the believer denying reality when it does not conform with their nonHuman cognitive software (religious ideology). This is a wholesale hijack of an entire human being, in the manner of the willingly infected . . . being consumed as food by the mudShadows.
        We see the same denial of reality in scientists, who have been mentally truncated by the presumptions of Materialism, a godless religion just as jealous of dissent as Jehovah’s insistence on conformism.
        No way will a university set up a professor to investigate the Toltec description of a predator which hijacks human beings, using them as puppets . . . like Trump and his band of thieves and liars. The mere idea would ruin a scientist’s ability to get funding for the rest of their life. Which is why the investigation falls to unpaid volunteers like myself.
        Not even the imperative of national security is ebnough to overcome the phobia of investigating what our ancestors universally described as evil spirits. Compared to how we scrutinise topics which are not forbidden, this refusal to investigate is an aberration based on a fallacious negative proof claiming such things cannot exist !
        Rupert Shelldrake shows no mercy in his masterpiece The Science Delusion, demolishing materialisms pretensions of scientific validity . . . yet Rupert’s devastating achievement remains unremarked in the human conversation about the ontology of Reality. This is no random ignorance.
        Given the degree of strategic sophistication you mention, is it possible that there are layers of power involved, and the mudShadows you have encountered are just convenient tools, as are we?
        Are the mudShadows the ultimate puppeteers ? Good question. The evidence at hand suggests they are essential to the workings of the universe.
        One of the things i noticed while working as a healer was that often afflictions were associated with foreign implants, which i used too remove and destroy. I took an interest in these things, working at identifying their origins and what they did, and whether they could be adapted to useful work.
        The makers found this confronting, and disposable minions were despatched to end my meddling ; so i got to meet a diversity of hostiles who shared a few specific characteristics . . . which led me to expect a mastermind behind these differing soldiers.
        I spent about 8 years hunting for this mastermind, until one day i encountered the description of the mudShadows in The Active Side of Infinity. The correlation was unmistakeable.
        In the following days, i was directly confronted by these creatures, first with the intent of intimidating me, then an assassination attempt.
        It was then that the mudShadows discovered their weakness. The one who tried to engulf and drain me used an immobilising intent that is often described by ufo contactees. Knowing this was a life or death moment, i overcame that thrall and reached into the mudShadows body, past the obfuscations until i found a sealed compartment we healers call Seat of Sorrow. I formed an aetheric claw, and ripped it open, at which my adversary instantly disintegrated into sparklig dust, which quickly dissipated.
        It was obvious the 3 surviving mudShadows were even more surprised than me. I had killed this way before, but until then they had assumed themselves immortal.
        Once we get into the realm of mindParasites, we need to acknowledge that the thoughts we hold are not our own, but just part of a collective medium of free-floating thought to which we become attached.
        Yes, correct. We cannot trust our own thoughts until we have verified our knowledge, and then we can only trust what we have verified.
        For practical purposes, the mental hygiene of cleaning out baseless beliefs is a fundamental chore on the path to sanity, and the luxury of living from the Totality of the Self..
        Castenada’s books are full of techniques and perspectives, some of which take years to assimilate, and his two published fellow-apprentices offer accounts of their training as female Toltecs. These authors are Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar, while a third author, Armando Torres, published a valuable description of the nagual Carlos as a mature sorceror in Encounters With The Nagual. All of these books are to be taken as true and accurate accounts of what they depict, irrespective of whether they initially make sense.
        These 4 authors are the only authentic informants i have found since i was introduced to Mescalito back in 1971.
        I omit ClearGreen because although the magical passes they teach are effective and are consistent with Castaneda’s book of Magical Passes, i have not engaged with them because i distrust revenue-focussed organisations.
        If we both agree to speak from that reality view, how does an individual determine the correct way to think, and what does that even mean?
        Another incisive question, which opens a big topic. I shall attempt a short answer, and see where it leads :
        One of the objectives of grooming ourselves to face the unknown is stopping the internal dialogue. The reason for this chore is that our best thinking is done with wordless parts of our mind, which are shouted down by the noise of everyday thoughts.
        Thinking becomes more an act of directly apprehending silentKnowledge, rather that the logical cadences of a scholarly mind. While we remain spiritually alive, part of us has an understanding of what is really going on. Developing a working alliance with this part of ourselves is a good initial candidate for the Purpose of Life, because it is the key to living well despite adversity.
        Thank you for these questions Glen, and for your interest in my research, Peter.

        1. Hi Peter, many thanks for your comprehensive answer. It is clear that you have a good amount of skill and experience in these matters, which makes sense given your work as a healer. We are in broad general agreement about the nature of reality, although I use a somewhat different map and my path is not the same. I have only rudimentary skills in sensing and manipulating etheric matter. Concerning the chore of “cleaning out baseless beliefs”, I had an experience many years ago that completely undermined everything I thought I knew about reality (and by that I mean ordinary day-to-day reality). In trying to determine exactly what I did know for sure, there was only the experience of the present moment, and nothing further. To this day I still regard that as the only thing I truly know. Nevertheless, I also realised that my mind would automatically start rebuilding a mental map, so I tried to make that process as careful and as conscious as I could. This work of “cleaning out baseless beliefs” is therefore still ongoing for me because the mental maps rebuild without any particular effort. I will take some of your practical suggestions on board , and maybe we can continue this discussion. Please be careful in confronting these creatures unassisted! cheers, Glen.

          1. Dear Glen,
            i am delighted to encounter a fellow traveller.
            I had my initial realityMap demolished when i was 20, and adopted the same strategy as yourself.
            I regard myself as exceptionally fortunate in having this trauma while young and relatively undamaged by the cynicism that pervades Western culture.
            My battle with the mudShadows 11 years ago triggered a second reEvaluation, a huge task that ordinary motivation would not attempt, yet one has no alternative except denial, which is both cowardly and insane.
            So i do what needs to be done, because this is the only strategy that makes sense morally and intellectually.
            I have eliminated all but the Toltec reality map as inadequate (at best) and downright harmful (typically), so am interested to compare notes with you. In my quest to be as real as possible, i am always on the alert for new ways of seeing the world. My email, as one might infer, is # (which is my mental address, too) in which .tf. represents .theFucken. . . . an irony you will doubtless appreciate.
            To prevent exhausting myself, i am a counterPuncher.
            I have developed a quick & efficient technique of peeling out disruptive intrusions into my energy body, a method that should be teachable . . . given a willing candidate.
            A lot depends on picking up nuances of debility or ill-temper and intervening before it gets well entrenched. Quartz serves well as an amplifier, and i use vortex intitiators of .9999 silver to focus and accelerate explosive energetic release ; a well-directed blow stuns lesser inorganic beings for long enough to fold them into a specimen of andara, a technique which disposes of all traces of a captured attacker in less than an hour.
            A clear natural quartz cut to Vogel’s proportions is an excellent substitute for a natural laser point, which are rare and sought after by those who know of their ability to focus and amplify psychic energy and intent. Cast quartz is dead ; it lacks the amplifying properties that i employ in my tools. Chinese copies of the Vogel cut work just fine, despite claims on the Vogel website that only their supremely-crafted artifacts work properly. (Vogel himself was bamboozled by the holy spooks who pretend to be allies of mankind, so his philosophy of healing is dangerously sabotaged.)
            I am optimistic of a fruitfull collaboration evolving from our shared interest, Glen.
            Best Regards, Peter

  45. I applaud your pursuit of truth, and agree with much of your piece; as I don’t follow QAnon, I will not rely on your understanding of it.

    “Truth” is rarely objective, which would require a great deal of humility and self-effacement to recognize and embrace. Rather it is usually subjective and then collective, often expelling dissent from the accepted understanding of “truth”.

    Being a person with scientific inclinations [not the now popular definition hailed by the masses as biology, medicine, etc, which is the product of science, not science itself], the search for “truth” or my preference “validity” would begin much in the same way I believe you advocate-deconstruction of culture, which would have to begin with the self, not the shared world, ie we cannot collectively agree on what is valid if we have not found it individually; to not do so first would disallow recognition of it and perpetuate the issues of confirmation bias that lead to tribalism.

    Finding that personal truth then must begin with rejecting all that a person has been-I do not recommend doing this all at once, as there would be no anchor and without that no reference point-like sailing a ship on the ocean with no sun, stars, or compass-being forever adrift, directionless and subject to any force that might act upon us or come from us, perhaps defined as influence and ego.

    Moving forward then, would demand eliminating all that is known to be invalid, removing the BS from our respective lives, removing those things or people that encourage us to regress, and then re-anchoring with that which cannot be ruled invalid, insubstantial, momentary or external. Then repeating the process. Then repeating it again and again and again ad nauseum, on regular basis. This is the idea behind 12step groups, weekly church service, even meditation-revisiting and reflecting on the commitment to the process, not the goal.

    This is not actively encouraged in the West. As a rule, we don’t invest in ourselves; instead we trade portions of ourselves [either as time or time converted into money] for the illusion of “truth” as expressed by the collective, which goes awry when enough influence or ego expresses itself. Doing this repeatedly in a group undermines the value of that group until those who have a contrary personal “truth” abandon the group, preferring a singular, but isolated validity over an invalid but collective expression. Hence the reason institutions arise and erode. Isolation with the individual truth creates it’s own issue, as it can avoid reflection [peer-review?].

    In the West, we have a tendency to take refuge in our organizations & institutions, projecting into them more than they are by invoking their mission statements, platforms, dogma [which is necessary, for a time], believing that to be “truth”, but it like science, represents the pursuit of truth rather than truth itself, and leads into the tribal echo-chamber I see everyday. Add in some clever marketing [politics & propaganda] and some “authoritative” dehumanization, and that ugly inner beast finds a “truth” that only ego can ignore and is best hidden in groups.

    Our institutions are rotten to the core and every one of them must be reformed or we will destroy each other and believe it justified, much like Bukowski’s poem “Law”, but with more influence than that of government. We, as a species, have been working on it for some time now, and while it seems to have been going well so far, the failure is becoming more apparent as we learn more about ourselves individually, come to terms with it and then express it collectively. I believe that is what we are watching with the various forms of protest, starting with the TEA Party, then Tahir square, OWS & BLM (to some extent, before it was co-opted by AntiFa/BlacBloc & the DNC).

    Because so few people seem to understand that science is a process not a destination, I don’t know that an internal expression of a non-dissimilar process is something most of us are ready to do, and continue doing until the morning doesn’t come. I suspect influence and ego will hustle us into more of the same with something that glistens for a time, much like a bank used to do with a shiny new toaster, despite the fact that the bank as presently constructed was the problem itself. Ohh, nice toaster…

    1. Hi Jim, Have you heard of the Keys or Knowledge? Three universal principles which we can apply to distinguish truth from fallacies and measure degrees of knowledge about any topic we can rightly call “KNOWLEDGE.”

      1. I have not, although I was reading about SupremeMathematics & SupremeAlphabet-note about- this week, and read ManlyHall’s SToAA after finding it for two bucks at a fundraiser in Boone lat year, among other texts that explore the understanding of the human condition. Consciousness and all that entails is a fascinating subject. Do you have a link you would share?

  46. “Look! The enemy is over there!”
    “You can trust us. We’re the good guys”
    “We will fight the good fight and take the great and glorious American way of life to every corner of this planet”

  47. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Sorry, simply recognising ‘the untrustworthiness of the mass media, [and/or] that the official elected US government aren’t really the ones calling the shots’, is by no stretch of the imagination ‘a healthy revolutionary impulse’. At best, such knowledge is a precondition for a healthy revolutionary impulse, and in most cases it never comes close.
    And sorry, elected officials, everywhere, really do call the shots, on behalf of their masters. Otherwise they don’t remain ‘elected’ for very long. Over 100,000,000 eligible US voters who don’t vote already recognise that elected officials don’t call the shots on their behalf, but on behalf of the true masters, the capitalist ruling class.
    Such ‘healthy revolutionary impulse’ sentiments of disbelief and unacceptance are also the mainstay of fascist populism, as fascists routinely denounce finance capital, big business, big government, big unions, elected representatives and the lying mainstream media to win the mass support of the lumpenproletariat and bankrupted/disaffected middle classes. All with the aim of fomenting a perfectly counterrevolutionary ‘impulse’.
    The next-to-last defenders of the capitalist order, before fascism is resorted to, will be today’s ‘progressives’ who will be enlisted to save capitalism, likely with an updated version of the (‘Green’) New Deal. Most such ‘progressives’ also recognise ‘the untrustworthiness of the mass media’, and think ‘that the official elected US government aren’t really the ones calling the shots’. Yet any ‘revolutionary impulse’ is utterly foreign to these inveterate reformists.
    Instead, a ‘healthy revolutionary impulse’ is a subjective desire to overthrow the whole crisis-ridden system of chaotic capitalist anarchy and replace it globally with a rationally planned economy. Any lesser political outlook, from fundamental acceptance of the present woeful state of affairs with perhaps some tinkering at the edges, to outright fascism, sooner or later produces a counterrevolutionary ‘impulse’ that fuels a program and movement to defend the dying order.
    Even if the subjective desire for revolution were in the hearts and minds of the majority of the population, if it doesn’t intersect with a program and organisation with the mettle to carry out a socialist revolution, then such ‘revolutionary impulse’ also counts for little. History has shown this to be a rather discomforting, humbling truth.

  48. Caitlin, you are from Australia.
    What is the truth about Melbourne.
    Are the international news stories a lie ??
    You are not objecting to them, so must be.

  49. Caitlin is a fake, decoy imitation of a true revolutionary impulse! She is a constructed AI voice created by an advanced CIA program that very cleverly supports the status quo. People read it and think, “Wow, Caitlin just has the correct last word about everything important in this revolution.” And she is supremely confident about her views, which she indicates by her liberal use of words like “Absolute Bullshit!!!” and the like. So people are left feeling, “I personally don’t have the time to devote to these topics, but Caitlin surely does. Well, I’m glad someone does, and so now I don’t have to.” And in that very, supremely clever and counterintuitive way, the CIA deep program manages (once again) to support the status quo.

    1. The basic strategy you are describing is called “divide and rule”. It works on people who are not particularly devoted to truth. Which is most people, I suspect. Thus the status quo supports itself, and no advanced CIA AI is really needed, although AI can certainly be used. Those who are devoted to the truth don’t need someone to tell them what it is. Those who know how to look can find truth anywhere. Edward, do you believe revolution is possible?

  50. Ah, human beings! Almost every single one of them has a maze of contradictions, beliefs, values, standards, ethics, morality, and imagination that their inner selves use to deceive themselves. Thus they are able to live a life of lies, biases, and falsehoods in their land of make believe. The are ” God’s children “; nothing they ever do is ” wrong “!

    The Biden/Harris campaign and the dead-end of “lesser evil” politics​ Really, nothing better is being offered in terms of policy. Nothing.​ All we have is Bernie Sanders saying Biden will fix everything. That’s a lie.​

    ​Scroll down a little to see the funny picture.​

    ​There are all of these tough decisions to make regarding the economy, feeding the rich people, and maintaining the imperial reserve currency, the US Dollar, which extracts tribute from all who use it.​ Charles Hugh Smith presents the conundrum in 2 essays: A mildly weaker dollar pumps the stock market bubble, but the global reserve currency needs to be a bit stronger than that, so the world does not use the alternatives, which are being used some already, due to the dollar being used so punitively in recent years (Venezuela, Iran, Russia).

    It’s Do-or-Die, Deep State: Either Strangle the Stock Market Rally Now or Cede the Election to Trump​ ​

    The Empire Will Strike Back: Dollar Supremacy Is the Fed’s Imperial Mandate

    1. No decisions are necessary. It is already a done deal. The dollar will lose reserve currency status. Food shortages will occur. The American Empire will collapse from within. Just like empires in the past.

  52. The silent majority is silent for a reason. Since ancient times the peasantry has quietly toiled while politics and change are an affair of a small percentage of the population with the free time and means to get it done. No matter what happens to the United States of American worker, as long as they have food and shelter they will continue to toil for less and less as long as no one can come in and organize them to do otherwise. Blue-collar workers as individuals are NPCs in human history.
    Big industry, big finance, big pharma and big army and anyone else with lobbyists has the Presidents ear. As they say there are “keys to power” or one could say “keys to maintaining power” and although one has to appease blue-collar workers to some extent, this extent is very small. As long as things are tolerable the serfs will keep working the “fields” of Walmart to buy weed on Friday. It does not matter what your approval ratings are if the military and security services want you out of office. This timely article can be read here:
    Blue-Collar Workers Have No “Friends” in Power by Tim Kirby!

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