The only interesting thing about either of the conventions held by America’s two mainstream political parties this month was not anything that was said by the interminable parade of vapid speakers, but rather what those speakers did not say.

Despite their dominating mainstream news cycles for years on end, at no time during the four-day Democratic National Convention was the word “impeachment” ever uttered, nor was any mention made of the Mueller investigation into allegations of collusion between Trump and the Russian government.

Politico reports:

Eight months after Democrats mounted a historic effort to remove Donald Trump from office, not a single speaker uttered the word “impeachment” during their four-day convention.

For Democrats to completely omit impeachment from their convention was once unthinkable. Democrats had mounted a case that Trump had abused his power to blackmail Ukraine into investigating his political adversaries, including Biden. And they made an existential argument that without removing him from office, Trump’s behavior would get worse and democracy itself would be at risk.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia — which Democrats once thought could topple Trump for obstruction of justice — also went unmentioned, even as it was a defining feature of Trump’s nearly four years in office.

“The fact that Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to even mention Russiagate or Ukrainegate (the first-ever sequel to a flop?) at their convention should maybe hasten some reflection for those who made these issues the ‘defining feature of Trump’s nearly four years in office,’” quipped incisive Russiagate skeptic Aaron Maté of the omission on Twitter.

“Next on Unsolved Mysteries: Democrats and media allies accused Donald Trump of being a Russian agent for four years,” Maté added. “They chanted ‘All Roads Lead to Putin’ and ‘The Walls Are Closing In.’ But at their political convention, they forgot all about it. Did Russia give them amnesia?”

“I personally feel like if the President of the US seeking re-election is beholden to and controlled by an adversarial foreign power, the opposition party should find a few seconds to squeeze in a mention of it if, you know, it wasn’t utter bullshit,” tweeted The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald.

And, of course, it was utter bullshit. And that is indeed why the Democrats saw no need to mention it at their own four-day convention despite dominating news cycles with it for years. Russiagate and Ukrainegate were never the cataclysmic scandals that the Democrats and their allied media factions portrayed them as. They weren’t even actually about getting rid of Trump.

Anyone with an ear to the ground knew that Russiagate would fizzle, and anyone capable of counting Senate seats knew impeachment would fail to remove Trump. The drivers of these attention-monopolizing narratives knew this also.

If there’d been any solid evidence to find that the Kremlin was blackmailing Trump, or that his campaign had conspired with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election, the US intelligence community would have found some of it and leaked it to The Washington Post long before Trump took office. The Russiagate narrative has been completely dismantled from the very beginning by journalists like the late Robert Parry, and then Maté after Parry’s death. There was never any real evidence for it, and the people pushing Russiagate from the beginning knew there was never any real evidence for it.

All you really need to know about Russiagate was that it was started by unsubstantiated claims by the US intelligence community, and in the end it facilitated pre-existing plans by the US intelligence community. Everything else in between those two points is just empty narrative fluff.

In 2017 Parry documented how the original assessment that Russia meddled in the US election in the first place was put forward without proof by just a couple dozen officers from three intelligence agencies hand-picked by the notoriously Russophobic then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Maté has documented that this allegation remains just as suspicious and porous as the day it was first made. Despite having sweeping investigative powers Mueller indicted not one single American for conspiracy with the Russian government. The recent evidence-free Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report did nothing to change the flimsy nature of the entire Russiagate narrative.

So the whole thing has been plainly bogus from the beginning, with the foundation laid by secretive and unaccountable intelligence agencies who have an extensive history of lying about exactly this sort of thing. And it just so happens to have paved the way for operations against a longtime geostrategic foe that were being unfolded well before Trump’s arrival in the White House.

This is an excerpt from an article by legendary Australian journalist John Pilger from March 2016:

In the last eighteen months, the greatest build-up of military forces since World War Two — led by the United States — is taking place along Russia’s western frontier.  Not since Hitler invaded the Soviet Union have foreign troops presented such a demonstrable threat to Russia.


Ukraine – once part of the Soviet Union –  has become a CIA theme park. Having orchestrated a coup in Kiev, Washington effectively controls a regime that is next door and hostile to Russia: a regime rotten with Nazis, literally. Prominent parliamentary figures in Ukraine are the political descendants of the notorious OUN and UPA fascists. They openly praise Hitler and call for the persecution and expulsion of the Russian speaking minority.


This is seldom news in the West, or it is inverted to suppress the truth.


In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — next door to Russia – the US military is deploying combat troops, tanks, heavy weapons. This extreme provocation of the world’s second nuclear power is met with silence in the West.

This was all happening during the Obama administration. But he was still more doveish than the spooks and cold warriors who drive US foreign policy would prefer, resisting for example loud calls from the warmongers to arm Ukraine against Moscow and forcibly install a no-fly zone in Russia’s ally Syria.

The heir apparent to Obama’s throne, Hillary Clinton, did not suffer from such peacenik scruples. She’d already been making people on both sides of the aisle nervous with her anti-Russia hawkishness, and supported both arming Ukraine and installing a no-fly zone in Syria.

So these escalations were already underway, and more were being prepared for.

Then what happened? Somehow a political neophyte who’d been talking about making nice with Russia got in instead.

We suddenly found ourselves bombarded with narratives from the US intelligence community and its mass media stenographers about Russian election meddling and Trump playing some mysterious role in it. These narratives were pushed with steadily increasing frequency and shrillness, with the help of a humiliated Democratic Party that stood everything to gain by participating, until those of us who expressed any skepticism of them at all were being accused on a daily basis by MSM-brainwashed dupes of running psyops for the Russian government.

We were never at any time presented with any proof of these claims which rose anywhere near the level required in a post-Iraq invasion world, but we were hammered with them anyway, day in and day out, year after year.

This ended up putting a lot of political pressure on Trump to keep existing sanctions and military tensions with Russia, and he ended up adding dozens more new cold war escalations including further sanctions, shredded nuclear treaties, NATO expansionism and more. He even armed Ukraine due to these pressures, just like the anointed queen was scheduled to do.

The cold warriors wanted their escalations, and they got them. From beginning to the end, that’s all this was ever about. They pushed the narratives, the media joined in because it was great for ratings, and the Democrats joined in because it took the focus off their 2016 scandals and gave them a kayfabe phantom to punch instead of pushing for actual progressive changes.

And now the slow motion third world war between the US-centralized power alliance and the loose collective of unabsorbed governments is right on schedule, with Biden all set and ready to carry the omnicidal torch forward. The 2016 scandals are well enough forgotten, no progressive changes have been made, and there is no need to talk about Russiagate or impeachment at the Democratic National Convention.

Because everyone already got what they wanted. Everyone except ordinary people, of course.


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69 responses to “Dem Convention Made No Mention Of Russiagate Or Impeachment, Because Those Were Fake Things”

  1. Andalusian Musician Avatar
    Andalusian Musician

    American propaganda loves to portray Russia as weak, with GDP size of Italy, less than 1/10 military spending. And yet somehow we are told this country “interfered” in US elections. I have to say that I do not buy into this at all. First of all Russia has no interest or intention, second of all Putin stated that it does not matter who sits in the white house. My third and final point is this: Even if Russia interfered as these Intelligence agencies claim, I want to ask a question: What does it say about American Intelligence officials and defense? It demonstrates utter incompetence.
    After all Russia is so much weaker than US, according to US officials. Is it not??? Late Senator John McCain called Russia “Gas station masquerading as a country”, and yet Russia managed according to Intelligence influence one of the most important events in America. Choosing a face of America for 4-8 years! If this is true, US is not as powerful as propaganda portrays. Clinton, and establishment are making themselves a laughing stock, and are very dumb, and just cannot do their job properly, and were clearly asleep at the wheel. After all according to American government officials Russia is a “shithole”. US wastes 100’s of billions annually on so called “defense”, and what do they got to show for it????? That they so incompetent. This propaganda fails test of logic!

    In conclusion, I will say this: there will come a day when having a faithful ally will be something that America will cherish above anything in this world! Once the world turns its back on US. American people: Wake up!

  2. “All you really need to know about Russiagate was that it was started by unsubstantiated claims by the US intelligence community,”

    I believe it actually started by unsubstantiated claims by Hillary.

  3. History is nothing if not ironic. I have a suspicion that Trump’s place in it may be as the clueless buffoon who managed, in spite of himself, to postpone the Russo-American War for four years. You may recall his opponent, Madame Romney-in-a-Pantsuit, arrogantly proposed a no-fly zone over Syria, which would have led to direct military confrontation with Russian forces, which were and remain there at the invitation of the legal, elected government and in defense of vital Russian national interests.
    As well as its steadfast opponent, the Russian Federation is a tasty plum for the imperialists, a vast nation rich in natural gas, oil, gold, and timber, with less than half our population and spending just a tenth of our military budget to guard it. The Dems want it, as badly as the GOP wants our Social Security money, and their analysts have convinced them they can get past Putin’s defenses. Talk about being caught between a rock and hard place.
    Since Reagan, the US has adopted the posture that a nuclear war is winnable if we strike first and without warning, but Russia and its partner China have built their national defenses predicated on destroying our country in retaliation, since they cannot effectively defend themselves against the massive attack the Pentagon contemplates. So future historians may be scratching the story onto broken tiles, after the fires burn out and before the nuclear winter ends them.

    1. The Dems plan on taxing stock market transactions as well, ostensibly to pay for social programs, but really, to pay for the existing wars Trump was prevented from ending outright, as well as new wars.

      Limited nuclear war is a serious threat. Government handling of COVID-19 demonstrates without a doubt, the well being of ordinary people is just another ‘sacrifice’.

      The War Machine has four years of catching up to do, when Biden comes it. The mask mandate advocated by Harris is too symbolic as a muzzle to ignore.

  4. the trump warmonger is pulling closer to the biden warmonger, not that it makes a difference on the foreign front. maybe trump is more likely to attack china, and biden more likely to get us in a war with russia, which in practice means fighting both countries.

    1. … Troops are being withdrawn from Afghanistan and even Iraq.

      The war with China is economic, and has been effective without firing a shot.

      China is doing far better than most would believe, but they are not the Eurasian juggernaut they were.

      Never Trumpers always try to pass Trump as worse or equivalent to Biden, but, the ongoing 9/11 wars are Obama-Biden-Clinton wars.

      Yet, under Trump, no new wars. Even the economic war with China, began under Obama/Biden +Hilary as the Pivot to Asia.

      The worse Antiwar pretenders are those that pretend Biden doesn’t even exists and somehow isn’t the inevitable replacement for Trump.

  5. Excellent article, as usual Caitlin. Thank you.

  6. The biggest fake news is the myth of a deadly virus. I believe the evidence as presented by Jon Rapoport and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Today will hopefully see millions of “Covid deniers” like myself marching in many world capitals sans gag rags and other authoritarian police state rules. The Darth Vader uniformed SS of Berlin have been given marching orders by the German authoritarians to stomp out an expression of truth about the plague of lies being propagated to push the world to submit to phase 2: forced jabs of DNA altering starting with Melbourne to effect Kill Gates twin objectives of Eugenics and depopulation.

    1. You should meet some of my friends; two who got the virus back in March and are still sick, and one who works in a hospital and sees a lot of dead people.

      1. It’s interesting that folks claim the got sick and don’t verify how they know what they are sick with. The PCR test is bogus and symptoms can indicate flu or a wide range of lung ailments such as COPD, bronchitis, asthma, or common cold (a true Corona virus).

      2. OMG, people have never died until COVID was imagined. I am so shocked by your allegation.

  7. “Most people do not have truth as a foremost priority.
    They probably think they do, but they don’t. When it comes right down to it,
    most people are more invested in finding ways to
    defend their preexisting biases than in learning what’s objectively true.

    If they’ve got a special hatred for Trump, they’re susceptible to believing
    he’s controlled by some kind of Russian government conspiracy.”
    – Caitlin
    I don’t see people the way I used to. The Russiagate period has provided an epiphany.
    The above quote from Caitlin has the kernal of that epiphany in it. Over and over
    again I was shocked by people close to me that had bought into the Russiagate
    nonsense. Intelligent, thoughtful people who I had believed were ruled first and
    foremost by their intelligence and their respect for objective truth.
    But, now, I know that that is not people’s governing factor.
    Today I read from Caitlin this:
    “Anyone with an ear to the ground knew that Russiagate would fizzle,
    and anyone capable of counting Senate seats knew impeachment would fail to remove Trump.
    The drivers of these attention-monopolizing narratives knew this also.”
    ** (here is why I am writing this)
    Her premise I did not buy. But, I asked myself, was I, capable of being fiercely
    objective and re-evaluating my own premises?
    I must mention that I DO agree, in part, with her conclusion:
    “in the end it [Russiagate] facilitated pre-existing plans [dominate Russia] by the US intelligence community.”
    The “pre-existing plans” I believe should also include selling a lot of weapons and controlling oil.
    “Selling a lot of weapons” might be better expressed as, pouring and directing a lot of cash towards
    and into the Military Industrial Complex.
    Russiagate was a means to shape policy through pressure applied to Trump. I agree, but I believe
    that from the very beginning the conspirators had the goal of couping Trump, regardless of the
    immediate vote count in the Senate.
    Washington and it’s echo-chamber geniuses that ignored the immediate vote count in the Senate have for decades
    demonstrated distain for reality.
    The geniuses have created a history of failures and the list would not fit this website.
    A partial list:
    The Bay of Pigs Invasion
    The subjugation of Afghanistan
    The subjugation of Iraq
    The 2006 false-flag invasion of Lebanon
    and quick obliteration of Hezbollah, to
    be followed by a quick pivot into Syria
    and then Iran.
    The 2008 invasion of South Ossetia
    The subjugation of Libya
    The subjugation of Syria
    In a side note, it is worth noting that though the above goals failed
    the life blood of the Military Industrial Complex
    flowed ever more abundantly in the form of cold hard budget cash.
    So, history demonstrates that the echo-chamber geniuses
    can paint their reality however they want to see it
    and fail, fail, fail and then keep on marching to the next failure.
    And, as I surmise, simple arithmetic —
    the immediate vote count in the Senate —
    is not too looming of a reality for them to ignore.
    The perpetrators of Russiagate sought a treasonous coup of POTUS.

    1. People who knew about the technology supposedly at issue in Russiagate knew that there was something wrong with the story, and that either the story was a fable, a hoax, or the media had gotten numerous important points wrong. As time went on it was clear that the first of the alternative interpretations was the correct one. That was later publicly confirmed in detail. Since the story failed on its own merits, those pushing the fable then resorted to McCarthyism, accusing anyone who was skeptical of disloyalty to the country. It was a shameful passage in the history of the party and the fact that some if its major propagandists, like Susan Rice, are still pushing it, shows that they have learned nothing from its failure, just as they learned nothing from their defeat in 2016.

    2. Russiagate was a means to shape policy through pressure applied to Trump.
      Trump created RussiaGate…

      One objective Russiagate of was to get moron Democrats and liberals to get on board with the anti-Russia narrative. Trump was part of this Kayfabe process. There was no pressure applied to Trump. Trump was the one who organized the phony Russiagate wrestling match with the understanding that it was all phony and Trump was the designated winner of the bout.
      The Russians have also been conned by Trump’s RussiaGate. They’re still waiting for Trump to do something that works in their favor.

      1. I would be interested in seeing your documentation to verify your narrative. Your allegation is like the usual BS from Qanon and Infowars misdirect. Why should anyone believe you? Who are you and what is your agenda?

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          Who are YOU? What is YOUR agenda?

          1. Interesting you just ducked the questions and can not document your allegation. Who am I? I’m just anindividual in California who is suspicious of narratives devoid of documentation (like Russia Gate). I have no ties to any government or any media. I once had low level ties to the Democratic Party. I’m so over partisanship that I’m back to the skepticism I had during the 1972 election. Most of my life I voted Libertarian to protest the lack of choice posed by the two dominate, overtly imperialist parties.

        2. Are you asking for documentation that the trump administration hired Mueller and that Mueller needed permission from the trump DOJ for every action they took?
          If you want to know what Trump had to gain by creating the kayfabe Mueller investigation Aaron Mate explains that well:
          “All of the available evidence showed just how baseless [Russiagate] was, and it was pretty clear that once it collapsed, it would hand Trump two gifts. First of all, it would give him the gift of throughout however long it took this thing to end, Trump’s resistance being distracted into this dumb conspiracy theory that he conspired with or was blackmailed by Russia. And two, when it collapsed, it would give him the gift of vindication. And then, as more and more evidence came out as to how this whole thing started, Trump would be able to exploit it and use it for his re-election campaign, and say, ‘Look at how these people tried to stop me and how they tried to take me down.’ ”
          Mueller and Trump had a secret meeting in the oval office after he was offered the job. This was May 16, 2017, the day before the Special Counsel investigation was announced to the public. Like all kayfabe wrestling matches the outcome of the “Trump vs. DeepState” match was decided in advance.

  8. ‘An ill wind blows for incumbents,’ did you read Art Cullen in The Guardian, Ms Johnstone? Who cares about the Democrats and their Russiagate nonsense or Trump and his everything is great idiocy?
    180 000 Americans are dead because of Trump’s incompetence with the virus. Farmers are watching their cornfields dry up as Democrats look the other way rather than at the drought throughout the Central planes. Someone is going to be blamed for these tragedies, and the incumbent who has been in charge bears the responsibility.
    That’s not a right or left debate, just recognition of a shared denial of reality.

    1. Unless you failed to mention it, this covud mafness is worlwide and not just in the US. It is shortsighted to blame a single individual for it.

      1. Yes, solid point, but the Covid madness has been handled much better in many countries than it has been in the U.S. The pandemic has only hastened the fall from authority and respectability of the exceptional nation. We ordinary Americans await a leader to step forward and put the whole idea of a unipolar world, with the U.S. as the pole, out of its misery…without blowing up the world in the process. That leader will emerge if, as Shakespeare had Hamlet say: “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will.” If there isn’t such a divinity or destiny (as some versions of the saying go), if life is a mere biological accident as the neoliberals believe, then we’re fucked, us and them.

        1. The better handling of the plague in other countries has to do with their cultures. In the U.S., the drugstore cowboy / too cool for school type predominates, and none of them were going to inconvenience themselves or offend their personal aesthetic by putting on a mask and maintaining social distancing. Trump, of course, represents this type, but he does not lead it — you can go to any place in the US where alcohol is served and such people congregate and see the same things. No Trump or Fauci could have convinced them otherwise. They are deeply convinced that they are cooler than everyone else, and also that if they put on a mask their little things will fall off. Herd stupidity will eventually lead to herd immunity, I guess.

      2. It’s convenient during at election. Elections have sometimes been significantly affected not only by events completely out of government control, but by the weather (see above) or by the scores of baseball teams. However, the exercise doesn’t always work as planned. I think there is no doubt that Russiagate, the impeachment circus, the McCarthyism of the Democrats, and Bountygate damaged the prospects of the Democrats.

        By the way, Susan Rice is still apparently pushing Russiagate and Bountygate, even though she didn’t get the brass ring.

      3. The election is only American; they are the ones making the decisions. In reference to my points, more Americans have died because of this virus than Vietnam, the Afghanistan War and Iraq put together, and American farmers are suffering this drought that hasn’t even made the news in Canada. Speaking as an outsider, someone’s going to be blamed; I agree with Mr. Cullen, it’s likely to be the incumbent.

  9. So the whole thing has been plainly bogus from the beginning, with the foundation laid by secretive and unaccountable intelligence agencies who have an extensive history of lying about exactly this sort of thing. And it just so happens to have paved the way for operations against a longtime geostrategic foe that were being unfolded well before Trump’s arrival in the White House.

    Yes that part should be obvious. But what is not so obvious is that it was the Trump administration that hired Mueller and ran the phony kayfabe Mueller investigation. Only the Trump administration was in a position to generate all the leaks that kept the fans of this phony wrestling exhibition on the edge of their seats for all those years
    This ended up putting a lot of political pressure on Trump to keep existing sanctions and military tensions with Russia, and he ended up adding dozens more new cold war escalations including further sanctions, shredded nuclear treaties, NATO expansionism and more. He even armed Ukraine due to these pressures, just like the anointed queen was scheduled to do.

    Sure that is what it is supposed to look like.

    What it accomplished was to get moron Democrats to back these bellicose actions because they are sold on the idiotic story that Mr. Take-Their-Oil Trump was against it. If they think Trump’s against it they are for it. So now you have Democrats cheering for arming Ukraine and bombing Assad in ways that queen Hillary would never be able to achieve.

    And now the slow motion third world war between the US-centralized power alliance and the loose collective of unabsorbed governments is right on schedule, with Biden all set and ready to carry the omnicidal torch forward.

    I don’t think so. The problem with putting Biden in the oval office is fundamentally the same problem as putting Hillary in. Trump can sell war to the Democrats better than Biden or Killary can. In this upside down world the only thing Biden can sell is anti-war to Republicans. That’s not good for business.

    1. Caitlin was spot on with her analysis where I am afraid you are in left field.

  10. I hold nothing but disdain for either party, but it appears the Democrats have entered an alternate universe. Or, perhaps that’s just the impression they wish to present. They seem to have become intent on sowing the seeds of destruction, deliberately. I see nothing from them but hate. Just like I see nothing from the Republicans but delusion.

  11. Can we quit calling every scandal or fake scandal in the U.S. Government “*-gate?” The break-in at the Watergate Hotel and Office Building by agents of the Nixon campaign was nearly 50 years ago, and nothing since has been connected to that scandal, nor have they been connected to anything named “gate.”

    Maybe we like it because it brought down a criminal president, but many of them are criminals we don’t rid of them from the government with the scandals named “gate.”.

    After all, since Teapot Dome during the Harding Administration, we didn’t start calling every little controversial action a “*-dome.”

    1. ‘-gate’ turned out to be a convenient suffix. Apparently the Teapot Dome scandal didn’t achieve the effect with the public that Watergate did, probably because Harding didn’t have Nixon’s tragic character — something worthy of Shakespeare or Aeschylus. The people do as they wish with language, and there is not much use admonishing them however you may disapprove.

      1. Just hoping, not with much chance of effecting that change.

  12. Thanks Caitlin I have been puzzled by the link between the intelligence agencies and the Democrats; what you say makes perfect sense.

  13. By their hatreds you shall know them. When the mask of civility slips, the ugly truths beneath it are revealed. This is unpleasant for the otherwise peaceful atmosphere of our little dialog space, but necessary and informative.

  14. LOL, that’s who or what I thought you were, most so-called people don’t even qualify for a better term to describe their existence, at least here in the U.S.A. or probably elsewhere in the so-call Western Civilization, actually the British Empire, if one would wish to fly with that term, but others would of course due to unrelenting hubris take it even further than that, but I really could really careless, who, what, where, how or when you are. There are humans and there are others, I hardly need to distinguish between the two as I hardly have any use for either species, the very nature of nature itself provides the distinction I hardly need to know the result, better for me that I don’t know, because really it’s all between you and the wind and has nothing at all to do with in the least.

  15. Four more years of Trump would be worth it for the sheer shadenfreudian entertainment value.

    Its nice having no new wars.

    1. Ya-Man is not an energy drink. It is a country that Saudi Arabia is ruthlessly destroying. As someone with their head in Saudi sand you would not know this. But I won’t DRONE on. Trump can do that. Far ahead of Obama in the DROWN wars. And as time passes the American state becomes better at convincing fools that there are no new wars. Dream on.

      1. The Saudi war against Yemen began in 2014, under Obama’s watch and support. So, the war in Yemen is an Obama/Democrat war.

        The Dems need KSA money so supported The Prince’s manifest destiny fantasies on the Arabian Peninsula.

        Saudi Arabia is the foundation state of the petrodollar era – the first energy nation to start pricing its exports exclusively in U.S. dollars. Not all of which went back into yachts and palaces, but U.S. debt instruments and buying U.S. political influence.

        When The Prince supported Trump, the Dems turned on the The Prince and his Yemen war. Under Trump, Obama’s new Yemen front remained a Saudi war with no more direct U.S. involvement than began under Obama.

  16. This commentary is stunningly good. The answer, as always, to all problems, lies in a voluntaryist/anarcho-capitalist society. I realize many of you are just dying to prove me wrong. Well, there is one way: Try it and see!

    1. Perhaps in the interim, we could try the method of filling political offices by lottery. I have only a little doubt that putting the names of every eligible citizen in a “hat” and drawing to see who would be our Congress members and president would give us at least as good results as the election system we have now, and at a much lower price.

      Office-holders chosen by lottery would at least represent the average of Americans, and would have no chance at graft via campaign contributions. Would it drive us to ruin any more quickly than the current crop? Time would tell.

      1. Kanye for President

        1. With that remark, the case for Katika’s pathological mental incompetence . . . was irrefutably proven.

  17. Russia is an omission which Caitlin correctly identifies as potentially sinister, (a whitewashing by oblivion) . . . for whatever reason, deserves further investigation by we who care about what is really-going-on behind the politicions’ banal narrative. (politicion is a conflation of politician and minion)
    This is the kind of information i find most valuable to my own search for the weaknesses of those who impose hierarchy upon mankind.
    Such specific knowledge of any enemy is the path to full freedom of intent ; blindspots must be eliminated.
    Already the saboteurs gather to obfuscate with pretended critiques. Caitlin’s journalism is of a high standard in both self-reliance and dogged pursuit of truth, which she reveals in her more reflective articles.
    I read all of her essays, and respect the standards she works by ; i regard her reliability as a source as top 1%.
    Potentially, we all have something unique and valuable to contribute to our human conversation.
    Too many voice the insanity of belief, which is a plague on mankind ; far grimmer and more entrenched than Covid-19 (who is showing the character of national management under duress . . . make more profit remains triumphant in all but a few nations, who defiantly and heroically foreswore the cruelty of unHarnessedCapitalism.)
    I think that a decisive weakness in my fellow humans is the death of curiosity. Curiosity has become a rarity in a culture steered by boasting and competitiveness.
    In curiosity’s stead we have boredom, and every conceivable manner of staving off boreDom.
    Life has become so restrictive and dreary that everyone craves intimacy yet timidly settles for entertainment. Passivity is not good for the human spirit, while hierarchy is an insult to our character and our intelligence. Away with such things, i say. And i mean what i say. Some things we are betterOff without.

    1. Good onya Peter.
      Mutual Aid’ instead of rabid exploitation and presto _ _ _
      Paradise arrives.
      The birds do it, the bees do it, why are we so dense?

      1. Thank you for your solidarity Mr Dinkum.
        And a very incisive question too : why are we so dense ?
        I use the term stupid instead of dense.
        There seems to be a secret taboo on commenting on Stupidity, oR even mentioning the stufff. As if we are blinded to the subject, we have no Grand Theory of Stupidity.
        Better to call a spade a spade when we are in the dark.
        We can weigh a star hundreds of lightyears distant, but we cannot explain why mankind tolerates Trumps.
        My heretical explanation, which fits with earthBiology settling on about 30% of species specialising as parasites, proposes a parasite which influences the behaviour of its host.
        What looks stupid to me, is perfectly normal to anyone who cannot discern the differences which i am pointing out in the comments of dettractors and propagandists.
        I’m doing my bit in the War on Stupidity.
        For a good reason : Stupidity is our worst enemy.
        If i must fight, then it shall be against the worst of enemies, Fair.

        1. Sometimes I feel like giving people a shake until they wake.
          Reckon it’s more ignorance than ‘stupidity’ Peter. A kind of learned ignorance, passed down from generation to generation.

          1. Shaking them makes them cling all the harder to their beliefs. The only technique i know of that has any chance of triggering a genuine reEvaluation is a technique called ‘shattering their mirror of self-reflection’.
            This is done by tricking the recalcitrant into noticing an irrefutable contradiction to their beliefs about reality. Even this heroic measure has a dismally low success rate, because most maniacs instantly choose the insanity of denial in preference to taking responsibility for repair & maintenance of their own sanity.
            I think attributing this aberration more to ignorance than pureStupidity is splitting hairs ; ignorance is but one of many artificialStupidities. Eventually all stupidity can be traced back to the unnatural cognitive compulsion termed Belief.
            Belief was invented by the mudShadows to disrupt the faculty of awareness which accurately informs us by attuning to silentKnowledge. Belief is the Opposite of Knowledge.
            Belief shouts down dissent, and preEmpts personal verification of new information with memorised counterfeit knowledge.
            This explains why Religion’s worst coercive punishment is threatened for unBelievers . . . by Jehovah, Jesus, and Allah.
            Once they have us bamboozled by Belief, we are beyond being persuaded by Reason, Empathy oR Shaking till our teeth fall out.
            We are being rendered incurably stupid by the dynamics of Belief.:.disBelief.

              1. Krishnamurti was a notable thinker from a tradition which has a metaphor for everything.
                It was his insightfulness and calibre as a thinker that gave the Theosophers a respectable spokesperson for a while. Better than their utopian/puritan phantasy deserved.
                Krishnamurti moved on, but the rest of us stayed to experiment with what morphed into the newAge theology of big brother looking out for us good guys.
                Deepak Chopra offers an interpretation from the same cultural background as Krishnamurti.
                Notably, Deepak is the only serious thinker i have seen give due credit to a fieldAnthropologist who dedicated his adult life to documenting his apprenticeship to a lineage of ‘sorcerors’, and to passing on what was permitted to be disclosed.
                Carlos Castaneda is one of the most profound and influential thinkers of this century.
                His insights are paving the way for the future evolution of human consciousness.
                We are all deeply indebted to him.
                is Deepak’s tribute to Carlos Castaneda.
                The toltec operate from a realityMap far more extensive and comprehensive than any other remnant of mankind’s history. Nothing else comes close. This is the best i found … by an improbablyLarge margin of completeness and verifiable accuracy.
                Furthermore, the toltec disclosures have proven a robust base for empirical innovation.
                Empirical results which confirm published descriptions are the best benchmark of authenticity.
                The toltec material plainly cannot be the product of one man’s lifetime.
                There are convincing indications that the scientific mapping of awareness has been gradually evolving in the Americas for thousands of years.
                The lineage of Juan and his predecessors was chosen as the best, the one published for posterity.
                Castaneda was rich, he could have done anything he fancied. Yet he spent his productive years trying to pass on what we all missed out on in our first education. This priority of a man free of poverty’s restrictions, is a measure of the importance nagual Carlos attributed to his own education of the secondAttention. He put aside the distractions of wealth to the hard work of crystallising knowledge into narrative.
                Carlos is an empath ; he understands the importance of his forbiddenKnowledge to the welfare and decisionMaking of mankind. He worked hard to make sure the core techniques and concepts were preserved in the context they occurred ; making available the teachings which revolutionised his sense of self . . . for those who are not satisfied by the lies of wealthy.
                Arranging the toltec concepts so they make perfect sense is an education in itself ; an enjoyable hobby which is well worth the extra effort of doing impeccably. I remain intrigued, eager for the next unknown to transit from mystery into clarity. And i make enough mistakes to keep me reminded of due diligence. 🙂
                Contrary to popular belief, i have zero need for gratuitous punishment,
                that causeLess nameLess vindictiveness with which too many are eager to assault freeThinkers.
                I’m in my 50th year of examining Castaneda’s fabulous artifact ; it shows all the attributes of authenticity.
                I have yet to encounter an unResolveable discrepancy. A few patches remain vague, but the workmanship and cognitiveArchitecture are wholly convincing.
                These guys, exemplified by Florinda Matus and the nagual Juan Matus, can really think.
                Their standard of accomplishment is well worth striving to emulate.
                By comparison, the Hindoo pantheism is so prolific with accumulated loose ideas that it has become difficult to navigate. Hence the quest for a trustworthy guru, instead of figuring everyThing for oneSelf (which i insist upon for myself, and advocate as the best option.)
                I think we are better served by a system which eliminates elements of dubious usefulness.

  18. Personally, I remember the original hacking story, from before Trump was a candidate, that both parties had been hacked from various places. Nobody presumed that foreign governments were responsible. Then as soon as HRC lost, the story became a cowboy movie showdown between Putin (whom she had blamed for practically all of her failures at state) and Democracy. Then I noticed how many pushing the story had also pushed the Iraq WMD story, pretending there was evidence when there was none. That’s what made me think it was political BS, and I have yet to see any proof to the contrary.

    1. Everybody who has the slightest understanding of computer technology today, KNOWS the claims made by the various entities of Russian hacking is pure unadulterated cow manure, and many experts have stood up and explained why that is. Yet strangely, the perps simply refuse to give that simple explanation any air at all, because it short circuits their claims.
      So, once more into the breach, the experts tell us, the copies made from that alleged hacking, were not made via the internet, totally impossible, because the data transfer via that resource is TO SLOW. The copies were made DIRECTLY via a dongle, which allowed fast speeds directly. Thus were made DIRECTLY from the hard drive containing the original data. So someone ON THE SITE PHYSICALY on the day, plugged in a dongle and downloaded the data. Were there any Russians present on the day ??? L.O.L.

  19. If Donald Trump is re-elected he is bound to spend the next four years going after his governmental tormentors and the ” loud mouthed minorities ” that dared to belittle him. Donald Trump is vindictive to the extreme; his fuming wrath has yet to be unleashed. The year 2021 may bring the dissolving of these United States of America as well as world wide chaos.

    1. This reads like a prophesy. Is Ron Campbell a prophet ? Hmmm.
      Something we can look forward to with confidence and willingness is a better direction by far.
      I recommend against this prophesy on the grounds that is is navigating our future towards disaster. The whole idea stinks of slaughter and chaos.
      Fuck Ron Campbell’s crapulous imagination. 100% No.

      1. I don’t see how his prophesy navigates anyone anywhere so let him have it. If Trump wins again a race war is baked in the cake. Will the Union endure. Perhaps you’d like to guess Peter? Regardless any prophecy here will have less effect on how thing play out than a dozen Russian trolls.

        The good thing about having no control over the outcome means you can choose to not let it upset you.

        1. Here’s another troll telling the world i’m too stupid to pass uncontested.
          Then inviting my advice on whether the Union will endure.
          Then telling us we are all totally insignificant.
          Finishing with patronising advice about having no control, based on the insulting presumption that i don’t know what my choices are.
          Zero respect. Zero empathy.
          Zero comprehension of the topic at hand.
          Insists on being in charge.
          Remind us of anybody .?.
          Or are they tooMany to count .?.

        2. Prophesy, vision, intent, etc., all have an effect on the human psyche, which in turn has an effect on human behavior. So yes, what one thinks, feels, says, and prophesies does matter.
          As much as I agree with most of what Caitlin writes, I think she goes too deeply into the dystopia too often. Thankfully, she at least balances that with more positive options and possibilities, usually.

  20. ‘What they did not say’
    Deception by omission is a compulsion of 99.9% of politicians, spin doctors and corparasites.
    But we already knew that.

  21. Great article Caitlin. The populations of the west and America in particular will not wake up until bombs fall upon their soil. Of course by then it will be too late.

  22. My guess is that in 6 or 12 months from now Caitlin will regret having written this; not because of any backlash, but because of the similarity between this and the eve of the German invasion of Poland almost 100 years ago.

    1. Please explain why Caitlin might regret writing this article.
      The similarity to Poland in 1939 is superficial, in that there is no treaty for dividing Russia with a second territorial predator.
      Russia can retaliate with nuclears weapons ; Poland did not even have contemporary fighter aircraft, and their crated Hurricanes were stranded in France when the Brits refused to pay for their shipping across Europe when the Polish government asked for help.

      1. LOL, what a totally superficial history and no doubt even to this day you probably either don’t know who was really behind the Holocaust, or you’re still lying about it.

        1. Nothing counterfeit about the contempt from Lynn. She hates me and nothing else matters.
          Being like that is driving her crazy, but she’s too important to ask for help.
          Particularly nasty allegation, this one : Through the filter of Freud’s projection we see jump into focus . . . mass murder = way offTopic.
          So, lynn is a holocaust denier.
          What kind of creature coverUps massMurder ?
          Hmm. Something that doesn’t want the herd spooked.
          A ghoul ; something that feeds on murder has most to gain by obfuscating wrath against the Jews.
          And since she accuses me of lying, she’s the liar.
          While providing written evidence under LYNN’s name.
          The history i cited is from multiple reliable sources, including the history books and memoirs of Sir Winston Churchill.
          I take a particular interest in war because i’m investigating artificial stupidity as an engineering discipline ; to develop mass countermeasures to the creatures that act through Lynn and her kind.
          As usual the attack on my reputation and self-respect is undisguised bullshit, coincidently same brand as Trump’s.
          They don’t think this shit up themselves ; “it comes to me, and i blurt it out”.
          Note also the fake LoL.
          No joke, just LoL = ContempT from “Lynn”.
          Contempt is hatred ; now who is famous for hating ?
          Oh yeah . . . the Devil is the Universe’s champion hater.
          Not a good choice of friend, Lynn.
          You know better than trusting that woman.

          1. Quote, “What kind of creature covers up mass murder ?” How about the whole nation of America, who has been committing mass murder throughout my entire life ????

            1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
              Carolyn Zaremba

              Not “the whole nation”. That’s a slander against Americans. It is the GOVERNMENT that has been committing mass murder, including of its own citizens.

          2. What sort of [sadistic, antihuman] creature covers up mass murder?

            Let me help you with that – **Katyn** –– Beria was the architect, approved by Stalin. Lie covered up until early 1990s as all such lies dishonouring all the dead in every war over the last century and more continue to be disclosed, exposing those sick, sadistic antihumans.

            **• Katyń Revisited – Dmitry Bavyrin, 7 March 2020**

            Below is a three-part essay by Dmitry Bavyrin – translated.

            Here is the link to the original in Russian



            1. For evidence of consistent with my observations below, take a look at website of the Skoolafish brand Julian Skoolafish’s name is linked to. A journey into madness is not what i recommend, but it’s there for the genuine sceptic to appraise.
              This murderous aberration wants us to believe that the signs and lethality and chronicFatigueSyndrome resulting from infection is an imaginary threat concocted by the World’sRichestVillains.
              This strategic encouragement of idiots to spread the virus in defiance of
              global countermeasures to spreading contagious diseases : Skoolafish’s contradiction of massive evidence is definitively characteristic of the mudShadow mind. (yuk)
              The endResult of the message can only be deliberate ; for it is designed to spread Covid-19 throughout the disciplined individuals who respect our responsibility for the Welfare of all manKind ;
              a simple loyalty to our own species is consistently absent in mudShadow syndrome.
              Genuine investigators don’t end up with conclusions that expose us to deadly danger.
              Here is an exPerson who is entirely acquiescent to his mudShadow handler.
              Of all the creatures known to man, only the brazenLiars profit by massMurder.
              I call them mudShadows, because our best description of these unbelievably persuasive predators comes from our Toltec brothers, whose lineage ended in 1998. They name them mud shadow for their weighty texture and elusive appearance.
              Before leaving Earth for a safer place in Orion, these long-persecuted practicioners of a forbiddenScience (which contiguously evolved via 10,000 years of strenuous apprenticeships,
              each generation verifying the discoveries of their predecessors while developing new themes of exploration) . . . was generous enough to have the final apprentices publish the knowledge forbidden by our secretive Masters.
              SelfAppointedMasters, be they guised as Jesus or Trump or the Archangel Gabriel (to whom Mohammed invariably attributes the authorship of Allah’s self-contradictory Commandments.
              An awesomeApparition contrived by an inorganic fraudster of unlimited deceitfulness, and endless appetite for destruction.
              The name of Gabriel’s book and its religion is blatantlyOpposite to sovereign dignity for me and you : SUBMISSION!.)
              People of my tradition are convinced there is no redemption for the stage of the infection exhibited by Skoolafish. The irredeemable are readily identified by their use of deceit, are generally regarded as spiritually dead, and are publicly killed as an essential socialHygiene.
              A hygeine which protects fragile human virtues like loyalty and trust and collaboration, all those lifestyleLuxuries which Jehovah and his mates openly boast of stealing from us at Babel.
              Everybody must be cognizent of the consequences of tolerating poisonous propagandists like this anonymous spokesperson for the mudShadow parasites who engineer the opinions of the veryRich to unwittingly maximise misery among the poor.
              They do this because our anguish is their food.

              The current alienation of westernised mankind (cynical, timid, & secretlyDesperate), is attributable to our stupid tolerating of liars and their distortionist propaganda. We are is us being tricked into giving away the greatest potential life has to offer .:. command of our artificiallyDormantAbilities, plus an option of continuity beyond our appointment with Death.
              It is difficult to think about how much we are robbed by this quasiSymbiont,
              which postures as though it is the realMe, the one who makes all the important decisions.
              Difficult, but worth the extra effort.
              It takes unBendingDiscipline to think clearly in our own interests,
              while defying contradictions (injected into ‘my’ mind) . . . which actively and relentlessly contradict whatever-iT-wants-to-prevent.
              As Agent86 would say : “Sorry about that, Chief ”.

          3. Fan of Churchill I see. Then you must have read “Shall We All Commit Suicide”. It shows in his own words what deranged [drunkard, compromised] psychopath he was.

            James Perloff: Winston Churchill Manipulated by International Bankers

            Companion article:

            How Wealthy Jews Bribed and Controlled Winston Churchill


            1. Fuck off Psychopath !

              1. Amongst many other methods of warfare including aerial bombing of civilian areas to terrorise and slaughter “women, children, the aged, the sick”, our good friend Churchill was also advocating the following:

                “As for Poison Gas and Chemical Warfare in all its forms, only the first chapter has been written of a terrible book. Certainly every one of these new avenues to destruction is being studied on both sides of the Rhine, with all the science and patience of which man is capable. And why should it be supposed that these resources will be limited to Inorganic Chemistry? A study of Disease-of Pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast-is certainly being pursued in the laboratories of more than one great country. Blight to destroy crops, Anthrax to slay horses and cattle, Plague to poison not armies only but whole districts- such are the lines along which military science is remorselessly advancing.”

                Quote from:

                “Shall We All Commit SUICIDE?” By The Right Honourable WINSTON S. CHURCHILL

                I will let you read (assumption made) the rest of Churchill’s own words for yourself.

                1. Hating Winston comes naturally for communists (whom Winston publicly treated with greater scorn than they deserve), whereas to attack him as a way of being offensive – gloating over my daring to admire his heroic lifeLong example of doing what needed to be done – is typical of a characterAssassin.
                  If i were a doctor, i’d advise fishBrain to consult a psychiatrist.
                  If i were a humanist, i’d advise fishBrain to consult a psychologist.
                  As a metaPhysician i recommend an early grave for this one.
                  Naked hatred is a noBrainer confession ; unfit for humanConsumption.
                  Skoolafisher promiscuously hates dissenters from his treacherous megaLoManiac self-importance ; so much, that he’s prepared to misrepresent the man who stopped Hitler .:. as if he was a monster like, um, Skoolafish. Exactly.
                  Freud’s big discovery. False allegations are astonishingly accurate.
                  This surprise is one i know full well, because i’ve actively watched for correlations during the recent 20 years, and reverseProjection proves accurateEnough to be remarkable.
                  In engineering a 5% error margin is mostly regarded as good enough to go ahead,
                  but projection exceeds this reliability by an order of magnitude ; projection is poeticallyPrecise.
                  I find analysing the lies of pretenders and accusers is a worthwhile study.
                  Not only because the history of conflict advises us to know our enemy.
                  That theory is sound ; the practice requires defying mental habits and expectations.
                  An enemy mind is quite different from our self-reflection. Alien and muchMore evasive.
                  Skoolafish attempts to muddy the water with deflection and grotesque misRepresentation.
                  His remarks have zero relevance to Russia’s sudden absence from Democrat politics, noR does he address my remarks in this public commentary.
                  His agenda of disruptiveStupidity is not our Friend.
                  Skoolafish’s obfuscation and incitement to massDeath
                  is a traitor’s agenda towards manKind.
                  Not in the usual sense of a political traitor ; Skoolafish is not human, what he surely is … is a traitor to the human spirit..
                  Here we have a fullBodyChannelledEvilSpirit ; the original owner of the body aint coming back. Julian was eaten long ago by Skoolafish.
                  Looking at the collected madness of skoolafish on his website finds ‘his’ big commitment to fakeNews of the most irresponsible & deadly kind.
                  The only thing Skoolafish is useful for . . . is demonStrating a rather pure (i doubt whether pure is the right word) example of the personality of the ‘farmers’ of mankind.
                  Their contempt for sobriety in perspective, their fury at being interpreted accurately … these attributes are specifically and uniquely inseparable from enmity, and mark fishBrain as a willing servant of malignant intent.
                  To trust the words of Skoolafish is our ticket to demonHood ; if that’s what you want to become.
                  Skoolafish displays his contemptuous disBelief by contraDicting the reality that goodness is exemplified in some of our famously heroic men and women.
                  FishBrain says “You too can feel superior while indulging in anythingButTrustworthy.” Skoolafish is our standing invitation to betraying mankind with a nonHuman predator’s agenda.
                  Exposing killerLiars like Skoolafish is something i do because it needs to be done.
                  I am fortunate to have the rare knowledge it takes to defeat these contemptuous illusionists.
                  So the responsibility falls to me.
                  A formidable task is a fitting employment for decades of preparation.
                  This is the path for me ; anything defended by forbiddenKnowledge must be one of two things : hiding riches oR hiding weakness.
                  Maybe Both. 🙂

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