This was an exciting surprise. Russell Brand did a really fun reading from my articles “Defending Freedom And Democracy Sure Requires An Awful Lot Of Censorship” and “The Overton Window Is Being Shoved Toward Warmongering Extremism” on his show:

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42 responses to “Watch Russell Brand Read From A Couple Of My Articles”

  1. good post thanks for giving good information

  2. No. I don’t want to. I just read your articles. I don’t need to hear anymore narcissistic twits in my life.

  3. Florin Georgescu Avatar
    Florin Georgescu

    Caitlin, please don’t go near Russell Brand. Don’t associate your name with him. He is a delusional anarchist that has sexuality issues.

    1. Karen McClellan Avatar
      Karen McClellan

      Well, this person is certainly an open minded, non judgemental person. Maybe consider hearing this “anarchist” (as you claim to title him so) rather than criticize his “sexuality issues”. Obviously, you do not listen to his words.

  4. I found you a long time ago when Roger Waters recommended you to Matt Taibbi. Yes, the same Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and “Destroyer” of The Young Turks fame.

  5. I enjoyed that, but who is this Brand guy? Is he trying to sponge off of Johnstone’s wit and popularity? Whatever, he wears me out. For mine, the well-pointed word, the singing edge of prose done well.

  6. So now that your “ famous” what happens next, do you a) get cancelled, censored, blocked by big tech as ‘ hater of the month’ or some stupid meme or b) Vanguard media offers you a lucrative deal you would be mad to refuse ( No more renting!) but, of course, you will be subject to some, how we say, “ editorial restrictions” y’ know.
    Anyway, enjoy the moment Caitoz you deserve greater exposure for your writing, I don’t always agree with you, largely the socialism thing, but naturally will defend your right to say it. Grouse mate.

    1. Not seeing a giant bump in traffic here, man. I don’t think the people who most need to see Johnstone are going to do the pith helmet and machete act it takes to find her behind the jungle wall.
      Too bad for a lot of reasons, but a large one is that she will continue to struggle to support her work and her family. We should all pitch in. Just don’t use your right name!

  7. Why am I not surprised, re Mr Brand , quoting you. Great stuff, we now all need to realise the importance of supporting each others, like minded work, in what ever genre , no matter how small our work. And with that in mind here is our little music youtube channel . Unity in diversity, together we are stronger.

  8. Great work Caitlin. I don’t agree with Russell’s holier than thou attitude to Russia: All war is bad and Putin is a dictator etc indoctrinated rubbish, but apart from that he tells enough of the truth to be a force for good. And he knows better too.
    I appreciate you so much more because you don’t tell half truths.

    1. “Great work Caitlin. I don’t agree with Russell’s holier than thou attitude to Russia: All war is bad and Putin is a dictator etc indoctrinated rubbish, but apart from that he tells enough of the truth to be a force for good. And he knows better too.”

      I wonder about that too! It’s a big turn-off to me that he doesn’t take a stronger stand in support of Russia, but maybe he’s worried about his image. I hear a lot of the obligatory “but I hate Putin too” from people who know better. I think they’re of getting burned at the stake.

      1. yes I’m sure, but all they have to do instead of demonising Russia is say :
        “yes and I am also against all the other current wars being waged by the western allies in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Libya Iran etc that are far more violent with far more civilian casualties”

        Of course that would put an instant match to the stake!

        1. yes! They should say that!!!

    2. Karen McClellan Avatar
      Karen McClellan

      Perhaps a history of U.S. broken promises (say what? that never happens) with Russia might clarify some issues Putin has – however not to justify what he is doing in Ukraine. It is a shame Ukraine employs the neo Nazi group in their National Guard as they commit horrific atrocities on the Russian citizens in the east but also the serious war crimes Ukraine soldiers have been imposing on the Russian soldiers, clearly documented on video. War sucks but it doesn’t come across that R.Brand “hails” Putin or his invasion of Ukraine.

  9. Saagar Enjeti weighs in on nation-state self sufficiency.
    An interesting take, by Mr. Enjeti, apparently China’s stupid policies are threatening America, because by shutting a province for however long China decides it should be shut down, the danger that the US will fall apart completely will rise accordingly.
    Yet during the course of this week, Mr. Enjeti told me that autarky (nation-state self-sufficiency) was a foolish concept, while also informing me, that anytime we want, we can make China suffer “10 times more” than we are already making Russia suffer.
    Interesting. How many banks does the US have? How many oil companies? How many container ships? How many 5 year plans? How many 10 year plans? How many … I go on and on and on, as you know, because the answer is, NONE.
    The only truly powerful elements we can sort of call our own as a nation-state, is our military, and our financial engineers. The former? Well, it currently has retired 4 star Generals informing me, that we will win in the end, as long as we master the best techniques for taking out a tank with a Molotov Cocktail, while the latter, I would submit, do not really work for anybody. Now I’m not saying “our” financial engineers are actively working against us, but I am saying, they are self admitted mercenaries, who will go wherever the pay is highest, and if said pay opportunity should involve fucking shit up, they will fuck shit up good, no matter the local.
    As for shutting down provinces, China has been at certain things for many thousands of years. For instance, their most quoted philospher in the West, Sun Tzu, was laying some down Miss Manners* type advice on the most efficient ways to win various kinds of struggles, 2,600 years ago.
    Sun Tzu put a great premium on deception, and he liked to link simple concepts together. He said, “The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself,” but he also said, “When you are strong, appear weak.”
    Now you can label me a conspiracy theorist, but if I was China, a nation-state functioning as a nation-state, and I wanted to let’s say, mortally wound a loose configuration of private interests that thinks of itself as the greatest nation of all time, and that loose configuration has has been slapping me around for centuries, I might just pretend that it is I that is in trouble, and any deep pain that I might accidentally inflict as a result of my troubles in no way could be legally considered … a sanction.
    “When you opponent is helpless, finish him.” No, Sun Tzu did not say that. I either made it up, or got it from watching too many Gladiator movies.
    *No joke. There was seldom a time I would put down a paper without thinking, the only wisdom I can take away from that read, came from Miss Manners.

  10. Well done
    Love your work

  11. Everyone that matters reads and quotes you, Caitlin! Joe Lauria of, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Russell Brand, … Your wit, moxie, and imagination have really shined!

  12. Congratulations. I strongly agree with you. We should be free to watch and listen to alternative media and decide for ourselves.

  13. Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your hard work, serving the community! You have helped shape my understanding of the overwhelming tsunami of propaganda that is sluicing about! I read every post! Thanks again, Love and Peace, Ingmar Lee, on Denny Island, near Bella Bella on the wild BC Central Coast!

  14. Congratulations! You definitely deserve that kind of exposure and respect. Cheering for you.

  15. 3 months in to lurking this site from the literal opposite end of the economic spectrum. More people need exposure to your writing and perspective. Happy Russel featured you.

    It’s fascinating how desperately the authoritarians want us to hate each other. It’s terrifying how effectively their machinery is at causing exactly that.

  16. It’s good to see him reading your stuff! I don’t think he quite understands what is happening in Ukraine, but then, few in the west do. And if we try to explain the war objectively, with what we know from reporting on both sides, we are called “Russian agents” or “Russian bots.” I can handle being called names, but now things are escalating and just being objective about the war can get you attacked physically!

    1. Those could have been exactly my words – thank you!

      1. I wish it wasn’t so!

  17. Your work is priceless but I hope he made an attempt, anyway.

  18. Good cross pollination going on here.

    Here is Yanis Varoufakis on how to bring about peace in Ukraine. Yanis starts by talking about a western double standard.

    Yesterday Yemen was bombarded.

    How to get Russian troops out of Ukraine?

    A diplomatic solution is the only solution.

    Safety and freedom for Ukrainians. What does Putin need to let this happen.

    A new Switzerland on the north side of the black sea. That is what the people need.

    Russell Brand giving a headline,: ‘So THIS Is Why Ukraine Is Being Attacked’. After a brief introduction, Brand turned the broadcast over to Varoufakis. That content is included in the above PODCAST.

    Yanis discusses how to stop a ruthless killer. A ruthless killer who needs a way out.

    Russell always has it going on.

  19. The Coalition of the Unabsorbed!
    Too funny. We have been reduced in numbers to such an extent that strange bedfellows are not only the new norm, it is the only norm.
    I mean, talk about the Overton Window getting smashed to fucking bits.
    There is lot of respect on display coming from both sides, because honor knows no boundaries.
    Shout out to the Grayzone, and Col. Douglas MacGregor.

  20. He always makes me laugh…. Really pleased for you too, you are consistently writing very thought-provoking content. I’m often hijacking the odd paragraph here and there!

  21. Love Russell’s stuff and where he’s coming from.

    I’ve seen many of your posts on Twitter and have always enjoyed them.

    Russell’s reading led me to your website. Having read your “Annual Write-Up On What I’m About And What I’m Doing Here” I resonate with everything you say and particularly the ideas of the Gift Economy – an idea that I have read about through Charles Eisenstein.

    I retired about 2-3 years ago and I am ashamed to say that I have only since awakened to what’s really going on in the world and the mass hypnosis we are all subjected to. We need people like you. Unfortunately most people are so busy (like I was) just surviving that they have little time to question what they hear through the mainstream media. How do we combat that?

    Anyway, I like your stuff so much I will support you through a Patreon membership. Keep up the good fight!

    With love

  22. congratulations on your increasing exposure, you deserve it many times over.

  23. john david williams Avatar
    john david williams

    Brilliantly expressed

  24. Happy to see you getting some more exposure. I have enjoyed your sane, soulful writing for years (found you on zerohedge). Until more are identified more as awareness, less as ego…here we are, with Clown World as consensus reality. Thanks to all who are attempting to shift the assemblage point toward the Soul.

  25. Actually, this is how I re-discovered your work. I used to read you on Medium then you disappeared from my feed. I paused the video so I could read the text

  26. I wish all podcasts had a voice and spirit like that. It just made my day that guy.

    1. Great interview with Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate and Colonel Douglas MacGregor. I wish I. could see McGregor and Scott Ritter in the same interview. That would be awesome.

  27. After following both you and Russel for a few years it was great to hear him reference you journalism. Well done Fame at last.

  28. Caught it last night, was so excited to see it! These thoughts deserves the widest reach.

  29. Fantastic, Caity. This is wonderful.

  30. We have friends in high places!

  31. In its noble efforts to control the narrative, the White House has been encouraging TikTok content creators to peddle fake news:
    ‘ During the meeting, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told creators that Russia “hacked our election” in 2016, a false claim that two-thirds of Democratic voters apparently believed when polled back in 2018. … no evidence of tampering with vote counts has ever been presented to the public in the Muller report or elsewhere. ‘

  32. It’s about time.
    Long overdue.

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