Every year around my birthday I like to write an article outlining my overall perspective and what’s driving my output on this little platform of mine. I do this primarily in the interests of transparency: I believe that all journalists and commentators have biases and agendas, and the best they can do given that reality is be transparent about what those are. As a crowd-funded writer it’s important for me to be clear about where I stand and what I’m trying to do so that people can decide if my project is something they want to contribute to advancing.

So first a little about me. I’m an Australian mother of two working in collaboration with my American husband Tim Foley. Everything I publish is the result of an ongoing all-day conversation between myself and Tim about what’s going on in the world and how we can push to create a healthy and harmonious world for future generations. I have editorial control over everything published here and the ideals and ideology promoted here are very Caitlin Johnstone in origin, but Tim and I are in consistent agreement on how we see things and at this point we operate pretty much like a single unit in the way we create content together.

I have a journalism degree but it became clear to me before I graduated that there’s no real path to doing real journalism in the legacy media which was dominant at the time, so I focused on the motherhood adventure until I stumbled into this commentary gig by accident in 2016 just from writing my opinions about Bernie Sanders and how unjustly the progressive movement was being treated by the mass media and the Democratic establishment.

Since then I’ve been trying to put out articles as close to daily as I can manage, writing what I see as the major obstacles to human thriving in our world based on what I’ve learned and come to understand over the years. When I first started out my perspective was as unrefined as you’d expect from any novice, but over time I’ve cultivated an understanding of global power dynamics and the way power structures use mass-scale narrative manipulation to advance their agendas which has given my analysis a lot more lucidity.

I am an avowed socialist and always have been. I believe if human behavior remains driven by competition and profit we will compete ourselves into extinction by chasing after whatever world-traumatizing endeavor is profitable from day to day. If humanity exists in the future, it’s because we learned to move out of our individualistic model of competition and into a collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem where everyone and everything is cared for by the collective. I don’t know if that collaborative relationship will be called “socialism” or something else, but for now I find it a good placeholder word and the basic direction I’d like to see things moving in.

Even more than socialism I support transparency of the powerful. I believe if the public just had a clear image of what’s happening in our world and the murderous oligarchic forces that are steering us into destruction, they would naturally use the power of their numbers to force drastic changes away from our omnicidal, ecocidal status quo and toward something much healthier. It is only the ability of the powerful to use government, corporate and financial secrecy, internet censorship and mass media propaganda to hide and distort the truth which prevents this from happening. This is why nobody is so reviled and demonized by establishment propagandists as those who reveal inconvenient truths and promote unauthorized narratives.

Most of my writing revolves in some way around the idea that we as a collective need to fight to wake each other up to reality–and to the lies we’re being fed about it–before it’s too late. A meaningful shift toward health will not happen unless people use the power of their numbers to force it to happen. People won’t use the power of their numbers to force real change as long as they are being successfully propagandized not to do so by the ruling class. Our task therefore is to disrupt the establishment propaganda machine and find creative ways to pass messages to each other through the cracks in the narrative matrix.

This is why I constantly promote and prioritize the idea of a grassroots guerrilla psywar by the people against the establishment narrative control apparatus. The plutocratic class which owns the mass media sets it up to promote narratives which are favorable to the status quo upon which those plutocrats have built their respective kingdoms, but trust in the mass media is at an all-time low and humanity’s ability to network and share information is at an all-time high, which means we’ve got a one-time shot at breaking public trust in the mass media using our unprecedented information-sharing abilities and waking people up to the fact that they’re being propagandized. Propaganda only works if you don’t know it’s happening, so we have to wake people up to the reality that it is happening.

And that’s primarily what I’m doing here: my part in helping to bring consciousness to the fact that our world is ruled by manipulative sociopaths who are pouring massive amounts of resources every single day into controlling the way people think, act and vote so as to preserve the interests of existing power structures.

I also see it as necessary for humanity to awaken its consciousness inwardly as well. If humans are to survive we cannot remain driven by ego and fear, because as long as we are we’ll remain easy to manipulate and propagandize and we will inevitably keep finding our way onto self-destructive trajectories. For millennia wise humans have been writing about the potential within us all to bring consciousness to our inner processes and begin functioning in a healthy and harmonious way, and our current evolve-or-die predicament means we’re about to either see that potential unlocked in us at mass scale or go the way of the dinosaur.

I point to these things in as many different ways as possible: sometimes with humor, sometimes with poetry, sometimes with aphorism, sometimes with fiction, sometimes just by laying out the raw data and saying what it looks like to me. But that’s all I’m ever really doing here.

And that’s what I’ll continue to do, better and better every year as my inner and outer consciousness expands and I see the full picture with more and more clarity. I am deeply grateful to everyone who’s come along with me on the journey in whatever way suits them.


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103 responses to “What I’m About And What I’m Trying To Accomplish Here”

  1. Anthony Christie Avatar
    Anthony Christie

    For another sort of “narrative”, read the incredibly prolific Left writer Upton Sinclair’s popular novels of the first half of the last century. “The Jungle”, “Oil!”, etc., as well as his muckraking exposés of capitalist political-economy and culture, esp the “Dead Hand” series.
    You are the closest I’ve found to today’s Upton Sinclair, though you don’t seem to write much straight fiction (novels, short stories, etc). He was a terrific stylist in the vernacular of his times, and convincingly wrote from lots of perspectives, creating believable characters who embodied, and thus explained in a viscerally understood sense, a wide range of ideological points of view.

  2. It seems as if the underling nature of organic creatures is to evolve into something greater combining two aposing forces. However, all throughout human history many great civilizations have have failed littering the landscape with unfound promises. Is there something inherently wrong with the human species or is it an ideology that destroys us slowly and then all at once?

    Obviously, the answer is simple, it is our ideology. And as much as I love the way Marx describes capitalism, his solutions were clunky, complex, and lacked common sense. However, there was a political economist that solved the riddle of perfect symbiosis of government and business and he was an American by the name was Henry George. He argues that technology could advance at an infinite rate and poverty would still progress just as fast because all the progress due to technology alway gets absorbed in land rents! The solution–K.I.S.S.! I won’t spoil it just read the book and learn all the secrets to acquiring wealth legally, or rise up together and help create a more perfect union! The choice is yours.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday Caitlin!
    I have read your articles mostly on RT along with those of many other fine writers and thinkers who publish there. (It would have been easier to say “journalists” but that profession now has the same ill repute as Pharmaceutical Companies or the US “alphabet agencies”).

    I have subscribed, so now my reading of your daily thoughts will be less haphazard.

    As with so many things these days, a degree is a sign of nothing, or of capitulation, as surely as ‘writing schools’ have mainly resulted in the murder of more trees. Even the medical profession is filled with evil hacks like Ferguson of the Imperial College, or Fauci and Birx, who clearly had their fingers crossed when they took the Hippocratic Oath.

    You are up there with the great observers and analysts of the times, Mencken, Orwell and Henry Wallace., VP to FDR, who wrote of the oligarchy:

    “Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.”

    Thanks for standing in that high tradition of truth-seeking and truth-telling.

  4. Oh, because I just remembered, a musical greeting to the lyric line below “maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”:
    Foul Play – Music Is The Key
    Bad or good, misunderstood
    Inside we’re all the same
    Time will fly by, your love may lie to you
    Get on up and try again

    Be colour blind, not narrow-minded
    Playing silly games
    The time has come to unify
    And live in peace again

    There are times in my life
    When I wish the world was a better place
    No more war and no more pain
    No more suffering and no more hate

    When we could all reach for the stars
    Nothing to stand in our way
    Forward, onward, upward

    Music is the key, together we are strong
    And nothing is impossible
    If you see the beauty that’s in everyone
    Music mends and heals all broken hearts

    Life’s a lonesome journey if
    We try it on our own
    It’s better to move together
    Than to try and walk alone

    Concerned, be wary of the dangers
    Out there in the night
    Step out of the darkness people
    And come into the light

    There are times in my life
    When I wish the world was a better place
    No more war and no more pain
    No more suffering and no more hate

    When we could all reach for the stars
    Nothing to stand in our way
    Forward, onward, upward

    Music is… music is the… music… music is the key

  5. […]I believe if human behavior remains driven by competition and profit we will compete ourselves into extinction by chasing after whatever world-traumatizing endeavor is profitable from day to day. If humanity exists in the future, it’s because we learned to move out of our individualistic model of competition and into a collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem where everyone and everything is cared for by the collective. I don’t know if that collaborative relationship will be called “socialism” or something else, but for now I find it a good placeholder word and the basic direction I’d like to see things moving in.[…]

    I am with you Caitlin!
    I think you know the words “maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”
    Maybe socialism is a too much abused and worn out term and due to the deep indoctrination in all instances (also and especially schools and the media), it is anchored in people’s consciousness as evil and bad.
    I like very much the term “super industrialism” coined by Alvin Toffler (see his book “The Third Wave”), in short, in which the “machines” are finally there for the, for all people and not only for a few, for the oligarchs.
    To the competition a reading recommendation of a text that is already a bit older, from 1987 – you see, we are already quite long not alone with this “dream” 😉
    The Case Against Competition – By Alfie Kohn (my german translation here)
    Take care and have a great time!

  6. Happy Birthday Caitlin. We appreciate your unique ability to articulate what sits below our skepticism of mainstream narrative but we can’t explain it as clearly as you do. You and Tim are a formidable force for good in the world. I have often wondered why socialist ideals have never really been realized, and recently it occurred to me that it has always been sabotaged by powers that don’t want it to succeed. Libya being a recent example. Thank you so much.

  7. Hi Caitlin;

    I think you are a powerful writer and take time to research before you write.

    I am not a socialist nor a capitalist or communist. I believe in personal liberty, which also comes with responsibility. Most of the greatest creations mankind have come up with were not to make a financial killing, it was by people who were motivated to see if it was possible or due to necessity.

    Unfortunately, today with technology and robotics, productivity has increased to a point where a smaller portion of the world’s population is required to work to provide for all, leaving many without income. This requires some resolution, but our current systems of governments/large corporations are not the answer to solving these issues.

    This is an insane world at times and it is enough just to be human. Why label yourself as something when it may be misunderstood or used against you? Let your writing stand for itself, it doesn’t need explanation.


  8. Don’t you see? As long as we are separate, it doesn’t matter how great our projects may be, it will not be enough to get the systemic changes we need to save us from extinction and their incessant, obsessive compulsion to control. We must be willing to collaborate if we ever wish to be a real force for good.

    Caitlin, you write with a deep understanding or at least it conforms to mine, and with a lot of “zing”. I am writing to you as an equal, not a follower. You may be a better writer and have a larger following but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore what I am doing simply because I currently lack the credibility you need. I am not competing with you. I am glad that you are good at what you do.

    I am someone who follows and manifests his dreams ever since 2000 when I retired and am a long time radical anarchist activist, My dreams continue to grow bigger and bigger. And I have gotten good at manifesting them. When I say we are creating a network of networks of like minded people, groups, and networks, I am putting everything I have into making this happen, because we need this if we are going to stand a chance against what is going down.

    We are talking about a network of millions to billions. Now, we have around 25 people working on this in 6 different countries. We have had a few snags, and coding takes a long time, but we are still on course. Our team is great and I have more confidence than ever that we are going to succeed. utopiacornucopia.org. We made this 7 minute animation which explains horizontal governing which is virtually incorruptible, which you might want to promote: Horizontal Governing – The Virtually Incorruptible Solution to Vertical Top Down Corruption. – YouTube. 

    We both share the same birthday (I am older, 76) and pretty much the same understanding. Look to the grassroots activists to make a difference. We need people like you to help make this happen. Feel free to talk with me 593980290103, whatsapp or phone, or messenger, fb. Tom Osher. Your words and passion are wonderful, now let’s turn it into action that might have a big effect. I am quite sure that it is your skepticism that causes you to ignore my messages.

    1. I saw your sites twice and looked at them carefully, the video twice. My solution is a hundred times better. You would not give me the same respect even to take ten minutes to read my solution. You have no plans on how to solve global warming, crime, drugs, etc.. total lack of original solutions except for a little bottom up government- but also how would you get there. Instead of reading what i have, which has made me tens of millions of devoted partners, you insist I watch the damn simple video over and over.

    2. I made it very clear-the solutions are in chapter 11 of EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE and in the conclusions of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH and the in the conclusion of THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY (A code of ethics instead of gods)- you told me you would not read it as the books are too long. I gave you specific short areas to read,and you refused. You are arrogant and with no solution think you have no need to read what has turned tens of milions of minds. Sorry, no go.

      1. Hola Michael, please don’t create unnecessary conflict with me, by making personal judgements. I understand your frustration with me. I agree that I need to give you enough time to understand your solutions. after all it may be true, and i don’t want to do what others do with me, be overly skeptical. my number is 593980290103 whatsapp or phone or messenger, tom osher or zoom. I am on ecuador time. we are on the same time!

        1. again, my phone does not reach your nation. please calll me any reasonable time

          I think that I can receive messages, just not call out to those in other nations. I will get another plan if it doesnt work. I can upgrade by paying more.

    3. IF you can humble yourself and call me, fine. My phone does not reach foreign lands, has no internet (I use a computer for that)and is a talk and text only fliptop. I may be famous, but I am poor-don’t even have a vehicle. But you may call tomorrow after 9 am eastern standard time.

  9. What I admire most, Caitlin, is your apparently inexhaustible faith in the possibility of humans working together for their betterment and that of their environment. You write: “It is only the ability of the powerful to use government, corporate and financial secrecy, internet censorship and mass media propaganda to hide and distort the truth which prevents this from happening. This is why nobody is so reviled and demonized by establishment propagandists as those who reveal inconvenient truths and promote unauthorized narratives.”
    Only the ability….??? It seems that that ability is now so entrenched and the whole system so sewn up, only a world-wide cataclysm that destroys every part of modern society and its gew-gaws, could dislodge it.
    As for willingly acting collectively for long enough to make useful change? That has never happened in human history.
    I agree that:
    “Our task .. is to disrupt the establishment propaganda machine and find … ways to pass messages to each other through the cracks in the narrative matrix.” Then whayt? Develop an arsenal as big as thairs and declare civil war? No dictator has ever willingly stood aside for anyone or anything.
    Happy birthday.

    1. The plan is to educate and inform everybody =most people, especially the military, who are the ones who could make a bloodless coup possible, where they may with no more effort necessary than to storm the white house and politely kick the politicians out with the option of a expedited permanent trip to the cemetary, and to place the right people in charge. At the same time, civil disobedience can be practiced, to increase the courage and motivation of the military.

      1. I would love to see a global campaign to inform the military and police that we are aware of the existential dilemma they face, when they are sworn to uphold their respective constitutions and follow the orders of their superiors, when these conflict, they are forced to choose and they should make that choice consciously and not just be swept along committing acts of treason, if going against their constitutions and not protecting the rights of citizens to protest peacefully.

        1. not only to avoid committing treason but also to protect the people and to promote a much better way of life for all. This is not defined as following words composed by lying freemasons, but more ethically, it is about taking the righteous path of being on the side of righteousness and truth, and of aligning with those who have the wellbeing of the planet’s people in consideration, not to overpower and enslave others into obedient subserviance to their whims and commands.

  10. A belated and very happy birthday to you. A sane and compassionate voice in an insane world us a very precious thing.

  11. I enjoy reading your articles quite a lot. This one definately cheers me up on a pretty tough day.
    Thank You.

  12. This is an auspicious time to thank you very warmly for your fine work. There is so much value in the message and your grand humor helps wash down the horror of a world gone awry. It is easy to become entrapped in the issues of the day and it is always a coming back down to earth to read your writing and a remembering to stay the course rather than become lost in the ubiquitous bullshit.

    This is also an opportunity to thank the commenters here who provide so many thoughts worthy of consideration. The spectrum runs widely but the thread which runs through all is that there is a caring.

    Happy Birthday!

  13. “One revolts, finally, not for what they can achieve, but for who it allows them to become.” – Chris Hedges

    These words have meant a lot to me, as have yours over the past few years, a time during which the awesome power of narrative control in Western society and the total insanity of those who wield it have become increasingly obvious. Thank you for demonstrating the power that we all have as individuals, to speak the truth not only to power but to the people we love and beyond, to anyone who might be capable of recognizing it and responding in the truth of their own humanity. This recognition, voluntary connection and action as a member of the human family is its own reward, i.e., a life worth living.

  14. “For millennia wise humans have been writing about the potential within us all to bring consciousness to our inner processes and begin functioning in a healthy and harmonious way, and our current evolve-or-die predicament means we’re about to either see that potential unlocked in us at mass scale or go the way of the dinosaur.”

    This year I have thinking a lot about consciousness. Specifically its mystery and potential power that it has for the individual and therefore humanity in regard to changing peoples lives for the better. Thomas Young’s split light experiment was something I was not aware of before this year. It shows that observing ( being conscious of) a beam of light changes the light waves behavior at a sub atomic particle or wave level. (Please don’t take this as gospel, I am a uneducated fool so I am just learning as I go through life and am no expert in science.) To me that’s some powerful sh*t going on right there. I have no way of knowing but I suspect those with power and legacy are very aware of this effect more than most and thus have developed their manipulative tactics ( attempting to change the outcome of some events to their advantage) over vast periods of time past. I often read of the mysticism and rituals that accompany the various secret societies in the world which also seem to have a penchant for only allowing those with positions or legacies of power and influence in their respective worlds to join their ranks. Perhaps these rituals and mystic beliefs play a part in the influence of peoples conscious thoughts and then actions that may support their and their masters agendas.

    Then of course you have your standard version sociopath/psychopaths which seem to lurk in every corner of society these days trying to influence every aspect of the those around them to their own advantage. I have found these people are easily identified and their destructive effects nullified by educating yourself in regards to how these people operate and the their obvious over time behaviors that give themselves away. Once identified removing yourself from the sphere of their influence is the best way to go.

    Whilst the individual sociopath/psychopathy with some knowledge can be overcome at a personal level your thoughts on the collective power of groups of enlightened people make sense and may be the only way that the powerful rulers manipulating on a mass scale can be nullified to ensure their control does not lead us to self destruction.

    And yes I agree, that the first step to take towards this collective begins at the level of yourself ( the individual). The casting off of EGO and the defeat of fear in ourselves. Without this step there is no growth of a person and therefore no progress towards the collective.

    I myself only found the power to control my life and nullify the power of the sociopaths by beginning a journey to minimize the effects of my ego and purge my fears with self belief after hitting rock bottom. But everyone can choose this path if they desire to. Even if someone has no spiritual beliefs you can always start with the teachings of Buddha. There is no requirement to believe that Buddha existed or to regularly attend temples or even pray. Just an ability to read and an open mind is all that is required to eventually over time begin to understand at some level the power of your own consciousness and also the subconscious ( which may possibly be incorruptible and only contain the truth, unlike our consciousness, but unfortunately inaccessible to most burdened by our conscious thoughts which is easily manipulated.

    My favorite Buddhist teaching ” Ego is an Illusion” or something to that effect. I didn’t understand this when I first read it but over time it becomes more relevant in life especially when you embark on the path of seeking knowledge of ourselves as humans outside of the mainstream.

  15. Belated birthday wishes to you Caitlin….
    Thank You for your writing’s are very much appreciated and important for me
    Kind Regards

  16. Happy Name Day, Caitlin Johnstone. Your light shines brightly in our lives. To those who use this platform to promote their own blogs, I wish you would not. Comment intelligently on the article or poem at hand. Show some respect for Caitlin’s work. Even if you disagree.

    1. As blogs are essentially venues of human expression and contact across a range of interests, and as particular blogs are focused on the expression of views, observations, & ideas relevant to the events and politics of our times, I fail to understand your “wish”. The purpose of a public forum quickly degenerates with every act of censorship, however “minor” it may seem at the time, that is either imposed on the readership from without, or practiced within a mind as a matter of course.
      So since it is evident that “blog promotion” is essentially free expression, I differ with your remark. I appreciate links to both Newton Finn’s site, and John Day’s as well. Convenient access to further research is always welcome and doesn’t impinge on anything.

    2. But surely, ML, if we are to work collectively, as Caitlin recommends, then we must share the knowledge of as many different blogs as possible, otherwise we become yet another small self-satisfied group preaching to the converted, with no influence.

  17. I agree with virtually everything in this treatise. However, I do have some differences of opinion with Caity, most of which I have discussed in the past, so I won’t revisit them. There is one area in which Caity has not been quite clear enough for me to grasp her full meaning – that is, what she means by socialism.
    To most people, socialism means equal treatment for all. I know that our system of unfettered capitalism is not all that far from it’s ultimate death, because it can no longer exist once resources are no longer sufficient to create the desired profits. But that does’t mean that everyone deserves to be compensated identically. Some people will create, because it is their nature, Some will go smell the flowers, but do nothing to contribute to the greater society. Others may devise ideas and products that will benefit all of mankind, not in any competition with anyone to do so, but simply because the thought came to them and they followed through on that thought, for the benefit of all humankind.
    As I see it, though all lives may be sacrosanct, that individual has proven to be of more value to the greater good than has the flower-sniffer. As such, I see no reason why such a person should not receive some reward for his or her diligence, whether it be money, a nice vacation or something else. Reward does tend to spur additional creativity but is not obligated to create competition.

    1. First of all, most people do NOT view “socialism” as “ … equal treatment for all.” That’s a FEATURE of a just and loving society. Socialism is an economic system in which control of the means of production resides in the workers and decisions are made democratically and for the benefit of society (and the natural world) as a whole.
      As far as ‘compensation’ in a cooperative, compassionate society, how about the old-fashioned good feeling you get when people say as you pass “Hey look … there goes that guy who invented the Amity App for the benefit of all humankind. I LOVE that guy.”

  18. To be an avowed socialist, the first requirement is that you must refuse to acknowledge the real world as it exists. You must pretend that the world is something else, something immediately transformable into a fantasy of perfection through coercive collective action. You must abandon any knowledge of human nature. You also must firmly close your eyes to any facts or evidence that might contradict such socialist fantasy, and indeed you must demand that any such facts or evidence be suppressed and never mentioned.

    To admit to always being an avowed socialist suggests you learn little from your life experiences about your fellow humans, about how their cognitive functions have developed over time. Reality is harsh. Let’s face it, our world is not a perfect place, nor are humans any sort of perfect beings. Reality is often even deadly. Not only that, but it’s also always going to be imperfect. So, why not work with what you have in the human condition? Why not get to work on enjoying our brief lives as best we can amidst all the imperfections, while striving for such incremental improvements to the world as are within our modest capabilities.

    1. The temptation to be cynical is great, and I understand your feelings. I have thought through this and propose a new type of civilization -self-sustaining agricultural communities with no modern technology and no sex (artificial insemination for procreation)-no advertisements or tv, no misleading, no gods or religion, mentors teaching children 24/7 good character ethics and community mindedness, and much more. IT is outlined in the conclusion of my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH on Amazon for $3

    2. What every person who freaks out about socialism misses about it, is that people have free will. The idea isnt some coerced round of campfire songs, its people choosing to participate in a system that makes life easier in the material sense, for those in that system. Libertarian socialism is the earlier and better descriptive for the type of anarchism that makes sense to me. The idea is to cultivate people to their fullest expression, and to minimize material differences to the point where no one starves to death, no one has to work two jobs to pay rent and avoid homelessness, no one dies from preventable illnesses, no power elite living above everyone else, even if they could pull off this hypothetical evolutionary moment of human organization. Of course the many isms that gave birth to the idpol monster all recede into the past together, oh and sorry no billionaires, no or vastly reduced fire sector of the economy, because its destructive the way it plays out under the current regime. Is it an idealistic vision?of course! Im describing a world where people grasp that their actions good and bad have significance. Im describing a world where people actually follow the spirtual golden rule, and use our ability to choose, to choose better than this degrading and deadly circus version of human organization. I hear this throughout Caitlins work which is why I read her work regularly. Happy Birthday fellow Sag.

  19. power to the people! right on! keep on keepin on…
    and happy b-day…many more to come!
    socialism –i think i could say–can easily make room for ma and pa kettle-type farms and small businesses. we have to stop Monsanto/Bayer…pretty soon and dismantle the military industrial complexity…cose down and open the book of the CIA. DEA, and end the FED. the electoral. College, and i suggest wipe out the SENATE…all in favor of more power to the people.
    the Gates/Schwab, R & R Forum hs to be finished and some people jailed.
    i would say. now we now how Basel, only 30 klicks from both Germany and France, dodged both WWs I & II
    this isn’t going to be easy. they have paid doctors to put by Covid on death certs that were from pre-existing conditions…that is very fine detailed work.
    all our personal stuff is open to them. theirs is not open to us.
    no one said it was gonna be EZ…
    man-made Virus: man made VAX? anyone know what is in it? some say they will take it before their people do. yeah, saline.
    China, Russia have their own. India buying just enough for the rich…
    too many unanswered Qs
    meanwhile last year we made 250 babies per minute…
    [130 million in year.]

  20. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “… I like to write an article outlining my overall perspective… I’ve been trying to put out articles as close to daily as I can manage, writing what I see as the major obstacles to human thriving in our world based on what I’ve learned and come to understand over the years.”
    You have an underlying sense of hopefulness for the human race that drives your writing and a belief that humans can wake the eff up from their miserable slumber and be what we were intended to be by Powers greater than we that were nice enough to share this thing called Existence with us. That was awfully nice of Them, and way too many humans take all that for granted. Foolish, foolish, foolish. Every day is a miracle. Every day is a gift. Every day is chance to make it a step closer to Heaven… or Hell. Whatever we choose to make it. And that’s the point. Quantum physics teaches that things always exist is a state of flux and in multiple positions and states at all times. There is no fixed outcome, just a momentary snapshot when something is “observed” and locks into position for that micro-second. This is all a wonderful churning stew of potentials lead by Spirit under the watchful and intentional guidance of Soul. And there are those who take all this for granted? Good Lord.
    “I am an avowed socialist and always have been.”
    Historical evidence of so-called “socialist” regimes does not paint a pretty picture. In theory, socialism might work. But the problem is that real life does not live in such a pristine abstract theory realm. When human beings get involved with real socialist societies, the apparent attractiveness of socialism quickly disappears. We know that crony capitalism is just as awful. We do not have “capitalism” anyway on the planet these days and haven’t for a long time. We have crony capitalism run by and for the few who skew and pollute everything in their favor. Simply, “real” socialism and “real” capitalism do not exist and will not exist on this planet. They (of both camps) don’t want it to. A truly benevolent Philosopher-King still looks like the real ticket.
    “Most of my writing revolves in some way around the idea that we as a collective need to fight to wake each other up to reality…”
    Again, a great and noble cause. But the question remains of how many people WANT to be awakened. It seems most are quite happy to be asleep and dumb-happy-and-dumb. It would be great to see evidence of large numbers of people who want drag themselves up and out of the slop that’s in our shared pen of a planet. But maybe it’s not about numbers. Maybe victories are achieved by waking up just a few individuals that want to be aroused.
    “I also see it as necessary for humanity to awaken its consciousness inwardly as well. If humans are to survive we cannot remain driven by ego and fear…”
    We are often told that we should “love each other”. No harm in that as an aspirational goal. But again, maybe small victories are in order. Maybe just stop hating each other. Maybe just stop finding ways to eff each other up. Maybe just getting out of each other’s way is a nice start. Ego and fear are foundational emotions for humans. You can’t get rid of them. But you can put them in their place and rise above them. In the end, each of us will be what we want or see ourselves to be. The greater the vision, the greater we become… if we want to.

    1. Don’t believe the hype. I’ve seen socialism working just fine.

      1. Please do, please do, get to work enjoying your life. Caitlin, I believe, covers the idea that people hopefully will continue to work on their “inner selves” to become more enlightened beings. Sorry you do not believe that human nature also includes the ability to change. But you go ahead and ensconce yourself in the fantasy that Capitalism is the pinnacle of human endeavor with no possibility for transformation. And above all, please do not lecture others about your concept of their capabilities.

  21. Congratulations to all of us who are working to make a better human society. We are realizing the true meaning of human life together — creating more and more ways to be happy and loving together.

  22. Happy birthday! And many more…

  23. Rael Nidess, M.D. Avatar
    Rael Nidess, M.D.

    Thank you for your continued efforts… they’re important to me.

  24. Dear Caitlin:
    I agree in each of your words…
    It´s very important, essential that we wake up once and for all, otherwise we are doomed.
    You are damn right, pretty Lady..!
    Well, you just got a new “admirer” here, at the “South of the World” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Receive a tight hug from here, and a warm “Happy Birthday”..!”
    (…btw, you are Sagittarius… …what a Sign for a woman, for God´s sake..! Beautiful..!)

  25. Another woman that a socialist, what a surprise. Why do you want to rob the productive? I knew you were in bed with Hitler, Stalin, Mao. Being a good communist do you give 2/3 of your income to the “poor” no of course not. Another white wine socialist, the plebs can do the sharing, right.
    You lady and I use that term lightly, ARE the PROBLEM.
    Again you are the prefect example of why women have no place in politics’ other then to destroy nations.

  26. Comirbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comirbidity 2024

    She’s a Glowie putting on a show, people.

    The mother tongue is propaganda.
    Marshall McLuhan

  27. I realized a long time ago that to perpetuate the status quo, the “System” had one day to become totalitarian.

    The pandemic will do that in behalf of the “System” elites. After the needle in your b…, (vaccine), you will have to prove that you received that needle in your b… everywhere you have to go.

    So, if you are 20 years old, only one future possible: a needle in your b…

    This is how decadent our world is. And the higher you climb the socio-economic ladder, the more decadent.

    We are truly living the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. meanwhile, BE JESUS…in case he miss da bus…

  28. I enjoy your pieces, Caitlin; please continue.

    I’m just passing through on yet another journey between birth and death; life on earth is always different, with different sources of inspiration.

    For an overall perspective, I prefer Seth:

    “Most of my readers are familiar with the term, ‘muscle bound.’ As a species you have grown ‘ego bound’ instead, held in a spiritual rigidity, with the intuitive portions of the self either denied or distorted beyond any recognition.” (From his introduction to _Seth Speaks_.)

    I remain impressed with C.P. Scott’s idealistic views on journalism (although his 1921 essay predates WWII, the Cold War, and the rise of the Internet, I find it over value, nevertheless):


    Lastly, empires have never ceased to rise and fall, complete with the corruption of wealth and power that attends them. I consider myself fortunate to have a connection with Sennacherib, who is an expert in this area.

  29. Caitlin, when I read your article, I was reminded of Plato’s allegory of the cave. The cave is like our ordinary existence since we live in and grow up in an already closed system. The shadows of the cave dwellers can be compared to the presentation of politicians and media. What really happens behind the curtain is only recognizably silhouetted. We, like the cave dwellers, are living a kind of pseudo freedom. If we were able to look behind the curtain, life would be unbearable. Returning to the world before the curtain wouldn’t work because anybody would believe the real truth.

  30. Happy Birthday, Caitlin. Keep up the good work.

  31. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    THANK YOU Caitlin and Happy Birthday. Your writings are truly inspirational, and thank you blazing the trail and for the opportunity to throw in the odd small pebble.

    I am sure you won’t mind me recommending this interview/talk with Sacha Stone. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


  32. Happy Birthday, to you!

    Thank you so much for your lucid, cogent writing.

    You are so right that those who control the narrative control things. Came across another piece of the puzzle in The Oppressed Middle by Earl Shorris. The power of leaders comes from their ability to define happiness. The leader’s power will last as long as their def’n of power outweighs the dissatisfaction of the led.

    Have a good day.

  33. It’s nice to learn a little more about you, Caitlin. I feel very lucky to have come upon your “voice of truth” at this time, and have become an avid sharer of your articles. May your wake up message be heard widely, and may you/we be a zillion times more successful than Cassandra in our quest. May all beings learn to live in harmony, peace & mutual respect for each other and our sacred mother earth. Happy Birthday!

  34. Caitlin- thank you for your diligent creative and sometimes humorous and always spirited and angry pieces of dissent which have inspired and informed me. I also want to express gratitude to the people who blog on your forum, for presenting additional resources and who are also training me as well. Kudos and appreciation to all.

  35. The problem of our time is that the ruling elites no longer have any firm principles; it is only their interests that count and that have priority over any principle.

    A bit like in the days of Noah and the Flood I guess.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  36. Happy Birthday Caitlin! I agree that simply waking people up to the fact that we’re floating in a world of propaganda set up and nurtured by psychopaths who have murdered or are making life miserable for the mass of human beings and will sooner or later drive the rest of us over the cliff is the most important endeavor imaginable right now. So lucky to have your lucid mind, wonderful writing and big heart engaged in the front line of this.

  37. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > . . . toward something much healthier. It is only the ability of the powerful to use government, corporate and financial secrecy, internet censorship and mass media propaganda to hide and distort the truth which prevents this from happening. This is why nobody is so reviled and demonized by establishment propagandists as those who reveal inconvenient truths and promote unauthorized narratives.
    Celebrated journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein:
    “Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward said Sunday a huge ‘secret government’ and a government on ‘automatic pilot’ has led to many of the concerns now making headlines.”
    Woodward: ‘Secret government’ at the root of problems — Politico — Oct 27, 2013
    “Alsop is one of more than 400 American journalists who in the past twenty‑five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters.”
    Carl Bernstein: The CIA and the Media — Oct 20, 1977
    And internationally:
    “Udo Ulfkotte (20 January 1960 – 13 January 2017) was a German journalist who maintained that journalists (including himself) and leading newspapers published material that had been fed to them, or bought, by the CIA and other Western intelligence and propaganda agencies.”
    Udo Ulfkotte
    About mass media propaganda, a well-known book is “Manufacturing Consent”, by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky:
    “The propaganda model is a conceptual model in political economy advanced by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky to explain how propaganda and systemic biases function in corporate mass media. The model seeks to explain how populations are manipulated and how consent for economic, social, and political policies, both foreign and domestic, is ‘manufactured’ in the public mind due to this propaganda. The theory posits that the way in which corporate media is structured (e.g. through advertising, concentration of media ownership or government sourcing) creates an inherent conflict of interest and therefore acts as propaganda for anti-democratic elements.”
    Propaganda model
    Full text of the book available at Archive.org.

    1. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
      > This is why nobody is so reviled and demonized by establishment propagandists as those who reveal inconvenient truths and promote unauthorized narratives.
      These years, Assange and WikiLeaks have done the same kind of investigative journalism and publishing that Washington Post’s Woodward and Bernstein did almost fifty years ago on the Watergate case. And the espionage charges against Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg were dismissed by the judge in 1973.
      How times have changed… Maybe Woodward, Bernstein, and Ellsberg would receive the Assange, Manning, and Snowden treatment if they did it now.

      1. This is precisely the point: In terms of a single human life span, time is a constant in that each moment is all there is. In general, then, through evolutionary processes, human ‘consciousness’ may be expanding – even exponentially.
        However, what this means statistically, is that within the despicable cohort who wield all power, the same is the case. No matter the billions of ‘us’ there are, ‘they’ seem always one step ahead.
        Were W, B and E doing what they did back then; a little more than a long half century ago, they would receive the A, M and S treatment, but let’s keep to the moment of the present, give or take a decade, and focus on what ‘they’ are putting the courageous, lone, Julian Assange (JA) through in order to get their point across.
        True, JA may have learnt the lessons of investigative journalism from his view, standing on the shoulders of those giants who preceded him. But obviously ‘now’ is not ‘then’ and Assange is not them!
        Unfortunately, the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song “The times they are a-changin’” way back in ’64, were just as timely back then, as they are today.
        So, what has actually changed is that the despicable powerful have become more entrenched, through the application of ever more sophisticated and heinous methods of tyrannizing ‘us’, the herd.
        Honest investigative journalism may still be as consistently persistent as it was back then, yet so too, have the sociopaths who wield all the actual powers of control.
        I say this, most definitely not to be a spoiler, but rather as a realist who, as strongly, believes in optimism as anyone, who through indoctrination by the now highly sophisticated ‘arts’ of AI and Deep Learning propaganda methods, believes blind faith, in biblical mythologies.
        Conscious awakening on a massive scale is as sorely needed as a patient in the throes of dying from the loss of blood.
        What would be the political synonym for a transfusion, for that is where humanity is at in this moment.

  38. I almost always agree with your take on issues; although your belief that “if only people knew the truth they would act” is a bit too much as I believed at the beginning of the civil rights movement in the US that people were only racist out of ignorance and if I could teach them…. Was not my experience.
    On the website Butterfly Thoughts are two articles written some years ago (I’m guessing one @2006 and the other @2012) – feel free to use if you wish.

    1. As the saying goes: “The truth is no longer hidden. People are hiding from the truth.”

  39. Thank you Caitlin, and Happy Birthday. You are a driving force in the evolution of human consciousness. We can only hope and work for change that will be sufficient and timely.

  40. Caitlyn…..you are the best. Thank you for your work. I feel alive when I read your opinions. I consider this essay one of your best.

    At times you get beat up by those who either don’t understand anything or feel very insecure. These types of criticism come across as mean spirited, which they are. Stay on “the path” and “dig deep”. Peace.

  41. Happy Birthday, Caitlin. Yours is an important voice, which I have helped others to find.

    Note on “Journalism”: An old friend of mine graduated from college with a degree in journalism. However, he did not pursue a career therein. That was before the internet while “legacy media” was still stronger. He explain the decision as a moral one like this. The best journalist tries to be objective and give only facts, but cannot help but be partly propagandist in that there will be bias in his or his assignment editor’s choice of which stories to cover and which facts to present. The best propaganda presents objective facts, but in a way which presents a biased narrative.

    He did not want to be a propagandist, so instead he worked in printing – employment in which has become scarce as much of the work was automated over the past 40 years.

  42. Both Capitalism and Socialism fail morally. The Left – Right political party paradigm is a lethal failure. Each side provokes the other into existence and into violence throughout the world and modern history. We need to return to smaller government and multi coalition parties while it is day and stop choosing “sides” in a paradigm that morally fails.

    Equidistant from both Socialism and Capitalism which constantly provoke each other into existence by a curious  dialectic, Distributism is the viable and moral alternative whose time must come if full justice matters.


    1. Indeed, the flaw lies in the narrow confines of the two supposedly competing paradigms of the right and the left, the capitalist and the socialist. We are bigger than that. Far bigger. There are practically infinite variations of human thought and perception. To categorize them into two narrow views, that differ little in effect, is the natural result of the massive power collected in that psychopathic organization we call government, which is founded on an immoral principal. That the use or threat of violence to force compliance with whatever insanity currently holds power is justified. This artificial division is the source of that power. To keep us in this tiny box of two “opposing” paradigms which end up achieving quite similar results. Fighting each other over nothing, while the psychopaths escape our notice. Being psychopathic in nature, the smaller and less powerful a government the better. Imagine a world where instead of every few years electing, and most often re-electing, this or that psychopath, we just threw the entire gang of parasites out, and started over. Don’t give them an opportunity to collect such massive power. Add to that nations of much smaller size, which limit can be argued, taking even more power from the psychopaths.

      1. Government is founded on the moral principles of mutual aid and mutual defence. Aid to those others in the tribe and defence from looters. There is no doubt that early in the history of governments, the psychopaths took over in order to increase their own power over others thus becoming the more successful looters.

        1. So how did those “early” governments govern without violent force? Without it, one can simply tell them to fuck off, I’m doing as I please. There is no need of government to deliver mutual aid and mutual defense. Such is normal sane human behavior. If you see your neighbor in need, do you not volunteer aid if you can? If you see someone attacking another, do you not come to their defense? Can these things not be done without a gang of psychopaths in charge? If government stopped at delivery of these services they would not be so bad. They don’t. Ever.

          1. The Empire pretends to be the manifestation of fair competition, which we have been propagandized to believe is the highest ideal and, thus, defer to its moral authority. What’s so evil about the Empire is that there is nothing fair about it. It has actively undermined anything and everything that tries to operate outside its control…even when those entities were just trying to mind their own business. The Empire actively undermines anything outside its control. Americans always gloat how much better off they are than fill-in-the-blank “shithole country” without realizing America actively undermines said shithole country.

          2. That’s kind of the point. But you seem to want to find a way to disagree.

    2. I agree. The enemy isn’t all the various projections of “bad”….it’s power. The antidote, not utopia or even close, is decentralization\distribution of power and systems that keep it dissipated.

      I like how Caitlin expounded on her preference of socialism. Words\terms are often so inadequate in addressing complex topics. They come with so much baggage. She goes on to talk about integrity and transparency, which are more important words than socialism. I think the way forward is to talk in terms of things like integrity, dignity, stewardship, etc and not even use the terms that come with so much baggage because of propaganda. People need to understand that the system (capitalism, socialism, etc) doesn’t matter as much as other things like integrity, transparency, dignity, stewardship, etc.

      I see the inability of so many to follow nuanced truth seeking to any detail. Thus all the shallow binary thinking. The powers that be exploit this weakness. If we honor truth\honesty then we can solve many problems constructively from all sides. However, honest problem solving is akin to peeling an onion and takes time and probing to reveal honest constructive solutions. It turns out people don’t really prioritize truth\honesty. Their ego lashes out at the dissonance as they cling to their internal and external attachments at the expense of truth. They want nothing more than to “make it stop” and retreat to the safety of their illusions\delusions. We end up in a world full of manipulation, coercion, and battles of will.

      The enemies of those wishing freedom are both those who would impose their will and those who expect, allow, or even welcome the imposition. It’s so annoying to defend against the imposition of will only to have those being willed turn around and thank the willful for the interdiction…A pox on both houses…Unfortunately they represent the vast majority.

  43. For Socialism to work a large amount of power over others must be present. This ALWAYS results in corruption and a view of things by the powerful that is disassociated from the rest of society.

    However, there is an idea which if widely held would bring about the best possible human society, the Non-Aggression Principle.

    My favorite version of it is: To have the best possible human society, no one should initiate force against another, or deceive them so that they do something they would not otherwise do.

    The proper role of government is preventing force and fraud.

    Beyond this government itself becomes the problem.

    1. Soviet Union = command capitalism, People’s Republic of China = command capitalism. Socialism, where workers control the means of production does not and has not existed since capitalism has taken root.

      Capitalism is defined by those with capital having power over over the means of production thereby controlling labour. And 99.99% of us are labour, cannon fodder for capitalist accumulation.

      1. Since all economies are capitalist, varying only in who controls the capital, capitalism is THE root of all economies. Without the accumulation of capital, economies cannot exist. How do you build a productive economy with no capital? The problem arises when the control of capital is concentrated among the few favored by whichever gang of psychopaths are in charge, AKA government. or alternatively, the psychopaths in charge are under the control of the few. Such is only possible within the power of government. The smaller and less powerful that government, the less concentration of capital.

      2. The “trick” pulled on the US people was to propagandize them into subjugating everything else to expansionary predatory capitalism (culture\religion\integrity\stewardship, etc). China and Russia use capitalism, but subjugate it to other sovereign concerns…and that really annoys the wizards who tricked the US so they ramp up the propaganda on the US people to trick them into attacking anyone threatening the wizards power.

  44. Happy birthday! Keep up the good writing. You challenge me.

  45. Happy birthday Caitlin! This annual reevaluation and explanation of self is quite de rigueur for independent journalists in being honest with themselves and their readers. Know that your own readers appreciate your efforts and honesty. We may suspect some occasional trolls may be serving in an opaque official capacity as opposed to simply having too much free time for being rude across the internet. This form of feedback may ironically indicate a successful posting, all things considered.

    It is an increasingly strange narrative matrix which attempts to assail our sensibilities these days. On the plus side, however, the fabrication thereof is being exposed almost as fast by watch crows such as the Caitlin Johnstone blog/website.

    Our perceived realities are herein revealed as contrived illusions. Those wizards behind the curtain having been revealed by a diligent Toto, the game is apparent, but most recently rather than feigning alarm at such exposure they chuckle, whisper between themselves and proceed to fabricate yet another control room curtain.

    We are left to draw our own conclusions about what such drama means and whether it could be within anyone’s personal power to actually do anything about it should one be so inclined, or even if it would ultimately be wise to do so considering the massive forces already in play. In any event the wizards are happily employed and our crows should also collect an occasional coin, even if from the eye sockets of the fallen.

  46. Blessings to you Caitlin and Tim and your continued endeavors to illuminate our condition. I appreciate your message of including internal change. You didn’t use this word, but in many way, internal change is a spiritual process. And we need this because the 1% are waging what is ultimately a spiritual war against humanity.

  47. Happy Birthday Caitlin
    Your philosophy and goals pretty much line up with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    It’s a tragedy that the Declaration is just a footnote in history.
    Power to your arm.

    1. Chairing the drafting committee, one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s greatest accomplishments.
      Happy birthday Caitlin!

  48. Well…. I don’t have anything really smart to say except, someone who wants to be a real journalist should not put their ideals and favoritism out-for all to read. Instead should be able to present facts based on research. If someone would do research of the long long history that is written all the way back to Greece one would find that a lot of ones ideals have been tried already and it’s best to just present facts from good research.

    Human ego ,feeling of hate ect cannot be changed by some collective. Human behavior has existed for thousands of years no one has a secret ingredient to make everything somehow now all work. Ideology is dangerous.

    Real journalist never sink into ideals because if they do they’re not around very long.

    So for me it’s goodbye and I’ll check in every once in a while to see if you’ve grown up yet. Take care.

    1. Believing journalists “just present facts from good research” completely separate from their own biases and agendas is about as “grown up” as believing in the tooth fairy.

      1. I was a devout Christian, and after studying the bible 10,000 hours, I saw the light, repented, and debunked it, I then started to research, and had at that time been a conforming Christian republican, and after diligent study and research, I did not turn democrat, I left both parties behind. My former beliefs were all destroyed by what I discovered, and my new paradigm was created upon knowledge, as my new-found knowledge was not to support my beliefs and opinions, but those beliefs and opinions were formed by my new knowledge. So excuse me, but there is such a thing as objectively coming to opinions based on what you have reported on.

        1. Careful friend. There are no Utopias. One corrupt system can only be replaced by another. endlessly, though none will cop to their corruption. As for your defection, a little philosophy and science will take a man away from God. But a great deal will bring him back. Enjoy “liberation” people may wish, but Satan always sends the bill.https://stephenhand2018.blogspot.com

          1. And of course the referred Catholic magazine you found this in has a reputation for objective truth. Funny that you would mention satan as bringing me back. I have found truly scientific material debunking evolutionary findings, proving that dating of ancient “missing links” had falsified or misled date sources, or had been tampered with to provide results to conform with their proposed ideas- basically showing that the field of evolution has been phony and full of lies and mis-statements to convince people of a huge lie. The church has participated in outrageous lies for two eons. They can be very convincing.

          2. South American natives also worship gods, so this kind of behavior is not too surprising. It in no way makes me believe the Conquistador’s stories that thousands of sacrifices were committed at a coronation of a king, as explained in my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH.

      2. Only very very good journalist are capable of doing this. Doing it w/o bias is the trick. Read Glen Greenwald for instance. There are others , all you need to do is search it out. If you really want to be a journalist then be a journalist if you want to write opinion then do that. To me the two are different.

        Try reading jr Nyquist as well. Good luck oh btw I do believe in the tooth fairy !!!

      3. Spot on Caitlin.
        Most journalists wouldn’t know integrity if it bit them on the arse.

  49. Thank you, Caitlin. I’m on a similar wavelength, and you often find ways to express what I think better than I can. You’re onto something, and I think you know that, so keep it up.

  50. It is claimed that a fellow once lived that said, “You will know me by my works.” So too, may we all know each other, and therefore a pretty accurate self-description of yourself, may the force be with you.

  51. patriot@savetheworldkillacommie.com Avatar

    you left out being a dumb cunt

    1. wow, aren’t you the happy camper?

    2. It is certainly impossible to argue with your critical analysis.

    3. Miss Johnstone saved that moniker for you.

  52. Happy Birthday! Keep it up!

  53. “The plutocratic class which owns the mass media sets it up to promote narratives which are favorable to the status quo…”

    And it seems the status quo was in need of a pandemic, so the plutocratic class probably released a virus into the population.

    I will say it again. The impression I have listening to the mainstream mass media, especially since the beginning of this pandemic, is that I am listening to demons from hell.

    It must have been that way in the days of Noah. No doubt we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus. The decadence is everywhere, especially among the upper class.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand.

  54. Your work and your collaboration with Tim bring much needed light and perspective to the world Caitlin. You are deeply appreciated.

  55. Thanks for the overview! I’m just about in alignment with your assessments, with a few differences. I am a real “red diaper baby” though my parents didn’t tell me about their affiliations (in UC Berkeley) until I was an adult. Keep up the good work, you are making a difference.

  56. The presentation of your perspective was clear, good willed, and I am fortunate to read your commentaries. Of course, at times “over the top”, but at times I take too many servings of chocolate Carvel. The spinal nature of your philosophy is welcomed. Thanks. tom golden, ph.d.

  57. Happy birthday Caitlin

  58. https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/12/seventees-states-sue.html
    Sidney Powell: CIA, mainstream media, globalists all part of a grand conspiracy to rig elections and defraud We the People
    ​ ​It’s saddening to know that American elections have been just as rigged as elections in third world countries have been. I’m sure the CIA has been involved in any number of those activities. If not here and other places around the world, it may have been the CIA that created this software and programs to begin with, and then exported them for their own use, only to have it come back to us. It could be that very important, powerful, extremely wealthy people were involved in rigging this election. It’s globalist interests.

    Attorney Sidney Powell drops more bombshells, says election software that rigged 2020 elections has been used for years to steal House, Senate, governor races

  59. Hola Caitlin, we have come to pretty much the same conclusions, except I consider my self a radical anarchist activist and you call yourself a socialist. For me, it’s almost the same, except socialism has historically been centralized, and therein was the problem. Rojava, Syria is a good example of how the 2 philosophies can work together.

    For me, having been a grassroots activist for over 40 years, it seems quite clear what we must do: One, make an gigantic network of networks to bring all the disparate groups and project moving us to a new paradigm under one roof, so to speak, which has a state of the art platform for collaboration and organizing. We are in the process of doing this with around 30 other experts around the planet.

    We know that this will take off once we have a few thousand orgs. as member which will give us the necessary credibility and this is where we are at now. We collaborated with another org, crowdpol.com who is doing something similar, but in actuality, this has slowed us down, and we are going back to our original plan and building our own platform with an interoperability feature that will make it possible for large networks that already exist to connect with us.

    We also see horizontal self-organizing or governing as the way for the future which is virtually incorruptible and is a platform for reimagining cities, localization and managing complex systems like countries. We have made a 7 minute animation that explains this and that we would hope to make viral once we have the network into the millions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&feature&fbclid=IwAR1Tw7GNEdMFUtURVmVezbPzI7H4tQy7W8Ko1t6Q6J1V625b_vYqinm_AE8.

    It would be great if you acknowledged what we are doing and helped by promoting this, as we are totally aligned in our thinking.

  60. You are quite simply wonderful Caitlin J – and Tim F. Even though the focus is on the US (for quite clear reasons of power and surveillance and all the military terrors it unleashes on our world) your clear-sighted reflections on all aspects of the human story, narrative – manipulation – helps me/us see with just that much more clarity too. For which so much gratitude and respect and admiration for your courage, intelligence, commitment to a better transparent world. During this year in which I went from three score and ten to a year beyond – I have for the first time in my life joined a brand-new political party which is determined to end political careerism, hold politicians to account – and to lock them away – for not serving the public interest – it has policies for providing full employment for all who want it/can manage it – and social welfare policies based on respect, dignity and sufficient support – and much of it based around the ending of the lies of balanced budgets and surpluses – using the ideas of Modern Monetary Theory as explained by Prof. Bill Mitchell of Newcastle U (NSW) – support for the national broadcaster – the breaking up of foreign media organisations (Murdoch) the prosecution of fake news opinion shock jocks – and policies re asylum-seekers, First Nations peoples, Ageism and the Wisdom of the Elders – purchases of WMD from the US (the wealth of the people into US investor pockets)! Much, much more. (www.thenewliberals.net.au) Your writing is a kind of backbone to my reaction and involvement in this movement – to expose the corruption and rorting and vested-interest serving LNP (Liberal National Party) coalition government of Australia – and send them into oblivion – for their traitorous/treasonous US-serving pretence at “democratic” governance!

  61. You are extremely talented. Just keep doing what you are doing. People do not realize that they are buried in propaganda. They don’t know there is another point of view. However, journalists like you are the leaders to a world of self-awareness. thanks so much.

  62. I’m deeply grateful to you for continuing to do so.

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