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The Congressional Progressive Caucus has retracted an extremely mild, toothless letter its members had written to President Biden politely asking him to consider adding a little diplomacy into the mix to help end the conflict in Ukraine. The retraction followed a deluge of public outrage against their slight deviation from the official imperial narrative.

If you actually read the original letter signed by House progressives including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman and Ro Khanna, you will quickly see that it’s as innocuous and anodyne as any statement could possibly be while still containing words. It opens with effusive praise for Biden’s interventionism in Ukraine and condemns the Russian government unequivocally throughout, offering only the humble suggestion that he “pair the military and economic support the United States has provided to Ukraine with a proactive diplomatic push, redoubling efforts to seek a realistic framework for a ceasefire.” Its authors make it abundantly clear that they support making sure such diplomacy is agreeable to Ukraine at every step of the way.

This impotent nothing salad was bizarrely spun by The Washington Post as a call on Biden to “dramatically shift his strategy on the Ukraine war,” despite nothing that could be remotely construed as “dramatic” existing anywhere in the body of the text. The letter received backlash from warmongers in both parties, including from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It was personally slammed by Bernie Sanders, the pope of American progressivism. Trolls and warmongers swarmed the social media notifications of every account which posted the letter in an official capacity, mindlessly bleating the words “appeasement” and “Chamberlain” in unison.

In a statement on the retraction of the letter, CPC chair Pramila Jayapal says she accepts responsibility for the publication of the offending act of peacemongering while in the same breath blaming its publication on her staff.

“The letter was drafted several months ago, but unfortunately was released by staff without vetting. As Chair of the Caucus, I accept responsibility for this,” Jayapal said.

“Every war ends with diplomacy, and this one will too after Ukrainian victory,” the statement reads, ignoring mainstream reports that US officials quietly believe Ukraine stands no chance at outright victory in this war. “The letter sent yesterday, although restating that basic principle, has been conflated with GOP opposition to support for the Ukrainians’ just defense of their national sovereignty. As such, it is a distraction at this time and we withdraw the letter.”

Empire critics were quick to highlight the obsequious nature of this retraction.

“For progressives, I didn’t think it could get more pathetic than voting for a disastrous proxy war that the US provoked and prolonged, handing billions to arms makers in the process. In retracting their tepid call for diplomacy and blaming staffers for it, they somehow surpassed it,” tweeted Aaron Maté.

“Certainly speaks to the insanely hawkish atmosphere in Washington that pressured the progressive caucus to withdrawal a totally reasonable, responsible and necessary call for diplomacy in a conflict that risks escalating to nuclear armageddon,” tweeted Rania Khalek.

“Imagine being elected to Congress based on promises of challenging ‘the establishment’ or whatever, then being so petrified of anger from bipartisan DC establishment mavens that you can’t even wait 24 hours before meekly retracting the only mild dissent you’ve expressed,” tweeted Glenn Greenwald.

I don’t know what pressures were the ultimate deciding factor in the CPC’s decision to retract its feeble advocacy for a bit more diplomacy, or how much of that pressure was brought to bear behind the scenes by bigger political monsters in the Beltway swamp, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. The important take-home from this lesson, once again, is that progressive Democrats are worse than worthless at opposing the mechanisms of oligarchy and empire.

In fact if you look at their actions it’s not even really accurate to describe them as “progressive Democrats” as though they are a faction that has meaningful differences with the rest of that party. Aside from the occasional empty soundbyte about healthcare or debt forgiveness, they’re not doing anything to advance progressive agendas which make American lives better, and they’re certainly doing nothing to impede the expansion of the US war machine.

The progressive Democrat is a myth, like the good billionaire or the righteous American war. “The Squad” is nothing more than the social media-savvy branch of the Democratic establishment. The United States has two warmongering oligarchic parties, and a tremendous amount of narrative management goes into manipulating, cajoling and coercing Americans into staying psychologically plugged in to that fraudulent political paradigm.

This comes at the same time the defense minister of Romania was forced to resign for saying peace talks were necessary to achieve peace in Ukraine. It just reveals so much about where we’re at and where we’re headed that the most incendiary and outrageous thing you can say in our society is that we should probably attempt to diplomatically de-escalate hostilities between nuclear superpowers. The fact that the Overton window of acceptable political discourse has already been dragged that far in the direction of warmongering insanity prevents peace from ever having any space to get a word in edgewise.


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60 responses to “Worthless House Progressives Retract Mild Peace Advocacy Under Pressure From Warmongers”

  1. The Squad is worse than “worthless.” Its purpose is to sheep herd progressives into the Democratic Party, thereby neutering them. Notice that the Squad ALWAYS votes with the Democratic Party leadership, withe meaningless exceptions of when the leadership doesn’t need all their votes.

    The Progressive Caucus is not comprised of progressive members of Congress, which is an oxymoron anyway. These congressional caucuses are social clubs far more than anything, as Raul Grahalva admitted once in an interview.

  2. I forgot who called Markos “anti-war” but this one’s for you:

    “DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas deployed a rhetorical device increasingly used to build guardrails around debate: If you’re not fully supportive of the party position, you are effectively aligned with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. “These 30 House progressives are now making common cause with Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Green, JD Vance, and the rest of the MAGA crowd. You’d think that would give them *some* pause,” Moulitsas wrote on Twitter. “Which Ukrainians do these ‘progressives’ want abandoned to mass murder and rape, in their attempt to prop up a flailing Russia? The only way to end this war is to help deliver a decisive Ukrainians victory.”

    1. Markos is a progreCIAve

  3. For the “House Progressives”, I have only one description ….. (D)evil.

    Meanwhile, Australia firmly announced that as the world goes into a global struggle of the democracies versus the authoritarians, that Australia is not a democracy.

    The Aussie government has declared that its support for Ukraine can and will never end. This is a statement, loud and clear, they have declared that Australia is not a democracy. After all, the leaders of a democracy can only state what the current policy is, and must always add that in a democracy the final decision on policy lies in the hands of the people, therefore the current policy can always change should the people change their mind. That is what a democracy looks like.

    A flat statement, such as the ones now regularly made by leaders in Australia and also by Biden in the USA that the support for Ukraine is unending are actually statements that these governments are not democracies. These leaders now regularly declare this to the entire world.

    1. Yes, the West no longer hides its intentions (for the most part). They have no alternative but to come out of the shadows (multipolarity is ascending, US’ narrative is waning, and capitalism isn’t delivering). The West is effectively European’ colonialism/imperialism; and the transition from US’ authoritarian control to Totalitarianism is well underway. The US is a de facto police state. In fact, according to, “there are roughly 18,000 police departments in the United States.” Further, “Police funding is the second largest category of local government spending after education. On average, the United States spends $340 per person per year for public policing, for a total of $193 billion in spending in 2017.
      Police spending accounts for 9.2% of all local government spending. This works out to $192,940 per police officer, including part-time employees.”
      If the United States was a democracy, and the US’ public actually participated in policy creation and implementation, the aforementioned allocations could be reapportioned towards progressive public’ social programs (e.g.- poverty mitigation, UBI, livable wages…). In fact, according to Andy Cooke (The former chief constable of Merseyside police): “Cutting poverty and inequality is the best way to reduce crime,” a police chief has said, calling for more money for deprived areas to thwart criminals’ attempts to recruit those left desperate by deprivation. In theory, a reduction in crime and inequality should lower the need for increased policing. Of course, to affect any changes, one must confront an armada of lobbyists delegated by powerful selfish special interests. That’s another story.

    2. annalena baerbock, german foreign minister, spelled it out literally. she would keep supporting ukraine, even if her voters objected.

  4. Washington: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, you baffle them with bullshit. The United States’ dilemma is about competition. Due to the fact they—through greed and stupidity–have undermined their competitive prowess (e.g.-NAFTA leads to factory closures, trade deficits, and job losses in the US & Financialization destroyed the US economy–e.g.-debt has tripled), their increasingly limited options revolve around the national and international dissemination of chaos and destabilization. The following article exemplifies, due to decades of Washington’s horrendous actions {War, regime change}, how the world is turning its back on the United States: Excerpt: An economic crisis is undoubtedly brewing. The United States is practically ruining economies around the world. The German economy has already been destroyed by the war [in nearby Ukraine]. The Russians, Ukrainians and Europeans, first and foremost, have unleashed a war upon their own continent, which is a war for gas, for energy. And as a result of that war the European economy is sinking.
    Powerful Germany is entering recession. And who would think it? England, which one day was the world’s dominant colonial power, is mired in a deep economic crisis. In Spain, the residents of towns and cities are up in arms. The same in France. And in the United States decisions are being taken to protect the United States, sometimes without thinking about the consequences elsewhere. (Colombian President Says the Unspeakable Out Loud: “The US is Ruining Economies Around the World”- Nick Corbishley)

  5. ‘The fact that the Overton window of acceptable political discourse has already been dragged that far in the direction of warmongering insanity prevents peace from ever having any space to get a word in edgewise.’ -pretty much says it all.

  6. Some interesting points about the realities of Ukraine’s strictly ethnic “integral nationalism” and the bald-faced lies of Western war propaganda:
    Excerpt: “The British, for their part, traditionally excel in the activation of networked media and the enlistment of artists. MI6 relies on a group of 150 news agencies working within the PR Network.”

    1. The Brits haven’t changed much at all in 200+ years. Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1787 the following (In the “tree of liberty” letter)….

      “Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying. The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, and what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves.”

  7. Gloria, Gloria… “Sticky online interest”? Like in the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers?


    Correct, as usual. Keep up the good work

  9. Think of this as a litmus test for the prospect of rehabilitating the democratic party. Nothing but a fools errand.

    1. The Republican and Democratic parties (RICO activity) are incorrigible.

  10. The puppetmasters of Ukraine think they can win. Can you give Jeffery Sacks a conscience?

    I did not think so. Capitalism is making beaucoup money in Ukraine. Can you make that stop?

    I did not think so. Talk about Nukes all you want. Will that stop the Proxy War?

    I did not think so. Perhaps a new approach, aggressive accountability. Will that stop the parade of murder?

    Leaders need consequences. Talk talk talk does not give them any.

  11. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Who are these idiots using this site as a billboard for their get-rich-quick quackery?

    1. if you got notifications ‘on’, your email server will recognise those quackery-mails as spam and will thus gradually teach your spam-filter that mails coming from caitlin are spam. after a while you will not receive notifications of new posts.

  12. …hopefully many more people become aware of who our true ruler$/leader$ are…wasting our lives yammering about mere puppet$ while miserably ignorant about our true ma$ter$ is precisely what ‘they’ want…


    …the VERY small percentage of people who can answer these ^^^ questions with honest understanding aren’t yammering about the fkn. republicrats… ;o)

  13. Poor USA. So far from God and so close to Canada.

    Here in Canada we are way more advanced than our American cousins. We have a much richer variety of war parties in our legislature (Parliament) than the US does.


  14. The original letter calling for detente was a float, knowing it would be walked back. There is also discontent by the right on funding the proxy war. These are signals to the establishment that the gravy train must be reeled in, that the natives are getting restless. Don’t think the empire managers don’t have their ears to the ground. The warmongering ebs and flows, and there is certainly back channeling from Europe with a cold winter looming. The empire seems full speed ahead deploying airborne in Romania, but there are political stirrings back home.

  15. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    The important lesson I’m reminded of is that the the neoliberal establishment only attacks when it perceives risk or danger. I could write the same letter and they wouldn’t care but these 30 members of congress who signed the letter do pose a risk, which is why they were attacked. The attack against the progressive signers shows that they have enough power and influence to be worthy of attention.

    I notice from time to time that Ms. Johnstone gets a little flack here and there, but it’s not at all in proportion to the heresy she publishes daily. If this blog were mainstream, the neoliberal establishment would have sicked the Jackals on her by now.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Caitlin does not publish heresy, as you surely know. Consortium News is already being attacked by NewsGuard. Julian Assange is still in prison.

      1. Christopher Hall Avatar
        Christopher Hall

        I don’t think she publishes heresy — right. But to the neoliberal establishment that controls the entire western juggernaut that is the political economy we live under, she does; and that is the perspective I was referring to by when using the term “heresy.”

        By your comments, then it appears that Consortium News is having an impact — Great! And, yes, Julian Assange is deemed a major threat; that is a great accomplishment.

  16. Opposing war will ruin you and your family. The only way this war will end is when Americans casualties start piling up. When our “Brave Men and Women in Uniform” start coming home in body bags.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      That didn’t work in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.


        It did eventually

        1. naw, Iraq kicked the US out (mostly), and the Taliban beat us, not to mention Biden wanted to devote all the attention to the upcoming war on Ukraine, which the US provoked.

  17. The Progressive Caucus is a joke.

  18. and this is why they are called shitlibs. utterly worthless bootlickers.

  19. In this gangster-run world, I’m reminded of the ending of Carlito’s Way, where too much hubris (neocon warmongering) leads to a dead end. How can people believe in narratives like “..if these vxx’s can save one more life” that whiplash into “NUKE THE RUSSIANS!!”. “Sanctity of life” is a ruse that gets tossed around by the same people behind the whole sustainable development garbage. It’s clear they have no self-respect and certainly no respect for planetary well-being.

  20. This rapid turn around had a strong whiff of the Squad being taken to school by Pelosi, a most unpleasant experience I would guess. Pelosi had to do it long distance as she is in….Croatia. WSWS has an article today saying Pelosi is attending the International Crimea Platform to encourage Balkans countries to oppose Russia. WTF and JFC.

    WSWS says a genuine peace movement will only come from the working class, independent of both parties. Neither party is our friend.

    As for the Squad, they are the worst sort of politician. Say one thing and do another, then whine it is all the Repubs fault they can’t fulfill their promises.

    1. Could be a typo here.
      Should read, “Pelosi is attending the International Crime Council….”

  21. They are all narcissists. As soon as they run into the slightest public opinion headwind, they turn. AOC was shocked by tgat town hall meeting reception and thought she must turn now. Hence the letter, hence that turn.
    Boris Johnson and Trump are perfect examples of that creed on the right.

  22. Well, here’s an alternative for some folks….

    John Anthony La Pietra, co-chair (male)
    Green Party of Michigan

  23. One can only rejoice that the intellectual terrorism that pushes shitlibs to call “right-wing conspiracy theorists” everyone opposing their dogmatic mantras – just like leftists in the old days, generally from well to do families, used to wield the “petit-bourgeois” Marxist smear at working class students too aware of realities to be quite in line with their proto-wokeness – has not gone internal yet in the Democratic party.

    Additionally, it’s a delightful spectacle to see even Bernie Sanders, the “socialist” hosting the F-35 program on his territory, condemn Putin for “breaking all kinds of international laws, unleashing an incredibly disgusting and horrific level of destruction against the people of Ukraine” while he’s been deafeningly silent during the eight years Kiev shelled “its own people” in the Donbass like any Saddam, Assad or Gaddafi would allegedly do, thereby incurring the wrath of the “international community” (read the Washington beltway, the MIC and their media lackeys).

    Delightful because it allows us to free ourselves from yet another illusion spun for decades by the (so-called) socialist propaganda: a socialist revolution would solve all the world’s problems and put an end to wars.

    Much to the chagrin of the die-hard socialist activists, let’s not forget that the only socialist revolution so far happened in Russia in 1917 and that if the first phase worked out a treat when Bolsheviks told moujiks “Kill your landlords and take their lands for yourselves”, the second phase grew more complicated when they then ordered these “green armies” to give up their weapons, turn over their crops to the party Kommissars and obey their orders.

    It took ten million Red Terror all cause deaths (battles, executions, famines, epidemics…) to achieve that miracle.

    To add insult to injury, let’s not forget that Hitler was a socialist. Nazi (like Bernie’s friends in Ukraine) means NAtional soZIalist. Stalin was another socialist as head of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and a national socialist at that too. He endeavoured to maintain good relationships with Western capitalist governments to be left alone to implement socialism in the USSR. He even sabotaged leftist movements in the Spanish civil war as reported, inter alia, by George Orwell in Homage to Catalonia, where the latter fought on the socialist side and out of which he derived the lessons he expressed in 1984, directed at Stalin’s socialism. Stalin also had Trotsky banned and then whacked for preaching international socialism.

    So German socialism fighting Russian socialism left us with 10 million dead on one side and 27 million on the other = 37 million, an all-time world record. Braavo…

    All the “isms” amount to the same policies when they conquer power which is why there is only one governmental party worldwide, which is warmongering, elitist, money-grabbing, propagandistic, hypocritical, authoritarian and oppressive and it’s called Bullshitism.

    The only social progress that ever happened came from the streets through people on edge
    wielding pitchforks. The names of trees in an orchard are meaningless. What’s important is the fruits under them and Bernie confirms here that peace is no more under the socialist tree than under the capitalist one.

    1. “The names of trees in an orchard are meaningless.”

      Name are chosen to propagandize, to curry public favor.

      Rarely are the names descriptive of functionality.

      Multiple contradictory meanings of words prevent fruitful discussion.

      Functionally the Soviet Union could be named State Capitalism. That name would never fly with those who rule by what they name capitalism.

      “Socialism” served the interest of both the US and the USSR, both to win favor of the people of the USSR, and to demonize socialism in the US.

    2. Bernie isn’t a socialist and never has been. He’s a classic class collaborator.

      1. True.

        He supported Clinton’s bombing of Kosovo, alienating long time friend Michael Parenti

      2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        True. Betrayed his supporters not once, but twice in a row. Why anyone continues to support him is beyond me.

        1. As far as him and his supporters go, stupidity and evil are the same when judged by results.

      3. “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” — John F. Kennedy

        (55 Inspiring Quotes from U.S. Presidents That Will Change Your Coelho)

    3. It seems you are unfamiliar with Mein Kampf, where Hitler calls socialism “evil,” a “poisonous…plague,” and an “unparalleled system for duping the public,”

      1. i think he is familiar with mein kampf. i know this tirade.

  24. May I suggest the need to highlight the negative economic impacts that the war in Ukraine is having on our daily lives. I believe that it is important for people aware that the current grim global economic outlook, including inflation, spiralling energy costs and supply issues are related to this conflict in Ukraine. The economic impact directly affects our daily lives and highlighting this simple fact may help to move opinion away from support for this war towards a diplomatic solution.

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  26. Petraeus just came out with the concept of not NATO but a coalition of the willing to stop Russia. That is because they cannot get a consensus of NATO to engage. The rhetoric is beginning to sound like the runup to the Iraq war. A false flag followed by invasion sounds more likely as time passes. Then all hell breaks loose.

    1. Perhaps, but then perhaps not.
      David Petraeus is running a narrative approved by his Washington Systems Managers.
      To see if The American People will actually buy into this.

      Meanwhile . . .
      God Favours Russia . . .

  27. The US’ politicians seem like drivers in a demolition derby: the race where you repeatedly crash into your opponents’ car until you, and/or, your car are permanently disabled. You must qualify to drive in the race; and you qualify by selling out. Therefore, all of the politicians qualify (once you qualify, driving in the race is imperative). The rules stipulate that you must continue crashing your car into an opponent every 2-minutes. If you don’t crash your car into an opponent within the 2- minute timeframe, because you fear injury, or you’re avoiding a collision to stay in the race, you are declared a sandbagger—and sandbaggers are out of the race. Of course, if a catastrophic collision destroys your car, and kills you, you are also out of the race. The war-hawk drivers are full of hubris and are constantly in search of a collision; they are ready to take you out and have no concerns for collateral damage. The so-called progressives put on a good act, but they were always sandbaggers, and they don’t want to cause any peer-friction—while vacillating. Joe Biden is in the race; he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going (but he’s got his aviation glasses on, and still tries to be a bad dude). The middle-of-the-road drivers…wait, there are no middle-of-the-road drivers (this is due to the race organizer’s club’ rules: either you are with us, or you are against us). Even a crash dummy can say or remember those rules.
    The demolition derby is like war. If no one has the courage and intelligence to stay out of the race, sooner or later everyone is destroyed.

  28. What the F*ck? Bernie against it? Even bloody Trump has come out on the right side for once and called for negotiations . I have a lot of “well informed” friends who I try to debate the with. I am the only person I know who can see what the US is dong and why Russia has been forced not this. The control of the narrative is immense. Everyone know thinks Putin wants to get all the territory they used to have back. Its insanity, and intelligent people actually back going to war over it. The sooner the true evil empire falls, the better the world will be.

    1. I encountered a comment recently saying “Russia’s military has been proven to be ineffective: they have failed to gain any territory for months now.” Interesting. Almost like they never intended to take all of Ukraine, and actually explicitly said that, and now their actions align with their words.

      But because Western media has been saying Russia’s only objective is world conquest, they can now try to spin how much Russia is failing on that fabricated goal. And it’s working. People are actually buying into that narrative. Bananas.

  29. Once again, this has nothing to do with Ukraine (who agreed a Minsk like deal with Russia to end the war in the first 3 weeks) it is an existential war between USA and (basically) the rest of the world.
    Is the future going to be a continuation of the US hegemony or is it going to be a peaceful collection of sovereign nation states?
    Russia is just the vanguard of those states who want to retain (or regain) their sovereignty, the ability to run their countries as they wish in the interests of their populations. You may not like their decisions (eg. Iran and women’s rights) but they, and only they, have the right to decide.
    ALL the countries except some of those in NATO are on the side of Russia. In NATO countries, the populations are on the side of Russia. The Globalist US hegemony has control of the political parties in most countries and in spite of the voters appoint “leaders” that the US – Globalist elites want. (EG The nationalist Truss destroyed and one of the world’s richest families ‘appointed’ as PM.)
    The war will only end (as I have stated over and over) with the total defeat and unconditional surrender, of either Russia (regime change) or USA (economic devastation and 90% poverty for citizens).
    Saudi (followed by UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen), Turkey and Egypt (followed by all N Africa states, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and S Sudan) applying to join BRICS will make the UN meaningless and US- Europe irrelevant in world politics.
    Saudi has already announced it’s intention whilst the others have already made overtures.

  30. david outa bolelwang Avatar
    david outa bolelwang

    I am glad I never believed it the first time the letter appeared. At 64, I have been duped big time to the point where I am able to see the lie like a dead fish floating on top of the water. The world is not done yet with the empire lying and it is getting more dangerous every day. The so-called progressives are part and parcel of the mysterious deep state machinery whose aim is to preserve the hegemony for as long as possible. For them, it is more about bread on the table and their stomachs first when challenged. Those who are for peace and fairness should brace for a long time of being lied to and probable persecution for what they stand for. These folks (so-called progressives including) are geared for a suicidal WWIII and nothing much can be done about until they themselves burn their fingers. Hopefully it will be just that.

  31. The upside is that hopefully more people will realise that there will never be any hope for universal peace and prosperity while the “rules based international order” makes the rules.

  32. All those people who you mentioned who were involved in some way with the letter have been vetted by the alternative press, and they are all Empire stooges, especially the first two names you mentioned. I haven’t bothered to vote since then. It’s totally a horse & pony show; like fake reality shows. I doubt that any of them really know the game plan. Maybe these people (I can’t say who exactly) are spreading such a wide, net, not made of water, that we real humans ( I’m not exactly real myself) will at least for awhile will be free of the likes of them for quite some time) they in fact may actually be doing God’s work for him. Without giving it away to the masses, just think, meditate on it in quiet time who have been their real victims throughout history.. God I realize now acts through us humans. That’s why the Messiah is neither a person, place, or thing. Its an idea, and therefore people like you and many others act as atoms toward a new civilization, that mimics heaven.

  33. thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air into the mines of Mordor

  34. Johnstone is right on point again, and I suppose I am being petty wishing that I could see a pic of Bernie in papal gown and hat along with the article. The collapse of the so-called “left” or “progressive” Democrats exceeds caricature.

    It has become hard to not to believe that a) the younger ones were recently hired as foils and the elder co-opted, and b) that their employers have decided that the game has matured to the point that foils are no longer necessary. Here they are not allowed to make even belated, ineffectual, halfhearted gestures about the risk of nuclear holocaust. It makes one feel as though a character was left out of Strangelove, but I suppose that doublethink had not supplied this particular sort of absurdity as of 1964.

    The empire has replaced election with a masquerade ball.

  35. The US gov’t has spent billions stirring up trouble in Ukraine, they probably could have bought a lot of Ukrainian real estate instead.

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        1. Wow, thanks Gloria, you really ought to peddle this to Washington, so the Congresscritters can put their staffs to work on it right away.
          Oh, wait, maybe you already did. Possibly it has something to do with all those unsolicited letters and phone calls I keep getting.

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