It’s hard to believe that the last president spent his term pouring weapons into Ukraine, shredding treaties with Russia and ramping up cold war escalations against Moscow which helped lead us directly to the extraordinarily dangerous situation we now find ourselves in, and yet mainstream liberals spent his entire administration screaming that he was a Kremlin puppet.

A lot of anti-empire commentary is rightly going into criticizing how the Obama administration paved the way to this conflict in Ukraine with its role in the 2014 coup and support for Kyiv’s war against Donbass separatists. But what’s getting lost in all this, largely because Trumpites have been using their mainstream numbers to loudly amplify criticisms of the role of the Obama and Biden administrations in this mess, is what happened between those two presidencies which was just as crucial in getting us here.

Though it’s been scrubbed from mainstream liberal history, it was actually the Trump administration that began the US policy of arming Ukraine in the first place. Obama had refused forceful demands from neocons and liberal hawks to do so because he feared it would provoke an attack by Russia.

In a 2015 article titled “Defying Obama, Many in Congress Press to Arm Ukraine“, The New York Times reported that “So far, the Obama administration has refused to provide lethal aid, fearing that it would only escalate the bloodshed and give President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia a pretext for further incursions.”

It wasn’t until the Trump presidency that those weapons began pouring into Ukraine, and boy howdy are we looking at some “further incursions” now. This change occurred either because Trump was a fully willing participant in the agenda to ramp up aggressions against Moscow, or because he was politically pressured into playing along with that agenda by the collusion narrative which had its origins at every step in the US intelligence cartel, or because of some combination of the two.

In all the world-shaping news stories we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s easy to forget how the narrative that the Kremlin had infiltrated the highest levels of the US government dominated news coverage and political discourse for years on end. But in light of the fact that today’s major headlines now revolve around that exact same foreign government, this fact is probably worth revisiting.

The most important thing to understand about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is that it began with western intelligence agencies, was sustained by western intelligence agencies, and in the end resulted in cold war escalations against a government long targeted by western intelligence agencies. It was the US intelligence cartel who initiated the still completely unproven and severely plot hole-riddled claim that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to benefit Trump. It was a “former” MI6 operative who produced the notorious and completely discredited Steele Dossier which birthed the narrative that Trump colluded with the Kremlin to steal the 2016 election. It was the FBI who spied on the Trump campaign claiming it was investigating possible ties to Russia. It was the US intelligence cartel which produced, and then later walked back, the narrative that Russia was paying Taliban-linked fighters to kill allied occupiers in Afghanistan which was leveraged by Democrats to demand Trump escalate further against Putin. It was even a CIA officer who just so happened to be in the right place at the right time that kicked off the flimsy impeachment narrative that Trump had suspended arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Every step of the way the mass media was fed reports by intelligence operatives and by elected officials sharing pieces of information they’d been told by intelligence operatives about potential indications of a conspiracy between Trump’s circle and the Russian government, which often faceplanted in the most humiliating ways as subsequent revelations debunked them. Day after day some new “BOMBSHELL” media report would surface tying some obscure Trump underling so some Russian oligarch in some way, the outlet which published it would be rewarded with millions of clicks, only to have it fizzle into a flat nothing pizza within a few days.

Day after day mainstream liberals were promised major revelations which would lead to the entire Trump family being dragged from the White House in chains, and day after day those promises failed to deliver. But what did happen during that time was a mountain of US cold war escalations against Moscow, a very good illustration of the immense difference between narrative and fact.

Trump supporters like to believe that the Deep State tried to remove their president because he was such a brave populist warrior leading a people’s revolution against their Satanic globalist agendas, and surely there were some individual goons within their ranks who would have loved to see him gone. But in reality the major decision makers in the US intelligence cartel never intended to remove Trump from office. They’d have known from their own intel that the Mueller investigation wouldn’t turn up any evidence of a conspiracy with the Russian government, and they’d have known impeachment wouldn’t remove him because they know how to count Senate seats. Russiagate was never about removing Trump, it was about making sure Trump played along with their regime change plans for Moscow and manufacturing mainstream consent for the escalations we’re seeing today.

And now here we are. Joe Lauria has an excellent new article out for Consortium News titled “Biden Confirms Why the US Needed This War” which lays out the evidence that the Ukraine invasion was deliberately provoked to facilitate the longstanding agenda to oust Putin and “ultimately restore a Yeltsin-like puppet to Moscow.” The US could easily have prevented this war with a little bit of diplomacy and a few low-cost concessions, but instead it chose to provoke a war that could then be used to manufacture international consensus for unprecedented acts of economic warfare against Russia with the goal of effecting regime change.

Lauria writes:

The U.S. got its war in Ukraine. Without it, Washington could not attempt to destroy Russia’s economy, orchestrate worldwide condemnation and lead an insurgency to bleed Russia, all part of an attempt to bring down its government. Joe Biden has now left no doubt that it’s true.


The president of the United States has confirmed what Consortium News and others have been reporting since the beginnings of Russsiagate in 2016, that the ultimate U.S. aim is to overthrow the government of Vladimir Putin.


“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said on Saturday at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

This was all planned years in advance. Long before Biden’s presidency, and long before Trump’s. It is not a coincidence that we spent years being bombarded with anti-Russia propaganda in the lead-up to a massive confrontation with that same government. There’s no connection between the discredited allegation that Trump was a secret Kremlin agent and Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, yet the mainstream anti-Russia hysteria manufactured by the former is flowing seamlessly into mainstream opposition of the latter.

This is because this was all planned well in advance. We’re where we’re at now because the US empire brought us here intentionally.


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58 responses to “Re-Visiting Russiagate In Light Of The Ukraine War”

  1. This is a great explainer, but there’s one detail I have trouble with.
    How can we square the 2014 coup being US-backed, but arms weren’t being provided to Ukraine until Trump’s term? Like, why do you trust the NYT article about Obama’s refusal to send arms to Ukraine, if the US backed the 2014 coup?
    What does backing a coup even mean if not providing arms and strategy?

  2. If you want anymore proof that the NAZI Ukrainian Army are murdering their own people without MERCY !

    Watch this – grateful to be alive !

    5 minute video !

    1. Thanks for the link.
      Not a single Western media source is operating anywhere near the Donbass. That is the true “logistical failure” of this war.

      1. That’s because facts are Russian propaganda.

    2. Thank you for the link. We cannot allow the Dark Side to win the information war.

  3. Just like the Rothschilds financed the Nazi’s against Russia in WW2 – they financed them in Ukraine after Maidan in 2014 !

    The NAZI buildup in Ukraine was massive and Russia was again the prize !

    The fallout for the Rothschilds criminal banking cartel will be epic and western economies will simply collapse !!

    NOTHING can cover this up !

    5 minute video

    See for yourself !

  4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    This Russia vs Ukraine war is either an Orwellian controlled oppositions thing, i.e. The West Vs Eurasia or East Asia. Or, it’s ‘THE WEST’ (No longer NATO, or US/UK lead, as the MSM are repeating consistently in unison) going for full one world control (NWO), either with or without Russia in partnership. The propaganda is laughable, you’d have to have a lobotomy to believe the MSM shit fest theatrics.

    1. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s individual countries acting in a “realpolitik” manner and carrying out acts that they believe (correctly or incorrectly) to be in their country’s best interests?

      But nah, that’s too simple so that couldn’t be the case!

      Instead, let’s omit the simplest choice and instead give a binary choice of two different, complex theories.

      1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        James – In that case, that would mean the MSM narrative, the ‘official’ western narrative is correct and telling the full truth….. but, I’ve been around long enough to know they are FULL OF SHIT!

        This is an oldie, if you reverse the ‘official’ narrative you’ll get at least a little bit closer to the actual facts of the narrative. Best advice I ever received.

  5. US hasn’t built a major bridge since the 50s or an airport since the 70s !

    The Rothschilds finance endless wars killing and maiming millions worldwide – although Russia has now stopped that scam !!

    The Rothschilds have also been conducting a secret war on Americans !

    They want you DEAD and that has been the plan since 1913 !

    How many American lives have already been sacrificed to the Rothschilds wars ??

    Putin is on record as saying he likes the American people !

    He is not going to NUKE you !

    Putin has also said that if push comes to shove he will target the ‘decision’ makers !

    You have seen the pinpoint accuracy of Russian weapons in both the Ukraine and Syria !!

    The ‘decision’ makers will be targeted even if they are underground

    There will be NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO can do about it !

  6. Ukraine joined the BRI pre Maidan !

    China has already announced it will inject huge sums of money into Ukraine once this is over !

    Hopefully the Nazi terrified Ukrainians can rebuild their shattered lives !

    A prosperous future is just around the corner for Ukraine !

  7. Trump tried to normalize relations with Russia after the elections and the swamp went crazy. That’s why the dossier was created.

  8. I think that the larger picture, is a combination of the analysis of Ms. Johnstone, Catherine Austin Fitts, Michael Hudson and James Carville’s “It’s the economy stupid.”. The west and the EU are over as far as the globalists are concerned. We’re too far in debt, too “woke” with all that mental illness entails, with no industrial base, or workers, of significance to create future wealth. The banking system has moved trillion$ of real wealth out of our economy to invest in China and Russia as that is where wealth creation has moved. The globalists have used John Perkin’s economic hitman model on our intelligence cartel to drive the final stake into our economic heart with the “joe biden’” boomerang economic sanctions. If we are lucky an EMP will rid us of our rulers ability to project control over our subsistence farms.

    1. I’ve already posted this link down below but I feel it belongs here as well, as an attempt to explain what seems absurd in the way the world economy has been ruined and propped up with thin air currency while in the previous “austerity” stint, there was allegedly never any money to do anything – except of course buy weapons and waste them 24/7 on unpeople :o)

    2. @Joe – I have a number of friends who believe this theory but they’ve been able to properly answer my question, “Why?”

      Why would “globalists” embark upon a plan to use the “economic hitman model on our intelligence cartel to drive the final stake into our economic heart”?

      In my view, this is a gross over-complication. Rather than some nefarious, long-term plan to destroy the West for some unrevealed reason, the migration of money and capital to countries like China was simply due to pursuit of profit. Companies could make more profit by making stuff in developing countries – cheaper labour, cheaper real estate, fewer (or none) workplace safety regulations, fewer (or none) labour controls. That’s it – it’s not a plan to destroy the West; it’s just chasing profits.

  9. What is on Hunter Biden’s laptop does not matter any more. No doubt there was evidence of corruption, but hunter was not on a need to know basis concerning state secrets. His job was only to be paid.

    Trump arming Ukraine or Obama doing it. Somebody did it, but America does not elect pacifists to office so it really does not matter what fuck did it is my attitude. It should not have been done. Both are evil.

    The lead up to WW1 was all about nationalism. Business interests beat the war drum and manufactured lies. Young men were doomed to die. Nothing has changed in 100 years.

    The only thing different is people alive to die in WW1 did not have Antonio Gramsci to explain things to them.

  10. Caitlin, excellent article. Fully agree. However, as time passes my general baseline anxiety level is slowly rising. I sort of understand why alot of people would rather stay ignorant and just let events overtake them.

    1. I’m just feeling exhausted and stressed out, maybe that’s the design. all these problems, and the solutions seem farther away than ever.

      1. See if that de-stresses you:

  11. Well written. You bridge the gap between Trumpists and Liberals very well. Each side blames the other for the debacle in Ukraine but as you show in your excellent analysis the real problem lies much deeper and the Trumpists and Liberals are just played for fools. Seldom in US America do people look for the real problems or the real reasons. I am still left wondering though “Why” the intelligence community wants this anti Russian narrative. In my experience, money still rules everything and the biggest benefactors are always the Military Industrial Complex in the USA. Other than that, I am not sure how much ego and ideology really plays in the stupidity governing our foreign policy. I am sure they play some role but I suspect it is not as much as people might think. Thanks for a very thoughtful article.

    1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

      The intelligence/military/banking cabal absolutely cannot tolerate a Russia that isn’t a vassal to their interests. Under Yeltsin, it appeared that that’s the way it was going to be, at the expense of the Russian people of course. Putin actually had some pride and concern for his people and succeeded at rebuilding the Russian economy and independence. That’s why idiot Biden let it slip that he “can’t remain in power.”

  12. “Russiagate was never about removing Trump, it was about making sure Trump played along with their regime change plans for Moscow” good point. But Russiagate and the impeachments and the 24 hour news cycle (“walls are closing in !”) was to keep Trump constantly off balance and needing the Republicans in congress to ‘save him’. Hence no pulling out of NATO, etc. “We’ll help you, but…” Both sides played their part to keep him ‘in line’. And anyway, it didnt take much to have him change course. As written in another comment “When you’re as self-absorbed as he is, you’re easy prey for the puppet masters.”

    1. Remember ‘Prop or Not’ about 5 years ago? It was a supposedly independent and anonymous group of researchers that compiled a list of 200 websites that they said were mouthpieces for Russian propaganda. On the list were well known websites from both the right and left. Then the Washington Post supported it with a front page article, committing epic journalistic malpractice. People were Russian tools without even knowing it, imagine that. Everything went to la la land about that time. Now any sentence that strays from the narrative makes one a Putin apologist. They used to use ‘commie.’

      “Luke, have you got your mind right?”

  13. Thank you Caitlin. Your daily dose of Truth keeps me sane, I think.

  14. Yeah,
    The whole ‘Trump thing’ was contrived from the beginning.
    Now, before you light your candles and start killing cats, please let me explain.
    He was presented as an unacceptable alternative in the first place.
    The problem was that everyone was so pissed of at the establishment that they elected him anyway.
    Yes, he’s an idiot.
    Yes, he’s a criminal.
    Yes, he’s wanted on international criminal charges (and rightly so).
    But, the fact of the matter is that this is what Washington has reduced itself to.
    They opened this can, so hey, guess what, let’s just go ahead and eat the whole damned thing.

    1. Then again, according to Noam Chomsky, if the Nuremberg code was applied, all post WWII American presidents would have been hanged, starting with their bombing of civilians in undeclared wars, the epitome being the drone strike in Kabul during the Biden debacle that killed by mistake an Afghan working for… the US Army and nine other civilians, most of them kids. That’s called a war crime and the only explanation from the Pentagon was that procedures were respected. I’m asking you…

  15. Another great article.

    Does anyone else feel like they’re losing their mind? The extent to which everyone I know has been taken in completely by the (pathetically transparent) propaganda just boggles my mind, and seriously makes me question my own sanity. Groups of people, within a short period of time, are vehemently exhorting the exact opposite of what the were screaming about before without the slightest hint irony or awareness.
    Has no one read Orwell? Chomsky?

    I have two questions for everyone :

    1. In a world that seems to have gone completely insane, how do you validate/trust your own sanity?

    2. Do you have an article or video that you would recommend above all others for the purpose of convincing the believers that they are being lied to and manipulated? I would think it would have to be something not too intellectual, with great linked sources, that cavers a lot of ground, convincingly, in a short amount of time.

    1. I’ve been calling this time we’re living in, “The Age of Insanity,” for about 15 years now, so I felt fairly confident that there would be no surprises in store for me as we headed into what I often refer to as, “the stretch run.”
      But I admit, levels of insanity have exceeded levels I didn’t think existed, and we might be, just getting started.
      As for your excellent questions, I would suggest that you tap into this place a few times a day. I’ve found doing so a calming routine, if for no other reason it allows my psyche a chance to take a momentary breather from all the madness out there.
      Plus you can find good, sane commentary and links here.
      Note: As for Orwell, what can you say, other than he left Huxley in the dust, and Aldous was no intellectual slouch.

      1. It’s difficult to find a period in the history of mankind when people didn’t say the world had gone insane. I bet people bombed during WWII on all fronts would swap their lives for ours any time though. World insanity is a chronic disease due to man’s configuration.

        1. War is crazy, but I’m talking about a different level of insanity. I’m talking about slavery is freedom, fascism is democracy, black is white insanity. I’m talking about a society seemingly unable to identity blatant contradictions in the narrative they except as realty, and even lacking the desire to do so.
          I keep wondering if perhaps I actually died and this dystopian novel we’re stuck in is my eternal “reward.”

      2. Coming “here” to validate my sanity is what I’m really questioning. Isn’t that what the “right” and “left” do? They listen to those they agree with and then rail against the other.
        I guess the thing that’s different here, (and other places I frequent), is the lack of uniformity in political ideology. There seems to be right, left, libertarian, etc. But we all seem to agree that the msm and both sides of the political party that runs the government (the U.S. government at least)) are lying to us and playing us against each other (and against the latest bad guy).
        “We” seem to be quite a small minority. When I broach these subjects, I seem to be surrounded by people who either think I’m a Russian troll and won’t even listen to an alternative viewpoint, or who don’t want to know or think about any of it at all. How do you get through the cognitive dissonance and apathy? Because if there’s no way to get through, we’re well and truly screwed.

  16. Russia destroys 18 drones at ONCE !

    I told you Russia are simply unattackable !

    ZIO/US/NATO learns more hard lessons !

  17. I find it strange that there are no major Western media outlets covering the refugee camps that are being set up in Mariupol.
    Azov was true to their word, they fought to the death. I give em credit for that. But it was far from a noble death.

    1. Michael Hudson: “So if you can’t buy them, kill them.”
      Good interviews here with both Scott Ritter and Mr. Hudson.
      Mr. Hudson is tripping me out these days. Clearly, he’s taken the gloves off, telling an ignorant world exactly how he feels. I think for the finest economist of his generation,* what might be at work here is, that sweet, sweet feeling of vindication.

      “Neoliberalism impoverishes. Neoliberalism is a class war against labour by finance, primarily, and a class war against industry. A class war against governments. It’s the financial class really against the whole rest of society seeking to use debt leverage to control companies, countries, families and individuals by debt…”
      Agree with all that, but given the circles I travel in, I would sum it up more succinctly and simply tell folks, neo-liberalism is a war of annihilation being waged against all carbon based life forms.
      *At minimum.

      1. It looks like we’re beyond neo-liberalism with a debt leverage impaired by interest rates close to zero.
        Here’s an alternative and more global explanation:

  18. Every day that this goes on and I discover more about the unbelievably evil efforts by the Empire of Lies to take over the world, I am dismayed by how successfully it has duped the masses in the West into a) believing its lies, and b) going along with its foul barbaric destruction of any opposition.
    We are so close to nuclear Armageddon, and virtually nothing is being done to de-escalate. Even the cooler military heads in the US are fighting a losing battle against the insanity from the politicians.
    I think the US will strike first, and if Biden gives the order to launch a nuclear attack, I just hope that there are people who will refuse to execute it, just like the cool-headed Russian in 1983.

  19. This is a chess game because Russia and China were aware this was the goal of the US deep state. The US has a long history of underestimating its opponent.

  20. Various US officials have been busy explaining that Biden’s “this man cannot remain in power” did not mean Putin cannot remain in power.
    So far as I know, Biden himself has not retracted his statement, or attempted to say it doesn’t mean what it says.

    1. I think Biden said something equally stupid about Maduro, the president of Venezuela.

      1. The bottom line is that Biden doesn’t know what he’s saying and the puppet masters should cut the sound of his senile obsessions and dub his speeches with stuff pre-recorded in Langley like they did for years for the fake bin Laden tapes.

        1. sometimes the drugs work well, sometimes they don’t and the underlying dementia takes over.

        2. I think it far more likely Biden knew exactly what he was saying, and also knew that other US officials would immediately claim ousting Putin is not US policy. The message is out there and it’s been denied – allies and enemies can make of it what they will.

    2. Yeah right, cause we don’t do regime change. What a hoot! They also had to walk back Biden telling troops in Poland they will be going to Ukraine.

      “I think the Europeans perhaps are starting to realize the extent of their own folly in allowing he United States, and to a lesser degree, Britain, to determine their diplomatic approaches in the run-up to the war, to refute any discussion on the eastward e expansion of NATO, to insist that NATO’s fictional open door would stay indefinitely open to countries like Ukraine, to refuse outright Russia’s request for security guarantees….I don’t think they realized what they were letting themselves in for…”
      The worm turns after all. Even if just a little bit.

    4. I’m not sure why everyone is interpreting Biden’s comment to mean that he (Biden) is personally going to ensure the US removes Putin from power. Has no-one ever heard of hyperbole, or saying things for emphasis or effect?

      When Reagan spoke in Berlin and said, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, did everyone rush to accuse Reagan of being unrealistic because there was no way that Gorbachev was going to get his hands dirty using a sledgehammer to demolish a wall? Of course not – because they realised that Reagan was speaking for effect, and that he did not literally mean that Gorbachev should demolish the wall *himself*.

      It’s like me looking at Trump making a speech on TV and saying, “Surely this guy can’t be elected US President!” I’m not saying that I personally am going to prevent him from being elected US President. Rather, I’m exclaiming that he should not be US President because (I consider) he is not fit for the role.

      It’s hyperbole, people! It’s used for dramatic effect or to show emotion!

  21. Brilliant stuff.
    I would only add, I remember in the lead up to the 2016 election, my right wing brothers and sisters were informing me (bombarding me, more like it) that it was Hillary Clinton who was the evil Russian agent. She was selling American atom bombs to the Russians, don’t you know, so they could nuke us. Hillary was a treasonous commie Manchurian Putin Puppet candidate.
    This put me in the unenviable position of having to defend her …activities. I explained to my brothers and sisters that is unlikely that Hillary was selling American atom bombs to those diabolical Russkies for three reasons; one, they don’t need any more, they have plenty, two, in fact the Russians have such a surplus of atom bombs, more than 80% of our uranium imports comes from decomissioned Russian/Soviet nuclear warheads, and three, Hillary’s interest in uranium mines is what this all about, and it has nothing to do with atom bombs per se, and more to do with making some scratch on side.
    Now this making of the scratch may be illegal, or it may not, but either way, there is nothing to see here. This what our politicians do. Make scratch. And the more prominant they are, the more scratch they tend to make.
    Funny how quick the worm turns inside the Beltway Complex. For the actors on the stage that is. Behind the scenes, it’s steady as she goes.
    Note: I made a prediction one month in to his Presidency, that Barrack Obama would become the first billionairre ex-President. I wonder how he’s doing on this front. He remains a powerful Oligarch, obviously, he can pick up a phone and with a couple of calls decide the outcome of Presidential primaries, but to be an true Oligarch of good global standing, methinks you need to be a billionairre.

    1. You are being absorbed into the narrative, Ms. Gray. Mr. Spock would be disappointed.
      What would be the first thing our beloved First Officer would do, if he were attempting to decipher the riddle of what the Russians are up to in Ukraine? He would tune out the infantile noisemakers, so he could better study objective realities, thereby increasing his odds of giving his Captain immediate and accurate situational reports.
      “Analysis Mr. Spock. Are forces of The Federation as pathetic as we are being told?”
      “Far from being pathetic, Captain, there is a 98.437% probability that the operational plan of the The Federation is proceeding on schedule.”
      “Are you sure Spock?”
      With that our beloved First Officer’s right eyebrow would lift, partly at having his math questioned, and party in bemusement at the human tendency to ask rhetorical questions.
      “Yes Captain, quite sure.”
      “Jim, I would suggest we are being sold a lie, and a very effective one.”
      Zoom in on Shatner, cue dramatic music, cut to commercial.

      1. Fantastic!!! Trekkies are always on top of things !!!

  22. Truer words have never been spoken. It was incredible to observe how Trump had kind words for Putin during his 2016 campaign, expressing hope for fruitful and peaceful cooperation and was immediately accused by the corporate media of having a soft spot for dictators being himself some sort of fascist avatar until he recanted and adopted a bellicose stance with the sanctions et al and how he also said that XI Jinping was a nice guy until as late as February 2020, when the Covid scam had already started, but then had to yield to the bellicose “Chinese virus” stance he’s been peddling ever since. When you’re as self-absorbed as he is, you’re easy prey for the puppet masters.

    1. If covid was a deep state conspiracy the Russian army wouldn’t be vaccinated against it.

      1. If the Russian army is vaccinated against Covid, it’s probably because the Sputnik manufacturers are as able as their Western counterparts to reckon how much money they can make out of their jabs. If you ever wanted to look at the figures, you’d find out that the average age of the people who die of Covid is 82 years old. And very few soldiers in any army are 82 years old. That figure drops to near zero for people in their 20s and unvaccinated Russian soldiers, if there are any, are more likely to die from a military projectile than from Covid. Besides, I didn’t say it was a deep state conspiracy but a scam: killing a fly with a sledge hammer for profit while it comes out every day now that there was a lot of fudging in the figure reporting.

        1. Plus of course all the unnecessary totalitarian measures that were taken, basically treating the voters/taxpayers like sheep. This, yes, is a deep state conspiracy or rather a WEF globalists conspiracy

        2. You have put Biden and Putin on the same kill-our-own-guys-for-money team. That’s crazier and more paranoid than anything Biden or Putin ever said.

          1. Bravo! This is the most unhinged argument you’ve ever produced in this column – and the bar was high!

  23. Very brilliant and insightful analysis. I do not always agree with you, Caitlin, but I read most of your articles because you articulate well, and you seem to desire truth above and beyond proving your own agenda. Keep up the good work!

  24. Our fate is in the hands of paranoid crackpots.

    1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

      And they have all the guns, money and power.

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