“As billions hunker down to halt the spread of the virus, President Donald Trump has only ramped up sanctions and other pressure against frequent targets such as Iran and Venezuela,” reads a new article by AFP.

“Iranians say humanitarian imports have effectively been blocked as few foreign banks are willing to deal with Iran due to US sanctions, leading to shortages of vital supplies such as masks,” AFP adds. “Ali Vaez, an Iran expert at the International Crisis Group, which studies peaceful solutions to global problems, said the Trump administration likely believes that any aid would only throw a lifeline to a regime it sees on the brink of falling.”

“It’s almost like a bad joke. What’s worse than a pandemic appearing in a country where there is no government? That is really the last thing that you want,” the Quincy Institute’s Max Abrahms told AFP. “We need to rethink our understanding of US national security. It seems particularly absurd for the United States to invest so heavily in remaking foreign countries at a time when our own nurses in New York City are literally wearing trash bags.”

Indeed, in some very important ways the US government has clearly seen the coronavirus outbreak not as a dangerous humanitarian crisis, but as a strategic advantage to be weaponized against governments which refuse to bow to its empire-building agendas.

Weaponizing a virus is the thing that biological warfare is. The US government might not have deliberately released the virus (also not a settled question), but they are using the virus as a weapon aimed at toppling vulnerable targeted governments.

The use of biological warfare, or germ warfare, is prohibited by international law, though in typical fashion the US is skirting the parameters of those laws in this case by weaponizing a virus that was already spreading. Which is not to say that the US is above deliberately infecting a population using biological weaponry as well; they used them extensively during the Korean War.

Thousands of Iranians have already died of this virus due to the difficulties US sanctions create in obtaining medicine, equipment and resources, and it’s possible that orders of magnitude more dead may follow. This is not accidental, this is deliberate. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has gone on record to say that the objective is to make Iranian civilians so miserable and desperate that they overthrow their own government, and it is clear that this virus is being employed toward this purpose.

This same imperial war machine is actively attempting to inflict this same fate upon Venezuela, where tens of thousands have already died of malnutrition and inability to access medicine because of the Trump administration’s brutal economic warfare. The DC-based International Monetary Fund has denied Venezuela a loan it says it needs to fight the pandemic citing dispute over the legitimacy of the Maduro government, a dispute the US itself created out of thin air and narrative spin. On top of all this the Trump administration is now offering a $15 million bribe to anyone who will help them arrest Maduro on ridiculous drug trafficking and terrorism charges.

Who would benefit from a disease-ravaged nation not having a government? Certainly not the Venezuelan people.

We’re seeing the same germ warfare inflicted upon targeted individuals as well as governments, with Julian Assange denied bail as the virus spreads through UK prison systems despite doctors’ warnings of his vulnerability to death from an infection due to chronic lung disease.

We may be absolutely certain that at least a few people in at least a few government agencies have voiced the observation that Covid-19 may finally solve their Assange problem once and for all. And of course those observations would be a perfectly accurate appraisal of the situation. Psychopathic, but accurate.

For all the outraged shrieking the US government does about disobedient nations like Syria allegedly using chemical weapons, it has certainly shown no hesitation in employing biological warfare today. Those dead Iranians are just as dead as the Syrian civilians who according to the US government’s plot hole-riddled claims were killed by chemical weapons dropped by the Assad government, and they are dying on a much larger scale. They are dying of a virus that is being used as a weapon to topple a government which dared to disobey the dictates of Washington and its covert controllers, which means they are dying of germ warfare.

Everything the US empire accuses unabsorbed governments of doing, the US empire does worse. That’s the true meaning of American exceptionalism.


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63 responses to “The US Is Using Germ Warfare On Sanctioned Nations”

  1. Good comment on possible origins of coronavirus.
    Seems more likely with each passing week.

  2. So I got really mad earlier today and swore at my computer monitor because of the blatant lie that the New York Post had inserted in the middle of a story. This is the lie:
    When Maduro began to crack down on the opposition during the country’s Constituent Assembly elections in 2017 and presidential elections a year later, the US and several other countries increased a series of sanctions against the country and its leaders. Sanctions were stepped up in 2019, after Maduro refused to concede to legislator Juan Guaido, who won presidential elections and named himself interim leader of the country — a move that has been supported by more than 50 countries, including the US. Maduro’s brutal crackdown on the opposition and his refusal to leave office has sparked a deep crisis in the country. You can see the article here:
    I may delete the New York Post from my bookmarks because of this; how stupid is the United States public supposed to be?

    1. Re: Ron Campbell
      Even though I’ve never given the slightest consideration to “bookmarking” The New York Post, because they, and all other media dis/misinformation outlets that trade and market in serial lying, should garner nothing more than absolute contempt by any sane and informed person. This propagandistic screed targeting Venezuela is simply more of the same nonsense that has bolstered the economic colonization of Central and South America for over two centuries, first by European governments and more recently by the United States.
      As you probably know Senor Campbell, Juan Guaido is merely a trained and co-opted puppet of the U.S. government, the only election he has won was to the legislature.
      As Usual,

  3. What will become of the US?

  4. Definitely this virus is indeed a bioweapon. Did a good job crashing the economy. The uber-wealthy have already cashed out or short sold and will buy back the remnants at a large discount combined with government/Fed handouts. More consolidation of industry into giant multi-national conglomerates with funding by the state. Corporate socialism at its finest. Mussolini defined fascism as the merger between the state & corporate power.

    Is Coronavirus A Bioweapon? Dr Paul Cottrell


    For instance this commentator concludes:

    “….1 in 24339 chance that the current Covid-19 virus strain could have arisen from natural mutations, as opposed to being a codon-and-secondary-structure-optimized gene construct that can have only one purpose: for use as a bioweapon of mass destruction…”.

    See comment on “Is Coronavirus a Bioweapon? Dr Paul Cottrell” Youtube video:

    “…..Daoyu Zhang

    Keep in mind that there is a large stretch of 440 amino acids within the non-host-determining non-conserved S2 proportion of the SARS-COV-2’s S protein that are identical with the other highly suspicious virus, RaTG13, despite the presence of a whopping 79 nucleotide differences within the part of RNA that codes for the same protein. An abnormally high level of silent mutations that have only 1 in 5346 chance to have been a product of natural evolution amongst all possible sequences that are equally capable of causing the Covid-19 outbreak.

    BLAST tool:

    The following are the BLAST search results of a part of the Wuhan Spike Glycoprotein sequence in comparison to the closest related natural coronavirus to date.

    This is the result of an amino acid BLAST comparision between the two different glycoprotein sequences.

    QHD43416.1, 681 to 1120.

    Query: surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2] Query ID: QHD43416.1 Length: 440

    >spike glycoprotein [Bat coronavirus RaTG13]

    Sequence ID: QHR63300.2 Length: 1269

    Range 1: 681 to 1120

    Score:901 bits(2329), Expect:0.0,

    Method:Compositional matrix adjust.,

    Identities:440/440(100%), Positives:440/440(100%), Gaps:0/440(0%)

    Notice that there were ZERO amino acid difference between these two protein sequences. that is, these two sequences were identical.

    A BLAST search on the corresponding nucleotides gives this result.

    Query: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome Query ID: MN908947.3 Length: 1560

    >Bat coronavirus RaTG13, complete genome

    Sequence ID: MN996532.1 Length: 29855

    Range 1: 23357 to 24904

    Score:2366 bits(1281), Expect:0.0,

    Identities:1469/1560(94%), Gaps:12/1560(0%), Strand: Plus/Plus

    In comparision, this is the result of the same Wuhan coronavirus Spike glycoprotein sequence when compared to a natural bat coronavirus.

    Query: surface glycoprotein [Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2] Query ID: QHD43416.1 Length: 440

    >spike glycoprotein [Bat SARS coronavirus HKU3-8]

    Sequence ID: ADE34766.1 Length: 1242

    Range 1: 654 to 1093

    Score:855 bits(2209), Expect:0.0,

    Method:Compositional matrix adjust.,

    Identities:406/440(92%), Positives:430/440(97%), Gaps:0/440(0%)

    Noticed that there were 34 amino acid that are different between Covid-19 and HKU3-8 within this domain, differences of which represent the natual number of amino acids that are variable across different Coronavirus strains within this domain, variations that are known to not affect the function of the resulting protein. As this domain, which is located after the end of the RBD domain of the coronavirus S protein and is known to be cleaved off after the maturation of the individual virions, it plays no critical role in selecting the host for the virus, and are generally considered to be a domain that is not well-conserved or evolutionarily pressured across different strains of bat-borne Coronaviruses.

    There is only 0.2450783^(79*(34/(1124-685+1)))=0.00018706121, or 1 in 5346 chance that these 79 nucleotide mutations not changing a single amino acid within the 685-1124 sequence of the Covid-19 Spike protein when compared to RaTG13, the closese related natural coronavirus to date. 1 in 24339 if another related bat coronavirus, HKU 3.4 was considered, possessing 42 amino acid mutations within this region. That is, there is only at best 1 in 5346, at worst 1 in 24339 chance that the current Covid-19 virus strain could have arisen from natural mutations, as opposed to being a codon-and-secondary-structure-optimized gene construct that can have only one purpose: for use as a bioweapon of mass destruction. …..”

    1. Re: George Mann
      Thank you for this excellent comment and references.

  5. No, the coronavirus wasn’t made in a lab. A genetic analysis shows it’s from nature

    A nice essay, but absolutely no evidence at all that the virus was not man-made, just more speculation, and considering that the first such claim as to a natural creation claimed resources that were suspect in its creation, this ‘study’, must also be suspect. Further; why the rush to find innocence for the virus’s creation? If this was man-made the criminals who created it should be hunted to the ends of the Earth. Science News seems to be almost an accomplice to this virus to print something like this.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      Another good opinion:

      “Again, there is much speculation that it was not an accident, but criminally timed to coincide with the crashing of the world’s financial system, also engineered. The virus would help the crash in two ways: firstly it would, however briefly, bring to a halt a significant part of the functioning of the world’s economies, forcing bankruptcies and a widespread increase of indebtedness and enslavement to the global Money Power; and secondly, an exaggerated panic over the virus in the same globalists’ media would serve to distract mankind from its enslavement taking an important step forwards. Certainly if the financial crash was deliberate, the coincidence of the virus was a windfall for whoever was behind the crash.”


      Truly the days of Noah all over again with so much people of bad faith as it was the case in those days. The good news is that it means the return of Jesus is very near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bs.

    2. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      This is also interesting:

      “…this “social distancing” from everyone is simply a state ploy to stop dissent, and has nothing to do with fighting any virus. A few have little power against an oppressive government, so as long as people can be separated, then resistance to tyranny is virtually impossible to obtain.”


      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    3. I can’t imagine Science News saying it even could be man-made, even if they believed it to be so. I would expect “reputable” publications to be working toward maintaining soothing narratives rather then exposing very uncomfortable truths. In the post 911 world there is no one left to trust.

  6. President Raygun nailed it!! America is truly the evil empire.

  7. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The ” Donald Trump Slush Fund ” has been established and signed into law. This is your corrupt United States government operating in broad daylight to line taxpayer money into corporate pockets. What a country.

  8. So looks like the Ruling Cult of Psychopaths (RCP) that launched the 9/11 False Flag event are up to their devious, malicious tactics again. Just when the full report on the proven demolition of WTC7 is now out:


    Watch this Youtube video with Dr Paul Cottrell, who clearly knows his biochemistry:


    My bet, it is a CIA job likely manufactured at their secret lab near Tbilisi, Georgia and released in Wuhan via the CISM World Military Games held Oct 18-27 in Wuhan. Curious how they couldn’t resist infecting the aging leadership in Iran. Couldn’t let a good opportunity go to waste. Main mission was to perpetrate a global financial collapse, acquire $trillions in wealth for the Aristocracy and enact more onerous laws & regulations that favor their agenda.


  9. One thing I have been seeing in clinic since last summer, a minor thing, usually brought home by the kids, is a cold that may give a fever for the first 2 days, which are the worst days for feeling achy and bad and so on, but then there is a cough and maybe sniffles for another 5 days. A “regular cold”.

    The more interesting thing that I saw all last summer, fall and early winter, and might still be out there, but differently interpreted, is “the cold that lasts 3-4 weeks”. My wife is an elementary school librarian. Jenny and I both had it in September/October. I had already been seeing it for several months. People would come in during week 3 of symptoms, which always included rawness deeper down in the central chest, saying, “something’s wrong, I never stay sick this long. I think I need antibiotics or something”.
    In late November or early December I had a patient get hospitalized for some-bad-something that affected his lungs, heart, whole body, and got him every test the residents and attending faculty could think of. He was diagnosed with viral pneumonia, caused by coronavirus. That was completely novel, but I remembered it, because I did not get those hospital records until January, and questions were already rolling about in my mind.
    Was this the same coronavirus as in China?
    Was this a milder, but similar coronavirus, released in the US ahead of the pandemic wave as a vaccination to the population?
    I still have those same questions. I’m not “plagued” by them, because I’m ok with having unanswered questions. Wrong answers are preferred by many, but I have always detested that shite (Please excuse my Irish!)
    It is now in the discourse, protested mightily by Trump, Pompeo and friends, that this virus (always pretending there is only one version) originated in the US, Ft. Detrick, and got spread to US soldiers, accidentally or purposefully (like Lyme probably did, and the 1975-1976 Swine Flu). You can never tell if Ft Detrick meant to do stuff. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. Anyway, they got shut down for “breaches-but-no-harm-done” last July and opened back up for business in November. (Do scroll http://www.johndayblog.com for those stories, if curious).

    We can’t tell, because nobody is reporting RNA sequences openly for comparison any more, what versions of this viral family popped up when and where. It sure looks military. The viral sequences of L-strain and S-strain described in China show that the attack-sites are the same spike-protein-and-binding-sequence, but “neutral” segments of the genome are as much as 17% different. I likened that to mounting Texas Longhorn regalia on the front of a Ford and a Chevy. They look like the same car after that, but they started different.
    I am hopeful that when the blood testing for antibodies eventually becomes available to me, in Austin, and I seem to be the only one at clinic who has heard of it, that it will show different immunogenic bands, for the 5 endemic coronavirus types in the US, and the important newcomer(s).
    Can’t hold my breath…

    1. The cold of three-four weeks. I’m on the other side of the world and yet that’s what I had, and I was also surprised by its depth and persistence.

  10. AND! To think the “Corporate USA” witch claims to be CHRISTIAN (Laugh!) is always calling Nations that don’t give up their resources Fast enough “EVIL Empires”?!?
    The Most Evil Empire in History will PROVE to be the Corporate USA…BY FAR!

  11. I agree that governments are taking advantage of this to gain more control. I agree with caitlin that governments are weaponizing it. But it is not causing more deaths. I disagree that people are dying at rates greater than common flu. Please simply google deaths from flu last year worldwide. Then google actuals deaths from not projected deaths from covid 19. Thus is an orchestrated panic.

    1. Wow, it’s over? Great news!

  12. Please watch Del Bigtree´s 2hr 15 minute investigation on the coronavirus panic. He is a medical journalist, who has a show on youtube called the Highwire. I can’t provide the link due to computer problems, but you can also access it on Mark Crispin Miller´s site, newsfromunderground. Its comprehensive, and should put you mind at ease as to the actual dangers involved.
    Albania is already under martial law due to 8 cases! See 21st Century Wire interview. Many dastardly agendas are being pushed under cover of this flu. 5G is being installed in schools across the US during the school shutdown. The propaganda is trying to get populations to beg for a very dangerous, experimental coronavirus vaccine. The overthrow of socialist governments is being accelerated, as in Venezuela.
    Please do not fall for the panic. Look at the data. Use the same precautions as you would for any flu. Protect your elders and babies who are not nursing, as they are vulnerable to complications from flu. The masks are simply used to not spread germs when you cough or sneeze. They do not prevent viruses from entering, as viruses are very small. This flu will pass through the population, and we will get lifetime immunity, then herd immunity.
    Peace out.

    1. Ah yes. Del Bigtree whon RationarWiki describes as

      a dangerous anti-vaxxer activist and producer of the popular anti-vaccine propaganda Vaxxed, a film that touches on the CDC whistleblower controversy, but mostly promotes anti-vaccine fearmongering. He is also proud of being the producer of The Doctors, which he thinks is the “best medical talk show in the world.”


      Definitely an outstanding source of health advice.

      1. As a mother of two vaccine damaged children, who reads medical studies and has informed herself, I find your characterization of Del, and of the movement in general rife with ignorance. Take the time to inform yourself. There has never been a double blind study of any vaccine performed. They class vaccines as `biologicals´ in order to avoid the kind of testing pharmaceuticals must go through. We know, through decades of records of French doctors in West Africa, that children who receive DTP shots are 5 times more likely to die before their 5th birthday than those who did not receive the shot. Honestly, I could give lectures, but you are responsible for your own education. We are not against vaccination, but rather, in favor of safe vaccination. Best Wishes,

        1. While I’m sad for your (& your childrens’ )personal experience with vaccinations, I celebrate your well-researched ability to smartly direct ill-informed sheeple where they might do less harm to themselves.

    2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I agree Robin, the ‘ordinary’ flu is often a grim reaper of people whose immune systems are compromised and to date the death toll of covid19 has not overtaken the ‘ordinary’ flu death toll by a long shot. The panicdemic is far more dangerous than covid19.

  13. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Yes, it is the continuation of the war the wealthy elites have been waging against the rest of the population of the world. So it is class war on a wide world scale:

    “Behind this elaborate and complex network of things, appears time and again, one prominent name: Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation. Bill Gates has been funding vaccination programs in Africa for decades. And Bill Gates and the Rockefellers make no secret that one of their ultimate goal for planet earth is a drastic population reduction.”


    9/11 was the same kind of event in this war. At the time, the proles were too turbulent with all their anti-globalization protests… and now they were also becoming turbulent with the yellow vests in France, the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, brexit etc…

    Truly, we are living the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen more than enough bullshit.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Generally I use Henry Kissinger as my measuring stick when comparing the depth of evil that exists in people still living on the face of the planet, Henry being number 1. Bill Gates will displace Henry when Henry dies.

  14. Dorothy Martirano Avatar
    Dorothy Martirano

    She’s not saying we literally sent the virus there. She’s saying we’re making it far worse by our reactions and policies. An argument could be made that Trump himself for all of February and most of March has weaponized the virus against us in the U.S. by saying it will disappear in a few days, like magic. He knew the danger and ignored it until he no longer could.

    1. I think he played it down until the Kushner Family had their Oscar Health company ready to roll, then all of a sudden the rhetoric ramped up.

  15. Henry Clay Chaney Avatar
    Henry Clay Chaney

    Karma is a bitch and it is here now as it is amazing the weakness this is exposing in this corrupted system and with ever greater intensity daily. Easy to speculate on the hows and whys but at the end of the day seeing massive numbers of deaths in this country while millions will be unable to pay their rent will bring unrest not seen since the 60’s. What we do the others we do to ourselves. As a side note, the virus is appearing on our floating killing machines with seemingly increasing intensity – like a cruise ship with cannons.

    1. I suspect it may bring unrest not seen since the French Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution. The US Sociopaths In Charge have delivered a collapsing economy, saddled with unfathomable debt, conveniently excused by disease. Free money only works until inflation becomes astronomical, which it will. As with the Wiemar Republic, such inflation will severely reduce standard of living. We all know what the result of the Wiemar disaster was. Likewise the result of the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. I fear we may see death and destruction the likes of which are not in recorded history. Regardless the degree or paradigm, we are going to see huge changes, and not likely for the better.

      1. I love the people who think that both the result of the French and Russian revolutions were disasters. They were both actually moments of great progress forward for mankind. This mindset says that any change will not be for the better, which of course is the mindset of those who are currently on top. The people of France and Russia both regarded their revolutions as moments where things got a whole lot better. Which is what scares some people so much …. that Americans might find that a huge change will indeed make things a whole lot better.
        Remember, for the Russian people, their revolution ended a criminal regime that was starving them and forcing them into a useless, endless war. Sound familiar?
        Peace! Bread! Land! (Healthcare!)

  16. All of the above plus, the CARES act is the disaster-capitalist daytime heist we all knew was coming. And if or when the US will “open for business by Easter”, that will be an act of biowarfare by the US government against the American people. The talk about “herd immunity” should remind you that they have no qualms about culling “the herd”, that is, you and everybody you know.

  17. One commenter, elsewhere, amidst a comprehensive picture, put the suleimani death as a means of spreading a virus they knew was active. Via grieving human contact, .. Ugly thought

  18. Welcome to the Global Hybrid War.

    In our current era, conventional warfare just doesn’t cut it anymore. The American Empire, with all its military resources, can’t even win conventional wars against some of the most impoverished failed states on earth, such as Yemen and Afghanistan (if such wars are actually meant to be won and finished, rather than waged indefinitely).

    Hybrid warfare is a combination of various elements designed to destabilize the enemy, such as (but not limited to): economic warfare (sanctions, blockades, market manipulations), cyber warfare (hacking of essential infrastructure from power grids to electoral systems), spreading addictive drugs and infectious diseases, regime change by lawfare and colour revolutions, proxy gangs of mercenaries and false flag attacks. These elements are combined to be appropriated by the most important element of all in hybrid warfare: psychological warfare through the mass spread of propaganda and disinformation.

    1. Everyone’s been waiting for WW3 as a shooting war, not realising it been going on under their noses for years.

      Physical destruction isn’t the aim anymore, not since it was rendered null as an idea by nuclear weapons. The power now lies in system destruction, and when you look about its all you see.

  19. As long as I hear people speaking of the US as though there was still a grain of decency left within it, I know that the world still doesn’t get it. The people in my town in the US killed my 97-year-old mother over an unpaid parking ticket. Really? Is the world so stupid that they can’t figure out that to these people we are only cattle to be disposed of as they see fit?

  20. There is absolutely ” nothing so evil ” that the United States government would not contemplate nor carry out at the drop of a hat because my government is void of any ethics and void of any morality.

  21. Susan Pennington Avatar
    Susan Pennington

    Trump is the single, most dangerous virus on this planet! He is uncontrollable and will continue to be enabled to infect the world with vileness until IT kills us all! Sadly, no one seems to have a cure for this deadly pestilence!

    1. Trump is not the disease. He’s a pustule.

      1. And I forgot to mention, the French invented a machine for getting politicians to change their minds.

  22. What about Aaron Russo’s interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oygBg6ETYIM

    Forced vaccination + ID 2020 + replacing cash with microchips? Here we go!

    PNAC predicted “Bio Wafare”. Here it is. With articles mushrooming, blaming China. It’s all very Orwellian.

    Remember “WTC Building 7:, the only skyscraper ever to be brought down by fire? Yesterday, a study was published: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/03/paul-craig-roberts/university-study-finds-fire-did-not-cause-building-7s-collapse-on-9-11/

  23. “Sanity Am8d Madness” video by David Icke, PCR test is useless, false positives
    Binary weapon systems transport two, relatively safe components, then combine them at launch or delivery. Quaternary Weapons Systems” involve four components >
    S.893 ~ Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020 > passed & signed
    Congress(.)gov/bill/116th Congress > radiological warfare

    1. David Icke

      Is this the man who thinks the Queen is one of the lizard people?

  24. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It is like if they wanted this crisis to stay with us for a certain time if you believe this article:


    Since we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus, everything is possible and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bs.

  25. We have been too silent, we in the US, while our criminal, insane National Security State pursues a more and more naked policy of global hegemony on behalf of the transnational corporations it represents.

    Thank you, Caitlin, for once again passionately stating the truth about what the government of “We the People” has become: a garrison state run by bullying sociopaths intent on world domination. They will destroy the entire world unless they are stopped.

    1. I agree with almost all of that. Trump is bad, Pompeo and Bolton are much worse. The infectious disease lab at Ft. Detrick should not exist. What I disagree with is the very rare case of Caitlin asserting something as fact when it is so speculative regarding how CoV19 got to Iran. There is a lot of traffic between Tehran and several cities in China, including Wuhan, just as there is between Northern Italy and China. My best guess is that it really was an accidental release from the virology lab in Wuhan. I think the Chinese acquired two of the strains from Ft. Detrick and the Infectious disease lad at the University of North Carolina.

      1. I don’t claim that the US deliberately infected Iran. My claim is that they’re weaponizing the infection that is there by crippling Iran’s ability to respond to it.

        1. Re: Caitlin Johnstone (author)
          The point made by LSJOHN seems to be worthy of more respect. The uncharacteristic resort to the use of hyperbolic language seems a tad beneath your usual habit of factual discussion and reporting of important matters. Characterizing the admittedly unethical, not to mention cruel and unusual, sanctions being levied on countries like Iran and many others as “..weaponizing the infection(CoV-19)” is crossing the narrative line separating fact from fiction.
          For me, this is another example of this use of language:

          We may be absolutely certain that at least a few people in at least a few government agencies have voiced the observation that Covid-19 may finally solve their Assange problem once and for all. And of course those observations would be a perfectly accurate appraisal of the situation. Psychopathic, but accurate.

          What factual basis makes you sure that “We may be absolutely certain…” that any such depraved thoughts are being expressed, or that such an imaginary reality is a “perfectly accurate appraisal of the situation”?
          Your voice is far too important to those who still value truth and justice in this world to be co-opted by the attraction to those idle-minded and misinformed trolls who feed on magical cult thinking and unhinged hyperbole, regardless of how well it is expressed.
          As Usual,

        2. My apologies. I should have known enough to figure out that you must mean something quite rational.

      2. LSJohn the travel numbers just don’t support Iran(or Italy) infection from Wuhan. And different strains. Obviously deliberate infection of Iran and that curiously hit top senior & aging leadership in Iran right from the start. Why not Iraq next door? Why not Pakistan, similar country. I imagine the CIA was gnashing their teeth in eagerness to infect Venezuela as well but that would have been way too obvious.

        68,000 Chinese from Wuhan visit Shanghai resulting in 353 confirmed cases.
        70,000 Chinese from Wuhan visit Beijing resulting in 442 confirmed cases.
        74,000 Chinese from Wuhan visit Chongqing resulting in 576 confirmed cases.
        168,000 Chinese from Wuhan visit Guangzhou resulting in 1,357 confirmed cases.
        1,000 Chinese from Wuhan visit Iran resulting in 12,729 confirmed cases.
        1,000 Chinese from Wuhan visit Italy resulting in 21,157 confirmed cases.

  26. I’m wondering when the virus will get to the White House. Boris Johnson in the UK has it, Prince Charles has it, other word leaders are self-isolating – yet the Buffoon-in-Chief, germophobe notwithstanding, is acting as if he were immune, which he probably thinks he is.
    It would be the perfect irony if he, or other senior members of his regime, were to get it.

    1. That might happen- a vaccine is is nearly a year away and there will probably be another bad virus next flu season. No matter who wins, the president will be a bitter old man who can’t handle a new virus very well.

  27. Larry Romanoff over at Global Research has been aggregating scientific studies of CV19 for at least 2 months. Very interesting stuff on its origin (hint its not China) from not just China, but US, and US allies Japan, S. Korea, India, Taiwan and Italy.

    You can find his articles here https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/larry-romanoff

  28. OMG. Because they cannot get masks they are dying. Any reputable virulogist will tell you masks dont stop viruses. They are a placebo just like gloves. People wearing a mask and gloves all day may feel more secure but would do just as well without either and just wash their hands a little more frequent than when they bathe. BTW half of the people in studies do not even wash their hands when using the bathroom. Healthcare are wearing them to simply protect against germs in general because they are dealing with a large influx of people who are filling up the hospital with colds in a panic. Please stop the fearmongering. Caitlin you say we need to wake up but buy into this nonsense proliferated by the same people you say we cannot trust you cant have it both ways.

    1. A highly selective argument from the anonymous Khatika ; its only purpose is to attack Caitlin’s self respect, and thus is characteristically demonic in its intent.
      Blocking the availability of medicines and immune stimulants is far more deadly than the useless surgical masks which Caitlin did not mention. Other masks are effective, but far more expensive than the leaky fabric contraptions that medical staff routinely use to prevent infecting vulnerable patients.
      This deliberate misdirection by Khatika has been noted, a violence that cannot be erased from the perpetraitor’s identity.

      1. Thank you for saying that.

      2. Please go find your safe space from hearing such words. My arguments are continually consistent. This entire covid 19 is a hoax to make a yes contagious flu seem like a pandemic. That Caitlin is buying into this while previously speaking of the evil of government actions is hypocritical. She is buying in to this sham from the very sources she writes against. Again. You cannot have yourcake and ear it too. This is no worse than flu fatalities in past years.

        1. In absolute numbers it is – so far – “no worse”. In the rate of death vs confirmed cases, it is much worse – more than an order of magnitude. In terms of both transmission and native resistance it is one of the most serious epidemics of history.

          As far as Caitlin’s point, you are even further off of your mark. It’s so obvious that I cannot believe that you do not have an ulterior motive in missing it: the US – or the ultranational oligarchy and its military/’intelligence’ minions – are waging biological warfare by making it as difficult as possible for their targets to get the most effective tools with which to fight the virus. That includes PPE for both healthcare workers and for the public.

        2. You are either very misinformed or a troll. I suggest that you subscribe to STAT, an online publication of Nature, a publisher of many scientific journals. In fact recent estimates are that it is ten times more lethal than the annual flu, add to that that the US is trying to kill as many of its citizens as possible with this virus is of note. More than 6 months ago the government announced its intention to eliminate 200 million of its citizens. But, of course, people like you prevented that word from getting out, which I guess is why you are here today.

        3. It is not about the deaths, it is about the disabling of systems. This it does better than flu ever has. We have far more complex social systems than we did in 1918, and when all of your ICU beds are taken up with COVID patients (which is happening right now), then you have nothing left for all the other patients who would normally keep your ICU beds full with a resultant knock-on effect that renders your healthcare system crippled and then pushes back into other systems. This is not about the death rate at all, its about the capacity for disabling systems. That is the weapon of choice. Perversely, a higher death rate would actually relieve pressure on the systems involved because it would at least permit medical turnover. The flu comparison has superficial merit but misses the point.

        4. Thank you for standing your ground Khatika.

          By the way, David Icke recently did a superlative COMMON SENSE analysis of the hysteria and hype — “Sanity Amid the Madness, Acquiescence and Sheer Stupidity”.

        5. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          Just about everybody has some kind of corona, it has been around a long time. So testing cadavers for corona is inconclusive. The police state/martial law that we all knew was coming is now upon us and nearly everybody has been brainwashed into the panicdemic. Sure COVID 19 can kill but it is nowhere near as deadly as the normal flu. Healthy people do not die from it.

          1. Susan Pennington Avatar
            Susan Pennington

            Thank you for your common sense reply!

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