Fuck all royals. Take back everything they’ve stolen and give them minimum wage jobs and regard them with nothing but disdain forevermore.

Still can’t get over the fact that there’s a “queen”. She wears a crown and sits on a throne, like a fucking Tolkien character. Then a whole commonwealth full of LARPers points at her and goes “Ooh, it’s the Queen!” like a bunch of fucking nerds.

“Oh hello, I’m the Queen.” No you’re not you ridiculous nerd, your name is Liz and you’re the most expensive LARP in the world.

Royals are just oligarchs who rub your face in it.

Poverty is torture. The poverty that capitalist countries bake into their system is the worst kind of all because the victims are made to feel ashamed, and like it’s their fault, and like the way out is through simping for their persecutors and working even harder for them.

There’s a large faction of self-identified leftists who insist that the only path toward progress in the US is to continue slowly turning the Democratic Party into a leftist party. This is pushing on a fake fire exit painted on the wall in a burning building. That door will never open. This faction is joined by another functionally identical faction which in theory advocates voting Democrat to minimize damage while undertaking direct action to push real change, but in practice only ever does the voting Democrat part.

Continuing to advocate pushing on the fake fire exit door is guaranteeing that you’ll never escape from the burning building. There are other escape routes, they’re just harder than pretending you can use a counter-revolutionary party to advance revolutionary agendas.

“Using the Democratic Party is the easiest way to effect real change” is like the old joke about the man searching for his lost keys under the streetlight, then when asked if that’s where he actually lost his keys replies “No, but this is where the light is”. It seems like the easiest solution, but there are no actual solutions in that easiness.

Corporate Democrats are not freakish aberrations in the party, they are the party. An entire global empire is built on their continuing to do what they do, with a proportionate amount of power going into keeping that happening. The few progressives in the Democratic Party are just garnish on a turd.

You can’t vote your way out of a mess that you didn’t vote your way into. Nobody voted to let oligarchs control the government and tilt the entire political system to their advantage. Nobody asked your permission to steal your country; don’t ask their permission to take it back.

The entire electoral system is rigged against real change. Only direct action at mass scale will work, which will only become possible when we begin prioritizing countering oligarchic propaganda.

If any non-US aligned nation began circling the planet with hundreds of military bases, waging constant wars and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it, we’d immediately have a third world war. Only by global propaganda operations is this behavior from the US normalized.

The absurd difficulty in getting people to realize that most of their beliefs about the world are propaganda-implanted lies is their unexamined assumption that if mass-scale propaganda operations were happening in their country, they would have read about it in the news.

The most significant thing happening in the world right now is the fact that the global capitalist order which is destroying our ecosystem is held in place by a US-centralized power alliance whose aggressions are putting our planet at increasing risk of nuclear war. There is nothing more urgent or newsworthy than the fact that multiple forms of human insanity are imperiling the entire human species, and indeed the life of every terrestrial organism. The fact that this isn’t at the forefront of our attention shows how propagandized we are.

Joe Biden is imprisoning and torturing an Australian journalist because that journalist exposed US war crimes.

People have this weird prevailing assumption that their ruling institutions which did many evil things in the past just magically stopped being evil at some point, despite their never even declaring any intention to change. The FBI, the CIA, the monarchy, the Vatican.

The US-centralized empire drops explosives on human beings many times per day and it hardly ever makes the news.

America would be unrecognizable if it had ordered the separation of corporation and state like it orders separation of church and state.

It’s always far easier to flow with power than push against it. That’s why all the wealthiest people are those who collaborate with dominant power structures.

An individual will keep repeating the same toxic patterns until they bring awareness to the inner processes which give rise to them. The same is true of civilizations, and of empires. Shining the light of truth on what’s happening in the world is like taking the world to therapy, or like sitting it down on the meditation cushion to look within.

Trying to heal your inner wounds without deeply loving yourself is like trying to hug someone with one arm while shoving them away with the other. Your traumatized bits won’t come into the light of consciousness if you don’t create a welcoming environment for them.


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122 responses to “Fuck All Royals: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Yes. I agree.
    I’d have posted to FB but they’ve banned me for 3 days.. drawing attention to an explanation of what is “MASS PSYCHOGENIC ILLNESS” (explained in a YouTube video, of all places), and correlating it to what /how Operation Mockingbird has used the same psychological techniques to hypnotize the global population into “believing in Covid.”

  2. How about the oligarchic propaganda of the “pandemic”? Everyone is scared shitless to challenge it. I’d bet if 100 random picks out of the purported near half million so-called Covid 19 deaths in the U.S. were exposed (investigated), not 10 would’ve had the disease. No one is looking but everyone is counting. What a crock!

  3. I’ve railed against the inhuman excesses and abuses of my country so many times that I’ve run out of new ways to describe them.
    So, today, I’ll just stick to this: god am I happy to finally see some else, besides myself, say ‘enough already’ with this royal bullshit. They are the Kardashians of the UK. I wouldn’t waste 2 seconds of my time paying attention to any celebrity whores, be they royals entertainers or what not. My own life is sufficiently satisfying to me. I neither need nor want to aspire to be some asshole with the mistaken delusion that his, her, or their lives make them something special to be idolized or pitied. I can walk down the streets of my own little town and see dozens of people whose stories are as disarming, or worse, than those who get paid fortunes to cry about their lives. Poor little me, victims, looking for a big payday. That’s all they are.
    That also goes for so much time taken over the arrival of a royal piece of protoplasm. Does it not cry, shit and sleep like any other newborn? What it may or may not accomplish in its life, that is of true value to others, is yet to be determined and may never be. Instead of taking up news – paper, digital, or TV – time on such nonsense, tell me how we can get my country to quit its engagement in so many simultaneous illegal wars. How can we get my government to stop starving innocent citizens (of other countries and of our own) to death? What can we truly do to stop this country’s police abuses that range from murder, to racist-based fraudulent auto stops, to judges who incarcerate innocent people to meet quotas for the kickbacks they will receive. And those things are just for starters, since everything I could say in this comment would fill enough pages to become a New York Times Bestseller.
    I’ve finished this rant. if you’ve gotten this far, you almost certainly agree with me and, even if you don’t, you’ve seen enough to get the intent of my message.

  4. Monty Python:
    “Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government…”

    1. Excellence in humor! Thanks. The reCAPTCHA just forced me to select a mail box as a parking meter… so be it.

  5. Humans are good tool building monkeys, some are really smart, but most not so much, so there needs to be order, but how should that be done? The royals, pope, priests, Islam, and yes, worshiping the government like leftists is a retarded. So then what? Hahaha, fools! Stupid people need their religion. Enjoy prols.

  6. Why would anyone want a child in their family that does not resemble them? Why do non whites think they have a right to force themselves on us?

    The woman who wrote this article is strong evidence for the idea that allowing women to vote is foolish.

  7. You need to seek help, girl.
    When Monarchs actually ruled, the parasitic bankers were held in check. It was the Puritans, committing regicide after taking their 30 pieces of silver from the Red Sea pedestrians of Amsterdam, that have caused the damage. Yes, the same ones who encouraged the Dutch to take revenge on the Spanish, who had had enough of the sedition, aiding and abetting of the Moors, and tossed them from the country.
    Just what did they steal in their own countries that hadn’t been theirs for centuries? Is their “theft” any different than the USA expanding West and South? By the way, King George didn’t impose anything on the Colonies, the Parliament did. The figurehead signed the legislation, just as he would have signed his own death warrant.
    The Monarchy didn’t invade India, the British East India did, with its private army. When it had sucked all the wealth out of it, it turned it over to “the Crown”. The Monarchy didn’t start the Opium War with China, the (((Sassoons))) engineered that plot.
    That anyone would give Doprah Windbag (I have to support Obumboy, because he is Black) any credence is beyond me, much less a skank that has seen more rubber than a tire factory, in order to be a “star” actress.
    That’s not to say that the Royals aren’t without fault, everyone is, including you Caitlin.

    1. Thumbs up, Curmudgeon.

      A little history goes a long way.

      I can’t say that I’m fond of the concept of royalty, a notion that some are born to rule over others, which I consider untrue and immoral. But under hereditary monarchy, one may get a decent head of state once in a while, purely by chance. In other systems, it seems that only scum can rise to the top of the pond and remain long enough to accomplish anything, generally damage.

      I also can’t, thank Heaven, say that I’m filled with a poisonous hatred for the poor slobs born into that system and conditioned to it. A little compassion might not be wasted. Nor am I filled with disdain for minimum wage workers, who perform some of the most important and thankless services that keep us all comfortable, like putting groceries on shelves and cleaning rooms… if I felt workers deserved to be held in contempt because they are performing useful, albeit low wage work, I’d think I were an arrogant person. Foolish too.

  8. All good stuff. Love it.
    But in addition–Marx, remember, said to seize the means of production.
    Maybe the modern version of that is to seize a computer and become a radical capitalist–a Robinhood on Wall Street. Invest like the planet depends upon you. Make a ton of money by transforming the world using the means of capitalism. Invest in solar, and in companies run by women perhaps. Invest in companies that pay their employees well. Invest in EV, and regenerative agriculture, and recycling companies. And the money you make? Reinvest it back into that transformed world, and transform it again.

    But be wary of Robinhood, the investing platform. It really is the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  9. I can’t for the life of why anyone would revere the royals .As you said Caitlin “Fuck all the royals ” and I would add in spades.

    1. Isnt it nice that there are different cultures with different customs. People finding different things important. Or should there just be one standard for all.

    2. In 1936 the queen’s uncle, King Edward VIII, was forced to abdicate the throne after 11 months. Ostensibly because he planned to marry a twice divorced American. But the real reason was because he wanted no part of a war with Germany, his nation of origin.

      1. If he had lived out as his life as the legitimate king he was, the current royal family would be much different.

  10. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Oh hello, I’m the QUEEN!”

    “You ARE? Says WHO?”

    “I DO. I’m the Queen. I rule over you!”

    “And what am I?”

    “You are NOTHING. I’m the Queen and you are nothing!”

    “OK, then you’re the Queen of NOTHING.”

    (Inspired by The Honeymooners, Year 1955)

    1. The Monarch rules nothing. The Monarch reigns.

  11. But for the psychopaths our reality – and our history – would be completely different.


  12. This article brought to mind this song from merrie Olde, which could be amended to add in the Royals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVA0VAmN6PA
    The best part of the Oprah interview was were she paused dramatically in mock indignation that the whitest dysfunctional family on the planet would be worried about having a little dark baby in their august midst. I could just hear her thinking, Ka ching! Milking this is going to earn me millions.

    1. Perfect. This song should be the Resistance Worldwide Anthem.

    2. Ahh, geb me some drunk and drink wib them dar lasses! Hey yes ey say…gib me the lassies any time be da day!
      Bugger da bankers and bugger yu be ye one of dem!

  13. Okay, my mailbox is crowded with “Fuck” every time someone post a comment. I agree, fuck the royals. We good? Okay, let’s move on to another post.

    1. Ragnar – OK, let me set this up.
      Here is the hand you have in bridge:
      It is a great hand because there is a null suit – a suit of which you have none. Easy trumping on that baby and worth a lot.
      Now sadly, you have been saddled with a bunch of low hearts, but hold on….wait a second, here is your heart hand: 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, J, K. Holy Shit – that hand coupled with a null suit might have the making of something special. The other cards you have in the two black suits include one ace (hell yeah baby) and two queens.
      Holy Moly, it really just depends now on what your partner has in their hand. If that was hand, I’d be wishing I was your partner, cause no matter what my hand was, I would help you make the bid and we would do it with confidence! Sadly, I’m not your partner, unless of course Khatika refuses my offer in which case – Lets make it happen Big R!
      ps – bridge is the best of all card games if you want to get all serious and sometimes getting serious is fun, so that is why I love bridge out of all the card games the most – just need to find me a good partner!

      1. Suddenly the game became complicated… How I am supposed to find a good partner? To find a good partner is like to find a good wife, it’s a fairy tale unicorn like someone looking for god. No one knows where it is, LOL.

        1. Oh my goodness, that is why we can never be partners cause you just don’t know how wrong you are Big R.
          I found me a good partner. We are going on 30 years. She might not play bridge, but somehow, someway, she and I have stayed together because we made a sacred vow and more importantly – we love each other.
          I’ll find somebody local to play bridge with – in fact, I think this might be a good way to help neighbors get to know each other. Direct Action.
          Oh Big R may the sunsets and sunrise bring you evermore joy as each day goes by and may all your days be filled with love!

          1. Yeah, I know and you’re right. You’re the best.
            Kind wishes.

            1. I ain’t right.
              Call me “correct” if you think I am, but I ain’t right.
              Big R better days on the way so says the Irish in me and it is strong. My Grandpa knew a beauty when he saw her and I would of fell in love with her as well. Love at first sight.
              I won’t say no more today.

              1. What a surprise! So you are an Irish man. Well, as far I can say about my Irish friends they don”t need much to be happy. Hard workers and most of time too serious. I think a pinch of sarcasm from England would help a little bit to not get too uptight, LOL. Well, I’m kidding just messing with you. I wish the best for you.

  14. It’s ALL about wealth and power: Power begets wealth, and wealth begets power, and THAT all comes down to resources. But each and every one of us has the ‘power’ to effect change in many different ways, and probably the biggest and most positive and impactful change we can make is to become vegans (or 90/95% vegan). The ‘machine’ will provide what people want, and by going vegan we can have numerous positive impacts on the planet if we did so in our tens of millions, not to mention our health, or the health of those who live on fast foods and soda etc that is. Give it some serious thought – and do your research – but DON’T go straight from meat-eater to vegan, and first transition to vegetarian.

  15. “Take back everything they’ve stolen and give them minimum wage jobs and regard them with nothing but disdain forevermore.”
    Taking that an obvious (implicit?) step further, lets include all members of the global, billionaire, crime syndicate.
    Don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve read before that the royal family is the richest family on earth? I guess that makes them the most powerful family on earth? Sorry Rothschilds, you lose. Whether true or not, it is an outrageous circus of a distraction.
    Watching the sick, royal family, soap opera and thinking they are contributing to a better planet for people is like watching a video of building seven disintegrate into it’s own footprint, exactly as a controlled demolition would, and coming to the conclusion that, oh yeah, that must have been office fires that created enough heat to melt structural steal and cause that.
    It’s a fairy tale.
    “Continuing to advocate pushing on the fake fire exit door is guaranteeing that you’ll never escape from the burning building. There are other escape routes, they’re just harder than pretending you can use a counter-revolutionary party to advance revolutionary agendas.”
    I feel like most of us just keep pushing on “fake fire exit doors.” We say we want solutions, but, too often, we do exactly what they want us to do so we are never able to find any.
    Why is it that they put so many resources into influencing and manipulating us, keeping us propagandized, distracted, divided and isolated?
    Because they will do anything to keep us from finding real solutions. They will do anything to keep from being held accountable for the ungodly destruction they have reigned down upon our planet. They will do anything to maintain the status quo of their power and control.
    They want us frightened, desperate and hopeless.
    They don’t want peace. They don’t care about people, other than themselves.
    Even though I don’t always act consist with this, I’m a big believer in the idea that we all create the world we live in, with our actions, every day.
    If we don’t want the robber barons taking away our freedoms and controlling our lives. WE SAY SO.
    We stop letting them jerk us around by the nose with their doom and gloom narratives. And we stop helping them create distopia by giving voice to fear, panic and despair.
    We start offering and creating positive narratives that bring people together, without fear and despair.
    As Ishkabibble did so well below.
    We create hope and courage in our daily lives. We create wellbeing. We create peace.

    And we continue to call them out for their horrendous actions.
    The last things they want are solutions and to be held accountable.

  16. Eff the Royal and I hope Oprah comes to her senses.
    Can we move on to more important topics please?
    YES – I am NOT a contributor and I DONT support
    any effort to point that out cause let me ask
    Who the F is judging whom here?
    Ain’t the point to try to learn
    So why you want more
    info for judging

  17. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, so ……….
    ….being a casual, thankfully-politcially-powerless observer of world events as a “devout” atheist for the past 53 years of my 70 years of life, I find the behavior of the US and the US’s vassal states to be interesting to the extreme. I mention that I am an atheist because the religious angle to the behavior of the supposedly God-loving, Christian US, and the human beings (like Liz, who is the head of the chruch of england) that hold the positions of power within the supposedly God-loving, Christian governments of its vassal states, to be too unavoidable and overpowering to not notice and comment on.
    For example, take the Ten Commandments that supposedly provide these Christian nations with guidance on how to behave; what is right and what is wrong, etc. A brief version of them is as follows.
    You shall have no other Gods before me
    You shall not make for yourselves an idol
    You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God
    Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy
    Honor your father and your mother
    You shall not murder
    You shall not commit adultery
    You shall not steal
    You shall not give false testimony
    You shall not covet
    The violation of one of these commandments is IMO of particular importance when it comes to behavior between nations and I’m willing to bet that my selection of which is most important is not the one that most Christians would make.
    My selection is the first – You shall have no other Gods before me.
    The human beings that made or make up the governments of each one of the US’s vassal states violated the first commandment when they bowed down, then knelt down, then began to worship every US VIP-God that threatened their nations in the way that VIP US human beings such as John Mearsheimer or Mike Pompeo or George F. Kennan have done ever since even long before WWII. These worshiping human beings had a choice to make and they chose, essentially, a god that turned out to be Satan.
    For a few decades things went fairly well for the Satan’s-ass-licking vassal states. Their populations lived relatively well compared to the hell-on-earth that those poor souls living in the non-vassal states had to endure. These vassal populations, as a whole, just ignored all the suffering their governments directly or indirectly caused. They followed their own, 11th, commandment – Look the other way when people scream in pain for help.
    But, as time went on, more and more was demanded of the vassals by their chosen God. For example, to continue to make war on the world, their God needed to start borrowing money from them by selling them so-called treasury bonds. This demand was not so bad because their God assured them that those US “treasury” bonds (how you can name something that has to borrow money a “treasury” is beyond me) could be redeemed for gold, so they loaned God their money by buying those bonds (IOUs, really).
    But in 1971 Nixon closed the gold window and from then right up to the present the vassals could no longer send their US bonds back to the US and receive physical gold in return. From them on the false-god worshipers had to exchange “matured” US bonds only for either more bonds or other USDs such as cash — both of which were printed out of thin air and backed by nothing but the US military and the US’s historically-proven willingness to use it. Without the US continuing to do what it was doing to the world in order to force people and nations to continue to accept toilet paper in payment for their REAL natural resources, manufactured or agricultural products and services, these worshiping nations would “lose” all of the “buying power” of the money they loaned to their Satan – that is, they ALSO would not be able to use THEIR USD to buy anything REAL.
    Because the false-god-worshiping vassals broke the first commandment and started worshiping the USA, in order to continue to live with Satan’s protection (to benefit from the US’s Al-Capone-like “security” rather than suffer for decades like Cuba), the vassals were then forced to violate:
    You shall not murder
    You shall not steal
    You shall not give false testimony
    You shall not covet
    How can it be that an atheist like myself can know with absolute certainty that in our age of nuclear weapons, the one and only way that humanity is going to survive and lead a happy existence is to follow a rule that is not a religious commandment, but one that is to my knowledge common to every religion in the world? – to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    IMO, human beings either knowingly or unknowingly NOT following that simple rule is exactly what has led humanity to the terrible place it finds itself today – a place that will only get worse by the day until humanity either exterminates itself or, finally, starts following it. The true irony for me is that maybe only true atheists, not so-called agnostics or other fence-sitters, are capable of understanding this, because the true atheists know with absolute certainty that there will NEVER BE divine intervention to rescue human beings from themselves, and there simply aren’t many of us around.
    Being a movie lover for most of my life, even before movies could be viewed in one’s home on TV, I’m immediately reminded of a particular scene from the movie “Contact” that touches on this touchy subject:
    IMO there are two logically-fatal flaws in both person’s arguments.
    First, Ellie Arroway says to Palmer Joss something like “what if science revealed that god never existed in the first place?” The flaw is that logic cannot prove with logical certainty the NON-existence of anything. For example, I say to you that there is a mouse running around inside a small, open-top box that is sitting on a table right in front of your eyes and my eyes. You look inside, don’t see a mouse, and say that there is no mouse inside the box. I say “it’s invisible”. You say: “I hear no sound”. I say: “It runs perfectly silently”. Etc., until you say in frustration: “You are insane”.
    Second, after moving outside and hearing Ellie say that she’d need proof of the existence of God, believer-Palmer asks Elie if she loved her father. Ellie replies “yes” and Palmer says “prove it”. (………. At which point there is a pregnant pause in this, shall we say, astronomically, yes, astronomically important discussion which is too-soon broken by the interruption of pagers ringing and the relatively insignificant announcement from persons back inside the celebration that the schematics sent by aliens to earthlings were proven to be of a machine designed to transport a human being somewhere in the vast universe.) The fatal flaw in Palmer’s supposedly brilliant “prove-it” argument is that Elie doesn’t have to prove a “damned” thing because Palmer is asking for Ellie to “prove” something to him, or to the world, that is as purely personal to Elie, not something as important to the world, nor to Palmer or another individual, as whether a supreme being exists or doesn’t exist. For example, Palmer could have asked Ellie “do you love to shit?” Ellie would have replied “yes”. Palmer would have said “prove it” …. and, luckily, ringing phones and interrupting voices would have saved all of us from having to see Ellie’s logically-certain “proof” of her formerly-resistible, now-desired need to shit. The point is that Ellie could not similarly “produce” the logically-certain proof of her love of her father. Palmer has no reason to expect that Ellie would lie about such a thing and, therefore, he would have no reason to ask that question in the first place, especially to try to use the answer to that question to support an argument for the existence of a supreme being. He very deliberately posed a question he absolutely knew that she could not prove ………TO HIM. If the script-writers had given Ellie some time to reply, likely Ellie would have argued something similar to what I’ve just said, but the believers in the movie’s audience would be less satisfied than being allowed to think that Palmer’s “prove it” must have decided the issue in their own belief’s favor.
    And this gets me right back to the ten commandments and the unwritten rule that, to my knowledge, all religions of the world at least purport to believe in.
    IF, and I do mean IF, 7.4 billion people, who “just happen” to be living on a big rock in space at an idea distance from the star called the “Sun” (or is it “Son”?), all “believe”, not with absolute logical certainty, but merely just believe, that there is NO supreme being, and, therefore, that there is ONLY human intelligence to guide human beings’ behavior, just exactly what SHOULD the fundamental rule be that guides all human behavior, IF ANY?
    Let me make answering that question very simple by reducing the world’s population of 7.4 billion people to a world population of just three equally-sized, prostate-containing individuals who are carrying six large-caliber handguns – one handgun for each of their six hands. The three stand in a triangle, at arm’s length from each other. Each person not only points his guns, but literally rests the muzzles of his guns, against the heads of the other two individuals. Each individual has two guns resting on his head. In the center of the triangle of pairs of feet on the floor rests the key to all the riches of the world – just sitting there on the floor for the taking.
    Now again, which of the ten commandments or the Golden Rule must all three true atheists immediately start to follow in order for ALL THREE atheists, not just one atheist, to benefit from all of the riches that the world has to offer?
    (I’m once again reminded of another scene from another movie. Maybe you are, too.
    Which rule would have been best for all three prostate-containers to religiously follow in order for all three of them to benefit from the bags of gold? And while I’m on that movie, after the gun fight, why didn’t you-know-who kill you-know-who? Not doing that does not make any sense within the no-rules-world of the movie. Therefore, the answer must reside outside the confines of the fake-world of the movie. The obvious answer is that the movie’s paying audience of believers would not have been as “satisfied” with the movie if he had.)
    The Big Three of our real world have got nuclear guns pointing at each other’s heads. Unlike the hypothtical situation I’ve just described, if they don’t start following the Golden Rule immediately and one pulls the nuclear trigger, not even 1/3 of humanity will survive, and those few that do survive will not only NOT enjoy the riches of the world, they likely be living in hell-on-earth for their few remaining months “alive”.

    1. Nice reading there ISHKABIBBLE.
      I think the only thing maybe not mentioned is how everything is in flux.
      You can’t go forward too far and you can only go back based on your understanding of history, and you can never really go back and be there, so you will never really know who it truly went down when it did.
      Frankly, if I had a gone on 2 of the 3, I reckon I’d just pull both triggers and be done with it and try to start something better afterwards. That is why, I’m glad what you have discussed is strictly hypothetical.
      Peace is easy and it ain’t complicated to treat your neighbor well, so it ought not be a hard thing to get through some thick skulls. You know, talking across the table versus bullets to the brain. That is an easy choice. Just don’t do it in Tejas.

    2. Point being? LOL. Just kidding, I, enjoyed the spiel, but most I think are pretty disgusted. The other day I was reading about someone’s criticism of a Protestant evangelists description of the end of the age (all doom, etcetera). No, he says it’s all glory. The other day I saw someone wearing gang clothing, he apparently had just committed some sort of totally audacious crime, but studying his face it was clear to me that he didn’t have a clue that he had committed any crime; a true psychopath, no different than a child that didn’t know any better. Should the species be wiped off the face of the earth ? Or, continue trying to improve the human condition?

    3. Very nice, Ish. Most religions and moral\ethical systems have the Golden Rule concept as a base, but it’s not so simple because…as “I” wish to be treated is very different from as “They” wish to be treated…and it makes all the difference. There is not much right or wrong just a bunch of prioritizations. I prioritize truth and honesty over delusions, illusions, and being nice…others not so much. It makes a huge difference.

  18. Ludicrous 0.001 percenters. Please note however what a big help Harry and the Missus have be to Uncle Andy … you know, Randy Andy. Distract, divert, and revert.

    1. Victor G – remember some metaphorical discussion from earlier. Time for it to get a bit more real seems to me. What is there to lose……..
      I’m sick of diversions and if I was on the offensive I would literally blow by them and each time there was another diversion my confidence would increase that the enemy has no defense. Like a King with no close. Like a Queen up a tree. Like a “Trump” card that had no value cause the hand was already lost.
      : : – : :
      now or never…..

  19. You write, “Fuck all royals. Take back everything they’ve stolen and give them minimum wage jobs and regard them with nothing but disdain forevermore.”

    This won’t do at all. They have to be exterminated, or like cockroaches they’ll just come crawling back out of the woodwork when the lights go off.
    Anybody tell me why the Murkans love ’em? Make absolutely no sense to me.

    1. I don’t think “Murkans” love ’em. I don’t and I could ask my brothers and sisters if you want, but I think I already know the answer. They don’t either.
      So what are you trying to imply?

    2. Maybe is absolutely makes no sense to you because your are WRONG with your premise.
      Did you ever consider that PASHA?

    3. >> Anybody tell me why the Murkans love ’em? Make absolutely no sense to me.

      Disney normalizes royals to Murkan children.

      People Magazine normalizes royals to grown Murkan children.

      1. No doubt on that but don’t mean we “love” em. Maybe means Disney needs to get into the next century and People Magazine needs to go by the wayside. That’s what it means to me Stoopid.

  20. What would happen if Russia or China (or Iran or Venezuala) were proven to be responsible for staging Fake Gas Attacks which opened doors to more Offensive maneuvers from them and their allies against American soil? What would happen if Russia or China (or Iran or Venezuala) were proven to be responsible for coups in Canada (YAT’s Our Guy!) and in Mexico — then took over oil fields in Alaska? What would happen if Russia or China (or Iran or Venezuala) were able to sanction the US to such a point that millions were starving, they could no longer sell their oil, and related companies such as Chevron were taken over as enemy/regime change assets? What if Russia or China (or Iran or Venezuala) were able to openly state in a worldwide media that they controlled, “We are seeking regime change in Washington?” What if Russia or China (or Iran or Venezuala) recognized and promoted the Mayor of Dallas Texas (a socialist who received .001% of the vote and was only on the ballot in three states) as the actual new President? Etc., etc., etc.

    1. Yep – that is truly when it “ALL” started for me. My awakening was with W’s lies. I could tell you a long story about a “stump” my wife and daughter and I took with us to bury at the coast, but I won’t. That is personal.
      Anyhow, now, I know, we know, and I mean serious business – I hope you do as well. I ain’t just chatting on the web and I encourage direct action. Non-violent direct action that is from the middle and really cannot be resisted.
      Today I truly effing learned – from the Weather Channel of all places – that the largest known spill of refined petroleum in a few decades occurred about 30 miles from where I live and I’m PISSED off about it, and guess what, this shit is right up my alley. I’ve worked with the agency, I’ve represented industry, I know about contaminated groundwater, and I’m fucking pissed that this spill was only discovered by a few teenagers out on a joy ride and it occurred in August last.
      Now let me ask this – why was this NOT a big news story. I’ll tell you the two main reasons:
      1. Propoganda
      2. Cancel culture that has gone nuclear.
      Oh yeah, but we sure get to here about all the vaccination campaigns now don’t we. I’m so effing fucking fucked up effed effing tired of campaigs.
      I’m fucking pissed and I hope Colonial Pipeline and NCDEQ for that matter have some good lawyers cause I know my environmental law and their is going to be JUSTICE! I also, it turns out have some friends, including members of the bar, who know a bit about this topic and they might be interested in my help and vice-versa.
      Not kidding around – unless maybe I’m just so pissed now, I had to release it somehow, but still – something has got to give and I know what side I am on. Do you?

      1. We are killing ourselves slowly by poisoning our environment. Contaminated ground water, contamination of our oceans, waste dumps, overfished oceans, pollution of alk kinds, not CO2 . Billions will die in the next generation from starvation and lack of water. War will just accelerate the process. Prepare the best you can now.

        1. Oh for goodness sake Khatika – you are wrong.
          OK. Your wrong.
          Get it.
          Get it?

        2. Or let me just say it this way Khatika, cause you know I’m very, very fond of you and I consider you a special person and a friend – regardless of your gender.
          Better times are on the way.
          The final bluff has been called and the People are NOT afraid.
          You shouldn’t be either.

  21. Thank you so much for eloquently saying what I’m thinking.

  22. Some Brits get vicarious superiority through having a royal family, some have gotten the wealth that came from their empire, and some Brits think beheading kings was a good idea.

  23. Well, as to Caitlin’s remark as to the Queen and Royal Family, they too are pawns of the Mafia, ever since King Henry the Eigth, sold the U.K. down the river even as far as way back then; and those young men in the video are being played as though they were nothing more than a video game for some psychopaths’s entertainment, like fox hunting with dogs like so many of the Nobility do. And, I’ve said it before about being followed 24/7, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want to end up like Snowden, because there’s so much more I could add. Be knowledgeable but know that everyone is a potential deadly enemy.

  24. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    “America would be unrecognizable if it had ordered the separation of corporation and state like it orders separation of church and state.”

    Well said but this mix has always been stronger than church and state. Just look at what Thomas More wrote in his famous book “Utopia” 500 years ago:

    “Therefore I must say that, as I hope for mercy, I can have no other notion of all the other governments that I see or know, than that they are a conspiracy of the rich, who, on pretence of managing the public, only pursue their private ends, and devise all the ways and arts they can find out; first, that they may, without danger, preserve all that they have so ill-acquired, and then, that they may engage the poor to toil and labour for them at as low rates as possible, and oppress them as much as they please; and if they can but prevail to get these contrivances established by the show of public authority, which is considered as the representative of the whole people, then they are accounted laws; yet these wicked men, after they have, by a most insatiable covetousness, divided that among themselves with which all the rest might have been well supplied…”

    Interesting article here about that:


    So much decadence, the end of the world must be near…

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. At bottom, More’s statement is what is the most “amazing” (not in a good way) thing to me. Because serious “studiers” have recognized the covetous behavior for literally centuries and yet here we are – in the same effing predicament, just with “new colors” and a little something to calm enough to stifle any change for the better.
      Oh well, the LIMIT has been reached. It is now or never in my mind.
      ps – Michel Belisle, please say a prayer for me while you have got your Rosary on hand. Honestly.
      pss – I don’t want to get into the history of Popes, cause I have studied hard. Nonetheless, I applaud the Peace Mission Pope Francis embarked upon – seems to me like he has courage and I respect that even if we might not agree on many things.

      1. Hi Ken,
        You figure the Pope brought along his MasterCard?

        1. VICTOR G – I have no idea how the mission was paid for, and I hope he wasn’t out there giving out monetary assistance cause that game is up – think about what the “Mericans” did there in Afghanistan – that shit don’t work. They will take your funds for sure, but then they will laugh at your stupid ass as you walk out the door.
          So, I believe in the benefit of the job, and unless I learn elsewise, I think it was a Mission of Peace. Moreover, I can’t deny I loved how he walked down the plane stairs by his lonesome and how hard the wind was blowing when he did it. Must of thought to himself – My Lord has sent me on an important mission.
          If it turns out otherwise, it won’t surprise me, but that is my take on events at this point in time. The story remains in flux, but the People are starting to get some Kahunas and Israel would be well advised to listen to what the Russian diplomat said when he spoke of cups being full.

      2. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        Thank you Ken. I will pray for you as I pray for the whole world.

        I hope you have read the link I mentioned. Very very interesting. I think you will like this interview with Archbishop Vigano, former Apostolic Nuncio for the US. He is a true pastor and makes me proud to be Catholic.

        God Bless!

        1. Kind thanks Michel. I will read the link in full.
          Peace to you,

  25. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sRYMtYlk66E
    The abovementioned very boring bio, I posted just to make a point about the dynamics at work in our world . Buffy Saint Marie, had a song about it that went sort of, “Big Wheel Turn and Turn, Little Wheel Spin snd Spin. Don’t take it all as Gospel because as little as I know about Rap as an art form, I’ve been to most of the places depicted in the video at all hours of the day and night because that is where my friend lived. And lies by omission have been made, as one of those assassinations occurred in broad daylight on Chicago’s Gold Coast, busy retail district. No witnesses, no cameras. LOL.We’re all stupid as hell aren’t we?

  26. You’re right, but I just want to point out what I just learned about an ancient definition of what Satan was; an observer of the misdeeds of others, to bear witness for the Prosecutor in the after life. LOL. So, that makes us what? Who wrote these religious texts, snd why?

  27. Robert Edwards Avatar
    Robert Edwards

    Caitlin, I couldn’t agree with you more. The history of Royals has always been subjugation and this lot is not different . They killed my princess Diana and for that they will be sent to hell – Diane was the legitimated Royal

    1. There IS no ‘legitimated’ royal. What’s so hard to understand about that? There’s only a bunch of posing assclowns.

      1. Yeah, as it was said in one season of GOT: Kill thousands and you will be the king.

    2. Ms. Diane, God rest her soul, served her purpose of bringing some “better blood” to the progeny for the sake of perpetuating their thievery upon all of humanity.
      Could be her younger son genuinely said – “Eff it” and ran away to the providence of Canada, a great maple leaf country if there ever was one. Maybe his peasant roots got the best of him….maybe, maybe not. Maybe his half-blood wife taught him some serious lessons. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she just got is cock so fired up he couldn’t help himself. Maybe, maybe not.
      Who the hell knows, but at the end of the day I could give a FUCK!

  28. The entire performance is a product of the disease of celebrity worship that runs rampant in the West. A product of genius marketing efforts, like much of the dysfunction among us.

    1. Scary stuff there KHATIKA…..and eff the royals.

      1. Despair and hopelessness; never solutions from some.
        Hmmm . . . seems to me, that’s exactly what the oligarchs want.

        1. Not referring to you, Ken.

          1. KHATIKA was just sharing some news and I appreciate that cause like KHATIKA I’m a realist at heart.
            BUT, maybe a little difference is that I think many prognostications don’t materialize, and in fact, I can prove this. So like all the other times, when imminent WAR with Iran seemed on the doorstep this I believe will just be another time to add to the list of all the other times when the war never materialized. I hope this is the last of it cause some of us have better ideas, and SHOCKER, I’ll always be appreciative of you even if we might not always agree.
            You and I I think know how to find common ground and I know sometimes I’m, what is that word, effusive…….ha, ha, ha. I am, I am. I am effusive.

            1. Yeah, I like Shocker as well. Khatika posted a comment which in my opinion was in some level better than the rogue J today. Thank you Ms. K.

              1. Big R.
                U no I aint no missus so, what up?
                I’ll take Khatika as my bridge partner if Khatika will have me.I play a mean game of bridge and I learn quick.
                Big R maybe you can shack up with somebody else and we can play some contract bridge – for big money!Peace,BK

                1. Duplicate Bridge – a serious competition of skills is even better. R U up for it BigR?.

                2. Omg! you’re really serious about severely humiliating me with a game of bridge! And to make a real massacre you’re bringing together Khatika!!! My insurance company will not cover that for me.

                  1. jeepers creepers at this point in time insurance ain’t gonna help. Get a partner if you can.Peace BigR. BK

    2. It took 4 years to be continued. When Iran is over as a nation they will find another scapegoat. It’s an uncontrollable thirsty for bloodlust (estate of eternal wars to steal and not protect). If the B-52’s are going to be there, it’s over our efforts to prevent it. It’s remarkable how the way this genocide was already planned since 1990. Norman Schwarzkopf was removed as commander for saying: “This war will end up in the streets of Baghdad”. It will not end up even when Iran is defeated. This war will not stop in the streets of Moscow nor Beijing. It’s an endless loop. Always turning against itself at some point. It’s over.

      1. Hmmm, it will not be a surprise to see in the next days or weeks the press media and social media not aligned with the White House being shut down.

        1. Well, we are already in lockdown, food stocked, facial masks to protect against cosmic rays. We have been prepared in the last 15 months.

        2. More than 13 years ago I think, I stocked up on some extremely well-packed chia seed. My family thought I was crazy, and maybe I was, but I bet that seed is still good. The Aztecs gave it to Warriors when a long march was needed and it sustained them into battle.
          Thanks big R – you give me hope.

          1. It is what is big BK. We’ve been set up for decades. Evil orders are ineffective with highly intelligent people and we have never been so poor about that. Even the people working to make it happen, they think everything will be okay for them. It will not till they realize it’s too late. Don’t worry, let’s play some cards. Cheers.

            1. OK, I think you are over thinking this, but I proposed a bridge offer elsewhere, so lets see what U are made of Big R.
              Me and Khatika (if Khatika will take me) against you and the partner of your choice.
              What U say Big R.
              I play a mean game of bridge.
              Talk is cheap, so I’m looking for some action.

              1. Sure, I’m probably overthinking it.
                Geez! I didn’t know you had it on you BK!! Wow! LOL. It’s a shame I don’t play bridge. I’ll take look in some YouTube video to learn it LOL.

  29. Let me suggest a few more relevant subjects to write about instead of the royals.
    1. Food inflation
    2. Covid tyranny
    3. Clean water scarcity
    4. Food shortages
    5. Any aspect of energy problems
    6. America military pressuring of China.
    Either try these or something similar of take the word rogue off your moniker.

    1. If she actually needs a domineering editor, I very much doubt she’ll request your services.

        1. Yeah, I’m with BK. Caitlin and Khatika are like oil and water.
          K is not the short for C but somehow they can be quite a case of Ms. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde.

          1. Who knows Big R, maybe they are one in the same, but I doubt that big time.
            What I don’t doubt is that very soon I will be a contributor to this site and when I do that, I will make it public so there is no doubt as to who I support.
            Big R – Get you a bridge partner, study up as best you can (“Boob-tube” aint the way to do it), and then we can play online after I find a local partner here who can be with me when we play cause it is always best to play together at the table.
            It could be fun, but I know I’m just imagining things. Still, one way or the other, after this conversation, the main thing I have learned is that I miss playing Bridge.

            1. That’s awesome BK!!! I’m looking forward to read your writings here. It’s a great place to spread the word. I’ll pull your leg commenting every time I got a chance, LOL. Kind wishes.

  30. I love your stuff but when you lead off with vulgarity I won’t share it.

    1. Oooohhh, aren’t we dainty!

  31. “America would be unrecognizable if it had ordered the separation of corporation and state like it orders separation of church and state.”
    Why do the Brits put up with the Monarchy Mafia?!

    1. Isnt it great we are not all under one world order so we can have different forms of government. Its called nationalism. Pride in your countries heritage. You know that stuff they are trying to stamp out with open borders and McDonalds.

  32. Strewth Caitlin !
    You’ve buggered your chances of an invite to the palace.
    You’re gonna regret those scathing remarks.
    No cucumber sandwiches, no sponge cake, no Pimms on ice and no tour of the manicured gardens and lawns and no rubbing shoulders with the important people.
    Youuuuuu’ll be sorry.

    1. Aussies have little love for the Royal Mum.

    2. Yes, and I think that Knighthood thing is pretty much out the window at least for now.

      The first order of any successful rectification business (believe it or not) is actually to get fully with that “Divine right of Kings/Queens” thing. One should realize that current problems are not derived from a royalty which has too much power, but rather from their having and exercising too little of it. I’m sure the Royals are individually quite concerned with the various issues of their adoring subjects, however, they have for a long time been pretty well cut out of the actual “ruling class” except perhaps for serving as quaint reminders of that nation’s past glory. This is outwardly apparent, but really, what does a stern frown from the Queen herself accomplish these days as opposed that of her ancestors who actually held the keys to the “Bloody Tower”? It’s time again to rattle those keys.

      Human beings need a visible, longstanding ultimate authority in which to believe, particularly if such authority is to lead them through times of trouble. I suspect that is a genetic thing as much as anything, but then there is the very well stated “Divine Right” thing to also consider… God said so, it must be so. Ignore it at your peril, well, assuming one believes in that particular ultimate authority as opposed to requiring a full time gun pointed your way. The King and his authorities was given the power of the sword to rule over the land… simple… effective. Pray for a good, fair and just King and stop the squabbling.

      The current ultimate authority for the USA in which we of course fully believe capable is…? Should we guess that perhaps it is the nominally elected President, or does there still exist a longstanding Constitution whose truths in essence have nevertheless been ignored and made subject to contrasting agendas or perhaps even a series of coercion driven (mis) interpretations? Unfortunately the Western World has allowed the globalist pirates of banking, media and industry who are chiefly concerned with maximizing their own bottom lines to take full charge of the political process. They have done this over the course of generations through their elected and professional bureaucrat puppets. It is easily a case of the non-elite people and “lower class” adoring subjects of the Crown be damned. Divide the herd and more easily control them?

      Solution? Give us please a good unimpeachable King or Queen who actually knows how to use real power along with a stout scepter to banish all present corruption at the highest levels and thus establish some faith in righteousness, true justice and the rule of law! This current selective prosecution business being conducted as a tool of political power is “shit for the birds” and will ultimately be the death of all of us. Who will it be to turn the tables and give us justice for all? IMHO God Bless the Queen.

      1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        The Superiority of Monarchy – Matthew Raphael Johnson
        I suspect and fear that the monarchy you wish to be saved is merely an ensemble of puppets of the one great oligarchy..

        1. Mr. Johnson states the desired position quite well. Thank you.

          1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
            Julius Skoolafish

            Cheers – I am glad you found that worth listening to.
            A couple of related citations if I may …
            1. Matthew Raphael Johnson says and writes many things that resonate with me.
            In “The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy” (first published 2003 – Third Edition 2010) he cites the following:
            “DEMOCRACY: it is controlled by capitalist ownership [J**Ish Oligarchs] and control of the media, grants from tax-free foundations and favoured press coverage for favoured political candidates. Wide franchise to vote is given to the people to make them easier to control by making them think that “the people” are responsible for the inevitable distortions and negative consequences of the policies the super-rich mattoids impose in order to serve their selfish interests. Democracy separates authority from responsibility, this making it virtually impossible for the voters to reform the system. Those in authority (the mattoids) have no responsibility. Those responsible (the politicians) have no authority except that which is lent to them by their controllers.“
            W. A. Carto. May 20, 2003 in “Populism vs Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle”
            2. Catherine the Great was in direct communication with Voltaire and personally hosted Diderot.
            Catherine was her adopted name after embracing Orthodoxy. She was born Princess Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, (born in Stettin, Germany – now Szczecin in Poland)
            She was a prolific reader and thinker (look up her Nakaz)
            In “Catherine The Great: Portrait of a Woman”, Robert K Massie writes:
            [On Voltaire …] “Reason, not religion [] should govern the world. But certain human beings must act as reason’s representatives on earth. This led him to the role of despotism and to conclude that a despotic government may actually be the best sort of government possible – if it were reasonable. .
            But to be reasonable, it must be enlightened; if enlightened, it may be both efficient and BENEVOLENT”
            Massie goes on …
            “Catherine, like many of her contemporaries was charmed by Voltaire …
            Here was a philosopher who could teach her how to survive and laugh. AND HOW TO RULE.”
            [my emphases in capitals]

  33. Interesting statement from Gab dot com on Twitter (without the part where they say that the company glorifies Jesus Christ): “This is the United States of America: a totally subverted nation under the occupation of a handful of oligarch tyrants who use their power to destroy dissenters.”
    There is an assertion leading to a misplaced reason here: Nationalism, ‘‘nationalism by definition subordinates all other interests to those of its specific nation’’.
    Let’s remember what Eric Hobsbawm wisely said decades ago: national identity not class-consciousness has dominated the development of modern history, and nationalism not socialism has captured the imagination of the wretched of the earth (…) the bandits of Spanish and Italian anarchism replaced by the bandits of Serbian and Croatian nationalism; socialist revolutionaries replaced by the revolutionaries of Scottish and Que ́be ́cois separatism; the worlds of labour replaced by the world of nations (…) Nazism offered national socialism as a salve to capitalism’s ills, the Soviet Union offered the socialist Cosmopolis free from poverty and want; where Nazism promised eternal war between races (today wars are in full operation with the leadership of the USA and the “good guys” coalition), the Soviet Union promised universal peace; and where Nazism exalted the supremacy of the German people and the irrational, the Soviet Union exalted universal equality and reason. In a world unhinged by economic and political collapse, it was an appealing vision. But the socialist project was doomed in the 60s. The collapse came in the 90s. The capitalist world was doomed in the 90s as well, when the opponent block disappeared. To prevent the end of the capitalism – at that time it was called Neo liberalism -, god himself, you know, provided a temporary miracle sending his army to the Middle East. It worked for sometime but not enough. Because every beginning has to come to an end. It’s inevitable.
    To sum up, Hobsbawm predicted, a few years before his death, all money in a globalized political-economic world would be in the hands of 600 people. Maybe what we’re seeing today is the ultimate ultra nationalism of the US struggling in one side of the table and in the other side everyone is afraid about what will be the outcome of this economic shift.

    1. All governments, whatever form they take, promise to be the solution. The solution to the problems caused by a gang of psychopaths who have assumed authority to kill anyone who opposes their wishes. Which is exactly what all governments are. For one to believe a different government is the solution to the problem created by government is delusional. All such can do if they “succeed” is change who is holding the gun to their heads.
      So carry on doing the same thing over and over and expect different results, if that’s what you wish.

  34. Nicholas Steel Avatar
    Nicholas Steel

    Dear Caitlin,
    You really have a way with words!
    First of all you made me laugh heartily and then I agree with every word you said.

    1. One agreeing with every word anyone says is a demonstration one might not be thinking. Hell, I often find myself disagreeing with me after a bit of thought. No idea, nor those who put them forth, is the end all be all solution. It’s an ongoing process that never ends. Explore them all, and keep on exploring. Change is the glory of human life. There would be no point to it if all remained the same forever. Which is the end goal of censorship.

  35. LOVE the tweet about WaPo!!
    I nominate it as a Top Ten 2021 social media post…

  36. Hmmm, I guess no one here will get a Baby shower basket 2021-2022
    1 – Apple Watch;
    2 – Google Pixel;
    3 – Covid vaccine passport;
    4 – Covid track Freedom Bracelet;
    5 – Pierre Cardin & Victoria Secret’s facial masks;
    6 – Ultimate Microsoft Windows Intrusion 2022;
    7 – Alliance to the Queen and Pledge to the Flag of the US;
    8 – Free coupons for Dads and Moms complying at: Disney parks, Macy’s, Amazon, NFL-MLB-NBA-FIFA games, American Airlines, Emirates Airlines, British Airlines, Las Vegas Casinos, Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Shows and much more.

  37. “There is nothing more urgent or newsworthy than the fact that multiple forms of human insanity are imperiling the entire human species, and indeed the life of every terrestrial organism. The fact that this is not at the forefront of our attention shows how propagandized we are.” – Yes, Ms Johnstone, our species is quite dysfunctional and illiterate. We may eventually destroy all life on this planet; perhaps that is best for the rest of the universe!

    1. Never underestimate the insanity of people in large crowds. Large crowds is exactly what social media creates, among other such creators, like governments.

      1. Huge crowds of impotent critics

        1. Yeah, not counting the Rogue J using her real name and exposing herself to the wolves, the rest of us here are in this big trench of powerless critics with no faces.

  38. YES “Shining the light of truth on what’s happening in the world is like taking the world to therapy.” But going to therapy every week without doing anything about the problem we acknowledge does not help.

  39. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Regarding that picture of fucking freaks …
    Where is a Yurovsky or a drunken Yermakov when you actually need them.

  40. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Fuck all the Royals, fuck Meghan/ Harry, and especially fuck billionaire Oprah whose enormous wealth could provide thousands of humane homes for the California homeless.

    1. Aren’t they so cosy, so callous and so cunning it makes you want to throw up?

  41. yep. dingbatus australiensus. all those queen lovers. how stupid.

  42. The Liz fans never ask how this woman became one of the richest people on the planet. It wasn’t because she was a hard worker or had a god job. It was because she had a rich family who never went to work either. She is so rich because her ancestors stole their wealth from the people. Liz, even today, is exempt from insider trading laws. For most of her life she never paid taxes and when this became an issue she agree to pay a much lower rate of taxes than normal. The list of ripoffs is endless.

  43. Every country has the right to determine its own form of gov. and revere its head of state as it wants. The Brits want the royals. A shame USA cannot observe those principles and leave the world alone.

    1. Most brits do not want the royals. Are you suggesting the brits have ever or are now leaving the rest of the world alone??
      Time for some homework.

    2. There’s not one country on this beleaguered planet that ‘determines’ its own government.
      It’s all toxic smoke and warped mirrors.
      Wake up FFS.

  44. if Russia was warmer i’d move there…and teach English.
    i knew a grrrl who lived in Perth, can you find her. i fergot her name.
    so i live in mean ol dirty frisco .
    and it’s unusualy cold here now. people are fake–they nod approvingly when you step wide on the sidewalks. a nod to nada i’d say. joggers gasping for oxygen under their masks race by. one goood thin no one sneezes in public anymore.
    i figger this aint over til it’s over. there must be 14 more “VARIANTS” coming in.

    ever notice the pictures from Africa—only men protesting on the streets.
    all their wimmin must be barefoot and preggers in the kitchens.
    i never say “woman” it comes from a man with woes.
    we da only language i know that institutes that kind of dependency or derivation as if las femmes came from men. l’hommes, munchen frau, hombre mujer. any other examples? what day is it?
    one lousy day? femmes were slaves first and shall be liberated last.
    i would not be here writing, or on Earth if it weren’t. for somme kind of femme.
    gracias, mujeres. and to you Caitlin

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      I’d just buy some warm clothes.
      … and learn Russian 🙂

    2. Nothing is ever what it seems.

  45. “Take back everything they’ve stolen”, good; however, that would not make most of them personally poor. A lot (though not all) of stolen stuff would revert or have belonged all along to the countries which were decommissioning their monarchs. (Look at the things that were stolen by the monarch-less China, United States, etc.)

    : ,,,[A]nd give them minimum wage jobs”; impossible. Some are old enough to retire; some are qualified for better jobs, though I personally wouldn’t hire Mohammed bin Salman since he’s an unidicted murder suspect with dim prospects. Sometimes your rhetoric takes flight into silliness.

  46. The entire western world is visionless – the ENEMIES of the west ( Russia – China – Iran etc ) are the ones with the VISION – that’s why they are detested !

      I don’t agree with this, but I appreciate the sentiment, so in a way, I suppose I do agree.
      Funny ain’t it, I disagree literally, but I degree otherwise, so I’m doing both at the same time. Welcome to quantum mechanics, and it ought be on the back burner and…..well….yes, that is all I have to say.
      In conclusion, I basically agree.

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