Chevron—the actual corporation—just sent a lawyer to prison for standing up to the fossil fuel industry, and now British judges are weighing whether or not to send a journalist to a US jail cell for practicing journalism. Western nations need to shut the fuck up about human rights in other parts of the world.

It’s important to remember that before Assange was dragged out of the embassy on a Trump administration arrest warrant in 2019, liberal journalists would mock and smear him relentlessly any time he was in the news. They are silent now, but they helped pave the way for what’s happening now.

Never forget that liberal journos participated in a nonstop smear campaign of shocking aggression and astonishing scale against Assange from 2016-2019, and that their smears helped manufacture consent for his imprisonment. Not until they were confronted with the cold hard reality of a journalist being arrested and charged under the Espionage Act for publishing did they realize this isn’t a fucking game and stopped.

Now he’s in prison, for practicing journalism, and his health is fading, and they are silent. I hope they’re silent and ashamed. I hope one day they look in the mirror and see someone who helped torture an autistic man for doing their job better than them.

So are we all just supposed to pretend it’s fine and normal that the most important press freedom case of the century has been proceeding without the presence of the defendant?

The worst atrocities in history have all been legal. All the worst examples of genocide, slavery, tyranny and bloodshed have been allowed or actively facilitated by the state. The persecution of Assange is geared toward entering the imprisonment of journalists into this category.

A regime which legally extradites and imprisons journalists right out in the open for reporting on its crimes is more evil and more tyrannical than a regime which disappears journalists in secret, because its entire system supports such acts of tyranny and publicly asserts that it is fine. At least the ones who hide it are tacitly acknowledging that it is immoral by hiding it instead of proudly demonstrating its fascism in broad daylight.

Obviously journalists who expose severe malfeasance in the US war machine will always be at risk for being targeted, but establishing such journalism as actually illegal and capable of being prosecuted legally, right out in the open, would be a huge victory for the war machine.

The Democratic Party is doing exactly what anyone who knows anything predicted it would do when they reclaimed the White House and the Senate and it’s going to be rad watching American liberals learn exactly zero lessons from it.

Right after Biden was sworn in I wrote that the next two years are going to be the Democratic Party at its most transparent, because the Democratic Party exists to kill all leftward movement in the most powerful government on earth.

“Unable to blame their refusal to advance progressive policies and basic human decency on Trump and Vladimir Putin these next two years, they’ll be forced to kill any leftward movement all on their own,” I said. That’s exactly what we’re seeing now. It’s not about Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema or the Parliamentarian, it’s the Democratic Party doing the thing it is built to do. The only thing it ever will do. If it wasn’t Machin and Sinema it would be someone else.

But watch the mental gymnastics people do to claim that the problem is not electing the right kind of Democrats.

It’s crazy how easy it is to brand yourself an up-punching anti-fascist without ever actually opposing the most fascistic agendas of the most powerful government on earth.

Facebook changing its name to Meta feels the same as when one of my spiritual friends would change their name to Ramana or Moksha or some grandiose bullshit. It’s like shut the fuck up Darryl, you’re a white asshole from the suburbs like the rest of us and you work in IT.

Notice how none of the Australians who oppose their government are asking the US for crushing economic sanctions like US puppets in nations like Venezuela do? That’s because they’re not being paid to ask for those things by CIA fronts like the National Endowment for Democracy. No normal person asks to be starved.

The best argument against the current world order is the world order itself. We’re destroying our biosphere while flirting with nuclear armageddon and waging endless wars, and those who shape global policies are focusing on censoring the internet and giving everyone a digital ID.


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18 responses to “The Democratic Party Will ALWAYS Be This Way: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. A statement from within a Matrix: “We have set goals, to be fulfilled in stages (as decided years ahead). ‘Censoring the internet and giving everyone digital IDs’ are only present chapters prewritten to be executed (at any cost). We are of the most extreme elite. Behind our curtains we control the conspiracies. You may think you know of us. But, all that matters to us is that we know enough about you.”

  2. Thomas Prentice Avatar
    Thomas Prentice


    A state capitalist regime which executes or coups presidents and prime ministers and popes and civil rights leaders and presidential candidates right out in the open … is more evil and more tyrannical than a state capitalist regime which disappears presidents and prime ministers and popes snd civil rights leaders and presidential candidates in secret, because its entire system supports such acts of tyranny and publicly asserts that it is fine …

  3. There’s a defining moment in Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi when an American journalist reporting on the Salt March and witnessing in horror the British policemen strike the peaceful Indian protesters on the head with batons one by one as they approach in a queue to transgress the interdiction to gather salt on the beach, knowing the price to pay and facing it with determination, exclaims: “Britain has lost the moral ground! India is free!”
    With its unconscionable vendetta against Assange, the US is losing the moral ground. Various American politicians including Dwight Eisenhower and Bill Clinton, wrongly attributing the quote to Alexis de Tocqueville, have said: “America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”. That day has come to pass and the Statue of Liberty on her island will be seen from now on as surfing away from tyranny in despair after being crowned with thorns.

  4. Of all the ways I am superior to most of my fellow humans, the fact that I never did Facebook is one of the most obvious.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      That’s a stupid comment. Virtue signaling at its worst. You are not superior to anybody. Unless you are a Marxist, that is.

    2. Bravo Brad! My crime is I did do Facebook but now I have quit. So maybe there is hope for me.

  5. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    We have in our midst,a power more evil and more destructive than any tyrant the world has ever know.

  6. you have to break the egg to make omlett. let’s not be afraid of breaking the system and making a whole lot of mess. sure there will be immense suffering all around. but there have been immense suffering already, and will be even more suffering and permanent suffering otherwise. Assange and other visionaries are showing the way and embodying the road. knowing is nothing, without courage to practice the knowledge. we shall do what we individually and collectively can bear.

    1. Translated quote from Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799):
      “I do not know if it will be better when things change, but things need to change so it can be better.”
      His aphorisms are a nice source of inspiration, especially when you realise how little has changed in 350 years.

  7. From Facebook to Meta,
    So will it be better?
    Or just remain
    A corporate newsletter.
    Of misinformation, self congratulation and self flagellation.
    You’ve got to hand it to Zucker
    He’s a devious Fucker
    He’s got the world in his claws
    And we are his Suckers.

  8. Any comment on the Victoria Legislative Council preventing MPs from voting? Seems incredibly wrong to me…

    1. Mein Kampf for the 21st century David?
      Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      Shut up and take your medicine:

  9. Note to anyone who criticizes Vlad Putin for allegedly killing journalists: You have zero credibility.

    It’s not Vlad Putin or any of his accomplices who are killing the last honest journalist; it’s the US government, in cooperation with the British government.

    The planet is in a worse place because of Assange’s imprisonment than it would be if he were free. And if you think that sounds ridiculous, then maybe someone has a better imagination about the way “news” is reported today than the way it was reported five years ago.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Hear, hear. The United States is the most violent bully on the planet. And I was born and raised here.

  10. M ost

    E ffective

    T actic

    A vailable

    1. Mortal

  11. So much sanity Caitlin in what you write in such an inverted world of dystopia made normal .

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