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A Truly Free Society Would Have No Official Narratives

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Many of Anthony Fauci’s emails during the US Covid-19 outbreak last year have been obtained via Freedom of Information Act and published by BuzzFeed News and The Washington Post. Depending on what ideological echo chamber you inhabit you may have heard that they are completely innocuous or historically damning; the ones eliciting the most controversy right now include a scientist telling Fauci that the virus could potentially look engineered, and a zoologist linked to both the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the World Health Organization’s Covid investigation thanking Fauci for supporting the natural origin theory over the lab leak theory.

This will all play into the reinvigorated controversy surrounding the origins of the virus, which will ultimately lead nowhere. As Jonathan Cook argues in a thoughtful new article on the overnight pivot in the political/media class from attacking anyone who questioned whether the virus transferred to humans via a Wuhan wet market as a deranged and racist conspiracy theorist to acknowledging that a lab leak could be possible is due to scientific arguments gaining traction and forcing establishment narrative managers to engage in damage control.

Contradicting right-wing Maddowesque claims that this adamant opposition to the lab leak theory proves the media and the Democratic Party are in Xi Jinping’s pocket, Cook argues that the western empire has been protecting not China, but themselves. The US scientific establishment and the WHO are both reportedly tied to controversial “gain-of-function” research practices in the Wuhan lab just before the Covid outbreak, which according to Cook means we can expect the imperial narrative managers to lead us around on a merry chase for the truth without ever getting too close to it for fear of exposing the role that western power structures may have had in the whole mess.

I’ve been staying abreast of all the many various theories, and I still remain unsure of where Covid came from. I’ve remained happily agnostic about many aspects of this story from the beginning, much to the chagrin of many regular readers who’ve wanted my voice to offer certainty and solidity on the matter. But I do think it’s very revealing how instantaneously a story switched from unutterable conspiracy theory to mainstream orthodoxy, just because those who are responsible for overseeing the Official Narratives of the US-centralized empire deemed it so.

The same exact thing has happened with UFOs, but to an even greater extent. A few short years ago publicly saying that UFOs are real and that they may be piloted by extraterrestrial intelligence was a surefire way to get yourself laughed out of the building and dismissed as a nut job; now the US military is just flat-out saying it and it’s in the news every day. One minute it was childish nonsense, the next it’s an Official Narrative.

The fact that there can be that drastic of a shift from something no pundit or politician may say to something they’re encouraged to talk about all the time—all at once, at the drop of a hat—says so much about what the political/media class is and how it works in our society. How utterly uninterested in truth and facts it is. How arbitrary its dictates are. How completely made-up its ongoing story of the world is. It just says what’s convenient for the powerful, and when that’s not convenient anymore it switches to something else.

In a truly free society, there would be no Official Narratives. There wouldn’t be any monolithic authority construct deciding what’s true and marginalizing, censoring and smearing anyone who said something different. There’d just be raw information and a bunch of humans arguing their opinion, and people would take all that and form their own beliefs, and that would just be accepted and allowed.

Think about what that might be like for a minute, if there were no Official Narratives. If everyone was allowed to just interpret reality for themselves, without the supervision of any overseeing authority. Would the sky fall? Would the world catch fire? Or could we find a way for that to just be fine?

You might argue that recent events show bad things would happen if there were no Official Narratives. People won’t get vaccinated. People would distrust election results and raid the Capitol building. But think about it: why are people doing those things? It’s because they distrust the Official Narratives they are being fed by the Official Narrative Managers, who as we’ve just discussed don’t have the best track record for truthfulness. They manufacture consent for any murderous agenda the US war machine decides it wants, they normalize corporate malfeasance and an oppressive, exploitative, ecocidal, omnicidal status quo, and they just re-write their own Official Narratives a second after they were screaming at people for trying to write their own. This wouldn’t be the case in a society where people weren’t being bullied and shoved into untrustworthy narratives by untrustworthy institutions.

If we are to transcend our self-destructive patterning as a species, that movement will necessarily include an end to having our minds manipulated by the propaganda engine of an oligarchic empire which feeds on murder, slavery, and environmental destruction. We’re going to have to pry the lies we’ve been told since birth from our minds and begin building a healthy world. One where we collaborate with each other and with our ecosystem toward the common good, and one where we respect one another’s mental sovereignty without any institutional mechanisms exerting control over any of us.

It’s entirely possible to have such a world. But in order to have it we’ll all have to at some point relinquish the inner tyrant inside us which thinks it knows what thoughts everyone else should be thinking in their heads and seeks to impose control over them, because that tyranny is the same mind virus which led to the rise of the Official Narrative Management which holds us all captive today. We can only ever be as free as we allow ourselves to be.


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  • Cook’s “thoughtful new article” prominently features a Wall Street Journal article by Nicholas Wade that purports to present evidence supportive of the virus being genetically engineered in a lab. Despite his supposed thoughtfulness, Cook gives no thought to who Nicholas Wade is and how qualified he is to make such claims, nor does he discuss the fact that whereas the corporate media consensus on the origins of COVID has shifted almost 180 degrees and is now firmly fixated on obsessively discussing (and implanting in readers’/viewers’ minds) the ostensible plausibility of the lab leak theories, most scientists with relevant expertise who have publicly commented have consistently maintained that natural origin is by far more likely. Wade is a science writer, not a scientist, and has been called out by scientists in the past for making highly questionable (and in that case racist) claims in the past: https://cehg.stanford.edu/letter-from-population-geneticists Wade appears to have again produced an ill-informed screed here (https://medika.life/debunking-nicholas-wades-origin-of-covid-conspiracy-theory/).

    The question that begs to be addressed, which Caitlin raises but doesn’t discuss, is: Why has the corporate media narrative suddenly shifted from deeming the lab leak hypothesis a hare-brained, Trump-supported conspiracy theory to deeming it highly plausible? To elaborate, why has the corporate media consensus suddenly shifted such that the possibility of a natural origin and the reasons why most scientists with relevant expertise still consider it highly likely are barely mentioned, whereas “lab leak, lab leak, lab leak” has become a constant refrain much as “Iraq has WMDs” was in 2002-03 (and in fact some of the media promoters of the lab leak thesis are “journalists” who were also prominent purveyors of “Iraq has WMDs” back then)? This has “manufacturing consent” written all over it, because while scientists have mostly not dismissed the claim that a lab leak origin is possible, they consider it much less likely than that the virus passed to humans from an animal host somewhere in nature or in a wet market–and yet the corporate media consensus is not that at all. Why? Most likely because, now that Trump is gone, it has become far less important to villainize Trump to distract from the broader nefariousness of the plutocracy than it is to scapegoat China for the toll COVID has taken on the world, carefully avoiding any mention of the fact that it is the West’s own corruption and incompetence, not anything China did, that is responsible for the terrible calamity the COVID outbreak has become. Of course, this is part of a broader agenda of demonizing China in general, manufacturing consent for a new Cold War against China. While none of that means it’s impossible the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab, there are many reasons to think this is far less likely than an origin that has nothing to do with the lab (discussed here in one of the few pieces in the mainstream press where scientists withs relevant expertise are the authors: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/virus-origins-nature-lab/2021/06/03/dd50eb62-c4a9-11eb-93f5-ee9558eecf4b_story.html), and the use of constant repetition to gin up public support for the lab leak idea (and concomitant anti-China sentiment) needs to be considered in its own right independent of where the SARS-CoV-2 virus actually originated.

    • Yes, there has been a deliberate stirring of murky waters. You raise legitimate questions about the professional pliability of journalists in the mainstream press. However, you shy away from the issue of professional pliability among scientists. What are we to think of Dr. Peter Daszak who organized the January 2020 letter to Lancet signed by 26 other virologists in which they claimed to have “no competing interests?” After all, it was Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance that acted as a conduit for millions of US tax dollars to the lab at Wuhan for gain of function research on bat viruses. At least three of those who signed have since rescinded their signatures and modified their positions.
      And the waters get even murkier, as detailed in an article at GM Watch:
      The same Dr. Kristian Andersen in the Science Duuudeʻs column you cite is exposed in the Fauci email leak for admitting to a position considerably at odds with his public stance in Nature Letters: “Yet the Fauci emails disclose that Andersen, who was sent the Science article, admitted a close look at all the genetic sequences showed ʻsome of the features (potentially) look engineered’ and that several other experts agreed with him that the genome was ‘inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory’. After this emerged, Andersen argued that the discussion was a “clear example of the scientific process” – then deleted his Twitter account that had been full of tweets challenging those calling for a lab leak to be taken seriously.”
      What are we to think? Add Sir Jeremy Farr to the soup and it begins to appear in the leaked emails that there was indeed a conspiracy, just not the one described in the Lancet letter.
      The issue of demonizing China is a false flag. It has been US and British scientists who have been exposed as far more solicitous of their funding sources than of the lives of millions of people killed by a manipulated virus.

  • The critical and crucial question is not whether the virus was leaked from the Wuhan laboratory. It is: did the leak occur by accident, or was it done with premeditation. Cui Bono?

    What was the intent behind the “gain-of-function” virus research? Was the virus being researched for, and on behalf of all of humanity or did it have more ominous implications for humanity.

    We’re in the very throes of an ongoing experiment… and we’re losing; only the addictive blindness of greed does not permit the chasers of this delusional rainbow to see the truth!

    Either way, at this point in American history, the truth will not out – too many examples to list, but one or two, from the main stream; Kennedys’ assassinations; Dr. King; 9/11…killing of the biological symbol of Osama bin Laden, etc.

    The accusation is that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the same evil incarnate as Donald Trump and Bill Gates and that there was collusion between these factions.

    For forty-plus years Fauci has been lauded, by the touts, as the leading infectious disease expert in the country; protecting the interests of the populace? If the accusations are true, what does this say of the soul of America?
    This is equivalent to saying Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin’s cooperating to defeat Nazism was, from the very beginning, all simply a ruse “by western political, medical and media establishments” for ulterior motives other than defeating fascist Hitlerian totalitarianism?

    Naked truth – as in transparency, has never been a forte of American ideology. Rather, self-interest has been covertly inbred and has always been its prime motivator. It is a derivative of unbridled capitalist greed.

    The teachings of the exceptionalist educational curriculum, of the now Imperial Empire, have always been lessons based on how best to follow the money – to gain the power of persuasion.

    • A sound argument can be made that FDR provoked both Germany and Japan, manipulating Churchill, who thought he was manipulating FDR, into continuing a second unwinnable European ground war, so the United States could finally replace the fatally weakened mother country as the world’s great power. And meanwhile Stalin signs an alliance with communism’s mortal enemy, the German Reich, that frees her to attack Poland, which Stalin knows will trigger a new attack from the west. In the 22 months of their alliance the Soviet dictator supplies Germany with much of its weapons and supplies, in hopes of weakening Europe by prolonging the war, while he quickly builds the Red Army into an invasion force larger than all the other armies on earth combined, to begin the conquest of Marx’s global “final republic” with himself at its helm.
      Nah, it was just the good-hearted western imperialists selflessly waging a just war against unspeakable evil that wanted to enslave the world. Two second rate powers interested in regional security and economic independence in the threat of massively stronger empires? Heresy, doubleplus ungood thoughtcrime! And it’s only coincidental that the good war also gave birth to the military industrial complex and the lying media establishment that finally killed off our fragile republic.

      • So you think Stalin wanted Hitler to invade his new home? I think you should go back to your old school and demand a refund, because you have been cheated.

  • I sometimes withhold judgement on issues until a bit more detail emerges. However, not on this one. GM Watch is a great site. Iʻve read their well-researched, footnoted pieces for years. Since last April they have been publishing articles that cover the same ground as in Nicolas Wadeʻs excellent piece, and that reference opinions by respected virologists that the lab leak scenario is by far the most likely one.

    Wade was kind to Daszak. For more detail on that scumbag, refer to this GM Watch article: https://www.gmwatch.org/en/news/archive/2020-articles/19437-why-are-the-lab-escape-denialists-telling-such-brazen-lies

  • We supply the Government with vast resources, paid to them in taxes. We presume, as has been promulgated, that these resources are for purposes which we , as individuals, cannot muster, and that such resources are necessary to do big important things that our country requires. As can be seen, the purpose for which these resources are being accumulated has been totally subverted, to the point where the general population and the needs of the population are essentially ignored. The government, as with many of our bureaucracies have come to where they only serve themselves and the people over them who have authority to affect them.

  • Ms Qiu of the 1,000 talents made 6 trips bet. winnipeg and wuhan. samples found missing.
    the 2 chinese guys arrested near UNC w/ vials…FBI says for “conspiracy.” was that the 1st conspiracy usa by FBI, FYI?
    bats coming from city 600 km north of Wuhan, no infections there. Harvard fan Wuhan lab for 1st 20 years. how come? when you make a biowarfare virus don’t y9u have to make a vax to in case you drop the vial or something? just thinking this might wanna become a law.
    was there a biowarfare lab CONVENTION WITH OVER 100 NATIONS REPPED IN WUHAN NEAR END OF 2019.
    WHY DID USA SEND 300 PEOPLE TO ATTEND? was that one from each biowar lab we have? were they searched at all?
    does CIA have it’s own lab or 10, 20? why do we have labs in Georgia nation and Ukraine? how many in Africa? what really happened in Kenya with the Gates vaccine and was there another shipment sent to Guatemala in boxes marked “male and female?”…in another weird Gates fiasco. his wife is planting doubts as she sees divorce.
    Iowa State in Ames makes anthrax viruses: why? they do not aerosol at all. they wait for cows and horses to stir them up. Ft. Da Trick finished the job, in Maryland.
    Leahy and Daschle. were attacked. a patsy was found and recreated. by Bush?
    colleges w/ biowar labs?
    CHRISPR means you too can make a virus dance.
    One young stud spent 100,000 to put 4 ebola genes into a corona virus. what happened to him? and it? can you imagine sneezing ebola?
    Why did the covid spring up in China if China made it?
    then it went along the trans asia RR to Iran and finally Italy, who had just signed up for the china russian asian free trade agreement.
    name 6 nations with bio war labs. try 8. the list of suspects. now how many corpos can do it? can anyone reading this make a new virus?
    China has mentioned being alert for a new virus aimed at only Chinese people.
    some say DDT caused more deaths than it saved.
    the original cases almost everywhere were so close to be the same: 4-6% got cases and 2% of those died. how is that worse than Moderna with it’s 5% death rate?
    How many vaxes did Sweden get. they never closed their economy, but remained in middle of EU stats.
    the Economics is reminiscent of the 2007-08 wallst. melt down.
    is this manufactured disaster capitalism?

  • Caitlin, many readers like me appreciate your critical journalism, but I dare say you would improve your knowledge and insights if you appreciated and used the Keys of Knowledge. These Keys consist of three systematic, statistical tests to determine who is right and what is right, or in particular, which statements, narratives, theories, models of reality, and predictions of the future, are more accurate, trustworthy, and meaningful than others. These Keys also expose intelligent liars, incompetent or dogmatic, mistaken academics, conspirators and mercenaries. We can become wiser, better informed, and escape propaganda by using the Keys of Knowledge to discover honest, trustworthy, wise experts, teachers and leaders. Ironically, 99.9% of people prefer to trust their own limited knowledge and insights instead of using these excellent Keys which require time, effort and collaboration with other seekers of truth; but well worth the time and effort.

    • While there are principles of fact-finding, there is no such set of “systematic, statistical tests” applicable to all areas of knowledge, to determine “who is right and what is right.” Perhaps you will elaborate those or provide credible sources.

  • No official narrative?
    That’s called anarchy.
    Rules WITHOUT rulers.
    Mutual Aid.
    Nature and nurture.
    Life, not just living.

    • How can we have rules WITHOUT rulers? You suggest everyone should make up their own rules but then that is not a rule. Rules are supposed to be made by the wisest and most experienced members of our society for the benefit of all.

      • Rules would be made by an elected voluntary cooperative and/or the popular vote of an informed public.
        Rulers have always been self serving, subject to corruption, or just plain bent and twisted.
        Kings, Queens, Emperors, Popes, politicians, CEOs, captains etc etc ad nauseum.
        History is the proof.

        • Kings, Queens, Emperors, Popes, Wealthy CEOs, etc. always end up buying the votes of gullible people who think they have a democracy. A billion dumb people voting for a set of rules is no better than the fake democracy we now have .

  • 12 Monkeys
    Backfired Big Time
    The Great Projectionists are shitting themselves.
    That is all

  • The Great Reset Requires Great Propaganda and the Rejection of Logic and Rationality
    Published: June 2, 2021
    “Pay attention folks; the pandemic is being used as the catalyst to wage a global revolution against national sovereignty, individual rights, and health and economic freedom.”
    “You’re being coaxed and coerced into denouncing logic and rationality, but why?
    “We need enormous trust between the private sector and the public sector for this to actually work. That trust is hard to come by.”~Ajay Banga, former CEO Mastercard
    “Trust in the global governance scheme is wholly dependent on the abandonment of logic and rationality. And in order to manufacture this kind of trust, The World Economic Forum and its cohorts are creating top-level propaganda to convince you that authoritarianism is humanitarianism. It is not.”

    • A global revolution against national sovereignty? I don’t see much sign of China, for instance, relinquishing that.

      • I think Shocker is partially right, in that it’s getting harder for governments to get their constituents to blindly trust them. I think George Floyd’s death contributed to it- An embarrassing video showed a cop kneeling on the neck of a man who was already dead, and those who called it self defense found themselves without any credibility. Then it happened in Isrrael, videos disproved claims of self defense made by the government and lead to a huge shift in public opinion. Maybe all this talk about scary aliens is now the path of least resistance- an all purpose threat with no embarrassing videos to disprove it.

        • Maybe, maybe not.
          Why even talk about the alien narrative.
          It just sort of pushes it along, so lets set that narrative off to the side cause it is being pushed by dimwits extraordinaire. Keep pushing and eventually you get push-back.
          From my perspective I am thrilled to see an 8-member coalition has been established, and the last one who signed it was a representative supporter of the Palestinians. Something about that really rings true to me and let me relish is this moment of beauty and not think about future consequences.
          Also, fuck the aliens. If they ain’t are friends, then obviously we are dead, so why worry about it. But, I have this theory that the likelihood of meeting a hostile planetary space traveling alien is damn near zero, cause if you don’t learn how to work together you ain’t never gonna get off you planet, and so if you do, get off your planet, then you will know better because you will have learned – there is always a bigger badder mean-ass then you, so best to be humble and best not to nettle nor meddle in the affairs of others who didn’t even know you exist.
          Simple really and you give it some consideration, and forgive me for any typos cause I ain’t checking. I have somewhere else to go and something more important to do, but I’m happy about what is blowing in the wind. It gives me hope, but I’ll be damned if I have any idea what is gonna happen next.
          Eff the aliens and lets not get bogged down and end up supporting that misfit foolish narrative of a few who are up against the ropes. I sense a serious blow coming soon and it will be discriminate. One at a time, but……..forget it. I’m happy the deadline was met, and now lets see where it goes from here. I’m thinking it can’t get much worse, so it must be fixing to get better.
          What are you thinking?

        • I also think Shocker is partially right. It was the global governance bit I’m doubtful about. Much as the WEF et al might want one, I don’t see any global revolution against national sovereignty.

          • I’m not sure what “WEF” is, maybe I ought study more, but I see a global revolution….oh yeah. Not only do I see it, I hear, I read it, I feel it, I think it….is happening. I sense it. Turn, turn, turn. Turn a bit Ian and look the other way maybe.
            Consider that narrative Ian. The times they are a changing, the wind is a blowing, and neither of them things are hard to refute, and anybody could of said it, but nonetheless, consider that narrative. Why not? I could prove it.
            6221822pm…reckon it will show as the 3rd up above…..you got your place, I got mine.

          • Incidentally.
            Why would China relinquish a thing?
            Why should they. Why ought they. Why would they. They won’t and they ought not in my distant view. Don’t seem like the folks living their got an issue with their leadership. Maybe they are befuddled, but I don’t think so. I think they appreciate a good thing when they sense it cause I have faith.
            Can’t really say the same about a whole lot of other places on planet earth these days now can ya Ian? So sure. Why would they give it up when they’ve been governing in the interest of their People. Honestly, if a government can do that, then it has a chance to last. If it can’t, then it is time for the tree of liberty to be refreshed.
            6221836ps est
            4 hours prior in the nomenclature which is based on your location on the big petri dish called planet earth….which is revolving in time

    • I wonder about “who” actually controls/governs China? How much influence do the Chinese oligarchs have?
      Terry Gou the billionaire owner of Foxconn, for instance, must have enormous influence.
      I used to think that the Chinese government controlled the billionaires and the U.S. billionaires controlled the U.S. government. Not so sure anymore.
      In any case it seems like a distinction without a difference.
      Besides, all global oligarchs and billionaires have shared interests; if nothing more than power and control.

      • Jack Ma of Alibaba was the richest oligarch (or family) in China, but the CPC took him down a peg or two.

        • Well, that is the MSM narrative. Of course neither one of us has have a clue as to what that was really about.
          Obviously they wouldn’t agree on everything and I’m sure there is much infighting, but the global billionaires/oligarchy do have shared agendas.
          By keeping people divided, isolated, distracted, propagandized and confused they are able maintain power and control.

        • Or other oligarchs DBA CCP took him down a peg. There are no nations, but there are interests. Can’t even identify them.

  • Aha, the ” 2021 Newspeak ” of the hour says that the ” aliens ” inside their ” great spaceships ” planted the Covid-19 virus all over our planet to confuse us and to get rid of us. We must create new germs that will make them get sick and die. The money for the ” space force ” must be at least tripled so that we can be prepared. We need weapons of mass destruction to equal their weapons of mass destruction!

    • Are these new germs already being developed?
      “Framed by an infinite backdrop of dark, lifeless space, a robotic arm on the International Space Station in 2015 mounted a box of exposed microbes on a handrail 250 miles above Earth. The hearty bacteria had no protection from an onslaught of cosmic ultraviolet, gamma, and x-rays. Back on Earth, scientists wondered whether the germs might survive these conditions for up to three years, the length of the experiment, and if they did, what the results might tell the researchers about the ability of life to travel between planets.

      Their results show that the Deinococcus bacteria survived the three-year experiment. Deinococcus bacteria cells in the outer layers of the masses died, but those dead outer cells shielded those inside from irreparable DNA damage. And when the masses were large enough—still thinner than a millimeter—cells inside survived for several years.”
      No doubt the real plan is to launch a pre-emptive attack on life elsewhere in the universe, on the assumption that an alien civilisation advanced enough to be capable of threatening us will nonetheless be incapable of coping with bacteria, get sick, and die.

  • As famous Austrian-American godfather of public relations and Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays say “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

    • “the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses”
      And those among them that are sociopaths take control and abuse their knowledge, rather than simply understand. Insanity vs enlightenment. Without control, those mental processes are forever changing and evolving. The sociopaths want them locked in and maintained, to their advantage.

  • But if we didn’t have the Faucists to control the narrative, God knows what people might believe! That a Covid priority candidate once opened the Red Sea with his walking stick or that a living dead was lifted up into the sky by two angels to sit at the right of God – where Neil Armstrong failed to spot him, talk about waste of taxpayers’ money… People have believed this kind of stuff for centuries, encouraged by luminaries like kings and popes, theological experts, bishops, archbishops, saints, the Virgin Mary – talking to strangers in spite of her mummy’s injunctions -, Joan of Arc, Jean Genet – no, not Jean Genet, even though he was also raised by a carpenter. Praise be the Lord for sending us Faucism to enlighten us with Mammon’s $cience instead and filling Big Pharma’s deep pockets with taxpayers money definitely better employed than for the sterile Apollo 11 mission!

  • The final paragraph of Cook’s article begins, “Which is why no meaningful lessons will be learnt about what really happened in Wuhan.” The most meaningful scientific lesson, regardless of whether this virus is ever proven to have leaked from a lab, and regardless of US involvement in the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s work, is that gain-of-function research should be banned. This topic was debated among scientists a decade or so ago, rather inconclusively, but those who pursued it did so in good faith, hoping , as Cook puts it, “to predict the worst-case scenarios for how viruses, especially coronaviruses, might evolve. The claimed purpose has been to ensure humankind gets a head start on any new pandemic, preparing strategies and vaccines in advance to cope.” There’s no reason to suspect the real purpose was anything other than the claimed purpose, and all this finger-pointing is unlikely to get us anywhere.

    • Gain of Function research does not presage things-that-might-evolve-as-pathogens.
      It creates pathogens which could never, possibly evolve on their own.

      • The point of it is to examine what might happen if a virus with certain properties emerged naturally, say through recombination.
        But, as you say, it does create things that probably wouldn’t evolve naturally, which could be what’s happened here. I still don’t see the need to assume the likes of Shi Zheng-Li were acting in bad faith. On the contrary, she looks to me like a conscientious researcher knowingly putting herself at risk to help guard us against possible pandemics.
        Nor do I see the good in pointing fingers at Fauci or Shi. We could find them both guilty and hang them; we still need to do something about this GoF research, and with the benefit of hindsight, they may well agree.

    • there’s always someone in the wings who thinks ‘weapon’ when he/she hears ‘danger’ on the stage.

      • Or conspiracy when they hear crisis.

  • https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/06/fort-detrick.html
    The military lab SARS-CoV-2 virus, subsequently mutated into variants (some of these could well be off-the-shelf from somewhere) came from military research that was carried out at multiple labs across the world, certainly in the US, Canada and China.
    The bat-to-pangolins-to-people hypothesis could never be supported, so the world of curious people has had to conclude that this is a lab virus.
    Maybe it was just an attempt to make really good vaccines against a not-yet-existent-threat.

    Truthful-Tony Fauci is currently taking sort of a hit for the team in the media, but this looks like a mild, limited hangout, and will never go to court.
    Do look at the specific RNA sequence findings. They do specific things. They were inserted as functional units, not randomly.
    In January, 2020, when the World Health Organization insisted that COVID-19 wasn’t transmissible between humans, and Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the risk to the American public from the virus was “low,” officials at the National Institutes of Health were scrambling to perform damage control after a controversial – and now withdrawn – study suggested that there were HIV-like ‘insertions’ included in SARS-CoV-2.

    The US Government fallback position is that this virus leaked out of Wuhan’s lab to start this pandemic.
    It might have done just that. Maybe not.
    Maybe the virus got out elsewhere. The Chinese think so.

    • https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/06/fort-detrick.html
      Russian source…
      ‘Fort Detrick base is full of suspicions’: China asks US for explanation of 2019 respiratory disease after Biden’s new Covid probe
      ​ ​The spokesman said that there was an unexplained respiratory disease in northern Virginia in July 2019 and a large-scale outbreak of e-cigarette disease in Wisconsin. “When will the US release detailed data and information on relevant cases to the international community? The United States owes an explanation to the international community.”

      ​Going back to March 25, 2020 Forced Contract https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/03/forced-contract.html
      ​ These 2 US stories about the US bioweapons facility at Ft, Detrick being closed for “breaches” in July 2019, and opened back up for business in November. 2019.

      8/2/19: “We are coordinating closely with the CDC to ensure that critical, ongoing studies within bio-containment laboratories are completed under appropriate oversight and that research animals will continue to be cared for in accordance with all regulations,” she said in an email. “Although much of USAMRIID’s research is currently on hold, the Institute will continue its critical clinical diagnostic mission and will still be able to provide medical and subject matter expertise as needed to support the response to an infectious disease threat or other contingency.”

      11/24/19:​ ​The Army’s premier biological laboratory on Fort Detrick reported two breaches of containment earlier this year, leading to the Centers for Disease and Control halting its high-level research.
      ​ ​The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases announced Friday that it would restart its operations on a limited scale.

      • And this: Oops, Facebook lost this March 2020 entry
        And this:
        ​Thanks to Anthony for the story that contained this link:
        The following content is circulating in Chinese cyberspace.
        Looks like China is finally in counterattack mode against relentless US efforts to blame it for the global COVID epidemic.
        Key points:
        • It is now virtually certain that COVID-19 was brought to Wuhan by American troops taking part in the city’s World Military Games last Oct. 18-27.
        • The 300-st​r​ong US contingent stayed at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel. It is located a mere 300 meters from the Huanan Seafood Market, where China’s outbreak began (see map below).
        • Five of the US troopers developed a fever on Oct. 25 and were taken to an infectious-diseases hospital for treatment.
        • 42 employees of the Oriental Hotel were diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first cluster in Wuhan. At the time only 7 people from the market were thus diagnosed, though they were treated first. All 7 had contact with the 42 from the hotel. From this source, the virus spread to the rest of China.
        • Back in the US, the American team had trained at a location near Fort Detrick, the military’s viral lab closed down in July for various deficiencies.
        The big question now is whether the transmission was planned, or accidental. Chinese authorities are awaiting an explanation from US authorities.

      • Oh gee whiz, you’re letting the facts get in the way of the official narrative. Stop it. We need to simply continue calling anyone who questions that narrative a ‘covidiot.’

    • “The bat-to-pangolins-to-people hypothesis could never be supported”

      It hasn’t been supported so far, but pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammal, with most going to the Chinese market. We may yet find bats, pangolins, or perhaps another intermediate host somewhere with a coronavirus quite obviously the ancestor of SARS-CoV-2. (Not that a lab leak is impossible, or that gain-of-function research could have been the cause of this pandemic.)

      • I notice I worded that badly. I meant that gain-of-function research could have been the cause of this pandemic.

  • Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, desires, nor requires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!!

    If we had uncensored access to all information, we could sort it out, per our own perception. There would be no “consensus”, and none would be required. Truth is evasive, but it can be discovered. At least in the perception of the real world we posses. In the metaphysical, far less so.

    There is no minority smaller and more abused than the individual. Its conclusions are instantly invalidated in favor of the groupthink de jour.

  • The source of the virus is irrelevant, since it can be neither proven or disproven. The fact that there was indeed gain of function research going on with US funding and Fauci’s supervision,, and the fact that it appears the Psychopaths In Charge were fully prepared to take advantage ARE relevant.

  • “If we are to transcend our self-destructive patterning as a species, that movement will necessarily include an end to having our minds manipulated by the propaganda engine of an oligarchic empire.” As I wrote/responded in relation to the reality of UFOs: Should some of the extraterrestrials finally make themselves known, with a message (as many are expecting some day), who would it be wiser to trust as altruistic? Those who have been and are among 1% (or less) controlling elites (like Katherine Graham: “There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t.”), or those who would have overcome those levels of evil deceit against oppressed masses maybe a million years ago? Whose message would bring “good news,” and whose message would promote the darkest opposite? https://seaclearly.com/2020/11/29/what-is-left-to-be-trusted

  • The very existence of “gain of function research” alone implies that any “novel” virus is guilty until proven innocent. That will do for me. Fifty years from now, posterity will still ponder Dealy Plaza, 9/11 and this one.

    Of more urgency right now are the whys of the mediawide suppression of all information on all treatment of the Pangolin’s Revenge, Ivermectin in particular, and of the push to push an experimental whateveritis in everybody’s armpit.

  • Global Corporate Capitalism is the real virus that has impoverished, immiserated and killed millions of people around the planet.

    • Key word “corporate”.
      Despite SCOTUS rulings to the contrary, they are NOT people, and are dependent upon the government that created them, and in collusion with them. They have no soul, and no moral foundation.

  • 75% of ISRAELI’S must be sh!tting themselves after taking the Pfizer mRNA GENE therapy !

    BIBI has conveniently done an intentional RUNNER !


    • “The COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech appears to put young men at elevated risk of developing a heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis, researchers in Israel say. In a report submitted today to the Israeli Ministry of Health, they conclude that between one in 3000 and one in 6000 men ages 16 to 24 who received the vaccine developed the rare condition. But most cases were mild and resolved within a few weeks.”
      Why would 75% of Israelis be as worried as you suggest?

      • ‘Science Mag has ‘ LOL !
        Stop quoting Rothschilds owned propaganda and start thinking for yourself !

        Your ‘shilling’ style reminds me of another career HASBARA shill – Casey Wegner !
        Heard of him IAN ????

  • National Anthems were an early form of official narratives. Usually resulting during times of unrest or outright revolution.

  • Nobel Laureate and DISCOVERER of PCR calls Fauci a FRAUD !


    This is NOT Fauci’s first FRAUD !


  • They are throwing Gates and Fauci under the BUS for some reason – that reason should become clear soon !
    NOTHING is ‘leaked’ and ‘anonymous’ sources is also complete BS !

    The disturbing thing is the REALITY !

    UNBELIEVABLE what is happening in Australia !

    This won’t be up for long !

    WATCH !


    This will be happening in all the major Australian cities soon !

    The “conspiracy theorists” said in March 2020 that you would lose ALL you rights incrementally !

    The FROG is almost BOILED !

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