The current representative of the US empire finally held his first full press conference yesterday, an embarrassing and undignified affair which saw a gaggle of obsequious imperial stenographers gather round to make believe that important policy decisions about the operation of the most powerful government in the world are actually being made by this dried up empty husk of a man who can barely think or talk.

Once again we heard the US empire babbling about the plight of Muslims in China, with the words tumbling out of Biden’s dementia-addled brain that he “made it clear that no American president, at least one did, but no American president had ever backed down from speaking out of what’s happening in the Uyghurs.”

By “what’s happening in the Uyghurs” Biden was attempting to articulate a concern for the human rights of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province, a talking point the US empire has been fallaciously and dishonestly pushing with more and more aggression as attempts to halt the rise of China escalate in urgency. And literally seconds later, Biden made it clear that that is exactly what this feigned concern for Muslim lives was indeed really about.

“So I see stiff competition with China,” Biden said. “China has an overall goal, and I don’t criticize them for the goal, but they have an overall goal to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world and the most powerful country in the world. That’s not going to happen on my watch because United States is going to continue to grow and expand.”

As we discussed recently, it is a known fact that the US government has a standing policy of dishonestly weaponizing “human rights” concerns against nations like China in order to strategically undermine them while knowingly ignoring the brazen human rights violations that are being perpetrated by its allies on a regular basis. The US government does not care about the plight of the Uyghurs in China. It doesn’t care that the allegations regarding the abuse of their rights are riddled with glaring plot holes. All it cares about is undermining its chief geostrategic rival on the world stage, truth be damned.

And I just can’t get over the fact that the path the US empire has taken in order to attack that leading geostrategic rival is in pretending to care about the human rights of Muslims. We really don’t laugh at these clowns hard enough for that.

I mean, just think about that for a second. The US government, the government of the United States of America, has been melodramatically rending its garments over the wellbeing of Muslims. Muslims! Of all the populations they could possibly have chosen to cynically spearhead their campaign against China, they went with the one where they have the least possible number of legs to stand on.

This would after all be the same religious population which the US has been cheerfully slaughtering by the millions in its campaigns of military mass murder, just since the turn of this century. The same religious population the US has displaced by the tens of millions in its campaign of terrorism called the “war on terror”, also just since the turn of this century. The same religious population the US has sadistically tortured in facilities like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. The same religious population who was terrorized by an escalation in hate crimes in the United States itself due to propaganda campaigns for George W Bush’s wars, wars which were enthusiastically supported and facilitated by the current invalid-in-chief.

The only sane response to the US empire feigning concern for the wellbeing of a foreign Muslim population is laughter, derision, and ridicule. The whole world should be rolling on the floor laughing at these people. The fact that these butchers are saying “Oh won’t somebody please think of the Muslims!” after waging a psychopathic campaign of murder and theft upon an entire swath of Muslim-majority countries means we should all be mocking them, pointing at them, and laughing them out of the room.

Can you honestly think of anything more ridiculous? Off the top of my head I cannot.

The fact that a vast globe-spanning empire has placed so many chips on its ability to halt the rise of China by claiming to care about the rights and wellbeing of Muslims is one of the most cartoonishly absurd things that has ever happened in the history of civilization. We should be reacting to this accordingly.

It’s silly how many of us are still sitting around taking this clown show seriously. Let’s start making fun of these freaks. The entire US empire deserves to be laughed at, discredited, and dismissed forever.


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61 responses to “The Entire World Should Be Laughing At America For Pretending To Care About Muslims In China”

  1. I love this picture, no doubt that they are also lovers, and so much, but when I think of all the filth and ugly craziness that pollutes mankind, especially here in America

  2. The truth can be very ugly!!
    Evil for the Christian fundamentalists is not something within them. It is an external force to be destroyed. It may require indiscriminate acts of violence, but if it leads to a better world this violence is morally justified. Those who advance the holy crusade alone know the truth. They alone have been anointed by God or, in the language of American imperialism, western civilization, to do battle with evil. They alone have the right to impose their “values” on others by force. Once evil is external, once the human race is divided into the righteous and the damned, repression and even murder become a sacred duty.
    This great article can be read here:
    The Evil Within Us By Chris Hedges

  3. Lawrence, Picot, Sykes, Balfour, and Camels Avatar
    Lawrence, Picot, Sykes, Balfour, and Camels

    Biden is looking to be less independent of thought and doctrine than even the disgraced Donald Trump. His 1950s styled echoing speech and behaviour indicate a cemented/glued to culture of a John Foster Dulles as then Secretary of State, and his subsequent, ideologue, reactionary brother Allen, the then head of the CIA, who together initiated regime overthrow, and debilitating war and destruction under the guise of freedom and liberty, when it was fundamentally all about global capitalism, profiteering from resource rich nations through exploitation and extortion, and further rapacious cartel managed advancement. Joe Biden as POTUS is looking of extremely poor capacity if his initial speech needed to rely on doctrines of deceit and disinformation that originated over many decades ago, including, especially, being linked to the CIA and global US policy of the post WW2 era.

  4. Derision and ridicule is exactly what this insult to intelligence deserves. So egregious, so over the top. Muslims, the west, especially the 5 eye’s and the EU care about the fate of muslims in China yet. Unfortunately, the same agitprop is turned out by the MSM in the EC and many believe it. If one wants to care about muslims, one could start in any ME country where everything from supporting dictatorships and absolute monarchy to invasion’s and the mass murder and displacements they entail. The USA being concerned about muslims is so breathtaking, so absurd, it only deserves ridicule. Of course this stuff is a distraction from the problems at home but really…..

  5. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Ms Cat has published/reposted some very worthwhile articles and prepared an extensive compilation on Xinjiang
    Some headlines:
    • The Xinjiang “Genocide”
    • Xinjiang companies, individuals sue rumormonger Adrian Zenz for reputational, economic losses
    • Exposing the Us-Controlled Xinjiang Education and Training Center Task Force
    • Xinjiang – Who Is ‘Zhang Gouen’ ? What Is the Background To The False Allegations Of ‘Forced Labour’ And ‘Forced Sterilization’ Amongst The Uyghur People?
    • U.S. Xinjiang propaganda is about preparing for a Ukraine-style fascist coup in western China
    • Pompeo’s green light for Xinjiang terrorism is callous opportunism
    Targeting the ‘Heart of Eurasia’: China’s Xinjiang and US’ Game Plan
    Understanding Xinjiang: An In-Depth Analysis and Resource Compilation
    • Uyghur-Xinjiang Explained in Four Minutes
    • What is really happening in Xinjiang?
    • …
    As well as your previous article(s) of course

  6. Caitilin,

    Your lack of respect for humanity is very disturbing to me. You trough the wonderful “Americans”, blissfully and dangerously ignorant of Politics, especially international politics, into the same bag as politicians, who learnt every trick of the trade from the British.

    You also ignore caring for the Uyghurs has nothing to do with care or with religion. In the international Game of Security and Insecurity, in the international military world, all supervised by the UN Secretary General, China and USA agreed to play -Enemy-. Uyghurs offer another reason for Washington to develop further enmity against China.

    If you were the the main resident of the White House, you would be doing and saying exactly the same that all the Americans you criticize.

  7. Biden on Why People leave Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and What He Did and Did Not Do About It
    “I’ve asked the Vice President of United States yesterday to be the lead person on dealing with focusing on the fundamental reasons why people leave Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador in the first place. It’s because of earthquakes, floods. It’s because of lack of food. It’s because of gang violence. It’s because of a whole range of things, that when I was Vice President, had the same obligation to deal with unaccompanied children. I was able to get it slowed up significantly by working with the heads of state of those communities, to do things like, in one of the major cities, the reason people were leaving as they couldn’t walk to the street because their kids were getting beat up or shot or in gang violence.
    Well, what I was able to do is not give money to the head of state, because so many are corrupt, but I was able to say, “Okay, you need lighting in the streets to change things? I’ll put the lighting in.” We got a contractor. We got the type of lighting. We paid directly to the contractor, did not go through the government. And violent crime significantly was reduced in that city. Fewer people sought to leave. When this hurricane occurred, the two hurricanes, instead of us going down and helping in a major way so that people would not have a reason to want to leave in the first place because they didn’t have housing or water or sustenance, we did nothing.”
    As for conditions at migrant facilities, of course Biden blames the previous Administration and promises “transparency” when he is “in a position” to implement his plans. Okay Joe, the Chinese can build a 675,000 square foot hospital in 10 days. Tell me again why our migrant facilities are so piss poor?
    Of course “diplomacy” with regard to North Korea can mean only one thing, “Get rid of your nukes. The maybe we can talk.” Okay, putting words in his mouth, but he needs all the help he can get in that department.
    Dopey Joe is concerned about Republican electoral initiatives…like not being able to bring water to people standing in line waiting to vote. Umm, wouldn’t it be better to be more concerned about the fact that many voters have to stand in long lines (long enough to die of thirst?) in the first fucking place!?
    “I want to change the paradigm where we start to reward work, not just wealth. I want to change the paradigm.”
    Seeing as to how you came to the U.S. Senate 120 years ago, Joe…what’s taking so long? To get started I mean….all those hard-working people you claim to want to reward, get a little “breathing space” for, are waiting. Credit card usury and student loans that rake people over the coals have nothing to do with any “paradigm” you’re associated with, right Joe? And while you’re trying to think through your next sentence, try pondering what high premiums and deductibles are like for us proles.
    And on behalf of human rights and human dignity and international law, on behalf of the Syrians and Libyans, and Palestinians, the people of Yemen, Iraq, and Honduras…and oh fuck it, just about every decent human being on Earth….karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

    1. “Dopey Joe is concerned about Republican electoral initiatives…like not being able to bring water to people standing in line waiting to vote. Umm, wouldn’t it be better to be more concerned about the fact that many voters have to stand in long lines (long enough to die of thirst?) in the first fucking place!?

      THis is not a valid criticism. Joe is concerned about that in the first place. But he mentions that just to show how far the racist pigs are willing to go to implement the new and improved Jim Crow.

      1. Yeah right. Real concerned.

      2. Republican and Democrat “tactics” vis-a-vis “elections” are a wash.

        1. Show me where Democrats have tried to deny sustenance to the people standing in the lines to vote, that they have, themselves, created.. Then I will take this a bit more seriously.

          1. Practically everyone carries a little plastic bottle of water with them everywhere they go. It’s also sensible to pack a candy bar or sandwich along whenever you’re embarking on an uncertain mission. How helpless are US voters anyway?

        2. There are serious problems with our elections that require wide-scale reform to even reach a semblance of validity or any real sense of representative government.
          I don’t suggest that some Republican lawmakers are not playing petty political games that also constitute a serious dereliction of responsibility for upholding supposed principles of a supposed democracy. Plenty of dereliction of responsibility in that regard coming from both “parties” who seem to thrive on the petty political games that apparently constitute the lifeblood of what has become a bipartisan theatre of the absurd in Washington D.C. The DNC is a standing crime against democracy, and by extension of the politicians they advance, against humanity as well.
          The “Democrats” and “Republicans” both are, not just proposing to, but actually are denying sustenance to, for example, Syrians, Venezuelans, and Americans to boot, don’t you know.
          When the Democrats get serious about real political and electoral reform instead of just crying foul when Republicans do something bad—when Democrats don’t suck at free and fair elections as much as their partners in crime do, when it can be demonstrated that Biden is principled about free and fair elections as opposed to his well-demonstrated concern for the exercise of power and the feathering of his nest (or at this point, just being marginally cognizant), then I will retract this criticism.

    2. For a beautifully stated critique of Biden on Why People Leave Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador (beginning at 10:25, through 13:01):

  8. it is plain HYPOCRISIE like always even with the help his partners of Europe.

  9. In terms of role models;
    “Loneliness may lead to changes in the gut microbiome or, reciprocally, alterations of the gut milieu may predispose an individual to become lonely,”
    So this begs the the question; if one desires to emulate the qualities of one’s role model, do they then attempt to consume the solid biological wastes of that individual to become so?

  10. Narcissism driven by insecurity, not grandiose sense of self

    Rather much proof that psychopathy creates poverty which produces more psychopaths

    Which produces the end of the world.

  11. Frank Thompson Avatar
    Frank Thompson

    In the laundry list of human rights abuses by the American empire against majority Muslim populations, we should not forget the American puppet regime in Israel and their systematic abuses against the Palestinian Arab communities they occupy.

    1. Frank Thompson is that a syntax error or are you saying that Americans control the political landscape in Israel?

      1. Frank Thompson Avatar
        Frank Thompson

        No syntax error. It seems the government of Israel carries out D.C.’s policy preferences, however.
        I could be mistaken.

  12. Why aren’t the media asking Ms. Harris about these things?
    Why aren’t they asking her who gives her and Crazy Joe their scripts to read and their marching orders against China, Russia, Iran et al?
    Such a conversation would be more productive and revealing than attempting conversation with a cabbage.

    1. The walrus and the carpenter spoke of many things, including cabbages and kings, and we know how that turned out for the oysters.
      Crazy Joe is no king. Perhaps he fancies himself the walrus, bamboozling the oysters to their doom. Sorry, Joe, you’re no walrus either, a cabbage (with the mental facilities of a withered Brussels sprout) is more like it, and these oysters aren’t falling for it.

    2. Harris would erupt in nervous and gaudy laughter, shifting her physical stance in a show of discomfort, and then, when able to focus a stern expression and gather her feet, wag a finger and begin with “Let me tell you something….”
      Where this hypothetical scenario—if it involved actual adversarial journalists—would go from there would be worth watching for sure.

  13. Late Victorian Holocausts is a book that describes some of the harms caused by British Establishment Foreign Policy. It accurately records the decisions made, the hubris and arrogance and the casual dismissal of the pain and suffering of those most harmed by those who made the decisions.

    Late Elizabethan Holocausts is a short essay that lists some of the harms caused by British Establishment Foreign Policy since 1960.

    The US and UK are co-operating gangsters Establishments, with franchises imposed in many, many other vassal states.

    China, which suffered dreadfully during the Late Victorian Holocausts, is one state where the USUK Gangsters have no traction.

    Yes, by all means deride the insane propaganda and blatant lies of USUK.

    Laughter helps.

    And even as so much harms are being inflicted on their own populations, Education through honesty must continue.

    Thank you Caitlin.

    1. bravo, now watch the gangsters show up on your door stoop.

  14. America always protects oppressed Moslems, that’s why we have that no fly zone over Israel.

    1. Frank Thompson Avatar
      Frank Thompson

      Had we up or down votes on this as with social media, I would upvote your comment.

  15. Ms Johnstone, the leaders, and populations, within the United States of America do not have any ” biases ” at all! All of the ” isms ” put forth are ” fake news “. We are God’s chosen people; we are the exceptional nation; there is never anything ” wrong ” about anything that we do or that we say! Everyone must always remember that this is the way that it is! God Bless America!

  16. My first post to you Caitlin.I don’t know how you can post such great informative articles day after day.At 80 and born i Holland just before Holland was invaded we went thu tough years.All I was ever taught is Russia and China bad.However after years of reading history and have focused on colonial wars by the Dutch,British,French,Spanish,Japanese,Americans etc and realized what atrocities humans can bring on other humans.Especially what Japan and Britain did to China and what also the Americans and Britain are doing around the world today.Their evil will catch up to them sooner than later.On Xinjiang the USA narrative is purely to create a trouble spot in the Belt and Road initiatives as all exits to Russia, Europe,Iran etc go through the Xingiang region.
    In summary the American and British people have never been invaded and have their cities destroyed as they have done to so many countries.But their time is coming

    1. ARNOLDUS, no their evil will never catch up to them because they are thieves who work under cover of secrecy, they will leave this nation in ruins as they did Germany, France, Spain and the Roman Empire before it. The primary export crop of ancient Israel was opium, hence the higher taxes and runaway addiction and careless military campaigns, bathed in traitors from Israel. Different people but the same dream and conspiracies.

  17. Thank you for this article! It so needed to be written about the US’ hypocritical and “feigned concern” over the rights of the Uyghurs! I recently had to break off a friendship over this exact situation, where a person went on & on over what the “Chinese were doing to this population”…and I always responded: “Let’s talk about what the US did (and is doing) to this Muslim population…” So well said, Caitlin! Thank you!

  18. So for the last five presidents we’ve had a serial adultering, make-me-rich, everybody-must-love-me, warmongering, lying deep state wannabe, a bumbling, moronic, warmongering, lying deep state puppet, an urbane, blackish, lying, warmongering deep state puppet, and a lying, warmongering, demented, girl-molesting puppet for hereto-unrevealed deep state forces.
    Yay America!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Very well stated.

  19. So right you are. Let us please pray that the filthy species that we are goes extinct this very day, because it refuses to cure itself of the disease that afflicts it.

  20. It is absolutely about human rights.
    Americans are humans.
    Americans have the right to buy guns.
    The right of one lunatic to buy an assault rifle.
    The rights of ten innocent people not to be murdered by said lunatic with an assault rifle–no, wait, they don’t have that right.

    1. Boris Alotofkrap Avatar
      Boris Alotofkrap

      Boris not know much about US. Except it is shining city on hill for psychopaths. But Boris think 2nd Amendment is not about “right to hunt game.”

      1. Frank Thompson Avatar
        Frank Thompson

        Frank think 2nd Amendment about right of white trash rabble make mob and hunt slaves excape for freedom, keep rich white folks rich.

        1. Boris Alotofkrap Avatar
          Boris Alotofkrap

          Boris glad to learn what Frank think about white trash rabble and rich white folks. Boris think it good that Frank not racist.

          1. Boris doubleplus goodthinker.

        2. Frank Thompson Avatar
          Frank Thompson

          With end to constitutional sanction to chattel slavery after “civil” war, 2nd Amendment should have been/was obsolete for original purpose. But it allowed KKK and other groups to maintain terrorism as a tool to divide Americans and to enslave the recently freed with Jim Crow, segregation and tenant farming pseudo-slavery well into the 20th Century. Now it is used to keep Americans afraid of each other to lessen the possibility that we would use the force of our numbers to overthrow the oligarchy.

          Yay, 2nd Amendment! Evolved to fit the times and still keep rich people rich as we slide to ecocidal oblivion.

  21. I find America’s embrace of GW Bush so embarrassing that I did not even comment on it. He should be tried for war crimes, at the very least….

  22. Isn’t Exceptionalism grand? It means that one can shove Truth into Irony’s arse and burn it all on a pile of dead Iraqis.

  23. I once was under the delusion that the PRC had a natural advantage operations wise because it is a one party system which doesn’t have to contend with constant internal division and radical policy changes with every electoral change of administrations and regular congressional power swings, etc. That no longer seems to be a “problem”, aside from the usual chaff. Perhaps in hindsight it never was an actual issue aside from outward appearances as necessary to prolong the fairy tale. IMHO God bless (the idea of) America.

  24. The Entire World Should Be Laughing At “The American Government” For Pretending To Care About Muslims In China (nd for all of the other “solutions” for the problems they have caused, which is an endless list)

    1. I can’t decide what’s more disgusting. Is it the smirking son-of-a-bitch telling his “jokes”? Or is it the lemmings and their laughter?

      1. Hokey smokes! “The Smirking Chimp” is still an active website, as is “Topple Bush!” Had not visited those haunts in many a year, but just checked them out pursuant to your remark. Once a dog seizes on a bone he will never let go, apparently.

  25. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    I appreciate your work Caitlin – I really don’t know how you bring such depth and insight on a daily basis to such topical issues. We readers can barely draw breath, let alone make a meaningful comment.
    The following video session is right on topic – I was particularly impressed with Daniel Dumbrill (whose channel is worth following) from 11:00 and Mme. Lu Xu from 24: 40.
    Omar Latif and Max Blumenthal were both very disappointing because the ‘century of humiliation’ was initiated with the Opium Wars and the most pivotal character, capitalist bourgeoisie/oligarch David Sassoon (the “Rothschild of the East”) was neither white nor Christian.

  26. I dont see a problem. If the world can pretend to care about the Palestinians which we know they do not then the US can pretend to care about muslims in China. At least they are pretending to care instead of killing them like the muslims in the Middle East. Better a card with well wishes than a letter bomb.

    1. You really don’t get it do you? They’re not killing Muslims in China because the CIA is trying to weaponize them for use against China.

      1. You ruin my sarcastic comments by being so obtuse.

  27. Catlin, You are definitely letting China off of the hook. Yes the over simplified and often weaponized hook of “human rights violations”. Which is weird enough label for modern day genocide. The US is not lying about China’s crimes. I am sure that the powerful here recognize them intimately. The conduct of the US does not give China a get out of jail free card, or and kill any population is not Han or go along with the program. So let’s make a little list: Uyghur communities are a target not because they are Muslim, but simply because they are not Han backers of the Chinese political party. Then there is Hong Kong, Tibet and many other non conforming victims of Chairman She and his party.

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Xinjiang religious leader: U.S. should get facts straight

      1. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
        Comorbidity 2024

        Yeah. Do some real research. Like Caitlin and Pfizer. (And try not to be so rapey.)

        1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
          Julius Skoolafish

          I didn’t understand your post – are you suggesting I should give money to Pfizer via their Moloch-worshipping userers to help them genocide and enslave our grandchildren’s generation?


          Pompeo ‘I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole’

          1. Context matters.

    2. Stop regurgitating the stuff you’ve been trained to regurgitate like a mindless automaton and start thinking critically and researching. I provided some hyperlinks in the article that you are commenting on, but since you still need help getting started here they are again:

      “The source of the concentration camp allegation is yet another of Beijing’s political foes, an Islamist media outlet run by Uyghur separatists in Turkey, which serves as a platform for the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, an al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist outfit which seeks to transform Xinjiang into an Islamic State. ETIM is considered a terrorist organization by the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States—or was considered a terrorist organization by the United States until Pompeo removed the group from the US terrorism list in October, thereby eliminating an impediment that had limited the contribution the jihadists could make to the US project of destabilizing Xinjiang, propagating calumnies about the Chinese government, and ultimately undermining China’s ability to compete with US businesses on the world stage….
      … The United States is waging an economic and information war on China, to preserve its economic, military, and technological supremacy. Washington is recruiting its citizens, its allies and their citizens, and the progressive community, into a campaign to protect the international dictatorship of the United States from the challenge posed by the peaceful rise of China. Every manner of slander has been hurled at China to galvanize popular opposition to Beijing and mobilize popular support for economic aggression and growing military intimidation against the People’s Republic, from accusations that Chinese officials concealed the spread of the coronavirus; to calumnies about Muslims being immured in concentration camps, subjected to forced labor, and targeted for genocide; that Beijing is violating the one state-two systems agreement in Hong Kong (when in fact it’s only implementing a security law to undergird the one state part of the accord) and that Beijing’s efforts to reunify the country by re-integrating a territory the US Seventh Fleet prevented it from reintegrating in 1950, are really acts of aggression against an independent country named Taiwan.”

  28. Truer words have never been spoken. I know that here in Spain, where I live, nobody takes the Americans seriously and when I say I follow the US news, they look at me as if I came from another planet :o)

    1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer …

  29. Jim Crow Joe is the best the empire can cough up for a spokesmodel? This will not end well.

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