An assertion made by spooks is as far from evidence as you can possibly get. Really dumb that this needs to be said.


Mainstream media outlets which publish anonymous intelligence claims with no proof are just publishing CIA press releases disguised as news.


The most influential news outlets in the western world uncritically parrot whatever they’re told to say by the most powerful and depraved intelligence agencies on the planet, then tell you that Russia and China are bad because they have state media.


Imagine if a compulsive liar who you know for a fact constantly deceives people in order to hurt and exploit them told you your neighbor is going to kill you if you don’t kill him first, and you go and kill your neighbor immediately. That’s how dumb believing the CIA is.


If you were magically transported from a sane world into this one you wouldn’t understand how everyone’s freaking out about claims that Russia paid the Taliban to attack an occupying force instead of the fact that the US empire is an occupying force all around the planet.


Gonna quit this gig and become one of those experts they bring on MSNBC to look at the camera and solemnly say that whatever’s in the news today is “right out of Putin’s playbook”.


“International law” only exists to the extent that the international community collectively agrees to enforce it, which means it only applies to nations that can’t control the collective narrative. That’s why so much energy goes into these cold war narrative control campaigns.

This is pretty much the US State Department’s entire job in modern times, by the way. That’s why almost everything that comes out of Mike Pompeo’s mouth is geared toward manipulating the international narrative in some way. It’s literally his entire job.


Wanting Biden because he’s not Trump is the same as wanting cancer because it’s not heart disease.


The only fun thing about Biden winning will be getting to ask QAnoners “So… was this part of The Plan?”


If you don’t support dismantling the US police state stop pretending you want real change in America, because you don’t.


Whenever I see someone tweeting that the police brutality protests are sowing racial division, I check out their other posts and it generally turns out that they themselves are actually quite keen on racial division.


Right now America looks pretty much how you’d expect a country to look after a lockdown threw tens of millions out of work and the government’s response was to give them $1200 and tell them to suck a dick.


Right-wing narrative managers get people fixated on nonsense like Antifa coming to take your statues and guns and way of life for the exact same reason liberal narrative managers do the same thing with Russia and Trump’s tweets: it keeps people from focusing on the real stuff.


The US has switched from helping ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates take over Syria to targeting Syrian civilians with starvation sanctions and preventing the nation’s reconstruction. It’s important for America to do these things, because otherwise victory will go to the bad guys.


Whenever someone creates something cool that people are excited about, it’s amazing how quickly manipulative types rush in to co-opt it and steer it toward their own interests. This is what happened when America rose to power, just a lot bigger and with a lot more interest.


As long as dissent is relegated to the fringes, there is no actual free speech. Saying you have free speech because you’re allowed to make blogs or Youtube videos is like saying you have free speech because you can dig a hole in the ground and say whatever you want into it.

We have a media system which creates an inverse correlation between one’s access to influential platforms and how dissident their speech is. Allowing people free speech which has zero meaningful impact is not allowing free speech at all.


The opposite of life isn’t death, it’s habit. Dying is an inseparable part of living; someone on their deathbed is just as alive as someone in their prime, and in many cases arguably more so. If life has an opposite, it’s sleepwalking along on old conditioned mental habits.


If it were possible to scare people into averting climate disaster it would have already happened. You can scare people into a state of paralysis so they’ll stand frozen while you wage wars against “terrorists” and “dictators”, but for mass-scale positive action, fear is useless.

We’re just going to have to wake up. As a species. Collectively. A drastic transformation in our entire relationship with thought is going to be required. There’s just no getting around this. And this transformation happens to be in the exact opposite direction of fear.


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79 responses to “Only Idiots Believe The CIA, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Wow I have never seen such stupidity on a site! All the shit the FBI, Justice Department, the phony dossier and on and on, and their are actually this many idiots that don’t believe there is a Deep State, or that the Dumocrats have been trying to get rid of Trump by using the scumbag !eftist media like CNN and MSNBC (the rest of the Media isn’t much better), and lying, lying, lying, an example that piece of fecal material Schiff. Trump is going to trounce crooked Dufus Joe.

  2. When addressing issues around the CIA, I think its always best to preface the piece with a video of Pompeo ‘We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole…..’

    That should get the readers in the correct space…

  3. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    Caity, you’re saying the same things i’ve been saying with direct wording. The lies on both sides, foment the fighting, which in turn has the same purpose as a magician’s distraction techniques – to keep you from seeing the truth.
    I do support dismantling the police – about 90% of the way. I can picture some instances where they might be needed (though not especially with weaponry). I won’t list them now, though most police functions can be performed by teachers, social workers and the like.
    Of course police are mostly brutal, violent and racist. There’s a term that applies. It’s known as ‘job security.’
    There’s something odd about ISIS and AlQaeda working to starve Syrians. Acter all, the CIA created, armed and trained ISIS, with the goal of defeating AlQaeda in Iraq. We see how that worked out.
    The best quote from this article is,” Allowing people free speech which has zero meaningful impact is not allowing free speech at all.”
    Do you honestly expect the human race to transform its relationship with thought? It seems to me that, as a species, we have de-transformed over multiple millenia. There don’t seem to be an Aristotle or a Plato tnhese days – and today’s humans would probably call them weirdos, creeps, fags or any other insulting word that isn’t punishable by law.

  4. Lawrence J Shirley Avatar
    Lawrence J Shirley

    I worked for a US DoD organization that had a relationship with Intelligence and the CIA. As such, I was in contact with CIA employees on a regular basis. Frankly, the CIA people I worked with were some of the finest and most considerate people I ever met, but that is not the crux of this comment.
    The CIA is responsible for presenting information to the public that has almost no basis in truth. Sometimes this is just a different twist on a story, but at other times it is a complete fabrication of the story that has almost no validity related to it. In essence, it is the job of the CIA to get people to believe some things that are not true.
    Anyone who is a public reporter should consider anything that they receive from the CIA as not only unverified, but probably a completely inaccurate presentation of facts which may not have any truth related to it. At the same time, however, if the CIA has taken the time to create a fabricated story this means that there might be a real story that is worth investigating. As such, the CIA is often a good source of finding out what might be important to investigate or on what general subject might have had some interesting developments therein.

    1. HA HA HA Fox News works day and night to get people to believe things that aren’t true.

  5. William Smith Avatar
    William Smith

    This is the word of torture victims.
    The phrase in the media report I read was “military interrogations of captured militants.”
    That translates as torture.
    And as always, the weakness is that eventually the tortured person says exactly what the torturer wants to hear. Especially if the torturer is making it very clear that the torture will stop as soon as they swear a statement that the Russians are behind everything.
    Among other things, this publication makes the NY Times an accessory to torture. They are promoting information gained by torture, and they are certainly aware of what a military interrogation of a captured ‘militant’ would involve.

  6. Jim Quinn: “the Deep State (The Party) has no intention of relinquishing power and has no interest in our well-being or what is best for future generations. They are consumed by greed and an unquenchable thirst for power. They won’t blink in sentencing millions to a death sentence. It will require guile, guts and guns to defeat this entrenched vicious enemy. Voting for a different faction of the Party will not change our path or our fate. Only determined resistance using whatever means necessary and a willingness to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our children and grandchildren, along with a good bit of luck, can give us a chance to defeat The Party.”

    Our choice is to continue to accept beatings from the Captain and consent to their vision of the future – a boot stomping on our faces forever, or a 2nd Civil War. I didn’t say the choices were good. But that’s the unpleasant truth.” – What Would Cool Hand Luke or Virgil Hilts Do? – May 24

    1. William Smith Avatar
      William Smith

      But, the only people wanting to start a civil war are the insane Trumpers who only want to give more power and more money to the military and the deep state. Trump hasn’t cut their budgets once, and his followers are even more insane in demanding that everything goes to the military immediately and no food and no health care for anyone who’s not a millionaire.
      If you think a bunch or right-wing fanatics are going to launch a civil war so you can be free, well then you are sadly deluded. Its never happened before. When a bunch of right-wing fanatics want a revolt, it is always to crush freedom.
      It can happen here.

  7. The Good News is that the CIA and other secret organizations will not last forever. Wars, revolutions, plagues, famine and economic disaster will rid the world of psychopaths and parasites. Humanists teach that all humans are born innately good, but as they grow up, some get corrupted by their social, cultural, political environment and upbringing. But that’s a fallacy because how can we ever get to have a corrupt social, cultural, political environment and corrupt parents if all humans are born innately good in the first place? I can’t explain where undesirable genes come from but here’s a thorny question to ponder concerning bad genes as the root of the world’s problem: What is the most ethical, fair, quick, effective and least painful way to drastically modify and improve the human gene pool? ANSWER: Help Mother Nature to do the task for us, through an improved process of natural selection which prevents psychopaths and parasites surviving and reproducing. I don’t recommend a policy and strategy of genocide and euthanasia. On the contrary, I recommend a strategy of total non-cooperation with people, organizations, banking systems and government institutions which tolerate oppression, pollution and irresponsible exploitation the earth’s resources, extermination of living species and indoctrination of the masses. This means separating ourselves from the evil empire into frugal, hard-working, honest and responsible, eco-friendly, socialist communities which interconnect with one another for mutual collaboration and support. This is Yeshua’s revolutionary strategy. His tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua meant when training His Ambassadors for revolutionary action.

  8. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Right now America looks pretty much how you’d expect a country to look after a lockdown threw tens of millions out of work and the government’s response was to give them $1200 and tell them to suck a dick.”
    Right now America looks like a country that’s been rotting from within since the 1950s. Bankrupt, dispirited, without a moral compass, and looking for some Superman to save them who’s not going to show up. The American people were mostly victims in this as they did not and cannot control the levers of real power that accomplished this de-evolution into decay. However, one thing there is more of right now is sucking.
    “The opposite of life isn’t death, it’s habit.”
    The opposite of habit is creativity and vitality. That’s why those things were outlawed years ago.
    “We’re just going to have to wake up. As a species. Collectively. A drastic transformation in our entire relationship with thought is going to be required.”
    Our world is like a big apple barrel that’s filled with mostly rotten apples. Thing is, rotten apples never turn good. They just get smellier and gushier. The good ones hold out as long as they can, and they are either rescued in time by some compassionate hand that gets them out of the barrel or they become as stinky as the other apples in the barrel.

    1. Sadly true. However, the Good News is that wars and revolutions will get rid of bad apples. Humanists teach that all humans are born innately good, but as they grow up, some get corrupted by their social, cultural, political environment and upbringing. But that’s a fallacy because how can we ever get to have a corrupt social, cultural, political environment and corrupt parents if all humans are born innately good in the first place? I can’t explain where undesirable genes come from but here’s a thorny question to ponder concerning bad genes as the root of our problem: What is the most ethical, fair, quick, effective and least painful way to drastically modify and improve the human gene pool? ANSWER: Help Mother Nature to do the task for us, through an improved process of natural selection which prevents psychopaths surviving and reproducing. I don’t recommend a policy and strategy of genocide and euthanasia. On the contrary, I recommend a strategy of total non-cooperation with people, organizations, banking systems and government institutions which tolerate oppression, pollution and irresponsible exploitation the earth’s resources, extermination of living species and indoctrination of the masses. This means separating ourselves from the evil empire into frugal, hard-working, honest and responsible, eco-friendly, socialist communities which interconnect with one another for mutual collaboration and support. This is Yeshua’s revolutionary strategy. His tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua meant when training His Ambassadors for revolutionary action.

      1. There is a problem with this and an excellent story in the bible. When the people followed God they were unhappy and said give us a king. But God said the king will tax you gather your sons for war and lord over you. They said we dont care give us a king. Thus man began following man and seperated God off to the priests. The true beginning of seperation of church and state. Of course madmen rose to power and misery has plagued mankind since.

        1. William Smith Avatar
          William Smith

          Actually, history always says that God gave us the Kings and that the Kings rule by Divine Right because God put them there to collect taxes and torture the peasants.
          The only time people have been free was when they simultaneously told both God and the King to go fuck themselves.

          1. That was some early propaganda by church and state to legitimize rule over the people. If by divine right then to complain is to fight against God. That morphed further into Manifest Destiny to legitimize destroying the American Indian as they conquered North America. It continues in a weakened form today.

  9. conditionalization: an updating of one’s belief state based on new information.

    If the belief state gets locked in place, then new information must be updated to fit the belief state. New information is probably not always a lie.

    If the CIA can lie at will, it is probably not because enough people blindly believe what they say, it is because enough people do not care.

    Americans do not care whether the CIA is telling the truth, IF the relevant question to them is whether they think that the CIA is protecting them and their interests. From the other side of the world, words speak louder than imaginary actions. All they need – the people and the CIA – is a true story every now and then. Maybe there were no bounties, but there might have been.

    If this is not your attitude regarding the role of the CIA, then the CIA might prefer to know that you believe nothing they say, rather than not be sure, because it allows for better stories, and sooner or later, they will make you look bad.

    The self-evaluation for the CIA is the question whether they are protecting American interests – where morals are not included with the interests. If morals were to be included, they would do a lousy job of protecting the interests. Unfortunately, the interests extend into America way below the top earners, for example, into nearly every investment and retirement fund. Today the general attitude seems to be that greed is bad, but my family’s take is grandfathered in – which is not really a sound moral footing.

    1. If reparations are owed to account for profits from slave labor, how many middle-class Americans are willing to pay reparations from their 401K retirement plan to reimburse abused laborers in poor countries? How are the profits from the military industrial complex distributed down into the wealth of America? Probably quite deeply. The problem is not just with the largest shareholders. The problem is that designing and manufacturing tools that kill people and destroy things is a legitimate business that competes with all other businesses. The way that most people who have 401K plans and other investments get around the issue of morals, is they turn the project over to a broker. This way, you do not decide to support the military industrial complex, some investment guy does.

      1. William Smith Avatar
        William Smith

        My family came to America as former serfs freed by Napoleon. They struggled in Europe until they fled the war of 1870. They never had a foot in the US while the US had slavery.
        This is the problem with this nonsense of blaming a stereotype called ‘white people’ for everything. You end up blaming poor immigrants from central Europe who came here in search of a dream and who were heavily discriminated against by the Anglo elites until they finally carved out a life of their own in the New World.
        If you think I’m paying, you’re nuts.
        The crimes of the English are not the crimes of everyone.

      2. They just gave you $1200 how much more do you want.

        1. My point was not to promote some plan for reparations, my point was that families who did get fortunes from their ancestors will write an even longer and more thorough explanation as to why they should not have to pay back a dime to the families of the workers who were slaves.

  10. Do I think the CIA may be lying?
    I remember a popular song back before the CIA controlled music. A line went ….
    “You must be working for the C-I-A.
    Because they wouldn’t have you in the MAF-I-A.”
    “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by War.

    1. My main question is to ask why?
      Why would they be doing this? Why do it now?
      If the goal is to get Trump out of the White House, all they need to do is to sit back and watch Trump self-destruct. Trump insists on self-destructing. Trump has fired every advisor that tries to tell him not to self-destruct. Trump’s basic political instinct is to self-destruct.
      If the goal is to get Trump out of the White House, just sit back and watch the biggest landslide in American presidential history unfold before you?
      The CIA doing this now makes about as much sense as Assad using Chemical Weapons every time he is winning.
      Unless they’ve got some reason to act to get Trump out before next January?
      One rather obvious question leads to more interesting questions?
      What is going on now that makes people want to get Trump out before January?
      A couple of rather obvious answers come to mind to that question.
      1) To stop Trump from destroying the Republican Party.
      The Republicans are headed towards a massive defeat. There is at least a faction still within the Republicans that opposed Herr Trumpf in the beginning and which still don’t really support him. This faction had powerful deep state connections. The Bush family used to run the CIA. If this that faction now saying that disaster must be avoided, and Trump must go before he deals such a blow to the Republican Party that no Republican will be elected dog-catcher for a generation.
      2) Patriots who see Trump destroying America before their eyes. A while back the military reigned Trump in by openly telling serving soldiers that their oaths and duty were to the Constitution and not the President. Are they now afraid that Trump’s Twin Disasters of a massive COVID Death Toll from a rushed and failed re-opening, along with Trump trying to spark a race war on American streets, are there now Patriots who see that Trump can’t be allowed to stay until January?
      Is this a shot across Trump’s bow to try to tell him to behave?
      Does Trump still have the capacity to hear such a shot? Or has Trump’s brain damage progressed to the point where he can’t divert from his course? Has Trump now become Adolf in his bunker ordering non-existent divisions to launch spectacular counter-attacks that, combined with his new secret, and great weapons, will win the war for fascism?

      1. Don’t forget that Trump’s power rests now on two Republican Senators.
        The Republicans have a majority of four in the Senate. Romney voted to impeach last time. One other has openly criticized the President since. That leaves two. If two Republican Senators change their mind, Trump could be gone in just a few days. I’d rather imagine they could get Pelosi to pass another impeachment resolution if they told her that they could guarantee its passage.
        There are more than two current Republican Senators facing an early promotion to lobbyist as Trump crashes the Republican brand. And remember, it only takes four because the Republican VP casts a tie-breaking vote, and in that case Trump’s power rests on Pence refusing an early promotion to President, with likely the money that was behind Bush now backing Pence.

        1. Trump must be breathing a sigh that least Sen. Rand Paul has been obedient since his beat-down.

        2. Conviction upon impeachment requires two-thirds of the Senate.

      2. 1. Geneva-talks on nuclear disarmement
        2. Russia brokering between taliban and afghan government
        trump is irrelevant in this case

      3. AnthraxSleuth Avatar

        If it were the Republicans trying to remove him it would have ahappened already. Plenty of standing now exists for Trump’s cabinet to remove him with the 25th amendment as he is a national security threat for promoting the spread of an engineered biological weapon. If the Republicans were smart and wanted to have a chance to hold the Senate they would do this yesterday.
        So, I don’t think it’s Republicans trying to get rid of him.

        As for #2. The term “patriots” these days is more a kin to a dog whistle for supremecists.

  11. “We’re just going to have to wake up. As a species. Collectively.”
    And after waking up, what are we, collectively, going to do? Please, be specific. For example, are “we” going to “do something” about the owners of a local factory closing it down, laying off all of “their” employees and moving “their” capital equipment in “their” factory to, say, Bangladesh, where there are desperate people who are “willing” to work 7 days a week, 16 hours per day, for food and a place to sleep on the factory floor?
    If yes, what are we going to do to stop that situation from happening — blocade the factory; contact the neighbors and hope they don’t hang up; pick up a gun and start shooting; pick up a placard and start marching, contact a poltitican and tell that person to change some laws, contact the POTUS and tell him that some people in your town are going to be starving and maybe homeless pretty soon; vote for yet another R or D and hope and pray for change?

    1. “You can scare people into a state of paralysis so they’ll stand frozen..” .. frozen and waiting for specific instructions.
      Being awake means not having to ask for instructions. “I may not be the best person for this job, but I’m the one here now. This needs to be done, and I will decide for myself.”
      If you are awake, then you see the situation, the problem and you see the many things you personally can do to change things.
      Collective action doesn’t mean everyone does the same thing, or even has the same plan. It just means people doing something constructive. Conducive to their goals, in accordance with reality. Maybe you have experienced a group of unfrozen people responding to a situation. You might have noticed a tendency towards collaborative self-organisation. People are able to act as responsible independent agents, whilst still being mindful of what others are doing. Acting individually, but working together. Filling in the gaps.
      If you’re unsure what you should be doing, then work on being awake. Aware of your surroundings. Notice if you’re still frozen.
      With respect to the factory example, it’s sometimes helpful to step back and ask “what really is my goal”. Is it “to stop the factory from closing down”, “to be employed”, “to care for my family”, “to keep the community strong” and so on. These are different goals, and when you know which are your true goals, it becomes more obvious what the proper actions are. It may be that the factory is just a distraction. Sometimes, you also need to ask what are you willing to let go of. This will clarify the situation. Also, there is a time and a place. Keep awake and be aware of the changing situation. Waiting for an opening is not the same as being frozen.
      Something more. Asking someone else to fix the problem for you is not empowering. Protesting and writing letters is of little use unless you have some influence that you can bring to bear. It’s fine to explore all avenues, but look for results.

  12. Great article and a question I posed , to no avail , when CIA created the North Korea has nukes narrative some time back.

  13. Tom Osher’s comment and links (see below) put on the table an interesting proposal for structuring a new form of polity based upon existing examples in beleaguered areas of Syria and Mexico. I thank him for inviting us to exercise our imagination with specific realities in mind. In the spirit of Tom’s comment and in further response to Caitlin’s call for us “to wake up. As a species. Collectively.,” I post here a comment made on Bill Mitchell’s MMT blog, another Australian gem. Let me apologize for the length of the comment while promising to keep future comments MUCH shorter. “Steve makes two important points: (1) that in a financial crisis, federal bailouts primarily of the plutocrats insulate them from feeling and addressing the pain and desperation that impact the masses; and (2) that since the plutocrats have come to own and operate the federal governments, they can get away with limiting federal relief (apart from short-term emergency measures) largely to themselves. These fundamental points, so strikingly obvious in the United States, lead me to believe that the challenge for MMT is not so much intellectual as political, less a matter of changing the minds of the elite few than of summoning the political will of the non-elite many. Accordingly, IMHO, the sooner MMT is joined at the hip to socioeconomic demands to save people and planet, the quicker will it catch fire and become a vehicle for the evolution of our species, not merely a lens through which to observe its devolution. My hope is that the sequel to ‘Reclaiming the State’ (which Bill and Tom are apparently about to launch) will lay out concrete applications of MMT to humanity’s most pressing social and environmental problems, offer a specific plan of action not only to see us through the impending Post-Covid Depression but also to provide a lasting and unifying agenda for ongoing progressive political change. Let’s face it–the JG (job guarantee) is only a start and without more–a lot more–could as easily shore up the neoliberal social order as transform it. Albert Schweitzer, in distilling the elemental, universal value of “reverence for life,” said that its infusion/diffusion in hearts and minds was like a mother teaching her child to walk. Although she initially had to hold its hand and guide it, there came a point where she had to let the hand go if the child were to walk on its own. As I see things, Schweitzer and MMT in tandem have provided humanity with the necessary support and guidance to evolve, have sequentially put forward both the galvanizing ideal or goal and the practical mode in which it can be actualized or achieved in our sociopolitical life. Has not the time come for us to take these extraordinary gifts (the value of reverence for life and the insight of MMT) and begin to walk on our own? And should not that collective walking–how to move our feet, keep our balance, move forward together–become the overriding topic of our thought and conversation? Yet we still seem mired in dystopia, content to pour out endless, tiresome indictments of the status quo. Only when there is an unmistakable shift in the zeitgeist from dystopia to utopia, only when vivid and compelling visions of a better, more beautiful world take precedence over repetitive, depressing descriptions of our ugly, oppressive, and ecocidal one, will there be evidence that we’ve matured enough, become determined enough and strong enough, to take up the vexing but vital task of making our way forward as we must, in the only way we can…step-by-step.”

  14. Aardvark-Gnosis Avatar

    Who are the interactionist with the power to control all economies to the point of sanctions and wars, wars, and more wars? This is only one answer, and they are in control of the fiat currency, the media, AKA, any printed press, TV, Radio and books about everything from soup to nuts… The CIA, MI-6, KGB, all interlinked and regressive in the sense they control the editing of any mainstream media they own. If you call them out, you are immediately ostracized as a racist or religious bigot… the latter is suicide because the truth is created in a lab of fridge racial deception and international global deception of the masses… If you mention their race… the always picked on poor me, is substantiated as proof of eventual reprisals to the commenter, even though they control all aspects of propaganda and business on the planet… Who are They?

  15. “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”
    — Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
    We are now obviously living in Lewis Carroll’s personal world.

  16. Here’s a quote from today’s (6/29) NYT evil-Rooskies garbage dump:

    “Spokespeople for the C.I.A., the director of national intelligence and the Pentagon declined to comment on the new findings. A National Security Council spokesman, John L. Ullyot, said in a statement on Sunday night, “The veracity of the underlying allegations continues to be evaluated.””

    Clearly even the spooks don’t believe this bullshit. So the questions become even more interesting: Who is providing this shite? And why?

  17. 1. There are more idiots as you call them in the world than youv realize.
    2. You made me laugh comparing biden and trump to cancer and heart disease.
    3. Let me know when you gobon MSNBC. I want to see if you can deliver the lines with a straight face.
    4. Police are essential to society. Wanting to dissolve the police is like wanting to chop off you hand because you dont like what the head is telling it to do.

    1. some form of police are ok as long as they don’t become criminals like our cops in the usa with their toxic culture. germany has gotten along just fine without the gestapo or the stasi. the cops are just fine with what their managers tell them to do, and the corrupt da’s want them to do, because they are corrupt and often racist themselves. blindly parroting copaganda is as bad as blindly regurgitating fossil fuel propaganda.

      1. The problem with anarchists is they want to tear down one corrupt system to only have it replaced by something even worse. In the transition people suffer even more. i think that is where the term two wrongs dont make a right came from.

    2. Society existed for millennia without police.
      Police are a relatively modern invention.
      Its funny how ‘conservatives’ insist that police are necessary and patriotic, when the original construction of America got by without large police forces or a large military.
      Even when America decided that it needed some police, they were kept small. If a larger force was needed, the sheriff asked for volunteers. Anyone who has watched an old western has probably seen this, as the Sheriff calls out a posse to fight the evil cattle baron who wants to take over the town.
      America used to be a democracy where both the police and military were democratic formations consisting of volunteers. Neither a large mercenary police force nor large mercenary military is as necessary and today’s conservatives (who deny all American history) would insist.

      1. Before we called them police they were soldiers. Ever notice how those sheriffs in the movies had deputies in the larger towns. Extrapolate to cities today and now the sheriff needs lots and lots of deputies, aka police.

    3. You can’t seem to get your mind around the concept of COMMUNITY CONTROL of the police. This is what people were fighting for in the 1960s and this is what some people, those with an analysis, are seeking today. This means that the community runs the police department, not politicians who have to kowtow to the police, not idiots such as John Miller who at one time headed the NYPD, not the police unions, but community members. Even better, as pointed out by some protesters, is community control of all the institutions within the community. This is to some extent what block grants from the federal government in the 1960s were meant to assist, but states were outraged at having funds removed from their greedy hands and ended that setup.

      1. When everyone is in control, no one is in control. That is what you are advocating. The closest we ever come to it is neighborhood crime watch who then call the police. There is another name for community control, it is called vigilante justice.

  18. Well what did you expect? We create a perfect environment for psychopaths, centralized government, and then are shocked it’s full of psychopaths.

    Would that the situation in the US could be escaped by emigration. It cannot be. One can change what the focus of the local Psychopaths In Charge may be by leaving, but they are still psychopaths. The fundamental difference between the various Psychopaths In Charge is what monstrosity they have the wherewithal to inflict. By controlling the world wide reserve currency the US has an advantage, for now. It is fast fading. Unfortunately, I fear the next in line, China, may be far worse.

  19. And who is the real enemy? The last eight chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank, the CEO’s, Presidents and VP’s of all the major media networks, the wealthiest donors pulling the purse strings of both Democratic and Republican parties, and the neo-conservative warmongers still driving US foreign policy in the Middle East – they all come from the same tribe… but we’re not allowed to talk about that.

    1. And the bank cartel owns them all. The world wide economy has become a casino, owned by the bank cartel. The house always wins.

    2. People are talking about it, and people are waking up to it. Truth be with you. Take care.

  20. Robert Anderson Avatar
    Robert Anderson

    90% Good as usual Caitlin

    Your usual flaw stopped full marks however. I blame the feminisation of education.

    “If it were possible to scare people into averting climate disaster it would have already happened.”

    For God’s sake woman, get a grip. It was the sun, stupid. But we are now entering a solar minimum the like of which has not been seen for 200 years. Why else do you think they are doing what they are doing now?

    1. Yes it is the sun but it saddens me that we stopped talking about clean air, clean water and destroying habitats and species for business to flourish. Most environmentalists dont even realize they have been hoodwinked and diverted to a faux environmental cause. Now no one mentions the true destruction of our world by industry.

      1. oh christ this crap again. scientists are aware of the sun. people that aren’t aware of this have slurped down the propaganda of fossil fuel companies. we should be cooling off slightly, but instead we get 100 degree days in the arctic circle. just give the propaganda a rest for a bit.

        1. I really enjoy your comments on this blog. Dont agree with them but love the passion and anger they convey.

  21. You can’t give impunity, or immunity to mentally disturbed people. In so far as “the Good Shepard” bit? Depends on who is part of the herd. If you are a Federal Agent, you can’t be prosecuted on Grounds of National Security (no matter what they do). They can’t be fired. Such a system can not be permitted in a Democratic and Constitutional Government. It stems from the Public Servant outsourcing all aspects of government to Government Agencies and Corporations while “They” (the Public Service) become celebrities.

  22. Rodolfo Zeijdel Avatar
    Rodolfo Zeijdel

    Hi Caitlin.

    Excellent article,real eyeopener and very clear written.

    I will gladly share this with my friends international.

    When can you do again a stunning article on Julian Assange?

    I very much would like that to share with as many people as i can.

    Thanks again.


  23. The CIA don’t publish their own lies directly now as people don’t believe the CIA anymore ( thats old news)they get smaller social media and lefty blogs to lie for them and to and spin propaganda for them.
    They do most of their mind programming through ” woke left alt” blogs .Hmm ones exactly like this one.
    Anti American pro Russian ideas pushed into the minds of unsuspecting ” followers” that then go on to believe everything based on non sequiturs they use. For an example these what I call double agents /covert propagandists make people believe the mainstream meme that agent Assange is who the mainstream tell them and is a victim if they also feed them ” Bad Trump” stories at the same time.
    And they claim that Wikileaks is not a CIA honey pot for whistle blowers.
    With things like facebook and twitter at the ” one eyes” ( nations collaborating under the Banksters or as you like it the ” Oligarchy” ) dispensing brain washing, mind control and social engineering for the Banking cabal (maintaining the status quo and control) has never been so easy.
    They’ve been perfecting the oligarchies media conglomerate propaganda delivery since 1950.

    May all these fake lefty ” woke” CIA mind programming sites be revealed.

    1. James Farland Avatar
      James Farland

      So true, I’m outta here.

    2. Robert Edwards Avatar
      Robert Edwards

      Same thing different car…. It’s been going on for centuries, but now the NWO is getting concerned they will be left in the dark so they will ushered us into cities to preserve what little is left (for them) after the revolution…

    3. If this blog is really a CIA conduit then you should also look under your bed for the CIA agent hid there. And oh yes, don’t drink any vodka it has surveillance nanoparticles that Putin personally put in there!

  24. Awesome as usual, Ms. Johnstone! i am an anarcho-capitalist, but I do think it is fair to say that many to most of Putin’s recent moves seem not to be negatives for the Russian people. Needless to say, ideally, nobody is in charge. Of course.

  25. I like your essay, I don’t unfortunately have anything to say about it because it is so true. You either get it or you don’t and it would seem that most would rather not get it, because if they did they would have no clue as to where to turn, the revelation that they are aware of isn’t something that you want to stare at because it may very well be a speeding locomotive that’s just about to totally tear you apart upon impact, maybe it’ll just go away and not look at you if you don’t look at it. So, all week my friends and family have been telling me that they’re going to use a natural gas explosion to kill me in my sleep if I don’t pay that ticket, that’s what went on in Eastern Europe for centuries before the Nazis ever came to power, so there were centuries of pent-up anger to be released from centuries of virtual slavery and abuse and the lies about how the victimizers were finally at long last were now innocent victims. There are our liars and victimizers, we can accept this or just go quiet for a moment because it is here, we know it is, but these things are noisy and will never hear. So, please, your hearts make still, your prayers are about to be answered by that great intelligent universe in the sky. The Wicked Witch of the West is about to go up in a puff of smoke.

  26. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    My fifteen minutes of fame? Nah, I have an opinion like any other asshole. I’m an authority, listen to me! Not!

  27. Unfortunately, Ms Johnstone, the Central Intelligence Agency as well as all of the other ” secret groups and organizations ” that are found throughout these United States of America are geared to doing ” the unthinkable and evil sinister things ” that ” good people ” would never do. Every human being has an ” evil side ” within themselves. Good people keep their evil side in a cage under control; evil people like the humans inside the CIA let their evil side run amok and dictate everything that they do. The more dastardly evil it is the better. They relish in the evil and the blood that they spill. They are doing the work of Satan.

    1. You must realize the CIA have their counterpart in every country in the world. They have their own agendas and do much the same as the CIA just not as powerful.

  28. it is so hard to remain concentrated on this perfidy….on-going crime by elected and police is sooo unnerving and disconcerting…hard to focus an center upon such evil and seeking remedies from where without a gun. no wonder some guys just snap and blow it.
    whoeve Biden picks for Veep is very important. since he looks like death warmed over already. and is not allowed to speak. his weekly sentence if elected will be a breath of air and not hot. i hope.
    if the Dumbercats win all 3 branches will they wipe out the electoral college once and for all? i’d like to replace the senate also with a house of Las Femmes. and all -woman house opposite the mostly make house of card pelosi leads . and AOC as pres if i live that long.
    i keep looking at the Scandinavians. their 600 a month for unemployed only was not expressed so clearly by left-wing press for sure. of course getting unemployment insurance + 600 made it more enticing NOT to want to go back to work. the BMI has to be less way less than a worker could make. it’s pretty easy to sabotage idealism.
    the crass commercialist wins by baksheesh, the mejicanos call the little bite.
    Gad is a place in Palestine…egads!

  29. If there was any evidence of those bounties paid to the Taliban, we would have seen it six months ago. It would have been a bigger news story than the protests in Hong Kong.

    1. My uncles cousin is married to a woman from afghanistan. She has a friend whose great niece uncle on her fathers side told his buddies over s pint in the local bar that he gets a check from the CIA every month along with a box of bullets. There now you have proof

  30. THANKS once again Caity. Keep on…

    1. James Farland Avatar
      James Farland


  31. Michael Goldenberg Avatar
    Michael Goldenberg

    But there are SO many idiots (since some are actual friends of mine, I prefer to think of their condition as “temporarily paralyzed by Trump Derangement Syndrome“) out there!

    1. You do realize your so called friend want you dead?

      1. At this stage, it is quite obvious that Trump and the Republicans are the Pro-Death Party.
        Every single action they taken or demanded during the worst pandemic in a century has had the certain goal of increasing the body count.
        From calling it a hoax, to fighting against basic public health measures, to promoting quack medical cures that turn out to be more harmful than not taking them, to pushing everyone back into the factories, to opening bars all in a forced, early, and now-failing, ‘re-opening’, the constant goal behind every action has been to make certain that as many people die as possible.

        1. Coronovirus is very real. People die from it. But no more than normal flu. This is not a hoax but a fear campaign. Until you stop being afraid you will be unable to see it. You will be paralyzed with fear and unable to function normally. Your only hope is to turn off the news, take off your mask and enjoy life. Otherwise you will eventually suffer from anxiety caused by perpetual fear of the unknown.

          1. AnthraxSleuth Avatar

            Put the Kool-Aid down man! The flu does not kill 125,000 Americans in 4 months.

            1. Wearing s mask will not protect you. It is a placebo. This is not about the virus but loss of freedom and choice. You know like women say, my body my choice. Shoe on the other foot now. Amazing how people can be prochoice and promask at the same time. People are irrational.

  32. I am not sure that you are saying much in this essay, no disrespect intended. It sounds like you are saying that people need to wake up. I wish you would say that to save our species from extinction, we need to restructure all gov’ts. from vertical to horizontal, bottom-up, which is virtually incorruptible. Radical times need radical changes

    I believe that this is what people need to wake up to. As long as we have vertical top-down gov’ts. we will be under the toxic influence of corrupted gov’ts. controlled by the oligarchies, the corporatocrazies. We cannot keep making the same mistake, thinking that changing the faces in gov’t. will affect any substantial change. How many times can we make the same mistake?

    1. Thanks Tom
      and Wrenched from the Land is now available.

    2. Or, as more and more people every day are saying, eliminate governments and replace them with nothing. This is voluntaryism. a.k.a. anarcho-capitalism. It is the only way forward for humans if peaceful coexistence is desired. I and many desire it.

    3. Foster Goodwill Avatar
      Foster Goodwill

      Thanks for those great links Tom!

    4. History says otherwise.

      1. And every conservative will agree that we are all bound to history. That if it hasn’t already been done, then it can’t be done. If you deny all concepts of human progress, then this is what you’ve got.
        But, if you believe in human progress. If you believe that after slavery exists for millennium, that humans can understand that it is wrong and rise up and fight and die to try to eliminate at least the obvious forms of slavery, then you believe that things can change and that it doesn’t matter a damn what history says.
        History says that you are a slave or a serf. That’s the way it has always been. Its up to you to choose whether you listen to history.

        1. History folliws the progress of mankind over the centuries. What is very obvious is that it repeats over and over because human nature remains the same. If you ignore it which man always does they are destined to repeat it. It is the human hope of a different outcome this time but always ends the same as those who held similar hopes before them.

          1. Re; KHATIKA
            Initially you claim..

            KHATIKA / JUNE 29, 2020
            Coronovirus is very real. People die from it. But no more than normal flu.

            Then, when your historical fiction is challenged you say…

            KHATIKA / JUNE 29, 2020
            History says otherwise.

            Would you query that deep well of historical fact that speaks to you and share the date and details of this “normal flu” event that caused the death of over 125,000 of our citizens in four months.
            As Usual,

            1. oh please tell me the purpose of shutting down the world to stop a few deaths. It is control. Only scared people cannot see what is happening. It will eventual morph into a worldwide control system such that most will not realize what is happening until it is too late.

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