After weeks of speculation and desperate hopes that Donald Trump might be preparing to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and/or WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before leaving office on January 20th, what the latest round of presidential pardons has delivered is about as far from that as you can conceivably imagine.

“In an audacious pre-Christmas round of pardons, President Trump granted clemency on Tuesday to two people convicted in the special counsel’s Russia inquiry, four Blackwater guards convicted in connection with the killing of Iraqi civilians and three corrupt former Republican members of Congress,” the New York Times reports.

I probably don’t need to tell my regular readers this, but a Trump pardon for Assange and Snowden is almost certainly not in the cards. Trump has done nothing but protect the imperial status quo the entire time he’s been in office and a pardon for either of those heroic government transparency advocates would be a deviation from his established patterns unlike anything he’s ever once demonstrated while in office. It’s good to pressure politicians to do the right thing even when they probably won’t, but it’s a safe bet that he won’t.

Trump’s entire term has revealed that virtually everyone, all across the US political spectrum, has been wrong about him. And it’s a testament to the power of media echo chambers that for the most part they remain just as wrong about him as they were four years ago.

To this day, even after four years of evidence to the contrary, Trump supporters still believe their president has been ending the wars, draining the swamp, and fighting the Deep State. They believe he’s fighting the Deep State even after he imprisoned Assange. They believe he’s ending the wars even as he’s ramped up cold war aggressions against Russia, killed tens of thousands of Venezuelans with starvation sanctions, vetoed attempts to save Yemen from U.S.-backed genocide, is working to foment civil war in Iran using starvation sanctions and CIA ops with the stated goal of effecting regime change, occupied Syrian oil fields with the goal of preventing Syria’s reconstruction, greatly increased the number of troops in the Middle East and elsewhere, greatly increased the number of bombs dropped per day from the previous administration, killing record numbers of civilians, and reduced military accountability for those airstrikes. They believe he’s draining the swamp after packing his cabinet with establishment swamp monsters.

To this day, even after four years of evidence to the contrary, liberals are still convinced that Trump is a servant of Russia who has spent his term advancing the interests of Vladimir Putin. They believe this even as he’s been shredding treaties with Russia, bombing the Syrian government and arming Ukraine (both of which Obama refused to do), many sanctions and many other escalations directly against the interests and safety of Russia.

To this day, even after four years of evidence to the contrary, many on the left still continue their frequent claims that Trump is a uniquely fascistic or Hitler-like president, despite his having far fewer deportations than Obama had. And despite the fact that he will with absolute certainty leave office on January 20th after losing an election.

All sides pretended that Trump was a radical deviation from the norm, and so did Trump, when all he actually did throughout his entire time in office was protect the status quo just like his predecessors did. As writer and activist Sam Husseini recently put it, “Trump is the opposable thumb of the establishment. He looks like he’s on the opposite side, but he just helps it grab more.”

After four years everyone–left, right and center–has been proven wrong about Trump. He was neither a uniquely evil monster (he was indisputably not even as bad as Bush), nor a populist hero draining the swamp and fighting for the common man against the Deep State.

In actuality Trump’s term has clearly established what he really was this entire time: he was a US president. Better than some, worse than others, but also deeply awful all around since he voluntarily served as the face of the most evil and destructive force on earth, namely the United States government. He was the same kind of monster as his predecessors.

Trump was a US president of fairly average depravity, with a truly massive overlay of narrative heaped on top of him by partisan media on all sides. In reality he was pretty much what you’d get if you took any average American Fox News-watching boomer who yells at Obama on TV, made him rich, and then made him president.

That’s what Trump is and has been. Nothing more extraordinary than that. It is only the effectiveness of echo chambers and the human tendency to prioritize narrative over factual data which prevents more people from seeing this.

And now he is leaving, with his imaginary crimes still held as real and his actual crimes completely ignored. Humanity will not be able to create a healthy world until we find a way to transcend our unhealthy and delusional relationship with mental narrative which so easily obscures our perspective of what’s really happening.


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134 responses to “Everyone Was Wrong About Trump”

  1. Actually Trump is trying to pardon Assange, but McConnell is set on blocking him. Not sure if he can or not.

  2. What’s with all the Christ-inanity on here these days? Are we not glad our atheist brothers are staying on topic in this forum, instead of strutting their beliefs?

    I’m afraid Johnstone is under the impression that the president is in charge of policy and is allowed to actively pursue an agenda of his own. That’s okay, I am nearly certain Mr. Trump thought the same when he acceded to the office. Otherwise, he could never have pulled off the few line items his stubborn ignorance did accomplish.

    The short list of things done in the American interest under Trump (despite the fact that he is an ass clown, despite the fact that he is steeped to the gills in the same social darwinist propaganda played nightly to each of us in our sleep):
    – Killed the TPP. Wait ’til you see what Biden’s puppeteers write to replace it.
    – Restarted the American steel industry with tariffs ending Chinese predatory pricing. This effort will be reset before spring, to the detriment of us all. (I’m not anti-Chinese, but I am against predatory pricing, which China is certainly doing with the all-but-expressed intention of demolishing our industrial base.)
    – Resisted the pressure for new regime change interventions overseas, against the unanimous clamor of political, military, and press opinion.
    – Horrified both Democrat and Republican political “leadership” by actually countermanding the predator class’s demand for a constant stream of undocumented labor; labor that dares not ask for a living wage, or worker protections.

    It is undeniably true that Mr. Trump is too self-important, too self-involved, and just too damn small for the job. But he was most certainly a horrid, stinging surprise to a system that vets its candidates for conformism and sycophancy before giving them permission to run. Consider the system’s investment in Hillary, and think how much deep state, militarist, and finance industry feces she has loyally consumed over the years.
    Trump, in contrast, has a working-class, pollyanna vision of American history playing in what passes for his mind, combined with the manners of a Jersey gangster. His corruption is small-time, penny ante corruption, the kind that is anathema to the system because it does not flow in approved channels. He snuck into office through a back door in the political process with his silly notions about America and American interests intact. (Not silly to you and me, perhaps, but definitely so to the political class.)

    “His” administration mostly held course with the previous ten because of the system’s inertia. He actually thought he was going outside the system to hire all those advisors from Wall Street and the military industry; yes, he was that naïve. That “run the country like a business” propaganda has him as much by the mental gonads as it does any of the “free market cum tyranny” suck-ups on the right. He was immediately cast in the role of fascist authoritarian by the fascist authoritarians precisely because he was not under the direct and personal control of his betters, as all presidents must be.

    In late 2016, global capitalism’s Fantasy Politics crowd conjured a “white supremacist movement,” a “movement” that has never mustered more than a few dozen people for any event, anywhere on earth. The sudden resurgence of feral, cross-eyed lynch mobs roaming everywhere except in view, together with the risibly inventive Russiagate narrative, are all the explanation right-thinking people needed for Hillary’s demise. “White supremacists” are now used to smear and dismiss dissent from every corner, except for last summer’s nascent civil rights revival, which had to be derailed by hired thugs committing staged mayhem for the cameras.

    Using Trump and Covid as foil, globalist interests have successfully transmuted the frustrated flailing of an uninformed and misled populism into a huge regression in civil rights across the west. Once they have Trump’s clown car out of the ring, we will all soon remember how much more horrifying things can be with truly committed racist warmongers in charge. In the future, if there is one, keeping Hillary out of office will no doubt be seen as Trump’s chief contribution, and it will be more than enough to set him apart.

  3. Yes “Trump has done nothing but protect the imperial status quo the entire time he’s been in office.” I predicted that nearly 5 years ago after reading several journalists who investigated his corruption and exposed his psychopathic personality.

    1. Lots of people, especially those who live in New York, had Mr. Trump’s number a long time ago. The fact that in some ways he seemed better than the alternatives shows you how awful the alternatives were. But I guess that’s what people like because they keep supporting and voting for them.

    2. Sure. But when someone says “psychopathic personality” the question is not black and white. The question is how psychopathic is he compared with the other candidates and people in power. And the answer is probably lower than average…

  4. Actually not. was out there all alone

  5. GOP lawmaker claims “Trump is listening to the many of us who are urging him to #PardonSnowden”
    The NSA whistleblower has used his platform to pressure the president to pardon someone other than himself: Assange
    By Jessica Corbett
    December 26, 2020

  6. As a reminder my book, “The Tomb in the Garden: The First Easter and a Gospel of Jesus” is now available at no charge from the Amazon online bookstore and will be through December 28.

    1. Brother, I am willing to believe there actually was a bastard carpenter from Nazareth who tried to set his people free from their psycho monster god and its idiot rule book. And had he foreseen how quickly his anarchist revelation would be perverted into yet another predatory religious cult, I am sure he would have drowned himself in Galilee, rather than walk across it. If you had a scrap of respect for Jesus, never mind for Jim, you would not make merchandise of him here. Please reconsider. Thank you, and yes, we are brothers, and yes, this is love talking.

      1. It sounds like it is hatred born of ignorance talking.
        And no, Alan, you are not my brother.
        If anyone here other than Alan wants to know what is in my book send a request to me at and I will send you a free pdf copy of the ms.
        (I exclude Alan from this offer since he already knows everything which he considers worth knowing about the subject.)

        1. I was memorizing whole books of the bible at six, and I studied it every day of my life until I was over fifty. Then the shell cracked and the daylight streamed in.
          If you had not had your infant brain immersed in that nonsense before you learned to think, your thinking would be a deal cleaner, brighter, and healthier.
          In contrast to the hatefulness of evil cults, brotherhood in the real world is neither earned nor deserved, but a birthright. Here’s hoping you find your way out, brother.

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Thank you Jim – I would never use Amazon but I did find a copy on archive[-dot-]org. I hope you don’t mind. I had not encountered you before so I look forward to reading your work (in due course). I have no idea what to expect but obviously you have put a lot of time and effort into researching and publishing the material. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. Anagram/lexigram Julian get Angel Jesus. I’ve left pointers before. But here’s the newest anagram/lexigram, STELLA MORRIS…you get RASTRILLEMOS. As it turns out, it’s a Spanish word meaning, get this… LETS RAKE. This shit just keeps getting better. We’ll now use it in a sentence. The farmer racked th soil to LOOSEN THE WEEDS. Pfffft…what’s going on here. Am I the only one seeing this.

    1. Jan – lexigram ain’t a word at least according to Merriam Webster. As for anagrams, have you ever tried to do them with phone numbers? Have you ever taken something from its back to its front and turned it upside down to explore what it meant? if it means the same forward and backward, then I think that has some meaning, but my Lord knows some things mean more than that.
      I’ll tell you this – the ripples of the Julian Assange travesty will run far in 2021. In fact, it is a big reason why that year is gonna be the year of reckoning. Serious reckoning is what I think with a lot of ignominy being exposed as it should be. Let the ignominious ones suffer the pain they have caused and let the suffering be personal and up close and equivalent to that which they have caused: meaning – they will suffer much.
      Personally, I hope the man (Julian Assange) gets relief in a safe house, but the practical side of my brain says that most likely he will die in prison or when he is extradited for telling the truth. Let me tell you, that makes my blood boil. If that happens, there will be consequences far and wide. it won’t be perty cause if you die for telling the truth then there are consequences. Ask Jesus about this.
      (text deleted)

      1. I’m almost positive that you are right about 2021. Have you read my other comments. Ok anagram Julian Assange you get Angel Jesus. Pointers, hair as white as snow, meek, his mother’s name is Christine, his sons name is Daniel…we all know what Daniel does “revelation”. Knew his father not, he is a Leo, it’s said that when he comes he will be seen by all at once “internet”? His youngest son’s name’s are Gabriell and Max ( meaning sun). He said that he can walk around the internet like GOD himself. Anyhow recently though to anagram Stella Morris, lo and behold there was something to it. Oh, I got the lexigram word from Linda Goodman’s book I think it was about words names and numbers. I’m recalling another interesting thing i remember about mobile phone numbers..they all add up to 9. I tried it and it worked, but not with all mobile numbers I tried. I shall definitely try the backwards upside down thing. We’re definitely living in exciting times. I’m sure we’ll see UFO’s very soon as well. My father a complete non believer in new age thing’s seen one coming out of the ocean in the 92 Gulf war. They were running by night in the US Zedco 471 oil rig when it happened. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be staying tuned.

        1. You seem pretty harmless, friend, but I’d like for you to know that there are medicines for this kind of thing.
          The problem is that “finding” imaginary lexical and numerical links between unrelated matters a self-reinforcing habit that draws one farther and farther afield. You don’t have to go there. Help is available.

          1. Play nice, friend.

          2. Well I think you should tell the cabbbalists that, since most if not all of our leaders are of the same cult

          3. Well I’m sure you know the occult uses these things 24/7

  8. I wasn’t wrong about Trump. So there, you are wrong.
    Not everybody was fooled and some of us have been biding our time.
    Can’t wait for 2021. I plan on being a mean SOB.
    Now, out of respect for Mr. Water’s contribution to CN, here is a video for your pleasure (it ill be at the bottom – please don’t eff with me….I’m not playing around).
    the bottom:

    Happy New Year’s to one and all!

  9. Where have all the cowboys gone?

    Bill Binney talks about Seth Rich and Election Fraud
    Well, on his way out Trump will surely have some things to harp about.

  11. I am really curious what is going to replace Trump Derangement Syndrome after he leaves office. Will they continue to rage on for another four years blaming everything that happens on Trump. Will be interesting to seebhow this develops.

    1. It will be Biden Derangement Syndrome. This is the syndrome that says Biden’s derangement is no big deal, so get over it. Doesn’t matter what kind of atrocity he commits in his brain-fogged state. He’s fine. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

    2. Gee, I’d predict “both” “parties” will march in lockstep per establishment orders while pretending to be in contention, as they’ve done without fail every second of the forty years I’ve been watching.
      As for what nonsense they’ll sell the conformist set to keep them riled this time, what does it matter? If the propagandists told us that Putin had cut off and eaten Hillary’s head, she could verify the charges on video the next day, head and all, and the average college grad would take it on slack-jawed, mouth-breathing faith.

  12. Most of us are familiar with those political orientation Q&A tests on various websites, which purport to position you, based upon your answers to a series of question, somewhere on the far right to the far left spectrum. Often, they throw in another dimension with authoritarianism at the top and anarchism at the bottom or vice versa. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people who play the game find out that they’re somewhere in the middle of the extremes both horizontally and vertically. For those like me for whom this game has gotten old or wasn’t worth playing to begin with, I offer, as a holiday present, my own Q&A test to help you determine your position on the political grid. And the best part is that there’s only one question, asked solely in reference to the poor and needy among us, those with the short end of the stick, the so-called “least of these.” So with those folks and only those folks in mind, here’s the single question I invite you to ask yourself: What bothers me more, what really presses my button–someone not getting something they deserve or someone getting something they do NOT deserve?

    1. The poor you will always have with us., matthew 26:11

    2. Someone getting something they do not deserve bothers me more, but it is all on a spectrum ain’t it Newton?
      There ain’t no black and white.
      Here is another link for a more full set of questions for the interested reader:
      Here is where I ended up on this “test”.
      (oh, sorry image won’t post, but I was in the middle of the “green box” on the lower left.
      A “Left” “Libertarian” is what I am according to this test. Hm. Maybe, maybe not. Some tests are flawed and we should all know this. False positives and false negatives make some test almost worthless, but not all tests give a yes or no answer and we ain’t getting graded here are we?
      By the way. The most recent Covid is just another common cold. It is gonna mutate and we might as well get accustomed to it, but after awhile it will not be a big deal. Some other things though are coming to a reckoning and I’m thinking 2021 is the year for that.
      2020 was the year of peace and 2021 is the year of reckoning. I hope your are ready. I am.

      1. are you fucking retarded or something?

    3. Can i answer both bother me the same..

  13. ****** FREE LEONARD PELTIER *****

  14. To whom it may concern: Permission is hereby granted to grant full, unconditional pardons in an unequivocal manner to both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange in recognition of their respective services to humanity. Nobel prizes are also recommended, immediately if not sooner.

    1. Lloyd wrote:
      > Nobel prizes are also recommended, immediately if not sooner.
      “Dear Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee,
      “We wish to nominate Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, in honour of their unparalleled contributions to the pursuit of peace, and their immense personal sacrifices to promote peace for all.”
      — 17 Members of the German Bundestag, January 31, 2020
      Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize — Defend WikiLeaks — Feb 6, 2020

      1. 2021:

        February 1 is the deadline for submission of nominations.

    2. I think if Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, then it makes perfect sense that Snowden and Assange are in orison.

      1. Khatika wrote:
        > I think if Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize . . .
        “Aftermath . . .
        “Obama has been at war for longer than any other president in US history.
        “The secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Geir Lundestad, said in 2015 that awarding the prize to Obama failed to achieve what the committee hoped it would. ‘Even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake,’ he says. ‘In that sense the committee didn’t achieve what it had hoped for.’”
        2009 Nobel Peace Prize

        1. Is that what wikipedia will say in 10 years. Jailing assange and snowden did not acheive what they hoped for.

  15. Just my two cents!
    Trump was a disaster becoming POTUS, he is a disaster leaving as POTUS, now let this despicable person spend the rest of his life in costly litigations, a fitting exit of the worst President of the US ever.

    1. He is just a variation on the rest. Paint the house a new color does not make it a new house. Each president says they will make changes then quietly continue the really important policies of the predecessor. The things like immigration, environment, education etc are just things they use to make you think they are different.

  16. So many geopolitical experts, mind readers and in touch with all of the pieces to the strategic puzzle and so little time.

    You take the two whistleblowers – hang your entire ‘case against Trump’ on a single issue, all the while pretending you can read his mind and at the same time juggle every single operational and strategic decision knowing every asset and liability at his fingertips – then pronounce judgment while ignoring a mountain – a literal mountain of facts.

    Dunning-Kruger effect on steroids

    Moronic and you do not even know it

  17. Daniel 12:1

    And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:

    and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time:

    and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

    John 1:5

    And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness has never been able to put it out.

  18. So this is Xmas
    And what have you done…
    — John Lennon

    Happy Xmas (War Is Over! If You Want It)

    1. Amazing. War is Over is categorised “by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” Soon it’ll be deemed an act of terrorism to mention it.

    2. Ian, yes, censorship is aggressively spreading around the world now. However, censorship of images showing the real consequences of war on people basically started during George H. W. Bush’s Gulf War, with even a ban on returning coffin photos, etc., because that truth had greatly contributed to end the Vietnam War.
      “Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world.”
      — Pulitzer Prize winning Vietnam War photographer Eddie Adams
      “The specter of Vietnam has been buried forever in the desert sands of the Arabian peninsula.”
      — President George H. W. Bush, 1991, celebrating the Gulf War
      Vietnam war photographs got Pulitzer Prizes. Now, war photographs get censorship.
      “Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nick Ut . . . he’s best known for the 1972 image of a little girl, running away from a village that had just been bombed with napalm by the South Vietnamese army. In it, she runs, terrified and crying, along with other children, away from the fires, her clothes burned off and her body wracked with third degree burns. This photo, which Ut had titled The Terror of War, helped swing public opinion decisively against American military involvement in Vietnam.”
      The shot that ended the Vietnam War
      “How ‘Napalm Girl’ shocked the world.”
      The True Story Of Phan Thi Kim Phuc, The “Napalm Girl”
      “From Malcolm Browne’s photograph of the burning monk to Nick Ut’s picture of a nine-year-old girl running from a napalm attack, the Associated Press’s Saigon bureau captured the realities and tragedies of the Vietnam war. AP won six Pulitzer prizes for its war coverage, four for photography.”
      Vietnam: The Real War — in pictures
      On the other hand, note that this corporate media video of the 2017 Shayrat missile strike isn’t censored:
      Brian Williams is guided by the beauty of our weapons in Syria strikes

  19. This is wonderful. The London African Gospel Choir singing “Something inside so strong” for Julian Assange in front of Belmarsh prison last night (apologies if it’s already been mentioned).

  20. Nobody among the politicians will ever pardon Mr Assange or Mr Snowden of course because no politician come to power without being approved by the elites.

    And the elites have decided that those gentlemen have to be “examples” for the rest of the population.

    We are truly living in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus. Decadence is everywhere.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.
      —Isaiah 59:15 (KJV version)

  21. IMHO you have some blind spots when it comes to Trump. The similarities of him and Hitler are glaring.
    The cult leader.
    Brown Shirts (militia, Proud Boys, Rittenhouse).
    Attempting to cling to power extrajudicially.

  22. Not everyone was wrong about Trump. By mid-April 2017 I could see Trump was a Deep State minion…and would not keep his promises.

  23. I have returned this one time because I feel an obligation to make something publicly known. Hopefully the more widely known it is the less likely it is to happen.
    I am borrowing from comments found at MoA.
    No matter how Alexei Navalny dies now a significant portion of the US and EU population will believe that Putin is personally responsible. Vilifying Putin, and by extension Russia, has value to the US empire. If Navalny’s value to the United States as a dead man whose death can be blamed on Russia rises higher than Navalny’s value as a living “opposition figure” then the US (CIA goons) will kill him and the Mockingbird mass media will sing in chorus “Putin did it!”
    Navalny will never be able to operate as an “opposition figure” in Russia again, so his value to the USA alive has dropped dramatically. It is certain that the CIA will liquidate this asset to maximize “return on investment”. They might even whip up a batch of Novichok (if they have not already) to do it with.
    Navalnys best hope now is that this prediction is published far and wide, otherwise it is certain to happen (it may happen anyway).

    1. “irony” — a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
      Anyone who has one functioning brain cell (including Navalny) knows that, for the very reasons you have stated, Mr. Putin has ordered the 24/7 close monitoring and protection of Navalny. As proof of this, here’s a short video clip that I have exclusively obtained from my high-level FSB source showing Navalny’s red-capped CIA former-paymaster (now-assassin) stepping off a Moscow streetcar to meet an amazingly-well-disguised Navalny at a local street-fair. Notice how Navalny’s unseen Russian protectors intervened and “smoothed out” the near-fatal conclusion of the transaction, allowing Navalny to slip away without his desperately-needed USD (as you can see near the end of the video, my source has included secretly-taken footage of the US ambassador’s reaction to the news of his “diplomat’s” death):

      1. I’ve burned all my underwear nonetheless, and I advise you all to do the same. One can’t be too careful. Do you imagine a team of medical doctors and chemical weapons experts spent months applying novichok only to Navalny’s boxer shorts? Kudryavtsev, you will notice, doesn’t even deny poisoning pants worldwide in his desperate attempt to rob the world of this beacon of light. Henceforth, we must renounce these luxuries or face certain death. Be warned! Putin’s evil hand extends close to all you hold dear!

  24. Christmas Eve Mass Waiting for the Blessed, Glorious Hope.

  25. As though anyone else we might be given a choice to choose from would be any different.

  26. I do not understand people do not realizing that all the politicians of the world are one big club and their interests are all the same.

    And at the present time their interest is that there is only one future for the people of the world: a needle in your b… (vaccine) decided by those politicians and elites who swear they have seen an airplane in the pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11 even if there were no airplane wreckages to be seen at those locations at all.

    We are truly living the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus. Decadence is everywhere and the more you climb the socio-economic ladder, the more decadent.

    The political, financial and media elites of our times seem to be guided by some kind of evil spirit.

    No doubt, the return of Jesus is very near.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Anagram Julian Assange,. you get Angel Jesus. I’m sure we are about to WITNESS his foretold entry to the world stage. Here are some pointers for you. Hair as white as snow, knew his father not, he is a Leo, his sons name is Daniel…we all know what Daniel does. His mother’s name is Christine. It’s said that when he comes he will be seen by all at once “internet”. He himself has forewarned that he can walk around the internet like GOD himself. There’s so many other pointers. And I’m sure if we lexigram his wife’s name, Stella Morris… there’s something to be found as well. Revelation is coming, like it or not. We are living in the time of the AWAKENING, scales will be peeled away from the eye’s of the masses…en masse. Ride forth Assange conquering and to conquer.

    2. Putin and Pelosi in the same club? Maduro and Trump in the same club? They may have a lot in common, but I don’t see them sharing a common view of the future, certainly not one where they each personally spend all day wondering whether Joe Schmoe got his vaccine yet or not.

      1. Everyone of them answer to the international billionaires.

        The same for the mainstream media people. They are just actors in a play.

        Keeping my Rosary on hand!

        1. Potempkin Economy Avatar
          Potempkin Economy

          Billionaires – ah yes, the multitudes of Frankenstein’s Monsters spawned by government through the creation of the evil FED and the absolute abomination called a Corporation.

    3. Im new to politics.. 53 years old and. I never voted until this year.. Lots to learn.. I watched a documentary called 911 in plane sight. Which prior to viewing the documentary.. I believed the media and what they said happened.. I seen it as it was airing live on t.v. The documentary showed the same footage taken and filmed that day. It changed my view on things that happened.. Yes people died and buildings were struck by planes.. But the rest is far from what they told us.. Which nobody wants to discuss these days..swept under the rug.. Yet that is a perfect example of how things are not as they say.. As for trump. i dont know what to believe. The media vilifies him more than any other president..hes accused of all kinds of crimes or wrong doings.. Yet so are all of our presidents before him.. Accused of lots of stuff..How do we really know if we dont see it.. Even if we do see it.. The narrative can make things seem to be how they tell it. If anyone can put 30 minutes into watching that documentary.. Having a open mind and not stuck on what they believe.. Maybe it will change your view on politics or the media..

  27. Everyone needs to read this. It is why we are all in serious trouble. Talking about politics and capitalism vs socialism will not help us. I really want peoples views on this. I read an article about empty container shortages. This article addresses that among other things. Collapse will soon be upon us.

    1. Also watch this. It is where we are headed regardless of who is in charge.

  28. Just a few quick points.

    First, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran still exist as sovereign nations — so far still unconquered by the US and its ass-licking lapdogs. Had Hitelery become POTUS, I very much doubt that the same would be true.

    Second, Assolini is a walking paradox. (I hate that posing MF with a passion and could not tolerate watching and listening to him shortly after he tood office. That trailing-off voice of his drives we wild.) But once in awhile he does a usually-tiny thng right (after having just doen a pile of shit wrong).

    Third, we’ll see how long Venezuela and Syria remain sovereign after Mr. Potato-Head struggles through the oath of orifice (to lie, cheat, steal, murder innocent people, etc. so help him God; God bless AmeriKKKa). If at the end of four years those two nations in particular are still as soveriegn as they are today, I will be very surprised. (I wonder if PPH will order Zelensky to start moving the Ukrainian military eastward toward the Russian border to “re-establish Ukraine’s full soverignty over the eastern portions of Ukraine” ……….. or, for that matter, to do the same in Crimea? Could get mighty interesting mighty fast.)

    Fourth, just last month, 153 million people, including Noam Chomsky, of all people, voted for More Of The Same, far outnumbering the 10 to 11 million people who voted for Real Change. The US being the recently-demonstrated perfect democracy that it is, “The People” are going to get exactly what they voted for …….. but probably a lot lower and a lot harder.

    1. Nations pursue nuclear weapons to get larger more powerful nations to leave them alone. When they acheive this or even try, they are sanctioned and starved out. They are labeled evil. Sort of how the top dog chases away or kills the strongest challengers.

  29. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Essentially right on, Caitlin, but I have one quibble with your estimation of Trump. He has rallied out-and-out fascist, obscurantist, armed yahoos who have come out from under their rocks and are threatening to murder governors and mayors all over the country. He has encouraged neo-fascist elements in the police and military, who have gone after and murdered dissenters in cold blood. This is real and disturbing. These people are not going to go away just because Joe Biden was elected. Trump emboldened them. I will wait to see what develops, but I am not encouraged by the feckless Democrats. Their own imperialist warmongering notwithstanding, they are not supporters of the Proud Boys.

    1. Potempkin Economy Avatar
      Potempkin Economy

      So you are one of those “my psychopathic thieves and killers are good and your psychopathic thieves and killers are bad” type of person?

    2. Only violence I consistently see in the news is by antifa. Not a whole lot from others. Just alot of hysteria and fear mongering.

      1. antifa’s a myth. the only violence i see consistently on tv is by the cops, the same government thugs that shoot down citizens from helicopters, just in a different venue.

        1. There are no hate groups. They are all just a myth created by the MSM to give the cops a reason to beat and abuse us. There, is that better.

  30. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “…a Trump pardon for Assange and Snowden is almost certainly not in the cards.”
    Trump is a self-promoter. Nothing more, nothing less. If he sees some personal benefit and gain for issuing pardons to Snowden and Assange he’ll do it. If he sees this giving him and his family a lot of grief from the Dark State, then he won’t go anywhere near them.
    No one knows what Trump will do as the hours count down of his time of rule. He could do some kind of Black Swan event at any moment. But only… if HE gets something out of it. What there is little doubt of is that — just like Obama — his time in office was a great big disappointment. Supporters of both of them had high hopes for their time in office. And in both cases, they were both GREAT BIG FLOPS.
    Lock her up? Not for four years, or ever. Drain the Swamp? No, made it even bigger. Bring back all those industries to America? Not in this world. On and on it goes. Promise them anything, then collect all your newly gained riches and nice suits and sneak out the back door. All of those promises to the suckers… I mean We the People? Watch him smirk and hold back a great big smile on that one. Bait and Switch. We fall for it EVERY (DANG) TIME.
    Trump will pardon HIMSELF. And members of his family. And all his financial supporters. And various other Grifters that the Trump family somehow benefited from. But not for two guys who laid everything on the line in the hopes that the people of the World would pay attention and care enough to do something about what they were warning of. But no. Not this World. Not this population of smartphone addicts and GMO-flavored fast food human vacuum cleaners. Sorry, Snowden and Assange. You misjudged us. You gave us far too much credit. We didn’t care, and we weren’t going to do anything about what you were telling us. We’re too busy shaming each other for not wearing damn face masks and waiting for the 6G rollout so we can share nonsense with each other much faster.
    A sad legacy. For Trump. For what Snowden and Assange hoped for. And most of all… for ourselves.

  31. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > After weeks of speculation and desperate hopes that Donald Trump might be preparing to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and/or WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before leaving office on January 20th, what the latest round of presidential pardons has delivered is about as far from that as you can conceivably imagine. . . .
    > It’s good to pressure politicians to do the right thing even when they probably won’t, but it’s a safe bet that he won’t.
    In any case, it’s certainly astounding to have to ask for a pardon for a completely innocent person who was in fact the one defending the law and human rights, a multi-award winning publisher who is accused of revealing war crimes and corruption.
    “Julian didn’t do anything, they did.”
    — John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father
    Yesterday, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture has issued a truly great open letter to President Trump:
    Melzer Asks Trump to Pardon Assange — Consortium News — Dec 22, 2020
    There are many other petitions to free Julian Assange, so that this historic legal precedent against investigative journalism is not set and the free press is preserved.
    Amnesty International global campaign:
    “US/UK: Drop charges and halt extradition of Julian Assange
    “Amnesty International launches new campaign ahead of extradition hearing . . .
    “The US government’s unrelenting pursuit of Julian Assange for having published disclosed documents that included possible war crimes committed by the US military is nothing short of a full-scale assault on the right to freedom of expression . . .
    “The potential chilling effect on journalists and others who expose official wrongdoing by publishing information disclosed to them by credible sources could have a profound impact on the public’s right to know what their government is up to. All charges against Assange for such activities must be dropped.
    “According to an analysis by the organisation, the charges against Julian Assange stem directly from the publication of disclosed documents as part of his work with Wikileaks. This activity, in and of itself, should not be punishable and mirrors conduct that investigative journalists undertake regularly in their professional capacity.
    “All charges underpinning the US extradition request should be dropped to allow for Julian Assange’s prompt release. If the charges against him are not dropped, the UK authorities are under a clear and unequivocal obligation not to send him to the USA where he could suffer serious human rights violations . . .
    “Amnesty International has launched a global petition calling on the US authorities to drop the charges against Julian Assange that stem solely from his publishing activities with Wikileaks.”
    US/UK: Drop charges and halt extradition of Julian Assange | Amnesty International
    Reporters Without Borders has a Julian Assange global campaign now as well. Over 88,000 signatories so far:
    #FreeAssange : Sign against Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States ! | Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
    Among many other petitions and campaigns, see for example: Journalists Speak Up for Julian Assange (over 1500 journalists from 99 countries have signed so far), Doctors for Assange (hundreds of medical professionals), Lawyers for Assange (including many associations of jurists around the world), etc.
    Also, a few days ago, Julian Assange’s fiancee Stella Moris has explained what this case is really about (free Assange, free press), and has asked President Trump to free Julian and ensure that the Fisrt Amendment survives:
    Tucker Carlson interview with Julian Assange’s fiancee Stella Moris

    1. January 4 is the day.
      Oct 2, 2020
      Al Jazeera News:
      “Julian Assange extradition verdict to be delivered on January 4”
      Oct 2, 2020
      John Pilger:
      “The trial of Julian Assange, which should never have happened, has ended. The judge will make her decision known on 4th January. If he is not freed, beware. This is my account from the Old Bailey:”
      Dec 23, 2020
      Ryan Knight:
      “URGENT: Time is running out before the extradition hearing on January 4, 2021 so @realDonaldTrump needs to use his pardon power now to free whistleblower Julian Assange who did nothing wrong and is being prosecuted for having the courage to expose U.S. war crimes. #PardonAssange”
      A remarkable 14 minute summary detailing why he is on trial:
      “You are being lied to about Julian Assange. He has exposed more war crimes, crimes against humanity, corruption, and lies than perhaps anyone in history. That is why our government is so eager to lock him away forever.”
      — Lee Camp, broadcaster, April 23, 2019
      You Are Being Lied To About Julian Assange!

      1. Russia wiped out 200 thousand ZIO/US ISIS ‘proxies’ in Syria !!

        Russia came up with an Ebola vaccine and gave it to Africa for FREE – Ebola disappeared !

        Now – do a google search ‘Amnesty praises Russia’ and tell me what you come up with ??

        Amnesty are part of the MIC !

        1. Lies lies lies. The MSM tells us Russia is evil andcthe enemy so they could never do anything good.

    2. Amnesty International is financed by the US state department !!

      They are controlled opposition – just like the Red Cross !!

      How many wars have Amnesty International prevented ????

      Like Switzerland remaining ‘neutral’ in TWO World Wars !

      How do you stay ‘neutral’ ???

      Because the Rothschilds finance the whole thing through the BIS in Basel !!

      You really need to get out more !

  32. As I mentioned here some time ago, my personal perception says that President Trump never actually wanted to spend another “term” operating out of the relatively base and bland public housing facility provided for U.S. Presidents while serving in office. His leadership has been recognized as “the greatest ever” by many millions of cult-like adoring fans who really couldn’t care less what the remaining millions of “commie pinko fags, Globalist Elites and their puppet deep state and mainstream media” say. As also predicted, President Trump did indeed win the 2020 election by a major landslide, right up until the vote count was actually stopped on the evening of election day, it being somehow deemed by the media moguls that things where too close to call. Given a brief opportunity to fully assess just what it would take for the less than stellar (I’m being kind) Democrat candidates who were selected solely by that party’s leadership (or whoever pulls those strings) to be pushed across the finish line, the vote counting resumed the next morning but only after a very special balance of midnight ballot deliveries magically appeared. As soon as the counting counting got “right” the media, apparently now recognized as the final arbitrator for such matters, quickly declared “their guys” the winners regardless of how truly ridiculous the whole matter still remains upon any reflection thereof by the whole wide world. Legal objections to the widely observed, proven and fully testified thereupon hanky panky were of course squashed and continue to be squashed by (who else?) the Legal System up to and including SCOTUS. And here I was, thinking that something so simple as having a re-elected President simply step down due to some mysterious illness or disability would give everyone at least kind of what they want, but upon reflection, what can we think about actually having a “yuge” outright landslide election win only to be brazenly stolen by the collective status-quo in favor of two select Democrats that even the actual members of the Democrat party never wanted? I suggest that Trump’s ego is thus preserved while the voters, at least those with any cognitive ability, have learned who it is that actually rules here. IMHO

    ​Huh? ​President Trump appeared to threaten to veto the COVID-19 stimulus package that Congress passed almost 24 hours earlier, telling lawmakers to boost checks for Americans to $2,000 as well as “get rid of wasteful and unnecessary items” in the spending bill.

    ​ ​Trump has been talking about bigger checks for a long time. Was this a bluff that whole time? Amy Klobuchar tries her own private angle, and calls raising the stimulus to $2,000 per person “an attack on every American”. What? Is that also a bluff? At the end of the day, Trump and the Squad both want the same thing. All the rest are stuck in the middle.
    ​ ​And AOC tries to save the day, and her face, by saying the Squad had the proposals for $2,000 checks already written up.

    Pelosi And Schumer Agree To Trump’s Demand For $2,000 Stimulus Checks​ (so another $129 billion or so. No cutting pork allowed.)

    1. What I’ve seen is that 80% of the covid relief bill is money for special interest groups and only 20% is the $600 cheque for every American.
      Hidden in the 5000 page bill is a statement preventing Trump from using the insurrection act. That’s the only point of the bill imo.
      I would give sources but life is too short and anyway I’ve found that people believe what they want to believe and facts and evidence really don’t have anything to do with it.
      RE: How bad is Trump: Again, my understanding based on sources I can’t be bothered to link to is that prior to Trump there were around 500 arrests of child traffickers per year in the US and it’s been 10,000 for the last few years. Go ahead and tell me I’m imagining it if you like. The complicity of mainscream media in covering up the scale of human trafficking means that I now believe the same people who control the media also run the child trafficking networks.
      If you want to know about these things, start by searching for ‘Mel Gibson everything in Hollywood is bought and paid for by the blood of innocent children’ using several different search engines if necessary. You will find a series of interviews Gibson did in 2008/9 in which he talks quite openly about the ritual torture, rape and murder of children.
      Then go look at the UK ‘Child protection service; which operates under stasi like secrecy since its inception in 1950s and has taken away 100s of 1000s of children from their parents with all due process denied and no right of appeal. Long story short, even supreme court judges aren’t allowed to inspect the books of the CPS to establish that all those children are still alive somewhere.

  34. Domestically and for the planet, that might be laid on his doorstep. There is more to the story in foreign affairs.

  35. I’ve been saying this for years:
    “his imaginary crimes still held as real and his actual crimes completely ignored. “

  36. Very nice evaluation. It loses some authority by leading off with New York Times quote as fact when the New York Times seems to manipulate its fact checking.

  37. In 1963 the CIA murdered a US POTUS for departing from the program. I imagine that every POTUS elected since is paid a visit by some agent of the CIA, and shown the Zapruder film. Regardless their intent, they will toe the line. There would be no point in NOT toeing the line, since stepping outside the lines gets you killed, and your intent is null and void anyway. Governments all around the world are death cults. That’s the source of their authority. Step out of line, and they kill you, or at least threaten to. If a government does not use such threat, how can they enforce their rule? How may would pay a single penny of tax if not for this threat? If not for gangs of goons with guns, I suspect damn few. Such is the brick and mortar of government.

    1. “There would be no point in NOT toeing the line, since stepping outside the lines gets you killed….” Once upon a time, not that long ago, we had people in America–from the Oval Office (JFK) to those seeking it (RFK) to those pushing for social change (MLK, Malcolm, Black Panthers, etc.) to young people opposed to war and racism (freedom riders, students at Kent State and other campuses, etc.)–who WERE willing to risk getting killed, if that’s what it took, to save their country and spare its victims. No longer, it seems, with perhaps only the rarest of exceptions. We don’t talk much about it, but neoliberalism has not only impoverished us economically but EXISTENTIALLY, making cowards of even the best of us in comparison with prior generations. Hell, expectations are now so low that we can’t even imagine a person jeopardizing a congressional committee assignment, much less their life, to do the right thing which cries out to be done. No, instead we talk endlessly from the sidelines about this evil or that evil, signaling our virtue without having to put our lives even remotely on the line. No courage means no revolution, which means we don’t deserve one. It’s that fucking simple and sad, at least to me. So will the coming post-Covid immiseration of millions of former working class Americans give us all, once again, some backbone–some willingness to risk, even our lives, to fight to right a grievous wrong? It’s a longshot, but our only shot, and we’ll soon find out.

  38. What sets the buffoon Trump apart from most if not all US presidents in living memory — and this is the somewhat tarnished silver lining to the dark cloud of an otherwise nasty presidency — was the perfect alignment, in full public view, between his petty, vindictive and nasty rapaciousness and that of the US ruling class itself. His single-minded and openly self-aggrandising ways and utter stupidity tore away the tattered veil of US ‘democracy’, of its ‘moral leadership’ and ‘indispensability’ to the rest of the world that its rulers attempt to dominate and exploit. Trump and his regime also laid bare US ruling class contempt for the normally well-brainwashed US population by making it abundantly clear that its government no longer cares to even pretend to give a single rat’s arse about it. COVID and the (who) CARES Act saw to that. Trump was the mirror to the ruling class they can’t bear to look into, especially when Trump occasionally also allowed the ‘sweaty masses’ to see the same reflection.
    Trump sometimes said in public things normally shut in behind the ‘hallowed’ doors of the Union, Cosmos or Knickerbocker clubs — which normally exclude such nouveau riche parvenus as Trump. This inveterate liar, whose thoughtless, almost guileless off-the-cuff whoppers any child could catch him out on, sometimes did let the awful truth out, especially about the grasping reality of US capitalism and its willingness to use force to subjugate those it exploits. It’s predominantly for that reason that largely Democrat factions within the CIA, FBI, State Department and Pentagon hated his guts. But they were also able to use him as a perfect stalking horse to suck the liberal left into their McCarthyism 2.0, the gift that keeps on giving. (Robby Mook and Christopher Steele indeed have a lot to answer for).
    It’s hard to think of any post WWII US president who sometimes, either by complete accident or on purpose, told the awful truth about US imperialism as often as Trump did. So it’s going to be pretty dreary listening to the demented Biden and/or his cop offsider’s along with the retinue of war and Wall St criminals in his cabinet recite tired and predictable rationalisations (and of course the resurrection of the nauseating platitude mongering will be insufferable) when they assume the imperial throne to impose the same policies that Trump did or worse. A small consolation might be the odd belly laugh from Biden’s renditions of the platitudes, but guile will be restored well and truly to all the lying necessary for class rule. No more unintended truth telling, no more ‘stopped clock’.
    At least a good segment of the US population, especially the older population, likely will have an improved understanding of how all the rationalisations might change when nothing much else has; and of how the neoliberal Democrats are nothing but a ‘woke’ version of the GOP of the 1980s, with the GOP itself becoming the natural asylum for the Christian lunatic fringe and white supremacists. Millennials appear to understand much of this already.
    When the consequences from the depression unleashed by Trump and his ruling class begin to bite, along with the US ruling class’ own further descent into kakistocracy, the words ‘capitalism’, ‘imperialism’, ‘ruling class’, ‘socialism’, etc, will likely, and hopefully rudely, disrupt wide swathes of US political discourse. But so also will the word ‘fascism’, except in serious and not in the silly ways it was often applied to Trump.

    1. Nailed it. Will the Covid depression, throwing millions of working class people out of their jobs and homes–while the government that closed down their workplaces and made them stay home throws them a pittance–lead to a massive uprising in 2021? If so, will that uprising be fascist or socialist or something else, something new? For the American people, IMHO, these are the only questions that matter right now. And let us in America not smugly pretend to know the answers, which would risk foreclosing our options and assisting in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      1. Those are very good questions and I certainly don’t have much of an idea of how things will pan out or who ultimately will prevail. As things stand, especially if the CDC doesn’t extend the rent/mortgage moratorium, then likely there’ll be tent-city protests like in the 1930s; food banks won’t be able to keep up, and food riots (or ‘looting’ as the bourgeoise likes to call it) will break out; some cop will kill a black teenager or grandmother and BLM will reignite; a Bezos or a Walton or some other oligarch still employing essential workers might call in the cops when they go on strike for PPE or from overwork; anti-lockdown protests might break out; and so the list of possible scenarios grows.
        Any major uprisings that do occur initially won’t be fascist or socialist per se because these political currents are still tiny, but one thing is certain: if they grow too large or get ‘out of hand’, then Biden (or Trump) will declare martial law and Bonapartism will be the order of the day. And if there are no reds or communists (ie, Bolsheviks) to capture the leadership of significant sectors of the workers and particularly those recently laid off or unemployed with a program to address unemployment and also the bankruptcies of small business, then fascists will have a very fertile recruiting ground from which to grow rapidly.
        As fascist attacks and mobilisations grow, leftists, blacks and workers likely will begin countermobilisations and to otherwise take defensive countermeasures. The seeds of civil war will be sown. It will be ugly and messy. But hunger and lack of shelter will be huge factors in tempering such medium and longer-term scenarios, and so will government and state responses, which of course can’t be predicted and depend on the levels of threat from mass mobilisations and organisation that the government falls under.
        While the US, like any capitalist country, may be ‘three meals away from a revolution’ (acutely so in the US), ‘revolution’ in this aphorism isn’t really that. If things remain as they are, the US will likely enter a period of extreme instability, all manner of events which can’t be predicted will put everything on a knife edge, and the state will unleash its forces of repression on any protests well before before any significant fascist and/or communist/socialist leaderships congeal mass followings. It’s the responses to state repressive measures that will determine any medium or longterm outcomes.
        Other than the above, I’ve no idea whatsoever how this will all pan out. Except to say, given that the same old class interests and forces are still in play, no fundamentally new contenders for power will emerge. Yet there’ll be so many new manifestations, novel and unique situations and events that spark things off, or emerge during any uprisings which might occur, that all appearances of something ‘new’ and unique occurring will be certain. What would be fundamentally new and not ‘the same old crap’, however, will be a socialist revolution occurring in an advanced country which unfortunately is unprecedented. And right now, given its likely imminent social and economic turmoil, the US is the prime candidate for such an unprecedented turn of events. World history would then enter a very new and very exciting phase indeed.

  39. Trump has still more than three weeks in his presidency. I’m still confident that he will pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because of the blackmail of the Deep State, which will threaten him with the obliteration of the Trump businesses. I remind your readers that Trump also wanted to release all documents of the JFK assassination. Trump-backed off.

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      OF COURSE! That explains it. Trump’s businesses come before silly qualities like integrity and decency. What could Caitlin have been thinking?
      … blackmailed for what?

      1. Are you prepared to sacrifice everything you have to achieve a better world? If you are, that would make you better than Trump, at least in your own eyes.

        You’re not even commenting under your real name!

      2. Urinating on Russian hookers in Old Bomber’s bed … don’t you remember?


  41. In reality he was pretty much what you’d get if you took any average American Fox News-watching boomer who yells at Obama on TV, made him rich, and then made him president.
    That’s what Trump is and has been. Nothing more extraordinary than that.

    Humanity will not be able to create a healthy world until we find a way to transcend our unhealthy and delusional relationship with mental narrative which so easily obscures our perspective of what’s really happening.

    Caitlin, why don’t you just refer to Trump supporters as deplorables and save all the text. It’s hard to believe the same person wrote the above quotes a couple paragraphs apart. While I believe rump has run many cons on his base, If you believe what you wrote in quote #1, you are as delusional as anybody out there.

    1. Why don’t you just say you’re a Republican and save all the text.

      1. Because I’m not a Republican and never have been. Nice narrative you created there.
        “Humanity will not be able to create a healthy world until we find a way to transcend unhealthy and delusional relationship with mental narrative which so easily obscures our perspective of what’s really happening”.

        1. Well whichever worldview it is that gets its knickers in a knot over extremely valid criticisms of Trump, then.

      2. Why don’t you say there are two Caitlin’s?

        One who dog-whistles to the far right, and another one who writes for New Dawn Australia.

        Sure, Donald Trump has not prosecuted any new Wars. However, he certainly has not drained the swamp.
        Steven Mnuchin comes to mind, as one example.

        And the elephant in the room?
        The man is a dangerous sociopath, and is a compulsive and pathological liar, who has left the United States of America worse off, politically, economically and culturally.

        1. It’s rude to comment on articles without reading them.

          1. Huh?

            I read it twice.

            1. No idea what you’re on about then.

              1. C`Mon Caitlin… really??

                1. If you had an actual argument relating to the actual words I wrote you would have made it by now.

    2. She did say she identifies as a socialist. Accept that and move on.

      1. It does not matter what she identifies as. Facts are facts.

        Trump frequently said all the right things in his speeches. But his public record is there for all to see. Trump did a false flag and lobbed scores of missiles at Syria. He played along with the Vegas massacre false flag.

        Equally bad — Trump was throwing sanctions at people and countries everytime the wind changed direction. He worked hard to destroy the economies of Venezuela and Iran. Then he went completely insane and sanctioned the German/Russia pipeline. Make no mistake about it — SANCTIONS ARE AN OPEN, OVERT ACT OF WAR. It’s only a matter of time until we reap what Washington has sown.

        Biden is …….. well ……. Biden is kinda like standing in sewage up to your eyeballs. But Trump is like standing in sewage up to your chin. Obama, Bush and the Clintons were like swimming in sewage 100 feet deep. Not a lot of difference from where I sit.

        1. All the same. The captain thinks he has the wheel but the engine room does the actual steering.

      2. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
        Comorbidity 2024


        And I “identify” as an ICU physician. Would you allow me to intubate a loved one?

        The Humanities Industrial Complex have no move but the tired pivot to celebrity and fear. They have nothing constructive to offer humanity currently but silence and unquestioning obedience. Temper tantrums are easier than even trade school math and science.

        Capitalism is evil were are all going to die, but don’t forget to buy my book.

        1. The petroleum industrial age is winding down. Learn to live with less. Btw, I no longer trust the medical establishment. So no, you will not incubate my loved one.

  42. Trump “voluntarily served as the face of the most evil and destructive force on earth, namely the United States government.” implies that Caitlin still thinks human beings are both the worst and best of forces on this planet.
    This antiScience supposition would be seen as absurd by anyone who takes the traditional view … that everything is alive, and some come and go as they please, regardless of Billions of Materialist unBelievers in the reality of demons, ghouls, and channelled healers.
    The United States of Prohibition&Punishment is an unwitting puppet of a species which feeds on cruelty, because Christians cannot tell the difference between Evil and Good,
    a blindSpot engineered by Jehovah’s priests thousands of years ago.
    Being jesusBeggars, they mimick the creature they fear (and beg for special deals),
    insisting that obedience and punishment are the divine justice of supremeIntelligence.
    Of course, many former civilisations have endured without being bogged in a swamp of regulation and litigation, without a punishment industry … simply by using other values to harness our innate creativity and goodwill towards the diversity of forms invented by Life.

  43. It’s an overly harsh analysis CJ. And I wouldn’t be so certain that Trump has yet lost this election. There are still some cards left to play. I like what Catherine Austin Fitts said when he won in 2016. With Trump we get about a 3% chance of improvement, with Hillary there is zero chance. This is still valid in regard to the corrupt and mentally challenged Biden.
    While there is still a chance of re-election, he won’t jeopardise that with something as highly controversial like pardoning Assange, Snowden, and Manning. If election loss becomes totally inevitable that position may change.
    Also, here’s a question… if he has been himself a swamp creature, why the gargantuan effort by the Deep State and its captive media to get rid of him with endless lies and slander ?

    1. It’s hard for me, a lifelong American for more than 70 years, having seen what I’ve seen happen to my country during my lifetime, to fathom how any rational American citizen could continue to place a shred of hope in Trump. Or in Biden, for that matter. Or in any other of the current crop of political whores. The only hope we have lies in average American citizens waking up and raising hell, hitting the streets by the millions and and shutting down what’s left of the economy until there is significant government action which improves the quality of their lives: M4All, a federal job guarantee, a massive public works program, an end to imperialist war, a transition of the MIC to the EIC (Environmental Industrial Complex), etc. As farfetched as these ideas may seem, the American people, acting in solidarity, have the power to compel them to happen, despite the perversity of the plutocratic bastards who currently have a stranglehold on things. We are many, they are few, and they know it. How often must Caitlin urge us to free our minds and hearts from the poisonous, manipulative propaganda of the MSM, which is the necessary next step following the first about to occur: the intentional immiseration of millions of American citizens? If the revolution is not now, it never will be.

  44. Pretty much on point. He did NOTHING he said he was going to do and did personally legitimise the theft of the Golan Heights from Syria, and endorsed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and kept soldiers in N Syria to steal oil. The least he could do was stop Assange’s extradition, but no, he pardons criminals. And what happened to all those “indictments” purportedly handed out at GHW Bush’s funeral? Nothing! He could have stopped the genocide in Yemen and Gaza and the starvation of Venezuela- but no. Perhaps even told the truth about the terrorist invasion of Syria and the murderous White Helmets and how Assad never once gassed his own people – of course not. He could even have made an executive order that those with dual citizenships ( Israel) were forbidden from holding public office, being in the government or in the security and intelligence services – absolutely NOT. Some bloody patriot! For a maverick president he was incredibly obedient and compliant.

    Swamp drainer? Waste of space guardian of the status quo. And Biden will be worse, in all likelihood.

  45. Trump is merely another puppet of the cabal and he has served his intended role in the move toward globalism and ‘The Great Reset”. Enter stage left,Biden et al for the next act.
    Brendon O’Connell ( it all together with a big red bow.

    1. In 1976 Jimmy Carter came out of nowhere and became president. He refused to bring the swamp into his cabinet. Instead he used mostly people from Georgia. Like Trump he was shunned by the establishment and nullified at every turn. When they got him out, they used his morally acceptable image to make him a spokesman for democratic ideals. Another but effective way to neutralize an outsider. Trump was not any worse or better than the rest. His problem was that he was an outsider.

  46. Trump, like all those who came before him, and all those who follow, is a figurehead for vested interests.
    Figureheads in suits or pantsuits who, having attained those lofty heights, are beholden to:
    The MIC.
    Their own self glorification.
    Manufactured history.
    They are utterly devoid of humaneness.

    1. Yes. And we’re about to see whether the rest of us are devoid of courage.

  47. I can’t properly comment on Trump except to say that I’ve detested him for more than 30 years. Biden is no better and could even be worse than Trump. He wants to take us back to everything we fought for 40 or more years to get rid of.

    1. So I gather you did not watch The Apprentice.

  48. Thank you, Caitlin, for blowing my entire theory to bits! I needed that.

  49. My views exactly. Unfortunately only 1% will agree, the rest are still seeing only red or blue.

  50. Good summary, Caitlin. They were all wrong because they all ignored the cold hard facts, as they always do. All Trump has done is made it easier for the media and millions of people to ignore the reality, and substitute it with their own fantasy world.

    1. “All Trump has done is made it easier for the media and millions of people to ignore the reality, and substitute it with their own fantasy world.”

      Yeah, this is so strange.
      I have been encouraged that even though Trump has been more or less ordinary policy-wise (truly vile, that is), he has torn back the curtain and made it so undeniably clear how corrupt the whole system is.

      But even still, almost nobody on either side sees that view. It is all just about this one guy’s personality, or something.

      This country’s ability to not see the obvious is truly astounding.

      1. Trump’s unpredictability forces his opponents in intelligence, media, and politics to reveal themselves…it makes expanding consciousness easier for all but the most rabidly partisan. Not sure any president has the power to take on the deep state and effectively oppose their coups, attacks, dronings, etc. As described in a previous post, expanding consciousness might be a better long-term approach. It may be the best we can hope for in a president. It’ll likely be a long time before we have another who reveals as much about our system as Trump.

  51. It’s hard not to be wrong sometimes, especially when politicians and pundits are always lying to you.

    1. When everyone around you is giving you bad advice and leaking every word to the press, it is an impossible situation. He was doomed from tbe start.

      1. Nope. Keep walking.

  52. great analysis
    In reality he was pretty much what you’d get if you took any average American Fox News-watching boomer who yells at Obama on TV, made him rich, and then made him president.
    this is pretty much what I thought of him from the start – most wealthy old Americans like him have only one skill – kissing ass to his parents so to inherit their money. And the parents often only had that very same skill. One of the reasons why JUSA is so badly run.
    The only master Trump ever had is Israel and AIPACs

    1. I am going to disagree with this analysis. Trump has woken most of America and the world to the New World Order. He has exposed the massive amount of traitors throughout the American government and court systems. He made his money through business, not corruption in government. From what I see and read Trump is interested in being one of the best presidents this country has ever had, his name will live on forever.

      1. Exactly. As much as CJ and her sycophantic followers try to obfuscate and ignore self evident differences between Trump and the not so hidden deep state transnational oligarchical powers that be through incessant “America bad” chants, the more obvious they become as the chanting fades into the standard MSM backdrop of anti-US propaganda. The nondemic, the massive and unprecedented union of anti trump/anti us “enemy of my enemy” forces, and the delusional, hysterical hatred of Trump’s insolent disregard for the globalist ruling elite and their MSM mouthpieces make him and those who are awakening a threat to all that keeps them hidden and in power. Caitlin’s refusal to acknowledge this very real differences reveal much of her agenda and dramatically lower credibility.

      2. While I fully concur with Caitlin’s evaluation, I must add to it some of what you say: Trump’s presidency has exposed the huge scam we’re living in to a large part of the population, in part with his dishonest but inspired electoral campaign, in part thanks to the stupid, clumsy color revolution by the Owners of the country, which terminally exposed the Democrats as the worst fascists and warmongers, and the “Liberal” crowd as their faithful puppets.
        It’s unfortunate, though, that in the absence of any organization able to act on it, these lessons will be forgotten and this hole in the ocean will soon be smoothed over, too.

      3. Trump is as close as we have ever come to a true third part candidate. I dont think the system will let that happen again. I give Biden two years max before we see President Harris. Then the fireworks begin.

        1. Yeas he is a ruthless capitalist. Knew a guy who made tshirts for disney. They rejected alot then held up payments for months while always ordering more. Run him out of business. Moved on to the next sucker. They are all ruthless .

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