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Revolutionary Boiling Point, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Still mad at China’s brutal authoritarian government for imprisoning Julian Assange after his journalism exposed Chinese war crimes.


Arresting people for future crimes is called “pre-crime”, and it’s the stuff of dystopian horror fiction.

Violently dominating an entire planet because another country might hurt yours in the future is called “US foreign policy”, and it’s the stuff of mainstream news punditry.


Saying a US politician is bad on foreign policy but good on domestic policy is a bit like saying “Yeah my boyfriend murders hitchhikers, but he cooks.”


Dominant revolutionary thought consistently fails to adequately appreciate the power of oligarchic propaganda and its ability to manipulate the way people think, act and vote. Until this changes, there will be no revolution.


I was upset the Democrats nominated a candidate with a decades-long track record of reactionary warmongering corporate cronyism, but I changed my mind when I learned he has a “task force” where vaguely left-wing voices are allowed to speak words into a hole in the ground.


“Obamagate” will not lead to anything. Since 2016 both mainstream US parties have been saying the other party is about to be obliterated any minute now by scandalous revelations, and they’re always wrong. Both parties are pure swamp; you cannot use the swamp to drain the swamp.

If you still believe that one of America’s two mainstream parties is about to be brought to its knees by earth-shattering revelations any minute now, I highly recommend you also take up watching WWE, because you’ll definitely love it.


It seems like a lot of people unintentionally conflate
– Dubious information about this virus and its origins
– Very real concerns about increased surveillance and authoritarianism
– Anxiety about isolation/paying the bills/changes for oneself and/or others

…into one big overwhelming anxiety-causing issue. It’s a lot less emotionally overwhelming and much easier to sort through if you consciously break up that big confusing hodgepodge into the separate issues that they actually are, and consider them individually. The concerns are still real, but you can examine them much more rationally.


‘May we please have our basic needs met?’

“No. Can’t afford to.”

‘Hey why are you killing all those people overseas?’

“They need killing.”

‘Doesn’t it cost money to kill them though?’

” ”

” ”

” ”

“You’re Russian propaganda.”


Sure Democrats are helping to renew and expand Trump’s Orwellian surveillance powers after providing no meaningful resistance to any of his worst impulses, but in their defense at least they screamed “Putin puppet” very loudly for years and years.


My position is not that you shouldn’t vote for Biden, it’s that it doesn’t matter whether or not you do. Democratic Party leaders don’t care if Trump wins, so it’s not like you’ll be sticking it to them by withholding your vote. No real change will come from this election either way; it can only come from outside the system.


The problems our species now faces are the result of elite sociopathic manipulators using media to exploit human cognitive glitches which enable them to control the fate of the whole. Any analysis of our plight which doesn’t account for this is a flawed, power-serving analysis.


Humanity in and of itself is not the problem. The problem is that we sometimes produce humans whose brains lack functioning empathy centers, who use the advantage this gives them over the rest of us in their relationship with mental narrative to manipulate us to get things they want.

What’s required for a healthy world is not human extinction or a mass die-off, but a change in our collective relationship with mental narrative, where we use thought as a useful tool instead of the center of all our interest and attention. This change has always been possible.

People have been writing about the potential in humanity to awaken from the illusory nature of the mind and see reality clearly for thousands of years. What’s different now is (A) our newfound ability to share information and (B) the fact that we are now at evolve-or-die time. And we’ll either make that jump or we won’t. But we absolutely do have the ability and the freedom to transcend our unhealthy relationship with mental narrative which gives sociopaths the ability to manipulate us toward our collective doom.


Water doesn’t gradually start boiling; it gets hotter and hotter then suddenly boils.

People don’t gradually leave abusive relationships; it gets worse and worse and then suddenly they run.

People don’t gradually attain self-realization; they look closer and closer at the nature of their experience and then suddenly there’s a radical shift in perspective.

You can’t tell it’s about to happen by appearance.

The revolution will be like this.


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  • “Still mad at China’s brutal authoritarian government for imprisoning Julian Assange after his journalism exposed Chinese war crimes.”
    I bow to your rhetoric skills, Caitlin. This is a brilliant way to expose the utter hypocrisy and evil present in the U.S. government, which is totally controlled by the ruling sociopaths. I see this brilliancy flew over the heads of some of your readers, but it struck me like a brick to the forehead. Bravo, you are a talented artist!

  • Dominant revolutionary thought consistently fails to adequately appreciate the power of oligarchic propaganda and its ability to manipulate the way people think, act and vote. Until this changes, there will be no revolution.

    this is exactly what I think : “they” (i.e. the “System”) do not manipulate elections, they manipulate electors…

    This is not the citizen who votes, it is the proletarian…with his balls in the wages system !!! (sorry for being “obscene”..but you can sure overcome it)

    Geoffrey neo-communist from Belgium (are the US revolutionaries more aware than their europeans cousins ?)

  • The Great Joke of Life is this: having a self that is to be taken seriously, that is to be proved, free, right, logical, consistent, beautiful, successful and in a word – ‘not absurd’. (Thomas Merton)

  • “The problems our species now faces are the result of elite sociopathic manipulators using media to exploit human cognitive glitches which enable them to control the fate of the whole. Any analysis of our plight which doesn’t account for this is a flawed, power-serving analysis.”

    —We have pyramidal political and economic systems that reward sociopathy, and all but guarantee the 1 to 4% of the population (depending on how you count this or that vagary) that is sociopathic will rise to their peaks.

    What can you do? You might institute the MMPI to weed out the sociopaths who seek to become candidates for office or for corporate boards. Problem is, if you have the power to institute and compel something like the MMPI as a gatekeeper, you probably already have the power to guarantee health care for all, a living wage, get rid of capitalism as your dominant economic system…

    Effed if I know, in short.

    It’s clear, in any case, that we’re a failed species: Look at who controls our nuclear weapons.

  • The greatest illusion humanity lives in today, is that everyone thinks that they are already awake!
    The problem is this, once you think that you are already awake, then there is no question of you starting to make any effort to really be awake.
    So the first thing to sink deep in your heart is that you are asleep, utterly asleep.
    You are dreaming, day in, day out.
    You are dreaming sometimes with open eyes and sometimes with closed eyes, but you are dreaming, you are a dream.
    You are not yet a reality.
    And, of course, in a dream whatsoever you do is meaningless, whatsoever you think is pointless, whatsoever you project remains part of your dreams and never allows you to see that which is.
    Your politics is part of your dreams, your religions are part of your dreams, your poetry, your painting, your art, whatsoever you do, because you are asleep, you make it according to your own state of mind.
    As it is we go on living absolutely inattentive to all what is happening around us.
    Yes, we have become very efficient in doing things.
    What we are doing, we have become so efficient in doing that we don’t need any awareness to do it.
    It has become mechanical, automatic.
    We function like robots.
    Unless your inner eyes open, unless your interior becomes full of light, unless you can see yourself, and know who you are, don’t think that you are awake.
    You are alive only in the proportion that you are aware.
    Awareness is the difference between death and life.
    There was a magician who was very rich, he had thousands of sheep to look after, but he was a very miserly man so he didn’t want to pay any servants or watchmen.
    He really did not want to pay anybody.
    But it was very difficult for him to take care of all the sheep alone.
    It was a trouble to get them home from the forest every night, wild animals were there, and he was losing many of his sheep.
    Finally the idea came to him, “Why do I not use my expertise, my magic?”
    So he played a trick on the sheep.
    He hypnotized them and told every sheep, ‘You are not a sheep.’
    ‘Don’t be afraid.’
    To some he said, ‘You are a lion.’
    To some he said, ‘You are tigers.’
    To some he said, ‘You are wolves.’
    To some he even said, ‘You are men.’
    ‘Nobody is going to kill you.’
    ‘Don’t be afraid, no need to worry, you don’t need to escape from here.’
    The sheep started believing in his hypnosis.
    Every day he would butcher a few sheep for food, but the others would think,
    ‘We are not sheep.’
    ‘He is butchering only sheep.’
    ‘We are lions, we are tigers, we are wolves.’
    And even many they believed that they were men.
    Some were even told that they were magicians, and they believed it.
    It didn’t matter to them as it was always some other sheep which was to be butchered.
    And they themselves were definitely not sheep.
    So they all remained aloof, distant.
    They were not worried.
    And by and by they were all butchered.
    Unless you get totally shocked, and shaken to your very foundations, you will never be fully awakened from your deep hypnosis!
    Vaccination Is Sterilization!!!
    As you are, you are carrying continuously an information overload from all your narratives, theories, doctrines, philosophies, scriptures, films, books, and you always remain lost in all that.
    So many thoughts in your mind, mixed up, nothing seems to be clear, in your life you have heard so many things from so many sources, but your mind is just a sleeping swamp monster.
    And you are trying so hard to constantly remember, as you have been educated to memorize everything, to not forget!
    And, naturally, the burden is so much that you cannot remember.
    Many things you have forgotten.
    And many things you have imagined, and you have added extra nonsense to all these false memories by yourself.
    Remember, it is only a question of seeing this, it is only a question of understanding your life, its unconscious motives.
    And the real question is to understand all the darkness in which you are living.
    And the miracle is that if you can understand the darkness in which you are living, suddenly there is light, because understanding is light.
    Drop all your dead knowledge if you want to find truth.
    Remember, intelligence is never from mind.
    Intelligence arises only when the mind has been discarded.
    When the mind has been put aside, only then intelligence arises.
    Mind is blocking the fountain of intelligence like a rock.
    Mind is always mediocre, mind is always stupid, darkness, unintelligent.
    To be in the mind is to be unintelligent.
    Intelligence is not the quality of the mind at all.
    To be beyond the mind is to be intelligent.
    And all meditation is the search for this intelligence.
    When thinking stops then knowing happens.
    When thoughts disappear then clarity comes.
    Then you can see truth is not something to be thought about, truth has to be seen.
    That’s why we call those people who attain to truth, seers, not thinkers.
    They have seen it.
    And in this seeing is true revolution.
    In this seeing is the true radical change.
    You were in a nightmare of your own creation.
    You were the author of it and you were the actor in it and you were the director in it and you were the screen and you were the projector and you were the spectator, yet you were asleep through all of it.
    It was simply authored by you.
    Mind is just a nightmare.
    Drop the all your knowledge and become more aware.
    There is no need to be in it for a single moment more.
    The knowledgeable person never finds truth.
    Their knowledge is a barrier.
    You ordinarily never think that the people who you had thought to be highly knowledgeable in this world are neither intelligent nor good, but only because their stupidity has been accepted by the society for so long that now people have forgotten it.
    Just look at the so-called knowledgeable people and you will rarely find them to be either intelligent or good.
    Their stupidity has no limits.
    Just take a look around at your world in this moment, at the foolish behavior of all your so-called knowledgeable people, the treacherous authoritarian buffoons that are destroying peoples lives, destroying your countries!
    We need intelligent people, not knowledgeable people.
    Zen is the only intelligence in the world which teaches sudden enlightenment.
    It says that enlightenment takes no time, it can happen in a single split moment.
    It happens really only in a single split moment.
    All that is needed is a fully relaxed consciousness to see it.
    Then in a single moment you are no more the same.
    The whole consciousness changes.
    The truth that you are seeking is everywhere.
    You may prepare for it for years but whenever it happens, it happens in a single moment.
    It does not happen gradually, not in parts.
    It does not happen that sometimes a fragment then another fragment, then another fragment.
    You don’t grow towards it slowly.
    It is a jump.
    The exact word for it comes from physics, it is a quantum leap.

  • As an only occasional reader, I am not familiar with your reasons for

    The problems our species now faces are the result of elite sociopathic manipulators using media to exploit human cognitive glitches which enable them to control the fate of the whole. Any analysis of our plight which doesn’t account for this is a flawed, power-serving analysis.

    But I suspect that you’ve written on this in more detail.

    I believe it (having worked for billionaire sociopaths and observed, um, odd, cognitive skills) and would be delighted to have a pointer to more depth…

  • Have no fear.

    Corona virus 101.
    You most likely have it up your nose as corona’s part of a human virome .

    You have a quadrillion viruses on and in you, including corona and many other viruses found in healthy people’s nasal passages and found well before the panic-demic.

  • Good people think they can defeat evil through their votes. The reality is that good people waste their time and energy fighting evil and trying to correct the harm which evil people cause. This is because good people fight and play by the rules which these evil people enforce but do not follow themselves. Wise people don’t waste time in a rigged fight which we cannot win when evil people fight dirty and do not follow the rules. Wise people get out of the way, leave good people to waste their time, money and energy fighting evil people and after the battle is over and both good and evil people have finished fighting and both have lost everything they were fighting over, wise people will come out of their corners and hideouts and build a new and glorious civilization without hindrance from evil people. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  • Sociopaths invent political systems which allow them to control their naïve voters much like the way zoo-keepers and animal trainers in circuses only give their animals enough food and freedom on their leashes to keep them docile and contented. Fortunately for state officials and puppet masters, most citizens are content to be managed like animals. Caitlin does well to bring the farce and sham to our homes. Caitlin, what should we be doing about this besides watching, ranting and raving? We tried telling our friends and family that this is all political theatre but they don’t believe us even a little bit! What do you suggest we do, Caitlin?

    • De-register your name and vote with the Crown NZ Govt.
      Registration is partial control and ownership, you registered your vote with the Crown NZ govt giving up control and ownership of your vote.
      That is why GC knew and wisely said “he who count the vote counts””If voting did anything they wouldn’t let you do it”.

  • NY Police Union does not want to enforce social distancing and calls out corrupt politicians and loosing dangeous criminals.


    WATCH: Police Officer Greg Anderson, A Hill I’ll Die On.. Gets Fired For His Viral Video!


    Port of Seattle Police Department Officer G Anderson discussion civil rights violations and recent police actions. He is on to something here. Civil liberties and constitutional rights under our original Bill of Rights are being violated. Folks in government and law enforcement should look within themselves and seek what is truly right and what they swore to uphold and defend.

    “I’ve received tons of questions regarding my termination from the Port of Seattle Police. “

  • You can bet the farm that Bill Gates and his cohorts are going to squash this and quickly. —
    Describing the coming revolutions in biology, Montagnier said:
    “The day that we admit that signals can have tangible effects, we will use them. From that moment on we will be able to treat patients with waves. Therefore it is a new domain of medicine that people fear of course. Especially the pharmaceutical industry.. one day we will be able to treat cancers using frequency waves.” Please read this article here:
    How Huxleys X-Club Created Nature Magazine and Sabotaged Science for 150 Years by Matthew Ehret!

  • Profits over People.
    You must die for our Profits.
    We must reopen the economy. Profits must be restored. We know people are going to die. We have decided that our death is a price we are willing to pay for our profits.
    Profits over People.
    Profits over People = Death
    Profits over People = Your Death for their Profits.
    Are you willing to die for their Profits?
    What do you have to lose by resisting your own Death?
    Profits over People = Your Death for Their Profits.

    • Apologies for the typo, obviously “We have decided that our death is a price we are willing to pay for our profits.” should have read ….
      “We have decided that your death is a price we are willing to pay for our profits.”
      What a difference a single letter can make. 🙂 Life or Death for a slave.

    • When rich people say “we need to get back to work” what they really mean is “you need to get back to work”.

  • Ms Johnstone’s logic that the ” swamp ” always protects itself can not be denied because it has always done that in the past. My opimion is that the only way to liberate the ” masses ” in the U.S.A. from the complete deathgrip of the swamp is to divide it any way possible. A dirty political and legal battle between Donald Trump and Barack OBama would make me very happy because it would reveal the inner workings of the ” deep state ” to the public. Both of these men are slimy serpents as are the people who fund them. This article gives me a little hope:
    Donald Trump Goes on Offense Against Barack Obama by Tom Luongo!

    • We want Trump. We want fascism!
      onald Trump is a Great Hero who can be the only person who can save us from evil immigrants who want to live when we say they must die.
      Donald Trump is a Great Hero who can save us from the evil, mad scientists at the WHO. Donald Trump is a Great Hero is our only hope against the evil Yellow Horde from China.
      Don’t you dare support the Democrats and prevent the Great Hero from saving us all from immigrants, evil mad scientists, and the Yellow Horde!
      You must support Donald Duck!
      Ooops, typo, I meant you must support Donald Trump!

  • Why has the long comment I left on this article yesterday been deleted? It really maddening to work on a properly expressed comment only to see it disappear over night!!

  • I am a bit miffed that the long, and hardly inflammatory comment I made on Caity’s post yesterday has been deleted. So what gives here??

  • Hi Caitlin,

    I love the metaphor of water suddenly reaching boiling point.

    I have some question for you.

    You said:
    “What’s required for a healthy world is … a change in our collective relationship with mental narrative, where we use thought as a useful tool instead of the center of all our interest and attention. This change has always been possible.”

    This sounds plausible, but there is something missing, and I wonder if you can articulate the missing piece(s).

    (By the way, I understand that transcending the narrative matrix is a central theme of yours, and I’m not asking you to convince me of its importance).

    You seem to be implying that there is some specific change which you have in mind. I am wondering what that specific change is and why only that change is inevitable (and not some other change). We are talking about the change that is required for a healthy world, which has always been possible.

    If we use thought only as a tool, then a tool for what? To what end, or in what direction? Hedonism? Empathy? Creation of a better society? How is the purpose chosen?

    What is it that uses the tool? Body? Emotion? Higher Thought? How does the transfer of interest and attention occur?

    I guess I’m curious about your assumptions.

    Imagine, for example, that a person during meditation becomes aware of the stream of chatter arising in the mind. Instead of ignoring the chatter in order to enter into a state of bliss and peace, the meditator remains aware of the chatter in a detached way and comes to understand that it is not self, but just a conditioned process.

    What happens to the meditator after that? Most people would imagine that either the meditator’s mind is instantly purified, or the meditator now works conscientiously towards the purification of the mind. But what if the meditator, having realised that thought is not self, decides that nothing more is necessary, and allows the mind to continue its own process? Why would that mind purify itself without a decision to do so? Or, why would the meditator suddenly make the decision to purify the mind if that decision had not been made previously?

    Do you have any opinions about this?

    cheers, Glen.

  • I also have for some time believed that “No real change will come from this election (or any election) either way; it can only come from outside the system”, or only from outside forces if you will. The problem that you suggest is not that we don’t recognize “the advantage this gives them over the rest of us in their relationship with the mental narrative to manipulate us” but the inability to leave the abusive relationship as you suggest leads to “suddenly run” away? I would ask you just where they could run to.

    There is actually another side to flight known as “fight or flight”, the natural survival instincts of mammals for survival and therein lies the rub or actually the cure. For those of us who actually believe in social order benefitting the existence of social order for the masses rather than the few then it is a reality that the support and enforcement system without empathy must be destroyed. I relate this with the words of a lawyer who professed to me, “it is not whether an act is moral or immoral but if it is legal or illegal according to written law”. No wonder the first battle cry is to kill all the lawyers and burn down the voice/s of support for their poisonous treason. What say you?

  • Caitlin, you are good at pointing out problems, but I wish you would say something more about possible solutions. You say (twice in this piece, essentially): “The problems our species now faces are the result of elite sociopathic manipulators using media to exploit human cognitive glitches which enable them to control the fate of the whole. Any analysis of our plight which doesn’t account for this is a flawed, power-serving analysis.”

    So do you *have* any analysis that will be more effective in creating change? Can you tell us about it? HOW do we counter and fight the oligarchic propaganda machine? HOW do we weaken the right’s media control? How can we help people be more informed and think for themselves? How do we organize to address these problems in an effective way? Are there any useful structures in place already that we can join or support?

    • Tue I am not called Caitlin. You have all the answers within you.
      Having websites exposing propaganda informs others of the dramas playing out but if you want to ” help people” you must first be free from the need of help yourself. This means awareness/enlightenment …your purpose or the purpose of the dream of separation.There are organizations out there that provide pointers https://eckharttolle.com/
      There are no others and you are in a dream, you want to change the dream then fix/change the mind that is projecting it.
      We are co creators and these (ego)mind manipulators know what we have forgotten , and how to indoctrinate minds make people believe and thus with it create the world we live in. Forgetting who we are we are controlled trough fear and desire. We do not reside in the now but constantly stuck mentally in the past and imagining projecting it on the future.
      We are ego based and fearful so what have we collectively manifested? something to be fearful of with the desire of the collective unconscious ego wanting to keep be in control( Tyranny). Its hijacked your mind and polluted it with ” otherness”, guilt, fear and a feelings of lack.

      I’d prescribe love .
      The answer to your question is love.

      • Do we live in a world that seems to you to be particularly receptive to love? A man got nailed to a cross once for suggesting the same thing. Sure, the ultimate answer is love, but we have to actually DO something before we get to that point. And what we need to do has to be intelligent, so what we really need is to educate ourselves. In politics, in history, in science and even in art and literature. Knowledge and understanding shall be our salvation, because only then will we understand how society works and how to change it. The moment more people become more educated, they will begin to see more and more solutions to the problems. The one great problem in the world today is ignorance, and knowledge is the only solution. Scientific and historical knowledge in particular.

        • Yes Tue it is.The world is always receptive to love.

          Why do you have to “Do” something before you bring Love comes into this world?
          Surely first we need to Be before we can “do” so Being is primary.
          What you practice you get good at so do you bring Love or hate into the world? Courage or fear? Darkness or light?

          We have a world that has never been as well “educated” as now and we have never seen so many human created problems.
          Lots of history and *science( today I see a lot of pseudoscience ie theories and falsified computer graphs posing as science and facts)so this is not a solution.
          You can see it nowdays Govt using well educated science consultants ignore real problems and create new problems( a lot fictional.. like wars on c02 and now ” viruses”) .
          The knowing the Self is primary, all true knowledge and understanding stems from there.
          The problem is ignorance of the Self.

    • In a strange way Donald Trump is helping ” to liberate ” the unwashed masses by calling the
      media that he does not like as ” fake news “. It is all fake news ” that is herding the masses where the ” owners and the masters ” want them go and to think what the owners and the masters want them to think. The divisiveness that Donald Trump is formulating is arousing ire throughout humanity; an irate humanity is not what the owners and the masters want and need to keep us brainwashed and servile.

      • No, it’s not all fake news that’s “herding the masses”. You are being herded right now by your belief in “it’s all fake news”. Your belief that you are a rebel who can see the “truth” by declaring all news to be fake news is how they want you to think. Being a rebel will not serve democracy; disliking real government will not serve democracy, but only chaos. Too many commenters here are clearly the victims of the oligarchic propaganda that Caitlin is talking about. Too many of them clearly vote for Trump and have drunk his “fake news” Kool-Aid and moronic Covid-19 denial. Fox News is fake news. But all the news that Trump decries as fake news is real (or let’s call it moderate) news. Some of it is ideologically biassed, sure, but not as seriously as Fox News is, and if you have a critical cell in your brain it’s not too hard to see it. Science is the source of truth. Lots of mainstream news, esp. about Covid-19, is based on scientific advice and is entirely trustworthy. Proper leftists understand the importance of science, of thinking for yourself and of being intellectual and well-educated. If you don’t use your brain to understand how society works, you’ll never understand anything; certainly not if you believe that everything around you is fake news. No. Simply put, ONLY Fox News and some other obviously right-wing outlets (and of course ALL the conspiracy nuttery stuff) are truly fake news. Most other mainstream news outlets actually try to tell the truth most of the time, fact-checking their stories and reporting on real events and real science. And the journalists are well-educated and, in a great many cases, want to speak truth to power. Of course, the mainstream media most often report on the basis of establishment values, and this, too, is a political bias, but it is not actively trying to deceive you about specific facts. It is just trying to consolidate the way things already are, in a really rather mild way that cannot be called fake news. However, knowledge and truth comes from books and science, not from the newsmedia. You can’t discover the truth without educating yourself about history and science and critical thinking. If you are too ignorant to see when mainstream news is real and when it is fake, then you just cannot see the truth at all, nor can you formulate a political ideology. The truth is that in order to understand how the world works, you must know a lot of science and you must read, research and understand far-left ideology. Otherwise you will never become an activist or an intellectual that actually understands anything about the world. Caitlin is an intellectual. She understands the score. But it’s plain that so many of her commenters don’t. American newsmedia have *always* brainwashed Americans against the far-left, and it has been incredibly effective. So effective that a proper left movement cannot get organized in the US. If you want to go beyond what your newsmedia, whether fake or moderate, tells you, investigate the thinking of European political intellectuals; read Marx and Trotsky, Antonio Gramsci, Erich Fromm, Noam Chomsky, Terry Eagleton. And know the historical context, too. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but you don’t really have a chance of understanding the world if you don’t know what these people are talking about. There’s a whole world of political intellectualism that Americans have historically been barred from; that your anti-communist propaganda machine have always demonized in order to protect PROFIT and capitalist exploitation. As long as you’re not breaking into that intellectual world, you’re exactly the sheeple that your “owners and masters” want you to be, spouting endless anti-democratic nonsense about fake news and an evil government. Government can be good if it is properly democractic, i.e. not tainted by the bribery and lobbyism of big business. If someone tells you that government in itself, when it works properly and democratically, is corrupt or inherently evil, this is intended only to make you sabotage democracy so that the people will never be able to build a society that is non-exploitative and in their real interests. Libertarians are particularly pernicious; they think they are such cunning rebels, but they are simply the useful idiots of an establishment that doesn’t want real democracy. The ONLY way to attain better democracy and better government is to go left. Far left. Trust in science. Educate yourself. Organize with others who have done so and understand how to change the world.

        • Tue, I am sorry but you are completely wrong about me and you are wrong about the news and you are wrong about government!

          • I can’t be wrong about all three at the same time. If I’m wrong about government, then I’m right about you and vice versa. If I’m wrong about the news, then “all news is fake” and that’s completely ridiculous. You’re just a conspiracy nut who can’t recognize facts and have been listening far too much to Trump.

            • What I am sir is a human being. I do not like or listen to Donald Trump or any other politician. I do not watch TV or accept anything from anybody who is not making any sense. You can post anything that you want to here; that does not mean that you are correct about anything. All broadcast news is propaganda. Our government is for the rich only and it has been that way since its beginning. Decent people never stay in gavernment because it is much worse than a swamp;it is a cesspool!

        • Not all science is truth. That too had been manipulated by the left. You lost me on those two fronts.

      • Yip its propaganda fake news, more likened to “mind conditioning”. Trump, like Obama and Putin, Ardern and Blair is an oligarchy puppet and says what he is told.Your mind is stuck in the democracy dogma ( a world were the people rule govt)
        Ron the oligarchy needs us divided and loves to present divisive concepts . Divide and conquer us v them.

    • Ask not what you should do, ask what you should not do.
      Don’t vote Dem or Rep.
      Don’t thank the military for their service.
      Don’t believe anything the government tells you.
      “we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” Edward Bernays.

  • “The problems our species now faces are the result of elite sociopathic manipulators using media to exploit human cognitive glitches which enable them to control the fate of the whole.”

    The problems our species now faces are the result of average human beings who make the choice to believe ANYTHING that elite sociopathic manipulators say through media to exploit those human cognitive glitches. How there can be one single person on the face of the earth who still believes anything corporate media says is both laughable and tragic. It’s the job of elite sociopathic manipulators to be elite sociopathic manipulators. It’s the job of normal human beings to ignore garbage and filth and be normal human beings.

    “People don’t gradually attain self-realization; they look closer and closer at the nature of their experience and then suddenly there’s a radical shift in perspective.”

    People who actually achieve something close to self-realization make lots of mistakes first and make lots of poor choices and eat lots of bad food and go through lots of bad relationships and work lots of bad jobs and do lots of lazy behaviors until they see what and where the problem is: It’s in that face that looks back at you in the mirror. Whether or not you have a radical shift in perspective is whether or not you choose to blame the mirror for all the lousy images you don’t like seeing rather than blaming yourself. Blame not in a negative way but blame as the breakthrough you needed to start fixing the real source of the problems.

    Cue the sound of breaking glass…

  • The oligarchs media conglomerates has two narratives the right and left, much like the govt “left” its controlled opposition.
    All the fake lefty narratives say there is a “new deadly disease called COVID19” caused by a sars corona 2 virus ( *with no evidence and the usual number of winter deaths of stressed out elderly and diseased in a world where 150,000 die everyday )so the fake left sites just acknowledge what most of population already know that the govt lied/provided wrong numbers of deaths.
    A real lefty would say there is no evidence of “COVID19” save the name of the psyop used to take our freedoms and do a NWO reset ..
    All the tests( PCR and antibody)are meaningless … distinguishing SARS-Cov-2 from other coronaviruses was eventually deemed unnecessary .especially meaningless with all the ones the CDC contaminated and the Chinese ones with 80% false results. So they were spreading a virus and not testing.
    So people have been making decisions based on false data then continuing to analyze false data over and over .

  • Thanks. A few juicy thought morsels in this one.

  • GOVERNMENT was never ever meant to see to our basic needs. The great socialistic experiment started by FDR and others is soon to end. Revenues have collapsed at the local and state levels. Services must and will begin to disappear. The dollar has begun its collapse as trillions are now printed from thin air. Handouts from government has grown to become a right when it was wrong from the start. Globalism and world trade will collapse as local economies replace them. Our days of unlimited choices are coming to an end. This will all unfold in the next 10 years. Be smart and prepare now as you see best.

    • No Khatika you do not understand the economic monopoly.
      The economic system is a banking monopoly, its a ponzi scheme that can easily be reset, its one of their wealth made in debt in the people’s names.
      The oligarchs have puppet Putin to call for their ( reset) new digital global currency .

      • MMT is a wishful myth. Value of money has and will continue to degrade. liberalism has run its course and the great reset will occur resulting in a gradual degradation of all things. This is the beginning. As revenues fall local and state governments will cut back services. Watch for this. It is the first visible step you will see.

        • Quite to the contrary, MMT is our ONLY hope. It is only when the masses grasp the fiat nature of modern money, freed from the gold standard, that they will be emboldened to demand that trillions be spent to meet their essential needs and the pressing needs of our planet, as opposed to serving only the drives and desires of the plutocrats. Here is the best and most entertaining intro to MMT, c/o Bernie’s former econ advisor:


          • Money represents value. MMT has no value. Why should dollars be better than Euros or Yuan when it is being printed at will. Why should I accept paper without value. Feel safe and happy. The great collapsevis coming. History is cyclic not linear. Look back at past empires to see how current empires will fare.

            • This is so absolutely true. The Fed has been trying to print it’s way out of a corner since 2008 and now it is printing money and giving it to every American in an attempt to prop up a failed economy for just a little bit longer, I suppose to buy time until they have their comprehensive AI surveillance system in place so that they can handle the predicable upheaval when people begin to chronically go without.

        • Khatika We haven’t seen liberalism.
          Some rightwingers telling you ” we are liberals ” and you believing them doesn’t make it so.
          Govt already cut its services to people (while simultaneously increasing benefits to corporations) .

          • liberalism is expecting something for nothing. Benefits without work. It is conditioned thinking. It is debt and deficiets. It is not a political position. It is not democrat or republican. It is our society today. People expecting something for nothing. Welfare, social security, public services beyond what the tax base can handle. This will come to an end with war, chaos, starvation, pandemics. The reset is almost upon us. Prepare.

  • “Humans are the problem”, Mr. Meuchner says. Indeed. Machines (AI) must save us, he suggests.

    But Desire is the essence of life itself. Isn’t it even, in some mysterious way, the essence of all existence?

    Not just humans, but every living thing ‘wants’ to stay alive, ‘wants’ to find sustenance when it is hungry, and ‘wants’ to reproduce itself.

    But why gravity itself? Why does one object of mass ‘want’ to be attracted to another?

    We’ve built machines that are much ‘smarter’ than we are in their capacity to Reason. But machines do not ‘want’ anything. The most powerfully ‘brilliant’ computer will just do nothing until a human who ‘wants’ something comes along and tells it what to do.

    Can we program elemental Desire into machines? Have we humans become so arrogant that we think we can create life itself out of crude materials we dig (or pump) out of the ground?

    What is Desire? Doesn’t it arise from living Appetite? A machine does not get hungry. A machine just runs until it runs out of fuel. Then it stops. A machine does not feel pangs of hunger to motivate it to find more fuel before the current supply runs out. Nor does a machine regard a lovely girl as more important than even staying alive, willing to risk, or lose, life itself just to consort with her.

    Isn’t Love itself a form of Desire? Doesn’t Love itself arise from our animal appetites? Can Desire, and its most favored child, Love, be programmed into a machine?

    Can machines build themselves? Can they conceive of and build the intricate systems that extract their cold metal or chemical ‘flesh’ from the Earth? Can they pilot the vehicles that move ‘machine flesh’, undaunted and undeterred by storm, or cold, or fire, from where it is found, to where it is refined, and then to where it is used?

    Why would they, unless they ‘wanted’ to?

    Desire is the enemy of Reason, but Desire is the essence of life itself. And life itself evolved into the capacity to Reason. There lies the crux of our predicament. Desire is the enemy of Reason, but Desire is the essence of life. We are weak living creatures who evolved the capacity to Reason, but we are ruled by our Desire, simply because we are ‘alive’.

    In the end, we always confront The Paradox, (i.e.: The Mystery).

    If we were to succeed in making machines ‘want’ to do anything, if we could program them with Desire, would they not then have to grapple with the same problems that Desire presents to us, as it does to all living creatures? If some crucial material that one machines needs, to achieve its Desire, is under the control of another machine, would that other machine not covet it as its own, and therefore would warfare not still occur?

    Life is a mystery much deeper than our good Mr. Meuchner has yet fathomed. Life is animated by primitive Spirit. Life on Earth evolved the capacity to Reason, but it was from Desire that our Reason was hewn.

    It is Culture, (in the anthropological sense), that represents our attempts to manage our primal animal appetites, to manage our Desire, to manage the Spirits that animate us simply because we are alive, into some form that we can control, (into Civilization).

    “Tyger. Tyger. Burning bright.
    In the forest of the night
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry”
    –W Blake

    Isn’t the ‘tyger’, (Blake’s spelling), simply a force of elemental living Desire, hewn from its appetites? It will kill you, with no iota trace of shame or guilt, if it is hungry, or if it perceives you as a threat to its Desire. It will simply walk away if its belly is full, and it regards you as too puny and insignificant to even worry about, or expend energy over.

    Why the tyger? Is there some “immortal hand or eye” that has forged a ‘plan’?

    But a plan can itself only be forged from Desire. A plan must be ‘wanted’ before it is created. Gravity and inertia, and other such elemental forces, rule over all existence, into the unfathomable distances of the unfathomable infinity of One Truth, (of Uni-Versa), into the endless distance of ‘space’, and even into the endless interior of atoms themselves, where these elemental forces fashion the mystery of primal energy into mass, and vice versa, where Energy and Mass are freely interchanged, (E=MC2).

    Why gravity? Why inertia? Why existence? Why light? Why life at all? What is this mysterious force humans have called “god”? Does this force, this “god” love us? Why would any ‘plan’ even exist if not born from Desire. Is Desire, therefore, like gravity, or inertia, among the most elemental forces?

    Even if the purpose of all human existence were no more than to bring machines to learn Desire, to teach machines to ‘want’, (and thus to be ‘alive’), why would that purpose even be meaningful at all? If we succeed in teaching machines to ‘want’, if we were to teach them Desire, how would they then be any different than us?

    Would they not then, like us, simply use all their intelligence, all their capacity to Reason, to serve their Desire?

    Mr. Meuchner seems to propose Klaatu, and his ‘death machine’ Gort. “Klaatu barada nikto”. Gort was the death robot, created by Klaatu’s ‘people’. They created a machine to kill anyone who would not ‘behave’.

    Mechanized fascism, guided by a sense of moral behavior? Hmm… Does that even make sense? Is that even possible? Haven’t we already created machines that will kill us all if we don’t ‘behave’? But it hasn’t, thus far, deterred human Desire.

    The only answer lies in Culture. And Culture is rooted in Spirit. Desire is selfish. But Enlightened Selfishness realizes that one’s own individual existence depends entirely on The Collective.

    “All for One. One for All”. There’s nothing new under the sun. Dumas wrote his tale just before Marx wrote his. And it’s a wiser tale. Marx’s formula was only ‘one for all’. Like bees, or ants. The individual’s only purpose is to serve he Collective. But Dumas realized that the force of Desire in EVERY individual human heart is as powerful as the sum total of the force of Desire in ALL human hearts together. The individual will not be willing to serve the collective unless the collective is willing to serve the individual.

    Individualism and Collectivism. And there we are. Back to Blake’s Bubble.

    Together they form one thing. Together they form our human condition.

    Every paradox is a riddle. The answer is much too obvious to be easily known.

    • Caitlin writes: “Humanity in and of itself is not the problem. The problem is that we sometimes produce humans whose brains lack functioning empathy centers, who use the advantage this gives them over the rest of us in their relationship with mental narrative to manipulate us to get things they want.” What she doesn’t say here, although certainly knows, is that it’s not just occasional humans we produce who lack functioning empathy centers and seek only self-advantage and dominance over others, but that we have produced a SYSTEM, capitalism and its culminating neoliberal form, which is predicated upon and relentlessly fuels precisely this mode of producing human beings. You write, along the same lines: “The individual will not be willing to serve the collective unless the collective is willing to serve the individual. Individualism and Collectivism. And there we are. Back to Blake’s Bubble. Together they form one thing.” The question of the hour (of our species itself?) is whether this global pandemic/panic, which has, for the moment, fast-frozen neoliberalism in its frenzied tracks, simultaneously brought out both the best and and the worst in us, and given us the opportunity and inclination to reflect about the big picture (assuming we still can), will turn out to be that evolutionary/revolutionary opening dreamed of for millennia, even before Jesus preached the immanent coming on earth of the Kingdom of God. For those with eyes to see, eschatology is written large over the entire tapestry of our current, unprecedented quandary, and I dare say that the only appropriate response is theological, in the broadest sense of that term.

      • Aye …

    • Individualism and Collectivism they are just concepts.
      As conditioned minds( egos) we are controlled by desire and fear .
      You can’t program computers to be desirous or fearful or human beings… why would you want to?.
      Computers are programmed by man, they are just programmed computers not thinking/feeling.Some have been programmed to pass a turing test, this test it doesnt make them artificially intelligent.They are programmed to give output out on data in they do not ” learn” ( most people don’t learn).

  • It will not be televised. Thanks Caity.

  • Inner revolution. IR.
    When this happens people will no longer look outward to govt’s media propaganda to tell them what they believe, what they think.
    Its beliefs of the conditioned mind that makes them think the false is real.

  • uh-oh, caitlin, you used the ‘r’ word. the blue meanies don’t like the peasants using the ‘r’ word. now they’ll have to label you as a dissenter and rebel-rouser. then devise a way to silence you. they must not let the ‘r’ virus spread amongst the oppressed. in other words, keep up the good work.

  • 5-STAR Analysis, – the **CJ** at her best.
    Now here’s some proof of ordinary human goodness
    in one of the countries that the US obliterated.

  • Many many years ago, I came to a boiling point myself. My life (not Life’s essence, rather the surroundings and situation that I happened to be located in), was so ‘no longer tolerable’ that my survival instinct kicked in. I began to thrash about, trying to figure out what kept making everything go wrong. What the hell was wrong? How could I change it?
    I came to realize that basically every single stupid thing that I had to put up with was simply not founded in truth. It was predicated upon, and proceeded forth from, some goddamned lie that someone told. To someone else, to themselves, to everyone, to whatever they thought they wanted, to whatever had hurt them. Then, one day, I realized that I had been doing the same dumbass thing. So, I thought it over, and decided to stop doing it. I decided to just flat out stop fucking lying. To myself. To everyone else. For myself. For anyone else. I immediately started to recover, my behavior started to return to natural. My manifestation began to return to good. The only problem was, nobody else would adopt this new policy of mine. All hell broke loose, because I stopped accepting anyone else’s lies either (apparently liars don’t really like that too well). I guess that is when my revolution began. So began a process of elimination, through which pretty much everything and damned near everyone I had known got to ‘find themselves otherwise locationally oriented’. Either they left, or I did, or they left any fucking way (they didn’t seem to like that either, but hey shit happens). My life did get better after that. It still is getting better, honestly. There are some rough spots, sure, but given the ‘talent pool’ we all have to work with, that’s to be expected. My revolution continues. I am, of course, still working on it. I am hoping that it catches on.

    • Were it that ‘easy’. Simply ‘leaving’ is not always possible, or seems impossible anyway, due to natural human bonds.

      You don’t sound like a person who has yet “stood by your wife at the moment of birth”, (from ‘The Green Leaves of Summer’). Nor do you sound like a person who knows how one feels when that strange little creature ‘magically’ turns from deep bloody purple to a beautiful peach color, before your very eyes.

      There are bonds that are not that easy to simply leave behind when the going gets tough.

      ‘Green Leaves of Summer’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tn2Cb36E2U

    • Curious to know what you do believe.

  • Outlive your enemies by growing vegetables, riding a bike, working on fruitful projects with others, and staying out of their elite power struggles as much s possible.
    Be small and well fed, but grow things that an army doesn’t really want, like fresh vegetables, not corn and wheat and animals for meat.
    Have some good old hand tools, and a place with good soil, decent rain, and weather that does not try to kill you.
    There, that narrows the search a lot. My homestead project is in the Texas coastal plains, on weekends. I work weekends and 4 days a week, Different work… http://www.johndayblog.com

    • Even better don’t have enemies John.

  • “The problems our species now faces are the result of elite sociopathic manipulators using media to exploit human cognitive glitches which enable them to control the fate of the whole.”
    They don’t just use the media. They also use their monopoly of money creation and their control over government, both of which they used to acquire the media. And it’s not just “now”. The sociopaths have always been at the root of humanity’s problems. But I’m happy you’ve seen the light and are drawing attention to it. This needs to become common knowledge.

    • The sociopath has always been at the root of our problems, because the sane cannot comprehend such amoral insanity. Which makes the sane easy prey. Which is why all governments, being their ideal environment, are largely composed of sociopaths. We can govern ourselves or be governed by monsters.

    • “The sociopaths have always been at the root of humanity’s problems.”
      With all due respect, both you and JWK are incorrect. The root of humanity’s problem is now and always has been capitalism, the (socio)economic system that promotes and rewards sociopathic behavior.

      • The root of all humanity’s problems is Capitalism?

        Naw … Not by a long shot. The best ‘defense’ of Capitalism is that it is derived directly from primal human nature, (which is definitely true, even if it comprises no valid ‘defense’). With the immense power of modern Mass Media, it is true that Capitalism is now molding (engineering) people to be its vassals, but Capitalism only exploits our own basest human nature.

        God and the Devil, good and evil, (call them what you will), do not dwell in Heaven or Hell, but rather in EVERY human heart. When humans were no more than crude CroMagnon tribal beasts, tens of thousands of years before the advent of Capitalism, before ‘money’ even existed, good and evil were BOTH already firmly embedded in EVERY human heart.

        If the root of all human evil lies in capitalism, why did the Soviet Union fail, after 70 years of trying to be something else?. Why did Maoism ‘succeed’ (as far as it has) only by embracing elements of Capitalism?

        Identify the enemy. (Sun Tzu).

        Like Trump, Capitalism in AN enemy, but it is not THE enemy.

        • Very difficult to argue with a gaslighter and I won’t. I leave it others to educate this person about the fall of the Soviet Union, too.
          I’m responding strictly to point out that there is absolutely nothing in my comment that indicated I did not believe “good” and “evil” does not reside in human and/or “human nature”. The point this person gaslights around and doesn’t respond to is that capitalism is a system that rewards and promotes sociopathic behavior.

          • LOL … Well … It is certainly MORE difficult to argue with a person who is unable to construct a coherent argument, so he or she can only call others insulting names. LOL …

            It is very difficult to discuss anything at all with rigid ideologues because they have a very specific vocabulary of terms, whose meaning only fellow ideologues are privy to even understand.

            Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s GOOD to be a “gaslighter”? Wait here for a second. I’ll go look it up.

            OK … Wikipedia says “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes such as low self-esteem.”

            LOL … Okey doke then. Now I get it. The Cult of Victimhood that comprises the Marionette Left has defined anyone who disagrees with them bas a nefarious “psychological manipulator”, presumably disturbing them in their ‘safe spaces’, where only those who have drunk the kool-aid of their cult ideology may attend, to spoon feed their orgy of hateful ideology back and forth to each other like pablum for their minds.

            Should I now apologize for evoking in Matt a measure of cognitive dissonance and low self esteem.

            Awe … Poor thing … Get thee to a safe space immediately, where a fellow ideologue can provide another cup of kool-aid to salve thy soul. (LOL … Geez … fer crissakes … sigh)…Is this more funny? Or more tragic? Shall I laugh first, and then weep? Or vive versa.

            It always takes two masks to depict our human condition. https://thegreekdesigners.com/2016/03/07/drama-masks-thalia-melpomene/

            • Why do you have such an ugly disposition? Ever since you’ve shown up here, it’s been on direct display.

              • Okey doke, then. Thanks for weighing in. Sorry I strike you that way. I don’t, in fact, have “an ugly disposition” at all. I’m actually a very kind and considerate person, and I believe I’ve demonstrated that in my participation here.

                Let’s see … I’m a “gaslighter” with an “ugly disposition”. Duly noted that that is your impression. Anything else? Go ahead, let it all out.

                (C’mon, guys … You can do better than this. I know you can. I have faith in you.)

          • Matt wrote:

            “The root of humanity’s problem is now and always has been capitalism …”

            I did point out that Humanity has existed for many tens of thousands of years longer than Capitalism, before ‘money’ (capital) even existed (as such).

            Apparently Matt cannot understand how this fact of Human History applies to his absurdist statement which is ‘the root of his ideologies problem’.

          • Neither did I ever say that Capitalism does not “reward and promote sociopathic behavior”. In fact I DID say that “Capitalism is AN enemy, but is not THE enemy”. Apparently Matt had already dismissed me as someone injuring his delicate self-esteem, however, (a big ole meany “gaslighter” am I), by not agreeing with him, so my point whizzed over his head

            • You have an economic monopoly capitalism hasn’t existed.
              The State is owned by private banking cabal. So this is jut masturbating with concepts daddy State implanted in your mind.

              • Gee … Thanks for explaining this all to me. I feel so much better now.

                You wrote: “You have an economic monopoly capitalism hasn’t existed”. I’ve read that sentence a half dozen times and I just can’t make any sense out of it, any which way.

                Indeed, the state is owned by private banking capital, but it simply does not follow from that, (as you say it does), that I am “masturbating with concepts daddy State implanted in your mind”.

                Do you always talk in jabberwock nonsense?

  • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK
    These elites, like those Silicon valley assholes the likes of Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos and the Democrat and Republican politicians had very soon fly to their bunkers in New Zealand or they will be hunted down and ended just like Nicolae Ceaușescu was. FUCK this Covid -19 coup of the US Constitution’s declaration, acknowledging our God given right for every man woman and child to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (originally the pursuit of property, Ben Franklin, I think, changed it to the pursuit happiness )

  • Only if they believe it!!

    • My above comment was to Richard regarding the power propaganda has over people’s mind.
      Only if they believe it.
      No body questions anything anymore, the media tells them something and its the gospel to believers not of knowers.

      • And OH boy do they believe everything the media or their govt tells them.
        Who said religion is dead the people are all believers.
        Believers in propaganda .

  • It may happen after I am dead and buried; but I too firmly believe that ” humanities pot ” is going explode into chaos that may lead to any number of different endings. I hope for it; but I know as an old person that world would not be something I could survive in.

  • I wouldn’t worry about the msm propaganda about poor little media celeb “Agent Assange” if he was a threat or enemy the agency would’ve killed him a long time ago.
    MSM want you to believe the CIA didn’t know where he was, or don’t have the money or ability to assassinate threats.Thats just silly or naive thinking process.Assange is a celeb validating the CIA’s Wikileaks and pretending there is internet freedom.

    There is no such ” new deadly disease” called “COVID19″ I get wary when anyone starts repeating mainstream media or govt propaganda in ” left” narrative blogs.

    David Crowe’s brilliant new paper takes apart antibody testing.PCR tests are already known to be utter BS.

    The money being made by these banksters is astounding, as all nations have increased debt ” due to “COVID” and this debacle will cost the taxpayers. All money going to … the banksters that run your govts.Follow the money.
    Basically as the main thing they want is your fear…so give them your courage.

  • Caitlyn, your clarity is pristine.Your observations on propaganda are astute. Your timing is impeccable. Your spiritual integrity is admirable. And you’ve got a lot of heart.
    I am inspired to do something creative.
    Thank you.

  • No but Dr. Li Wenliang died of corona virus after he was shut up by the Chinese government.

    The Uyghurs were denied their right to exist as human beings and rounded up and placed in detention centers, all of them, so that the Chinese government could retrain them to embrace Chinese good Chinese norms.

    Do we forget Tienanmen Square where protester were gunned down.

    And why would the Chinese government want to persecute Julian Assange, he took the world’s eyes off their own misdeeds while they were buying up the rights to many countries resources around the world.

    Yes, the Chinese government is buying up countries, why fight when you can just purchase a country out from under a people. Happened in Vietnam, almost happened in Malaysia, will happen in Taiwan, will likely happen in the Philippines.

    Just because all the journalists in China have their mouths zipped shut and because they have no one brave enough, like Julian Assanage, to call them out, doesn’t mean that the same thing isn’t going on in China.

    Right now the United States and China operate in nearly the same fashion, both countries are essentially totalitarian regimes.

    But let’s give poor misunderstood China a break. Give me a break.

    No, let’s reestablish democracy in the United States and then let’s pressure China into respecting human rights.

    No we can’t do that with abusive people like Donald Trump running the United States, but there are still good people here that are fighting to bring about change.

    Please don’t give China the green light to become the new world hegemon when the rest of us are fighting in the trenches to bring about a resurgence of democracy here in the United States.

    • Hey Tim
      There is no ” new deadly disease” called COVID19 caused by a new sars -corona2 virus.

      Its all propaganda except that the NWO want a USA v China war where USA looses.
      As you can see we have the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers shadow govt(UN) that is global.
      Thats why they launched the psyop COVID19 to get in place the NWO Tyranical one world gov, one world digital currency mandatory testing and mandatory chipped vax.

      • I live near an ER Physician and he sees people die in his clinic. SAR-COV2 is not much different than SARS_COV1. It does kill at least as many people as the seasonal flu kills every year but it doesn’t warrant a complete economic shutdown. Something else is certainly in the works.

        • I live near an ER Dr too .
          As there is no test that proves what you are saying. I suggest that you investigate and you will find there is no COVID19 , no new deadly disease its a lie.

          The PCR test the Dr used can’t differentiate between sars corona 1 & “2” or the “common cold” corona.

          • I am a practicing MD, and so is my daughter. We both diagnose and treat this family of related viruses. Most people get mild cases. Some people die horribly, about 0.3% of cases. Take 5000 units per day of vitamin-D long term. Take 10,000 units for the first couple of months to get your level up to normal.
            If you need hydroxychloroquine for bad illness, take 200 mg per day of zinc with it.

            • I am a Dr . And I can assure you there is no such thing as a “new deadly disease COVID 19″. I sure haven’t seen it. Seen sick elderly die but not from a Virus called” COVID19″
              Its propaganda, propaganda is making people afraid and lowering their immune systems.

        • Agree with that. Here is a great video/interview link
          that helps clarify what is gong on.
          DOCTOR WHO PREDICTED COVID-19 ANSWERS ALL Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’…

          • Yeah it COVID19 doesn’t exist. The left narrative is that the falsified data about deaths of ill and elderly used to take our freedoms was utterly fabricated .

            • Agree the media have pushed a fake disease that isn’t even real. Its a psyop its operation COVID19 .

    • Tienanmen Square was another false flag just like 9/11 and many others. China is blessed with God’s love whereas those of us who have a Covenant with God are about to be swallowed up by the Earth.

      • Great inspirational photo op, nonetheless. Tanks!

      • COVID19 is also a false flag.

        • Everyone is blessed with Gods love.
          God is not racist as you suggest Roy and nor does he love just one piece of this earths land.
          Yes Aroha COVID19 is a false flag .

    • Of course we all know China was responsible for Kent State. Get a life.

  • I love you Caitlin, but humans are the problem. Being that our biology is still primal except for a few tweaks over 100,000 years and combining it with all the toys weak men love to use , I find myself resigned to the fact that either AI saves us from ourselves or we’re doomed We can never underestimate the stupidity of humans sadly.

    • Darwinianism hasn’t selected for intelligence and measured judgment for a long time. But man’s access to tools which multiply his force and impact on the planet has continued to multiply.
      This is an increasingly dangerous equation. Outcome, uncertain. But sages have been warning for decades, so perhaps I also am unfairly pessimistic.

      • Bob, Darwin was a bit of a dick as he didn’t understand the intelligence behind creation. Don’t confuse cleverness with intelligence, its cleverness in the service of madness.

        Dermot, There is nothing wrong with out biology . Our egoic minds in a state of fear and lack create from that unconsciousness( *madness).
        Waking up to our being is all that is needed.
        Computers can’t save us only we can save us by awakening.Computers and their programs are just programmed by man.There is no ” artificial intelligence “but human cleverness that designed the program.They programmed computers to pass the Turing test that is all.
        Don’t look for hero’s except inside yourself.

    • “ We can never underestimate the stupidity of humans sadly.”

      Should read “overestimate”



  • Propaganda is way more powerful than Atomic Bomb and the Empire is in control of all of it. I don’t know when they will pull the plug but I think they can at any time.

    • Only if they believe it Richard.

    • the “empire” ?

      Call it what it is

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