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Washington Thinks US Borders End At Neptune: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article:

Yep. Just hanging around, killing time, waiting to find out whether the US is going to start World War 3 now or a little later on.

Washington: Russia’s gonna invade Ukraine.

Moscow: We’re not gonna invade Ukraine.

Kyiv: Yeah Russia’s not gonna invade Ukraine.

Washington: Russia’s definitely about to invade Ukraine.


Both Moscow and Kyiv agree that there wil be no unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. Washington keeps insisting that if there’s a war Russia will be the aggressor, but in reality all that has to happen for there not to be a Ukraine war is for US/NATO powers not to start one.

It’s actually a bit enraging to see western elites kicking around people’s emotions and personal psychology like a motherfucking hacky sack with bullshit propaganda all the time just to make money for the military-industrial complex and advance some dopey geostrategic agendas in Eurasia.

Biden says “everything south of the Mexican border is America’s front yard.” Jen Psaki says Eastern Europe is “our eastern flank”. The US government firmly believes its territorial borders extend to the outer planets in our solar system.

NATO is bad, actually.

The US government is the most evil and destructive regime on this planet and you should want its leadership to be ineffectual and its agendas to fail.

I’ve never encountered anyone who can refute my claim that the US is quantifiably the most evil and destructive government in today’s world. They try, but they generally weren’t even aware of the facts that I use to make my case until I show them to them. This says so much about the power of US propaganda.

Hardly any westerners are aware that the US government has spent the 21st century slaughtering millions in wars of aggression, or that it’s circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and working to destroy any nation which disobeys its dictates. This stuff should be the first thing anyone learns when they’re beginning to research international conflicts and global power dynamics. Instead it’s like this obscure esoteric secret that’s hidden from them while they’re fed an IV drip of propaganda about Russia and China.

If you’re a leftwardly-inclined politically active person in the western world, you will eventually discover that many of the figures you were initially drawn to are terrible on imperialism and militarism. How you respond to this discovery says a lot about your character.

Whenever someone regurgitates a western propaganda narrative, ask them what articles they’ve read disputing that narrative. If they say “none” (or more commonly “What articles dispute this??”, which means the same thing), they’ve admitted to having no idea what they’re talking about. And at that point they’ve already lost the argument, because they just admitted they’ve done no real research into whether or not their claim is actually true. They just told you they’re blindly regurgitating television narratives without bothering to check if they’re factual.

If the narrative you just repeated is the same as what the TV and the US State Department are saying, and you haven’t researched opposing perspectives on that narrative, you haven’t done any actual research at all. You’re just a mindless automaton acting out your programming.

After this has been established, you can go ahead and say they’re done. If they keep going I sometimes say “If I had just admitted to doing zero meaningful research into whether or not the claim I just made is true, I personally would shut the fuck up about it.”

The old model of slavery came with bad PR and you had to feed and house your slaves. The new model of slavery has great PR, you don’t even have to pay them enough to house themselves, plus it’s easy to profit from the way the slaves are always forced into debt with interest.



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  • It is easy to write this kind of stuff as Johnstone has in countless articles; but if you speak to a Czech–ANY Czech–they only see Russia as the aggressor in Ukraine, and USA/NATO as the protectors. They have a very strong point you cannot easily dismiss: the 1968 Prague Spring. What happened? Well, the Czech leader Alexander Dubcek tried to liberalize Czechoslovakia, i.e. to make the communist country more open and free: no restrictions on international travel, a totally free press, etc. The Soviet leader Breznev took umbrage to Dubcek’s actions and had the Warsaw Pact mobilize its military to occupy Prague and force a roll-back of these decrees of openness. It was quite a blatant and oppressive move by the Soviet Block. Many were killed in inured in the military occupation of Prague. This has left a very strong negative sentiment about Russia in Czechs, so they distrust Putin and Russia to this day. I think they have got it all wrong on the Ukraine issue, but it is important to realize Russia’s past actions leave Eastern Europeans most distrustful of the Russians today in the Ukraine conflict. There is no easy way to brush aside their direct experience.

  • US borders do not end anywhere. Because USD is a fiat money, it needs the US influence to keep expanding.
    When expansion stops, that’s when the bubble pops.
    Before the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and 2003 invasion of Iraq, there was Asian Financial crisis of 1997, so by the 2001 the number of millionaires in the US has dropped (I am using this number to track how well the billionaires were doing year to year). Therefore, these wars of 21st century were started so the very rich and powerful can make more money. And this is why the wars did not stop for 20 years.
    BTW the funding in Pentagon budget has now shifted from fighting terror to nation on nation wars, as announced by the CEO’s of the arms industry to their investors.
    Because of 20 years of war on terror, the (private and public) intelligence sector has grown a lot, and they now are shifting their attention to staging new international conflicts.
    This is why CIA and related organizations, such as various think-tanks, keep feeding us a new lie almost every day. This is their mode of operation, they are not going to just disappear or even change in overnight.
    They lie, they cheat, and they steal.

  • …..since operation “take panama back”, all of amerikkkan aggression has been simply a trade show of the latest in gee wizz killing machines…..smart bombs, bunker busters, and all the other toys of imperial amerikkkan conquest on full display for the consumers entertainment…..the usual bullshit displayed to show what amerikkka is all about…..a really big show…….stocks in the death industry are up….the economic indicators on wall st. always show that death and destruction are amerikkka’s prime cash export……..

  • “The US government is the most evil and destructive regime on this planet ”

    Indeed I refer to to US consecutive administrations, as The Great Satan, I have a lot of sympathy for the American public, but not its governments. What consecutive US governments have done in South America alone is shocking, with the Monroe Doctrine virtually telling countries outside the South American sphere to keep out, this is our playground.

    Now however the whole planet is the USA’s playground, a playground where invasions, coups and proxy wars are planned and executed at the expense of the people of the country/countries in Washington’s crosshairs, and sanctions, war by other means, that kills many people are used to bring about the changes that Washington desires.

    Who gave Washington the right to seek and destroy countries that want to be socialist or communist, what right does Washington have to interfere in other countries politics, and why do countries allow US bases on them when clearly these bases are almost always staging posts for more aggression. Take Australia for example why are the Australians allowing themselves to be the tip of the spear in an economic war against China for the benefit of the USA.

    Much of what ails this world today is down to belligerent US foreign policies.

  • Out of sight and out of mind. With heads stuck in digital sand. What me worry?

  • Once the ZIO/US is humiliated – it is OVER !

    I have said from the beginning that there won’t be a war because the ZIO/US/NATO won’t risk humiliation !

    ‘Looking’ dangerous is all they have left !

  • We are told that US security extends to the Ukraine while Russia’s security does not extend to the Ukraine.

  • “It’s actually a bit enraging to see western elites kicking around people’s emotions and personal psychology like a motherfucking hacky sack with bullshit propaganda all the time just to make money for the military-industrial complex and advance some dopey geostrategic agendas in Eurasia.”

    You said it, Caitlin.

    • To paraphrase what I learned recently about how Western philosophy had to change because of Einstein’s discoveries, they argued that politics is based on emotional reactions and not logic, as opposed to sciences. So the politicians (paid by the oligarchs) kick our emotions around to have us react in the way that they would like to.
      The oligarchs themselves are supernaturally cool emotionally. For example, Elon Musk says what defines him as a person is his very high tolerance to pain.
      Or watch that Jen Psaki, her self-control in front of the camera (while performing brain surgeries on the audience) is very unusual to the highest degree. To some extent it can be explained by her mom being a psychologist – that can screw you up more than any other parental occupation.

    • US Congressmen, being part of the MIC, are first and foremost committed to enriching themselves. Top ten of them have net worth over $100 mln. Nancy Pelosi has recently gained internet-wide following for her stock trades (in monopolistic corporation stocks).
      Her spouse is an investment professional, and her stock trades outperform the market.



      Hilariously, when the Biden admin threatened to sanction Putin personally, the response was that senior Russian officials are not allowed to own foreign assets.

  • My 40 year old hippie surfer massage therapist surprised me the other day when we were shooting the shit about politics. He thought the 800 US military bases circling the world were willingly invited there by the host nations to protect them from communism not to steal resources. I would suggest that most people know their rulers are evil but smother that knowledge to participate in the economy and earn a living. You can always be replaced with someone who believes a little better.

  • I think the historic model of slavery today is the old coal miners of the 1800s and early 1900s. Give you a job in the mines, rent you a house and keep you indebted to the company store. No escape .

  • I participated in that illegal war that caused the deaths of over three million Asians. I took some time, but I discovered how the USA had manipulated the politics, treaties, and events in S.E. Asia in order to bring about that awful conflict. Fact #1. The French had enslaved the peasantry of Vietnam for their own monetary gain. #2: Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh were formal US allies in WW II. The Viet Minh rescued downed US pilots, and Ho himself returned one of them to a US base in China. #3 is that Ho and the Viet Minh ended the French occupation of their country despite the USA’s opposition and massive aid to the French colonial army. #4 is that in 1964 the USA had been covertly attacking N. Vietnam (OPLAN 34 A) and the US destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy were assisting in those actions. Vietnam had every right to attack these ships, but President Lyndon Johnson lied on national TV calling them “unprovoked.”

  • The bigger the government, the more evil it becomes. Governments are like the ever ravenous Blob wanting to absorb more and more. If unable to absorb more from abroad, governments will instead turn on their citizens and squeeze the life out of them.

  • “If you’re a leftwardly-inclined politically active person in the western world, you will eventually discover that many of the figures you were initially drawn to are terrible on imperialism and militarism. How you respond to this discovery says a lot about your character.”
    Indeed, this is why I know that two-faced warmongering Barack Obama deliberately rekindled the Cold War with Russia. Everyone else in the Democratic Party hierarchy have also been on the same page with him for at least eight years now. The whole organization is rotten to the core and should be disavowed. It is by me. But that does not mean I embrace the Republicans who are equally bellicose and dangerous.
    Both of these parties need to be abandoned and allowed to wither and die by the American people. Find somebody else. Just keep looking until we can find some rational human beings who embrace life more than they do fascism and militarization of everything in sight. Purge the spook agencies and the MIC, as they are nothing but lying, murdering agents of evil and human misery.
    You know what? Most everyone does recognise that both the Dems and the GOPers are filthy, lying scurrilous scum when you start talking facts and cases. Yet most everyone still clings to their original despots and tyrants of choice. Their excuse is always “I am choosing the lessor of the two evils.” “Yeah, both may be evil, but the other guys are way more evil than my favorites.” Sadly, you cannot convert many imbeciles in America’s binary political establishment to the notion that all evil must be rejected and our two parties must be replaced, preferably by more than two replacement groups. This duopoly system has merely allowed the pair to secretly join forces and rule in cahoots, each ultimately supporting or enabling the other to continue with the ruthless but lucrative hegemony they impose upon the whole world.

    • I’ve long believed a third party has the potential to solve the withering of polity (let’s just say it’s gone now… has been for a decade). Each election cycle, both parties simply play up the evil of the other with more and more unbelievable psychodrama.

      Pick a color (I prefer the transparent party), pick a name, but the principle can be quite simple–the establishment of direct democracy and eradication of special interest influence. We need not even get a huge portion, given the calcification of the two party system here, a little as 5% of seats in the House would be sufficient to give a newcomer party outsize voice.

      It can be done, but we missed the opportunity here in ’22. Let’s hope we can coalesce around this idea in ’24. It may be the last exit for democracy, if not civilization.

  • Wars Sans Frontieres ?
    (Wars without borders).
    Spilling blood rather than stemming the flow.
    But hey, that’s how corporate psychopaths operate.

  • NATO is a ginormous Tupperware party.

  • Reportedly Ukrainian oligarchs have their own militias.
    They welcome US $$ aid and weapons, but, I guess, they do not want US troops on the ground.

  • Even the most conventional and conservative people I know, those that never usually question anything in the mainstream media, concede the point about the US being the worst aggressor in the world after just a little pushing.
    It doesn’t take much to get them to admit that ‘our side’ is usually worse than the ‘other side’ (Russia & China).
    To me, it proves how thin and fragile the ‘official’ narrative really is, riddled with holes and inconsistences – and of course full of outright lies and misinformation.
    The most annoying part is that they then fall right back into their passive acceptance/belief as if nothing untoward had happened. They refuse to recognise the significance of their admission.

  • People uncritically regurgitating propaganda from newspapers everybody else in the room has read while thinking this makes them sound clever, original and well-informed is one of the most cringeworthy things one can ever come across on this planet – and unfortunately has to deal with every morning at work :o)

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