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MSM Is Propaganda: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The US tortures journalists and whistleblowers, arms terrorists, kills children with starvation sanctions, wages endless wars, facilitates mass atrocities in Yemen, repeatedly used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, circles the entire planet with hundreds of military bases and bullies every nation on earth using military and economic force, but yeah we need to let them remain in charge of the world or else an evil government might take over.


You know that person in your life who’s always telling you what you should do despite the fact that their own life is a shambles and nobody likes them and they continuously make bad decisions for themselves? That’s America on the world stage.


Don’t take life advice from miserable people, don’t take creative advice from people who don’t create, don’t join religions that facilitate child rape, don’t join political parties that don’t help the public, don’t give military power to people with a history of bad military decisions.


When it first rose to power with the Bush administration the neoconservative ideology of doing whatever it takes to ensure continued US unipolar hegemony was widely criticized. Now it’s the bipartisan beltway consensus, and if you question it you’re smeared as freakish and suspicious.

Now you never even hear the word neoconservative or neocon anymore in mainstream US discourse. That’s not because it went away, it’s because it became the normalized default mainstream worldview.


Tier 1: Good people.

Tier 2: Okay people.

Tier 3: Bad people.

Tier 4: Diseases and parasites.

Tier 5: Shit.

Tier 6: The shit that would come out of shit if shit could shit.

Tier 7: People who defend acts of police brutality on the internet.


It is 2021. Biden is president. Two-thirds of my tweets about US politics are “If Trump had done this liberals would be losing their minds, eh screw it nobody cares.”


President Biden will have the most diverse, inclusive and intersectional cabinet of mass murderers ever assembled.


Think tanks are institutions which pay academics to think up reasons why it would be smart and good to do something evil and stupid, then insert those reasons into key points of influence. MSM cites them as authorities on foreign policy because MSM is propaganda.


If I had a dollar for every libertarian man on the internet who paternalistically told me he’s “disappointed” in me over something I wrote, I’d be rich enough to think libertarianism is a great ideology.


Mainstream feminism neglects the injustices of motherhood to a truly embarrassing extent. It’s become a movement to ensure that women have as much of a right as men to facilitate all the sickest aspects of patriarchy, while mothers everywhere are constantly forced to choose between economic hardship and staying with awful partners as they’re smashed with medieval judgemental attitudes about their parenting decisions.


The official function of outlets like Voice of America and Radio Free Asia is to administer US propaganda. Their unofficial function is to promote the idea that they are the only outlets which administer US propaganda.


Gotta respect the manipulation skills of whatever rich person it was who came up with the idea of blaming 100 percent of the world’s problems on pedophile rings.


Sectarian infighting and lateral punching can feel more satisfying than punching up at real power, because the armor of the imperial machine is thick while our peers are much more easily hurt and affected. But that’s exactly why we need to focus all our firepower on the machine.


A spiritual seeker approached an enlightened master and asked, “What is the path to enlightenment?”

The master pointed at the seeker’s chest and said, “The path is in you.”

The seeker immediately experienced satori. He wandered away and people noticed the serene expression on his face.

“Did the old master help you awaken?” they asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Well? What is the path?”

He thought a minute, remembering what he’d been told, and, pointing to his chest, said “The path is in me!”

They all oohed and ahhed, and sat down at his feet.

And that’s how gurus were invented.


A seeker approached an enlightened master and began asking “How to awaken? What’s the trick? Should I be celibate? Should I be a hermit? Should I fast? Should I grow a beard? What do I do? What do I do?”

“Just- just, sit down and shut up,” the master interrupted.

And that’s how meditation was invented.


A yogi was sitting and looking within himself and became dismayed at all the delusion-rooting conditioning he found.

“I couldn’t possibly have made all this mess just in this lifetime!” he said.

And that’s how reincarnation was invented.


Two yogis sat meditating and saw a cripple crawling painfully through the dirt.

“Should we help him?” asked one.

“We’re busy with our meditation,” said the other. “I’m sure he did something to deserve his suffering anyway.”

And that’s how karma was invented.


Ultimately our species just has to collectively awaken from ego if it’s to survive. That’s it. I babble about revolution and fighting propaganda and blah blah blah, but ultimately if I’m being really honest a collective shift from ego to truth is what’s actually required.


Humanity has trolled itself into an evolve-or-die predicament. We’ve placed ourselves in check on the chessboard just right so that the only way to avoid checkmate is to collectively awaken from egoic consciousness. There’s something inside us that is moving quite cleverly.


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  • The BBC should be the first Logo on the graphic.
    It is by far the most professional propaganda machine in the world.
    NPR (National Public Radio) may be the second; it’s got the “left” feeling
    all warm and fuzzy about themselves and a Creepy Old Man they are running
    for President while secretly hoping he dies in office and the Hillary Clone Harris takes over.
    Social media should be the third.

    OBTW, there is nothing the USA does that the Euros and Australia don’t go along with.
    It’s the HolyRoman/Anglo/American Empire.

    Great work Ms. Johnstone. Reposted here: http://sco.lt/6GOjAm.
    You are on the list of International Independent Women Journalists.

  • Well, you’ve said that sooner or later you’ll say something that offends everybody, and your snarky remarks about gurus,, etc. burned my bacon a bit. So I kind of sat with that for a few days, and here’s what I’ve come to.

    What you wrote applies to the “spiritual materialism” version of teachers, meditation, and karma–“spiritual materialism” being the ways in which our egos subvert spirituality in order to enhance the ego rather than work us into a place in which we have perspective on our egos and their desire for “self” preservation.Gurus/mentors/coaches can serve a valuable role in our lives. While meditation appears to be “sit down and shut up,” it’s also “sit down and open up.” Any teacher who is a real teacher understands that the ultimate teacher is inside everyone, not just coself, and any monk who is a real monk will understand that hir karma for not helping somebody who needs it is at stake when s/he sees somebody whose karma has brought them suffering.

    I know from following your writings and podcasts for quite a few years that you know all that, so it was a bit of a disappointment not to see some kind of disclaimer or qualification with those snarky jokes.

    Hey, nobody’s perfect.

    Best wishes!

  • […]I babble about revolution and fighting propaganda and blah blah blah, but ultimately if I’m being really honest a collective shift from ego to truth is what’s actually required.[…]

    Very nice Caitlin! This is something why I like you, or rather many of your writings.
    I call it Evolution of Consciousness. And. Evolution can also happen by leaps and bounds.


  • URGENT! for immediate sharing:
    Forget Peter and his twaddle. This is fare more important:
    Please share with your family and friends. Thank you…

    • Sharing – thank you

      • Thank you for sharing – It’s amazing you tell the truth and you get banned. by Facebook. This information has already been verified to be accurate. Again, thanks for sharing…

  • “Tier 1: Good people.

    Tier 2: Okay people.

    Tier 3: Bad people.

    Tier 4: Diseases and parasites.

    Tier 5: Shit.

    Tier 6: The shit that would come out of shit if shit could shit.

    Tier 7: People who defend acts of police brutality on the internet.”

    I think I’ve seen enough of that.

  • Heh heh… I like the guru jokes. I am reminded of one I found on the Unix fortune cookie system maybe 20 years ago, which I saved because it seemed frequently relevant to my discussion group at the time.
    A priest asked,
    What is Fate, Master?

    And he answered:
    It is that which gives a beast of burden its reason for existence.
    It is that which men in former times had to bear upon their backs.
    It is that which has caused nations to build by-ways from City to City upon which carts and coaches pass, and alongside which inns have come to be built to stave off Hunger, Thirst and Weariness.
    It is that which has caused great fleets of ships to ply the Seven Seas wherever the wind blows.

    And that is Fate? said the priest.

    Fate… I thought you said Freight, responded the Master.

    That’s all right, said the priest. I wanted to know what Freight was too.


    • Question. Is there something like fate, or is it a keyrole in our lifes, or have we forgotten to look in our selfs?
      As the struggle continuous, we know – there is no fate!

      ZYON – No Fate (Struggle Continous Mix) – 1992
      Trance classic by Eye Q records
      Original is here:

  • Caitlin I love your enlightened true journalism. This is guerrilla media at its best. In my experience it has unfortunately been very rare to see someone writing publicly who is both politically enlightened (understands the actual power games in between the cracks of MSM pseudo-news doublespeak) and spiritually enlightened (understands satori beyond the addicted consumerist ego). Genuine critiques of this dominant pathological ‘system’ usually are one, or the other, but not both. You are the best of Noam Chomsky and Alan Watts in the same head, plus the added insights that come from being a woman in a world that mostly men are busy destroying with their boy toys. Your courage inspires the same in others. This is what revolution by example looks like. Godspeed…

  • Here are my three don’ts:
    Don’t VOTE to continue the charade – the deepstate has the final say anyway.
    Don’t get tested for C19 as 80% are false positive and it will be an excuse to get your children vaccinate.
    Don’t get vaccinated as the vaccine will make you sick as it has the C19 virus
    All this is being done to bring in mandatory testing and vaccinations and to Make Bill Gates GOD.
    Did you know that Bill Gates and Fauci share a room at university and Sorus was Nazi then all three got together and started a company – the rest is history

  • LOL. You must be evolving into an omnipotent goddess. Einstein said that god doesn’t shoot dice, but obviously he was wrong. When I was in my 20’s I hitchhiked 9 or 10 thousand miles one winter, on average 10% of my rides would put a gun to my head as soon as I jumped in and told me they were going to kill me. 10% gave me money to help me on my travels. Later in life I hanged with prostitutes and the same odds were at work, 10% of the tricks were very nice and 10% were very bad. So, I tend to think now that people really are nothing but numbers, that god never intended humans to be anything other than a crap shoot. It’s a shame for that small 10%, but overall, the evidence is rather overwhelming. If there is a god, the evidence seems to be that, that too would be a crap shoot. That it would be a god that gives a damn, even more unlikely, and for it to be a good God, so unlikely, that it would be nearly impossible that such a thing would even exist. As I approach my final thoughts on the characteristics of the human species the evidence seems to suggest that humans on the whole are just like the shit that you say that most of them are. Probabilities don’t lie; but what about quantum waves? Quantum is the only thing that makes photosynthesis possible at this tiny moment just before the collapse of our Black hole from which we come will this species make that quantum leap and become real or will we remain for eternity, as short as eternity may be; just another piece of filthy shit that once was but is no more?

    • Hi Lynn,
      I noticed the same 10% ratios while an ambulance paramedic. The bad news is that since then, competent doctors are in shorter supply than ever before. Mainly it’s the selection process, but the industrialising of doctoring has turned the older docs rotten too. It’s partly because they are totally unaccountable.
      I tried to get help while a pharmacist was trying to murder me, using my GP as her proxy weapon (women fight like this whenever they can. I call this endemic female violence as a form of passivAggressive psychosis being exploited by self-appointed feminist ideologues).
      Every state policePerson i approached for assistance told me “it’s not Police business”. They stand listening for a reason to go back to their chair. When they hear the perpetraitor is a doctor or a nurse, that’s the end of the listing. And if you persist, they fuck up a court case so your testimony is not heard. To get rid of me, a female Senior Constable puffed herself up taller than me, arms crossed, and forcefully said “I’m not going down that road”. Which is about as honest as i got from the coppers.
      Another reason the Doctors have gone rotten with incompetence and complacency is the intrusion of politics maliciously overRiding our traditional Medical Ethics to create a black market for medicines we cannot live without. I figured out all about the dynamics of this worldwide swindle, where it originated (Christionised Capitalists/confidenceTricksters).

      No longer is the welfare of the patient the primary consideration when deciding treatment. The doctors are told that they are to prescribe opiates with the utmost reluctance with threats to kill their career. I have had a pain specialist agree with my diagnosis of a longTerm endorphin deficiency, then tell me he is Not Permitted to prescribe opiates for this affliction.
      By then, i had been bedridden by undiagnosed pain for 3 years. 4 GPs had refused my request to be referred to a pain specialist, while doctor shopping makes us look bad. The attempt to force me to suicide would have worked if the pharmacist’s evidence-free allegation that i was abusing the medicine i have been medically dependent on for over 30 years.
      None of the doctors looked into my medical record, they had read the Government Brochure, and now any dissent is lies invented by junkies or junkyLovers. None of them consulted my gastroEnterologist before deciding they were doing me a favour by refusing to write my scheduled prescription.
      As you may have noticed, my ability to express my thoughts is better than most doctors, so the Stupidity of these overpaid and overPrivileged gangsters was entirely wilful and contemptuous. When i proved the pharmacist a liar in court, the magistrate was dismissive of the argument that she had tried to kill me. Just like the coppers. So much for independence of the judiciary. That’s only an idea in professorial law books these days.

      If i had scoffed everything i could get my hands on, like so many troubled individuals these days, then i would not have survived the 27 + 8 = 35 days interruption of my scheduled allocation. My untreated symptoms are indistinguishable from the amoebic dysentry which caught me eating salad in Jogjakarta, except they don’t stop . . . except with this one particular opiate.

      As to your question “will this species make that quantum leap and become real ?”
      i have spent my life and a considerable amount of ability on becoming real.
      It’s one thing to experience living from the totality of the self for a few fabulous hours, but having that state of mind at our command is the work of decades of discipline and unbending intent.
      So far as i can anticipate, this is very much an individual effort which can be taught only to those who have the kind of resolve needed.
      So much of life has been rendered meaningless . . . that middleClass people cannot take anything seriously.
      The idea of determination and adversity is distasteful to individuals who want to be adored unconditionally.
      All those newAge princesses who think pussyCredit pays all expenses, even after they act like rockStars. All those twoFaced weak men who believe i’m obliged to forgive and forget.
      Can i model them turning into diligent listeners ? into people with purPose ?
      If trends can be trusted, the answer is a definite no.
      As to whether an outside force might intervene to save us from willingStupidity, this sounds too good to be true. People i trust say there are energetic changes going on, but if anything is happening, the dynamic is more like a polarisation of the decent few separating from the vulgar don’tCarers, who are accellerrating into the clutches of the nonHuman inventors of self-importance and divine-salvation.
      Here’s hoping the proportion of earthKeepers is as high as 10%.

  • Hi Caitlin,
    I love love love the spiritual humor! And your summary is the thing that everyone needs to think about, read about, talk about, and decide to do something about within themselves…a collective shift from ego to truth. Amen sister! Thank you for the courage you show up with over and over.

  • “Don’t take life advice from miserable people, don’t take creative advice from people who don’t create, don’t join religions that facilitate child rape, don’t join political parties that don’t help the public…”
    Don’t take advice from ANYone, miserable or otherwise. They will never know who you really are or what’s best for you. Don’t take creative advice from anyone because they might know what THEY might create, but they don’t have a clue about what YOU can create. Don’t join religions or political parties – full stop. Don’t take or give advice at all. Shut off all the appliances and small hand squawk boxes, Ask your questions to the Life Force with humility, and listen patiently for the answer. That’s where they are found.
    Everything other path is a bad turn detour.
    “Tier 1: Good people.
    Tier 2: Okay people.
    Tier 3: Bad people.
    Tier 4: Diseases and parasites.
    Tier 5: Shit.
    Tier 6: The shit that would come out of shit if shit could shit.
    Tier 7: People who defend acts of police brutality on the internet.”
    If this were a visual, it would be a Triangle with Good People at the very top and Tiers 5, 6, and 7 at the wide base at the bottom. And there are so many people going around today with wide bases at the bottom.
    …“They all oohed and ahhed, and sat down at his feet. And that’s how gurus were invented.”
    People who seek gurus are lazy. They want the secrets of the Universe handed to them in easy to remember one-liners. That methodology might work for nightclub comedians, but not true Enlightened Ones. Each of us have to do our own work to find our way out of Our Cave. We all start from different Caves, and no one has the roadmap out for anybody else.
    “And that’s how reincarnation was invented.”
    Reincarnation is a lie. No one yet has taken a dead carnation, put it into some wet ground, and seen it spring back to life.
    “Humanity has trolled itself into an evolve-or-die predicament.”
    The Universe will not miss us when we’re gone. Some new, silly, self-indulgent, power-crazy, unfaithful, lazy creatures will emerge from the Goo of Life to replace us and nobody in the Cosmos will be the wiser. We had our chance, and we blew it. Well, maybe not yet, but the results so far don’t look promising.

    • Roundball Shaman shows evidence of self-reliance in his warning about taking advice literally, but contradicts himself with a harmful declaration of universal futility, just like a dumb ignorant materialist.
      Achieving sanity is something few take as a worthwhile endeavour, preferring the laziness of indifference over personally making sense of our predicament . . . which Caity works so hard at.
      As someone who usually chooses the harder option, i can say from personal verification that ordering our opinions so that they fit together without contradiction is a tremendous survival skill in the long run.
      I’m a part of Life with the intent to survive death intact, reformulated into a high-speed inorganic being. To accomplish this, i need to be something which does not fall apart when no longer anchored to a body that insists on continuity to our existence.
      Professor Lindemann, longterm close friend and advisor said of Churchill : “He has pre-eminently the synthetic mind which makes every new piece of knowledge fall into place and interlock with previous knowledge ; where the ordinary brain is content to add each new experience to the scrap he

      Lindemann uses the term synthetic to denote that this faculty was synthsesised by Churchill’s effort to develop a trustworthy understanding of how evverything works. I understand this because i do the same thing for the same purpose : to maximise my usefulness.
      It is worth contemplating the fact that species which are generous (like fruit trees) or useful (like horses) prosper and benefit because mankind finds them valuable and cultivates their development. The conclusion an aspirant to immortality might draw . . is a strategy to make ourSelf useful or valuable to theCreator of individualised awareness.
      Of course, a shaman’s option is not open to materialists, because they are too cynical to think themselves worthy of defying death. But that’s no great loss, materialists lack a motive to be interesting or useful, so they make bad neighbours and rotten friends. No wonder they are recycled into sperm again.

      ap, he [Winston] insists on fitting it into the structure of the cantilever jutting out over the abyss of ignorance.”
      Churchill The Prophetic Statesman James C Humes p56

      • Oops, the Lindemann quote got split by a paste.
        Restated intact, it reads :
        “He has pre-eminently the synthetic mind which makes every new piece of knowledge fall into place and interlock with previous knowledge ; where the ordinary brain is content to add each new experience to the scrap heap, he [Winston] insists on fitting it into the structure of the cantilever jutting out over the abyss of ignorance.”
        Churchill The Prophetic Statesman James C Humes p56

        Apology for the inconvenience to readers.

      • No doubt Winston is now playing, ‘go fish’, with Hitler and all the other great Humanists of our time.

        • Lynn must be using a different definition of humanist. Or maybe she just wants to insult my intelligence.

          • No, I’m being facetious, when Winston’s biography is viewed critically, his death toll approaches that of Hitler’s, genocide wise. In addition most of th3 horrible shit that is occurring in the world today is a direct result of him. And, so many other great liars, who claim to be good but are actually the worse of the psychopaths.

  • How come these so called religious people are involve in so much deviant behavior?
    Giancarlo Granda says his sexual relationship with the Falwells began when he was 20. He says he had sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell Jr, head of Liberty University and a staunch supporter of President Trump, looked on.

    • That stuff happens with non religious people too. Democrats and Republicans. However people love to hold up hypocritical religious people to attempt to smear religion.

    • My guess is “He who smelt it, dealt it.” Amazing how much human behavior that explains. I can see how religion and politics offer opportunities for those who have a need to talk a lot about what they claim to have smelt.

  • Brilliant, again! I admire the way you think, Ms Johnstone!
    Incompetence rules!
    Failed job applicant? Become a politician!
    Like Trump–never ran a business he couldn’t bankrupt, like Johnson–never saw a comment he couldn’t improve but write his own? Like Trudeau–never saw a spotlight he couldn’t make brighter by wearing inappropriate attire…
    Failure…the new way to succeed…no wonder things are so desperate.
    I find myself, alone, contemplating the stranger in the mirror; it’ll be karma when I get by what’s flying around this giant s—show. (forgive the rudeness)

  • Regarding ego and truth. As being diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young man, I was told to attend a program for mentally ill people, and there and in programs, I was told to listen to the professionals, to take meds(which caused panic attacks),and to be humble and not to think for myself. Despite having only one semester of college, I decided to volunteer and help elderly people. I did the work of three aids (i was unpaid as the paid workers sat back while I did their jobs),learning by doing, at the same time adjusting to being ridiculed as I had an awkward, obviously mentally ill appearance. I volunteered with elderly for eight years, then became a program aid for pay. Then I became a paid peer facilitator for other mentally ill people, and initiated a nonprofit. I had great ideas, but due to my humility, I would not initiate my ideas, as I always collaborated with others, trusting their wisdom greater than mine, and while the organization did well and I helped many, my initial goals,which were very ambitious, were not accomplished. We were funded a million dollars under my leadership.
    Later I became a case manager, doing the work of master-degreed social workers, lectured to graduate students of social work at Fordham University for fifteen years, and then taught bible for eight years.I debunked doctrines accepted by all Christians, and began to gain some confidence. Mind you, I had been taking mind-numbing meds for several decades, and had not been formally educated. I was entirely self-taught. I never had ambition to be a pastor, but wanted, and had, a ministry helping the poor and disabled. No pride. I was a true servant.
    Then I was hospitalized for not taking my meds.I was assaulted eighteen times (later an additional dozen times) by men half my age (I was in my late fifties) and twice my size and learned to defend myself.I also perceived the true nature of the faith I had embraced. From those two factors, I learned great confidence, and lack of trust and belief in leadership and what we have been told to believe and think and saw that we have been misinformed.
    I proceeded to write three major books after much research. They not only debunked all we have been told, they have solutions- outside the box solutions to global warming, crime, drugs, bad health, evil, lies, all problems we have been confronted with.
    I would not have been able to write or to come up with these ideas had I not had pride. And the pride is sourced in accomplishments. And the accomplishments are sourced in hard work, service to others, and not being conforming or educated by our current system, which is lies.
    Trust me, those in leadership who appear humble are not, they are phonies. And those who are humble are very sure that those who show ;pride are not as good as the humble are. Yes, you humble people are superior, as pride is a fault. And you will be the most humble and superior to say so.
    I rest my case. I am who I am, and remain unapologetic for being me.

    • Bless you, Michael Kahn, for becoming and remaining who you are, for affirming and embodying the pride that is the opposite of egotism. Quite a story you tell. I will look for your books, assuming they’re currently available. If so, are there any links to them?

    • You sound like a great man, maybe as great as Jesus himself. Too bad that Christianity became the teachings of Judas instead. I hope you become our next president, though personally, I think we have less than a week before it all comes to an end, though, obviously, as you say, “I am who I am”, and therefore will outlive eternity itself.

      • The evil of Judas is just another narrative that got fucked in your brain.
        Please take a look at the Judas Gospel, which has been found and accepted by scientists for real.

        In it, this ominous savior Jesus does not come off so well, because he wanted to be “betrayed” by Judas – he wanted to die as a martyr.

        But what must not be, can not be – especially with Religulous[1] people.
        And for “the next president”, your statism[2], I recommend the book “The Most Dangerous Superstition”[3] by Larken Rose

        [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religulous

        [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statism

        [3] https://archive.org/details/236222899TheMostDangerousSuperstitionLarkenRose2011

        […]Preparing the Reader

        What you read in this book will, in all likelihood, go directly against what you have been taught by your parents and your teachers, what you have been told by the churches, the media and the government, and much of what you, your family and your friends have always believed. Nonetheless, it is the truth, as you will see if you allow yourself to consider the issue objectively. Not only is it the truth, it also may be the most important truth you will ever hear.

        More and more people are discovering this truth, but to do so, it is necessary to look past many preconceived assumptions and deeply ingrained superstitions, to set aside one’s life-long indoctrination, and to examine some new ideas fairly and honestly. If you do this, you will experience a dramatic change in how you view the world. It will almost certainly feel uncomfortable at first, but in the long run it will be well worth the effort. And if enough people choose to see this truth, and embrace it, not only will it drastically change the way those people see the world; it will drastically change the world itself, for the better.

        But if such a simple truth could change the world, wouldn’t we all already know about it, and wouldn’t we have put it into practice long ago? If humans were purely a race of thinking, objective beings, yes. But history shows that most human beings would literally rather die than objectively reconsider the belief systems they were brought up in. The average man who reads in the newspaper about war, oppression and injustice will wonder why such pain and suffering exists, and will wish for it to end. However, if it is suggested to rum that his own beliefs are contributing to the misery, he will almost certainly dismiss such a suggestion without a second thought, and may even attack the one making the suggestion.

        So, reader, if your beliefs and superstitions – many of which you did not choose for yourself, but merely inherited as unquestioned “hand-me-down” beliefs – matter to you more than truth and justice, then please stop reading now and give this book to someone else. If, on the other hand, you are willing to question some of your long-held, preconceived notions if doing so might reduce the suffering of others, then read this book. And then give it to someone else.[…]

        If you like the book by Larken Rose and you have enough money, then buy your own copy, or maybe some more copies for you friends and mates.

  • Living is the USA…

    Feels like I am being forced to sit and watch a really bad Sci-Fi movie again and again -you know the ones I mean, that B- movie with really bad actors and a terrible music score; one you can watch only once -for a laugh. Now the thing is, I’m bored -and I really want to leave!

    But now …there’s also a guy just outside with a gun, taking names. WTF?

    I keep thinking, what if everyone just got up and left, at the same time -surely that asshole with the gun would… be powerless to stop us.


    • I don’t know what scifi movie is it that’s on your mind, but I’m thinking about John Carpenters “They Live”

      […]a collective shift from ego to truth is what’s actually required.[…]

      — Caitlin Johnstone

      You have to put on those glasses!

  • I’m afraid you are right when you say that the anti-Trumpers won’t care when Biden imposes the same policies and worse on the world. It’s so depressing because it should wake them up to the cold, hard facts about the U.S. government and elections. It blows my mind that many people prefer to remain asleep as the world crumbles around them.
    Must be something in the water.

  • Dear Caitlin, After your sad passing from this poor 3D planet, I can just imagine the report you will write up to your fellow perhaps Lyrans(?) about this wretched horror show that humanity is engaged in. All we can genuinely hope for is some truth in the Mephistopheles character ( in Goethe’s work) exclamation, expressed by repeatedly stamping his feet angrily and shouting “No matter how hard I try doing evil–it always ends up being good.” Best Regards, Salvatore M. Latona, Esq.

    • There is no such thing as an afterlife. Just thought I’d mention it.

      • That’s exactly what a group of eminent scientists and scholars thought in the late 19th Century. Setting out to debunk the spiritualism craze that had become a global phenomenon, they proceeded to spend several decades studying mediums under highly controlled conditions. Virtually every one of these scientists and scholars who saw this research through, some knighted or awarded prestigious prizes for groundbreaking research and inventions in other areas, wound up affirming that, despite a significant number of frauds and charlatans, there were a select group of mediums who were the real deal, demonstrating that communication was possible, though extremely difficult, from one side of the veil to the other. For those interested in this forgotten history of scientific investigation, Michael Tymn has written several books which provide synopses of the hard, compelling evidence it produced. Until I did my own homework on this issue, I affirmed the afterlife in the same manner that I suspect Carol rejects it; i.e., as a faith statement, which is not to disparage in the slightest the genuine faiths of both secular-minded and spiritually-inclined humanists.

        • In Conversation With The Nagual by Armando Torres, the mature Castaneda remarks that it is possible to go to the realm of the dead, but doing so is more expensive in energy than it’s worth. This is in a context where the deceased fade away as their memories wear out.
          To avoid an ordinary death requires the kind of apprenticeship documented by Castenada and his fellow apprentices, or doing the equivalent as a solitary. To evade being recycled with the unThinking, the Eagles Gift can be seized during our final confrontation with Death. Readiness to do this requires reinforcing the energy body with cognitive integrity and unbending intent.

      • Thank god that you’ve been there and thought enough of the rest of us to come back to tell us that it’s not there. So, very much appreciated and thoughtful of you, few would have bothered. How incredibly rude of them compared to your valiant effort.

      • Said with such conviction, based on what? You are, of course, welcome to your belief. I, on the other hand, am going to go with my own experiences steeped in additional knowledge from my wife’s 38 years of assisting souls on this side and the other.

  • While I agree about the shift from ego to truth in terms of individuals; I do not think there is going to be any collective shift or awakening to truth. Hoping for it, or relying on it, is no better than fundamentalist religious belief in my opinion. Like all of human history to date we will continue to at best muddle through.
    Individuals who understand what Caitlin wrote can make some difference in the world by personal growth. That is the only difference that has ever made a difference or mattered in human history. The slow gradual moral and intellectual and social evolution of our species has relied on individual effort; very often at great individual cost. In my opinion each individual ought to do what they believe in their heart is the right and best thing they can do; whatever that is. The more an individual can shift from ego to truth the more positive their influence on the world will be.

  • You forgot America also facilitates mass atrocities in Palestine or is that forbidden territory. Yes, we most definitely need to awaken ego. I think its wishful thinking we can shift from ego to truth before the revolution, as minds need to think and meditate, and in the present cesspool of reality there is little chance of that happening! Yes, keep babbling about revolution as that, I’m afraid, may be our only hope to survive this. I don’t see the consciousness of either the people or the government changing in time to stop our precipitous decline into the world mayhem. Enlightenment in this environment will be very difficult to achieve as survival will be in the forefront of their daily chores. We are being taken down a road from which there may be no return unless we can put the brakes on and change direction. I truly hope your optimism, and that of your followers, will be enough to ignite an awakening. But, I tell you this, if people don’t wake up soon, very soon, the deepstate will have enough of a hold never to let go. They will become, if not already, the Kraken ruling over us.

    • Don’t you understand, we’ve already won in the big picture. They’ve lost, eternally. The task is and has always been to bring that thing called the Kingdom of God, or whatever you prefer to call it, to THIS world. That thing is already there, awaiting each of us, pulsing inside each of us–indeed, inside every living thing. Star Wars called it The Force, in one of the better theological moves made in our modern/postmodern era. And while the dark side is strong enough to appear to be winning, it’s not strong enough to quench the light, not even close. So grab your fucking light saber and get to work. Despite all the suffering it has brought to our world, the gift of Covid has the bastards on the run. The plutocratic global economy is in tatters, will not be able to put us back in our gerbil wheels unless we let it. Concerns for personal health are morphing into concerns about the health of the planet. As I write this, governmental buildings in a midsize city ten miles from my home are burning because of one more obscene incident of police brutality, a systemic obscenity which will be tolerated no longer. Let’s no longer tolerate ANY of the BS we’ve been force fed for far too long. Overwhelm the bastards, NOW.

      • Yes, let’s do it! In Ireland/Dublin today 8-25-20 is leading the movement exposing the hoax of Covid-19 the Irish doctor, holding the rally under Health Freedom Ireland, may well be the Boadicea we have been waiting for, though Cesar this time will not be so lucky. Germany had a demonstration of 1.3 million citizens saying no more masks, no more lockdowns. London is about to have an even bigger peaceful demonstration. My only warning is to be on the lookout for government provocateurs. We need the Gods, Odin, Thor, Siegfried, Achilles, and the Olympian Gods of Zeus, to stop this madness. We can no longer expect the people to rise up and slay the monster, they have been totally lobotomized and are now just slaves to the system. I have just been told that the UKSS is already criminalizing the Rally in Dublin – and you don’t think this is 1984. Under no circumstance get tested as they are using these figure to booster their evil rhetoric. And vaccines will kill you like they did in Africa and India. All under the auspices of Bill Gates, the WHO, CDC, and big pharma.

        • Robert, I’m talking about something much bigger than masks and vaccines, much deeper than disputes about the source of and proper response to the pandemic. The pandemic is the opening, not the issue. The plague we must control and eradicate is neoliberalism–the global, imperialist hyper-capitalism that is relentlessly consuming both people and planet.

    • On the contrary, Robert, the breakdown provides perfect conditions for activating our latent abilities.
      Only when it becomes a matter of personal survival do we reach for uncomfortable unfamiliar options like disciplining our self-importance and eating worms.

      • I’m sorry, but you retort makes no sense…

        • Properly stated, Robert’s apology should read “I’m sorry Peter, but i’m too uninformed to make sense of “options like disciplining self-importance and eating worms.”
          Since Robert has been hostile and incomprehensibly disputatious about other comments i have contributed, it would be futile to explain things he already failed to understand.

          • Wow! you need to get a life. If you think I have been hostile you haven’t seen anything yet! Now tell me, without being a nerd, what you are trying say, in a polite manner of course.

            • Futility is what happens when Robert asks a question.

              Which i already poetically said, but Robert asks me to say something else, apparently because he has no respect for truthfulness in nonRobert thinking. Declaring me a rude nerd is Trumplike, but fails without the Donald’s flair for deceitful self-praise.
              I long ago figured futility is bad for my morale and an embarrassing abuse of creativity, so i don’t obey demands from vexatious pretenders like Robert.
              Refusing to obey talking arseholes is a form of freedom i enjoy, and recommend to my friends. 🙂
              To my enemies, i recommend Robert, who threatens us that we “haven’t seen anything yet ! ” when it comes to his naked hostility.

  • You know that person in your life who’s always telling you what you should do despite the fact that their own life is a shambles and nobody likes them and they continuously make bad decisions for themselves? …….yes, they are called therapists


      • it’s a lucrative scam industry.

  • So what exactly happens when one’s brain is force fed more than one “reality”? More importantly, just who is doing the force feeding and why would anyone having such power bother to invest so much time and energy towards clueless, powerless and possibly useless masses of human beings? Yes, Virginia, it is quite clear that the “Santa” overlords who control mass media (among other things) actually have that kind of total power and control over every aspect of our very lives. It is also clear that confusion reigns and stark divisions continue to form between inhabitants of the various thought clusters. In spite of shifting realities many people who consider themselves intelligent and “informed” tend to cling to once comfortable ideologies even as their long held beliefs become increasingly uncomfortable to hold. The simple conclusion is that we are witnessing a very deliberate and sophisticated induction of increasing stress and anxiety levels. Induced confusion is quite by design and if one is not confused here, one is simply not paying attention. Human beings, if they are to truly evolve, should not actually accept any version of “their reality” as to remain continuously uncertain and somewhat confused about things in general. This resulting kaleidoscope of perceptions amounts to a treadmill for the mind, not necessarily transporting but hopefully achieving some desired results for an end game in the long run. “Let it go from time to time and know the world will continue” remains very good advice. Is our “Santa” good or evil? You are free to judge, but in doing so you jump right back on the treadmill.

  • The dogs may bark, but the train roars on.

    • a moving train has a lot of force behind it. it has to be stopped by another force, or just running out of fuel — and not in one of those cinematic train crashes; those are waaay too dramatic. but i’m afraid we are headed for drama.

  • Ego is a term i avoid using because very few people have a clear idea of what ego is, and most people have absorbed differing and inconsistent definitions. This has the unwanted sideEffect of introducing ambiguity to a topic already obfuscated by a blizzard of disinformation. Instead of ego, i use the self-explanatory “self-importance” as a technical term with a specific meaning which remains consistent, mainly because nobody has reDefined it for some manipulative agends.
    A well-known example of words being nihilised by manipulators . . . is “Love”. Women confuse love with marriage and ownership of men. Men confuse love with Sex, because women believe sex = marriage.
    One of the reasons i admire Bertrand Russell is that he chose the hard option, avoiding vague religious terminology for exactly this reason. Bertie innovated metaphors for spititual and abstract ideas using everyday words with stable and unambiguous meanings, a practical contribution to the collective wisdom which the Universities unanimously disregard . . . to maintain elitist swindles, for example the deceitfully-named and medically counterProductive ‘war on drugs’, which uses paramilitary force to impose a cruel Government Monopoly on our vital human need for cheap effective available herbal pain management.
    Most humans don’t bother to invest in accuracy of terminology because they believe that precision thinking is an unimportant option. In this presumption, they are grievously mistaken. Our thinking sets the context for our decisions, a staement which seems meaningless . . . until we understand that our decisions are the most important acts of all.
    Gautama Buddha proposed that “as we think, so we are”, a costly mistake for countless followers, because our decisions define what we become.
    We Become What We Do is an aphorism i have offered before. Since it bears on Caity’s theme of elucidating what we need to know to be real and to live well, i repeat myself occasionally because i think decisionMaking is crucially important to our destinies, both collective and individual.
    It’s difficult writing about abstract dynamics because so few attribute usefulness to subtleties like attitude and mood. Rather than an issue of Freedom of Speech, the difficulty of communication is the unReadyListener who is jaded by an abundance of bullshit masquerading as news or social interection.
    For example, “a collective shift from ego to truth is what’s actually required.” is more readily understood when stated a collective shift from self-importance to truthfulness is what’s actually required.
    New concepts take time and effort to assimilate. Whilst deceit and empty contradiction are socially tolerated, amateur thinkers tend to be either cynical or desperate for fast answers ; neither condition offers fertile conditions for thought experiments.
    Curiosity has been discouraged ever since Christianity reared its ugly + vindictive head. Every child is taught that curiosity killed the cat, though we never see this deadly punishment actually happening to cats.
    The Bible unambiguously declares curiosity a mortalSin in the infamous commandment to murder : “Thou Shalt Not Suffer [ie: tolerate] a Witch to Live”. Human beings get classified as a witch or a heretic for being curious about alternatives to Jehovah’s stifling demands for Belief, Obedience, and Conformism.
    Burning dissidents alive is a blood sport hosted by priests, and was facilitated by the mediaeval police for providing centuries of DarkAge public entertainment. These morality plays are religion’s equivalent to today’s RealityTV, a dubious proxy for living an interesting life.

    BTW CJ : When i intended a claw to perforate the assassin’s Seat of Sorrow, it was the talon of a Raptor, not the claw of a lobster. Consistent with this distinction, my usual atavar is an owl, a stealth raptor with silenced wings who sees in the dark.

    • I believe many of our decisions are not even conscious. The decision is made by our simple inaction. We live a life focused only on ourselves until life is forced upon us. Like a kid playing games on the internet all day oblivious to the world around them until the power goes off and they look up and say ….what happened.

      • Surely you are not advocating this absence of initiative as a strategy for living a fulfilling life ?
        Compared to having a purpose beyond gratifying self-importance, the approach to Life you describe summarises the epidemic of Stupidity that enables creatures like Trump and his cronies to hijack administration of USA.

        • I am simply saying most people drift through life with no purpose other that self gratification.

          • I had no difficulty understanding what you simply said, so i don’t need an explanation. As to whether you understood what i am saying . . . on that you are silent.

  • as an American, our govt also peddles illicit drugs. but enough of the negativity. just waking up, drinking coffee, bout to go on my daily 3 hour solo bike ride.. need to stay positive. i’d like to give a shout out to Palestinians. if i were a ruler, king, or had space.. i’d invite all Palestinians to my country. you guys are all welcomed. fuck Israel. FYI: Palestinians are an inspiration to the world. keep fighting. power to the people.

  • I love your seeker/yogi stories. Quite brilliant in their humour and pithiness. I will share and give you due credit.

    • yea. Liked them too.

    • I don’t. One of the only things Caitlin does that does not interest me.

  • I don’t care if they are politically incorrect, but they are only funny to people yet to develop maturity.

  • Ms Johnstone writes about saving humanity and I hope and pray that she never loses the desire to do what she does. However, there are many that do not believe that humanity is worth saving at all. If you truthfully look at the ledger; the good qualities are very few, but the bad qualities are endless. I am sure if the planet earth had its way humanity would no longer be allowed to live here. As a species we are a pestilence; a cancer upon the garden of Eden.

    • We wrote some really cool songs though.

      • Thanks. That made me laugh.

        • Yes and we dance too; but we torture, we maim, and we kill millions, as we destroy the earth in the quest for ever more money!

          • Stop with that “we” business. (Unless you are actively working for the CIA or other repressive murderous organization.)

    • Bull. This kinda lying crap is why kids commit suicide.To sow misery through words is pathetic.

      Humanity is amazing, and Caitlin is right to be hopeful.

    • ‘the good qualities are very few, but the bad qualities are endless. ‘

      It feels like that I know but my take on it is that the many, many little acts of kindness in everyday life affirm that there is much that is good in the world. And much that is good can transform our view. The bad triumphs when all that we see is bad. That way leads to despair and madness. Look for, and focus on, the good things and aim to BE good. That is what I think we need to do to fight the bad.

  • “Ultimately our species just has to collectively awaken from ego if it’s to survive. That’s it. I babble about revolution and fighting propaganda and blah blah blah, but ultimately if I’m being really honest a collective shift from ego to truth is what’s actually required.”

    Dang it CJ, just when I’ve written you off, these flaming brilliant insights keep me coming back. Ego,pride and the desire to be our own god taint everything the human race touches. When we first recognize it and then impose self restraint and checks and balances on it we begin to have a chance at a healthy society. I appreciate your writing even though I disagree with your foundational ‘merika-root-of-all-evil premise.

  • Liked

  • Although there is a lot in what you say, I think you are somtimes overly negative. But I completely agree with your second to last paragraph,that above all we need greater consciousness. Here is another perspective:

    Foster –

    Over the next week during the Republican National Convention, we will be reminded of the devastating impact of the right-wing extremist agenda that Donald Trump and the Republican Party have forced upon the nation.

    In many ways, this is the most important week of the most important election in modern American history. And our job this week is to expose Donald Trump for the fraud and pathological liar that we all know him to be.

    This is a president, Donald Trump, who said he was going to provide health care to everyone, yet tried to throw 32 million people off of health care and continues, to this day, to try and accomplish that goal. Today, millions fewer Americans have health insurance than when Trump came into office.

    This is a president, who in his last campaign said that he was a different type of Republican who would make no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but introduced budgets that slash all three.

    This is a president who said he was going to stand up for working families and who promised to pass tax reform legislation designed to help the middle class, yet 83 percent of his tax benefits go to the top 1 percent.

    This is a president who promised to take on the pharmaceutical companies. He said they were “getting away with murder.” Yet, drug prices continue to soar and he appointed a drug company executive as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

    This is a president who promised to take on the greed of Wall Street, but then proceeded to appoint more Wall Street titans to high positions than any president in history.

    This is a president who said the coronavirus would just “disappear” and that he had a “natural ability” to understand this deadly virus, yet almost 200,000 people have died from the virus, there are tens of thousands of new cases a day, and there is absolutely no end in sight — and yet he refuses to support extending what we accomplished in the CARES Act, getting a weekly $600 check to people who desperately need it.

    This is a president who said he was going to “drain the swamp,” but has used his office for blatant personal and political gain, running the most corrupt administration in modern American history.

    This is a president who said he would do “everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens,” yet has gone out of his way to attempt to deny them from getting the health care they need and allow discrimination against them in the workplace.

    This is a president who, after a number of different mass shootings, said that he would take action to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people, but has time and time again sided with the NRA and done absolutely NOTHING to solve the epidemic levels of gun violence in this country.

    This is a president who said that if he won that America would be respected again around the world, yet as a result of his anti-democratic and incompetent policies has succeeded in significantly lowering the respect that people all over the planet have for the United States.

    The truth is, Donald Trump has sold out the working families of this country and he cannot be elected again. He is a menace to democracy whose rejection of science has cost us almost 200,000 lives and whose rejection of climate science threatens the future of this planet. We have to appreciate how unbelievably severe the current moment is.

    If Trump wins again, all of the anti-worker, anti-democratic policies he has pursued during his first term will only be magnified. We will have more racism, more xenophobia, more attempts to divided us up based on the color our skin and where we were born, more reactionary policies with regard to the economy, and we’ll continue our national march toward authoritarianism.

    As we get closer to the election — with the first votes cast within a few weeks — we must mount a two-pronged offensive:

    First, we must vigorously take on the lies and bigotry we are going to see on the stage at this week’s Republican National Convention. I, like you, am frankly outraged by what Trump and Washington Republicans are doing to our country and our people.

    But being outraged, however, is not enough. We are the ones who have to defeat them. We are the ones who have to make it happen.

    That is what I intend to do today, and every day, between now and November 3. But I cannot do it alone:

    Over the next few weeks, we are going to mobilize our people to make calls, send text messages, attend virtual rallies, safely distribute literature, and more. We’ll do the decentralized organizing work that distinguished our campaign and is critical during the time of COVID. And we need your help to fund that work

    • Spoken eloquently..Just like the MSM! I think you’ve got every standard outrage meme. I’ll do my best to offset your vote. The Biden puppet is sooooooooooo much worse. Focus on the puppeteers.

      • Have you read and understood C.J. at all?
        Instead of all the verbiage, just tell folks where they can dose up on your Kool-Aid.
        And besides, there’s no need to worry about the outcome at all because … the Fix is already in.
        Make yourself heard, don’t vote.

        • Victor thinks it’s funny to be snide and contradictory, but it adds up to a vicious attack on Karl’s self-respect. Which is a rotten thing to do, unless Karl desperately needs to reEvaluate his opinions . . . like this arsehole Victor urgently needs to do.

          The kool-aid reference is particularly nasty and poisonous. Attacking a person by calling them insane or unhinged by drugs is an insult so cruel and demeaning that it constitutes extreme interpersonal violence.
          Which is why Victor classifies as an arseHole, instead of a human being . . . but when he comments, the outcome is worse than shit, because shit can be used as fertiliser.

          For gratuitous cruelty like Victor’s koolAid stabbing, there is no silver lining ; just gratuitous harm to Karl’s precious self-respect.

    • oh we’re going to defeat “them” by voting for a senile warmonger, the lesser of two warmongers. who is going to take on the lies and bigotry we saw at the democratic convention? oh yeah, the proressives people like you stabbed in the back.1 party, 2 faces.

      • 2 Parties, one feces …

        • shill for one half of the feces ^. nina turner said vote for biden because he is only half a bowl of shit, while trump is a full bowl of shit. i think she was too kind to biden. you think one bowl of stale shit is better than the other cause one has rainbow sprinkles on top and the other only has vanilla sprinkles.

          • Lol… well put.

        • A metaphor from an arsehole.

          • peter, who are you voting for since you think it is wrong not to vote or did I misunderstand your stance on voting.

            • Here are my three don’ts:
              Don’t VOTE to continue the charade – the deepstate has the final say anyway.
              Don’t get tested for C10 as 80% are false positive and it will be an excuse to get your children vaccinate.
              Don’t get vaccinated as the vaccine will make you sick as it has the C19 virus
              All this is being done to bring in mandatory testing and vaccinations.

              • Those are on my dont list as well.

                • Lets spread the word…..

            • I have made no indication of my position on voting beyond saying that Bernie is the best suited and most popular candidate.
              I don’t get a choice because i was not born in the USA, although i must tolerate the idiotic values that have bewitched USAians and poisoned mankind with religious phobias and cruelly counterProductive prohibitions..

    • yes. I was thinking it would do Caitlin wonders to hit a punching bag 30 minutes a day to relieve frustrations.

      • No, chopping wood with her hands would be better…

    • You seem to me to be one of the people that Caitlin spoke about who would not say a word when Biden does it but scream bloody murder when Trump does it.

      • indeed. biden gets the hilary pass. “this bowl of crap is the real deal, it’s the same old crap from the obama administration. vote for this bowl of crap for tradition’s sake.”

  • Religions are all about looking for Truth from someone else.
    Consumerism is about looking for Truth through things.
    Authoritarianism is about looking for Truth through force.
    Sex is about looking for Truth through orgasms.
    Drugs are about looking for Truth through escape.
    All dead ends.
    Truth is Love through stillness.

    • Your last line is 100% correct!. In stillness you will find the power of the moment….

      • So why is your comment less than powerful, Robert ?

        • On the contrary, your comment is really less powerful….

          • Such a jerkoff.
            Everybody knows that contradiction has zero intellectual substance.
            I had a dog with a brain the size of a lemon, and she knew how to contradict.
            A dog more convincing than Robert with his silly ideas, and she was so crazy she shat under my bed when losing an argument.

        • On the contrary, your comment is really less powerful….Because you are not in the moment…

          • Go shit in your hat . . . bloody Liar.

            • Wow! thank you for the compliment – you too have a nice day…. or should I say moment!

    • Fair Dinkum neglects the important point of his cynicism and scorn : a definition of Love which makes sense of “Truth is Love through stillness”.
      One immediately suspects plagiarism and fake religion, a display of bravado without the cognitive architecture to back up presenting such an unlikely hypothesis as though it were the ultimateWisdom.
      Fake Gurus piss me off because they injure the people they influence with timeWasting misDirection.
      Insulting everybody, as unFairDinkum does here, is an example of the poisonous sort of thinking i attribute to mudShadow influence, complete with their usual disingenuous camouflage.

  • Word of the day:
    (comparative more egoic, superlative most egoic)

    Of or relating to the ego.

    Well done Caitlin!

    • As circular arguments go, Pricknick has his radius and circumference as small and meaningless as possible.

      • Peter, you having a bad day. You seem especially acerbic today.

        • So i’m to blame when critiquing nonsense for obsequiousness being self-referencing ?
          For somebody who is difficult to get along with, you are remarkably hard to please. (In English, you complain of me being ascerbic, which is spelled aScErBiC, yet a couple of days ago you praised me for being caustic.)
          How inDefensable is it ? when i do what Picknic did . . . ?

  • http://www.johndayblog.com
    Let me lay a couple of essays on you, my brothers and sisters, by a thinker I just discovered, though I realize that I had read and liked an essay of his last year.
    Ladies and Gents, Samo Burja! http://samoburja.com/
    Why Civilizations Collapse: https://thesideview.co/journal/why-civilizations-collapse/
    Great Founder Theory (of history and organizational structures/engagements) http://samoburja.com/great-founder-theory/
    The 95 page version of Great Founder Theory, which I read all day Saturday (it rained)
    Most of what gets done in society gets done by dysfunctional organizations. Any partially functional organization pulls more than it’s share, and really helps a society. Most orgnizations that are functional are functional because af a really exceptionally talented and insightful founder. They may not be “live players” after the founder is gone, but their framework and reputation and funding persist. It is almost impossible to reform such lumbering zombie bureaucracies, but noble efforts are worthy. Most efforts are well-below normal, though, mainly opportunistic, like gutting the post office.

    • Why societies collapse was interesting. I was training at a company that made a very difficult gradient for their product. Only two men knew how to make the gradient. Training took many months. Management waited until the last minute to train someone only when the last man was retiring. They offered him all kinds of incentives to remain and train others. Knowledge not being transferred properly or even lost due to poor management in a complex system.

      • This happens when accountants hijack management of enterprises that supply technology-based products.
        Having no monetary value, knowlege is treated as if it was cornflakes, something they can buy cheap whenever they want at the nearest supermarket.

  • I thought i would reach out and mention i am Libertarian minded and you never let me down. In fact, i go to your site first every day. You have made me confront bias i did not know i had and opened my mind and eyes.
    Thank you for your writings and the insight contained within.

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