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If you are reading this, it’s likely the result of a long and ongoing process where at some point you got very curious about what’s going on in the world and managed to punch through the fog of mass media psyops with a mixture of research, logic, and insight. But the fact that you had to do this means everyone is being constantly psychologically assaulted at mass scale by very powerful people.

You never signed up for this. None of us ever signed up to have our minds pummelled with continuous plutocratic psyops working to manipulate the way we perceive reality. This is an unprovoked act of aggression against us all, and a violation of our personal sovereignty.

Mass media, think tanks, NGOs, algorithm manipulation, social media censorship, the entire education system: all the systems which we’ve been conditioned to look to to figure out what’s going on in the world are just indoctrination programs disguised as information and education. It is disgusting, and it is abusive.

As long as the wealthy and powerful are manipulating the way we think, act and vote at mass scale, they’re going to keep enacting their psychopathic will upon the world. We’re going to have to find a way to wake up from the blanket of perception management they’ve laid over our species, or we will go the way of the dinosaur.

Luckily, we already have our answer on how to do that in everything we know about our species already. The only thing that ever leads to positive changes in human behavior is an expansion of consciousness.

Any time you see a positive change in human behavior, the underlying point of influence in that shift will always be an increase in awareness. This is true whether you’re talking about the behavior of an individual human, or humanity as a whole, or any collective grouping within those two extremes. Much like a physical law, this is a constant principle of human life in this world.

When someone with an anger problem experiences a healthy change in their relationship with that emotion, it will always be because they became more conscious of the mental and emotional processes within them, either by therapy, introspection, reading a self-help book, or some combination of factors. Because they got conscious of what’s going on inside themselves, they are no longer passive passengers in the matter of when and how their anger manifests, but an active participant in it.

When a society decides that racism is a destructive and unjust feature of society, it will always be the result of a concerted effort to bring awareness to that injustice and destructiveness. Because activists worked hard to bring awareness to the abusive and undesirable nature of slavery, apartheid, prejudice, etc, desirable changes in the collective relationship with those abusive elements took place. Still plenty of work to do, but change has definitely happened, and it happened because of an increase in awareness.

Positive behavioral changes can of course be the result of improved material conditions like the elimination of poverty in a certain area, but that movement to eliminate poverty was always itself ultimately the result of someone or a group of someones becoming aware of better systems for improving people’s material conditions and of how to put those systems into effect. There would also need to be an increase in awareness of the torturous nature of poverty.

Now, think about that process mentioned earlier where you began educating yourself about what’s going on in the world. What was that apart from an expansion of awareness? You didn’t used to be aware of the true nature of government, war, propaganda, empire building and oligarchy, but now you are. This led to a positive change in that you are now able to make truth-based thoughts, speech and actions in the world you live in.

If this can happen individually, it can happen collectively as well. People can collectively move into a truth-based way of acting on this earth, and make positive changes accordingly. We can become collectively aware of abusive government and oligarchic systems of rule, and replace them with healthy systems of organization. We can become collectively aware of the ecocidal nature of predatory capitalism, and move into a collaborative relationship with our ecosystem. We can become collectively aware of the self-defeating nature of competition-based social models, and create systems in which people around the world collaborate for the good of the whole rather than competing with each other as individuals, corporations and countries.

This is a very simple principle: the more awareness there is, the more harmony there will be. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The deck is stacked very aggressively against the collective expansion of consciousness. Government secrecy, propaganda, and systematic indoctrination from early childhood are all carefully engineered by the ruling class to ensure the continuation of their rule.

All we can do in response to this is help spread awareness as much as we can. Right now the number of people who understand what’s going on is very small, and the powerful aim to keep it that way; that’s why internet censorship campaigns are ramping up like never before and critical natsec journalism is being aggressively attacked. But if we can be very clever and spread truthful information in a way that helps wake up even one person to what’s really going on, our numbers grow by that much, and then that’s one more person you have working to awaken the world.

It’s not at all impossible to get an explosion of collective consciousness happening in such a scenario. Not easy. But certainly not impossible.

So the answer to the ever-present question “What can we do?” is, spread awareness. Spread awareness outwardly in the world in whatever fun and creative ways you can, and spread awareness inwardly to your own psychological processes as well, since that’s part of the network of humanity we’re trying to bring into consciousness.

The expansion of consciousness can occur to a limitless extent inwardly, up to and including the never-ending journey of spiritual enlightenment, and it can happen to a limitless extent outwardly, up to and including a peaceful and harmonious world in which we collaborate with each other and with our ecosystem for the good of everyone.

This absolutely can happen, and the first step is spread awareness. After that, the next step is spread awareness. This also will be the step after that, and the step after that, and, if we ever find our way home, it will be the final step as well.

Do everything you can to expand consciousness, in yourself and in the world, and you cannot help but move humanity toward health.


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100 responses to “Consciousness And Dysfunction Cannot Coexist”

  1. Life in our society is like the movie The Matrix, except instead of AI keeping us asleep in an illusory world, it’s psychopathic oligarchs. And instead of code, it’s narrative.( …) This is so good! Unfortunately, human beings, as a species, think in terms of “narratives”, aka “stories”. Remember when you were a kid? Since we never really grow up– as a “self-domesticated’, “neotenous” species, we retain this preference for “stories”, that encapsulate reality. That, at least, was how we evolved 35,000 years ago. Climate change and a new ecology brought the neolithic revolution and tribal communities, with higher density living, hierarchical societies, sexual and social inequality, and finally “civilization”. All civilizations depend on “narrative”–mythologies that rationalize inequality, violence and the like. And all civilizations fail in less than a few centuries. We are seeing that today. AI and the ‘net have the capacity of “leveling” and what you might call “distributed” communities, “glocalized” worldwide, “bottom-up” rather than “top-down” thinking — and therefore NEW narratives. I have published books on this and numerous articles, if you are interested. At

  2. Love the philosophical edge in these, including the media analysis–things that have been missing from current events sorts of writing in general for as long as I remember.

  3. Awareness, and an open mind. Yet, the majority of the population, at least here in NY, has become so corrupted and infiltrated with this brutal mental sickness of corruption and hatred, that they are now unleashing this assaultive drive publicly. I believe they are beyond hope for ever seeing any other way. Some very aware people are asserting that those who took the jab, which contains very sophisticated toxic nano technology, has turned them into robotic zombies.You can’t reason with them!

    I am not very optimistic these days, that we can turn things around. By going down that rabbit hole of inquiry into the nature of this de-population agenda by these Billionaire psychopaths, I have become quite nauseated about the whole thing. There is a tremendous agenda underway by my country’s corrupt officials to terrorize and torture “undesirables.” The Biden admin now blames the unvaccinated as “Killers” in such a twisted scheme, that I am at a loss for words. And this illogical sick narrative is being taught to the young, who are currently taking to the streets to commit heinous acts of violence. Packs of these Nazi youths, numbering in the 100’s are attacking innocent people, out walking their dogs or just minding their own business. We are at War here in the States. It is an intellectual war of awareness. But most of the “woke normies” who are asleep at the wheel have absolutely no idea!

    1. I hear you. I’ve lived in a big city and have friends in NYC and a few other cities, and they all report much the same as you do. It’s why I’m glad I live in a very rural area now, and seldom if ever desire to venture into the metropolis for anything. I miss good theater, art museums, concerts classical and rock, but at least I can see far horizons, anticipate weather fluctuations (including signs of climate collapse), and enjoy what peace and sanity that still obtains on this fractured planet.

  4. Big techs have so much power. I think I can name it as the Holy Inquisition of the Big Techs hunting and tracking down wizards and witches resisting to be converted to the US empire.

  5. Now I will prove how wrong the expert scientist have been.
    The funniest thing about this proof is that the peasants already proved it.
    They know, they can tell when the gubment if feeding them lies….why else would so many make the choice they have made? So now, while I got this moment to express my view, let me say I won’t judge you if you choose not to get vaccinated against the Covid. Hells-Bells, I’ve already had it a time or two. It seemed like a common cold to me. Your experience might be different, but it is high time we ignore all the purveyors of fear. High time we ignore them. Can you agree with that? If so, I have some other ideas you might appreciate because I only talk to those who are not afraid.
    If you are afraid, then get ready for retribution cause you get what you give and if you have been giving it for so long it is all you know and that means you must be full of fear and if you are I don’t blame you cause you get what you give. Sorry you were born that way – maybe there is still time to change your mind.
    Time is running short, so change your mind soon if you realize we all are equal, but if that is impossible for you to consider, then see you later. Good riddance to you.
    The prediction for next year is a certain percentage will die from influenza and a certain percentage will succumb to the Covid, but most will survive. Get out into to the sunshine and get your bloodflow going if you want to be healthy. Don’t be afraid if you want to live another day.
    As stated at this moment in time……72621 1830 pm est u s of a

    1. I did not get any covid neither influenza in the last 3 years. I decided to take the Pfizer shot. I ended up at the ER. My heart didn’t react well. The doctor said I should avoid the second shot to not risk a stronger collateral effect. I thought I was strong but looks like my body says different. Anyways, I had to try just to see what was that about. Not going to have anymore covid shots. I don’t care about not having to go traveling, events. I don’t have money anyways to spend in such things. About the people and their fears, I could not give any jack-shit less than I already have not given to all of them before.

      1. I haven’t had a cold for 5 years and haven’t seen a doctor for 28 years. Ain’t gonna put some shit in my system that’s sound so far. A friend of mine was operated of a kidney. She had no pain. I said: “Why take a chance when you have no pain?” To make a long story short, they forgot a gauze in her belly after operating her and she suffered martyrdom for a whole month. If you’re safe and sound, why take chances especially against a virus that has killed 0,04% of the world population so far, this being measured with officially inadequate tools that spews false positives like mad and don’t ditinguish between RNA viruses beyond 30 cycle? This smells so fishy I have to wear a mask permanently :o)

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The expansion of consciousness can occur to a limitless extent inwardly, up to and including the never-ending journey of spiritual enlightenment, and it can happen to a limitless extent outwardly… for the good of everyone.”
    Some in the animal kingdom love to fly and soar high into the heavens.
    Others in the animal kingdom prefer to wallow in fields littered with dirt and garbage and their own waste products.
    Some in the animal kingdom have vision so sharp they can spot a worm from hundreds of feet in the air.
    Others in the animal kingdom won’t see the Great Forest right in front of their eyes as they stare forward with blank looks of empty deadness looking right past the trees and into their conjured world of void.
    So it is with the animals called humans. You can see limitless horizons and achieve the greatest of journeys and victories. Or you can just be… nothing. It’s all in what YOU TELL YOURSELF you are and want to be.
    Apparently, a great many people prefer to be … nothings. From a divine point of view, we know they are not actually ‘nothings’ but valuable souls. But.. They ARE ‘nothings’ if THEY SO CHOOSE TO BE SO.
    There is a grand battle today of two opposing ways of Life Mission. Many people are trying to live the ‘right way’. And a great many others are choosing to life as if they were… nothing.
    And both sides seem quite happy with their decision.

    1. Uh, basically disagree.
      The concept of consciousness is one that has been created by home sapiens is it not. I think it is, and I think by virtue of that, we are just a bit different than the rest of the creatures in the family of creatures of which we are but one.
      Now, we know we are a creature, but we have created the concept of consciousness in our collective minds, so that suggests we have a sense of the bigger picture. Only question left in my mind is whether we will have this sense individually or collectively. Seems being we all collectively understand consciousness that we basically have the sense collectively, but I reckon this can be tricky for some.
      God knows I pray it is collective.
      Roundball Shaman, I’m gonna give you an old drink from the west. It is called California Gold and it consists of moonshine from NC coupled with some sweet lime form central California – then you put a few figs in there and break them up and lastly you add some sweet pistachio just off the tree – if you are crazy you can through in some Avocado, but I advise against that. If you want something else, just let me know, cause we are sitting here at the table of peace in my imagination.
      Just remember we are all created equally.

      1. home sapiens for eff sake
        Judge all you want but wear the shoe of the one your judging and then maybe judge again if you can admit you made a mistake!
        Judge that.
        Article V is calling out to so many and I heard some nearby crows today….I think they agree, but I plan on finding out for sure.
        Not effing around….serious business!

    2. I’m not an English teacher but I’m not sure if that paragraph you chose to write about really mean what you say or if it will lead to your conclusion.
      I need more time to reflect.
      I hope I’ll not end up like a random protagonist thinking I was climbing a mountain and at the end it was nothing. I hope you can help me or forgive me.

  7. Rabbit hole poem of the day:
    there shall be no poem today

  8. I’m not sure I can agree with the title of this article.
    In the rabbit hole, there is a lot of consciousness, but dysfunction is there as well.
    If you get out of the hole, you appreciate the consciousness, but you can’t forget the dysfunction.
    So, I think both can happen in anybody’s mind for moments…..but then the moments end and you either pick one or the other until you head back down to the rabbit hole again….assuming you live. I’d advise avoidance of the rabbit hole, but sometimes it helps to let your mind wander.
    Other than that, my favorite sentence in the article was the following:
    If this can happen individually, it can happen collectively as well.
    I can’t argue with that.

    1. You are right about the title and how do you see both possibilities but the message in the text is clear for everyone. My favorite part about your comments is that you don’t pretend to be what you are not. That’s the preciosity in your thoughts wondering about delusions and lucidity.

      1. East Wizard
        Your image has changed.
        Or am I dreaming?
        ps – of course there is another chair at the table, but get ready for some serious discourse – many are going to have their feelings hurt, but sleep on it and think about it and then decide how to respond. May the best ideas win!

        1. You are not dreaming, it has changed. Different vpn servers can do that.
          I’m already taking a nap (laughing)

          1. Hey – why did your vpn server change?

          2. OK, if you napping, then good for you. I’ll try to answer the question on my own – on the fly.
            I’m thinking a “VPN” server is the one close by. If you move around and get some coffee or do this and do that, then you will be connected to another server.
            With that said, my experience has been as long as you use the same “email address” the image remains. So, I don’t think it was a server thing East Wizard, I think you might have used a different email address.
            Nonetheless, you must know, as a man of reason, it makes you a tad suspect when your image changes. How do we really know it is you – and changes images increases that sentiment.
            Just a little friendly rabbit hole conversation with you here now…..Oh, hold on.
            Sorry – got to end this conversation for the moment – something needs attending. Later…..wizard…..
            The time is: 72621 1449 est us . of a

            1. Omg, where is that crazy bat! It’s me. (laughing)

              1. Was the other one you as well?

                  1. Is that a yes?
                    If so, provide more detail.
                    If not,
                    then I know.
                    I’m serious. You change your image, ten you are suspect in a way.
                    Probably no big deal, but really,
                    ofttimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference.

              2. That is a serious question.+
                I thought you were taking a nap?

                1. Sorry, going off now.

      2. ps – just did me a Ctrl-P.
        pdf file for the sake of posterity.
        I’ve copied most of the articles here and that way, when I want to quote something if I’m publishing my own print periodical, I will have the record. Just regular ole common sense.
        When Poncho Villa saw my crippled great grand daddy and his son who was born in Cripple Creek, I think he knew he came to a good store for business. One that was fair.
        Now I think Patten actually made his presence felt in what is not called “New Mexico”, but I’m pretty sure my great granddaddy’s candy store was in Arizona. I reckon ole Poncho Villa got around as necessary.
        Watched the Outlaw Jose Wales last night – one of the few movies I enjoy time and time again.
        Peace is easy!

  9. Eventually the ” flim – flam ” ceases to work on everybody!
    What’s more, they want their country back — a land of free speech, fair play, and settled principle, like the right to a speedy trial. And here’s something else to consider, Sam and Eric: if the regime that you support goes a step further, as is looking more likely day by day, and if it moves to make these mRNA vaccines mandatory, it is going to pull the pin that detonates a national grenade. And when that happens, you and your Woke-Jacobin confederates will be on the run for a change, worrying about your own cancellation and whether, perhaps, it will get a fair hearing. You have the right to hope so.
    This fine article can be read here:
    In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly by James Howard Kuntsler!

    1. Can someone explain why RNA vaccines are supposedly so much worse than DNA vaccines?

      1. I don’t know about that, but this whole pandemic fiasco and threat of forced vaccinations moved me to research Germ Theory.

        Louis Pasteur Vs Antoine Béchamp and The Germ
        Theory of Disease Causation – 1

        Béchamp makes a lot of sense.

        1. Another take on Béchamp:

          (Don’t be too put off by the title; it has some good things to say about his ideas.)

          1. Oh, so you didn’t take my advice…oh well, I’ll still check it out.
            No nap for Ian?
            Your choice of course.

          2. I checked it out.
            The article was worth reading.
            Symbiosis is a topic worth discussing.
            Ian – I think you need some rest.
            I know I do.
            I’m gonna take a long nap one day.
            I can’t wait for that!
            Take the chair if you want it, but remember, at the table it is give and take. The conversation is uncertain and the outcome is unknown. I can live with that and I can die with that as well.
            I just want some talking at the table.
            Good Night Ian – if you ain’t gonna sleep that is your choice, but need some rest.

            1. We all need rest from the busy day.
              Consider this symbiotic relationship……you open your eyes and then you close them. You have a dream and then you forget it. You live one day and then you live the next.
              Better when we do it together.
              I’m going to take a nap.

      2. I don’t know about that but I know they’re going to abandon PCR testing at the end of the year because they implicitly admit that 1/ it spews false positives like a fire hose and 2/ it doesn’t really differentiate between (alleged) Covid and influenza:
        If their approach to the vaccine has been as serious as their approach to the diagnosis of the (alleged) pandemic, it really makes you feel confident to shove that “experimental” stuff “authorized for emergency use only” into your system, doesn’t it? :o)

        1. That ZeroHedge piece doesn’t back up your ‘2/ it doesn’t really differentiate between (alleged) Covid and influenza’.
          It does quote from the CDC –

          “CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season.”
          Saving time and resources doesn’t mean the current test confuses the two. It’d be hard to imagine how RT-PCR might do that anyway, as they’re such different viruses.

          1. And ‘flu is predicted to make a comeback this year as countries come out of lockdowns, abandon masks and social distancing, and so on.

            1. Oh for sure, it is worth it. Lets not have any interaction so as to avoid the flu.
              I reckon you are clueless about what Bechamp was putting forth.
              Ian, time and time again, you prove yourself to be wrong. How many times to you get to escape the outcome of being wrong.
              If you were being facetious, then maybe I missed it, but I don’t think you were, so this why you get no invite.
              Still, I’ll give you a drink – straight up moonshine whiskey for you Ian – you’ll be taking a nap after you drink this.
              Honestly, prove me wrong, did I get you sentiment incorrect or do you really think we all need to wear masks?
              If you think this, then let me tell you, you are my enemy and I’m not alone. I’m effing sick of masks and they cause an increase of CO2 concentration in one’s breath and it concerns me children and other innocent folks are suffering from elevated CO2 levels due to a fake virus of fear.
              At some point in time, some of us are going to say enough is enough and I’m thinking, I reckon, this point it times was reached yesterday or the day before.
              Take a nap Ian for your own sake.

              1. As we cease wearing masks, ‘flu is likely to make a comeback.

                1. In no way the same as thinking we should continue with masks and so on indefinitely.

                2. Thanks for proving mypoint Ian. Go to bed .Sleep.
                  Why deny to obvious Ian. Dream this .

        2. The reality is a bunch of “bad” scientist have gotten hold of gubments throughout the lands.
          Suggest a serious deficiency of wisdom.
          When science is compromise, the curve goes exponential.
          Welcome to 2021. It is a good year to mean as hell is what I think.
          But shit, I’m just a scientist who wants the real results, and I say this, even if you think I’m some effing country bumpkin. If I am, you can rest assured on this – I’m a pissed off one.
          Justified Retribution.\
          How about Ireland reconnects first, and then after that, the rest of realize, time for some new boundaries. How about them apples.
          A penny a piece.

        3. By the way, if we ever get to the real numbers, and I doubt we will, it will be most evident, many died of influenza in 2020 and it wasn’t the effing common cold Covid bullshit.
          Obvious as 2.

          1. ‘Comparison Between Influenza and COVID-19 at a Tertiary Care Center’

            COVID-19 resulted in not only a marked increase in the number of mechanically ventilated
            patients in a short period of time but also a longer median duration of mechanical ventilation within this population. Specifically, 174 patients required mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 with a median duration on the ventilator of 14 days. In contrast, the combined seasons of influenza only resulted in 84 mechanically ventilated patients for a median duration of 3 days. This combination illustrates both the acute severity of disease and the prolonged nature of the respiratory failure that occurs in COVID-19 compared to influenza.
            COVID-19 caused a substantial number of patients without major comorbid disease to require mechanical ventilation (44 people in 2 months). In contrast, influenza rarely led to
            mechanical ventilation in patients without underlying comorbidities (3 people over five seasons). In this specific subgroup, five patients with COVID-19 died in the two-month period compared to one with influenza over five years. Pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome were the predominant causes of mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 (94%), whereas this was not the case for influenza (55%). With influenza, the need for mechanical ventilation often developed as a result of exacerbation of a pre-existing health condition such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which did not occur in COVID-19.

            1. You are full of shit Ian you fucking punk!
              Is there any way I can be more clear than that or do I need to send a shock your way?
              Answer that at your own peril you full of of shit pain in the ass pompous youth who should of taken a nap.
              Now you know Ian and the choice is up to you.
              I hope you make a choice that is symbiotic.

              1. I take it you think ‘flu often puts people on ventilators for a fortnight.

        4. Ian—

          “[Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR] noted how PCR tests can be amplified so much as to make them unreliable for diagnostic testing: ‘With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody. Because if you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there’s just very few molecules that you don’t have at least one single one of them in your body. So that could be thought of as a misuse of it, just to claim that it’s meaningful.’ …
          … Mullins has been vindicated by a group of 22 international scientists, called the International Consortium of Scientists in Life Sciences (ICSLS), who have identified “ten fatal problems” with the Corman-Drosten (CD) paper which was used back in January 2020 to promote PCR tests as the diagnostic tool for COVID-19. Each of the flaws is enough to render the test “useless as a specific diagnostic tool to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” and the group points to the “worldwide misdiagnosis of infections,” which have resulted from PCR tests for COVID-19.
          As Mullis noted himself, the ICSLS observed that PCR tests are unable to distinguish between “the whole virus and viral fragments,” meaning that a so-called positive test, as mentioned in the CD paper, cannot determine if one is infected with the virus, but “merely indicates the presence of viral RNA molecules.”
          Once again, as Mullis had mentioned, the group said that PCR tests can be amplified to a level which renders the results “completely unreliable,” and echoed Mullis’s very words — “amplified PCR products can be anything.”…
          …“Tests with thresholds so high may detect not just live virus but also genetic fragments, leftovers from infection that pose no particular risk – akin to finding a hair in a room long after a person has left,” one doctor argued,

          According to Mullis himself, PCR cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”

          In the US, we have all but abandoned classical diagnostic medicine in favor of biotech, or lab result medicine. This has been going on for a long time and is a dangerous turning. The “Corona test” is named with characteristic tech-tedium: “CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” That means it is a needle in a DNA haystack test. A PCR test.
          It finds fragments, nucleic acids. From an email from Kary Mullis, to the widow of boxer Tommy Morrison, whose career and life were destroyed by an “HIV test,” and who litigated ferociously for years, against test manufacturers, Dr. Mullis wrote, on May 7, 2013:
          “PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment. “
          If things were done right, “infection” would be a far cry from a positive PCR test.
          “You have to have a whopping amount of any organism to cause symptoms. Huge amounts of it,” Dr. David Rasnick, bio-chemist, protease developer, and former founder of an EM lab called Viral Forensics told me. “You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a PRC test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine.”

        5. Ian—

          Masks are neither effective nor safe.
          They are actually counterproductive to good health and your immune system. They didn’t stop the flu just like they don’t stop any other respiratory infections.

        6. Pascal—
          Right,, the PCR isn’t really a “test” for any particular virus.
          I’ve come to think perhaps a virus was cooked up and released here and there that is akin to a nasty flu—something that can and does kill vulnerable people. And maybe said bug isn’t of the type that spreads easily like wildfire. And this bug is’s not as if we are in the Middle Ages facing some sort of plague with this thing.
          I think too, perhaps, through use of the PCR scam, a variety of common colds, flus, and just plain “nothings” all got counted as Covid “cases” to “produce” a “scamdemic.”
          And of course deaths “by Covid” were “inflated” as well.
          Throw in the “asymptomatic spread” bullshit and…
          …we get a lot of confusion.
          They have a controllable nasty bug that doctors have to grapple with and which points to “danger” and produces “fear.”
          They have a lot of bullshit “cases” so they can cry “pandemic.”
          And they use confusion, fear, and bullshit “asymptomatic spread” to “justify” harsh social controls.
          But of course I don’t know. What do you think?

          1. I couldn’t agree more! They passed as flu all they could (e.g. Dr Birx). PCR only chases RNA which is common to both alleged Covid and flu (and even measles). And before resorting to vaccines, you normally develop treatment. Their war on hydroxychloroquine (see Dr Raoult) and Ivermectin is evidence that they wanted to maintain an “emergency” so that their crap could benefit of an “authorization for emergency use”, which is why the Indian Bar Association is sueing the WHO Chief Scientist and she risks the death penalty. The rest is literature.

  10. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    For some reason Caitlin your article reminds me of an old episode of the twilight zone. In a tyrannical society all executions are televised. You choose your mode of execution and are given a last request. The condemned man requests to speak to the supreme leader in person. When he has him in his room, he tells him the mode of execution is a bomb set to go off soon and he controls the lock to the room. What follows is a discourse on why the state is supreme and nothing else matters. The man refutes this. He tells the supreme leader he will open the door if he admits the state is not supreme. The leader admits there is a power greater than the state by saying For the love of God release me, just before the bomb explodes and escapes only to face his own execution at the end. Tyranny. Tyranny by the state. Nothing is worse, it is the ultimate evil.

  11. Caity, where do you categorize those who are not full blown psychopaths but who become aware and conscious but just don’t care. I’m taking about those who made a well above average income prior to consciousness and are unwilling to risk losing it. They may be more aware of the truth, but are unwilling to be ‘the one’ to do or say anything about it.
    Furthermore, if we leave out the income consideration, I’d say that is an apt description for the majority of working Americans. /they just want to live heir own lives and leave the ‘fixing’ to somebody else. It’s usually only when they hit rock bottom and have little or nothing to lose that most Americans stand up to be counted. If a world-wide pandemic and all sorts of climate and infrastructure calamities couldn’t motivate the majority, clearly awareness/consciousness alone is not the answer.

  12. “The expansion of consciousness can occur to a limitless extent inwardly, up to and including the never-ending journey of spiritual enlightenment.”
    Moreover, a path of true “enlightenment” can only be fulfilled if reached through, first, finally accepting a critical point of “awareness”: spirit is real. With the realm of spirit then being embraced, one can begin to move forward toward realization that the spectrum is only possible with (an ordered and overseeing) God. Without, there would be no “harmony” – since the scattered spirits would forever roam, consciously and constantly seeking, but never ultimately reaching.

  13. On a funny note, I remember saying just that to my father one morning, fifty years ago, while he was having a quick cup of coffee before going to work in a “Death of a Salesman” kind of encounter in the kitchen. It was at the height of the flower power, when the Beatles were following Maharishi Mahesh and everybody (well almost :o) was doing transcendental meditation. My father said: “And how exactly are you fixing to expand this so.called awareness?” I said well, each time we young boomers talk about it to some of you old farts, they become aware and that’s the way everyone will ultimately get the message. My father was a sceptic of the materialistic garden variety. He said: “Well I. for one, have never come across anyone trying to convince me of that kinda shit. That’s rather a bad start, ain’t it?” I said: “Nope, you are looking at the one meant for you right now!”
    Stunned the bastard – sorry Dad. He flew out the window if I remember correctly (but can one really trust one’s memories?)
    On the Indian flag, there’s a kinda wheel called the Ashoka Chakra, which represents the Dharma (more or less the logical order of the Creation that the Greeks called the Logos and the Chinese the Tao). This chakra is made of the 24 spokes of the Buddhist path to enlightenment:
    India’s highest peacetime military decoration awarded for valor, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the battlefield is also called Ashoka Chakra.
    What’s that all about? Ashoka the Great, considered by many as India’s greatest ruler, was an emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from 268 to 232 BCE (roughly half a century after Alexander the Great’s expedition there). A grandson of the dynasty’s founder Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka expanded his empire from present-day Afghanistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east. Finally, he waged a war against the Bengal state of Kalinga, which he conquered in 260 BCE at the cost of some 100,000 lives. This left him in a state of shock and horror. He set aside his sword, converted to Buddhism, spent a year in a monastery and dedicated the rest of his life to non-violence. He had over 100,000 edicts carved in stones all over his empire advocating justice and tolerance, especially religious one, promoted vegetarianism, abolished sacrifices, torture and the death penalty, encouraged the education of women and preached unity, love and generosity. He proved that war is not inevitable if there’s a political will not to make it and that it is possible instead to advance civilization by promoting social justice. During his reign, India was a prosperous country. The money previously wasted on wars was dedicated to the development of the common wealth. Ashoka sent humanitarian missions to his neighbouring countries aa well as monks to preach Buddhism to Central and South-East Asia where it is practiced to this day. And his chakra is front and center on the Indian flag – therefore a daily reminder for 1.3 billion Indians – 2253 years after his passing. Isn’t that jawdropping?
    If this was possible 2253 years ago, surely it must be possible now!
    Nope. Why? Because of television. After supposing for a while that the TV wizards might stuff their programs with subliminal stimuli in an attempt to understand how they got armies of reasonable people to buy like zombies into the obvious vaccine scam, I discovered yesterday that they didn’t even have to do that.
    Watching TV immediately turns your brain waves from beta to alpha, which is the wavelength of hypnosis and is used for psychological programmation. You’re literally hypnotized by what the man in the box tells you. The warmongering and daily criminal US activities abroad go right into your brain without any form of critical barrier as the tikkun olam (repairing the world) sold by the propagandists and this virtue-signalling myth sits right there as you are not given to watch unpeople bombed every twenty-three minutes while one of them dies of hunger every three seconds – i.e. 460 between two bombs. In the blink of an eye (literally, just by turning on your TV set), you have become a believer in manifest destiny! Allah u akbar!
    In that sense, the experimental vaccine pushed on mankind (that is the part of mankind that’s got the dough to pay for it, including for kids, dogs, cats, caged birds and gold fish, the rest can snuff it :o) for a disease that has killed 0,04% of it (according to PCR tests that spit false positives like fire hoses anyway while studies find “variants” of a “virus” that’s never been isolated in the first place and official figures have been artificially bloated by those of all the diseases that have been in free fall all that time, from flu to cancers, those dead WITH (alleged) Covid having been expressly written down by the Kommandantur as dead FROM (alleged) Covid) is nothing more than a worldwide money-making David Copperfield-type TV hypnosis sting made possible by the alpha brain waves. Isn’t that jawdropping?
    Don’t repeat it though. You might get stoned by the zombies who become dangerous when their unconscious has been conned into a belief that their conscious is unable to justify and told by Sugarmountain & Co that shedding light on this gaslighting is satanic disinformation. Brrr… :o)

    1. So the moral of the story of Ashoka the Great is that expansion of empire eventually leads to expansion of consciousness?

      1. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother…

        1. To be somewhat less frivolous, I do find Buddhism a religion of acceptance. Which made sense back in the day, with economies based on subsistence agriculture, where social innovation was a dangerous idea likely to lead to catastrophe. Today, social revolution is increasingly an existential imperative if we are to avert catastrophe.

          (Leonard Cohen: The Land of Plenty – I still haven’t figured out how to ’embed’ videos like you do!)

          1. Oh, if you can’t accept it your chances are diminished. I have respect for all religion.
            Honestly, to find fault with “acceptance” seems exceptional to me, but I reckon Ian, you are.
            I can accept that.
            I’m looking forward to better discourse here.

            1. Where I live, we usually get daily broadcasts from the wats’ PA systems urging acceptance of the established order and our places in it.

          2. For Christ’s sake Ian, take a nap and think about it a bit……ok pal.
            When you are sleeping, I hope you dream of your master bridge playing mom……it ain’t easy to play them cards.
            When you wake up it will be a new day and who knows what will happen next.
            Sleep easy Ian and a peaceful sleep I send your way with mostly good intent, but wake up tomorrow and wonder if it will be different? I hope you can do that.
            Sleep easy young man. Sleep easy Ian.

    2. PS: And now Warren Buffet predicts another pandemic, worse than this one. Now what the fuck are Warren Buffet’s medical qualifications to predict pandemics? What’s Warren Buffet excelled at all his life?
      That’s right: making money… :o)

    3. Yes, we got our TV the year I was born. First generation TV!!
      Cowboys & Indians along with cartoons was family favorites.

      1. Those were the days! They should have stuck to that :o)

      2. I don’t know.
        Saw some Gunsmoke the other day and it was stupid.

  14. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Per psychologists that track this type thing, the average IQ is 100. However two thirds of the people have an IQ between 85 and 115. Most people in the world are poorly educated or indoctrinated in their education. Now add the human nature of selfishness, customs and peer pressure to the worlds population. The prognosis for raising the world consciousness is dim to nil. It is also why psychopaths will always rise to positions of power.

    1. Nevertheless we should try again. A lot of that dullness you describe has been painstakingly engineered by those who control/shape the agenda of public schools (J.T. Gatto; C. Iserbyte, etc.) – and with the right leitmotif, the lights might just come on again!

  15. Build Back Botter Avatar
    Build Back Botter

    “Life feels itself.” Life is self-generating, always seeking to heal itself. This excerpt from the brilliant film Mindwalk describes how life is too big to contain itself as a system or a clock.

  16. “Ending The Fed” will end the false narratives.

    Live A Good Life

    1. Concur: the central core ‘machine’ which enables current ugliness is centered on what sustains the Empyre.

      Lord Acton got it a while ago:

      “The issue which has swept down the centuries
      and which will have to be fought sooner or later
      is the people versus the banks.”

      1. In the banker’s own words in the planning stages:
        “By the control of its rate of interest and of its issues of notes it would be able to exert great influence upon the money market and upon public opinion. Such power is not possessed by any institution in the United States.”

        “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests…”

        Your respectful servants

        Rothschild Brothers

  17. Dear Caitlin, your voice is strong and cuts trough the oligarchs propaganda like hot knife trough butter. Now more vices like yours are joining the fighters for freedom as John Coleman, Max Egan, Juri Lina, Eustace Mullen. We will win. The panic is on the Oligarchs side and they make huge mistakes.

    1. Yes: there is panic now. Video with Reiner Fuellmich makes the same observation. Great hope here!

  18. While we may appear to have better “scientific” etc means of doing so, this “brainwashing” of the masses is standard operating procedure for any culture. If you were living in Europe in, say, 1400 (or 800) it would be the Catholic Church and its political systems doing it; if you are in India depending on where/when it is Hindi or Muslims; if in China 4000 year old Confucianism. What is common in all these is that they are all the product of humans. So is your “expand our consciousness” mantra, which has been tried out for 10,000 years, or 100,000, and has seemingly not worked, though it has spawned ten thousand charlatans, and been the base for most religions which the next humans along used to construct terrible political institutions.

    Pogo was right: we have met the enemy and he is us.

    1. Although it is severely hampered, we have never before been capable of the level of communication we now have. We don’t yet have the Sociopaths In Charge in complete control of what we see, hear, and read. Yet.

      1. Communicate? ”Everybody whisperin and nobody listenin” as the prophet Zimmerman sang. All these abstractions sound good, but you got to do something about them. Rich sociopaths wouldn’t be running wild if we didn’t condone and support what they do.

    2. Don’t mess with Jon Jost. It’s a hard back to the sender his argument. I would not dare to walk in such waters.

    3. So you’re opposed to expansion of consciousness, in whatever form, because it’s led to too many charlatans and confused religious systems. Everybody stay narrow minded and scared. Got it.

  19. Chris Hedges, for anyone who would like tot take a listen.

  20. It’s working! We are further along than we may think. As Ryan Christian has said, we are not the small minority. Since the 90s, ratios of 2 to 1, 3 to 1 and more have been distrusting gvmt. and media, opposed to wars and in favor of universal healthcare, U.S., respectively. Jeff J Brown interviewed a scholar with the answer: direct democracy. Achieving that won’t be easy, the process will vary from country but it will be faster than waiting for enough of our fit and rowdy to take active street revolution to the elites.

    1. Achieving direct democracy will not only necessitate revolution, it will constitute revolution. Our elites value their power; they’re not going to relinquish it simply because most of us distrust them and don’t want wars. Eliminating their power is the very essence of revolution.

      1. Wake up their brainwashed protectors and enforcers and we’ll see what power they really have.

  21. I think the desired expansion of individual consciousness is the optimally seditious route against the bankster oligarchs that have seized much of the planet – but. I think three elementary comprehensions will fuel much tangible effort – so that we can dare to envision the dismantling of the banksters cartel in our own lifetimes:
    1) People must understand who their real (offstage) rulers are: not the clowns in their capitals on TV.
    2) People must concede that the ruling monsters hate – or, at best, are indifferent to the fate of – the peasantry (those with assets of less than 1 B U$D). The Georgia Guidestones are a good reminder.
    3) People need to accept that to.survive/prosper they must resolve to personally do something in their own defense to make it so.

  22. You are spot on here Caitlin.
    In my personal experience (which of course is the only one I can actually feel) awakened consciousness yields positive results.
    I was an alcoholic, politically ignorant and an omnivore.
    Three Life changing events shattered these illusions and Life has become much more enjoyable.
    That’s why we are here: To enjoy Life.

  23. Love awareness.
    Awaken children! Ever hear that before? Work love and knowledge. The wellspring of human existence. Wilhelm Reich in the Mass psychology of fascism.
    As I understand it he was there.
    As I understand it we are here. All we have to do is stop look and listen. Then act in the best way we know how. It won’t matter what we do, do the best thing you can do.
    I like the idea of taxing assets. Right now net worth is practically tax-free. The rich can borrow as much as they want at 3% to avoid paying taxes at 25or28%. Income might as well remain a complete secret. Assets are mostly usually visible and can be traced worldwide. Most importantly taxing assets hits directly those who have made the most success out of this present notorious system.
    We might leave income taxes for the highest brackets only.
    Right now one of the problems is that the poor or middle class gets audited by the IRS because they’re easier to get to.
    One simple easy idea.
    Another would be to eliminate wars for more wars… How hard is that?

  24. Timothy Bartlett Avatar
    Timothy Bartlett

    Wow! yes.Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes and yes. I know this is true.It’s wonderful to see there are others like me and see it in writing.I am perhaps not quite so eloquent ….yet.

    Thank you Caitlin, reading this gives me more of a sense of validation in and of my sovereignty.

    I will continue to go forth in spreading awareness and go inwards becoming more aware.

    Sincerely with love and grattitude,your brother in truth and uncovering the light,Tim Bartlett.

  25. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    I have sought to do my part throughout a life’s mission to cultivate compassionate social action. My most recent endeavor is “The Reality Creators.” The most in-depth critique of the plutocrats and their oligarchic empire. 10 years of research and writing from my perch in the rurally isolated and generationally impoverished region I moved to after living in the sprawling metropolis of southern California.

    Caitlin, would you consider assisting in sharing this work?

  26. This is great. Keep it up Caitlin. Indeed, it feels like we are challenged to dive deeper into our own creative minds in order to share evermore compelling thoughts and ideas, and to continuously elevate the level discourse. We are indeed living under the specter of fascism and evil, and yet, interestingly, these are arguably the times when the human spirit somehow comes up with its best magic, its boldest acts of courage and creativity.

    In his Defense of poetry, Shelley wrote:

    “At such periods there is an accumulation of the power of communicating and receiving intense and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature. The person in whom this power resides, may often, as far as regards many portions of their nature, have little apparent correspondence with that spirit of good of which they are the ministers. But even whilst they deny and abjure, they are yet compelled to serve, that power which is seated on the throne of their own soul. It is impossible to read the compositions of the most celebrated writers of the present day without being startled with the electric life which burns within their words. They measure the circumference and sound the depths of human nature with a comprehensive and all-penetrating spirit, and they are themselves perhaps the most sincerely astonished at its manifestations; for it is less their spirit than the spirit of the age.”

    I think we’re starting to see this greater awareness.

  27. Those shining the brightest will hit their stride
    It’s not too late to turn the tide
    No algorithm can decide
    When the “100th monkey” will arrive

  28. Each one of us is blind in our own way.
    Distractions rob us of focus.
    Technology robs us of memory.
    Repetitions robs us of comprehension.
    You know the child’s game.
    If you spread the same word enough times, it becomes gibberish.
    That holds true for whole concepts even entire bodies of thought.
    A powerful line as this one: If you stare into an abyss, it also stares into you.
    That has been rendered meaningless through repetition.
    Another one not so powerful: the first step is spread awareness. After that, the next step is spread awareness. This also will be the step after that, and the step after that, and, if we ever find our way home, it will be the final step as well.
    It will become meaningless as the other one through repetition.
    So the real question is, if profound meaning can be robbed of something by so simple a task as repetition, which is more fundamental, which is more true? Your silver lining? The gibberish? That’s the whole concept of emptiness.
    That’s the tools the people on the top use to divide us, to manipulate, to undermine, to propagate chaos, to implement the surreal, to whip out culture, knowledge, to invert.

    For Daniel Hale, consciousness led to conscientiousness, and he could no longer tolerate the dysfunction. What a remarkable letter and what a remarkable young man.

    1. The US military, secret agencies and allies are the greatest terrorist corporation worldwide. They are the evil everyone should teach to the children. Quoting that music shared by Ian Perkins “That’s how the world works”.

  30. There seems to be a problem with the sound recording, it keeps skipping.

    1. Problem solved 🙂 Must’ve been at my end, although it didn’t look like it at the time.

      1. No it was on our end, we just fixed it. Thanks!

  31. May the Sixth Extinction spare a few Hunter/gatherers

  32. This sweet little five-minute video might be a fun and creative way to spread awareness.

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