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Going Rogue: Sayonara John Bolton, Adios ThinkProgress, and MSM Shenanigans

We’re back with another episode of Going Rogue in both video and audio formats. We discuss the exit of war pterodactyl John Bolton, the sleaziness of the Center for American Progress, MSM election manipulation, real magic and more.




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  • I think it is highly likely the dismissal of Bolton was a political manuever in prep for the election – an effort the return to the perception as battling the warmongering deep state. Which is pretty amazing considering what the Trump administration has undertaken so far. It seems it only takes the slightest gesture and the “base” returns to the corrupt leader.

    Maybe I am mistaken, but I think it is very unlikely and a bit of a case of too little to late.
    There are a lot more dead people now.
    Not to mention U.S. diplomacy has been a something of a literal joke during the Trump admin.

    Judge him not by his words.

    I think we should aspire to better.

  • Gotta love the way Lonely Planet describe Syria:


  • Tucker Carlson labeled Bolton a “tapeworm” which is an apt description of that degenerate perverted neo-con psychopath. He needs to be booted completely out of Washington and the country.
    It’s too bad tar and feathering has gone out of style. The list of zionazi neo-cons who have infested the body politic much as a tape worm infests its host all need to be purged just as a physician would use a certain medication to kill the parasite.
    Bolton is only the symptom of the disease, albeit a major symptom. The existence of the zionist neo-cons is the disease itself, a parasite.
    Pompeo on the other hand is too stupid to be anything other than an annoyance and good for a laugh.
    Only by routing out the zionists and their neo-con toadies will we ever be able to stop all this insanity that is wrecking not only America but the rest of the world.


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  • I love your work and your way of thinking. I found you on medium while reading your opinions on how to defeat the empire. As it happens I have been trying to figure out how to do this for almost 20 years now with absolutely no success. Giving up is not in my lexicon so I am taking a new tact. Instead of trying to instigate a revolution I am going to write a story about how a revolution might play out. Nancy OSO, the award-winning author is actually doing the writing but I am providing the vision. The story will be released piecemeal online and if it starts to get some traction it is set up to roll into the real thing. Not holding my breath on that.

    In your article, you put a lot of emphasis on mainstream media as a big part of the problem which I agree with but for me, the biggest part of the problem, even the root of the problem, is the way that money is created. The solution that is taking hold in the story is a unique blend of monetary reform, digital currency, and a decentralized organization. The result is a system with a better offer and delivering better results than the current one. The Decentralist movement is disrupting and displacing the current banking elite and government simply by delivering a better deal. Of course, the elite is putting up a fight and that is where the story gets interesting.

    So needless to say I am looking for ways to reach out to people who might find this entertaining and I am guessing many of your readers will like it.

    If you like the quality of the content would you be willing to help get the word out? Is this something you do? What kind of compensation would you need for this?

    You mentioned in one of your podcasts that you read these comments but don’t always have time to respond. With thousands of comments, I totally understand. If you can spare a min to let me know you read this and if you are not interested can you please take a second to send me a word like “thanks but no thanks”

    I look forward to hearing from you if you have time

    Garth garthwells4@gmail.com

    • Here in Canada, they take advantage of September 11 to launch the election Campaign.

      It seems that even in Canada, they prefer to see the elections as prime news instead of the 9/11 anniversary.

      It is not surprising to watch politicians protecting the people behind this sad event 18 years ago because after all this is the very reason they are in politics, i.e. to help their friends.

      Knowing that, if you still vote for mainstream establishment political parties in the coming election, you will endorse all of the bullshit.

      Fortunately, prophecies are telling us the Second Coming of Jesus is very near and it could be any day now. And I pray the Rosary to haste His Glorious return because I have really really seen enough of all the bullshit.

  • In other news, Wall Street and its media minions are today mourning the death of another “philanthropist”. Corporate raider T Boone Pickens is dead. Pickens was a corporate raider, who made his initial money by essentially blackmailing businesses with hostile takeover threats and manipulating their stock prices. Pickens was a strong supporter of George “Dubya” Bush, and also backed Rudi Guilliani to be president. Pickens is also mourned by thousands of American workers whose good jobs were lost in order to make this corporate raider into a “billionaire philanthropist”.

  • “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” — George Washington. Address to the Continental Army before the Battle of Long Island, August 2th 1776

    • The American Army was of course then routed by the imperial English forces in the Battle of Long Island. It was not a victory on that day that gave Americans a fleeting chance to be freemen. Instead, it was their long determination to brave resistance, even after losing the colony’s largest city, even after defeat after defeat. History says that in such a campaign, simply surviving and maintaining the will to keep up the fight is what eventually wins the day. Washington is often criticized as the general who could never win a battle. But what got a capital city named after him was his ability to inspire and lead long-term resistance. Washington lost that battle, and others as well. But he won his revolution in the end.

  • http://www.johndayblog.com
    Who’s to replace Bolton?
    Trump has an extended history with Kellogg, who has street cred in the military industrial complex.

  • the Deep State including the hollywood-media-publishing houses – academia, of course object to anyone who messes up their narrative control. russia, fake news pod casts, china, iran, palestinians, wikileaks, deplorables, all bad, to the bloodsucking ghoul class. proving our narrative disruption is working!

  • Hello Caitlin, love the video. Personally I would like a shorter video which grab the attention of people with shorter attention span.
    Can I suggest a similar approach to ‘Amazing Polly’. See you tube video on Epstein.
    love and best wishes.
    S. Soobhany. UK

  • “The Real Crimes of 9/11” at VeteransToday(.)com > WTC vaporization declassified
    mass murder by CIA, Mossad > coverup by Mueller & FBI

  • Your show reminded me of a copy of the Jimmy Dore show without Jimmy Dore. But I liked it, and it was funny. Keep this format up.

  • did you know that the Deep State, which imposed Bolton on the Trump White House, also imposed Harry Harris, a half-japanese, half-jewish war-mongering military guy who has been thirsty for North Korea blood, as the US ambassador to South Korea on the Moon Jae-in government? it was at the historical point where Japan has been re-arming to claim Asia including Korea as their domain while rewriting the history to erase their crimes against humanity especially committed against the Koreans????? any wonder Koreans are boycotting anything japanese at the moment??? yup, that’s how mandacious the evil that we’re facing is. it’s only a matter of time that Koreans will kick the ugly Yanks’ butt out of the Korean Peninsular.

    • by the way, you two amke a wonderful team! i felt as if you two were sitting right across my kitchen table, having a conversation with me and sorting out a lot of hazy thoughts in clear words. i like the no-gimmickery approach very much.

    • No one imposed Bolton on Trump. Trump just liked the $30 million Sheldon Addelson was willing to shell out to get Bolton on Trump’s team. And we know Trump – anything that puts money in his pocket is Koscher (excuse the pun)

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