The fight to liberate humanity from oppression, exploitation, butchery and madness is really a fight to expand consciousness.

The existential threats our species now faces are ultimately due to the fact that powerful people advance omnicidal, ecocidal, oppressive, violent and exploitative agendas behind veils of secrecy and propaganda distortion. They do evil things while deliberately keeping people unconscious of those evil things, so that the people will not use the power of their numbers to stop them.

The people do not use the power of their numbers to force a change into a healthy paradigm which puts human interests first because their perception of the world is aggressively manipulated by power structures who have a vested interest in keeping that from happening. Wealth and power are kept in the hands of elites and their underlings by propagandizing people into believing the current status quo is the only way things can be. War agendas are consented to because people are propagandized into believing this or that boogie man poses some imminent threat and needs to be eliminated. Surveillance, censorship, government secrecy and police militarization are tolerated because people are manipulated into believing they need these things.

And so on. In all cases, the key carrying agent for all of these toxic agendas is unconsciousness. If people were conscious of the real nature of these agendas and how badly they’re being robbed in order to advance them, they would refuse to consent to them and force them to stop. So they are kept unconscious of their reality by perceptual manipulation like propaganda, government opacity, internet censorship, and the war on adversarial journalism.

The fight against these malignant power structures is therefore a fight to increase public awareness of their toxic agendas, and of the perceptual manipulation tactics which are being used to prevent that awareness from being spread. It’s a fight to expand collective human consciousness of what’s really going on in the world.

But unconsciousness of abusive power structures and their perception manipulation tactics are not the only way in which humanity is unconscious. In exactly the same way that we are collectively unconscious of the reality of external events, we are individually unconscious of the reality of internal events as well.

Generally speaking, humans are confused about the nature of experience and their thoughts and actions are largely governed by unconscious conditioning patterns. Rather than experiencing life as it actually shows up, we tend to experience it through layers of mental narratives about what’s really going on which distort our ability to experience things lucidly.

Becoming conscious of your inner world brings clarity to your internal dynamics in exactly the same way that becoming conscious of your external world brings clarity to world dynamics: you are able to see what’s really happening. This can take the form of realizing unhelpful thought patterns in yourself which had been subconsciously running on autopilot your whole life, or unhelpful beliefs about yourself that you formed in early childhood and came to take for granted.

If you take the inward expansion of consciousness even further, you can come to see that the thing you’ve always thought of as “you” is actually a misperception based on a faulty assumption about the nature of experience, and your true self is more accurately described as a boundless field of space-like awareness to which no mental narratives can apply. But you need to become fully conscious of the fact that this is what’s really happening before it–and the peace and lucidity which comes with it–can be your lived experience.

The inward and outward expansions of consciousness exist on the same continuum, and neither is more important or more valuable than the other. People who are more interested in politics and government might see the exploration of the inner dimensions as airy fairy bullshit, and people who are more interested in spirituality and enlightenment might see the exploration of international power dynamics as deluded nonsense for muggles.

But objectively they hold the same value. Someone engaged in relentlessly honest self-enquiry is doing something that is just as valuable as someone who is engaged in investigative journalism. Going to therapy and having transformative personal breakthroughs is as valuable as making a viral video exposing the reality of police brutality. All expand consciousness, so all are facilitating the revolution.

In this particular sense, there’s no fundamental difference between someone like Julian Assange and someone like Eckhart Tolle. You might object that one of these men is in prison and the other is enjoying what appears to be a fairly cushy and unmolested life, but there’s a reason for that: our rulers don’t understand just how threatening the expansion of inner consciousness is to their empire. If they did, old Eckhart would be rotting in a prison cell just like Julian.

Sociopaths don’t understand the inner dimensions. They don’t really have the cognitive software for it. They have an acute understanding of how to manipulate language and information in order to get what they want, but the notion of honest introspection with the goal of truth for truth’s sake is wholly alien for them. Someone who sees the world as a field of potential assets to be exploited will never think to look inside themselves and consider how they might be misinterpreting reality, but they will see attempts to interfere with their toxic agendas in the world as direct threats to their ability to get what they want. Which is why Julian Assange is in prison and Eckhart Tolle is not.

This inability to perceive the other half of the revolution will be their undoing. It is our ace in the hole.

Because it turns out that expanding one’s consciousness inwardly greatly enhances one’s ability to expand consciousness outwardly. Once you succeed in loosening the grip of mental narrative upon your experience, you become much more difficult to propagandize and much more adept at noticing narrative manipulation. Propaganda relies on people buying into their narratives, as well as fear and greed, to effectively manipulate public perception. Someone who is inwardly very lucid will have none of these hooks, and will have a much easier time becoming conscious of the outer world if they choose to do so.

For this reason, the most effective rebels in this revolution engage in both inner work and in outer work. They fight the revolution on both fronts, which instead of dividing their effectiveness actually makes them more effective at both. Honoring the reality of both humanity’s inward and outward adventures helps bring clarity to each of them.

The sociopaths who rule our society are only capable of fighting us on one front, while we appear to be gaining ground on the other. The phenomenon commonly known as spiritual enlightenment appears to be becoming more and more common (Tolle again repeated his belief that this is the case in a recent interview with Russell Brand), and if you’re paying attention you’ll see other unusual phenomena emerging in the collective consciousness as well. Consciousness is rapidly expanding of economic injustice, racial injustice, police militarization etc, and we can expect it to keep expanding into other dynamics in the same way.

The lights are turning on everywhere, more and more abusive and unwholesome dynamics are being brought into consciousness around the world, and it’s only a matter of time before we collectively cough up the whole disgusting furball and move together into a healthy and harmonious world.


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67 responses to “Real Revolution Means Expanding Consciousness, Both Outwardly And Inwardly”

  1. I found that Eckhart Tolle interview with Russell Brand to be really fascinating. But I couldn’t help but be a little shocked and disappointed by how much Tolle himself still seems to be in the grip of pro-establishment narratives.

    For example, around 45:30, speaking in the context of American police brutality he says “…it is absurd to say that all police are evil is just totally absurd there are many good human beings to do a very difficult job”

    But then at 1:10:00, he has no such issue with implying that all communists are evil, saying “in the case of Russia, the suffering created by the first the Czarist regime and the Russian Revolution and the horrible communist regime, then the invasion of Russia through Germany and terrible suffering. With millions and millions, dreadful, and the suffering inflicted by communists on the Russian people, millions and millions died…”

    Note that he makes mention of at least four different powers here, the Tzarist regime, the early Bolshevik and later (presumably Stalinist) communist governments, as well as what is clearly an allusion to NAZI Germany. But out of all of those, only ONE of them deserves the moniker of “horrible” infliction of suffering on “millions and millions” of people. Not the Tzarists. Not the Nazis. Just the Communists!

    1. Yeah I tripped on that too. Not enough outward expansion, Eckhart.

  2. There is really only consciousness. We choose to not know.
    In order for us to be allegedly “unconscious” we have to know what it is that we are numbing ourselves from. So,…we know what we know but are just not willing right now to do anything about it.
    No outside force / entity / group of elites is keeping us unconscious.
    We are doing that to ourselves with Pythagorean accuracy.
    We observe an incident and we know what we are clearly seeing and we know that we could place our will power out into the world and contribute to it being a better place. But,..
    we choose not to for whatever rational excuse we give ourselves.
    What I’m am stressing is we are the unconsciousness we experience.
    No one is doing it to us except we ourselves.
    Only when our inner spiritual work is and becomes our main priority will we shift into action.
    Only when we cease blaming outside forces will we take 100% responsibility for what is occurring.
    Only when we cease living the daily drama of being a victim and there is nothing we can do about it.
    Examples like Gandhi,…gave us some real keys. Passive Resistance.
    Just stop playing in the playbox ,..take your toys out and move them to the area of life that supports all upward growth on this planet.
    Either you/we are,…[ ] part of the solution or [ ]part of the problem.
    (check appropriate box)

  3. shoeless pete Avatar
    shoeless pete

    Skandha #5: consciousnesses. Skandhas = tendencies confused mind has to identify with. First four:: body, sensations, feelings or emotions, mental formations or ideas, fifth = consciousnesses, which come into being and pass away multiple times per second. Because it is rare to perceive rising and falling of individual elements of consciousness, confused — or ignorant — mind perceives itself as having continuity, and thus the illusion of solidarity of identity. Insight meditation, which simultaneously develops increased awareness and concentration, may allow confirmation of this universal truth, possibly while meditating but more likely in general life.

  4. I encourage everyone to learn and do Transcendental Meditation.

    TM neutralizes stress in the individual, and, due to the unbounded nature of consciousness, it also neutralizes stress in the collective consciousness of those in the environs of the meditator. This amazing fact means we can, through meditation, improve the behavior of people who have no interest in consciousness or a better world, but who live only to feed their senses.

    Less stress means greater clarity of vision. Less stress means more peace, both collectively and individually. The peaceful individual is the unit of world peace.

    Purifying the collective consciousness by removing stress increases the power of natural law, and when natural law is strong and lively in the environment the ignorant and self-oriented become less and less able to work their mendacity on the rest of the population.

  5. When the Black Panthers wanted to organize in an area, they did two things……
    1) Help the people there with the problems they faced everyday.
    2) Teach.
    You knew where the Black Panthers were because you found kitchens feeding people, community centers helping people and free schools to teach people.

    1. The Zapatistas in Mexico were originally a core group of survivors from revolutionary movements in the Universities in Mexico City which were in revolt or near revolt from the 60’s on. Eventually, the Mexican military and police made life too hot for them in the city, so they moved to the southern mountains.
      At first they tried to lecture the people on their revolutionary dogma. They got nowhere.
      Then, they decided to listen to people. Find out what the local concerns were, and then help to organize to help the people in those fights. They were then able to organize the people of Chiapas into an effective force that at times has replaced the corrupt, oligarch driven Mexican government.
      Listen to people. Then help them. Once you’ve been doing that, then they’ll be more likely to listen to you and you can teach them what you’ve learned along your path.

    2. There is an obvious reason why the sociopaths and psychopaths all try to divide us and get us to fight each other.
      The word that scares them to death is SOLIDARITY!
      For one thing, they don;t get it. They don’t understand it.
      Solidarity requires empathy which is what they do not have.
      Solidarity creates a mass of people that becomes immune to their manipulations.
      Not only do they not understand Solidarity, but they recognize that it is the Cryptonite that takes away they power in this world.
      This is why they push forward cults of individualism. This is why they push greed and ego gratification as a false path for people to follow. If you are thinking only about me, me, me and what you demand, then it is impossible to be in Solidarity with others. Only when people realize that we are all in this together do we become immune to their various mental viruses which they try to infect us with.

      1. all good stuff: i agree completely: i think coming it all at once is best. chat back and forth remember our intent to help. ask! god is the question not the answer. i’m eclectic.
        and like you said, work to grok the people and not for ourselves now but ourselves later somehow. thanks.
        and big thanks to Caitlin. who brought this all out. i say not one thing works but all things cannot fail.
        i read write talk do some good stuff when i can read out loud and just finished a (r)evolutionary novel.
        i try. starving artist doing something now called the shit detail. but that is too pyrrhic a word. hope is a trap word, just keep on keepin on…every step by everyone is part of the journey equal in importance… the one….and without end…

      2. That’s right. We can work together and make a new world. Nobody has to starve, there is still enough land and water to feed us all.

      3. rachel goodkind Avatar
        rachel goodkind

        Great points. In addition, when we work together, one people, one planet, we realize how much the mis-leaders have been leeches and parasites, polluting our minds and bodies in multiple ways. “We” have needed them to woke us up, but other than that we do not need them at all. “We” are over 300 million in this country, for instance, versus maybe 2000 who are elected officials. That is one of the issues the mis-leaders have always feared; the truth. Peace.

  6. Conscious and compassionate people cannot immediately and directly get rid of sociopaths and psychopaths but we can eventually do that indirectly. Good people think they can defeat sociopaths and psychopaths through their votes, protests and lawyers but that is a waste their time and energy trying to fight evil and correct the harm which evil people cause. Wise people don’t waste time in a rigged fight which we cannot win when evil people fight dirty and do not follow the rules. This is because good people fight and play by the rules which these evil people enforce but do not follow themselves. Wise people get out of the way, leave good people to waste their time, money and energy fighting evil people and after the battle is over and both good and evil people have finished fighting and both have lost everything they were fighting over including their lives, wise people will come out of their corners and hideouts and build a new and glorious civilization without hindrance from evil people and society’s parasites.

  7. that CRAMPS YOUR STYLE TOO MUCH…better to vote for the lessor of all evils.
    you cannot change the world in a second. or a step. your world yes, the world not.
    then you can can change your mind also. why should you be trapped in your own actions/words when the ones you voted for lied?
    then work on improving the ones you helped lift to power.
    Anyway, that is the way it has been going. Was Obama better or worse than Bush?
    Angry revolution always leads to lotsa dame loss of jobs Of Course. and certain abject savagery by the victors. i would take their money and assets IF we win but not their lives like the guillotine. more like drip by drop….until it is the elites working the rice paddies for a change.
    No matter what we have to get rid of the Dumbercat CCC: the 3Pio. perez, podesta, pelosi. and replace with da Squad. etc. et al.

    1. Was Obama better or worse than having Mad Bomber McCain with his finger on the Big nuclear button? Or having Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency?
      Hell Yeah!

      1. oh yeah. i fergot. Oblama only tore up Egypt Libya Tunisia Georgia Ukraine kidnapped Zelaya, left 27,000 poor peephole mostly his bros. base! out of medicine in 20o8 – 2016 worshipped at the CIA altar and created “colored” revolutions….which did not extend to cops in america shooting his own bros. again. and did not work for Democracy either. he assassinated some american, and allowed the middle east to burn in US hell.
        he lost the senate but he did have it: all 3 parts ready for something special. and he deactivated every good thing for Hil da Shill to swim in shit. upward.

        anyway i’m the guy who said to vote for the lessor evil. read my stuff. mr. attack doggie. but still he was as close to clarence thomas as i eve want any pres to get. {please only send replies when sober.}

    2. No to the Guillotine. Remember that the one’s who began that usually ended up underneath it.
      But, YES to Re-Education Camps.
      We can at least see if a year or two of farm work and a lot of classes and professional counseling can turn a fascist into an actual human being. If not, they can at least hoe a garden. We’ll have a lot of unused prison guard towers that we can re-purpose.

      1. yeah, sorry. dig it. this time.

  8. “Remember, the chain which can be yanked is not the eternal chain.”
    (Unix fortune cookie system, circa 2000)

    1. I have GNU, is that Unix?

      1. I don’t think so, but I’m not familiar with GNU, and I haven’t used Unix in a very long time.

        1. Sorry, that was a joke for Free Software nerds. GNU’s Not Unix. If you have Linux, you are probably running GNU. Linux is just the kernel.
          I just tried fortune, and got “So this is it. We’re going to die.”
          Hope that helps 🙂 BOFH.

          1. Oh, I get it, lol. I don’t have Linux, but I miss the fortune program. I used to run it over and over, and I saved a bunch of my favorites somewhere.

  9. Enlightened Rebels Avatar
    Enlightened Rebels

    Revolutions in the past have happened all around the world, but no revolution has succeeded in doing what it promised.
    Revolution is a crowd, a mob phenomenon.
    Revolution is a struggle for power, one class of people who are in power are thrown out by the other class of people who have been oppressed, exploited to such a point that now even death does not matter.
    They don’t have anything left.
    Revolution is a struggle between the haves and the have-nots.
    Revolution is based in hatred.
    Revolution is destructive, bound to be so, because out of hate nothing else can happen.
    There can be no political revolution, no social revolution, no economic revolution.
    Also the social revolution is a pseudo phenomenon, because the society has no soul of its own.
    Society in itself does not exist, it is only a word, like crowd, but if you go to find it, you will not find it anywhere.
    Wherever you will encounter someone, you will encounter an individual.
    Society is only a collective name, just a name, not a reality, it has no substance.
    The individual has a soul, has a possibility of evolution, of change, of transformation.
    Hence the difference is tremendous.
    The idea of rebellion is not new, but the idea of rebellion combined with enlightenment is absolutely new, it is my contribution.
    Rebellion is a spiritual phenomenon.
    It is possible only in the individual soul.
    The rebel is a spiritual phenomenon.
    Their approach is absolutely individual.
    Their vision is that if we want to change the society, we have to change the individual.
    And if millions of individuals change, then the society will change as a consequence, not vice versa.
    You cannot change the society first and hope that individuals will change later on.
    And if we can make the majority of humanity more conscious, more aware, with a few individuals reaching to the highest peaks of enlightenment, then these people, just by their very presence, will raise the whole conscious level of humanity, will give them clarity, vision, insight, and will make them capable of dropping all nonsense that they have been carrying up to now.
    Then the politicians cannot exploit them, neither the priests can exploit them.
    All their gullibility will disappear.
    And these enlightened people have nothing to do, just their presence is a catalytic agent.
    The enlightened rebel is the very essence of religiousness.
    They bring into the world a change of consciousness, and if the consciousness changes, then the structure of the society is bound to follow it.
    But vice versa is not right, and it has been proved by all the revolutions, because they have all failed.
    No revolution has yet succeeded in changing humanity; but it seems people are not aware of the fact.
    They still go on thinking in terms of revolution, of changing society, of changing the government, of changing the bureaucracy, of changing laws, political systems.
    Feudalism, capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, they are all in their own way revolutionary.
    They all have failed, and failed utterly, because people have remained the same.
    It seems there is something intrinsic in the very mechanism of revolution that makes it bound to fail.
    First, the revolutionary is created by the old society against which they are revolting; their values, their ideals are not much different from the old.
    The only difference for them is that the right people are not in power, otherwise, everything is right.
    Only the right people have to be in power, the wrong people have to be removed, and the revolution will be accomplished in all dimensions of life.
    This is a basic fallacy.
    It is not a question of right or wrong people.
    The whole society has been conditioned to live in a reactionary way, not in a rebellious way.
    It has been conditioned to be slaves not masters.
    Hence, when a few people revolt against the established powers, to change the power structure, and replace the old establishment with themselves, only then do they find that what the old establishment was doing, they, too, have to do, otherwise, there will be immense chaos.
    But then it is too late to understand.
    And slowly slowly, they themselves turn into the same kind of people that they have thrown out, in fact, worse, because now they know the taste of power, and they also know how they have thrown out the people who were in power before them.
    Soon there will be a new generation coming, which will start talking about revolution, because nothing has been changed.
    They are more alert to repress any possibility of revolution because they know how they threw out the old power structure; they are not going to be thrown out in the same way.
    They will not allow freedom of speech, which is a basis for any revolution to happen, and they will crush every individual who does not follow their structure.
    When all the revolutions have failed some new door should be opened.
    There has never been a large scale rebellion in the past, only failed revolutions.
    And the distinction between a revolution and a rebellion is so vast that unless you understand the difference you will not be able to figure out the way that we can create enough people, rebellious people who have a possibility of saving humanity.
    Rebellion is based in love.
    You rebel out of love.
    Rebellion is creative, because love is the most creative energy.
    When you rebel out of love your rebellion has a grace to it, a beauty, a truth, which is not of the earth, which comes from the beyond.
    Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd.
    Rebellion has nothing to do with politics, power, violence.
    Rebellion has something to do with changing your consciousness, your silence, your being.
    Rebellion is when you accept that nobody is higher than you, nobody is lower than you.
    We can have rebellious people functioning together, but each will be an independent individual, not belonging to any political party or to any religious organization.
    Just out of freedom and out of love,
    You rebel against all stupidity, political and religious.
    Rebellion has never been tried on a large scale.
    And whenever it has been tried on a small scale, it has always succeeded.
    Unless there is a rebelliousness spreading from individual to individual, capable of destroying all that is false.
    Unless we can create an atmosphere around the world where greed will fall down on its own accord, where anger will not be possible, where violence will become impossible, where love will be just the way you live, where life will be respected.
    Unless people are prepared for something new, something that is urgently needed.
    Then there is no other alternative proposed anywhere in the world.
    It is a spiritual metamorphosis
    Rebellion that is from the very essential core, it changes consciousness.
    It is radical, it transmutes, it is alchemical.
    My own understanding is if we can transform individuals, if we can bring more and more people to meditation, if we can make more and more people un-repressed, living an authentic, natural life, sharing their love, having a great compassion for everything living, a reverence for life itself.
    People who are not going to betray the earth; who are not in favor of any unnatural way of life preached by all the religions.
    If these individuals spread around the world like a wildfire, then anarchism will be a by product of a society which is free from religions and religious superstitions.
    Which is psychologically healthy, non repressive, which is spiritually healthy, not schizophrenic, which knows the beauties of the outside world and also the inner treasures of consciousness, awareness.
    These rebels will be not only philosophers, they will be experienced, enlightened beings.
    Their very presence will threaten all the establishments of the world.
    Their presence will be a challenge to all that enslaves humanity and destroys their spirit.
    Their presence will become a great fear in all those who are immensely powerful, but know perfectly well that their power depends on the exploitation of humanity, on keeping people retarded, on destroying people’s intelligence, on not allowing people to have their own individuality, their own original face.
    Just a few rebellious enlightened people around the world and all the thrones of power will start shaking.

    1. I like websites that put a character count limit on posts. You can make a point in 500 char.
      Its also a known troll technique to try to make a thread unreadable, and thus prevent communication, by putting in incredibly long posts.

      1. Enlightened Rebel Avatar
        Enlightened Rebel

        I know that there is no possibility of any dialogue or any conversation between the two of us.

        Our talk is bound to be in the nature of a monologue.

        Hearing me say this reveals the nature of truth?

        Try to see that thought can never, ever help us realize anything.

        Has it ever occurred to you that all the clarifications we seek clarify only thought?

        So if there is nothing to realize through mind.

        Why stay asleep in yours?

        1. there must be n infinite # of ways to the Infinite.
          each step is of equal import to the one that carries you over the threshold.
          thus every voice is of some value. every one succeeds at their own pace in their own style.
          a mere thought might carry more weight than an AR-15.

          we need to think outside of ourselves….listen, ponder, response gracefully.
          grace is one of the improvements we have to make.
          i think ALL ways are taos we are obliged to use.

          1. Grace comes when you are not doing anything at all.
            When the mind is not functioning at all.
            That non-functioning of the mind is meditation.
            No chanting, no mantra, no image, no concentration.
            One just simply is.
            Modern physics, in the hands of Albert Einstein, has turned almost into mysticism.
            Nobody has noted the fact, because mystics don’t understand modern physics and the physicists do not care about the mystics
            The mystics have always experienced that they are one, but nobody has listened to them.
            Perhaps man was not mature enough to understand the depth of their declaration.
            The mystics have simply expressed the oneness of all.
            That existence knows only one moment.
            The present moment.
            Physicists go into detail.
            Physicists say that existence consists of two elements: space and time.
            And Einstein turned even these two into one.
            Albert Einstein, especially, was the first scientist to come to the conclusion that time is the fourth dimension of matter.
            He used to say that “There is not space and time, there is only ‘Spacetime’.”
            Einstein had said, “the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”
            We are accustomed to dividing time into past, present, and future.
            But in reality these are not the divisions of time, these are divisions of our mind,
            Because past does not exist anymore, except in our memories,
            And the future exists not yet, except in our imaginations.
            Time means mind.
            Time is a projection of mind.
            It does not exist, it is only an illusion, although a convincing one.
            Maya is a faculty of the mind.
            The state of hypnosis that all human beings together create throughout the world.
            Mind has the capacity to manifest whatsoever it believes.
            Its belief becomes the actuality.
            Yet mind prevents us from ever knowing the truth.
            That only the present exists, and the present is not part of time.
            The mind basically functions by dividing.
            It divides reality into two.
            And then everybody is a little bit schizophrenic because the divided mind divides you.
            You are divided into the higher and the lower, then you are divided into the conscious and the unconscious, the body and the soul, time and space, and so on and so forth.
            To live in duality is to live a schizophrenic life, and we all live in duality.
            The very process of mind divides reality into polar opposites, but reality is one.
            It is not divided anywhere.
            Only in mind, only in your thought, the division exists.
            Because mind cannot see the one.
            And life itself is one.
            Reality is not two, reality is not many.
            It is not a multiverse, it is a universe.
            It is an organic whole, this existence.
            If you are present, here-now, the mind is not needed.
            You can enter into existence only through the present.
            Your connection with existence is of consciousness.
            The only way to be connected with existence is to go inwards,
            Because there at the center you are still connected.
            When you are present then reality is present.
            It is your presence that reveals the presence of reality.
            Then you are in the now, and the now is eternal.
            Then it never comes and goes, it simply is.
            And to find that which remains is the ultimate truth.
            Life itself here now.
            Just this moment, see it, be it.
            If you are present in this moment.
            You are being.
            You are one.
            You are blessed.
            This whole existence is intelligent, caring, compassionate, loving, but it is not a person.
            It is not limited in any way, it is unlimited, infinite and eternal.
            There is no beginning, no end.
            Whatsoever exists can go out of existence.
            But existence itself cannot go out of existence.
            It is continuously evolving towards higher peaks and higher peaks.
            It is continuously fathoming depths beyond depths.
            There are skies beyond skies, there is no end to existence, it has no boundary.
            When you were not here, it was there.
            When you will not be here, it will be here.
            We come and go, we are just waves in this vast ocean of existence.
            We come and go, existence remains.
            No spiritual thinker, philosopher, has tried to think of a parallel for spiritual growth.
            Coming to the ultimate awakening, coming to the ultimate experience of yourself and existence.
            Physics has given the words ‘quantum leap.’
            So when a few people around the earth get the ‘quantum leap.’
            Then thousands more will become part of a world-wide fire.
            Suddenly people who have not even tried meditation, who are not even seekers.
            Who have never thought about anything spiritual, catch the infection, it is contagious.
            It all depends on your intensity, on your sincerity, and it all depends on your totality.
            Because through meditation you can come to the very core of existence.
            If you experience the present moment, you have realized the whole phenomenon of eternity.
            Through meditation you come to your innermost core of intelligence.
            When the mind is not, it is revealed to you.
            Revelation is not an answer but an existential no-mind experience.
            Through meditation you become so silent that your own intelligence is revealed to you.
            No-mind is the greatest rebellion that has ever happened.

  10. Hi Caitlin,

    I think that a few of your recent personal assessments/articles, especially of what’s going on in the US between the police and the ‘protesters’, are way out of the real context of what’s really going on here. I liked this site at one time, and then didn’t like it at another. I even sent in a donation once. That’s not going to happen again. You are so all over the place now that I don’t know if you are autistic or just menstruating. I mean a lot of your views seem to just come out of a totally ignorant perspective, or maybe it’s just your hidden agenda that manifests itself when you are having one of your episodes, but it’s there to be seen.
    Yeah, now go ahead and ban now. (meow) That’s nothing new to me. In fact I like it. It tells me that I’m too close to the actual truth. Good day and hug a roo for me.

    1. alex you aare obviouslya man of action. so tellus all what it is you are doing. so you can ease off on diseasing others and show up as theman you obviously are….
      we love you Alex. our dear bro.

      1. Jimmy,

        For one thing I’m not drinking as much as you apparently are.

        Alex S.

        1. ibuprofen only, rocky. thanks for the warning yer life creates.

          1. Hey Glug,

            It’s smart not to say that you had just one right. Never admit to anything. Even to having once being under doctors care. It amounts to the same conclusions.

            Alex S.

  11. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    Caity, you do those of us seeking inner and outward consciousness a disservice. The term ‘sociopath’ is but subcategory of ‘psychopath;’ those you call sociopath are truly full-blown psycopaths,. They care not about anyone but themselves; even saying that they do something their own family(s) is nothing but justification. Furthermore, they expect to be dead by the time that the ‘fit hits the shan,’ so see no need to concern themselves with anything that does not clearly appear to benefit them in the here and now.
    Personally, I’m not sure that anything short of a full-blown armed revolution has a chance a bringing about significant change.

    1. well BE SURE before you try it.

  12. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The fight to liberate humanity from oppression, exploitation, butchery and madness is really a fight to expand consciousness.”
    We live in a bifucating world. Two apparent polarities into hardening positions.
    Most people are missing the real action. They are placing their attention on symptoms and not the source of the action or cause. The symptoms are rich-poor, White-Non White, Left-Right, USA Empire-Everybody else, etc. These are just manifestations of where the real action is.
    And what is that? Humans alive on Planet Earth in the current era are either evolving to something higher, or they are devolving into barbarism akin to the worse kinds of animalistic behavior. In other words, the real fight or bifucation is Up or Down. There are some still stuck in the middle, but they are being pulled on a daily basis to choose up sides and decide to take the Cosmic Up or Down Elevator.
    When you are wronged, what do you do? If you lose your job, what do you do? If your partner leaves you or stops being a true help mate, what do you do? You must choose. Do you learn from the experience, summon up courage, and find a new positive direction? Or do you descend into anger, frustration, lashing out, giving up, adding to the World Dumpster Fire. When such events happen, you can’t stay in the middle. Your character has been called in the Grand Cosmic Poker Game.
    We live in a world side-by-side with wolves, thieves, and demons. We also live next to Higher Beings on the fast track to Heaven. We are all being pulled in two directions every moment, and sitting on the sidelines is not an option.
    Which way to go, Up or Down? It’s not so much a conscious act of choosing but more a revelation of our character. Potential is a great thing, but is meaningless if potential is never realized. It may as well not even exist.
    We rise or fall because of Who We Truly Are.

  13. While you were sleeping the Russians were upgrading their weapons.
    The 2020 Moscow Victory Day Parade took place in Moscow’s Red Square on June 24, 2020 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of both the capitulation of Nazi Germany in the Second World War and the historic Moscow Victory Parade of 1945. Some of the military equipment were demonstrated to the broad public for the first time ever. Below is a brief guide to these magnificent first-timers.


  14. this one is amazing! thank you…will share it…

  15. Caitlin’s premise is that “(the bastards in charge) do evil things while deliberately keeping people unconscious of those evil things, so that the people will not use the power of their numbers to stop them.” I have a different premise, although I would much prefer to have Caitlin’s. Mine is that the people don’t use the power of their numbers to stop the bastards not so much because the people aren’t conscious of what the bastards are doing–at least vaguely, to some degree–but because the overwhelming majority of the people couldn’t care less about others or the planet itself so long as they and their loved ones seem to be doing OK in the present and immediate future. Thus the task is to expand compassion as well as consciousness, which IMHO do not necessarily operate in tandem. I do agree with Caitlin that “the most effective rebels in this revolution engage in both inner work and in outer work.” Classic examples include, from the Buddhist tradition, those enlightened masters who choose to leave Nirvana and return to earth to help humanity, and, from the Christian tradition, that largely forgotten Palestinian prophet who prayed and worked for the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. In “The Plague,” a similar dynamic of inner work joined with outer work, from the secular humanist tradition, is compellingly portrayed by Camus in the characters of Rieux and Tarrou.

    1. You are correct–most people don’t care about anything but their immediate family/tribe. Even those who affiliate with the “great religions” only pretend to care on their sabbath day.
      I’m afraid it will take a major collapse of the system that provides our daily comforts/distractions to show people there is a better way to live, for all people. It might not be too far off.

      1. All the Collapse is going to show people is that they’d better adhere to their tribe. Take Jesus’s advice — work while there is yet some light.

    2. Newton,

      To shorten your premise, I’m going to say that most of ‘the people’ who should care that they are going to come under the boot, would also like to be the people who are wearing that boot now, but didn’t achieve that for themselves in the larger arena soon enough. But there they are, they are now your neighbors. Yep, those kids that weren’t great academic achievers in school made up for it by becoming the low IQ weasels that you encounter daily as close as just next door. And because you couldn’t distance yourself from them academically, or economically, (maybe you thought that you didn’t have to) this is what you and a lot of other people have to deal with daily. And with the greater gap growing between academic achievement and economics everyone is screwed. That’s why a guy like Bill Gates can snicker when he say that the middle class can’t afford a college education for their kids anymore, even if that was still worth something in a general sense. Yep, that was always the plan, and it’s right on schedule.

  16. Great article, sweetie. EXACTLY what I’m banging on about in my songs on YT (Ariel AZ Alexander) and on the few websites who will put it up or put up with it.

  17. yeah. i’m gonna read this to it’s full….and maybe twice. 3X. i love your efforts and your talent is admirqble. hard work huh?
    i writie a bit also. you are impressive and so often correct in your vision. thanks.
    but his one is what we was doin’ in da SIXTIES….and it all just got worse. 500,000 US boyz sent to Nam to kill some peple we did not even know and the big boys were counting men women and children the family dogs cats and water buffalo….as casualties in those days…a successful action could only be a massacre. AND our precious AUSSIES were in on it. ave age like 19.
    we had air supoort fo appears to me we were the inspiration for The Evil EMpire of Starwars uber Algernon.
    we were drafted. me too. to go blow them up as much OR MORE to destroy their will to fight for their own land families and grannies, their rice paddies and their vegie plots. the only thing we did not use onthis unknown culture was nukes. and they were threatened.
    i said if this is what it takes for Capitalism to bring in more ‘Cruits will capital must go to hell….it sure creates it.
    so let’s see what you make of consciousness. sometimes it means being willing to die for it. maybe the Taliban and al Qaeda are right to accept bounties on AMerican soldiers. after all who lives there?
    where is Afghanistan somewhere east of Montauk i hear. some island somewhere. let’s go kill and get laid!
    higher consciousness must kill to survive also. the Force be with you….
    this is before. i’ll write again. after i read it. meanwhile you like movies. yer own Gallipoli, and da Brit, ZULU, and maybe Dr. Strangelove….cuz this is, y’know, how we spread Christianity.

    1. Yep, when websites turn to shit posting, the comments turn to shit posting too. It’s just like where they say that good money drives out bad money. The good money has left in hand. The bad money is being spent first here.
      Yeah, you gotta follow Caitlin’s rules here. And remember rule #1, know who owns you, the ones you cant’ criticize. Hop, hop, hop!!!

  18. Most things are a ‘matter of time’.

  19. You’re a very wise revolutionary, Caitin! Of course sometimes the sociopaths start to catch on (eg I was just terminated after 20 years at our company – overdue anyway). The “owners” started to sniff it out.

  20. Before people can raise consciousness, both inward and outward they have severe obstacles to overcome. In a nutshell, people are thoroughly atomized and lack a stable sense of self. This is even more true since the lock downs and continued social distancing. The elite puppet masters have an easy time directing people without stable personalities into following their script. This is why facts don’t matter anymore. People are grasping at any sense of self and anything that threatens it once they have it is an enemy.

    The Buddha could not attain enlightenment when he was deprived through excessive austerity. The Buddha could not attain enlightenment while sheltered inside privileged palace walls. The Buddha could attain enlightenment when he found the middle path.

    People in 2020 are caught between the privation and excess. They are thoroughly alienated yet hyper-connected. We are caught between extreme polarities and this shows itself in our utter disgust for one another. You or he or she or they can’t possibly attained heightened awareness under such circumstances.

    The ground is not suitable for growing any seeds of awareness. Time and effort might be better directed simply avoiding being choked by the vines and weeds.

  21. “They would refuse to consent to them and force them to stop.” Which is why I don’t vote. I do not consent.

    1. that CRAMPS YOUR STYLE TOO MUCH…better to vote for the lessor of all evils.
      you cannot change the world in a second. or a step. your world yes, the world not.
      then you can can change your mind also. why should you be trapped in your own actions/words when the ones you voted for lied?
      then work on improving the ones you helped lift to power.
      Anyway, that is the way it has been going. Was Obama better or worse than Bush?
      Angry revolution always leads to lotsa dame loss of jobs Of Course. and certain abject savagery by the victors. i would take their money and assets IF we win but not their lives like the guillotine. more like drip by drop….until it is the elites working the rice paddies for a change.
      No matter what we have to get rid of the Dumbercat CCC: the 3Pio. perez, podesta, pelosi. and replace with da Squad. etc. et al.

    2. Hiya WJWK,

      Eric the Schwantz misses you. Go say ‘Good Morning Schwantz’ to him.

  22. Henry Clay Chaney Avatar
    Henry Clay Chaney

    Going inward is controversial, misunderstood and feared. Especially if it involves using psycho active plants and substances – they will get you through the doorway but unless used intelligently and with proper support can be the most frightening experience you will ever have. But nonetheless the issue is simply what is the most effective and fastest way to gain this understanding of what we are and that is what they are here to do. Now we are witnessing the collapse of the materialistic rationalism that has brought us to this point and, furthermore, can not stop the very destruction of which it is the cause. Radical immediate mindset change is demanded and will happen either through our own awakening and connecting with others or through the process of change called death. It is not hopeless but it is sad to see what we could be and what we are. We must care for others and our environment even more than we care for ourselves.

  23. I am reminded of the inspiring words of JR Tolkien from the Hobbit as spoken by Gandalf to Galadriel…

    “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I have found it is the small things. Everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.”

  24. Spot on! Too often, being comfortably uncomfortable, becomes the default way to live one’s life and, no doubt about it, choosing the inner journey can be the path to ultimate freedom.

  25. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth to us once again. The ” battle ” is waged both internally and externally. If you do not understand this then you will be ” defeated ” because you can not see the next blow coming before it hits you. The external battle is massive and powerful but the internal battle is much harder because no one knows how to trick and manipulate your mind and spirit better than the unknown demons already lurking within you.

  26. Transcend Evil

  27. We say the MSM is lying when we hear something we do not like but are telling the truth when it tells us something we agree with. We must step back and assume everything we are being told is a lie. All agendas are nothing but propaganda. The power structure is designed to control and enslave us. America is not great again, BLM is not a peaceful protest, antifa is not protestors or anarchists, covid 19 data is fake, climate change is a hoax. America is not justified in its aggression, crime statistics are manipulated, all data is suspect, science is now rushed and compromised, etc etc. Assume it is all lies to control you whether you agree or not. Either that or believe everything you are told. Anything else is illogical. Believe nothing you hear in media. Only then are we truly free of prpaganda manipulation.

    1. Indeed, practically the entirety of so called “information” is anything but. Nearly all of it is carefully constructed propaganda, with occasional nuggets of truth included by accident. Such condition creates a situation in which truth is nearly impossible to discover. Which is why I view “conspiracy theories” as more likely to contain such truth, even though they most often don’t. That which we are constantly bombarded with is far less likely to contain any. I rely on advice from my Father some 50 years ago, “believe nothing you hear, and only half what you see”. The best defense is to examine each and every incident as deeply as one’s ability is capable of. Take nothing at face value. The “reality” imposed on us is anything but.

  28. Caitlin, I am struggling to understand how someone with your uniquely spiritual awareness and your exeptional ability to ruthlessly expose narrative manipulation in the mainstream media, could then be propagandized by mass media hysteria into going along with the official story in the last two psyops?

    The very instant the bogus doomsday narrative about Covid-19 was used to justify a global government lockdown, I knew that this was a fake pandemic that’s being used as the pretext for global medical fascist power grab – and that the extremes measures taken by our governments would never, ever be fully lifted. Everything that has happened since then has only confirmed what was always stunningly obvious to many people, and yet, for the first time that I can recall, you didn’t really raise the alarm or question the official narrative at all?

    And what better way for corporate power to cover up its $4 trillion daylight robbery of the American people that it justified as a Covid bailout while everyone else was under house arrest, than to ignite a racial protests by using mass media propaganda to divide Left vs. Right, and Blacks vs. Whites and get everyone
    arguing about BLM and systemic racism and white privilege, anything but the real problem: class privilege, i.e. the protected class of corporate billionaires who just had got away with the crime of the century. But again, even when everything pointed to the ruling oligarchs pushing another divisive top-down agenda to divert our attention, you bought into the official fact-free media narrative about spontaneus peaceful riots against systemic white racism.

    Have you had any time to reflect on this seeming capitulation to the establishment propaganda machine? Perhaps you’d care to shed some light on why your response to Covid-19 and the BLM riots was not an out of character departure from yourusual razor sharp repudaition of mainstream media narratives pushing nefarious globalist agendas? Is it beca use the domianant media narratives about these events just happened to conform to your left-wing leanings and socialist sensibilities, perhaps?

    Apologies in advance if I have somehow misrepresented your views, but I hope its at least somewhat clear to you why some of readers may think you’ve dropped the ball in 2020 when it comes to dismantling the dominant media narratives about major geo-political events.

    1. The additional factor is fear. Once you make someone afraid for self and family rational thought disappears. Just rewatched V is Vendetta. A classic that mimiced the world today so close it was scary. Fawkes said we must shed fear to be free. The world is niw made afraid by this covid fear campaign of relentless propaganda and are thus made into slaves once again.

  29. The type of courage that it takes to look within ourselves honestly, and not look away, is just the type of courage that we need. This is where it becomes possible to make the conscious decision to fundamentally change the way we interact with reality, the way we manifest ourselves, and decide for ourselves what realities we create for ourselves. Within ourselves is where our realities actually come from. That is the real reason that the illusions of the matrix are designed to seperate our conscious mind from our inner being. That is also why the matrix controllers expend such intense effort, and in such volume and amplitude, in whatever way they can concieve, to keep our conscious mind seperated from our inner selves. By doing this, they are literally stealing our lives away from us, so that they can ‘do all that living’ themselves, and that at our expense. When they finish losing the ability to accomplish that, it’s over. We can do this.

    1. Do you truly want inner enlightment. Get rid of your smartphone, ipad, computer, television, radio, xbox, playstation. Now you are on your way to a life with less distractions allowing your mind to expand.

      1. For those that don’t want to get rid of their smartphone, here’s one you can buy that doesn’t track you.

  30. Hey Caity! Having a devout flair for the obvious is a good thing! If we can’t embrace the miraculous gift of life, and cherish the precious gift of love, then we’re just dead in the water, up the creek without a paddle, and asleep at the wheel. There is definitely an increasing awareness of the fact that we are actually prisoners of the parasitical domain, and it’s demise is our only hope.

  31. Well done for giving the spiritual dimensions of life an airing, and directly relating it to our current situation. I see this as a time of shining a light on the shadow aspects, bring out the murky, corrupted, destructive aspects of humanity for all of us to see, of which Trump is the supremo, in all their dreadful consequences. I see it as no coincidence that with more people becoming more conscious that there is a counter reaction of all the shadow stuff emerging. But the pendulum must swing the other way, and hopefully a more conscious way of functioning on this planet will emerge. There is nothing like an idea whose time has come.

  32. Right-on, Sister!
    Meditate and seek spiritual guidance upon the path, which the sociopaths cannot see.
    Help friends and family every day. Be the helper.
    You’ll get a lot done, but maybe not blogging.

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