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Moderate Murder: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Kill millions in concentration camps and they’ll call you a monster. Kill millions with bombs and they’ll call you a moderate.


A species that is hurtling toward extinction has no business promoting slow incremental change.


Claiming a country attacked America’s democracy is like claiming they attacked America’s leprechauns.


America has slaughtered millions of human beings since 9/11 to facilitate global domination and the people who live there are saying this election is unique because this president is actually bad.


The only way to believe Trump is uniquely evil as a president is to believe that American lives matter far, far more than non-American lives. To believe it, you have to be an American supremacist.


Prediction: “We’ll elect Biden and then hold him to account” proves even more bogus than “We can promote Russiagate and advance progressive agendas at the same time”.


It’s crazy how Obama intervened in the Democratic primary to install a lifelong warmongering corporate whore who can’t think or talk and when he loses they’re gonna blame it on Ryan Knight.


There was a recent scandal where major tuna companies like Starkist and Bumble Bee coordinated with each other to inflate prices instead of competing. They found they could make more money by working together against consumers than by working against each other.

Anyway, that’s oligarchy in a nutshell.

If you’ve ever wondered why power tends to move in the same direction whether you’re talking about corporate, government or military dynamics, that’s why. It’s because cooperating with each other against common people works best for the powerful. It’s always easier to punch down than sideways.


If you just mentally muted the shrill verbal soundtrack which accompanies US politics and watched where the money, resources and weapons were moving instead, you wouldn’t have been able to tell a new president took office in January 2017. The same will be true after January 2021.


Robert A. Heinlein said “Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.” We act based on untold millennia of conditioning, then tell stories about why that action makes sense. This is as true of empires as it is of individuals. MSM narratives are rationalizations.

Imperialist elites are ultimately no more clued-in on why they do what they do than anyone else. They’re acting out the same evolutionary, cultural and personal conditioning as the rest of us–essentially just the seeking of security and control–and then telling fancy stories.

It could have just as easily gone any other direction. If things had been a bit different and Mexico had wound up being the unipolar hegemon and Saudi Arabia had refused to comply with its interests, all our plutocratic media would be calling for sanctions and explaining to us in Spanish why the House of Saud must go. If the interests of power were served by everyone wearing tinfoil on their heads, the oligarchic media would spend all their time explaining why that’s necessary and everyone should do it. The rationalizations come after the primitive impulses to act.


Killing people and selling their organs will get you labeled a murderer. Selling the weapons used to kill the same number of people for the same amount of money in wars you actively lobbied for will get you labeled a job creator.


My favorite hobby is watching Americans reaching around trying to come up with reasons why I as a foreigner should not voice opinions about their government.


I talk about how outrageous war is a lot because we should all be talking about how outrageous war is all the time. War is the most insane thing people do and the fact that it’s actively pursued by the powerful should enrage everyone. Don’t ever let them desensitize you to this.

If someone flips out and shoots a bunch of people it’s in headlines for days, but if powerful individuals calmly orchestrate the slaughter of many times more people overseas it barely makes the news. This isn’t sane or normal, and it’s so vital that we remain aware of that.

It’s so important not to let them rob you of your humanity by convincing you to ignore imperialist warmongering. Don’t let them put cataracts over your eyes and calluses on your heart like that. Mass military violence is a horror that should send shockwaves through your core.


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  • Labels (such as “leftist” or “liberal”) paint us into a corner defined by the establishment. Identifying with one label or another is nothing more than reacting to the establishment stimuli. Turn it off, and think for yourself.

  • Erich Fromm figured it out way back.
    ‘To Have or to BE’ is THE question.
    The answer requires some hard work>>>

  • One More Time Remember all the government corruption scandals going back to the twenties? Actually, they go way further back. You can google it. Now Biden is nailed by the Ukrainian evidence for criminal activity, and Nancy Pelosi’s son is in there as well. So, it’s possible, the democrats will not have time to choose another candidate. So the choice for American voters could be bleaker than bleak. The two choices for president would be a huge insult to anyone who isn’t cocooned over and insensitized.

    Meanwhile there seems to be plenty of people who are willing to abuse the trust that they are given for the sake of their personal gain. This has happened to me. Has it happened to you? It’s quite common to take advantage of someone by abusing their trust. People who lack personal integrity, and are ignoble, unethical people live this way. My experiences have led me to believe that personal happiness is directly related to personal integrity.

    To be corrupt reveals a deep superficiality as one must have a very limited understanding of what it is to be alive and to harvest the joy that is available to the pure of heart. To live in such a parasitic manner is to lose one’s humanity and to imitate certain lower forms of animals. Our unethical culture creates unethical people.

    To be human is to be humane, anything less is to be like an animal. We are the only animal who has this choice. We can choose the high road or the low road. Our new paradigm needs to incentivize ethical behavior. With capitalism it is impossible. Capitalism, government, and corruption go together, hand in hand in hand. You can’t have one without the others. With capitalism the amount of freedom one has is defined by how much money one has. So the billions of extremely poor people not only lack basic needs, but also lack freedom (extremely limited options).

    The western world where people have more money and hence, more freedom is set up so that the suffering masses, the ones whose lives are more about endurance than pleasure, are mostly invisible and kept out of their consciousness; generations living in refugee camps, immigrants bombed out of their cities.

    Essentially we ignore this and hence accept this. It is a grave error to ignore injustices in my opinion. It is unethical. It is less than human, it is inhumane.

    Yet the world is filled with injustices, so much so, that most are overlooked and accepted. It is this egregious oversight that we are being reckoned with right now. If we cannot correct this, we are doomed to a hellish nightmare, which is just in its beginning stages, bad karma.

    The reset must rectify this if humanity is going to have a chance. Continuing as before, is leading us to suicide species-wise. That is why we must make the systemic changes that will incentivize people to make ethical choices. This means restructuring government from vertical top-down to horizontal bottom-up which is virtually incorruptible (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&feature…).

    And changing the economic system, the ideal would be without money. Personal gain is exchanged for a utopia for everyone. Utopia is not an unrealizable perfection, it is a society that is constantly improving and refining through feedback, transparency, and collaboration. It is definitely possible to have justice for all.

    Allowing injustices has led us to the multiple, interlocking crises that we face today. To be inhumane is to be insane, to live one’s life in vain. Corruption has a tendency to corrupt everything it touches and we are sinking in a soup of corruption. In the new paradigm, no one will have to accept the unacceptable as we must now, everyday of our lives.

    Today’s civilization has evolved to the peak of “superior” society. We have enough weaponry to annihilate the entire planet’s population a hundred times over. We have submarines, planes, trains, electrical cars, automatic driverless trucks, no need to use our legs except to kick the dog. We can spend hours a day watching videos and programs on television that are not only useless, but that impose harmful desires, mindsets, worldviews, and values on us- through deliberate propaganda, and most people take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to do so. Eating has become a simple habit. Fast-food restaurants, pizza delivery, frozen dinners, and prepared packaged food has made it a convenience. Mass production makes professional craftsmanship unnecessary and superfluous, so we have nobody taking effort to make something that they can be proud of. Scanners and automatic cash registers minimize effort in retail. Riding lawnmowers make landscaping easy. Diet pills, blood pressure pills, sleeping pills, Ritalin, insulin, antidepressants, and tranquilizers make proper nutrition and exercises unnecessary. Communication can be, and is done, by texting emojis, making real communication antiquated. In other words, the miracles of science have developed “ideal” civilization. Life is easy. That is what success in Roman civilization is all about. Work is for inferior slaves. The pinnacle of life and perfection is vegetating in luxurious comfort and entertainment. No exertion, no challenges, no accomplishments, no activities, nothing but relaxation for as long as you live. Doesn’t that appeal to your intellect (do you take the effort to think?). That is the superior Roman civilization that has been advancing and destroying everything in its path. And having been indoctrinated by the media into conforming to the modern lifestyle as promoted by the media, it is “bought” (pun intended) by the populace. The people have purchased their own destruction. And it is the poor who the rich class call “lazy” for living on minimal allowance of welfare as the alternative to slaving in factories and warehouses for minimum wage to make the wealthy man richer.

    Mankind, with all his self-proclaimed intelligence, is the only species that develops means to annihilate billions of his own kind, who puts many of his fellows in cages of torture for years, who collects worthless (but values them greatly) trinkets, and steals from one another and kills for them (gemstones), who breeds other species and keeps them in warehouses to butcher them because he finds flesh to be tasty (although mankind is not naturally carnivorous), who kill one another over real estate. Must I go on? Is mankind, or to switch back (because these behaviors are not natural to other races), the white man, superior, because he is the dominant animal on the planet? Should he rule the planet? Is that a natural order of existence, and a justification for what he does?

    • Chimpanzees don’t kill each other over real estate?

      • Nope. Bananas.

  • War is the ruling class’ cult sacrifice to Baphomet/Baal

    • i have my doubts about that: please tell me was Baal une femme goddess or a bullhead? i read this book that explained the big change, WHEN GOD WAS A WOMAN. it shows a big batch of peaceful agrarian cultures with no wars. a matriarchic society. where women owned the land.

      • It is whether indigenous people rule, or the European conquerors who do, is the deciding factor of the nature of the society. India, Africa, and the American natives, who were peaceful and at harmony with nature and each other. The ancient Spartans were matriarchal, and were warlike and oppressive.
        I propose a civilization of self-sustaining agricultural communities, but having some spartan-like qualities to perpetuate their survival in the sanity realm. Teaching the youth to live without luxuries and with few comforts, to encourage the maintenance of strong healthy bodies and minds by eating prudently and exercising both vigorously, and learning self-defense and to challenge all information for truth, and to ingrain in them to not be subject to anybody. Hopefully these qualities would prevent the state of affairs we have now from happening again.

        • Many native American tribes and African tribes were at war all the time. Capturing and enslaving each other. Ruthless, cruel and deadly. Genocide among African tribes occurred even in the 20th century.

          • True. I can only hope that by training youth from birth proper ethics and character, that this shapes the future generations to be different from predecessors. We are products of our environment.(What goes in our eyes and ears- from family, peers, teachers, and mostly television and internet and radio). This input, together with how we process it, is what makes us who we are. We are not all given the same choices, but our lives are a result of decisions made (also a product of our experiences which influences us) from choices given us. A wholesome environment should produce wholesome and righteous citizens. No abuse, no evil, no wrong values and no traumatic events should create a better civilization.

  • “Kill millions in concentration camps and they’ll call you a monster. Kill millions with bombs and they’ll call you a moderate.”
    Kill millions with technology and people will still beg for 6G and chips under one’s skin.
    “A species that is hurtling toward extinction has no business promoting slow incremental change.”
    A species that is hurtling toward extinction has proven itself to be incapable of promoting anything useful at all.
    “My favorite hobby is watching Americans reaching around trying to come up with reasons why I as a foreigner should not voice opinions about their government.”
    These are the same people who come up with reasons why Americans should not voice opinions about their own government if those opinions are different from the given chosen tribal narrative.
    “War is the most insane thing people do…”
    War is the second most insane thing people do. First comes the insane belief that war is necessary at all.

  • Ms Johnstone I ran across these quotes recently:
    “Never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake.”-Napoleon Bonaparte
    “Do away with the philosophy of plunder and you will have done away forever with the philosophy of war.” – Fidel Castro

  • I viewed it several years ago, and am not willing to look for it now, but it showed graphs depicting the particulars of the initial vaccinations and how they were manipulated to APPEAR successful but were actually not the reason for polio ending. The credit is rightly placed on new sanitary practices, and that the polio ran its course as if there were no vaccinations. This interview will give you some insight, as will looking up Dr Buttar, Dr Andrew Kaufman, and Dr Gary Null. These doctors do not follow ordinary medicine, but challenge it and have had extraordinary results.

    Humans now have sewer systems, wash in running water, doctors wash their hands and use gloves, and we have modern plumbing and garbage pick up. In addition, refrigeration has helped keep food healthy as well, as has better meat packing and healthier food packaging and the FDA. These sanitary advancements did more for our health than any vaccinations

    • Exactly.

    • Likewise for smallpox, graphs were manipulated to make it appear vaccinations had anything to do with the eradication of this awful disease?

      Is it coincidence that measles outbreaks are occurring primarily in communities averse to vaccinations? Or do these communities lack clean water, sewers, gloves and garbage removal?

      • YOu tell me. I am not aware of this, and would like a link to see. There is much propaganda out there, and not just a little by the establishment to convince us that we need their BS help to function.

  • Great observations as usual Caitlin.
    Linked as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

  • America has slaughtered millions of human beings since 9/11 to facilitate global domination and the people who live there are saying this election is unique because this president is actually bad.

    Vote for Biden and the country is saved or vote for Trump and America becomes the Fourth Reich. This is the nonsense I am forced to endure and I don’t like it. A vote for either certifies that the American experiment continues unchanged. And everyone loses.

    Vote K-Dog and take a walk on the wild side. Your soul will thank you.


    • The voting tool is in the right sidebar. The tool is to help you practice voting third party.

    • I looked at K-dog web page. He has a video regarding 2050 endgame. That is a deadly and treasonous video and he endorses such teachings. I have evidence, and far more than a video, showing that the globalists plan a world fascist police state by 2025- with a world population of 500 million. So let’s not worry, as Alex Jones, who created such videos as Endgame and Zietgeist also supports Rump, and I am sure Jones would never sell out (sarcasm- he was all so courageous until he was informed that the government would start cracking down on truthers- then he joined Rump, as I went to prison for EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE)-

      While K-dog says he is not bought, and quotes people and repeats information- i have researched extensively, have many facts, put the puzzle pieces together, think outside the box, have plans and strategies ready to implement, have names, dates, quotes and concepts none had perceived before.

      YOu need somebody who is exceptional and who has the qualities of a prophet, activist, revolutionary, journalist, visionary, and who is courageous enough to take on world powers-

      I have gone to jail repeatedly for my writings, have been assaulted thirty times this past six years, and continue to fight. You need a real fighter, not somebody who says that he is running, despite there being millions of others as capable. Humble of him, but then, why should we vote for him? I have proven my worth and mettle. The only obstacle is lack of exposure due to a bought media run by the CIA

      • What will the future be like in the year 2050? A mere three decades away, most of us hope to still be around. So, what kind of future are we riding into? ENDGAME 2050 gives us a glimpse into that future, and it does not look good.

        Endgame 2020 is a film which was made by physician turned environmentalist Sofia Pineda Ochoa. I attended an hour long webinar with Sofia and Paul Ehrlich. Yes, THE PAUL EHRLICH. If Paul is a globalist (not) so the fuck am I. The webinar was hosted by Bill Ryerson. Also not a globalist.

        The film has a website. https://www.endgame2050.com/

        “I was so incredibly moved by this film. Really powerful information! … Tell everyone you know to watch this. It’s really important! … Let’s get the world to see this very important film!!!” <– Alicia Silverstone Actress, author

        Humble of him, but then, why should we vote for him?Humble of him, but then, why should we vote for him?

        Because the first thing I will do will be to have Cornel West, Chris Hedges and others help me put together a team which will take America in a new direction. If others are more qualified let them step forward. The rush to destruction must be stopped.

        The fact is there are millions of Americans with more sense than Trump or Biden. The bar is low. And of those millions I am in the more capable lot.

        And if anyone else steps forward. Don't vote for them if they don't want to implement national health care. Solidarity and a strong social contract is essential to making a future in which we survive, and thrive.

        • Good idea for gathering a team. I already tried to, i contacted Gary Null, Dr Buttar, Patrick Bet David, tried Hedges but couldn’t find a contact source, and others. Furthermore, I don’t have humility, nor false humility. I have confidence.
          My research and knowledge shows that there will by 2025 be a world fascist police state of 500 million survivors (according to globalist plans). We don’t have time.
          I am the author of three books on the situation; the result of tens of thousands of hours of research. I have volunteered 45,000 hours in activism, and am self-educated, founded several nonprofits, and have helped humanity for over thirty years.
          While healthcare for all is good, I aim to overhaul the system and improve health in ways other than with pharmaceuticals. People did well for thousands of years before pharmaceuticals, and virtually all could afford it. I have a plan to overhaul a system that was never good, and deliberately subversive. I have studied its founders and their character and motivations. Having debunked every major world system, I also have a solution- and for our most pressing issue- global warming.

          Furthermore, I have strategy to oppose all congressmen and senators who will try to stop the changes, and will overcome them, being a strong fighter and a persevering activist.

        • I saw your page, and you have much good material to learn from. I have also done much research, and do have ultimate solutions

    • Thank you for the video on technology on the website. IT confirms my views

      • My thoughts on technology resonate with Lewis Mumford and Jacques Ellul.

        I have more than a few videos. Which one?

        • And looking at your website we resonate. Would you like to implement the US Department of Transparency? Government should be fully transparent so that government has no choice but to be honest. Transparency will make corruption very hard to do!

          • I have myself as an example. In my first major work, published in 2016, EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, I exposed myself- showed my education, job history, psychiatric history, and detailed my criminal record. I am very strong in transparency, and have as an idea to overcome the opposition to have journalists research the politicians and to have local police charge them for their corruption and crime. That will stop ALL the politicians from hindering the good work I plan to do. We cannot depend on a corrupt FBI

        • Betrayal. I propose, as stated, to set up a civilization with no modern technology, similar to Amish. Technology has made life easier, not better. i am going to copy and paste from my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH above or below= look for it.

  • “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers to the sound of trumpets.”–Voltaire

  • >>>Robert A. Heinlein said “Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.”

    This encapsulates humankind’s greatest problem. We have this amazing capacity for talking ourselves into believing absolutely ridiculous shit when doing so happens to be convenient. I want to popularize a new acronym: DAOS – Delusional and/or sociopathic. Looking at it that way helps to tease out what’s going on inside the heads of these people. In other words, they are delusional to the degree that they’re not sociopathic or they are sociopathic to the degree that they are not delusional. Either way, they shouldn’t be in positions of leadership and power.

  • Caitlin, your poster shows the two murderers-in-chief. One must not like Donald Trump, but he is far away from the killing sprees of George W. Bush and the Democratic Party “saint” Barack Obama. You write, “your favorite hobby is watching Americans reaching around trying to come up with reasons why, as a foreigner, I should not voice opinions about their government.” It comes to mind when my daughter, who attended high school in Las Vegas, criticized the policy of U. S. President George W. Bush. A classmate turned at her and said, “Nazi”!

    • Like Caitlin’s prose, your comment rings absolutely true and elicits deep despair. The false “left-right” “Democrat- Republican” “capitalism-marxism” lens has burned a hole through the head of the average American, rendering them incapable of apprehending what’s happening right in front of them. One can almost feel the hot breath of the Devil’s triumphant glee — as depicted so well in the column header for this painful article.


      Trump is indeed “better” than Obama and Dubya, but only for his inability to fit in. He doesn’t do war very well, apparently lacking the neocon appetite for global totalitarian rule.

    • “My favorite hobby is watching Americans reaching around trying to come up with reasons why I as a foreigner should not voice opinions about their government.”

      Americans must understand if their nonsense, their demand for their rights, their intolerance, seeps over their borders into other countries. Damn, right you have a right to voice your opinion about their government. So many of them have no clue that most of the rest of the world is laughing derisively at their antics.

  • great article. my comment is my campaign platform.

    Domestic Policy
    Outlaw GMOs and pesticides, organic farming only will be permitted.
    Remove subsidies from unproductive farms, if we have a surplus, it is to be distributed to poor people instead of wasting land and taxes
    Reduce taxes on farms that hire workers being paid well, rather than using machinery like combines. Research has found that hiring workers is just as profitable as big machinery.
    Allow strong punishments on pharmaceuticals that are harmful. Allow suits as well. Remove the indemnity.
    If producers of vitamins or natural cures want to claim that they are legitimate at curing ills, let them be tested and be able to advertise as such. Current FDA regulations prohibit vitamin manufacturers from such claims. Promote research to find more cures with vitamins and all-natural ingredients.
    Overhaul the FDA, making sure that the Pharmaceuticals have no access to paying them and bribing them. Fund them and have civilian oversight to distinguish that they are really doing what they should. If not, hold them accountable and to be subject to criminal charges and suits themselves.
    Take back the Federal Reserve. The money belongs to the people, not the bankers.
    Confiscate all savings from people over two million dollars. We have been robbed by the rich- they have cheated, exploited, oppressed, murdered, and poisoned us to amass fortunes.
    Dismantle 5G and prevent forced vaccines– that will restore health and covid 19 will disappear. Prosecute the creators of such, including the investors- Gates, etc.
    Dismantle Homeland Security and restore constitutional rights- amend constitution to criminalize deceiving the people- these deceptions are more harmful to mankind than drugs are. Get rid of the Patriot Act. Dismantle the CIA. Review other intelligence agencies for removal being fazed out.
    Deal with TV-get rid of its evil influence. Most certainly do not allow religion on it-maybe laws to rid us of any deceits or manipulations on it. Possibly eliminate it entirely.
    Get rid of minimum sentencing for crimes. Decriminalize some drugs- fines instead of incarceration and criminal records. I would be willing to hear others’ suggestions on how to address drugs-try to eliminate them. Provide better education than “just say no”. Reduce police forces and have civilian citizen oversight. Revive and employ Guardian Angels to protect the streets. Make sure that police are properly prosecuted for any abuse of position-especially murdering people who are not armed. Remove privatized prisons, and prohibit forced labor. Inside, provide real job training and real rehabilitation. Trials by jury=real peers to be enlisted, not people unaware of the accused’s situation. Strong sentences for pedophilia, rape and murder. Also strong sentences for “white collar crime” such as what happened with opioids, if a pharmaceutical has harmful effects that pharmaceutical has been aware of, and it was hidden, and people died or other harm done by them, those who were behind that are to be tried as murder and/or other felony charges. Release those imprisoned unjustly. Fund the judicial system to make certain that fair trials are resulting. Investigate better avenues than plea bargains- there should be no such thing if people have a fair trial.
    Remove the vast moneys made by oil, and give it to US government. The lack of ability to make substantial profit should remove the desire to create more. Continue to fund solar panels and wind energy, but not for long-term, the self-sustaining agricultural communities will be the norm.
    The bankers hold the nation, and thus the world, in a death grip. I propose to venture a radical revolutionary power move to bring the power back to the people. I will do this by making the biblical concept of “JUBILEE” where all debts are cancelled. This would mean that mortgages are cancelled, and that the banks no longer own the real estate that they hold liens on. People may continue to live where they have been. Because no landlord is thus required to pay back mortgage responsibilities, the savings will be passed on to renters. Landlords will be required to charge no more than one hundred dollars per room per month, plus the property’s share of taxes and utility bill. This way, residences will be affordable to virtually all Americans, landlords will be making a moderate profit, and banks will lose their leverage of power.

    Foreign Policy
    Withdraw troops from foreign lands
    Worldwide disarmament of nuclear and chemical weapons
    Remove sanctions from all nations, and do not use sanctions as manipulative and abusive strategy- it is as cruel as military war.
    Remove funding from Israel and support Palestinians.
    Remove our economic policies of exploitation from all third world nations. Make international laws prohibiting and prosecuting oppression and exploitation of indigenous people of every land.
    Eliminate the petrodollar and our military presence in the middle east.
    Restorative measures and a 21st Century New Deal
    Instead of welfare roles increasing, and the mass unemployment created by covid 19 government employment of many people to plant non-gmo organic fruit trees throughout USA and other nations.
    Government also employ people with building self-sustaining agricultural communities as proposed in my book.
    These are just proposals for you to view. I have had nobody to bounce ideas with for several years, and while most of my ideas have no room for change, some issues do. I invite comments, criticisms, additions, suggestions, and collaboration. I would like to be a “father” to a nation that has allowed itself to be subject to wrong values, wrong mindsets, and wrong worldviews due to the propaganda of television, religion, bankers, and freemasons. With that in mind, I would also like to have the education system overhauled to promote our youth to have good strong values of integrity, service, discipline-strong bodies and strong minds, ability for critical thinking, and to do their own research; not learning to memorize and obey. We will deal strongly with television and media to stop propaganda and manipulation, if we allow it to exist at all. Economic health and protection from terrorists (in reality our own government) are not as important as strong body and mind health, as well as liberated thinking and values. Instead of imposing (dis)information to be memorized, further education for youth should be redirected towards skills and trades to enable contribution to society rather than focused on making money for the rich.

    • I like some of your ideas, but a few seem odd.

      “prevent forced vaccines– that will restore health and covid 19 will disappear. Prosecute the creators of such, including the investors- Gates, etc.” There are no forced vaccines for COVID-19 yet, but far from disappearing, it’s spreading. Polio vaccines are forced, so would you prevent them and prosecute the creators and investors? Would that restore health, or restore polio?

      “Continue to fund solar panels and wind energy, but not for long-term, the self-sustaining agricultural communities will be the norm.” I’m not clear about what you mean. Will these communities use no energy, or get their energy elsewhere, and if so, where?

      “Decriminalize some drugs … I would be willing to hear others’ suggestions on how to address drugs-try to eliminate them.” Alcohol is not currently criminalised in many countries. Do you wish to eliminate it? (Previous attempts have had mixed results.) Which other drugs do you wish to eliminate, and why?

      • I would definitely make vaccines of all kinds a choice. In my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, I explain how from the start, vaccines have never been effective- the results of the effectiveness had been skewed in deliberate deception. Proof was in Dr Mercola’s website. That book also shows how pharmaceuticals have intentionally and deliberately misled us and why they have indemnity. REgarding covid- look at the CDC website, they now finally admit that only 6% of those who the government and media claimed died from covid really had. Flu tested positive for covid, as did Sars and many other viruses. About 9000 people died from covid. In Africa people with covid were treated with hydrochl..and were healed. I dont trust vaccinations, and strongly suggest people investigate why we need three times the vaccinations people did fifty years ago, and have more sickness now. I would remove indemnity-so pharmaceuticals can be sued, and if it is proved that the pharmaceuticals knew the harm it would do, and hid it, as they did with opioids, they should be criminally prosecuted. The way to restore health is through finding natural healing. Due to current FDA policy-they do not permit efficacy testing for vitamins and natural healing, and do not allow them to claim healing properties. That would be changed. There are doctors who claim that sicknesses are not transferred from person to person, but are the result of injury, poisoning, emotional stress, or other such causes. I have heard that argument and the research and logic behind it, and it is sound. The idea that we have longer lifespans than humans did before modern medicine is a myth. I looked up what ages people lived to in the past- two and three hundred years ago they were living to 70, 80, and more.
        Through global warming, actually more accurately called “geo-engineering,” we face extinction. I have a novel idea. First, the proper oxygen- carbon balance must be restored, and can be by planting fruit-bearing trees everywhere, to also alleviate world hunger. My long-term solution to all world problems- crime, drugs, war, pollution, etc.. is to initiate a new civilization- basically self-sustaining agricultural communities of 150 people each. With no technology, like the Amish have done successfully for centuries. No governments, democratic rule by vote on policies and grievances. No family unit, artificial insemination (future generations to not have sex) ,after being weaned children are given to mentors to raise them 24/7 to have proper ethics, strong bodies and minds, community-mindedness, good character as well as learning the three Rs, and learn to test for truth, to challenge authority respectfully, be good workers, etc…

        This is dealt with extensively in the conclusion of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH on amazon for $3, or email me to have it attached to a return email. The book also shows why we have evil in the world, the US is a tool of the Vatican and the globalists, and much more. IT explains how the education system, health system, legal system, and media are subversive and were created to be so intentionally. I have doable, out-of-the- box solutions.

        In an ideal society, there would be no drugs, and no need for them. I will do my best to rid us of them, and the new civilization would enable that. Until it is accomplished, I would suggest decriminalizing the drugs to clear the prisons, yet impose fines on those with them- including marijuana, which is harmful- I used it as a youth, and it affected me adversely, as it watered down my discipline, my work ethic decreased, focus also, and I was lazy. In addition, it is curious that a drug made to look bad by government would be legalized as we are transitioning into a world fascist police state.
        All evidence for this is in my books.

        • “vaccines have never been effective … Proof was in Dr Mercola’s website.”
          I’ve skimmed though the website, but didn’t notice any mention of smallpox or polio. Could you indicate which of the many articles explains why smallpox has disappeared, if vaccines are not the reason? Or why polio has almost disappeared from the world?

  • Your comments are just as applicable during the Vietnam war as now. Probably for all wars in general. Lets just ban guns and wars and violence will go away. Dang didnt work. Lets just limit bullets then killing will stop. Cracks me up when I see such legislation. Britain is a perfect example. Take away guns and they start stabbing each other. Hey lets take away pointy knives. All of it is insanity.

  • “My favorite hobby is watching Americans reaching around trying to come up with reasons why I as a foreigner should not voice opinions about their government.”

    I’ve noticed this phenomenon. Funny how the same USians not only voice opinions about other governments, but support bombing, sanctioning and starving them and their countries.

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