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Of all the face-meltingly stupid narratives that have been circulated about the US proxy war in Ukraine, the dumbest so far has got to be the increasingly common claim that aggressively escalating nuclear brinkmanship is safety and de-escalation is danger.

We see a prime example of this self-evidently idiotic narrative in a new Business Insider article titled “Putin’s nuclear threats are pushing people like Trump and Elon Musk to press for a Ukraine peace deal. A nuclear expert warns that’s ‘dangerous.’

“An understandable desire to avoid a nuclear war could actually make the world more dangerous if it means rushing to implement a ‘peace’ in Ukraine that serves Russian interests,” writes reliable empire apologist Charles Davis. “Such a move, which some influential figures have called for, risks setting a precedent that atomic blackmail is the way to win wars and take territory troops can’t otherwise hold, a model that could be copycatted by even the weakest nuclear-armed states, and may only succeed at delaying another war.”


Davis’ sole source for his article is the UN Institute for Disarmament Research’s Pavel Podvig, who is very openly biased against Russia.

“The West supports Ukraine with weapons and financial and moral and political support. Giving that up and saying that, ‘Well, you know, we are too afraid of nuclear threats and so we just want to make a deal’ — that would certainly set a precedent that would not be very positive,” says Podvig. “If you yield to this nuclear threat once, then what would prevent Russia in the future — or others — to do the same thing again?”

Like other empire apologists currently pushing the ridiculous “de-escalation actually causes escalation” line, Davis and Podvig argue as though nuclear weapons just showed up on the scene a few days ago, as if there haven’t been generations of western policies toward Moscow which have indeed involved backing down and making compromises at times because doing so was seen as preferable to risking a nuclear attack. We survived the Cuban Missile Crisis because Kennedy secretly acquiesced to Khrushchev’s demands that the US remove the Jupiter missiles it had placed in Turkey and Italy, which was what provoked Moscow to move nukes to Cuba in the first place.

Throughout the cold war the Soviet Union insisted on a sphere of influence that US strategists granted a wide berth to, exactly because it was a nuclear superpower. Even as recently as the Obama administration the US president maintained that “Ukraine, which is a non-NATO country, is going to be vulnerable to military domination by Russia no matter what we do.”

Nevertheless we’re seeing this new “escalation is safety and de-escalation is danger” narrative pushed with increasing forcefulness by imperial spinmeisters, because it would take a lot of force indeed to get people to accept something so self-evidently backwards and nonsensical.

“All of you who are saying that we have to give in to nuclear blackmail are making nuclear war more likely. Please stop,” tweeted Yale University’s Timothy Snyder recently. “When you give in to it, you empower dictators to do it again, encourage worldwide nuclear proliferation, and make nuclear war much, much more likely.”

Snyder, who has been photographed grinning happily with Ukraine’s President Zelensky, does not actually believe that people tweeting in support of de-escalation and detente will cause a nuclear war. He uses the newfangled buzzword “nuclear blackmail” to discredit calls for de-escalation and detente because he wants those who support de-escalation and detente to be silent. He says “please stop” solely because he wants peace advocacy to stop.

“Nuclear war comes because we’ve done too little not too much,” tweeted Alexander Vindman, a key player in advancing the Trump-Ukraine scandal, further pushing the narrative that greater escalation is where the safety is.

In response to a tweet by France’s President Macron saying “We do not want a World War,” a senior policy advisor for the US government’s Helsinki Commission named Paul Massaro tweeted, “Precisely this sort of weak, terrified language leads Russia to escalate.”

Imagine being so warped and twisted that you see that as a sane response to the most normal statement anyone can possibly make.

Meanwhile you’ve got idiots like Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger acting like they’re being brave tough guys by welcoming continual nuclear escalation while calling anyone who advocates de-escalation cowards:

The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel somehow pulled off the heroic feat of getting an article advocating de-escalation published in the Washington Post with a piece titled “The Cuban missile crisis was 60 years ago, but it’s urgently relevant today.” Reminding us how close we came to total annihilation and how we only survived getting so recklessly close to nuclear war by “plain dumb luck,” she argues that humanity cannot risk going to the brink like that again.

“Humanity cannot afford to spin the cylinder again in this game of Russian roulette; we must unload the gun. Our only path forward is de-escalation,” vanden Heuvel writes.

Indeed it is. It’s absolutely insane that humanity is risking its own extinction over these games of empire-building and planetary domination when we’ve got so many other existential hurdles we need to focus on clearing.


This is all completely unnecessary. There’s nothing inscribed upon the fabric of reality saying states need to be waving armageddon weapons at each other. There’s no valid reason not to lay aside these games of global conquest and collaborate together toward a healthy coexistence on this planet.

We could have such a beautiful world. All the energy we pour into competition and conquest could go toward innovation that benefits us all, making sure everyone has enough, eliminating human suffering and the need for human toil. We’re trading heaven on earth for elite ego games.

There’s no valid reason we can’t move from models of competition and domination to models of collaboration and care. Collaboration with each other; care for each other. Collaboration with our ecosystem; care for our ecosystem. We’re throwing it away in exchange for senseless misery and peril.


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64 responses to “The Profoundly Stupid Narrative That Nuclear Brinkmanship Is Safety And De-Escalation Is Danger”

  1. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    There is a thread in history: when nations get closer to the war they need to avoid the more deluded they become that they can win it – that applies equally today to nuclear war.

  2. As I (and Larry Johnson) write here: M.A.D. is dead.
    Today’s nuclear option is not yesterdays. It is not “Armageddon”. A lot of people would die but not more than in WWII, probably less. As in WWII, Russia would win. The Loser? The US of A.

    1. I think you are right. If we look at Iraq where uranium (nuclear) tipped missiles were used among other toxid bioweaponry we have very strong evidence of the human damage that can and will occur–even years later. The genetic mutations are horrific, for example. We had 3 women in my county that went to Iraq and did interviews and a photoessay that they displayed around the region. These mutations affected American soldiers as well as Iraqi’s. The cancers are extreme affecting very young children with other arising even years after the major fighting. We also have the evidence from Chernobyl with land and people affected years later.
      So our image of the mushroom cloud being the sole nuclear event is a propaganda piece that denies the many ways that nuclear weaponry can be deployed with longer lasting and creeping destruction to life. I am not that this is any better than the shock and awe explosions of earlier nuclear days.

  3. “nuclear blackmail” is the essence of ‘mad’. these pundits will probably get their way and we’ll experience what is more dangerous or safe. as others pointed out there’s no real threat from russia yet. personally, i’m in favor of what they’d call ‘giving in’, ‘appeasement’ or ‘detente’. i estimate the risk of somebody truly abusing ‘nuclear blackmail’ smaller than the risks of ultimately calling the ‘bluff’.

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  5. The newspaper Haartz is as synonymous with Israel as Israel is with Judaism, despite that many Israelis believe that Haartz is anti-semetic. Seems that everyone hates the truth. So, there has been some talk about, “Hey! How about some detant?” Well? What about starting here? With the real powers that be that drive world events and ourselves? I think that I just gave enough examples to prove that we’re all a bunch of lying whores. Let’s get over ourselves and start a real discussion about how and why we’re all here in this point in time (bad grammar) and lay the ground work for a real detant to avoid another Armageddon? If you good Christians are all so tolerant of others, and history says otherwise, then why do you care if others worship money instead of Christ, even if that was true. And, take for instance the money changers at the Temple, how could capitalism possibly effect you, if you don’t willfully participate in it? Anyway, so that you all can start pointing the finger at each other with your splinters in each others eyes, let the rock throwing begin, let the most perfect among you cast the first allegation. My last post today.

    Documents Point to Israeli Army’s 1948 Biological Warfare Against Palestinians
    By Jordan News, October 18, 2022

    The Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz has revealed the existence of documents that officially confirm that Israel poisoned Palestinian water wells in Acre and Gaza in 1948

  6. Biden Signs Executive Order Designed to Unleash “Transhumanist Hell” on America and the World
    By Leo Hohmann, October 17, 2022

    If anyone needed proof that the powers pushing the levers behind the mindless moron who sits in the Oval Office are fully on board with the World Economic Forum/United Nations agenda of biomedical tyranny and transhumanism, look no further than the executive order that Joe Biden signed on Monday, September 12

  7. A Fast-Emptying Ark. Fewer Wild Animals Sharing the Earth with Us. The World Grows Quieter by the Day
    By Bill McKibben, October 17, 2022

  8. In Italy, the country’s imminent first female prime minister is much of that same view. Giorgia Meloni speaks about being a “woman, mother [and] Christian” with messianic purpose: to defend “God, country and family”. The stress is on mother virtue rather than female rights, the latter only being relevant when it comes to highlighting migrant violence in fits of what has come to be known as femonationalism.

    Unlike other conservatives and those of the Right in the Anglo-American tradition, welfare, in her political constellation, is not ill-fare. People – provided they come from a certain traditional demographic and background – should be supported and encouraged by the state. What matters is that they are the right sort of people

  9. Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind
    By Ethan Huff, October 17, 2022

    1. Can I do it until I need glasses?

      1. As long as you don’t mind hairy palms.

  10. Westerners Live in Denial, Convinced They’re the Good Guys. Jonathan Cook
    By Jonathan Cook, October 18, 2022

  11. Lindsey Graham implicitly let the cat out of the bag the other day.
    1/ Prerequisite: we’ve got to maintain US hegemony
    2/ We’re a war economy and we all in Congress profit from it
    3/ With Ukraine, we’ve got the best ratline for our armament industry since Vietnam, possibly WWII
    4/ The Ukrainians will fight as long as we provide them with weapons
    5/ We’ll provide them with weapons as long as they want to fight – even chip in a few men for good measure to operate the more complicated weapon systems
    6/ These guys are Nazis anyway, so the more get killed, the better before they come home to roost. It’s a win-win whichever way it goes
    7/ They pay for the weapons in land, so we’ll eventually own what’s left of the country – that is what Putin doesn’t want – to breed bugs for food
    8/ The Europeans, who have depleted their stocks, will also buy weepins from us
    9/ We’ll sell them more oil, gas and stuff
    10/ And all this is weakening Russia into the bargain, that we’ll have to bag sooner or later.
    We know full well that Putin is not going to go nuclear unless attacked but this alleged threat fuels all the opinion’s support we need. Whoever calls for a ceasefire is threatening that masterpiece of a multi-pronged attack our MIC think tanks have been years in the making. With a bit of luck – and the help of the Poles and the Balts who are outright crazy -, the war will spread to the rest of Europe, which we will then have to help militarily and rebuild. A few tens of millions dead and a Marshall Plan 2.0.? We’re talking about an economic wet dream here as well as a giant step for the Green New Deal and world depopulation!
    In fact, anybody even just mentioning the word ceasefire should be jailed and possibly shot for high treason as an incentive for the Ukrainians to have second thoughts about their war and a menace on the employment and way of life of the American people! Music!

    1. Yes indeed. This capitalism at its best. Now add the contrived pandemics that Fauci et al have been promoting and developing for decades. 500 new billionaires in less than 2 yr in the US alone from profits from this bruhaha. Remember that Capitalism thrives on Crises where you can whip the public into fear and submission. Now add the goals of destroying democratic principles and civil liberties.

      How many know that Biden signed an Exec Order a few weeks ago that directs many of the Fed agencies to work on monetary surveillance and ways to control the public’s money. The US is working on a social credit card similar to China and other western countries that are all in on this effort. Think about the WEF and its Great Reset project and its head, Klaus Schwab, who brags that people will own nothing and be happy! Watch how the housing market is being removed from the public with excessive price inflation and wealthy coming in to buy up the housing stock. Also think about Gates being the biggest agricultural land owner and increasing his holdings while promoting removing food from the public and creating fake food which can all be patented. Isreal now has about 2 dozen such manufacturing corporations and is promoting fake food. Two for one here: rotten fake food for patenting and control of the world’s food and destroying the health of the people with lack of real nutrition which is already a major problem in the US.
      Again, Capitalism at its finest–unless the people refuse to participate, etc.

      1. “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world” ~ Henry Kissinger (1973)
        Besides, when artificial food makes people sick – which it will out of a long tradition in the US food industry of making them obese, diabetics and in a whole flurry of pains – they will buy pharmaceutical drugs like fentanyl and Bob’s you uncle. All profit!
        Pfizer even now admits that they didn’t even test the vaccine for transmission because they were moving “at the speed of $cience” :o)

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  13. To some extent you’re reinforcing the “nuclear blackmail” claim by repeating it without pointing out it’s false. Putin only obliquely raised the possibility of nuclear use and only in response to Liz Truss’s explicit nuclear threat. Absent nuclear use or massive direct conventional intervention by the west, Russia will not go nuclear in Ukraine because it has no need to. Also, we need to be forward thinking to the wheels coming off the Ukrainian bus, as they are shortly about to. The neocons are going to try to make the train wreck as long and bloody and profitable as possible. Rather than try to reason with all the people who support them it might be more effective, and surely more enjoyable, to just rub their snouts in their own stupidity as hard as possible. Maybe by this point the only hope for civilization is for the neocons to somehow fuck up bad enough to fall from grace but not bad enough to get us all annihilated. Not sure if that’s possible.

    1. Unfortunately captalism created a well heeled middle class that believes in Capitalism because its life is cushy. Even when these folks lose their job, their income and go into deep debt they still believe. They go into shock that the system has betrayed them but keep believing in their own entitlement which somehow will get them back onto the cushy bandwagon. These folks, a huge class, the liberals in particular, will never be good allies in creating change. Quite the opposite, they will fight you tooth and nail which is why we have Biden and the Centrist Dems. Here in NY we have governor by appointment who actually pushed her agenda of imprisoning people who refused these toxic, untested drugs that are killing and maiming millions of people worldwide. But they believe and will go to the matt to support these people without raising a single question to challenge them. Of course we have the opposition with its own cheerleading base that believes in their whiteness and is shocked that such entitlement has not brought them to the promised land of comfort and job success. So we have 2 sides of the same coin with people who have believe systems with no real comprehension of what they really believe and how false are those beliefs. Capitalism thrives on these delusional ideas as it ensures them of their ongoing success with both sides of the aisle supporting the same insane hegemonic policies that rip off the public while keeping them at each other’s throat. Great game going on forever–unless we figure out how to break through those belief systems that have become even more hired into the cellular matrix than religious beliefs. How do we get people to undo that learning!!!

      As for the poster here who is a relative of the Rothchilds–how do we engage him over his belief system that might be supporting the elitism with its distrust and hatred for the bulk of the population.

      1. War is the opposite of capitalism.

        1. Huh! Capitalism promotes war as ongoing profit and for resource control. War is the best ‘friend’ of Capitalism

          1. Capitalism is the provision of goods and services by means of private ownership. War destroys capitalism.

            1. Since many disagree with you, I think you need to explain your perspective and understanding

            2. war creates demand for goods and services

  14. That’s capitalism. Selling missiles is profitable, bringing the troops home isn’t; and sales is what the media is for.

  15. david outa bolelwang Avatar
    david outa bolelwang

    With its scam pandemics and death injections failing to do the job of aiding the sinking dollar hegemony, the US won’t give up and now want to uncork a nuclear annihilation with the dangerously false hope of aiding its diminishing world power status as if somehow, the marching forward of history could be reversed. What’s alarming, the entire Western elite establishment are so stupidly oblivious to the fact that no one side can win a nuclear war and remain intact afterward. lt seems like all those who are able to think forthrightly in the West, either have all died off or are too few or too old to be of any impact in the face of the dire situation the world is facing. Ronald Reagan was one very bold US President in the 80’s but still wouldn’t drag the US into conflict with the USSR in Angola in support of Jonas Savimbi, who clearly was a puppet of the US back then ,knowing too well what was at stake. Today, the world is stuck with brainless death cultists who happen to be occupying high offices in the entire West whose sole idea is that a nuclear war between two or more superpowers is nothing and that Russia and China can be vanquished without any consequences on their part .

    1. The USSR had Cuba as the proxy in Angola and the US had South Africa (SA).
      SA offered to stop the war before it began by closing Luanda harbour as the Portuguese left, but CIA told them not to. They wanted the harbour intact. The CIA were giving Savimbi millions (Equivalent to today’s billions) but were upset with SA.
      SA (the Afrikaner) refused to hand over the country to the US so the CIA installed the ANC to hand it to them. Commercially the ANC did (like Russia) from 1990 until 2010 and then found allies in China-Russia and joined BRICS.
      The USA stopped SA from defeating Neto-Cuba-Russia which they would have done had USA not changed sides. USA did not want a Savimbi victory with SA in control, they preferred a never-ending war. They ‘bought’ Cabinda instead of defeating Russia.
      PS One of the main reasons that USA changed sides was that ARMSCOR, the SA MIC thanks to arms sanctions, was producing weapons (up to and including tactical Nukes) vastly superior to the US equivalents and threatened US markets.

  16. Owner of “Insider” (as well as of: “Politico”): German publishing house Axel Springer.

    Axel Springer = U.S. Pentagon/Atlantic Council/EU/Israel, special interest propaganda machine.

  17. Anyway, what I posted but was apparently censored has everything to do with with the upcoming nuclear war, and oil and gas; and oil and gas pipelines. The same land masses due to geography is needed both by China to extend their road initiative and by the New World Order, the green initiative to make the world dependant on the evil empire. I have intentionally left out my personal opinion on it because I am related to the Rothschilds, and don’t share the same opinions as the authors, but that’s okay, you can all talk about righteousness all you want, but I observe all your self serving lies that you tell yourselves everyday so that you can deface your own beliefs. So, enjoy futures, in the end it is your own so-called good people who killed yourselves with your sins against Christ.

  18. Models of collaboration and care. Let that sink in. In SciFi, the computer repeats ‘that does not compute’ before it explodes. The end of the world, as we know it. As we know, or can conceive, it is key. Jesus on a mushroom cloud is preferable to collaboration and care. Especially care, that is the frightening aspect. I can collaborate with my neighbor to build a barn, but can I actually care for that dangerous ape? And what about my precious, the dollar, the golden ring? Can’t we argue about crony capitalism or the globalist agenda? Anything but compassion and loving kindness, collaboration and care. That truly would be the end of the world as we know it.

  19. What we needed to prevent the invasion of Ukraine was a strong, proud country that was not afraid to show its strength.

    A country that developed a giant nuclear arsenal, showed its willingness to use it, walked away from treaties limiting it, and refused to commit to no first use even if it is under no threat of invasion.

    That kind of strength and determination would have dissuaded Putin from his adventurism.

    1. Nazis with nukes. What could go wrong, troll?

    2. “That kind of strength and determination would have dissuaded Putin from his adventurism.”

      I take that as sarcasm, intended to awaken those to the reality that that proud country is in fact America.

      I think Putin knows that he is in the cross-hairs and wanted dead by the West.

      What could be a greater provocation to launch than that?

      The provoked attack would make January 6th look like a garden party.

      1. The one thing that gives me pause for thought is how Putin actually trusted Bush on a handshake when Bush promised to not move any closer to Russian borders. This whole bruhaha is predicated on the US/NATO surrounding Russia closer and closer and threatening that country. I think it was a shock to him see the US supporting UKraine militarily and financially. Like the good liberals here who cannot believe the government is really controlled by corporate interests and the oligarchy at the middle-classes expense. Cognitive Dissonance and false belief systems at play.

  20. It could be argued that Timothy Snyder has a point in a roundabout way. We should stop giving in to U.S. threats of nuclear war and defeat its imperialism once and for all. Like Che said “two, three, many Vietnams”. What did he mean? More wars? Or more resistance to imperialist domination? Because I hope readers understand that the current blather about ‘Putin’s nuclear threat’ is just that. It’s been said so many times by so many sources that too many have come to assume he really said that. It’s the U.S. that makes those threats, did so in 1962, and has brought us closer to the brink ever since.

    1. Your comment makes me think of the Divine of KIngs that once prevailed: I am a King because I am a King and that gives me the right to be a King. God ordained this. US hegemonic policy and belief is as narcissistic, self centered and bullying by some belief in its divine right to be so!

      Agree that Capitalism must be defeated. I dont believe there can be any compromise or balance created. This was always in the plan but never worked. Anytime that laws were passed to clamp down on the totalitarian nature/practice of capitalism all that happened was a minor slow down or back step until the ogre raised its head again and came back even more virulent. And as MLK correctly noted Liberals are our worse enemy.

      1. “I am a King because I am a King” runs along with “I am who am”

        That has never been a convincing argument to me.

  21. “All of you who are saying that we have to give in to nuclear blackmail are making nuclear war more likely. Please stop,” tweeted Yale University’s Timothy Snyder recently. “When you give in to it, you empower dictators to do it again, encourage worldwide nuclear proliferation, and make nuclear war much, much more likely.” says the foremost dictatorship of the world.

    This is pure garbage.

    Americans are accustomed to consuming garbage. Just watch the election and pro war campaigns both parties are now spewing.

    The US will threaten a terminal war to make the world safe for their demagogracy.

    The following explains why so much garbage comes out of propagandized American mouths.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    People all over the world regularly lose their lives for offering resistance to American monetary supremacy.

    Americans are willing to silently court death and risk playing chicken for the ego gratification of being “Number One”, whatever that means.

    When you give in to American Terrorism, you empower the American dictators to do it again.

    1. Please stop pushing your garbage, I say to Yale University’s Timothy Snyder.

  22. Well, you must remember that “war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.” This is what the American Neocon regime believes and will forced upon the entire world if not resisted. Their truth is found only in lies. Fact of the matter is, Russia will only have safety, peace and the ability to thrive if the monster called the Ukrainian Banderite Nazi government, which practices its fascist, racist, brutally violent policies upon orders from Washington is utterly destroyed. Sorry, Mr. Putin, but you can never peacefully co-exist with those maniacs who will never stop trying to destroy you and the Russian nation you wish to protect. We’ve seen such insanity before where Washington has raised huge terrorist armies in Indochina, the Middle East, and now Russia’s periphery. It is to cause the extinction of the indigenous political structure in countries it wants to overwhelm, take over and vivisect for its resources. Unless you crush Ukraine, Russia will be endlessly besieged by Washington’s proxies until it stumbles or is sapped by a forever war. A phony “peace” is not the answer. Real peace can only come when the cancer in Ukraine is completely extirpated.

  23. War is Peace. From the Novel 1984.

  24. “Precisely this sort of weak, terrified language leads Russia to escalate.”
    Escalate what?? Is there a higher “escalate” than nuclear war? Paul Massaro never says.
    In any case, the most effective propaganda is implicit, not explicit. But the citizens of western civilization are so irretrievably propagandized that the empire spinmeisters ignore the implicit in favor of the explicit. So that, in the language of today’s spook-agency-run western establishment media, reacting appropriately to western aggression is “escalation”, in tandem with their favorite buzzword: “unprovoked”.

  25. I can sum up th US position in one sentence. Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  26. that man in the white house is going to get us all killed for the nazis in kiev.

    nuke’em till they glow!

    this got me banished from the twitter propaganda organ!

  27. This has nothing to do with this article per se but with Google’s algorithm.

    When I enter Catlin J in the search bar it brings up link after link for Katlin Jenner, even though I’ve visited Catlin’s site endless times and have never searched for Katlin Jenner. When I enter Catlin John, there are 7 other links to secondary sources that mention Catlin Johnston before finally, Catlin’s actual site appears in the search list.

    I’m not a mathematician or AI expert but other sites I visit regularly generally appear first in the search list with just a few characters entered in the search bar. Just an observation. AI experts can take the discussion further if they so choose.

    1. I just now googled “caitlin johnstone” and this site was the first entry.

    2. Perhaps if you actually spelled the name correctly it might work better.
      “CAITLIN” not “CATLIN”

  28. If Macron says we don’t need a world war, he’s just escalating the conflict for Russia. If Varoufakis wants peace talks, he is a putinist. If the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament says, it isn’t always clear who wants to expand in Ukraine after all, the US Embassy right away tweets that is anti-American and this is not how allies behave. And so on, kind of anybody says anything isn’t perfectly pro-war and pro-US here, they attack him immediately.
    Well, guys, you don’t have many gas pipelines lying around here in Europe, so our options are limited how to be as good allies as you are…

  29. After you’ve watched this well-researched video by Truthstream Media, you can better understand how badly the British/western empire aspires to world domination by re-invoking the “divine right of kings” and establishing a neo-feudalism under the guise of “climate change”. Apparently, weapons of war are exempt from the causes of this calamity. Today, the priest wannabe’s are central banks and mega corporations. It’s not mere competition between oil companies, it’s the belief that no one should question God’s chosen rulers. The notion of a cooperative planet is unthinkable to them.
    King of the World? The High Symbolism of Charles III’s Coronation

  30. I wonder if THIS is the reason why the Empire’s black propagandists have recently doubled down on their demonisation of those calling for de-escalation and negotiations:
    Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard declares US has turned Ukraine conflict into a ‘proxy war’

    A former military boss and Congresswoman has gone for the jugular against the US Government, accusing officials of exploiting Ukraine to hit Vladimir Putin.

    Gabbard labelled the Democratic Party an “elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness” in a video announcing she was officially leaving the party.

    “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness…..

  31. As these warmongers and apologists for warmongers know of course, the reason people are calling for de-escalation and negotiations is to bring all the killing and death and destruction and devastation and suffering to an end, but THEY obviously don’t give a flying fuck about it all and are more than happy to let it continue day after day after day, week after week after week, month after month. Until such a time as their objective is achieved.
    So come on all you cowards, and give your backing and support to lots more death and destruction and devastation and all the pain and suffering of those who will lose loved ones in the coming weeks and months.
    There’s a word that describes these people to a T.

  32. I must say I’m very disappointed not to have seen Keith Olbermann yet come up with a spiel like: “They don’t want nuclear war because THEY’RE AFRAID!!!”
    Perhaps he still hasn’t closed the deal with the MIC like Elon Musk.

    1. …those scum, those scared Russian scum!

  33. “We could have such a beautiful world. All the energy we pour into competition and conquest could go toward innovation that benefits us all, making sure everyone has enough, eliminating human suffering and the need for human toil. We’re trading heaven on earth for elite ego games.”
    You mean like this :

    Charles Sumner, c.1840

    “Give me the money that has been spent in war, and I will purchase every foot of land upon the globe. I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire that kings and queens would be proud of; I will build a school-house upon every valley over the whole habitable earth; I will supply that school house with a competent teacher; I will build an academy in every town, and endow it; a college in every state, and fill it with able Professors; I will crown every hill with a church consecrated to the promulgation of the gospel of peace; I will support in its pulpit an able teacher of righteousness, so that on every Sabbath morning the chime on one hill should answer to the chime on another, around the earth’s broad circumference; and the voice of prayer and the song of praise should ascend like a universal holocaust to heaven. “~Charles Sumner, c.1840

    The USA will never accept a “peace” until one of two things happen.
    1) The US homeland is bombed and can see that they will not and cannot win as happened to Japan with Hiroshima.
    2) It becomes more profitable to make peace than to make weapons and ammunition.
    Number 2 is never going to happen so that leaves number 1 as the only possible solution.
    Europe is totally disillusioned with the US and by next year will dissolve NATO and declare neutrality. The populace will force it or will revolt.
    The biggest news that you did not hear is that Saudi Arabia, (who just signed 13 commercial deals with South Africa), Turkey and Egypt have said that they will apply for BRICS membership at the meeting in South Africa next year.
    Already Turkey and Saudi have given the finger to the US and The USA has given Jordan more military “Aid” than they gave both Saudi and Egypt.
    BRICS will become the de facto United Nations.
    The “World” will become all the land from Vladivostok to Lisbon and the continents and sub-continents attached.
    PS my guess is that Mexico will become a part of USA-Mexico and Canada will secede from N America and join BRICS….. by moving its goods west to a huge market in China-Asia and not south.

    1. “PS my guess is that Mexico will become a part of USA-Mexico and Canada will secede from N America and join BRICS….. by moving its goods west to a huge market in China-Asia and not south.”

      I agree with everything you say except for two things.

      1. Japan had petitioned for detente and surrender several weeks prior to the dropping of the bomb. Truman made the decision to drop two bombs anyway. Supposedly, to send a message to Russia that the same could happen to them. It wasn’t the bomb that brought Japan to its knees but you may be right about that being the only consequence that the USA will kneel to.

      2. It appears Mexico is moving towards an alignment with the South rather than the USA/Canada. The Mexican President has done several, prior to now, unheard-of acts of rebellion against the USA power structure. 1. He has called for peace talks in Ukraine and has even offered to serve as a mediator. 2. In the most recent Summit of the Americans he stood against the USA in insisting that Venezuala be included. 3. Most recently he offered asylum to Julian Assage.

      In all three of these actions, he enraged the D.C. cabal. It appears he is through licking boots. In a north American alliance, Mexico will always be considered by the other two, the third-wheel stepchild.

      1. Thanks, I think that China/Russia may well decide to “demonstrate” who is in charge and drop a big one on Washington-Boston just to ‘see what happens’.
        Putin may have solid Christian morality and ethics, but there is an enormous resentment and anger in Xi-Putin that may result in “Lessons need to be learned”. (A la Chechnya and Urghurs)
        Southern USA is +50% Mexican and growing daily. Already the border is non-existent. Mexico may well want US to handle the Cartels as the Federales cannot.
        If Mexico-USA joined up, Hispanics would form the majority and a whole new political spectrum formed. A ‘Church’ based majority sharing morals and ethics (except perhaps the ‘work’ ethic) recreating family and community cohesion.
        The US hegemony is over, the US has not realised it yet. It is flailing around like the dying elephant that it is, but the end is inevitable. The only question is how much damage will it do before it finally is put down.

  34. In the 1973 ‘Yom Kippur’ war things were going badly for Israel. The Israel ambassador to the US asked for an urgent meeting with Nixon. He advised that unless the US agreed to an immediate resupply of weapons and materiel to Israel – PM Golda Meir would have no choice and would launch the Sampson Option.
    The Ambassador further advised that thirteen A-bombs were already loaded onto aircraft and ‘waiting’ for the order.
    I think that is called ‘nuclear blackmail’, from a reputed ally of the US. Nixon complied and Israel was supplied.
    The targets were Cairo, the Canal infrastructure and Damascus. That nuclear threat still exists today.
    Note well that Cairo and Damascus were almost entirely civilian populated.
    Israel and the US… what a pair.

    1. The Sampson Option was targets in Europe and Arabia.
      “Ron Rosenbaum writes in his 2012 book How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III that in the “aftermath of a second Holocaust” Israel’s surviving Dolphin-class nuclear missile submarines would retaliate not only against Israel’s attackers, but “bring down the pillars of the world (attack Moscow and European capitals for instance)” as well as the “holy places of Islam.” He writes that “abandonment of proportionality is the essence” of the Samson Option.”
      Their threat was “If Israel dies, you all die!”
      Nobody gave a damn about Damascus (except the Syrians) but the threat to Moscow, Rome, Paris, Berlin and London would cause the West to come to Israel’s aid.

  35. It takes real political strength to back down and reverse positions/policy. The US has been the biggest bully on the block for years and the GOP has pushed this as a national value and strength. They push the Dems into doing even more aggressive actions in order that they prove themselves to the reactionary right wing public. But that never works–they still have the Dems!

    It is time for the US to recognize the right of self-determination of the Eastern Russian Ukraine States that have voted to be part of Russia. This is an international position via the UN but the US only supports self-determination as decided by the US–a not very legal or ethical stance. The US claims Russia underestimated the Ukrainian military power but it is the US that has made an erroneous calculation it seems. Russia seems to be very careful about its moves and many news sites are seeing the fallacy of the US gamble with Ukraine which loses way more than it gains. Really time for the US to do an about face and support peace talks.

  36. The US strategy, as per the Cold War, was to cause Russian depletion of weapons, goods, etc and thus become defeated. it is trying the same again but not dealing with reality that the world is different. China is a major trading partner and now, also, a military supportive one. India is a major power and growing and also a supporter of trade with Russia. Many other smaller nations are refusing to kowtow to US hegemonic pressure on the issue. And now the US is running out of weaponry to send to Ukraine. And despite the mainstream propaganda narrative, the US clearly sees Russia as a careful adversary that has real staying and winning power.

    I think this article would have been better if it stressed the weakness of the US and the need to show real strength by seeking detante and settlement. it really means the US has to retract from it claims of Russian aggression and recognize the ongoing assaults against Russian Ukraine and the threats to Russian sovereignty and seek peace. It will mean recognizing the self-determination of the Eastern Ukrainian/now Russian States as per UN international agreements. Of course that also means the US has to recognize that self-determination of others may not be the determination that the US seeks, usually illegally!v

  37. if the US Empire’s hysterical denials of impotence cause it to disintegrate into a vortex of chaos and confusion, then .. ok.

  38. war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and danger is safety.

  39. In 50 years “Globalisation” will be seen as the best military tactic used in human history, its a variation of the old surround and siege. Globalisation = China makes everything and Russia supplies everything China needs.

    So China and Russia are bleeding the West dry of every resource and have taken control of Wall St’s FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) model by rationing just enough get to the West to stop them going to all out war.
    The old Wall St formular was FUD drove rises and falls in share prices and you made money on these rises and falls, now China and Russia are because they know when its goign to happen.

    Germany, UK and a number of countries are down to 2 days ammunition and about the same in fuel.
    The UK military is back to where it was in the 1st Gulf War sending in troops without weapons or ammo.

    Ukrain is firing about 6,000 artillery rounds per day v USA total artillery round production per year of 80,000.

    So the US is left with only the nuclear option and if they use Neutron bombs which are claimed to have a small blast area but a large short lived kill zone which only kills mamals then using these would be OK.

    What nonsense.

    Its pretty obvious the Russians are just doing enough to empty NATO’s stockpiles and China through its “rigid Covid 19 lockdowns” are creating shortages in manufactured products. The became obvious last month when “due to the drought 61 cities that made 95% of the parts for the Japanese vehicle industry closed for a few weeks until the rains came”.

    To me the danger zone is the period leading up to the US midterms in a few weeks and what Russia does after the 1st major snowfall this winter.

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