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Nearly 200,000 protesters attended a pro-Palestine demonstration in Central London on Saturday afternoon, another clear sign that support for Palestinian rights is becoming increasingly mainstream and the imperialists are losing control of the Israel narrative.

The real consequence of this is that people will begin losing trust in the government and media institutions which support Israel, because without trust the empire can’t propagandize people, and without the ability to propagandize us our rulers cannot rule. There’s no risk for Israel of losing US backing due to the US government suddenly evolving a conscience or listening to its constituents, that won’t happen, but losing control of the narrative poses a major problem for the empire. Someone’s image is going to have to change, and those changes could end up benefiting Palestinians.

We’re already seeing this narrative management campaign come into play as mainstream outlets are now permitting some serious criticisms of Israel. This is done cynically to prevent people from losing trust in propaganda institutions, but it also has real effects that can benefit real people. This is a good example of how expanding consciousness is always beneficial, even on the most depraved institutions. The more aware the public becomes of abusive imperial power dynamics, the less abuse the empire can get away with. The empire losing control of the narrative is always a good thing.

As criticism of Israel’s malfeasance becomes more widespread, so too do attempts to analyze exactly what Israel’s role is on the world stage and why it receives so much support from the United States. Some say that Israel is a vassal state of Washington, serving as a functional US military outpost in the most resource-rich region on earth. Others say it’s the other way around, citing the influence of the Israel lobby in DC and often getting into ugly nonsense about Jews ruling the world.

All this is born of an immature understanding of what nations are and how they operate within the US-centralized power alliance that functions as a single empire with regard to foreign policy.

The US is not a puppet of Israel, and Israel isn’t a puppet of the US. Saying one puppets the other is like saying Ohio puppets Nevada; they’re both member states of the same undeclared empire ruled by uncrowned kings who use governments as weapons to kill and steal.

The lines between nations within the US-centralized empire are no more real than the official elected governments of those nations. It’s just a single unified power structure which uses whatever narratives it requires to justify its continued campaign to rule the entire planet.

There are no separate, sovereign nations within the US-centralized power alliance. The imaginary lines drawn between nations are performative illusions for the little people; they don’t apply to the transnational alliance of plutocrats and government agencies that actually runs things. This alliance centralizes a large amount of its military, financial, and diplomatic firepower around the conceptual construct known as the United States, but the actual behavior of the empire is determined by the alliance, not the US government.

There is no real “Israel” or “America”, there’s just the one empire. Lobbying, financial support, propaganda etc are just some of the glue that’s required to hold together an empire that doesn’t officially exist. The empire will use any ideology to advance imperial interests, whether it be Zionism, Christian fundamentalism, white supremacism, Islamic extremism, or woke progressivism. It’s all just narratives to move the empire along, because that’s what’s required in an unacknowledged, unofficial empire.

In the old model of empire, an emperor would just issue commands and hold the empire together overtly. In this new model of empire, where imperial member states officially keep their flags and their governments but lose their sovereignty, it’s held together by narrative control.

There is no one government in charge of all this; the official elected governments are not where the real power lies. The actual power structure keeps itself hidden and unaccountable, because it has seen what the masses can do to oppressive rulers who wear crowns in modern times:


Instead, oligarchs now rule from behind the scenes in collaboration with opaque and unaccountable government agencies, because humanity has grown too conscious to tolerate overt rulers. They use narrative manipulation to keep the empire moving in alignment with their interests.

The antidote to this dynamic is of course to keep getting more conscious, to keep learning what’s going on in our world and spreading awareness of what we’ve learned. Their job is to keep truth hidden and unconscious, while our job is to help make truth visible to everyone. Whoever wins will determine our fate as a species.

Nations, like so much else in our world, are conceptual constructs with no independent existence outside the human imagination. What’s real are weapons, explosions, gunshot trauma, and the movement of resources from one area to another. Everything else you see in the news is just mental narrative promulgated at mass scale to manipulate people into accepting these movements. Our job is to help people perceive what’s real underneath all the narrative management.


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Featured image from U.S. Embassy Jerusalem, Creative Commons 2.0.

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84 responses to “The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet: It’s One Empire”

  1. Ladies and gentlemen
    Madness rules stupidity! This statement is actually sufficient to represent this humanity, hardly more needs to be said about it. It is a testament to the stupidity of this species of human being when it is possible for a so-called elite to manipulate all of humanity as much as it is now. Nobody in the so-called population thinks independently and logically any more; people accept every statement, every instruction, every command without using their brain. What’s the problem on this planet? The problem is a species that is destroying life through its illogical and primitive behavior, and now that species is even destroying itself. This human race has proven both past and present to be very primitive and stupid. This human species is probably the most primitive species in the universe. All life on this planet, plants, animals and even microbes are more intelligent than this human race because they do not destroy the planet they live on. Only humans do things that lack any logic. At the moment this humanity is practicing the complete castration of all intellects, because it lets itself be presented by a complete nonsense like clowns in the circus and believes in a sick spirit originated virus story.
    Of course, all other living things on this planet are more intelligent, or have you ever seen a monkey with a face mask? But the solution for this planet is near, namely the extinction of this extraordinarily primitive, stupid and therefore, for every life, dangerous species of man. In the midst of this insane and stupid species and knowing the plans of these even more insane “elites”, we can no longer feel any joy in life on this planet. Can you still do it?
    Best regards
    Independent scientists and doctors with knowledge and enough neural connections in the brain
    More facts on our website

    1. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
      Paul Douglas Rackemann

      I think you are on to something, but you are a bit too emotional about it. I can’t look at your essay while writing, but as I recall it, you said, “Madness rules stupidity.”
      I argue that we are in fact ruled by two kinds of criminal acting together: those who live by the use of force, whom I call soldiers; and those who live by deception, whom I call priests.
      I say that people have physical and mental weaknesses, which are taken advantage of by these two kinds of criminal. None of us can rely on our own physical strength for safety, especially if we are outnumbered, and most of us are not self-confident about our own intellectual powers to avoid being overbourne by an argument from authority. I say that what most people can be deceived by is the official religion, used by the priests to deceive us all, and the present official religion of at least the Western world is what we call education. I say that the priestly classes are teachers at all levels, journalists and other media people, and the judiciary. Politicians I say are brokers between the government and its prey, but they often think of themselves as priests and act in co-operation with the priests.
      A lot of people in positions of authority at present have done at least some economics as part of their education, and a lot of the more right-wing ones will have read at least some Adam Smith. Adam Smith very vividly describes the advantages of living by honest trade with other people, but he fails to mention that the use of force and the use of deception are also viable ways of making a living for some people. These people form the priestly and soldierly classes, and come together to form governments. Democracy may have some validity where people are really more-or-less equal, but in a stable society where people are wedded to their roles and their status, it functions more as a priestly device to make people think that they have somehow given their consent to all the things that the soldiers and priests do to them.
      There are of course also free-lance soldiers and priests, who do not form part of the government. They are armed robbers and business frauds respectively.
      So I would say that it isn’t madness that rules stupidity, but the Established Church. The “Established Church,” for Americans, is what the Church of England was called when it was part of the government and people had to pay taxes to it. There are of course still many countries in which one of the brands of the Moslem religion is the Established Church, and in China the Communist Party is the Established Church, even though it is not all that Communist any more. Our Established Church is more versatile, and like any religion that is to have any hope of keeping public belief, it still incorporates large amounts of truth in its teaching. Its lies are on the political end of its doctrines, and are artfully framed to take advantage of our sentimentality and other human weaknesses.

    2. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
      Paul Douglas Rackemann

      Since writing my little essay, I have had a look at your website, and I can see you have gone to quite a lot of trouble to put forward this point of view of yours. I hope you won’t be offended by my off-the-cuff critique of it.
      I have argued elsewhere that in the present political order, there are not two sides, but three: there is the right (where I belong), there is the left (where you belong, and Caitlin belongs), and there are the people in authority, who intend to go on ruling by having us fight each other. I think there may be great bloodshed ahead, but all of us on the left and the right need to realise that our real enemy is constituted of all the people in authority, who have a vested interest in the system of corruption under which we live. It’s a bit like France on the eve of the Revolution.

      1. If you are not able to leave your schema thinking (right, left), then of course you will not be able to understand the contents of our website.

        1. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
          Paul Douglas Rackemann

          I’ve now actually gone to the trouble of reading your website. I don’t think anyone actually goes to the trouble of reading everything they see: it’s impossible. What we do is skim the headlines and form an impression. Only if we think something is somehow important do we go to the trouble of reading it. You want to bear this in mind when you are writing for publication.
          I think you lay a little too much emphasis on the idea of everyone being stupid. There is a limit to how much anyone can understand, and the entire system of education is designed to make sure that we only understand what we need to understand to carry out whatever our economic functions in life are to be. For everything else, we are intended to react in a trained way, according to the idea of morality that the system as a whole holds.
          You dwell a lot on the idea of us as stupid animals. For much of my working life, I was what we in Australia call a stockman – you might call me a cowboy. Especially in the early years (this was sixty years ago), I was dealing with fairly wild cattle in an unfenced environment. I have often dwelled on the fact that if the cattle split up when we approached, we could never have controlled them, never have got them into the yards where we could do what we wanted to them. We used their ignorance and their sociability to control them, just as the people in charge of us do to us.
          They do, however, have the equivalent of cowboys and cattledogs to manage us, and these are a bit smarter than the rest of us. They play along with the stories, but they do not necessarily believe them. I wonder if you have considered that all this nonsense about the coronavirus might be in the nature of a drill? It is after all possible that a real epidemic disease could come along at any time, and give us real trouble. The journalists always play along whenever it becomes clear that the political leadership (or the people in charge of them) have decided to have a war. Why not play along with a drill about a virus? All the local politicians and bureaucrats are happy to go along with it too, even if a few of them are smart enough to know what is going on. All of them are having enormous fun at our expense, as usual.
          I see you know about Congressman Larry P. McDonald, so someone in your group must know a bit of history, assuming you are all younger than I am.
          You probably know more than I do about the microbiology of it. I just don’t know enough to know whether you are right about the microbes. I do realise that there are enormous differences of scale between viruses and bacteria. I thought viruses were on about the same scale as very large molecules.
          I see you don’t like Germans.
          Have you considered that we as a species are somewhat in the position of parasites? We are dependent on an environment that is to some extent artificial, the modern city. As a result, we are in fact becoming stupider and more specialised, as you say.
          You don’t seem to be quite clear on whether you want us to be exterminated because we don’t deserve to live, or whether you want us to rise up and overthrow the people in charge. If you don’t want us to rise up, there isn’t much point in talking about it.
          I would like to know the average age of your group and how big it is. I get the feeling that you are all rather young. I am seventy, and used to try to explain things to people when I was younger.

        2. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
          Paul Douglas Rackemann

          This system will soon become unworkable. Would you like me to send you an email address?

          1. Hello friend,
            The age of our small group is between 60 and 75 years, so not so young anymore. We are happy to communicate in a personal way, you can give us your email address in the contact form on our website and we will respond.
            Warm greetings

  2. To Victor G.

    It addles the brain doesn’t it!

    The constant propaganda narratives, very effectively, keeps us off balance.

    However, just as Christianity and Islam are not monolithic blocs of stone, surely, so too for the practitioners of Judaism.

    The Jews of Israel are not the only representatives of Jewish thinking worldwide. The majority of world Jewry, in fact, are citizens of other countries.

    And what we have all just been witness to, is bringing this more to the fore, in universal consciousness.

  3. Israel is the 51st state that Obama spoke about.

  4. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    There seems to be no open minds when discussing Jews and Israel. Stances on zionism and antisemitism are fixed and rigid. Therefore I will abstain from giving my opinion. However consider the possibility that whatever we think may be simply more propaganda and half truths.

    1. I’ve disassociated Zionism and the Jewish faith and encourage others to consider this possibility.
      One is based on hate seems to me and the other is a religion of our history deserving respect from both it’s adherents and others who might believe in other gods and goddesses.
      I’ve read the old Testament and parts of the Torah in bits and pieces. Some of the stories have been passed on. I like the Psalms, but the other books seem to have been the seed of harmful things. Consider Zionism.
      So best to use discretion and trust your intuition versus relying on some old text from those who live long ago and don’t know what it is like to be alive now on planet earth. How could they know because wisdom is not fixed. Wisdom, like everything else these days is in flux.
      Deduced by my lonely deducing self.

  5. So addicted have Americans become to virtual reality (an oxymoron), that when it comes to Palestine they live in a parallel reality.

  6. Very insightful way of describing the “Empire.” Most people probably just think of it as this monolithic goliath ruled out of Washington, with the “elected” president calling the shots. Others figure that there is a “deep state” composed of a cabal of American oligarchs that really dictate policy to the president who is no more than a puppet, a lackey for those with the money, the land, the banks, the businesses who arranged to get him elected and who also own all the other political office holders probably down to the local dogcatcher. But I’ve always believed and you make the point here that not all of those oligarchs and plutocrats are Americans. In fact, some, like Bill Browder, have renounced their American citizen to enjoy tax breaks. Others undoubtedly include disgusting creatures like the Saudi royal family, the British royal family, the Rothschilds… use your imagination. It does explain why basically none of America’s foreign policy, implemented at the cost of trillions to the American taxpayer, never seems to benefit the average American Jack and Jill one iota. They and their kids are simply used to supply the money, the innovative technology for weapons development and cannon fodder the Empire needs to spread like a malignancy across the globe. Oh, yeah, and in America we have to pay for our own advanced education needed to create those new weapons of war the empire always wants.

    1. Mounir KAOUKJI Avatar
      Mounir KAOUKJI

      Very well exposed and explained!

  7. They are already working hard to introduce in Latin America the right to let the USA officially represent them: “Under the presidency of Joe Biden, the United States, like European governments, once again defends a liberal world order based on rules that apply equally to everyone.”
    But at the same time, the United States is claiming the privilege of ignoring these rules at will. Is this the official “cult” showing up its face? At the same time “flat money” vs “cryptocurrency” are more present in the media. I have no doubt will be toasted.

  8. I like this column very much and agree with most of it. Yet, there is no honor among thieves. There is competition in the accumulation of wealth and power.

    Einstein was a great thinker, but he did make mistakes. And if the quotes are really his whole view of religion then he made one more. Religion has been the largest way of man trying to care for what is outside himself. It has also been the EXCUSE for mass murderers to kill millions over the centuries. Anything, no matter how good can be twisted to serve one’s ego purposes. The contents of scriptures from so many religions are lessons in ethics, even if one does not believe in a god.

  9. angelo von KOSCHIER Avatar
    angelo von KOSCHIER

    you put aptly into words whast i am thinking.
    thank you

  10. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    I don’t think you always get the details right, but I think you have pretty much hit the nail on the head here. I see one of your supporters in the comments section says that it’s all just capitalism. That’s an interesting proposition, because it is probably true that money is one of the the things that holds this multinational empire together. Sharing really advanced weapons is another. Thirdly, I think, control of what we call the media (and what I call the priesthood – the people who live by telling lies) seems to be in the hands of a really smart in-group of people who are probably mostly American, British, or Jewish (or Jewish-American or Anglo-Jewish). Obviously, Rupert Murdoch is one.

    1. I really wish folks here would get off the capitalism is the source of all evil bandwagon. The Psychopaths responsible for our predicament are far beyond caring about such mundane things as money, except how they might use it to maintain their power over you. They have used socialism with equal effect. Control is the goal they seek, and death is their coin.

      1. Its commune- ism (kibbutz-ism) that pushes the anti-capitalism line.
        The enemy is CORRUPTION and that is the fault of people, NOT concepts, so no- its capitalist system to blame, but the human implementation. When the same jewish socialists ran USSR? It was even more of a mess than free market America is today- tho run by the same tribe.

      2. “Love of money is the root of all evil.” Capitalism is about concentrating capital, not about making lives better. People concentrate capital, because capital/money not because it is money/capital, but for the power that comes with it.
        I suspect you are an American, who falls for the narrative that communism is socialism. Anyone who has done a little reading on the subject, will have come across the real socialist doctrine, that wanted the state (church and banks as well) out of the economy, and the economy run by agreements. Bakunin, a real socialist and critic of Marx, noted that Marx’s state would be no different than a Rothschild bank.
        Where Ms Johnstone misses the mark, is that in all so-called Western liberal democracies, the disproportionate amount of financing for virtually all “mainstream” political parties parties comes from Jews, whether AIPAC in the US, Friends of Israel in the UK, CRIF in France, and like organizations in other countries. He, who pays the piper, calls the tune.

      3. IMV it is not so much that death is the psychopath’s coin. But it does appear that in your opinion, the blame for all the ills of humanity, going back to biblical times, rests squarely on the shoulders of the psychopaths?

        They operate without conscience, or consciousness. Agreed! Their narcissism is the only head on both sides of the coin.

        If, as online authority claims: capitalism dates from the mid sixteenth century on.

        Then, perhaps this is why communalism attempted to get rid of religion, in contradistinction to capitalism, which very successfully used the propaganda of the religious narration to divide and rule, for all these centuries, while ‘they’ – the psychopaths of religion, literally sat back and collected the spoils; as they are doing ever more effectively these days.

        The only thing psychopaths care about is feeding their own ego’s. And power is the stimulant they are addicted to. Certainly, what they don’t care about is the death of others. How many wars have been fought by us, the cannon fodder, and collateral damage, in the name of religion backed by plutocratic money?

        On the other hand, an addicted, unlawful ‘drugs’ pusher, who has been stripped, systemically, of his own human dignity, and must resort to doing what he does, consequently has no respect for self, let alone others, and is, therefore, incapable of caring a whit for the others whose lives he destroys.

        These are the some of the opposing sides of the coin of money; the distinction being that the one has to do it, in order merely to survive. The other does it because he is a psychopath and sees nothing as more important than his own blind egoic power requirement.

        What bemuses is Mustaqim’s emphatic statement: “The enemy is CORRUPTION and that is the fault of people, NOT concepts”, without seeming to notice that the people behind the corruption of the dogmas of the concepts of religion, are the very same religious, racist bigots as himself.

        So much for “people’ and the bliss of our capacity for ignorance!

  11. In 1990 Netanyahu said that “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state.”

    How right he was.

    1. How is this possible, since neither Israel nor US actually exist? lolol

  12. Question for Carolyn Zaremba – why are anti-Zionists attacking innocent American Jews?

    1. I can’t speak for Carolyn, and I don’t know what motivates these people, but they’ve been condemned by various US Palestinians and US Jewish anti-Zionists.
      “Those doing this are not in solidarity w/ Palestinians, they are in solidarity with racism, a force we suffer from. What separates our struggle for freedom from Zionism is it is about securing our rights by not denying them to others. Anyone in solidarity with us must model that.” – Yousef Munayyer
      “Antisemites are never welcome in the movement for justice and peace in Palestine. Pass it on.” – Jehad Abusalem

      1. Jews are being violently attacked throughout Europe and the United States yet anti-zionists say they are simply opposed to Israeli ‘policies’…yeah, right.

        Hamas regularly expresses its intention of obliterating the Jewish state of Israel, driving all of the Jews into sea, shoots hundreds of missiles into civilian areas in Israel, yet when Israel defends herself, ‘anti-zionists’ bellyache.

        Anti-zionism = antisemitism

        1. If your mind is still open to alternative suggestions:

          Take two, and call someone else for additional enlightenment, if it’s not already too late for you.

          anti-Zionism is anti Semitism

          How Britain Started the Arab-Israeli Conflict | Free Documentary History

        2. There’s Israel citizens who overtly say that “islam is a disease”, “jews shouldn’t marry arabs”, “we need to kill arabs”, and the comments get much worse from there. Remember that Israel is the one doing an illegal blockade against Palestinians, doing ethnic cleansing, apartheid and genocide. Also it’s very dangerous to say that anti-zionism is religious bigotry, that will actually cause more people to hate Jewish people because you will lead people to believe that all actions of Israel are actions of all jews, its an antisemitic thing to say (as ironic as it sounds to you).

          1. If you’d make the effort to take a look at the above link you might, just might, notice that the subject of the debate is Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism.
            I didn’t capitalize the A in anti therefore, you’re entitled to suck your every assumption out of your thumb?
            Good luck!

          2. Go buy yourself some real estate in Mecca. After successfully doing that, Build a Synagogue on top of the Kaaba, then go do the same in the Vatican after which I welcome you to Israel to illuminate us about Apartheid.

        3. Hamas was created by Israel – just like ISIS !
          IRAN has already denied Israel’s ability to wage further war on the rightful owners of the state of Palestine !

          Best Israel gets out before they are forced out – they have ZERO right to be there !

          They are Atheist Khazarian Gentiles POSING as JEWS !

          BIBI doesn’t care less about the Jewish people and neither do the the Rothschilds – because they aren’t Jewish !!

          They have created a civil war in Israel that is raging right now !

          Israel’s occupation of Palestine won’t make it until the end of the year !

        4. Jews were being violently attacked throughout Europe long before Zionism or the state of Israel. The latter two are to a large extent a response to centuries of pogroms and persecution. How many of the recent attacks on Jews in Europe and the USA have little to do with Palestine, and everything to do with a hatred of Jews regardless of Israel? I don’t know the answer, but many on the far right, such as those who marched through Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us,” seem to hate Palestinians, Muslims and Jews about equally.

    2. Give back the stolen land, fully compensate the Palestinians and apologize. Make them whole again. You can all live together collectively, but not with rich white people terrorizing poor brown people. It didn’t work for Hitler, and it won’t work for Israel.

      1. 1. There has been a Jewish presence in Israel for the past few thousand years. Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish people. The Jewish people are a nation with a homeland, a language, culture, history, and religion.

        2. The majority of Jewish Israelis are from the middle east – nearly a million Arab Jews were forced to flee from their homes for the sole reason of being Jewish.

        3. The Arabs living in Gaza were in fact part of Egypt…they have no connection to the arabs living in Judea and Samaria who were from Jordan. Hamas and Fatah are rivals and care nothing for the people – only for maintaining power.

        4. Arab Israelis enjoy full rights under Israeli law – (compare the treatment of so-called ‘Palestinians’ in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and any other country in the region.

        5. There is cooperation, collaboration between Israeli Jews and Arabs at every level…Arab Israelis are judges, doctors, professors, entertainment – they work in every sector, own land, vote. This word ‘apartheid’ is cynical, perverse and meaningless when it is used to describe Israel. It reveals the ignorance of those who use the term.

        1. The Forgotten Refugees

          1. Perhaps it’s time to flip the coin and see the ‘other’ side?

        2. Brittni, you are clearly interested in this subject, which is good. It is a very important subject. If you would like to learn some new things which you have not heard on the happy box, go to and enjoy. If you do not feel that you already know everything that is worth knowing about the subject it is just possible, I think, that you may change your mind about pretty much everything which you have written above. (I haven’t found anything at relating directly to the question of whether those who use the terms “apartheid” and “Israel” in the same sentence are simply ignorant. Not wishing to appear ignorant in your eyes I will say no more about the subject. I do wonder, however, about that West Bank wall. The Palestinians call it the apartheid wall. Do you think that by so doing they reveal their ignorance?)

          1. The naturei karta are a very tiny extreme group of Jews whose ideas represent themselves exclusively. My opinions are based on having lived in both Israel and the U.S. The situation is obviously not black and white. With regards to the security/wall/barrier, since it was put in place during the second intifada, the number of Israeli deaths from suicide bombers was reduced dramatically to zero. If a wall/fence is what it takes to save people’s lives…so be it. I notice that no ever complains about the numerous barrier walls put into place throughout the world that serve a similar purpose…only Israel gets scrutiny for protecting herself.

            1. I see that you do feel that you already know all that you consider worth knowing about the subject, so I will trouble you no more. I do think it worthwhile, however, to try to correct one of your delusions. You say that the ideas of the naturei karta represent themselves exclusively. No, Brittni. They are also my “ideas.” I am not an ultra-orthodox Jew, or even a Jew. But I do think it worthwhile to try to understand holy scripture, and I have done this sufficiently to understand that the fears of the Haredim concerning G-d’s ultimate disposition of the Zionist enterprise are well-founded. They will not rejoice, Brittni, when you and the rest of the Zionists have learned that they are right. They are decent people. And they are sincere. I think that decency and sincerity are an increasingly rare quality in our increasingly more sophisticated Western world, and I pay attention when such people speak.

          2. Go buy yourself some real estate in Mecca. After successfully doing that, Build a Synagogue on top of the Kaaba, then go do the same in the Vatican after which I welcome you back to Israel to illuminate us about Apartheid.

        3. You are in ignorance about whom the “Jews” are. 1. They are NOT the True Israelites of the OT Bible. 2. They ARE IMPOSTORS – Ashkenazis, Sephardics, and Khazars. 3. In olden days they were known as Edomites and Kennites. 4. They moved into the Holy Land AFTER The true Israelites were taken into captivity and dispersed. 5. They are the Enemy of Christ Yahshua as He told us in John 8:44 – He said, speaking to the Pharisees, “You are of your Father the Devil. He was a LIAR and MURDERER from the beginning.” 6. Christ Yahshua WAS NOT A JEW!

        4. Those are the kinds of rationalizations that Hitler used to make- “We are the only people who belong here, and we have a made up history that proves it!” Every day in every way you look more and more like Nazis. Do you really think you can terrorize poor brown people forever? It’s gonna end, and it’s gonna be ugly.

        5. What has always gripped me is the way Israel embraces the plight of the oppressed everywhere. Those who also long for a homeland but have been robbed and exiled. And also I’m impressed by the way they provide moral and material support to Native Americans and so many others that have struggled for a place in the sun.
          They do this, don’t they?

  13. I don’t disagree that Israel and the US is part of the same empire, I just want to say that some people who claim that the US is an Israel puppet are not automatically irrational antisemites saying that jews rule the world. During the Obama Administration, Netanyahu went behind his back 2 weeks before Israel’s election vote (that eventually re-elected him) to talk about his opposition/fear monger to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Russiagate opponents point this out as Putin would never get away with addressing Congress without the President’s permission. Of course, Obama/Congress/Senate took the message and started undermining his own deal with Iran by signing on more sanctions against Iran a year after the deal was made, maybe it was a reminder that the empire should still work together but it sure looks like that Israel meddled both in the US and in Israel by doing this stunt.

    I do think though that the Iran deal was biased towards just Iran when all nations should be forbidden to develop/keep Nuclear Weapons, thankfully such a treaty was made and now all countries have to sign onto it

    The Speech Beakdown:

    The First US Violation of the Deal (under Obama):

    Nuclear Weapons Now Illegal (Just All Countries Have To Join The Treaty):

    1. “some people who claim that the US is an Israel puppet are not automatically irrational”
      If the USA were an Israeli puppet, it wouldn’t have signed the JCPOA in the first place. Of course Israel ‘meddles’ in US affairs, and Netanyahu went behind Obama’s back and addressed Congress without his permission, but puppets, pretty much by definition, do as they’re told, so there’s no need to go behind their backs.

  14. The horrorshow narrative about Covid-19 which has killed a maximum of 0,04% of the world population (3.5 out of 7,867 millions), as opposed to the 25% each (according to the most conservative estimates) of the 1918 “Spanish” flu or the 1347 Great Plague, has left us with two great lessons:
    1/ It is amazing how, in free-flowing information societies, the masters of discourse can still come up with a narrative totally detached from reality and derive extremely coercive measures from it affecting people’s basic liberties and even lives and pursuit of happiness.
    2/ It is even more amazing how little pushback this kind of unhinged narrative gets from homo sapienses equipped with 100 trillion synapses strong brains (even though their volume has shrunk from 1,500 to 1,350 cc in the past 20,000 years – which definitely shows – no offense meant :o) just because these biological marvels can be paralyzed by fear – whipped up by power and money-hungry sociopaths at discourse mastery level.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      About that:

      I have trouble explaining our current times otherwise that the end of the world is near.

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    2. Where do you get those numbers for the Spanish – or Kansas – ‘flu?
      “It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide.”
      The world population at the time was nearly two billion, which doesn’t make the deaths come anywhere near the 25% number you give.

      1. You’re right.I got carried away mixing up the infected and the dead of the 1918 “Spanish flu” in the wake of the Great Plague figures – which did kill 25% of the world population (and between 30 and 60% of the European one between 1347 and 1351).
        Still 50 million deaths worldwide for the “Spanish” flu gives us 2,7% of the world population of 1.8 billion at the time, which is still 67.5 times more than the 0,04% lavishly (i.e. largely exaggerated by unreliable PCR tests run above 34 cycles) attributed to Covid.

  15. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It is the same empire running the show that you had in the days of Noah. In this empire, there is only one future for mankind: it is to lower your pants to receive a vaccine and wear a mask forever.

    No doubt we are living the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus.

    When you are at that point, it is a sign the end of the world is very near.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  16. Another excellent, reality-based, clear description of life in our imaginary world. My fantasy would be to have the content discussed on every media channel daily:)
    Thank you Caitlin for your ongoing energy, efforts, patience and professionalism, calling out for sanity within the hurricane force shit-storm of the ignorant.

  17. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    The word you are looking for is CAPITALISM. It is the Empire of Capital that is behind all of this. Marx said it over 175 years ago and it remains true. Mackinder spoke of controlling the World Island over 100 years ago. I have always tried to explain to people that the goal of Empire has always been world domination, specifically over the World Island, but essentially over the entire Earth. The Imperialists never lose sight of this goal and never stop pursuing it, even when it appears on the surface as though they have changed course. They NEVER change course. The only way to stop them is to overthrow capitalism. And the only way to do that is to educate the working class about the true aims of their governments and unite them against Empire.

    1. Rubbish. Communism was even more dysfunctional and destructive. Its CORRUPTION – by PEOPLE- not concepts, wherein the problem lies

  18. I think that the overall objective is to expand one empire while throwing the other one on the trash heap of history after serving its purpose.

    1. With that being said, no one gets to choose what they are born into—but they do get to choose what they serve.

      I walk beside the “self-hating” Jew as we are both ostracized by our own because we will not blindly serve such madness.

  19. “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression of product of
    human weakness, the Bible a collection of [primitive and childish legends].”

    Albert Einstein

    Another name to add to their list of Judeophobes

    1. If you mean Einstein was a Judeophobe, he wrote:
      “For me the unadulterated Jewish religion is, like all other religions, an incarnation of primitive superstition. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong, and in whose mentality I feel profoundly anchored, still for me does not have any different kind of dignity from all other peoples. As far as my experience goes, they are in fact no better than other human groups, even if they are protected from the worst excesses by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot perceive anything ‘chosen’ about them.”

      1. He became an outright zioinist later in life, tho its very conveniently ignored

        1. That letter’s from 1954, and he died in 1955.

  20. Einstein as we all knew long ago was all wrong about everything; even about the part of, “God doesn’t play dice,” but obviously God does. And, isn’t it also true that there are only two letters in the word, ‘god’? The evil empire; thank God that the British Empire died in 1503, and that Darth Vader said, “Never underestimate the power of the lowly asp”.

    1. Einstein was all wrong about everything? He made a few mistakes, like the dice thing, and the cosmological constant (which he first proposed as a ‘fudge factor’, then removed saying it was a blunder – and now it’s back in vogue with dark energy), but most of his scientific ideas have stood the test of time amazingly well. Special and general relativity, his two most famous contributions to science, seem to hold up wherever we look and however we probe.
      He also regretted writing to Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made, but I don’t think he ever distanced himself from this 1948 letter to the New York Times warning of the dangers of fascism in the newly created state of Israel:

  21. Already two years on!

    Out of MSM, out of mind

    Gone, but not forgotten:

    1. Wow! That was great. Thanks S.

  22. wayne proskin Avatar
    wayne proskin

    i gotta hand it to you are one gutsy lady that tells it like it are also very intelligent and i wish i was as smart as you.i hope you never stop the good work you are doing.thanks and God bless. Wayne

  23. “We’re already seeing this narrative management campaign come into play as mainstream outlets are now permitting some serious criticisms of Israel.” — a friend sent me an NYT article about the Palestine situation – as if to say ‘the tide has changed’ — and my reply was simply that the MSM is obliged by the hysteria of the moment to appear sympathetic — but will resume course at the earliest opportune moment.

  24. I think all governments are puppets of the banks and their big capital holders. The money rules. If the money didn’t want Obama or Trump they would not have been elected. The hidden hand controls more than markets.

    1. My standard sketch: (ref. Carroll Quigley / Tragedy & Hope)
      Modern international oligarchies seem to have ~all gone to a standard layered model for any given regime:

      — Global Control Level: the super-banks (Fed, BOE, ECB, BIS …) are directly owned/controlled by (often anonymous) families and organizations – the “super-fortunes.” Their (privately-held) banks control the global reserve currencies, and backup (or undermine) the currencies of the national central banks according to their political behavior.

      — National Control Level: subordinate oligarchies exist at the top layer of each country, and are off-stage: largest fortunes, banks, and industrial cartels. Trans-national in cooperative scope.

      — Money: oligarchies control nations’ central banks (member/tributary banks of the BIS, Basel) and print the official ‘money’ with (usually) no hard/backing assets. Global superbanks have final control.

      — Politics: a wholly-owned ~theater company-equivalent layer employs/controls all of the (on-stage) participants in the visible politics – The Demockracy Show – of every country. “Left/right, extremes, centrists, etc. parties all create the image of spontaneous democratic organizations; all controlled by money/bribery/blackmail.

      — Official mythology: The communication layer = official and corporate propaganda: MSM and controlled ‘journalists’ and ‘academics’ establish the official ‘reality’ for a regime. This layer takes its direction from the military/intelligence psychological operations sub-organizations. NATO/FIVE EYES and friends have coordinated narratives.

      — Enforcers: physical control is achieved by the enforcer/admin/(+’black’ layers): (un)civil service/police+military/intelligence (+mafias +mercenary cutouts). The Enforcer layer is under the actual direct command of the oligarchies – who pay them. NATO/FIVE EYES and friends have held a (fading) coordinated force monopoly.

      — General population – the peasantry is everyone with assets of less than $ 1 B U$D; considered expendable; managed with fear, propaganda and (hard/soft) human control technologies.

      1. What you say may apply to many Western nations and those in their ‘sphere of influence’, but perhaps not globally. From what I can make out, China at least is a bit of an exception to what you describe. The CPC seems to keep the oligarchs in check, and the currency and banks under its control. And NATO and Five Eyes don’t wield that much power there, never mind have a monopoly on force. I expect much the same goes for others outside the empire.

        1. Concur heartily: China, Russia, N. Korea and Iran are thus the betes noirs of the Empyre. They have all evaded the Rothschild Kraken – and must remain battle-ready while the (dying) tyrannosaurus rages … and the Ponzi tarpit yawns.

        2. It is curious about China…they do seem to punish corruption unlike in the west and are set up to look like the enemy, but never forget that GloboCap created modern China. Ignore all the FUD and see everything through this lens…wealth and power only respect wealth and power…anything else is livestock or “useless eaters”. GloboCap is run by the “high cabal” as Churchill calls them…City of London, Royal and Aristocratic Families, Vatican, Black Nobility. TPTB are not a monolith and as Peter Turchin says it is the competition of elites that brings down empires…common people have no power other than bloody revolution or to try and opt out where possible. Forget about political systems…they are swapped out by TPTB based on how they want to administer things. One of the “high cabal” organized crime factions may provide a better life for the commoner as a side effect, but it’s all dirty and too hard to tell the true alliances with all the FUD…lots of narratives and lies…watch what they do not what they say. In the end, GloboCap will settle their differences and continue their exploitation of the common people and the planet. While Trump was distracting everyone TPTB got ESG\Covid\Reset ready to roll…that’s no coincidence. When you see TPTB decloak like with WEF, ESG, The Vatican Council for Inclusive Capitalism,etc…watch out! We are hogging “their” resources and they will not stand for it…we have been warned.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      That is exactly what Caitlin is saying in this post. Hello?

      1. Howard said “all governments are puppets of the banks.” Was Caitlin including, say, China in what she calls the empire? China is capitalist, I’d agree, but from what I can make out, the CPC is making quite an effort not to let banks and oligarchs take control of the Chinese economy.

        1. Howard doesn’t say who/what came first, the puppets or the string pullers.

          Isn’t this the fundamental question, we are all of the same species, I think!

          Perhaps if Howard spoke a little more openly about who he feels is “The hidden hand (that) controls more than markets.”

          What has been the role of institutional religions in this ongoing divide and rule strategy?

          A question: When does legitimate fear transmute into paranoid narrations intended only to perpetuate a false consciousness ideology?

          False consciousness is a term used by some to describe ways in which material, ideological, and institutional processes are said to mislead members of the proletariat and other class actors within capitalist societies, concealing the exploitation intrinsic to the social relations between classes. Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) used the term “false consciousness” in an 1893 letter to Franz Mehring to address the scenario where a subordinate class willfully embodies the ideology of the ruling class. Engels dubs this consciousness “false” because the class is asserting itself towards goals that do not benefit it. Wikipedia

          Which is the religion that benefits humanity in its totality here on this planet?

  25. Unfortunately, the horror of Zionism will quickly become forgotten once a cease fire occurs.
    Once the grass is mowed, once more land is seized, once the rubble pile of Gaza increases and the Balkanization of Palestine expands….Israel will smugly smile; it will have temporarily sated its genocidal urges. The horror simply does not end.
    The two-state solution is dead. What must end is the total transformation of Israel from a religious despotism to a real democratic state, a state where Jews and Moslems are completely equal, where even a Moslem can be an Israeli prime minister.
    What I propose–an end to hideous religious and racial tribalism–is clearly beyond the primitive capabilities of those now in charge. Superior what?
    So how will this debacle end: It will begin with the collapse of the American Empire, already teetering economically, already running out of sanctions to impose, already exhausting its capacity to feed its military…. Such a collapse is not a happy prospect, but moronic, short-sighted thinking will be brought to heel.
    And what will the Zionist–Jewish and Christian–do then, poor things?

  26. Finally, finally, finally someone else gets it. YES!!! It is ONE EMPIRE a three headed monster Calvinism/Zionism/Wahhabism ONE EMPIRE with god on its side. Controlling holy sites and the doctrine of these religions is key to Western power.

  27. “Everything else you see in the news is just mental narrative promulgated at mass scale to manipulate people into accepting these movements.” Posting again, due to relevancy: In these times, we should continually remind ourselves of the power of words, alone. Ask questions: What do they serve? Whom do they serve? Where are they leading?

    1. “Of course, no one wants to listens to me,
      yet as sure as I’m sitting here we will be
      destroyed unless we create a cosmic
      conscience. And we have to begin to do
      that… with the youth that are the politicians
      of tomorrow.”

      “The word God is for me
      nothing more than the
      expression of product of
      human weakness, the Bible
      a collection of [primitive
      and childish legends].”

      Albert Einstein

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Einstein was correct. I have been an atheist all of my 72 years and my parents before me.

      2. Actually, it is the cosmic conscience that creates us but as John Lennon put it: “God is a concept by which we measure our pain.” Who has ever thought of God during an orgasm or while drinking a glass of champagne?

        1. Millions of Catholics think of God while drinking wine at Holy Communion, or at least that’s what they’re supposed to be thinking about!

          1. Most Catholics don’t drink wine at Holy Communion. Only the priest does. But the ones who do generally think of opening their mouths so they don’t spill any.

      3. Boris Alotofkrap Avatar
        Boris Alotofkrap

        Boris not sure is smarter to think of Einstein as expert on religion than was in time of Galileo to think of Roman Catholic authorities as experts on physics.

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