Humanity will continue along its self-destructive trajectory until the masses use the power of their numbers to force real change. Humanity will not use the power of its numbers to force real change as long as it’s being successfully propagandized not to do so. The oligarchic propaganda machine is therefore the primary barrier to our transition from our self-destructive patterns into a healthy collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem.

So throw sand in the gears of the machine. If enough of us throw enough sand, we can cause the whole thing to break down.

Kill public trust in the mass media by exposing their lies at every opportunity, from whatever platform you can gain access to. Anywhere you can find an audience, whether it’s an audience of one or ten thousand, kill public trust in the establishment propaganda engine.

Amplify solid voices, arguments, narratives and facts that those in power don’t want amplified. Wherever you see something healthy that makes them squirm, give your energy to it and help it get as much traction as possible.

Make them uncomfortable. Push the powerful until they’re forced to push back, exposing themselves. Get the machine to overextend itself into the light where it can be seen by everyone. Create movement, and when that movement opens up gaps in the matrix, do everything you can to shove as much truth as possible through those gaps.

Improvise. Move, pivot and circle with the ever-shifting narrative matrix in real time. Don’t attack in the same place for too long. When the narrative managers start pouring their energy into protecting a given story, move to another location like a boxer who strikes the body to get the opponent to drop their hands, leaving them open to a knockout blow.

Find weak points in the armor of the machine, and focus your firepower there. If there’s a narrative the propagandists are guarding against especially aggressively and effectively, don’t waste your energy bashing your head against it. All you have to do is wake the public up to the fact that the plutocratic media are not trustworthy; it doesn’t matter which of their lies you expose to do that, so just grab what’s available.

Be creative. Propagandists are motivated by base desires like power, money and esteem, so they have no access to their own creative depths like we do. They have no inspiration, and people will naturally find them far less interesting than those who do. The more we can force the battle to be contested on this ground, the more wins we’ll rack up.

Be funny. Humor always works best when it’s punching up and exposing the powerful, not opposing change and protecting power. This is why narrative managers are not funny. We are. Use that.

Always be attacking. Don’t wait for the establishment to do something gross and then react defensively to its offensive maneuvers, proactively attack it and put the bastards on the back foot. Constantly seek out things to mock, criticize, highlight and remind people of that the manipulators want unseen. The more you can force them to play defense the less energy they’ll have to attack, and the more openings they’ll leave as they try to get you off of them.

Make a constant study of how they fool people, so you can draw people’s attention to how they’re being fooled. Make a constant study of how you fool yourself, so you can understand how psychological manipulation really works.

Keep working on yourself. The more psychologically healthy and lucid you are, the more useful you are in this fight. The more inner spaciousness you have, the more creativity and spontaneity you’ll have to fight the manipulators in a free-form improvisational way. The more lucid you are, the more clearly you can see the machine.

Keep fighting. Don’t stop. Why would you stop? We either win this fight or resign ourselves to extinction/dystopia (whichever comes first). Fight like any other organism whose life is being threatened by any other predator. If you need to lay down and give up, lay down and give up. Then once you’ve felt the ground beneath you and how there’s nowhere to fall, get back up and keep fighting.

We have so very, very much untapped potential, and there is so very, very much going on that we do not yet understand. Despair is an irrational position on a battlefield of unknown surprises with an army of unknown power. Keep fighting, and watch and see.

Humanity will either awaken from its propaganda-induced trance or it won’t. When you have a loved one who won’t leave an abusive relationship, all you can do is show them what you’re seeing as tactfully as possible and then give them the freedom to find their own way out. When you have a species that is being pushed along a self-destructive trajectory by plutocratic propaganda built in service of plutocratic agendas, all you can do is show them they’re being lied to and give them the opportunity to transcend the lies.

Keep fighting, keep pushing, and watch and see. We absolutely have the freedom to pass this test. Whether we pass it or not remains to be seen. All we can do is keep throwing sand in the gears.


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73 responses to “Throw Sand In The Gears Of The Machine”

  1. Get the machine to overextend itself…
    …it has no inspiration…
    … use humor…
    Like this? It’s a clip from Star Trek, where Kirk confuses their robot captors until smoke comes out Norman’s ears. “I am not programmed to respond in that area.” Lol…. Now I have to tell the comment software I’m not a robot before I post this. 🙂

  2. “Throw Sand in the Gears of the Machine”
    Good title.
    Not long ago there was a short powerful video by ClassWarFilms with a similar title: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine”.


  3. “Perhaps the most heretical is to recognize what we label “prosperity” as increasingly meaningless rituals.”

    “This is the most dangerous heresy because it breaks the link between consumption–the core activity of our economy–and human happiness.”

    “So the game is playing on the TV but nobody’s watching. The news is playing on another TV, but nobody’s watching that, either. A disembodied stock market pundit declares a new Bull market but nobody’s listening. The social media feed is scrolling by in a mad fury on a smartphone but nobody’s clicking on any of it. It’s all pointless, hollow, tiresome, for the completion of the ritual is no longer enough.”

  4. Either you are [ ] part of the solution or you are [ ] part of the problem.

    (check appropriate box)

    for those that are confused,…and think they might be part of the solution,…

    Stating you “didn’t do anything” to create the problem(s) we all are expereincing globally,…that is a lie.

    You stood by and watched…and did nothing except to say you didn’t do anything.

    Just so you know,…that is being part of the problem.

  5. I have a plan of action to provoke, expose that works by exploiting their weakness……but no one is interested in even discussing it.

    Have to try and locate and indigenous group nearby

  6. “Push the powerful until they’re forced to push back, exposing themselves.” If they exposed themselves anymore they would be loading people on trains. The evils of the Psychopaths In Charge are plain to see, for anyone willing to look. Unfortunately, the majority of us are locked into the paradigm we were experiencing a year ago, and what we now call “normal”. No, it was not optimal, but it was comfortable, for many. That same majority is prepared to do practically anything to return to that “normal”. Including going along with whatever psyop is in play.

  7. Voting Trump, is an effective act of defiance, and he’s the closest facsimile to an anti-war, anti Deep State candidate.

    The MSM simply despises the guy.

    1. On Nov. 30, 2020 we hope to launch our mega-network of like minded individuals, organizations, and networks which will be a platform for collaboration on any level, for disseminating relevant information to the greater public, for world-wide organizing, and to be a force for good. We are setting it up to grow quickly to millions to billions. To be truly effective it needs to be that large. We are on it. We have 5 international professional teams working together on this. Having started earnestly in March, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s looking good.

      I am waiting for you Caitlin to comment on this and to help us publicize this before the launch, if it resonates with you. Please feel free to contact me if you need further clarity.

      1. Do you need further clarity, Caitlin?

  8. Ms Johnstone, throwing sand into the machine can become very dangerous. ” The Machine ” has no reason to allow you to keep living if you make the gears stop. One should always measure what my come as a result of their ” messing with the machine “. Tread Carefully!!

    1. Your cowardice is showing.

  9. Transform Through Freedom Avatar
    Transform Through Freedom

    Governments have declared war on their own people using an exaggerated health pandemic as a Trojan horse to impose tyranny.
    When governments become totalitarian, dictatorial, fascist,
    All politicians have to be branded ‘criminal’.
    Human societies around the world this year, have been suffering tremendously, paralyzed by absolute terror and fear,
    Because behavior psychologists working with fascist governments have created a very schizophrenic situation by changing citizens’ behavior through NLP behavior modification, dividing people by playing them against each other, forcibly destroying lives, creating utter confusion, panic and fear.
    Governments and psychologists must be all held legally responsible for all the harm, the psychological damage, and the deaths that this highly unethical behavioral modification is causing to millions of people around the world, in what are supposed to be democratic, advanced and free nations!
    There should be hundreds of cases against these governments, politicians and psychologists in all the courts of the world.
    The U.N., E.U., W.E.F., W.H.O., I.M.F., World Bank, Reserve Banks, Corporations, Intelligence Agencies, Governments, Oligarchs, they should all be very worried and afraid of the legal consequences akin to the Nuremberg trials for “crimes against humanity” that they will be facing for creating and supporting this Marxist revolution and illegal coup against democracy and all the people of the world?
    Politicians have finally failed! Why?
    Revolutions in the past have always been of the head.
    That’s why they have failed.
    Can’t you see, all those revolutions have failed?
    French or Russian or Chinese.
    Now we have a Global Marxist failed revolution in process.
    Why have all revolutions been a failure?
    The reason, the deepest reason, is because there was no heart.
    They were only from the head, they lived on logic.
    And life is illogical.
    Marx is logical, life is not logical.
    Marx is bound to fail, the failure is intrinsic in the very choice.
    A new vision of freedom, truth and respect is needed in the world, a new vision which will be as scientifically honest as possible and consciously intelligent.
    The masses who are already fully hypnotized by society, by the government need to de-hypnotize themselves.
    De-hypnotize from the governments constant programming from birth to death, from so-called education and state propaganda through controlled media and press.
    Also to obtain complete freedom from all government intelligence agencies and their ongoing around the clock surveillance, illegally monitoring every word, reaction and move.
    The government is constantly trying to keep you so propagandized, so totally hypnotized that you never become aware of the great slavery that you are living in.
    They do not give you any time to see the truth.
    They keep you confused, afraid and obedient, constantly engaged in one narrative or another.
    Before one lie is discovered they create ten more.
    They keep new lies ready so there is never a gap, never an interval left between overlapping narratives, because in that gap you will be able to see and recognize the full enslavement of your own life, and the utter madness of your governments sociopathic misrule.
    But once you have seen through their lies and propaganda, you cannot remain part of it anymore.
    You have seen that the house is on fire.
    You will have to jump out of it!
    Your eyes will no longer remain clouded, you will no longer remain a programmable slave.
    You will be able to see that which is, because your mind is now free of all lies, propaganda and suggestion.
    You can finally see the truth.
    But there are always foolish people who are ready to become new victims of the politicians words, clever, fine words and all their bogus narratives.
    All their systems made of words are nothing but houses made out of playing cards.
    George Bernard Shaw used to say: Build a system that even a fool can use and only a fool will want to use it.
    Fools are many and they can be exploited by these clever, criminal, cunning people.
    Politicians are sociopathic, criminal, and very cunning people.
    They are experts at using fine words with such skill that you cannot see their lies in the loopholes.
    Because you can’t see the loopholes you start believing in their words.
    Belief as such is a bondage!
    Freedom, intelligence and truth are possible only if you are totally fearless.
    Remember, if you are afraid you cannot be awake.
    You will always be kept afraid by politicians who are fully exploiting this fear.
    The fear of the government is nothing but the fear of violence, the government can kill more powerfully than anybody else.
    The fear of the police because they can kill you, they can shoot you.
    What is the fear of the magistrate and the law?
    Because the magistrate has the power to send you to prison and they can even give you a life sentence.
    The entire consciousness of the individual is surrounded by, and is made of fear.
    It is always present on some surface of the mind.
    This fear, whatever be the form of its manifestation, is basically the fear of death.
    Death surrounds all through life.
    It can come at any moment and from any direction.
    From this death, which is possible at any time, fear is only natural.
    Fear is the shadow of death, and unless you know that you are deathless you cannot be free of fear.
    And unless you are free from fear you will not know what freedom is.
    All these things are interconnected.
    Meditation is the state of awareness, having your eyes fully open, only then you are capable of seeing.
    You can simply see what is right and what is wrong.
    And when you see what is right and what is wrong you can’t do the wrong, you can’t go against the right.
    A meditator naturally follows that which is right.
    When you live in your truth, when truth is your very breath, then goodness follows as a shadow.
    Then arises a revolution, the real revolution which can fully transform through freedom, truth and love each individual on the planet.

    1. ‘Life is illogical’
      Life is neither illogical or logical. It simply IS.
      Life is the animating energy that courses through each living body.
      Logic is about putting first things first.
      First comes Life, then Love, then Truth.
      Religion, philosophy and politics are merely ideas. They have no Life.
      Humanity has put ideas and materialism first.
      It’s been all downhill since.
      When we put Life, Love and Truth first, the right action follows. Naturally.

      1. Excellent !!!!!This is what a self actualized human being sounds like.

        Thank you for your beingness.

        We are not a human being having a spirital experinece. We are a spiritual being having a human experince.

    2. “Governments and psychologists must be all held legally responsible”. Exactly how is that to be done when the criminals you indict are the very psychopaths that created the legal system? You cannot rely on “law”, which is nothing more than the preferences of psychopaths enforced by lesser psychopaths. Throughout the 20th century, populations of varying definitions were summarily executed, by authority of “law”.

    3. Caitlin
      Fucking oath!
      It’s all most of us can do.
      Keep it up!

    4. Dude, with respect, get yourself a blog … it’s not difficult. You can even include images …

  10. Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds’ Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else
    “The final tally was 169 to 2, with only Israel and the United States voting against. Both governments apparently viewed the U.N. resolution as problematical because they fully support the unilateral economic warfare that they have been waging…..”

    1. I mean REALLY! Is this who Australia supports? Fascism?

  11. Yes ma’am,
    That’s the idea.

  12. “Kill public trust in the mass media by exposing their lies at every opportunity.” Two thumbs up on that.

    This happened 15 miles from me last night.

    I have a reference to a local article on my website.

  13. “So throw sand in the gears of the machine. If enough of us throw enough sand, we can cause the whole thing to break down.”
    Nice editorial Caitlin! The comment above needs a little “imagination” of what power we-the-people can do (united), and, already posses. Ring your local MP and abuse them for allowing CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANKS AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES (CIA, M15, ETC) TO DICTATE AUSTRALIAN POLICY, TELL THEM THUMBS DOWN FOR NEXT ELECTION ARE THE CONSEQUENCES< AND REFUSE TO VOTE!
    Here is more
    "Massive FinCEN Leak Exposes How Biggest Western Banks Finance Drug Cartels, Terrorists & Mobsters"
    "Mother fined $1,652 for breaking Melbourne's COVID-19 restrictions screams as she's tackled to the ground"
    “On at least 3 or 4 occasions in the past week we’ve had to smash the windows of people in cars and pull them out of there so they could provide their details – because they weren’t telling us where they were going; they weren’t adhering to the chief health officer’s guidelines, they weren’t providing their name and their address.”

  14. I can think of something far more powerful. Expend no energy, simply walk away. Stop watching TV, stop reading MSM, stop buying products of companies that support the systrm, stop putting your 401K in the stock market, stop accumulating debt, stop all social media. The capitalist machine cannot continue if we all just stop consuming beyond what is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately they also want two thirds of us to just drop dead. Plan, Prepare, Protect. Be one of the survivors not one of the statistics.

    1. Boycotting is the way to go. Corporate news would change overnight if enough people stopped tuning in. But the corporate news has been honed to a fine point over decades of trial and error, and by now they know just how to keep many people addicted to watching. It would be very difficult to organize a boycott of corporate news, but if it could be done effectively, say 30% reduction in viewership, you would get a shift in behavior on the media’s part. If you could get it to 60%, they would panic, and content would shift further.

      As long as the corporate/military messaging machine keeps rolling, the rest of The Blob can keep momentum going in their favor. I just don’t see any practical way to get enough people to stop watching the entertainment/propaganda that comes out of their TV. I sure hope we can figure out how, because we are headed toward even darker times if we can’t.

    2. As more and more people have been waking up and opting out, the truth is being revealed: We’re not allowed to opt out.

      That’s what’s so evil about the plandemic and other coercive measures. At least, more and more people are waking up to what we’re up against.

      The FIRE\minimalism movement is one way to hack the system. In aggregate, it can have a huge impact. Maybe it’s too good and we’re not allowed to do that anymore?

  15. Jim Garrison’s life and career was ruined by his investigation into the JFK assassination. When later asked if it was worth that pain, he replied: “I made them dance. It was worth it to see them dance.”

  16. “We have so very, very much untapped potential, and there is so very, very much going on that we do not yet understand. Despair is an irrational position on a battlefield of unknown surprises with an army of unknown power. Keep fighting, and watch and see.”
    Even sadder than all the nonsense that people are being subjected to these days in so many forms is the fact that despair is slowly crawling over the lands and settling deeply into people’s minds and souls. If this process is allowed to come to completion, it will truly be Game Over. The hidden spark of creativity and desire to be free shall still exist way deep inside humans, but it will be so deeply buried beneath the heavy hand of strong-armed tactics and ruthless conformity and clueless peer pressure not to stray off the approved farm that it almost won’t matter.
    People are voluntarily handing over their lives to those who actively seek to do them in. It’s the worst kind of self-denial and self-dehumanization that could happen. It’s one thing to be forcibly thrown into a prison kicking and screaming without your consent. It’s quite another to allow yourself to be convinced to enter that prison with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step and with your face cloth hiding your countenance from the World and from your own reflection. We’re getting to the point where Divine Intervention might be our only way out. And there’s no guarantee that The Divine has any interest in getting directly involved. It might be that this is what the whole Life Experiment is all about. We either save ourselves, or we erase ourselves. And then it’s on to somebody else’s game for somebody else somewhere else.

    1. Um Roundball….roundball shaman…..hey – ain’t all balls round?
      For sure.
      If we are waiting for divine intervention, then let me just say to you first….good bye to you and all my friends and all of your friends as well. Myself, I’m not waiting on that, and if you are, see you later in the after life you shaman you.
      The rest us will pick up the pieces and accomplish the amazing things that we know can be accomplished….even if it is all just now in our imagination.
      Imagine that you shaman.

  17. Human beings are still evolving. Many have already evolved past the stage of being controlled by their thinking minds. those people are beyond the reach of the, let’s call it the “corporate zone”. The corporate zone is comprised of people who are totally controlled, in the grip of their minds. They don’t really have free will. They don’t know that of course, just as the vast majority of human beings are unaware that they are occupied 24/7seven, by their thinking minds.

    Fish moved to land out of dire necessity. While things are difficult on earth at the moment, they will need to even get much worse before many humans are able or are willing to wake up. To their true identity

    As long as we think in terms of, how can we get “them”, we are still divided within ourselves, and even if we succeeded, we would simply duplicate what we’re replacing (With yet another “us and them“). That happened with the Revolution in Russia, and much more recently with the ANC in South Africa.

    If we fight the corporate zone, then we were in it ourselves, we’re admitting the validity of it.

    But the corporate zone is not valid, it’s a construct of the thinking mind which is aligned with the ego and the ego thrives on “us and them,” on drama, and conflict and war.

    The ultimate act of resistance is Joy. Who can resist that? Our strongest tools are joy, dancing, laughter,. That’s our birthright. And the corporate zone is totally devoid of these things. If the Revolution is one of Joy, it will be irresistible, and what a trip!☺️

    1. Yo Jerry.
      Thanks for all your wisdom and you are correct, who can resist Joy?
      Even if you could resist joy, begs the question, why would you?
      Joy should be free for everybody and I think it is already and that is what is so great about the future because the future is going to be filled with joy…….can’t you feel it coming?

      1. Thanks buffalo_Ken,
        But I don’t think we have to wait for it. It doesn’t have to be in the future, because we have it now. It’s here now. Let’s lap it up, and spread it around!

  18. I wish to make you aware that we have 6 months invested in creating a gigantic digital network of like minded individuals, organizations, and networks, designed for millions to billions, for the purpose of collaboration, disseminating information, and organizing. We have 5 international teams of professionals working together to make this feasible by Nov. 30, 2020, which is our hopeful date to launch.
    We don’t wish to control or be an “authority”, only to manage for functionality such that all will be equally empowered, to begin the unification of the 99% digitally. This will make organizing on a world-wide scale possible. We never wish to impose anything, but we wish to suggest the idea of horizontal self-governing/organizing which is virtually incorruptible (
    In this way the regenerative and just world that we all long for can unfold systemically, organically, autonomously, and collaboratively.
    It would be great if you could send us a video of half a minute or more or a written statement endorsing our work once you are certain of the integrity and validity of this.
    Abrazo, Tom Osher, founder of Chambalabamba Eco-Community in Ecuador (

    1. How much can I earn “managing functionality”, Tom? I’m currently unemployed and can be had for practically nothing … I’d be easily satisfied for pennies per million. thanks.

  19. Ken, I’ve been recently spending a lot of time reading works from the 19th and early 20th centuries, the period before the two world wars. The books are filled with hope, courage, possibility, etc.–daring, soaring visions of what humanity could be and seemed about to become. I read these authors and my spirit is lifted, if only temporarily, out of the dystopian mire in which we sunk and remain stuck, once we lost all reason and decency and repeatedly slaughtered each other by the millions. I’m not sure that anyone has truly plumbed the depths of what happened to the human spirit as a consequence of these back-to-back world wars.

    1. This was supposed to be in response to Ken’s comment below:

      BUFFALO_KEN / SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
      Yep Newton Finn.
      So much has already been learned, so why do we constantly have to learn it again? I have no idea, but I do know that we are not alone.

    2. Hey Newton Finn, do you remember my first comment to you on this blog? I do and speaks directly to what you are expressing.
      Peace Newton
      I consider us friends.
      By the way…….I AM not a robot, ok now……let me try to prove it……ha, ha.

    3. And let me say again, since I’ve said it so many times and it must (?) resonate for some….
      Kropotkin was an incredible Russian genius. One of many, and that is why all should respect that country. Consider Mendeleev if you have a freaking clue. There are so many others.
      But the United Kingdom is false is so many ways and just as they have separated themselves from the so-called “EU”, so should the individual members of the UK break away. Ireland, which look at the effing map, is an island that ought to be autonomous should go first and then Scotland if they can unravel from all their hubris. Wales is a lost case and Australia as well as New Zealand should realize (DUH) that China could benefit them way more than the US. Ha, ha.
      See where I’m going with this.

  20. Dear Caitlin,

    Much as most of what you say resonates with me, I can’t help but feel a DISCONNECT in you vs. a guy like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, whose newsletter I also get and who 1. incorporates many contributors into his newsletters (including you, whom like to think I intro’d him to), and 2. has actually responded to a few of my comments.
    Meanwhile you are pretty much a One-Person Soapbox Stander who strangely seems to prefer debating your detractors rather than validating your supporters who sometimes have positive things to contribute (like the poem I wrote/the heartbreaking photo that inspired it of the starving Yemeni child that would have really brought the human side of that conflict home, or the link between Gary Webb and Julian Assange that shows just how far-reaching media censorship has become).
    While I would never presume to tell you what to write, it would be nice to get some feedback (be it a personal note, a guest contributor appearance in one of your posts, or some influence in one of your posts) from time to time–so I don’t feel like I’m pissing in the wind, that you’re not as inaccessible as the public figures that are ruining our world, or that you think you’re fighting this battle alone (ways I certainly don’t want to feel toward someone whose work I respect).


    S.A. Hogan, horror/thriller author

    1. I, Caitlin Johnstone, am “a One-Person Soapbox Stander” for being the person who posts on CaitlinJohnstone dot com? That’s silly. Just get a blog. It’s free and very easy.

  21. Moral Hazard Revisited

    If Bernie Sanders was the President
    then the Supreme Court “disaster” would not be happening.
    If the DNC were not so corrupt Bernie Sanders would be President.

    Misguided Democrats, including the likes of AOC, are supporting the current corrupt choice of the DNC.
    They deserve what they have supported – a Supreme Court “disaster”.

  22. Once again your writing is a main source of validation for the thinking that I’m all alone in. Your first paragraph nails my predominate belief/experience. Thanks for being!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You are not alone. There are many who feel as you do, including myself. Never let the collaborators isolate you. Dump “friends” who support the empire. They are either fools or complicit. Keep your mind on the truth and eschew anything coming from the corporate stenographers in the mainstream media. There is a reason it is called “mainstream”. Hang in there!

  23. “We have so very, very much untapped potential, and there is so very, very much going on that we do not yet understand. Despair is an irrational position on a battlefield of unknown surprises with an army of unknown power. Keep fighting, and watch and see.” How often has Caitlin told us this? In how many different ways? Yet how many of the comments following her posts continue to express futility, fatalism, defeatism, “it’s too late-ism,” “it’s all over-ism,” “we’re already dead-ism,” and other forms of what Caitlin aptly calls the “irrational position of despair” in a battlefield–indeed, a world–filled with possibilities and potential? The Great Disruption has come. The neoliberal world order has been knocked on its ass and is desperately scrambling to regain its feet. So now is the time, as Caitlin urges us, to go on the offensive, RELENTLESSLY, against the bastards and for people and planet.

  24. My last post didn’t post. I hope it shows up later.
    It had to do with fiat currency and how quick that house of cards could come down.
    If this don’t post, then I’ll know what to do because, believe it or not, I’ve been through this sort of thing already.
    Peace is easy.

  25. beware of rovian (? countertactics: as mentioned, they are not very creative, often they pry out your best reasoning and rhetoric, just to use it against you later or somebody else. they have the money, the time and personnel. hasbara and troll-farms are real.

  26. Have you viewed the Netflix docu/drama “The Social Dilemma”? Things in Big Tech social media are worse than we think.

  27. These are outstanding suggestions and much needed. A theme of my latest writing and posts has been that before positive change is going to happen the mainstream media “swamp” is going to have to be drained. These are the gate-keepers of the news, who have abdicated their vital role of being watchdogs of those with absolute power.

    I actually wrote a story that shows the power of these “gatekeepers” as it involves what stories of freelance writers they choose to publish (or in my case NOT publish). I thought I had an important story on a very early case of COVID that I was sure most publications would want to run. I thought wrong. My struggles to get one story published led to my follow-up story, chronicling the response my initial story received. This story also provides evidence that “public health officials” aren’t really interested in discovering any truths that go against “the narrative.”

  28. The part of the life-support-and-blood-collection-machine that is Google Blogger has become increasingly dysfunctional for me in the past week, in “Silicon Hills”, Austin, Texas.
    Is it just that too much data is being pushed through decrepit infrastructure? Is this a new AI-managed form of more subtle internet censorship, to keep pawns from joining together to cooperate in the advancement of pawn-interests?
    Today’s trick is that the whole blog runs together, no matter what I try to change in Blogger.
    It’s there if you are patient and methodical.
    The biggest point might be not to call “herd-immunity” until everybody is taking vitamin-D going into winter, to support normal immune system function.
    Huh? I never even heard about that…

  29. The elites have already gutted the machine that provides for our needs.
    That’s what’s left to throw sand into the gears of.
    There are problems with that. There are fewer and fewer actual skilled workers, minimally paid, maximally pressured, upon whom our strange and destructive life-support-and-blood-collection apparatus relies.
    Charles Hugh Smith has the story:
    Yea for our wunnerful market capitalism … but oops, this isn’t what actually happens in our economy. What actually happens is less of a happy story. As correspondent A.P. explained in Our Wile E. Coyote Economy: Nothing But Financial Engineering (June 12, 2020), the real money in the American economy isn’t made by increasing production of goods and services or making better quality products; it’s made with debt that funds financial trickery like stock buy-backs.

    The “business” is just the facade used to justify the corporate bonds, loans, stock buy-backs, etc. Corporate America has perfected this game, and so have Wall Street and SillyCon Valley, which produces one money-losing unicorn after another that IPOs for tens of billions of dollars, all based on the pixie dust of future profits and valuations.

    Production is for losers. Financial engineering is for winners. Simply put, capital has no interest in gambling on building factories and training employees. Not only is that risky, it’s a low margin endeavor, which makes it of zero interest to capital.

    How many billionaires have been minted in America in the past 20 years for building anything? Billionaires become billionaires by either hijacking the human mind’s receptors for attention and addiction or by selling corporate bonds and leveraging the debt to skim billions of dollars.

    Not only is capital not available to boost production, neither is the expertise or labor. A great many of the people with the hands-on experience needed to build stuff and manage complex production processes have retired or will soon retire, and there isn’t a second team ready to take the field.

    1. John Day, uhhh, Elon Musk?
      Teslas, Space shuttles, drilling machines, etc.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Elon Musk is a pig. He threatened the State of California that he would move his factory to another state if California didn’t let him force his workers to come to work during the pandemic, which pandemic is still going on, by the way. He is an opportunist and anti-worker asshole.

        1. Carolyn, I was answering John Day’s question: “How many billionaires have been minted in America in the past 20 years for building anything? “
          I was not addressing his value system.

    2. The post I tried to post before when in this spot.
      Statues who are puppets of bankers get on my nerves.
      That was the essence of the post that did not post.

  30. Do you all know about Mario Savio:
    He said basically the same thing in 1964. Here I will quote it (from the link above):
    There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels … upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! [10]

    1. Actually, Thoreau said basically the same thing in his great essay, “Civil Disobedience.” “If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go; perchance it will wear smooth – certainly the machine will wear out. If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil; but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine.” How quickly we forget or ignore the past, even the greatest and most courageous thinkers upon whose shoulders we stand.

      1. Yep Newton Finn.
        So much has already been learned, so why do we constantly have to learn it again? I have no idea, but I do know that we are not alone.

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          “We” don’t have to learn it again. Not if “we” really learned it the first time.

          1. Ms. Carolyn, if I may call you that, I’m imagining you just now in front of my face and let me say to you personally you most beautiful sweet little baby doll in my mind:
            I AGREE!
            Learning is where it is at baby.

          2. Each new generation must learn it fresh for it to continue otherwise it is slowly lost. Those who fail to read history and learn from it are doomed to repeat it.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Yes, I first heard this speech the year he made it, while I was in high school, and it started me on the road to resistance.

      1. Hey, maybe sometime in the future you can tell us all about this experience because I think that sort of thing matters.
        So, this is going to be my second vow at this site, and unlike the author, I don’t make vows lightly, but if push comes to shove, I’ll put my body into the machinery if that will stop the machinations. Gears and levers that accomplish nothing for the betterment of humanity is against the whole concept of commonweal if you have a clue about that.
        If you know nothing about commonweal, then my suggestion is……….oh forget it, I have no suggestion, but if you don’t know about commonweal, or even simply, if that word is new to you, then makes me wonder what ideas are being perpetuated and in whose interest is this?
        The idea of “commonweal” is simply the general welfare of all. Alright, so the time has come to get into some of the details of what Kropotkin espoused……do you know? Well, he felt as if there was so much, that it was enough for everyone. Problem was in his time especially there were some who felt they deserved more that everyone else. Huh…maybe not much has changed. I refer to the ones who have so much as the “few” who have no clue about what is fixing to happen. Kropotkin would have espoused that they don’t deserve all that they have and they should share with others and I agree. Wait and see if you thing this is imaginary. Time will tell and I’ll take that to my grave.

    3. Yes! Thanks for that quote. I remember it well, because the audio clip was in the opening of Cindy Sheehan’s podcast years ago.

  31. The thing about being proactive is that is when the bastards reimagine (image) as leaders of the opposition against themselves, and thus, they again find themselves as our masters. This phenomenon of the powerful always being able to remanifest themselves is why it is so important that each individual find, and know that their god resides in them and not elsewhere. With out that knowledge and the responsibilities that go with it, we will always be slaves to our masters, and not to god.

  32. The key is what money is : Item of a fixed amount, or next to it.
    It used to be Gold but it will be Bitcoin.

    1. Bitcoin is the cyber version of a pyramid scheme, nothing more

    2. Have you seen what’s happened to the dollar-price of gold and especially silver in the last couple of days. A cliff dive. In a word of mind-boggling money printing where calamities are replicating in hyperbolic manner, such should not be possible. The things that “should” happen do not. In fact, the opposite happens. Gold and silver should be going through the roof right now. In a sane world, the reason this is not happening would be the subject of serious inquiry. In the corrupt world we live, likely manipulation and control of gold and silver “markets” is strictly taboo, off limits. Basically, the Printing press MUST be protected, which means gold and silver can not be perceived as credible alternatives to the government and bankers’ Monopoly money. …. There. Feel better.

  33. Richard Grannon (youtube) has some helpful tips for self work. He postulates that we have become codependant – which comes with infantilism. You can find him at certainly helped me a lot.

  34. The result of destroying the Matrix , joining a Monkey Wrench Cell or getting Industrial Disease is mass death for several billion humans who subsist on the excesses/garbage produced by the systems developed in search of profits by industry and technology . The Global Reset covid we are now attempting is being justified by the covid panic , will indeed get bloody as it moves into the culling stage, as surely it must to succeed.

    1. Reset can still be denied. Its the old and the weak that were culled this time around. Most people are doing fine with COVID-19. Mass defeatism is the real threat.

      COVID-19 only looks bad because the world population is far older than it was during the Spanish Flu, and fat but malnourished by the modern processed foods diet. However, the Spanish Flu killed the young as well. COVID-19 is nothing like the Spanish Flu.

      What’s keeping the COVID-19 scamdemic going is the race against natural herd immunity versus vaccine-based herd immunity.

      Also, fear of the angry crowds with pitchforks and tar who should be figuring out soon, that an awful lot of them have or had COVID-19 and are not only still alive, but doing fine.

      Its the seasonal colds and flu we should be wary of. According to an article in Off Guardian, social distancing and masks did nothing to improve the statistical outcome of last flu season.

      1. Silvio Berlusconi, ex Italian prime minister, 84 YO came down with the ole Covey after vacationing in Sardegna. Three, maybe four days in a private clinic and he was back in the game. He is, needless to say, a billionaire.
        Andre Vltchek, pro-humanity journalist of a lion heart, dead at 57. (No Covey, apparently).
        Shame Andre had to join the ranks that prove the timeless adage, “Only the good die young”.

        1. Vitchek’s death is being treated as ‘suspicious’ by Turkey….

          After Khashoggi, Turkish security is perhaps a little concerned about foreign reporters dying on their soil.

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