Over the last few months there’s been a clique of indie media who’ve been urging their respective followings to bully and cajole other indie media into focusing on Covid-19, lockdowns, mask laws and Covid-related authoritarian agendas in their coverage of world events.

I personally find the idea of fighting with indie media in a world that is dominated by murderous globe-spanning power structures absurd, so I won’t make this about them, but since their attacks are getting more heated now I’m going to try to spell out my own position on the matter here as clearly as possible. I don’t expect this essay to have any effect on this online mobbing behavior’s primary drivers, who appear to operating in bad faith; this is more for my longtime readers who’ve been expressing bafflement that I haven’t made Covid-related abuses a primary focus of my writing.

To sum up the gist of my position in a paragraph: I’ve said from the beginning that “the fears that the ruling class will seize this opportunity to advance preexisting authoritarian agendas are well-founded”, and I’ve repeatedly written entire essays about this. Unless people want me to re-write more or less the same essays over and over again, there hasn’t been much more for me to add to the discussion. The information ecosystem is still too polluted and muddied to see clearly enough to provide a comprehensive, lucid, big-picture understanding of what’s actually going on, so I’ve just been watching and patiently gathering information.

That is what someone who is interested in telling the truth does: they wait until they have enough information about something before they attempt to elucidate their understanding of it. I haven’t been writing about my clear, big-picture understanding of what’s going on with this virus because I simply do not have one, and frankly I don’t believe anyone else does either.

In my experience someone who truly knows something will be able to tell you clearly, concisely and specifically what it is that they know and how exactly they know it, whereas someone who just feels like they know something will puff and bloviate about how you haven’t done enough research and maybe handwave vaguely in the direction of other people’s ideas.

This has been my experience when I’ve pressed all Russiagaters, QAnon cultists and hardcore capitalists about their position, and it’s been my experience when I’ve pressed people who claim it’s obvious that immensely powerful forces are using Covid-19 to usher in a permanent Orwellian dystopia. They’ve never once been able to give me a clear, concise and specific explanation of what they know and how they know it; it’s only ever been a vague, disparate Gish gallop of largely unrelated information with a whole lot of gaps missing from the picture.

And that’s all I have, too; only difference is I’m real with myself about that fact. I can’t write an essay using a vague, disparate Gish gallop of largely unrelated information with a whole lot of gaps missing from the picture, and because I am interested in telling the truth I’m not going to present a vague, disparate Gish gallop of largely unrelated information with a whole lot of gaps missing from the picture as a lucid big-picture understanding of what’s going on with this virus.

I’m not going to write essays about a bunch of flimsy suspicions and inklings, and I’m not going to pretend I know things I don’t know.

For example, most people who focus primarily on Covid-related establishment power grabs post a lot about masks, how people shouldn’t be made to wear them, and/or how they’re not very effective. They mention this in the same breath as the threat of increased tech surveillance, even though these two aren’t clearly linked at all in any way that people can definitively explain. One is about laws which force people to put something on their face they find undignified or uncomfortable, the other (which again I have written about) puts in place measures which the powerful can exploit against anyone who is a threat to their rule. These are two completely different things and should be treated as such, but over and over they get lumped together in the same general ball of paranoia instead.

You’ll see the same people mentioning government lockdowns in the same breath as forced immunizations, the idea that the virus isn’t as bad as authorities say it is, and the threat of a Great Reset of the economy that will advantage the ruling power establishment. Again, these are all completely different issues, and I haven’t seen anyone who can lucidly and convincingly connect them all together, but they’re mentioned in the same breath anyway. And it doesn’t seem to bother this faction that the dots they’re all saying connect aren’t actually being connected by solid facts and reason.

Other indie commentators are fine with that sort of commentary. I’m not.

When I look at this issue I see some very real concerns which I absolutely do point out, combined with a lot of bad thinking and poor logic, combined with people just feeling very anxious about a new and stressful situation, and it’s all thrown together in one big jumble that has a severely distorting effect on perception.

Masks can be uncomfortable. It can suck to be forced to stay in your house. Being out of work can be very stressful, especially if you live in a country without good social safety nets. The raw heat of the emotions about this virus and government responses to it gets mixed in with a vague mishmash of information, and it creates the illusion of a clear, solid object where one really doesn’t yet exist.

Here in Victoria we’re three weeks into a Stage Four lockdown that’s scheduled to last six weeks. Authorities are cautiously optimistic that the lockdown will end at that time, but some experts speculate that it might take an additional couple of weeks beyond that to get the virus under control.

The lockdown measures are harsh, and have led to acts of police brutality which I have been vocally condemning. These harsh lockdown measures are also overwhelmingly supported by the Victorian public, largely because Australia has a relatively good welfare system in place so it’s not putting as much stress on them as would otherwise be experienced. The consensus among Victorians I know personally, all across the political spectrum, is almost without exception a desire to just get the virus under control by any means necessary.

Should I stop writing about the world-threatening establishment power grabs that are happening right out in the open and instead spend my time yelling at my own countrymen that they are oppressing themselves by supporting a temporary lockdown? If I listen to the pile-on I’ve been getting on Twitter, the answer is yes. If I listen to myself and my own inner sensemaker, the answer is no.

I don’t write about things because I was bullied and cajoled into writing about them by people who think they know how to do my job better than I do. That isn’t what I do here.

I don’t write about things because that’s what other indie commentators are writing about. That isn’t what I do here.

I don’t write about whether masks work or whether a virus is really as dangerous as authorities are saying. That isn’t what I do here.

I don’t write about whether governments are responding correctly or incorrectly to diseases. That isn’t what I do here.

I don’t write about whether or not people should be made to do things they don’t like doing, such as wearing masks or staying inside for a few weeks. That isn’t what I do here.

What I do here, in as many ways as I can come up with, is my own humble part in trying to save the world from destruction at the hands of manipulative sociopaths. Right now the most imminent threat on that front is the extremely dangerous cold war that the US-centralized empire is openly ramping up against China and its loose cluster of de facto allies, which everyone who insists that we all need to focus on Covid-related oppression has been completely ignoring.

I have no problem with people focusing on government responses to Covid and potential establishment power grabs ensuing therefrom, but I need more evidence before I can say that’s the primary issue we all need our eyes on right now. So far that evidence has not been forthcoming.

Authoritarian abuses don’t seem to be falling along the lines of any existing power structures; they are happening in many of the same ways all around the world regardless of what power structures are in control there. It looks very possible that there is no solid global power grab underway with regard to this virus at all. It still looks very possible that all we’re seeing is governments around the world behaving in a way that is arguably ham-fisted and incompetent, combined with a mad scramble of various authoritarians opportunistically trying to insert pre-planned agendas into the fray with mixed success and without a lot of coordination.

It’s also very possible that patterns are disintegrating and narrative-based illusions are crumbling at a faster and faster rate which may ultimately result in the ruling power structures no longer being able to retain control, and that this virus may be playing a major role in this movement.

I don’t know yet, and I am comfortable with not knowing yet. I think a lot of the tension I’m coming up against is the fact that many people are viscerally uncomfortable with not knowing, so they pretend they know and demand others do the same. I will never do this.

I can promise that I am still watching and still gathering information, but I can also promise that I’m not going to pretend I see something I don’t yet see or connect dots that don’t yet really connect. I’m not here to tell people what they want to hear or repeat things they’ve have already heard repeated by others.

I don’t write like other analysts. I’m always reading and gathering information like anyone else, but I also operate largely by feel, pushing against things and sensing into them and checking in with my guts about what’s really true. This can cause me to move in a way that’s a bit different from other commentators on the indie scene, or sometimes a lot different. But it’s the only way I know how to move that is truthful.

I watch, and I wait. I wait until I have an opportunity to strike true and strike clean. When a gap in the narrative matrix presents itself I seize the opportunity to shove as much truth into it as I can, and until then I watch, and I wait. The cat sitting at the mouse hole doesn’t look like it’s doing anything, but it is.

Again, I have no objection to the way other indie media are writing about the pandemic and it would never occur to me to try and tell them how to do their jobs. All I know is how to do what I do, and I’m the only one in the world who knows how to do that. I am the best Caitlin Johnstoner that has ever lived. I am the Michael Jordan of being Caitlin Johnstone. It’s all I will ever have to offer. Some like it, some don’t, but it’s the only thing I can ever be.

So I just do it as truthfully as possible. And I promise that I always will.


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205 responses to “On Covid-19 And Authoritarian Abuses”

  1. Caitlin, I hope you’ve come to see how that those of us connecting the mask wearing, social distancing and other measures in 2020 with a globalist takeover were right, and that you’re now joining us in resisting what is a well-coordinated international CONSPIRACY — yes, that is what it is — related to the New World Order or what we now call “global governance” led by the Davos/WEF crowd. And also, this is a genocide. Look at the spike protein, the graphene oxide, the blood clots, etc. Millions will likely die from pathogen priming this coming flu season. I commend to you vlogs and podcasts by Ireland’s Dave Cullen and American Clif High, just as two voices who have a great grasp of what’s unfolding. I’m not a famous writer or commentator, but I have articles posted on my website that first appeared in the Canadian protest newspaper Druthers (dot net) that I suggest folks read.

    1. I don’t know why people are commenting on this article again or why you feel you’ve been vindicated in your claims about a “globalist takeover” involving masks and social distancing.

      1. No quotations required in globalist takeover.

        Klaus Schwab the founder of the WEF and all its mega corporations/super rich (the Davos class) while difficult to grasp since platitudes are all the rage, simply isn’t about the wellbeing of the plebs. His book Covid 19: The Great Reset is his wet dream.

        Wonder however, at which point the hypnotized will realize this totalitarian tiptoe is not about a virus. The jackboot on their throats can’t even snap them out of it.

      2. btw, masks and social distancing have zero to do with preventing the spread of a virus but submission, isolation and the containment of truth.

      3. It is most bizarre – what do you take from it Caitlin

    2. Though haven’t written since, having received half a dozen notifications of these exchanges, here I am.

      I hope you’re doing well in your new locale since as you know, Canadians’ rights and sovereignty being sacrificed at the alter of globalist gods, is going on as planned. Though in lockstep with the leaked email of October 2020, somehow this is still considered a conspiracy theory and not conspiracy fact:


      Not familiar with this site, just the first I found as it’s been awhile and as we know, censorship aka book burning, is on steroids.

      It’s evident that after all this time no matter how much you try, you just cannot awaken those that are pretending to be asleep.

      Take care Guy, I’ll check out your sources and articles.


  2. This is why I stopped reading Redline. Some whacko there kept writing about the government measures taken to stop the spread of Covid-19, which seemed to be similar to those taken in my U.S. state of Maine. I don’t know if she fancies herself an anarchist or what, but so many self-described anarchists these days do not seem to be able to grasp the fundamental bedrock of anarchism, which is ultimate personal responsibility and responsibility toward all others. I deplore the video on this essay (I personally would have liked to shoot the goddamn violent cop), and have no sympathy with violence of any sort used against people who refuse to wear masks. I also have no sympathy with people who want to come into contact with others and refuse to wear masks. Such as the dudes who enter my credit union, brushing against the employee holding the door, and asking the manager by whose authority he insists they wear a mask. I’m beginning to accept that if I lived in an urban area these days (I live on 44 rural acres) I’d probably be dead because I could never stand by and watch someone else brutalized.

    1. I suggest you have a read through this and see who, why and for exactly what purpose the “ scamdemic “ is in play. In addition, ponder this fact more people die in road accidents than from Covid -19.


      1. https://off-guardian.org/2020/09/08/covid-19-scamdemic-part-2/


        The Davos crowd in their own words.

        “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

  3. “Forget about cleaning out the cupboards or learning that instrument or reading that book or whatever cute thing you decided you really should do now that you have the time — let your animal body lead the way, and give your brain a rest from all the shoulds and shouldn’ts. You’re fine just to do nothing at all. Sink into that.” Caitlin Johnstone

    My animal body has a brain, Caitlin. Unlike some people, my brain has a connection to the consciousness of the universe and the Creator of All. I have imagination. I can see infinite possibilities and various opportunities in every situation. One thing is clear to me. Truth has substance. It is what it is. It needs no defense. It is always there, hiding in plain sight. Occasionally, it will come up to you and give you a big hug. When that happens, we have an epiphany that changes the course of our lives. I prefer to have truth lead the way. My animal body, this holographic body suit that allows me to experience this quantum dimension, is just a vessel. We are luminous beings. Luminous beings live forever in the light because we are the light. Let your light shine! Do not fear the truth. “The only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

  4. There are some things that you cannot look at. It’s not a lack of intelligence or perspicacity. It is…something else. You are interesting within the stadium spectacle of your…comfort zone. You are a total failure outside of those limitations. YOU HAVE BEEN FAILING, for some time–though, interestingly. Personally, I think you are a genius–albeit, increasingly, an esoteric one. You are failing to evolve. Blah, blah, pas de sweat. Anyway…Australia IS A SHITHOLE, NOW. Your FEAR has made you a Shitwit. Do your research. If you support The Cull, do it openly…. I’ll destroy The Universe to save Sophie. Perhaps, you are similarly, bound. Two Tears… All The Best, Chris Skilings

  5. Covid has triggered Davos’s planned Fourth Industrial Revolution. In their new world of gamified, militarized augmented reality run by robots to profit the billionaire class, the role of people will be to be harvested as data for human capital futures markets. The rules of the “pay for success” game are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The compliance of the masses will be tracked as the Internet of Bodies – down to the nanorobotic biosenors that will be injected into us to keep us “safe” from the flu – thanks DARPA / Profusa / World Bank OneHealth. The coming injections are about establishing global tracking systems tied to biometric digital identity. That is what is needed to aggregate all of the IoT sensor data to run the markets. Interoperable data is gold. The health passports on blockchain will open the door and then the data-mining / social credit scoring tied to pay for success compliance is thrown wide open – education, reskilling, mental health, health, addiction, supportive housing – all of it used to put us on pathways where xAPI technology uploads our assigned task completion, unlocking micro-payments and micro-returns for the Third Sector and Investors. Wake up – this is all happening for a very specific reason. The Matrix was a documentary – we are intended batteries for the Human Capital Futures Markets – we are the next toxic bundled mortgages. https://wrenchinthegears.com/2020/04/19/vaccines-blockchain-and-bio-capitalism/

    1. Thank you for posting Alison. A friend I respect immensely, Guy Crittenden also posted (along with Steve Jack who is making the rounds to cheer those who get it) and cited your work. I have been in the loop, but didn’t realize so many are out there spreading the message. If Caitlin has done anything right in this essay, she has created a platform for an arsenal of facts and what she’s been holding out for, truth.

      While she may prefer to wait at that mouse hole, the “cats” among us know full well that mouse is the least of our worries when the whole house is about to come down.

      I do hope Caitlin is paying attention. Her work in the past has been some of the best, afflicting her with a tremendous responsibility to get this right or lose credibility forever. Unfortunately too many critical thinkers once admired are also losing credibility, perhaps she takes solace being in “good” company.

  6. Covid = trigger event for Davos’s Fourth Industrial Revolution world of militarized augmented reality where humans are networked into the Internet of Bodies and be farmed as data for human capital commodities markets. The biometric health passports will wusher in the “self sovereign” digital identity systems needed for the interoperable data to run the markets for transnational global capital – from Goldman Sachs to the Vatican Bank to Jack Ma to Softbank. Got it? https://wrenchinthegears.com/2020/03/12/human-capital-markets-digital-identity-the-united-nations-sustainable-development-goals/

  7. Caitlin

    Perhaps I can try to explain the reaction of many of us.

    We can see that we, the whole of humanity, is moving towards compete control, totalitarian, fascist even. We’ve seen it coming for a long time, and whether promulgated or not, the covid narrative is bringing everything into focus. All the things those pesky conspiracy theorists have been banging on about for eons. One world government. Technocracy – total technological control of every movement, every human interaction. Digital money connected to biometric data and digital immunity passports. Transhumanism and the end of humanity as we know it. In short, the war against the humans is in full swing. And for those of us who don’t know what else to do other than talk about it with friends and family, or even strangers at the checkout, the hardest thing to comprehend is intelligent people who just don’t see it. Many of us are gaslighted, scoffed at, belittled by those around us who we love and respect, and it’s difficult to swallow.
    We love your writing, and yes, we love you, and appreciate your sane voice in these ever crazy times. And so, when you too seem to not see, or not be willing to see, it lessens our hope for humanity a little. I feel the same way to a lesser extent about Jimmy Dore. But I’ll keep watching/reading you both even if we can’t agree. I know you’re not a leader, or have any more power to affect change than the rest of us. You are though doing a smashing job at being a human 🙂

    1. Nicely put, Agorist. Thanks.

    2. Bingo, Agorist. Thank you for explaining that so well.

    3. Well said (though I limit my time with Caitlin and Jimmy these days, I can’t stomach their priorities).

      When those we admire and love continue to dismiss this dangerous war against humanity, they are complicit in its escalation and that much harder to save them and us all.

      1. Very true words. Caitlin wimped out on this with complete and utter cowardice. At the beginning her stance was almost acceptable, 18 months in it reveals a lot.

        1. Have you guys got any facts to back up your dissing of Caitlin?
          If not, perhaps it behooves you not to comment as an assertion is a nothing without clear reference to proven facts.

          1. It would do you some good to actually read the posts since plenty including myself, have provided ample evidence.

  8. What is frightening, and you can see it in the comments, is that the people who agree with Caitlin are all defending our governments and MSM.

    No. NEVER. Caitlin, you have told us NEVER to side with power. EVER.
    Not even when you do it yourself.

    Why the fuck are you getting a following of government apologists? The people who are here agreeing with you are constantly parroting MSM narratives and denouncing ‘conspiracy theorists’.
    Good luck with where you take this. I’m really sorry to see this happen. You suddenly put yourself on the receiving end of your own words: “we were right and you were wrong”.

    1. Agree 100%. I, too, am very sorry to see this, which is why we should continue calling it out.

      1. Thanks Steve, you’re a breath of fresh air giving everyone the encouragement so desperately needed in this fight for our very lives.

    2. There are many on the wrong side of history aka complicit in this massive pysop against humanity, hopefully Caitlin won’t be one of them.

      Yet I’m still holding out hope for her to redeem herself, with her next essay a reflection of all that has been said here and admitting she was wrong.

    3. Lieve, I can’t see Caitlin defending our govts etc in any way, shape or form, – except possibly to argue that we may need governments, if they can be honest.
      What I see is an assertion that Caitlin sides with power, – although no proof is provided, except a further unproven assertion that anyone who agrees with her is parroting MSM narratives etc.
      As someone who avoids the MSM, and knowing that there is one huge obvious conspiracy group, – the Super rich Stirnerite anarchists that literally own most of the worlds multinational corporations, and control us thereby, I would suggest that Occams Razor sweeps all the lizard people, global warming deniers, Assertion pedlars, etc. off the table, leaving Caitlin basically intact.

  9. In Berlin there were hundreds of thousands of people protesting the corona measures.
    In Ireland there was a massive protest, and next weekend there will be more in London, Berlin and other places.

    These are the people waking up, standing up against our oppressors and reclaiming our sovereignty.
    After having written so much about the need for this, you are now silent because they started protesting a loss of freedom that you agree with? What is there that you can’t see Caitlin??

    1. Totally. The silence is deafening, and the excuses are maddening.

      1. What baffles me, is the inability by so many well versed of the multitude of BS “humanitarian reasons” used in war for nefarious endeavours.

        Does this group being “well versed” really think we are immune from such endeavours?

  10. Not what she does, but a part of what I do.

    Caitoz has been essaying again about the anti-authoritarian obsessions about Covid 19 and public health measures against it. These delusions come mostly from the right wing but unfortunately a lot of indy media that are essentially ‘left’ are getting into this foolishness, too.

    I am so impressed with her analysis of the connections between the pandemic and global power structures that I am going to quote parts of it in my own piece about cuddly covid. She observes that the pandemic seems to have taken the cabals as much by surprise as anyone else. While they are trying to turn it to their advantage, they are inept about it.

    She is mostly focussed on said global power and protests that arguing the correct approach to dealing with Covid is not what she does. Neither is, how people should be acting during the pandemic.

    However, I have decided to get into that topic in my own blog project. Yet my point is still that the pandemic shows the total incompetence of most governance structures and the need to replace them before we get hit with a much more serious crisis.

    Yes, most authorities overreacted somewhat to the bug, which is not all that deadly, and yes, protracted lockdowns should not have been necessary. But these are my points.

    The overreaction, and the inappropriate reaction, was because they had no plans and no means in place to deal with a pandemic. Because of this, if the bug had been really lethal, something as deadly as Ebola and as contagious as Measles, it could have wiped out something like half the population of earth.

    Many voices have been crying in the wilderness that the biggest danger to the survival of civilization is not war, nuclear even, or environmental degradation, it is the inevitable pandemic.

    Ultimately this situation is due to the kinds of governments we have under capitalism. The solution is to find new economic and political systems. It is alright to try to make people aware of this but ultimately you have to have the new systems, fully thought out, to put in place.

    What I try to do is bring forward realistic new ways of running things. This is the basic difference I have with Caitoz.

    Here are links to my series on covidology, as far as I have gotten so far.



    Also, a very useful YouTube from SamScience, on the facts about face masks. The gist is that they are not perfect protection, they are problematic, but it is still a very good idea to use them, and learn to use them right.

    1. Tim as a fellow Torontonian, I suggest you see why Rocco Galati is taking not only Trudeau or Ford, but also Tory to court. I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with our rights and freedoms being stripped away.

      Too bad those distracted by a virus (so fatal you need a test to know you even have it) are willing to give up those rights and freedoms.

      Many in the rest of Canada think Toronto is the epicentre of this “pandemic”, yet there is absolutely no evidence of that nor of your claim “The real death rate is higher than what is reported.”

      While I agree governments failed their citizens, they did not fail their handlers who have had this planned this for decades. I suggest you read other comments here to bring you up to speed.

      Hope you’ll see that this is all about authoritarian rule at a dangerous level and expecting anyone to comply (especially kids not going back to school) is criminal.

      1. It may be helpful to some to look at a history of the plagues and pandemics the Eurasians have suffered over the last say 13,000 years, I can only recommend the science book ‘guns germs and steel’, by Jared Diamond, to get a better perspective on the situation.
        He may not have the whole situation down completely pat but he certainly nails the racists, and the effects of farming.

    2. Tim, another point of view for you.
      Why the hotels are stupid places to put covid suspects, and why you almost only have masks now.


  11. Dear Caitlin,

    I don’t know if I should thank you for this essay or not. I feel a lot of anger in it, and it seems very clear that you address this issue out of pure frustration, which obviously isn’t the best place to write from.
    Nonetheless, here is your statement on corona, and we’ll have to do with it.
    I personally find it very disappointing, as it seems to have only two arguments: 1) I don’t see it and 2) I’m not interested in writing about stuff I don’t see.

    It is so significant that you feel that way, because of your work and goal. You want to help change the direction of where the global society is taking humanity. And you have been an absolutely great help so far.

    We are now witnessing the ‘event’ that all of us have seen coming. The tension was building up so high, the absurdities so unbelievable, that it was clear that SOMETHING had to give, and sooner rather than later.

    Here it is.
    Stuff is happening at a scale and level that is both expected and out of the blue, frightening and delivering.
    But you’re somehow not on board anymore, and keep writing as if it didn’t happen. You are repeating your same viewpoints with the exact same arguments as 5 months ago.
    Which is totally weird for someone who has been preparing us for this event since 4 years.
    Specifically the revelations about the collaboration of the Wuhan lab and Fauci’s NIH gives something to be considered in the US-China narrative. What exactly is going on is not clear to me, but the black and white picture of US vs China certainly needs adjusting. We may be treated a Rep/Dem puppet show and it will be needed to figure out what the reality of the relationship is. Not mentioning this anywhere is weird, Caitlin. You cannot claim not to see documents and facts. It’s a money flow, and you told us to look at where the money goes. You also told us to look at where the people go. Well, they’ve been effectively blocked from going anywhere at all. A total first in history. Not worth mentioning?

    All of your arguments to defend the “I don’t see it” part sound like every argument used by the consensus narrators to label us “conspiracy theorists”.
    You claim that it is unrelated, not logical and take the most fringe expressions as a way to ‘debunk’ the whole search for the truth.
    It’s what you must have been bombarded with since 4 years. You’re unhinged, seeing stuff that isn’t there, not being rational, and generally paranoid. Right?

    Have you really looked at what is being put out now and during these past months?
    Rose/Icke V was an absolutely brilliant, stunningly beautiful interview in which the most basic of YOUR opinions were voiced as being the total basis for everything. Watch only the last 15 minutes if you don’t want to watch it all.
    James Corbett’s Gates documentary is absolutely fabulous, and gathers an immense amount of data on this man that was so far only available in a dispersed and difficult to access and verify way.
    Plandemic Indoctornation is an equally revealing bomb shell documentary. It’s where the accelerated waking up is happening right now, and you’re refusing to take part.
    The explanations of Drs. Zach Bush, Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan are absolute eye-openers, and extremely thought-provoking. If those do not raise your interest in how we got to believe that our bodies are under constant attack instead of in constant unity and communication with our surroundings in order to attain health and harmony, then I don’t know what your spiritual path is all about. It’s like the discovery of the Internet of Trees: so utterly inspiring and making sense in such a deep way of everything that we always felt inside of us, but were forced to discard as it was total heresy for our society.

    Now all of this may seem totally unconnected to you, but it isn’t for those who have been paying attention.

    We are witnessing the total weaponization of the Western medical industry, based on the tried and tested fearmongering our MSM are experts in by now. The similarities with 9/11 and the Iraq war are open for all to see.
    We are now being trained to fear each other. That is so obnoxious and so disruptive that it is very hard to pretend nothing is going on here.
    As an example: I just now reposted an account of a Belgian young woman who during labour while giving birth to her third child was forced to keep her mask on. She had been persuaded during the birth of her two older kids to get an epidural, and wanted to stay fully conscious and feel it all in the natural way this last time. But getting enough air to do this was not allowed. Even though she was tested negative.

    It became VERY obvious very early on that the official narrative is made of nonsense and contradictions. At the same time we are told that we are too stupid to understand health and our own bodies ourselves, and that we need a group of extremely financed and compromised “scientist” to be the intermediate gatekeeper between us and physical life. We have to take them on their word, because we’re too stupid to understand, let alone investigate, anything ourselves. Have you never felt uncomfortable when being told that doing your own research is dangerous? Have you never laughed at that most insane MSM argument for keeping their lies from being exposed?
    We are clearly living a re-run of the catholic church putting an infallible, unquestionable intermediate between us and god. We were told that we were too stupid to be able to understand spirituality and life then, and we are told that we are too stupid to be able to understand health and our own bodies today.

    Going from Event201 via Dr. Judy Mikovits’s whistle-blowing to the Vaxxed movement to the origins of the germ theory and the use of heavy metals in Western “medicine”, coinciding with the discovery and astronomically successful marketing of a product literally NOBODY was waiting for (petroleum), it becomes clear that we need to have a serious and super urgent look at what our present day global ‘medical’ and ‘public health’ situation is. It is an unbelievably profitable business, based on sickness and fear, and globally dominated by the Gates Foundation. The fact that this man is paraded 24/7 as a health expert, an infallible and noble philanthropist (while billionaire, but that’s nothing you would ever write about, right?) who will save us from this new plague AND IS GIVEN THE POWER TO DECIDE HOW THE WORLD HAS TO DEAL WITH THE PRESENT SITUATION, is enough to write several essays denouncing this absolutely insane behaviour and development.

    To be the least bit woke, we cannot pretend that this is not happening, and extremely worrying. Not knowing exactly where something totally absurd in MSM is going to end up eventually has never before prevented you from flagging it. So why be so hesitant now?
    I think the best insight I got out of your work so far is “Power is to control what is happening. Absolute power is to control what people THINK is happening.”
    And from what I can see, it seems you are thinking what the powers-that-shouldn’t-be want us all to think: “It makes me feel way too uncomfortable to consider that this may be real. I’ll stick with what I’ve been told and believed so far.”

    1. Well said. I hope that Caitlin reads and digests this fully, because you’ve hit a whole load of nails squarely on their heads here.

  12. I just wanted to say that I’ve never seen an author be so heavily criticized by people who seem to be fans of their work. They clearly read everything you write. But you don’t write what they want you to write or have the point of view they think it’s necessary to have. And some seem downright savage in their criticism.

    They obviously would not take the suggestion that perhaps, if they are unsatisfied with the job you do and with the articles you don’t write, they should read some other journalist and move on…they wouldn’t listen because they seem stubborn and are unlikely to take suggestions from others to just let it go.

    So, all I can say is that even though I often don’t agree with you, politically, I hope you keep doing what you are doing and develop a thick skin because I doubt these critics will just get bored and go away. Life just doesn’t seem to work that way. Cheers.

    1. I believe Caitlln’s writing enables the normally powerless readers to feel powerful, as The MSM will never give you the opportunity to feel included because they write it for themselves. Their own scrabbling to the top of their pile means they can’t afford care what you think. The habit of remaining dependent and obedient to a deaf authority of “All The News That’s Fit To Print” is all the MSM offers, but Caitlln’s writing offers the vulnerability you recognise..

    2. “I’ve never seen an author be so heavily criticized by people who seem to be fans of their work.”

      Fans are criticizing Caitlin because she is better than this and not doing her work on this issue.

  13. I am an ardent follower and frequent contributor. I have been disturbed by the lack of pandemic coverage. This article, rather than attempt to explain anything, simply reveals your bias. I lost count of the number of times you repeated yourself in the article. And rather than hide your bias, it is revealed in your choice of wording, for example when you say masks are uncomfortable. No one would care about the discomfort if they thought wearing a bandana in a pandemic was actually useful. Since when do we expect journalists to only report when they know everything and can connect all the dots? Readers want to know what you have discovered and where you stand on the issues. How can you say you don’t support the police brutality coming from the laws about masks, quarantines and business closures, but not stand up against the laws that are causing the brutality? These laws and enforcements are only getting worse and will soon effect the punishments doled out to child violators in schools. Its not such a difficult task to research and present the money trails of Bill Gates and Fauci and Big Pharma in all this mess. Dare to speak up – even without connecting every dot – just like you frequently tell your readers to do about other issues.

    1. In BC Canada the provincial government has enacted a $2000 plus fine if one has the temerity to have a houseparty and federal policemen get wind of it and kick down your door to enforce this monstrous overreaction .

    2. Exactly right. Well said, Maggie May. Some key insights here as to why Caitlin’s response to this crisis has fallen so woefully short.

    3. Yes Maggie. It’s not difficult to look into what is happening and find extremely disturbing facts.
      The fact that Caitlin does not want to go there is her good right, but I’m really sorry to say that it discredits her as a journalist, just as the MSM silence on the OPCW scandal discredits their journalism, as Caitlin has pointed out over and over again.

  14. I am surprised that you seem to believe it is more or less reasonable that the state can place its citizens into suffocating house arrest for an indefinite amount of time on amorphous pretext that they can alter at their whim. You clearly recognize the evil that the state does abroad. Maybe this evil looks a bit different when turned inward, but I think it is clear the same dominating and cruel spirit has been operating.

    You say you have trouble connecting what you see as disparate elements into a coherent portrait of a government conspiracy to usher in a totalitarian global surveillence grid. Perhaps I can explain. The pandemic has been used as grounds to isolate, terrify, and demoralize the populace, thus priming them to be extremely vulnerable to conditioning. The mask is another element within the conditioning paradigm, as it instills perpetual fear of pestilence and death into the collective consciousness, thus further priming people to be conditioned. The inevitable trajectory of all of this conditioning is clear. It will give rise to a situation in which, in order to participate in public life, one must be willing to surrender one’s entire history of travel, one’s entire history of personal contacts via Bluetooth tracing data, and one’s biometric data even including a blood sample. This information will be fed into an algorithm within a mobile app, which one will scan before seeking to participate in public life. You will receive either a green check or a red X. Once this system is in place, the government will be able to deny anyone the ability to participate in public life on a whim. Maybe you have been criticizing the government on social media. Well, maybe the app will spit out a red X, and that’s that. You cannot fly on a plane, go to a concert, go to the DMV, and there is no one to appeal to. Since cash may be a vector, all currency is now digital, and every transaction you make (since the pandemic is also being used to usher in UBI) will be viewable to the government and censorable.

    We are not being paranoid.

    1. Yep. How anyone can claim that such an increasingly likely scenario is not worthy of their attention and best analysis is completely beyond me.

      1. Indeed. Fully agree with both of you.
        It’s unbelievable that someone who has been writing about power abuse and disrespect of sovereignty almost every day for four years suddenly sees noting to discuss about the most impactful authoritarian event in our lifetime.

        1. Yes, I admire Johnstone’s work and have even been a patron, but as I have said, this article was disappointing. She even uses popular support as an argument for the innocuous nature of forced lockdowns—seems like a pretty un-characteristic appeal to the wisdom of the masses type argument for her.

    2. Well said. The other element of the mask is to further isolate citizens from engaging and/or looking to each other as the enemy.

      The social distancing while one of many surveillance methods, is also used to break down the social being.

      The first I encountered this analysis among other disturbing revelations, was in Spiro Skouras’ interview with Rosa Koire, Jun 12, 2020.


      Rosa is the author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, published in 2011.

      1. Given that the Govt is not currently doing the job, Nor Erma Rogers, here is my suggestion.

        Firstly, is an U tube of an interview of Dr David Berger by Giordano of the Juice Media, where the concept that this is an Airborne virus is widely covered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29mrcD9VVgA
        That sets the real scene;

        It is also the reasoning behind my suggestion to change the operation of Supermarkets by having the shoppers NOT enter the building there to breathe infected air, but to have a small kiosk or such Outside, accessed by one’s card, where the customer has an audio visual connection with the Cashier, and the order is done in a social manner, – as for many people the social interaction is almost as important as the goods, so at the conclusion of the order, – where also goods shortfalls are allowed for and the person pays then, and the order is picked in the building, by approximately the same or more staff as currently. and put into a schute, around the corner say wherein the customer inserts/scans their receipt, then returns to their vehicle.
        Of course many details necessary to work out, – the micromanagement of all the people coming and going etc. all with the basic principle that no one breathes anyone else’s air.
        All other mass shops should be changed likewise, this is not a joke disease, already all Supermarkets etc should have changed their social distancing to 8 metres, (or more?) but they have not, Why not?Dr Berger mentions that a bus had the virus in it’s air inside the bus half an hour After the contaminated person alighted.
        IMHO, this concept will have a greater effect than the vaccine, and should not be very expensive, whereas the only other answer, delivery vans in their thousands will cost considerably more and with no social interaction.
        During lapses in the pandemics, the screens can be used for advertising by the Supermarkets.
        Of course the multinational corporations who own these businesses will shriek in rage, after all they maximise their profits by keeping their nastiest cheapest rubbish at eye level, but we, not the supermarkets, etc. are the ones who will sicken or die, so the arbiters must be us.

        Another way of looking at it, that the supermarkets etc will become like the damping rods in a Nuclear reactor, instead of being virulent sources of further infection. – as the pile heats up the rods come down and stop it from running away.

        After all, most people, or at least one family member, go to a supermarket, each week or more than that, so, as the delta spreads, then bring it home along with the shopping.
        This concept, – supermarkets, Bunnings, Supercheap, – big W, any BIG shop, they all are very suitable for spreading delta in a cascade of slaughter, but would become, – with diligent care, “Damping rods” instead, as, to a certain degree, are the vaccinated.

        Public transport will require high levels of personal protection and throughout the vehicle/carriage, more than adequate supplies of personal clean air, which travellers would clip on to their containment suits, so all their air would be from a safe source, hopefully pollution free as well as so many cities are becoming difficult for respiratory diseases.

        1. Wonder, is there a massive spike in supermarket deaths wherever you are? Or a year in, you’re finally concerned about the “essential” workers to feed your sorry arse?

          You just so happened to stumble on one that has first hand experience since my “essential” worker kid works in one of the largest supermarkets in Canada. If I feared for her life, she’d be just one of billions unemployed thanks to the useful idiots believing in a virus so apparently dangerous, you need a test which does not work, to know they even have it.

          But let’s not stop there.

          On top of billions unemployed, unable to see loved ones, unable to treat other illnesses, move freely, speak freely, there’s also the millions of deaths that too many ignore whether from despair/destitution/inability to treat those other illnesses or from the experimental injections themselves.

          Fortunately for the likes of me doing the work for the likes of you, I’m not afraid and thus, you’re still able to eat; precisely why you haven’t come out of your trance. Once the food supply chain breaks down, you’ll be singing a different tune. Although it’s quite possible the cognitive dissonance types will hold firm to their delusions as not to bruise their egos even further.

          While I appreciate your attempt at recommendations, wonder do you have an end in sight? Or will you still be counting cases with a jackboot on your throat?

          Mine? Turn off the fear porn and stop feeding your addiction.

  15. I would like to emphasise an aspect of “narrative” which seems to be completely missing in everything I have read on this subject. It is the “narrative” that a virus is single-mindedly obsessed with one thing only, which is to kill the host. This is exactly counter to the point of view of biological evolution. From the point of view of biological evolution, the purpose of a life-form is to reproduce and pass on the genetic code, not destroy its means of reproduction.
    What is the consequence of this switch in narrative? Well for one thing it implies that every pandemic will burn itself out naturally in a few seasons. For example I read somewhere that spanish flu is still with us, it’s just that the symptoms are now mild.
    I am not specifically talking about Covid19 here, and I’m not addressing even the question about whether the existence of the virus has been proven, or whether the virus is what is actually causing the symptoms, or whether any of the numbers can be trusted. Or even whether germ theory itself has ever been proven. All of those are disputed, but I’m not dealing with that here.
    What I’m doing is a thought-experiment which pre-supposes the existence of a virus that causes a disease.
    From the point of view of the virus, its best strategy is to use the host to increase its numbers, and then to transmit itself to other hosts. There is no value at all in killing the host, because that reduces its chance of continued reproduction. So a virus that is too deadly and too contagious is doomed – it’s an evolutionary failure. However, viruses can evolve, and they can do so quite rapidly. So simple evolutionary pressure will inevitably drive a deadly virus to be less deadly, until it reaches its optimal level which is to be at worst a minor inconvenience to the host population.
    In parallel with this is the evolutionary pressure on the host. Hosts that are killed by the virus don’t reproduce and ones that survive do reproduce. Eventually the host population forms immunity (which means the virus still infects the host, but doesn’t result in severe symptoms). This process is slower, because the host reproduces much slower. If it’s possible for the host to TRANSMIT its immunity, that is a different story. Perhaps someone can explain to me why it’s possible to transmit a virus, but it’s not possible to transmit the immunity to a virus.
    The reason I want to point this out is that so much of the reasoning that people are using seems to imply that the virus is some kind of enemy that is attacking us with the goal of killing us. This is not true. If you are able to change that assumption, it may lead you to a different type of thought process.
    I’m not denying the fact of deadly pandemics, I’m challenging the way we think about the problem and its solution. From my point of view, if our society requires such rapid and unprecedented (unthinkable only six months ago) measures to deal with a natural phenomenon (irrespective of whether the virus is man-made), then it speaks more of the fragility of our culture, rather than the particulars of the virus. I don’t see how reactionary efforts to control nature will make our society more robust, no matter how much science is involved. The fact that this virus has triggered such a reaction, rather than the enormous list of other health and life-threatening issues which we have put up with for decades, makes me intuitively suspicious.
    I don’t need 100% proof to know bullshit when I smell it.

    1. Caitlin Johnstone seems to need 100% proof though. Apparently she is busy avoiding reading the websites of these medical martial law monsters as they openly state their tactics, strategies and goals that are exactly what she suspects ill intended weatlhy folk of doing. And they are doing it. No wonder people like Spiro Skouros and James Corbett and Off-Guardian and a growing list of others are infinitely quicker and more accurate than Mz Johnstone. Does anyone know if she has been able to gather enough information on the Vietnam War yet to publish anything worth reading? Perhaps she can give us a summary of “A Fog of War.” If she has the time to watch it.

      1. I actually thought that Caitlin was exaggerating when she wrote:

        “I think a lot of the tension I’m coming up against is the fact that many people are viscerally uncomfortable with not knowing, so they pretend they know and demand others do the same.”

        The comments section here have demonstrated that she nailed it.
        Suddenly you have people who are barely literate pretending they know everything about viruses.

        1. I’m really sorry, but the least bit of decency shows you that the most literate comments here are elaborate, long, researched and insightful criticisms of her turn-coat act in which she blames people for pointing out that she suddenly on this issue doesn’t practise what she preaches.
          These people don’t just throw platitudes around, but try to show her with facts and content that yes, this is not according to the standards she holds others to.

          Most of the people who agree with her simply parrot MSM lines or post some emo-support, without any analysis of what is happening.

          If I were Caitlin, I would start questioning what’s going on. Her supporters are increasingly mainstream people who comment with official narratives. How’s that for an “alternative” blogger who gained a following for denouncing official narrative propaganda?

        2. I agree, so many experts on the keyboards.

    2. You are talking about the difference between the SARS 1virus, which did indeed kill too quickly so died out, and the SARS 2 virus which behaves exactly as you describe, albeit wth some nasty side effcts on some people.
      However your point has been known widely for several months so repeating it now gives you no Authority but makes me suspect you are a few months behind.
      Those of us who have known this for a long time find Caitlins point of view far superior as the predicted laws have not happened, and her arguments are superior.

      1. I am certainly many months behind. I am also old-fashioned in believing truth is not a fashion statement. I was trying to point to a different narrative perspective, but I didn’t seem to do a very good job of it, since none of the replies have addressed that.

        1. . I was trying to point to a different narrative perspective

          yeah, but you were making shit up that makes you feel good.
          The notion that a virus or disease cannot cause the extinction of its host is just wishful thinking.


    3. Yes Glen, absolutely.

      Almost all of the comments (as far as I’ve seen) that criticise Caitlin for her silence on the most bizarre and impactful event in our lifetimes are pointing to her sudden total change of behaviour and attitude.
      Suddenly, there’s nothing to see and the MSM is very trustworthy and believable in its corona reporting, even though a child can point out the complete lack of logic and blatant contradictions in what we’re being told.
      Suddenly, her article contains conspiracy theorist debunking talking points : no connections between the dots, hysterical and paranoid reactions to totally justifiable and normal political decisions that are in reality as absurd as it gets, and most of all: unheard of in history.
      Suddenly, not questioning fear mongering is an intelligent and woke stance…

      Her most woke readers, the ones that ARE capable of making up their own minds, are all pointing this out, and she remains silent.

      It’s this blatant reversal of Caitlin’s stance that is simply shocking and discrediting her as an alternative journalist. It’s like she suddenly was indoctrinated by CounterPunch and saw that you can have a ‘diet’ stance on truth: some issues need to be fiercely exposed with very harsh words and violent tirades, while others need to be ignored because the beast is suddenly your friend and let’s not ruin our comfy lives while become woke please.

      I can’t get it, and I cannot express how disappointed and baffled I am.

      1. ‘A diet stance on truth’ – well put. It becomes clearer with every other piece of avoidance-filled content Caitlin churns out. I, too, am hugely baffled and disappointed.

    4. Thanks for your thought-provoking comment. I think you are right. We have been trained by fear and panic to view this (perfectly natural) virus in an extremely unhelpful way, and to go into battle against it as in a war.

    5. The most beautiful thing so far to come out of this covid nonsense is the discovery that life is completely different from what we have been indoctrinated to think it is.
      “Survival of the fittest”, “struggle for life”? No, that’s not life, that’s death. That’s just the minuscule-minded way Darwin’s paranoid, violent, racist, misogynist, arrogant, terrified and utterly stupid generation was able to conceive of life, and the only lens through which they could perceive a reality that is the total opposite.

      Life and nature are interdependence, helping, providing, nourishing, nurturing and have a deep tendency for fulfilment, unity, harmony and joy.

      The idea that an insignificantly tiny dot of genetic material, that not even is a living organism, is “out there to kill us all”, the idea that we are under attack by a hostile nature, 24/7, the idea that everything and everyone is a threat is so clearly part of the death machine: it is obvious that this paradigm of utter paranoia is the only possible state of mind that can allow and create the utterly sick society that we live in.

      To get that insight, to see that this view of our bodies and our health, of our surroundings and of life itself is the basic building block that creates our sick society, together with the understanding that to immediately leave that society, we only have to see reality for the healthy, beautiful and loving environment we always craved and that it has always been, is the most liberating present ever. The mother of all eye-openers.

      From what Caitlin has been writing over the years, you would think that she already knew all of this. She knew our health system was total bullshit based on a completely twisted and upside-down marketing presentation of reality. How else could she write the way she did?

      And here we are. Nope, she doesn’t. The WHO has our best interest, killer viruses are a thing and we have to protect ourselves from the biggest threat we confronted in our lives! Just go along with authority, put on your mask and STAY SAFE!! Follow your government rules, these people know what’s good for you! Let them do with you whatever is needed: isolation, vaccines, monitoring: give your life to the WHO and its scions, they know your body much better than you. Did you study virology maybe? Hah! Bloody conspiracy theorists that want to claim their stupid freedom by putting all of us at risk! Only the state has the right to your body, isn’t that obvious? Now OBEY!

      I can’t get over this. I cannot. How on earth can someone denounce so clearly all of the 24/7 fear-mongering, propaganda lies, power abuse, violation of sovereignty, and write about spiritual awakening to the beauty and unity of humanity and nature for so long, and then, exactly when stuff gets kicked into 5 gear, back off and pretend there’s nothing to see and that she needs more information?? It’s too big a contradiction to grasp, too blatant a reversal or too big a hypocrisy to accept.

    6. Glen, most informed people say that the purpose of the virus is to reproduce, – this should by now be well known.
      An example of this is the Sars 1 virus, – Covid is Sars 2.
      The Sars 1 virus, a big scare in Asia, was so quickly vicious and fatal that it killed it’s victims before they could spread it, – vale Sars 1.
      I just can’t imagine why this is not well known

  16. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    A consequence of COVID-19 and our lack of a proper understanding of it has been the complete discrediting of some fairly high profile and influential alternative news sites including Off Guardian (‘where facts should be sacred’), Global Research and The Corbett Report (Corbett is an anti-vaxxer and global warming denier). Admittedly the latter two sites on occasion have bordered on conspiracy theorising, but for the most part their analyses and reporting of non-COVID-19 issues have been revealing and provided information otherwise unavailable.
    Depending on the stream of argumentation they’re addressing, the COVID-19 skepticism centres on the following self-contradictory notions:
    1. The coronavirus is so common it’s everywhere, and the COVID-19 disease is therefore no more special or ‘novel’ than normal flu.
    2. The SARS-CoV-2 virus itself doesn’t exist at all, except to serve as the centrepiece for a further power grab by the already powerful (eg, Gates, Soros, et al.).
    Consequences of both 1 and 2 are the same, however:
    (i) Misattribution of common causes of death like cardiovascular disease to COVID-19;
    (ii) The ‘needless’ overloading of health systems resulting in increased mortality from these other common causes of death from lack of treatment;
    (iii) The ‘needless’ shutting down of swathes of non-essential economic activity that has endangered the livelihoods of the majority of the population;
    (iv) An unprecedented level of suppression of individual rights through enforced lockdowns, physical distancing, mask wearing and other quarantine measures.
    Our COVID-19 conspiracy theorists fail to address the following:
    1. Why on earth would the capitalists suddenly stop all their production and profit flows in order to lock up the very people they already effectively enslave and exploit, who in creating the rulers’ fabulous unearned wealth, willingly produce all their goods and services? Yet the bourgeoisie is most anxious to lift the quarantines and ‘lock downs’ in order to get the workers to go back to work, to put them in harm’s way to restore the flow of profits, as the sacrificial offering on the altar of the capitalist ‘economy’.
    2. Why on earth have Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia and Iran all gone along with this? Are they in on a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by their mortal imperialist enemy? Why on earth would these countries suffering under US economic warfare also curtail their own economies in order to lock up their own populations, as the imperialists have?
    3. After being thrown out of work and out of their homes, and soon to be without money and food, talk of a general strike and more in the US is now commonplace. But that’s not in response to being ‘locked up’ in quarantine, but the opposite, to being thrown into harm’s way to return to work in the midst of a pandemic when quarantine needs to remain until the pandemic has passed or brought under control. Workers will be striking or supporting strikes to stay in quarantine and to receive adequate support just as the ruling class has. The one and not the other in the US fuels this. Otherwise, why on earth would the bourgeoisie deliberately sabotage their system of exploitation to such an extent as to bring on a potentially pre-revolutionary situation, as appears imminently possible in the well-armed, long suffering and abused, and recently aroused, US working population?
    In short, it doesn’t compute that it’s somehow in the interests of the majority of capitalists to go bankrupt overnight and face the prospect of a revolutionary uprising. The kakistocracy hasn’t reached Caligula territory quite yet, but this is what the COVID-19 skeptics will have us believe, and they must deny the reality that the vast majority of the capitalist class desperately wants to resume production to restore their profit flows.
    As pointed out by many, none of this negates the fact that the ruling class will take the greatest advantage of COVID-19 possible to further strip away fundamental rights, jack up the rate of exploitation, increase state repression and surveillance, privatise anything left that moves, and otherwise fortify capitalism’s ramparts as they concentrate wealth into ever fewer hands. The ‘Shock Doctrine’ playbook is alive and well.
    Examining COVID-19 itself, and the misconceptions of which form the rotten core of the COVID-19 skepticism, is a twisted journey with much yet undiscovered of course. But the following appear to be clear:
    1. Much has been made of ‘misattribution’ of cause of death on death certification, with Italy serving an early stand out example, where approximately 12% of COVID-19 attributed deaths were estimated to have definitely tested positive to COVID-19 and died of COVID-19 and not with it. We’re told because many of the decedents were older with significant comorbidities they in fact died of these, heart failure particularly, rather than COVID-19 itself. The problem with this latter is that the vast majority of COVID-19 decedents presented initially with respiratory symptoms, not with heart failure. Nor does heart failure present to hospital EDs in waves overwhelming them the way infectious outbreaks do, including the way COVID-19 has. CVD cases come in a steady stream with a small seasonal component. But heart failure can be an outcome of acute respiratory distress in both those with and without underlying cardiovascular disease. Moreover it is well known that the inflammation response to COVID-19 when it progresses to the lungs as viral pneumonia can overwhelm a compromised cardiovascular system along with other organs. And it now turns out that SARS-CoV-2 causes permanent damage to non-respiratory tissue including cardiac and circulatory tissue. It’s thus likely that a proportion of those dying from cardiovascular disease with no signs of presenting respiratory symptoms may have been directly affected by COVID-19.
    2. The skeptics have demanded pathology evidence of COVID-19 as cause of death, yet fail to understand that cause-of-death certification based on clinical assessment rather than pathology test results is very common, and raises no controversy in the medical and clinical professions. Clinicians have long followed a standard protocol in death certification which sequences the causes of death from the immediate proximal and evident cause (eg, renal failure, or cardiac or respiratory arrest), to the next in the causal chain (eg, an acute respiratory condition like shortness of breath), down to the underlying cause (eg, lung cancer, asthma, flu, emphysema/COPD, COVID-19, flu), based on known patient history and other clinical and/or pathology-based evidence which is then accepted as the single, ‘underlying’ cause of death.
    It doesn’t stop there: then follows a whole standardised, rule-based process of cause-of-death coding from death certificates which takes place according to rules stipulated by whatever extant edition of the International Classification of Diseases is in force in the given country (ICD-10 is current in most countries). This coding is carried out in health ministries/departments or death registries by trained coders (who are steadily being replaced by automated coding systems, including in the UK — the coding rules are that rigid). The coding rules, albeit not perfect, are designed also to address deficiencies in death certification to establish as best as possible underlying cause of death as is routinely recorded in vital statistics.
    Errors of cause-of-death classification in the absence of pathology test results can occur in both directions. In the Italian example it’s also likely among those with death attributed to heart failure that some died because of inflammation reaction to an undiagnosed COVID-19 infection or from direct damage to heart tissue. No-one tested these cases for COVID-19, but there’s been a deafening silence from the skeptics about the need for this if they wish to establish their case. When at its COVID-19 outbreak peak, cardiac arrest figures in New York spiked also against an expected historic flat trend. Clearly in those CVD events resided many uncounted COVID-19 cases.
    So it’s not some slap-dash process at clinician level that somehow has overthrown long-established practices simultaneously in over 200 countries around the globe to serve as part of some grand conspiracy. This is no different from claiming the 97% of climate scientists are in on some global warming ‘conspiracy’.
    Thus while it’s always easy to point out sources of inevitable error, the obligation is to show that the error is systematic, in one direction only, and so far the sources of error point in both directions and therefore appear more to be random. In the end, the elephant in the room might actually weigh 4.5 tons and not 5 tons, or it might weigh 6 tons. Even if the estimates end up being biased above the true value, the elephant stubbornly is still there.
    3. There’s no such thing as a perfect diagnostic or screening test, and in the case of SARS-CoV-2 there’s also no accepted ‘Gold Standard’ yet to compare a putative screening or diagnostic test against (see: https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1808). Well-targetted reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing will misclassify a small proportion (~<5%) of true positives as negative (ie, ~95% sensitivity) and a similarly low proportion of true negatives as positive (depending on the tested entity, ~5-10%; ie, 90-95% specificity). In the case of SARS-CoV-2, from various RT-PCR tests targetting different gene sites with variation also from different sampling sites, reported test sensitivity varies between ~71 and 98%. Specificity, with less certainty, has been reportedly higher at ~95%. The SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test still has some way to go before it's satisfactory.
    The implication of this, however, is that misclassification of genuinely positive and genuinely negative COVID-19 patients by current RT-PCR tests is unlikely to explain the excess mortality.
    4. Yet the bodies have continued to pile up. In the US, freezer trucks were commandeered as mobile morgues, and mass graves dug in New Jersey and New York parks. In Spain, parking stations were converted into temporary morgues, and in Italy the military enlisted to collect bodies from residences. Also in Italy over 100 doctors have died of this supposedly garden-variety ‘seasonal’ flu. Ditto surgeons in the UK. As well, excess all-cause mortality is becoming increasingly evident in individual countries that can't be explained by 'seasonal flu'. The global upper limit from seasonal flu mortality annually is estimated as 650,000. Yet in the space of around five months, 800,000+ have already been attributed to dying from the COVID-19 'seasonal flu'. From where else are the extra bodies coming? Silence from our skeptics.
    Finally, it’s unfortunate that apparently innumerate pol-sci and English literature majors who run some of the alternative news sites cherry-picked public health officials and academics who raised valid methodological issues (as academics must do), to then render the initial uncertainties and side issues around COVID-19 into central reasons to discount completely the reality of COVID-19. Many issues still remain in dispute about COVID-19, as do many among climate scientists regarding global warming, but the COVID-19 skeptics seem to forget that not everything need be a false flag for the ruling class to inevitably increase its repression and exploitation of the rest of us. As many have pointed out with regard to COVID-19, it's not just your rights to do as you please, it's about our rights to be protected from you doing as you please.

    1. So go and get that vaccination mate. I want to see you proudly at the head of the herd, queueing whilst sporting the flag of compliant wisdom. The single and incontestable voice of FEAR works on those who need to be led. That fearful majority who have been convinced they are unable to make choices of their own. Not a lot can be done for you, except watch the pride of your conviction. Don’t touch that dial.

      1. Stephen Morrell Avatar
        Stephen Morrell

        Then keep watching. And I will most certainly get vaccinated. I’m grateful for all the other vaccinations I’ve received over the years as well. Meanwhile, the ‘herd’ won’t protect you from COVID-19.

        1. Immunisation only mimics herd immunity. What don’t you know? Best get out of the queue.

        2. Grateful because you haven’t died from a virus, or grateful that you haven’t died from a vaccine? How do you know the vaccines did anything at all?
          As a child I was vaccinated against measles and mumps, and yet I still caught measles every year, and mumps three times. Go figure. I was never vaccinated against HIV, and yet I never caught AIDS. Go figure. A polio pandemic swept the world, and then an American invented the polio vaccine. Problem is the polio pandemic eased off worldwide irrespective of whether that country introduced the vaccine or not. Go figure.
          “Language is a virus”, and I’m not letting you talk to me until they come up with a vaccine.

        3. you will get vaccinated over and over and over. it will prevent no disease. it will make you a better sheep. though. please do provide any shred of evidence that anything Corbett or Off-Guardian has said is off. Otherwise this is long ad hominem.

          BTW, no mention of all the evidence FOR HCQ and no need for a vaccine? Amazing that China is all clear and partying in Wuhan with no vaccine eh? What about Sweden? Japan? Taiwan? Belarus?

          Yep, world governments colluding to democide their populations would be such a reach as they siphon all the remaining wealth up from the middle class into the upper .01%. Yep. So difficult to understand how Bezos and Zuckerberg and Musk and Gates’ net worths all rose by such monstrous numbers in the last 9 months as everyone else’s melts away.

          1. Have we let the Corporate Government’s sit on our faces? Maybe, and I mean, it might be a good idea to encourage a quiet and persistent civil dissent or rebellion where ever you live, because they are already coming with guns, and it is not until we recognise we are being oppressed that we can challenge that with any civil determination. This is really hard choice… or will we just bend over, and Spead em.

    2. I can’t address everything you wrote, but the idea that it is against the best interests of the “capitalists” to forcibly strangle the ability of laborers to produce goods, that this action will hurt them, is pretty naive. They control the creation of money itself, and the Coronavirus has been used as pretext to print trillions of dollars. There has been a fantastic transfer of wealth from small businesses to behemoth coporations with this corporate welfare. Also, you are assuming the hyper rich care about money, when in reality they desire that which all gazillionaires desire when they achieve a certain level of wealth: power.

      1. Al Hare, the .01% do not print our world currencies, although in the US the Govt gave all the QE to “too big to fail’ Corporations.
        Whilst no-one can be expected to answer everything, to call in a short essay the MultiBillionaires and the coporations they own or control, Capitalists, does require imho a lot more words than you have put here.
        As a simple example, during the GFC, while the American Govt was giving their QE money to the major banking corporations etc, the Chinese Govt was spending a not dissimiliar amount of money on massive building of Infrastructure, which so increased their ability to manufacture anything, that they are now stronger manufacturers than the Americans.
        In Australia, the then labor Govt spent money on poor people, everybody got $1000; the economy held strong, in America the poor people suffered, giving money to the Super rich is like owning a boat, – a hole in the water you poor money into.
        Now, in Australia, the now Liberal Govt is giving (Screaming their objections), money to the poor, the aged, and particularly the becoming unemployed, – ie those losing jobs because of Covid, and the Australian economy is far less damaged than the American, yet has had much stricter lock-downs, group assembly numbers, etc.
        You can work out for your self where the major flows of money are going to in America
        The world economy is changing, America grew great on Keynesian economics, but the super rich did not get enough so Economic Rationalism was pushed as the dominant economic theory, as that put them at the top of the pyramid.
        The Japanese, Chinese, Taiwonese, Koreans, and Chinese, copied the Keynesian side, the Europeans, Australians, English, etc. copied the Economic Rationalism side, which economies are the stronger? what monetary system did Hitler use to build an army that came very close to conquering the world?
        What happened to the Roman Empire when it taxed their poor farmers off the land and stopped paying their Armies?
        Which small businesses turn into bigger businesses, the ones who spend their first profits on a world trip or the ones that put their profits back into the business?
        The changes in theworld economy offer huge benefits and it has become blindingly obvious that we need to spend new money on industries that don’t harm our planet, and close down the ones that do harm it.
        It is quite obvious that the .01% disagree, they want to squeeze every cent out of their dying coal mines, they want the workers to keep working for less money, etc, because they have become in a sense insane, blinded by greed for Money and it’s resultant Power, just like the Romans were, – they are not who will lead us into a better world, yet they own the media, lock, stock and barrel.
        Yes, I can understand and appreciate where Caitlin is coming from and I do think that a lot of the “Caitlin Critics” could think a little bit deeper about this tiny group of insanely rich totally amoral people who rule us, Badly.

    3. Thanks Stephen A good assemblage of the facts and well argued, I was beginning to think most Caitlin posters on these issues had totally lost the plot, – mind you a lot seem to have only one issue and no understanding of the huge swathe of issues happening on our planet, whereas I find myself delighted by Caitlin’s succinct takes on specific issues yet being aware, generally speaking, of the whole.

  17. Authoritarian Abuses
    “Nancy Pelosi: Killing Babies In Abortions ‘Unleashes The Power Of Women”
    Is this an abuse of power?
    “People everywhere are dying because the corrupt FDA won’t let them have hydroxychloroquine”
    Is this an abuse of power?
    “Major COVID Vaccine Manufacturer Exposed & Governments Know That Pandemics Create Authoritarianism”
    Is this not an abuse of power?
    “Medical Fascism: Australia Plans to Make Covid-19 Vaccine ‘as Mandatory as Possible’ Once Proven Safe”
    Is this an abuse of power?
    “”There is now no question that fluoride is neurotoxic, damaging the brain and central nervous system, as documented by hundreds of recent studies. It can not be declared safe.”
    Is this an abuse of power?

    These are facts!

  18. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
    Joe Van Steenbergen

    Hi Caitlin. Hope things are going well for you. Yours is the only column I read every day; I can’t tell you how important your perspective has been, and continues to be, to me. Just when I think I have a fairly firm grasp on events, I find that your column forces me to re-think my preconceived views. That’s not an easy thing to admit at my advanced age.
    There certainly is a huge amount of information yet to be revealed about the COVID. Anyone who pretends to understand everything, or even a significant amount of everything, that is going on with COVID is kidding himself/herself. You very clearly express what we all should be feeling; i.e., a flood of information that, as yet, cannot be collated well enough to get a full understanding that will enable us to form reasonable and concise opinions. Thanks, as always, for framing this issue so well for us.
    On another note, I was a bit surprised to learn that folks in the indie media community are pressuring each other to form and write about their opinions. One would think that nearly everyone in the indie community would be pleased that all (each) of them was doing just that before expressing their opinions. Who’da thought?

  19. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “What I do here, in as many ways as I can come up with, is my own humble part in trying to save the world from destruction at the hands of manipulative sociopaths.”
    No one can save the world from the hands of manipulative sociopaths. But we need to believe that we can, because it feels just too powerless to contemplate that we can’t. Plus, there’s always the possibility that the Butterfly Effect can by some miracle save us from oblivion. That is, that some (even small) act on our part can somehow affect something else across time and space that resets the flow of events and saves our beautiful Blue Planet – a gem among many dead cosmic worlds – from being destroyed by a few demonic creatures that infest it.
    “I am the best Caitlin Johnstoner that has ever lived. I am the Michael Jordan of being Caitlin Johnstone. It’s all I will ever have to offer. Some like it, some don’t, but it’s the only thing I can ever be. So I just do it as truthfully as possible.”
    Each person is a miracle of flesh and blood and spirit and soul and an incalculable set of circumstances that created who and what we each are. Some of us appreciate that. Others of us act like it’s no big deal and we’re not that special or they try to run away from themselves by trying to make them fully drunk with social media approvals to soothe their empty sense of self. Others just do it the old fashioned way and drink or smoke their way to oblivion. Each person has been handed a Huge Special Diamond – their unique life and personality. Some of us understand that and cherish it. Others of us toss it aside, abuse it, cheapen it, ignore it, run away from it. Michael Jordan played with a passion that was unmatched and all-consuming. It would be great if everybody lived their lives that way, too.

  20. Perhaps it’s more productive if we can list the things we do agree on.

    – the WHO is a corrupt organisation with direct connection to pharmaceutical companies that profit from vaccines
    – bill Gates is not a philanthropist
    – almost the entire world is in LOCKSTEP based on advice from unelected, dubious characters with strong financial connections to the Gates foundation and the WHO
    – Belarus president didn’t go along with this advice and there is currently a colour revolution going on to get some regime change happening
    – the human race would have never made it this far if we had prioritised older adults over children
    – children’s healthy immune systems require them to interact with the environment, otherwise they have no immunity to anything
    – locking children up in their homes is a crime against humanity.

    Do you agree with these points Carlin?

    1. I would require some evidence for most of them, except for the part about Bill Gates.

    2. Roundball Shaman, I appreciate your points, but what is happening is that whilst we are all suffering, some suffer more for one thing than another, and then hate those who don’t suffer from that but suffer from something else, so the anti vaxers hate those who hate the planet being destroyed by global warming, and vice verser instead of all understanding that we each offer what we can to what we each feel is important. – Yes that is a sign of materialism, we have all become affected by a self orientated perspective,, yet we attain to helping others so think that everyone should think like us.. – what a disaster that would be, goodbye to love and the Freedom we need to truly love.
      I agree that had traditional ways been followed, – as you have explained for healthier evolution and organic farmers for not using pesticides and artificial fertilisers etc, we would now have a different world.
      That we have free will has led us to some very extreme problems, and one issue arguments will not solve the rest of the issues, particularly when some of the issues may destroy life on our planet.

      We need to be able to stand back and look at all the issues and help what issues we can, whilst supporting others who are working on their issues, and part of that is not judging others out of context, – I could say to you that a certain american locks children in cages, and other people use child sacrifices to live longer, is that the same as locking up children with their families in order to save many others from dying from Pandemics, many more of which will no doubt come after this one?
      You need to study logic for a while, ie it is not an argument to say that thieves wear clothing, therefore all who wear clothing are thieves, although interestingly a computer can not tell the difference unless carefully educated in Set theory, and even then not really.
      We are not computers, we are human beings, and also survivors.

  21. Put your masks on and quit being a bunch of drama queens. It’s not about you, it’s about everyone else.

    1. Actually it’s not about anybody except the ruling class who don’t care one iota about any of us.

      I choose not to be complicit, why do you?

    2. John, if your elderly or chronically ill loved ones are at risk then take them away from crowded places and social contact and then the rest of us can live normal lives again .

      1. That’s not so simple. For one thing — maybe you will find this surprising — a lot of ‘elderly’ people are actually functioning participants in the economy. One of my friends is a woman in her 60s who manages a fairly large department in a high-tech software enterprise. Or did before she got the virus in March. As of late July, she is still recovering from it, and has mostly kept her department going through rather heroic efforts. Also, a lot of not-so-elderly people seem to be having a hard time with it. Maybe you hadn’t heard about that. Unfortunately, the information available isn’t very good. As one doctor told me, ‘We really don’t know much about viruses.’ I think it would be a good idea to suppress this one, rather than learn about it the hard way.

        1. If you still think these rare anecdotal accounts of people with varying degrees of suppressed immunity are the beacon that warrants the criminal acts of state that have been imposed worldwide, I think you and your ilk should sit at home at take a seat. Let the rest of us needing to provide for our families and live what we may deem a meaningful life, do so.

          Bent over – Bill Gates who wants to decrease global population has a shot for you. Don’t worry, it’s for your health.

    3. Look after your own health, and STFU. My health is about me, not you. Or can you not square that circle?

      1. Oh oh, somebody’s crying. Better call the WAAAAAmbulance.

        1. I see: Living a free life face on is considered crying, while being a bleeding-heart in response to a of manufactured fear is standing tall. You better keep your mask on.

          1. You’re triggered by a little paper mask. Some feelings deserve to be hurt.

    4. JOHN! Go to your bed. Go to your bed, Lay down. Lay down. Stay. Stay! That’s a good boy John. Stay.

      1. Is it that time of the month already?

  22. Those who bully you Caitlin to rethink COVID 19 (while I don’t condone such behaviour) I actually get it, as you’re well respected by so many and the cross you bear. However, imagine what it’s like to be in the minority, not believing a word of it, realizing our freedoms are slipping away but no matter how we try, can’t get the message out, not even to our loved ones.

    I’m not selfish nor as I’ve been called, a Covidiot for not wearing a mask, just one who feels even more strongly than I did from the very beginning, skeptical due to the never ending narrative from corporate media. The flip flopping is excused with “as we learn more”, the moving the goal posts from flattening the curve to not going back to normal until there’s a vaccine, the six feet apart in the open air then inches away while shopping (this prior to the mandated mask), the empty hospitals while other fatal illnesses ignored, the irrationality of a virus so dangerous, you need a test to know you even have it, the insane rituals to ensure we’re “safe”…just way too many draconian measures to mention.

    My heart bleeds for those with diseases of despair, the inability to see loved ones (especially when sick/dying), the loss of livelihoods, the massive worldwide famine, the breakdown of the social being…ie. simply being “allowed” to LIVE while still alive.

    I recommend (not bully) that you consider The Corbett Report, Spiro Skouras, Ben Swann and many others like them. Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are taking away dissenting voices all the time, so I also get it that it’s hard to find the truth.

    This is the greatest psyop ever to be placed on humanity with the atrocious authoritarian measures in Melbourne, a test for the rest of us. Please look deeper Caitlin.

    1. Recommend Derrick Broze and Max Igan too.

    2. A good website challenging the COVID lie which includes interviews of doctors, scientists, nurses, epidemiologists, etc, is https://thehighwire.com/

      Another one: https://questioningcovid.com

      1. Thanks Carolyn, I’ll check them out.


    3. Well said, Erma. I am totally with you on this, and I hope Caitlin is reading / listening to what we have to say.

  23. I’m not as informed as a lot of people, like you Cait, are and really appreciate the effort and passion that you out into your work,
    Quite a few years ago I began to become aware of what I refer to as a “Global Awakening” and started to pay more attention to the feelings of oppression and discontent that I’d been feeling for most of my life. So I started seeking answers.
    At first I was taken in by a lot of the half baked, poorly researched stuff but it was like baby steps into my own awakening.
    Now I’m finding people like you who speak out on what they actually know through dedicated research and greatly appreciate that you are “the Michael Jordan of being Caitlin Johnstone.”
    I very much like your statement; “That is what someone who is interested in telling the truth does: they wait until they have enough information about something before they attempt to elucidate their understanding of it.”
    I try to pass on as much of the truth as I have to those who are interested in listening. Most that I meet are simply sucked in and believe what they hear from the Corporate Media and read on Facebook. There’s no talking to those, they simply refuse to be open enough to listen to their own spirit.
    I would very much like to become a Patron to you because your emails are what I look for when I open my Inbox but I’m not in a financial position to do so.
    Keep up the good fight Young Warrior, your efforts are not unrewarded.

  24. Update on available COVID-19 Treatments, fairly extensive assessment of oral treatments for outpatient use.
    John Day MD, Austin

  25. I’m not a writer, but I too do a lot of reading. Contrary to what you say, Caity, it is generally very clear to me, by reading the flow of a multi-person conversation, when I am confronted by a troll that just wants to make trouble and consume my time. In those instances, I do NOT reveal all that I know. I DO tell them that they need to do research for themselves. I state the basics of what I DO know, then provide them with one or two sources ‘to get started.’ That method, is a simple way of working with innocents, who need more information, while also sending the trolls packing, realizing that they won’t get away with their nonsense when dealing with me.
    The reality is that neither you, nor I,m nor anyone else can ever know anything with 100% certainty. But, when 97% of scientists agree that climate-change is real and cam make certain real time predictions, that we see come true, there is a point at which I will agree with them and say that I DO know that what they say is true. The same goes for efforts to bring the pandemic under control. Even if the experts are wrong (with enough data now accumulated), it is unlikely that their analyses are wrong, for they are modified with more and more information. however, if the best evidence is in favor of wearing masks and other steps, then those who don’t want to wear masks are saying that avoiding a little bit of inconvenience is far more important than the possibility that wearing one will saves some lives of other people. Even without a certainty, the vast majority favor wearing masks, thus adopting a better safe than sorry approach. I could supply a lot more information on this, but those are my evaluations.
    For today, I’ll leave the other topics to you.

  26. One of the cautionary lessons I hope can be learned from the Covid Panic by as many as possible is the power of the Media and the extent to which people (all of us) are immersed in the Media Matrix.
    The Media Matrix is inside us…not just around us. It is inside all of us; even those who are suspicious and critical.

  27. I’ve been commenting here for a couple months, now, after a 7 year hiatus from commenting. I’ve never been on facebook or twitter, nothing other than email. I used to comment quite a bit on several blogs with the last one being Firedoglake, which is out of business now.
    Why did I start again? Because I was inspired by Caitlin’s gut level, honesty and courage in her writing. Her voice reignited my voice. I have disagreed with her on some things I felt strongly about, but I tried to do it in the spirit of contribution to solutions and respect.
    I think I’d have quite a lot to say about the subject of Covid and how the global crime syndicate exploits it.
    I won’t do it on this thread, though.
    A quote I like from a renaissance painter (I think) while he was in the midst of a, years long, painting of a church ceiling. Apparently, he was tormented about how to finish it.
    “How is it, then, that instead of casting me down, this eternal struggle, lifts me up, not discouraging, but consoling me?
    ~Eugene Delacroix~

    1. Looks like he did not paint during the Renaissance period. He worked in the 1800’s.

      Another quote, of his, I came across when looking him up:

      “Everything is a subject; the subject is yourself. It is within yourself that you must look and not around you… The greatest happiness is to reveal it to others, to study oneself, to paint oneself continually in [one’s] work.” (Eugene Delacroix)

  28. Caitlin, you know what I hate about Covid, is how it is being used to destroy our personal freedoms. Go here, stand there, wear a mask, take a shot. Yea, such were in the past but it was spotty and I could easily go around such nuisances. Not anymore. That is what you should write about. Not Covid but how it is being used to turn us into serfs once again.

    1. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/08/pandemic-complacency.html
      Essay about the complacency I see in many medical practitioners, who are not interested in antiviral treatments that exist and are in wide use and scientifically supported, such as vitamin-D, hydroxychloroquine/zing/azithromycin, ivermectin/zinc/doxycycline, and a hybrid of the last two, including ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline and hydroxychloroquine.
      John Day MD treats patients at a public health clinic in Austin, Texas

  29. I’m sorry Caitlin, but this commentary is way out in left field. There are many respected articles from scientists, nurses, doctors, lab technicians, and so so one which cab easily be downloaded. I agree, just echoing the mems and rhetoric of others is not your cup of tea, it’s not mine too! But this topic is way to important to leave alone because your are afraid that what ever you say cab be proven to be a fraud. The big fraud here is Fauci, Bill Gates and their minions. Did you know that the CDC holds patterns on vaccines that makes them billions, same with WHO. Bill gates has been funding much of this as it is his number one funding from his foundation (tax free scam).

    1. I am a physician, testing and treating people in a public clinic in Austin, Texas.
      This virus, militarized in a lab, does things we are only learning about. It specifically attacks the linings of blood vessels, shutting off lots of little vessels and starving lots of bits of brain, lung, kidney, liver, etc. of blood flow, which creates patterns of disease we have never seen before. It creates cottage-cheese damage to all these organs, which we have never seen the long term effects of. We have seen heart attacks, strokes, renal failure and pulmonary embolism, and we are seeing lots of all that now, from big blood clots.
      That’s one thing. The other thing is that this virus hides from the immune system, when it is reproducing in a cell, so the immune system can’t see to destroy that cell-full-of-virus before it releases the virus.
      Does this lead to sleeper-cells? Can people have dormant virus pop back up in a month or two? I just saw somebody who may have had exactly that happen to her. I can’t say yet. She had real, systemic COVID and positive nasal swabs, and stuff on CT of her chest, and typical excess clotting in her blood, twice, about 6 weeks apart.
      Do not accept a simplistic answer. COVID is not the black death and it is not trivial like a cold.

      Yes, every crisis serves the elites, just like every error favors the bank, not you.
      This virus leaked, I think, which put the elites on their back foot, pushed them to rapidly adapt, like the rest of us.
      They don’t trust each other, don’t trust us, and are mainly trying to hold onto flows of wealth and power, which are in rapid decline, but they are holding onto THEIR FLOW like it is a solid object.
      It is not, but we humans are very loath to relinquish what we feel to be “ours”. It hurts us. It’s “wrong”.
      Power elites need to keep us sidelined in fear and confusion, but power elites are also subject to the mass psychosis , which is developing.

      Be sane. Don’t follow an ideology. This is chaotic. This is people going insane and acting out a recurring pattern of history where a lot of people die, including elites. Don’t take a side. Don’t accept a partisan narrative.

      1. Hey John, I hope all is well.

        A thought provoking article which raises a question if I may. In what way do you see the mass psychosis developing, and do you see a tipping point?


  30. There is ample documentation to enable critical thinkers to connect Big Picture dots.  Keeping people fixated on Covid is a planned strategy to distract from the largest transfer of wealth in history which is absolutely connected to Empire’s wars, both cold and hot. — 

    Davos’ Agenda 21-Agenda 30-Great Reset has been years in the making and was inaugurated by their laboratory-created virus.  Get Covid “under control by any means necessary”? Puh-leeze. Using jiggered numbers and massive censorship, the Covid psyop is their control mechanism to convince people that house arrest justifies the draconian results. —-

    Caitlin, by accepting the virus narrative at face value and not recognizing the pandemic is a deus ex machina* to usher in a global 1984 Brave New World Order, you utterly fail to connect the Big Picture dots. YOU’RE FIRED!

    1. * Deus ex machina — a person or thing that appears or is introduced into a situation suddenly and unexpectedly and provides an artificial or contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty.

    2. Excellent! my views exactly – well said….

      1. Caitlin, this also concerns me with your lack of commentaries on 911 It seems many who I thought should be outspoken on these two important subjects are caving in to establishment rhetoric.

        1. Both 9/11 and ‘Covid-19 is a plot’ need more evidence. I’m talking about solid material evidence, not dot-connecting. Many assemblages of dots can be connected in many artful ways, but that in itself doesn’t prove anything.

          1. Start with LockStep and Event 201. Become steeped in Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. Read beyond the official propaganda of all of them.

          2. L. Charles Burch Avatar
            L. Charles Burch

            Cat is right. The Davos Reset and UN Agenda 21 are coming on the heels of this manufactured plandemic. Speaking of which, Plandemic II: Indoctornation came out on August 18th. Just facts. No political bias. It already has 565,426 views. Watch Plandemic II: Indoctornation on ISE Media https://www.ise.media/video/plandemic-ii-indoctornation-23.html

            If you want facts regarding 9/11, go to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. https://www.ae911truth.org/evidence/evidence-overview

            The Corbett Report also has some well-researched articles and videos regarding 9/11. https://www.corbettreport.com/?s=9%2F11

  31. Love what you do here Caitlin.
    I agree with you 100%
    80% of the time

    Yes, the idea that you can
    “Stick it to the man”
    By not wearing the mask is ridiculous.
    A mask is COUNTER Surveillance.
    If a year ago, some whacky group of rebels had decided to take up wearing face masks in all public places,
    We’d already have a half dozen ordinances forbidding it!
    Folks are foolish.

  32. L. Charles Burch Avatar
    L. Charles Burch

    Plandemic II: Indoctornation came out on August 18th. Just facts. No political bias. It already has over 500,000 views. I noticed an article on Zerohedge the other day that said the NIH is investigating EcoHealth. I personally think the feds need to call in a special investigator. Look up NIH Shakes Down Researchers For Information On Mysterious Chinese Lab Where COVID-19 Was Kept – Zerohedge. Plandemic II: Indoctornation on ISE Media https://www.ise.media/video/plandemic-ii-indoctornation-23.html

  33. Australia’s massive welfare system is central for keeping citizens complacent and compliant. Without crumbs, the stark reality of a crashed economy would be so glaring as to prompt pitchforks to replace the bribery.

  34. Fool on the Hill Avatar
    Fool on the Hill

    Emotions are funny things they are both what motivate us and how we react to things, our ideas are largely secondary. Like ideas, emotions can be either rational or not but how can we tell. We have to examine them and sort them out to see how they measure up to reality. This is not easy and it is very uncomfortable to realise your feelings are wrong. Like playing an instrument you learn as you go along and it requires a lot of practice. And it helps to have a good role model. Caitlin you demonstrate a lot of these skills in your writing.

  35. Thank you Caitlin Johnstone! I greatly admire this deeply inspiring column. It is a defense of really wanting to know what is the truth, and not just thinking whatever goes along with comfort. One of the greatest thinkers ever said that thinking you know something before you do is the how evil can begin winning. Your allegiance to truth is the best thing about you and makes one trust you more than ever. I am sorry that anyone should ever attack you, and hope that what you wrote in this column is really thought about and valued very much.

  36. Interesting news, got my attention.

    “RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Commissioner of Health Dr. Norman Oliver told 8News on Friday that he plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for Virginians once one is made available to the public. ”


  37. Ciatlin, your essays are always sharp enough to tear apart the masks off many faces. There is no pigeon in the hat of the wizard, you always tell, but many can’t accept that.

    Illusions are powerful but crumble in a cinch if tested against truth. This is what you say Ciatlin, but many don’t even try to dig a little deep for truth.

    1. I have dug VERY deep and COVID-19 is real but the medicine for it is a total scam… Benefitting the wealthy, Bill Gates, and the those who wish 1984 to come true….

  38. When administered in stage one of the infection, hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc in the right concentrations prevent escalation of infection and provides complete cure in 99.99% of COVID-19 cases. When administered in stage two of the infection, namely during Cytokine storm, hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc in the right concentrations prevent escalation of infection in about 95% if COVID-19 cases and provides cure with only minor complications even for the elderly.

    But when other serious chronic health condition were already present and complicated by Cytokine storm, hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc in the right concentrations will only improve prognosis but other emergency interventions are essential. Proper well-informed immediate medical treatment including hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc will cure 99% of all serious cases.

    But note that megadoses of Vitamin C plus Zinc in the right concentrations are as effective as hydroxychloroquine. The main difference is that for full effect, megadoses of Vitamin C must be pushed to the limit, meaning thousands of milligrams per day, and seldom have serious side effects as a short term treatment cure. On the other hand hydroxychloroquine is potentially more hazardous with side effects and must be taken under doctors supervision.

    Many outspoken medical experts agree with all the above.

  39. Refreshing to hear someone state what no one in Media seems to admit; they know next to nothing about the science of covid-19 (nor do most of us scientists!) and should not be pushing narratives one way or the other.

    There are a few things we think we know:
    About masks. They are a societal norm in SE Asia. They prevent or limit the spread of many respiratory viruses from sick individuals wearing them. However they are no panacea for protection. Health care workers catch covid-19 at three times the rate of the general public (recent Lancet article) and these people generally have much better PPE than the rest of us. SARS-COV2 is one of the most contagious of lethal viruses. While masks should reduce the inoculum in the air, that’s probably not enough for many in closed spaces or in recirculated AC air. In short, masks are one weak level of protection, avoiding closed spaces (particularly where there are sick people), crowds and close interactions with others (the Japanese three C’s) are more important. I still wear a mask, but do not trust it for protecting me.
    The Swedish did not wear masks, and seem over their epidemic; they lost a lot in nursing homes as did Belgium, and other countries did to a lesser extent. Covid-19 is a disease of the aged and infirm; for these people this is not the flu! Europe supposedly has only 6% of covid-19 deaths below age 60; in Australia that number drops to 3%. US numbers seem all over the place, but that’s no excuse to focus on the young and healthy or children, who mostly will survive with no treatment, and with adequate medical care, as for Kawasaki Syndrome in some children, none should die. Remember, the lockdowns were NOT to protect people from the virus; they are to “flatten the curve” reducing the number of people pouring into hospitals and overwhelming them at any one time. Many people will get Covid-19 when it enters their communities no matter their precautions.
    Recent data suggests that, across different nations, only 20 to 50% of people are susceptible, the rest have a basal or partial immunity, possibly due to common cold coronaviruses. This immunity does NOT appear linked to high titers of systemic antibodies (more usual immunity?), but rather involves memory T cells. Thus hard hit cities having populations with “only” 5-20% detectable antibodies seem resistant to further massive epidemics, despite having 80-95% of their population with no detectable immunity. That is a hopeful sign for the pre-vaccine period. In the US, NorthEastern states experienced covid-19 in mostly in March thru May (and seem mostly immune now); their (NY/NJ) stated case fatality rates were in the 7-8% range. In the other 38 or so states, now finally in epidemic with twice the number of cases so far, there are half the number of deaths, so far (in the 1.5-2.5 range). Unlike the NorthEast, several states (Florida, Arizona, for example) have much higher percentages of retirees and people over 65, so there will be many more deaths. We sadly have not come up with improved prophylactic treatments to protect the elderly, the real targets of covid-19.

    1. Michael, you seem to have summarized some good research. I would like to add that highly classified virology labs in the USA and Canada started developing this corona virus and then secretly moved their project to China when legislators in the USA banned such dangerous work. In June this year, independent journalists discovered and exposed the secret. Donald Trump could not deny this but the MSM has gone silent on the matter.

      1. Again, this is the sort of thing which requires verifiable material evidence. Whether or not the MSM take notice of it is of no consequence.

  40. Let’s look at a few indisputable facts. The Covid -19 “ pandemic “ was called by the W.H.O, whose by far largest private donor is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has extensive cross shareholding’s with international pharmaceutical corporations, on the basis of Professor Ferguson and Imperial College London’s estimates of the potential deaths from Covid 19. 3.4% was the initial figure which stated that there would be over 2,200,000 deaths from it in the US and well over 500,000 deaths in the U.K.. Actual figures up to the present are about 178,000 and 41,200. Population of US about 321,000,000 and U.K. 66,500,000 which gives a fatalities ratio of about 0.055% and 0.0623% respectively. To put these figures in some perspective about 1,400,000 people die world wide from car accidents, worldwide deaths from Covid-19 to date about 798,000 deaths. Yet, the government’s of the World didn’t use the MSM, the various State Broadcasters to demand that : cars are banned, roads are closed and people are forbidden on pain of arrest plus potential imprisonment from crossing the road.

    So the question is why all the coordinated pumped up propaganda and hysteria plus about a virus which is by far less deadly than road traffic accidents. Cui Bono? Well, we have documented proof that the international pharmaceutical corporations benefited to the tune of $1000,000,000s of dollars for vaccines for a “ pandemic “ in 2009 which never materialised based on Professor Ferguson’s predictions. He has a well documented record of being astronomically out in his predictions both he and Imperial have received over $400,000,000 from the B&MGF. Not forgetting of course that the financial stock markets, banks and finance houses in the US and U.K. have received $6000,000,000,000 and £200,000,000,000 in the form of QE from their governments paid for by the tax payers in those countries whilst their economies have contracted by 32% and 21% which means as Warren Buffet said “ buy cheap in a Depression and sell high in more profitable times.”

    In addition, let’s look at what the World Economic Forum ( an unelected body just like the Trilaterals, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bildeberg group, US “ think “ and “ Foundations “ like the Rockefeller “ Foundation “ which control almost every aspect of the US government and de facto many other countries such as the U.K.) said about the Covid -19 “ pandemic “. It shall be a great opportunity for “ an economic reset”. What does this mean? Well, past experience has shown that the economic reset of Globalisation benefited the trillionaires and the billionaires to the detriment of the vast majority of the peoples of the Earth so the “ Great Reset “ going on past experience will not benefit the majority of mankind. One last point, the B&MGF, the Rockefeller Foundations, the Council of Rome, the Trilaterals, The Bildeberg group, former Presidents, prime ministers, Kissinger, have all had a similar phrase they have used for many many many years The New World Order!!!

    1. Excellent comment Brian. When facts do not make sense and actions of leading politicians look stupid, history has always shown there was a hidden agenda which politicians were coerced into promoting. International over-reaction to this plandemic is unprecedented and stupid. Wait until mandatory vaccinations become universal next year and then Caitlin will look back to 2020 and realize that the dots were not so difficult to join. Mark my words!

    2. “1,400,000 people die world wide from car accidents, worldwide deaths from Covid-19 to date about 798,000 deaths.”

      In the USA, this year, about 5 times as many people have died from Covid than from car accidents, If the rest of the world had responded to Covid as badly as the US has, there would now be over 4 million Covid deaths worldwide. The US has 5% of the world population but close to 1/4 of the deaths.

      1. It seems you did read the figures I quoted. According to the WHO based on Professor Ferguson’s and Imperial College London’s estimates 2,200,000 Americans could die from Covid 19. Actual figures to date about 178,000 which means that the fatalities ratio of population about 323,000,000 to deaths is 0.055%. In the meantime, the economy of the US has contracted by 32% and over 40,000,000 people are out of work and many will become homeless, destitute and suffering from health problems totally unrelated to Covid 19. How many people die of cancer, dementia, diabetes and a myriad of diseases which by far exceed the minute number of Covid 19 fatalities. Yet, the economy is not allowed to go on a hell to handcart because of it. Think on. Cui Bono!!

        1. Correction: It seems you didn’t read the figures I quoted.

        2. It seems you did read the figures I quoted.
          The figures you quote do not support the claims you make. I gave one example. There certainly are countries where the virus has been far less deadly than car accidents, but there are also places like the US and Sweden that the virus has been far more deadly than car accidents.

          1. It’s not claims it facts you check them on any decent statistical site. Just to reiterate the original estimate of deaths from Covid-19 in the US was about 2,200,000 actual number about 178,000 a difference of 2,042,000. You also I noticed failed to mention the statistic related to car accidents was worldwide not to any specific country. In plain English it’s called selective quoting . Just to reiterate the total number of worldwide car deaths was 1,400,000: total number of worldwide fatalities from Covid-19 798,000. Yet, roads were not closed, cars banned from them or people forbidden on pain of fines plus imprisonment from crossing them. Cui Bono?

            1. I have never disputed the facts you present.

              The moronic claims you make are not supported by those facts.

              All you are doing is proving caitlin was correct when she wrote:

              I see some very real concerns which I absolutely do point out, combined with a lot of bad thinking and poor logic, combined with people just feeling very anxious about a new and stressful situation, and it’s all thrown together in one big jumble

              1. All this argument is intended to be had by you. The Corporate/Govt/MSM’s disconnected, and mostly under researched unverifiable FACTS, are put before the incoherent audience, who feel they need be opinionated about the scattered misinformation which only confuses and polarises the general public into believing they must have an opinion about all this FEAR.
                Your inconsequential arguments leave the powers that deliver these incomplete and varying truths to continue making decisions and mandates outside of your control, while you keep arguing about irrelevancies that ultimately are only peripheral to the central lie; that COVID19 is a pandemic at all.
                The power to influence this is made impossible to you, and you continue to passionately believe arguments about irrelevancies. Stop bouncing around the pin ball machine of self importance, and stand up. Say No. Be FEARLESS.
                You are doing exactly what is wanted. You are showing off your confused and powerless FEAR. You are permitting yourself to be obedient to the leadership promises of control. STOP IT.

              2. Really, read your comments again, you are suffering from cognitive dissonance. You decided to selectively quote from my post and then proceed on a tangent from my original post. In plain English, you are simply WRONG. Caitlin can answer for herself she doesn’t need your distraction tactics.

          2. Again Brianborou fails to see that his facts don’t support his claims.
            There are lots of draconian measures that govt has imposed to reduce car accidents and death.

            Here in the USA the laws and how they are enforced to reduce car deaths are far more repressive than the laws designed to reduce covid deaths. You would think it would be the other way around since there are far more Covid deaths than car deaths.

            1. Fine let’s see your evidence which contradicts that 1,400,000 people died in car accidents worldwide and that 798,000 fatalities have occurred so far from World wide from Covid 19.

            2. You obviously don’t know what it means when i say:
              The facts you present don’t support the claims you make.

              Govts have passed an enormous amount of repressive laws that take away freedoms in their efforts to reduce road deaths.

              For some reason you have been brainwashed by the MSM and TPTB to accept certain kinds of limits on your freedom.

              1. Read what I wrote originally and then looked at how you retorted. You have not only misconstrued what I said but now are denying that you even said it. Typical MSM distraction technique.

      2. Jinn, Covid numbers are the flu and pneumonia numbers…among other things, like even motorcycle accidents believe it or not.

        Hospitals are making a killing (literally and figuratively) by claiming deaths are due to Covid.

        1. If your point is that the US has a dysfunctional health care system that is riddled with perverse incentives, that has been true long before Covid arrived.
          You don’t need to present false data to convince me of that.

      3. NOT exactly: evidence is flexing in two EZ to see directions.
        China is disappearing from the chart of the infected.
        India is just arriving. those being the two larger than the USA. Mexico, Brazil, Benglah Desh, and Africa are also late arrivals–expect huge numbers and false. some of these nations either cannot or will not count correctly.
        so there is a lot of crap.
        A couple things you and Brainborough brought up are interesting to apply. i did this also. anyone can take such info from “worldometer” –it is close enough, i believe.
        the whole infection remains within 1% of the population everywhere it is. on Earth or in USA or in Singapore. Under 1% get infected….so far. (remember the population is growing slower than the infections inside it.).
        but maybe the rate of infections will stay the same as nations like China and India counter-weigh each other. The reports always say deaths are 4-5%. and everyone freaks.
        that is 4-5% of the INFECTED die. not of the whole world. or any population of any nation or city.
        under y observation this holds true in every way:
        so let’s plug in some additional things we know:
        they’ve had plenty of practice (the elites have) un-inforcing rescues operations enough so that Naomi Klein could explain it all as “Disaster CAPitalism.” it all started in Sri Lanka. then Haiti. and who knows maybe the Marshall plan including the Vatican Passports for the Nazi escape artists….to S. Brazil an Uruguay and Argentina.
        NOLA was practically at was with our own FEMA good job Brownie! And most lately 2008 under Oblama the bailout of the perps…
        So it really does not matter if the Virus was made in Lab (and i think it was) or if it is an act of Mother Nature responding to our humanity over-running the entire planet.
        we could be too many already. AND we are burning everything to power our kick-ass existence. a tremendous loss of species is underway. GAIA hates us. her best invention. and this virus could be her message to
        WAKE the F up!
        So who wakes up first. The Chicago Boyz and their zealot profit-makers. not so much a premeditated conspiracy, which it could’ve been–go ahead and prove it–as it is a violation of every religious law on the books world-wide: the good samaritan law. if you see a fellow human being in desperate plight, you have to help, not just pass by.
        AND certainly you cannot seek to profit from his/her demise.
        That for sure is going on. no matter where the virus came from..the same ol’ elite perps from the days of “to the victors go the spoils” are at it ready able and willing to pick up the pieces and steal the entire Econ 101 we have constructed for them with our blood sweat and tears since god was born of mankind.
        Opportunistic? or planned demolition. i saw the WTC 1, 2, & 7 fall. And i saw the Grenfell not fall after burning way longer. Grenfell is a name that mated with the Morgans long ago. Just a sturdy skeleton still standing, a stark and empty tomb of death. But not in a dismal jumbled pile instantly shipped off to Indian and Chinese steel mills to be remelted into tanks or whatever they needed at the time.
        See? CAP means head, and CAPitalism is quite opportunistic….it is also very impatient. They can’t. wait any longer. Greenland has fallen. the South Pole is leaking methane. the new world order is drooling over it’s Revision of the NEW World Eden. they need to get rid of 6 billion people. that’s for sure.
        This is just a practice run.
        now one more thing: you cannot do this wildly with viruses: some are slow to manifest and thus spread fast but do not kill fast. or not at all. some hit like a bullet and don’t spread because the dead tell no tales.
        what they really need is something that will infect Almost ALL of us slowly and reactivate and kill everyone that is infected. keeping it at a rate of >1% will not get it done.
        it might get them slavery restored or indentured servitude or Elysium or the Handmaiden’s Tale…legallized Lolita Islands….whatever.
        desperate poverty does not put an end to the supply of pretty grrrls. or hungry babies who might need a job…at any wage.
        so we could be hitting a turning point: where instead of trying to figure out who did what? we should be talking about what we want it to be from NOW ON.
        not exactly. perhaps.
        but something NICE.
        for sure.
        to hell with war.

    3. Superb comment! Caitlin Johnstone is dropping the ball these days completely. I’m a huge fan of her writing and have promoted it to others for years, but she’s lost the narrative of the most important story of our time — the coming Technocracy or AI dictatorship, years in the planning. She’s made an embarrassing belly flop in front of the whole research community missing the salient points of a situation that’s devastating because she hasn’t figured out the degree to which COVID is a fraud and is being used to take away people’s rights. She’s not impressed with the WEF documents and seems to be suffering from cognitive dissonance that this is actually happening. I find my go-to independent journalists these days who are doing a much better job on this story include Spiros Skouras who has been outspoken on his YouTube channel and James Corbett of The Corbett Report, plus those Plandemic films and the ShadowGate film for which Millie Weaver and her husband were arrested. This is a strange phenomenon — I’ve seen some of the indie journalists who did a great job covering, say, the dirty wars on Syria or Libya, drinking the COVID Kool-Aid. Johnstone appears to not properly understand that crucial emerging bio-capitalism or surveillance capitalism. Some other great researchers and writers on this front include Professor Shoshana Zuboff (Surveillance Capitalism), Canadian journalist Cory Morningstar (The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg) and US investigate journalist Whitney Webb (Last American Vagabond). Maybe if Johnstone spent some serious time reading their work she’d come to realize by how much she’s missing the mark these days. I devour anything from these writers and generally skip past Johnstone’s writings for the most part as they’re not terribly relevant anymore. She’s stuck in the Naomi Klein disaster capitalism narrative and hasn’t graduated to this bio-capitalism medical tyranny understanding. Another great researcher and writer on this is Alison Hawver McDowell who you can find on Facebook under that name. She has a superb blog called Wrench in the Gears.

      1. Absolutely spot-on with your comment, Guy. And a tremendous list of sources there… I was about to say you’d missed out Alison McDowell, and then you put her in at the end 🙂

        I personally think that Caitlin Johnstone needs to spend a bit more time getting up to speed by reading this new breed of commentators (Webb, Morningstar & McDowell, especially), while devoting less time and energy to churning out average content (alongside some of her great stuff – don’t get me wrong), seemingly for the sake of producing frequent posts. It’s in-depth, up-to-date analysis we want; and quality rather than quantity.

      2. L. Charles Burch Avatar
        L. Charles Burch

        You may want to add this to your list. Plandemic II: Indoctornation came out on August 18th. Just facts. No political bias. It already has over 500,000 views. I noticed an article on Zerohedge the other day that said the NIH is investigating EcoHealth. I personally think the feds need to call in a special investigator. Look up NIH Shakes Down Researchers For Information On Mysterious Chinese Lab Where COVID-19 Was Kept – Zerohedge. Plandemic II: Indoctornation on ISE Media https://www.ise.media/video/plandemic-ii-indoctornation-23.html

      3. Hey I know you!

        Over the moon we’re on the same page on this Guy! Though I really should have read the comments as um, I echoed some of your sources while missed a whole bunch too. Thanks for offering others I don’t know as I too have abandoned my previous “go tos”…just more of the same not willing to do the work (signed up for Caitlin’s essays long ago and first time in a long time had to post as it’s just that important). Too many critical thinkers really should know better, it’s so incredibly frustrating. Global Research is one I’ve trusted for a while and although not always great, Prof Michel Chossudovsky is awesome.

        Thrilled you took time to post Guy, as it needed to be said (and no way could I have ever said it so well). While I adore Caitlin, I just wish she’d just look further…can she not see that Australia is the testing ground for us all?

        Being one of the few friends that get it, it helps tremendously. Another friend, Denis Rancourt is part of taking all three levels of our corrupt government to court but unfortunately with so many willing to comply, the speed of this psyop is on overdrive and it’ll be much too late.

        Cheers buddy, keep fighting the good fight as (I’m paraphrasing here) how fortunate for leaders that citizens do not think.

        Cheers to L. Charles (saw the documentary, definitely worth it) and Steve and to all that get it for their input too…after Caitlin’s disappointing essay, those that do seek truth is so refreshing and so desperately needed.

    4. Thank you, Brian (and the rest), for grasping the fact that this virus is obviously being used as a means to enact a much broader agenda. I’m very surprised that Caitlin isn’t more focused on this, because it’s the way that the globalist oligarchs plan to officially concentrate their wealth and their power over the world’s people and resources.

      I’ve been following politics and economics for a long time, and have been reading the writings of certain powerful political and financial “leaders” who have had very different perspectives regarding our political economy for decades. Once this virus hit, they all seemed to coalesce around the same narratives, even though these new positions totally oppose what they’ve been preaching for years. They are all talking about the Great Reset and how wonderful it will be for all of us, they talk about the “new normal” that we will all have to accept, as if we have no choice. This sudden shift to a near-universal agreement among these types of people makes me very, very nervous about what they have planned for the rest of us. They do not even try to hide their intentions, and they openly talk about how this will usher in the New World Order, which is written about in black-and-white in the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and SDG2030 documents, among others.

      When powerful people (in government, in the media, from corporate offices) tell people where they can go, what they can do, with whom they can associate, when people can engage in activities, etc…and when the “elite” use technology to surveil citizens…when they tell people to “snitch” on their neighbors for rewards if these neighbors dare to not comply with their leaders’ orders…when they control a person’s ability to work and provide for their families…when they shut off access to power and water (sometimes due to self-created “rolling blackouts” and sometimes because people refuse to obey orders)…when they mandate invasive medical procedures and mandate ineffective and even dangerous masks, even requiring people to wear them outdoors when they are physically distant from other people, etc…when George Soros talks about “revolutionary times” at the WEF well BEFORE any riots started in the U.S…then we are dealing with authoritarian tyrants who will stop at nothing to “advance their global goals.” There is no other way to see it. These people are radically dangerous and must NEVER be permitted to grow, or even maintain, their power over us.

      That Caitlin and some others fail to see what’s going on when they are usually so observant about these issues is baffling, to say the least. The authoritarian takeover of our country and the world is the #1 issue of our time. It must not be ignored.

      1. Absolutely right. Many thanks for spelling this out so clearly. I hope these people (Caitlin Johnstone included) are listening.

      2. when they mandate invasive medical procedures and mandate ineffective and even dangerous masks,

        If masks are so ineffective and dangerous how come the places in the world where everyone wears a mask are also the places where covid infections and deaths are the lowest?

        lets compare Hong Kong and New York City:

        Masks have helped Hong Kong suppress this plague. Hong Kong is essentially Asia’s version of New York City — a global hub that is similar in population, density and reliance on mass transit. Yet while New York has buried tens of thousands of its residents, Hong Kong has recorded only seven COVID-19 deaths out of about 1,200 total cases. Masks are a key reason why.

      3. Wow. Well said. I hope she and others will listen.

  41. Caitlin, you will be waiting a long time to discover the “truth” about COVID. It’s by far the most fact free psyop we’ve ever been subjected to. There is simply no truth to be known about the virus, up to and including whether it even exists or not. It has never been isolated as viruses even near such implied magnitude always were before. The images of it you see are artistic renditions. It’s never been seen.
    There is no empirical evidence that any of the tyrannical protocols issued has any positive effect. There is some to indicate they are counterproductive.
    HCL has been BANNED in many places for off label prescription, which has never been done before regarding a drug with lesser side effects than Tylenol.
    It is delusional to suggest that the willful destruction of the economy that feeds us to keep us from catching it is a proper solution. The mortality rate for not eating is 100%. Poverty is now, and always has been the worst plague, by orders of magnitude. It magnifies all other maladies.
    Sweden did next to nothing, and they are practically done with it. Those areas that did the most also happen to be among those hardest hit. There is no pattern, which would suggest there is no accurate data. There is definitely an agenda in play, and it has nothing to do with our health.

    1. “Those areas that did the most also happen to be among those hardest hit. ”

      The facts don’t support that claim.

      There is a huge variance in outcomes around the world. If you are in the US or Sweden you are about 1000 times more likely to die from Covid than if you live in Viet Nam or Thailand and about 100 times more likely to die than if you live in Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea or Japan, All those countries did more that was effective than the US and Sweden did,

    2. Dead right, JWK. I agree with everything you’ve said here.

  42. Dear Caitlin you demonstrate a high level of skill in emotional rationality which is very helpful . This skill entails a constant evaluation of our emotions to assess if they are rational or not, a sometimes painful process since we are primarily motivated by our emotions and then use rational arguments to back them up. The process of sifting out the irrational feelings can often be painful because it entails disillusion. Like many skills in life you learn by doing and observing others who are good at it.
    As one of my favourite singers Mose Allison sang – “Hello there Universe. Am I doing what you wasn’t me to do?”

  43. Thank you Caitlin. I am tired of reading nothing but wall to wall covid on the sites I enjoy. Total deaths *with* covid are dwarfed by total deaths as a result of western bombings, agitation, sanctions and simple, straightforward ruthless capitalistic wealth inequality and exploitation. I have not looked at what has been happening in Yemen as you suggest because I am a coward. But I am prepared to believe it is bad.

    I was an ” early adopter” of covid. I belong to a singing group – about 2/3 of the group showed symptoms, many unpleasant (including me), several severe, and two died (both in their 80’s), so I take this thing seriously, wear a mask in enclosed spaces etc. But it is very clear that there is a mass of lies and propaganda about hospitalisations, statistics, etc.

    However here in the UK the response of the government has been witlss incoherent gibberish, made up on the hoof and rescinded the following day, which is *not* the pattern of a global conspiracy – more, stupid incompetent opportunistic narcisistic psychopaths making a fuck-up of even pursuing their own interests.

  44. I am unsure what you might be reading, but the AUST Morrison Govt K9 whistle up teaser this week mandated LOUDLY, that a compulsory vaccination by December will be policed by corporal social restrictions etc, setting up that little psycho bomb in all the Aussie Battlers heads. He then quickly renounced that Mandate.
    This is a classic advertising use of propaganda. He has put compulsory vaccination date into the minds of the willingly entrained, and no renunciation of that will now stop the power of that subliminal December date threat.
    The MSM in AUST is 24/7 COVID19 (across all screens, so if you think for yourself – you don’t have a TV) and there will now be those subliminal December Mandate reminders, even as renunciations. Australians are only permitted FEAR.
    When December comes, the untested OXFORD vaccine will be mandated onto the general public, proven safe or not, and they will all sheepishly comply, and accept their leaders mandate.
    “Oh yes they told us that was going to happen months ago.”
    Scotty From Marketing threatens the Australian Crash Test Dummy Electorate into a ‘Line up or pay the consequences’, and I for one will likely ‘Go To Jail. Do Not Pass Go’
    Some reading that might help.

  45. Methinks the lady doth protest *too* much… OK, you made your point well enough to begin with (that you don’t know enough yet to write the full truth), but then you made it again and again and again. Strikes me as some kind of desperate self-justification. If you can’t see enough of the truth of this situation by now, with all the evidence that’s out there, I feel very sorry for you. You are waiting for a 100%, 20:20 vision of the truth that, in all probability, will never come. This post is full of disingenuous obfuscation masquerading as heartfelt intellectual anguish, and while others are rightly railing against the most enormous unfolding scandal of our time, you are doing – and saying – precisely nothing. Well it’s just not good enough and you should be ashamed.

    1. That’s just using a bunch of emotional words to say you disagree with my analysis. You’re allowed to disagree with my analysis, but it doesn’t really change anything.

      1. Not really. I don’t think you’ll fool much of your audience (well not those who pay attention) with that.

        Although I must say it’s interesting that you’ve changed your position – from one of claiming it’s not even a relevant subject for your analysis(!) to saying you don’t know enough – since the last time I challenged you on this.

        My own view is that, in common with many others, the main reason you refuse to engage with what we know to be true on this is fear: fear of getting it wrong; fear of death, even.

        I don’t know if that’s true or not, but using supposed ignorance as an excuse for fence-sitting on this most important of all current issues (one that has already changed the world as we knew it) does a great disservice to your readers.

        1. Yeah that’s bullshit, I never changed my position. What I’ve been saying isn’t relevant to my analysis is whether or not masks are effective, exactly how dangerous the disease is etc, which I reiterated again here in this essay. The fact that none of you guys are able to actually address my position without bullshitting about it reveals a lot about your lack of clarity on other matters.

          1. Hear, hear!
            It seems the same “sensitive” people who claim to abhor authoritarianism are inclined to use authoritarian tactics to get everybody in line, stiff backs, heads up, salute the demigod.
            My own personal “feeling” about all this is that we have a “smart” disease adept at culling the weakest links in the gene pool. It is acting like water slowly, steadily, progressively converting a dry river bed to seasonal river. Self-leveling as it breaches the irregularities of landscape. Whether intentional, accidental or merely an emergent quality of a sick ecosystem or ecosystem applying its immune response to an invasive species… not enough evidence, yet.
            What most bugs me about this pandemic is not the disease, it is the way that it is being used for cover by all sorts of capitalists and warmongers ~~> authoritarians all.
            I’m very much an all things Zach Bush follower which is to say (my words) stop trying to sanitize yer life…. germs and viruses are a blessing if you expose yourself to the bazillion ambient tiny “bugs” that exercise yer immune system (a vital evolutionary tool, it seems). Keep yer eye on Gates et al. Billionaires need a steady supply of billions to maintain their billiionaire habits and statuses and, right now, he and his crony Fauci are the most present and vocal in leading the charge toward another unproven and not transparent mandatory vaccine.
            Also keep yer eye on Robert Kennedy et al who are doing a pretty good job of what you, Caitlin, are not (yet) inclined to do. Rightfully so as per your rationale.
            ISTM we are in the midst of a clusterfuck of forces closing in on us like a camera aperture squeezing out the light. Paranoid, high testosterone chest-beaters employ high pollutant ./ high waste tactics while the climate downloads more chaos and uncertainty than COVID-19. And then there is that weird global phenomenon referred to as “the economy.” Looks like the more elucidating indicators are showing that it is teetering and doing so on such a scale / order of magnitude that nobody can stop that runaway train.
            I’m with you Caitlin ~~> if we don’t stop blowing the shit out of everything literally and figuratively), all of the other pressing issues will remain insoluble.
            AND, I too am inclined to believe that the only solution will be some kind of leap in mass consciousness. Nuclear annihilation would pretty much get in the way of that timely miracle.

          2. Instead of devoting so many words to what you don’t know, why not discuss the evidence of fraud that is readily available? The CDC has admitted to inflating the number of Covid cases and therefore the number of deaths caused by Covid. Fauci was funding a bioweapons lab in Wuhan which Trump defunded just before the Covid outbreak. Trump is giving away billions from the Treasury to big pharma to create a vaccine which will likely never be achieved. There is so much evidence that Covid is a fraud. I’d rather hear about that instead of what you don’t know.

            1. Indeed, Larry!

        2. “using supposed ignorance as an excuse for fence-sitting on this most important of all current issues (one that has already changed the world as we knew it) does a great disservice to your readers.”

          When it comes to predicting the future I suspect you are every bit as ignorant as anyone else reading this blog.
          It is clear that you want somebody to blow some smoke up your kiester about how this will all turn out. I respect Caitlin for declining to be that someone to do that for you.

          1. Jog on. You can’t even spell your clever word. It’s ‘keister’. You know nothing.

        3. True. Anyone who cannot “connect the dots” to see the massive fraud of this is not just wearing a mask. They’re wearing blinders. Yes, people are fearful. And what’s to come is going to be a whole lot more fearsome.

    2. You are the reason Caitlin wrote at such length, to be very clear but you still don’t get it because you are one of the ones who are so sure you know something that I doubt very much you could possibly know (and of course you provide no evidence) and perhaps you could wait until you have even a tiny amount of vision because for sure it is not 100% or 20:20 and no one should ever be made to feel ashamed of telling the truth. Nice tinfoil hat you’re wearing by the way 🙂

      1. Gee, thanks
        If you’re mot aware of the evidence by now, you really are beyond help. And no, I’m not going to take the time posting it on this thread. I’ve got far better things to do.

        1. Gonna invade Venezuela?

    3. Excellent analysis ! Ms Johnstone is gatekeeping for her small status quo niche market , with the usual blame it on American capitalists rhetoric ?

      1. So it seems, Jim. Very sad, and I expected a lot better.

  46. This film has been released for free by its creator Mikki Willis, who you can find at PlandemicSeries.com (which appears to be under attack and not functioning at press time).

    The full-length film is available at this link on Brighteon.com:

    This next link is usually more censorship-resistant for sharing:

    Consider this film to be a “must-see” documentary that will absolutely blow your mind and forever change your understanding of the total corruption of the “science” establishment and the for-profit medical system.

    In essence, a group of evil people built this virus and released it onto the world so they could crush humanity and earn billions in profits.
    Even more shockingly, this isn’t the first time they’ve tried this.

  47. I love most of what you write and think, Caitlin. But I just don’t get your exasperation over the US-centralized empire declaring a cold war on China. Does the CCP’s actions (and non-actions) not warrant such a war? Their deception and malfeasance has allowed this novel virus to kill hundreds of thousands and counting. They steal our IP. They are perpetrating the most atrocious case of genocide since Nazi Germany. What am I missing?

    1. If you believe all that MSM spin about China and you don’t understand why I think it’s bat shit crazy to flirt with nuclear war instead of pursuing detente, you can’t possibly have read much of what I write.

    2. You are missing the fact that laboratories in the USA and Canada started developing this corona virus and then secretly moved the project to China when legislators in the USA banned such dangerous work. The secret was discover and is now “an open secret.” Go read further and dig more deeply on this topic to get to the bottom of this.

  48. I appreciate your honesty as always. And yes there are 7.5 billion sets of eyes trying to find the truth and make some sense of what is going on. Sticking with the opinions you conclude is something you are reluctant because it’s only coming fro one pair of eyes and hopefully a brain that’s in some way connected with your heart.

    Is someone who has watched this entire fiasco unfold I cannot ignore the reports I’m getting, some already censored, some not that can best be described by a young ICU nurse who witnessed first hand the cold ruthless murder of patients in New York watching her code of ethics dumped and ignored all for the sake of required procedure the generated massive profits. Her description which was a testimony of tears and helplessness likened her dilemma to being someone watching the actions seen in Nazi Germany Of rounding up innocent people to be transported to death camps while everyone around her went about their business like this is business as usual. Can you imagine how tormenting and traumatic this was for someone who chose a profession to help heal and save lives?

    I sat and watched greed hatred corruption and cruelty for a number of years but being so secluded I chose to remain quiet not wanting to stir the pot. Being ridiculed and ostracized as a lunatic conspiracy nut is difficult. But as the pieces of the puzzle that reveal this nefarious state of affairs Come together I’m doing a disservice to all around me by not allowing my voice to be heard. Do I see the whole picture? Of course not. But if I was out on the deck of the Titanic watching an iceberg get closer while everyone pretended like nothing was threatening I would not stop screaming.from the depths of my lungs. All I could hope would be that some would hear me and commence action before it’s too late.

    1. Wonderful comment, Jeff. Exactly how I feel, too.

    2. I’ve been “ridiculed and ostracized as a lunatic conspiracy nut” since I started this gig. That’s part of the job for me. That isn’t why I haven’t been making Covid-related agendas a focus in my commentary. I haven’t been making Covid-related agendas a focus in my commentary because of the reasons I just gave in the essay you just read.

    3. I disagree, Jeff: 7.5 billion sets of eyes are NOT trying to find the truth. People either ignore looking deeper than what MSM tells them or they only want to see and hear what suits their existing beliefs and prejudices. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan under US sanctions or control are less deluded than in the West but only perhaps as much as 1% of adults really want to know the truth and make some sense of what is going on.

  49. Whiter and shorter than Michael, but definitely the bestest Caitlin Johnstone!

  50. I’m 72. I first heard of the 1918 pandemic via a natural health publication about 15 years ago. How come i’d not ever heard of it before then ? The number of dead was given as “up to 20 million died.” When the 1918 pandemic was given wide media propagation earlier this year, and since, the number of dead is given as “50 to 100 million” in most articles.
    The 1918 flu pandemic is an umbrella term that covered deaths from tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia, and other rampant diseases.
    None of the pensioners i have a beer with at our local has studied virology, or immunology, or epidemology, or even medicine. But we’re all experts on Germ Theory because we’ve seen all the movies, and we all know, regardless of our skepticis about The Gates, the corporate propaganda media etc, we”ll line up to be injected with god-knows-whats-in-them vaccines BECAUSE “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”.
    No amount of Knowing The Facts can counter the endemic visceral Fear of Contagion which gives
    The Germ Theory – and the Magical Thinking that holds it together – it’s potency.
    The Nazi Party knew the potency of the Fear of Contagion, successfully employing it against their political opponents, and especially against Jewish citizens, on their rise to power (Though, from the innumerable stories about The Nazi on TV, you never learn that they obtained their electoral support by conflating Jews/contagion (What we’re against), and promising Lebensraum (ie breathing room/German expansion/Making Germany Great Again).
    By all accounts in late 2019 we were heading into “a 2020 Worldwide Recession”. It’s the economy, stupid ! Had covid19 not arrived when it did govmints worldwide would now be under seige by the millions who’ve lost their jobs, business, etc.,. Protesting, not wondering if a rag over their mouth will save them.

  51. Hard to disagree with your outlook Caitlin.
    So I will not.

  52. Please help me make some sense of this.

    It is interesting that though UV kills viruses, the possibility that the larger hole in the ozone layer lasting more than one week would affect the spread of Covid-19 virus, has not been discussed or considered.

    The ozone layer protects Earth from UV rays. A hole in the layer removes the protection over the area that corresponds to the conic shape extending from the hole, thereby increasing the amount and intensity of UV rays over even a broader dispersed range than the opening itself.

    The emitted rays should disperse through the hole like a flashlight beam, from higher to lower spaces of concentration.

    If Ultra Violet Light kills viruses such as Covid 19, and the virus allegedly originated in the northern hemisphere in Wuhan, China, then it seems that the increase UV rays would have neutralized most viruses to some degree, over a large corresponding portion of the dispersion area of northern hemisphere of Earth, where the “hole” in the ozone layer opened wider.

    See the links below.

    “Ozone is good at trapping a type of radiation called ultraviolet radiation, or UV light, which can penetrate organisms’ protective layers, like skin, damaging DNA molecules in plants and animals. There are two major types of UV light: UVB and UVA.”

    “The hole fell to less than 3.9 million square miles through September and October, despite hitting a peak of 6.3 million square miles earlier in the year.”


    Ozone hole three times the size of Greenland opens over the North Pole

    Ozone hole three times the size of Greenland opens over the North Pole

    Ozone holes open over the South Pole every year. Holes at the North Pole are much, much rarer.

    North Pole’s largest-ever ozone hole finally closes

    North Pole’s largest-ever ozone hole finally closes

    An unusually strong polar vortex kept the hole open for nearly a month — now, it’s finally shut again.

    The largest ozone layer hole over Arctic has CLOSED in huge boost to environment

    The largest ozone layer hole over Arctic has CLOSED in huge boost to env…

    Edward Browne

    THE largest ever hole in Earth’s ozone layer has closed after opening just weeks ago, scientists have said.

    A new hole is forming in the ozone layer over the Arctic

    A new hole is forming in the ozone layer over the Arctic

    But it’s nothing compared to the more well-known ozone hole you’re probably thinking of.


  53. Caitlin, You are doing a great job and you promise to do this “as truthfully as possible.” Can someone truthfully tell a half truth?

  54. Orwell wrote in one of his essays, probably Politics and the English Language, that one should be wary of ready-made phrases etc.,. as they colonise the mind, and influence how you think.

    A widely used term is main stream media (MSM). IF there’s one thing patently obvious, the MSM has solely functioned as a covid19/vaccine propaganda media and should properly be called the Corporate Propaganda Media (CPM). Such a term informs of it’s function, whereas mindlessly using MSM does not.

    Many on-line articles have ‘exposed’ The Gates funding of various mass media, vaccine makers, even WHO, and leave it at that, it should be common practice to use The Gates-funded WHO, The Gates-funded
    Guardian ‘news’paper, The Gates-funded (…..) vaccine maker, and so on. Anything The Gates have invested in, or funded, when it comes to covid19 etc, SHOULD BE Mentioned.

    Dont be reluctant. Dont let the MSM control the narrative

  55. I have followed this COVID panic from its earliest incarnation in Wuhan. I have to admit I initially fell for the narrative that it’s a made made virus. What I’ve come to accept based on logic and evidence is that the COVID virus is a myth concocted by the Chinese regime to quell the insurgents who were protesting the deadly air quality the regime was being ineffective in solving. China is part of the WHO which is also in bed with Bill Gates whose personal agenda is very well documented. Throughout the world the bogus PCR test is used as the pretext to create the false epidemic data that in turn is used to justify lockdowns, quarantines, face diapers, social alienation, censorship of revelatory expose of the fascist agenda. The conspiracy is very blatant as shown by Gates/Johns Hopkins Event 201 planning exercise. But, the same cast and crew have held these epic virus rodeos many times in our recent memory.
    It’s a redirect to over focus on US imperialism as universal fascism under the guise of Pandemic suppression melds all regimes into a single reset as the new byword for New World Order seems to be.
    James Corbett, Ron Rappaport, and Andrew Kaufman have contributed to exposing the very real tactics of a long term strategy to effect a dystopian nightmare the likes of which we have not experienced on a global scale in a very long time. Can’t connect the dots you say. Have you cutoff your oxygen with compliant face diaper wearing by order of the Queensland Fascist COVID Cult Regime?

  56. I think most of us already knew who or what you were and are, so brave. On the humorous side though, we all know that it’s the reptilians that are running the world, they all look just like the rest of us, except for their mouths that remain reptilian, hence the masks, now they can finally come out of the closet and walk amongst us without drawing undue attention onto themselves. So, if your kids start coming up missing look toward no longer hungry mask wearing reptiles as the culprits. LOL.

  57. We need to be basing decisions on evidence, data and science. Please check out https://evidencenotfear.com

    Also, the Co-immunity YouTube channel posts clips of videos by epidemiologists and scientists: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25-gYYgupNNLTVQoS6Y-dw

  58. “That is not what I do here.” Ms Johnstone, I for one am extremely grateful for what you do here, and the ways that you do it. You are ” trailblazing a path through the darkness ” and humanity desperate needs that to survive. My deepest world wide concern is the war coming between India and China and how bad it is going to get. World War III may be nearer at hand than many people realize. Joe Biden is still faking it and Donald Trump’s people are con artists; just like he is ,as they skirt and bend the rules and the laws of these United States to pad their own pockets. There is ” deep shit ” everywhere!

  59. The overwhelming issue I have with the covid-19 situation is why is everybody so concerned and working so hard about this issue when I’ve been anxious and scared and wanting to see societal energy spent on far more grave problems we face. The second leading cause of death in the US is cancer at 600,000 people per year. I believe a large chunk of that comes from industrial pollution, agricultural pollution including obscene amounts of pesticides on our crops, and personal fossil fuel vehicles aka cars. We are still driving our cars, leaving them running to keep cool in summer or warm in winter at the expense of catastrophic environmental damage, climate change and endless wars with not a care as if our current lifestyle on earth isn’t completely unsustainable for more than another generation or two. Why isn’t there the same kind of attention and energy directed to the issue of our sustainability on earth, or to our endless wars, or to our reprehensible wealth disparity, or to any number of problems that affect far greater numbers of people?

    1. Thank you, Vayu, for prioritizing the issues. We’ve been headed hellbent toward an ecocidal cliff that came into clear view several decades ago. Then, ever since WWII, there’s been that other cliff of nuclear war that the sociopaths-in-charge keep pushing us toward. Caitlin’s posts constantly point out both ecocidal Scylla and nuclear Charybdis and imaginatively explore navigation routes between them. Could there possibly be more important work? I applaud her refusal to shift focus from these two existential threats to speculation about Covid-19, which we have not yet even begun to fully understand either in regard to its nature or its consequences.

  60. All we have are opinions. I believe this is just a trial run for something more sinister. We are being herded to a place we would not normally go. Fear is being used to reach a destination not yet visible. I have a few ideas where this is leading but would just be ignored as a fringe nutcase so I will sit and watch as Caitlin says.

  61. Well put, Caitlin Johnstone. Truth can be lonely and marginalized, but it’s honest and nothing compares to that! Keep going!

  62. PlandemicMovie(.)com > 20 min interview with Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD Virology
    “Plandemic II, Indoctrination” > 90 min documentary at > ISE(.)media
    (video Information, for the literacy impaired)

  63. That’s all well and good but your are over parsing, and underrepresenting.

  64. A lucid statement on your perspective Caitlin, and I agree on most points, as does your namesake:
    No travel? No cafes? No restaurants? No parties? That’s how millions of Europeans, Russians, Chinese and Japanese lived for SIX years during WW2.
    Most of us in the Western world have been living in paradise since the early sixties.
    The middle class will rise up and raise hell if the restrictions stay for too long. They’ve got money to spend, and by God, no one is gonna stop em, no one.

    1. Very disappointing to read Diana Johnstone’s wilful ignorance on this issue as well. She’s someone else who I hugely respected before this clusterfuck came along. I have her book / biography, but I think I might give it away without reading it, now. This crisis is just *way* too important to misread so badly. It’s about all our futures.

      1. Hey Steve, how’s tricks? I agree, it is about all our futures – I genuinely believe we are at the beginning of a new epoch, one in which the many, will no longer be controlled by the few. Corruption has reached a tipping point and all is set to collapse next year. Between now and then, the collective consciousness will be added to.

        At the point of ignition, there will be an uprising in excess of what we see now, and undoubtedly more violent. The choice that Humanity then has is, a life devoid of consciousness or one where we contribute towards moving Humanity forward, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.

        We have the opportunity of making earth the most inspiring, challenging, wondrous, and just plain fun, conscious experience. Let the history books show that the Age of Reason started in 2020 “Consciousness is a precondition of being” – Jung.

        I wish you well,


    2. Most of us in the Western world have been living in paradise since the early sixties?! You’ve been living in a dream world if you believe that!

      1. Seen the constructed poverty in Africa, India, Asia and the slums of the West Sport?

  65. I can promise that I am still watching and still gathering information, but I can also promise that I’m not going to pretend I see something I don’t yet see or connect dots that don’t yet really connect. I’m not here to tell people what they want to hear or repeat things they’ve have already heard repeated by others.“.

    Well OK then. A good posture to take but I enhance it by stepping out and taking a view that history has been full of pandemics. A big picture understanding is possible by looking at the past. I’m not saying I have such an understanding, but looking at it all as if I am a visitor from the 15th century I conclude the lack of common sense is shocking. So much thinking, yet so little sense. Thoughts play in peoples heads like an old record player with a needle skipping groves. Madness rules the day.

    In total the mammals of the world are, 60 % livestock, 36 % human, 4 % wild. Some people want to get rid of zoonotic viruses by getting rid of the remaining 4%. No mammals, no zoonotic viruses.

    History of epidemics show this sort of madness burns itself out. Like hurricanes do. Hopefully before wild animals drop to 2% of the total.

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