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During an astonishingly sycophantic press conference after the Geneva summit with Vladimir Putin, President Biden posited an entirely hypothetical scenario about what the world would think of the United States if it were interfering in foreign elections and everybody knew it.

When AP’s Jonathan Lemire asked the president of the most powerful government in the world what “consequences” he’d threatened the Russian leader with should the Kremlin interfere in US elections going forward, Biden meandered his way through one of his signature not-quite-lucid word salads, and then said the following:

“Let’s get this straight: How would it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with the elections directly of other countries, and everybody knew it?  What would it be like if we engaged in activities that he is engaged in?  It diminishes the standing of a country that is desperately trying to make sure it maintains its standing as a major world power.”

The fact that the entire press corps did not erupt in side-splitting laughter at this ridiculous utterance is in itself proof that western news media is pure propaganda. The United States has directly interfered in scores of foreign elections since it began its ascent to global domination at the end of the second World War, to say nothing of all the coups, color revolutions, proxy conflicts and regime change military invasions it has also participated in during that time. The US openly interfered in Russia’s elections in the nineties, and literally just tried to stage a coup in Bolivia by interfering in its democratic process. The US is far and away the single most egregious offender in the world on this front, which is largely why it is perceived around the world as a greater threat to democracy than any other government.

This is not a secret, internationally or in the United States. Anyone who has done any learning about the US government’s actual behavior on the world stage knows this. Hell, a former CIA director openly joked about it on Fox News a few years ago.

Fox’s Laura Ingraham unsurprisingly introduced former CIA Director James Woolsey as “an old friend” in a 2018 interview about Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 alleged members of a Russian troll farm, in which Woolsey unsurprisingly talked about how dangerous Russian “disinformation” is and Ingraham unsurprisingly said that everyone should actually be afraid of China. What was a bit surprising, though, was what happened at the end of the interview.

“Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?” Ingraham asked in response to Woolsey’s Russia remarks.

“Oh, probably,” Woolsey said with a grin. “But it was for the good of the system in order to avoid the communists from taking over. For example, in Europe, in ’47, ’48, ’49, the Greeks and the Italians we CIA-”

“We don’t do that anymore though?” Ingraham interrupted. “We don’t mess around in other people’s elections, Jim?”

Woolsey smiled and said said “Well…”, followed by a joking incoherent mumble, adding, “Only for a very good cause.”

And then they both laughed.

The fact that not one person in the press pool questioned or criticized Biden’s outrageous remarks tells you everything you need to know about the western media and what its real function is. This is further illustrated by the rest of the behavior of these odious propagandists during the summit, which was illustrated quite well by the glowing praise of Democratic Party insider Andrea Chalupa on Twitter:

“The winners of #GenevaSummit2021 are the White House press corp,” Chalupa said. “Excellent questions confronting Putin and challenging Biden on holding a summit with a ruthless dictator. And they literally held their ground when shoved by Putin’s security and propagandists.”

That actually says it all. Western reporters are forbidden by their oligarchic owners from ever confronting power in any meaningful way; the closest they’re ever allowed to get to punching up is challenging the leaders of CIA-targeted governments, and demanding to know why their own officials aren’t being more hawkish and aggressive toward those leaders.

As RT’s Murad Gazdiev pointed out, “ABC, NBC, BBC, CNN, and many other Western outlets were invited for Putin’s press conference. No Russian media was invited to Biden’s press conference.” The whole thing was a navel-gazing, masturbatory cold war propaganda orgy where western “journalists” made up fantasies about their soup-brained leader staring down Putin, where they yelled nonsense about Alexei Navalny at the Russian president and then fangirled at Biden’s response.

Real journalists go to Belmarsh Prison for exposing US war crimes. Western propagandists ask Putin why he’s such a doodoo dumb dumb poopy head and then dream about Pulitzers all night.

Western news media exists to funnel propaganda into the minds of the public. It is controlled by plutocrats who work in alliance with opaque government agencies to weave narratives about why the US government needs to do the things it had already planned on doing anyway. This gets more obvious by the day.


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72 responses to “America’s Soup-Brained President Says The US Never Interferes In Other Countries’ Elections”

  1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    As long as 99 percent of Americans don’t know the difference between Navlany and Assange, and couldn’t care less, there is very little hope that these phony ‘leaders’ and politicians will ever be held accountable for anything. But sure, tear into Putin, the evil dictator of evil Russia meddling with the Golden City on the Hill.

  2. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > “Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?” Ingraham asked in response to Woolsey’s Russia remarks.
    > “Oh, probably,” Woolsey said with a grin. “But it was for the good of the system in order to avoid the communists from taking over. For example, in Europe, in ’47, ’48, ’49, the Greeks and the Italians we CIA-”
    > “We don’t do that anymore though?” Ingraham interrupted. “We don’t mess around in other people’s elections, Jim?”
    > Woolsey smiled and said said “Well…”, followed by a joking incoherent mumble, adding, “Only for a very good cause.”
    > And then they both laughed.
    More info, for example:
    Noam Chomsky on the Long History of US Meddling in Foreign Elections

    1. Considering Qasem Soleimani was considered by some analysts the right-hand man of the Supreme Leader of Iran and the second most important person in that country after him, can blasting his car into smithereens with a drone to prevent him to go any further be deemed “meddling in foreign elections” or is it just first degree murder?

  3. It seems such a shame. It breaks my heart when I hear really smart, kind and caring people debate on podcasts and the like… and I think damn that is so clever and compassionate. People like you should be in charge or at least having some input into how things are run but no. We get the exact opposite. We get these unfeeling psychos running the show. We get warmongering geriatrics who have absolutely zero skills in the areas needed to run a country. Why? Wouldn’t it seem obvious that the people you want are the best and brightest and above all the most moral? I swear we live in opposite land. Nearly everything I experience in the man made world is backwards. Looking forward to death. Thanks for the strawberries. Now where’s the door?

  4. A major exposé by ProPublica has revealed how U.S. billionaires pay little in income tax compared to their massive wealth, or sometimes even nothing. Private tax records of some of the country’s top billionaires show that between 2014 and 2018 the wealthiest 25 Americans how that between 2014 and 2018 the wealthiest 25 Americans saw their collective wealth jump by more than $400 billion, but they paid just over $13 billion in federal income taxes — amounting to a tax rate of just 3.4%.
    This article is here:
    Leaked IRS Files: Billionaires Bezos, Musk, Bloomberg, Buffett Avoided Taxes as Wealth Soared

    1. Yes but Bezos needed the money to go into space in a rocket to prove to his employees that it is possible to live in small workspaces without even being paid for it (as opposed to the few bucks he gives them for every hour they spend in their bee hives) and not complain about it all the time. Musk is African-American, so you can’t go after him without passing for a racist. Bloomberg is indispensable to show us how to throw one billion bucks down the drain in one fell swoop in a presidential campaign just to provide the average confined asshole with a laugh and Buffet has said several times (including to lawmakers) that he’s scandalized to be paying less taxes than his secretary. So you can’t blame him. And it’s not his fault if enough billionaires (that may or may not include him, we don’t know :o) bribe lawmakers to make them vote laws allowing them to pay less taxes than Buffett’s secretary. Gotta be fair. It’s democracy at work :o)

      1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
        Robert L Phillips

        Bloomberg’s sole purpose in entering the race was to run attack ads against Bernie Sanders. Worked like a charm.

  5. Caitlin; the last paragraph say’s it all.

  6. Most Americans do not realize that Russian reporters were not allowed into Biden’s press conference.
    I checked YouTube yesterday and saw a 3 minute “report” by NBC on Putin’s press conference, while the Russian TV Ruptly carried the entire thing.
    I remember this happening before, when Megyn Kelly interviewed him. The US version was heavily edited and interspersed with talking heads (I think even Brennan) telling us their version of what was said and meant, as well as commercials.
    The Russian version was simply the entire conversation, unedited, with no interpretation imposed on the viewer.
    It’s as if the Russians think that people can make their own assessments or something, if given all the information.
    How undemocratic!

  7. Dear Caitlin, you can write many articles about “International Norms”.
    Mr. Biden did not say “International Law” !!!???

  8. One of my favorite quotes:

    “If there’s one thing that exceeds the greed of plutocrats, it’s the astounding vulgarity of the masses. The former thrives parasitically on the latter.” -unknown author

    1. The word vulgarity comes from the fucking Latin vulgus meaning the fucking common fucking people!

  9. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
    Linda Jean Doucett

    No one would love them
    if not for their nukes
    the blackmail the sanctions
    and CIA spooks
    the stealing and lying
    the torture the spying
    the starving and dying
    and flag falsifying
    they are vulgar and crass
    and bold as brass
    and expect everybody
    to kiss their ass
    the exceptional nation
    whose main occupation
    is forced subjugation
    and world domination
    don’t dare to point out
    their crimes or hypocricy
    or they may decide
    to send in the democracy
    Until the great fall
    that ends the Cabal
    we must put up a front
    and bow to these cunts

    1. Wow! I hate rap… but…. this would be great. A change from violence and mysogeny and drek by the purveyors of smut for $$$$$$$$$!

  10. Truer words have never been spoken. The fact that all these guys, from Sleepy Joe to the Western presstitutes, are in positions of power gives us the exact measure of the hopes we can retain for the future of mankind. And the will power one had to muster to resist the temptation of shooting oneself after that macabre horror show is one of those things that can give us an idea of the infinite :o)

    1. Then again, the nomination of Anthony Fauci as sexiest man alive should have made it clear to us that we were ruled by extra-terrestrials:
      David Icke is probably right: there’s a good chance they’re shape-shifting cold-blooded reptiles who obviously don’t perveive things the way most of us do :o)

  11. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    The problem here dates back decade upon decade to when I was much, much younger – when Congress permitted loose regulation of media ownership, as compared to the tight restriction previously imposed. That action was what permitted media control to fall into the hands of the super powerful, wealthy and far-right ownership.
    For example, cable-giant Comcast owns all sorts of other outlets including NBC, MSNBC, Universal Studios and more. Only a blind person couldn’t see that Comcast has the power to shape the thinking of those that don’t think much at all. And that power is augmented by a Congress and other major media that restrict the truth and permit such things as the end of net neutrality.
    If it is true that ‘the truth will set you free,’ then 95% (or more) of Americans are prisoners and have no idea that they are walking around in prison.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      That “loose regulation” came as a result of Bill Clinton signing the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

  12. The problem is 100M americans believe the propaganda.

  13. Caitlin nails it per usual.

  14. I’m quite curious how the US isn’t interfering in foreign elections when it has an entire agency with a budget bigger than a lot of nations, that does almost nothing else? That is after all the prime directive of the CIA.

  15. Is this alien yellow orbital peril why we’ve been seeing cryptic propaganda for the US Space Force of late?
    “It was a much shorter and more enjoyable ride for Chinese veteran astronaut Nie Haisheng when he embarked on his third space trip on Thursday morning. The Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft Nie and his two fellow crew members were traveling in pulled off the country’s first-ever automated fast rendezvous and docking with destination orbiting Tianhe space station core module, taking place only six and a half hours after a successful launch.
    According to the China Manned Space Agency, the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft completed the rendezvous and docking in an automated and speedy fashion with the Tianhe core module at 3:54 pm on Thursday, just 6.5 hours after the former was launched Thursday morning via the Long March-2F Y12 carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China’s Gansu Province.”

      “China is determined to replace the U.S. as the dominant power in space. While proclaiming its peaceful intentions, Beijing’s doctrine considers space a military domain, and it is investing heavily in space infrastructure designed to secure both economic and military advantages. To ensure that it continues to compete from a position of strength, the U.S. must invest sufficient resources in preparing its new Space Force to defend America’s national interests and security in space.”

      1. You promoting this shit?

        1. I misinterpreted & hastily replied. My apology.

          1. No worries. They do say irony is lost on the internet.
            It’s also yet another staggering example of US exceptionalism that they accuse the Chinese space program of having a military dimension. According to Wikipedia, “As of December 2018 there are 320 known military or dual-use satellites in the sky, half of which are owned by the US.”

        2. Exposing propaganda as opposed to promoting it. Well done Ian. Now for your misinterpretation.
          Absolutely nothing in Charlotte’s link argued that “vaccine” revenues/subsidies are larger wealth generators than the MIC. There was nothing about her “question” that implied the same. There was nothing in what I pasted from the article that suggested such. Yet you made it a point to suggest that that was what I was arguing and when I said otherwise you smarmily retorted “Sure”.
          I really don’t think this was a “misinterpretation” on your part at all, but rather was a ham-handed attempt to paint me as ignorant. But either way, I’ll accept your apology.

          1. From what I remember, Charlotte’s original question was about who the bigger ghouls in financial terms were. In terms of money, the arms industry seems indisputably far larger. In moral terms, I think there’s no comparison, but I know you’ll disagree there, seeing COVID vaccines as more or less equivalent to bioweapons or something like that.

      2. Which brings me to what I’d really like to understand, Ian.
        I have found the majority of your posts that have no connection to the injections to be informative, well-positioned, well-written, and in line with much of my own thinking/worldview.
        But it has not escaped me that, for as long as you have been posting here (and it’s been a good year or so I think), anytime someone posts something critical or questioning of the “vaccines”, you jump all over it. And oftentimes what I would call your “misdirections” do not address the content of provided links. It is as if nothing gives you “pause” for greater reflection on these matters.
        So a couple of quick questions in interest of broader discussion:
        Do you agree with the lockdowns?
        Do you think the Houston Methodist dismissals are justified?

      3. It is my presumption, Ian, that you are well-acquainted with World History—possessing an understanding of the depths of human depravity and countless examples of crimes against humanity that were preconceived before execution.
        I don’t have to presume that you are an ardent critic of U.S. foreign policy and can recite many examples of depraved agendas emanating from Langley, the Pentagon, and other usual suspects. That is demonstrated. Bear with me.
        Let’s just say, for the sake of exercise, that a virus created in the Wuhan lab via gain-of-function research & development did indeed accidentally escape. It is the virus that can cause a pathological condition called COVID-19 that is somewhat more dangerous than nasty flu bugs—but not that much more so.
        I do not know how you might categorize the “dangerousness” of COVID-19, but if I am not mistaken, you do regard the lab leak theory in a plausible light.
        So in viewing the lab leak in a plausible light, it goes without saying that the gain-of-function R & D successfully produced a virus (apparently well-adapted for humans—but that’s getting way ahead of ourselves here). With intent to do so. Begs the question of what that intention was all about.
        Why do you find the lab leak theory plausible, yet think it’s absolutely beyond conception that said virus was purposely leaked? Fair enough question?

        1. I will answer instead. The gain of function research was done in North Carolina University Chapel on a HIll laboratory by Dr Shi Zhwengli with US and Chinese government funding and under supervision of Gates. dr Shi traveled to Wuhan in late 2019. GAtes has said on Ted TAlks in 2015 that he intends to reduce the world population by 10-15% using vaccinations. Vaccinations he has funded killed 47,500 Indian children. Recently, the CDC removed records of 150,000 deaths due to covid vaccines from the VAERS database. Does that answer your question? I will not answer with the obvious conclusion, but will give you the evidence instead. The Georgia guidestones state the planned world population goal of 500 million and is signed by “RC CHRISTIAN””- I have uncovered the VAtican as being the power in collaboration with wealthy globalists (illuminati)who really rule and cause world events. I warned of Gates agenda in my book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, first published May 2016

        2. The virus may have leaked from a lab with no GoF involved.
          The virus may have leaked from a lab with no GoF involved. For example, I think the Wuhan CDC, a few hundred metres from the Huanan market associated with many of the early cases, stores thousands of coronaviruses. I can imagine many scenarios involving a leak from there.
          And I find it beyond belief that anyone, except perhaps a total nutter unconcerned about or even intending a global pandemic, would have deliberately unleashed SARS-CoV-2. There are probably many politicians and military types who’d love to engineer a virus that only attacks Chinese/USAmericans/Muslims/Comunists or whatever. However, anyone capable of engineering viruses would immediately tell them there’s absolutely no way of ensuring such a virus would remain confined to its target, even if one could be so targetted in the first place.

  16. I don’t remember the exact wording but this basically the same what Obama said at his visit in Moscow: “we Americans would never interfere with the interal affairs of other countries”.

    This proved an enormous amount of self-control by Putin at that occasion – Obama hadn’t even a black eye after that insolence.

    My ex-mother-in-law made me often ask myself “is she completely insane or is she just evil to the core?” I eventually came to the conclusion that my categories didn’t match reality and that an apparently rather irrational description is closer to truth: she’s possessed somehow.

    This also applies to those American presidents and their ilk. They are not just senile, arrogant, ignorant, dishonest; they are possessed.

  17. Two recent pieces on housing in the USA.
    The first, a not too long article:
    ‘At a real-estate investing conference, American Homes CEO David Singelyn said that the average income for applicants to his company’s homes had risen from $86,000 to $91,000 in one year, and that this was a sign that “rents had room to rise.”
    “This is a choice they make to pay rent, and their wherewithal to pay rent today as well as pay rent in the future, with increases, is sufficient,” Singelyn said. “It’s just up to us to educate tenants on a new way, that there will be annual rent increases.”’
    The second, the essentials captured in a brief cartoon:

  18. Yeah, Wacko Joe is really a hoot, alright.
    It’s always, “Do what I say, not what I do!” with our shining American exceptionalists.
    I’d say, learn from their experience: the gutter is a vile place to live full time.
    What was really the bigger fib (because they are both hilarious whoppers)? That Washington never meddles in the internal affairs of other countries, or “I did not have sex with that woman?” (Because, everyone “knows” that fellatio and mutual masturbation do not count. And, besides, she was hardly yet a woman. More like just a little girl to whom I was teaching the ways of the big bad world. Think of me as more of a mentor than a lecherous pervert. Now on to important subjects of national relevance. How about I launch some missiles into the Hindu Kush and a Sudanese aspirin factory to refocus your attention where it belongs? So what if people die to save my reputation and power? They are nothing. I am the human face of the American Empire! Let the mighty Oz suck on that!)
    Talk about coincidence! Yet another individual (Christopher Sign) influential in outing major malefactions of the Clintons (Hillary’s felonious email capers and Bill’s meddling in case at DOJ through Loretta Lynch) has recently suicided himself! Apparently, at age 45, he had no more worlds to conquer and decided to check out of this Hotel California existence that envelops so many. Ever looking through her glass darkly, I’m sure Hillary will link the tragedy to Vladimir Putin and Kremlin lies. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  19. So what is the most pathetic and dangerous?
    Biden or his believers?
    United States of Amnesia.
    You’re standing in it.

  20. Well said Caitlin, wonderful display journalistic prowess in 1 powerful sentence ”The whole thing was a navel-gazing, masturbatory cold war propaganda orgy where western “journalists” made up fantasies about their soup-brained leader staring down Putin, where they yelled nonsense about Alexei Navalny at the Russian president and then fangirled at Biden’s response”

    Soup brain love that as well.

  21. Splendid: a bullet in each foot!

    What little boy dares come forward to yell that the king has no clothes on?

  22. Two dipshits held a summit. They and others committed heinous acts of dipshittery. This was expected.

  23. Killers we can count on! Hey for Pinochet! Suharto purges to perfection! Bodies for bananas in ‘54! SAVAK for the Shah! By imperial proclamation…Guaido’s the guy. Kind of like Yats for us rats! Drink up Boris, looting’s never been better! Assad must go cause we say so! Terrorists need jobs too, you know. We came, we saw, he died. God you’re hilarious, Hillary!

  24. I was watching the ABC news in Australia the other day with an interview with the Chinese ‘expert’ Stan Grant, who is also a Russian ‘expert’ it seems. The caption over the screen read “US President meets in Geneva with Vladimir Putin”.
    They couldn’t even legitimise Mr Putin with the title “Russian President”. They may have said “Count Dracula.”

    Once you see the semantics of our press and how they manipulate your thinking before you even know the story, it stands out like proverbial dogs balls.
    Very similar analogy can be used for the western news outlets actually. Only difference is about an inch…..

  25. Richard Alan Anderson Avatar
    Richard Alan Anderson

    Of course the media goes ecstatic anytime Biden does a public event and manages to Not Shit in His Pants. That’s where the Bar is Set.

  26. Yes, Caitlin, I had just responded on Fritter to Ho’ Biden’s amazingly hypocritical utterance in like kind as yourself, but in a short blurb, of course, and then opened my email and got an excellent, much expanded similar response reading your article. I did add a couple of jokes I’d made up, such as: Authorities cannot say for certain whether Joe Biden is alive or dead; and: Joe Biden used a teleprompter so he could read his oath of office…As you know, humor, especially political satire, is needed – so we can laugh to keep from crying. In fact, I was on a roll and sent a total of 40 such one-liners to CounterPunch in the hopes that they will go for an entirely humorous piece once in a while. They do publish my work now and then. Keep up the great work yourself!

  27. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Which group of ghouls accumulated more wealth by plundering the US Treasury– big pharma CEO “COVID Vaccine scoundrels” or war profiteers?

    1. Pfizer “said its vaccine generated $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year.”
      Boeing “reported a net loss of $561 million for the first three months of 2021 on revenue of $15.2 billion.” ‘Loss’ = tax avoidance trick, I’d guess, and that’s only Boeing.

        1. “Through its partnership with the U.S. government, Moderna received nearly $1 billion for research and development of its mRNA vaccine, and up to $1.525 billion for delivering 100 million doses, with an option for another 400 million.”
          “Moderna President Dr. Stephen Hoge is the company’s latest shareholder and executive to join the “three-comma-club” — with an estimated $1.1 billion fortune.”
          Still doesn’t seem close to the arms manufacturers’ revenues and government funding.

          1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
            Charlotte Ruse

            The “Moderna billionaire” noted in the article is the tenth new COVID Vaccine billionaire. Creeps who profit by manufacturing deleterious experimental gene therapy. Notice, how big pharma fuckups as well as bombs, drones, and bullets slaughter for profit. The backbone of the US economy is finance, insurance, and real estate. The medical industrial complex is a multibillion dollar industry wielding enormous political power. This money and power like the arms industry is secured through exploitation and the deaths of many millions……..

        “These billionaires are the human face of the huge profits many pharmaceutical corporations are making from the monopoly they hold on these vaccines,” Anne Marriott, Oxfam’s health policy manager, said in a statement. “These vaccines were funded by public money and should be first and foremost a global public good, not a private profit opportunity.”
        “Fauci and the NIAID have a financial incentive to push Moderna’s vaccine over competitors’ COVID vaccines — because Fauci personally, and others on staff, have a financial stake in the Moderna vaccine. Fauci and four of his hand-selected deputies will split hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties with Moderna from sales of the vaccine.”

        1. Charlotte asked which sector were the biggest ghouls.
          “Sales of arms and military services by the sector’s largest 25 companies totalled US$361 billion in 2019.”
          Which rather dwarfs vaccine revenues or subsidies, I think.

          1. That’s right, the MIC takes more. I just wanted a prompt to initiate people to look and read.

            1. Yeah, right Ian. You jumped all over a “question” with an obvious answer. And now you assume I was trying to argue that the COVID injections are more “profitable” than the MIC. I was, in point of fact, posting something from the link for the precise reason of generating interest in the link. Certainly not to argue with you about something that is not in question. People should know about this other “set” of ghouls and I surmise that was Charlotte’s intention as well. Such a fricken “smarty-pants”.

        2. Jeez Louise! Fauci is 80 years old and has been raking in a six figure salary from the US gov for over 50 years. Why does he need any kind of split from a bonanza of “hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties?” Has he figured out a way to take it with him when he checks out of this great big, now worldwide, Hotel California? Does he and Bill Gates figure to heroically save the third world through philanthropy by first shaking it down? Somebody run through the logic.

          1. Because he’s an 80 year old sociopath. His “need” isn’t part of the picture he sees. Bill Gates is about as far from a philanthropist as you can get. He’s raked in more profit since the start of his “philanthropy” than he did for the entirety of his business before.

  28. “Western news media exists to funnel propaganda into the minds of the public.”
    At least they’re having a harder tme convincing everyone, according to that recent poll reported in the Guardian.
    ‘In perhaps the most startling finding, nearly half (44%) of respondents in the 53 countries surveyed are concerned that the US threatens democracy in their country; fear of Chinese influence is by contrast 38%, and fear of Russian influence is lowest at 28%. The findings may in part reflect views on US comparative power, but they show neither the US, nor the G7, can simply assume the mantle of defenders of democracy.
    Since last year, the perception of US influence as a threat to democracy around the world has increased significantly, from a net opinion of +6 to a net opinion of +14. This increase is particularly high in Germany (+20) and China (+16).’

  29. Spot on Caitlin. WE need more of this challenging of hypocrisy and shaming of the MSM “reporters” who just reprint the press pack .

  30. I find it necessary to add more from my book which proves that the CIA has manipulated the establishment newsmedia

    Like the military industrial complex, and like pharmaceuticals, and other corporate capitalistic (do not assume that this is the only form of government that does this) ventures, the media has incorporated itself in the rule of this nation (and others), and vice versa.

    Let me present you here with a list of some revolving doors within media and government. These are found on pages 110-120. Under Lyndon Johnson’s state department (in high office) were Jack Rosenthal and Leslie Gelb, who became editors of the NY Times. Gelb’s former boss, ex-Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, was on the Times’ board of directors. Gelb left the Times to serve under Carter as director of the Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs. In 1978, he had initiated a covert CIA program involved in working with the European press to write approvingly of the neutron bomb. He had worked for the Department of Defense as a press officer. That makes for a free and unbiased press. Not.

    John Hughes was a PR man for Reagan’s State Department who later was employed as an editorial columnist for the Christian Science Monitor, whose diatribes on Central America and the State Department’s positions sounded very similar. NBC Nightly News reporter John Chancellor had no trouble on his conscience to become a propagandist for the state by becoming Voice of America (ran radio programs in Vietnam attempting to discourage and dismay Vietnamese via propaganda) director under the Johnson administration. Another Voice of America program director (under Reagan and Bush) was Sid Davis, who had been the white house correspondent and Washington Bureau chief for NBC news.

    The United States Information Agency (USIA) is a blatant propaganda promoter, as is VOA, and Edward Murrow of CBS News and columnist Carl Rowan took turns as USIA director under John Kennedy. Kennedy’s press secretary, Pierre Salinger, became chief foreign correspondent of ABC World News Tonight. The famous Bill Moyers was press secretary for Lyndon Johnson and later was made a household name as commentator and reporter for CBS and PBS.

    I am not giving you the full list, but here are some more. Reagan’s communications director, David Gergen, became editor of US News and World Report in 1983, and his deputy, Joanna Bistany became a top executive at ABC News that same year. Peggy Noonan who had been a script writer for CBS radio commentary for Dan Rather later composed speeches for Reagan and Bush. George Will helped prepare Reagan for his debate against Carter, then praised Reagan as he covered the debate on ABC News, “forgetting” to mention his association with Reagan. Instead of hurting his career, when this was uncovered, it enhanced his reputation among media mavens.

    Page 113-“Both journalists and elected officials tend to view the world in ways that conform to the national security establishment.” The book was published in 1992, a later year would have resulted in scores of more familiar names and news personalities you would recognize. Let me move on to name a few higher level inter-locks. Robert McNamara, who was Defense Secretary for Kennedy and Johnson retired from the board of directors of the Washington Post Company, and Nicholas Katzenbach, who was Attorney General, also sat on the Post board.

    Much more influential than journalists are the high-placed top executives who decide policy and editorial practices to be followed meticulously. Other former cabinet-ranking officials also sat on boards of major print media, including NY Times, Los Angeles Times, and Reader’s Digest Association. Corporate boards of the three major television networks are infiltrated with government power-brokers. Carter’s Defense Secretary Harold Brown, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and General David Jones, Reagans’ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff; were all on the board of GE/NBC, as was former Attorney General William French Smith. William Casey had been chief counsel and original board member of CapCities, and became CIA director in 1981, later CapCities  acquired ABC during Reagan’s second term. Casey had also been Securities and Exchange Commissioner under Nixon, and owned much CapCities stock until his death in 1987. He advocated covert operations, and was part of a network of spooks who used American companies, especially mass media, as tools of espionage.

    GE, owner of NBC, had a contract with the CIA to estimate Soviet military strength-while GE accumulated huge profits as a key player in the military industrial complex. Now, they wouldn’t lie, would they?

    Ever since the CIA was formed in 1947, publishers and executive management of the media have volunteered their services for the agency- page 114. On page 115, we find some revealing quotes: “One journalist is worth 20 agents” a high-level CIA agent told investigative reporter Carl Bernstein. Former CIA Deputy Director Ray S Cline called the American news media: “the only unfettered espionage agencies in the country.”


  31. As this was being implemented and working in overdrive, the Office of Strategic Services and the Office of War Information recruited the “best and brightest” from American intelligentsia into secret “intelligence,” and after training, were placed into powerful positions of mass media, politics, and universities. In the 1950s, the CIA and the American mass media began to be interlocked, the agency feeding information to journalists in exchange for their own intelligence developed at home and abroad. Many American journalists currently work for the CIA. That is the explanation for the “fake news” in the media. Intentional fake news is very real, and manipulatively deceptive.


    Ever since the CIA was formed in 1947, publishers and executive management of the media have volunteered their services for the agency- page 114. On page 115, we find some revealing quotes: “One journalist is worth 20 agents” a high-level CIA agent told investigative reporter Carl Bernstein. Former CIA Deputy Director Ray S Cline called the American news media: “the only unfettered espionage agencies in the country.”

    In exchange for career-enhancing scoops and leaks, reporters alter stories and disseminate propaganda at the request of the CIA. For decades, hundreds of journalists have maintained covert associations with the CIA, and are paid for their services to it. Former CIA director William Colby stated: “Let’s not pick on some poor reporters. Let’s go to the managements. They were witting.” Tom Braden headed the CIA’s Global Propaganda Operation; after leaving it, he worked as a syndicated columnist and co-host of CNN Crossfire. He once wrote an article in the Saturday Evening Post, called: “Why I’m Glad the CIA is Immoral.”

    Embarrassing revelations by Carl Bernstein in Rolling Stone magazine in 1977 included the following statement: “There is ample evidence that America’s leading publishers allowed themselves and their news organizations to become handmaids to the intelligence services.” The NY Times ran a three- part series on the CIA and media shortly later, disclosing that at various times, the CIA owned or subsidized over fifty newspapers, news services, radio stations, periodicals, book publishers and news entities, most of which were overseas. A CIA official told the Times: “We had at least one newspaper in every foreign capital at any given time.” Page 117. CIA documents display that the US public was targeted by CIA propaganda. A July 13th, 1951 memo stated the CIA’s beginnings of mind control operations: “broad and comprehensive, involving both domestic and overseas activities.” Another CIA document of that time explained that CIA officers met regularly to exchange ideas regarding “the broader aspects of psychology as it pertains to the control of groups or masses rather than the mind of an individual.” The CIA and the press appear to have an attitude in common. That it is okay to deceive the public.

    Philip Geyelin, a CIA agent who became an editor for the Washington Post, said: “We will get nowhere without first stipulating that while circumstances alter almost any case you can think of, the President has an inherent right- perhaps an obligation in particular concerns-to deceive.”

    This pretty much explains the deceptions that pervade all over the world in every aspect of society, and I think you can now very clearly perceive how we have all been misled, and some methods that were used. This is helpful to learn how to immunize yourself from false concepts and doctrines, to discern truth from fabrication, and to learn to distrust authority and the establishment, as I have learned to do.


  32. Caitlin, you are losing your place as my favorite commentator. YOu repeatedly use Chomsky’s “Manufactured consent”- I have seen the whole thing, read a few of his books, and done more research and uncovered more regarding propaganda than he has. If you were to actually pick up my book and read it ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, you would see proof that the CIA dominates the news media- names, ;positions, media outlets, documents, quotes, sources and more.

    One of the most respected journalists of his time, John Swinton, made this toast at The New York Press Club in 1953(as referenced from “Mass Control” by Jim Keith, pages 41, 42): “There is no such thing at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.” “The business of journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?” “We are the tools of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”


    Now for some heavier suspicious developments. After I sent this book out in progress, in May 2019, one of my first internet escapades was a blog conversation regarding Assange’s charges, under the news headline “how will this affect journalism.” I commented “not at all” as establishment “journalists” don’t speak truth anyway. To my surprise, some bloggers tried to “debunk” my reporting in this book regarding John Swinton’s speech. They said it could not have been said around 1950 as I claimed, as John Swinton had lived in the 1800s.

    I researched this statement, and found several articles claiming both my source’s correctness, and that of the amateur fact-checkers, and supporting their statement was the famous Noam Chomsky. There was even a legitimate-looking NY Times article regarding Swinton’s death. There was something however that caught my eye. The Swinton articles had mentioned his income as $150 a week. I researched this also. That was an average editor’s salary at the time I stated- 1950. For those in 1870, it was $3….a month. In addition, I have seen caricatures in political drawings in the nineteenth century-they were radical strong messages the likes of which you don’t see anymore. The media being controlled by the elite was not initiated in a wide fashion until the 192os, as stated in my book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE which placed the source of the deception- the banker Morgan asking a bunch of journalists to advise him on how to control people’s worldviews =probably a reaction to the negative journalism that bankers were getting during the industrial revolution, as I have viewed myself. As stated in my former book, they suggested that he buy the top twenty five journals and control the editing policies. It is now, December 2019, that a google search regarding John Swinton no longer has access to articles revealing the original man, they all refer to him living in the 1800s.

    There has been much of DARPA removing unwanted “fake” news from the internet, and I am having great difficulty researching this book with the absence now of information. There had been videos of Chomsky debating on the conspiracy theories, as contesting their validity, now gone. I was however, still able to find videos on Youtube portraying Chomsky’s position against “conspiracy theories” regarding 9-11.

    There is a website still up, though played around with, called ‘educate yourself” which explained (I saw in 2016) that MIT is a headquarters for CIA agents, and said that Chomsky works there. When I researched this, sure enough, I was able to contact him there, and had an email correspondence with him, sending him my book to review. And I have related what happened next. A few months later, an intelligence agent was at my residence. Chomsky is a shill. While he does criticize the government and expose vital information, he is too intelligent a man to not be able to discern the true source of evil and the clear factuality of conspiracy that he denies.


    chomsky denying the evidence that 9-11 is a demolition job- he has on many occasions, and my brief look now did not uncover a detailed online debate (in my blogs)with him proving it was a demolition job, which he still denies. he also still supports the democrat party- he is not stupid- he is a CIA gatekeeper. I am fully aware of his criticism of our government- but he does not approach those above it,

    1. I have much more evidence in the book regarding CIA domination of the establishment newsmedia. Why else would they intentionally cause division between black and white, rich and poor, democrat and republican; unless they wanted to divert the public from what the government is doing, and also, being freemasons worshiping Lucifer knowingly, they are also subverting our minds, values, mindsets, and worldviews. The lies are not only to make a profit. Money is not all that important that people do damn evil. There is something much more devious than greed and selfishness. Pedophiles dont’ do that for money. The pope does not take action against his pedophile priests, and he is not paid to be quiet. These people worship an evil and diabolical entity, and are willing to do his dirty work, and money is used as a carrot, but is not the ends.

      1. Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.

        Eleanor Roosevelt

    2. Ro you know about Phil Agee? –

      An American who had his passport suspended and who has been effectively erased from history.

      1. I have been incarcerateed repeatedly, abandoned by almost all my friends and family. The second incarceration, the guards told all the other inmates to face the wall and turn their backs on me when I walked by. I got the picture- I am to be shunned by all and not recognized for what I have done or who I am. Of course I do get signs of appreciation often, but I can’t help but think that the rulers have ordered my blacklisting. I get no interviews by anybody in the media of any kind, not even the alternative, and the only way to hear of me is by word of mouth. I watched a portion of that- the gentleman has revealed only a tiny portion of what I have.

  33. Was that dumbass poser stoned out of his mind? Or was he in his natural mental state when he made that idiotic statement?

    I know he’s lacking in mental acuity, but he’s also lacking in situational awareness.

    And would anyone except the besotted local drunk believe that Russia “interfered” in the 2016 Presidential election in the US? Oh yeah…the so-called US “intelligence community” believes it

    Remember when the presstitutes asked then-President Trump why he would take Vlad Putin’s word over that of his own intelligence agencies? And those same presstitutes believed that all terrible horrors would erupt just because Trump and Putin were talking together!

    Oh, the horrors!

    Go, BIDEN: Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated.

    1. Calling those imperialist media lackeys presstitutes is insulting to sex workers, few of whom earn a living advocating for US aggression, belligerence and war. The word makes me wince.

  34. Hi. Long time reader (and donater). Please change whatever causes us to see “To listen to a reading of…” as the first line subject summary in email. It does not intrigue or motivate one to open and read your latest. Very off putting. Ill bet your stats reflect the change?!

    1. Subject line in my email (via Yahoo Mail):
      ‘[New post] America’s Soup-Brained President Says The US Never Interferes In Other Countries’ Elections’
      First two lines of email itself:
      ‘New post on Caitlin Johnstone
      America’s Soup-Brained President Says The US Never Interferes In Other Countries’ Elections’
      But yes, if yours comes out as you say, it isn’t very inspiring.

    2. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. It’s such a small line, and easy to ignore. After all, you don’t even need to click in the email to open it on Cailtin’s website – you can read the whole article in the email.

    3. But everyone here can read at least twice as fast as we can listen. The only critters who would prefer to listen are those who drag their knuckles on the ground. Not to worry.

      One thing that strikes me about the ‘Russia interfering in elections meme’ is that anyone who would worry about such things would have to consider Americans to have the intellectual capacity of well fed sheep. Perhaps those who chronically lie to the American people to advance a rich man imperialist agenda would feel that way.

      Displaced guilt often exaggerates outrage to others when you are doing the exact thing yourself. It is strange and counterintuitive but bullshit rationalizations will cause such a reaction.

      A man who can’t himself maintain a long term relationship might consider women to be sluts is an example is close to what I am trying to explain. Biden has plenty of room in his head to imagine that American interference isn’t really interference.

      Right up there with calling methane ‘freedom molecules’. Bunnies be hopping in the green meadows of Biden’s head.

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