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Imagine If MSM Consistently Applied The Evidentiary Standards It’s Applying To Hunter Biden’s Emails

Mainstream media and social media platforms are actively blacking out an October surprise published by The New York Post which purports to show “smoking gun” emails from the laptop of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Both Twitter and Facebook have censored the story on their platforms, the first time we’ve seen the powerful social media giants deplatform a mainstream news media article, both citing concerns about the origins of the emails and an uncertainty about the veracity of the claims.

“Facebook was limiting distribution of the story while its outside fact-checkers reviewed the story’s claims, spokesman Andy Stone said,” reports NPR, adding that “Twitter said it decided to block the story because it couldn’t be sure about the origins of the emails.”

Twitter claims it found the emails to be in violation of its policies banning content which contained private information and its rules against “hacked materials”, both of which would have forbidden all articles sharing the contents of the 2016 WikiLeaks drops if those rules had existed back then. As I warned could happen back in August, these rules have set the stage for the cross-platform censorship of a 2020 October surprise.

There’s a good thread going around Twitter compiling posts that mainstream media reporters have been making in objection to the circulation of Hunter Biden’s emails alongside posts made by those same reporters promoting far more ridiculous and insubstantial allegations, like MSNBC’s virulent Russia conspiracy theorist Kyle Griffin saying nobody should link to the New York Post report because if they do they’ll be “amplifying disinformation”.

A new Reason article discusses how the mass media are not just avoiding the story but actively discouraging it:

On Wednesday, The New York Post published an attention-catching original report: “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.” In the previously unreleased email, which was allegedly sent on April 17, 2015, an executive with Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company, thanks Hunter Biden for “giving an opportunity” to meet Joe Biden, according to The NY Post.


It’s a story that merits the attention of other journalists, political operatives, national security experts, and also the public at large—not least of all because there are serious questions about its accuracy, reliability, and sourcing. And yet many in the media are choosing not just to ignore the story, but to actively encourage others to suppress any discussion of it.


Indeed, two mainstream reporters who acknowledged (and criticized) the Post‘s scoop—The New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman and Politico’s Jake Sherman—faced thunderous denunciation on Twitter from Democratic partisans simply for discussing the story. Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden accused Haberman of promoting disinformation, and New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg told Sherman that he was helping nefarious conservative activists “launder this bullshit into the news cycle.” Historian Kevin Kruse asked why they were “amplifying” the story.

Indeed a scroll through today’s mainstream news reporting does appear to show some consensus among most news media that the topic of the emails should be avoided, with most MSM articles on the matter covering the after-effects of the New York Post release or explaining why readers should be dubious about its contents. A new Washington Post article titled “Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop: an explainer” takes great pains to outline how important it is to be very, very certain that this story is everything it purports to be before investing any credulity in it.

How do we know the email is authentic? We do not,” WaPo tells us. “The New York Post posted PDF print-outs of several emails allegedly from the laptop, but for the ‘smoking gun’ email, it shows only a photo made the day before the story was posted, according to Thomas Rid, author of Active Measures, a book on disinformation. ‘There is no header information, no metadata.’ The Washington Post has been unable to independently verify or authenticate these emails, as requests to make the laptop hard drive available for inspection have not been granted.”

This would be the same Washington Post that has been circulating disinformation about Russia for years due to its disinterest in verifying information before reporting, and has alongside the rest of the mass media been promoting the narrative that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election based solely on unproven assertions promoted by government agencies despite many gaping plot holes in that narrative. Where was the journalistic concern for seeing the data and inspecting the hard drives then?

In and of itself there is no problem at all with mainstream news media applying high evidentiary standards to its reporting and making sure readers are aware when political manipulators could be pulling the wool over their eyes. In and of itself this would be a good thing. The problem is that all this emphasis on verification and truth only comes up when it is politically convenient for these plutocratic media outlets, because only favoring truth when it’s convenient is the same as lying constantly.

Where were these high evidentiary standards when The Guardian reported without evidence and against all common sense that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been having secret meetings with Trump lackey Paul Manafort? That evidence never came out, because the story was ridiculous bullshit from the beginning, yet mass media outlets everywhere parroted it to their audiences like it was a fact. You can still post that bogus Guardian story on Twitter and Facebook to this very day without so much as a warning.

Where were these high evidentiary standards when Politico published the idiotic, nonsensical story that Iran was plotting to assassinate the American ambassador to South Africa? The report sparked many news reports and Twitter threats from the president, but when it was dismissed by the South African government itself there was barely a whisper about it. You are still free to share this bogus Politico article anywhere online you like.

Where were these high evidentiary standards when leaks by anonymous spooks dominated headlines for days with their evidence-free allegation that the Russian government had been paying Taliban-linked fighters bounties on western occupying forces? We now know that story was completely baseless and would have been dismissed by news reporters who were actually doing their due diligence, yet it’s still being cited as fact on Twitter by sitting US senators and in a recent vice presidential debate by Kamala Harris. If news reporters had spent anywhere near as much energy cautioning their audiences to be skeptical about this story and educating them about its plot holes as they’re spending on Hunter Biden’s emails, this would not be happening.

The problem is not that there are high evidentiary standards for Hunter Biden’s emails, the problem is that there are virtually no evidentiary standards when the plutocratic media want to sell the world on a narrative which benefits the establishment upon which the media-owning class has built its kingdom. News reports will be waved through on a vague assertion by some anonymous government operative if they are damaging to Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Syria or any other US-targeted nation, and they are on a pretty much daily basis to greater or lesser degrees.

If a news report facilitates the national security state, all journalistic protocol goes out the window and nobody knows the meaning of the word evidence. As soon as a report becomes inconvenient for a friend of the national security state like Joe Biden, suddenly strict evidentiary standards and warnings against potential disinformation are of paramount importance. This is the same as lying all the time.

They lie because the mass media within the US-centralized empire are the propaganda engine for that empire. The drivers of empire understand that whoever controls the narrative controls the world, so they ensure that all points of narrative influence are tightly controlled by them.

A world where all news stories are held to the same evidentiary standards as Hunter Biden’s emails are currently being held would be a world without empire. People would never consent to the insanity of imperialism and endless war if their consent wasn’t manufactured, and depriving them of the information that is inconvenient for that empire is essential in that manufacturing.


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Latest comments

  • Ha! Apparently Joe Biden will quickly be issued a “Russians did it” get out of jail free card just like Hillary Clinton received during her campaign.

    According to this story on the Zerohedge blog ( https://www.zerohedge.com/political/fbi-investigating-whether-hunter-biden-emails-photos-were-part-russian-influence ) the FBI is already creating a case to establish that Joe and Hunter were simply victimized by the dirty-dealing Russians. So, you are free to believe Joe that neither he nor Hunter did anything wrong. Just like all Dems they never do anything wrong and the intel agencies will always have their back.

    • Certainly explains the ‘leak’ in terms of even bad publicity is good publicity.

    • I don’t think innocence/guilt is tied to party. George Bush is still walking free after committing war crimes in Iraq and covering up 911. No, the empire is a strictly bi-partisan endeavor for an elite group of leaders. Buying into the Republican/Democrat battle is a propaganda win to keep you in the legitimate government narrative.

  • I’m NOT commenting to suggest that any MSM newspaper is credibly reliable. 99% of what I accept as credible is only what I van verify through research. But, after reading a number of reviews and analyses, mostly by noted journalists, here’s what I discovered about the New York Post. It is a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.
    It doesn’t necessarily lie on a regular basis, but it twists and overstates where it suits an arch-conservative such as Murdoch. It is very pro-Trump, which shows in much of what it publishes.

    That said, I am a vehement opponent of censorship. I believe that newspapers – and social media such as Twitter (which I think is, itself, a joke) and Facebook – should be able to say that they cannot verify the accuracy of statements, but should not be able to ban them unless they are proved absolutely false and confirmed as such by multiple sources.
    Even opinion, offered in response to published articles, may present a different view of considering things, or pointing to the reader a need to research their veracity, thus providing a starting point for research. I have personally had comments rejected by a major MSM publication on the grounds that my comments do mot match community standards. in other words, they restrictive the free flow of information where such responses do not fit assumed facts. Think – what if we were, now, beginning the earth’s exploration? With such ideas as mine rejected, would anyone even get to consider whether or not the earth is flat, or the center of the universe. Of course, it is neither, but such ‘heretical’ ideas as the earth being spherical and just one planet circling an insignificant sun (such as ours) would never have seen the light of day, had they been quashed and refused publication or discussion.

  • We know that MainStream Media is mostly a weapon of mass deception and all political content simply repeats the theatrics of bought and paid puppets of the Deep State. Caitlin, how about focusing instead on whistle blowers and insiders who left their career jobs when they realized how corrupt the evil empire really is? Investigative journalism is closer to the truth and more enlightening.

  • Interesting but kinda like an article telling us that the Pope is Catholic.
    When you come to understand that American MSM is bullshit you can ignore it and get your news from far more reliable sources. Consortium News is one of the good ones.

  • Just like Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadaffi, President Assad, all the Iranian ayatollahs, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jin-Ping, Alexander Lukashenko and the lengthy list of foreign leaders declared to be enemies of the United States and world peace, our own president Donald Trump has been, since before his election, thoroughly demonized and incessantly attacked, undermined and subjected to attempts to remove him from office using means ranging from the allegedly constitutional to the unconstitutional and the downright illegal.

    The mainstream media, in league with Trump’s dedicated enemies throughout the Deep State (this includes essentially all of the so-called intelligence agencies, the two-faced military chiefs, and even cabinet-level office-holders appointed by the president himself), have conspired and colluded to incessantly rip and demean Trump before the public with an end purpose of extricating him from office by whatever means necessary. Any other interpretation of the running series of events over the past four-plus years is just an attempt to fool oneself.

    This blatantly illegal and unconstitutional effort by the digital/social media to censor news relating to illegal shenanigans by Trump’s adversaries in the Biden family is just one last ditch effort to sabotage his campaign for re-election. The outrage against your civil liberties under the constitution is as plain as the nose on your face. For Google and Facebook to take it upon themselves to mandate what information, news and ideas may be shared with the public is outrageous. It’s bad enough that they preclude your transmission of relevant newspaper articles over their platforms, but it’s quite worse when they even ban you from trying to suggest links that your interlocutors can access to learn more about a clearly relevant and highly important subject, namely the criminal activities of the Biden family, activities that have impinged upon the stability of world peace upon this planet.

    They want to continue hiding Uncle Joe and his dirty deeds in the basement until after most of the American people have been fooled and he has been elected president. Where do they keep him after that? In the White House basement?

    The Deep State’s vassals in the EU are fond of playing the same illegal and outrageous games at their interface with the media, clearly stonewalling every attempt by Putin and Russia to use actual facts to deflect from the contrived false flag poisonings of Russian nationals most probably by American spooks or their British and German flunkies. The same holds for the Malaysian jetliner most plausibly downed by Ukrainian thugs in service to America.

    The US constitution and its protections including free speech obviously mean nothing to the insiders running this country (which sure ain’t Trump! And his many glaring peccadillos do not make it so!). They have been following the protocols outlined in the novel “1984” as though it were an instruction manual to seize absolute power throughout the West and ultimately the entire world.

    • lame duck Donald Trump is the Deep State’s puppet and controlled opposition, as explained by journalists and analysts like Edward Griffin, Jake Morphonios, Brandon Smith, Gerald Celente, Jeff Rense and James Corbett. .

      • Include Pepe ESCOBAR in my list of journalists who can see through all the political theatre

      • Of course Trump has been made their puppet since well before he was even elected and merely considered to be one of Hillary’s stepping stones to the presidency. Nobody, not even Trump, expected the fluke of the electoral college to put him in the Oval Office.

        He had better have toed their line or he would have been taken out just as they did to JFK . That’s no secret and does not negate anything I said. The powers behind the throne put enough pressure on him in a multitude of ways that even someone as dense and with as big an ego as his was gonna get the message that THEY pulled his strings whether he liked it or not. I was not writing a paean to Trump if you believed that.

        The incessant demonization I mentioned was a means to control him and now to ditch him. Joe Biden is now our country’s national sock puppet-elect. He will be just as pliable, if not moreso, than Trump. He will keep about as many campaign promises as Trump or Obama did before him–which is to say essentially none… none that benefit anyone not in the “Big Club” with a seven or eight figure income and next to no tax liability.

        To ensure all this is accomplished the American media component of the Deep State has now stooped to BLATANT suppression of free speech and imposed censorship, which was the main impetus for this discussion rather than Trump’s abilities to emulate Kermit the Frog before the American public.

    • For real. Every point you make. And countless are the times these past years that “Orwellian” has been an apt term of usage.

    • Great comments, realist.

  • “Imagine If MSM Consistently Applied The Evidentiary Standards It’s Applying To Hunter Biden’s Emails…Mainstream media and social media platforms are actively blacking out an October surprise…”
    Evidentiary Standards? We don’t need no stinkin’ Evidentiary Standards. Corporate media will never provide that as they diligently and faithfully work against such archaic notions that We the People deserve honesty and good information. No, they declare, We the People will get foul-tasting gruel and like the taste of it. The American people certainly don’t care about Evidentiary Standards. What’s that got to do with Trump worship or American football or where to buy cheap pizza? Whatever is presented by corporate media (or not) is only judged against whether it feeds into one’s chosen biases.
    We need to point out the failures and malpractice of corporate media while at the same time being mindful of the fact that these are disgraced and useless organizations without any journalistic standards or ethics. They do hold sway over billions of people world-wide, but that fault remains mostly with We the People ourselves. People need to ignore these useless platforms and dispatch them to the scrap heap or toilet bowl where they belong. Let these lie-blasting stink dispensers do their thing. Ignore them and get on with our own lives.

  • The whole planet is enthralled, appalled, shocked and awed by the spectacle of democracy as enacted under the shadow of messianic imperialism – complete with a slew of slimy, smoking gun October Surprises.
    And the racket goes on while a pandemic with an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of roughly 0.14% – according to the WHO’s own estimate – has cost the global economy no less than a whopping $28 trillion, according to the IMF.
    Oh yes: it ain’t over till slim Britney “I Did It Again” sings.
    This article can be read here:
    POTUS Punk vs. Dem Dementia by Pepe Escobar!

  • Speaking of lack of fact-checking, the US MSM is not alone. The bewildered herd in US vassal-state #2, “Canada”, is being subjected to some pretty serious propaganda, too. Here’s an example — in this case, Global.
    Carefully listen and watch what actor Robin Gil says/reads starting at 19 minutes, 10 seconds into the video of the Oct 14 broadcast, now available on the following link:
    From the above, “A new documentary details how the Trump administration responded to COVID-19. More than a million people have died from the virus in the US.” etc.
    The second sentence of the above is an outright, bald-faced lie. As of yesterday at approximately 6 PM, there was a total of 221,843 dead in the US from covid, as is shown on the following link today, Oct 15, by clicking on the “yesterday” option:
    The above is a relatively small potatoes lie compared to the many, many other bald-faced anti-Iran, anti-China, anti-Russia, anti-Venezuela/Maduro, anti-Nicaragua, anti-North Korea lies broadcast by Global, CBC, CTV, etc. to Canadians 24/7, but this particular lie is so easily proven to be a lie that I had to pass it on.

  • “People would never consent to the insanity of imperialism and endless war if their consent wasn’t manufactured….” I want to believe this is true, I will myself to believe it, but is it really? I remember when “The Other America” was published (1962), how the author (Michael Harrington) thought that if only he could call public attention to the pervasiveness of poverty throughout America, there would be a huge public outcry and something big time would be done about it. And yes, there was some outcry and some efforts made to address the massive problem, but far from enough on either end. So would the outcome be the same, I ask myself, if everyone in America, for example, religiously read Caitlin’s blog and similar alternative media which constantly expose the evils of American Empire? Even if enough Americans were to come to believe all of this kind of information, would they raise enough hell for a long enough time to force their government to stop killing people and planet?

    • Good comment, Newton. The answer to you last question is self-evident — NO!
      The American readers of Caitlin and Tim’s articles and the Americans who comment here represent a relatively small percentage of the American population — what, maybe 10 or 15%, at best?
      The sad fact of the matter is that tens of millions of Americans are either directly or indirectly employed by the Military Industrial Complex in “jobs” that pay very, very well (at least for those directly-employed; maybe not so much for sub, sub, sub contractors).
      Then there are probably millions of “investors” who have knowlingly or unknowingly invested in the war corporations and, in harsh reality, war itself.
      ALL of the latter two groups of people/voters want what’s been going on for at least the past 30 years to continue forever, even if that leads to nuclear WWIII. In other words, they feel that it is better to have nuclear war than an economic collapse that would inevitably allow China, Iran and Russia to further rise economically, mandating that the US take the back seat to them, where the US so justifiably belongs.
      The results of the Nov 3 election will IMO support my propositions — not the proposition that Americans are being hoodwinked. Continuing to manufacture excuses for 328 million Americans no longer makes sense, especially for non-Americans. What is necessary is to describe exactly why the US is forcing its wars and strangulation-sanctions on the world and why this is inevitably going to lead to WWIII.

      • The investment of both jobs and money in the war industry is as obscene as you say. BUT, if the majority of Americans were aware of the two potentially world-ending crises that confront us, knew deep inside that we are deliberately skirting the edge of a nuclear war that would literally incinerate the planet, and also knew that we were locked into a man-made neoliberal economy that will soon render the planet uninhabitable for human beings and many other living things–KNEW these brute and brutal facts beyond any possibility of denial or other mental or emotional defense mechanism setting in–would they still choose to continue on in a status quo hellbent toward the abyss of sudden or slower death that likely awaits them and certainly awaits their children and grandchildren? You say yes; my heart says no; my head says not sure.

  • Back a year ago when the CIA whistle blower first alerted the sleeping Americans about the Biden corruption (yes that is right, the purpose of Ukrainegate was to reveal Biden corruption to sleeping Americans) it was completely predictable that the CIA already had the evidence and the evidence would be released just prior to the election.
    It was also completely predictable that the Democrats would double down on Biden and make him their candidate after the Biden corruption was revealed. Biden and his corruption baggage was the one candidate Trump could defeat and that is why Biden was selected as the cardboard cutout to run against Trump. .

  • Nobody seems to mention the video I’ve seen (twice) of Joe Biden laughing and Joking in the chair at the CFR that he was able to get the Chief Prosecutor of Ukraine fired by threatening to withhold the large amount of aid money so that Hunter’s ‘business activities’ wouldn’t get investigated .

    • The funny thing about that video is that there is nothing about Biden’s story that is factually accurate…
      There was no “six hours to fire the prosecutor or you don’t get the money”. Biden’s story was fiction.
      Biden was nowhere near Ukraine in the months around the time that the prosecutor resigned or when his resignation was accepted weeks later. The prosecutor himself has testified in court that the first he heard of Biden’s story was more than a year after he resigned when he saw the video. There also was no billion dollars withheld or released as a consequence or condition of the prosecutor’s departure.
      There is nothing about the story that matches the facts and yet nobody cares. The left believes Biden was acting righteously to fire a corrupt prosecutor and the right believes Biden was acting corruptly to benefit his son but nobody cares that what they believe in is factually inaccurate. Don’t let facts destroy a good story.

  • Hunter becomes the hunted.
    Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it again, Joe. Say it again, Joe…
    How can we go on if we have no faith in either criminal cabal to honestly care for us?
    Where is the love?
    That’s the real question.

  • Thanks for the great article. Amazing how in a single generation the MSM went from pretending to tell the truth to not giving a damn what anyone thought of their open lies and contradictions. I am shocked and dismayed how people still believe their lies. Many are commentors on this blog.

  • When the entirety of the Western media bans and censors a “bomshell” political scandal as if they are all acting in lockstep to a preapproved scipt – its because its a totally non-threatening nothing burger – a limited hangout at best – but they know all eyes will immediately follow the bouncing ball and obsess over this tiny scap of establishment approved dirty laundry that can only be found in dark corners of the interwebs. Meanwhile, they’re waging a full spectrum war for global domination against every single one us – and we don’t even know it.

  • There’s nothing in the leaked Hunter Biden emails that we haven’t already known for years. We have the BOMBSHELL proof of Biden’s billion dollar quid pro quo with Ukraine on a widely cirulated YouTuve video from 2018!
    The Deep State is winning because its very easy to exploit the hopes and fears of a demoralized population of gullible people with a short attention span and no long term memory.
    It’s embarrassing to see people get excited over benign scraps of ‘top secret’ information that’s already been on the public record for long enough to prove that its was never going to be acted upon in any case. Biden lied and his son has a drug addiction. Big Deal.
    Be realistic and demand the impossible…

  • Why would one expect anything else from the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media?

  • Top photo doesn’t relate to the article well. Suggest you change it.

  • Joe Biden stands for corruption and nepotism for his family.

    That Joe Biden is a corrupt and racist politician who is well known. He misused his position of VP to get his good-for-nothing and loser son Hunter Biden filth rich for doing nothing. When the New York Post demonstrated that Joe Biden lied that he never talked with his son “over his business dealings.” Nobody buys into this crap except the so-called liberal US mainstream media. They suppress any information that could hurt this corrupt Presidential candidate. Without creepy Joe, no foreign country would have ever talked to loser Hunter Biden. He has no experience in anything except to scrape money together. He is just a crooked son of a corrupt former US VP. If Joe Biden gets elected, the corrupt Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gang will return to power, and corruption and Mafia-like behavior will blossom.

    • Guess you mean he is a typical souless, self serving sack of camel dung just like all politicians. I agree fully.

  • How to survive while swimming in an ocean of lies? Get out of the water and sit on the bank and just watch. You’ll learn a lot that way and avoid being swept over the approaching falls…..

    • I tend to agree, Mike. For quite some time, I’ve been avoiding the MSM news and related social media, knowing it to be largely propaganda designed to manipulate and deceive us. Similarly, however, I’m now avoiding alternative media (other than this blog and a handful of others), which do not spew propaganda but rather offer truthful explanations and condemnations of real and ongoing evils. Why? Because once you reach a saturation point, understand that evil relentlessly pours out of American empire and the global system it operates, what is the point of immersing yourself, day by day, in the latest manifestation of that omnipresent evil? For me, it has the same psychological effect as going to a nearby hospital every day and visiting the rooms with the most intensely suffering and dying patients. What, ultimately, I ask myself, is the purpose in doing this, beating myself into a pulp by daily absorbing endless suffering over which I have no control, can have absolutely no impact? So now I’ve chosen to only expose myself to the FEW places on the internet (like this blog) where people are grappling with possible ways to bring down the whole MFing system, through revolution or evolution, so that we can begin to build a better, more beautiful world.

  • CIA Director William Casey to newly elected President Ronald Reagan in February 1981: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    Conspiracy theory surely! Probably long debunked!
    Well… It’s sourced…
    Moreover, what’s going on exactly in the media if not just that?
    If this is not a smoking gun, I wonder what is :o)

    • Perhaps a smoking RAYgun?
      “Mission accomplished!”
      “What giant concrete owl?”
      “Does she give good… value?”
      “Please sir, may I have another?
      Selective Service… We select, you serve.
      Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
      That trick never works.
      This time for sure.

      • So, the video wherein Joe Biden was actually bragging about having gotten the prosecutor fired was just a very good fake? That explains everything, thanks. Apparently all the checks cleared. Can you believe Twitter is rejecting anything remotely like this to any response on the MSM reporting that Joe Biden is not really a big fat crook? Meanwhile, Hillary is happily doing a moon waltz on a mountain of rubles.

  • They lie because the mass media within the US-centralized empire are the propaganda engine for that empire.

    The number of aware Americans who understand the extent of the planned deceptions and herded control grows. Twenty years into making the internet a cartoon of truth the deceptions wear thin and awareness we swim in a sea of lies grows. Some of the censorship is starting to become obvious.

    • I liked it better when I thought the news told me a generalized truth in a universe far far away, a long time ago.

  • dear CAit: put your hubbie to work pu-leeze…evey time i get this same message when i send in my comment:
    The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Please use your browsers back button and try again.

    bullshit. it really does not care. it’s in, isn’t it.
    the place where it says please save my email and all that jazz for the next time….doesnot EVER work. so i at least have to retype my info all over again. reducing my suplly of irritating and inconsequential commentary i’m sure. but i dont are because i copy mayself and insert these comment and all the other guy’s into this great big tome i shall call jimmy and friends. so send me 10 bucks if you want mention or i’ll steal all your comments and milk ’em for millions for all the times i had to retype my address and shit.
    oh shit here i go again dammit.

  • After taking Comparative ECOnomic System 101 i was happy to find out that Communism and Capitalism are nearly the same exact thing!
    yep. start with the people/consumers/customers. same. then goto workers/labor. same
    then management/ commissars, same. then up to stockholders/communist party members, same. then up again to board of die-rectors/supreme somevets, then up again to CEO/Stalin or Kruschchev (a Ukrainian BTW) etc and what do they call that? Same.
    Franco called himself Chief of Spain (Caudillo de Espana) by the grace of god. and he did not say ifthereisagod, because he had god on his side. just like El Donaldo. And coincidentally Biden is also Catholic as is Miss Coney Island…same religion that endorsed– in their infallible wisdom–Hitler in ’38.
    the only difference is: in capitalism you can quit. And even move to Russia or go there and make other deals. or retire in Mexico. Under USSR rules you stayed behind the Iron curtain. Because they were coming from monarchy and had to make sure everyone Stayed In Place didn’t they? to make the change would create some big stress on some and improvements for others. and they could not let people just run away all over the place…in their minds installing a new system was more important. Stalin was a dictator, just like a King or Czar, and Bezos is also, and richer. And Bill and Melinda can take on some kind of monarchial poses can’t they? Surely Trump and familia do. Why do we even have a single president. we should have 9 of ’em. The squabbling brothers of the hood. Free room and board in da House. Why do we only have 2 parties…we evolved funny. Why do we even have a Senate. Why does South Dakota’s 500,000 people enjoy the same power as Cal’s 40 million? By that crazy rule CA should have 240 votes in the electoral college. Russia is smarter than us. They changed their system from monarchy to communalism to oligarchy w/ strongman…while we sputtered along into the current abyss where we (should be) living in fear of our next force-fed to be vaccine to be discovered under the purely legit(?) auspices of capital….to make sure not one American will be able to leave his/her own country without permission from the principal, kiddies. From da Principle.
    Comparative sickness also abound thruout humanity in this Heaven on Earth…

  • It would be interesting to read the emails, or hear the conversations between the owners of the new media and their overlords.
    ‘Yes sir, no sir’

  • “They lie because the mass media within the US-centralized empire are the propaganda engine for that empire. The drivers of empire understand that whoever controls the narrative controls the world, so they ensure that all points of narrative influence are tightly controlled by them.”
    And here is SOME EVIDENCE: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/smoking-gun-emails-show-hunter-biden-introduced-vp-dad-burisma-executive

  • Unfortunately, Ms Johnstone, the MSM was evolved into blatant ” propaganda arms ” controlled by rich people and government agencies. None of the MSM is believeable anymore. The United States government is corrupt. The MSM is corrupt. Honesty and integrity can only by found on the Internet and that venue is being strangled more each day. Soon anyone daring to report wrongdoing or making the ” system ” look bad will be prosecuted and extremely punished. A ” truthteller purge ” is on the way from the Evil Empire of that you can safely bet on happening.

  • Joe Biden could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I would still vote for him. Anything to get that fascist clown out of the White House.

    • well good for you: after all is said and done, that is your only choice.

    • After all, a new and different fascist clown will be sooooo much better.

    • Biden could be a handsy creep who gets titillated by underage girls. His corruption could be glaring in your face. Biden could be an inveterate liar who is so pathetic he makes shit up about himself—-stupidly, because his brags are easily fact-checked. Biden could make a career out of serving Big Everything while screwing the most of us. Biden could be a player for the team that brought us Full Spectrum Dominance and all the killing fit for a king, replete with Constitution shredding and creeping fascism——-and people will still vote for him.
      Well, Biden is all of that. Creepy. Corrupt. Inveterate Liar. Stupid. Warmonger. Fascist.
      And people will still vote for him. Takes the cake, doesn’t it.

      • Actually, no. Trump is THAT BAD of a president, that atrocious of a human being, that a lot of people would vote against him whoever his opponent might be. His opponent, however awful (and Biden IS awful) might grow at least a bit into the job, as has sometimes been the case with other presidents. Trump hasn’t changed a day since he took office, probably not since he was a child, which, on the emotional level, he remains. Trump is utterly incapable of being better than he appears, of improving his character and upping his game, while Biden might (and it’s a hell of a longshot) surprise us just a little bit. That said, I can’t bring myself to even consider voting for either one.

        • all voting means playing along with the political theatre of mass deception

        • There is within me a general disdain for Trump. A lot of shit he says and does is, okay, atrocious. But I’m not much into the whole caricature of him as the world’s worst human. He just doesn’t pull that trigger for me while I’m still burning over the evil of Obama (and sidekick Biden) and the likes of Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld.
          I can’t vote for either, either. But if we’re talking longshots, the treacherous Dems won’t leave us a snowball’s chance. At least Trump might open his mouth the wrong way or declassify something.

        • And no, , Biden won’t be doing any “growing”.

        • I agree, Newton. It’s definitely the “evil of two lessers” and I cannot in good conscience, vote for either of these two lesser human beings.

        • I mailed in my ballot about two weeks ago. I left MOST of the races unmarked. I pointedly did not vote for any Dems or GOPers even though most races were limited to one or the other. I voted for one NPA, the judges who did not run on party tickets and for or against sundry amendments to the state constitution. Naysayers can’t crab that I didn’t do my duty to cast a ballot but I didn’t vote for anyone I have no use for even if that encompassed all the candidates. There is simply no way to assess which of the candidates is the least or lesser of evils in most cases, especially when they all conspicuously lie. That “D” or “R” after their name is immediate guilt by association. I’m still a registered Dem, a carry over from when I still believed that some pols had some integrity. Obomber and Sleazy Joe cured that silly notion. You would not believe how much unbelievable bullshit and requests for money I receive from them EVERY DAY in my email account: at least 250-300 emails every day couched in every conceivable way to maximize deception, shock, fear, hysteria and demonization of the other side. Constant cajoling about my refusal to endorse or commit to their candidates or to write them a check. They were NOT rewarded with a single vote for their vile efforts. Not a single one of the dozens of candidates for US senator or governor of practically every state in the union, all incessantly begging for bucks and votes from me in Florida, was rewarded with my cash or my vote. All those dozens of parasites from California, Texas, Montana, Kentucky and a long line of other states I have no personal stake in can go scratch. Limit fundraising to your own constituency… and make that living breathing voters only, not corporations, PACS, foreigners or vassal states of Corporate America.

  • This is especially jarring given how much of a “Duh” this supposed “bombshell” is.
    Why would an energy company hire someone without a wit of experience to its board of directors? The answer is obvious – in exchange for favors. In this case that favor was access/currying favor with a US gov administration at the highest (well 2nd highest) level. Is there anyone who seriously didn’t already know what this email is supposed to show?

    Real or fake – the purported corruption is still undeniable (unlike the other stories Mrs. Johnstone mentioned)

  • Author, star and producer of “Kick Ass Conservative” has a
    message for congress, sept 29, 2020
    “Joy Villa Destroys Leftists On Diversity”

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