Listen to a reading of “They Lie To Us”:

They lie to us all our lives about what soldiers do,
about what cops do,
about what journalists do,
about what presidents do.

They lie to us all our lives about how laws are made,
about how kings are made,
about how culture is made,
about how norms are made.

They lie to us all our lives about what our minds are for,
about what our hearts are for,
about what our neighbors are for,
about what foreigners are for.

The world is confusing
and they make it more confusing,
on purpose,
because they thrive in confusion,
and now we watch as the world turns to ashes
carried on the back of confusion
made by news men and corporate creatures who eat ashes.

And we stumble in confusion,
eyes darting behind lenses made of confusion,
trying to understand with minds made of confusion,
trying to feel our way through with hearts shackled by confusion.
Searching for an angel egg we know is there
but can’t seem to find
because who turned out the goddamn lights?
And why can’t I figure out which way is up?
And oop off we go chasing distractions again
for the next news cycle
the next election cycle
the next spin cycle
the next amnesia cycle.

They lie to us all our lives,
and then when we catch them in a lie they just say,
Oh, the person who gave you that information is bad,
Oh, that came from Russian hackers,
We made a mistake but we don’t do that anymore,
Don’t be a conspiracy theorist,
Hey! Look over there!
We already knew that, it’s no big deal.

And then everyone forgets,
and the confusion churns on.

But the angel egg is there in our mind’s eye,
in our heart of hearts,
haunting our dreams,
calling us home,
the embryo holding our original eyes
for whenever we are ready to claim them.

They lie to us all our lives about what our country is,
about what our government is,
about what money is,
about what nature is.

They lie to us all our lives about where the answers are,
about where our friends are,
about where our enemies are,
about where our claws are.

They lie to us all our lives,
and they make the world confusing,
and beneath that confusion we are watching them
with our original eyes,
with our primal eyes,
with our natural eyes,
with our uncivilized eyes.

Watching them,
like lions watching a gazelle,
and waiting,
with primordial patience,
until it is time
to make our move.




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55 responses to “They Lie To Us”

  1. “Death of the Future: Deranged Dementia of Demons Destroys Paradise We Polluted


    By John Kaminski

    Our leaders have failed us. The result is the needless deaths of millions, easily the greatest crime in the history of the world.

    Their lies have covered up the monstrous fact that our doctors have deliberately poisoned us. These unnecessary injections have killed our children and ruined generations to come in the name of criminal profits that have destroyed the economic health of our society, and likely permanently disfigured the future of our species and all life on this planet with its perverted plague of profit-making insanity.

    Many millions more needless deaths are sure to follow as a result of these poison prescriptions that the doctors we trusted have looked us right in the eye and said we needed to take.

    What this cynical advice has produced are the cold bodies of our children, communities suffering from dislocation and starvation, and a permanent mistrust of authorities who have proven they are dangerous to human life and health.

    The most serious dagger in our hearts must be that our doctors can no longer be trusted and that their addiction to irresistible wealth has curdled their consciences and ruined the lives of those they had sworn to protect.

    It’s long past time for people everywhere to rise up and dismiss their local government boards for their blind acceptance of government lies that have murdered millions of innocent citizens with poisonous vaccines.

    Retribution for this monstrous betrayal of society should be immediate, swift, and severe. No punishment is too brutal for those psychopaths who have deliberately killed our children, our parents, and our loved ones.

    It’s time for people to stop reading their local newspapers and listening to the lying national TV networks that have blindly followed the lies demanded by sponsors of their phony news programs urging people to follow deliberately faulty medical advice that has led not only to uncountable deaths but has largely destroyed and continues to destroy society as we have known it.

    Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and all those involved with this catastrophic COVID deception that has ravaged the world must be arrested immediately for unprecedented crimes against nature.

    Politicians from presidents on down should be immediately imprisoned without bail on charges of conspiracy to commit mass murder. This includes locally elected officials who have failed to professionally question orders from above meant to deliberately murder innocent people.

    The principal question for ordinary people now becomes how to regain the primacy of law throughout the world when virtually the entire law enforcement apparatus has been corrupted by the effects of bribery from the politicians who profited from the results of their lies.

    Even more dangerously, the information providers that urged us to follow the twisted dictates of deranged doctors can no longer be trusted to provide us with accurate directions to our own safety. Their callous disregard for objective truth while blinded by the lure of unprecedented profits has jeopardized our futures as never before, as the medicines they prescribe are now the primary threats to our health.

    Action plan

    The jabs, the masks, the lockdowns — all needless hype generated by an overblown plan to control the minds of everyone in the world. This plan is still ongoing, even though its rationale has been blown to bits by the results of its rancid reality.

    People need to mass immediately and protest the continuing control of local governments by asinine ass kissers obeying the demented directions of mindless functionaries following the orders of the malevolent millionaires who have bribed them.

    These spineless officials, along with the truculent journalists, editors, and publishers who have cynically gone along with their fiendish plans, should also be jailed immediately, and punished to the maximum extent of the law, as their penalties deserve no leniency for crimes that defy explanation.

    Whether society can actually be rebuilt at this point remains to be seen, as the processes put in place by this gigantic extermination probably cannot be reversed. The environmental poisonings and the financial devastation created by this profitable system of deliberate destruction of society’s most vital systems cannot be reversed in a day; perhaps not ever.

    The long-term health effects of systemic poisoning of the environment, social systems and human health have yet to fully reveal themselves, but it is likely that the devastating effects of these colossal betrayals have yet to be fully assessed and quantified.

    Likely survival in the coming days will be much more difficult as the financial system has been ravaged and consolidated into the sinister secrecy of electronic manipulation and with supply lines sabotaged and product distribution profoundly disrupted, the major effects of starvation and disease resulting from deficient nutrition have barely begun to be felt.

    Compounded by the chaos still to be generated by the massive dislocation caused by open borders and government complicity in the destabilization of society’s systems, the quotient of misery and death is likely to increase to the point where nobody, no matter how secure they may think themselves to be, will be able to escape its wrath.

    Fire your town boards. Stop reading your local newspapers. Destroy your TV sets. And question mightily what your teachers, preachers, doctors, and elected leaders are telling you because they’re all liars, all distorting the truth to keep their paychecks, no matter what damage they produce in the people they are supposed to teach, save, keep healthy and safe.

    Find local leaders who will chase state leaders into retirement for their perfidy, state leaders who will challenge federal criminals into federal prison, and actualized leaders who will prioritize the actual health of the poisoned people over the perverted principles of criminal profits.

    Watch out for your family and be wary of strangers. And hang on as best you can because it’s going to get rough.”

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  3. A group of gen Z just made history about how to teach the keyboard warriors how to fight the giant MSM war machine.
    Coalition for Life is an anti-abortion group located in Missouri. The group needs volunteers to help to spread the word and events about anti-abortion. A gen Z group decided to volunteer to become a part of the movement anti-abortion. After some months the Coalition for Life scheduled an event where politicians, artists and lots of people with money would be a part of this event. At some point, the gen Z members infiltrated inside of this event decided to distribute condoms to the guests and public. Some even inflate the condoms like balloons and put it inside of their jackets just to blow it. The police was called and the gen z members arrested. The organizer of the event said to the police “you can release them. It is okay. We will not charge any of them”. And the police released all of them. The organizer of that event was a part of the resistance.

  4. The US nazi chess in ukraine –
    1) thrown money and weapons to keep the fight on;
    2) dissidents suggesting the truth instead of lies will die by CIA and SBU assets.
    3) keep warmed up candidates to take Ukraine’s place in the fight against Russia. A long conflict to reach the bottom of Russia’s pockets. When this point is reached then Britannia and US will heroically show up in the battlefield which would be more like an ocean of graves filled up by dead Ukrainians, poles, baltic people, Romanians, Czech people, etc… It seems haters will have to die for the sake of the US empire.

  5. Why was ISHKABIBBLE’s comment and link to deleted from this thread? That’s a 16,300 word article that’s worth reading.

  6. Latest American pro-war propaganda:
    The truth America will never admit is that THIS is what their Ukrainian minions were doing to Russians for eight solid years, killing tens of thousands and maiming god knows how many, before Russia decided to step in and stop the carnage. Sadly, the Ukie racists do not grok that their demise will deservedly continue unabated until THEY, their fascist dictator Zelensky, and their Daddy Warbucks benefactor Uncle Sam stops the artillery barrages, dronings, shootings, car bombings, lethal poisonings and other war crimes.

  7. Jew haters are idiots. If the peeps the article’s on about were actually an evil cabal of cackling madmen manipulating the world, wtf would being Jews have to do with it? Nothing. If the author is cynically pandering to his readership’s prejudice, he’s doing more active harm than most of his presstitute brethren. If he believes his own bullshit, he’s as big an asshole as he is an idiot.
    There is no cabal in charge. The “hidden reality” that explains our geopolitical nightmare is not a Hollywood movie script, and we don’t get to foist off our fear and cowardice on others. Every functioning cog in this shit machine is responsible for the smell, and that means us.

  8. Sir Ian Mckellen is up for a Kiev’s Bandera gay parade. I’ll never have the same look at Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings after this. The stonewall riots lost strength in my book to continue to fight for tags rights. Nazi gays is a thing among “woke” people. What about this, fat fuck?

    1. Disgusting. Gandalf has defected to Mordor and apparently has now allied with the orcs. Not cool “Sir” Ian. You may think that “gay” is now high fashion but Nazi fascism is NOT.

  9. The time to make our move is approaching at warp speed. Stay awake and focussed.

  10. Wolf Blitzer.

    In Myan times he would be the one to cut your heat out with a glass knife as a blood sacrifice for a bountiful harvest.

    But the thing about the lies. Everybody mostly is Ok with lies. Most people appreciate the middlemen of society who shields their sensibilities from the truth of where their sausage comes from.

    A good citizen obeys and does not question. Fathers still beat their sons heads about the ears every day to teach this lesson. You know it is true. But denial works for both truth and lies.

    The truth about Ukraine is that money is murdering people. Most everybody is Ok with that. Just another day in Omelas. Very sunny and nice. The summer festival continues.

    1. *In ->Mayanheart<- out with a glass knife

  11. Picasso pictured what the nazi Germany did back in the day. Today the modern version of it is pictured perfectly by Pawel kuczynski.

    1. White House experts and scholars found a new source of energy perfectly designed to boost your superiority.×857.jpg

  12. Beautiful poem Caitlin. Reminded me of Borges thing for tiger metaphors.

    “Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.” ― Labyrinths: Selected Stories & Other Writings

  13. Justice kills and suffers still
    the flame of imprecision
    In her own hands
    those shakey plans
    cast terror into delusion
    what motives here?
    where natives fear
    and the world contorts asunder
    I’ll find my place
    at the end of the race
    in circumstances familiar

  14. I did enjoy, especially the manner in which the piece stirred up the hornet’s nest. 400 comments already! Even for Unz, that has to be some kind of record.
    A 19,000 word piece, perhaps an equal amount spilled in the comments, total mayhem throughout, and what concept ties it all together? The Jews control the world.
    Yet, unless I missed it, 9/11 as false flag event never comes up, and MMT as the only realistic alternative to the current global banking arrangement, is not mentioned.
    Remarkable, because if you really wanted to bring down the “Jewish cabal,” those would be the first two things you would focus on. 9/11 was organized by someone, and the most likely candidate is Mossad, because their fingerprints are splattered all over both the operation and its cover-up, and as if there is an overwhelming consensus as to how the Jews control the world, it is through banking.
    Me personally, I could care less about the Jews as they relate to world domination. If they’re in control of it all, fine, if however, it’s Klaus and his band of mischief makers at the WEC that are holding the ball, or more likely, some kind of combination that might include those two elements and many more, I’m equally ok with that to.
    My position is, the only question that matters if you are a human with an interest in beating the Great Filter; how do you stop these motherfuckers, whoever they are?
    And for me, the best way to go about would be to reveal 9/11 for what is was, the greatest lie ever told,* and to identify and reveal where true power lies, and that would be in the money creation process. Whomever is in control of the printing presses, is in control. It is that simple.
    A kindergarten concept if ever there was one.
    But, no one seems to have much interest in these two potential solutions (perhaps because their simplicity makes them too frightening to contemplate?), and one of the reasons I believe it is deeply disrepectful to sheep to compare them to humans. Unlike humans, sheep don’t volunteer to go to the slaughterhouse, they have to be herded, often against their will.
    *9/11 is not only the greatest lie ever told, it’s also the stupidist. The Covid Narratives, the current Ukraine Narratives, however idoitic you think they were and are, they are magnifcent examples of the Art of Propaganda in comparison.

  15. Doesn’t pull a single punch.

  16. Beautiful. They only lie to us because they are afraid of us. Let it sink in. They are afraid of us.

    1. Technocracy Cult is Doomed Avatar
      Technocracy Cult is Doomed

      Fear is the ruling class’s main export because it’s what they are made of.

  17. They lie to because:
    1. We cant handle the truth
    2. We dont want to know the truth.

    Besides, if we knew the truth, we might have to do something.

  18. I will keep saying this:
    Bilbo Baggins said in The Hobbit, “Adventures! Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!”
    Americans, sadly, aren’t waiting to make their move. They don’t want to be late for dinner.

    1. Time might solve that problem; man-made climate change could eliminate the possibility of dinner.

      1. You drank the koolaid. Get a grip. If you can’t work out when you’re being played, you won’t survive regardless. You’ll just go quietly onto that train, or line up for the jab.

        1. Putin got the jab, so did the Russian military. Why is he helping the deep state? What’s in it for him? Is he being paid by Biden and Fauci? Blackmailed by Pfizer?

  19. They lie to us about our world view,
    Through kaleidoscopes of horror
    They seduce us to join the “ fabulous liars club”
    So we sell our souls, the glorious egg of truth
    To acquire the magical prize of “ simple solutions to complex problems”

  20. Real perception versus Shaped perception.

    Me – 1970-1999 hippie and former structural engineer. Pub’s philosopher. Omnivore. Fat meat, cigarettes, gluten fan.

    Tulsi Gabbard – 2020 Presidential candidate. Former Congresswoman. Soldier. Surfer. Yoga. Plant-based.

    Robert Downey Jr – You know who I am.

    Taylor Swift – Happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.

    Chris Hemsworth – Love and thunder.

    Chris Evans – A starting point ASP Connecting elected leaders with their communities.

    Chris Pratt – The Terminal List Now Streaming on Prime Video

    Arnold Schwarzenegger – Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I’d be back

    Leonardo DiCaprio – Actor and Environmentalist.

    Bill Gates – Sharing things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests.

    Caitlin Johnstone – Daily writings on the end of illusions. All works co-authored with my American husband Tim Foley.

  21. I think the one about the nuclear power plant in Ukraine is my current favorite. The story that the Russians are shelling themselves at the plant is alive and well right along with the story that the Russians are causing the shelling by having military targets there. A real live contradiction right before our eyes.

  22. Some of the worst lies, along with abhorrent policies attached to them, are quite recent.
    Here’s a good read:

    1. That’s another good one:

    2. The above blank is a failure to embed a video link. I would insert the link here, but following that, discovered an audio malfunction. The video I wanted to post is found at the end of the zero anthropology article—added by Max himself in the comments section at bottom of article. Thanks to Dr. Julie Ponesse for her courage and ethical responsibility.

      1. Harrowing! And then the same geniuses who impose that crap on her have the gall to lecture us about civic rights in China! I’m asking you…
        I’m glad I lived that far though. I’d never have believed until two years ago, even after reading 1984, that I’d live one day in a society where people would get fired for refusing to take an experimental vaccine that doesn’t protect them from a low frequency disease (including dying from it), doesn’t protect others but could get them into a wheelchair or a coffin.
        I’m glad I can pack that into my suitcase when I die to meditate upon it in my spare time. It’s a rich subject! :o)

        1. And that’s not even the worst of it. The hospital protocols! And where does that lead back to—Fauci & friends. Check out the second hour of the latest episode:

          1. Lesson: never fall into the hands of people who won’t be held accountable if you die and will get away with a mere “sorry” instead.

        2. It’s a rich subject that needs to be gotten to the bottom of (and rectified) on this Earth….if I’m made to meditate on all the “evil” I’ve witnessed after I depart, then I sure hope the “witness” part of that is over with.

  23. DisinfectantSunlight Avatar

    Lies are clouds which can not make the Truth of Sun disappear. In the end people who are telling the lies lose the most. Everything has its own timing and rhythm. People who expose the lies like Caitlin are the wind that move the clouds away so that we all have the benefit of light and warmth of the Truth of Sun.
    Satyameva Jayathe NonAnrutham (Truth alone wins in its own time, Never lies). This is the immutable Truth. In the Universe, which is the Space/Time construct, everything is cyclical and Truth comes on top as the people given to lies go through internal misery and torture in life and death.

    1. John Stuart Mill said (I believe in the Essay on Liberty) that truth doesn’t win just because it is the truth. He pointed out several examples of non-truth winning.
      He said that truth eventually prevails because people keep re-discovering it and sharing it.

      1. DisinfectantSunlight Avatar

        That’s because The Ultimate Basis of all Beings and Things without exception are made up of nothing but THE TRUTH (Satyam Jnanam Anantam- Limitless Awareness which IS the Basis of Space/Time and everything within its framework, namely the entire Universe).

  24. “We already knew that, it’s no big deal”.
    That’s my favourite! Like little by little, thanks to articles published in alternative media, everybody got to know that the US created al Qaeda. But it was a taboo whispered in backrooms because no official had said so. It was assumed that anybody who’d mention it out loud in corporate media would be sent to Guantanamo and tortured to death.
    So all the real journalists knew (as opposed to the ones who just quickly read on camera the scripts given by Langley before rushing out to meet their coke dealer) but had to maintain the façade that they didn’t know.
    And then one day Killary turns up on air and says to a female interviewer like matter of fact: “We created al Qaeda…”
    “Yeah, everybody knows that…”
    You mean the guys who did 9/11, we created them? But the girl couldn’t say that out loud because it was all so sudden… You didn’t know where the red line was that would get you tortured to death in Guantanamo if you crossed it…
    And she knew by that time and through the same back channels that al Qaeda didn’t do 9/11 anyway…
    So it’s one of those situations where you enjoy real power if you’re Killary because you unveil what you want of the Gordian knot and your interlocutor has no other choice than to learn from you what the “truth” is. And you must have a very good time if you’re a psychopath, like the cat playing with the mouse, imagining what she thinks: “Is she also gonna say that bin Laden couldn’t possibly have done it? Is she gonna say that there was obviously a lot of bullshit in the official story [after all it was under Bush, supposed to be a political opponent until he said Orange Man Bad was the worst thing that ever happened in the galaxy and that it made you doubt the very existence of God even as a new-born Christian and the new Van Gogh] because passports don’t fall from planes on fire to end up in pristine order on a heap of smouldering ashes? Is she gonna do a strip-tease live? Let’s hope there aren’t children watching… She’s not as young as she used to be you know…”
    Definitely my favourite…

  25. The time is now!

    1. Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary and read From Dictatorship to Democracy, the book by Dr Gene Sharp.

  26. 1964 — twenty years before 1984 and 58 years before 2022 — somebody wrote and sang very similar things to what Caitlin and Tim have written over the past few years right up to today. Yet “the US” inexorably moves closer and closer to societal, political, nuclear and environmental disaster. Why? Because it’s all so good for business and investments! No matter what horror “the US” rains down on earth, domestic and international investors just keep lending money to “the US” so that “the US” can CONTINUE to do what it’s been doing since WWII. And US voters keep voting for Rs and Ds like clockwork. Obviously, these millions of voters want More Of The Same to also contnue forever.

    1. Much appreciated Ishkabibble.

    2. Pleeeeze, learn Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)!
      Domestic and international investors don’t “loan money” to a government that creates its own currency! By your reasoning, those investors create US dollars, which they then lend to the poor old US government, which needs someone else to help it out.
      Modern Monetary Theory is an empirical study of how the monetary system works. It looks at the creation of the currency, how it travels through the economy, and where it ends.
      You will make more sense when you look through its lens.
      And please don’t come back at me until you put in the work of learning it. You will be wrong, and we won’t even be speaking the same language.

      1. Some have the misconception (often implanted by the elite) that MMT is some sort of philosophy or ideology which leads to irresponsible government spending and accompanying inflation. Yet, as you indicate, MMT is merely a values-free description of how fiat money operates. Arguing with the axioms of MMT is like arguing with physical laws; i.e., gravity or the speed of light.

      2. So why do we owe fraudulent rubbish like these ‘debts’? And why do banksters cream off billions off us simply because *they* create [imaginary] money from thin air that is then lent to us at [compound] interest? I’ll agree with you that governments *should* create their own interest-free money for, let us say, infrastructure work like the Bradbury Pound was briefly used in the UK during WWI? Corbyn for his pains became blasted for trying to sideline the banksters by removing their free meal ticket & slave acquisition plans. Please don’t answer me until you are familiar with the information I’ve posted here. Thanks.

    3. Wow, I remember that song. It was originally before I was born, but I first heard it about 20 years ago. Caitlin’s post made me think of a song from the 80’s, with a similar message as Pete Seeger, only instead of primarily getting lied to at school, the main tool of lying to kids became TV.
      “I was sitting with Matthew,
      we were watching TV I said;
      Hey Matthew, what do you see?
      Do you see the guns? Do you see the bombs?
      See those people throwing all of those stones?
      Do you see the cars going up in flames?
      See their faces, do you know their names?
      Hey Matthew, when you’re watching TV;
      Hey, Hey Matthew, what do you see?”
      KAREL FIALKA – Hey Matthew:

  27. Yes. Nice. I would only change the image at the end. I’d make it a herd of wildebeests waiting for that moment of collective insight when they change direction and run AT the lions chasing and preying on them.

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