Joe Biden is now the president of the United States of America. His day one executive orders should have prioritized ending the single worst crisis in the world in Yemen, a war he campaigned on ending US involvement in, but they did not.

Ending US participation in the Yemen genocide could and should have begun on day one. In These Times reported the following back in November (emphasis added):

One thing Biden can do, starting on day one, is end U.S. involvement in the Yemen war — involvement that he helped initiate. ​By executive order, Biden could get the Pentagon to end intelligence sharing for the Saudi coalition airstrikes, end logistical support, and end spare parts transfers that keep Saudi warplanes in the air,” Hassan El-Tayyab, lead Middle East policy lobbyist for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a progressive organization, tells In These Times. ​He could restore humanitarian assistance to northern Yemen. He could use his power as president to put pressure on other nations that are supporting the Saudi coalition — like France, the United Kingdom and Canada — and get them to follow suit. He could have the State Department put a stop on all arms sales to Saudi Arabia unless they meet certain benchmarks.”

Biden did none of these things, which while unsurprising is still inexcusable. This isn’t some ten-year infrastructure plan we’re talking about, this is the worst mass atrocity on our entire planet and it should be treated with proportionate urgency. This administration consciously chose not to end US participation in that atrocity as swiftly as possible, which will remain an inexcusable decision even if the Yemen war is eventually ended later.

Instead of grilling Biden about his decision not to prioritize his promise to end the Yemen war, which is what any real journalist would do, the press are asking him stupid nonsense questions about whether he can “unite the country”.

In the lead-up to Biden’s inauguration we were treated to some Senate hearings on his cabinet picks, in which we learned that this administration will continue Trump’s murderous coupmongering in Venezuela, that it will maintain Trump’s incendiary decision to have the US embassy in Jerusalem, that reviving the Iran nuclear deal is a long ways off from happening and will first require consultation with Israel, and that it will be continuing Trump’s cold war escalations against China.

In one of the more bizarre displays in the Senate hearings, Biden’s nominee to lead the State Department Tony Blinken defended his support for the disastrous Libya intervention during his time in the Obama administration by blaming its aftermath on Muammar Gaddafi, the leader who was mutilated to death in the streets after a US-led intervention to oust him.

“Here’s what I think we misjudged,” Blinken said. “We didn’t fully appreciate the fact that one of the things Gaddafi had done over the years was to make sure that there was no possible rival to his power, and as a result there was no effective bureaucracy, no effective administration in Libya with which to work when he was gone.”

By “when he was gone” Blinken means when he was dead, because the United States helped kill him after staging an intervention based on lies. He is defending his push for an intervention which led to a failed state where people are sold as slaves by saying that if Gaddafi had run his country better it would not have collapsed into violence and chaos when the Obama administration murdered him.

This is like an axe murderer blaming his actions on his victim’s bad housekeeping. The brazenness with which imperialist goons can shrug off all responsibility for their actions will never cease to astonish.

The next two years will be the Democratic Party at its most transparent. After two years they are statistically likely to lose control of the House and/or Senate, after which time they’ll be able to pawn off all imperialist bloodshed and lack of progress on an “obstructionist congress” like they did for the last six years of the Obama administration. But until then the Democrats are going to have to own all of their reactionary depravity and mass murder on their own.

This will set a sharp contrast from the past four years, where every mundane part of the US empire’s institutionalized abuse was portrayed as an anomaly unique to the Trump administration. Unable to blame their refusal to advance progressive policies and basic human decency on Trump and Vladimir Putin these next two years, they’ll be forced to kill any leftward movement all on their own. Which is why we are now already seeing mass media articles with headlines like “Under Biden, it’s time for Democrats to let go of Medicare for All“.

And this period will provide ample opportunities to highlight the fact that that’s exactly what the Democratic Party exists to do: kill all leftward movement in the most powerful government on earth. As the US continues its soul-crushing neoliberal policies at home and its murderous neoconservative policies abroad with the same degree of psychopathy it displayed in previous administrations, we must draw attention to the fact that it is the Democratic Party which bears responsibility for these things.

The sooner Americans can discredit the Democratic Party as a legitimate vehicle for progressive change, the sooner they can start looking for other tools. The first step to escape is to stop pushing against the fake door falsely labeled “exit”.


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50 responses to “The Next Two Years Will Be The Democratic Party At Its Most Transparent”

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  2. I am glad you linked the the article about progressives and healthcare. Because the header was misleading. The end of the article suggests that progressives not abandon M4A, but to strategize on supporting unions and remove right to work laws and power will shift to those of us who want this change. We will see shortly if this shift in ideas will occur. It would help if the fossils in power right now would leave the scene and it money didn’t support them. But I am watching to see what the younger representatives do. That will be the tell as to which way things will transpire.

    1. Losing weight in a short space of time has always been thought of as a near impossible task. For years, doctors and dieticians have told the public that it takes months and sometimes even years of hard work to see any progress with weight loss, or to sculpt the perfect body. But that is simply not true at all.


  3. “The Next Two Years Will Be The Democratic Party At Its Most Transparent”

    You live in a dream world if you think it will only be two years…the GOP is through

    1. Could well be. But, once upon a time, we thought the same about Nixon.

    2. The Donor Class will just replace them with another distraction party should the Republicans disintegrate. They need at least two such parties to create our modern circus.

  4. Your Sigh Of Relief Is Grounded In Delusion: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

  5. Caitlin has a way with words.
    But she zooms in too much on points of detail and more generally discusses issues in context of false narrative.
    All presidents are greatly constrained.
    The US government nor the public are not concerned with matters of humanity.
    There is very little real difference between the two options available to the american public – the reason is that they both answer to the same owners.
    The demos in particular are not advocates for the poor and downtrodden.
    Please resist these old tired narratives. Talk reality.

  6. At this moment in time it makes me melancholy that the only transparency we can hope for out of DC is contaminated at best. The echo chamber is fixing to get so loud that many may become deaf – more than they already are.
    I could give a flip about Pompeo presently, and I expect he will go the way of Tom DeLay. When’s the last time you heard his name. I’ll tell you this, I named a cedar tree after him, but I won’t name anything after Pompeo because besides Calvinist ideology, nothing pisses me off more than a fake Christian. Especially one that is a bully. The obvious has somehow become obscured, but I pray that is temporary.

    1. I think in the end, when it comes down to life or death, what matters is:
      Real merit, mind you – not meritocracy.
      Do you disagree? If so, lets have a debate.
      We can sit across the table, and discuss point A and point B, and I’ll share my opinion and you can share yours, and we won’t be stupid about it, but at the end of the day, if you have no merit, then let me ask you this? Why are you even alive?
      I ask this? What kind of supreme being would have decided merit in the first place and then set you out there to live as a plaything for entertainment. That ain’t no supreme being of mine, and that is why Calvin can take his ideology and shove up it his meritless ass!
      The drink of the day is this: Gin and Tonic. It will be keep you alive on the seas.

  7. Ms Johnstone, please peruse this telling article about Mr. Mike Pompeo.
    Apart from locking in policies that Joe Biden will find hard to shift, Mike Pompeo also has a secondary motive.
    It is widely believed that he would like to run for president in 2024. He will need the support of the Israelis and their powerful domestic lobby as well as the Cubans in Florida and it does not hurt to show him playing hardball in the Middle East and against an increasingly vilified China.
    The so-called neocons, who have again become influential in the Republican Party and the media, demand tough talk and even tougher action from their candidate and Mike Pompeo is already running hard to oblige them.
    This article can be read here:
    Mike Pompeos Last Stand by Philip Giraldi!

  8. There’s only one way to stop the decline of the U.S. and the murderous trail it leaves behind. That is to trash its current antiquated, obsolete, corrupt and corrupted (like software gone bad that can’t be repaired) system and to develop a radically new and different one in which political parties have no significant role because they are virtually extinct. It must also be one that criminalizes the abuses of the current system, while putting the needs of the people first and foremost. I haven’t the time to go into it now, but I do have a vision of how much of it would look. I ask others to think way outside the box and consider alternatives, but also consider how we might do away with the current system while also not resorting to the violence seen on January 6, 2020.

    1. Uh, what violence? A bunch of Yahoo’s overran the security. They weren’t armed, they didn’t shoot anyone or even discharge a weapon. A security person did shoot a demonstrator to death when they panicked. No fires, no serious damage unlike Portland and many other cities. Just a bunch of Yahoo’s overran the incompetent security. Notice how that nothing brought out tens of thousands of troops, supposedly more in all Fifty States. That’s how easy it would be to kick over the rot that runs the country for the ruling classes. Wellll, see the New boss’, same as the old boss, just less vulgar and open. The senator from MBNA, you can’t make this up.

    2. A quote from Edward Bellamy’s “Looking Backward,” written during America’s First Gilded Age: “A strike directed against a government is a revolution.” The entire blueprint, from the deconstruction of private capitalism to the construction and operation of a radically egalitarian society, INCLUDING the only path that can take us from the first to the second, is laid out in vivid and concrete detail in Bellamy’s two masterpieces: “Looking Backward” and its sequel, “Equality,” both free to read on the net. IMHO, nothing else comes close to these twin novels when it comes to providing specific guidance to us, living in this Second Gilded Age, about how to extricate ourselves from the mess we’re in and learn to flourish in harmony with each other and all other living things.

    3. Christopher Hall Avatar
      Christopher Hall

      You might be interested in the book “The Reality Creators” — send me an email, and I’ll send you a pdf copy.

  9. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Do not forget the ultimate priority of Mr Biden:

    Only one future for mankind: a needle in your b… (vaccine) and maybe two or three or more…

    I can’t thank Jesus enough I did not have children with the elites we have now… Decadence is everywhere…

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. this warmonger is excusing another genocide, is already walking back his promises for relief for people who’ve lost their jobs and all you can do is whine about having to take a vaccine during a pandemic. the ultimate priority of biden is to help his donors continue to bleed the society, and that has nothing to do with the virus being fake, or global warming being a plot, or 17 flags indicating that q is right because q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. the looting and the wars are right out in the open, and some pizza parlor has nothing to do with any of it.
      the trump rioters fell for a con man, but they are absolutely right about this society being corrupt to the bone. all these distractions about q or whatever just help the elites.

      1. They fell for a con man and this geriatric used to be a con man when he still had all his marbles. The USA is a giant Ponzi con game and it kills Willi nilli around the world. A corrupt political class and a very shallow electorate allowing easy manufactured consent of the lumpen proletariat. The whole West is an inverted totalitarian Ponzi scheme that sucks up to the biggest Ponzi.. the good ol’ USA.

      2. It’s not a vaccine. It’s “gene therapy.”

    2. If I have to lower my pants to get the vaccine, I just hope the nurse who gives it to me will be pretty.

      1. And I forgot to say that I am still keeping my Rosary on hand!

  10. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comorbidity 2024

    “Ethos is stronger then Narrative.
    An Ethical “Tribe” is stronger than a Narrative “Tribe” (though harder).
    Typically, Narrative Tribes are parasitic on an underlying Ethical Tribe. As intensity increases, Narrative Tribes will fragment. Ethical Tribes will be more fit.” –J Hall

  11. Akin to what’s happened to the Jimmy Dore Show, this post of Caitlin’s slips into a strange form of hubris rooted in cynicism and fatalism, writing off in kneejerk fashion any possibility of an even marginally better world in the foreseeable future. Caitlin sees so clearly so much that is wrong about our current situation, cares so deeply about so many evils that bedevil people and planet. But the piercing clarity of that vision, for the moment, seems to have caused a conceptual break with the omnipresent, inescapable constraints of reality. Take one example: “This administration consciously chose not to end U.S. participation in that atrocity as swiftly as possible, which will remain an inexcusable decision even if the Yemen war is eventually ended later.” As if any incoming U.S. president, on his first day in office, would instantaneously alter his country’s longstanding relationship with Saudi Arabia, a major Middle East ally, albeit a profoundly evil one in many ways. The only realistic hope, long shot that it be, is that American influence will be exerted to bring an end to the horror of Yemen as soon as politically feasible, and surely we should be all over Biden’s ass to make this happen. But has political progress–indeed, human progress in the larger sense–ever been meaningfully served by magical thinking, by demanding that change occur with a finger snap? The Biden administration may well turn out to be merely a continuation of the myriad evils of the status quo. We get that, fear that, even expect that. But perhaps, just perhaps, the unprecedented challenges of Covid and its unfolding socioeconomic impacts, likely of staggering dimensions, will compel significant changes in the purpose and direction of government in America and across the world, changes more humane and sustainable than the bastards now in charge might like or welcome. On the other hand, of course, we could easily wind up in a far worse position, even more dystopian than the oppressive, ecocidal neoliberalism we knew pre-pandemic. No one can possibly know right now how all of this will play out. No. One. So the last thing we need right now, IMHO, are know-it-alls, and one can be a know-it-all not only by claiming to foresee the ever-surprising future but also by writing it off before it has a chance to happen. Caitlin–and Jimmy Dore–are much better, much wiser than to let themselves fall into this trap.

    1. A wolf in sheep’s clothing or a wolf in wolf’s clothing — is one better than another? Hard to say. For sure, though, a wolf however dressed is still a wolf.

    2. It’s not a trap! Barring some Geo engineering miracles, we are doomed by the inertia of climate change and we’re already past the tipping point or going through it Now. Of course, nuclear war could end us sooner. We have Paleo emotions, archaic politics and god like technology as Harari says. Not a good recipe for success. Enjoy your self, it’s layer than you think.

      1. “Eat, drink, and be merry” has never a revolution made. If we’re inevitably going down, wouldn’t you prefer to go down fighting rather than with a smirking “I told you so.”

    3. Build Back Better, The Great Reset, is being sold as “humane and sustainable” change. If pre-pandemic is dystopian, we’ll have to come up with another word for what’s lurking.

  12. In case you hadn’t noticed, roughly half of the US population just became “domestic terrorists”. And we all know how much restraint the Psychopaths In Charge have when it comes to violence against “terrorists”. Hell, in two years you may not be ALLOWED to vote, much less have it counted, if you ever at anytime anywhere expressed a preference for a candidate or issue that wasn’t an “approved” one. No skin off my nose, since I won’t legitimize my own enslavement by voting. But it will without doubt remove any restraint the Psychopaths In Charge previously accommodated. The ubiquitous surveillance apparatus Snowden exposed may expand exponentially and aggressively to identify who is “guilty” of the sin of opposition, and must be silenced or caged, if not disposed of. Including every body here who might be a US citizen. Which may instigate the “civil war” that looms over our heads. The security imposed on the POTUS inauguration clearly demonstrated the divide.

    1. 2024 will be the last appearance of an election for America.

    2. I was born in 1940, I’ve had some time to observe politics in this country which is why after B. Clintons first term, I finally decided I had had enough!
      I haven’t “voted” for a dem since 1994, I didn’t “vote” for ANYONE in 2020, why bother when both choices are LYING OLIGARCH WARMONGERS!
      Haven’t we had enough of that? I guess not because CFM keep “voting” for one of the two OLIGARCH, CORPORATE, EVILS & this I refuse to do!
      IMHO, ‘mericans are dumber than dirt & at least, dirt is of some value, how “valuable” is a Trump supporter?

      I agree that we need to DUMP the current system & to stop treating the constitution as though it were sacred, it too needs to get DUMPED, we need to start over but we won’t, we will be FORCED to keep being abused by the current fascist, corporate, oligarch, WARMONGERING mess until we collapse & given how overpopulated we are & how messed up our ecosystem is, collapse will come sooner rather than later.
      Most voters keep acting like DUPES, they keep doing the same STUPID thing over & over again expecting that somehow, things will change for the better, NO THEY WON’T!
      We are going to collapse, “renewables”, recycling, EV’s etc cannot save us, they are tied to OIL & OIL is on it’s way out & without enough oil, after the dust has settled, we will be “lucky” if 500 million humans still exist on our poor ravaged, raped & abused planet.

      This rich way of life will soon end, enjoy what’s left of it while you still can.

  13. A second political party would do, but it’s not allowed.
    Any who attempt will be severely punished, until the current system breaks so badly that people lose fear of severe punishment.

  14. If you look at the chart of the heavens at the time of the inaugural, Biden has a rough row to hoe. John Michael Greer does an excellent reading on his site.

    1. The position of the stars and planets will have no effect on you today, or any other day!

      1. You are right. That´s not how it works. But it works.

  15. The people of the USofA have suffered a colossal barrage of bare faced election lies as usual. Yemen is clearly to be wiped from the map and its territory declared to be Saudi Arabia in the same way that Palestine is being dealt with by israel. This geopolitical surgery is in line with a Saudi/israeli alliance to allow for a greater israel to come into being without diminishing Saudi land. Essentially Saudi is moving south just a little to accommodate the territorial ambitions of israel. The USofA, UK, and all the rest in the zionist/globalist government swamp are very comfortable with that so nothing will stop that surgery taking place unless there is a complete political paradigm shift to Peoples’ Congresses as Gaddafi allowed and encouraged for his people.

  16. Yes the United States now has a ” different hood ornament ” named Joe Biden but the Evil Empire is just going to continue to murder human beings wherever and whenever it feels like it all over this planet. Very few things will change and a whole lot of things can get even worse then they are right now. Hoping and praying has very little effect on the Empire’s depravity!

  17. Can you provide us with a postal address to which we readers can send info, ideas, comments to you?

  18. Can you give us a postal mail address to use so we can communicate with you? Don’t give me social media stuff. I don’t do that.

  19. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    1) There’s a picture of an utterly distraught man slumped over in a huge pile of concrete rubble in Yemen. [The era is the Trump presidency.]

    2) There’s a picture of an utterly distraught man slumped over in a huge pile of concrete rubble in Yemen with the caption “…at least the new Vice-President has pronouns on her Twitter.” [The era is the Biden presidency.]

  20. I believe America is ripe for the formation of a third party. Time will tell.

    1. America is beyond ripe, it is rotten to the core. The sheeple are herded every four years into choosing between corporate sponsored warmonger from column A or B. And I think the Epstein saga was just the tip of the iceberg regarding blackmail of government officials. Any third party candidate that would get past the MSM obstructionism would be made an offer they couldn’t refuse. I strongly suspect that Bernie and Tulsi met this fate.
      I am wondering how long it took the Biden regime to get its first kill. Was it seconds, minutes or hours after his swearing in? I wonder what the body count is this morning? But not to worry, we will all be united whether we like it or not, and we’ll “build back better” once we reeducate the domestic terrorists.

      1. The FBI has been up to its eyeballs in sexual blackmail for political influence since its inception. You are right about Epstein. But, the corruption has become so massive, so odious, that attempts to shove it under the rug will fail. In the next 4 years we will see it oozing out, smell it stinking up the place, and see the predatory class throwing folks overboard. The rentier financial system will implode, the dollar will lose its standing. The congress will be paralyzed due to control files, and the pandemic will be shown to be a fraud. There is plenty of room for creative action of the common people, to create better systems from the ground up. Two hopeful notes; and
        transformation is coming and its what we make it.

    2. Khatika: ‘I believe America is ripe for the formation of a third party….’

      One possibility is that the Republican Party will break apart while attempting to purge its Trumpoids. Since the conservative residue will be too small to win many elections, it will merge with the now quite conservative Democratic Party. The Republican radical populists, being ideologically committed, will form their own party. Since the Democratic establishment will be moving further to the Right (in order to accommodate their new-found Republican friends) a progressive, social-democratic, leftish faction — the third who backed Sanders — may split off from the Democrats. This would lead to a three-party system, similar to that of Mexico.

  21. He is trying to be Obama Mark 2, with plenty of wonderfully inspirational rhetoric intended to lull people into a false sense of security and think ‘that’s alright then, everything is back to normal. Joe will fix it’.

    But like so many before him, he probably believes his own rhetoric, and forgets momentarily (perhaps not) & conveniently that saying it and doing it are two totally different things. He comes across as sincere, but then so did Obama.

    Apart from the fact that he will face huge resistance no matter what he tries to do and particularly if he tries to make big changes, he will rapidly adjust to the harsh reality of trying to deal with the US empire and the momentum of its global juggernaut. His past record works against everything he is now saying. Nothing will change, or rather little or no good will come from his administration.

    1. Chhose:
      Kunstler: Everyone’s eyes are now open. A fungus is president.

      Absent the false hope of Trump people are now free to conclude what I always have — politics got us into this, politics will not get us out.

      We can finally put the childish Red vs. Blue behind us.
      Babylon Bee:
      Most Popular President In History To Be Inaugurated In Secret Behind Giant Wall Guarded By Thousands Of Soldiers

  22. What about Bernie Sanders & his Vermont mittens … Nothing else to see here , moving along business as usual

    1. Well, Bernie’s countenance yesterday certainly spoke for a lot of us at least. I haven’t even talked to any of my ‘liberal’ friends yet, as I totally avoided it yesterday. I’m a transplant from Massachusetts to Texas so it was easy to keep up that long-distance distance, ha!

  23. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna keep blaming Putin for whatever bad news comes up.

  24. Nothing the ZIO/US does is excusable – they are nation of professional TERRORISTS !

    Barbaric to the core along with their partner in all things ‘ barbaric ‘ – ISRAEL !!

    Plundering nations for FREE oil is OVER ( thanks to Russia ) – America is finished – drowned in their own shit !

    BRI is the future – its unstoppable !

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