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Americans Didn’t Vote Against Trump, They Voted Against More Media Psychological Abuse

The word “coup” is being thrown about in American liberal media today, not because US liberals suddenly became uncomfortable with the fact that their nation constantly stages coups and topples governments around the world as a matter of routine policy, but because they are all talking about (you guessed it) Donald Trump.

To be clear, none of the high-powered influencers who have been promoting the use of this word actually believe there is any possibility that Donald Trump will somehow remain in office after January of next year when he loses his legal appeals against the official results of the election, which would be the thing that a coup is. There is no means or institutional support through which the sitting president could accomplish such a thing. This is not a coup, it’s a glorified temper tantrum. Trump will leave office at the appointed time.

The establishment narrative managers are not terrifying their audiences with this word because they believe there is any danger of a coup actually happening. They are doing it because it’s their last chance to use Trump to psychologically abuse their audiences for clicks.


Last year the Pacific Standard published a report on “Trump Anxiety Disorder” or “Trump Hypersensitive Unexplained Disorder,” which it describes as follows:

As the possibility of a Hillary Clinton victory began to slip away—and the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency became more and more certain—the contours of the new age of American anxiety began to take shape. In a 2017 column, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank described this phenomenon as “Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder”: Overeating. Headaches. Fainting. Irregular heartbeat. Chronic neck pain. Depression. Irritable bowel syndrome. Tightness in the chest. Shortness of breath. Teeth grinding. Stomach ulcer. Indigestion. Shingles. Eye twitching. Nausea. Irritability. High blood sugar. Tinnitus. Reduced immunity. Racing pulse. Shaking limbs. Hair loss. Acid reflux. Deteriorating vision. Stroke. Heart attack. It was a veritable organ recital.


Two years later, the physiological effects of the Trump administration aren’t going away. A growing body of research has tracked the detrimental impacts of Trump-related stress on broad segments of the American population, from young adults to women, to racial and LGBT communities.


The results aren’t good.

“Trump Anxiety Disorder” has continued to feature in mass media stories to this day, right up until shortly before the election. The narrative has been that Trump is so horrible that he is somehow causing liberals to have psychological breakdowns with his awfulness.

What gets overlooked in these analyses, as is so often the case with human perception in general, is the means by which people are taking in the information that is making them so anxious–in this case the news media.

It is not Trump himself who’s been making people feel terrified of a tyrannical Russian agent ending democracy in America and ruling with an iron fist, it is years of shrieking, hysterical coverage about Trump from the mass media.

Without all the deranged and persistent fearmongering, driven by a disdain for Trump’s unrefined narrative management style and an insatiable hunger for ratings and clicks, it would never have occurred to Americans that they should be more terrified of this president than of any other shitty Reaganite Republican. The Russian collusion narrative which dominated most of Trump’s presidency turned out to be essentially nothing. The concentration camps, millions of deportations and armed militias driving non-whites out of the country that we were promised never came; he never even came anywhere close to Obama’s deportation numbers and his support from minorities actually went up. He hasn’t been any more warlike than his predecessors overall, and by some measures arguably less so. Most Americans actually reported that their lives had improved over Trump’s term before the pandemic hit.

If people had just been given raw information about Trump’s presidency, they would have seen a lot of bad things, but things that are bad in the same way all the horrible aspects of the most destructive government on earth are bad. They wouldn’t have known to be horrified and anxious and have headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. They would have handled themselves in about the same way they always handled themselves during the administration of a president they didn’t like.

Instead, they were psychologically terrorized. Made frightened, sick and traumatized by mass media pundits who only care about ratings and clicks, as was made clear when CBS chief Les Moonves famously said that Trump is bad for America but great for CBS. Dragged through years of Russia hysteria and Trump hysteria with any excuse to spin Trump’s presidency as a remarkable departure from norms, when in reality it was anything but. It was a fairly conventional Republican presidency.

In reality, though most of them probably did not realize it, this is what Americans were actually voting against when they turned out in record numbers to cast their votes. Not against Trump, but against this continued psychological abuse they’ve been suffering both directly and indirectly from the mass media. Against being bashed in the face by shrieking, hysterical bullshit that hurts their bodies and makes them feel crazy, and against the unpleasantness of having to interact with stressed-out compatriots who haven’t been putting up well with the abuse.

It wasn’t a “Get him out” vote, it was a “Make it stop” vote.

Meanwhile, another pernicious effect of making Trump seem uniquely horrible has been retroactively making his predecessors seem nice by comparison, which is why George W Bush now enjoys majority support among Democrats after years of unpopularity. Their depravity is hidden behind a media-generated wall labeled “NOT TRUMP”. And when Biden steps into office, his depravity will be hidden from view in the same way, neutering all mainstream opposition to his most deadly and dangerous actions.


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Latest comments

  • Nobody’s vote was counted, every vote was digitally synthesized by those who control, and everyone who benefits from this corruption looks the other way. Our elections are no more real than prime time wrestling. All show and no substance.

  • I can’t tell you why the majority of Americans voted for Biden, but I most certainly voted against Trump.

  • Life has so many dimensions, yet sadly politics now dominates them all.
    The most ugly thing about this society is that it lives on false beliefs, it lives on fear, it lives on greed.
    Individuals are now needed who can live freely without any political ideology.
    Because all democracy is fake, all ideology about freedom, freedom of speech, is fake.
    The whole effort of politicians is to keep you as unintelligent as possible, so that these so-called elites and their control of power are never questioned.
    So that their intentions are never questioned, their orders are never questioned.
    Otherwise it would be impossible for millions of people to be ready to believe in their stupid lies.
    From where does this urge to be fanatically committed to the fake narratives of democracy come?
    It comes from your self doubt.
    You are not sure of yourself.
    You don’t know yourself.
    You just ‘think’ you do.
    All that is needed from your side to keep you obedient, hypnotized and clueless is a fanatical belief to suppress your self doubt.
    Adolf Hitler says in his autobiography that it does not matter what you are saying, whether it is right or wrong, true or false, just go on repeating it with conviction.
    Nobody is bothered about its rationality and logic.
    How many people are there in the world who really understand what logic is, what rationality is?
    People have to pass through these stages where you need to have belief in your so-called democratic leaders.
    Belief in so-called democratic parties.
    Why do you need to have belief in crowds to feel secure?
    From this moment on, decide to be an individual.
    You can fully wake up!
    There is no need for any continued fanaticism, there is no need for any continued commitment to this laughable lie called democracy.
    Then the individual, for the first time, will not be programmed.
    Their own intelligence will be their guide.
    They will no longer accept any ideals, any discipline, any certain pattern.
    They will discover a tremendous love for freedom, so much so that they can sacrifice everything, even their own life, but they cannot sacrifice freedom.
    The new individual will not be repressive.
    They will be natural, with no inhibitions, expressive of everything that they have.
    The new individual will not have the false idea that all human beings are equal.
    They are not.
    They are unique, which is a far higher concept than equality.
    Although the new individuals will not be equal, they will have equal opportunity to develop their unique potential, whatever it is.
    There are a few individuals who want to grow into meditation, into peace, into silence.
    Ways and means will be found for the word to reach to every corner of the earth, to every human being so they too can understand.
    The word has to go out because the word cannot be crucified.
    Existence must find ways to evolve human consciousness.

  • 4 Reasons why the Democratic and Republican parties should change their symbol to either a condom or prophylactic.

    Just like the condom and prophylactic, both parties:

    1. Provide for inflation
    2. Halt production
    3. Protect a bunch of pricks
    4. Gives one a false sense of security while being screwed

  • Yes yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  • A good example is all our media lie and say Biden was elected and Trump must concede. The electors will not be chosen until Dec 14th and will not vote until January. The media can report that Biden won the vote and looks certain to win, but he has not yet. The state legislators must certify election results or no delegates are sent, so Biden could lose some awarded by CNN. This is unlikely, but it is the truth that no one in our media reports.

  • Americans voted because they were fooled by propaganda into believing that their candidate serves their interests. LOL

  • “Americans Didn’t Vote Against Trump, They Voted Against More Media Psychological Abuse”
    Actually, Americans didn’t vote against more media abuse. Americans SURRENDERED to it. They soaked up four years of corporate media toxins which fouled their brains to the point where they will do anything the corpo-crappy media tells them to. Americans have become so conditioned to the point where they now beg for media abuse.
    “Trump will leave office at the appointed time.”
    Maybe not. The Hidden Hand is benefiting greatly from all the chaos. What better way to raise the chaos to a whole new level but to find a way to enable Mister Tee to fortify himself in the Oval Office while the enraged Woked-Up Hordes find new ways to throw massive tantrums and become inflamed to dangerous blood pressure levels. Don’t bet against Chaos. It’s one of the top go-to clubs in the Hidden Hand’s golf bag.
    “If people had just been given raw information about Trump’s presidency… They would have handled themselves in about the same way they always handled themselves during the administration of a president they didn’t like.”
    Not necessarily. There was a certain maturity level reached by most Americans in years past. That is no longer the case. Most Americans today have the maturity level of a third-grader or younger. They don’t have the maturity to accept something they don’t like without blating like babies. They don’t handle anything in a mature manner anymore. Oh, they do! you might say? Where’s the evidence for that?
    “…what Americans were actually voting against… this continued psychological abuse they’ve been suffering both directly and indirectly from the mass media.”
    You can’t vote these corporate parasites out any more than you can vote out coronavirius from your body. You WILL become exposed and you very well MAY become infected. And they WILL not stop coming at you, every second of every day. Who’s developing a vaccine against the Mass Corporate Media? Don’t expect Big Pharma to take on that one. They are part of the toxins.

    • quite right Roundball

    • Well said. Too many Americans cannot recognize a full-on personality disordered individual and root for such a person in ways both overt and covert. One in 5 Americans is said to have a personality disorder, so I guess that explains it.

  • The killing of President John F. Kennedy and the United States war crime in Vietnam woke me up. This article tries to make a little sense out of all of that!
    Psychiatrist Jonathan Shay, who has worked with many veterans, describes moral injury as “a betrayal of what’s right, by a person who holds legitimate authority, in a high stakes situation.” Veteran John Ketwig writes: “I abandoned my morality….It [the war] was about corporate profits and garish stripes sewn onto a sleeve, about genocide and the screwed-up notion you can make a total stranger’s existence better by killing or maiming him.” Most American combatants quickly learned that the rural population favored the communists. Some of them even began to speculate that the US was fighting to support a Saigon aristocracy who cared nothing for the overtaxed rice farmers that made up eighty percent of the country. This made some grunts just hate and mistrust the Vietnamese more; still others began a deep questioning of why they were there. A surprising number of them would step over the line and join the demonstrators when they got home.
    This fine article can be read here:
    The War Inside the War in Vietnam by Doug Anderson

  • I agree with the person who said the best thing about the election of the career corporate grifter Biden is that everyone will shut up about Trump.

    That leaves space for conversations about real issues … like a new people’s constitution for the USA to replace the redcoat/slaver constitution of 1787 and reversing the neoliberal neocon interventionist / apartheid policies dating back to Nixon Ford Carter and worsened by Reagan and his successors…

  • I experienced truly high anxiety during the Reagan first term with the talk of nuclear warning shots and the bombing of russia will start in five minutes. I had less anxiety in the Reagan second term when he and Gorbachev were negotiating what became the INF that Trump has discarded.

    My anxiety during the Trump term was equal to the nuclear war anxiety of the Reagan first term compounded by his tax and Supreme Court nominees and his eviscerating of national parks, environmental rules, and criminal demolition of the government. Add to that the war baiting sanctions in Russia, Iran and Venezuela, the yellow peril rhetoric over China, pulling out of JPCOA and WHO and the sick slavish embrace of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist settler colony and anxiety approached that if the two week Caribbean Mussile Crisis in 1962.

    And yes the Clinton’s and Obama’s and Kerry’s and Gores of this world abandoned the working class and nothing but lip service to the FDR Kennedy/Johnson social justice programs and plowed the ground for Trump.

    Biden at least removes the daily migraine headache and the tension in my upper body and neck and shoulders is gone and my breathing has changed from shallow to deep.

    But the nightmare is not over and the AOC movement has much Labour ahead of it to keep the Tony Blair’s of the Democratic Party from accelerating the poisonous foreign and domestic policies of the us, hastening the decline of semi democracies around the world and peak species extinction from Global Heating causing Climate Disruption.

  • As a young man I was taught that lies were evil and lies were told by evil people. By extension, persistent lies are told by persistently evil people. This seems pretty simple. Perhaps what is missing in “polite society” today is our ability to denounce that which is truly evil because doing so simply would not be “polite”? Recently it appears that even the most evil and wicked of lies that are quite easily recognized as such by those of us actually willing to consider same are not allowed be denounced even in a modern, ostensibly public free forum! The guardians of evil have so well entrenched themselves in the mass media they can now simply elect to censor any effective proof of on-going evil deeds rather than let individuals decide matters for themselves, all the while they are generating and disseminating their own continuous stream of evil lies. There is a special kind of smarmy attitude on display when actors who have sold their soul to evil are playing the role of political or business leaders, newscasters, journalists and even preachers. It is basically their way of saying, “It’s a big evil liars club, we are in it, and you are not!”. If you run a grammar correction program over this it will probably tell you the words “evil” and “lies” are over used. It is my opinion that as for the general narrative, these particular words are not being used enough. Lies are an assault on the human mind trying to cope with an increasingly distorted reality as best it can. As such lies as we are talking about are quite harmful and therefore definitively evil even well before the discomfort and pain of cognitive dissonance starts setting in as the truth slowly comes into focus, as it ultimately will. Such pain and torment is created for the promotion of clicks and the selling of advertisements? Go to Hell you lying evil bastards, or as you call it, headquarters. Caitlin nails for us another one.

  • 100% agree with you about the psychological abuse by the Media. The Trump demonization & scaremongering & lying propaganda has been relentless 24/7 since the day after he won the Republican nomination. Prior to that they were almost promoting him; his tabloid star quality brought them readers & clicks.
    Personally I would like to see Trump and his team show there was fraud. That would really mess up their day for the Democrats and Liberals. I would love it….he he! (I know i shouldn’t, but I cant help it)

  • Generally I agree with what you have here. But there are two areas that I and many others find especially disturbing about 45’s policies, that you didn’t bring up and I feel shouldn’t be discounted and can’t be blamed on MSM: Covid and Environmental deregulation. Both issues will ups have been better handled if we had elected anyone else, an inanimate object or literally nothing, instead of Trump. And both induce varying degrees of anxiety throughout the populace, including some of the highest levels of concern.

  • Thanks Sister Caitlin.
    Tessa Fights Robots has a complimentary view of propaganda, with which she grew up, and which revolts her.
    This guy is the “antichrist”, if that archetype works for you. Klaus Schwab…

  • This is Wonderful! I love that you can write this kind of thing ❤️

  • Speak for yourself with that “we”. Society is already in collapse, in case you haven’t noticed. It has been collapsing since I was born 72 years ago. Proof that chaos was here was the ability of the Republican party to successfully nominate a sociopath like Donald Trump. The fact that he was elected confirmed it. And the war cow Clinton was no less power mad.

    • I concur completely, Carolyn. Too many Americans still don’t see it and instead get violently hyper partisan, officiously juvenile, and punch down instead of up like they should. Keep punching UP!

  • What would you expect when you put psychopaths with guns in charge of your affairs? All governments are guilty of the same sins, they are just in different stages of their evolution. This is why there is no such thing as good government, never has been, and never will be, unless we determine to govern ourselves. The very smallest and the by far most abused minority is the individual.

    • You are in effect agreeing with Margaret Thatcher, who famously declared that “There is no such thing as society”. Individualism is antisocial and the epitome of the capitalist thesis justifying greed and selfishness. Your perspective is abhorrent to anyone fighting for a more equal and just society for EVERYONE.

      • Of course, let’s all agree on everything, that way nothing will ever change because there are no new ideas. When your “society” is constantly assaulting you, stealing the fruits of your labor, and forcing you at gun point to agree with it, why would you not be antisocial? I’m quite social with others of like mind. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large crowds. In a free market, which you mistakenly call capitalism, the only way to gain wealth is by serving others. If you don’t provide a product or service they need or desire at a price they are willing to pay, you don’t prosper. Whether you are motivated by greed or altruism is irrelevant. What we have had for a very long time is NOT a free market. It’s fascism, controlled by the bank cartel and its minions in governments and corporate board rooms. Socialism is little different. All economies are capitalist, the difference is who controls the capital, those who create it, or those who steal it. Stealing someone’s property and giving it to someone else is not charity.

  • What would you expect when you put psychopaths with guns in charge of your affairs? All governments are guilty of the same sins, they are just in different stages of their evolution. This is why there is no such thing as good government, never has been, and never will be, unless we determine to govern ourselves. The very smallest and the by far most abused minority is the individual.

  • The vote is likely fueled by a cluster of separate and connected drivers. Americans don’t vote for someone, they vote against the other person. They vote for the economy and in this instance particularly, against issues. In addition to voting against implications of the Hunter Biden revelations, there was voting against the politicization of corona and unrest. There is a simmering outrage among those not duped by the puppet media because people are being killed close to home to advance the agendas of power. It is becoming clear to them that their own lives have no value to those who profess to have our interests at heart. The recognition that they have no heart is at last belatedly piercing through the wall of bullshit.

    The success of the manipulators is so stunning that they chose to believe in their own legend. They knew that they needed to censor and to cheat but severely underestimated the amount necessary. When their blossom dreams began to unravel on election night the ensuing pause and reset drew attention to the doings. Scrambling blindly and unprepared, they made glaring mistakes. This failure to lie and cheat by the rules is the harbinger of either an unremitting tyranny or an injurious dissolution.

    If the definition of insanity is indeed repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results then the learning curve appears prohibitively steep. And so we are once again subject to the nonsense of the morally impaired blaring their self serving blather ominously from every portal. The more things change, the more they remain the same. And the chickens have come home to roost.

  • Rock a bye latte sipper, in your Starbucks
    When your bombs fall, you spill not a drop
    When Rachel cries Russia, you just nod your head
    Now with Sleepy Joe, you can go back to bed

    • Rachel Madcow is a well-paid tool of the right-wing bourgeoisie and nothing more. She was able to rise in television-pundit land as a result of identity politics.

  • What would you expect when you put psychopaths with guns in charge of your affairs? All governments are guilty of the same sins, they are just in different stages of their evolution. This is why there is no such thing as good government, never has been, and never will be, unless we determine to govern ourselves. The very smallest and the by far most abused minority is the individual.

  • Things have reached a point in America that we have two groups which can no longer hear each other. The last time this occurred was 1840-1860. We know how that turned out. I believe this will lead to secession by states or groups of states just like before. How it plays out is the question. I also see secession in other countries as well.

    • Thanks for your comment. If you haven’t read this piece of our history, I offer it for your elucidation.
      The efforts to split our country has a history that is almost as old as itself. The globalists, aided by treasonous elements of our citizenry, have long been working to separate us.


      • Self determination is the very foundation of a free people. When the people of a region determine its in their interest to separate from others, by what authority should they be forced to remain? Before 1860 it was presumed that States had a right to secede. NY wrote it into their letter of agreement to ratify the Constitution. Lincoln bears personal responsibility for the murder of over 650,000 Americans to eliminate that fundamental right. More than all other US wars combined.

    • “Trump reflects the part of the American psyche that believes it must win – that it is entitled to win – by any means necessary. Rules are for others; the losers. Proudly breaking them doesn’t mean that you are wrong or bad. It means that you are a winner. Many countries in the world are very familiar with this aspect of the American soul”

      Titra Parsi in Veterans Today.

      Blacks whites and Hispanics all voted for this man in record numbers.

      • Don’t confuse the psyche of the US Psychopaths In Charge with that of its people. True, they are gullible enough to go along with much, but being innocent of such insanity they don’t comprehend how truly evil those psychopaths are. They largely have no idea what is really going on. Such is the case with most nations. The difference being in their stage of evolution, or their abilities. What sane person would put a gun to their neighbors head and force them to do this or not do that? They won’t, but they will go along with the Psychopaths In Charge who do. Because they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • I came of age during the decade of assassination. The ensuing continuation of ‘manifest destiny’ by global military and industrial expansion has been supported by a military PSYOP on the American people and certainly with help from their global partners. Peeking under the illusionary blanket of security against the ‘boogie man’ reveals a chimera of falsehoods. We all know that. Trying to understand our place in this farcical, scripted, and toxic dialog spewed by a hydra can be confusing, and spiritually and physically exhausting. It is a toxic world filled with venomous double speak. I can’t label any particular issue that presents the nub of the present political dramatic moment. Suffice it to say ‘cause and effect’ is at work here. Trying to stay centered can be a chore. Trying to stay aloof of it all is like trying not to ‘rubber neck’ at the train wreck that is our civilization. All of the political junkies that talk of a ‘coup’ have to understand that the coup d’ etat happened 0n 11-22-63. Ever since then there has been a PSYOP being run on Americans. The trouble with Americans is most of us don’t know our history as well as the rest of the world knows it.
    America has been a Banana Republic since 11-22-63. Remember #35. Trying to let go is extremely difficult. I try to remind myself daily that “a bottle can be only so full, and when it is full of self, there is no room for anything else”.
    And, “when we are holding on to the lower it is harder to reach for the higher”. Don’t forget, “nature bats last”.

    • History has been rewritten so only the old know the truth. Dont you wonder how much of the history you learned as a kid was also rewritten. Of course it is much easier now in the digital age. Also condider, when the power grid fails we will go back 100 years overnight. All information lost. It is coming, the rise and fall of humanity.

      • E verything M aybe P lanned

    • Perceptive comment, George, and thank you for it. You’re so right about the coup and when it started, back when I and others of my age were oblivious to the larger world, preoccupied with being or not being popular in high school. “Trying to stay aloof of it all is like trying not to ‘rubber neck’ at the train wreck that is our civilization.” Well put. In my declining years, I have found that the most effective way for me to stay aloof from the train wreck is to focus on the big picture, the meaning of life, the struggle to meet its daily challenges with diminishing strength and energy. And I might be fooling myself, but I have found reason for hope in big picture thinking. The stars MAY be aligning, pushed even more into place by the pandemic, for that evolutionary step forward that humanity must take or perish. I won’t be here to see whether this hope is prescient or forlorn, but I’m grateful I can go out clutching it.

      • Congratulations on your optimism. A difficult thing to achieve of late. I haven’t acquired it. Maybe later, if there is a later. No offense but, “pessimist is a word created by optimists to describe realists.”

        • It was Albert Schweitzer who convinced me that we’re in the mess we’re in precisely because of “realism” and its realpolitik, which has brought us two world wars, an impending third (and final) war, and a war being currently waged against nature (called ecocide). The opposite of realism is idealism, which is where I choose to make my final stand. It’s a lonely one, of course, in the midst of dystopia, to which most of us have become–however uncomfortably, despite railing against it–resigned and inured.

  • Trump actually increased his vote by 11%, an increase of about 8 million from 62 million votes in 2016 to very nearly 71 million (at the last count). America didn’t vote against Trump and reject him at all, he is massively more popular now than he was in 2016. However, somehow all those mail in ballots favoured Biden and now the narrative is being managed by the MSM to try and convince the world that Biden actually won fair and square. Please Catlin, apply your own principles to this one, this isn’t an election, it is yet another narrative management exercise.

      • US elections don’t matter. We want to know what the Deep State does behind political theatrics. Can you search behind the fascade and write about that, Caitlin?

          • Most of the names you write about refer to puppet figures and political activities in the public domain. Can you investigate and expose the names and activities of elite reclusive globalists who really control the world. Please expose their hidden agendas and the clandestine work of the Deep State’s psychopathic agents, not their puppet spokesmen and women.

      • Exactly right, Caitlin. But the “Vote was Stolen!” nutters want to put bullets into the bodies of people for simply wearing a mask, because they (maskers) are perceived as “the enemy.” This country and most of its people have gone verily ‘round the bend. If you tell them what you just said here, which I myself have also told an individual today, they won’t even comment on it except to repeat their “the election was stolen” narrative, over and over, and over again. They are truly a lost cause. And though Biden still sucks “bigley,” that doesn’t placate them either….they have a head like a rock. Wonder how many crazies will descend on Washington this weekend for their temper tantrum march.

      • When choosing between the lesser of two evils; what is the driving force?

        • I would say the direct impact, as you perceive it, of one evil as opposed to the other on you and your loved ones.

  • Ms Johnstone, The United States general public is in a protracted ” coma ” concerning the ” misdeeds ” its own government continually does to the American people. Manipulating our elections is just one small tip of the gigantic iceberg of corruption running this sick country. Donald Trumps legal team might not prevail; but they are sure to open up some eyes and minds of some of the population. Our government is way beyond depraved; it needs to be leashed ASAP!

  • ‘It wasn’t a “Get him out” vote, it was a “Make it stop” vote.’
    Aren’t they just two sides of the same coin Caitlin?
    The SQUIRM factor of watching and hearing Trump was uncomfortable, unbelievable and believable all at the same time.
    His absurd statements and tweets, his posturing and his expressions were an in-our-faces microcosm of everything that is wrong with the US.
    Biden is Reagen rehashed.

  • A most convincing and interesting perspective. Thank you.

  • Caitlin, what is it with all the verification picture puzzles to solve? Do you actually need more security than paypal or a bank?? I have to carefully go through between 4 and 9 set of these before I can usually post. Sometimes I just give up.
    You seem to over look all the damage trump has done ,gutting important agencies like the epa and many others with his swamp creatures.Taking us out of the paris acccord,global gag order etc,etc. While I agree with much of what you say, you gloss over a lot.!

      • So true. All people can talk about is paris accord, climate change, but no talk of clean air, clean water, just bad bad CO2. What happened to media coverage of environmental battles in court or greenpeace efforts. Gone Gone Gone. Buried under the climate change mantra.

        • Which is the purpose of “climate hysteria”, to distract from far more immediate environmental factors. I suspect, though I’m not willing to invest the time and effort to research it, that a great deal of “climate change” funding comes from the culprits of these immediate factors. like Bayer, DuPont, and Archer Daniels.

        • Barring some societal collapse, we know that they will…come for it all. If it has value…it will be exploited. Why are people so shocked and “let down”? We know what we’ve been and who we are. Prepare accordingly.

          • Speak for yourself with that “we”. Society is already in collapse, in case you haven’t noticed. It has been collapsing since I was born 72 years ago. Proof that chaos was here was the ability of the Republican party to successfully nominate a sociopath like Donald Trump. The fact that he was elected confirmed it. And the war cow Clinton was no less power mad.

    • i thought i had it bad, having to do through 2 or 4. i still don’t know what they are for really.

      • Somebody has done something. I’ve seen an improvement. The problem I have with it is selecting which image has what when the image quality is so poor one can’t make out what’s in it.

  • This is a timely release of the stress pressure. Thanks, Caitlin!

  • Well, we are well and truly down the rabbit hole here, folks. Caitlin blames the messenger MSM for carrying the 22,000 lies spewed by the arrogant con man Trump, and her audience corrects her for not swallowing the lies and for not proclaiming them lip-smacking good. If it weren’t for the very occasional well-turned phrase, there’d be no point at all in subscribing to this circle jerk.

    • oddly, you didn’t mention the incessant lies about trump from people like rachel maddow, which is mostly what her article is about. if i had to guess, and why not, you believe the russiagate horsecrap. and no, i am not a trump fan, nor am i russian.

      • Thats because he believes it.

  • I think you badly misfired here. Your frame of reference is the echo chamber of the MSM. People nowadays see what they are told to see, not what they actually see.

    What we all saw was a dog race. In one gate a vibrant greyhound; in the other a still-born. We are told by MSM that the still-born would win and, in fact, did won, really coming on strong in the wee morning hours.

    We all saw the Biden rallies were having a tough time filling a couple dozen crop circles; Trump had 5,000-strong boat parades, and 96-mile-long truck caravans.

    And you want to suggest Trump didn’t trounce Biden at the polls? That this was a close election? This is a global gaslighting. And your narrative plays along.

    One has to be blind to the attempted theft, the massive theft, by the Democrats. This has been nothing short of treason.

    • Jerry, perhaps you’re familiar with a highly infectious disease called the COVID-19 coronavirus? Perhaps you’re also familiar with communicating via devices such as televisions and the internet, rather than in person?

      Simply because Biden did not hold large, in-person rallies does not mean that he was not popular. Similarly, simply because Trump and his campaign apparently cared not one whit for the lives of his supporters and continued to hold rallies without any social distancing does not mean that Trump was more popular.

      • Yep, they’re making all the mail-in votes the issue and that somehow, it’s all illegitimate. I live in a state that has voted by mail for over two decades. We love it. You get your ballot a couple weeks before the election, have time to fill it out properly, drop it into either the mail, or a secure ballot box sprinkled throughout our fair city. It’s perfectly lovely and entirely without fraud in every way. We wouldn’t give it up for anything. States who don’t have this fine feature were at a disadvantage in counting in a timely manner. And with such an enormous turnout, they were deluged with ballots they often could not count, by law, until the votes cast the day of the election were counted first. Biden won. No fraud. And all the goons are talking “civil war,” “slaughter” and “blood in the streets.” It’s appalling and very much like they’re wishing for it. Shameful. Depraved. Sickening. Biden wasn’t my first choice. But he did win and we will transition to his presidency come January, whether the criminals Pompeo, Trump, et al, like it or not.

    • wait, trump is a vibrant greyhound? when they decide to use boat parades to decide elections, get back to me.. what i saw was a fat, waddling poodle vs a sleep chihuahua that occasionally woke up to bark unconvincingly.

      • The majority saw what you saw, Pretzel, and went with the chihuahua. If there were a prize for the most ludicrous description of Trump, ML’s “vibrant greyhound” would win it hands down.

        • Apologies to ML. It was Jerry’s greyhound, not ML’s. Getting so old I can’t even keep the columns straight.

          • Hello dear Newton. Quite alright. Cheers.

          • Hello, dear Newton. Quite alright. Cheers.

  • “. . . to psychologically abuse their audiences for clicks.”

    Clicks? I thought it was for kicks. My bad.

    Great article, Caitlin. My chief concerns about Trump (aside from the fact that he’s an unrepentant asshole) were centered around his environmental policies. His rollback of environmental regulations likely set the country back a decade or more in terms of fighting environmental destruction, global heating and climate change. Trump was afforded the opportunity to be the best president in U.S. history; instead, he chose to be the worst. I’m not holding my breath in the expectation that Biden will be any better.

    • It would be nice to have a real populist instead of a demagogue. Unfortunately, the vast potential of conservative populists always seem to prefer an exclusionary demagogue to an inclusive populist. If we could just crack that nut. But then that’s exactly what is most feared and opposed by the vast wealth and power that runs the world.

    • Don’t disagree with the environmental damage Trump caused, but Caitlin’s correct in characterizing it as largely cosmetic. Do disagree about who had the opportunity to be a great president and squandered it. Not Trump but Obama.

      • This! Obama really was the last straw…the last time we will ever be somewhat united. What happened? And don’t give me the “…but he was blocked by Republicans”. What happened was that we were tricked…again…for the billionth time. It’s probably not Obama’s fault. He was never the savior we projected onto him, so I try not to hold any personal grudge against him. However, I hope he, his supporters, and the powers that be understand that he was the last straw. It’s coming down now: https://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2020/11/watch-this.html

      • Obama certainly squandered his opportunity; too; Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on squandering.

  • Yup, it’s so bad here that I haven’t turned on a television or radio in over a decade, don’t read anything from the mainstream media, no magazines other than science and even there, the lies, disinformation, the not so hidden agendas, that too is limited; really, nothing but absolutely filthy lies. Next I suspect we’ll be told that one plus one is actually three, the lies have no boundaries.

  • Well Caitlin, I believe you actually have this one wrong. I live in the States, and I am just about positive that many of those court cases will not be thrown out. It appears as though Trumps team is correct, and that an extensive voter fraud scheme is being uncovered. Just a heads up, I have been following you awhile. Do not believe anything from MSM. Things are going to get intense over here, don’t forget the popcorn!

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