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To be clear, evidence is mounting that this is a proxy war deliberately instigated and perpetuated by the US empire with the goal of ousting Putin. Which means that, despite all the narrative window dressing and spin, this war is just more US regime change interventionism.

Saddam Hussein was not a nice person, and he did bad things. This doesn’t change the fact that Bush’s regime change war was a tremendous evil which unleashed unforgivable horrors, and that it was done because Saddam became inconvenient for the US empire. The same is happening here.

As a result of deliberately provoking this war, the US empire has:

  • Manufactured international consent for unprecedented economic warfare geared toward ousting Putin
  • Drawn Moscow into another Afghanistan-like military quagmire
  • Guaranteed immense profits for the war industry
  • Cut in on Russia’s fossil fuel business
  • Made Europe further subservient to US interests

People say “This is not a proxy war! How dare you call this a proxy war?”

Pouring billions of dollars worth of weaponry into a foreign nation to be used by CIA-trained fighters with the direct ongoing assistance of US military intelligence is in fact the exact thing that a proxy war is. That is what those words mean.

If the Ukraine war is not a proxy war, then there has never been a proxy war.

“So you think Ukraine should just GIVE Putin the Donbas and Crimea and neutrality, to end a war that Putin started??”

No I think Ukraine should sacrifice rivers of blood serving as US proxy cannon fodder for years to drain Moscow while you sit at home eating Pop Tarts and tweeting.

I definitely think every single Ukrainian man, woman and child should be sacrificed to this US proxy war for geostrategic dominance rather than yield some Russian-speaking parts of eastern Ukraine who want to be part of Russia anyway. Only a Putin-loving monster would disagree.

The only humanitarian position is to continue the US plan to flood the nation with just enough weapons to bleed Russia without actually winning for years to subvert Moscow in the grand chessboard maneuverings of a few sociopaths in Washington.

Any Ukrainian mother who wouldn’t sacrifice her son for the remote chance of future NATO membership and control over Crimea just loves Putin and thinks Putin is awesome and is a Putler apologist.

I don’t care how many Ukrainian lives must be thrown into the gears of the imperial war machine to accomplish this. Sacrifice every one of them down to the last screaming baby, because I #StandWithUkraine until the next stylish hashtag and profile pic filter come along.

There’d be a lot more credibility for the argument that Russia has no right to any “sphere of influence”—even over the presence of hostile military alliances directly on its border—if the US didn’t command a “sphere of influence” that looks like this:


NATO is a “sphere of influence”. It’s an extension of US imperial power. One of many.

You don’t get to unilaterally create a global dynamic and then cry when other countries respond accordingly. It’s like the US making international law meaningless by continually flouting it with zero consequences and then claiming another country violated international law.

People who say “What so Russia should just get to dictate whether its neighbors can join NATO and the EU??” without addressing US hegemony are either truly ignorant of US hegemony, willfully ignorant of US hegemony, or supportive of US hegemony. There are no other options. And there really is no way to address it in a way that makes Russia’s position look unreasonable. It’s simply not legitimate to claim Moscow has no right to even the slightest degree of any sphere of influence while the US empire exerts a sphere of influence the size of Earth.

Very supportive of Biden’s not-deliberately-obliterating-all-terrestrial-life-in-a-thermonuclear-holocaust policy but strongly opposed to his continually-escalating-cold-war-and-proxy-war-tensions-in-ways-that-could-easily-inadvertently-spark-a-thermonuclear-holocaust policy.

I still have less than zero respect for the claim that I need to spend more time criticizing Putin, as though the nonstop criticisms of every single one of the most powerful government and media institutions in the western world is not enough. I have no influence over Putin. What I do have some small degree of influence over is the western society that is cheerleading a proxy war which all evidence says is actively being prolonged by the western empire to bleed Russia at the expense of Ukrainian lives.

Saying “Well Putin could just end his war!” is about as useful a contribution to the conversation as saying “Well Ukrainians could just sprout wings and fly to another country!” We have the same amount of control over both those things. I focus my efforts where they can do most good.

Demanding that we criticize Putin and the western powers who provoked and sustain this war equally, or anywhere near equally, is an absurd position. As badly as my empire loyalist detractors want it to be true, I don’t actually have an audience with Vladimir Putin. I have a western audience.

People are going to get poorer and see their quality of life diminishing as a result of the US empire’s economic war with Russia. Our civilization has an illness. We’re like a patient wasting away as cancer spreads throughout our body. And the US empire is the malignant tumor.


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61 responses to “Yes It’s A Proxy War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Stopped reading after a few sentences. Another edgy American trying to convince the world that they understand Eastern-European affairs? You don’t, you have NO idea what the reasons behind the invasion are or what do Ukrainian people want. The world does not revolve around you and not every tragic event in the world needs to be caused by your geopolitical interests. We are able to bomb ourselves just fine for our own stupid goals.

  2. I see that Pfizer has developed an mRNA vaccine that you can inject into yourself that will make a Ukrainian person immune from a Russian military operation.
    It’s being called the Freedom and Democracy Vaccine and is likely to become mandatory around the world.

  3. Goose FloraFauna Avatar
    Goose FloraFauna

    Hi Caitlin and everyone. Check out this Graphic and commentary. It’ right to the point and hits home. Thanks for your knowledge and especially your words of WISDOM!!

  4. Yes, our civilization has a disease, but I think the cancer that is the US empire is just a symptom of the disease, a disease that has been causing enormous human misery for centuries. One aspect of this disease can be called the “for-profit at any cost mindset” which some native people called Wetiko or Wendigo, a psycho-spiritual disease of self-devouring greed. This disease led to imperialism and the practice of usury, the abuse of monetary authority for personal gain. Dante described usury as “an extraordinarily efficient form of violence by which one does the most damage with the least effort.” The US dominated global monetary system is a system of institutionalized usury.

    Through the banks the system issues all money as interest-bearing debt but only the money representing the principal of the debt is created, the interest must come from the principal of another loan. Therefore, we have recessions and depressions because when the loan payments are made it extinguishes the principal and when payments exceed the money being created by loans the system falters due to the lack of money, or the banking system can just stop making loans to crash the economy. The gray bands in this graph shows how regularly this happens.

    Why would they want do that? Currently, they are blowing another housing bubble, lots of wealth being used for collateral to secure loans. When the banks stop making loans the economy will crash and defaults will occur so they can then collect the collateral for pennies on the dollar. Our monetary system is a 400-year-old pump and dump scheme to enslave workers and extract the wealth of the world. World governments serve the banks who control their purse and the banks only interest is in more profits and power and public policy always favors them. War is highly profitable. If it were not there would not be any wars. Monetary war is also very profitable, as any theft is.

    The fatal blind-spot that nearly all thinkers on the left, the center, and the right as well, have when it comes to money and banking, is that they all assume that banks lend savers’ deposits to borrowers, when in fact this never happens, and so the banks not only lend the money, they create the money, and thus make the whole economy (and polity) entirely dependent on them – they have “the upper hand” over everyone else; industrialists, unionists, media, and politicians. It’s a hidden hand because of the general ignorance of the basic fact that banks create money when they make loans (and destroy it when loans are repaid) – thus, the entire money supply is rented from the banks; they’re the ultimate rentiers (not landlords, not industrialists). The landlords and industrialists are all in debt to the banks too.

    We should all be aware of the history of how the Nordic social democracies came about. Instead of the left and right brawling in the streets in the 30s as they were in Europe, the Nordic left and right got together and focused on the elites at the top to win change. We must dispense with the divisions and focus on uniting to free ourselves from this brutal and destructive money system.

    The big banks who control the creation of money determine who rules, who gets elected, the public policy they pass, whether there will be a war, or a world-around lockdown of the economy due to a weaponized virus. We are harnessed to this privately owned system via debt which is against the principles of monetary science. One cannot really pay debt with debt; money is supposed to be a public debt-free neutral payment system. All this being the case why is monetary authority, who controls the creation of money, not being made the central political issue? Is it because they control the schools and the media, controlling public perceptions with their pervasive narrative that never mentions it, or is it as Marshall McLuhan said, kept secret by public incredulity?

    I think until we wise up to the manipulation, which is Caitlin’s mission here, and wise up to how the money system works and should work, my mission here, we will continue to lose. Learn more at

  5. The Russia-Ukraine war was planned by the deep state 3 yrs ago, in 2019
    This “war” was outlined in an report by Rand Corp. Rand Corp is a deep state think tank. The report is called “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia”
    If you connect the dots, the deep state planned to create chaos to destabilize Russia, while at the same time, pushing forward their agenda to destroy the US dollar, and bring in digital currency. An ex Blackrock CEO has said that the Ukraine war was done to accelerate digital currency. No wonder then that Ukraine is now the first country in the world to implement the Great Reset. Ukraine is also a deep state hotbed for human trafficking, money laundering etc. Also, billionaire mercenaries are making loads of money off of this war. Ukraine’s President is a see-eye-aaa installed illuminati who vibrates to lower frequencies.
    None of this is to say that Putin is an anti-globalist. He joined Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Network in 2021 and still meets regularly with the dark side reptilian viper Henry Kissinger for discussions and advice
    I think both “sides” of this war (the public) are being played by the globalists
    Watch Lara Logan give her opinion with brutal honesty (link #2)
    1) How to Destroy Russia. 2019 Rand Corporation Report: “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia”
    2) Why Ukraine is Important to Powerful People in Washington: Lara Logan Sets the Record Straight on Ukraine-Russia
    In the bigger picture the dark side has seen the future timeline of earth & humans (they have the technology to see the future). They know that humans are going to make it. All this drama is to try & block that from happening. Humans have to give up fear & dissolve separation so that they can all move into Unity Consciousness. Anything that is divisive & of duality consciousness will not make it to the new future timeline of earth. Earth has already moved to a higher frequency. In order to stay with earth, we all need to embody self love & the purity principle of “no harm to self or another” in thought, word, and action. Unity consciousness means everyone is an aspect of us…even the dark side. Everything undesirable must be transmuted into divine love and oneness. It’s the only way to end the divisive separation consciousness that the dark side (our shadow self) has been using against us. If each one of us keeps our own bioenergetic field clear, unblocked, & in a high frequency state of pure love (no harm to self or another in thought, word, action), then without doing anything in the outer world, we can exponentially raise the frequency of the collective consciousness of humanity.

    1. WOW – I had no idea there were others who understand the essentials of our connectiveness and universal oneness – thank you Linda. I am writing Part 2 of my book at present and posting articles as I write (like Charles Dickens):

      1. Thanks, for the link, Peter!
        Yes, Nature’s Laws are important to understand so that we can reconnect with (especially) the feminine energy, which has been suppressed for so many thousands of years.
        The Ukraine/ Russia war happening on earth’s surface is really a purification of surface divisive frequencies. Underneath this surface is the frequency of Unity, which is in the process of rising to the surface.
        All is frequency & vibration. In order to understand world events, ourselves, & the mysteries of the universe, it’s important for us to view things from the perspective of frequency & vibration versus limiting our vision to the materiality of things. It makes sense to do this as 96% of energy is unseen. If we base our decision making only on 4% of physical perception, we miss out on a whole lot going on behind the scenes. So it becomes almost a necessity to work on opening our “third” eye 🙂

        1. Thanks Linda, I couldn’t agree more and our small group in Bruton UK are very active in this regard. We are only a few miles away from Glastonbury where the positive energy is especially powerful (convergence of Ley Lines). We are developing our own, self-sufficient local economy in order to avoid the CBDCs bearing down on us imminently.

          The concept is based on the African UBUNTU model where no money is involved – it is known as Contributionism. This book is well worth a read:

          You can follow me at TBP or on my Substack:

          Always happy to exchange emails – let me know where you are at in this mess we call the world!

  6. The US and its allies know that they are wittnesing the final days of the Empire. Hopefully there will be less dead children in the new bipolar world.

    1. All new births are painful and the afterbirth can be messy.

  7. “The Ukraine war is immensely convenient for the globalists. Think about it – The very moment their covid mandates begin to fall apart and more than half the world refuses the vax passports, suddenly the invasion of Ukraine strikes and all is forgotten? It’s as if someone flipped a magic switch and the mainstream media’s covid propaganda machine immediately shut down, all at once. The war on skeptics of the vaccines is mostly gone. The push for the mandates is gone. Even the masks are basically gone. All the restrictions which authoritarians argued were essential for “saving lives” now no longer matter. They have vanished, because they never did matter.

    Now we’re on to the newer bigger distraction of potential World War III. This was facilitated by Putin and expanded on by NATO countries into the realm of economic conflict, which is where the real war is happening. The globalists have shifted from using covid as the excuse for inflation and economic decline to using Russia and Ukraine as the excuse for inflation and economic decline.
    Brandon Smith

    1. Braandon Smith is a CIA shill !

      Get a liife !

      1. Yes, very possible Jack. The Globalist Banksters back both sides, always have. ‘All wars are Banksters wars’ and the skill of lying successfully is always allowing some truth and never telling all. You can spot the deviants with this BS detector. The HMG ‘Nudge Unit’ is classic double agent stuff.

  8. ZIO/US/NATO has murdered 500 thousand in Syria – they have maimed and displaced another 2.5 million using their proxy ISIS !

    Putin got rid of ISIS though and is now onto the Nazi’s !

    At any other point in history – Putin would be a superhero !

    It is only the Rothschilds owned media that is denying this status !

  9. Desperate empires do desperate things !

    You know Nero obviously started the great fire of Rome himself – because he KNEW it was over !

    Similar thing happening to America !

    Nero ‘s last words ( 68 AD ) ” What an artist dies in me ” – before taking his own life !

    American empires last words will be ” What a BS artist dies in me ”

    Wonder if Madeline Albright did a Nero !

  10. The idea that this will turn into a long proxy war that will bleed Russia dry is false. Russia effectively has almost total control of this war and everything that happens will be according to what Russia wants. After Russia is satisfied that their objective’s have been met they will withdraw all their forces back to Russia. Any requirements of maintaining a military force in Ukraine to consolidate their position will be fulfilled by the military’s of the now independent Luhansk and Donetsk republics. This is just one more example in a growing number of abject failures of neocon planning. I would also seriously reconsider any plans for air travel in Europe and the Mediterranean areas since the US thought it would be a good idea to flood Ukraine with portable shoulder launched air attack missiles. What could possibly go wrong?

  11. Everything you see is complete BS from the Rothschilds owned WEST !

    The big American/British OIL companies didn’t pull out of Russia – they were kicked out !

    They were deliberately causing masive environmental damage using pipeline sabotage !

    Nobody has any IDEA what Russia was going through – because Russia doesn’t say anything !

    Russia just does what needs to be done !

    Like turning 400 ZIO/US/NATO sponsored ISIS terrorists into fertilizer in Syria !

    Do you see Russia beating their chest ???

    NO – they just DO it !

  12. “People are going to get poorer and see their quality of life diminishing as a result of the US empire’s economic war with Russia. Our civilization has an illness. We’re like a patient wasting away as cancer spreads throughout our body. And the US empire is the malignant tumor.”
    Great article, Caitlin and Tim. Bravo!

    1. That’s the line I wanted to respond to. I live in West Virginia. Along with Ohio and Pennsylvania, this covers the Marcellus gas fields, where the drillers and frackers have had a problem with low prices and a glut. Now, of course they are cheering happily as the war gives the Biden team an excuse to rush through NGL ports and speed Marcellus gas, along with gas from the Gulf, to Europe. So yup–perhaps it will be the excuse to ram the MVP pipeline through, step up the drilling and fracking, and stop even pretending to comply with weak environmental regs, all virtuously wrapped in the flag–the Ukrainian flag. This doesn’t even mention climate change. Not mentioning it, is of course, the norm.It’s all so insane–I think the malignant tumor must be a brain tumor.

  13. During the past few weeks I’ve come across many commentators like Caitlin saying that the West provoked Putin into invading Ukraine. But this CAN’T be true, because I’ve heard a whole bunch of people, like President Biden and Boris Johnson and Jens Stoltenburg, say it on numerous occasions, and repeat it on an almost daily basis. And they’re STILL saying it.

    (irony alert!)

    1. ie that the invasion was ‘unprovoked’!

      1. AND ‘unjustified’!

        Repetition is a subtle form of brain-washing, and people don’t realise of course that it’s being done to them, OR, that they were brain-washed into believing something is true, when it was in fact a falsehood. THAT is why the propagandists keep repeating it, precisely because it IS a falsehood.
        Take ‘Salisbury’, for example, which I have no doubt whatsoever was all staged. In the Real World the chemical weapons experts would have gone to Skripal’s house as soon as they arrived in Salisbury, and the very first thing they would have checked before entering the property was the front door handle, and yet they didn’t think to do so until three weeks later (as if!). And the reason the scriptwriters decided to leave it for three weeks (before discovering
        how the Skripals and DS Nick Bailey came into contact with the nerve agent), was so that the MSM could brain-wash the general public that the event was real – and that it was Putin wot done it – by endlessly speculating about how they came in to contact with the Novichok.

        Funny, isn’t it, how the Skripals became incapacitated several hours after coming into contact with the Novichok, and yet Nick Bailey – who went to the house on the Sunday evening with a couple of colleagues – didn’t become ill until a couple of days later. Oh, and neither HE, or his two colleagues, thought to remove the cat and the two guinea pigs. Needless to say, if the story was for real, they obviously would have done!

        PS Yes I know there are dozens of holes and discrepancies and inconsistencies in the official narrative……

        1. I think Navalny is too stupid to realise it was the CIA who poisoned him hoping to use his death as a FF against Rusia !

          Russia’s expert medical response saved him !

          Russia wins everything !

  14. The American empire are on their knees !

    Things have got progressively worse since Russia prevented them from overthrowing Dr Assad and Maduro !

    I mean – who really calls the shots now ???

    Putin does – there is NOTHING the ZIO/US can do now but WATCH !

    Just like they had to watch Russia destroy 400 THOUSAND of their favorite terrorist group ( ISIS ) in Syria !

    ZIO/US/NATO militaries are just spectators now !

    Don’t you think the ZIO/US/NATO would have ‘dug in’ in Afghanistan if they were capable !

    They wanted to continue the occcupation because they were threatening with their BS ‘over the horizon ‘ missiles – whatever happened to them ???

    Russia’s sophisticated electronic weaponry has the ZIO/US/NATO completely FVCKED and IMPOTENT !!

    Putin is just clearing the BELT road and nobody even notices !

    1. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but I am always amazed when I see people who hate the US but cheer on Russia. I suppose it fits into the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mindset, but there’s absolutely nothing to cheer about Russia. In essence, anything the US does that is bad, Russia also does, and usually to a worse/greater extent. Selling arms – check. Interfering in other countries’ affairs – check. Invading sovereign nations – check. Assassinating people – check. Leaders lining their pockets – check.

      This Manichean, one-side-good, the other-side-bad view is foolish and simplistic. It’s entirely possible for *both* sides to be bad.

  15. “evidence is mounting”

    It saddens me that there are not pacifists demanding peace.

  16. The fascists in control of the monarchist “west” want the resources in Russia. They had them under pig Yeltsin, but then the Russians woke up and Putin became their president and now the oligarchs who created monopolies there are even being destroyed by the “west,” and so if this war in Ukraine is destroying Russia and Russia is weak, why don’t the fascist USA and UK send in troops of their own? They would be destroyed!

    1. Spot on. And Putin tried diplomacy for 8 years to stop the slaughter of ethnic Russians in the Donbass … 8 years of carnage … until he saw a massive uptick in the amount of weaponry being supplied to Ukraine and shipped to the east. Now many say that it was a trap for Putin, and they could be right, but I admire the stance that he has taken, and I further admire the way Russia is fighting this war. No shock and awe, just strategic troop placements to round up the Ukrainian divisions and prevent their re-supply. As little as possible destruction of infrastructure, as few civillian casualties as they can. However, they’re after that Azov Batallion, and they are toast. I’m rootin’ for the Russians.

      1. Spot on, Helen. That’s the way I see it too.

      2. Putin is a great chess player I understand whereas Biden might manage snap.

        1. Biden’s managerial abilities are irrelevant. He’s just the spokesman.

          1. Yes of course, all the politicians et al are puppets of the Banksters in the end with their leading protagonist KS and WEF.

      3. Helen B and Robert, this is my take on the situation as well.

        Nice to encounter a few kindred folks on line at least. A bit scarce IRL. I don’t have a TV, and still felt the massive propaganda push of the Russia bad-Putin evil just following news on a few sites on line. People watching television got the full tsunami. A few do seem to be having glimmers they are being played; hopefully more will wake up to what is actually happening. Caitlin and a few others are certainly doing their best to get people to do so.

        1. Exactly right Emme, people will wake up, but very slowly. The propagandists know that on average 30% will never succumb, 40% are undecided and 30% will always believe their lies. Their task is to get as many of the 40% as they can before they wake up because if they don’t they will fail and the control group will win.

          It took two years before the Covid control group won and the narrative collapsed – but they will continue to push with new ‘variants’ – Deltacron being the latest. It’s a continual battle of good v evil which has been fought for millennia but now, with 21st century communication, it is operating at the speed of light. Have you noticed how your life appears to be speeding up?

          There is much wisdom to be found on this website where I post:

      4. @Helen:

        You wrote: “However, they’re after that Azov Batallion, and they are toast. I’m rootin’ for the Russians.”

        There are about 800 people in the Azov Battalion. Even if *all* of them are neo-Nazis (which doesn’t appear to be the case), does that warrant supporting Russia’s invasion of a sovereign country?

        As I wrote in response to another comment above, I am always amazed when I see people who hate the US but cheer on Russia. I suppose it fits into the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mindset, but there’s absolutely nothing to cheer about Russia. In essence, anything the US does that is bad, Russia also does, and usually to a worse/greater extent. Selling arms – check. Interfering in other countries’ affairs – check. Invading sovereign nations – check. Assassinating people – check. Leaders lining their pockets – check.

        This Manichean, one-side-good, the other-side-bad view is foolish and simplistic. It’s entirely possible for *both* the US and Russia to be bad, and both the US and Russia should be condemned for their actions.

        1. Exactly right James. I wrote about it last week:
          “BRACE FOR IMPACT: Do not confuse the headline of this analysis with any conclusions of who I am rooting for. I am backing neither Ukraine nor Russian because I know that this conflict is the work of the Globalist Banksters – all wars are bankers’ wars – is a statement of truth which history validates – they always finance both sides. This article hits the nail on the head………”

          All my articles are here:

  17. Finally, a truthteller, putting words to my gut feelings. They ain’t pretty, but ….. thank you, Caitlin!

    Tom Luongo has unusually good analysis here: NATO and Russia — Whistling Past Each Other’s Graveyards
    Excerpts: The fault for this gap lies wholly with NATO and the West who have steadily advanced until they reached the Russian border at the Donbass. To discuss this in any other terms is pathetic and just an excuse to exercise one’s inherent racism and bloodlust against Russians…
    Russia’s list of grievances is as long as any bill that passes through a Congressional committee these days. But the big ones have been the attempts on flipping Belarus and Kazakhstan. These two pivotal countries were victims of failed revolutions to overthrow the governments there and install NATO-controlled puppets, trying to replicate the ‘victory’ in Ukraine in 2014.
    Not only did they fail miserably, if anything they furthered Russia’s aims to bring the former Soviet republics back into their orbit and end their flirtations with the West. The only one of these left, really, is Ukraine….
    ..This war was chosen by the West. It was designed this way. All “attempts” at diplomacy by NATO, the UK, France and the US were simply nothing more than time-buying exercises to build up Ukraine’s strength to launch a blitz of the Donbass and sanction Russia for even responding….
    ..Make no mistake, Minsk II was nothing more than another time-buying exercise by NATO and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel to get Nordstream 2 completed and allow NATO to build up the Ukrainian military to the point where it could credibly blitz the Donbass.
    When Putin ordered a massive multi-front invasion he was simply pre-empting an attack that was coming.
    ​ ​The sanctions packages implemented since then were already prepared. They were happening no matter what move Putin made. There was no different outcome here, only the dates on which these events were going to take place.
    ​ ​NATO chose the place. Putin chose the time. Everything else is chatter and noise.​..
    ​ The losses on both sides will be horrific and high. The chaos unleashed on Ukrainian civilians is terrible. The scenes in recently ‘liberated’ Mariupol are heart breaking…
    ​ ​Opening salvos have been fired, now the real war for the future of humanity begins at the legal and financial level…
    ..Since the EU are not reliable actors Russia put them on the published ‘unfriendly list’ of countries that now are allowed to pay for their Russian exports in either rubles (announced by Putin earlier this week) or gold (announced yesterday).​..
    ​ ​Russia has the real power here because it produces what the world needs while the people pushing this war are doing so from an increasingly shaky foundation of paper assets.
    ​ ​So, contracts be damned, it’s gold or rubles for natural gas, unfriendly Europe.
    ​ ​It’s bitcoin or local currencies for everyone else.
    ​ ​Ukraine will be neutral. China will remain friendly. Words matter when a person wants them to matter.
    ​ ​And from where I’ve sat these past ten years the Russians have honored their words while the West has used them as weapons.

  19. “No I think Ukraine should sacrifice rivers of blood serving as US proxy cannon fodder for years to drain Moscow while you sit at home eating Pop Tarts and tweeting.”
    That is The Plan, but as I said on Day 1, it will all come down The Operation. Can the Russian Federation get in and out of the Ukraine before the US can false flag this situation into WWIII levels of madness.
    I thought the Russians had a month to accomplish this task, which is to say, degrade the fighting power the Ukraine Army to such an extant they would be forced to surrender.
    Clearly I was wrong, it is going to take longer. Like many, I underestimated the genteel nature of the Russian Armed Forces, and overestimated the willingness of the Ukraine Army to fight to the death as long they had human shields they could hide behind.
    Hide behind em long enough for their benefactors to win the propaganda war. And as we know, the side that wins the propaganda war alway wins in the end, just ask Joseph Goebbels.*
    But what really must be troubling, particularily for the benefactors, although they have claimed total victory on the propaganda front, these claims may have been premature. For instance, the little labtop that went away, has reappeared.
    Needless to say, this could be a crucial blow to the weaving of future narratives. For instance, it will be hard now the benefactors to convince audiences that should biological or chemical weapons be used in this conflict, it could only have been those diabolical Russians that used them.
    Because they are desperate. Because they are losing! Lmao …
    Propaganda is no different than lying, once you start you gotta keep doing it, no matter where it leads. This map is from the French Ministry of Defense. If you want to keep this nonsense up, like: the Ukraine forces have more tanks than when they started, because they’ve captured so many, or, Russian armored columns are being halted in their tracks by farmers on their tractors or babushkas wielding broomsticks, then you have to inform the world that the once proud and independent French Republic has become a Puttin Puppet.
    *Or Sun Tzu, who famously said: “When your enemy is weak, belittle him, when you enemy is strong, baffle him with your bullshit, only in this way can victory be assured.”
    Kidding. Sunny T never said that. Sun Tzu believed very deeply in power of deception, but only as it applies to one’s enemy, not as it applies to oneself.
    If fact I’m quite sure he would have agreed, that self-deception is the quickest and surest pathway to defeat.

    1. @Max: The French minister of Defense, Jean-Yves Le Drian, is mentally challenged. He’s only there because the French government, like all other businesses, must employ a quota of handicapped people. It’s also him who, the other day, warned Putin that France also had nuclear weapons, which Putin of course knew but incited him to put his military on nuclear alert. As if all this was not complicated enough.

      1. All true I’m sure, but this is about maps, which are playing a fairly significant – if not crucial – role in these propaganda campaigns. I’ve seen several dozen at this point, produced by both sides, at each step along the way, and this is the first one coming out of the West that even remotely resembles the ones that have been produced by the other side.
        If anything, and I find this very interesting, this map from the French Ministry of Defense shows a kind of in theater dominance that even the Russian map makers aren’t claiming.
        The point is, the paper thin Western narrative is falling apart, which may or not be good thing.
        Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that. And the West is getting desperate.
        Sanctions not only failed, they backfired, and the no-fly zone was always a fairy tale. The Ukraine Army has been dismembered, and its remaining ground up bits and pieces lack fuel, ammo, food, mobility, communications, air cover, etc … and if they want a block to block, house to house, fight to the death, the Russians have made it clear, that if they must, they will oblige.
        Just as they did in the spring of ’45.
        There are two plays left for the West, false flag or nuclear first strike. My suspicions is, that the West will try out the former first, on the premise they are have not gone completely, batshit insane.
        I do have my doubts though, as to sanity question.

        1. Yes indeed. False flag is their usual ploy … but surely we in the West are alert to that nonsense by now. Of course there are the blue/yellow flag wavers, always first to jump on the latest MSM fakery, but the more sober of us surely are alert to these by now.

          1. Let’s hope so. I would like think the Russians were able to get sufficiently ahead of this one, yet recently it seems all I run into is one Western politician or media cut out after another screaching “a Russian bio attack is imminent!”

          2. Trouble is, the blue/yellow flag wavers are at least 90% of the population, those who question the narrative less than ten percent. It wasn’t long before more than half of Americans thought 9/11 was at least in part an inside job–but that hasn’t changed anything.

            1. Using the word ‘God’ as you understand it:

              “God grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change, the courage to change those things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

              You will know where that comes from if you know Bill W

  20. ….Manufactured international consent for unprecedented economic warfare geared toward ousting Putin…..only in the west

    ….Drawn Moscow into another Afghanistan-like military quagmire…..not necessarily. Russia is right on schedule to do what they want.

    …..Guaranteed immense profits for the war industry…..agree with this one

    …..Cut in on Russia’s fossil fuel business
    Made Europe further subservient to US interests…..not necessarily. Just redirected it elsewhere. Agree, europe is in a box of their own making.

  21. Thank you Caitlin, I do like to read your stuff. Its usually pretty short but very sweet

  22. Proxy war for now. WW2 actually began in 1933. Thats where we are now. Since things move faster today I expect a hot war in less than five years……. On another note I quit talking to my fellow Americans about this. I am tired of a deer in the headlight look followed by an attempt to quickly change the subject.

    1. Well, Putin has always said that if it comes to nuclear war, Russia will target the decision makers. And they know precisely where they are. That means the US. Perhaps you should begin to prepare …

  23. Philip Mollica Avatar
    Philip Mollica

    And it’s even more than that, Caitlin. They’ve manufactured consent for dire economic consequences within their own country. Energy, rents and goods are going to skyrocket – we’ve already seen 25%, and it’s barely begun.
    A new world order of have’s and have not’s. On their own soil. I know no-one will shed a tear for US citizens. But it is exploitation beyond anything we have ever seen.

  24. Those commentaries regarding the U S. Empire’s camopaignbto bleed Russia dry, and U S and NATO’s very negative effect on European countries! It’s sad and frustrating to see American’s falling for the same kind of propaganda that so many did during U.S. invasion of Iraq. Yet again! I’m disgusted with the political class’ and corporate media’s carrying out the same Big Lie operation!

  25. Let’s not be pessimistic. As a result of the US empire’s war with Russia, it’s gonna be one of two things. Either:
    1/ The globalization will carry on albeit slightly differently and the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer or
    2/ This will be the end of globalization as we know it and the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.
    Nothing will fundamentally change :o)

    1. Globalization is dead. Countries are dumping dollar denominated assets as fast as possible in case the US decides to confiscate theirs too. Biden has no idea the storm he has created confiscating personal assets of russian citizens. Would you hold anything the US could take after this.

  26. Thank you- thank you!
    The hard/ horrile thing is to make people/ friends to understand!

  27. Who benefits from people getting poorer?
    Poor people take on more debt at higher interest rates.
    I guess corporations as well, since they can just convince people to spend more on credit.
    For politicians it would be cheaper to but votes and more of them can be bought.
    The dominant system wins out by making people poorer because then the system can dominate a little longer, even as it is on its way out.

  28. Wow great piece.
    And magnificent last paragraph!

  29. Tying itself to US gas deliveries is the DUMBEST thing the EU could do and will live to regret it. In other words…EU doesn’t do what the US wants it to do and bingo…no more gas for you, EU. In short: blackmail.

    1. wait til american frackers start working all over europe, and there will be no objections possible

    2. The EU will be the first in all areas, finance, energy, food and destruction.

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