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Happy “Independence” Day: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Today America celebrates its hard-fought victory in its fight to free itself from the rule of British monarchs so it could be ruled by US oligarchs.

Hollywood trained us to fear psychopathic killers prowling around in the dark so we won’t notice the psychopathic killers who rule our world in broad daylight.

We’ve been trained to fear the serial killer covered in blood and wielding a chainsaw so we won’t notice the serial killer wearing a suit and wielding a pen.

The fucking ocean caught fire and they just bombed Iraq and Syria and they’re killing kids in Yemen and ramping up nuclear escalations against Russia and China, and Facebook is warning users that it’s those who criticize this system who are the dangerous extremists.

Step 1: Train the public to only accept “reputable sources” like the New York Times, WaPo, CNN etc and to dismiss indie media as Russian propaganda.

Step 2: Make sure the “reputable sources” don’t cover stories that are inconvenient for the powerful, leaving only indie media to report on them.

This new trend of complete mass media blackouts on inconvenient stories is a problem for many reasons, among them the fact that it’s just so hard to fight. How do you deal with all mass media outlets collaborating in unison to black out important stories?

It’s important to understand that the imperial propagandists don’t just tell us what to think; they also train us how to think. Feeding us bad information is only half their job; the other half is shaping the cognitive frameworks by which we form opinions about that information.

This is why the mass media have “opinion” segments as well as “news” segments. They’re not there in case you were curious what Johnny McThinktank’s opinions are on the issue of the day (they know you weren’t), they’re to model the acceptable parameters of thinking on that issue. And the acceptable parameters of thinking will always take it as a given that the mechanisms of oligarchy and empire mustn’t be interrupted or inconvenienced in any way. Differing opinions will be modeled on how those mechanisms should be advanced, but never if they should.

That’s how come the renowned expert PhD pundit will often have a less truth-based worldview than your stoner flatmate with an eighth-grade education. Because they’ve been trained on both what to think and how to think, they’ll pour all their intellect into defending lie-based worldviews.

The most dangerous extremists of our age are not radical jihadists, nor fundamentalist Christians, nor white supremacists, nor communists, nor anarchists, but mainstream adherents to the status quo politics that are murdering people around the world and driving us to armageddon.

This should not be a controversial thing to say. Certainly some of the above groups are dangerous and wrong, but they are objectively far less dangerous and deadly than the mainstream mass murdering ecocidal extremists who people inaccurately label “centrists” and “moderates”.

Dear younger generation,

Sorry for destroying the environment, but in our defense we did everything we possibly could short of inconveniencing ourselves in any way or doing anything we don’t like doing or taking any kind of meaningful action.

American warmongers want to bring democracy to Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and, eventually, at the very bottom of the list, perhaps to the United States as well.

Congratulations to all my fellow westerners as we celebrate our 100th anniversary of pretending we are superior to the Communist Party of China.

Westerners have always been far more savage and brutish than any of the populations around the world they’ve ever set out to “civilize”, and that remains the case to this day. Only reason this isn’t clear to us all is our school books were written by westerners.

The US empire’s treatment of Julian Assange has exposed the evil and corruption of the US empire more than Assange himself ever could.

A government whose solution to homelessness is to criminalize the homeless is a government that should not exist.

Western Marxists talking about violent revolution when they can’t get 20 people at a protest are like a little boy talking about fighting supervillains when he can’t even tie his shoes. There won’t be revolution, violent or otherwise, while propaganda rules public consciousness.

Any talk of any kind of revolution is just vapid LARPing as long as people are being successfully propagandized away from rising up, and they are. Your dreams of revolution are so very, very far away right now you might as well be talking about magic. The violent revolution vs peaceful revolution debate on the left is as meaningless as arguing over what company makes the best model of magic wand. No revolution is happening, at all, until the left addresses the problem of mass-scale media psyops first.

Q: What is the populist right?

A: The populist right are Republicans who want to go to war with China instead of Syria.

“Why didn’t you leave your abuser sooner?”

If I’d left sooner then that would’ve been when I left, and you’d just be asking me why I didn’t leave sooner than that. Maybe just blame the abuser for abusing.

Ultimately the problem is that mass-scale propaganda institutions are fully unified in their consent-manufacturing narratives while the rest of us are rabidly divided against each other.

People who’ve experienced spiritual enlightenment talk about how they now see how everyone’s stories about life are false. Opening your eyes to what’s going on in our world is very much the same: seeing the propaganda narratives which have nothing to do with what’s true or real.

If you ignored the intense partisan narratives and just dispassionately observed the large-scale behaviors of money, resources and weapons, you’d have no idea the US got a new president in January. But if you listen to the narratives, it’s supposedly a night-and-day difference between this administration and the last one.

Whether you’re talking about personal narratives or mass-scale narratives, they are entirely different from life as it actually is. The babbling stories in our minds are simply ineffective tools for describing reality; the more we get our heads above them, the clearer we can see.


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Latest comments

  • I recommend this video of a speech in Philadelphia a few years ago on Independence Day, outside the hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed, talking about a revolution (to an audience of more than 20 people, even!)…

  • [Apologies for length] A more profoundly naive take on ‘talk of revolution’ is hard to conjure. It comes from such a non-dialectical, extremely static, liberal and wrong-headed understanding of what drives political consciousness and its changes. First, there’s this: “Any talk of any kind of revolution is just vapid LARPing as long as people are being successfully propagandized away from rising up, and they are.” Except that without talk of revolution, there most definitely will be no undoing the propagandisation of people to not rise up! Where else would people otherwise grasp the notion of ‘rising up’ or how to do it, to make a revolution? (Not from this site, that’s for sure!) No, they’d get it from revolutionaries talking about and debating revolution, propagandising for revolution, organising for revolution, and, eventually, agitating for revolution. Not from spiritualists and idealists who simplistically believe that discovered ‘truth’ is some kind of ‘answer’ that opens up the vista of a new society; or from the likes of Chris Hedges or Extinction Rebellion et al. who believe that mass civil disobedience is some kind of ‘strategy’. Indeed these notions are nothing more than Harry Potter’s ‘magic wand’.
    To see how mass political consciousness actually changes, right now the vast majority of the population — particularly the working class, the only class with social power to overthrow capitalism due to having its hands on the levers of production and distribution — has little revolutionary consciousness, which we communism advocates call false consciousness (in the working class). Forty years of neoliberalism and the one-sided class war waged by the bourgeoisie, aided and abetted by corrupted, sell-out trade union misleaders, have shaped a mass consciousness mired in nationalism, protectionism, fatalism, escapism, nihilism and despair. Bourgeois propaganda alone can’t do that. Rather it rationalises and justifies the current situation, but overwhelmingly for the consumption of the intelligentsia. In ‘the lower orders’, any who tried to resist the bourgeoisie’s class war were repressed directly and ruthlessly.
    Amongst the left and radical intelligentsia, the 1991-92 counterrevolutionary restoration of capitalism in the USSR and Eastern Europe produced such a retrogression in left/radical political consciousness that the epitome of the future society is now considered to be a petty bourgeois anarcho-environmentalism harking back to the pre-Marxist utopianism of the 18th century. Stalinism may have been defeated by capitalist counterrevolution, but all the debates about the Russian question, the nature of socialism and how to make a revolution or how to prevent its degeneration also evaporated with the so-called ‘end of history’ and the ‘death of communism’. These world historic defeats shaped and changed political consciousness in the working class and radical intelligentsia for the worse. Propaganda alone can’t achieve that.
    Then the 2008 GFC came along and undid much of the ‘end of history’ delusion. The Communist Manifesto and Das Capital (Vol I) walked off bookshop shelves, and many people who suspected they had no future really knew it. They became much more receptive to socialistic ideas, and in the US in proportions historically unheard of. The rise of alternative online news sources, the abject supineness of the MSM stenographers that only worsened in the face of obscene wealth/income disparities and failed imperialist revanchism have only heightened the awareness in many of the bankruptcy of capitalism and its imperialist excrescences. The fact that terms such as ‘ruling class’, ‘oligarchy’, ‘imperialism’ and ‘capitalism’ are now so commonplace in political discourse attests to major shifts in political consciousness. ‘Capitalism’ now is even an official term in US legislation to witch hunt its critics. The rise and demise of Sanders and Trump, COVID, the George Floyd murder and uprisings, and the bizarre political kabuki theatre now supporting a visibly a decrepit but dangerous US empire in decline, have only heightened the utter disgust and contempt held by many for capitalism’s institutions, with MSM now the least trusted of the ruling class’ power props.
    This potted account illustrates that history and material interests and circumstances overwhelmingly regulate and mold political consciousness and its changes, that consciousness is not some lifeless plasticine that’s shaped at will by the bourgeois ideological apparatus. And the bourgeoisie certainly better understands this than those who claim it’s all about ‘narrative’ — they understand that their traditional ideological apparatus is not coping as well as it normally has. That’s why there’s so much censorship and suppression, so many Orwellian measures to snitch on ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’ spreaders, and so on.
    As all this is occurring, we’re told: “The violent revolution vs peaceful revolution debate on the left is as meaningless as arguing over what company makes the best model of magic wand. No revolution is happening, at all, until the left addresses the problem of mass-scale media psyops first.” Sorry, revolutions just don’t happen that way. ‘Addressing’ bourgeois propaganda (or ‘mass-scale media psyops’) is never some kind of pre-condition for revolution. Rather, it’s when the ruling ideology and propaganda fail to rationalise, justify and mitigate crises affecting the lives of the masses in ways that immediately threaten life itself that the ‘narrative’ fails to hold everyone in line. When such situations arise, which have occurred only rarely in the Anglosphere (eg, the 1926 British General Strike, 1934-38 sit-down strikes in the US), then if there’s no revolutionary program, leadership or organisation to use the crisis to bring the masses to power, then either the bourgeoisie will grant some sops (FDR and the New Deal) or impose fascism (Italy, Germany, Spain). When acute crises occur, the effectiveness of bourgeois propaganda more often than not collapses of its own accord, without any need of ‘addressing’ of it.
    Which brings us to this gem: “Western Marxists talking about violent revolution when they can’t get 20 people at a protest are like a little boy talking about fighting supervillains when he can’t even tie his shoes. There won’t be revolution, violent or otherwise, while propaganda rules public consciousness.” Marxists, ‘Western’ or otherwise, will for the most part be small minorities. When their ideas do become popular is during a revolutionary situation brought on by an acute economic or social crisis, not during ‘normal’ times. The day revolutionaries attain a majority in key sectors of the working class is the day of revolution. It’s not that ‘propaganda rules public consciousness’, but the need for revolutionary propaganda to rule it. That won’t happen until there’s a revolutionary situation, and talking and debating revolution before such happens will actually prepare and arm erstwhile revolutionaries to lead the masses in carrying out a revolution. Otherwise, a failed revolution led by ingenues will be ‘rewarded’ with fascism. That’s how important even 20 people debating revolution is, because major, acute crises will come and so will revolutionary situations.
    Finally, everyone should be disabused of the current popular and thoroughly silly notion that all ‘propaganda’ is simply ‘lies’ promulgated to the masses to get them to think and act compliantly for the rulers. Propaganda, ie, revolutionary propaganda, can also consist of truths to get the masses to think and act non-compliantly to overthrow the rulers. Plekhanov, a pioneering Russian Marxist before he became a reformist, defined propaganda as conveying many ideas to few people, and agitation as conveying a few ideas to many people. Effective agitation for revolution won’t occur until many are open to its possibility because there is no alternative, while ‘talking about revolution’ can inform effective revolutionary propaganda that lays the groundwork for it. So let’s have more talk of revolution, not less, because, pleasingly, increasing numbers are beginning to realise that there’s no alternative.

    • Thank you for a very well reasoned and thoughtful comment. I have me own ideas, but I like reading something that has been well researched and well thought out.

  • Unfortunately, the United States is becoming increasingly lore like the CCP China and the founded on the ideals of enlightenment.
    China is a huge problem and growing worse by the day.
    Unfortunately because of the United States heavy investment in China, through it’s corporations, there will be very little the United States can do to reign in China’s newly proclaimed aggressive posture.
    The problem with the United States is it’s corporations, which have for all intents and purposes seized the government. The government that was supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people is now of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison, Elon Musk, these are the people that run the United States and they are all absolutely dependent on China for their wealth. Forget Joe Biden, he is just a puppet doing the bidding for the oligarchs.
    In order for the United States to have any influence in the world, it needs to first take back it’s government and begin reforming it into the democratic, federal, republic as was originally imagined by the founders of the republic, only this time where everyone is a member of the greater community of people in America with all the rights that everyone needs in order to be a productive member of this greater community.
    Then the United States needs to enforce tariffs against Chinese goods so that entrepreneurs in the United States have a chance of jump starting their businesses.
    Make no mistake, the United States needs to be completely reformed before it can ever, if it ever was, an inspiration for the world. But we the people that live within the borders of the United States have never accepted the the wholesale slaughter of people in the middle east, nor have we accepted the indefinite incarceration of Julian Assange. And I think it should be obvious that we the people of the United States have no better access to accurate data than the people in China. That has got to change.

    • First line should be:
      Unfortunately, the United States is becoming increasingly more like the CCP China and less like the ideals of enlightenment upon which it was founded. China has a big influence on the United States today that isn’t admitted by the MSM or people in government.

    • We got a Michel up above, and another below. The Michel’s Timothy and Belisle are trying to speak dogma seems to me.
      Resolution runs deeper.
      Remit payment to
      ~Pay up.

      • You need to read something other than Caitlin Johnstone’s posts. Dogma indeed.
        I should observe that you are one of the Caitlin Cult members.
        I did provide some reference material. If you were really interested you could have dug a little deeper yourself to find our whether what I said had any merit or not. But of course you don’t have time for that, your job is to smear anyone that disagrees with dear Caitlin.

    • The USA is a huge problem. It has half the world in its military and financial stranglehold. At least it may be weakening by the day.

      • China is bigger. The United States is a hollowed out country right now, so much so that China refers to the United States as a paper tiger.
        The people of the United States at least still have a belief in a representative democratic republic. The Chinese people are scarfed to death of Beijing and will do whatever the party degrees because, as most people from there that I know say, they don’t want to have any trouble.
        The people of the United States need to begin to rebuild their communities and learn to produce their own products again. The media in the United States has begun censoring content that is not flattering to China. Wall street sees China as the new big growth market and wishes to do whatever they can to gain the favor of China.

        • Much of the world is scared of the USA, and with good reason. Both China and the USA may trap other countries in debt, but it’s the latter that has a long record of bombing, invading, destabilising and mounting coups against others.

        • China will suppliant the U.S. in that regard in a way more far reaching than the U.S.
          We need to begin building back the idea of federations of local communities based on the principles of democracy and republic. We need local communities to flourish and to diversify so that we build back stability into the world’s ecosystems. We don’t need these monolithic governments that have a one size fits all policy for every community on the planet.

    • https://www.sagacicweb-dev.com/images/tmp/china-celebrates-100 copy.jpg

      What bothers me about Xi is that he says that no country will ever humiliate China ever again. That is all he emphasizes. He doesn’t talk about what China is going to do about mediating climate change, what China is going to do about the mountains of plastic accumulating in the oceans, or what China is going to about the dwindling fish supplies in the oceans, or how China is going to help their people learn to reingregrate with the biosphere. All he talks about is projecting Chinese pride around the world.

      • “Last year, I made the official announcement that China will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.”
        He could perhaps be more specific and more urgent, but then so could most world leaders.

      • Xi still needs to put a benevolent face on China until he sees China become the undisputed leader in the world, at which time all pretenses will be dropped.
        Xi would not say anything that would draw the world’s attention to any idea other than China is only looking to help the world live better.
        I listen to too many people from China, that are now living in the U.S., that are scared to death of an advancing CCP. Perhaps that disproportionately biases me.

  • Western “democracies” are increasingly disguised dictatorships where views contrary to elite views are increasingly censored outright. We have noticed this in particular since the start of the pandemic, but it was there before, in particular on delicate subjects such as 9/11 for example. The elite are protected by the police and intelligence agencies that the elite control; in short, all that we notice about our “democracies” is an elite at perpetual war against the people that it misinforms and continually abuses. There was a time when at least the elites saw themselves as part of the nation to which they belonged but this is no longer the case; it is decadence at its height, as in the days of Noah and the flood. The end of the world must be near. Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    • Keeping mine in mine as well Michel B.
      Very nice comment.
      The audacity of it all seems to be what has changed.
      No worries because we are watching, transcribing, copying, and collecting all the easy evidence. We have it already at a moments notice.
      We Know!

      • By the way, that is definition #2 on audacious.

      • “The audacity of it all seems to be what has changed.”

        True. Probably because each generation is worst than the generation before.

        A good article about what is happening:


        Keeping my Rosary on hand!

        • The Pope got the vaccine, and even called it an ethical obligation.

          • Well – is that God’s will?
            History makes me doubt it.
            Hang in there John Knox.

            • If you don’t think the Pope cares about God’s will, then why bother with the Rosary?

              • It gives me solace

                • I wonder if that’s the impression that Mr. Belise got.

            • You might expect a lot of people to tell you what you want to hear about having rosaries in their hands. Not me though, I never fed you any BS.

              • Oops- that was meant for Mr. Belisle!

        • Your mistaken.
          Each generation is better than the one before.
          It is called learning and you won’t learn it on the rosary.
          Say 43 hail Mary’s and then get back to me.

    • Disguised democracies are democracies for only the rich. All “democracies” are ruled by the rich including extant ancient aristocracies disguised behind the farce of elections, as if totally elitist controlled elections are proof that “democracy” exists. So the fascist meme, “democracy,” is pure propaganda because 80% of humans have no social or political power at all, and they live in “democracies.” “Democracy is a word used by political perverts who rape the mind of the commoner.

  • Let’s mix some narratives here:

    I hope you had a nice “ALL countries matter” day yesterday.

  • Celebrate independence day when we have been captured and crushed beneath the federal and state occupation force? Given our subjugated status, such celebrations are meaningless.

    Like other destroyed empires, our ruling caste has run this country into the ground. Our national drama club has produced a troupe of actors such as the quite insane Bush crime family, the Clinton crime family, the undocumented president w/his boyfriend/fake family, the murderous Jekyll and Hyde president and now we are treated to a drooling, pedo psychopath demanding our fealty.

    Sorry but I simply don’t see anything to support. The country I grew up in has been completely and totally subverted.

  • In a nation where independent ideas are either mocked, suppressed, censored, buried, outlawed or ‘removed’
    Independence Day is a farce.

  • capitalism is made by monarchs, and will always devolved back into monarchy, probably selected now & then by the plutocrats.

  • Whether I listen to left-wing media, right wing media, or even most independent media, the history of the USA is usually distorted. The campaign to destroy our understanding of history has always been about changing how we view ourselves, where we think we came from, and therefore where we believe we are headed.

    The USA was founded as a means of escaping the old decrepit oligarchical system of Europe, and it did succeed and change the course of history. Arguably, much of the ensuing history since 1776 has been an attempt to recapture the USA. Given the US’s economic and military strength, much of the strategy to achieve this was based on subversion, and getting the country to destroy itself. This has largely been orchestrated by the same old oligarchical interests that the US tried to break away from originally.

    There is a great documentary, The Spider’s web:


    Much of Wall Street is in many ways not American. It was cultivated as a financial center by the old imperial financial interests as a means of subduing and subverting the American system from within. This is how empires operate. They also seek to create local oligarchies. In reality, Wall Street was simply an extension of the City of London. The city of London remains the central node of control for finance, despite how things might appear.

    The American system is not the system of Adam Smith, nor was it modelled on the British economy. The American system was founded as a rejection of monetarism, typified by protectionism to foster its own industry and production, and the subordination of the monetary system to the promotion of the productive powers of labor, which as Hamilton, Lincoln, his economist Henry Carey said, are the fruits of the human mind.

    Now more than ever we should be challenging the false narratives of US history because the US should go back to its original intention and tradition. It’s that or a fascist technocracy. I think one of the biggest lies and campaigns by the oligarchical powers is the promotion of the idea that this is impossible, that the US cannot return to its original intent.

    And as the article below reminds us, the success of the American Revolution was only possible because of the help of France, Russia, and an international array of like-minded thinkers who DID have as their goal the establishment of sovereign republics all across the world, and to introduce that movement back into Europe.

    Again, arguably, much of the history since 1776 has been an attempt by the oligarchy to reverse the global effects of 1776 by rewriting history, introducing the cult of monetarism, and using globalization to gut the industrial power of advanced nations and bring everything under the control of a post-industrial Malthusian technocracy.


    • define monetarization…or ism. pls.

      • “Ism” should need no definition. What would be the point of it.
        Monetization depends on currency.
        What has currency is up for
        Debate in my humble

    • Adam Smith has been replaced by Winston Smith. Adam Smith was about getting the rentier classes out of power and eventually eliminated because they are parasitic and raise the costs of everything. Most people these days wouldn’t know what a rentier is.

    • “Arguably, much of the ensuing history since 1776 has been an attempt to recapture the USA. Given the US’s economic and military strength, much of the strategy to achieve this was based on subversion, and getting the country to destroy itself.”
      Well, I wasn’t around back then, but that is clearly the case today.

  • Well it’s all gone to hell now hasn’t it. Don’t bother turning to your filthy Bible either as all it did was teach one to turn the other cheek whilst being raped of everything. And the happy ending in the bible, Christ comes and guess what it’s just more communism. That’s right his a communist… give it ALL up while elites thrive says he. I burnt my bible as it belongs in a covern and not my home. And to the msm…don’t you dare cover or even mention the Georgia Guide Stones whilst blurting out the same cookie cutter crap spewed fourth on a daily basis for your puppet masters. Your ALL VILE to the extreme. While the bible was THEIR TOOL the HOLY SPIRIT is mine and is showing me the lies and deceit every day. Once the charade is seen it can never be unseen. As for the green new deal ECT, we’ll believe you when you stop the massive holes you put in the ground and the mass murder of every country that stands in the way of you stealing their wealth. Caitlin is right, and if one doesn’t feel for their fellow human anymore then take some time to think about the amazingly beautiful country side in Syria being bombed the FUK out of while all the lambs and goats were birthing. These psychopath elites care nothing about human, animal nor the beautiful earth. Nothing’s changed in hundreds of years…they still rape murder and steal, even amongst their own bloodlines. One thing has changed though and its us piss weak sloths including myself. To late now though the games over, we’re all finished much to the utter disgust of all of our ancestors. NOT including ones that were masons ECT…may they rot in hell for their hand in this.

  • RT indie media, really? There’s not a single week where they are not bullying the LGBT community just to start. You can say they are one the few ones where you can express your opinion there as writer or writing comments.

  • Caitlin, You are at the head of the class for writing and speaking truth, even with so many other excellent authors out there.

    The one topic I suggest more on is climate change. For the visually inclined, start here: https://www.sott.net/article/455031-SOTT-Earth-Changes-Summary-June-2021-Extreme-Weather-Planetary-Upheaval-Meteor-Fireballs

    Nature is delightfully democratic. One can follow Sott’s monthly summaries of Earth Changes for at least two years back.

  • The problem grasshopper is a flaw in the human genome. People are the only critters that believe stories and the more fantastical and absurd, the better. You could never talk a monkey into giving you her banana today for a promise of infinite bananas in monkey heaven after she dies. Monkeys aren’t that dumb, people are! Apparently, the way that works according to experiments a few years ago with MRI s is that when you are exposed to a charismatic personality; could be your parent, teachers, media etc.; your pre frontal cortex shuts down leaving you open to suggestion. I know it’s hard to admit that we Homo sapiens are a deeply flawed species but accepting and understanding how we are manipulated gives you some defense against the omnipresent mind control by the most clever psychology people and AI the world has ever known.

    • Indeed. If only it could be used for good.

  • The main problem of society is that most people love living in it because it’s pyramidal (nothing happens by chance). Most people love two things best: 1/ being told what to do, 2/ telling people what to do. They basically hate to have to think for themselves because the truth is so evanescent that looking for it gives you headaches.
    Now real power is arbitrary. You don’t have real power over someone if they can dispute its legitimacy because of laws, customs, democracy or whatever. You’ve got real power if you do something because it is your “good pleasure” like the absolute monarchs used to, seeing as they were inspired by God directly. They expressed their divine right to reign by repeating what God had told them about stuff in private. Because God doesn’t talk loud, a bit like Don Corleone in the Godfather. So that was the deal.
    Within the pyramid, you take your orders from the top dog (king, president, CEO…) saying “Yassa Massa, shall I lick your boots on top of it or will you be alright for now?”
    It’s called masochism. Then you turn around and take it on the guy below, from whom you expect the same submission. It’s called sadism. Masochism and sadism are inseparable and they’re the oil that greases the machine. Every morning, the top tier goes into the top dog’s den to take his arbitrary orders which they then reverberate in the same arbitrary way to the underdogs. “Because I say so!” (“or else” implied, bringing about images of human ressources attack dogs) is the one and only justification. The underdogs in turn have their own underdogs on whom they exert the same arbitrary powers. And they love to have an excuse to do it. In the 90s, it was smoking. Did people you didn’t even know delight in telling you to put out your fag! Powa! Since the moment you’d come out of your mother’s womb, you’d had the establishment cowboy telling you how smoking was good for you et al. You’ll be a Man, my son! In the 20’s, PR guru Edward Bernays had even turned women into smokers, to make money for Philip Morris, by telling them smoking would make them the equals of men, adding that the fag was their penis substitute – I’m asking you… And then, in the 90’s, because smoking had become a nuisance for a lot of folks, all that proselytism fell by the wayside. Western governments got themselves a good guys’ role in decreeing arbitrarily that cigarette makers could only, from now on, poison people in the Third World. Didn’t put it exactly like that but since the tobacco industry had to curb their sales in the First World but not in the Third one and likely had the same performance objectives, you can surmise they did their best to intensify their sales there. What ain’t good for my folks no more is now even better for thine, kinda stuff. But in the First World, you had campaigns explaining that you were putting other people’s lives at risk by smoking, you criminal. And the usual suspects (the enforcers, who had previously worked for Diocletian persecuting Christians, Justinian persecuting pagans, the Inquisition persecuting Moslems and Jews, McCarthy persecuting people who thought everybody on Earth deserved to get decent wages…) jumped on that bandwagon enthusiastically. Nowadays it’s the vax that, according to what you read and which day you read it, doesn’t protect you from anything, doesn’t protect anything from you or ensures you’ve got a less severe form of the disease – not clarifying whether death if you get the disease after being jabbed is considered a severe form of it or not. But sure enough, you’ve got jab freaks acting as the Second Coming of the Lord telling you what a fucking mass-murderer you are if you so much as sneer at the latest news (that I recently read in a Spanish newspaper) that 50% of the new Covid cases are people under 30. Just when they want to jab people under 30 – after telling us for months they were hardly at risk – because they’ve made just about as much dough as they ever will with the over 30 – the still non-vaccinated in that bunch being mass-murdering resistants. The above jaw-dropping coincidence is pushed by people who are clueless but are happy to have new establishment orders to enforce to wrap up their day slaving for the man. And of course helpless kids are a walk in the park (as any pedophile will tell you) even if vaccinating them with stuff only “authorized in emergency” – because its long-term side-effects are unforeseeable for lack of perspective – when they’re hardly at risk is nothing short of criminal. There’s money in it for the top dogs and power for the underdogs. This is why society is totally hopeless for the people who are not pyramid-minded – essentially artists and philosophers. The rest live in that pyramidal sado-masochistic environment like fish in the water. There are even very successful BDSM clubs all over the joint where decent people go and beat their contemporaries or get beaten by them with all kinds of hedonistic justifications. Our society couldn’t be more open about its sado-masochistic roots. Happy dependence day ! :o)

    • That was a fucking Awesome rant! Well Done!

      • Thanks :o)

  • Happy Independence Day in a place where a Bitcoin hedge fund Billionaire pays $44 million for an extravagant LA mega mansion while a short distance away 66,000 are homeless. It should be noted, many countries have extreme income and wealth inequality and billions suffer daily. A year of needless lockdowns caused 10,000 children to die each day worldwide from hunger. Many more children die from dysentery and not COVID. “Suffer the children” as they’re used as “pin cushions” for big pharma jabbed with toxic experimental gene therapy treatments. Young lives capriciously jeopardized for nothing.

    • They’re not pincushions, they’re human lives. Four million dead worldwide and counting. We can end it by being smart and listening to real doctors.

      • Here we go again……It’s a waste of time discussing this topic with a security state troll.

        • I agree.

          • “There’s evidence that the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is deleting reports of side effects, especially deaths related to COVID injection. So, not only does VAERS generally capture only 1% to 10% of side effects, but they also appear to be manually wiping out reports.”

            • Have you any evidence of VAERS deleting reported deaths from its database?

                • I notice you’ve cued that first three hour video to a specific time, and it doesn’t mention VAERS deleting reported deaths in the five minutes after. Maybe you cued it to the wrong time?
                  The second link isn’t to a video, but to a letter to the BMJ which also doesn’t mention VAERS deleting any reported deaths.
                  Your previous comment stated “There’s evidence that the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is deleting reports of side effects, especially deaths related to COVID injection,” but didn’t provide any such evidence, and the video you linked to didn’t even mention them.
                  Could it be you’re simply inventing this stuff about VAERS deleting reported deaths from its database? If not, how about showing us some of this supposed evidence?

                  • Don’t project nothing was cue’d. If you have the mental tenacity, listen to the “entire interview.” However, that could be difficut for a noncurious psuedo intellectual.

                    • Now you’re simply lying. It’s cued to t=7470s, or 2:04:30, as anyone who’s interested can easily verify. And the ensuing five minutes don’t even menton VAERS, let alone these deaths supposedly deleted from its database.
                      You’re just bullshitting again. If you had any evidence of these deleted death reports, you’d provide it.

                    • I’m ending this discussion, you’re nuts.

  • Do you think it is acceptable to be patriotic, love your country, culture and people while not agreeing with the politics and direction of the country. Should you ever feel guilt for your countries history that occurred before you were born. How many generations back should a people carry hate and discontent. Have we all become the Hatfields and McCoys.

    • interesting

    • I cut and paste this from my own site.
      Oh man, now I just remembered and I better blurt it out while its on my mind. So sometimes to make a country better you have to point out the flaws and express your outrage. You just want things to get better, so why could anyone have trouble with that? Maybe they like it the way it is now – but I’ll tell you this – I know better and they are wrong. Better learn be my advice.
      So yes, I do think that.

      • BEEKAAY
        Be busy with that rosary . . . 1000 hails to the mary for each one murdered by the usofa.

        Keepin’ it all on your own website would be deemed admirable

        • Oz – I can tell.
          U need help.

        • Here OZ, let me tell you. Don’t know about your oz, but I know about the oz in my imagination.
          Yellow brick road and all.
          Leave me alone you bully. Eff off.
          ~ I could say and do a hell lotvworse on you you hateful person who desired retroactive abortion on my ass. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
          What I could do is trace down your ass and spell it all out for you. Once and for all you curtain hiding fearful fool. Seriously – do you want me to get your ass?

  • “With a hand-shake, big-smile, good-guy profile
    Take it now or leave it ‘neath the flash
    Of a neon sky
    I’ll cheat and lie
    To give you all the things you need
    To help you get the things I need for me”
    – Ultravox, ‘Rise’

  • One question that many people ask with regards to the events of September 11, 2001 was why the United States Air Force went missing in action for over 90 minutes as four lumbering commercial jets traveled around United States of American airspace at will. Now with the death of Donald Rumsfeld, 88, the world may never know.
    Prior to the attacks of 9-11-01, a mosquito could not penetrate United States airspace over Washington, D.C. without being intercepted or swatted down.
    So what went wrong that fateful Tuesday morning?
    This interesting article can be read here:
    Was Donald Rumsfeld Guilty of “Dereliction of Duty” as Pentagon Chief on 9-11-01? by Robert Bridge

  • “Your dreams of revolution are so very, very far away right now you might as well be talking about magic…. Ultimately the problem is that mass-scale propaganda institutions are fully unified in their consent-manufacturing narratives while the rest of us are rabidly divided against each other.” Bingo! Once you grok these undeniable facts, you are left with the desperate hope that the Davos set will have a genuine change of heart and begin to move things top-down in a better direction. Right now, they’re talking about more humane and environmentally-sensitive forms of capitalism, which, if implemented, could pave the way for some form of eco-socialism, a further step which will likely become necessary to address ever-escalating ecocide. This hope that the Davos set will find “enlightenment” is indeed about as long a shot as can be imagined, but it’s our ONLY shot–which is why people like Caitlin IMHO should be talking directly and persistently with them instead of flipping them off. Ask yourself HONESTLY, would you rather have the group of Davos elites charting the course of our immediate future, OR the group of deeply divided people, often at each other’s throats, who comment on this blog? This will be my last comment here, so let me hasten to thank Caitlin for her courageous and creative work of speaking a good deal of truth, if not to power, then to us.

  • It is fashionable to hate and the comments run as expected. Self hate is self destructive and that is why the elites promote it. While this is immolation occurs, those who would rule the world and “own” each and every bit of it are colonizing the last frontier, the human body. Existing systems are a threat to that goal and need be destroyed. The hate is a manipulated construct. There is little in the history of any complex culture that is pure. Zinn simply flipped the coin, creating an opposing narrative that was no more true than its predecessor. Campbell stated that progress is the myth of our time and it is the machinations occurring within that overarching framework that serve to keep that ball rolling ever onward. It ends at the colonization of the human body and that final gasp of natural human existence is being approached.

  • My goddess! Every dang time I am drowning in fury over non-reportage on Julian’s amazing families all over the world speaking up, out, through the fogged-up bullshit stream, you articulate the theories and the on-the-ground scenarios! Beautifully. Your writing, Aaron Mate’s, John Pilger’s, Craig Murray’s are guiding me through how to cope with the abusive non-real crap spewed. Instead of the names of the fools and powerfully misguided asses of cruelty, Let’s amplify their/your pieces to share anywhere. I put so many of your nuggets into little framed watercolors on my walls to remind me that soulful, writing-kindness is helping to “take the garbage out.” Thank you! Funding as I can asap. Keep up the reports!

  • “That they were instead the tools of a selfish and self-centered elite does not minimize their personal sacrifices nor those of their families.”

    How many generations of “tools” does it take to verify this fact? Obviously, you are aware of it. What about the personal sacrifices made by those they murdered and enslaved due to lies?

    You can’t be a hero and a sucker at the same time. If any generation before would’ve had the guts to admit to it, we wouldn’t be on the verge of being completely turned upon by these same tools now.

    • Sorry, this was meant to address Guillermo’s comment.

    • United States Marine Corps Major General Stanley Butler did admit it in a previous generation, the generation which fought the 1914-18 war, in which Wilson stupidly intervened unnecessarily. Butler realized that US military adventures abroad merely supported the moneyed interests in the USA and were, in no sense, patriotic or in the defense of liberty. To no avail, as his legacy has all but been erased in the public consciousness.

      Read: https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.pdf

      • Yes, he was a sucker that became a hero. He also saved us from a coup when FDR was in office because the elite thought he was still their tool.

  • “How do you deal with all mass media outlets collaborating in unison to black out important stories?” You continue discovering, going to, and supporting indie media – in droves. From there, you continue spreading the ever-hidden truth – in droves. https://thegrayzone.com https://www.mintpressnews.com https://consortiumnews.com
    “People who’ve experienced [true] spiritual enlightenment talk about how they now see [that, from the very first level, if spirit is real, then atheism should be set aside].” https://seaclearly.com/2021/04/04/infallible-proofs-as-scribed

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.com
      The domain was originally administered by the United States Department of Defense, but is today operated by Verisign, and remains under ultimate jurisdiction of U.S. law. Verisign Registrations in the .com domain are processed via registrars accredited by ICANN.

    • You could start participating in independent media too.

      Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe_DQQ_Z3s

      I am on the left. Yesterdays show had a segment about the suppression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang

      Stories about Uyghurs in America are carefully crafted to prevent any outrage that could interfere with supply chains. America kisses Chinese oligarch ass.

      I’m thinking the FBI is scared shitless about independent media. Their control of the narrative is challenged. The FBI will have to use algorithms to keep track of everybody. Their workload could grow to more than they can manage.

      So participate! Get a You-Tube channel practice making a few videos with KDEN Live. Learn to stream it out with OBS studio.

      Help write a narrative worth living and be part of the solution.

      • https://youtu.be/pe_DQQ_Z3sc

        For some reason the previous link did not work.

      • The You-Tube channel is for practice. An established show will need another platform. I post the videos on my own website where I am NOBODYs’ bitch.

        This way if the Tube blocks a video (as happened two weeks ago) you are not dead in the water

  • {Western Marxists talking about violent revolution when they can’t get 20 people at a protest are like a little boy talking about fighting supervillains when he can’t even tie his shoes. There won’t be revolution, violent or otherwise, while propaganda rules public consciousness.}

    Seriously! Why would you attempt to lump all socialist together in one group as supporting a violent revolution? And then claim they can’t get even 20 people at a protest. I guess you never heard of the Socialist Equality Party related to the World Socialist Web Site. Who have never espoused a violent revolution. Who also have a history of helping workers organize protest against bad working conditions and corrupt union deals with companies.

    Please don’t mistake us for the fake socialist Democratic Socialist of America who work for the democratic party. Who were called out for their sick support of the murder of Trotsky and sick twitter raged example of a grotesque response for calling AOC out for her support of Biden.


    We can’t reach a point of change when people keep like you keep espousing we don’t have a chance. What’s your purpose for doing this then if you don’t think change can be achieved? Your work becomes futile and contradictory. If you don’t put your work behind someone to support its useless. And right now the SEP is the best thing going for us. You’re just another entity working against us while raging at us.

  • Happy Independence Day to a country founded by wealthy landed gentry who fought a war for independence to avoid paying taxes and devolved overtime into a monopolistic monster supported by Wall Street and the security state permitting oligarchs the “modern landed gentry” to pay NO taxes.

    • Thank you King James the First for legitimising collonialism.

  • “Ultimately the problem is that mass-scale propaganda institutions are fully unified in their consent-manufacturing narratives while the rest of us are rabidly divided against each other.”
    Yes. That, and their rabid division narratives.
    Pouring fuel on every fire, and fanning the flames constantly.

  • What does it mean to me July 4?

  • Despite trying very hard not to become one, I now find myself a nihilist. There is nothing meaningful left in this world, it has all been destroyed by the oligarchs. The solice people used to find in religion or belief/political systems has evaporated. Being so-called “welll informed” is now impossible, as we have no idea about the things we will never be informed about. The upshot of this all is that we do now face an existential threat from which there is no way out. Besides the threat of global conflict stirred up by facists, we have heat domes in NW Pacific, torrential rain falls in Europe, no artic ice, Greenland and Serbia melting and buildings collapsing. Surfside is an analogy of our ills; we didn’t fix something we were told was broken.
    I don’t give “civilisation” much longer than two decades before it sinks in societal collapse and barbarism, so celebrating “Independence” is a meaningless excuse for a beer and a barbeque.

    • I give you no sympathy.

      You seem to be all right with things as they are.

      Asserting that there is nothing meaningful left in the world is weak, deluded and self-serving. Some people are so passionate about issues they would die for them.

      You sit in a corner waiting to be told what to do.

      If you had ever been hungry in your life, even once, you would already know what to do.

      • I have fought more battles than you would even know existed and I am now exhausted. I don’t seek sympathy, just stating the facts that we face extinction and before that the western institutions will fail on all levels. No-one tells me what to do, I work with the soil to try and reconnect with Gaia and my community. If more of us did that there might be hope.

        • Well, all right then.

    • “I like beer,” Said Justice Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing. That is one thing I can agree on with him. Beer is good. I do not need a meaningless holiday to have a beer. I’ll make my own damned holidays.

  • “He has erected a multitude of offices, and sent forth a swarm of officers, to harass our people and eat out their substance”
    One of several complaints filed against King George in the Declaration of Independence.
    I have never read a more accurate description of the current US Federal government. So many officers and so much harassment, we have little time to consider anything else. Which might at least partially explain the apparent apathy.

  • “Westerners have always been far more savage and brutish than any of the populations around the world they’ve ever set out to “civilize”, and that remains the case to this day. Only reason this isn’t clear to us all is our school books were written by westerners.”

    Some well-read Americans may know of some of the atrocious actions of the Spanish and Portuguese in the “New World” because it has been important to demonize them while ramping up for the Spanish-American War (1898) and because of opposition to Franco in Spain in the mid-XXth Century, and because the USA oligarchs have some need to have working class whites look down on Spanish-speaking residents and immigrants to the United States.

    But for more details of the supposed civilized behaviour of colonizers, for example, this extensive account of the Belgian colonization in the Congo: King Leopold’s Ghost. The author also notes that while the book considers the Belgian’s actions in the Congo, the French colonies in equatorial Africa were no better. Nor the British, Germans, Italians and Dutch, either.

  • A 4th of July reality check:
    The 4th of July, a holiday which probably should have been held on the 2nd (the Declaration was published on the 4th but signing was, as I understand, completed on the 2nd) is one celebrating aspirations never realized. It did not create one sovereign state but thirteen, free and independent, in a “confederation” similar to that briefly founded 85 years later, a sort of temporary alliance plus. The signatories, designated by posterity as founding fathers, were hypocritical, querulous and imperfect men, prone to backstabbing and corruption in their “continental” congress. The “United States” that evolved from that imperfect union was something unforeseen but became, for a time, a symbol of hope for downtrodden masses everywhere, one for which many, too many men and many women willingly gave their lives and surrendered their future; sacrifices meant to preserve and expand what they saw as a “shining beacon on a hill” in the belief that they were fighting for freedom, liberty, equity and justice. That they were instead the tools of a selfish and self-centered elite does not minimize their personal sacrifices nor those of their families. It is the former’s vision, not that of the founding fathers or of today’s polarizing political leaders, which we should celebrate on this date. If only we had a realistic means of attaining it.

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