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Western civilization is a story of full bellies and starving hearts. Of a feast of information and a famine of truth. Of conveyor belts churning out processed food, conformity-enforcing media and power-serving culture. Enough food to stay alive but not enough sustenance to live.

They keep us alive but they don’t let us live. They give us enough carbohydrate to turn the gears of industry, but they keep us too busy, poor, propagandized, confused and crazy to actually drink from the waters of life. To actually experience the beauty of this world. To let the crackling potentiality of advanced terrestrial life blossom to fruition within us.

The modern empire rules us by filling our markets with Wonder Bread and our schools and media with lies. By filling our bellies and starving our souls. By churning out mountains of useless landfill without ever producing anything of real value. By making more while providing less.

They improve food production and medicine just enough to lengthen our lifespans, only so that they have more life to drain us of. They let us populate the earth with more humans only to drain us of our humanity.

We’re not people to them. We are batteries. We are fuel.

This is no civilization. It’s a slaughterhouse. A fake plastic performance staged to funnel human life into the gears of an insatiable machine. A fake plastic culture designed to keep us on the conveyor belt so that our life force can be converted into fuel for a soulless empire. A fake plastic society built to keep us marching into the food processor.

There are so very many more of us than there are of them. We could crush them like an insect the moment we decided to. But the brainwashing is so very, very effective, and the matrix hallucination seems so very, very real. Our propaganda-induced coma keeps us fueling the machine.

Not until we awaken ourselves from the coma will our adventure on this planet really begin. Not until we can unplug our minds from the empire’s life-siphoning control mechanisms we can begin to really live.

We’ll either wake each other up, or we’ll remain trapped in the slaughterhouse.


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52 responses to “Trapped In The Slaughterhouse”

  1. “Western civilization is a story of full bellies and starving hearts.”
    Wonderful lead, and sums up the tale of the Modern West in one line.

  2. I love the way you cut through bullshit like a laser. The most successful propaganda/brainwashing of The Beast system is that we live on a “planet.”

  3. Yes indeed Caitlin. But the astonishing thing is, they’ve never hidden it.
    Countless authors with inside information have revealed this, yet we don’t seem to understand that it could be otherwise.
    It’s one thing to recognise the reality, it’s quite another to change it.
    I don’t have a plan for overthrowing this fake reality, do you?
    Can someone set out a process to crash this reality and replace it with another?
    I’m all for that … count me in.
    Come up with Step One and I’ll step out in faith …

  4. American dictator and mass murderer Lord Loco Joe Biden assassinates one of his own allies today upon the droning of Al-Qaeda top man Ayman al-zawahri in Afghanistan.
    Once again the Salafist terrorism movement is betrayed by its American fellow travelers in the CIA and military special ops. Perhaps these strident Islamist movements would do well to invest in their own drone programs like Iran and Yemen have created and take out some former American presidents in their blood stained retirement mansions.
    Unfortunately for ISIS et al, most of the Islamic drones seem to be cursed Shia drones rather than blessed Sunni drones. Also the Sunni states, except for Pakistan, seem to lack top rank research universities and similar venues for engineering the most sophisticated weapons of war, especially the ones that the “kingdom” cannot buy.
    Hapless Al-Qaeda will continue to serve as a convenient target for American aggression, false flag actions and general purpose scapegoat whenever the ruling government needs to deflect from other current operations, like the current Pelosi fiasco. No doubt that Mr. al-Zawahri died to scare the American public into believing that every now and then we have to liquidate (kill) people, important people in other countries, to protect our freedom and democracy, just like we are going to be doing in Taiwan. Just think of al-Zawahri as a convenient proxy for Mao ZeDong, who we will be defeating in the glorious little war we are cooking up in what they always called Formosa when I was a kid. Now the word seems only to apply to a species of termite common to our hot weather states like Louisiana and Florida.

    1. ” the glorious little war …”
      I could be wrong, of course. If Taiwan is up for playing the proxy role, they could turn their island into … well, in keeping with title of this beautiful post … a slaughterhouse.
      That’s assuming China does something stupid like proceeding with a full scale invasion, including contested beach landings with full scale parachute drops, breakouts from the landing zones, marches into the interior, street battles in the major cities, and so on.
      That type of scenario could get messy real quick.
      But I’m thinking China will follow the Russian playbook, the one they used at the start of their SMO in Ukraine, but instead of calmly placing a 40 mile long column to the West of Kyiv, a clear indicator to the enemy they’d better negotiate, because our capability is such that we will do whatever the fuck we want till the end of this war, China will begin the process of blockading the island while turning off some of its lights with hyper accurate long range missile strikes.
      Squeeze, negotiate, squeeze, negotiate. Step by step.
      And if again, Taiwan is sane, and has some of that crucial sovereignty left (which would in a wary be ironic), is not in fact a abject puppet of the US, it will be clear to them by no later than hour 12, that the war is over, and the only choices left to are to slowly starve and die, in the midst of a total electronic blackout, or shake hands, offer mutual Buddhist apologies, and move on.
      Because the US can do NOTHING to help. It’s situation visa a visa Taiwan bears no resemblance to it’s situation visa a visa Ukraine.
      For instance, we could have attempted to establish a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine. Or at least parts of it. I personally believe we would have failed miserably in this endeavor, but it was unquestionably within our abilities to at least give the no-fly zone over Ukraine the old college try.
      But Taiwan? It might as well be a dark side of the moon outpost as far as US force projection is concerned.

  5. Caitlin, thank you for your contribution to our liberation.
    I am thinking of escaping the slaughterhouse by becoming unemployable – and happy and fulfilled. I have been thinking to get a Ph.D. in mythology or philosophy, or maybe start painting like Beau Biden or George W. Bush. My failure will become my success.

  6. Excellent work again, Caitlyn.
    It almost reads like you’re writing the script for the next Matrix movie. Has our system really reached this level of insanity, where it sounds like the most outrageous fiction?

    1. Long screed of cliches and offended trite phrases. I guess this is what the mediocre called “impassioned speech”. Its actually just old, old pablum served up to a generation so ill educated they think any of her paraphrased generalities are new. Waste of time.

      1. As you will note from my post above, clearly it’s nothing new. However, that doesn’t preclude an outrage from being highlighted once more, especially since being cool and condescdending hasn’t achieved a damned thing.
        So what are you doing? Apart from getting stoned, that is …

  7. Shout out from the Moon – although “throbbing hard-ons” was changed to “frothing at the mouth” in the link, presumably to protect the innocent, who do walk among us.
    The question I asked a couple of days ago, which country is more likely to shoot down Nancy’s plane, China or the US, was clearly a rhetorical.
    We need a new Pearl Harbor. Desperately. So the next question I’m about to ask is not a rhetorical, but is actually a quite interesting and fascinating and super duper complex and controversial one; will Nancy Pelosi’s final act as Speaker of the House of Ill Repute be to sacrifice herself like Samurai, or perhaps more accurately in this instance, like a Kamakaze plane’s rear gunner?
    Or in American parlance, is the old girl knowingly about to take one for the team?
    Poor China. I feel sorry for them. Trying to make rationale life and death decisions, when pitted against a rabid werewolf, has to be unnerving.

    1. So the world ends on a Tuesday, as Nancy has decided that tomorrow she lands in Taiwan… or is it a Wednesday with the date line and all that?
      Her American exceptionalism absolutely precludes her from backing down. Whatever Americans say, goes, no matter how stupid and destructive.
      Sadly, China will not shoot her down–though she deserves it–because they have other plans for the future than ending the world.
      Rather they may well send in their troops to occupy all the major airports and apprehend her if she follows through with her threats to lead a Taiwanese revolution against their mother country.
      Taiwan will have to decide whether they will violently resist the inevitable and precipitate the unthinkable. You previously opined that they would not for many quite sane reasons.
      If Taiwan starts shooting and Washington “comes to their rescue,” it’s over for the modern world. If America attacks, It will be American Wunderwaffen versus Chinese Wunderwaffen, probably with same-day results, like the old Photo Huts promised.
      If Taiwan keeps its powder dry, the whole world will see what it is the Americans truly want. Total annihilation or a stand down to choose life will be entirely up to them.
      One way or another Americans will regret choosing non-existence over this marvelous experience called life which we mused upon last night till well after the sun had arisen.
      Is this how H. “sapiens” completes its autobiography, in a final act of delusional self immolation?
      How many Americans would absolutely loathe and condemn any last second coup that removed their insane government and saved their futures? Probably quite a few.
      Anyway, those seem to be the few remaining factors still in play upon which the great filter will or will not act upon tomorrow.
      Willie Shakespeare’s very last “tomorrow” may well occur literally tomorrow as we indeed meet the last syllable of recorded time.
      As they usually say near the end of the movie, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Caitlin, and every conceivable mutated variant of the human lineage, it’s been an honor …

      1. If the plane goes down, it won’t be shot down, I don’t believe we have the ability to shoot it down and plausibly blame it on China, not in the age of full spectrum deep space to deep ocean sensory micro coverage.
        More likely Nancy’s plane will be loaded with explosives – along with some Chinese missile parts – and detonated remotely from Guam, or Arizona, or the Pentagon war room, as it nears Chinese airspace.
        However, my prediction (lmao) is that Emperor Xi will take my advice, and let Nancy land and leave without incident, and we on our side will not sacrifice Nancy, because such a false flag is much too obvious.
        As I said to the Emporer: “Let the Madam Speaker do her worst, as it will help with the understanding we must with our citizens, that our Special Quasi-Military Operation that we will launch a few months after The Visit, will be fully justified.”
        And yeah, I don’t think Taiwan is filled and idiots, fools, morons and Nazi clowns. It is not the Ukraine.
        Over America’s vehement protests, and much to their dismay, Taiwan will “capitulate” within 48 hours, and the relationship between the little island and the big country will go on much as it had before.
        If anything, knowing this version of China* as I do (again, lmao), both sides will be better off for it.
        Thanks for the memories, btw.
        *China version 250 point oh.

        1. There’s an old saying: Don’t march on Moscow, don’t bluff China.
          I watch with interest.

      2. Could she please move to Taiwan already!

  8. Zizek tells a harsh truth. Hunger Games is our future, not an age of enlightenment.

  9. Caitlin, you are rocking it. I had an argument with a libertarian who believes we are in end stage socialism and that capitalism has never been tried. That’s the Matrix and he is fused to it, never to be unplugged even as his living standards continue to decline. They that have the gold make the rules in maybe every country going back to stored grains. No one would vote to be ruled by these hoarders, yet we are. Representative government can be bribed and it is. If we kill off the hoarders, new ones arise. Maybe we need religion and morals, that didn’t work. Imagine people living without that primal scarcity fear that warps into hedonism, depravity and viciousness.

    1. Religion (i.e. hierarchized superstition) and morals are two different things altogether. Buddha, Confucius, or Lao Tzu had very high moral standards without being a bit religious – even if their teachings have been turned into religions (Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Caodaism) by Asian power-junkies.

      1. Buddhism has always been a religion – it’s based on the spiritual, prayers, faith, etc and started in India, moving to Ceylon, China, Korea, Japan, etc. Confucianism and Taoism are not religions – they are philosophies and guidance on society, family, individual character and so forth. Rather than saying “very high moral standards” which implies “judgment of others, be it individuals or tribes or governments” I would say that ethical conduct is enshrined in what can be described as Chinese culture and tradition based on these two philosophies. “Asian power junkies” did not turn them into religions. The western academic world decided that Confuscianism and Taoism were “religions” – and that is because they knew no other world than that of Abrahamic religions. In other words, that is the context they live in. Let me repeat, Buddhism is absolutely a religion.

  10. In 15 minutes, Zizek puts his finger on what’s missing in this otherwise excellent essay…and in today’s leftist thought in general.

    1. The problem of the left for power-junkies (who want to have their cake and eat it too) is that it is intrinsically an opposition… position.

      When the left gets power, it is always of course with the help of finance -because we must never forget that Mammon runs the show – and it automatically becomes… the right because power is of the right in its very essence. It protects property and all that follows: wealth, financial swindles with kickbacks and power abuse which is the natural bent of power.

      The left is traditionally anti-war and pro-freedom (of speech, of trade unions, of the press, of artistic expression, of bodily choices…), for social justice and better wages.

      As soon as it takes power, it becomes the contrary of that – see AOC, Obama, not even mentioning Nancy or Brandon who are hard-core fascists in sheep’s clothing. The latter in particular would be considered in the European center-right social-democracies slightly to the right of Genghis Khan if he wasn’t shielded by the corrupt corporate media. But it’s not only in the West. In Africa, many “right-wing” dictators who didn’t come from the military started on the left: Mugabe, Sekou Touré, Francisco Macías Nguema (a psychopath who defined himself as Hitlerian-Marxist)…

      Let’s not forget that Hitler’s ideology was called national-socialism (nazi) and the party he founded NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Workers’ Party). People on the left generally hate to be reminded that.

      During the Spanish Civil War, the leftist Republicans were just as bad in their power struggles as Franco’s Nationalists if we believe George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia where the author evokes some severe street shootings in Barcelona and other shenanigans in the front lines.

      A strong regime that preserves law, order, stability and business is necessarily on the right, against freedom of speech, civil liberties in general and pro-censorship in all descriptions (for the better good of the people of course) and pro-war: Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot…

      The romantic left, traditionally incarnated by the legendary figure of Che Guevarra, is doomed to remain a counter-power that makes barricades in the streets, gets exiled, bludgeoned and shot at by the PTB (who call it fascist and antisemitic) until, once in while, it achieves some social concessions – and I personally like it that way. It must remain an ideal that, by definition, you can’t reach but tend toward like the horizon, while leftist politicians buy lipstick and garter belts to start careers as hookers on Wall Street.

    2. the left will only intervene cosmetically. the world is theirs, let’s sit back and see what they make of it. imo, it’s not the left’s fault.

  11. The hardest thing for anyone of us is to wake up one day and say to oneself, ‘enough, I am not succumbing to the dictates of the mad rich rulers anymore’. The evil conditioning is so deep within us to the point where it is ‘us’. Nationalism, religion, tribe, political factionalism, status, corruption and rabid individualism are like a yoke around the necks. We are not just overtly oppressed by our clever rulers and moneyed bosses but also by our internalized fear of them and the struggle to make the proverbial ‘ends meet’. Freedom is just an illusion even in the so-called Western democracies. The rulers there also,live with the middle finger pointing upward towards their people. In Africa, former freedom struggle heroes are now some of the richest folks in the world while surrounded by a sea of poverty and hopelessness. They stand ready to collude with any rich foreigner to sell out on the aspirations of their poverty stricken compatriots so long as there is wealth in it for them and their children. To tell the truth, it is as if in many countries, hardened and mad criminals have taken over what’s left of what we assume it is government,

    1. Those rich foreigners want Africa’s mineral wealth for their own countries. Africa’s people, however, are not so welcome.

  12. Slaughterhouses are horrific places where animals are violently killed while fighting desperately to live. The state humans reside in are more like internment camps, where most people passively accept their lot. I hope you’re a vegan Caitlin.

  13. To all appearances it looks like most other people are sleep-walking through life. They just don’t seem impressed or moved enough by it. But maybe I discredit them.
    Maybe it’s because I am mostly overwhelmed by the very existence of reality most of the time. Really, I am.
    It started when I was in my crib, maybe 2 years old at the most. I would simply feel on the verge of disappearing forever when I contemplated my stark naked existence in my dark quiet room because I would immediately realise that I didn’t have to be here, there seemed no imperative for “me,” not any way, shape or form of a “me.”
    It was like creeping to the edge of an abyss, spooking out at this interface between being and non-being and reflexively diving back to the hum drum and yet safety of sensory input.
    I am entirely dispensable I intuited. In fact, from what I could tell based on what the big old people around me would say, there was an eternity in which I had never existed, didn’t know a thing about it, and felt no regrets about any of that. Yet to disappear now seemed totally unacceptable but not impossible.
    I’d seen death. Had it explained to me and certainly did not want that. Conjuring my own imagination of that state, for I had yet to learn about the myths of heaven and hell, I didn’t think I could tolerate the unending boredom of wandering around in dark underground caverns. See, I knew they put you in a box and buried you when you ceased being alive.
    Falling asleep used to be traumatic, as that was like falling into the imagined abyss, but eventually coming to a stop… somewhere. Places that must have been based upon learned experience but none that I could logically track to their origin in the waking state.
    Dreams in the first year of life were mostly trying to cope in the darkness, interrupted by visions I could never quite fathom–scenes of floating above huge outdoor festivals held in venues larger than Churchill Downs alongside other infants looking down at all the happy boisterous adults. I just didn’t yet have the mental tools to invent that, so what was it? I would return every night to it for quite a while.
    Of course, very young kids can always fly in their dreams, can they not? And this was long before even hearing of Tinker Belle and magic pixie dust to aid the process. To get back to “reality” I think we, in my dream state, had to die and leave behind some empty husk in the ethereal world. My cohabitors were mostly other very young kids in these dreams and they were sure to preserve these abandoned husks as, by implication, they possessed something essential to life and safe transit between the worlds of sleep and being awake. Truth be told, they were consumed like Michael Valentine Smith in “Stranger in a Strange Land” which was probably not yet written by Heinlein.
    Can’t say I remember my birth or existence before that landmark, but I well remember the constant fluctuating interludes between the sleeping and waking states of a neonate. Return from the world of darkness or impossibly detailed fantasy, meant learning what to make of the initial swirl of light and colors and how to focus my eyes. I remember learning to focus on the sky, clouds, and the brick walls and windows of apartment buildings sliding by as I was wheeled around in my pram, not even able yet to control my neck muscles and direct my focus.
    My parents were distinctly different from other peripheral stimuli around my crib or my pram. They displayed constant motion and emitted noises, which, later to learn, were their voices. Then I learned to focus in on their faces and that my father (the one with a deeper voice) had a notably larger protuberance in the middle of what I learned to be a face than did my mother (the one with the more melodious and pleasant voice) which I later learned was called a nose. Two eyes on both, mouths and longer stuff called hair on the mother than the father. And so it went for what seemed like geological epochs, though not sure if I really appreciated the passage of time.
    What really fascinated me in my waking hours was the coloration of everything around me. The colors processed by my infant brain were, as I can still recall, much more intense, mesmerizing and pleasing than anything since. I think in an infantile existence we focus (often for the very first time) on the detailed nature of objects in our perception, learning the distinction, say, between blue and green is almost orgasmic, and later noting the differences in color density and hue. I remember that green Easter grass and multicolored Easter eggs in an Easter basket are simply glorious to a one or two-year old. Not so much to a 20 year old or even a 75 year old trying to recreate the experiences of decades past. As adults we have long ago simply created all of these catagorisations we have created through our learning process and function based upon those rather than the actual objects or other stimuli, Our functioning in the real world consequently becomes more pro-forma and less appreciated, but probably more rapid and timely to accommodate our personal survival.
    I will freely admit to the possibility of being incurably weird, but I have always cultivated an appreciation for the fine details of… everything in this world. The world imposes itself upon me. I can sit and gaze at everyday mundane human-made artifacts…tools, clothing, automobiles, you name it simply to fully grok the essence of the thing. Maybe to understand how it works, maybe to appreciate it beauty, or even to loathe its ugliness if that is apt. I am especially prone to become preoccupied in the same with anything in nature, from the very small to the very large, especially if it is a part of LIVING nature. I can sit and wonder at an individual slime mold sporangiophore or an entire nation of human beings. One observation always leads to another and to additional questions . I am particularly hooked on observing my pet parrots engaging in their parrot behaviours for hours at a time every day. Then I’ll watch the birds outside in the miniature forest I’ve created around my house for the next several hours. I am still absolutely stunned at the complexity and beauty of life. In this sense I remind myself of my mother who used to simply sit there and watch her kids, as though in absolute amazement at the wonder of them. Truly I know I am amazed at the unity, the gestalt of nature expressing itself in a myriad of individual minds. My birds and I, my trees, my friends and siblings are all just this wonderful unique aggregation of molecules in a vast continuum of similar molecules to all too briefly form its own window, its own center of consciousness focused on all the rest of this universe. Death will simply reshuffle the deck, it will redistribute those molecules to aggregate into additional unique beings that can endlessly wonder at it all.

    I never used to forget anything I read or experienced in person, but at 75 I guess my memory banks are becoming saturated from all this INPUT! I don’t think the memories are lost but just buried under layers upon layers of existing data. It just takes longer to dig through all the strata now, but they are eventually rediscovered. So, I think I’ll be able to take all of them with me if I’m going anywhere after this long strange trip is over. Seems important. Maybe it’s not. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even when frustrated, repulsed or shocked on plenty of occasions (who would not be with the leaders we have in this civilisation we call Western Society.)

    1. A remarkable meditation from a remarkable man.
      As a weird and mutated variant of the human lineage, I would like to honor your “appreciation for the fine details of…everything.” The level of cultivation you consistently demonstrate constitutes a rare state of being in this human world. Most important, beyond aesthetics or other stimulations, is the overarching sense of our common humanity with reasoned ethics to represent such. That “quality” of “appreciation” is a pretty big detail for me, and I thank you for it.
      So I hope you take it all with you— all your amazing memories, cultural & historical touchstones, priceless analyses & insights—and that every bit of beauty and goodness you ever realized on this Earth carries forth.
      I was preschool, probably 3 or 4, walking our country lane contemplating Nothingness vs. Being. It took me too many years to understand that Nothingness is a just a fucking concept. And I was all worked up!
      Dreams. Holy Cats!
      I think I’m a small circle of consciousness within expanding circles of consciousness. Yes, I like Jung.
      Had the most “real,” tactile, flying dream 6 years ago. Eight feet above ground, horizontal with arms extended like superman, in my “regular” body with normal dress for a ride through an incredible expanse of nature (like in a large state park). Exhilarating.

  14. The collective-minded assertion that there are more of us than there are of them is an illusion of the ego on a power trip. There are a lot more poor than rich, that’s for sure but that doesn’t mean they (we) constitute a like-minded community.

    In fact, as you get older and you’ve been looking for the truth all your life, you find it increasingly difficult to communicate with folks around because of the brainwashing they fall for, which is why most of us graphomaniacs end up leaving our thoughts in your backyard thousands of miles away – and even in another language for some.

    How do you communicate with people when they tell you (last personal occurrence) that they know three persons who died of Covid while vaccinated and three while unvaccinated and that they know doctors and nurses who’ve told them this and that when you know full well that these statistics are wildly off the charts, that therefore we have to know how many of those guys died with Covid (generally 95%) and of Covid (5%)? You have to explain that the PCR tests were never intended for diagnosis and that doctors and nurses just follow orders, the ones who question them, as scientists should, being banned and shamed by the scammers.

    Let’s talk about the war in Ukraine then instead! But you have to explain first that Russkie Man Bad only invaded because the Garden Gnome in Kiev had been “killing his own people” (as allegedly before him Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad) in the general indifference for eight straight years and was about to launch another murderous assault when they declared independence and asked for help.

    It’s hopeless. And then there’s the conflicts which are to most egos what blush is to white cheeks. They’d give up on finding out the truth any time for the satisfaction of winning an argument, even if they have to exhaust the long list of sophistic fallacies to do so.

    Why would you even want to argue with these guys when all this becomes clear after only a couple sentences? What do you care? What’s it to you if they call you a commie, a nazi, a white supremacist, a snowflake, all and its contrary when, as far as you can see, they’re just hopelessly delusional conformists?

    Buddha said that seeing the miracle of a single flower would change our whole lives. When all else fails, this is the ultimate cure to loneliness and existential despair. Especially a hibiscus flower that opens at dawn its scarlet robe to allow its seeds to blow off its long yellow pistil to perpetuate life selflessly and all this incredibly sophisticated beauty that no one could recreate in texture in a whole life time folds with dusk and falls to the ground, only for another one just the same to do just the same thing selflessly tomorrow.

    That’s the miracle of life and there ain’t no collective can approach the orgasm of watching it happen!

    1. I think you’re wrong about Assad – watch both Charlie Rose interviews. I’ve friends whose family resides in Aleppo and corroborated everything he stated. Like he too said, it’s just more propaganda.

      1. Thanks for saying this. It makes me realize that what I wrote could be ambiguous. When I wrote “the Garden Gnome in Kiev had been “killing his own people” (as allegedly before him Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad) in the general indifference”, the process going on in my mind was that I believe these guys “killing their own people” was indeed propaganda (hence “allegedly”) even if it’s true that Saddam repressed Kurdish revolts in the 80s possibly – a CIA analyst says this is not even true – with gas the US supplied him to gas the Iranians. At the time, nobody raised an eyebrow. It’s only when he was found guilty of selling his oil in euros that this “gassing the Kurds” became a crime for the “international community” (i.e. the self-licking ice-cream cone, i.e. the MIC).
        Assad and Gaddafi were victims of false flags with CIA-backed agents provocateurs shooting at both the police and the demonstrators. But what I meant to say above all was that the so-called “international community” was allegedly horrified by these alleged Arab shootings whereas it displayed a deafening silence when Kiev shelled “its own people” in the Donbass for eight solid years, which stretches hypocrisy and double standards way beyond the limits of extravagance. I hope this is clearer.

  15. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    Humanity must realize that power – which all wars are fought for and ultimately fall over – is an illusion. Every empire eventually gets the war it is trying to avoid, its own downfall.

  16. That was like poetry today.

  17. “There are so very many more of us than there are of them.”
    Yes indeed! Around 1 billion of us already are members of a cooperative & therefore are poised to co-operate with each other whenever the occasion merits it. The corporations that are making us into their obedient animals base their actions on the competition paradigm & when corporations band together as a tight & very exclusive ‘co-op’ as they have done in the WEF that is the very definition of fascism. Co-operatives abound in all sectors of human endeavour and our everyday needs can be cared for exclusively by co-ops rather than corporations. That, along with the values & principles of the co-op movement, will liberate us from the yoke the corporations are trying to weld to our shoulders. A co-operative world would lead to our wonderful Great Awakening & not the WEF corporations’ Great Reset. More people need to know. It’s as simple as that.

  18. Remember the saying “Water Water everywhere bit not a drop to drink” we are inundated with volumes of propaganda, brainwashing & lies posing as information but cast adrift & alone on a lifeboat of leaking sanity we dare not indulge lest we go mad.
    Those whom God must destroy He will first make mad. Small mercy that.

  19. Pardon the French, but fucking brilliant essay.

  20. “By churning out mountains of useless landfill without ever producing anything of real value.”
    Indeed. When your number one export is weapons of war, and the close number two is waste, much of it of the toxic kind, you can no longer claim that you are net benefit to the homo sapien cause.
    Well that was bleak one. Probably the reason I drank it down with such relish.
    Thanks for it.

  21. “A family of 4 can afford to eat a family of five.”~Henny Youngman

    Similar to the story of the industrious bear and the frivolous bear.

    The industrious bear wakes from hibernation getting berries, slapping salmon, finding honey to eat, so that he can build up fat, for the long sleep of the next hibernation.

    The frivolous bear, frolics and parties the whole time until the industrious bear hibernates, and then goes to eat that bear. After that he goes into hibernation.

  22. Great piece Caitlin. This could be a book. Well done.

    At this point, with near certain socio-ecological collapse coming at us at an ever increasing speed, it seems the best we can do is at least be honest & clear about our future, and go with the avalanche.

    Struggling will not work.

    Begging and pleading will not work.

    Scientists warnings will not work.

    Protests will not work.

    Prayers might work –worth a try.

    Go with the flow and the flow is decidedly down!

  23. Brilliant synopsis – but talk about potent! It was as if you were swallowing cyanide while reading it! WOW! WOW! WOW!

    All this being said – two things you (also) said personified where we are today – there are more of us then there are of them and we mot definitely have the means to crush and put an end to this immediately! Seriously? Look at the Canadian truckers and the Dutch farmers!!! Where the hell is that in the US?

    The cause of all of this is the cell phones – the dumbing down of society and the deliberate and intentional diversion. We now live in the most solipsistic civilization the world has ever known. None of this would have ever been remotely possible prior to the universal addiction

  24. In 363 words. Love your work Caitlin.

    I hope you never get asked when flying “Are you travelling with any Sharp Objects”, and you are tempted to say “Just my mind”

    They hate jokes.

    1. I said something like that to a cop that stopped me. He asked if I had any weapons that could hurt him.

      He didn’t understand my response.

  25. Now THIS is what i have always understood as the awakening, that is urgently needed.

  26. Natalie Golovin Avatar
    Natalie Golovin

    Trapped in the Slaughterhouse / Caitlin lists all the problems and doesn’t understand why/how so many people can fall for it….Best defense is religious belief When belief dies, as it has in the last 50 years, moral and ethical behavior drops-corruption spreads and it becomes a hell on earth. Not everyone needs God to be good-but enough do to avoid the decline of civil society.

    1. Why did belief die? It didn’t. Humans are believing machines. Ancient stories became too hard to believe in the face of inquiry and data collection. However, people worldwide believe in the mysterious hand of market capitalism, although it serves them, most of them, no better than the old spells and incantations.

    2. Are you thinking of Alexander VI Borgia and the string of decadent and corrupt popes selling indulgences that eventually led to the rise of Protestantism which finally gave us the prosperity theology and Paula White in Trump’s White House?

      1. This was addressed to Natalie Golovin.

      2. Selling time off in temporary hell for cash. What a concept as the sacred is transmogrified to the profane.
        That was about as insane and unholy as burning down the village to save it.
        And humans still think they are mature enough to be given the car keys to the planet.

  27. There are only 5000 people on the planet.
    Everyone and everything else is a

    1. Pitchforks. We’ll need more than 5000 ’cause they bought friends. Bought friends are fine when the chips are up.

      1. Actually we little people are listed as ‘Chattels’ in the country by country Investor reports which can be found including on the US-SEC website where I found a 103 report on COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, an SEC registered corporation with company I/D – one of four registrations with one miss spelt. It is what a census is for, to audit the assets including us.

  28. Cheerleaders with unlimited lollipops or skeptics with a Bridgestone tattoo-the end stage of human capital.

  29. Spot on yet again Caitlin. Those who see a different reality do not have to convince the unthinking who are trapped in it, we only need sow a seed of doubt every chance we have.

    Doubt leads to concern, to uncertainty, to worry, to anxiety, to fear, to self preservation – the sailor’s worst nightmare begins to come true as the rats begin to desert the ship.

    Not enough rats to eat away at the fabric of life serving the needs of those who would exploit us all and the game is over.

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