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Israel’s PR Problem, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Israel’s mounting PR crisis boils down to the fact that its violence and oppression isn’t happening in some far off land as in the case with US wars, it’s happening right at home surrounded by video cameras and enforced by police and soldiers who are not adept PR spinmeisters.

Israeli apartheid is imposed not by trained propagandists but by armed thugs who’ve been told their whole lives that the people they’re responsible for keeping in check are inferior. They don’t think how it’s going to look when they, for example, assault mourners at the funeral of a Palestinian American journalist who was slain by IDF sniper fire. If the whole thing was being upheld by spinmeisters like Jen Psaki, Michael McFaul and Jake Tapper it would unfold in a much more media-friendly way, but it’s being largely upheld by people who’ve been indoctrinated with an apartheid mindframe their entire lives instead.

Combine that element with the dramatic uptick in recent years of video cameras and internet access, and you’ve got a surefire recipe for the defeat of a generations-long perception management campaign that had until that point been very successful.

I mean, whatever your opinion on Israel/Palestine in general and this latest episode in particular, you really can’t dispute that the caption in this tweet is just objectively true:

Public approval of the Israeli apartheid regime, like approval of the US police, has plummeted in direct proportion to the ubiquitousness of video cameras. In much the same way DNA testing vindicated prisoners who’d insisted on their innocence for years, a new technological development proved true what a marginalized population had been saying all along.

So in that sense the increasingly mainstream opposition to the Israeli status quo has been a rare victory for alternative media and citizen journalism: ordinary people recording and spreading the truth without the permission of establishment narrative managers.

I think it’s basically accurate to say that the human adventure is mostly about becoming more and more conscious, of both our inner and outer worlds. And it doesn’t get much more conscious than raw video footage circulating on a global mind network.

That’s why the Israeli regime kills journalists, and that’s why the US-centralized empire is working to legalize and normalize extraditing and imprisoning them. In a weird way it really is kind of a fight between the forces within humanity who want to switch the lights on versus the forces who wish to keep the lights off.


There is no “The Squad”. There’s the US congress which is responsible for facilitating the continued domination of a globe-spanning empire, and running alongside that there are a few social media accounts who periodically make progressive-sounding noises on the internet.

“The Squad” isn’t a political faction, it’s a soundtrack to an empire. It’s soothing noises people can listen to while the US hegemon destroys the world.

They used to call you crazy if you warned that we’re being propagandized to support a war with Russia. Now they call you crazy if you don’t support the war with Russia.

Obviously the only logical response to a war that was caused by NATO expansionism is to dramatically expand NATO.

NATO is a “defensive alliance” like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were defensive nuclear strikes.

I guess you can call anything a “defensive alliance” if you categorize everything it does as “defense”, up to and including wars of aggression to topple foreign governments. I mean I suppose if you assume it’s your God-given right to control everything that happens in the world then anyone who disobeys your will can be construed as an aggressor against your imperial divine right, and therefore anything you do in response to them is defensive in nature.

It’s just amazing how quickly and effectively the spectrum of debate was limited to “We should engage in tons of nuclear brinkmanship” versus “We should only engage in a fair bit of nuclear brinkmanship”. No space is allowed in the Overton window for “No nuclear brinkmanship, please”; that was transformed into a “Russian talking point” and therefore taboo.

The US propaganda machine is the most powerful force on earth.

“We’re turning into China,” complained the citizen living under an empire that is vastly more tyrannical than China.

You’re only as free as you allow your world to be. The impulse to control and manipulate life is what gives rise to egoic consciousness, which is what chains us to the wheels of suffering. What presents as a path to security is really the path to insecurity.

In setting the world free, we set ourselves free. In setting ourselves free, the world becomes that much freer.


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  • Does Israel have a money problem?
    Why does Israel have nuclear reactor, but does not use it for energy needs?

    How much has Israel spent on military weapons over the past seven decades?

    The youngest “Holocaust survivor is nearly 77 years of age.
    What are the priorities of Israel?

    Why doe Israel allow the suffering of “Holocaust survivors”?
    Why does Israel need more than 200 commercial advertisements to fund the raising campaign to help their elderly survivors?

    Why are these type commercial advertising necessary?

  • Calling the murder of a journalist a public relations problem just shows the depths of their depravity.

  • It really is like a JiuJitsu Arm bar to cry anti-semitism and Racism about any criticism of Israel.
    “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity.” — Ilhan Omar
    Essentially that US Representative said, “I really don’t care what your religious or ideological bent is, a terrorist is a bad thing.”
    Which was horrible and demanded retort and clarification, because it’s just so racist and anti-semitic.
    The Media Industrial War complex on this one looms large. It’s been breaking Liberal Minds for years. Here, try this: Just because some members of a group have been oppressed, doesn’t mean they get a free pass to become oppressors.
    Justice does NOT equal vengeance.
    Yeah, but if people understood that, we would have civilized prisons, not this barbarous black mark on our entire civilization.

  • “There is no “The Squad”. There’s the US congress which is responsible for facilitating the continued domination of a globe-spanning empire, and running alongside that there are a few social media accounts who periodically make progressive-sounding noises on the internet.”

    It’s funny, I read that and it makes me think of something else I just read over on the Hater’s Cafe:

    “18. In the United States, the Democratic Party has decisively failed its historic role of coopting and containing movement. Too acclimated to working as the left hand of the Republican party, they failed to see that Bernie Sanders represented their best hope of heading off this revolutionary conjecture, despite the dogged efforts of the social democratic left to show them.”

  • While members of IDF attack a funeral procession, some of their buddies are protecting a group of settlers moving into the empty, under renovation home of a Palestinian:


    How can this be acceptable in any sort of sane world? Even more horrifying is the reality every last member of the Biden administration is a Zionist who is presumably quite OK with settler home theft.

  • WW-3, which has begun, is a “world war” because it will reset the global financial system. That reset plan is being contested. Michael Hudson explains “financial capitalism” here, in an interview which I have edited for brevity and clarity. Financial capitalism is corrosive, extractive, not like Henry Ford at all.
    This is the choice that will eat your flesh… What might be the other options?

    • Micheal Hudson: ​”And … the US … was furious when Russia said, we’ve lost more population as a result of neoliberalism than we did in all of World War Two fighting against Nazism. We’ve got to stop.”

      Of such things WWIIIs are made off.

      ​ Micheal Hudson: “​And China has done exactly what 19th-century United States, Germany, England, and France did. It has kept basic utilities, basic needs, housing, and above all, finance and banking, in the public domain, as public utilities.​..”

      China steals from everybody present and past, from the hunter-gatherer’s attitudes toward anxiety and depression (they don’t have any, because for them such thing do not exist), to how the US funded operations in WWII (by basically telling the Fed to fuck off, you need to sit this one out), to the achievments of Chairman Mao – although limited, there might be a few worth studying, and implementing.
      Take some of the Chairman’s ideas out for test drive, only using modern Chinese methods.


      Instead of killing off an alien People’s food source and then hunting the starving remnants down and either killing them or jamming them into reservations, why not build them houses and provide education, health care, roads, electricity, and above all opportunities in the big cities, absorb their younger people slowly and gently into the greater organisim, if that is what those younger people chose to do.

      Freedom of choice, which includes going to those big cities and deciding that life in Quadrent D of Subsection 19 in Supercity Number 7 is no longer to my liking, and besides, my village has become a tourist trap and golden opportunities now abound there.

  • I shouldn’t be so subtle. I’ve got a left hook and a straight right. I could knock someone out with either. Isn’t it time to get off your fat ass and swing both right and left?

  • Have you ever characterized Sean Hannity as a spinmeister?

    • are you pretending she hasn’t? both parties. hello, i wonder what the phrase “both parties” could mean. it’s a mystery.

      meanwhile, the current version of the democratic party has managed to become even more warlike than the republicans. now that’s an achievement!

  • The spectrum of debate or what breeze can pass through the Overton Window. As Noam says:

    ” strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum ”

    The colors of the spectrum being the American Democratic and Republican parties, and Capitalism by any other name.

  • Well said.
    I still think Israel was, to a large degree, responsible for 9/11, just from observing the anecdotal; evidence. I will never be able to get hard evidence of that, so the official story of 9/11 will prevail long into history.
    The Spanish American War was produced by heavily propagandizing by the American People; Spain was killing women and children in Cuba when in fact Spain was providing humanitarian aid..
    World War I was produced by heavily propagandizing the American people; Germany was wantonly killing Americans on the high seas, when in fact those few Americans that were killed were traveling aboard ships laden with munitions destined to supports Britain’s blockade of Germany that was causing million of Germans to starve. See: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/297583.The_Politics_of_War
    World War II was produced by heavily propagandizing the American people; Japan attacked Pearl Harbor maliciously and without provocation when in fact the United States had blockaded Japan from receiving in an attempt to starve their industry.
    The Vietnam War was produced by heavily propagandizing the American people; rear admiral George Morrison aboard the USS Maddox reported that the United States was under attack from the North Vietnamese, when in fact no such attack ever occurred. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Stephen_Morrison
    The Afghanistan and Iraq wars were produced by crashing airliners into World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon and blaming al Qaeda and Iraq, which was a new form of propaganda where thousands of innocent people were burned alive in order to achieve the desired propagandist effect. https://www.mole.my/global-research-911-twelve-years-of-war-lies-and-deception/
    In 2008, the greatest transfer of wealth the world had ever known was sold to the American people as the only way to prevent another 1929 depression. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2IaJwkqgPk At this point, the American government was captured by global finance, AKA World Economic Forum.
    In 2020, The COVID-19 pandemic was created through a successful propaganda program that again saw one of the biggest transfers of wealth from the middle class, to the mega billionaires and trillion dollar corporations. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58063409-the-real-anthony-fauci
    In 2022, we are seeing the propaganda machine ramping up again to do what it accomplished in 1917 to get the United States involved in WWI against Germany, but this time to get the United States involved in WW III against Russia. See: https://consortiumnews.com/2022/04/29/ukraine-the-real-zelensky/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2QjDGvQU2Y

    • Nicely presented list. Sort of the who’s who of false flags and fincancial robbery. I would only add the anthrax attacks in 2001 were crucial, because 9/11 on paper only gets you Afghanistan, and WMDs locacted way over there in Iraq was not going to scare or motivate Americans all that much.
      WMDs were just the final “legal” justification for the incredulous sheep at the UN, and the incredibly credulous press at home, but anthrax attacks on American soil (my God!) was the mechanism by which we were able to paint Saddam right from the get go, as a Hitlerian type of fella.
      Note: Covert Cabal on the assistance the US is giving Ukraine. The $40 plus plus plus billion in hardware is but a small part the equation. Modern wars are won by dominating the air and signals intelligence space to deck. The Russians currently have the air, but who has the overall communications edge in these early stages of WWIII, the US or the Federation, is open to debate.
      I would also like to point out, there are no middle stages in WWIIIs. There is sometimes an early stage, which is what we are seeing now, and then there is The End.
      Note II: And excellent rendering of Lao Sue into song I thought Ms. Johnstone. And the video being in black and white was the only way to go. All involved are to be commended.

    • Yes and the anthrax attacks set the stage for COVID-19, in fact USAMRID which was responsible for developing the Amines strain of anthrax was also responsible for developing Remdesivir. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21818334-the-2001-anthrax-deception and https://home.solari.com/anthrax-deception-the-case-for-a-domestic-conspiracy-by-graeme-macqueen/

  • I have the impression that more and more people are beginning to realize that what our governments have always done to the weakest will inevitably be imposed on them. And maybe even has already started to bend them under this yoke.

  • It isn’t so much israel’s PR problem…The way I see it the problem is with all those (people/nations) who rather look the other way than to have the balls to stand up to his apartheid nation.

  • I fucking love this –

    “I think it’s basically accurate to say that the human adventure is mostly about becoming more and more conscious, of both our inner and outer worlds. And it doesn’t get much more conscious than raw video footage circulating on a global mind network.”

    Thank you Caitlin.

  • Churchill’s dictum regarding Russia applies here as well. NATO and its objectives are a “riddle, wrapped up in a mystery inside an enigma”. What’s defensive about the lynching of Gaddafi or the invasion of Iraq, Syria and others? As for Israel, apartheid never exists unless the West props it up. It is Western racist ideology that doesn’t acknowledge universal human rights, working hand in glove with the coercive, racist and obsolete so-called UN.

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