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BREAKING: Anonymous Sources Say US-Targeted Government Did An Invisible Bad Thing

We interrupt today’s Caitlin Johnstone article with this breaking news report from the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey.

WASHINGTON — One of the nations the United States government has targeted for destruction is guilty of doing a very bad thing that nobody can see, according to sources familiar with the matter.

One senior official who spoke on conditions of anonymity told NNC that while nobody was killed or injured by the bad thing that was done by the bad country, and that the bad thing has in fact had no discernible effect on anything anywhere that everyday Americans would be able to perceive with the naked eye, it was still a very bad thing and will almost certainly require a much more inflated military budget to deal with.

“It’s true that the thing which was done was not bad enough to have hurt any American or to have affected the observable universe in any way that Americans can verify by observation, but it was definitely bad enough to justify strengthening our military presence against the bad country,” the official said. “I hear the Raytheon family has a fine line of surprisingly affordable new products to choose from that would be ideal for our nation’s national security needs.”

Other sources confirmed that the US intelligence community is between “somewhat confident” and “kinda confident” in its assessment that the thing we just reported as verified fact in preceding paragraphs actually occurred.

When another source familiar with the matter was asked if the US government would be providing the public with any evidence that the bad thing had in fact happened and had actually been done by the accused foreign government, the source said “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,” the source then added. “Oh wait you’re serious, let me laugh even harder, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

“The evidence is classified,” the source added, anonymously. “It’s secret, invisible evidence.”

Les Overton, a senior fellow at the DC-based policy group American Freedom Democracy for Freedom Institute, told NNC that it is common for US government agencies to make unverifiable claims about invisible misdeeds being perpetrated by nations the US government doesn’t like.

“Sometimes it’s hacking, sometimes it’s paying bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan, sometimes it’s election interference, sometimes it’s considering doing a bad thing and then not actually doing it,” Overton said. “Either way we always uncritically report the allegation as a fact unless it’s irrefutably proven false, and even then we just sort of still act like it’s true because we don’t want to be unpatriotic.”

“I mean, if you can’t trust an assertion by an anonymous official from the United States government, what in this world can you trust?” Overton added.


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Latest comments

  • I don’t care which brand they are, Dem or Rep or Socialist or Fascist. No one in power should ever be trusted. They did not acquire their power by being honest and sincere. They acquired it by the simple fact they are sociopathic, if not psychopathic. Ethical considerations aren’t even on their list of things they should be concerned about. Their mental defect won’t even allow them to consider such.

  • I’m reminded of a story a Holocaust survivor told of how it was like waiting to be next; men raping mothers, daughters,sons and fathers. The real death occurred long before the breathing stopped; this is the part they enjoy the most, we are the equivalent of the house fly having its wings pulled off.

  • Here is the video evidence to support this accurate report

    ***** Funny and True – Utopia -China is the problem

    Australia’s Defence Policy Explained

    • Too right. China has no reason to want to block its trade routes in the South China Sea and so on, while Western think tanks frequently discuss doing so.

  • The United States of American people are presently trapped in a Catch-22 situation in that any criticism that is leveled against the United States mainstream media is channeled away from social discourse by the very institutions under attack.
    A prominent DC circuit judge has delivered a scathing attack on the Democratic Partys “ideological control” of the United States media landscape. Yet who will heed the call if legacy and social media are empowered to suppress news and debate at will?
    This fine article can be read here:
    Federal Judge Calls Left-Leaning Media a “Threat to U.S. Democracy.” So Who Will Tell the People? by Robert Bridge

    • Um, there is no “left-leaning media” in the reactionary, corporatist, and highly militarized corporate-owned media landscape in the US. The Democratic Party is not the “left” and has never been, and the Republican Party and the American right has never cared about democracy or free and open political discourse. The US media may be largely socially liberal (only because the majority of the population are that way) and may be more on team Democrat than team Republican, but none of those things are “left-wing” or “left leaning.”
      And every aspect of US media is highly controlled by conservative and reactionary forces (and their right-wing but socially liberal counterparts in the Democratic Party) and news, commentary and analysis of anything to the left (or sometimes to the extreme right) of that has always been suppressed in this country.

      • [The Democratic Party is not the “left” and has never been…]

        Many people believed it to be exactly that. And it has since turned into what the “left” so often turns into – totalitarian.

        Been seeing that coming for years.

  • That bloke Overton.
    Would he have straight white teeth, a University degree, a wife with ‘perfect’ breasts and face, two or three kids at the best schools, an investment portfolio, membership at the most elite clubs, friends in high places, a mansion, a couple of holiday homes and a knowing smug grin?
    I thought so.

  • Off topic, but this report may be of interest:
    This report argues that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s “high-profile influence is increasingly problematic. Indeed, the evidence suggests that the BMGF’s programmes are – overall – detrimental to promoting economic development and global justice. The world is being sold a myth that private philanthropy holds many of the solutions to the world’s problems, when in fact it is pushing the world in many wrong directions. The BMGF is being allowed to speak too loudly, and too many actors in international development are falling into line with the foundation’s misguided priorities.
    Analysis of the BMGF’s programmes shows that the foundation, whose senior staff is overwhelmingly drawn from corporate America, is promoting multinational corporate interests at the expense of social and economic justice. Its strategy is deepening – and is intended to deepen – the role of multinational companies in global health and agriculture especially, even though these corporations are responsible for much of the poverty and injustice that already plagues the global south. Indeed, much of the money the BMGF has to spend derives from investments in some of the world’s biggest and most controversial companies; thus the BMGF’s ongoing work significantly depends on the ongoing profitability of corporate America, something which is not easy to square with genuinely realising social and economic justice in the global south.
    In addition, the foundation has become the world’s leading funder of research into the
    genetic modification (GM) of crops and is funding organisations to push GM crops across Africa and to change national legislation on this issue, in the face of often considerable opposition. It is also leading the push for massive increases in the use of chemicals by African farmers and is promoting the privatisation of seed production to benefit mainly US and European agribusiness. These priorities are a direct challenge to the increasingly popular movements in support of food sovereignty and agroecological farming in Africa. Furthermore, the foundation is also using its funds to promote the increasing privatisation of health services in developing countries.
    The BMGF’s programme is not a neutral, charitable strategy for which the world should be thankful that a rich man is deciding to spend his money on good causes. Analysis of the foundation’s programmes shows that it has an agenda – it is a specific ideological strategy that promotes neo-liberal economic policies, corporate globalisation, the technology this brings, and a long outdated view of the centrality of ‘aid’ in helping the ‘poor’.”

    • Yep. Agreed.
      Schumacher had it figured out in the 70’s.
      Kropotkin had it figured out in the 90’s of the previous century.
      How many more clues do “we” need?

    • Gates has made huge profits on all his “philanthropic” projects. And murdered an astonishing number of those he pretends to care about.

  • Well, of course if Overton, who I don’t know and never heard of, says its true then it must be – after all it is the USA and as everyone knows they are totally 100% trustworthy in all things at all times, aren’t they?

    I must remember to take my gullibility and trust medication today – keep forgetting!

  • As to whom you can trust, I nominate Santa Claus, at least until the first year that he does’t deliver on Christmas Eve. Never mind that funny smell on his jolly old breath and the fact the he’s now the one with a red nose. Why shouldn’t we trust him when he says that he couldn’t deliver because Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen all developed a case of the new swine flu and were still sick and too weak for flying? But have no fear, their replacements, Mario, Chuck, Mitch and Joe will be fully trained and ready for next Christmas. Just the other day, Santa was overheard saying, ‘I know that none of their names rhyme, but these are going to be the really greatest flying reindeer, or my middle name isn’t Donald. Never fear kiddies. We’re gonna make Christmas great again.’

  • The plan is in effect… The only way to combat the telepathic aliens and their quite sentient A.I. which totally infests the World Wide Web is a secretly declared moratorium on logic and sensibility. OHMI, God bless Htrae.

  • Caitlin, You are so right about this. Why, very recently I heard David Muir himself (and you KNOW he wouldn’t lie) announce on the ABC Evening News that there was, maybe, some…at least hints…of what the IC thought might be evidence….or suggestions of evidence….that Russia, yep, those evils Ruskies again, were “assessed” to have hacked into something important in the U.S. It is so comforting to know that those IC people (even though they have had to engage in serial lies in order to keep us safe) are continuing to keep us safe. I thank you for reminding us that we are under constant attack by those evil forces and this Country is pure as the driven snow. Hats off to you.

  • Mr. Putin ” farted “; the world is in danger!

  • OMG, Caitlin, I Love this one…I can’t stop laughing…Thank You! xo

  • Thanks for the humor Caitlin. So good to be able to laugh and be angry at the same time.

  • Checking the numbers seems as if things ought be different, but who knows. Lets continue the story. Why not?
    So after a long day driving, then fixing the engine, then driving some more and turning slowly and quickly, well then it was time to call it a day. “Lets set up camp” Ms. Sally said after a long day of driving. The navigator heard the statement and checked his map. “Their is a sanctuary coming up Ms. Sally….it is a bit off, we will have to drive some more, but it is the best place for us to rest and I will setup camp if you can get us there”. Sally understood, and though she was tired of driving she pushed on.
    We got to the camp, and I setup tent, and a good evening’s rest in comfort was had by all. “Tomorrow we will get closer to our destination” I said to my friend Sally as we awakened. She didn’t directly respond nor did she look my way as she heard what I had to say, but it made a difference starting the day this way and both she and I knew that was the case. It is hard to find somebody to team up with, but when you do, you just know it. We pushed on.
    And so the journey continued and where the story goes next nobody knows, but know this, the story goes on.

    Just like radiant beauty exists with “us” or without us, the story always goes on because once the story starts there is truly no end to it.

  • Even a cadaver can now see that R and D govenments, makes no difference which, are leading the world to WWIII. Those parties cannot be allowed to continue their railroad to war, but how to remove them from federal elected positions?
    Step 1 for all people alarmed by the track to war is to NEVER vote for either an R or a D. After having decided to NEVER vote for either an R or a D, Step 2 is to search for alternative political parties in the US (yes, they’re out there, but you’re not going to be seeing their candidates on the MSM …………. nor, apparently are Caitlin and Tim going to be telling you about them ……….. and maybe even interviewing them, even by remote means) and, after determining which of them best support their vision of a better world, to vote for those candidates.
    That is the one and only “legal” and stable way to remove incumbents WHO MUST BE REMOVED. Anyone who thinks that waking up and praying and getting more in touch with the universe is somehow, as if by miracle or magic, going to remove those monsters from office needs to do some very serious waking up themselves. And, for you believers, no matter how much you pray or how many times you pray the rosary, Jesus is not going to give all those incumbent monsters heart attacks. He, apparently, cannot even prevent all of His follwers from voting R or D, makes no difference which, when they enter a voting booth.

    • Sally – TURN now!
      I didn’t want to say it that way, but some things have to be said on the fly.
      The 2 parties in control are NEVER gonna let there be any competition, so eff your suggestion Ish. Legalities and such become secondary when it is a matter of survival and time is of the essence and it is running low.
      It is a Constitutional Convention or a “Split-Up”. Those are the only two choices remaining for the US of a……but guess what? The rest of the world could give a flip and the sooner the better is what the rest of the world thinks, and I super-agree with this sentiment cause bullies get what they deserve and bullies with a Delaware Dimwit put in charge sometimes get to meet face to face with the snakes! Mean ones that emerged from the hole!
      Snakes around the neck is what I screamed as Sally screeched the tires and made the turn – just in time!
      Some stories never end and John Brown was a man ahead of his time! He got hung up but they can’t hang all of us – can they? Nope – kill me and you kill yourself!

    • What about all the USians who are not alarmed by the track to war, or even welcome it?

      • They will get what they deserve.

      • They and those that are struggling to prevent it will all die.

        • Wrong. Big time wrong.

        • Here I’ll add more detail. You get what you deserve if you are actively causing harm and should know better.
          If you are just clueless, then you get a clue and I hope you get better after said clue.
          If you remain stubborn after getting the clue, but the evidence is literally in your face, then you have a last chance to reconsider. Otherwise, the snake will emerge and do what any good snake does.
          When you wake up from a slumber sometimes it takes awhile to remove the imaginary shackles you got around your feet and hands, but once you shake them off, then god knows – better times are on the way.
          Discriminate justice is on the way, and those who deserve it are soon to understand more fully the concept of justified retribution. It is on the way and it is coming soon – 2021 is the year of reckoning.
          Sally – maybe it’s time to put up the tent? What do you think?
          Better knock on wood.

    • “The 2 parties in control are NEVER gonna let there be any competition, so eff your suggestion Ish.”
      You can not know that, Buff. You statement, and those of many others here, proves to me that the billions that the Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collecitve have spent on advertising is accomplishing exactly what they want.
      Here’s a simple question. If for whom voters vote does not matter, why does OTEC bother spending those billions 24/7 — do they just love wasting billions?
      Here’s why they’re spending billions on advertising, increasngly frequent “focus groups” whose participants’ responses will tell OTEC if their “campaign strategy” is producing desired responses; “debates” that aren’t debates but in reality a store shelf of R or D choices that pigeons will peck at when they enter a voting booth. Ahhhhhh, “freedom”. There’s nothing like the “freedom to choose” (where in the world you can put your factory to exploit the most desperate people in the world).

      • Ishkabibish – how you know what I know? You don’t and that is a fair question and you should back off.
        You can dispute what you think I know, but one might ponder whether you know what you think you know and what you think you know I know. You know – a two-way street. Choose to go in one direction or the other to meet your fate whatever it may be. You know?
        I didn’t watch the video and I never will because I think ISH that you are confused. As for wasting billions, no lets say trillions, consider all the money wasted by the US of a on wars far away that make no difference for most citizens and stimulus plans that just kick the can down the road.
        Imagine if those funds had been spent on infrastructure and simply making things better for the citizens, the ones upon whom the government is formed. Seems as if that ain’t in the cards with a D or an R, and so it is time for something better. Seems simple to me and so does the reality that time is of the essence and if you want to argue over semantics then that is your ego talking seems to me, but I could be wrong – my ego got killed a long time ago.
        Frankly, my ego got hung up and good riddance to it. Still, I hold onto a sort of ethereal dignity that helps me get on day by day.
        Anyhow, enough of this BS talk – how about we get out some serious documents that basically PROVE that Russiagate was a hoax, that Kennedy as well as MLK, RFK, and Malcolm and many, many others were KILLED by the intelligence agencies and most importantly these intelligence agencies have forgotten their mission and so they are like the Praetorian guard who have don’t realize what they are protecting. I suspect some of them deserve the harshest of punishments, but one thing at a time.
        The rest of the world already knows deep down even if they are, what is that word……..ah eff it. The rest of the world knows. Spotting a bully is easy and killing bullies is a piece of cake. I can’t wait to eat the cake.
        Time for a Constitutional Convention or Split-Up or maybe a bit of both.
        Can you sense it coming?

        • The only thing I see coming is 100 million dead Americans within the next 4 years. I won’t bother with the game plan, because then I won’t even be allowed to post

      • Do they just love wasting billions?

        In a very real way, yes. Many jobs go with the election panto. Full-timer staff at the R & D parties, co-ordinating campaigns and caucuses and fundraising and advertising and wotnot. Broadcasting and advertising agencies and so on that make tons of money out of it. Hotels in towns where they have their get-togethers. And plenty more I’d guess.

        The more money the better, and they might not even think they’re wasting it. They might think that corrupt or not, it’s what guarantees fundamental democratic freedoms that blah blah blah. Or they might get jaded after a while, if they weren’t total cynics from the start, and simply think there’s money to be made at it, a cushy job with interesting and influential contacts and plenty of coke.

        Wasted or not, they enjoy the billions.

  • Shhh. Quiet. I’ll share this invisible secret source with my invisible secret network. Nicely done.

  • This is hilarious!! Well, if it weren’t so true and sad.

    • Insanity often displays such contradiction. The actions of the “disturbed” might be amusing , until they “disturb” your ability to remain among the living.

  • New on Amazon for a limited time only. Polarized rose colored glasses designed to make everything hunky-dory. Get a pair today. Guaranteed to take away all your doubts and misgivings.

    • Made in China, no doubt.

  • The tension is semi-unbearable, awaiting the falling of the other shoe.
    Always semi-unbearable tension awaiting imperial shoe-falls…
    Did some vegetable gardening.
    Having coffee.
    Bike to work later.
    Tension is now the canvas, upon which my daily life is painted.

    • Go on an in home sabbatical. Get away from it all. Read a good novel that is definitely fiction. Engage your mind in something that concerns only you.

    • Seems to me Mr. John Day – you statue you – you are living a healthy life dealing with things realistically. And getting out on your bike in the elements does wonders for any immune system. I applaud that. Plus, ain’t it funny how once they said “coffee causes trouble” – now they say the opposite. Who is one to believe these days if not oneself?
      I said to Sally during a quiet time on the journey of uncertainty in the evening when it was dark everywhere – “Sally – when I got my Master’s degree I came up with a plan for dealing with uncertainty – do you believe me?” She responded as I expected and as I hoped – she put me in my place – oh, Sally is so good at that. She is a good friend.
      Then we laughed and smiled at each other and the journey for awhile was easy as we considered the canvas of our lives individually.

    • You are being told by the very people who swear they saw plane wreckage in the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 to take a vaccine for your own good. There is something to be suspicious of. Decadence is everywhere. Probably the end of the world is near, I don’t see any other explanation for the current situation.

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

      • Well, Michel, you might be correct. So many lies it is hard to keep up with them. Me, I’m an old railroad man, on the bluming line with the dominion blues as the Eels say walking on the tracks trying to find a way back.
        Keep on praying and God willing maybe something good will happen even if the times we live in are not made for a railroad man.
        Personally, I think the railroads are the future still and would be a tremendous infrastructure improvement from which investment there would be nothing but benefit for the People, but what do I know.
        (Thanks Eels – here let me find this song).

        • As a child, I was impressed with the railroad. We would go pick blueberries near the railroad in the summer. It was a long time ago. Even the music was good: Hall and Oates, John Mellencamp, Cliff Richard etc … Life has deteriorated a lot.

          Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    • that’s the game plan, and why most will accept it, as an escape

  • As good as this column is, it still does not honor the need for national security. Obviously we cannot reveal who it is that hurt us, how or when they hurt us. This column also does not honor the fact that with all deliberate speed our government will announce more obviously justified murderous sanctions and the mass murder of the perpetrators, all of their families, all their friends, and anyone who objects to this justified revenge intended to protect all the poor people and minorities all over the world. Dick Cheney where are you when we need you?

    • Bravo. Since we have in home schooling now due to covid, we can cut the education budget and give it to the military which needs it much more. Our security is the most important. I cant wait until we deploy more troops in America like they are doing in DC to keep us safe from home grown terrorists too. We must crush all foes visible and invisible to keep us safe.

    • I see a raw talent in this column. Keeping the due difference of proportions this column and Guernica painted by Picasso have the same purpose. Guernica at that time was an anti-war protest piece in response to the 1937 aerial bombing of a small town in northern Spain, Guernica. Our grandparents saw it in 1937, with international tensions running high and World War II looming on the horizon, Guernica struck home like a bolt of lightning.
      Now, still to be written a piece of work or to be born a new painting to do the same effect. One in due time will arise to become a legendary symbol. We are living in a historical moment. The most important of all. The empire is struggling and it’s using all what it has to keep it going on for centuries to come. You can choose to hide and to ignore. Not all of us is fit to endure per pressure neither to be persecuted for speaking the truth about the Empire.

  • Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Other sources confirmed that the US intelligence community is between “somewhat confident” and “kinda confident” in its assessment that the thing we just reported as verified fact in preceding paragraphs actually occurred.
    “When they say they have ‘high confidence’, that means they don’t have any evidence!”
    — Bill Binney, former NSA Technical Director
    NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney: Intelligence Agencies Have Become American “Praetorian Guard”
    His story:
    A Good American (official website)
    A Good American (2015, full movie)
    A Good American (US trailer)

  • NYT: Anonymous sources have informed the CIA, who then informed the NYT, that Russia and China are preparing for “Preeminent” (Bush Doctrine-style) Nuclear strikes. Thus, this secret evidence (cannot be revealed because of National Security) will be the basis for a Shock and Awe first response the likes of which the world has never seen.
    For those who are able, Seek Shelter.

    • Hahaha oh that Morgan Freeman cracks me up. Such a good comedian … wait hang on… was that for realises?

    • It’s often as not the CIA that informs an obscure foreign media outlet, waits for the NYT et al. to pick it up, then reports this as ‘sources say’, which the NYT then repeats!

    • I’ve just watched the video. What a cunning rascal that Vlad the Bad is, using social media – which I don’t do – to convince me to distrust the media – something I did long before anyone heard of Putin!

    • Apparently Morgan, your mind doesn’t go much beyond “movie scripts”. The level of simplistic ignorance you just spewed is astonishing.

  • Oh my God! I’m so happy you have the courage to get this news out…..I was aware of it.
    Plus, per my sources, who not confidential, and the documents they have provided, which are not redacted, I have discerned some things myself. I’ll give one example at the end of the sumptuous post about a friend I know and her name is Sally. Sally is a sweetheart and I’m fond of her.
    Sally Serendipitous Sweetheart (“SSS” she says) sadly sat somewhere sliding slowly slippery so serendipitously such subtlety subsumed so slinkily silky. So says some – saying subsumed.
    But, not me. I don’t think so. I know Ms. SSS – I’m fond of her. Did I already type that….oh yes I did. I’m Sally’s friend.
    Here is the link mentioned earlier.
    Except for maybe the last paragraph it really captures my sentiment succinctly about what I called the “virus of fear” back about a year ago.
    Signing off on this important article,
    Your truly,

    • Just a quick little addition. I mainly like Sally, she is my friend, cause I think she has lots of Sassafras. She is a sassafras sleek slithering sweetheart. Anytime, I’m thinking about her, I just think to myself………sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and another s. She is something special!
      End of this message, which is NOT redacted.
      Better documents on the way.
      So says sssssssssssssssssssssssss and me.

  • If you voted Dem or Rep you are an accessory to murder. And to all those brave men and women in uniform, thank you for your “service”.

    • Living as we do, caught up in, functioning by necessity in, an ecocidal system, aren’t we all accessories to the ultimate crime–even if we don’t want to be, even if we speak out against it, even if we refuse to vote for a Dem or Rep? Can anyone who depends on this system for daily survival have completely clean hands? And if not, shouldn’t that complicity, however much we hate it, be reflected in what we say and how we say it? Who among us can presume to be self-righteous?

      • Um, let me think about this in a gracious way if possible….scratch that, let me type something and not what I thought when I thought about YOUR post Newton in which I’m sure your not talking to yourself.
        There are some basic things of necessity for which going outside the system for most means they can’t survive. Doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the hypocrisy of the system and want something better. Let’s be practical, shall we? Purist always have historically ruined potential change for the better. That is what Sally said to me when the car broke down. I laughed and agreed and then we fixed the car and continued the journey of uncertainty.
        Ain’t life grand, I said to Sally when she turned on the engine and we went on our way. She looked over, but didn’t respond and I enjoyed the scenery.

      • I expect our great-grandchildren, in a world of extreme weather and ecosystem collapse, will be less than impressed that we didn’t vote R or D.

        • Yes, Ian. The way we currently view our forebears who tolerated chattel-slavery and genocide will be how WE, who tolerated wage-slavery and ecocide, will be viewed by generations to come, assuming there are such.

          • Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yahwey. Yhawho, yhabut, ya this and ya that – ya Jesus. Us all. In all of us. Yes. Let it be.
            Jesus was born out of Mary and so Jesus was one of us and Jesus really didn’t know how he came to be – did he?
            So lets be practical about it. Let me ask this question – does it matter how Jesus came to be or does what really matter is what Jesus taught about how to interact with your neighbor? Does it matter to you? It does to me.
            Easy speculation is that it is the latter that matter and the beauty of it is that Jesus was not alone in this wisdom, and so I ask simply as a humble peasant – why it the teaching of treating your neighbor as you would want to be treated so difficult – why I ask that question with humility – why? I ask why? Many have taught that and why not it just makes good sense in you intend on being mutual.
            ……and so this was the dream the navigator had as he slept peacefully in the tent with Sally, his special friend. In the morning he awoke refreshed ready for another day and another journey, on the road of uncertainty. He said to Sally, “we should be hopeful on this day” and she responded with affirmation in her own Sassafras sassy way, which is the sole and main reason he accepted when she request his navigational assistance.
            Better times on the way.

      • we can all presume to be self-righteous, psychopaths do it everyday; in fact if looked at objectively, the coming of the Messiah, where he kills most people and leaving few survivors, is an excellent example of a psychopath just doing his heavenly duty.

  • Firing on all cylinders! What a wonderful & greatly enjoyable read! Caitlin, both you and your man make a great team together!

  • Ain’t it der troof! Long live irony, and even sarcasm.

  • The USA has declared half the world’s nations to be its enemies. It stands to reason that anything these countries do, may do, or may have done constitutes enemy activities.

    • I remember a line in some old war movie about a Germany general asking Hitler if he was going to fight the whole world. The answer of course is yes, because the same ethnic groups that ran the 100 million dead in that war are now in complete control of the U.S., U.K., France and Israel. It should be rather obvious by now that nearly all the religious institutions of the west are run by the equivalent of Satan.

  • Yeah baby did a bad bad thang …. Now shoosh

  • Excellent…well done. Thank you Caitlin.

  • This bad country – how many syllables does it have, and does it have two vowels – and do they play soccer?

    • Bad, bad, bad.
      OK – I’m thinking of a few countries who have only one syllable and one vowel. Off the top of my head…….I’m sure there are more, so please add on……..this is the kind of game that is fun to play in the car on a long trip after you get tired of looking at the scenery. Anyhow:
      …………wait, wait, wait. I’m wrong. Each of those have two syllables and two vowels in the English language…..there must be a country with one syllable. Here, I’ll do a freaking Guugle search and then I’ll Bing it to check. Hold on please………
      OK, these ones have one syllable presently based on Guugllllll (oh wait, just vomited…):
      Now for one vowel if I can make it……………………..
      OK, from effing Bung:
      Cyprus (Europe) Egypt & Chad (Africa) and Kyrgystan (Asia)
      There – riddle solved.
      (Thanks Julius! – you are awesome!)
      Sally – pass me a beer will ya?

      • Chad is the only one that met both criteria!
        Funny but does it mean anything?

          • Aye – YES.
            I pray the Island is one again before too long.
            I once knew a lady named Erin, and I fine and distinguished women she was. A good person to have as a friend.
            Thanks Ian!

  • Comedy has always been more powerful weapon than arguments! Thank you!

  • Great!

    • Man (if that is not considered presumption of me to say given your name) – regardless of who you are and what you do or how your momma played bridge, I don’t know you, and so you are just in my imagination presently, and given that, in the absence of other information, and in good humor, I just want to say – WESTLEY WOOD – is one hell of a good name! WW.
      Peace from me and my family to you and your family Westley Wood. Peace is easy.
      “Sally, a roundabout is coming up, take the 2nd option” I said in my navigating role……Sally appreciated having somebody providing a “heads-up” when the time to make a change was approaching. A good navigator, of which I humbly declare I am, knows when to provide the info for smooth transition to the next road on the journey of uncertainty. Now, a reader might ask, how do you know where your going on a journey of uncertainty, but that is the thing, before hitting the road, you have to have a destination in mind.
      The destination of this story will never be told, or at least, it is unlikely to be told, or at a minimum, odds are it won’t be told, or if you push me up against the wall, I might tell, but if you want me to say anything harmful about SSS, then go ahead and kill me. That is the kind of navigator I am. You want me on your side is what I like to think.

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