I’d like to tell you a folktale. It’s called “The Emperor’s New 9/11”.

Once upon a time there was an Emperor who loved war and military expansionism. He was always searching for new ways to instigate military conflicts without losing the support of the international community or waking up the populace to the fact that they’re just propagandized cogs in the machine of a globe-spanning Empire which uses endless military and economic violence to maintain its unipolar hegemony.

One day two men calling themselves Intelligence Experts came into town claiming that they had devised a wondrous new type of enemy threat that is invisible to the common folk.

“Is it as good as 9/11?” asked the Emperor excitedly. “Oh how I loved how that one allowed me to initiate a new era of military expansionism on the pretence of fighting global terrorism!”

“It’s even better!” explained the Intelligence Experts. “This magical enemy threat is comprised of Cyber Attacks which are completely invisible to public scrutiny, and you have complete control over where and when they happen. You just name a foreign government you don’t like, and we’ll say they have attacked the democracy of the Empire!”

“You mean the pretend democracy I lied to them about having?” asked the Emperor.

“Of course,” said the Intelligence Experts. “So you just name the disobedient government you want a fight with and we’ll give you your new 9/11.”

“Hmm, well I’m not very fond of the Russians,” said the Emperor. “They’ve been brazenly acting against our interests on the world stage and they keep getting friendlier with China. Let’s set to work on them first.”

So the Intelligence Experts set to work weaving their narrative about Russian Cyber Attacks. The Emperor put his mass media to work knitting together wonderful yarns of the Emperor’s wonderous new 9/11, simultaneously invisible to commoners yet outrageous and necessitating an aggressive response.


The Empire’s military budget was inflated, treaties were ended, and a new arms race was begun. Sanctions were rolled out against the Russian government, the Empire’s Nuclear Posture Review was readjusted with a much more hostile stance toward Moscow, troops were deployed and NATO was expanded. Anyone who objected to any of this was labeled Russian propaganda by the Empire.

“Oh, this is wonderful!” exclaimed the Emperor. “Let’s do Iran now! Ooh! And China too!”

“Iran and China have been attacking the Empire’s democracy!” announced the Intelligence Experts. “It’s like another 9/11!”

All was going swimmingly, until one day the Emperor was parading his new 9/11 around town for the commoners to admire.

“Oh, this 9/11 is even more impressive than the last one!” exclaimed the people. “I would happily throw my body into the gears of the war machine for it! Praise be to our mighty Emperor!”

Then one tiny voice rang out above the rest.

“But the Emperor hasn’t got a 9/11!” said a small child. “There’s nothing there at all!”

The child was immediately branded a Russian propagandist and banned from Facebook and Twitter.

It is not a coincidence that all these alleged attacks on American democracy are happening in ways that only the US intelligence cartel can see. It is not a coincidence that the US propaganda machine is constantly announcing invisible new attacks upon the nation from governments that have been longtime targets of that same intelligence cartel. It is not a coincidence that whenever these alleged attacks happen, the hard evidence that they happened is always classified.

There are all sorts of ways that a country can be attacked, but the only ways the country that is literally always at war ever gets attacked is in ways that nobody can see and we just have to take the word of the same government agencies that are responsible for the wars that they actually occurred. This is not a coincidence.

Foreign “election interference” is 9/11 minus 9/11. It gets all the same urgent media coverage of 9/11, all the same outrage and all the same demand for forceful retaliation; it just doesn’t have the fallen buildings that people can look at or the bereaved family members that you can talk to. It’s a 9/11 that is completely invisible to everyone, so we have to take the word of intelligence agencies with an extensive history of lying that they happened at all.

Meanwhile, as the US is being victimized by these attacks that only the CIA and NSA can see, the US government is harming the American people to an infinitely greater degree than Russia, China and Iran are. The US government is destroying untold millions of lives at home and abroad, but Americans are being told to worry about invisible attacks by foreign countries that have literally never done anything to them.

Don’t be a sucker. Be the child at the Emperor’s parade.


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59 responses to “Hmm… America Keeps Getting Attacked By Nations It Hates In Ways Only The CIA Can See”

  1. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    Caitlin Jonstone, you have a knack for summarizing things perfectly.
    The so-called journalists don’t even ask for examples of ‘Russian / Iranian’ misinformation. They just accept it as an article of faith and repeat the accusation as fact.

    The DNI volunteered, ‘Iran hacked servers and sent threatening emails’. Did any reporter bother to ask how many emails were sent? Since it was meant to impact voting this is relevant. It is more than a little odd that Iran would try to scare Democrats into voting for Trump. Maybe they were trying to frame the ‘Proud Boys’ to make Trump look bad but fake emails are relatively easy to discover. The Iranian plot makes no sense.

    Hmm … maybe the plot against the Michigan governor was really a successful Iranian false flag to frame innocent, God fearing, pro-Trump militia. I say, ‘FREE THE MICHIGAN SIX ! ! !’

  2. I guess it is no coincidence that Melbourne is now the epicenter of the covid crackdown, police brutality and the banishing of protests in Australia. It is the home of Julian Assange and Caitlin Johnstone.

    “PayPal Launches New Service Enabling Users to Buy, Hold and Sell Cryptocurrency PayPal Cryptocurrency”

    1. Dont use paypal so no problem.

  4. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “I’d like to tell you a folktale.”
    – Caitlin
    Here’s another folktale…
    “Daddy, why are you wearing a mask? You gonna rob a bank or something?”
    “No Kitten, I have to wear one because Doctor Fauci says we all have to.”
    “Who’s Doctor Fakey?”
    “No… Fauci, honey… Fauci.”
    “Doctor Grouchy?”
    “Never mind.”
    “So Daddy, who IS he?”
    “Some guy that we all have to believe everything he says and do everything he says.”
    “You mean like you told me… like Jesus?”
    “Never thought of that. But yeah, we have to follow him just like Jesus”.
    “So that’s why you’re wearing a mask? Did Jesus ever tell you to do that?”
    “No Kitten, He didn’t.”
    “So why are you doing it? Does Doctor Grouchy know more about things than Jesus?”
    (after a long pause)… “Don’t you wanna go outside and play or something?”
    “OK Daddy. But can you give me a mask, too? I wanna be just like you…and… is going out to play OK with Doctor What’s His Name?”

    1. Sad goofy comment about Dr. Fauci trying to make him the bad guy. Where to after this a QAnon meeting? 🙁

      1. He was making a statement of our culture to believe so called experts. If you consider that to be conspuracy material, by all means get in line for your vaccination.

      2. The right wing trolls get very hurt and upset when we protect each other by wearing masks. You don’t want to make the right wingers cry, do you?

        1. 85% of cases are by mask worshippers, so yeah, you aren’t too bright are you. Enjoy your servitude while us right wing trolls live reality.

          1. Landon Spradlin wouldn’t wear a mask, then died of coronavirus. He’s not living in reality or anything else. Because his lungs don’t work. Because masks were silly.

    2. Yep. Covid is the new 911. The rest is propaganda.

  5. The following is my response to Newton Finn’s response to my last comment. I start a new comment because I want to make pretty sure that commenters other than Newton can really let me have it more easily than they could “down below” (hope that makes some sense). What follows is my response.
    Because the one and only legal, constitutional way to remove Rs and Ds from office is by voting them out of office and replacing them with other, better parties’ candidates, number 2 is the one and only logical option for voters on Nov. 3. And that means that people have to march into voting booths on Nov. 3 and vote for other, better parties’ candidates, even though they, as you put it, don’t have a chance”.
    (A very interesting question to explore is as follows. Just exactly WHY do all of the people around us think that better-party candidates “don’t have a chance”? What if every individual in all of the group of people that I know think that every individual in this group is going to vote for an R or a D, and, for that reason alone, they THINK that they, too, must vote for one of the evils of two R or D lessers? Regardless, I must logically conclude that the present “voting situation” is a complete victory by the Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC) and their MSM and pollster employees over the vast majority of voters. The OTEC have succeeded in making the vast majority of voters “think”, “believe” that third-party candidates “don’t have a chance” and, therfore, that they, the vast majority of voters, will vote for Rs or Ds; makes no difference which.)
    However, there is a silver lining to this impenetrable political cloud that the OTEC and their employees have created in hour heads. If it makes them feel good, after the upcoming election, those who have miraculously seen through the cloud and cast their ballots for better-party candidates can still march in the streets, arm in arm, hand in hand, with all R and D voters for month after month, year after year, “helping to organize mass protest and civil disobedience to put essential pressure on the Rs and Ds” that still remain in office, just as the Yellow Vests have done in France, right up until the next election, when voters will once again be allowed to exercise their ultimate politcal power and march into voting booths to vote for ……………………………….R –Jared Kushner? or D — Hunter Biden? Now, let’s see, who do we think is the less-evil of those two lessers? Going to be a very tough choice, right, all you R-or-D-only-because-other-parties-”don’t-have-a-chance” voters? This is such a potentially serious situation that we had better start right now discussing and debating which of those two actually IS the less-evil of those two lessers! Who’s going to get the ball rolling……………..how about you, Newton …….. or how about all you “nobody should vote” people?

    1. You are absolutely correct, Ish. If the majority of American voters saw things the way, for example, that Caitlin sees them, then Jill Stein would now be seeking her second term, while being seriously challenged by another candidate or candidates with positions to HER left. My strange intuition is that the massive fallout yet to come from this pandemic–on personal, social, economic, and political levels–will be severe enough to destabilize the PTB, that some sort of yellow vest movement will begin to sweep across the USA, etc. I’m old enough to remember when the zeitgeist changed on a dime in the late 60s, seemingly out of nowhere to those of us in the middle of it, and I hope I’m young enough to see it happen again.

    2. Newton, you STILL don’t get it.
      First of all, just exactly HOW do we as individuals know that there are not literally millions of people who “see things” similarly to the way that Caitlin or your or I or many other commenters here do? HOW would we know if they did? Please tell me. For example, would/COULD you learn that from “polls”? Would/COULD you learn that from the MSM? You would have to learn that from SOMEWHERE, right? How many commenters here have been told by the aforementioned sources of information who are the many other candidates presently running for public office on Nov. 3, let alone, what their platforms are? OTEC’s MSM and pollsters are going to continue to completely ignore them, which has proven to be an extremely effective means of delivering R and D votes, even, apparently, Chomsky’s, election after election after election.
      Second, if OTEC sees that the vast majority of voters are going to continue to vote for Rs or Ds for any reason whatsoever (for example, that a Mr. Potato Head is somehow less existentially threatening than than a Tangerine Jackass (Chomsky’s argument)), OTEC will continue to provide/serve up increasingly WORSE R and D candidates, such as Jared or Hunter.
      Third, not matter WHAT “sweeps across the USA”, there is one, and only one legal way for citizen-voters to remove Rs and Ds from office — by voters voting for NON R or D candidates for public office. No. other. legal. way. Are people so well brainwashed that they are incapable of understanding even this fundamental thing (even if they believe that electing non Rs or Ds would make no difference, which they can not know because it’s never happened)?
      So the question is: are voters going to remove Rs and Ds on Nov. 3, 2020, to get rid of both D Joe and R Donald and the rest of the Rs and Ds in congress? Are they going to do that on Nov. 3, 2024 to get rid of both Jared or Hunter (or their likely equivalents or even worse). Or are they going to wait until 2028, etc.?
      No. other. legal. way.
      BTW, I am not looking forward to a future in which I have to write a thousand variations of this for the next 4 years.
      Another BTW, If and I do mean IF, voters were to elect a NON R or D POTUS, this political asteroid would NECESSARILY strike the political world as a complete surprise – astronomically more stunning to OTEC than the election of Donito Assolini. Why? Because that would indicate that the millions of voters who just might have been seeing things the way Caitlin, etc. did would have finally seen through OTEC’s brain cloud and realized that their NON R/D vote did indeed matter.

      1. Don’t you think that if there were millions of American voters who saw things like Caitlin sees them, they would be doing just what we’re doing–going on the net and finding alternative media that speak to them? Sites like Caitlin’s would be going gangbusters, and people would be persistent in finding them with a tenacity that would trump any tampering the media giants could do, short of closing down huge sections of the internet (which again, in a world in which Caitlin’s viewpoint is held by millions, would cause one hell of a ruckus). And whether or not the polls picked up on these Caitlin-like voters ahead of time, they would certainly make their presence felt on election day…unless the vote tabulating machines were rigged across the board (in which case, there could be no evolution, only revolution). But the problem, I fear, is that there just aren’t enough American voters who see things the way Caitlin sees them, only a tiny sliver at best. The vast majority of voters are content to absorb MSM propaganda, watch the election unfold like a sporting event, and maybe place a bet on the outcome by voting for one team or the other. That’s the neoliberal world we’re living in, one I suspect all the pending post-pandemic fallout might drastically change. When Thoreau was released after his night in jail and walked down the street, passing by his village neighbors, he realized that they were different sorts of beings than he was in a crucial respect: they did not propose greatly to do right, were content to live ordinary lives of quiet desperation so long as they had the comfort zone to do so. The only hope I see is that post-pandemic, that comfort zone will contract to the point where quiet desperation doesn’t cut it anymore, and if so, everything will again be up for grabs.

      2. “And whether or not the polls picked up on these Caitlin-like voters ahead of time, they would certainly make their presence felt on election day…unless the vote tabulating machines were rigged across the board (in which case, there could be no evolution, only revolution).”
        No, they would not necessarily “have made their presence felt on election day” because even if they were Caitlin-like thinkers, they would have been overcome by the fear of the greater of two R or D evils getting elected and voted for an R or a D! Again, even Chomsky is going to vote for Biden! Does that mean that he does not see the world as Caitlin does? No, it means that even HE is vulnerable to OTEC’s nice system of controlling voters.
        The only reason that I had heard of Caitlin’s site was because I read an anti-John McWar article she wrote that appeared, I think, on either RT or ZeroHedge. I would not be a bit surprised if millions of voters had never even heard of Caitlin Johnstone (let alone Tim).
        But I admit that you may be right about the number of woke folk. Regardless, the one and only legal way to remove Rs and Ds is to vote them out of office, whether that “up for grabs” behavior is forced by painful hunger or painless education. If the former leads to violent revolution and a lot of killing rather than voting for Non R and D candidates, IMO, that’s the end of us, not a wonderful beginning of Utopia.

        1. Do you really think that Caitlin would pull a Chomsky if she were an American voter? Chomsky was once a radical thinker of substance who made crucial contributions to the left. But when he flippantly trashed the 9/11 truth movement–without the slightest engagement with its voluminous, compelling evidence–he trashed his own reputation for courage and honesty. Small wonder that he’d vote for Biden. The left needs new heroes ASAP, despite all the fashionable horizontalism rhetoric. In the political arena, without leadership nothing happens, nothing works. Exhibit A is Castro, and there are others everywhere you look when history has been made, rather than merely unfolding as a natural occurrence.

        2. Voting is the only way to fix politics … not :
          voting is legal because it don’t fulfill its promises.
          Democracy only works when lying is illegal.

        3. OK, Newton, look at Venezuela, Nicaragua and, most recently, Bolivia. Those countries’ citizens had the right to vote and, by Jesus!, they elected socialists Chavez and, after he died, Maduro, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, and native Evo Morales in Bolivia. After Morales was toppled in a US-funded coup, Movimiento al Socialismo candidate Luis Arce was elected by a significant margin just a few days ago. So democratic, relatively peaceful miracles CAN happen, as long as people can somehow bring themselves to vote for them.
          Americans still have the right to vote. They should exercise that right before they “accidentally” elect an R or D who promises to eliminate that right, too.

          1. Couldn’t agree more. We’re talking past one another.

    3. Been voting for independents for a while now. This is the first election I saw only R and D for the local positions. I think the independents are giving up even

  6. The year 2020 is not boring by a long shot, Ms Johnstone!
    Walking away from narcissists inevitably invokes anger. There is too much at stake for the European Project for the annoying Brits to just walk away from it and give everyone else the wrong idea.
    So, I feel very strongly we should be watching for more signs of the same color revolution tactics on display in the United States to depose Donald Trump showing up in the United Kingdom I do not rule out an attempted coup against Mr. Johnson in the next seven weeks.
    Germany will get no help from Russia when a vindictive second-term Donald Trump tightens the screws on her even more.
    Because stop looking at polls designed to gaslight you and look at what is happening in the United States. People will walk over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump.
    The biggest worry about Joe Biden is whether he will soil his Depends.
    This article can be read here:
    The More the EU Tightens Its Grip, the More Countries Slip Through Its Fingers by Tom Luongo!

  7. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > “So you just name the disobedient government you want a fight with and we’ll give you your new 9/11.” . . .
    > So the Intelligence Experts set to work weaving their narrative about Russian Cyber Attacks. . . .
    > The Empire’s military budget was inflated, treaties were ended, and a new arms race was begun. . . .
    > “Oh, this is wonderful!” exclaimed the Emperor. “Let’s do Iran now! Ooh! And China too!”
    > “Iran and China have been attacking the Empire’s democracy!” announced the Intelligence Experts. “It’s like another 9/11!” . . .
    > “Oh, this 9/11 is even more impressive than the last one!” exclaimed the people. “I would happily throw my body into the gears of the war machine for it! Praise be to our mighty Emperor!”
    > Then one tiny voice rang out above the rest.
    > “But the Emperor hasn’t got a 9/11!” said a small child. “There’s nothing there at all!”
    > The child was immediately branded a Russian propagandist and banned from Facebook and Twitter.
    Yes, that’s a known people control technique by the powerful.
    From an interview in Hermann Goering’s jail cell during the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (18 April 1946):
    Goering: “Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.”
    Gilbert: “There is one difference. In a democracy, the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.”
    Goering: “Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”
    (Gustave Gilbert: Nuremberg Diary, 1947)
    Hermann Göring — Wikiquote
    Nils Melzer on Twitter: “A timely quote by someone who knew all about manipulating his people with war-mongering speech…”

    1. Thanks JMG. (Does that stand for John Michael Greer?)

      And people think Goering was stupid, when actually the joke is on them, and not very funny either.

  8. Ms Johnstone, the real crimals are still free.
    Ten years ago today the courage of two individuals changed the way millions view the world. A US soldier disgusted at the communications they were reading about their country’s conduct after illegally invading and occupying the sovereign nation of Iraq in 2003 leaked thousands of communications confirming US war crimes to Wikileaks.The site had been set up in 2006 to precisely shine a light on the dark manoeuvres of powerful nations. Chelsea Manning risked imprisonment by exposing war crimes. Julian Assange risked imprisonment by publishing those leaked files and exposing the lies and heinous crimes against humanity committed by the United States government and military.
    This article can be read here:
    On The 10 Anniversary Of Iraq War Logs: Bush & Blair Should be in Prison Not Assange! By Tommy Sheridan

    1. And nothing has changed. Brave individuals but nothing has changed. This hunter biden stuff is staged too. Biden wins and depose papa biden with it do kamala harris can rule. Trump wins, throw bidens to the wolves, bidens are expendable.

  9. What advice would you give to a woman you’ve known for many years who has had boyfriend after boyfriend who have abused her physically and emotionally, as well as stolen every penney that she has ever saved?
    What advice would you give to several R-or-D-only voters you’ve known for many years who do not want four more years of what they’ve been witnessing for at least the past 30 years (for example, perpeutal wars during both R and D administrations; perpetual TBTF bank/stock-market bailouts during both R and D administrations; the 1% getting richer and richer while the 99% getting poorer and poorer during both R and D administrations; more and more factories and jobs moving overseas during both R and D administrations; a two-tiered, ad hoc injustice system during both R and D administrations; medicines, healthcare and healthcare insurance getting more and more expensive during both R and D administrations, with both Rs and Ds promising that there will never be medicare for all), again, what advice would you give to those voters?

    1. I’ll take a stab at this. (1) Hold your nose and vote for the Rs or Ds who would likely do the least additional damage to you and your family and to the wider world. OR (2) vote for third party candidates who don’t have a chance but stand for some good things that you also stand for. OR (3) write in an unregistered name on your ballot which cannot be counted as a vote. Or (4) don’t vote at all and thus be written off, despite your intention to make a political statement, as either satisfied with the status quo or too apathetic to care. I don’t see any other option and usually go the third party route, but maybe you do see another option, one which I and many others would love to hear about. None of the foregoing options, of course, prevent participating in or helping to organize mass protest and civil disobedience to put essential pressure on the Rs or Ds who wind up in office in the orchestrated “election.”

      1. Good comment Newton. I am doing number two on your list of possible voting options, while sighing “here goes nothing!”

  10. It’s a tragic shame that the road back to that pre- conditioning childhood innocence that sees things as they simply are is a very long and difficult one. In that reality inheres our almost certain doom. Too bad! Sometimes reality really sucks.

    1. The vast majority of humans prefer fairy tales concocted for their enchantment to the harsh realities crying out for their attention. Thus does the pleasure principle make fools of us all, and smooth the road to dusty death.

      1. Thus do Hamlet and Macbeth shake hands with each other, and then sit down and have a good cry over the dark truth they both have discovered.

  11. There is a far more dangerous bugaboo than the US Psychopaths In Charge. The entire psyop of COVID is of the same ilk as the new and improved 9/11. Like the ongoing “election interference” psyop, the COVID psyop likewise has no visible factual evidence to support it. What makes it worse is that its a world wide psyop, and practically all nations are in on it. If one is capable of simple math, COVID can easily be discredited using their own stats. Over the past couple of months I have been extracting “cases” and “deaths” from individual reports from different areas. Divide deaths by cases, and you get an infection fatality rate that hovers around 0.016%, which falls well within the boundaries of ordinary influenza. Couple that with the fact that accepted world wide overall deaths are LOWER than the previous two years for the same time period, and one can reach only one conclusion. There is no pandemic. Which means there is an agenda in play, and it has not a single thing to do with anyone’s health. At least not their better health. What the COVID psyop is quite successfully doing is extracting what wealth is left in what’s left of the middle class and delivering it to the bank cartel and its minions in governments and corporations. They mean to make us there starving slaves, and it appears they may succeed.

    1. Yes, it’s going to be a Dark Winter. Joe says so.

    2. CORRECT see my latest ‘Permanent Detention on YouTube.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCVG_MoylS0

    3. Well, since it’s a vascular virus every bit as much as it’s a respiratory virus, highly contagious, and seeing that a high percentage of people infected and sickened with it, go on to have long-term symptomology and sometimes, heart, lung, brain, and kidney damage to name a few, I’d say the morbidity from the “psyop “ of which you speak is quite grave indeed. Even if it’s only as bad as a “strenuous flu” which it is not- it is much worse than that. I can guarantee you that you don’t want to be ones of the ones this happens to…But you go on with your pipe dream. I’m sure you find comfort in it. Just don’t be one of those younger people who doesn’t care if you pass the virus on to someone older than yourself who might die.

      1. Better idea. Stop living in fear.

      2. Ignorance about Covid does not keep people from telling us what to do. I have relatives who are nurses and they don’t think that this is at all fake. As you say, it may not be a big killer, but it is a terrible disease. There is nothing trivial about it, and cavalier attitudes about it can, like drunk driving, kill other people even if you personally are not much harmed by it. There is too much irresponsibility about this disease.

  12. In “The Trigger”, David Icke makes a persuasive case for 911 as an inside job.
    Icke makes mistakes by trusting wrong informants,
    but sometimes he gets things seriously right.
    The ramifications of “The Trigger” require a rethink so radical
    that most of consensus reality collapses.

    1. You don’t need secret plots to explain the contemporary scene. No doubt there are plenty of secret plots, but the overall course of the world’s political and economic arrangements are not something new or covert. If you look at modern history, every state that has practiced empire, that is, aggressive war and imperialism, has bankrupted itself financially, physically, and morally. It is now the turn of the United States. Besides this world-historical tendency, the self-destruction has been enhanced by the appearance of the Internet and social media, which have seriously undermined the power of the ruling class to control the flow of information among the people. Almost everything you need to know is now right out in the open. It’s hard to predict just how things will fall apart, but fall apart they will, or at least assume a very different form.

      1. Whether secret plots are necessary is a digression.
        The real test of an explanation is whether it accommodates all of the data,
        and what the ramifications do to assumptions elsewhere.
        This is not an argument in philosophy.
        Either the data which David Icke collated is true or not.
        If true, then the secrecy touching so many players remaining unblown is itself astonishing.
        What kind of force
        can impose mass abdication of loyalty to mankind ?

      2. Bravo, Anarcissie. You are one of the voices here on Caitllin’s blog which I admire. We need more people like you who are clear-headed, logical, and caring. Keep the faith, and keep posting. There is too much specious conspiracy talk here, while the big conspiracies of money and power are underestimated, while being right out in plain sight.

        By the way, you don’t need to look at “modern history” to get the lesson. I’ve been reading Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and the oligarchs were central to the evils and collapse of that empire.

        1. So “big conspiracies of money and power” are being underestimated, yet “specious conspiracy talk” seems to a complaint for you. If there is “too much” of “it”, whatever that is, do feel free to point out specifics.

  13. The whole planet has every reason to be terminally puzzled at how all those lofty Enlightenment ideals Thomas Jefferson embedded in the 1776 Declaration of Independence ended up with…Trump vs. Biden.
    This article can be read here:
    Make America Jeffersonian Again

  14. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Nothing Earth shattering here. Just more sharing.

  15. Oh, Ms Johnstone, the ” twin towers operation ” was a magnificent thing carried out by ” intelligence operatives and their brainwashed idiot assets “! We finally got the excuse we needed for ” world-wide forever wars ” to make much more weapons for yet more wars. It is a bloody honeypot for killing human beings planet-wide. We will have to come up with yet another false-flag operation soon to hoodwink the American suckers again and again. Stay tuned.

  16. In today’s America that child might get the Assange treatment.

  17. The only good thing to come out of 45’s 2016 election was the destruction of a Hillary Clinton presidency.
    I loathe Trump but witnessing this side show grifter beat Hillary was
    such orgasmic karma.

    Little did I foresee the COVID-19 Pandemic and it’s death knell brought on by mismanagement by
    Trump with the erectile dysfunction of both the House and Senate.


    The malignant narcissist boy man will be beaten by a decades old corrupt politician who is the neighborhood supercilious creeper.


    If the Donald should win re-election it will be short lived as his notorious Past will come home to roost.
    I have to laugh literally out loud because they have both been on the government’s teat either way.

    By the way if,

    2020 will usher in Biden he will also be a one termer.
    Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

    Time for drugged sleep by now.

  18. I have a well-worn placard – most recently adding: Free Julian Assange – that says:

    The US empire has no clothes.

    Good thinking, sister!

  19. Caitlin that was priceless. Be the child. No way. I dont want to get banned from the twitterverse and faceblob. Lol.

  20. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Brilliant. I read this out loud as a kindergarten teacher would read a fairy tale to five-year-olds and it was even funnier. Excellent job, Caitlin.

  21. https://youtu.be/w7sJrhYJ5aQ

    Jordan Klepper braves the viral spread of both COVID-19 and bulls**t while talking to President Trump’s die-hard supporters at a political rally in Harrisburg, PA.

    Watch new episodes of The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah Monday to Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on CTV Comedy Channel: https://www.ctv.ca/shows/the-daily-sh
    https://youtu.be/4b-dannQQ0Q JULY 4,2020
    https://youtu.be/4b-dannQQ0Q JULY 4,2020

  22. Yesterday two would-be emperors spared and entertained 300 million sheep wearing diapers on their snouts. The sheep are deciding which emperor to elect, one wears a mask, the other doesn’t and they are both full of shit. The United States needs that little boy to point them both out as ridiculous. The lockdowns are getting worse and worse in the Democratic States. I think this is because the Democrats are so desperate to trounce the Orange Clown, they have terrified their base to get them to vote for their Savior, the masked imbecile. The amazing thing is that the Democrats have finally succeeded at making Trumpty Dumpty look like a leader. It is possible masked sheep will not come out of their basements to vote and the Wizard of Bullshit will win another term.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I already voted for the Socialist Equality Party, as I do in every election. I haven’t supported the Democrats since 1992. Anyone who continues to do so is living in a real fantasy world.

      1. Ditto for republicans.

    2. It’s dangerous out there Bill:

      As the Centre for Disease Control state, the survival rate estimates for people aged 0-19 years for COVID19 is 99.997%, 20-49 years is 99.98%, 50-69 years 99.5%, and 70 years+ 94.6% respectively. And now we have a casedemic where the rates of false positives (89%-94% of positives potentially false) and the PCR test does not even test for COVID19 (See ACU, 2020).

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