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2022 is an insane year to be a critic of the empire. People are being censored for disputing official narratives about a war. Those who aren’t censored are being mobbed by astroturf trolling operations. A frenetic propaganda push is turning our friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances into brainwashed empire automatons who despise our heretical rejection of official imperial doctrine about Russia and Ukraine.

And this is just a quick note to say thank you for holding the line anyway, and to note that your opposition to nuclear brinkmanship, US warmongering and propaganda makes a difference.

If our rulers did not require the consent of the public, they would not work so hard to manufacture that consent. While the empire managers work hard to keep us from noticing that there a whole lot more of us than there are of them, this is a reality that our rulers are at all times acutely aware of. It gives them nightmares to contemplate the possibility of people growing tired of being impoverished and endangered by the economic warfare and nuclear brinkmanship our rulers are inflicting upon us in order to advance their unipolarist agendas of global domination. They are never not afraid of the possibility that we might begin to collectively push back in large numbers.

That is why we are being continually inundated by ever-rising levels of propaganda, censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulations and empire trolls. And that’s why there are increasing artificially created pressures to shun, silence and shut down anyone who speaks out against the madness we are witnessing.

As the US-centralized empire ramps up cold war aggressions against not one but two powerful nations in China and Russia, manipulating public thought at mass scale to go along with those reckless and costly aggressions becomes more and more essential. What that means is that anyone who is voicing opposition to those agendas is a significant thorn in the side of the power structure that’s advancing them.

As I keep repeating, all positive changes in human behavior are always preceded by an expansion of consciousness. Whether you’re talking about positive changes in individual behavior or collective behavior, it always arises from an increase in awareness of something where there previously was less awareness. Self-destructive behavior patterns change when the individual becomes more conscious of the internal forces which drive them. Social injustices change when the collective becomes more conscious of how unwholesome they are. Abuses of power change when investigative journalism and whistleblowers bring awareness to those abuses.

By vocally opposing the madness our world is descending into, you are helping to expand consciousness. To whatever extent you draw more attention and awareness to the lies, manipulations and malfeasance that is being inflicted upon our world in facilitation of the agendas of oligarchy and empire, you are expanding consciousness by that much. You are bringing collective human behavior that much closer to real change, whether you’re talking to people in person, making videos, holding demonstrations, distributing pamphlets, tweeting, blogging, spray painting the truth on an overpass or yelling it at a street corner.

Which is why you meet up with so much opposition when you do. Just as there are forces within us which resist being seen in order to remain unconscious, there are forces in the world which work to shut down attempts to shine the light of truth on them. That’s all you’re ever meeting up with when people try to stop you from speaking out, and it deserves no more respect than that.

So keep speaking. Keep pushing for a sane and peaceful world. You’re doing great, and your voice makes a difference, and don’t you dare let anyone tell you otherwise. If our voices made no difference, the most powerful people in the world wouldn’t be trying to shut us down.


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51 responses to “You’re Doing Great And Your Voice Makes A Difference”

  1. Thanks for this post. This shit gets lonely. Feels like I am on a different planet at times. Its heartwarming to hear someone even noticing. I fully agree whatever effort can be done makes a difference. If it didn’t the TPTB wouldn’t care. They are predators operating without a heart. Thanks for everything:)

  2. Okay, I tried to speak my mind about the war in Ukraine on Consortium News, but they keep blocking it, never even allowing it to go to moderation, which they so often do to my stuff. I say they either have a glitch in their system or they are hacked. So, I will post my entirely appropriate and reasoned response to Scott Ritter’s essay here and now.
    Too bad that Biden and the Deep State that he fronts for are nothing but shameless liars, both in the supposed reality that they allegedly describe and in their obscene proposals to coerce the entire globe to do things their way or else.
    If these are to be Biden’s operating principles I do not see the possibility of life persisting on this planet for two more years at the most. He and his craven party of neofascists are going to be shellacked in the elections five days from now. The Republicans will control both houses of congress and the Democrats will rightfully be the objects of shame and ridicule for having incurred such wrath from the public after their purported record-smashing electoral victory in 2020.
    They will be desperate to turn things around and, being inveterate war mongers as Tulsi Gabbard so articulately describes her former colleagues, they will opt to double-down on the escalation of the war they fomented in Ukraine. Of course THAT IS NOT WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT, but who cares, it is their modus operandi. Nobody in political power ever cares what the American people want, especially when it comes to the glories of war.
    By the date of Russia’s virtually announced offensive with the onset of winter, Lord Biden will have uniformed American meddlers stationed all over Ukraine and not just to check to see if the billions in weapons aid is arriving or getting lost in the mail. There will eventually be armed skirmishes between the super powers, as thick-headed Biden (and his puppet masters) refuse to change tactics or aims, the total defeat of Russia on the battlefield.
    Using the real intelligence repeatedly provided by the likes of Scott Ritter, Colonel Douglas McGregor, Moon of Alabama, South Front and other objective sources, Biden’s victory will never come into sight. With the passage of another year in basically a frozen conflict, Lord Biden and his Democratic minions will get desperate in the presidential election year of 2024 and make a dash for victory by deploying nuclear weapons which will be “justified” on the basis of how evil and nefarious the human opponents in this specific war are–never mind the greater prevalence of terrorist acts and war crimes being committed on the other side, that is on Washington’s side.
    After the first few tactical nukes are unleashed, most of the rest of humanity will sue for a stand-down by both sides at the UN. Putin will agree that this is the only sane and rational thing to do. Biden and his minions never had a lick of sense, to say anything of sanity. The fool will go for the “win” and you can cue the closing music to “Dr. Strangelove.” Life on Earth will have had its chance and squandered it, after 4.5 billion years in the making. Elon Musk will have been a day late and a dollar short. Just before they fade to black a lot of fairly intelligent people scattered across this planet will agonise over the question of why they could not change the course of events even though the core problem was so damned conspicuous, ensconced as usual in Washington DC.

    1. Realist, Consortium News is an excellent website and I’ve complimented you on your comments before on CN. The same thing happened to me.Two of my comments didn’t even go to “Moderation” and were never posted. I don’t think the CN staff censored them, but maybe they were hacked or possibly a glitch in the system.

      Are you familiar with the website? Very good articles as well!

      Yes on the DemoRATS. Little difference between them and the Repulsive Party when it comes to the most important issues.

      1. They are top notch which is why Caitlin’s stuff is routinely published there.
        There is probably some glitch in their code or whatever that must be snagging my stuff and directing it straight to the spam file. It happens instantly. Even at the speed with which the electrons move through semi-conductors, they could have captured no more than my IP address. I complain and usually (but not always) they retrieve the stuff and post it. (Lost two well formulated pieces a couple days ago.) I never accuse them of censorship but suggest it may be the work of hackers or the scenario I stated up above.
        I suggested two years as an upper bound for these possible events, as the influences I mentioned will be strongest during that time interval. All could go to hell much sooner! What miracle is going to stop it? Nothing I hear coming out of Biden’s mouth.

    2. Actually it’s up on Consortium News at 1400EDT. And good luck predicting anything 2 years out.

  3. Thank you for that, and for being our champion.

  4. Taxation of Religious Entities
    Both before and after adoption of the Bill of Rights, state legislatures enacted, and the courts upheld, tax exemptions for religious entities, which are generally shared with charities. The federal legislature from its earliest days has exempted religious entities from the national tax base. Today, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, statutes and constitutions provide various types of property tax exemptions for religious organizations. Similarly, the federal government has exempted churches and other religious organizations from federal taxation in the modern federal tax code since ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1913.
    In recent years, the Internal Revenue Code sec. 501(c)(3), which prohibits tax-exempt organizations, including religious entities, from engaging in campaign activities has garnered increased public attention. For example, in Branch Ministries v. Rossotti (D.C. Cir. 2000), the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the Internal Revenue Service’s revocation of the tax-exempt status of a church that had engaged in political campaign activity, in violation of the Johnson Amendment, which prohibited such churches from endorsing political candidates… Although this issue has prompted much comment in both the media and Congress, neither Congress nor the courts have altered the rule.

  5. Reasoning with humanity is a bit of an oxymoron but a positive way to look at this is that the Ukraine war is an opportunity in that it’s shortly going to be rapidly and undeniably lost despite all the money, propaganda, and lives thrown at it, and some percentage of the population is bound to notice and flip. Vietnam didn’t stop Afghanistan and Afghanistan didn’t stop Iraq but I like to think, or at least imagine, that the war machine loses ground one debacle and one mind at a time. And here’s a practical tip- when “arguing” with humanity try to stay away from abstractions (which they’re not very good at) and focus more on simple realities (you have to provide them with those). In the case of Ukraine, Russia has overwhelming numbers, overwhelming firepower, strategic initiative, and unified command, among other advantages. Say what you want about the abstractions but there has never been any chance Ukraine would prevail against Russia in anything remotely resembling a conventional war, and all those proceeding under any supposition otherwise are fools or shills. All the lives lost are being uselessly, needlessly thrown away. “Right” and “wrong” can go fuck themselves. Make this clear to your listener.

    1. I totally agree.

      “All the lives lost are being uselessly, needlessly thrown away. “Right” and “wrong” can go fuck themselves.

      Nietzsche observed that god is dead. Too bad that along with the death of religion the general belief that ‘thou shall not kill’ died with religion.

      Humanity is in overshoot and war quickens the end. Spread the word.

      1. “The general belief that ‘thou shall not kill’ died with religion.” In consideration of this, why aren’t the theocrats/clergy decrying Washington’s endless wars and perpetrated atrocities (e.g.- assassination, economic sanctions (you choose country), regime change (you choose the country), bombings (see Somalia…), political obstructionism, Pfizer’s secret contracts, double standards, conflicts-of-interest, revolving door opportunities, conspiring to obstruct voting access, undermining of social programs, Union busting, situational ethics, arbitrary foreign policy decisions, pretext fabrication for wars, crushing populist politics (see Haiti). Why is the Clergy absent from this discussion? The US’ Pledge of Allegiance includes the passage: “One Nation Under God.” Don’t you think it is important for this to group to speak out and make their voice heard?

        1. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t religion invent crusades and even before that ethnic cleansing with the same God who said “thou shalt not kill” demanding from Joshua that he kill everything that moved in Canaan, men. women, children, beasts and Martians?
          No, not Martians, sorry, that was in another story…

          1. “Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t religion invent crusades and even before that ethnic cleansing.” Not only that, but other constructs, such as the “Papal Bull.” (The Pope asserts rights to colonize, convert, and enslave.)

      2. Collaboration made us the dominant species, not any organized religion. Sociopaths notwithstanding, we’re good.

    2. Actually, for some, nuclear war can’t come soon enough. have you noticed that all this talk of war has successfully stopped all the talk of the great depression that these billionaires have yet to unleash upon us? Still there, and about to collapse unless they can save themselves by unleashing Armageddon upon us. Expect death within two weeks, if we can’t turn the power structures against these billionaire beasts. our unified minds must infest and take over all these traitors of God who for profit have turned to the evils of self instead of “for all”. as many have been saying for some time now, it’s all been a great Ponzi Scheme.

  6. Yes, Caitlin and thanks for the wonderful platform. This must be the biggest opportunity and moment in the entire history of mankind to take back control and long-denied freedoms. Unfortunately, there are still many who choose to be sheep when it is so critical to speak out and save us all. This must be the moment in which future empires and rulers must know that enough is enough. No one, once the US empire is history, must ever feel that mankind and the world are their toys.

  7. Hear our voices? Exactly WHO hears our voices? The CIA? The Pentagon? Facebook passing them on to secret agencies? Many, many years my mother once stated: all bad things come from America. Wonder what she would say today.

    1. “Many, many years my mother once stated: all bad things come from America. Wonder what she would say today.” “I told you so?” Mothers are right most of the time; but if my mother is listening, they are right all of the time.

    2. Yes they hear them Vera. Homeland security is not baking us cookies.

      So what. If millions of us start using critical thinking skills we can’t be stopped.

  8. On a side note, but still about propaganda and manipulations, one has to laugh about weather predictions. What, in 2050?
    No! Of course every scientist knows day by day, minute by minute even, what the weather will be like in 2050 because we’ve got computer modelling, which is to science what McDonald is to gastronomy. Actually, not quite so because McDonald at least delivers goods – even if they’re not very good goods – while computer modelling is more like a potluck dinner where one gets out of the computer the projections of the data they’ve entered. A twist and the damage’s done… Just consult the London Imperial College or the Washington University’s School of Medicine’s (both Bill Gates funded) records to get an idea of the bullshit predictions they got out of computer modelling about the spread of Covid-19 in 2020 and the upcoming alleged death tolls.
    In 1971, some meteorologists predicted an upcoming ice age like in this article from Parade:
    Excerpt: “The cooling trend is even more apparent in Europe, where winters have been harsher, and spring later since 1940. German meteor­ologist Dr. Martin Rodewald believes that the continent may even be at the beginning of a new ice age. ‘If the present cold trend lasts longer than another two decades,’ Dr. Rodewald predicts, ‘Europe will be covered with the glaciers of a new ice age by the turn of the cen­tury’.”
    But never mind that. We’re talking here about the coming winter, which is of course much more accessible to certitudes. tells us that “while it’s far too early to be making any solid predictions [contrary to 2050 :o)], the consensus from the European Centre for Medium-Range Forecasts (ECMWF) is that the winter period (December-February) is likely to be above average in regard to temperature”.
    Of course, that’s what you would expect because of “global warming”, you see…
    Not so fast! According to Bloomberg, “UK Winter Is More Likely to Be Colder as Energy Fears Grow”.
    That’s according to Met Office. And what’s Met Office? Are they better than the ECMWF quoted by According to Wikipedia, Met Office is “the United Kingdom’s national weather service (…), an executive agency and trading fund of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (…) The Met Office makes meteorological predictions across all timescales from weather forecasts to climate change”. Couldn’t get more serious than that!
    So follow the science! or Met Office?
    Anyway, I’m just being facetious. All this of course is meaningless because we’re talking about weather here. If you want to talk about the weather in 2050, you’re gonna be talking about climate. And that’s totally different because we know everything about climate: that’s what makes money for the governments through carbon taxes, for the carbon millionaires through selling technology (and even in the case of Tesla and other electricity-based engineering through selling carbon credit) and for the media through ads-building fear-induced click-baiting.
    So let’s concentrate on that. Who cares about next winter anyway. Won’t we know soon enough? :o)

    1. Are you in the LaRouche cult or Israeli intelligence? Either some group is paying you to troll or you’re mentally ill. You continuously spew copious amounts of garbage, your output is incredible, but it’s all right wing sludge. There are a few of you dominating this comment section. I think you’re a paid troll, otherwise you’d fuck off to a rightwing site.

      1. At least, you don’t belong to any kind of intelligence, that’s for sure!

      2. “There are a few of you dominating this comment section.” Is this a hasty generalization; or is this projection?

        I think you’re a paid troll, otherwise you’d fuck off to a rightwing site. No, the paid troll on this site is Gloria, clones, (and other suspects?).

        “Fuck off to a rightwing site.” Has anyone ever suggested anger management?

        1. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t his diatribe what this kind of virtue-signaller call hate speech that they want to ban from the face of the Earth?

          1. Situational ethics and what seems like, unprecedented hypocrisy. This is the behavior that has turned off the East. Wang Yi and Putin have grappled with this behavior for decades. It is difficult to have a rational discussion with a person/country intent on irrational, and obstructive behavior. Sometimes you just have to build ‘A Great Wall’ to keep the ‘Sea Devils’ out…

      3. Hey, you’re wrong about Pascal. He disagrees with me on several topics, which naturally makes him Spawn of Satan, but he writes carefully and well, and often makes cogent points from interesting perspectives. Trolls are paid to swamp sites with misdirection, smears, and hatefulness for the purpose of disrupting discussion. You aren’t reading him well if you think that’s what he’s doing.

    2. Computer modeling designs things. It is a math engine. What do you have against math?

      Are you one of the ignorant rabble that thinks a nation that can drive a cruise missile into your living room could not put a man on the moon?

      1. No, I am one of the ignorant rabble that thinks a nation that can drop a cruise missile on a man cannot put the moon in my living room.

  9. Now that the medical tyranny attempt of the past two years is on the ropes, holding up a white flag of “pandemic amnesty!!”, ( sane voices that’ve been long suppressed are more important than ever to expose the failure of Technocracy, its religion of Scientism and trust in the “experts”.
    The Tyranny of a Covid Amnesty
    A self-righteous cabal has delivered a public that is sicker and poorer
    The “Curse of the Corporate Model” continues to corrupt medicine, education, labor/pension security, food/supply chain security, housing costs (interest rates were hiked again) and all cornerstones of civil society. These fracture points are designed to bifurcate the world into a neo-feudal system of lords and serfs, yet it is the smugnorant WEF drones who are inflicting the most damage to their own schemes.
    Press on. Alberta Canada’s Premier Danielle Smith is the first leader to condemn the WEF, first among many, let’s hope.

    1. Don’t badmouth the WEF please! It’s people who’ve brought the world life-threatening pollution, economic collapse and the perspective of a nuclear war and the US a 70% obesity rate in thirty years, a lethal opioid crisis and Covid vaccine side-effects whose resulting excess deaths are blamed on climate change planning the future for us, especially as far as food and drugs are concerned. What could go wrong?

      1. “One has to laugh about weather predictions. What, in 2050?”
        But at least we can plan ahead for those inclement weather conditions. I’m going to place a post-it on the fridge to remind me of this. Those neocons are always thinking about us. Aren’t they? 🙂

      2. Pascal, Perhaps the WEF learns from their mistakes?

        To be clear, that is a joke.

    2. “Press on. Alberta Canada’s Premier Danielle Smith is the first leader to condemn the WEF, first among many, let’s hope.” Good news. The ship slowly turns in the face of forceful headwinds. I hope this is not ‘bait-and-switch, or a distraction,’ so I won’t mention those possibilities.
      Thank you…

    3. I will never forgive or forget the lunatics who foisted the covid madness on us and then censored those who tried to speak the truth. Also, the petty cowards who followed all the ridiculous mandates and slandered those of us who refused to be forced into compliance.

        1. And now Jimmy Dore to boot! We’re in good company :o)

          1. The ship won’t go if we don’t row.

  10. I am very surprised of the us people, the fortune of their country should be spent to improve their life why the elected politician should be always be right and decided and do misery and disasters decision on behalf of the people who elect them. wake up people, please make your government bring prosperity and wellness for you not war, they are working to destroy the country.

    1. Join the dark side, Luke Avatar
      Join the dark side, Luke

      I agree, but Americans have had their minds taken over. They’re all nuts. I’m American, and I now call my countrymen “them.”

      I live in this hellhole, and even the smartest American you’ll meet is now just a narcissistic pop culture moron with a specialty. They are so banal, and life here is so bleak, that I want to find a “let’s get the hell out of here” partner, so we can help each other leave, but even that would be hard to find.

      You’ll get no change from within, though. People here still cheer their politicians, amazingly, shockingly, horribly.

      News from the frontier: Americans and capitalists are insane. Prepare accordingly, and fight like hell to strip American culture from your own countries, because they very much want The United States of Earth.

    2. Mohammed,

      In America people pay others to make decisions for them. It is a sign of status.

      As join the dark side says: Americans are “narcissistic pop culture morons”.

      If you would like we can discuss this at Burning Man next year. If we are here?

  11. “If our voices made no difference, the most powerful people in the world wouldn’t be trying to shut us down.”
    If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.

  12. ‘ They are never not afraid of the possibility that we might begin to collectively push back in large numbers.

    That is why we are being continually inundated by ever-rising levels of propaganda. ‘

    Machiavelli claims that being feared is important for maintaining power. Fear keeps the subjugated under control. To be feared and loved would be best, but to be loved is hard work for a ruler. Most American politicians, lacking vision, go for the lower denominator of power, fear.

    Fear of the boogyman, the outsider since individual American politicians don’t have enough power to engender fear directly. That kind of power only the deep state has.

  13. Caitlin – great article as always. I as many feel like a lunatic conspiracy theorist among my friends and family. Its good that I have such articles to remind me I am sane! Tell me, you are gong to comment on Musk’s purchase of twitter- or did I miss it? I think it could be a good thing, though I am not sure I agree with him that he is a benevolent sociopath.

    1. I today’s world is sanity a virtue?

      How foolish one must be to adore the applause of the ignorant! We take pleasure in praise from people we cannot praise.

      What sense is there in that?

  14. The United States is at an inflection point in its history. This is a crucial time for the US to begin a moratorium on its application of pressure and enmity. They need to stop browbeating the world (both allies and competitors). Why not convene all parties and begin a friendly detente? This harmful behavior is counterproductive, and also incites long-term animosity from those receiving the oppression. There is much to be gained in demonstrating cooperation and empathy. Why not use a little honey to inspire…for a change? The gall won’t work, and you know it. You can’t expect the world to acquiesce to your particular vision of the future; it’s unreasonable to think that way. Washington absolutely enjoys self-determination (it demands it); other countries also strongly desire self-determination. The US must become amenable to extending an olive branch to others and immediately cease hurling arrows. Just as an auto tire will explode with too much air pressure, there is a limit to how much pressure other countries can endure. They will eventually explode (and they will fight you with all their heart)—and the pressure is building. STOP NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  15. Thank you.

    And I didn’t find a link for Share, so I had to forward this email to my BlueAnon friend.

  16. Caitlin, thanks for your words of encouragement. Of course, it is YOU who are DOING GREAT for doggedly calling out the lying arrogant pricks promoting the ongoing U.S. crimes of aggression throughout the world. You do a great job and humanity is indebted to you.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Jim, it must be US who do what Caitlin is doing as much as we can. I figure I’m doing great judging by the number of my former friends who hate me now.

      1. The sage pays no attention to what others consider strange. Do not walk with the crowd.

        I agree about US, but we need more of US.

        1. Plato also said something to the effect that a philosopher is someone who is not surprised by what surprises other people and is surprised by what doesn’t surprise them.

  17. Regarding censorship, good luck to Elon, but I for one haven’t forgotten the crimes of Facebook.

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