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US Intelligence Cartel: All The Governments We Hate Interfered In Our Election

A new report from the US National Intelligence Council assesses that most of the governments the US-centralized empire has targeted for destruction are guilty of seeking to interfere in the nation’s 2020 election.


Yeah, so, that’s the news. According to the US intelligence cartel, the nations which sought to interfere in the outcome of the US election include Russia, Iran, China, Lebanese Hizballah, Cuba, and Venezuela. Interestingly, exactly zero nations aligned geopolitically with the United States are listed as having interfered in its electoral process.

“We assess that Russian President Putin authorized, and a range of Russian government organizations conducted, influence operations aimed at denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US,” the report informs us. “A key element of Moscow’s strategy this election cycle was its use of proxies linked to Russian intelligence to push influence narratives-including misleading or unsubstantiated allegations against President Biden-to US media organizations, US officials, and prominent US individuals, including some close to former President Trump and his administration.”

“We assess that Iran carried out a multi-pronged covert influence campaign intended to undercut former President Trump’s reelection prospects-though without directly promoting his rivals-undermine public confidence in the electoral process and US institutions, and sow division and exacerbate societal tensions in the US,” the report adds. “We assess that Supreme Leader Khamenei authorized the campaign and Iran’s military and intelligence services implemented it using overt and covert messaging and cyber operations.”

The report finds that China “considered but did not deploy influence efforts intended to change the outcome of the US Presidential election,” and that it “probably continued to collect intelligence on election-related targets and topics” and “a probably also continued longstanding efforts to gather information on US voters and public opinion; political parties, candidates and their staffs; and senior government officials.”

“We assess that Hizballah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah supported efforts to undermine former President Trump in the 2020 US election,” the report says. “Nasrallah probably saw this as a low-cost means to mitigate the risk of a regional conflict while Lebanon faces political, financial, and public health crises.”

“We assess Cuba sought to undermine former President Trump’s electoral prospects by pushing anti-Republican and pro-Democrat narratives to the Latin American community,” the report adds. “Cuban intelligence probably conducted some low-level activities in support of this effort.”

“The Venezuelan regime of Nicolas Maduro had an adversarial relationship with the Trump administration and we assess that Maduro had the intent, though probably not the capability, to try to influence public opinion in the US against the former President,” the National Intelligence Council claims.

So what the US intelligence cartel is asking us to believe this time around is that America’s democracy has suffered yet another invisible attack, the evidence for which is of course top secret, and that the culprits involved are most of the governments the US intelligence cartel doesn’t like. Also, we’re being asked to believe that US-aligned nations like Saudi Arabia and Israel have had no similar interventions in the US electoral process at all.

And of course we’re already getting reports that this narrative will be used to justify sanctions against many of the accused nations, including Iran (which would necessarily kill the nuclear deal Biden campaigned on re-entering).

“The Biden admin is expected to announce sanctions related to election interference as soon as next week, three admin officials tell me,” CNN’s Kylie Atwood reports on Twitter. “They didn’t disclose details related to the expected sanctions but said that they’ll target multiple countries including Russia, China and Iran.”

So this completely unevidenced narrative is being used to justify support for increased aggressions which have already been long sought by the US intelligence cartel, which has an extensive and unbroken record of lying to us about exactly this sort of thing. The response to this is of course disbelief absent the mountain of evidence required in a post-Iraq invasion world, which (spoiler alert) will never surface. We will never be given any solid evidence for these US spy claims, yet US foreign policy and mainstream news coverage of it will march on as though we have.

There is no legitimate reason to trust any of these unproven claims, and it’s also worth noting that even if those claims were true it would not matter. The US interferes in world elections more than any other nation on earth, so foreign nations are fully entitled to interfere in US elections as much as they like. You have no legitimate grievances about pushback on your behavior when you are the clear aggressor.

Furthermore, any claims of foreign nations pushing “influence narratives” are dwarfed by orders of magnitude by the influence narratives being pushed by the media-owning plutocratic class inside the United States. Claiming that any foreign nation has anywhere near that degree of influence over the narratives which Americans consume and believe is cartoonish. The only real electoral interference in the United States was by the plutocratic class.

This continually recycled story is so unbelievably tedious. “Oh noes, we’ve been attacked in an invisible way by an enemy we were already preparing to slam with economic sanctions and new cold war escalations! Believe us or you’re a conspiracy theorist!” Sure, Jan. Cool story.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Those who control the dominant narratives will keep adjusting them as they see fit to advance whatever pre-existing agendas they have chambered up ready to fire. Truth simply does not feature.


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  • Does this look like anything that we’ve seen?

    Artificial intelligence and algorithmic irresponsibility: The devil in the machine?

    The classic 1995 crime film The Usual Suspects revolves around the police interrogation of Roger “Verbal” Kint, played by Kevin Spacey. Kint paraphrases Charles Baudelaire, stating that “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” The implication is that the Devil is more effective when operating unseen, manipulating and conditioning behavior rather than telling people what to do. In the film’s narrative, his role is to cloud judgment and tempt us to abandon our sense of moral responsibility

  • Trust me; I’m a spook! The more things change, the more they remain the same. The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history. Like the formula hollywood movie, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, the plot remains the same but they keep selling. Now though, the spook’s get talking head jobs where they can sell lies directly.

  • So, one day I was reading about one rabbi had to say about Israel, and I quote, “”Israel should be blown off the face of the earth,” Obviously, he wasn’t a Zionist, and also, obviously, anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitic. But, like the people I engage with on a daily basis, it would be so laughable if it weren’t so sad; so now I think I know more fully what Jesus meant when he said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. So, then later on when Jesus asked, why he had been forsaken, it was a rhetorical question for his tormentors. Chimpanzees do the same thing to other animals. I’ve seen videos of them tormenting both lions and dogs. The one that tormented the lion was eventually by the lion. So, pretty stupid, and most likely the result of a cross species fungal infection that disturbs the brain. Although, the first impulse would be to kill these things, perhaps as Jesus did we should consider them as sick and either cure them or lock them away in zoos so that others can learn from them.

  • We are trapped on an imperialist tabogan ride and headed straight for the children.
    And the driver is dead. Almost.

  • I see that Crazy Joe has decided to stir the pot some more today, accusing Putin of being a killer right to his face (via television) and warning him of the consequences that the maniacs in the asylum called Washington are about to take. This jackass knows his own days are numbered and has no compunctions about taking the rest of us down with him in a world war. Once again, thanks, Obama! You gave us Hillary, Libya, Syria, the Maidan, Juan Guaido, Cold WarII, your crazy uncle Joe, and so much more. Next stop perdition.

  • Off-Topic!
    A big Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration has just started in my room!
    Here – you are invited.

  • If I am a Russian government VIP, here is the most important question I want answered, ASAP.
    Is the US politically capable of stopping the behavior it has engaged in for at least the past 30 years, especially since 9/11 and, if so, just exactly what would have to happen WITHIN the US for the US to stop its behavior?
    If I am a US government VIP, here’s is the most important question I want answered, ASAP.
    Is the US politically capable of stopping the behavior it has engaged in for at least the past 30 years, especially since 9/11 and, if so, just exactly what would have to happen WITHIN the US for the US to stop its behavior?
    If the Russian assessment answers “no” to the first part of that question (that the US is the same as The Terminator– some thing that can’t be bargained with; can’t be reasoned with; doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until Russia is conquered), short of outright surrender to the US, they way that Yeltsin did, just exactly WHAT must Russia do to permanently stop the US?
    If the Russian assessment answers “yes” to the first part of that question, just exactly what would it take to entice US to stop its behavior? What bargain or what deal could Russia make with the US, short of surrendering and handing over the keys of Moscow and all of the Russian military to the western Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC)? For example, would the US and Russia sign a treaty in which the US would guarantee to never attack Russia, and Russia never attack the US, if Russia induces the eastern Ukrainian areas and Crimea to allow the Kiev forces to, for lack of a better expression, “re-take control” over the eastern areas, right up to the Russian border, and Crimea, including Sevastopol; if the US pulls all forces, including proxies, out of all areas of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and promised never to invade or attack Iran? If Russia realizes that that is actually what it would take to avert nuclear WWIII, would the Russians do it?

    • This is why I hope the leaders on the country of Israel listened, when the Russian foretold, without mincing, what would happen if the forays outside of their own territory, outside of the “territory” of Israel continued.
      Now, if Israel thinks it is a bluff, then they can send some pilots off to a death mission, and I feel sorry for the mothers of those pilots, cause they will be shot down!
      Lets see what happens after that, but for the sake of the mothers out there, I hope it don’t happen. Maybe some of the leaders of Israel would do well to study the Old Testament or whatever religious texts they ascribe to cause I’m thinking there something in their with respect to causing harm and the consequences.
      Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to one and all. The party in my room is coming to a close, but I had a hell of an Irish time and it got my Irish blood flowing in a good way. Now I just need to find me a lassie!

      • I found my lassie. She made me feel good. She always does cause she know how.
        Still, I feel a deep sadness on this Saint Patrick’s Day.
        I don’t know where it comes from but I feel it.
        Maybe it was the movie my lassie and I watched of the good Irish priest who suffered a bullet to the brain on the coast at the end only because he was good and there had to be justice in the mind of the one who had been tormented. Twas a good movie, a real lesson to be learned, but sad nonetheless, and foreboding in my mind. It was indiscriminate in how the justice was dished out to the good priest, and that is what needs to end. A bad priest causing harm doesn’t mean a good priest needs to die – justice must be smarter than that if we are to survive. Indiscriminate lashing out against those who did NOT torment you only makes suffering worse. It only perpetuates it.
        Ask yourself – when will the suffering end?
        The only way for it to be dispelled is if the justice is discriminate. Directed at those few who cause the suffering of innocence. It is so simple, it is as simple as Mutual Aid.
        Easier said than done I know, but it is the only solution I’ve been able to work out.
        Wonder what Saint Patrick would have done?

  • Caitlin asserts that the US government interferes with more other countries’ elections than any other on Earth. This is a laughable statement–a laughable UNDERSTATEMENT, since they interfere in a variety of ways but often openly, all over the world, while I’ve seen little evidence of other countries interfering in any. Maybe Israel, interfering in the Palestinian territories and the US, but that still leaves it a very distant second. I read the list of countries the intelligence agencies supposedly have secret evidence of interference from and roll my eyes. It’s rather insulting really.

  • Fascinating.
    Russia intervened on the side of Trump.
    Meanwhile, Cuba and Venezuela, usually portrayed as being aligned with Russia, intervened against Trump.
    I expressed a few opinions about the elections and the candidates. Who can I claim my bounty from?

    • I’m still waiting for my check from George Soros. LOL.

  • “Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Those who control the dominant narratives will keep adjusting them as they see fit to advance whatever pre-existing agendas they have chambered up ready to fire. Truth simply does not feature”

    Sounds alot like what your own deconstructive ideology is attempting to do. Since when did truth matter to you? Why are you complaining about other people lying (for their own benefit) when you do the same thing to benefit one group over another?

    Why should facts matter anymore? Mine didn’t matter to you. Factual Statistical truth doesn’t matter in your ideology, so how is this any different? If you are doing it, why can’t they!!!!? So, it’s only okay to do it when it’s justified in your own mind? What if everyone has that mindset CJ? LIke you said in your own conclusion: “Truth simply does not feature.”

    We can now all have our own realities based whatever we wish CJ! Seems like you found yours.

    • You’re the only liar in this equation, fool. Good to see that she got yer got though.

  • More nonsense – brought to you by the government that meddles, more than any other, in the elections of other countries.
    Here’s a thought, come Halloween, if the child doesn’t lift the mask, you can never be certain who is behind it.

  • Speaking of narrative control, I found this article interesting:

    Atlantic Council Hawks Enraged as Think Tank Publishes Slightly Less Anti-Russia Article

    ““’It closes the eyes on a bipartisan tradition of integrating our values and human interests from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. It’s Cato Institute meets Donald Trump,’ one scandalized employee said of the article. Another senior fellow told Politico that it could ‘undermine the credibility of some of the work that the Atlantic Council is doing on the Russia issue.’

    “In 1986, the International Court of Justice found the Reagan administration guilty of 15 counts of international terrorism. A U.S. court also convicted senior Reagan official Oliver North of selling weapons to Iran and using the money to fund death squads that rampaged across Central America. Meanwhile, when he left office, President Obama was bombing seven countries simultaneously. Thus, it is not clear what exactly these values are.”
    * * *
    “The council also has enormous influence over what the world sees and reads online. In 2018, the organization announced that it was partnering with Facebook to help it decide what the mega-platform’s 2.7 billion users see in their news feeds. A senior council member also holds a directorship position at popular social media website Reddit. The council claims that its digital forensics lab is uniquely placed to be able to distinguish between fake news and genuine information online. Yet much of the most questionable information on foreign affairs is emanating from the Atlantic Council itself.”- https://www.mintpressnews.com/atlantic-council-enraged-think-tank-slightly-less-anti-russia-article/276120/

    • It’s obvious the Atlantic Council has been infiltrated and taken over by Russia, China, Cuba, Hezbullah, Venezuela, Iran and Caitlin Johnstone, just as this same Axis of Evil has controlled the International Court of Justice for decades.

  • The entire statement is a huge pile of male bovine organic fertilizer. All that this publication accuses is that other nations “influenced” the election with “disinformation”, which US citizens do every day, and foreign nations have every reason to do, since the US insists on interfering in their lives, including ending them.. That is NOT the same thing as “interfering” in one, as in tampering with the physical process , which is the prime directive of the CIA, including disposing of the winner if not to its liking. Much evidence that some part of the Psychopaths In Charge did exactly that in their own nation last November. If one wishes to discover what the Psychopaths In Charge are up to, simply looking at what they accuse is a good starting point.

  • “Whoever controls the narrative controls the world”

    Right, and life is so simple if you listen to them: “Just lower your pants to receive a redeeming vaccine and you will have your liberty back”

    A world like that, isn’t it the most decadent world you can imagine? Surely the return of the days of Noah and the flood. The good news is that it means the return of Jesus is very near.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  • So it in the interest of these non-aligned countries and entities to “influence” a totally corrupt electoral system where any challenge to the plutocracy is weaned out during the primary process until we get to choose between warmonger from column A or B. Why would they bother? Meanwhile Israel funds and controls nearly all our congress critters on both sides of the aisle, but that’s not “influence”.

  • All of these techniques are textbook propaganda tools and moves: “when you are the clear aggressor.” Outsource virtually all industry to China since the 1970s, and when the US finally hits the end of the domino effect target them for being so dominant and destructing American markets. Surround Russia with coups and military bases while targeting them with PsyOp campaigns the likes of which the world has never seen — and present all of US’ actions as defensive. Starve to death millions upon millions in Venezuala, Iran, and Yemen — while ACTing as if the US is only a Savior. Etc. Etc. Etc.
    PNAC: “What was needed for America to dominate much of humanity and the world’s resources, it said, was ‘some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.’”
    Conspiracy Theory:

  • This latest intelligence report is a complete joke. I never read such rubbish. These so-called intelligence agencies don’t deserve the name “intelligence.” The report is a follow-up of the Russian hoax. This time with a different direction of impact. It is a sideshow to distract from the massive voter fraud which got Obama’s stooge, the demented Joe Biden, into the White House. The other aim hits at further demonization of Putin’s Russia. The Obama 3.0 administration is packed with Russophobes, which consider Russia an enemy. Their longtime goal is regime change, for that they foster Alexej Navalny as a useful idiot of the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies. It’s absolutely hilarious to read that Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, or even Hezbollah “interfered” into a rigged US election system. If one country interfered in US elections, it’s Israel with its cohorts of Israel lobby organizations in the US. To mention this one violates the political-correct comment.

  • Remember, anything anyone says which someone doesn’t like is now actually violence.

    • Violence? Why verily it is genocide.

      • Stop attacking me, both of you!

  • The Care and Feeding of Bogeymen – Volume 26 … continued

    (But one notes that the clustering seems suspiciously to be around countries resistant to BIS/Rothschild-controlled central banks)

    … So, yeah … round up the usual suspects!

  • Totally on a personal level, because our government acts as though it was a young child having a tempertantrum, and those adults who are closest to me physically, essentially the same; my dog who can’t type more than 60 words a minute, I won’t kill it because of it, butvwho is to say what others may do.

  • I guess if you can make Americans and other countries run around wearing ridiculous masks and standing six feet apart or face arrest for an invisible unproven magic supposedly deadly virus that kills 0.1% of those that get it without anything else but a bureaucrats say-so, you can get them to believe anything.

    • Unfortunately, you seem to be one of the stupid.

      • You are responding perfectly to a mediatically-amplified (but also quite likely lab-tampered) flu variant. Advise you look at reports of the communicable but entirely psychological disease “Koro”.

    • Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

    • The flu kills about 0.1%, this virus kills about 1 to 2 percent. At least a magnitude difference. Just saying.

      • Since the PCR test has proven to be flawed and gives many false positives, how exactly do you arrive at any conclusions concerning infection or fatality rates? A wise man once said, “Figures never lie, but liars definitely figure.” Just sayin’.

    • At least covid wiped out the regular flu. Millions died of flu before covid, now no one dies friom it. Its a miracle.

      • I noticed something today about how next year’s may be a bad ‘flu season, with antibody levels declining as many people haven’t had it this year.

      • Because people wore masks and followed the recommendations of epidemiologists to reduce the spread of Codi-19, the people also reduced the spread of other infectious colds and flu.

  • The truly sad thing is that most of the people within these United States will eagerly accept this bullshit without any questions or doubts at all. As Mr. Roberts says ” we are a nation of dumbshits”

  • There is NO evidence.

    • Evidence? You want evidence, too? Don’t be old-fashioned. We don’t need no steenking evidence.

    • Evidence is a COMMUNIST idea.

  • Newsflash: All Governments Lie, but All of Yours Lie Most

  • And meanwhile, just try to get an American court to hold an evidentiary hearing that the greatest most blatant ACTUAL interference in history backed by mountains of evidence to overthrow the 2020 election was the US itself, in the form of the reigning Democratic Party. Let’s not let ANY REAL facts get us confused!

  • How could anyone undermine or discredit the elections and the candidates any more than the parties and candidates do themselves? What a clown show. The intel agencies humiliate themselves once agin by producing this drivel. Most people would never even read it, we just find out from those who parody it. This train is way off the rails…

    i figured it was all Cubba, because i’m from Chicago…and i wanna go there for my operations. they hate us. and that fucked up hostile Haiti with it’s father/son motif at superpowerism. it’s past time we blew them outa da ocean.
    Haiti is the devil with it’s fat cats and party life eatin’ up their souls.
    maybe we could drop fridges on them and send ’em a message.
    you don’t know what luxury livin’ is REALLY like!
    they trying to steal our presidents and all…take ’em to Norway and drop ’em…pisses me off!
    i heard the was making a base on Lolita Island. Haiian Marines maumauing da Caribe….like dey own it.

  • The new Axis Powers have been identified. It is no longer Germany, Italy and Japan which have been absorbed into the US Empire. Now it is Russia, China and Iran. These communist dictatorships must be deposed to free the people from tyranny. This is s human rights issue. Thank goodess the US stands as a beacon of hope and freedom for the world. We defeated the old Axis and the Allies will do it again.

    • You are a member of the neoliberal establishment trolling this blog. Gross. Go back to the Brookings Institution or the Center for American Progress where evil steams up from the 7th Circle of Hell.

      • Can you spell facetious?

      • The art of sarcasm is apparently dead. The world has become too obtuse to recognize it.

      • Are you suggesting that the Khatika was being facetious? Your gaslighting won’t work on me!

        • Is that because your Russian/Iranian/Cuban/Chinese puppetmasters protect you from gaslighting?

          • Perhaps Christopher is a gnat on a screen or a who on the gnat on the screen. Or a bug on the testicles of the who on the gnat on the screen. Or a spider, a little one, on the leg of the bug on the testicles of the who on the gnat on the screen.
            This could go so much deeper it could go into the land of nowhere – have you been there? There are some mean rabbits in the hole – really mean.
            Anyhow, perhaps and perhaps not.

            • You think rabbits interfered in the election?

    • You forgot the /s?

      • probably, the censors love to play with the postings and that’s on a good day, usually I’m not allowed to post at all, often blocked access to the website and often if they don’t like the post a dozen harassing phone calls soon afterwards, and sometimes a lot worse than that, so please forgive my imperfections, only psychopaths are perfect, we should all know that by now, but you’re right, sometimes my mind must have been lost in space as my fingers pressed the keyboard, but then maybe that’s them as well. In any event, whatever the reason it looks like this species of ours is not long for this world because of it.

        • Lynn – sounds like you got a lot of evidence.
          Try to stay alive and enjoy the elements, go out for a walk if you can, just get outside and feel the weather – one way or the other.
          Anyhow, hold onto your evidence and guess what?
          The pendulum is swinging back baby – it just fully occurred to me today, on Saint Patrick’s day of all of em. So take courage, and hold tight, and keep on keeping on cause better days are on the way cause of you and folks like you who really care about the future for everybody!

    • I appreciate not adding the sarcasm font. The best comics are ones that needn’t explain their quip.

    • Just have a look at the many other posts it made. Those posts are not all sarcastic in their neoliberal stance + god is glorious pap. Or, is everything that comes from that Khatika a joke?

    • Recall, BK, this gnat over here is the one who bonded with you over Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid” and the forthcoming republishing of it by PM Press. On the matter of being insignificant, I am among the infinite bits of the cosmos, and so, in that, I am nearly nothing and among everything. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

  • So now that most people are awakened, you and yours are preaching to the choir

  • Right on!

  • Meanwhile, there’s a rumor that they have figured out how to rig the financial structure so that the US Federal government pays negative interest rates, that is, gets paid to borrow money into existence.
    That’s the icing on the cake.
    Now who is laughing?
    Bwahahahaha ha ha!
    The Empire

    • Money relies on trust. With more and more nations distrusting both the US and its money, the bubble may be in for some structural re-adjustment.

  • Democracy here in ‘Merka always needed a great deal of management by Right Thinking people!

  • Natural. America gets paid back with the same currency. They interfere in every election on earth.

  • They didn’t tell us what the evidence was? That’s so weird.

    • They don’t need to. It’s an “assessment.” Not a determination. This complies with the “ad hoc” standard of evidence, a few steps a few levels less stringent than the “more likely than not preponderance” standard. Example: “I assess that my daughter’s boyfriend is smoking pot.” In other words, it means “I suspect.” No probable cause needed. Why don’t they teach this in law school?

    • I suppose they would tell you that every posting on RT or Sputnik News is the evidence. After all, they claim that all such Russian content is not really news but just Russian disinformation meant to slander the United States, so none of it can be trusted. Frankly, I seem to find more truth there than on any of the American MSM sites, and in many fewer words too.

    • Just as weird is the complete absence of what they actually did to influence the election, You know so we can be alert to it. But noooo.
      Mueller found nothing worth talking about. What a farce.

      • That’s because the sneaky foreign devils concealed their attacks on the US elections, just as Iraq successfully concealed its weapons of mass destruction.
        Absence of evidence is evidence of a cover-up!

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