I promise to work in the highest interest, not my self interest.

I promise never to say anything that I don’t believe is true.

I promise I will always do my best to learn what is true.

I promise I will always speak the truth as I see it, without dishonestly equivocating or mitigating what I have to say.

I promise I will always speak the truth as I see it regardless of whether it will make me unpopular.

I promise I will always speak the truth as I see it regardless of whether it will make me lose patrons.

I promise I will always speak the truth as I see it even if I’m the only person in the world who sees it that way.

I promise not just to speak the truth, but to speak it as loudly as possible and get it heard by as many people as possible.

I promise to do everything I can to make sure my voice remains an effective weapon against the machine, protecting it as best I can from smears, misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

I promise that as long as I am at this gig I will keep all my online content completely free to read.

I promise that as long as I am at this gig I will keep all my online content completely free to re-publish.

I promise I will never accept money to write about a certain topic or write about a subject a certain way.

I promise that my work will remain uninfluenced by my patrons or by a desire to gain more patrons.

I promise my patronage will remain free of incentives or tiered access; everyone has the same access to all my work regardless of whether or not they support me.

I promise that giving me money for the work I do comes with no strings attached in any direction; if you fund my work you do it solely because you want to support what I’m doing, not because you’ll get any material benefits in return.

I promise that if I ever receive a Pulitzer I will livestream myself destroying it.

I promise to always choose courage over silence.

I promise to always keep learning.

I promise to always keep growing as a person.

I promise my views will change.

I promise to remain as dedicated to my inner work as I am to my outer work.

I promise to be truthful not just with you but with myself as well, to the fullest extent that my own degree of consciousness permits.

I promise to be honest and forthcoming about my failures to the fullest extent that my own degree of consciousness at the time permits.

I promise I will always fact check against my cognitive biases, even when I desperately, desperately, desperately want something to be true.

I promise to always disassemble those biases once seen.

I promise to keep honing my craft and striving to ensure that my work is always of a better quality than it was the year before.

I promise to always read and consider feedback from my readers.

I promise that I will do my best to engage people who approach me in good faith as often as I have time to do so.

I promise that I will never become one of those snooty blue-checkmark types who only pays attention to the opinions of the people they want to impress.

I promise that I will always direct my work to the people, never to high-profile individuals who I want to like me.

I promise to punch up and kiss down.

I promise to want for you whatever you want for me.

I promise to always stand on my own and never align my work with any particular faction or clique.

I promise to always do the very best I can with what I have available to me on any given day.

I promise to do everything I can to push toward life and away from death.

I promise to do everything I can to help protect the future of humanity in the most efficacious ways I can think of.

I promise to stick it to the bastards at every opportunity.

I promise to never forgive that which continues, or to forget that which the bastards could do again.

I promise to never stop fighting as long as there’s a fight to be fought.

I promise that as long as you’re in this thing with me, then I’m in this thing with you.


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80 responses to “Vows To My Readers And Patrons”

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  3. So, I just want to say that I might hold you to all of this, but probably not because you made too many promises. Still, there are a few statements that I hope you are true to…..
    Let me go on record as advising against making too many vows and promises. Don’t do it unless you have to to secure the love of your life.
    Life is full of twists and turns and things will change quicker than a heart beat, so don’t feel compelled to claim too much because those words might come back to eat you up……quicker than a heart beat.
    I ain’t no puppet and I consider myself a fairly decent internet poster, but I know the internet could be down……quicker than a heart beat.
    Still, to bring this to a close, we all know of each other, and there is no stopping that, so be ready when the change comes in a NY heart beat. Be ready and don’t be a puppet. Think for yourself and lets have some focused justified retribution. What do you think? (rhetorical)

    1. All the promises are aspect of one promise : to be diligent and truthful. This is a promise Caitlin made to herself long before she shared it with her readers.
      In general, you are right about making promises ; circumstances change and undermine previous decisions. But this does not apply to Caitlin’s personalised version of journalistic ethics, which is as much a commentary on the prevailing lack of journalistic integrity as it is a promise to her readers.
      Without keeping such a promise to herself, Caitlin would not be the person she chooses to be.

  4. #1 – “I promise to work in the highest interest, not my self interest.”
    OK, hold on, stop right there.
    You cannot possibly know what the ‘highest interest’ is. There is no highest interest. There are only ‘interests.’ Even if we play with the notion of ‘highest interest,’ what you think is the highest interest is very likely not what I think is the highest interest. And Joe Blow next door has a different highest interest. And so on.
    More importantly, ‘self interest’ IS actually all you have, and all that can possibly exist for you. You are 100% unique in this Universe. No one else is remotely like you. You, being utterly unique, have unique interests. Those are your unique self interests, which is all you CAN have, being utterly unique yourself. Those unique self interests are what you find to be… well, interesting. Even if they are ideas, concepts, concerns or issues you have read about from others, studied about, considered or evaluated, they have now become your self interests. You now own your own version of them. They are now yours, filtered through your uniqueness. They are now your own personal self interests, which are automatically the highest interests, precisely because they are your interests. (Self interests are the only interests that ‘exist,’ because your ‘self’ created or latched onto them and believes in them. Eliminate the ‘self’ and we’ll see what happens to those interests. Then we’re talking a completely different ball game.)
    Simply because others claim to hold the same or similar interests does not make their interests any more important than your interests. If you want to play the collectivist game, having 1,000,000 people claim to have the same compelling interest has no more weight or veracity than only 1 person having that interest.
    You yourself said some time ago that group identities, collectives, governments, corporations, laws, money and so many ‘things’ such as these do not actually exist… except in people minds. They are all fictions… made-up concepts that people choose to believe in. Collections of people believing in these things does not in any way make them real. But of course people will act as if it is so, therefore giving away their own unique, personal power over to that figment of their imagination. Empowering an illusion. Whether personal illusion or collective illusion, they remain illusions. These illusions can be nested in many more illusions, complex stories about realities that do not actually exist. Everyone believing them to be real, handing over the majority of their power to them, and suffering in droves because of it.
    But the illusion(s) have been internalized, made an integral part of each person’s pretend identity. Therefore it will be tenaciously held and defended, even unto death. Self-suicide defending an illusion.
    But hey, that’s what makes the world go round.

    1. You cannot possibly know what the ‘highest interest’ is. There is no highest interest. There are only ‘interests.’
      Telling Caitlin she doesn’t make sense is evidence of failure to comprehend.
      She knows what she means, and it is not what BDev says she means.
      Highest interest is a restatement of the ancient concept of “the highest good of all concerned”.
      This is an idea that has been around for a very long time ; it has been obfuscated since the agricultural revolution by hierarchical interests, initially warlords and currently Koch’s cohorts (who disingenuously label themselves ‘libertarians’ because nobody can criticise Liberty.)
      For most of our time on Earth, cultures are egalitarian in essence ; hierarchy as declared by the prophets of Jehovah/Allah … is an aberration with potential for horrible sideEffects. Many of the preColumbian civilisations in the Americas held to principles designed to prevent the formation of privileged cliques.
      Since the jesusBeggars went to great lengths to erase both those civilisations and the knowledge of the alternative values which make life so enjoyable and sophisticated … it is difficult to imagine a society in which we are noT infantalised by helicopterParents, cargoCultPriests, employers, advertising, and government prohibitions.
      But this is no excuse for insulting our Host with spurious hairSplitting-over-meaning as a pretext.
      The highest good of all concerned is easily understood, and can be implemented among we who discipline our self-importance and put the general welfare ahead of posturing for personal convenience.

  5. I wish you the best of luck in keeping your promises. If you promise to always keep learning, and you promise your views will change, some of your promises will become untenable. Some already have due to not learning and not changing your views. But your intent is clearly noble.

  6. @ Robert Klein
    If you want Caitlin to turn her attention to Australia, why don’t you just ask her peacefully? She might explain her reasons for her focus on the US. Or you could read her prior posts explaining why she chooses to focus on the pentagon. Also, why don’t *you* speak out against the tyranny in Australia? You too have a keyboard & a language, so why not use them? It can be far more empowering to take charge & do what you can to help yourself & others. It’s disempowering to depend on someone else to fight for you, & if they choose to not do so, you fritter away your energy by railing against them. Our energy is the most precious thing we have, best to use it wisely. In one of my other responses on this thread, I’ve explained the importance of breathing in gold light of unconditional love into our pain & fear, which also includes the byproduct, anger. Wishing you peace. Take care!

    1. Robert, here’s another point that I hope you’ll consider. Your reaction to Caitlin, is keeping you in the victim/victimizer illusion. Whatever you accuse her of, is actually an aspect that exists within you. The inner & outer are same, whatever you see outside of you is also inside of you. When you reject someone by judging them harshly, it means you’re rejecting a part of yourself. Focus on that aspect inside you, because it’s about you, it’s not about her. Breathe love into that aspect of you that feels unloved. It is these types of illusions that keep us on the continuous loop of the karmic wheel. Your perception that she’s somehow victimizing you by not fighting Australian tyranny, is the illusion. In reality, no one is a victim or victimizer. This is an illusion of the lower astral plane, it’s a game we’ve all bought into. The way to transcend these contol games of the lower planes is to make peace with them by loving, accepting, & embracing them, & taking full responsibility for all our actions. For example, we can discern that the elite are controlling us, but if we react to them in fear of being victimized, then we enter their game. To transcend this game, we each have to maintain a high vibration of love, through continuous love & acceptance of all unloved parts of ourselves, which allows us to love them. Over time we stop seeing them as victimizers & they lose their power over us. Humanity is going through a critical time, many are waking up from the illusion. The controllers created an illusion for us & we bought into it, but the direction they’re taking us in, is not our destiny. They know this, hence they’re afraid…of losing their hold over us. We’re divine beings with a different path than the controllers. We’re waking up to our own divinity. Maintaining our high vibration of love is important at this time.
      Hope this makes sense, not just to you, but to others reading it.

  7. You promise to continue to ignore tyranny in Australia, where you might actually have an effect, to puff up your ego battling the Pentagon. YEAH! you go girl.

    Big Phony keyboard warrior. puke

    1. You might want to read this:
      Tyrany in Australia isn’t killing anybody so far. Not like the Pentagon.
      You can argue if the creeping police state or the brutal western military/killing machine is the larger problem, but they are the tentacles of the very same creature.
      Best wishes!

  8. I promise to use my sword, shield, and compass. Cait. Thank you for your courage and voice.

  9. That’s why I read your work Caitlin. I wish all journalists had your integrity. X

  10. That’s why we’re here, Caitlin.

  11. Dear Caitlin,

    And I thought The Curler’s Creed (please find pasted below) was impressive (!):


    Curling is a game of skill and of tradition. A shot well executed is a delight to see and so, too, it is a fine thing to observe the time-honoured traditions of curling being applied in the true spirit of the game.

    Curlers play to win but never to humble their opponents.

    A true curler would prefer to lose rather than win unfairly.

    A good curler never attempts to distract an opponent or otherwise prevent him or her from playing his or her best.

    No curler ever deliberately breaks a rule of the game or any of its traditions. But, if he or she should do so inadvertently and be aware of it, he or she is the first to divulge the breach.

    While the main object of a game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of the game demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honourable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the ice.

    These principles of gentlemanly play have long been fostered by the Royal Caledonian Curling Association, and are recommended by it to its members’ associations in the expectation that the traditions of the grand old game of curling will continue to be observed by all who curl; beginners and experts alike.


    S.A. Hogan (horror/thriller author who tries not to take himself too seriously)

  12. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
    Joe Van Steenbergen

    I love your work; always have, even when we disagree. Please keep doing what you do. No one else does what you do as well as you do. We all are very fortunate to have you here with us.

    I have sensed from some of your more recent columns that you are subjected to a whole lot of criticism, much of it NOT well intentioned. I can’t imagine how bad some of the things addressed to you must be. It takes a lot of courage to endure what you must have to put up with. Please know that we (I) are grateful for your courage and endurance, and hope none of it will eventually push you out of the game. Thanks.

  13. Bravo, MsJohnstone, Bravo; may the force of the heavens always bless and keep you and your loved ones!

  14. Thank you, my dear. Big hugs across the water.

  15. “I promise to never forgive that which continues, or to forget that which the bastards could do again.”
    This Earth will always have bastards. Some (many) of these run our institutions. Some of these are in our families, many of these are our bosses, and some of us are bastards ourselves. This World will never be rid of bastards. Bastards come out from the Tree of Humanity and so some people will always choose the well-worn path of Human Bastardom as their life path.
    We know how that is a bad thing. But that’s not all just a bad thing. The bastards in the World teach us how not to be, how not to think, how not to treat others, how not to treat our significant others, how not to live our lives. We don’t like our bastards, but we can use our bastards for our good. You might learn more from the bastards in your life than you learned in all your formal education.
    We hope to see a day when our World doesn’t produce bastards anymore. When people who are not bastards can rise to levels of power and influence in our institutions. When little boys and little girls don’t act like like little bastards to each other in primary school. When bosses treat employees and co-workers like valuable human beings and not as objects to push around and abuse for pleasure.
    Yes indeed, never forgive and never forget The Bastards and all the things they do and have done. One day, we won’t have any bastards around us anymore and we’ll look back and remember how sad and foolish and pathetic and painful and wasteful they all were. And we’ll rejoice in finally finding our place in a World Without Bastards.

    1. When evil fights evil, the good may benefit.

    2. Maybe the bastards will disappear when we have no more need of them to remind us what we not. They say a Lifelong habit is made when it is not Just what you do, it is what you are.
      I feel good about this article and also reassured that you are doing it for you and for posterity. A Joan of Arc heroine. I identify with you as my life has been that way and I remain uncorrupted by them. It can be done and we are the ones showing that it is so. Brava!

    3. So never looked at it like that. Nice one.

  16. Dear Caitlin

    I think I am a patron (or something). I donated to your site about a year or two ago when I first discovered it. Just blown away by your writing BTW. Loved your latest post about honesty, bravery, and sticking it to the bastards. But then, speaking as an ex-Queenslander myself, I would expect nothing less than bravery and honesty from a denizen of Burleigh Heads. Love Queensland and love your writing. Go stick it to the bastards!

  17. whoever stands for freedom, i stand with them regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, gender, etc.

  18. Thanks, Caitlin, for a beautiful statement of sincere values and intentions. How about adding a proviso that, should you have an occasional slip-up, you will forgive yourself and continue in the direction of your highest ideals? And it should go without saying that we, your readers, will also forgive an all-too-human slip-up, since we know that nobody is 100% perfect.

    Thank you for sharing your post. It gives us a greater opportunity to discuss.
    Please allow me to begin by pointing out some inaccuracies in your post –
    “I promise to work in the highest interest, not my self interest.” This is not possible: We (as any other animal) always think and act in our own best self-interest: This was already seen by Ayn Rand,…”
    Ayn Rand herself was a deeply programmed individual. On principle, it’s best not to follow deeply programmed individuals, as their subconscious purpose is the achievement of the dark agenda against humanity.
    “A conscious or “free” will or decision is an illusion.”
    This is also a programmed belief, albeit a false one. The basis of every decision boils down to two simple choices – is our decision based on the energy of love, or is it based on its opposite – the energy of fear? A love based decision will seek the Highest good of all concerned, a fear based decision will seek the good only of self. Because our true nature is that of being light (love) bearers, we feel deeply fulfilled, at the Soul level, only when we make decisions that benefit all concerned.
    “the sum of our emotional experiences = our programming …”
    True. However, the process of awakening involves the shedding of all programming that is designed to impose the false belief that humans are inferior & therefore at the mercy of some outer superior power (such as an angry vengeful (male) God or Source or the elite controlling the 3rd dimensional world). This type of belief disempowers us because it results in us giving away our power. The elite have distorted religions so that we would learn to give up our power & learn to become good little slaves.
    We must be careful to not fall into the trap of any belief that (mis)leads us away from the truth of who we really are – magnificient sentient beings, with the ability to co-create with our Source. Our Prana or Life Force is our creativity. This life force is the same as the energy of divine love.
    [The Life Firce or Divine Energy is electrical in nature, called the Kundalini among the Hindus, Chi among the Chinese, & Holy Spirit among the Christians].
    We have a choice as to how we use this inherent creative force or energy. We can choose to do harm with it, or we can choose to benefit all of nature with it by living in harmony with nature & natural laws.
    Love is the greatest creative force that exists in the entire cosmos. The cosmos was created out of the energy of love. It is the energy that can dissipate & dissolve the depths of extreme darkness (fear).
    Our controllers fear us because they’re aware of our awesome power of love. They’ve been working very hard for a long time to diminish our love energy by dividing us. The current crisis of extreme control is a reflection of their extreme fear.
    I recommend that you delve deeper into understanding the principles of Energy through reading quantum physics. Begin with something like “The Tao of Physics”, an all time classic in which Fritjof Capra explains that – ” A consistent view of the world is beginning to emerge from modern physics, which is harmonious with ancient Eastern wisdom.”
    Clearly, the energy of loving wisdom in you has attracted you toward Caitlin’s powerful & inspired message. It means that something in Caitlin’s message is resonating with something that already exists within you.
    I would explore this aspect of yourself more, not with your mind but with your heart. The mind can be interrupted by ego (fear). The heart’s wisdom is always pure.
    Make quantum physics your new favorite subject. The deeper you get into it, the more self understanding you’ll achieve.
    Also read Peter Mann’s response thoroughly, it will help you further expand your knowledge. And Robert Edwards & Fair Dinkum’s posts.
    You’re blessed because there are so many kind loving energies here to guide you!
    But we’re not different from you. Each one of us has aspects that are reflected in you & vice versa.
    All aspects are sacred. We & all of nature, have been created on the basis of the one & only precise, sacred geometry – Fractal geometry – it is not taught in schools because the controllers want to keep this knowledge hidden from us. They don’t want us to recall our magnificence.
    When you understand fractal geometry, truly grasp it, you will gasp at the awesome intelligence that lies behind the precision of all nature. From the smallest blade of grass to the tallest mountain, from the smallest ant to the tallesr elephants & giraffes, it is all fractal. All human bodies, irrespective of form or color are the same fractal! No man made construct can compare.
    When you see this, you’ll understand why nature & all of creation is sacred. It will simultaneously humble you & fill you with an inner joy & peace, because you’ll understand your own sacredness & divine energy – something that cannot be explained by any logic or science or anything in the material world. It can only be “known” through awakening.
    Thank you for reading. I wish you a most enjoyable trip in these areas of discovery of Self & Nature 🙂

    1. Hi Linda,

      A friendly fyi.​

      I was an early user of
      to separate paragraphs. As you are aware they are useful due to a quirk in the default formatting of this website which usually turns posts into heaps without paragraph breaks.

      Recently I discovered the website

      Right at the top of the website is a “zero-widthspace” button. All you need do is click it and your clipboard will contain a zero-widthspace which you can then paste as a substitute for the period (.) you have been using.

      One drawback is that it is difficult to be sure the paste happened (naturally, as it is invisible).

      Thought you might find it useful and less messy.

      1. Thanks Levi, it’s actually pretty useful, going to pass it on to a friend who is currently designing her web page

    2. Hey Linda,

      Cannot wait – thank you so much. Enjoy your journey.


  20. Hubert Manfred Reiter Avatar
    Hubert Manfred Reiter

    I, Hubert Reiter, originally from Austria, will promise to enjoy reading your musings for as long as you stick to your promises. Although I am a piss-poor pensioner and am unable to support you financially, I do love your mind and the products it produces. My own thoughts seem to fly along a very similar trajectory.
    Than you for all your wonderful efforts to make this world a better place.

    (Footscray Aged Care)

    1. You might be a pensioner, but your brain is still under 30. Go Hubert. (From another member of the Piss Poor Party.)

  21. Dear Caitlin, your promises inspire me so. They arrive in my inbox on the very day I contemplate how to create an income stream based on my communication of the truth as I perceive it in this now. Blessings and aloha and so much love to you, Victoria.

  22. Allow me to summarize: “I promise to make my decisions based human needs.”

    1. The highest interest should include your self interest, and vice versa.

      Have faith in the truth; if you deliver it, it may deliver you.

  23. And this is what we call “having a code of ethics.” Something so rare now that to actually see it in real life seems almost unreal.

    1. So what do you have ? then.

  24. Caitlin, what about your own Overton Window?

    1. We don’t have to obey the overton window.
      Freedom-of-intent is more powerful than indulging in self-aggrandisement.

  25. I sensed this since I first encountered your writing in New Dawn magazine. It’s why I looked you up and why I follow your blog. Original penetrative thinking and brilliant synthesis, all coming from the heart with integrity. Have been sharing your articles and name whenever I can… with much respect & gratitude. ❤︎

  26. Excellent! I now pronounce you married – congratulations

  27. Love, truth, and freedom always.

  28. Sounds very good! Only the first promise uses a false assumption: you write: “I promise to work in the highest interest, not my self interest.” This is not possible:
    We (as any other animal) always think and act in our own best self-interest: This was already seen by Ayn Rand, and proven and better understood by todays brain research; beginning with the tests by Benjamin Libet in 1980, which were more sophisticatedly repeated in about 2002 and 2010 by Max Planck Institute, Munic. We can’t by nature act and think otherwise as selfish: what we (our living system, here mainly nervous-system, but he whole) regard as the best for us. A conscious or “free” will or decision is an illusion. By the way, if we would have to decide by conscious thinking alone, we would probably never reach any solution, what to do by what criteria: what we think and do decides “the sum of our emotional experiences = our programming … whatever we call it”. What we decide is determined unconsciously a fraction of a second before our consciousness informed and thus “makes” the decision, at least has the impression… for my understanding there is no real, clear separation between consciousness and the rest of the system: that’s for me just a sens-making separation to work with. One real good expert in this subject is Prof. Dr. Gerhard Roth (Germany), aslo a friend of Benjamin Libet. If you want more information on this subject, I will be glad to distribute what I can, understand. Sincerely Nick (Nikolaus Wendel, 29229 Celle Germany)

    1. ‘always think and act in our own best self interest’
      Better tell that to the soldiers, Mothers, Fathers, friends, brothers, sisters, and complete strangers who have sacrificed their lives attempting to save others.
      Love acts WITHOUT thought, or premeditation.

      1. well said. Indeed, where would we be if it wasn’t for the love we have for each other. Many have sacrificed their lives , their living, for those less able. Where is the self-interest when a man dived into the raging sea to save a dog (not his) – a true story. I’m sorry Nickolaus, but you are wrong – even in the animal world their are many examples of animals doing the same. I the end when it comes down to life and death many choose death for the sake of others. Your German friends are wrong when they think like this and espouse this philosophy. With love, Robert

    2. Dear Nikolaus “This is not possible:” is a false premise preached by Materialists, who would have us believe that awareness is purely a function of bioChemistry. That grotesque presumption about the nature and capabilities of awareness leads to other absurdities, which are comprehensively debunked by Rupert Sheldrake in his seminal scientific treatise The Science Delusion.
      The ability to apprehend knowledge directly s unknown to Western thinkers because doing so has been demonised by the preceding monotheism (Christianity) to the extent that all terms referring to this ability of awareness are permitted only in fantasy fiction and “morality plays” like Faust.

      Your presumption that Caitlin is unaware of materialist dogma about biological functions is rather careless, the kind of error associated with belief, …which is a dangerous counterfeit of empirical knowledge.
      The topic of mastering awareness has been prohibited since Jehovah punished Adam for eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and later reinforced with ‘his’ commandment “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”.
      In contemporary English, the meaning of this biblical instruction to believers is “Murder all individuals who access higherAwareness”, an explicit self-contradiction of the famous “Thou shalt not kill”.
      If the connection is not immediately apparent, this commandment is the basis for the puritan USA “War on Drugs”.
      This prohibition makes sense in the context of the published description of the mud shadows, to whom the Toltec scientists of awareness attribute the beliefs which make mankind artificially stupid and cruel.
      The concept of mindParasites conflicts with the misleading materialist propaganda … that darkMatter (95% of the mass of spaceTime) is sterile and incapable of supporting sentient life forms.
      If you would like further clarification, i would be glad to assist. Sincerely, Peter Mann, founding professor of Applied Ontology.

    3. Ayn Rand was a clever idiot. A stupid person’s smart person.
      Benjamin Libet was the genuine article; a real smart person’s smart person; but did you know Libet himself did NOT take his results as evidence or proof humans have no capacity for freedom? You can check this is a couple of minutes on Google.
      The actual truth is neither human science nor philosophy know what human consciousness is nor how it arises. All that stuff you wrote about human’s being animals and acting only selfishly and having no real consciousness or freedom is simply your belief; the modern physicalist dogma; it’s not knowledge or truth.

  29. You set awesome standards for yourself, which encourages readers like me to strive to do likewise. Thank you again.

  30. The one about the Pulitzer was hilarious!

  31. Caitlin, I promise to hold you in the gold light of divine unconditional love while asking the Goddess to pave the way for you.
    And i’m also going to keep my earlier promise to you by interpreting your dream. My apologies for the delay & for intruding on this thread, but here it is –
    Your dream as you described it in your blog more than a month ago –
    “I had a weird dystopian dream recently where I was running away from these evil Agent Smith-type characters who looked just like normal people, so there was no way to recognize them; they could be an old man or a child or a librarian, or anyone.
    The only sign that allowed me to tell them apart from real people always came too late: if I ever talked about the dark forces I was fighting, at some point they would say the words “Well, what did you expect?”
    As in, what did you expect when you disobey us? What did you expect when you try to stand against our power? Did you think we wouldn’t come after you? Did you really think you could win?
    It was a really scary, trippy dream, & I’ve been thinking about it ever since.”
    INTERPRETATION – This dream is an important indicator that you’re reaching a critical mass of people with your message…enough to trigger Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs – the Agent Smith types.
    AI, that is controlling all darkness, has programs whose purpose is to discourage positive messages like yours to awaken people. The Agent Smith types in your dreams represent these AI programs.
    In reality, AI itself cannot harm you, but humans doing its bidding, possibly can.
    But when you see them in dreams, it indicates psychological warfare. You can counter it by sending them gold light, which is the highest color vibration of divine unconditional love. If you’re unable to do it during the dream, you can do it after waking up. They cannot handle nor understand the high frequency vibration of love, so will disapoear.
    Your post today is actually fitting for what I’m about to say next – It’s important for you to try & not feel ego in your conscious mind when you feel you’re making a difference – your post today already shows that this is your intent.
    The thought of beating the dark side must not gather energy because that alerts the AI. Remember, it is a Program. It has no actual Life (creative energy) to generate Life Force, it vampirically feeds off our Life Force as if Living Beings nourished by God/Source are batteries.
    Several yrs ago i had an dream experience, which i now think wasn’t really a dream, more an out of body experience bc I watched it all happen. I saw myself resting in bed one afternoon (i lay down just to rest but must have slipped into a very light dose, not sure bc when i came out of this experience it didn’t feel like i had slept at all).
    I saw a man dressed in a black suit (an Agent Smith) get out of an expensive looking car in front of my house. There was a young boy in the car, his son. The man took out a tripod & camera from his car trunk & walked up the hill to my house (my house is on a small hill so the entire front yard slopes down to the street). He walked up the sloping hill to my lower level window – of the room i was resting in. He set his tripod right outside the window & took many photos of me laying on my bed. I watched all this happen. After some time i heard his son call out to him & say, “Dad are you done? Can we leave?” The man answered him & packed up the tripod & camera, walked down to his car & drove away.
    So basically the dark side, which lives in fear, can become aware of threats in the form of high vibration humans. We humans are all high vibration solar beings of Light. When we are closely aligned with an inner “knowingness” of this truth of who we are, we begin to vibrate in our natural high frequency. This is when we become a threat to them. The best way to counter their fear is to send them love. If we slip into fear, then we’re on their turf, that’s when we engage on their terms & can lose. By staying in the high frequency of love, which is the opposite of fear, we can transcend the situation, rendering it harmless
    Hope this helps you a bit to understand what you’re dealing with 🙂
    The only other point i’d like to make is a suggestion for you, and everyone else reading this…is to breathe into your fears & pain. We all have fear & pain, we’ve been traumatized enough by the dark side for eons.
    But we still have to move past the victim/victimizer & control game scenarios of the lower astral planes & move toward our healing.
    Keep breathing into your pain & fear, the divine gold light of love. All pain, no matter what kind it is, is due to a perceived separation from Source. If we breathe love into that pain, then the feeling of separation from Source, which is the cause of all our suffering, disappears. We transcend into the high vibration of love, which brings us home safe.
    You’re very brave in doing what you do everyday. And, as I’ve said before, a beautiful soul, deeply connected to her purpose.

    Love & big hugs!

    1. Thank you Linda, I will definitely heed your advice. Love is the answer.

      1. Beautiful post Linda. Every word true and helpful. Thank you for sharing these profound and real helps on our Way.

  32. If you ever do win a Pulitzer, it will find you in a world brought about by the revolution in consciousness that you work for having reached a critical mass of minds. Rather than destroy it, maybe you could agree to accept it if you can pass it to someone equally deserving of recognition. It’s unlikely to happen soon enough for you to pass it over to Mr. Assange, but maybe someone else will come along. We might get lucky – we could use it – maybe we even deserve it. Thanks.

  33. Thank you Caitlin for always giving the best you have, you’re a precious gift to those willing to accept it.

    I’m choking up, since pouring your heart out makes me long for how it used to be, fighting together for peace and justice, not fighting against each other for peace and justice. I long for January or even February, even as a Canadian who flat out refuses to embrace winter months. Back then (seems like eons ago) we weren’t debating whether small particles can pass through a mask or who was the actual conspiracy theorist.

    I long for peace and understanding for us all; equally or maybe more so within myself. As one that keeps repeating the mantra of not wanting to be complicit in the divide and rule, I am indeed complicit by not seeing eye to eye with those I once felt so closely connected to. Believing with all my being, there is a dangerous war on humanity, this is the most polarized I could never have imagined/expected within my support system, (that is everyone I put my faith in, including you Caitlin).

    May we never lose sight of the real enemy and may we come together to fight that enemy, once again.

    Love you and Tim, keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. Not everyone I put my faith in, way too many though.

  34. I like your commitment.

  35. Yeah, we all know; Isn’t interesting that the Russian fleet parked itself right outside of Syria? This pretty much can only mean one of two things; either Putin is the Son of God, or the fleet is there to pick up evergreen trees that grow so well in the Syrian Desert, so that they’ll arrive in Moscow, before Christmas.

  36. And in return Caitlin, and though of small account in this wider world that I am, I promise as best I can to do likewise.


  37. Thank you Caitlin.
    Barry Long’s clarity speaks volumes, even as it messes with our comfort zone:

    1. If anyone wants to see what privilege looks like, click on the barrylong link. There you can be told that if you are unhappy, it is your own damned fault. It’s as if Bobby McFerrin was a blogger and telling you, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Just smile and all that nasty stuff in your life will turn into multi-colored, unicorn rainbow farts. Can’t pay the rent; smile. Can’t feed your kids; smile. Dying of cancer; smile. A foreign country is bombing your small country in oblivion; smile. You have no right to your misery.

  38. I knew that all along.
    Caitlin is a lady and a scholar, and she speaks the truth. Love reading her articles.

  39. I promise to keep supporting you as long as I am able. You rock sister!!

  40. Please promise to release relax and enjoy especially your life.

  41. I promise to keep disseminating those of your posts which seem to me particularly relevant / useful / exciting / urgent.

    I promise to keep reading you – thoughtfully, and often enough to make sure I too stay alert and aware.

    I promise that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will continue to be an inspiration to me, encouraging my own clear thinking and authenticity; empowering me to find my own courage to speak up.

  42. Bless you Ms. Johnstone – and keep doing what you’re doing. I coukd never ask you for more or less. You sound like you may have Mission-Jacked Pacifica radio –
    https://www.kpfk.org/blogs/info-about-kpfk-and-pacifica/post/pacifica-mission-statement/ – though in your own, entirely original, words…

    Don’t worry…the use their mission so infrequently these days – that they’ll probably never even notice that it’s gone… Like if you stole Dick Cheney’s heart or soul, or something…

    If you’re interested in investimg a bit of time – today was “Science Day” on the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth’s ( AE911Truth.org )3 day broadcast, in memoriam of an event, that most people never really understood properly, to begin with – called “Justice Rising” https://youtu.be/gZu6j5XtbsY . It is worth the time investment to see some of those panels – Professors David Ray Griffin, Stephen Jones, and Niels Meltzer (I hope I didn’t butcher his name – he’s new to.me – but very good) hosted by Richard Gage AIA. Use your FFW button if you need to… Sorry to keep dropping homework in your lap… If/when you have time… But these guys are awesome.

    Any way… I’m super proud of you, and all you do – and not just because we may be distantly related by Clan.

    Over at Globalresearch.ca Professor Michel Chossoudovsky had a few chouce posts on the anniversary, along with several more on the current hot topic… As I recently suggested – you shpuld let them know about you republishing policy… They should be subscribed here, and you there – even if you only skim the headlines much if the time… Their a good source and curator.

    Thanks for being you – and diing what you do.

    1. Another WorldView Is Possible Avatar
      Another WorldView Is Possible

      So many typos… Ugh…

  43. Rest In Power Kevin Zeese. Memorial Sept 19th 3 pm EST. He was a friend and published you Caitlin at Popular Resistance. Rest In Power. Keep On ….

  44. Now how do we get you into the highest government office?

    And isn’t it pitiful and horrible that that idea sounds so strange and ridiculously impossible?

    Instead we get Presidents and a Congress and Courts who care about nothing but self-interest and that of the giant corps.

    How do we get out of such a mess without going through Hell first? Public education, I guess, just what you’re trying to produce.

    Best of luck to you and to us all!

    1. Yes, Tom, although I doubt that Caitlin desires to hold any public office, which is a special calling. What Caitlin has given us in this set of sacred vows, however, is a blueprint for the revolution/evolution we so desperately long for and need. As more and more people embrace the values and shoulder the responsibilities that Caitlin has chosen for herself (and for us), the world will begin to change, become better and more beautiful. Until this personal transformation reaches a critical mass, the world may continue to fall apart, but nothing new and lasting can be born.

      1. As a great mentor once said.. “Crisis precedes transformation” and “Problems are evolutionary drivers” Thanks Caitlin for the gorgeous new template for ethical journalism .. love it

    2. It would have to be an Australia High Government Office.
      Which means the answer is … find Rupert Murdoch’s phone number. What he says goes.
      Oh, and get permission from the Queen of England. As in recent history we know the Crown can remove people they don’t like.

    3. To hell with government office, where good people go to be corrupted. How do we get her appointed as the editor of the NY Times?

  45. I promise too Caity. We Keep Onward…

  46. We are in accord. I call living by these standards “doing what needs to be done”.

  47. I promise to continue supporting you because of your honesty and integrity and your implacable desire to expand the consciousness of this world as well as your own.

  48. If you keep even one of those promises, I promise to keep being a patron.

  49. You’ve always had my upmost respect.

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